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Published by: Praveena Ks on Dec 14, 2011
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Cultural Challenges in – Scandinavian, Saudi Arabia, Japan

Antony – 27062 Dina – 27069 Ishwarya – 27074 Praveena K S - 27099

Scandinavia Nordic countries – – – – – – – – Denmark Norway Sweden Iceland Faroe Islands Finland Greenland Åland Islands .

direct eye contact and a smile .Scandinavia • • • • • • • Jante’s law .Modest and not 'think big‘ Honesty and sincerity Egalitarian Women are highly respected in business Separate their business and personal lives First name only Shake hands – first come first served basis – firm.

Trust Respect knowledge and experience Plan well Decisions never made in the first meeting Avoid high-pressure sales tactics .Scandinavia • Business – Transactional / informal – Do not need long-standing personal relationships – Do not require face-to-face contact • Business meetings and negotiations – – – – – – Make appointments at least two weeks in advance Punctuality.

Scandinavia • Communication – straightforward and relies on facts • No difficulty disagreeing with people but decisions are consensus-driven • Avoid hype or exaggerated claims in your presentation • Do not interrupt when someone is speaking .


Gestures and body language .Proxemics .Short.Confrontation and disagreement .Building lasting and trusting personal relationships .Quiet.Importance of status  COMMUNICATION . simple sentences .Constant business interface . gentle tones . RELATIONSHIP AND RESPECT .

Use of personal relationships . handshakes) .Competitive yet compromising .Introductions(Addressing .attendees details .Deceptive Techniques . MEETINGS .Emotional Negotiations .Bribery .Pace of negotiation .1st few meetings  NEGOTIATIONS .Exchange of cards .scheduling .

Glass ceiling .International agreements with ‘offsets’  WOMEN IN BUSINESS .Counter productive confidence .Verbal agreements .Binding on parting . AGREEMENTS AND CONTRACTS .

Avoid Overpraising!!! .Impeccable appearance .A Big NO!! .Israel. Women and internal extremists . OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW .Tea .

other 16% Japanese is the sixth most spoken language in the world . east of the Korean Peninsula. Population: 127.Japan – Facts and Stats Location: Eastern Asia.56 Mn (till 2009) Ethnic Make-up: Japanese 99%. others 1% Religions: observe both Shinto and Buddhist 84%.

Japanese – Way of life Hierarchy Business Cards Business Negotiation Business Meeting Etiquette Relationsh ips & Communic ation 'Face‘ Factor Non Verbal communic ation & Harmony in Japanese Society .

step-by-step process • Centered on group processes and Teamwork • focus more on long-term goals & huge investment in R & D • Socialize after-office hours on a regular basis. • Engaging in open disputes or conflicts -> embarrassing or demeaning Gender Roles • Male dominant working culture . • Centered on group processes • Decisions take longer.Business Rules & Etiquettes Communication Style Decision Making Style Working style • Addressing any issue by going straight to the point -> insensitive or rude • Speaking too much during meetings -> sign of immaturity • Silence -> a part of the communication process.

exits • Studying the person’s business card. • Follow up.Do’s and Don'ts Don'ts • being late • tossing name cards across the table or writing on them • pressing too hard too soon for some kind of a commitment Do’s • Bowing slightly at introductions. say thank you through email/fax/letter • Introduction through someone who is respected by customer .

Greet Hofstede Model – A comparison .




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