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2.0 Card Technology

2.0 Card Technology

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Published by Manish Patel

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Published by: Manish Patel on Dec 14, 2011
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0 Card Technology

Presented by: Manish Gondaliya (G1009)

It includes circuits that are directed to power management.Card 2. and control. It lasts over three years on a single battery charge. flexible computer platform in a payment card form factor. timing.0  Card 2.0™ is a paper-thin. A number of peripherals may be added to the platform .such as buttons. and displays    .

 A user can select an account by pressing one of the buttons.  The card visually indicates the selection by turning ON the light.Multi Account card Includes two buttons  Next to each button is a printed account number and a light source.  .

It automatically writes a new.   .Dynamic credit card  It includes one button and LED. unique dynamic security code. A display can also be added to the card. .

 It carries single account no.Redemption Card It includes two buttons with two LED lights.  Redemption™ will work at any merchant where magnetic stripe readers are used.  The card will then visually indicate the selection by turning ON the light source associated with the selected option.  .

. a user must enter a personal unlocking code into the card.Hidden card    The device includes five buttons on the face of a card and a paper-thin flexible display. The display hides a portion of a cardholder's payment card number. To turn the device ON.

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