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Dear All,

As you all are aware that the prime reason Ior the Iormation oI HR club is to supplement our
placement "Primarily" by giving the placement committee leadsand discuss the nuances oI
HR. As oI now the activities pertaining to the club is not moving any Iurther!!!

We need to stick ourselves to deadlines and understand that when we announce a meeting we
expect all the members to attend. Today it was brought to notice that 3 members didn't attend
the meeting. We know that we all are occupied with many works, but we have associated Ior
a common cause and as a matter oI Iact we seniors are multi-tasking.

I'm attaching a template and you ppl are expected to Iill the list with the desired details. Hope
not much explanation is needed, as Jiby has brieIed about the same. By tomorrow night
10.00p.m send the list oI 25 companies to my mail id and one more list oI another set oI
companies withing Sunday night 10.00p.m. Comply!!!

Monday we'll meet and discuss the proceedings.

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