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59510731 the Inlandsea MERP Module

59510731 the Inlandsea MERP Module

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Published by: anttiko100 on Dec 14, 2011
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The first of the Children of Iluvatar to pass through the lands
of Rhûn were the Eldar, who heeded the summons of the
Valar and accompanied Orome the Hunter in the great
journey west. But as is told in the Silmarillion, many houses
of the Eldar tarried beside the various wonders of Middle-
earth as they encountered them for the first time. So it was
that a group of the Eldar related closely to the house of Olwe
first looked out on the calm waters of the Inland Sea and
were transfixed. These Elves were led by Folwe, brother of
the Telerin King, and their pause along the shores of the
Inland Sea caused them to fall behind the rest of the Eldar
host. They made for themselves a realm in the forests north
and east of the sea and thus joined the ranks of the Umanyar;
the Eldar who never beheld the light of Valinor.

The Elves of the Agasha Dag named themselves the Uialrim
(S. "People of the Twilight"), for they held a great love for
the light of Varda's stars, particularly as it was reflected in
the waters of the Inland Sea. For countless years they dwelt
in isolation beneath the canopy of Agasha Dag, divorced
from the rest of their kin, and unwilling to open their society
to the other races of Middle-earth, as they too came to settle
in the lands surrounding the Inland Sea.

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