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December 12, 2011 To whom it may concern: I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for Alyssa Audd.

I first met Alyssa when her daughter was on a soccer team my husband coached. I was so impressed that Alyssa came to every game and that she was willing to advocate for herself a change of fields when the field was inaccessible with her walker. Alyssa has a contagious smile and attitude. I met her again during t-ball season and was thrilled when she was willing to talk to me about her MS and her experiences. She mentioned to me that she talks to groups and I knew right then that I wanted her to talk to our young men and young women. Alyssa did a fantastic job talking to the youth and adults in attendance. She gave a unique perspective of someone having a disability and how she was a dancer and very active in high school. I think it made the youth realize adversity can happen to anyone and just because someone uses a walker or has a disability doesnt make them a lot different than any of us. It was great to see how positive Alyssas outlook on life is. She discussed her trials but that is not what she dwells on. She doesnt complain and wonder why me every day. She is a great advocate; she is out there talking about MS, teaching others about MS and doing things that others do every day. She is a great example of faith and overcoming challenges and just having a positive outlook on life. Alyssa is able to relate to the youth and others and is very comfortable in front of an audience. My life and others in attendance that evening is blessed from knowing Alyssa and hearing her story and message.

Trisha Butterfield

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