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(October 20085 wow Lanedvchitecture 6 Vol 2, Issue 6 Lane Architecture + Deisgn is an architectural firm in Manhattan that specializes in Corporate Interiors, Site Feasibility Studies, and High End Residential Design. Our office is pleased to offer our clients and associates with a newsletter that includes comments from Larry Lane and other experts. This newsletter covers up-to-date news of architecture that can be applied to every day life. Our goal is to share our passion of architecture with others, Ono of the fow TV shows that I try to watch is "The Big Idea" with Donny Deutsch. He alwaye seems to interview entrepreneurs who often have "rage to richos" slorios to toll Donny always has had inspiring and eneouraging things to say about the economy and about how the American dream i sill alive. Sineo it is filmed in NJ, I even sat in as part of the studio audience during ‘ono of his shows. Not 20 now. Gineo the erash in Wall Gtroot and the demise of several banks and brokerage firme earlier this month... (Continued on page 2) NEW HORRORS AT THE NEW YORK C:TY DEPARTMENT OF BU:LDENGS There are some seary trolls at the NYC DOB. Not only has the NYC DOB adopted an all-new set of building codes. They have also introduced several changes in their operations and procedures. Since August 200! DOB requires a cost affidavit to be signed and notarized with a detailed break down of construction costs of the projects being filed. This must be done before. (Continued on page 2) page 1 Scary Things to See in This Issue: at ddim Cramer Fears the "Great Freeze”....pages 1 2,and 3 Trolls at the NYC 1 and 2 Upcoming 2 ‘Special 2 Vacancy Rates in Manhattan, page 3 Cheap Manhattan Office Spaces. page 4 See the Special Invitation on 5 Cpecial Invitation New Horrors... (Continued from page 1) ing anything, If itis not enough to require the owner to find a notary public to stamp their seal next to their signature, the DOB has often disagreed or challenged the estimated construction costs that is listed on the forms by comparing the estimated unit costs with some private list of units costs that they will not share with the public. So, many filings of projects have been delayed until the estimated costs can eventually match what the plan examiner’ think is fair. This reminds me of a game that my two sons used to play. One would act as the troll on a bridge and not allow the other to pass until they correctly answered a riddle, Sometimes, the riddle did not have a correct, answer. Always, it was the troll that ultimately made the decision as to whether the answer was acceptable or not. The DOB is so concerned about the cost of construction is because their filing fees are based upon the construction costs. Hopefully, there will be an improvement to this new system so the troll will just stay under the bridge and not block progress. "The Boo-Yah Man..." cont. from page 1 s-overyone is in a panic, Recently, Donny interviewed another CNBC. show host. Jim Cramer. to get his take on the current changes in the ‘oconomy. Jim Cramer has a tolovision show whore hie callin audionce roots him with a hoarty "Boo-Yah from . Donny called thie time, "The Groat Freeze." Jim called it a "Dawn of a now ago...fortune," Jim admitted that the fear ie all consuming. "We are fearful because there are reacone to fear." Jim said that in this "New America." we are to stop living and consuming in excess with the foods, rips, and frivolous shopping. Instead, our standard of living will be much more like our parents. Stay home and watch the play-offe instead of flying to the stadium to see it in person, eat home cooked foods, and play board games with the family mombors inetoad of going on expensive vacations. Those are drastic times that will eut to the bone of ‘our spending habits. And it ie to last for several years. In the business arena, corporations will be laying off people. They will be restructuring their office facilities. Pethape out-zoureing more to eontract laborers instead of taking on the higher overhoad and (semi)permanent staffing. NoTHING IS AS DANGEROUS IN ARCHITECTURE AS DEALING WITH SEPARATED PROBLEMS. IF WE SPLIT LIFE INTO SEPARATED PROBLEMS WE SPLIT THE POSSIBILITIES TO MAKE GOOD BUILDING ART. “Alvar Aalto, Architect It is vory difficult for corporations to make intelligent staffing changes without keeping good accounts of where the staff people's desks, conference tables, files. chairs. bookeases, exist. Also, thoy nocd to know what condition the ‘equipment and furniture is in. Visit our new blog at Page 2 "The Boo-Yah Man..."(from page 2) The Great Freeze Can some departments be relocated and rouse some of the furniture from a different department? What can be done with the existing furniture and equipment that the corporation no- longer node? ‘As the famous architect, Alvar Aaalto, discussed in the quote above. it ie dangerous to deal with oparated problems. ay Our office ereatos an "aeect managoment tool" that helps Our 1.y Lano hae hoon abo fo share hie experionea of clionts by creating a "snap chot" of your staff members! —rking with LM. Poi and various international high locatione and your furniture and equipment locations. This profile projec with hie wn clits. Gome projec brings the soparated probloms into a woll organized package ‘ha! Larry workod on while will LM, Pot and Pattnore that will hel fend or danas ‘Our nelle: Office building. museums, and institutions im will holp your company stay out of danger's way. Our inte: Office building, rmaseums, and instillions i alionts end up having a floor plan with the furniture locations Bithenis Morslonts Minneapol. Missentas shown and with a printout of all the employees’ names. office Biresiona, Spain: Laxorbung, al Eau Arabla, Ho names, furniture, equipment, and the condition of the ascate. wae alo the projet architect for the Nikalown. NY ad With this tool. our elionte have an easier time at restructuring Job explain ofthe Reular's The Times Square ofieo Ht fal arfult building. Lane Architect + Design oracle hems et er eee ee cater aan Presidential Ubrary, Don't try to restructure your office without this “accot GW Bush Library management tool." You cannot afford to overlook this step. KATZ Communication has used Larry Lane's servieos 20 thoy can koop track with all of thoir various company's that are located throughout the country. He has also helped many other corporations such as Giro Centrale Vienna Bank, and Provineobanken in Now York City. Call us at 212-594-2007 to havo us bogin this for your company today. Three Times Square Vacancy Rates in Manhattan at a Two Year High According to CoreNet Global, in 2008, Manhattan office spaces have reached a 1wo year high in their vacancies. Among other reasons, this is because the suburbs are offering eheaper office space In Long Island, NY, there are blocks ranging from 1,000 to several hundred thousand square fee available. The rents range from S13 to $20 per square foot. This is considerably lower that the $45 per square foot and up that i Found inthe prestigious areas “Manhattan, Tt is about the same in less desirable areas ofthe Manhattan borough, (These are June 1982 numbers) Companies are shifting some of thei activities to the suburbs and outlying cities, These activities are the "back office” less glamorous parts oftheir business, They are able to do this sinee much ofthe eommunication that is done between the various ‘departments is through the telephone and the computer. A lot of the office buildings in the suburbs are newly constructed. So, ifyou are considering the moving some or all of your business fo the suburbs, our office can help you make an intelligent decision before you commit to any Tong oF short term lease Page 3