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19th century paranoia

19th century paranoia

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5413 Hor.mandan I DanIel, 16~·4-1778· ( D. A. B. ) A Journal of the Proc.edlrl~. New York, 1744.

[4], vI, 205, [3], AAS copy.

16 pp"







OF THE..-'

The Detection of the Confpiracy
.F 0 R M E D BY

E E DtI N G ....


S<nne White People, in Conjunaion with ;,VRgr() and other S/afJll,

Burning the City of NEW-YORK in
And Murdew;ing the Inhaltitants.



Which Confpirucy was partly put in Execution, by Buruing His flljefi-y's Hou(c i. Fort IOI\OI. within ihiity, G on Wednefday the Eighteenth of March, 1741• and • fetrir.g Fire to feveral Dw and other H.eel there, within a few Days (ucctedlalAn\l by another Attempt in, in Prolecution of the fame infernal Scheme, by putting Fire between two other Dwel g-Houfes within the faid City, on the Fifteenth Day ~ F'Prlla:")>> J 74~~; \V hich was accidental) / and rlmel y difcovered and cxtinguUhcd.


I. A N.A.~~ATI·'/I of the Tria),. Condemnations, Executlonl, and Behaviour of .tJW. · fevera] Critnl'nals, at t~GIJ'" and Stake, with their SpelChts and COIII'_"'~·' wim Notes" Obfel"vations and Reftetlions occafionalJ), interfperfed throughout 'be Wbtdt. ~ II. A NAp p ~ N DIK, wherein i. fee forth fome addltional Evidence concerning t~icI Confpi~ac'Y 8iUd Con fpi raton, which has come to Lj~ut fJn,,~ their Trial. IIld Executions, III. LISTS of t Perron. (Whitea and Blacks) comrnwed on Account of die C(.'nfpirir.y ,"' of the fcveral Criminals executed. and J thole tranfporU:d.. witb the Placet ,.hereto.
, ~ = --__ .t .... II~ _;,_.


T A I N i N G,

-----,.,----NhW-YORK: ----------------- .......
§(eltl fat; e: t {JDtil,,;. 'lid""

Printed by


th, Recorder of thl CiI;J



NB W - Y 0 a I.. ~()--A~#'t~.~~
V irg. Eel.

Illli" Furea l

Park«', at tbe New Frinting-Oflicc, J744~






Reader fIllfft not exptll in the following Shiets, a particular IlnJ ",inuit, Rrlation oj' M.1ery Formality, !?<Jleflionand AnJwer that paft'li upon fht 'fria/s, it may.fulfice, if he be a./Ji,red he bas the SubJIance; for ;"Jetd ",or, cannot he expeard, 'U,'henit is corfidered, that we have no One ber«, IlS in ;,,;.' Mother Country, who make it II Bulill~rr to take Notes upon'fllch Occf!fions ; Dr '''''] stbers, that we Rnc.'W oj, 'Who are }o dexterous at Short-Hand, as to lJe Jufficiently· fJualifitd for fuch a Purpoft; but be will ht'J;tre to have all that could I" col/eaetl/ro. tbe Notes tho,' noere taken by the Court, and Gentlemen at the Bar; 'With all 'Whici the C01J11'Jilt'r has teen furnifbed.


Upon a Revir» of the Proceedings, in order for this Underlalling, the Bulj of thtm; wbit:b nr.ts tbe ProduCl. ~fabout Six Months Enquiry) ftemtd.!omewhat difcouraging: No doubt, tht'J might have been conraded, if this Work bad been proceeded upon ;11 the Afdhod of all Hijlorical Relation al1b', 1Nherein the Compiler 'Would have IHtIl.. more at Libl'rtJ to ahflrat1. the jeveral Originals; b.. t it 'WIlJ Co1tc/uJeJ, a' Journal ncould give more Safiifailion, inaj;nuch as in juch a !lind of Proceji; thl Dep~fifionsar: I Examinations themjelV_eJ, which wert tbe ,?rc.'~nd-'Work . the Proctfdlllgs, -uoula appear at large; nobicb mofl prohahly would ~j!]rd Convttlzon) tofoci . as bave 11 Difpojtion to be convincd, and have in Reality Jouhted, wh(tl.J~r 1I1~ particular COWL'it1s had Jujit'ce done them or not, nr;t&;;'ithjlanding t.bt, haa the OppD""" tu"i~)' oj. feeing and hearing a great deal concerning tbem , and others, who bad not ~, [ucb Opportu11ities, 'Who 'Wert prejudicrd tit a I)~/lance in their Disjooour, !J;'.fri'1Jolous '\ R',/,nrtJ, might the readier he undecen/d : For as the Proceedings are jet jfirtb in tb« i Order of 'Time tb~fIU)ere produced, the Reader wi" i,berehy ht fu,."iJhtd with the mofl natural View of the Whole; and I.e better enabled to conceive tbe D~fign' IlnJ dangerolls j)fpth of this hellifh Project, as W('" as the Jujlice oj thefeveral l"ro,/ttut;O,II. ,





Tbus far, bmoever, the Compiler thinks pro pet' to lwcmije, that as btftu"J it convenient to divide tbe Originals into number'a Setiions, 'for the more rl'ildy Rtftrtllce to tbe jeveral Parts of tbcm, as Occqfionjhould qller; be took the Liberty alJo if lopp,"/lg 0ll.from tbem, noliat, in print, he thought 'l.t'ould be a JuperJluous Formality, .luch as • The Deponent further faith, and [ucb iik«, iobicb he thought 'U'otJlii bave bftll " 1fl!t.'dlljj Iucumbrance to the BOOR. ':_'" I


~"trti numerous, and Bltfi1ltjs Iy Dfgrtll multiplil'" jt) fafl upon the G';"tlnJ Jury, which bore the Burthen of this Enquiry, that there 'Wft.,IJ have heen an iml,II/Iliate M:'dJi~' for others to have lent a helping Hand in J'alling''E~alflinati(ms frOQl'-. Beginning, if the Judges had notfound it e~pedient ·tD examine the Perfllls accuft( upo" their .fi~fI taking into Cujlody, 'Where", itfiemed 11Iq/11ikelythe tfruth 'Would NIt out, he/ore J'hi'J had 'time to cool, .r Opp,rtunity of ·l1ift!)ut'ftng in the Jai.! 'with their Confederates who 'Were ~efore cOl1lmittetl.

'Ihl j~~tll"lclnIIttuftd

D.lr till _,

tf.he Exaillinatiolls thus talu" Ily the Judges, 'WereJoan after laid "ifore the Gra"d 111''1, 'Wlbo;"ttrrogated the Parties tberefron. in juch manner, as genfrally produced .." .. them tbf! Suijlance of the fame Matter, and often fometbing mare, by which MIIIIII there ~,cr!ltt1 no fmall Advantage; .for though wbere the lajJ Examination "rought to light new DifcO'Very, yet it will be jeldom flu".!, tbere is 1111) T/;ing in pcb further Examinationl contradiElory to the former, hut g!nera/Iy a ConjirllJati01l if tbem j and in fuch Cafe, the Jetting forth tbefame at large, may 110t /Je thought a ~ftlefs :r~tutology. not that this will lappen often, and tobere it does, 'twill br chi~tly j : flrmd in tb« Examinations and ConJ(l/ion! t1.J" Negroes, nobo, in ordinary Ca,fi:s, tire flltIDm flU'll to hold twice 'in the [ame Story; which, for its Raret.,' thertflre, iJ' 'it tarrieiJ not with it the additional Weight oj the greater 4'~peanl1fCe of Truth, may , ",41t thi:: Particular tbe moreescufable , and further, this is a Diary of t'-'e Proceed;'lllt, thaI' is .to IJf t'xhihited j therefore, in Conjormity to that P/,Ul, Nothing jhou/il lit Dlu;tted, 'Which Nlll"Y be of any Ufo. _ All prole,. Precautions were talun", the j~~dges, that the Criminals Jhollid he kept jtparate; and they 'Werefa as mucl. as the jeaflt} Room in tbe Jail u'ould admit of; ana IItw Aplartmeltls were accordingly jitted up '"'-'f' tbeir Rrception : But mort particular Care 'Was taken, that [ucb Negroes as had made C()J!fiifionpnd Diji:o'Vi!ry, ,ana 'Were to be mad~ UJi! oj as WitlleJ1es, }houli be kept a-part from the re/l, and as 11!Nch from each atber, as the Accommodations '1uouldalkno of, in order to prevent tbeir ub41ling toItt-her j a,tld the Witn~/J;:s were al'4vays examined a-part from each other Jrjl, liS .:a!.Jt/1pDn the Trials, as otherw~'{t, snd then grnet'ally cosfrapted with tbe u Ptrflns they accufed, who were uJual1y font Jror and taken into CtljJody upon focb B:ctilltinatiQns, ~f they 'Were to he met 'With; which 'Wasthe Means oj: "ringing many others to a ConftlJ"ionl,. as W(1/ fuch as were newly taken up, as tbo(e who had long ,lJefort been committra, perhaps upon Jlighter Grounds, and had injifled upon their 1~'t(Jctnce; for they bad generally the Cunning 110t to oum tbeir G"i/t, 'til tl ry. ,1l1le11J their Accuftrs :" But notwithjlandi12g tbi: was the ordinary Mpthod taken, !lJotb hy the judges and Grand Jury, to ./i.'lld for the Parties (IS fbon as impeacbed, (whicb ho'Wc'Ver might fometime) through Hurrj be omitted) yet ftveral who hoppell'l then


dIll to 6., ,ttlt .., Iht W." ''lD,rt inttIjllf' thr¥ _'1'iilp'/, fr01ll fht };.r.ltiplicity if Bufinifs;,/ 114m1, lIS will htrill/ttl' IIpptllr J fi1bit.tberefore ;s particularly rtcommmded to tb« NDlitt if their Oumers.
'the 'lrouble of examining Criminals in gen{i'al; .'!'IIJ 'jt ~~plygu~fs' 0' at j !Jut thl Fatigue in tbat if Negroes, is not to IJe(onCei'L'fJ,iJut hy thfJje that ha'Ut ullderglJnl the Drudgery: Tbe Dijjiculty oj' ~rjnging. and holding them to the Truth, ~I'" Chance it Jlarts from them, is 120t to beJunnounttd hut hy the cloftjl.Attention i lflii", of tbem hu~e a great deal ~fCr,ajt j their unintelligt'ble- Jargofl fioRds tlJna in Stead, to conceal their Meaning , fo that alt Examiner muJl (Xpea to t'lfcounltr viti much Perplexity , grofe through a Maze oj Ohjcurtty; ~t o61igedto lay hold of 6"hM Hints, lay tlJ011Cl1rtjillly togetber, and thoroughly weigh and ~()mpar-e them 'UJithellC' other. before be can be able tofoe the Light, er fix thsje Crelltllres 1-fJ &/,.111'• .determinate Meaning, 'fhough for tbc Rt'a.fons hefore mentioned, "II tbe Trials could not lie fit forth tit large; yet OIl the principal Trials, jUcb as, The Hughfons, Ury the Prieit, Q!ack and CtJffee,. (tbe /liD firjl Negroes executedJor the Con.;j.iracy) and that tJf the ive Spanifh Slaves, tfe Court and Gentknl/'I at the Bar, tooRNotes more largely; lilt as to the rejl, though there 'Wert here and tbere Jome Minutes taken, (which art .Ifo jet forth in their proper Places) )'et they did not think them epall)' worth the Pai", j therefore upon other Trials, the Paragraphs or Sedions oj tbe Depofitions oj Whitts, and tbc Examinations and ConfejJi(Jnsof Slaves, taken by the Judges, Grand Ju,,_ wothers, Up01l the Credit whereof fuch Slaves ssere inditled, are referred to Up01l their r~Jpcaive Trlals : Which Metbod, if any jboulJ objecl to, as jubjftl to Uncertamtj: (l11~raJ, ihe "'itne/fes might not declare (',"<08/y the[ame Tbings, and il1 the fame Words, or toe Suhjlance of tbcm, "ifDre the Court, as art contained in thaft Depofitions. Examinations and Col~fdJions referred to; the Anfwer is, Firfl, 'Tis mojl lilltly they did not, (nor CQuid it he e>:petled thry jhould) 4eli'lJtr thl'1J!ICI~es preciJrly in the Jame Words: But Abjlralls 'Were tden of th~fo Evidences. and Bri(js';repared f~r the Council concern'd in eacb Trial, pointing out tb«jnJtra/ Articlts ojel1ing each Criminal; whereby the Council were readily led to aft a Witntji .(uch ff{ljrfliolls as 'U'otdd flaturally draw out the Su~Pance ~l tbefame Matter in AnfWtr, if it were the 'truth j and it soat ohJerved D)'thofe more ilnmediately concerned in theft AjJnirs, and u'b~p Province it suas to give r.loje .Atttntioll to them, that the Witne.ffel /Joth Whitel and Blacks,_ generally kept c/oje to tbe Text, and delivered ill Court the Su~flflnce of the Evidence tbey had before given in their Depojitions, Exmninot~ns. and Conje.JJions.







T&el' .

.,.:".! AC


, $1C()'I\d~1. rbllJ 'IiJ~1It tlt'II'i", .'~'JilIa"'alj,:Jt~/~rtill CAlirI aID" tlJt'tfr_ill/;,· 'IIJ4~,fll.ffipilnt II co'!"',nci twelve bontjJ ide" tlpon tbeir Ollths, thllt the Accufod 'Wert , g'Jlffy.; and th~,.t. IS no other 1#'4J lift t'ofurnifh tb« Reader with tb« Grounds whicll i I~e iu&h ~ln'l)IQI01l to, t~t jurits.. ." .,
I .

Fflri~U~rt~tl'ell)lght~ning tht Mtz,;fm and Owners if ~lave~(lCCllfld,


otbers u1.)(;neere diJchorged ji'~111 (A_njillt'!lent, (for want of fufficient Evidence, as 'twas faid, before THE SECOND (~,~AND JUR~',j ~,~o were charged to continue the Enquiry concerning this infernal .'.b! .~'V~,dl~c~allaing' tll,ch, is referr'd to under euery [ucb Negro's Con!.rlJi..~~rj,} ·~'S~1t~n~r-\a~'.~~. if them liS were madt Uji oj as JYit'lL'/fi'j') sobicb uias j~ch t~~~~bt,~eiJl~4,; /or tbeir 'fllimony haloing gained flf/ficicmt Credit, ir can j;:arCt' b~ JUP1!ofe4 tbere ~j?~ all] Dou~t of their own Guilt: But if there jbotl!d bl' allY 'who De hqitatt concerning it, a/I that can be laid) is, it will bdJo'i)r fiu:/; to gi"I..'t'be clofer t .4tt(nti()n ,t(J (h~ In;tral DepoJtions, Examinations and Co~ife.ffiol/s,w~ich illlpc(u'b I~'em. . . .~ '. cIhe E'lJide~£~'ii~~iJe qlfel1ing each lPhite Perfon al'Prehellded,~~; the Account of tbls Co".JP;ra~;J'that 'was after'Wards dijcharged for want of Pro} lion,' is rtjerred to 1;IniJer~ir 'reJPetlive Names, . tbat it maycppcar what R"a.fon t ere 'was jar their t (:9"'m;/lI~ent and .Accu[ati~n, tho' they 'were difcl,argrd .for If/ant of Iud/aml'nt. ~s h~tn thought prDper to add, (it the End of tb ,'.\' J1xtnuzl, Lifis of all tb» Wbi.s and Bla.:ks accufed of this ConJpiracJ) thoj~ 'Z:..?bo 7.,:'['t"{' executed, uNd Ibtj;· who , were parJo1ud upon Condition oj' ~rtl1zfp('rtation, or otbcri: //:', d(;:'bJr~~ from Jail, /." fle:wing tht rt.JpeOive 7'imes oj their Commitment, rlrraignmen«, (·f)'!l't'.'!lioJl, Execution ~,: Dijcbarge , whereby the Reader '!-ViIIh~ enabled to turn to ,II /7fJj} any Part if tb« journal !~ Jatis/y his Curio/ity, as to 'loha! 1110} 111att'rilJ/y concerns each ,4dPeCiivt COl1fpirator; and rr.vi"tha View aljb to /hew to what Places J'uch oj' them as Wt'r! !r~nfported (according to Information received) soere Jlipp' J; 'which is premiJ;'d, as a lIIodejf Hint to our Brethren in the Wefb-Indies, aNi tbe INOrt neighbouring EngliJh ColoRies;.t~at they -may flt how tender 'we have bern rif' their Peace and Security, oJ Ujing. (11/ the Precaution in our Power, that none of our Rogues Ihould be impofed ':lfOn ~hC1l11Jar it was made an cxpr~(s Condition in thtJrveral Pardons, and likt''U)ijt the Rl'c~gni,?:anc~s entered into the Securities for Slaves tranJported, "rthat the " PIJrjonspar,Jofffd jhould he tr(/~Jport(d to the Dominion oj jome foreign Prince or 11 State or th ·1j7and oj Newfoundland [by a time tberein li11littf'd] and ij. any of U'the i leg/oel or Slaves [partioned by tbe Letters Patent] jl101dJ at tilly Time after [tht .. Dtty 'thtrtin limi aed] be found in any of his MajcHy's Dominions, except N ewe' foundland, the Letters Patent as to all and t"'Vcry tbe Perfbn lind Perfens jo.round~ 'l!~lIth~

CDlIfdJiORS, Ilnd tra1zjporled, a'IJ









----.--~, I


'Ca.jhfli'J.,~ JNII, ~;J,. an",! ?r':·,F":t~'E./t~~r-~~~~_Ii.w' kmjlr,·.; JtIIrfit'IJ' 4tiJ compl.to .,th, ftmN jrt.lnftdNS '!'1J'tflitJ.· ._ Milny~ it fleflls, iJll'lJt wonaerta':t .tbet ~Disjournal pas not In/dIe its .Apptllr6"U !DRI_ 4g0 j jor,.fay they, .tbe '1'hing die.,r away"an4 ~~almo}l forgotten {tbe more's tb« Pill) 'lind nou' People wiO"'hartH!' tt,l/t, the Pains tb~g;Vt 'it a ~trufol. " , .. , " To 'which it i; al!{'li)t'I','tJ, ''rfhat if,.wQS /Olm· 'time hifort fhi (JJNzplltr .cQU/~jiJ,mil f,h'!lt~1f to underg« a.,-Drudgl'r)' r!f this }ind~ jar je'lJerl1/ Rea.foilS; the raft 'Was nat fJ"1
;'l'l."itillg, and bt baJ borne a./i,/jic:if.'ntFatigu«, under an il/ State

tbtSha.',he had in the Proceedings tbrmfi'I"~'eJ) II ~~,tft ,oj fix };Ionlhs daiIJ ..tItt~"dan'tJ .. ~ l~t was,falnt rimp. ~lji;,.(' br ronld ~JI.~luttIJ J~t'r,"'i1Jl! to und~rtakt, t, alJd did.1'11 ~OlJt it




In corncJI; Il:U.'jllztt: tbat, iht' £~,.!el.of

b1,r o.llifl~J.tmJProftjJion bt1w·~'a.fiP~tJ 1l1li11,

Interruptions j and 'l~I"'J tbe jl(lel;~t;,n is ~!l?jt{Jrawn for a '1'ill" from II $,u/JjtB, ;1 may 110/ a/'U1fl)'sj'uit tl't' Humour to .':~Y.t!Ulllt it, rfptciaUy' a Matter ~l Na~lI,.tl this nor ttrhnps can Jil(' Thoughts .'1'IIi1lg it ht t.afily ,ollelleJ~ ~f.aj" ; ",ot tbat #Jis Bu.ftnifs required much l"t~nf/tlf, -,hllt Reeol/ellion Cart were l'f'tidJa.,,· tD',,,'trol,lIc, rtJ('ry Matter pl'''f.t.·r!~.I1JJdg'''f it (',':onnexion its in' Order ef ~7m(, tOWllrtis w~k.1J the Compiler ~Il! thr.-lllItllgl of'ting all along pri,,, to tl7e tlr'roctedings. tI"I'" the Motions concl'rnJ tblm.. '. ,. . ... '. ,'there were Rt'afons ituiNd, for. fI14utg th.,j('·MMters 'IIIIJil,l. "bi~h t,,JII,.. ,,1I D( witlflObd. .. ,. There had been .(ome wantQII, 'f.A~'rong-headtd Ptrfons tIffIDng/l us, who t()(Jj ,. Liberty to arraign tbe 1uflic.t of tbt Proceedings, and jet up tbnr private Opi"iD1lI in Superiority to the Cou_rjf II"J.Gra"d Jury j, I,ho' (.7od InflWs (ani a/I Min of Smft k,,,w) they could not he 'Judges of [ucb Matters ,; hut 1It'f)trt~eltji,' ·t6~ M&/",.Nf ';16 no tmall Ajlurance (not~ithJIanding what we faw 'W#~ ~ur.'Eyes, ".". heard 'fI)ilh fJIW Ears, and everyone might have judg' d of kv his .TntelleOs, that had a"y) That W~lS no Plot at all I "The Inferenc« fiich would ha"Jl.J.'-awn from tb mce, is tlJfJ o/!tujolJs to need mentioning : 'However tbis nlfJ'l.;ltJ :very Ii ttle t It 'W4S not to convince (for Ihlll ,'u)ouldhave been a vain u."Jtrt ailing;i the /Ethiopian might ~J l chanr&e' his Skin) IIluch Icfi was It to gratify fuch. .. But there nuer« two ~tivts wbicb weighed much; tbe one, II'41 thoft 'IIIh, /;",1 not tbe Opportunity of feeing and hearing, might judg! if tb« Jufli se of th~ Prf}'ttJin$s,rrom the Stat» oj' the Cajf. being /~~iJ.·hifort them; the other .. tlu;t Jrf»ll thtn" the People ill general, might lie ptrfo'a tI,d' of tb« NtcdJity, thtrf is, fl1' I'Ve,., Ont that has Negroes, to IUfp a very watch./ul Eye over tbem, and not to 1'"dlllge them "With too ,reat Liberties, 'which 'lve find the} make Ufo "1 to the 'Worft PHrp~fSJ ritJa/ling







• n.

.kCfJllnts ;11 the tllfoilll Shlnl, of gi'lJi.g tbtmfo grellt a Latitude, as NS!Jun cujlfJmll':"within this City t111a Pr(Jf)InC~~ ad thtrdJy "e 'lJ)arnrJ to keep.tbemjilver UPM a flri .. Guard ogainjl thefe Enemies of' 1 their own Houihold, Jince 'TN know .hat thty lire ea/able.. of; for it was notorious; that thDft among them~ 'Who hod the l.intkft M~jlers, who .{ared bejl,. and bad the fJl~11 Li!Jtrty;-1IiIy, that thoft in whc1Il tbeirMajlers p.ed tbe greatej1 Carfidenc«, ;'yOlllU~h, that the] VJOIIIJeue« ha'iJi put tbeir tt'Wn SwortiJ into their Hands, in Expd,1atioll n( leing tlefmJed'" tIN. Ilgl1iJ~1/ their OWII Colour. did neverthclt.fs turn out tbe gr{'(Jt:)J Yi/ltRns: Itevm appeared, that fhtfo head Fellows hoajJed oj. their Superiority ouer tbe hit"""di a"d j1lq/!mjive; that th~ held them in an Injeriority and ~pendencr, a lliNi of SdjeClion, as il thty had got fuch Do_inion ouer tbem, that they durft nor,. at &111Time, or upon any Occafion, but do as they would have them. }ro11l ~ce it ma} Ile glldfo', bow like" the DljilliDn 'Was to be general.


• ;1I«,~tIINumlm., 'WMt/JtJ .. ,,. frM,l'" Wtu tINy fcc blls bllppm' J, feel the Om!,,__


'rhl principlll In_c.,ent, therefore, 10 this UntltrlaRing, 'Was, the pubIick Benefit .. that thaft 'llJhD hlrlJt Proptrty in ~/a'UesJmight have" !OJ/ing Memtnto concerning the Nat.,.t if them; thtzt they he thence warned to Itttp a conJIanl Guard over them.i ftll&e 'What they have done. they lIIay one 'Tillie or lib" MI ouer again; 1pteially if" Ib", jhollkl in fllturl crimel, appear, fuclW\'Ionllers in Nature, as the Hughfons, the Prieft; and {ueh like, "ho dare"'" Ji IfI}klleri 61 t, attemit theftducing thnn ItJ fIlCh execrll61ePUrjJDfts: .And if any jhou/d think it not worth their "'hilt to learn f,.. .. the mfoi"l Slleds (wbat!Jy others perhaps lNly !JI ¢enneJ) a u1eful Leflon, the Fllllit viR!Je their D'W1I j IlnJ reilly it was thought neceflary, ,for th1# and otber lUlljons lIetJlifs ber« ta ""lIf;811, tNt tber« jhOllltJ /It .jlanJillg M'lfIfJrial of fo ."p«ttlmttd It 8rhtlllt if YilJainy. " But thfugh the Onnpiler 'lJ)as'llJilling to male 1111 Offering if his own 'lime, til lIN Puhlicl Service, 6y layillg thift Matters in Order, for tbe Prifs j ~t "ting under .. o/bn- InJlut1l(e fo te do, than his Inclination tina Rratlinifs to oOlige the Publici, hI' .. I at LiDtrty hfJ'ltJt1Jer to fuif' his oun ~mJfnienct.; and therefore, co~ftJtring tlw Multiplicity of tIN PrI&eeJingJ, if may, after all, rlltber DetbOllght, Matter of_ Wonder, tbat it makes its Appearance jo Joan. P"haps it",., n"t comeforth unfeafonably at this JunCture, if· the DiJlrll!lions. «tajifJfled ",'this Myftery of Iniquity, may I" therehy fo rr'JivetJ in DIIr MmHritt. tiS tf tl'f1)aRm'1f!r.Otll that I.pint Sflurity, which ag4in 110 gt1ler6/ly prev4jls~ tin' JId .s upon IUr GUIIrII. "kj1 tIN Enemj jhould 6e within our Do".s.



CJty of New..York.

April, 1744..


(on(pIr.cy. II mar not be Ih.pofprr J~ ,: iJ to introduce the eniuing JO-Vl.tit, and N.AIlIUTIVI with an AcaMUtt \. ,~ac fclo~Yt u well al tbe 4A t • " ~~ .FlrC.;s which atamied this dOle" upon the Hfeli of e&Cl odltr, within kfa than CCklf eccaflon'd by this i.... Scheme, 'till ",


~~'~~:s~, AJl




. ,,~~, . ,,'




Robbery COt'llmitttd at Mr'1IfI~ ~v'J ,rht War to the Dj(Cove.ry~t" e

, .'~rr;!..,~*

IWtrablC~Dtity 01 ndl"fII Spanilh Piece. of rupt : H She (009' rcfte8et.~ ,hat fi·ff laid done WIODI i,'expoUllJ under the Fnquiry and ~~don of "", ,t ~ her MOMy • '" idle ~f in thac IDIDDer, f9 th!~ Supreme Court: And indcc4 I clof., ~f li'Cqutndy tCi her Houie, ruKl immediately lhut bp the C~nntx,on between this Felony, . ~n(p~raCYI ti ... Burr.u IP¥Sf, and m,ade a Pretl~ of (endinc tho MoDer. ~ wdl appear by rne {evcfli Su~ps and ExamjDltlom taken b, H ou~ to • N~J&hbour I tt' ~ wCllbid.'" Oecaflon of tht, .,rmer. thAt the Narratiye of thc.Rob~1 . COuld not wt~l, be omitted ] (or th~ Enquiry (OqCernfn, ,}4,,- H(J/.z'~ Apprrht"l1fion. hlpptned to be riabt • (or that, was the Meam of drawing o~t the n.a HiDC toIlmill BOl having Jl Sight of the Mo.-y, was charmed ,,~ cerning Lhe other I DAY, lhis }t'elony aDd ruth like. Were it, and, as it feems, wantN to be finlering of it I - he a(tually Ingreditntl of the (':onfpiracy, fU will apPear by told hi. Commea of the B:'ck·Guard, the befete named f:he Sequel. . C~(ar, Prinn ud C'ffu, where lhey might have I '" Booty, if they could mana-ge cleverly (0 come ae it I he On Sarurday Night the z8th FtlrMa", '74:0". I raid, jt wu at H"Cg's Houfe in the Broad-Street J :hit Wife kept a Sho.') of Gooda, ud fold CaQdJ'" 'RulD·1Dd. Robbery was committed It the Hour,. of Mr. ROBII,T ~~~,~. Hoce, in the l:ity of Nt'W·YQrk, MCi;hant, from whence were taken di,'crlc Pieces of Linnen and ocher GOIOd., and , The Ntsroe, catched at the Ptopofat. aDd tbe Scheme feveral Silver Coins, chieRy Spanifh, find Medal., and ...,ought Silver, E.!t,. to tJle Value iA tM Wlioic of ~';JlI, WII communicated by lbem to ']oh. HM,t;;II, who kept a Publ;,k Houie by the 'North River in thi. Chy. a PUt. p"lI1t.lJ <AnJcpwards. where NU1DMr. oiNearoea ufcd to refort, and be entertained The ncr' .flon 01 this Robbr.ry, II WAI difcovered and privately (in Defiance o( the UWl; .t all Huurt. 'u ap"I peared afterward., and w ill be Ihrwn It Jlre' in che ) WII appea~ more fully i!ereaft~r, WI' OIJc: 1I'i/fo", a ll\d cl')fuinl She«tI: .Thhhtr they urld 10 btin~ '~th G~, U ' of abo\1~ nventeen or eighteen Year. pi ~ee, belonging tu ~he .la"lbol'fluf,b Man of. War, on thj, StAlion J who they {tllte (tOtll cheir MaLlen or gibe; .., aa:d H~IJV"'. hlJ h:lvJ,ng At'1uaintallce with twp white Seryanl, beJonging Wife and Tamily, receivecJ them: 'rh.... Ihl)' held I Con .. to Gentlemen who lodged at Mr, liDl'" Houle, Hi'!fo" ufcd (ultation with H"Zh;;II and hi. Filmily, how tMY (hoUl.a (r(''Jutntl? AI' come thither on thar Pretence WhiIeh galne d in ord-=r CD compa41 the Au.lAment of thiI to . f' 11_, }. nm '1" Y UllIIWII:I;t': nut 11"/.Iim it f.-m, h-.J 3 more ea ..~, iKJ The Boy' (11'i{foll) told them the Situation of the Hoar, fnnu un .'\cquamtnnce wj'h fome ~', "":rrrrt s 0 f v cry r r ' , ", . ,-..e IUIPJ<:IOUS lind Shop; Chat eM Froat WIS toward. Broad·Se,.. a lhlt C 1'1I1Iftf'r~. P~ltlc"l,lrl.v C.l'far btIOl1('rjf'lg 10 'Y) 0." JI(Ul!'(1f I, 'II k. ' }" .u1 er; MCrt hant, and' there WI1 a Side Door out o( the Shop ioto a little I..ane. "fl' , rtncr , to Mr. 'J~';'"Aul..... v".)".,QN, eemmonly called the jewl.AUf,Y, Ind jf they could coJltrlVO \.Ii e«, to ALI'/; fI. il-l'it', E(~l' .' an Errand thlther to buy Rum, &by aai&ht 'Ike In'

The Thurfda), before this R.obbery HI eolftml&~. t. N'i{foll came to Mr. H,U" Shop with one 01 tbe ,MID· .. of·War', People, to buy r....e thecqucd LJllDCft, .... f', having ba,'llined for feme, Part of ,the Moaty o6MI ,f in P,,,meftC was of Spal\ilh Coin J and Mn.,. ~.~ ~r ~\I open!rll ". dla.:~ tbe Money, pulW 0tI~~' -Drawer In t~ VIew u( '1-',1(111, w~in MI;'I~ COIl,f













Opportality to ihove hick the AUey. lor there was .'0 Lock to It,

I N T R ,0 Due ';J:' ION. the Bolt C\f ... ~r 'ladue ./J" .,,.,IH,,i,',,," ,lIl/iI,;.1
Ifl" then

IWans. (,,)



in the Nil •.t afterwards, and ICc'J1IIplUh their

'NMlfill"ila"tI JrVJ,J B,a.l), a yoang Woman '11».,.,' Ole or Two and TMl'It:, ; the pretended to be married, but no

A. t HlIgh,,',,'. IodpJ Ole Mllrgtn't' $."..&im, ali .. Sa/i"z'.rlh, 'Ilial' KM,II commonty called Ptgl:h or the
(htl WI;~

a PerfonofiDfamousCharatle" Int alfo of the worft Sort, a PrOt 'itate to Nepon J file was here lodged and fupported b>,; Ctrfo,. (Y.II,d's) be{ore mentioned, and took Share (i$ common Mi.; Ihgloj;,,'s Family) of the Spoil. and PIUDdcr, the EiFelb of Crerar's Thcfli. which II! bn.,ught to Il..,h""'. J and ihe may be (uFtQfcd tI,) hu. been in m~)ft of abelr wicked iccret!: for flu: bad Jodged there the Summer before, and removed from t'lence to a Houfe by the New !attery, nftr one ,Db" RfJ1IriIrIie, a Sk.emaker, ud was Mli lMqUIin. wlth him and hit Wife. 'fbither alfo C"/,,, aCed f'req,uendy to rerort, witb mallY other Negroes ; thither he "lCo conveyed ftolen Good! J and lOme Part of Bw" Goods, of Which "b,,]l..., had his Choice, if 'What (aid, after his Condemnatioll, be crae; and by "hat will appear hereafter apinn: llImw, and from his Intimacy with B.gh/nI, hi. Merits may be concluded to falilltde fiwrt of his Companions.
• l~ocorioUi Pmaitule,

Hulband ap~"

,,,, lHaw,," MfJ"IJ &tj?.,., Dia, but at (he knew he belonged to the Man\If·War, and that fe.cn) of thofe Sailors frequented idle Haufes in the JeWS-AUey " it happened that her Sufpicion! .lndined towards them i file imagined hi might be able to :give her (o~telliaencwlilut it, and therefore defcribed to him loZQe 'things that the.d milkd, rvi~. SnutfBoxes, Silvt' .... ls, one a remarkable eight fquare Piece, C5 c . Whaeupon lI'i{jo" (aid, he bad been that Morning at 16gh/"""s Houle, and there Caw one Job" Grv.ilt. who pulled out of his Pocket a worfled Cap ful1 of Pieces of coined Silver; and that Mr. Philipji's Cufftt, who was time, feeing Joh. G','fJi. have this Money. he afked him to aive him fome ; and J (Jim G'tu;n ccanted bim out Half II P'own in Pennies, an~ ailted him if he would have anr mOre; and then pulled out an Handf,d of Silver Coin, &ft which, fl'i//~" (aid, he fiw the fight fqaare Piece , ,y J:gg. 1 M n.•J.I •




",S IT N D If r;
THIS ~...


.n MA RCH.



ufed frequently to aeep at H.ghfon'.) with the Knowledge and Permiffion of the Family; and "C"far barpined with and paid Hughfon for her Board: ~nle came Ihere to lodge a fecond Time ia the Fall, not lor.g b:fore ChrijlWla/, 1740, big with Child by C~/ar', as W~,;,(uppo-' fed and waa brought to Bed there, not many Day~ before thr' Robbery at Hagg'., of a Babe largely partaking 1,,1 • 1DCA1ey Complexion.


With thi. Piggy, as the will be hereafter oomr,~only called,

Search W31 ma& for J.J", Crt..·j" at Hllgbjill' "fiDi ,him to have been a Soldier of that Name, a r'~il"''''' t:lf fufpkiou, Chara&r, as Mn. Hog: conceived; and the Om'ten making Enquiry accordingly for a Soldier, they were anfwered, Cfbtrt 'tJ,,'al .0 jueb $fJlJit,. thai *ft'tha' HDU/t; but it fell out, that C~f"", tht reel Plifon 'WIlII"tl, was at the fame time before their Faces in the Chimney Corner: The Officers returned without fufpeBing him to be the Penon meant; but the Miilake being difcovered by the Boy (Wi~/Q",) that the Negro Ct'l'/ar before mentioned went by that Name, he WIS apprehended in the AfterRoon; and bting brought before Jr"i{fo", he declared, that he wal th~ Perfon he mtant by Joh" Grwin.

Here i. bid the Foundation of the CharKltn of H.g£'· to" ud his Family, P,W and Jlbn Rof1llllt; which wili IKord frequent Occsfion of enlarging upon : And from fnch In hopeful Eamefr, the Reader may well expea a plentiful

.*•••• **••

Cte,ta, was c~mmitted



:.;$:*'$ti)*.\it EJ\iHit

Wi/foil comh1g to Mrs. Hagg's on Sundfty Moming, to ,"jut his Acquaintance .., ufual; Ole complained to him, that fhe had hem robbed the Night before. that the had ~'lft reveral Good, o,t of tb~ Shop, a great deal of Silver Spar"(h Money, Medals and other Silver Thing', rttle rulpell:illg hat hi had been the Occafion of it, "oIwilbflll1UJiJ1g 'What


(J'aa,d's Negro) was examined by the Jufiict',

and denied every Thing laid to his Charge concernillg lIogg's Robbery; bL!t "'as remanded.

... ~----fa)
J: i:


AI "'~'ij, tim' u/ua/(y let P lopl, ii, I'll the hIs ", 11'.Iir ~IW ilfon


Prince (Mr • .A1I!"yntau's Negro) waa this Day alf" ap~re~ended UPOIl .~ccount ~f the f.1~e.Felony: Upon En.-r,:nation he denied knowing any 1 hu,g of At. He was aHa committed. Upon Information thM ~d'_/a" h;~d fhewn a gre:.tt (;eat of Silver at HlIg"JZ'fl'~, It "';J5 much ("u(rc(hd that HUlhfin knew fomethipg I,;/' ti•e Ml\t!cr i ::~. {! cr,.fo.:;



il1 tt-r otl-.» SIt/tI,

mltl "1."II/lhN/ thl Pa,J(}uJ' to Iflt


S!!:trcb was nur.c Ieveral ':rirn,', It nis Hnnfe Yefltrday and this Day, but none ef sbe Goods or Silver were t1ifcovered. Hughfi" and his Wife w'(:re (ent for, and were pre(i:nt ...hile the Negroes were examined by _the Jufticcs, and were alfo cxamineQ them(eI't,e~hin,..thd'ftl~ a'1Ien, but difcovered nothing; and they were di{mi~,~ "Jar


" and

},'4IIII.t!'1 j~rormfr.g tOh'e Alderm3ft, ttlat lite


I ..


"\The Alderman f~nt for Job" HughJM, and examiced U E SD .A ~V', 3d 1\'1ARC H. IIIln clofely, whe~r~r he knew any Thing 01 the t bile he denied that he did, at Jirit, 'till the Aldermur C H S 01#. Houfe having been fearched f;.!verat _prdred him very home, and admonifhed him (if it WII i. Times over by M«. Mills tbt Unt1!,.-SI.tri.ff~ uaft liis Power) to difcover thofe who had committed this Piece f~veral ~onllabJes, in ~~eJfl ?f llf)~'s Goods. withoit of ViJlany; liltll fofpeii';ng,;i", to ha'Dl httff I,h,riJiII!J Hfdt; It happened this E,elllng, that "lary BUI'lil'n (. ""urntd, he was at laft prel'\,iled with to acknowled~ 11C!l c~me to the Houf. of J a"lfI /(Qn"a"~ one of the (earch~ knew where fome of dre 1\11:. were hid ; and he weDf <..:oDfiables. to fep a POll tid of Candles fo!!'her MI~' home and fc:tched and delive1\l.\~ them. • K""n,,,!J's Wife kaew the Girl by fight. and 'Nh" 0a&J beJon,ged to, liviflg i. the Neighbourhood near them,~",a~. ".\lH;HiHv •••• : . !laving heard of the Robbery, and the ftveral Sea~es at • HlighJor.'s, fhe took upen her to examine Mary. U \Vheth:r TV'E ,D N E S D d '+Ib MAacK. " (he knew any Thint;; of .tl~ofe Goods ] aacl~lnonifhed .. Let to difcover if (he didt left ~;;. bertIf fhould be TH I S Day the ~ayor Myini fGm":~IIII,od tlle Ja~ to mee't at the Caty-Hall, {evera1 AHlcnlnl met hiaI II brought into Trouble r lind gave ba.~herJy good " Advice, and {aid if {he knew any Thir'g of it, lnd would accordingly; aad fent (01 M." Bllrl'tr, ., tell, the would get her freed from her Malter," Whereand his Wite: And Mat) h"rt"" after E.uz;uUoa, .... upon, at parting. the Girl {aid, "Sh, (011'" 1ffJt tflll m thl". the following Depofition before them. u Iht 'tI.'0Il1J Itll hi,. T tmtlrrfJIW; !Jilt Ihilt hi,. H'!fotl"tI 'WII' .DEPOSJ'IION. " 1If}t CUTE tnl-Vgh, /fIf" tbat J.'t hlli/lroJ." Ibt",," and fo went away. This alarmed J(a""atly and his Wife J and R BUR rON. of the City of NlWoY".E; the fame Evening A"n K.annady "'f..it to M,.. Mills the H Spinfter, aged about Uxteell Yean, heiDg fw\XII~, T:nder-Sh~riffJ and told him what had pafJ'ed between her " and ltfary Burton, "\Vherellpon ,"'4ills and his Wife, Mr~ " depofed, "' Hogg and his Wife, and feveral Confiablcs. wtnt with I, " That about Two o'Clcxk Oft Sunday Morning 1aJf~ fC ,,1"11 KAnnady and her Hufbaed, down to Hllgh/.,,·s Houfe] .f a Negro Man who goes by the Name of JJn. CC and "1",, (annat!! defiled tbe Under·Sheriff to go in firft, I. (or ~i.) came to the Houfe of 7,h" H.ghfot, CI and bring Mary Bur/on out to her ; but he itaying a long " Dt.poncnl's Mailer, and _IlC in at the Wjndow, where cc Time, ~"" Ka""a" Wf:nt into HNzhfan's Haufe, and Ie one Piggy lodges, where be: ~ay all Night. If fOUI'KI tbe Under- Sheriff and his Wife and Me? Burt"" 2 ••• That in the Morning (be faw (ome rpetkled Li.... ' U in the Parlour, ar.~ Ihe then denied what Ale had before then .. {aid to Ami KIA!1Inody, as abcve , then .4'I71n KR."IIt!J U iD the faid Piggy', Room; that die faid ef gave the Deponent two Pieca of Silver, , .. bid PIIIJI A. charged her home with it; 'till at length Mary BtU",,, c' cut (,If an AprtOnof the Lianen, aDd give to die DIpoa.:_ U faid, fot (Qu/J Mt t,1l Ib,,,, a"y <fbing thtrt,jht 'Will afraiJ " of h,,-,Lift. that fbI] 'WDuld Aill Iur, Whereupon they II which Ihe did accordingl,. u rook the Girl out of the Houfe, and when they had got 3. 4' That at the fame Time the raid Negro bought • ., a little Way from thence, fhe put her Hand in her Pocket, .' Pair of white Stockingfl from her Mailer, for whidl he CI and pulled out a Piece of Silver Money, which fhe (aid U was to give Six Shillinp ; that the Mid Nearo bad LIQ " was Part of Hogg's Money, which the Negro had given .e Muzgs of Punch, for which. and ct.e St~iop, he P'" II her. They all went to AlU,eroltln Ballcl,,'s with her, .' her Mailer a Lump of Silver.


~ Q~G,$~ !I),.,~ OO~'~.'" ••

promifed Mar_y Bur!fJ11 to get her freed from her Malter I Itt (H~fted that file fhould lodge tbat Night with U C nder SheriK at the Ciry Hall for Safety; aftd ftte u was left there accordingly.' For J.la'7 Bllrloll dtclsrecl al(o before the Alderman her Apt ~4henfions and Pearr. that file OH'\I~j be murdered or poifoned by the Hrt;'jcu and the Negroes, for what Ihe fhould dif«-vcr.









MA r










(b I .'dt'~/~, S''''''';l1,f
"1.1'111 .: "ajio.''''''''" Ii



jtlhu H !Jghton, (u"" /, bim

her Mafier and MiftroU Caw lH LinDer. thl fame Morning.

.._, "That

5. II TNt

I l~~T ROD
foon after Mr. 4~lilll carne 104Iquire for en" ,.6" f<yi,." a Soldier, who, he f.iJ, had robbed Mr. !~ of fome (pecyJed Linnea, Silver, and other Things, Ibu

AftC'r ftlllPJ Bur/oil, J oi,tl ll:igbfill and Ids \Vife, 4':1.1 Prggy were ~~amined: PIggy drn,ied e:ery Thing, and {poke in Favour of HlIghJf;1I and hIS Wife; Pe... was 'l,gJ commit~~{I, , and 7 Qhn lIugM'o" confefled as followeth.




That after Mr. Mills was gor.c, her Mil1refs hid " the Linnell in the Garret; and ti)Oli after fome Officers I., came and {ear,htd the Houfe , and when tr.('y wer:..

, .s.

"gone and found Nod'~ng, her Mi1hefs took (he Linne.' ~. f;;O H N HUG H SON fi\iJ," That on Monday ~' from the Place Ihe had before hid it in; and hid it under • ..1" Evening lall, after t4t. },filii had been to Iearch ·'hS· ... t e tan.. ,~ " his Hourc for Goods which had bern flolen from ~1 r. ,. "That the Nigh,~before laft, her Mailer and Millr~ h ll~b,~; one P,'gg)', who lodged at ~ H?'.ll't-, told him, I. gave the (aid Linnen ((' her Mi11lefs's Mother, (.:J who u thal7o/;n. ~ill had left fome c.hecqlMll Lmnen~and ~thGl' ~ carried it away. . . If Things with her; that fhe delivered to the Examinant '~the (lid che"lued Linnen, which he delivered to hi, 8. "That Yefterday Morning one John Ro!ftl1ll was at '~otherm-Law F.li%ah~,tbLu(~(},ad, with Di~eaions .co ~I her Mafter', Haufe, and Ihe heard him fay to her Maller, "hide chem: That f001£ :dc:, the (aid P,lV delivered him ~ If JGM wiJ/ 1;, I,IU t» mI, I rw;lIl~e tru« to you; and her ,. flAndl-Y Silver Things in a i.trle Bagg ; which he carried ~ Mailer anfwered, l·wiUg tlllI/twi.il ,,'Vir 61IrtIJ.Jf1M· (") ~'~~ into the Cellar, ad put behind a Barret, and put a '. . ,.,. ~d Stone upon them, where tktj' remained till 'aft ..9;' It That the raid Negro aful.ny flept Wl\!l tile fal~ ,( Ni~ about Ten or Eleven 0' Clock, when he delivered !! Plgg)'. which her Maller and Millrefs kpew lJf." " them .to Alderman 1 ibnja" and Alderman BIl1I(Mr. thi. t'lccafion, h feeau, Hllfhf- and hit W ir. ~ing that M",) Burton was indil11able to difcover them 6 their Villany, touchialb this Robbery, thought pro}i~r to lay fomething to blacken her C'harliltel', in order LO t~ke tiff frotn the Credit of h~r Teflimony, and declared, :hllt Ate was a vile, geed-for-nothing Girl, or Werds to that Purpufe; th&.lhc,-hati been got widl Child by her former Mila':r, &,. The Truth whereof, however, was never IftIdf Ollt: But at Jcnsclt &gbfon finding that he was near loing to Gaa! r and a:; [Hi:iig th~ C'011 fequence of provok ing 'iler, changed his Note, and ("lid, Ole w ..~:J. ;Icry gv:'>d GiiJ,. and had been a trully Servant ~o them , that ' .. ,:1C hard Weather the taR: Winter, fhe ufcd lei drcfs her felt in MUll's c.:loath~, put on Boots, and went wi!:'} him in his Sleigh in the deep Snows into the Commons, to help him fetch 'Firewood for his Family,


z. "TtIat while the {aid Silver Things lay concealed in u 11U Cellar ConClablel ' came aad {earched his Houle " for the faid 'nolen GOCK!!',but did not find them.


3, H That thi. Morni~ the iaid Piggy B!'Je him a little " Bundle with fevera! Silver Pieces in it; which he foon "afterwards brought into Court, and delivered it to the U Juftices then prelent."


l-lughfon abfolutc:ly refufed to fign the Examination after it was read over to him; and dltleLJpon the DCPliCy Town Clerk Jltked him if it was not true &.~ he had penned it; hi anfwer·d. rl.l, it ncas, but /., thought totre 'i/,:al n~ O((Q(um for him to jig 11 it. He was admitted to Bail, and hi. Wife S4,'ab lik,.wife i and Reccg-iizances were entered illw w,t~ two Sureties each, for thtir Appearance in the Supreme Court on the firtt Day of the next Term.
Ctt'!at· and Princ« were likewiie again exam-ned, but would' cOflfds nothing concerning ~IIC Robbery: C.1fr.lY was rem:\mkd, and Prin.» admitted to B IiI "pon his M;",~fr'!i .mtnillg into :p.,:cngni7.onc.:e [n Ten l'OJ1ll,h, f\;wlly, for h;~ Appe.uancc at the next Supreme ,\_',J,lft. ~ut CIf',/(l1' n=knowlrJge'd, tL..! depofcd cOllcen;ing J,'im ::.nJ f'gg)', JII.:T, was true.
\\ 1at

The Deputy Town Cler~:, when MIi~Y Rllr!M was under Examination, as he was takjni~ her Depofirion, exhorted her to fpeak the Truth, and all (he knew of the Matter i Jhe anfwered him, 1/IQlflt )"a'i/& dlll,.a 10 fpttlk, }/./8 ~1.(!aJ flfllUC/J ajf'{4iJ fhtjhvuld ~t IIIUldllUi 1~)'IJ.,(",; 01' WOHh to that Purpofe : Whereupon the Cl,,'1 k moved the JuLlict'f, that Ihe might be t,kcn L:are of, not knowing that fhe had Uctn removed from her .MOi,tl,et'J thl.: l'4i~.;ht Lefort', I.>y Order of a MagiUrate.

had to Jti~ Jinring with
/!.~IIY llurtan

-----_--- ----,,-~---~.(c) Eli~abelh Luckllcnd,
(tI) Remme had rl!(f,il'ld rail fI/ JJ rVJ" i.. :lJ fum 1'lCfar, aliu! John \.Jwin, or <J~lt1, t » 1'1,I't'.


'I 7 () N It A


.1 R C K, of the City of Nl'lv·lvrk, Iliker, being dtlly f~(rn aud cxarnir.cd, lilith, I. II That


--.----~-'---N' T~It 0; D' U C T' I -0 N.


.' 'Mr. C,,..,h'.1 "." 1Url!!, a Captain of one of the Co:dpaniet of the Mllith, very providently beat to Arms in tk Evening, and drew out hi. Men with all Expedition; laid Severity odd of them under Arm, aU Night. and Partien oftbem continually going the Rounds oflhe City, 'till J)jy-Liaht: This Incident, from what will appear nereafter. may be th?ught to have been I very (ortunate One, ~ daOrving of a more partic JJar Remark, though at that tilll~Ii"" p",," 'Wr." fo _in/atu.lld, liS If) r'/>"Mth tbi11G,n", .. "fw ii, ~ II M.tlmall.

;1' E D N E S DAr,

117 APRIL.

for tlUs Misfortune at this \PI, .The LiellEenafit Governor ha.d ordered a Plum.r that Morniag to mend a Ink in the GLItter betwecn 00 Hoofe anJ the (;h~ppel, whicb joined upon one another, and the Man carrying his Fire-Pot with Coals to keep hi' Sc:Jdering.lron hot, to perfGl'm his Work; and abe WiDd fetting into the Gutter, 'twu thought, Come lpula had bean blown out upon the Shingles of the Houfe ; _fame PC(\ple haviDl obferved, that upon t~e fir!l Alarm. II before, ncar half the! Roof, as they guefled, was covered toyjcJa Smoke, uul that no Spark of Fire .ppeared without, _ coWd ani be feen, but' wirhin J it was by them concluded, that t.~e aciran .mgned was' not likely to be the rillK Oee, efp:ciaUy when it waaconftdered, that at length, ... 'Fire ~rok~ out in f:veral P~aces of the Roof, dHbnt . ''_.-II other; hut no one imagined it was done on Pur-

The only Way of acco*ing


THE R W eek from the L1ft, a Fire broke out at the 'itorehoufe of Mr. rat! Zan!, towards the Ean End or the Town. Ie was an o!d \''-ctt<!en Buildir.g, flo red 'with Deal Boards, and Hay at tn". End of It; the Fire 1Y~liid to be occafioned by a 'Mln's Iry" .king a Pip,,! there, ~vfilc:hfct Fire to the Hay: But it is ,:dJ, the Fire was nrti di rcovercd in the N, E Side of the ~C' f, before it had taken ~hc Hay: This Houle was near, e River, and by the licle of a Slip out of it, convenient or L!nding Water to the Engines; it wu thought morally impotlible to hinder it's fpreading further, tbere being many Wooden Buildings adjoining; . but cAe Ptople exerted their vfual Diligeece, handec out the Boards into the Slip. all in Flames, played tile £11 gines, and handed and threw tbe Buckets of Water, with filch extraordinary ACtivity, it flopped the Progref of the FiJ e (0 fuccefsfully, that it ended with little more Damage Iban the entire Coofumption of the Warehoufe and moil ot' the Goods in it.

AN 0



• ~




.. , F RID.A

.T H




~i ..





. HUlCe of one !J!!!icl. or r,,'!.' til (for they beth lived .r.der ClDC Roof) in the Fly: '--;..:In Inquiry, the Fire was ~ found to be in a Cowftable I.e-~rthe HOllIe'; the Hay WI. '" on Fire in the Middle of it ; but by timely Afliilaucc, it W;&i

::: J S Evening there was an Alarm of a Fire at (he ,)


fupprefi ed,
As tile People were returning from E?,y,a' 5 Fire, that ~ fuc:eeded with a Second Cry of Fire, at the Houle of one Bt. tfbDmal. next Door to Captain Sarly. on the: Weft: ~ Side ~ thn Wit in the Duflt of the Evening. It began in thz lDf!: of the Kitchell, was difcovered by the Smoke be.. '] fore the Fire h~d got any Head, and was foon exnngulfhed ~ Upon Examination, it was follnd, that Fire had been put between a Straw and another Bed laid togetber, w)\ercon a Negro lIept, but who did it, or how the Fire happened at ~;(fs. remained to be accounted for.

, '/"1


N" E, the Negroof Mr. .t."-!Y.,•• , who wu bailed oat of Prifon, II beforementioned, waa J'CCOmby the Mayor, _ Alderman BQ"~hr.





after the Fire at the Fort, another broke ~,"I.tweenEleven and Twelve o'Clock, at the Haufe " to Captain W",.,.,n, near the Long-BrUgt, at ,.,/'1. e •• W. End of the Town j the Roof was in Flames, 'fuppofed at that Time to have been occafioned by the accidcn .. l Firing of. Chimney; eMt tu/hm tb« Malter (a"" ofIIf"WfII'J.f 1(1bt (a1l'Vn./fi',

.'IE K


Ll A


GroM"dJ of S,.Jpidm. Ihal 'ttWas Jr.", JfjigneJIy; but the }'jre-Enzinea were {OOIl brought thither, and they played fo fuccefsfully, thoJlgh the Fire had got to a conhderable Head on an old nliog'cd Ronf, that by their Aid, "nd the Affitlance and Afli v i(y of the People', it wall foon extin,ullhuJ. with')"l coin~ much DamA&C to the Ilcufe.


;1 was

not alloglther ,itar of





Dire; )"!err WII made in the Morning early, that fome • . Coala had ben put aMer a Hayflar!-, Handir.g near : the COOle h-Houfe and StabJts of 'ju(tph }./urrn)" l:.fq; in l tlle Bro.d V'l9.... and near fume Dwelti::g Houtes there, which h.id ilt8IIa Fire, would have been 11~,:tOlt lJarlgcr ;
• bt6t .





1M I-ut the Coals went out 0' tbem{elvel. II fuppofed, haying ChilliIV)' J "'hicb, apen Er.quiry, tJ.e M. ~ ben {ftPt the hiM] before ; but from the pDt SawOer only finged fome Part of the Hay, Ir was Caid. there were WCN Coals and AOtestraced along (rom the Fence ee a neighbour· in the Houfe. and lome other Ciranaft ........ ing Houfe next adjoining the Stables. which caufed~J~urri- Grounds to (:.afpctl. vi11aiDDUl])riga ia it. cion of the Negro thlt lived there. Tow ards Noon, a Fire broke out in the Roof of Mrs. The/~·t(ever,,! Fires. tfJi~, at the Frrt, Capt. 1'a"Tf':'S IIi/WI's Houfe, at the Corner of the Buildings neXt tho Houfe, rail Za",', Storehoufe, ~;(l's Stable. and Be" Fiy Market. :lcj~i:li:-.g on t~e £.aft Side ,of Capt. S~·s Hcute . 1: lidl broke out on that Side 'llCxt S.rl1'H .IfJ:Q1Nls's Kitchen! having happened ia fo Ihort a Tame. t~inJ timeiy 6ifco\'cred., was foo~ prevcn~ doilll ~ focceedieg each othC'rj and the Attempt made of a Sixth en Mr. Mllrray's Hajflack j it "'1-5 natural for People of Mi~i:!l:ef, more than burning Part of the Shing_ of the Roof. Upon View, it was plain. that: the Fire rna Mva any Refiet\ion. ~lude that the Fire "":1'1 fet on Purpore. been purrofel)' bid on the Wall-plate by a Combination of VilluDi j and therefore occa{lOned ,reat burnt detp in it•. nat Vnafinefs to every ODC that had Thought: Bat upon this Shir,g'e Roof; (or a Hole bad ~ Suppofition, no Body ima&ioed there could be ariy further that Part of the Roof where .the Fire had taken bold of _ Defign, than for fome wicked Wretches to have the Opporf,hingles; and it was fufpea.:d. that the Fire had ... . ,unity of making Prey of their Neighbours Goods. under wrapt in a Judie of Tow, for Come wu toad DIU dill Pretence ot-\ffitbnce i. . lem~ving them for Secarity. from . Place: Thus the Fat} wu plaia, but who did it, .... the Danger or the FIaD'f'S; (or upon thefe We Inftances, Q..udliIIa mnaintd to be determiDed: Bat tMre _ • Crp mally of the Suffmn had complained of great Lo«a of ..,. the People. '11Ms,.~ N",_, J fit SjaiI1 their Goods and Furniture, which had been removed from '&,nt,; S,.,i6 NII"'I. TIle (kor-h etE &heirHoures upon thefc OccafaoIlS. lhia WII the two Fires (cn-.,'. &ad lapp • fa cloftly coger_, .Day ~ _adI filii This Sunday at three NtgrcICI were .alkiDe ap the of Capt. 8.,.!I', Hoare; ... it beiaa bowa, ... &tr1J; Dro:.d-Way towards the L,1i/h Church. about Service hMI parchafed • Spuifh Negro, &:Nne TIlDe w.. III • t T1me, Mn. E.ru looking out of her Wiadow, overheard into Ibis Port, among fema1 othen. ia • Prise ....... one of them faying to his Companions, with a vapouriDg Capt. ~. all which Negroa were aM""icz Ii..... Sort of an Air, U Fi,." Fir" Snrth, Sewth. A LITT LI,--in the Court of Admiralty, aDCI fold accordiagl, .""1 , " D.",i" aT-AND-BY," and then threw uphisHauds, and that they afterwards precendiDa to haft I and laughed ~ The Woman conceived peat: JeaJoufy at in their OWD Country. begaD CO gnuabIe .-: ... there Words, and though' it l'cry odd Bchaviqur at tbat Ufage of being ~ld as Sian.: This pralahly .. Junllure, confidcring what had ~ lately happcocd. aad {he co the Sufpicioa, that th. Negro, out 01 L'I p.. ... putting the natural Conftrutlion upon tban, her Apprebm. been the Inflrument of theft two Fires; aad he £ODS made her uneaf" and fhe immediately (poke of it to bimfelf infolcntly upon fome PcopIe" a&iDg him <eel' •• her ~xt Neighbo"r Mrs. Gargt, but faid, jl;ttlii"" ~ concerning them, which 'gni6c:d their Ditrd I it .. • ~ ~ IN N'grHI. rold to a Magiilrate who was aar, aDd be orda-'cI_ • Goal. and aJfo pve Dircdion 10 the Conft,bIcs to a.mit About antHour afcer. wheD Church 'was out, Mn.E,lt ilw tbe i&nJNtBfOCS coming dowD the Broad-Wayaaain, all the Rei of that Carr". in crier for their faIC ~. Ind pointed out to Mn. G,org' the Perron who toad ((»Ite aad ExamiDation. the Words i and Mn. G•.,." knew him, aDd fa.i,j, 1fh4I;1 In the Aftemoon the Uagilrata met at the Citp-HaIl.' Mr. WALTI~'s ~IIMI. with In_ tg examine dIaD; aad while the J....... Thefe Words. aDd ,he Ain ud Gnces giveD them by procccdina to EPm_ioa, ..... Pour 0' Cock --_ ~.lI when be uttered them, were made kDOWD co a another Alarm of Fire ~ UI*' Eequirr. _Iaokilaoat" neiKhbouring AIdcrmaa, who informed 1M rea of the the HaD Wi:xloM. it wu rea. &am. dIace. ......... Jufticcs thereof at their Meeting the ac.n Day. be at Col Pj,i/il~' Stolehoafe. Upoe V.. o!it. there wu • (mall Saak of Fire I'1IIIIIing up the .... Jjk.; Wi1cI-6re. from aear the Boaam to die Tap; ... Roof. OD the SidedireflJy.,-., 11M iii"'''''; MO N DAT, 6th APllIL. It not being (ar from the £nsiaes. they wac ....., ABO U T Ten o· 00(." in tbe MomiDg, thae wa, brought to the PJac~; and dIr 10 ODe', &rat Sarpn.. alJbc,ft IfI'oon ntinguifhed. nil tn. the MiddlemoJ of an Alarq of a Fire at the Houfe of Snjnnt B"""J, 'Jppofitc the Fert Garden: Thil,'1WII WeI, wu only • IJucc laJie S~n:ho"rcs am ada ocher ill. Row. oJcl

Jdjoiou. ". ....

1£-., ,i,










IN T R. 0 D U C,T I O-N.
bum'.J like r..... .t_1IM1 rIP..",.) WIt Cent ,,, ad committed 5 he ...... S .at iUabitcd, had thcJ a ftJDImcd in ~t follK' Days without Examina• ...., .. ..., .. ~ ac a pat DitaIICle .~ ~,. tion, from the Hurry the MagiLlrata were in. but at The File apoa 1.. - • .."" .... haft bepn within SKI. ; kDgth Mn. E.,1t and Mn. Gnrg, beina fent for by the far of dIoft 5eoJebouks, and the Houfa J uftkes, they declared concenrinc bim to the E"..c~ before..... them, appofitc to the Wind, there WII a large mectioDcd: {«] ADd ~"(4 being brought before them, ..... 01 Gudea Groad , ~ that DO Sparks from thc:fC and examined, by hit Exc:u~ admitted he had Ipoken the O· .,. could haft ocafion'd tIUt Mi{chie£, hid the Worda he wu c:harpd with I but it being focm after we ""_ bioWD the coatruy W• ., ; bot to difcover by whom had the News of Admiral y".,.,,'. taking p"." he ... FiN WII pat, WII the DiSculty. had alGtrind a cunning Exca~, or fome abler Heads for


_ ShinzIa

lilt... ...ide



While die People were txtilJlUiJhjng the Fire It thu ItDreboWe, aDd bad abDotl maJlc,ed it, there wal .notber ~ ¥ 1'1", .Iaitb cliYcrteci the People atcaxljng tbe ~ to eM .. Alarm, very few remaiaing behind, .. • ..... bad "n CD the Top of the Houk, ....... atiapilhiaa the Fire, faw a Ncpo leap oct u ..... y.....of ODe of them. from tbeace maki. ..,. Menl GudI .. p,.. in whidl oa:a.. t~ ... eo G"f CMIC •• 4 &tN, AN",.; aDd that wu ilia ; I _ a=' Ala~.A, 1'iNIl ,hi N",_, 'WIf'. ...,: Nep __ 'Ie'J pi Sped Jlome • hit ....... I .. _ pmalI, k... J ad eM SwihMi of .. Flick am•• d lUI IIeiac mnark·d. thoach fcarcc ., aM a.ba, but • few ",U:h remaiDeli at the •I Ct, •• , eM Word was FftD, A N'Z"', A lilt,., : 11_ Ii IIdy cu. iIdo e.f PInliJft. C":f'lIililfo:

"cat ~:.;

him. to account for the 0a:a6on of them. and brought two of his 0WIl Complexion to give their Worda for it alfo, I£b.IIIw.J WII" if A""'irlll V .. N ON'S tllli", Porto Bello; IIIIIIliHu N th"~!J"" jig"ifo" ta his Ctmtp•• ;MlJ, that hi t-lilt th.t WIIS "", t: I""" FIlii I, 'Whlll tbir IJr.."" Oft" 'Si'.w/i '" b,-ud·by, la a"? tIN Sja1fiaris; or Words taDtamouat ; .fo ,hllt;/ bIl1Jl.'" ~IIMI was enlarged from hiI COnfineJDC'DC tOr fame Time .


Ochen c:onidering that it was but Eighteen Days aftet WU laid in Albel, thatthefe WorcU were uttered J and that fnoeraI other Fira had intervened, as before relate<:'; and but the next Da, after ~;(I't Stable and Btll Tbatu' • Howe were: OIl ire i and the A ttempt upon Mr. MMrrllY" HayAac:k difc:overed that very Morning • they were apt to PUl a di6crcat Cooftruaion upon ~.(Fs Words and Behathe Fort viour; that he thereby meant, "That the Fires which we


ia ~ft of him j .. _ lOt ia ac eM lick-Door i aDd being ~ was • ... _. aM Houfe, ad carried to Goal, borne DpOIl ........... SDlden. H. was • Fello.. of ~neral iU a..&er J lUI Ma8er fir,B,lc Mm aDdlittle at ..... C-f had • great deal of idJe Time, which. it --. M employed to .ery ill Purpo(a, and had acquired • _.. a.d Fuac.
". r.,Ie1D1e)


philil./t., Houle

beu.c •

" had fecn already. were DOthi'lg to what we fhould have .c /,y.ui~, for that thea we ft.ould have aU the City in ., FJama, and he would rejoice at it j ,. for it was faid, he lifted up his HaaclJ, and fpread them ..,ith a circular S"'«p over bis Hcad, ~t.:t be had pronounced the Words [by "'Ii by] .d tIN.""dIlM. owithR It»ui UzJtgb. Whether there
Figura are thus more properly applied, the Read(~ will hrreafttr be better able to jooge • bot the Conftruthon of them at that Time confirmed many in the Notion of a eonfpirK7; &bougb tbey could not fufpe8 One of fo black a Dye, as there wercafrerwards flagrant Proofs of, and will appear by and by. H'is Honour the Lieutenant Gonmor WIS pleafed to order a Military Watch to be kept this Evcning, and the fame was continued all the Summer afccr.

Ntpoca (a. IIIIDJ had been UiilI.jng at the Fire It the SeDrcIaoak, aDd many pftbaps that only fumed to be {OJ
ia the Str.u, aflU the Alarm of their ziiIc. wen: hlUried away to Goal ; and wben the., were tIIIR, thq were continued ~me Time in Confiormc:nt ~ eM Ma,iftrara co~1J fpue Time (0 examine into ahIir fIft:ral Cafes, bow and for whac thq came there, .. , cdIcn h! c:om.iag wader Confideration before thma apiaI .hom thee fcetMd to be more di,c:lt Caufe of Safi*:ioa j but iD a few Days. tbofe againft whom DOthilll in panicalar waa allcdpd, Mre diftbargc:d.

nr.,_, a1':! iDdeed


Pct.p1e had ruth terrible A pprehenfions upon this

Caufe fufiicd:nt,




..... H;.:.:.:. e:.:•••
being clwJed u Aectffuies mcanoun.


8tb A P JlI L.

It was faid, there WoLS like 10 laue bun ano:l-.er Fire .. Day. though it has by ~ been rllppofet1 to h:rve been
Aa:idtDt: ~ CcJ!ar of A &kef onr CCrfI!;U Marktt alJ ol a Stmthcr. and the Ci~;J" in a B:..ze i b\;.t ~II ~f"Pprt~. T~i. a!fc QCQJicIl'~ lOme ilowm.

and his JOHN HUGHSONby the MayorSa,,,h three Wife were commitUd Goal and Aldermen, to divers FeloAica and Mifae..



S.-'-1, 5"




----- --..


,woald re1\p t~.e !leneht in

COI\U.,OIl with t~ em, by the ~. l;K>faClont laudib14~ Refolutioll, filould th~" determine to e~·



1 lib

A "''tu L.

At a Corrmon-Council held this Day at the City of New.rorJ.:.
PRE SE ~N Ti Efq;

JOHN CRUGER, The R E COR 0 E R, Gerardus Sluyve[an/, Wi ili am Romme, Simon 7~hnfon, John Moore, Cbrijlopbtr Ball/ur, Jobn Pintard. John Mafjhal/, Henry Bogert, lfall& Slollte"bergb, Philip Mintbeme, George Brinkerhoff, RObert Bel1foll, Samuel Lasorence,

li~ageto pay proper Rewards, and requcft :,he GOVCrMr cP l ~e a Proclamation agreeable thereto J wl ieh, he Wit perruaded, the Governor was well ir.clined to, 0, and the 04~rlemen of the Coundl to advife thereto i H: Ihtrtfi,.'_fJ,J. to That the roard Ihould come to a Re~ltJtion to par fucll CI Rt\\'lUds as thlJuld by them be thought a prorer 1I.d fuf. " ficicnt Temptation to induce any Party or Parties eo. . •• cerued to ma.~e tuc h D'r. ucovery, It
Ufo" Cfll1j;::I,rllriqn v ... htrnf, ;1 'UNU """",.,/, That this Board reqtltfl his Honour the Lieutl~nant.Governor to iffue a Proclamation, o&tring a Rewad to any whito Perfon Lhat lhould difcover any J'crfoa or PcrfO.. IatclJ concerned in letting Fire to ar_iy Dwe:Jing Houfe or Storehoufe in this City (fo that fueh Pe·rf.:m. or Peri»u becoDviaed thereof,) The SIIIII oj 0", l/IUIj"l P. HIIis. Current Money ofthh Provhce f· aDd that fUI.:h P~rron {bal~ be pardoned, i( ~:emed thcreia: And any Slave that :hould make [Ji{(o9l:1~1 to be .... t numittcd, or u:1Ide free; and tll~ Male' of {ach Sla,. to receive 'f'W1AJ11·Fiw p,."", chet'C'fOr-. i aDd the to receive, be6dca his Freedom, the of 7"...,." P",nA and to be panloned; and if a }I'1Ce Ncpa. Mulatto, or bdian, to rueive FOI,.ty.Fi4 ~ P",IfIII, .... aUo to be pardoned, if CAIlcemecH the1'IID: ADd ~ thia Board will ifi"1IC their Warrant to du: Chunberlaia. or Treafurer of thit Corplratioq fOI the P'lYmcat of fada Swe as any PCI'lklnby VertllC of f"c:h Pro·; .... lioa ~ be intitled unto. And that the Mayor aDd Ila:Qrdao on his Honour the Lieutenant-Governot. ud ..... him with the Rc~{olutioDofthis Board," ~





Efqrs. Aldermen.

" " ,. .. " .' ,.

1 J)







HE RECORDEIl taking Notice of the (evera1 Fires which had lately happened in this City, and the Man. ner of them, which had put tbe Inhabitants into the utmoft Confternation ; chat every one that reftetled on the Circomftanee. ~ttendil'g them: the Frequency of them, and the Caufes yet undifcovered; mull necetTarily conclude, tha~ tbey were oceafioned and fet on Foot by fome villainous Confederacy of latent Enemies &mongft us; but with wIllt Intent or Purpofe, Time mull difcover; that ,it could IlOit be doubted, but the L~uten",· -Governor acd H:S MajeJaY',J Council ~ad taken the Alarm al tAis Time of Danger. and ..'ere watchful, and anxious for the Safety of the City; ar.d tl.o' they were of ('pinion, that it was highly proper and necc:flilry that a Proclamation Ihould be iflued by .he Government, promifiug proper Rewards to fuch Perfon "nd Per~on~,as fhould make fuch Difcovery of the Incendi,uie'JI their Confeeerates and Accomplice!, as th,at they fhoultl be convi8ed thereof; fi, il 'V.:al 'lIJtU ,f"{J<t()l't lb.! tht GfJfWI''''~ II"J Cfllllril hllli"., Ik !ihtrty if Jra'l.ui"g' lIiD" I/;, CO"''') 'lrillfortr for: '''1) s.", tf ~fQIIIY v.:b.ujoM,;,.,.. Itf'O* al_) E"II,.. t1l t A t~ It c~uld not be reafonably expelted the Goveraor fhould fubJe8 hlmfelf to pay fuch Rewards (jut of his 0 vn Peeker, for the and Necdlities of the Pi blick , that ;1S t'be Safer; of the City, (0 immediately cOI;cerned, (cemled l"bfOlately to require fIlCh. Mearare to be taken, fr, rhe ck, wLo w ere a1fo i.'.rdled i. the Prd<rvatiool of it,



U et


Th: Mayor all'! Recorder waited on }~is H~_ accordingly, and il Copy c'£ rhe 0rdI:r ~ alfc deliraW to him. Many Perfor •• iEI ibe Neighbourhood ortht! fcveral ~ bcbrementioned, t t ought it ntteffar}' to remove. thei,. Houfhold Goods f<lr S3ftty i and in their Co: lfternatlon, aI wa.1 natural, fufferedlny Body who offered tt. ei~.A.JJjaaace. to take them away i by which Means, fome" IIl1ans hacI the Cruelty to make Prey of them; for theJe, were glUe Complaints of Lo&~ upon thofe Occ:!fions! \\ hleh t?e ~agifhates took this D8)' into thejrConfide ... ,mon .A~ It heiag much fufpcC'ledthat there were (on,~ Scrangers;\lrkang aboac the City, who had heen the wicked loftrume nts and Oc:caJim) of thefe fires ii but upon the SurpofitiuQ only, that l.y thofe Meanp, dlt~;.'might have Opportuniti'~ of Pilfering and Plundering. i~ Scheme was propofed, that there lhould be a general) Search of all Houfes tb 'ougbout the 'row II, whereby it was thought probable Difovcries might be Illadt', not only of !lofcn GooJs, but likC4\-Hc of Locfgerr. ~ ~t





. I. N T R. 0 D, U' C .r ION.
Masi{\ratu In the Examination of the Nelfot' hI '::Lltlcd" upon Ac:cou.)t of there Fires, but nothing could bC! lOt OAI

th" HIre St rl"~. and {~rpkjulilp •.. (OUI ~ The ProplJ(al Wit ..pproved 0(, lnd l'"'Il:h Alderm~·.·; arid his Common ('''oal~il· M"n, with Contbbb atrendiCll; them, unclerrook 'ID "'reh his refpe8il~c Ward on the South Side of the F~fh W.tar Pond J Il.lfi the McmdlY following was the DdY 'xed upon fot "laking the Experiment.
:(10 the Governor, and Order the Militia out that Day ill Aid of the Magiftrates, who were to bedifperffd through the City. and Centries of them pot.ed at the Ends of the Streeu to guard all Avenues, with Orders tt, f~op all fuf:' ) ltd Ferfons that fhould be obferved carrying Baggs or iJundlea, or removing Goods from Haufe to Houle, in order for their Examination; and all thit was to be kept VCl!'Y Secret WI the hojett was putting in Execuricn,

of them.
Cuff (PHJL'P~I'5) wu cloely interrogated, hut he abfolutely denied knowing ar.)' thing of the Matter j he faid
he bad bern at. home .. lllha~ Afternoon, from the Time he returned from ill/wI's Fire, where he had been to ;1Hill and

Jait Honour thought fit

The Scht"tJ\ewu communicated


u o N DAY,



PUU~ANT to the Scheme concerted on Satutday laft, the 1"lIr4/ Sttlrch waa made. but there were not any Gooch difcover:d which were [aid to have been loft, nor ~ thert :aIY ~ranr.e I ndger or fufpicious Pt/,'r{ons detdled : Jut ~V'n'5 Ti)ings were found in llv: Cuftody of RDhin, Air. ~,A",'. Negro, and CllhR bit Wife, which the Alderman ti. "'y~bt improper (Of, aad unbecoming the (""'ondit;o" of Slay", which made him fufpea they were not come he.My !it J ,.ad therefore ordered the O:mftable to tUt: them in Po'lC£'}I;t to be referred for furtber Enquiry : And &Wnwo were COIJlmiued.



carry Buckcts : That he was at horne when the Bell rung for the Fire at Col. P/,ili/:ft's Storehoufc. It appeared, upon Enquiry "uJ Examination of Wirl'effes, th:lt he, nccording to Ili~ Man~r s Orders, had been f.'lwing Wood that Aftcl'l1on with it while Boy j and rhnt when his MaHrr came home from Dinner, he took him off Iron, that WOI k D and fet him to few on a 'lane upon II Board for his Sloop; th~ white Hoy teuified, "'1 h.at he flood by him to fee him " {tW it, and that he left him hut a little before the Bell H rung for the Fire :" And when the Alarm of the Fire was, and that 'twas fuppos'd to be at his Mafter's Storeheufe, it was [aid, Cull was afkcd whether he would go out with the Buckets, and that he fhould anfwer, ht bad 1.000gh Dr hti"K ott.r'if) tbe Alorning. Some of the r\eighbours alfo dedared that ~hey had feen him looking over his Mailer's Door but a little before the BeU rung: Bue an old Man whet had known Clljfie·ret feveral Years, depofed, that he had fecn him at the Fire at the Storehoufe, and cha.t he ftoad next him: There feemed Co be fome Objetlion againft the Man's Evidence; 'twas thought he might be Millaken, being very Dear-lighted; Upon Examination, 'twa. found he could difbnguiLh Colours, and he defcribed the Clothes he had on, and moreover declared, he {poke to him, aud afked him, why he did not hand the Buckets , and that. thereupon he anfwered him, and diJ hand Water, aJUJ that he knew his Voice. There was \'ery fhong Proof that he W:lS the Negro that leaped out of the Window of one of the Scorehoc.es as the Fire was extinguifhed, and mon of the People drawn away upon the new Alarm of a Fire , that he was fcen to leap over fevcral G arden Fences, and to r:lil home in grc.;lt

Ie ,





, '1







THE Liectenant-Govemor,

by ami with the Advice of his Majelly's Council, iff'ued a Proclamation, thu":'ll yeciting the beforementioned OT~r and Refolution of the ~ommon Counei', pro'Jlifing the Rewards agreeable thereto. In the mean whiile, between the Sixth and the Seven_Lh lnAanc, a great deal of Time lud been (perlt by the

Upon the Woole,


th"ugh\ proper c..f fbould rt~ f


main in Cc~lflnt;ment, to await further Difcov(:ty.

JOUR N A 1:.,




againft the Conipirators
Supreme Court of Judicature held for the Province of NEW. YORK, at the City Hall of the City of .'New-rork, on








+ I.


Mr. Jltlticei'"ILLIP Y,u'1 as f.·olloweth.

r g~ve the Charp to the GrlUJ



~ U E S D n ,I.. ~ r; -

2 I f1

A P &1 L, 17'" L





Efq, $ecotld]ujlite.


ECq; 'Ihira' 7uj1iCl.

The Grand- Jury called.
.Tne following Perrons appeared, alld were CworD,


Mr. ROIIR.T ,V ATTS, Merchant, Foreman, Melfrs. Jeremiah Latou('e,
Joftpb Read, Antbony Rutgers, jobn klH Eoers, john C,'uger, Jun. JOhll Merritt; Adoniab Schuvler, lfaac D: P~':fltr,
Abrabam Ketclt afs,



DtlVi d Provoojl, Rene Hrlt, Henry Bu~ma", jun.
David Vm~Horne,

Grorge SFtnt'''"
'li"/n'ar Dun: in, JYinant Yah Zm".

iSllpt without {orne Concern, thac I .m obU,ed at thit Time to be marc partiquar in your C~&C , __ H for m:my preceeding Terms there hath beer) Oc:ufion. •• Tn· many Fright. and Terron which the good People ,. of this City have of late been rut into, by repeated and " Imu(ual Fires, and burning of Houfet" .give III lOO.macl& " Room to fu(r"!tl, that fome of them at leaa did not pIGcc ceed from meer Chance or common Accident. , but 00 U the Cqntra,iY, from "lie pre.neditared Malice and wicked fC Purpofes of evil aoo Jdianing Pcr'ona J IDd 'be .. '• " it gready bc~oya \II 10 ~Ic utmon DiHi1\"* b)' ~ Clur II lawful Way•• nd Me"lOs to diilover the ('on" ...... · •• Perpetraton of(uch danng and fl.igidou, lJ~l..""il'"t' ee That, UPO:1 Convil\ion, they may reccin <.Mdian ,.._. " nifhmenr : For although we have the Happmcfa # " living under a (iovernme.nt which ex..eed~ _U ,o&~I'" ,. the Excellency of it.'s CO~llli,ution and J,:_;... ~ II thole to whom the Execprion of them (~JHcII .It,~ .. COKE calls the: Life and Soul of rhe Law) I. (lOmmirctd, " do not r.x-trt theml(lves in a contciemioes [;ikha",fI IIf II their refpetlive Duries , fuch Laws which were .utended II for a Terror to the EVil· Doer, and a l'rotc.c.Hon Co the " Good, will become a d-ad Letter, and our me't excellent I, Confliturion turned into An uchy and L'on:'n;.ion J every It one praltifing what he litlcth; and doing wl~'I~ (hal} feern " gf)OO in his own Eyes: To prevent wh.id', it ill the .' Duty of all l,rand J LI ries to enquire into the Condull and .. Behaviour of the People in their rt{pdtj,,~Counrlfs • II and if, upon EX.lminntion, they find any to hare tranf .. II Wdkd the I ,'W8 of the Land, to prelent tl.'ClI1, that (.~ " ihey tmy bv the Court be put IIpo. their Try.rl, Incl ., then eirher to be JikhargcJ or ruc1ihcd IlcCflruina W llicir " Demerits,

., rr

" Gentlemen of the Grnnd






J o u R N ./1·L of
Il' ~ CAt ~

Ih, Pr«IIrJi"l.' IIga;njl

!o'i.:.. and other" w!iJ uMer Pretence I.~t.ni!hng the ff .... 1PY Sufferers, by faving their GCXKIt· ~ th,c ... FIaaa, for fteaJingt or I'f~ceh'in[; thCf"': This indeed II It add ... AfHiClion to the .Affiittd, ai-d is a very great " Aggravation of {ueh Crime, and lhe~!'.rc ~ekrvel a naru row Inqu:ry ; that fo the ex,!mpliJy p"Dlthment of the If Guilty (if any fuch lhould be fo fauud) may d~ter.others II from committing the like V illaniei I; for thts ktnd uf ~!taling, I think, has not been often praltifcd among us. S



there Ire ,event PrifolllOO7. M- in' Goal, wl\o hYt been comrnit~,ed by the (..:,:[1M.~el, upon F!Q(pklon of hl'fint oeen \.O~cernl':d in fo\~e of ~ late

the OitbJOOt and each of you have jull DOW cabn, f.~ will. I _ pnfuaded, be your Guide. a~ I pray God to .. direa and-elA you in the Difchui'= of. your Dut),. .
Court adjourn'd till To-morrow Morning Ten o'Oock.

Supreme Court.
22d APRIL,





, Of AUOI. Ql the maJiciolll and voluntary Burning, not • only a M.nii~QHoule, but alfo any other Haufe, and i .' tlllOut-Buildingl, or Barn" and Stables adjoining thereto, ., by Nipt or byDay, is F'elony at Common Law; and II if Aliy Part ofthe Houfe be burnt, the OKender is guilty ., of FeJqny. not\Jtjthftand1ng the Fire afterwards be put ,~ OUCa or ao out of itfelf.

tfhe Second Ju./lice .
morrow Momirsg.

The Court opened, and adjO\lrned till Ten o'CJOtk.To' Grand 'jury h~ving been informed, That Jft,'J Bllrlon could give them ferne Acco\JClt c:.oncerning the.


.. Thia Crime is of " ftlocking I Nature. that if we ... laave any in this City, wbor having been guilty thereof, .,. GlooId .fcape,wh~ can fay he u fafe, or teU where it will






., Another Thing which I canMt omit rtcommending to your ferio .. and diligent Enquiry, j, to find out and pr:~ 41' fine III fuc:h Perronl who fell Rum, aed other thong LJ.~ quor to Negroes: It mull be obvious everyone, that of« tbere are too m~ny of theJT~in thit. City; who under 4, Pretence of felling what they call a Penny Dram. to a ", tNesro, will {ell to him as Jnany ~arts or Gallons of ~ ltum, II he can 'leal Money or Goods to pay for.


Notion of it! being lawful to fell a Penny •• Dram. or a Penny worth of Rum to a Slave, without the " C~1,1rent r Direction of his Malter, has prevailed. I know o ., not; but this! am fure of, that there is not only no fu(.ll .. lAW; but that the doing of it is directly contzary to an .. Ati. Qf .-\ifembly now in Force, for tb« hlltr Regulating iii if Sla·,'u. The many fatal Confequences Howing from I' this preva:Eng and wicked Practice are [0 notorious, and d, fc; ne?rly wunl n us all, that one WOtlJJ ulman be (urpri.~ ~, to t~1nK there fhoufd be a Ncc.eHitj lor a Court to U recommend tht. ~}urrreffing of fuch Pernkious Bourn; U Thus much in p;J:'tio.:u~liir; nON in Geller'll, _, How
II ~lj C' Jrg;t, Gt1ltlt'Nrn, further is, to prevent all " Con(piradcB, Combinations, and other Off(UCC5, from '.~ 'l'rca{YD4 dow.i to Tr.:l!1:lflc~ j an.l in your Enquiries,




.Goods llole.~ from Mr. Hoggts; fent for her this Morning, a"i tJr"'raJ /he jhouIJ I" !WfJrn j the Conflable returned aud acquainted' them, that.fot foil /hI ~'" lI~iI" jwmr, "". gl111 Evitlt~'(I; Whereupon they ordered the ConJlable to get a War~nt (rom a Magifirate to bring her before them. The ContlabIe w~ fome time gone, but at length returned, and brough t her with hi m; and being a1ked why /hI 'WfIM1J "01hIjwar;2, 4"':;VI btr E1Ii"",,' , She told the Grand Jur),fo, 'WIN"'"ot and feemed to be un~er Iome great Uneafinef., or terrible Apprehenfions;, which ~ve Sufpieion that /Jle knew fomething ccncernmg the Fuu that hid Iatt!y happened: And being afk'd a ~diion t.o thnt Puryx,(e, foe gavtf IIp Alljw,,.; which inc.reafed the Jea .. louri ~at Ihe was Privy to them : And as It was thought a Matter of the utmoft ConCern, the Grand Jury was very importunate. and ufed m~y Arguments with her, in PIltJ;. .~ lick, and private, to perfua~ her ,to fpe.k th~ Truth, and tell a.ll (he ~',newabout it. To this End, the Lieutenant Governor's Proclamation was reld to her, promifing Indemnity, and the Reward of 0", Hunan' POUl1J~ to any Perfon, Contederate or not, who fhould make Dlfcovery, ttl. ShejtUflld if) defpijt if, nor co~ld the'Gr~nd Jury by any Means" tither Threats or Promifes, J'TeV&11 upon her, though they afi"ured her withal, tJ,at {he Ihould have the Protection of the Magiltrate5, and her Perfon be fafe and fecure {rom harm J but hitherto all was in vain: Th~refore the Grand Jury defired Alderman Ba"lur to ~mmlt her; and the Conflable was charged \'vith her accordIngly; b~t before he had got her to the Jai:, the confidered better ,of. Jt. . ' and refolved to be {worn, an d give hE'd VI e nee rn , er Aftc:rnoon. •


Accordii1gfr~ .


•• that ber


A ct'Ordingfr , the ~ti"l "writ, Clime before the GJ'lnd' Jury; but as they were proceeding to her Examination, and 6~forethty aftea her any f<Etjlirnu. lite told them Ihe would acquaint them with what Ihe knew relating to the Goods Ilolen from Mr, Hogg's, hMt tzlJifJu/J nothing QPolJt foJ fh, ~irel. • This ExpreBion thus, as it were Pmvidentiaily, nipping {rom the Evidence, much alarmed the Grand Jury; ~r, as they naturally concluded, it did by Conftruition ameunt to an Affirmative, that {he could gi)'i" an Account of the Occafion of the feveral Fires; and-therefore, as it highly became thofe Gt'rademen in tho Difcharge of their Trufl, they determined to ufe their utmoft Dil.igence to illt out the Di{coyery. . _ But {he remained inRexible; c:i1l at length, havill~ recourle to Religious Topicks, reprefenring to her the Heinioufilefs of the Crime which {he would be guilty of, if 1he . was p~i~y to. and could difcover, fo wicked a Defign, as the Fmng Houfes about our Ears; whereby not only People'~ Eilates would be deflroyed, but ltDany Perfons might Joo(e their Lives in the Flames: This Ihe would have ~fwer ,for at the Day of Judgment, as much as any Pedon immediately concerned; becaufe fbe Imight have prevented thoil Dit1tutlion, and would not; fo that a moti damnAble Sin would lie at her Door; and what need {he fear fJ'O"..tl her divulging it; fhe was fure of the Prctedion of the Magiaratc&? Or the Grand jiliry exprelfed themfelves in Words to the fame Purpofe; which Arguments ~, laft prevailed, and ~e gave. the following Evidence: 'Whitll, however, n~twlthJlandJl1g what had been faid, ca~1¥ from her, as if 11111 under (orne terrible ApprehenfioDI 01' Reftraints.

M.fl,,. ."i llijlrifs faid, affift them as much as they could.

they would aid AM

3. " ·That in their common Converfaticn the,. ufed to .. fay, tat when all this was done, (" -,eftr fhould b:..Qe.. ,. verner, andHlIghfo" her Mafter lhould be Kir". .~

.... .. That Cuffie urtd to fay, That a great mati)'PcopJ£
" had too much, and others too little; That his old Mafter " had a great deal of Money, but that, in a fhort Time, " he !bould have lefs, and that he (Cpl) Ihould h""

" more,


s. That at the r!V'jIf~'Time when the Thilli' of whiflt Mr. Hogg was robbed, were brought to her t.{.f.e..•• " HCMlfc, they brought (Qme Indigo and Br.a Wax.: wbicla .~ was likcwifc reeeived .by he!' Mafter and Miftrei.


That at the Meetings of the Three a~' If, .. • U groc" Cte/Ilf', Priee«, and CujJtt, at her Mafttr'. Moure, to they uW to fay, in their Cooverfatiou, 7btit wh", thl] " /it Firt to the 'low", thl) WOII/J itJ ;1 j" I \. N;gl;J~,,,,,4 U ~/thl v.:hill Ptople (amI 10 (xti"guV/J it, lIN] 'WfM/J Aill " a,," tlr}1'O! them.




That Ihe has known at Times, men or ~bt GG~ in her Mafier's Houie, and fome Swords, aDd that nIl 7.

" has feen Twenty or Thirty Negroes at one Time in her c. Maner's Houfe !. and that at fuch large Mectil9. tho U Three aforefaid Negroes, Cufftl, P";"(I~ aaad Ctefor, II were generally prefenr and moil atlive, lad that they U uCed to fay, Thai th: olin,. Nl!l1'tJts tlII1J111f11 rrjilfi ID "" what thlJ tomma"t/tllthem, a"d Iht) q),)"' j."/NI tINy ., hila II Nu",herfljkitnt/(J:fla"d by the",.

S, u That HlIgh/MI (k tr MaRer) and hlr MiJl1't/i aW " to threaten, that if file the Deponent ever made ~tion u ofthe Goods ftolen from Mr. Hogg, Ihl) 'u','fJIIlti POISON II R BUR rON, being (worn D!pofetb " htr j and the Negroes fwor~, if ever {he publiihed, or I, "That Prince (a) and Ctefo,. (" brought th; .. difco~ered their Defign of burniflg the Town, thtJ 'WIlla " Things of which they had ,.1b~.'d MI'. .'Jqgg to her Mau burn oer WhenttTJlr Ihl) met ber, . u ~t'r, 1!Jh" lIugbfon's HOllfe, and thar i.ilev ~ere hilrtC..'ed ,I '" through the Window Hllrrh"- his u'ij·'I, .,),111.: P tggy ".l " '. I' 6 '/"'" .", I 9 .. s That jJ:.t ",ver !RW II", ,whitt P,r/oll ill C_'''1IJ rccel!lJr'g them, aooue Two or Three 'Cl k s .. day Morning. (r) 0 oc on a un, cc 'lvb,,, Ihry o/hll1'"inl tbl Trw», hili b". ltJ.lI". , htr U'I

1) E P 0 SIt[








H •

z. ",'It I M '"'(That c',/il,., Prina ,. and M'r pII.'WrJ,S t N egro l an_ CujJet) ufed to meet (requen.:!y at her Mader':; the Fly (J),JI.nd burn the whole
"< ••

" ltli;1r,p, a,," Pew, ,.



~.o\lle. and rhat lhe has heard them (the Negroes) talk " fteclI'en,'r C f' tJummg t he Fort; ' .', and that they would

" go
( a)






M", A ubov neab'. }.."trrro, (") Vaarck's }"f~1'o. {r) l/I Mwdl I 7 'F\ I • (eI) Tire En,1 F .id 1,/ t /'·t C ,':~l',

This EVIDENCI fJf a CClnfpiracy, not only to barn tlte City. but alfo deft ty fI.nd murder the People', was moft aaonif1ling to the GranJ l~'ry.~!ld :bal Q'!Y 'Vo.'UII PItIJII:J-1J hcomt fa tt.hamlOlled•• "~(Jttfttkralt witl' SlavfI in fod II" ~'1.:lCrQh/t a"a'Jrttjltlb.;/ PlllpDft, could not but be ycryamazIr.g to every one that heard it; what could farce be eredircd j Jut that .e Ieveral Fires had been «(I bt
I -


ramo Combination ofVi!lh,""
De c )lIetteJ Mine., ,w:noing them.
I.n 1

WI', It


IIh. TI ... ~ of there, the Minner and Circum-

Whol<1, 'twa~ judged moll .dvi(eah'e,
.bfolute NeceR:ty


ihere w:\,


The Grartd Jury therdort,

atmal Confeqaence, rhought the Judges concerning it, in ore !' .that t~e 1l1l0It tfTc[tual Mf~a· r:l:-eJ mi~ht be concerted, fvr difcovering !the Confederates. IU1d the Judge. were acq ..ainted with it ll,a:ordjn~ly,

IS it. wu I Mattfr it neeemil y to inform

or die

that a Matter of tI.i~ Nature and Con· ft'fjuence (llonld he r,llhome,l :4lfoon as p.,mhlt>, th:1t it #11oulJ be taken under thl" Care the Supreme Court I and for thlt Purpoft, that Applic:\tion fhlluld be made to His Honour the Lieutenant Governor, for an Ordinance to enlar~e the Term for ehe Sitting of that Court, which



in the 01 dimry Method following.

woulJ determiue on the rut/if,.,

2:S~~~}S~\)3t~~gJ·~,~·~~ll~~~Q.1~ Supreme Court.
'tHURSDAY, p R E S ]3:
The Grand Jury

The Gentlemen of the Law gene!'ouny Ind un:mimo:1n,
offered to give their ·\ffillal ce on every Try.1I in tl.cir Turns, ill ehis was conceived to be a Matter th:lt not ooly aft"tCled the City, but the whole Province.
J.f.,.gartl Kerry, commonly called PIn-' eommiued fot HIIgJ." Robbery, being impeached by Mar, Berte», All one of the Contpiratcrs, ,l'le Judges examined her in P, iron in the Evening;' they tXhorttli her to make an mgl"'1101J1 Con(eifion and lJi(C'.o',try of what fh.: knew uf It, and gave her Hope. of weir Recommendarion to u.. GVl'IIlOr for a Pardon, if chey c'JJI..1 be of v~l;nion th.lt {hi: •.eferved i it; . rrurang her (.is lhl.: C:.fe Wi) tha.t tlley had Hi. Honour's Permiflion to give Hopes of Mercy to lucia Crimin:l;. as fhould conrets their Guilt, and they 111 uld ininy. proper to recommend to him i.I~ fit and I,rllper OOjeal; Hut (he w.thilood it, and pofiuvcly drlJil,! that fhe knew any Thing of the Marter; and faid, 7'hal if .Il,,1t 1i.'I'llItl4((IIfi QIry B~J' D/ lillY fuc',b lJbi"E, :ht ",ujl am4i inman! Ptrfol'll,.,.im' ''tJ;.i)NC "iR. (),\IN SOt"... She had this been t:_'!,1'i.:ned bv the l.r:U1J Juy, and pofitlvely denied Itflowi 'J, ;1,.,lY riling alJout be Fires,

23a! Apalt.

!~ T.

came inta Court and were called over:


.. ,

'The Foreman defiring chat :.1.rg.,.11 Sordi'fI, alias JUf-r'J, • Prifoncr might be brought before them. OrIw,J, That the Sheriff do carry 8"14/;;lrD, alias X/r'l, before the Grand fate returned again.

{aid Marganl .r ury, and lee her

The COt.4rt adjournej o'Clock.
This Morning the: JuJgrs

till To-morrow Mornin;,~ Ten


(u:flmoned Ji "he!' t ~!",tlemen cf the Law in Tovn, to meet them k the ,'·.f(( n Jon, in order to .con{ult w;:h them, alld deter.niue .... ._;ch MeapOll furea u on the Rcfult of their i\.:Iibr'tll:k.m Ihould oe judged moli proper to be rake ... 'r']o t!;. t:mftgCl1cy j and Mr. Mu,.,·(!>, Mr. Ah ...attdtr, \1r. ,(,I"i(b, ",.II' CI.'lImhtrJ, Mr. 'Nlcbol/s, l\lr. l~tl,t'. arl Mr, /?''(Jifoll, met them accordingly; the AI"" :1<" ( "1',1 hi. .. ~ jlldifpukd, could

~,.&••. ~~~



Su.rcme Court. ~.
F .It 1 D A 1~ 24th

not attend,
• It was couiidered, "\ h~l( j.'~!ollgh there WII~ an Aft of the rrlJvincf! for Tryin:~ Nlgroi' .. ~.H·" otl.r r C·loric, for all ~'l;Im1('r of OftCllt\·q, by Ille JU1H·~t'~·t &t'. in a flJI1lIlli'ry Way; yet 8. t! is ,.",B 3. Sche.ne ~A \': llany HI which White People ..vcre con~~(krateJ With them, alld mo.t probably wert th·,: f: III tv1ovtr~ lind Seducel'! of the Slave. ;
ihe Na ere (l j:lCh it <. 'Ollj Ud" (JIl, l l.cre was rC,II(JO to lpprchet/ rl.cre wa:, a l'onlritacy of deeper LNfi}t" :A'IJ mote danr'<'Gll~ L'olilrivlltICC' thall lbe Sl.':VC5 'lu:;n~:lve. "cr,'~ ca ,11:.,,(,' fJf, it wus lllfltight :t M.lllt:I' 'hAc tc quired gt' " lCJ, a~ well i\~ the ulm.?, OiNi',,,rl, in!""

(". RES




t:tht Sl'colld and 'Third Juflias.



Cre~ar and Prince, Negree«.
The Grand [urv hnvirg foanJ two Dills of In'lillmtnt for FI,lo,,;I'I, 1l);,'1lnll the Prrfoners I. M,.. Aller"" Gtlur,,/ moved. TIl .. t thry might be b;ou~hc (1.1 'h.: Car, ia ohicr to ~; .. ~. ig ncel.

Cuu:iucl of the En'l\:iry conccruing

it ~


uron the






Al'\<i tht'y btinl brougl)t, were .rrajp~ and {overall), pleaded, f.,~,GuiltJ.


B~~~~m~~m: ~~~~~S_~i
Supreme Court:
M 0 N D A {, '1.-,th A.IllL: PRE SEN T,
The Second JufJict.
His Majefly's Ordinance publi{hcd in Court for Ent'r&in~ the pre(cnt Term to the lail TUja'lj in .M~}·11CXt. Court adjourned 'til To-morrow Morning T en o'Clock,



John Hughfcn .. Sarah his Wife',. Margaret Sorubiero, (Ilia! Kerry.
'The G mod Jury having found a Ilill of Indr[tmC'flt for 'd'n)', againtl the Defendants in Cuflody; Mr. Altom., ttl moved, That they mi&;ht be brought to the Bar in .rder to be arraigned.




. '.



11 'll'US OrtkrrJ. And the Prifonere bdng brought, were arraigned aeeertiingly, and ft.'\·cr~dly pleaded, Nllt Cui/ty. ()"~'ir:!, That the Tryals of the two Nreroes, the JitiiJ:iGI/:, and I~'t,.,)', do come on To-morrow Morning. • Court ..ejourned 'till To-morrow Mornins:Ninc o'Clock.


Supreme Court :.
q' U


s D A r,

28th APRIL~




Supreme \..ourt,
S A ~ U R D /1 r, 25th

'fbi SuoHd and tfhird Jufl;&ts•. The K ~ NG,

APlll~. rf •.





'!'he Second Jufliet •. The K I

~r G"

John HLe:·~..In, Sarah his Wif«,

Czfar and Prince, Negroes .. The KIN

Margaret Kerry.


Upon Motion of Mr. AtflJrnry Gent,.,d,

Oraet'd, That the 'I'ryals of the PrifoncR in both Cauil \Ie Fut off 'till the £r1\ Day of Maj.
Court adjourned 'til Frida} the Morning •.

John Hughfon, Sarah his Wife, Margaret Kerry •.
the 28th Inflant,

11\ Ma.1, Ten 0' Clock iA

O",rI', That the Prjfoner. Tryal. be put oW'lil '[Jlif~J

The following Letter, dated thi! Day at Nrw.Y"I, WU Iome Time afterwards intercepted in N,·'I...·• J rrjiy, l1li "DC
up from a Magiftrate there

Court adjourned 'till M,litia, MorniA, Nine o'Ciock •.

another her ••

The Original in Female Dutch

is material


'be prefene rorfJQfr~

rouowe~, r..lida


fif il

".~., ...

1.0 U R]\'

A L of Ib' PrfJce,t/ings ag'ainfJ
Thus TraltDated :
Belove<I Hufband John Remme • "THIS iu to acquaint you that I have received your " Lettel by the Bearer hereof and undertland out " of it that you intend to return home again My Dear I f6 defire of }OU that you make the heft: of yaur Way to go " further and not to come in New-York and not to make oC yourfelf known where you are for John Hughfon is " this Day to have his Tryal as alfo his Wife and the I, Serva,.t Maid is King Evidence againft both and fhe 'c hal brougt, t your Name likewife iQ ~eftiol1 and I am " afraid that John Hughion and his Wife will be: hansed H by what I can he~! and the Sheriff and flumbailifts leek " (or you t.'1ery where raard's Ntgro (/) hi lltll hll .. WtJrtl jlltlJ~ for yo- Brother Lucas is choien one of u the Jurymen and he hears how it is So n(l more but "remaining your refpcfiful Wife Elezabet Romme even

hill B," Breng'" Yiln a/~ En Dilif Nfl ''''Jlam ., Dill gl1 Yil" '8j'l1 8111 0". We" Na h"is I, ~n " B""iI";, il Vtrfo'R ran UDal gy htl Bill ran U W,gh " Ma,h 0. Yarm II Gaen En Nill in Ni" Y.,.,l II limen .. E" 0.. U SI!! Nitl Bdent I, llal,,, II'IlIr II} BI" I'fQr u "b" H"jtn di, is Yan Dlji D.lb ZJ'I tryell II h,Mt" .. EnODA: y" Yro" E" til My" is King EvitUlIl tlgt. BaYI Z H Ga,. E" Zy INt U Na""',q()1tll K".»du Gt6ncht i E" illN" u BIl"J~'" Yob" Hu/,n E" z:'."n1"'0" G,ha"g'" Sail Wortit" U B, 1tJ'., il Kiln m,n En ti, Sr:hout En Bomhekl S,d,n u rlllr U (),,;,r all Want Fill'" Ntgtr aie h./J ZJn 1I'.r' " S'tUl'," I'()(JI' ,(114 Brol btr U, as is Y ()tIf' It" 1111rt Man ..gl~r", E" 'il hiIfJrl hot h,l;s So Nill Mil" Ma" c' BI,,,,"'" U E'r:lNardt YrQu J/ntr,Mtl RMIIIIII101ter Jqn

nlf ;s

.. Bmlilllit Alan

J ohanlliJ Ramt

U Btll'"

Malm Dat i~ U B, iif



-",u .

I, 'ell Death .' ,



u: J obn


(I) Czfar.

Supreme Court,
F RID .d
1'Here two Negroes were arraigned on
7'wo l"Jia",tttfl, the f'IVIIIIJ1'_rlb of Ap,.il laft: fJh, 0", for their entering the Dwelling Houfe of Rah,rl JJ'U, of this City,




PRE fie



Second and Tbird Jujlias.



On Tryal.

Czfar and Prince, Negroes.

Merchant, on the Fi':ll Day of fl.!tI,(b then lail pail, with Intent then and there to commit Iome Felony J and fGr fdonioufly al~a1ing and carrying away then ami there the Goods and Clattels ofthe laid Rahtr' Hogg, of the Value o( FflMr P,un4s liVl Shillings Sterling, againft the Form of the Statutes in fuch Cafe made and provided, and againft the Peace of uur Sovereign Lord the King, his Crown and Dignity. 'fhl Olhtr for their entering the Dwelling Houfe of Abraham Mqlrs Coh,n in this City, Merchant, 0" the Fitj1 Day of Mllrch, with Intent then and there to commit fome Felony; and for felomoufly ftealing and carrying away then a id there the Goods and Chattels of the faid .A6,.ahtlm Af.:lltJ CJm. uf the Value of Fi,vt P,,,uuls Sterl, againft the Form of the Statutes, &,. and abainfi (he King's Peace, &,. To each oj' which Indidments they pleaded, Nol GuillJ· The Attor ,ey General having opened both the India· menta, he with J'.ftph Murra_,', Efqi o[CoMn(iljt1r tIN King, proceeded to examine tbe Witnefft:s, viz.

, leDge. tlltJollowing

J u P. Y called,

and, the Prifoners making no ChalPerfolll were fworn,



; ,;:

Rflgtr _French,

Joblt Grorfoak, John Richard, Abraham Kipp, George Witts,

l'atrick j'ackjOn, Benjamin Mcore, William Hammcrflcj; John Lajhier,

J ~~n Tburman,

70Jhua Sleydall, John ShltrftJer~



R4c/:riIl' Gil rill, Mr. R~hrl IltJt.~, Mr. RolKrl 1Y.ltlS, ~'J.jrg 1fI"r"I s"rllililrtJ,

Ch;lI..,.i,r IY/~it"',

~ lrs. lit;, :I,':i!,



TIH CtlllfpirlllOrl


New-York, 1741•
II (t) &wI." ."IIIi tINy "-f'" 10,,.;11. Cron ",hid. the " Depoamt idred her, Pl.!?" Ikw FOIlS~.a JWI,ji-!I' ,I To which file anfwercd. "bl'" ;J "'II,/tnt Po, cn~. Uf*' .. which be further il~.i her, In,.", IS it ahtJllt JIr. a."1 •. G•• 1 And Ole repJicJ, /0.", b)' G-., AIWCT THI FI .... I~ Upon which the Deponent (aid to her, Wbal, Pcgy_ .. 'IINI"' J" II .~-r ,.fit tIN q-,u:w." fi,.,' A nd the mad. Ie Aniwe-r, Sh wu DOt; bot {aid, '-' G·d. ~flt' J " ii, liMJ ..... _/7.W.r: Upon which the Deponent aW ., her. Will Jl.lhD .tuI his lI'iji ;11 it I (meatlinc ,_ •• IIMgbJin ar.d hu Wifr) And fhe anfwer Yt" '" G·i. " tlNJ bltb /'u..., •• s WIll IlJ ,hi rtji •• Thea. the U Depoatnt a1kcd her. jf jbe WlU DOC afraid mat the .t Nc:groa would difCOtcr her I And file N'I fw

Abr"hll. Mtytrs Clln,

CtJrl:,li:!S Brearr,
An/bo,!, HaNI,

'TbtnJlIIJ Job" ~lfNWt,

1""'1S Milll,



i41iOlS Xc 1"1')'.

AI"" &,10".


For the PribIm.


Alderman Bllntitr, AMerman Jofr.jo",
denied the Charge



" Prillce, "'C., CuI'
" ""n"

The PrifOnm IIf<!n tbcir DefCDCC 'g,il-fl 'Mm. And,

bdng (umlMd up. which was Yft1 BroIIg aDd fu~l. and ~ Jur)' clwgtd. Ihq withdrew • aad being ICcurord. jour:d thrill C.ilry Il, lMIia.nts. 0,.1. il. That lhe Tri .•11of the H.gh.fo1lS and M.".,tt u JG rll. be put off ti1lIl'"JIltJU.1 the 6th lDftaDt. 1

:.c E,'K!rncc

il 'W.J " he did IIOl know.

" ""G,'.

.0,,.,,,·!J,.,,,JFtIMvs. C'I'" "1I not F".,l', Negro?


Fatek·, [Vurek',] Np
Then J.c atka!!aer,


And Jbc t«.,hu; (/) but while other ~

if ..,...-cd, N.,


Court adjourard ttil Uaaday .·Chxk.


4th M..J. T_

P RIC E. Sen'ant to Capt. VIWCINT having been committed, ufOD a Charge of flea' ~ngnul of hj§ Matter·, Houfe fewral Goods belDl1ging to the Lieutlnant Go\"crnor, which bad been removed ttllhu fOr faft Cuno~y from the Fire at the Fon; he jJlfi. nnnJ tbe l'necr-ShuifF. That he had !wi fOmeDif. (Curfc in the Goal witb P'lV. ,.,hicb he would commuDialr to a Magllhate: The: Uader-~herif' acquainted one of tbfo Judges therewith; and _ txamiMd Pric« in the EftDing. aDd the fullowing r epofitioa wu Iakeu.

A R If II [1R



., JiRI."

2. If 'nat Ydlerday in the Aftemooa the iaid P"" came to him agaill, and lOki bia, WIIO 8tomKJa ._ U to eat her V iftuah ; for thac ~ (maw,. " J/J,lbfoi·s Maid (g) 3, be IJockrftood} baa ~chcd me iD. I' aDd made 1M II black. II tbc ReI, ... 1M la'ip. " and Mr .H.gg's Goods: Jgc tba~ if &My did hue the two II poor Fellow" below (meaning ell" aDd P,.i.", II be " w.1cdlood) IN.J (meaaiog the rdl of dII Nepa).",.11 't I, U'I.'t1.gttl ,,, tbntl)ll t but if tbey" them away. i$ 51 was another ~. U 100 which. dUI Depoaeac fajd • "Pr~~,y. I don', doubt but they will endeavour to poi_ ... t. lh~ uirJ that haa ("iorn, (mraning H~bjo." MaUl) AaI. -. t' P'g,,') replied, ]"'" IJ G J, J l/M'llwli;u ,1M, ; inlllhIj " 'Wi" IH TI'W/If.,J oj ~1111JM-I .,J", II'dyl; And Ole (arther u laid 10 the JJcponent, fl,. J~M' ift "" L $-' #f JIll,,.. .' Sill 0/ Q B---b, .'1Jitd • It'rntl of wINII I 11l1'li1 "'"


Tunc. l. I. the BegiDlling of this Month" It Had",'.fa~l. in NI'W-J"fiJ, eight Milet (rom chit City ..
the Inhabitants of that Place were a~rm'd about: an Hour before Day, and prefent. with a moll mebncboll, aacl buurhood were all in Flames j and the Fire bad got fud, head, that aH Affiftance wu in vain j tOl in a fuort Time thty were burnt down to the Ground. Two r\egl'Ol8, the CDC belonging to D"irJ.,.. ,.,.". the other to AJk,t I'll" rurhfiji, were fu(petlrd to have been guilty of rhil


duly Sworn. pith, of taft Week P'II.J .. CIItYJ,or Lrr:r. DOW in Goal, C.tOle to the Hole of the .. PriiOn Door. in which he is confiDed, aad told him, SIM was <fit? amb a/,.Ili. if Ibtft Ft/J,'Ws (meaning II the Nq,roes. as he ulKkrftood) t,/lillt.,. di(cfJIVlri"g u Jit-t!i"l tf' /It,; !J.t, laid fhe, if tINy tiD, '" G-d, I ~u:iU ... JU,.Ci Ii-at i but th.lt Ihc would IIQt r 0 It SWE;. a.
I. ••Th"t

ani ighting Scene! no lefl than ..fevcDBarns ill chat Neigh-

A R r HV


.. B.


E hdng about tbe Brginninl

Fall; _

the former having _been "!Cn coming out of ~ __ of __ .__ r_~_
WIll) 1M

rw,., ..

glltffiJ ., bn laftt,.. {f} Batlian, .Iias Tom

(t) What jht ",ta,,' '" forfwearilll herfc1~ (I) Mary Bwton.


Pea'. Il!/t """';-:"

Vwtk •



eM..... with a Gun laden. who pretendedfired hi. Barna, heinl cUbvored, that raw


.. 10 URN A L
be the Perfon who had


thl Pt-otftlii"KS again)

called, and the following Jurors were (worn.


.pOD which his Mafter ordered him to fire at him, and the

Nep thereupon i..-diateJy difcharpl his Piece I but no B1aod was drawn from any Mortal that could be difcovered.
The latler WIt foond at hi. MaRet s·Hoafc loading a Gun with two Bullets, which he had in his Haad ready to put

WilUam H.",,,IIr}1q,

lIt1try ~t"

John Shurnur


In. Upon there and other prcfumptivc Circumftances and Pr006, both Negroea were apprehended, and in a few Day. tried, conviaed, and burnt at a Stake: The former contared, be bad let Fire to three of the Barns; I'" -1411". .-IJ "'!ft.fi _hi",; .w fU:'UI4 lithtr if fbi,. tiijtl'Vtr, tbat u, others wcre coll£eracd with them in this ViJlany.

Sid"·,, Breefe; Jobl" Smith, Samuel WttrfJtr,

J obn

Jobn Hailier;


.llmry Palldtwaltr.



.Aaron ](jnK, Altxander Ward.

Juran challenged by the Prilonen.

They were indiaed for felonioufiy, &c. receiving on .the 11.,;,,, Day of M.r,h thCD laft pail, diver! flolen Goods, 1I'WW,i1lg Iht /1I1IU 10 bavt (h) againtl the Form .Qf the Statutes, Cil. and the King's Peace, & c,

/It,. fl''''',

Supreme Court.



To which Inditlment they all pleaded, Nil Gui/'.!, upon their Arraignment, u before. Cowncil ~ rthe KING

P It ESE N T, ne Seumallnd '{hird Jujlices.
The Court opened ed adjf,urned .'eiB To-morrow Af·,



.J The ATTO~lUY GS!C:JlAl •• 1 j051PII MVU.AY, EMf;

The Altor,,'J G,wral opened the IndiClmcnt, aad ther. Ile and Mr. MMrr4J examined the \Vitndlea a~ainft the

temoon Three o'Clock.


Criminala, vire. Witne«es for the KIN G. J aNS Mills, Roh"'1 Hogg, }'fary Burt", Mrs. Hogg,
Rachim, Glltri.,

Supreme Court :






A",hI7".} Ham, Conftable. Alderman Ro1fmtt,


T, .As before.

Roh"'1 Waf/s, Elq; .Rich.rrJ NithollJ, Ef'l;
The Conviaion

Alderman ~1D()f'1, 1[/,.,1141 Wtll1llall, Conflable. J~/",C,.lIger, Efq;"Mayor. Alderman ] oh"jm. William Jomi/JII, Efq.

The Court opened and adjoYrncd 'till To-morrow Morning Nille o'Clock.

of C.efal' and Princ, read.

The Examination of Highfill before the Juftices read •
Wit.les for the Prifoners. "hn Nicbo/s, PIIt,. A»pirfin, and Capt. t», His Irift. And the Charge againf~ them being fully proved i the Evidence fummed up t the! Argumenrs clofed, and the Jury charged, they withdrew; and being returned, found theru all Guilty.
Sarah HlIg~{o", Single.\Voman, D:1Il?,hter Joh" Hilg/;(on and Sarah his Wife, was this Morning committed




Supreme Court:
If'E D N E S D .A r, 6th

~ ~





Tb« Second .anJ t£hird Juftices. The KIN



~ On Tryal.

John Hughfon, Sarah his Wif«, 'Margaret Sorubiero, al. Kerry,

as one of the Confederates in the Confpiracy, hended while the Court W;IS fitting.

being apl'rc:'

i fJhv ,'ft'tiv'iih; G"J.;;,jC-;rJ-r-",,-d-P-r-ill-ce-,-P-'-in-,;,-ahCourt


Cbaft td}ourr.td 'til To-monow

MomiJlg Ten o'Cloclc.

.. fol~, raid Ote.
" ~"., II

:' ~1,."j/t' ,'''_, th,· thtJ -wlr,.

lit" ttWr,

tJ.u·1IJI 1I./f'.;J
41 I


L L'S Negro) was this Da, committed of putcillg Fire to Mr. ~burall H.yiack.

Supreme Court;

then file f.1id, I 'U.!!,1hIbal Todd btld i"' hit /Jt.tA ... "4'U''')', Qrfo~him, ",A:l:t1,ht:-J:aslJg!JillgIQJ.il., (i)

haw fn d.,ir I'W. M./"'

~u., t~:w '1Jf~..,
I/o.lts .. ,."



I ...

-r un

R S DA 1'~ 7th


A. M~ T.

'P R E. sEN
tfbe Second and "'third


C'oert opened and adjoumed till ... e'Cleck in the Aftt::IlOOD.

P. M.

'Un o'\;il~

S'E N T,

As before.

Court opened and adjourned "till To--morrow


cr aken

bifore tbe


3· ,. Tha t then tfl, J~ponent told her, Sa I"t hacl" f" better tell every Thing th.at you know; for Ihac may be If of tome Service to Y0:lT }t'ather ~ Upon 'wh~:h the (lid • •, No j for tha: they were doing all rhat evtr~ey coulcl " to take his Life away; and that ale would tlOncr CufFer, '- Death, and be ha~gt'd with her Daddy (i'~he waa to '. be banged) Ih,,,, }ht 'WMU gi't·., IhI", l1-al )IIIil/.8;" .e Dft,llillt fir ,iljU'Wriwg.", thi"g 10 Ihe",; o' Wordt to 'f thalt Eff'c~ That ibe wu to have gone u:, intO the If Country (like a Fool lhat the was tbat file ,Iid DOt CO) " Lut ftaid to fee what wouU become of he r MU'DIhl' ,. and Daddy; but that now the would go up in the (.:om" try~ and that {be would be hanged if ever I hey lh.:luld II get her in 'nrl again; but if IIxy (meaning the: People of .f this City, 15 be undtrilood) h.' 11#1 kit" e." Ij" I,;" If fth;,tl, Ihty ",...,./a' batt" 4 grttll "III ,.".,D .. ." tu:l .. D.~rgtrill York. thall Ihl) wtr, .'Wart of; und if they f. did .bang her Daddy, they AId better do (ome1bi .. clfe : It And as to the Fire-at the Fort, they did DOt the W.
" die on the I jgbt Hone.




.... "That on Monday laa P,W came eo hi'!, and bid U him not dllwrer any thing fei hi~ Lite, that fh = bad tald ART JJ U R P RIC E being d~t)' S~Hm, la~h, " him, for if he did, by G.J J« tt.lJMlIJ till his 'lh.'MI_ I "ThIt Yeflerday Mornincy havml Diteoarfe with 5. "The Depoaent furt~er foilL., That al to the Ex': .. Sll,a!, tilt' D'Il,g,htcr of Job" 11llgbjD", about the Fires " prdlion made ute of by Sar.b Rug~tM, vi;:. As to the to which have lately happened in the Town ; the told him, u Tl.at Il.e l.ad bem with a Fortune Teller, who told her II Fnc.t the Fort, 'ht)1 did r.~1ftt Ibt SaJ'k '" the right U th.t in bs than five Weeks Time fhe would come to " lfDrjt j the Occafion of thefe Words was, tle Depe" Trcu. L. ;f fhe did not take geod Care of herCelf; but " nents telling her. that they had been pi'!<ing 0 st of kim " llh:r thar {he would come to gooJ Fortune j then r~ .' what lhey could concerning the Fire at the Fort, ancl ., (II'.; .ired of I.t r Father's Fortune; aud fhe laid, htr Fa" dlOUi:ht 'hat lie kD«:w COIDtlhing of it; but h,! faid to ., t!~cr W luld be tried and condemned, but not hanged; " her, that he took GOD to be his Judge, that l.~ did DOC" ., l"l.t wa: to g" over the. Water. " know any ihir.g of it:' (A)

"1 hat tl.C'n,. after Comeother Difcourfc, the Depothat {un.;! of the t\tglt.es who were

" pc ncnr told her,
". C(;l:I':ttmd





Fires, had diiccvered ; or' :. \\ hich the (1id, {he did Dot know of any Plot; , •. 1 I'; . • t ;.: ,[ .. ,. IJt?{Ufon n: tv IJ I or, t hat t hey t hat were ncorn •. ~:1 ! I:~ Plut hal..r "~ ifcov ered, and Lrour.ht them every one In: Upon wuich {he coloured, and put her Bonnet kd~, aLJ ;il&ngcd C(Jbur feveral times, and afked him if I.e knew who it was and when he had heard it ? A.;J h~ tolL; her, heJ:ad heard it by the by, and it \\al lept r~,\'ae: r pon ~hich (he made a ]ong llop; and thc:n C.wll It mu.;.t be either Ho.LT"i NlgrQ or TODD'S;
e UUUGt tilt



(i) Dundee;


il fimlt,



tbi. r..·~v,ro It}oJtJ $,. ~ Filii;

~·',,:,at"" ,m' w.,:
v ~-

,fo lb.,

b" J"/dlig(NtI 'was righl.'

(R) UP01l tb« SUl'pojiJirn. thai Arthur l:nl'tu ".,L.;lIg "

III Secrets of t/.( C. ~ :ra(y ~fon hi (ami " GQQI, II,,; Rradtr ma_, ~f lir,t I 10jul.';l, tl-at hi "Oll/ 'V ';1)) "'"I thall qrdi,.a"_l'il(l.tt,,~(jflJr ont of MJ Stllti'm, in /II1I'I;"l

.fo 1rIIIL'h out

0/ lleggy a"J Sarah (H ughfon's D rug!,'") CO".fid.11C1 ill 1';111, if b« wer« /I Sir '''I" ,. Ibu" fI';"S fiml'l.vhtu tM({.lorjilllU] M ,III 0" 'If}i'"'




upia Rx.,maatiOD, denied knowing
'piracy. ~"

of fh, Pr4ctetiingl again)
a'.rmed her fo, that Ihe Cermet!now to think it high time to do fomething to recommend herfelf to Mercy; and this ConfeHion coming voluntarily from her, it gave hopei that fhe was in Earnell, and would unke loma mall ria! Dil~vcrie •.


InI'onnation by thl. Depo'~ion, Dna" N90) was apprehended &ad COOlmittt:d J but,

Goods aolen

thing.£ the Con~

fJrc at the Fort.

who thol1lht it proper to remove f_ hera ilon after tIIo

(HOLT) a Dancina iffaacrl, to J 1IIItIl;,. in the H"ljt·/"Jiu,

The other N~ro was at thili time goat with his Maler

Supreme Court.
.I r F R .I D _'1 i&,


1"..".1. v


;(, alillsKEARY,

LY!!"L~ •


" " "

That Ihe wu ,"ra' times at the Houfe of '],hll Rnmrt, Shoemaker, and Ta¥crpkecpr.r, and &w {everal Meetings of the Negr.>es from time to time; and in Particular, in the Mont' .• of December bit pall, fhe aw affc:mbtodthere in or about 'fen or Twelve ill Number, ",iz. " Cuff, belo",ing to Mi. PHILI'U. • f Bralh, Mr. JA ~'a. II CliratOil DkA, a N"gr", Man. ,. CilIa", P!NTA~U" s,


SEN l~he KIN

T, G,

tfhe Second and 'Ibird Juflices.

C~far and Prince, Negrou •
THE Prjfon~rs having been capitalJy coni'itl:C'~


.' PlZIricA~ ENCL~SH'S. ," A Negro belfJnging

• t Street. ~1 ac.f] •• CtlIlJ, A.fd/~rman MOURE'S.




in Pearl

fcvera1 IndICtments for Felony, and being bWbght to the Bar, the <.;curt proa:eded to give Sentence; which was pafs'd by the St~nd Junice, a, followeth .

yOU Cdfar and Prince, the Grand Jury having

.. T'he rell. c,( tmir Names that was in the Combination


mnembcr, or their Mliler~s Name!. They .' propofed., to 11I"~11hI Fortfirjt, a"ti Ilflt'r.wardl the City; ' .. a"i thl" /illll, ,vah II"" ((17'1 away .11 Ih, Money a"ti .. GIOtis tbt;., ('Jul' pO(lIrt, and was to be carried to R(Jf1Ime's, If and w~. t,) be joined by the Country Negroes; and Ihal ~.'Ibl} 'Wlrt t, fIlurl~, ~vcry one that had Money.

I cauat

The Rca(oft why I did nDt malee this Difcovery be. " (ore, Rrm:me'WDrI thrm ./1 never to difcover, and fu ..ore j ·

found two Indiamrn~ againil each of you, for feleU nioufly t\ealing and taking away from Mr. IJ0K.~' and " Mr. Me) ers Coh t fundry Goods of ccnlidcrablc Value; " to thcfe IndiCtments you Ieverally pleaded, N31 Guill) i " and for you r 1 rials, put yourfelves uren God and the H Country ~ Which Country having found YOIl Guilty j it u now enly remains for the Court to pronounce that Judgu ment which the Law requires, and the Nature of your U Crimes deferve,


",,'~; SOUL,





before I proceed to Sentence,

I mull tell you,

it I difcovered it. And that all the ren of the ~. Negroes in City and Country were to meet in one Night. .. All of the above I am ready to declare uFon Oath."

"hat you have been proceeded a1;;1:'n11 in the (1I11l' Mancc ner I!I any white Man, guilty of your Crimcf' w''1li;d
" have been : You had not only the J ,iberty of fending tor ,e your \Vitnefies; afking them fuch ~(.'Hiolls a! you " thocght proper j but Iikewife making the betl Defence " you could j and as you have been convieled by twelve " honeil Men upo~ their Oaths; Cothe juft judgmen: of H GOD has at length overtaken you, " I have great 1\earon to believe, that t~e Crimes you )lOW {land convided of, are not the lean of thole yot. have been concerned in ; for by your general Char.~tc:r. you have been vrry wicked FeUows. hardened Sinner~, and.r.ipc, 8& well as ready, (or tile lkoll enonnou- and ' .., tltldn&


Si:"e4 'With he, }rlll,.k X
This Declaration was rent from the. Goal by the U nderSherii'to one of the Judges late this Nigl.t. two Negroes Crt:fa, and Prinre, as Prineipals in the two Robberies i and of Hug/~!oll, I);s lrife, and . Pfggy herfelf, as Accdliu'ies in receiv jug the
• -0 _

The Convitljon of



t rbis

COII/('.ffi~1I1/).'aJ 11mI'd

~y a

J Ilii





TIJe ConJpirotors at ~ t w-York,
dariD& Enterprizt.; erpeci ally you. elf.,.: And .. tbe Time you have yet to live is to be but \'cry thort, I __ AI, adviCe lad exhort both of you to employ i, in the moft dIligent and bell 'bnuer yO&l can, by coofdliag II your Sins. repenting fincerely of them, and praying " GOD of hil innnite Goodnef. to have Mercy OIl your 4f Souls: And .. GOD knows the Secrets CJf your Hearn, _. and cannot be cheated or imporeJ upon; fo yOIl mull u {hor~ly cive an Account to him, &lid anfwer for all your Aflions. and dcpead upon it, if )'ou do not truly repent .. before you die, ~c it a HdJ to puni1h the Wicked " ererna!ly. " " ... .,

I 74-I.
bat dtcrtve hril£, and ......


Behaviocr ~1d

defp:--nte < er in Words to that Purpoie: SIIe pu~ the Air o~ Sin~ftity. u if difpofcd to make a Dibvery • bue Ieemeo to be under terrible Arprtbtnfieulo What Ole faid, correiponded with the Scheme of the J'IGt fa far u wc' bad got Light into it, and in a gmt Meafure confirmed what Arthllr Prj" faid in his Dcpofition, NUIIB.I before, \\ ith this Difference, that Ihe fuiftrd the Scme (rom JJ,,, /!-t:/:/Clt's to J oil,. Rcmlllt's, and proteftcd that fhe did not kuow that the Hug'/lts were any wife privy to. or con· cerned in the COD fpiracy ,

•• And as it u act in your Powers to make (ull ReflituH tion for the many Injllfies )'OU have done the Publick s fa " I advife both of ),OU to do all that in ),011 is, to prevent .. jurtbt,. }.Ii;('~ufi; by dik:overing fIlCh Perfons as hive " been corccrned with ),011 in dcJigning or endeavouring to " bum this City, and to detlroy its Inhabitants: Thill am II fully perfuaded is in your Power to do if you will • if fa, and y DO do DOt make fIlCh Difco\rery 0 be atrured God " Almighty will, punifh ),OU for it, though we do Dot: II Therefore I ad"ilC yeu to confider this well. and I hope " both «YOIl will cell the Truth.

A t this Examination, fhe related a great many Particulars. which for want of Tim~ were not committed to Writing' lu: !'t.r further Examination deferred to the next DolY. abfconded; Orders having been given for apprehending him long before, upon S.fpICIOD of hi, having received lome of the Goods flolen trona Mr. H-u,'s; and Piggy and her Advifen might think as he WIJ out of nacho file rnjght fafely fuift the Scene to hi~ Houle: Or this bloody bc:hcme might have bern brooding at botb Place" and with he r Knowledge; but OtIC may bt perfuaded from the Coor{e of the Evidence, that R.- wu apprized r.t leaft of the Confpiracy carrying on at JJ.lhjM"a.

at this Time




Nothing further remains for me to fay; but

Clfor. and you Pri"u~ are to lietaken H llence to the Place from whence you came, and from II theece 10 the Place .f Execution. and there you, and •• ncb of you, are to be hanged by the Neck until yoube
•• THAT ),OU

Upon -1Is Examination, and C411';','::tcd.


Wife wu apprehcadcd

Many Hr-urs were taken up in "'W" Examination Ye": fierday, ami this Day; which wu committed co Wtitio"
as foUoweJ, ,


And I pray the Lord to have Mercy on your Souls," the HOUij of

0'41"'., That their Execution be on M,llu, next,
the Eleventh Day of this Inftant, Nine and One of the fame Day. between

And further O,.J,,·,J. That after the Execution of the faid Sentence. the Body of C~for be hunt in Chains.
Coort adjourDed till

E X d MIN A q' ION. Cfaktn before we 1lldgll.

Morning next Ten o·C!ock.


pEG G ",as examined by the Judges touching the Matter of her Confeffion delivered in Writio& laft Night ..... bieb fbe declared for Truth j and f.)r the greater Solemnity was fwom to it, after having been feriot<fly admonifhed not to dare to fay 2ny Thing but the Trinh, or to ac:cufeiImocent Perfons: She was told, that we: had dived fo far into this Myftery of Iniquity already, that we could eafily difcern whether {he prevaricated or not j and that if ~ did, Ihe muft DOt flatter herfeIf with he Hopes of beme rccommtzxkd to ~1e:cy • Co that fuch difmgcnuoUi


MARGARET SAL1NBURGH, rl) ali.. K ERR r. faith, I " That fome time laft F <in fhe took Lodgings with " one Frank, a Free l'Iiegro. fronting the New Bantry, " within this C~tYt about three or four Doors from the H Haufe of Jo/;" ROllI"". Shoemaker, and continued " till the Beginning of F,brIUlT} laft, dur!ng wJUch Time:


(I) lIorW fl:,

jlanJ.· indiHeJ 'U,'t

,,,,,,,t ~} tl'l

" q", Salin&buTgh.


J.,·llmt Sorubiero, (/.,t jaiJjl,

hy 'I.:J,j(i Iht
'Wal fW.Tril.

lad 011

1.au RNA


'.! th, p,.oc"Jingl· agai,,)
ff /""",.,,: (,,)

."h ,.,k"d the raid'_' In making Sh~ (or her

f. hb Wlr..that.nd often to goacquainted AtCOunt beQme backward.





with him and yfad ana 'orwards .. ~1IIl from." raid Haufe J by which Mcam fhe had tht Opportunity o( r.iDI raany N.roca there at fc. veral diflrcnc Tilll'~ who ufed III refort thither to drink Dramt, Punch .... other ftrong Liquors I the {iUd Rflmml ktepo, a Publick Houle, and that often Numbers of them have continued at the {aid R(Jm11U' J Houfe till twO I Of da... o'Clock in the MOrflirg, to i.er KJ1("w!cdge, drinlrJ.ng, fingins and playing as Vice.
i ... That.

on or about the Beginning of NIJt1.)(",6t" Jalr, "·on. S-~1 Evening, betWtcD the Hours of Eleven and
(tbe Examinant) being returnirg home to If .., (aid lA>dling, by tho Wa., of W).'ill/:a/l, raw two ... Ntaron (Gtmina toward. her with tach of them ~ Firkin .. Gp). their ShoWdcn, and raw them turn into R""IIII'S .. Ga" I ud cbat pre'mtly .fter the (ame two NegrOfll " ntDmzd from the raid &m",l'. Houfe, and went by the "B.lmillDt (who 400d under Shed) at fame II Dlftance toward. the Water· fide 1 and returned .gain by, .. her, with uch of them one Firkin more up?n each of II their Shaalden, and went with them alfo in at the (ajd .c /lMuM'. G,Lte ~ and returned by the Examinant a fecc~d ., Time, and went toward. thi! Water-fide J and in the t.I fame manner made al marly Turns, 'cil the Examinant ., COtlI1C1cilhlt the faid NrgrOti had carried into t1:41bl.id It If""",,', Gilte ptttn of tho fiid Fit kins: And 'he Rearm ... of tho Examinant'. flaying uncler the (aid Jill"", Shed to .. obferve the Motions of the (aid two Negroec:, wai, "Twelve,


.. If"" (meaning the Negroe, as the Examinant underU flood) 'Ii/l;"'" gil ./1 IhliJ. Itt""." ""i tin" br u (Rommt)' ~NlIJ ~, GfIIV,r"IJ,.. To which Clll,. raid • If 'lIN} c.li,,01 Mit: Yes, (GY. Remme, ~wt'II;1, 'WI I " "'~lIgh, 'tv,'/I {t"" ;11/' Iht C",nh'? Jir IhI Rt(l of Ih" " NtgrDtJ I~ hllj. httal/ji II (~iJ f'LtY'il', •• Ii b, Iww II fllilt"tli NtgrolJ i" Ib, CQ.I!I1'.1 11,;)1tMlIJ ",a': And he •• encouraged them, aId faid, hi 'U.'fJfj/J /Jj Iht., .". u Ihallhl Sun 'w","'/6i., """ "right "',,'" "y, ui NIt'''' II jiar, If!' LlliI: lJllt tbat if it I-IJ Ihllt t:1IJ If TN"g Ihu:1J ((J"" CIff. ht v:olllrhnall hil Eftllpt, tUlJ go" II NOI th-Carolina, Cape Fear, or /OTfllwhtrt Ih,rta!Joul: ; fII' 1& i1:11J tht Mohawks e.1Ilry, whiTt ht JJ.J /ivti -llfol i hUI "diJu, thl D... / CIJNIJ IfOI brul hi", , ftw b,.htiJ ", .. grlill "'«'!i'" i",J, in ifflltV", /l1ul tht IH/i i" tht ~ /4(.If 'U,;OJiIJ [taft' Iry hi",. Or the faid R"""", cxprefi"~d him.. (C]l in Word. to the F.fi«l before mentioned .

'f~.' (Ramme)"_/J", ",






.... .. Th:lt d~ting all the Difcourfc of tbe reid R"""" tl, .. the Negroes as abovementioned, the did not obferve tny. .. 01 the Number of Ten or RlefeD, to make ., Anfwer to R""",,', Difcourfe aferefaid, excepring Clt.ffil I, (PHILIP"':) Cllra(tu~ Dicl, P .... AIlD', Ctefor, Will " WIAVII.'II, fince dead) and Mr. Moo .. I'. Cala; but II Cifrl (poke the moil, and raid. 'fhl D····' tab ,h, U Faikr J though the other four feemed to be as 'Qiwvd; U for lhe Plot as Cuff.




I ••

beca.cc fuc fufpcc\ed ,hem


be fiulen GOO<Js.(,.)

,. II That one EVlning (orRe time about Chriftmar. IaLl. " about Ei,ht or Nine 0' Clock, {he was at the Houfe of II cbe (aid J#bn R~",ml, where fhe raw in Company. II tOicthcr w hb the (;lid Rrmmu and L'is 1I'1ft, ten or eleven " Nc&.Oft, all in one ROI')III j and the Liid J "I.,,, R"wtll " wal obferving to the Nrgrol'~ how well the :'I.:h Pc:ople If In .hi. Place lived, and (jjjJ, Jlll'e~ (meaning the NeI~ a. the under Rootl) ttt'ou.'d I, IIlhUtd ~Y hi"" thry .. (mtanit'i lIilnf,lf and the N~roclI as fl)c undcrflood] "/kulJ I.wvll/;, MVllly: To which C"il' :Mr. P1ULIP:I'5 .. Ntgl'O) replied, }lfJ1V 'T("ill,P" n:"""gf. that' /I'df If "."h, (aid Remme, /t'I "'an 11// II ligh Fire J hu,'n tl" .. 11011/11 " Ib"" thai hav; II'e "'1)11 fimv, und lill M all. ."IU IJJI N',rlll 'IJ.'QuIJ IJa'lJl MllllhL'ir Mtljlt rs ana Miftrr.ffil



------------------,----------~~-----(rII) rh~/i FirlillJ

Jcneau'J SI(Jfll.JoU,fr.

'Wln/"i' t~ ha'IJI bun/olm

oul of Mr.

'fJm" 'Wal a Riji"" Ihl Nfgr'" in ,J,i! City i" 'hi t,ar '7 J 2: 0:1 tb« 71b of Apnl, a!"'~10"'0" r'iJJO a' C/QrA I" thl Mllrning, II), Ilouft qf Peter Van Ti!bu'gn tWaJ /11 QII Fin thl NtxrolJ, wha being annul 'lvilh Gu"s, KnivC!l, &C. ~illtJ liild 't4Jol4ntll' /tViral WJ.,i'1 Ih" 'WI,.: IQ a!fiJi in IXli";,uiji;i1lg ,hi' Flalntl,' Notkl thertoJ hei"I/OfR 'Qrrifd "; .fh, Fore, Hil E.wd/OJ'Y GflVtr1lor Hu HTtl, 0111",,,,' a Cannon to be fired from the Ramparts, to alarm the Town, tud /fe/tlf,h" a Pari, of SrJJitrJ I, fbe Fire. al 'lvh~1i ..tPUlI'(/fUt 1),1()/e f Yillai"J i",,,,rJialtAj/d, and m_1,.l~ th,;,. 11 av Ollt of 'T1I'U'" IlJ laJi as thry (ouU, to bidi :htl'li/dwJ in' Ih, 1J~()fjJI Swa",p/: In their Fh!!. I h,·! "{fo li'.~d a".{ f..:;' /" rr.t'ounJul fi'1.'!ral Whil' Peo/"k j. [;I4t· be'i';g (bId; puriml, .foYIl CD11Cttlfd Ihrmlidu" ill Barns, and (Jth:,.s /1;(.;'." t in lI.'t Stf.Va",pl or'lI'o,JI; ,t...hh" ,J.cbll ./i4rroulIrlttl /J:.I/"I· jll'idb'gU'41JcJ Ii/I II,. Jlf1rmng. ma11_Yof'r", "A.J4" tbl" luluII: SIJIII finding na If/a}' tor tbrir Iflapt, 11.. Ibt'41V1!. 'J 'he F,N 1) of it Will, thol nfur th~/i foolilh Wrt/cW, hati mu:"i,,-td light ",. I", II'hill Plopk. II'"~ I'""~ ~f the Conl,J,;'alli baa IN,,, ,hti,. ,w" E~tJlli!ll'trJ ; Nineteen more of 'em VI ere apprehended, .blol.ght upon their Tryah for a COllfpiracy Ut murder Ih. People, F,4(. and were C..nyitled Ind Executed I and (ucra) more tba&~ ' '",nld :;::vjdcnca, were TranffCIrted.


PI"" .,



54 II

.. Thac :


Th, Confpiral()rS at New-York,
1••• That t:he other NelfOtt that were prellmt at the .. abo" Ditcoune, whore Pf;r(olUor Nuna aIle now rec. m,II\,*,. were '_itl (EMOS.UIC',) Y.ll (RII.IAlTID',)
~. and
" the Time, dari.
II. ,.That



(Mr. JA Y'I.)


6 . ., That at the fame Mtedng,

there were (nen! 6ther

the Meetl. and Dl .fONfaJd I and when R.. "lafifted that ~h1a!r,.,laut &auld bi1 U (wern I' .forcfaid. II weU II hi. Wit •• lor lilaC the (.W· H Rammr. declared, they werft,oth (M)rn to lee";. W


by. aU ·or mol put of

"Nenroea• which made up the Number Ten or Eleven, whore Names, or the Names of their Maftcr.:, Ole doe; ., not now remember; bot believes fhe fhoutd remember c, tbeir Faces again if {he ihould fee them. 7, .. 'That at the fame Meeting. the raid 1,,1;;; RO,,",,1 propofed to the !aid Negroes prefenr, 7'0 Ill"" th, Fort ~'firjl, and aftl"»llrtls tht City; ",,,J lhe. If} jilr'lI,f1'" ro", •• alii tarry rwa} allthl ~IIIJ a,,' Grwil IhlJ touill procurl ; cC and tbat they Should be brought to R..u.i'e Boure, and ~ he would take Care to hide them away.
8, "That R"""" faid further, Th:lt if tnt: Fire did not fueceed, and they could not compaCt their :&:nd. that .. Way; then be propored to the Negroes prefent, that -4, they {hould (leal all that they could fiCim their Maftcn.; .e theD lie would carry them to a ftriDIC CoWltry, and give .. them their Liberty, and fet them free. After thi., .. p..., a1kedthem, If,it'IJJfJIlIi;'' That ii, whether u the Negroes tbeD Frr.:f:oE liked bil Propo&bl, (u fht •• underftood) To which C'_' allfwe~, f'blf'''' I griAl c. 7'alfb,x, .,J". SJtkr; and fo they bro"'.e up: And the I. Negroes remaining at that Time aU departed" (exne of U them, to wit, Brath, Plltritl, ,a(l, aad t~c fe,eral u other Negroes (whcf~ Names 'hI: Examioaal (UDot It " all remember) havi ng left the C4mpan), about Ifl Hoar

" all the Negroes: But the EnmiuDt raith, Thai the ta.. - , 'I ROfIJmi's Wife did not at all join ia Ill)' of &he Difcourti
" ~f('irc

mentioned. "

RDmmt, V;ife of yolm RMntnI, was ~Dt far and examined concerr,ing what Ptll} had dcclan:cl COlaave paned at her Iloufe.



.A 'I ION.

SHE denied, cc That Ihe'knew any Thing at all.hoat It the Corlfpiracy (or firing the Fort lad the Towa, ." and murdering the People.
%. cc



met at her Houfe

D",;IJ There were ever futh Comluia II P,W tIcctared •

of N....

3. .. She tLlnj''.ffiJ There had been ._ Firirim ", ., Butter brought thither about the Tal: meationed by 4' Pw; but fa~d, thlll tINy iWtrl "'tI;"'~~.,. ~ If and the knew Nothini of chem.

.... u


Secrefy impofal by ber Hufhand; m' ldiDiwh.td by 41 to her or P'.w. or any other Pc... "ha__ , .... ~! _,__ .J ..". r.. ----:.ur tL- a...1... D__ or.",
1~15"'" "" '~''''l

S he ever hard or be.


ID, o.L cI



other Goo.b. or

CODtCrrJog the Ccmlplracy.




.~IIS' 1m -


I, and PIWTA~D'I C"Ju

before J but C~tff, Coracoa Ditl, WEAvl~·.lI'·iJl, G'.

hid till the Iaft.

9. II Tha' fhe well rememben, tbat Cliff, ,Curacoa. "Dill, WBAVIR·. JYiU, PUtTARU', Cllfor, Imd Mr. " MO.Ra'. Cal, J and &1fo AU.OYNIAU'. Pr;"I(t, and U VAAIlCE'. ClljiI", ufed much to frcquen~ that Houfe in •• the Eveningt, and to flay often 'ate ill the Night, drin~. •• ing, aDd playinz at Dice J but Ale never heud any If Di(courrc amllngft them -concerning burning th,c Fort, " or felling Fire w tho Town, but the Time above.

'COl:ftffti, That a Negro (the Fa$her of Nt: C'!fft/) tept Game·Fowb at their Hodt, Ie and ufrAitOQ)IDC there to bringtbem Villvala, bat nt¥W •• ufed to ftay long. Conftff'" chat Ile .W''' ~... abouC




.c Chrlimafa1ai.



6. "That the laft Winter Cuff'1 Father ~ Stir.k. or Woed now and then, ani. lbI had them out of hit Maier'. Y,rd.



.. . "




10. "That immediateJy the Nearoes brt,lc:~~up the Meeting before mentioned, the faid J Db" RDMWII II infifted upon this ExamiDlnt~. beiD~ '~':AJtr"If Secr,/:' u If. ,J e .U' thlll


wI 'WI.", "" a1lJ tfhi.g Ihili/ht Illl'W hlll'lnfft' " ;11 In, 1IfII/i, 'itm ,.,'1.1 i"l.'n .fbl Btliltr, Ir Ibt }i~" ". II DVCfIIII'p III IhIj.,itl Mllli"l' wbir.b /IN ll(t"Jil,,{, 'WtI, ·'·,,1111 jili~.J.N~ What Jk'Ok i& Waf, kAoWI'''C~ ,


7· "CfI1Ififli', That Negroes ufed to come to their .. MaliCe to drink Drams, but never uftd to aa,. That U Clfar (V AA'Ck', Negro) ufed to Q)!DC MofiliDs ... •, llLvening of;en i AVIOYJU/.u', P,.i"tlfomet_Jw~ .. MO('~I" CillO esee or twice, and AGt~: .~"Ie. .. remcmbred ; never raw R~IASTID the " there at all, nor Mr. JAY', Br." J D~' ~ - r'll:l~ " OLHiH', Negro) but had fern Ra)i". (VAA~ _. H there, and Mr, PINTARO'. C#/Ilr; but neva' •. _"·tZIftIM ~~'~hrcc~ ,N(Jr~ at • Time tb_, ud that
!. ,

.«.... ''''''''-lit

.. and that when there were three, they were Itwa!" eli}'u "(lJH1LJ'u',) C""r", (VAAIC".) .,141 l',.h.~, tAu 110'1',.' )lJAU".)

This Afternoon OrdeN..-.e given for appreheTl,ling the reveral Ncgrow mentioneJ by P'l.P.J to have heel' prefem It RMIIM'. at the 'I'ime the Laid Ro;n"" and the! Negroe. "ere t:llking of the Confpiracy I thofe of them whom l1\c knew by Name, and were not before ccnnnltted, well:

Credit to what P,W h~d declared J (0 (ar III Ie..", that h. wal prefent .d • Meeting when the Confpiracy WII talked of, and "'''',nnr. of the Perrons conk'minl co.a 1& Part in that infefll"t 5ch~lIIe I fo that he WIU c(Jnllnill,~ to Goal, awl cll,=Re.of them, whom P,.gJ:Y declared. &I \.~ey were prod.iced, to be tbe I'trfons Ole m4:ilnC, Th,.(" Netr:>el impeached by P'!.g." and committed upon her Information, and which had pdred in Review before he r, were likc:wi(c fllCWI1 to /11111) Ollflo1l_ wbo declared, tilat {he did not remember, that ever fhc Iaw any of them at I1lgb(",'.; which feemed to nu;l Strength to what p'C.f.v had declared in her Examinaticn, That ,hi. villai1I0UI Scheme Will c;mying Qn at ROlNl1lh lLI w,U as HII"L'j~lIt ..

founci, aDd brou&ht to


In the Evening the ]\U.fgea came to the City [Ian. and (ene for Ptgg;', and had the feveral Negroes brolJght one by one, and pail'ed in Review before her, vi::.. Pal,;(j (EWOLUH~S) Cat. (Col. Moou's) CMrtltM Did, C4'/ar. (Alderman P,NTAItD'S) B,,4f/J (Mr. JAY'!.) lind ]Q(1l (BaIA3TIAU',) and file c.lifiinguilhed them every'lme, cal· Jed them by their Names, and declared, tbofc WClre al the

D E P 0 S I '1 i 0


abovcmcntionccl alllting.


Taken befor« an« of tbe Judges.

There Nearoa were each of them CcpcntcJy tlcamined, bd denied bel... any ruth MccUn,. or thal 'hl~Y knew By thiDs of lJlc CoDfpiracy.



At firft, C".I (EbiO LISa', Ntgro) waa brougbJt by MiItake intlead of P,,'rick ; and Pill} declared, h.~ wa. not E"I0lIll Negro which the meant: co,.~was unfcrtuMtelyof .. Countenance fomewhat ill favoured, naturally
of a fufpitioUi lDok, and reckoned withal to be unlucky me. J his being r~nt for before the Magifirate, in fuch a periJoua kl(on, :rnight be thought fuffici",nt co .:I.rm the 100ft JllDOCI!nt of them, and oceafion I~.e Appeurance of their being under lome terrible Appreheniiont, but i~was Inuch otherwiCc with Cw-l; and notwithnandir.g tho Difadvancage of hi. natural Afp,:8, upon }lis being inll:rrogatcd c:oncerrling the Confpiracy ; he flv:wed ruch a cheerful, "pen, honett Smile upon his Counlenance (I1M'1 of Jour fiEJi1iqlli "}pm'i'i(ul Gl'il1l) dUlt every one ,h~t Will by, and obfcrvec.l it (and there were {&;\'clal in d.e Room) jump'd in the fame Obfc:rvation und Opinion, That tbey never faw the Pellow look (0 halldfom : Such an Eflkacy have ·rruth and Innocence, thnt 1hcy even rdkct lklluty upon

" "
CI .1




" ..

.A LEA R L E, being fworn, D'porcth, .. That jufi: before the Going in of the Afternoon Church, on the Came Sundi\}' that Coals were found in Mr. MMrrll/s Haynack (oJ the faw th~e Negro Men cominl up the Broad "Vay J thlt the was then looking out of her Window up one Pair of Stain in the Houfe where Mr.W'llilUlll now lives J and &I they pilled under the Winc.low, the heard one of them (ay, vi.:.. Firl, Fi"9 SCDr(h, S(Dnh, A LITTLE, Da",,, if, BY.ANP-IY r and -,hrn threw up hi. Hand. and bUShed. That after the faid Negroes were gone u)', the went into M r•• (;1".,'" Haufe (/J) aud told her what the had heard; and about an Hour after, when Church was out, the faw the fame Negroc\ coming down the Broad W:1Y. 6!oJ then fhewed Mrs. Gm'gl the Negro chit had :poke the aforefaid Word. J whtreupon M". G/~"gl 'aid, That iI






Sworn, Depofed, It That fila heard tht above- written Depofition II Ahigllil EII,I, read, and knows, that aU therein menu tioncd, which any way. relata to her the Deponent, is " " true." f


J.A G E 0 R G E, being



On the Contrary, Pnl"i.,{'s V;r~ge betrayrd his Guilt; Thofe who Ire uicu to f';jegr()f!5 fUlly have clpcrieillct'd, t.hat lome ot them when ChiH~('d wilh itny Pie« of' Villany, they have been deteCteJ in, hare an odd Knack or (it is hard 10 call 01 how t(, dtf~rilJc it) Way of turning their EyCl ilflWllrtlJ, 81 it _,~. n~ if n",ckcd Rt the Coufcil)ufnc:f.:. • r cheir own hrfidy; their I ",tJkl at the faille Time ;/1f(fl'(Jlfi"X all the Symp'tJOI of the nwrl invetcru Ie Mulkc IIlhd Rtll.llfmrnt: This Willi /'111,; ..~t~ Appraranct I nnd fu<;h

L'pon there Depolition~,

!:~!!"uow:u rrr.ommitted


----,----.~---------(QJ Suntlay 5"~ April.
(/,) Il'hhh
r:... -a,




lIia &Jl"vio~l' uron

lJ,unifla~i\JlI, '13 {..rvcd ta



SA 1U R·


The ConlJ)irators at New-York,


S U Iv D ;11~ loth

A Young Negro Fellow of Mn, Car/"Tltr', had given .. , fome I nfCJI marion, That Sarah (N 1111.F.T'S Negro WI:·nch) had told him, that Savmt)·. alias Smuly (NIBJ.El"S Negro ,Roy. of about Sixteen or Seventeen Years of Age) had been concerned in fetting the Fort on nrc; that he had likewife fet ftuuhaJo's Houle, nexr Door to his Mafler's, on lire; ,00 had alfo thrown Fire over Alderman Ral1dur's Fence int« his Yard. This Negro Fellow was tent for, and likew,Ce Sarah (NIBLI"'~) and he declared before one of the Judges and ethers, to Sa"cb', Face, to the fame Purpofe : The 1',nch Ieemed to be under great Terror, and trembled much; but Nothing could be Kot out of her more than a peremptory Denial that the had ever raid Any fuch Thl ngs to the above Negro.
~'arah was committed. Sa11ti;' had then lately been rent awty by his Maller to A/hmz,! in order to be fold; but Orden were immediately fcnt bring him back.

Theft. two Negroes bore the Charaeen of very wicked idle Fellows; had before been dete6ed in fome Robberies. for which they had been publick1y chaftifed at the Whip· ring-Poll, and were Perfom.f moil obflinate and untr2fla· ble Tempers j fo that there was no Expeftation of drawing any Thing from them which would make for the Difcovery (If the Confpiracy ; though there feemed good Reafon to conclude , as well from their Charaders as what had been charged upon them by Information from others, that they were Two pri,,1 Ringleader~ in it amongft the Blacls : It was thought proper to execute them for the Robbery, and not wait the Rringing them to a Trial for the Con· {piracy, though the Proof ~gainfl them was ftrong and dear concerning their Guilt as to that alfo; and it was imagined, that as Stealing and Plundering was a principal Part of the Hellifh Scheme in Agitalion, among(t the. inferior Sort of thefe infernal' Con,tes j this Eamdl of Example and Punifhment mi~k the K!.Mt, and induce rome of them to unfold this Myflery of Iniquity, in Hopes thereby to recommend themfelves to Mercy; and it is probable, thac with fame it had this Effect



'l' U E S D.A PRE


l."ihkt the Maller WIS (ent for, and examined as to the Chal~tlers of there Servants; but he faid, he lnew .. Harm of ,h"".

Supreme Courte


vub MAT~



.'1he Second and 'ihird jufJice.t.

Supreme Court.
MONDA2"',IIlbMAY. PRE SEN T, '['he Suond Jujljec.
Or.lIr,J, Thnt the Gibbet on which the Body or the Negro CtI'.(lIr 21 to be hanged in Chains, be fixed on the lOand near the Pcwder-Houfe, Court acljourn'd tHI To-morrow Morning Ten o'Clock.



John Hughfon, and Sarah hi J Wife.,

J qbn Hugh!01I and Stlf'tlh his Wik; having been inditled for confpiring, confederating and combining with divers Negroes and othen, to burn the Ci ty of New- wl; and alfo to kill and dellroy the Inha. bitants thereof; were fet to the Bar and arraigned on the raid Inditlment.
THE Prifoners


And thereupon pleaded, 1-.1;, GllillJ.

Pri"" were executed this DRy at the GalloW8. according to Sentence: They died very fiubbol"nly, without confeOing any Thing about the Confrifaer I .nu denied they knew any Thing of it to the laP.. . •'k Body of Cd'for Wit accordingly hung in

CA.' SA Rand

Mtlrg~rrt Krrry was alfo included in this Inditlme&lt ,
but Ihe being in a nVl"'jili()lI, a5 'twas thought at that Time, for making a Difcovery; 'twas judged proper to poftponc her Arraignment. Court a~journed to Frida} the 15th Infiant, Ten o'Clock in the Moning.



'rericncf til be very adroit at pumping out the Secrets of the Co~!i .1 .tors, in the two Inflances of p~£:~v and Sarab HtlgN~ft the Daughter, before fet forth; the Un.ler Sheriff was or.lered to put C".fftt (Mr. PHILIPSE', Nq;m) into the lame Cell with him, and to give them a 'I'rnkard of Punch now and then, in order to chear up their Spirits, and make them more Icciable : Thele 'E)ireftioP!! were accordingly obiervLJ,

AttlNr Prict having bern


and produced

the defired l.l:ft lL;

being acquainted gte, he went up this Mornil;g in orJe~

and on!" of the J u,' g,es that Arthur h.d [ome~ing to communi-

examine him.

DEPOSI'lION, ctaJ:en b.fore one


the Judges. III.

..--~~--~--------------------.-------; Yljltr'lIJ, 111111 Cuft'te (Mr. PH I L I P5I\) «cer« fhl Heads (1111/ Ri"lltllMrI ; rwlH rD66tJ, pilfttl" altd )Jolt tf)JhtltMJtr ,ht-J hall II" ~tuni(1: .Alld it happnrrd ahoul Fit'l or 'ix tiMs ago, a CtlklrDf01ll'Bak(!r, II rratzllnl·ltlptr 1.1 ,IJi. CilJ, baJ ,,,, Night htlll broAm OPf1l, and roh/JIII of IfIIIIl P:neva; WUl'!J of Il:e Parlies conclrllcd «oer« deI'~tli, yiZ.jiI{M4/ Nil""', of 'l.vhich Ca:(,lf anti Prine.: twirl fltvo Prillcip./s; all thai 'Wlrt riijeO'tltrt'ru,'ert tha}1ifiJ al Iht p"blid Whippillg PDji: Ii em ,I:'1IU it, .. , '" foppofM thg hteam, dijii"gfli/b,d amIJng t(;ch olh,. ~ tlil HAnu of th, Geneva Club; /fJr I~ IIjedjrffjufllt/y t. In junktfting togelher at Nights 'It'ilb Cuff. UP01l Irt PNilK'if thl Spoils of the;" P;Iff1ing .••• But It cam« ., """ ,IN Exa"';'Iatian of thtje Nigroes, tbat th'J baJ1Mf,,# ',*,,-1 'Ii"" thl ImpuJeltCl tQ ajfomt 'he Slile an'

,,'. ICE being duly SWC";rI'1, faith, having Difcourfe on Saturday Ni{!.ht lat., .. with CuJil, a Negro Slave belonging to Mr. PhiliNe, he .. the faid CuJlilt ami>ngil other Difcourie, faid, That he " ... oue of the G'l1tv4 CLUB (p) IhQ/ 'was frtl'orn ; ., ~. ~~~g overcome with Sleep, he did not go to tLeir .. .' at that Time: That Cuffie afked the Deponent CI WIaat could be the Reafon that Pegg, was called down

.AR f{ H U R


U M B.

" fo often? ('I) The Deponent replied, Ile thought P'tV " W:1S difco\'oril'lg t •. e Pl"t abol!t the Fire j that he had "heard {he had difcovered about the Fire at the fort: " C"./Jtt rt.. She cou'd not do that unJefs OleffP!'U'M'! "herfelfl he knt w; for :hat he that had done that was "j'UUf'n after fhe (Prggy) was in Prifoil: That he (Cllffu) " left his Maller's Houfe in the Evening, and went along " the Wharff:. to the Flr-Marker. and waited there ttill (, one £!'!aclc came out of his MaLler's Houfe; they two (, then went til the Houf ~ of J Q~1I Hl4ghfon. wIlere they U met no Body but J Dh" Hughfo", his Irift. and Daughter " Sarab; that they (the two Ntgroe:) called for a 'fan • .. kard of Punch i that Hu~h/;" {\\ore ~,!a(k t Times; u that they only drank cut their Punch, an<.l then went " down to the Fly. That t his Deponent then Iaid, I believe " I know this :f!.34Ck, an j that he lived with a Butcher. Cllffte replied, No; he doth net live with a Butcher; " but he lived with a Pa nter, who lind within a few I' Doors of a Butcher: Which Painter's Name he under" flood to be RoafMlelt, accordin& to the heft of his U Remembrance . That Cu.!fie told h im, that :z.lUZd was married to .. a Negro Wench who iii Cook to the Fort, to the Gover. U nor as he underflood j :hat they were aU to meet at " Hugh"foIl. the Sunday aftl:r ~a(1 wa. fworn; but feme II came and (oml:>did not. That the Depcnsat, upo • U fome further Difcourfe, alked Cu.ff."tt, How f!..!lul (tIM'" '" I. il? (mcllnillg the fettin:~ fire to the Houfe in the Fort) "CMfft,anfwcred, He cou.d not tell how be did it; 6__ " thRt Q.uatk 'Will tllfo it, 11"6 iU tIt4I.

(I) '!here cu'al II Cbnft"raty of Negroes, of' :z.1JbichCefar (V AAllGJt'S) "ad Prince (AUBOYNIAU'S) hoth }Jallged

3. c, That Cuffil faid, they were to meet, and have a. H Club .&t Joh" Hugh/on's in the BaRer Holliday.; but ., that the d----d Con1lablea hiadered them. 4. II That he alked C~r, whether he did not think that the Firing would be fouad out, he rrpJ)'~ No, by G.d, he did not think it I~verwould.



5, .. That he further afked Cllfftt, if he was not .(nid,
" that the two Negroes who were to be executed on Mon • " day would difcover (the Aff'"ir about the bring' of the " Fort and Town m~aning: C~ffit anfwered, he was not If afraid of that j for that ,:t "Was furt /l't) 'Woulti /,t ... · '! 10 A/Lts hifu," they, ".lJQul. ( Ji)CfIIfJ". it, 1:, 'WON/J IAj 'hi,

il'f/, IlI"/ noas 't'lT) ill ACCEP'JED: flot/J ttl",. /""" Ihil Vi"" Ih, Negroes may DejuPt~/t'd to huve "'dintd t!xi,. PruI",jilJ1lJ to rhiJ Title; Jar 'We heard No/hi.,,! "mt

'[;IM 01- FREE MASONS, ;/1 hr,ilatioll 0/ II Srl(if~Y /uN; 'l4Jbilh tWas 1oo1,d Upflll If) 61-a i.' sts Jllo", to Iht Pr.-uilltiaJ.Grand Mn)Jer ant! GIlII/c"'f" of fhe F!_llllrn;~y





6. "That

YefierJay the Deponent havir:g fome furtb."
h e (aid, he wondered

I_il) 'Wtn of l;,tCr;n/j;iracy; ali.: 'iii Mt[;, Iflil '"Swearing, C".I tnlalll, iWOlll of the Confrillcy.

tNt,.,11 Df

IhI", ajt,rrwa,.Js

""dtr that Stil«. Bul 'lis prDb,;~k Geneva Club that were fworn (fill Cuff

, Difcourfe with Cufft"

'1,1..", tklJ


TJ,e Confpi"nlors at New-York,

D,/thl Smilb's Fi}'; for he believed, u known, 'tfb,y (the Smith's-Fly Negr0t'8¥:lmng) , "~'I'r,~ " as ",14th (o"cerned as I,bry (of the Long Brllt mc:ul1flf, )

-~ ,n y _It"r

• , .... "Ii 1

Ih, l.olttl.B,.i:be Boys, ., .:. "

""Ii lid "~l .

It HI' 1l~1i h if the ,r! llt \\ as
la. r



., !JcJuli:, as

e. If "hat'~At' (~) the Nt'~ro Ma" new preduetd te her. ilia has often feen r.t llujbfin'l Door alona witk PIlIl,IPSE'. Cull; C.:r.jar (VI.ARCK't) and P"''I(I (Au-II () Y N E A \I':) but never raw !::!.!JIW} within H.gbjo.'.

17+' .

n.e remembers

Upon this Depofition, ~arl (ROOnV!\T\) wa~ arrr~. hended, and committed; who was Cine 01 the Smitb J' FlY Boys, as C".ff called them.

&-t.~S;I8~at:~4f&tlSt,ar:}i~ +
bcing the Day appoiJ'lted by the Lieutenan,t Goveroort! ProrJ.lIl'Ja':iClIJ, i!l"ucd the Tenth of Aprtf to be obf~I\:";;J ,broughout the Pro~ a Day of public Flaail1lg 3d H IJmiliation; the fame wlfteverently and 4ecently obftrve<.\, pal"tKuia:ly in this City, by Perrons of all Perfwafions; the Shop; were alllhut up, and Perrons of all Ranks referred to their refpctlive Places of Divine Werfhip,

the TilH low-Chandler) very often at Hug'ion's lIoufe, lad be,. lieves 1. : was very well acquainted with lIughfo,,'1 e~detl: cc Daughter Sarah; \Jut does not remember the ryer

3. ,. That Ihe ha\ (etn j

(SL5:YDA L L'~,

him there at the Tir.ies of 'he Meetings of the NtgrotfJi when u.ey talked abcut Fires; but from the K.i~ " ihewn to him bv H,tJbjo", his Wijt, and Da,.ghllr afoie.. 4, CtjJ, file had 'grea; Reafon to tbink he WII ill dIcir,
.e ee



" Secrets.
fhe hath oftentimfl (etD many Ntgroea at " Hllu};fo,,'s Houfe, fr.e believes Thirty together; 'file;" " 011 : Sodll) ~ many of them playing at Dice J w14 .' Faces the could remember if fill raw them; ud fbe be,. " lieves there were Thirty of them conc::crae<iin the C( fpiracy about th~ Fires; and fomo c..,,, NII"",·. 4, "That


and'feemed deeply a~ with I Senfe of the C"lamities with which we had of Jato been viuted: Hi. man gracious Maje.Ry, (or the Vindicating the Honour of his Crown, haviug declared War lpiDn th, King of Sllli" J the Vifitation which the Province aaderwent with the Severity of the cold Weather the laft Winter, which reduced many Families to Extremity and Want by the o( their Cattle, F..1t. the cuny Hoois ud Dwellings that had been fired about our Eilrs, without In;' Difcoveryof rhe Caufe or Occafton of them, which had put us into the utmoR CoDfter~,tion : All thefe Diftrdrea fuocudiDg upon the Heels of each ether, were flordy moil Hket,. to awakeD us to our Duty, Ind 1& ~uc Sen;e of our Dcmefitl.

" .. rtitularly one




S•• e That 16ghfo" andlJil Wiji, ;"". Mel '",.1 " Hllghfo" the Dau&hter, uled, afthe U of tJ.e. No-, " groes, to be the forwardeft of &1\)' of dlcm ill ta1khaa 'f about Firll (that isto fa)') IhI} tUJOIIIJ ... Art .. " I h,,, IINy 'l.WII/J I' 10 Ihl F!J (I) ... "",." vw, '1 1M ....


" allli iljJ,.", ali ,hi P",II. to which all the N.,_ pre. 'I fent were confenting; and by Name (I) C,,/.,.... ,. P,.i"" (_) .llba".}, tf"" PIIII, alias B.t/i .. , ..... ~ ~I &eft.



.DEPOS/trION Befor» tbe judgts.




" faid Yllar'!~. who (now "t the time of her Eitaminltiou ., beinlt produred) called himfClf by the Nme of Bdjlill", •\ hut IIflJ t» hI (al/,·' I~vthl N'gr,,,, '[lin 11111, who aJked •, the Deponent, whether ./hI ht,d ai(cftVlr,' II"J 'Thi", •• • IJtNt ,h, Fir•." To which the Dt~nent anrwered, No , :: To which he replied, D •.." J''I, il'tvII' ••} l,jI for )fH.

a Day or Two after the wu examined .. before the Grand Jury., !he was coming by YII.r(~:1Door " in the Bro:ld Street of this City., and raw a Negro of the


U R if 0 N. being dtlly (WOJ'll,


to retire to a private aoom, where P'IIJ afterwa" la, .. in; Ir.d ufed to have I ..... t deal of Difcourk toptMr , ., but wb~n the Deponent overheard the" they w .... If talking DMI(h; but Ro""", ufed to tell ID,hj..... h, wu ·u afraid of the Deponent: To which HM,lJj..• ."aycd. II hi III" "" '" cfrai'if it" J p, fo.t 'IMI '-'" ,. II ... , .", IJN ,.,." ",1 It /I • /'" if fot 1Ii'1I ...M.,... ff hi,: And afterwuJa·'_"'" would be mort It the Dtponent.

6. II That Ih~ knoW1JIiMtiJM ad his Family, nd 1.' R""." were vcry intimacely I~uai"ted • and tho lA_ •• ufed frequently to be at 11M,"P1l'. Houfe, where they ...



(r) Roofe,·e!t'l .

/ir ft.,. )'(JII /1.'111"

6, hUNlt


If' no«,

(I) Tf'WII,I,lht Ball Ell' 0/ IhI flfUw • (t) PhiJip{e's. (II) V lUCk ' •• ", Auboyrnu' •.





Guos; and that IJr.XI{o1l afterwards went abroad with his Boat, and WII abrent three I. a),s, or thereabout •• " and urought back with him feven or eight Guns, three " Pillols, and _r Swords i which were hid away undc.:r .' the Boards rhe Garret Floor in Hl4gh'/:JII's Houfe."

7. U That fhe knows JD1ItItaN (VAARCr..~.S ~tgro) and ,. has feen him at H.gbft,ls HOllfe a Drinking with other .. Negroes I but don't remember he wu prefent at any •• Time of tbe Difcourfc: about tht. l"irce, or killing the •• white People. tt



.A/h"lI) and B".pi"" were !b1meJileely appre-

- E X A AI I II A '1' ION. Bef1re the Judges. :N U MD. II.
I. "

hended and. commiucd.

tf if U R S D A T,





H, alias KE RRr.

'This nay S""dy, alias S"w"tJ (NIB LET'S Negro Boy)' waa brou&ht down from Alhany, anJ committed to Jail.

That about a Fortnight after {he came to lodge at " Hu~lfon'5 Houfe (the believes it was about the Beginning of U Fehruary) ] oJ.."R01lllJre came there, when HII_~'im wa5 gune DEPOSlq'ION. " into' the WJIIi.. to Cut Fire-Wood; but Hllthfo"'s \'.' ife " being at hoJlllloml,i'Ze entered into Conver(ation with her, Be/orl the Judges. " when the Examinant was prefcot ; and fhe heard him " fay to her (after calling for a Mug of PUllch, and after NUMB. III. " obrerving how. hard the Winter W~) that he- did not " know how it was with them; and though he had Money MAR r BUR if 0 N Depo~J~ . " enough himfelf; yet he could not buy W'ood for it; but I. " That at the Times when Ihe Cawthe Meetings II of the fevera! Negroes at HIJ,y,Jifon's Hcufe, as mentior.ed " that he bad a Parcel of Good ChilJr", (meaning the Ne" in the Deponent's Depofition of Yeftcrday; the faid H groes, as Ihe undenlood) who brought him·Wood a!n'oft it ~very Night; or Words to that Purpore I fo that he had u Hu,II(01l faid, 'Thy 'Ut't1'1all r..wrll (meaning the Negroes •• and all the White People prefent, as file underllood) thac ,_ doue wen enough hitherto. And the Examinant faith, " is,. HMghftn himfelf, his H/ift, and Daughter Sarah, " that tbc Reafon why. the: underRood the faidR~1 to mean " aDd P,W, and ike undetflood by H"g~/D", that the Co the Negroes by the Words, G~J ChiIJre", wv, becaufe .. Pt."Ifrl of the Oath was, That thry 'm-rt lIot to dijcvr.Jlr " fhe herfelf fe~crai Times faw C~ff' (Mr. l?HILJPU',) •• tIN Stcrtls a!JDuI firing tl::. ForI; III Hriil_{esat Fly, It and Cte/ar (V AARCK'S) and (umctimes Cuj's Broth"., " ,,"'.I/;, rwhflk tf'otW,,; anti· aho"t mltrderi"l. fht nvbit« "and the White &Iy ailed r"l//;i" ('I") bring Wood U P"pll: And llughfon raid to :he Negroes prefent, which " there a-Nights : That H.gbfon', Wifi In(wcred, chat " were Cu....!f,Cte/ar and Prina ; {II1'l1J )OU mujllaJ.e Care t U it was poor enough with them ; that he (R',*",t) was a " for JOU art ,,/I luo". :. And the Deponent at the fame u Gentleman, and could live without Work: To which .. Time Caw a Bible (as Ihe took it to lx·) in Hug/p't', " RUfIIIM {aiJ, that if HMgl,j;" would join with him, and " take a ~antity of I~ifty or Sixty Firkine of Burter in; .. Haad ; and when the Deponent carne into the Room, " meaning, as the Deponent uaderAood, into lI..~fofJ" g I, bl laid it upon the 'Table : And then Ca/ar (poke to " the Deponer«, and cautioned her not to tell; and Il« ~b- " l loufe, to conceal them; for R.tm.11II laid. it waa too II hard for him to conceal fuch a Q.uantity; bur trat If fl. ml~e anfwer. that fhe dared not: Allll Cn)' tail), " D..... lil BI···J, if hI '1}.~lfldttl! :I-l1f. ifh: 'wasl'til /II ; "HIJJ~!~JII in his large Houfe, miglat mach eafi"r make ,taDII fo raid the other two J\;egro(:~ ; OlliJ to tJiJ iiw/:i'1, h away with them, and conceal them: To which 1Ilighfill's .. Il'ile laid, Sl:t diJ IIDt A",w i /;ul Itt ['d;,'VtJ INr HuIIf ';1 WVi, their Daosbtcr Sarah, and l'i6/i t. :' IJt.l11d,;.tou/J mll a1Jt a~' Hat;J ill it : Oil! fays R,m",,_ 2. .. 'nat Hrttbf", dk<.-Q Ctr_rar• if he could gel :U y " I want to l0l1k to hisn nlyfelf; for that he knew how Cir.f oeber. (IMIning the Negroe) to help them? Cr/ur ~ -cumllances were W lith rhem : By and /)1 towarJs 'he .f antwacd, he could get cr.Qtl&b. ,,,,bfi {ltt,ul,." but {,;11 i' Evening he would tome again, and talk to him; for " that he wanted a Load of Wood, .. if 1;, fpIh.






That Ibe Caw Cd'jar pay Hug{J';'n 11,~·rf.-uPemls,

in Eight ~hilling SpallijJ; Pieces, as Hughjo" raid, afcer ~~",~tiog them J which was paid him, in order tu Lily


('W) Chriaopher lVill.n.

}. "Thai •

..J .J

z. "That fhe was a(terwar& infenned by Hflghjo. hica. c' fel~ that Romlll4 waa returninc to Mtghfo1l's Hou(e in the .1 Evening, and met Hflgk(01l with a Sleigh-Load of Wood " in the Street, which Hughfoll carried to RomJ7U',

1741, TH E
pleaded Nol GMiP).
O,.(.'1rl'. That her Tryal, together with Hu,ghfi'" his "!{t, be on Wedr.cfday next.


Tbe Confpiratorl at New-York,



Prifoner A~rr~'l.eing brought to tl e Bar a·HI arraigned on an Indictment lor a l.'onfpiracy, &c~ uul

3. " That at the Time of ROf1II1U's difcourang with " Hughfon" Wife about receiving Butter as aforefaid, he .. further {aid, that as to Butter, the Weather was Io hard, " ar d the Ground fa frozen, that he did not know how to " hide them away , and as no Vdfels could go out, he .. could not (nip them off; and he believed Gammons u would do better; chat hjs Brother was going to Cllrfliina; " :mtl that he could flow them in his Cabbin, when there " could not be Room to ftow there l-lfty or Sixty Firkins ., of Sutter. AnJ by the Difccurfe, the Deponent un.. derfiood, that R~"'mI propofcd to get the Butter and u Gammons both from the Weigh-boule, or fome of we " Stlleh\lufes thereabouts. 4. II That (be has at feveral Times feen Goods of i" veral Kinds brougbt to R,."",.'s Houfe, that fhe fufpeflcd ., to have been flulcn: And that after the Oath of Secrefy .' taken by the Deponent, and mentioned in a former Eza'f mination, the faid R.tme would talk freely to her about • e fuca fiolen Goodt at fhe happened to fee brought to his fC Houle; and RtIIrU1Il's Wile ufcd to help receive. Cuth II dolen Goods, and uftd tOCODCea1 Ulcmaway." From ....hat had hitherto come to Light concem,ng this My1\ery of Iniquity, it was {carce.to be doubted, but Pew had it in her Power to unfold a great deal more 'j~i • (be lodged at 1L.,hfotc'. i which. (rom the Courfe 0 her Evidence, wu the principal Place the Confpirators orted to for holding their Confultations: And though what Pll!) haJ already dilclol~d feemed to merit {omcthing; yet it was not altogether fat,sfatlory ; and 'tWM thought prQ~ ~r (he fhould be arraigned upon the l~mtDt for the Confpiraty, upon the Suppofition that this ~tep might probably be " MCins of bringing her to a RdOhltio"",~ :..aak1l1g a full Difcovcry of what Jhc knew.

Nor e, Thi. was the fame laditlment
Hughfi1l and his H'ift were arraigned Illftant.

upon which
the Twelfth

Court adjourned 'til Tuefday :next the 19th InRant Tea o'C)<xk in tbe Morning.

~~~~ ~i~i~: ~~~~t~~~If&:
S A 'I U R DAr,;



EXlmin~:.,n of Sarah HflgbjJ1I the Daughter •. was deferred thus loog. in Expeflation that .Art_ Prkl might fucceed further in ch'lwing more Secrets CODc:erning tbe Confpiracy from,her, .at he had before daM from PtW, and the N\"g:'O Ctifftl ibut Pric« being oIiea
ftnt for, it w~ apprehended.

they \)epa to fufpet\ him: For after ~Uld (ROOSlVIl.T'S) was broacht to Goal• none of the Three beforementioo.ed would hold aDJ Die. courfe with him: And tim beinlllndcdlood to be cbo CaW. Sarah was feat for, and interrupted up the ASauer of the Confpiacy in general; _ particularly at lID •• paftid between her and Arthltr Pi-ill, u fet forth ia __ , Depofition of the 7th Inftant; but file p.4itiYCIy cIcaiecI that file knew any Thing of the Coofpirac:y I 1M' ~ of. the Converfauoa {he confcffcd, u :foUowr·;~.


M I ".~ cr I 0, N, .IJ~ -BifI)J':e Om of Ihe 'juges.


............... ........ •
Supreme Court;

N U .... B. I.
HUGHSON, SjngJe-W..." ..... ; ItJgts "fhe biad fome Difcocife with Prj, • •, (oon after fbe Cillte into Goal. That· ... talked .. hiat U about fome Co.nrerialiol pafred betwcea her ad. For• .. tune-Teller, will) {aid to her, that her Father, ..... SARAH





efeape narrowly with his Li((", if he did aGape at aU I. and that jf be did c:ieape, he wouldl go o~r tlae W.aer.

11·c Second and 'IhirJ 7uOi((s.

M;.&rgret Kerry, 4nd others,

f, .- cell

Ootl'" ,I That PI";(I laid to her, That if fbc klltW.., •• Thing about the Flit" that Ole had better teU it: To .. which file an'wer~, 1f ilie knew any Thina .. would

the Truth."





J 0 U R fll A



the Pro,)e~dingJ againjJ
Examination.. He \\'.~ remanded, and examined revtPlI Timet afterWArds J but Dot a Word would he own about the Confpirac)'.


AfToon IS thill 'E.xamin:aion was taken, Artbll,' Pritt WI' (ent for to confront wifh her r and be £old all that had paffed between him and SlIr.ah, agreeable a!moft \Vord for Word with hi. Dt:pofition of the 7tb Inftant; moil : of which ale had denied very pofitivd y before he was ! brought into the Room; and aftu all, when Prj" vouched the Thing, to her Face, fhe did but faintly contrnditl what he raid: And it beiaf propofed to her to alit him any Qgeftions; the anfwemi, ale had no ~Llions to aOt I him; but at length denied in Grof. all that p,;" had I charged upon her, which any Way. reJated to the Filet. The High-Sheriff being preCent, he perufed P';"'I DepeI!ilion whilft Wit ttUing his Story before S",ah; and , AC dechred, Pria had repeated the Subftan~ very c.xa£tly. , &All t'dmolt Word for Word.




'T hen Romltt,'s Wife was (ent for down again to be further examined I but Nothing more could be got out of her. But in the Courfe of her Examination fome Hints havi;,~ dropr, that her Hufband had acknowledged the NCbfoel brought the Sutter to their Haufe, hut that he knew Nothi"" of 'til and faid 'l,waJ reU;1.Jla by ber i 01C beirn JeDWKled to her Pri(on, and going uy her lIuJb ~n(o~ Apartr.lent, and he putting his Head out of the Wacket, the ';'IIillJl.Im',;/ him with a fmart Slap 0' rheChl)p!.

Supreme Court.
~ U E S D.d PRE

DEPOSlttlON Before one of the ~ludges. .


r, ., Ttaa, CMffi' (PHILI'li'. Negro) told him e, tila: he kuw be was to fuft'er Datil, and wondered wh; u the, din act brJ~g him to lIia 1 'rial; (or he wu (are J~' be wu to I~ \~ Way the QtMr two wt'Jt.

A ;t t H~' R






P RIC B, beinc duly Sworn, /lIiilJ,


crhe 'third JuJljct.
Ten o'Cl(:ck..


The l1>art opeDed wi':journed tlll Thr.r(d"y Morh;",




.. never IMntaoud any ThJl~ (:C)ft(etT.lng the former lSlcou.~, Our rew! UJaat; :~, and cried much. It

Thl\t d~r ~lItl (,nentioned ill this Deponent'. ~rnati?~ of the : zth In~ant) WIt ~mmittcd, CafflI


_·m·II· __
,1]1' E D J.V E S DAY,


\ 1·.$:15.:aii~.15
M 011 DAr, l,atb

:. x .4 M

I ,N .tt

r ! 0 j'i

.J\. :.,4~..'II D')l ali'

pruJt:ntly did, mJ notified to • ).iagiflrate of t.hi!l ..c:ty: ',',hel'tu:_>on Rlffltnl war rent for, .. 'Xl this Day '1eq

" ~ k"",~ WI. ftO{-t and f«ured by • h,~kg:flratl':ttt Bnl1.jtvidc, jn ..v,w~ J,rjiy. which he

N u ttl B. lB .

" .. .. " "


eo ou r




uF~ i.timinkt1eD, a!fc e<1nfefl"ed, III his Wife hid dOQ(!b:fore, ,hat fOMe Pil kin. of &uttrr la.td been lJfo~tgh, br N(,r~ to hit Hcuft:. and he was even with his Wife, ,"yit.g, ~b" ft. ... r'f rluitf.lJd " ~tr. thaI hi I",.• "0 'la-"i in it: Ar.d he al(o poutive!y denied, that he . \ l:nt.'IiVany Thinl vf ~he Plot; and that any fuen Qifcourfe I, had pajlcd Sot hi" H'.)uf(~ as before declared by Piggy iR her


I, .. That all to tbe ;; ltr.er ~,.o ~ht hy the Negroe. to Ji..or.Jr'YJ"'; Houf-, ItS ~... ertthne 'i ii" ..."t vf her former Examil:ati'lf1' ; thr,t Ctf'for was cue ')~ t,'C N::groe~ that brougil.: the rl.-rtu, ;u.'lei fJr14 i"Jont1ct11~cr ;·;'!l1fclf •• nd th~t abo'1t a \'It.elr 'l(.j;; J·'e. ,.. Ilr{e,f' hexrd Ro",,,,, D".akbe ..1. ~rg'&it,. "lit'} C-rf",.. t, ~et him a- mud I e~ltter " fiB he could, lUC lit ',','/.'oIJ ~i(e him !(rum :.ibIl1i"KI ~ ,. rirl~inl.lr i' , b~l G,t:/Q,. An!ilbd on rrw./N.j.

»c 11 U ~,~ H

! _, ......_--



(."t) M,a ill.r c'ef.u ",nd P,anco: /tfufg,ti. /11/'/"~(t.'11.


m,,) 6;

z ... Thr.t ine (leJ(~ J)~y f,." \\.l~ s~dng1?I)'" ", V/~(J NC";.;fOf"s were lflat hlOl.~ljl t}l\! .I~Uter ill ,he NiLlat " befoze ~ :'."d he l..:1lwpd t:.-r../~r j 1'ut dlt: ol~,t'r he dJd " not know, fer tn~: .t wa~ .ia, k, a~ ~Ie did nut ca-e tc.. ~. li~ht " Canul:' (vrJ,.vr o~ hting ::;'co. -red.

'I chore


j. '



~; " That RMttmt f,id, be Ilv abed, and that his Wife " ~as \:p :uHl faw the R'ltter P'I! in the Yard ; nnd that .. fI(ter lhe Nt'gro('~ were \',r'!lC", he himfelf grIt up ~11~1 It, tlowed it away under the W(Joo in an oW Hou(c in the .' Y.HJ. ti" I.ml ,y,rJ/ Iht Rulltl' /; !Jtlt a Frtl1clJlNHI'S 'lUI' Ibe LongBridr' i &'1,i th.t h,.: thought it belonged to a Countryman, who had Irft i. in the 1;lil! Frenchman's Stovehocfe till it could he [old, or 1l1ipp'J oft" in the Spring: Or Words to that r..fli:d.
t hal
,. u

The COl1jpiratorl at ' New-York,





741 ·

•••••• 1II1II,,_."'..... ,..


f. 'That C~/ar t(.lld R""mI in her Preferce,


" "


had cencernlng' it ~ and Co fcreen'd the orher Con/ederS'ltcf. lIu.~h(01t, /';J 1"V' atld Fmnil,·, at whore Houfe rrirr.iPd1ly there ~ti(cl"f"ant5 nfr)('in'ed j thO\1~h what fhe '(,c!?f(d nl:ghl be true a', If) both Pl.rce«, and there reem~ to be tOCI m.IC!l Rexfon to millrufl it was (,,; yer the abrl';U't ly (!('ni:~ ttl the lafl , that fhc h ill ever heard any flJC:: DifcGurie ilt Hu,s ~fofJ' s, ,though ff('qll~'ndj' ,intcr.£Q.PtN ver}' (~r. idly ,ro that Purport', and admonifhed III • moll (oltnln ,i\'h,l\f;cr to declare the whole I'ruth, Af fue' ifltn\decl to Jo hcr;~lf any Service, flI induce the Jud~es ro recommend her a.1I in O~jt·adeft'rving of Mercy, However, t hOllgh there wa, litt1e Reafon to think had tol~i all that Ihe knew of the M:llfer. vel that whar (he had [aid was, in rhe main, true, (here {r;med no Doubt, as Iaid before, (rom the Corretpondence bc:w..een he,' Story and r.hat of the other Evideuces, I() fJI!' IU :hry had difcovered with relation to the C~rlrj7~t:y I the 0:11:, (~"'ti(,n was, Whether it' was Clarried on at I<tWl1'It't!, II weli as lIug~rN'S? From her lodging and (nti:;rir.cy with the lIugl.:fon b, fhe might be illclinw to favour 'Itt.,~m, and lay the Scene at RtJ1IUII,'a only, who W.lS then ,"'o(l:~ht 10 be out of reach j and fo make ~ Merit of ~ taUaciot!:I; S:.rt o( Ditcovery. But we tl:ld groat Hopes, lhl~ if the A\(lukl be convicted upon the IndiBment for the Con!pir"",i'. fh& would ,"-OOlC to a Rcfolurion Ct) make an irfgtfttlO;n ('Oft.. teffion ln order to fave her felf : And wilh rbi, F.'(pdnuioa. and r.?nfi~rjf'lg what Ihe had confell:d already, ~h~ j;Jdp were ieduoed t\l recommend her to the Licuteuatt Oo~tlO~ [Clr a Pardon, on thi" Condition nevertheJef' th.at' it ~ not pall! the St:al till the fhould be daought .mply to iI.lv.. merited it,

That the elotQ CO:lt R~""nl has now upon hi" u H~.,;k with I Cape to it, W,II tlole"l by C1!/ar trem a •. Countryrnan's noat near Hug!'fi,,'::, as 4hc heard Crrjar " rell Romme i and heard L ~!h Romme a::d C"jar 6y, that " R01ffm, gkve Cd_,.'al' Ten Shillings fur it. 6, If That C,!rH' and Prince had flolen Twenty Pieces U of r:il;hr out of E:J;/£ Boat, and a lpeckled new Shirt "and it P"ir ot new Slot:kine!l; which were llrought by If them direttly to Rllmmi':J Ho\.[e j and the Money they Ctli"t red into P ,mmt's Hauds i snd they told RDflff!tt, in " her Hn'iir.&, where thty had g(~tit i Anc ' YO Pieces of ., EiblH firicce "U:)' ~avc to R~"""", and ••e r01\ they II we .... to leave u'. hiJ Hs.nds to drink OlU."·



For til'= Ocat~r Sol~Mnity uf t!lt Matt!''. PtW alfo fWulc to J,ud ftiiDd &lr tlartc ft:vcr~ R~illl\illi\t,\onl, Thi; HHlory f.\; F'gfY', CODbair,N in her three Examinations correrpond, f'J euClI) II '0 the I'c:r rom, 9f, and Chal'J',e againh, !lu.h !\l~roel (mentioned by c,thtn) which ft.c ~rillZ' U) (-l!!~IHo'l 1 lut alf() wid. the Mi ..t~r "r.d CilClnnitanCet of the ':onfpiracy, ",bicb the Reader may hereafter perceive fr.;)m th" \·,h.:,je C~urc:;: of Uepofitiorls ar.d Pxamir,ati"~la of V;hilellnc' Bhd.r: ; that one may be ':4:, ~ apt to cuncJ\t(~(, r.IC only {t.ifto-J the ~cenc and laid it in a wrong Place.
l'ttf..:) v:ry well knew tbat R~1fIf'If hNl Red the Country uJXU) the Enqui:-y about .h: P.tJLbery at lIQU'S; and prob..b1y tr.at, f.nding her ..wn Lif~ in Jwrardy ceneern' ing 'ha~ Felony, AU well II the '':'''f1lpiracy, whkb (he now was fenfiLle had gtlt Ah', anJ WIl3 like to be Jetef~td • -md filrfl,y ~Y ht.r OW;) Ircnk Talk and Opennefs with her l' ellow i'r .roner Prta ; the' Ihutfore might think it high T'rre tc provide for her "'\'Ir. Safety, if fr.C! could do it ftf cheap as toy alT.l!fin~ us with '1 Narrative of tht PJl" , which, tho'Jgh rc.,l a. u} true in ot L r l{ef I~. Il.!verthd((" tne cha'6c,1 the C(>r(e~('raey IInil I "ftII!IlJ(;'" about Ie to ... , brei, held {r.'lel, at RDmml'" ~. tc the ~('\'I),.'f'&C {he t




J o URN A L of the mmmlL1m~l1mm,m'm'limmmmmm
Supreme Court :
'.}'RIDAr" .A. M.

Proceedings againfl

CII./il fay, hOLlfe.

That he heard the {aid ~ad and Mr.PHlLrpu's they would fct to Mr. Phil,;Ji" Store.


3 . ., That C'!tfil (aid, D-··m him, that hang him or .. burn him, he would fet lire to the Town • 4. " That Williil", (Capt. LU!}ft. Spanifh Negro) told II him, that if they did not fend bim over '0 his own U CouDtry, he would ruia the ('~ity.

P R.,



'1bt Suond 1uj1iee.
Clu"t {iPC:ned &n41actjolu'Md ~dl {o(Jr 0' Code in tho

P. ,M.

~,Y(III Z"",'. Storehoufe; and thac h. Wit to be a (sprain.

~. .. That C"'6tlll Di(l {aid, he wOlld ret lire to Mr




As "efert.

Colin adjounled ',it To-mU10W MorrJir~ Ten o'Clock, ba'vinl beer. informed that IrwlllJ, NegmBoy. Wit bloulht to Town alld ~lmanitt,:i upon Su~p;rion of bting & COl'lfcdcrata ill chl'J (on{pirn()", they l'f'P'fted the Court thac h. miShl be ....... , btlore them;; which being accordilrlgJy dlJlle ; u~"ttJ1'Ogitkln SII'ilJlIlJ den2td he knew any 'fbir.« Qf &he Fire., at IIn,- C'oafpiracy cont:mUDI them. Tne Grand Jury for a 1<)f1gTime argutd with him, to ~:flX. ~~ .. to 1.: fpuk ahe Truth; being eenvieeed from the Ev IdeJI'~ of Mrs. C"'I'I1II. r\l N~ro, (J) who, already had been examined by them, tha: he could give (ome A,,;ount elf the Fira ~ rrhey tt.Ad him, if he would ipc"''' the Truth, the Gc;vcrnor would pardon him. thollgh he had been concerned in them I aDd this w.. the Time for him to fave hit Life by tnaking a free .\nd irogenul)uI Confelti~n _ or in W Qrd. to tbia .Purpore. He anfwered, Thill fhl TiN IlIforl (z) tt/ltr thaltbl N'l.,-Dtl fold all th'.'y l"t·tIJ, th",," Ii", 'whi!: P~p14 hilllgld The Gf3nd J'dry aflurc.-d him, tbat i! nca« fi"fo; for that thr. Negroe. which confdicd the 'I 'ruth and made I Di(;UVfry, were rer:ainJy pardoned, :u,,1 iliivped of: [whicb was the Truth] Aud upon this AfiiArancc he btzan to "ran, find gave th\! followln)1 ~vidr;Ht:e. G~

6. u That 7""" (Capt.SAItLytS Negro) (aid, he wou\d fet lire, or help to fet lire to Hi/,a,,'s Houfe ; and was to ,. be C"J'llilt of Ihl FIJ CQ"'iil1lJ.



7, '1 'I'nlt ''''''''lUis (Capt. BOSCH'S Negrot threw Fire " into Mr. Bad,,', Yard, and told him Co. That Alflh"" (Mr. PETra DE LANCIY'S Negro Spania:d) {lid, he would Lurn his Mailer's Houfe .



That A"gt¢illl (M'4 MULLEN'S Spanilh Negro) U {aid, he would burn his MaLler'. Houfe j and wu CO ., have· been an Officer.


and a" old M&" (II) (G !llARDUS COM_, FOkT'~) iaid, they would Cetfire to 'heir Mafier', Houfe, u ud afii,t in 'heir Deligns.
10. u That


"That Cujftt (GOMIZ",) (aid, he would burn his II Mallet', Houfe ; aud was to have been 1111 OJittr ill IN .. F!J C,,,,pany; faid fo to a Country Fellow, and he heard .. him.
I:, II That juft by Cmltju Market ht heard Pnlridc " (ENOLI/IUtS Ntgro) and Calf} (Col. Moou'.) fay, they .. would kt fire to cheir MaUer'. Houies,



Malter·s Houle,

'3' "That



wu to fet fire to hi. -

E>.'ami1J4Iion Df Sitwney, (N




,... 1'H /'\'C



.lxmt Thrft~~\'cc:k8 ~~fi,,., F,Vj! at ibr: i1'1 ~:!tl:A (r-...lr. RIYI"iV LLT'l! Nl'gro) nlk.::J him \(1 aRift. ili.n to r..·1 'he Fen 01' fll't': ';lnll that he anfwered, No, h' ....(),Jld nut run the P.ihue "f bdnJ: LI')ge,~ ~ hut that he tdight ~o tQ }:U! ano he d-vd.


Bejo,.r' the Grt1l1u' Jury. N IJ M JL I.

14. Sa·..twl') bebg a!1tc·cI, Whit th~ Negro.:s propofed hy lifiol and doing all til;. Mifchief? He anfwi:rcd) ., 'fhac ., llwit ['('fign M\ t. na (11/ tht Oe1tf(mui1. aed li111

tIe;, Wivo • and that 2~a(~ (h) and CII/fit (PII ,!, 1P: K'I)

,.. ',./ert o.lfticu!"r Perlom .hat r;P"d fo. That while he was in Jail. (C~pt. Bo!:CII'S) would kill him if he told any Thing,; and :hlt U ')Jt.rn Mr, Mills came ftlf b;;1I, (c) fevaal N~1'Ofl
t ), ,(



., (i,j, :,lC

., wil,krJ

(-:::) l1ilH;l7f{I.,ld:n"!~i'4"l· hJ 1/t1', blfj!JItIl,:",J,m }Ir~fl EAUJIIrU.liUli JIf;lr"":fj't,J,'m, ~UMII. J 'jfb l~l"lj

-(~TA 1fJ{-;;'~ M" rn '~;<1".;

d;(~P~ r:.}~;;,~;,;.~'" ~llJ.,r


-- ----_.,----------_._ Cook,
as he (.1me out .


i~ 'I , ')

fJ "

'r. ,iM /;1m




h. I fRflrlilIol,
I ("


The ConJi~irators at New-York,
Negro) wns krewing or concerned in the Affilir t He anfwered, 1\0, 'l1.'fJugh hI ....(,'(lS oltwz)'J (1(rfi"1 thl Whiu P"O/,i. .

16. Being alked if !!'!.!!a(l (Mr.

7be E;':/lmhi.1ti.~f1 qf fortune, l\~'(!J'() . (J r C1 It 'oJ WI f· ...' ~ "I : ..
tl'l' Grill ..! JfI!), , .

c, not.

17. Being ~(ked, if he had m-ich J\cqllnintance with Danb», the Governor's Negro, and if he knew any thint~ ? He an(wertl~, U he had \'t~ry little ; and belie v cu il\' did
18; (( Th:'lt Crrltzr (VAH,CK'~j that W:'IS h:mge;~! ·WlU " concerned, and was to have been Cllpbin of the L0I16'I Bricigt Compa~y. (dJ

HI foitl.
. I. "




r <). It Th:tt about a Fortnight before the Fire at the Fort, at Comfort's Hcufe, he ovefbeard J Q(/: :lnd the u olJ Mall (Ceo/.:) in Company \\0 ith (our other Ncgrees he c, did not know, talk about the Rifinf; of the Nt grces j ff and J uck raid, that there was not enough of them, and U he would nay longer j 01 to that PurElOfe."

!!?~ltul, the Nep» of J,,!"n Roo/tvrlt, CI about a Week or Ten Days before the Fort W:\I 'f burnt, dcfircti him the Ex~millant, to take a Walk with. '" him (bt-ing Sunday Afternoon) and tbat he went with him I, into the Common; where E?!a(! left him • little while, f. and went down into the Swamp, near the Powder Houf.; " wh~re he gathered Comething, and (oon returned to him

1'I1 A T




Fartun« (WIf.KINS'S mined and committed.


~'as apprehended,


z. ct That when ~a(1 came back, the Examinant " afked him what he had got P To which ~ad replied. '1 he would not ten him; but a&cd him the Examinant u to go with him to the Fort, and he would give him (omo U Punch, and fee his Wife: That accordjngly they ..c " to the Fort; though the Examjnant fay., at not go very wiUio31y.



(I) 11./tnnJ Il at tl'~ C'~fpi"atQrs

hal{ Ji'tliJtd Il,t Cit)', as it tzt',r" into two DiUrilb , and th, Co'!ftdtraftJ ill larh nvrr« Jifli"gui/lmJ h), the Dt1tomi.'1t., II"'S of lin FlyBoy II, a"tI Iht Long· Bridge Bo·..~; "ting r,ma"kahk Pinus .. ,hulIt /(JI'll'ards Il" Eali, and IhI Dlhtr 1rJ'tlJords th H'tjI End of fbi 'f17'U.'''. -rbi, m~:v I" 'rfllt~·"/rG'fI ('ufl"ee', Conjrjfilln t. Arthur Price, /t·' (Drlh;'l hi, DI' tcjili(J)', J zth May r\VMl'l. III. S 6. A,.J in t[.~H Dtfl.-ids, it (/'()u/.1film, "t'tre /i'tJtral C':'I'J'/"rI'IIits; foi"/t~/lr.1 of IIi O.lfielrJ'Wtrll ap1';"'II, Capt(lim, an./ olhe: J; til aNrrrli not onl» hv /,~'is, '6uI (tv/rill oJth,!'" Examinations, as 'I.')dl as f)'jnjilions; and this firms I) jlrrr..~tl.'m fl." E'",-ia'ena gj"'fI/ by Peggy in h,r Examirlfllion." "'at tl'i Con/ph atort hid tbtir Caholls at Remme' J as '1t:tll III Ih.ghlon's ; tbe Fmllff t·:ilfJ:. mort WM.'f'.,,;enl for Ihl LlIIg,UIIl!(T(.' l.oys, es Hughloll's fot' '/'t ~iDith·,·F!v Boy- ft;r'tl:r, krufl".i,,? the 1..:""'PU~iISJ' "lV;/i:' f~'Ka;,d ;, ·tllr "r/,(cii",'t V':flanmfi·r;m tbelt' Hvtn.;t, _,I-.J ifPc~gy tdi (1,( {,.I,<II· as 10 l<"mme; tht(e ~"'fl't ,/.,1"1.'.'(; IDDG I-. ~ i'l I/..(' 1'11:0 OiJlrifl t ((1.1 may 6e ,:ol1c/lliu' p.??:., II.'t CCll1je q( 1/'1' E'c,dc'NL'f) 'II I.'(I'~ d'e Cott,lpiralol'S mit; ti,!)' tl:e }:n)d,d
(' ;,,10"'1:')

3. "That when chey came to tbe Fort, ~4tl' carri. "him into the Kitchen, where he kept him 'til It begin ta u grow dark; and then the Examinant told ~(l, that ,f he mull be going; for that the "'atch wotld take biB u up: To which ff!g4(l Infwered, that cLro WII IICI H Danger of that.


4. 14 That ~adl gave him no P\lDch, but adeed him to " drink a Dram ; which the Examinant refufed, and (0 H both eame from the Fort, keeping Company '&ill they " came by the Haufe of Captain PltUjt, where they par" ted; the Examinant relurning Mr.-Me through Beavcr. "Street, and ~a(.1 (as th" ExaminiJlt beHevefl) wenC H .back to the Fort.
). U That what is above recited WlS al1 that paffed be-' .. tween them at their .~r'tM.,eting, on Sunday Aftemoon I fI but that two or ,J,lec Da7'~ iner, !2.!!lItlmet him at the " Pump ncar the gmlt Slip,' but Ilflthina wa. (aid, or " pafl:·d between them reraarkable,


or na,lJ
! ,;(,U!

cr/ tl,c 'f.,r(l;rOo" /uch



I' \ .' (, , , ,. I'. L , J. "",~ '"


l'/ Pl'tnct « .. IlIl'

11,1.: 1)(;.(/ 0/ IJI4I/"fI(fj '1':i/~' tl, .. 1!I~;tjl{{,,,jli?UJ.
tl·ul.',d1.·(J 11,/ lot'

a".l inl.'llfiumify,

..... • . i" Co",Unal;01I


C'a.f;'r Cuffee

for rrfl!!ltlf1mg

:-"1/1 ard D,». I Ide Ir; itt· P(op/e, and ot! t', J of c'l'C,-jt! u; IIJ 1/ f I/ii',,', I'('{.I/~/t'~ll/llt'r l/,att!, "Id'l) tntiti,d (

and n6r!11d?1tul.

"""1'1 ses d,.w/,h
"'I ;;,.,



"I'm: d,( (,'/;;1./, a:


about three Day~ Ir~er that, he met with •• !:.2'n(~agab near the Hade of Mrs. Carlt11tlf, at which " Plaer, he (E!.!.iflcl) i.l!ke.l him, why he was in fueh Haft, I' when he was lal\ at t,:.e Fort 1 'fa which tre F..uminant II nnfwered as bC'fr,(C', that he wall afraid of the Watch: " To which f2._,!;.lI.·k replied again, ellit there WItS no Fear of ., that; and invited him to come to fee him .phi at the " Fort, but the Examinanr refufed, lilyir'l that·_ had I' prornifed him Punch bdore, and gave bim 1lD1le. '6. "That




10 URN
" U


~Ifthe Pf'fJCCldi1fg! again)
the EXl\mh.. "t was ar~ed (finee ho had time to recollefl) Whether t, he did not remember jome nthers concerned in the lata .f Fires, bdide. ~lt,uA. S(mn, and C'!Iftt' (I) Jf he did, ., iI was expf'ft! d he Ihould name them, withollt any R'1ar~t f, to P(r(on~, be they white MI."II or ~grn~!: He an(wered If in th~ Neg.:ire , only that Sa"'" told him a Day or .. two lJefUff: his M'll\er lellt him to 1'ri(oo, that hie II Math" was guing to tenu him to Alha'!)': On which the If Examinant :1Or.c:d him. For what' To which ..,.,,~ If replied, I fet }-'.;re to the HCJu(e three Times, hut "!)'

'W'IIIJ ~, grlt,t tJII,,·.,i'''J in FIJ,": On whiejll ,. tile FX:lmin~nt aiked him, What Aherntionl' To whi'!" .. ~1l(R anfwtred, '[bal "'1 "I,)ON'" hr 1Ht,.",: The .. Ex min.nt on that, ~ him, whe wOlltd do it 1 .c!.!U1(. II replied, You may aflc Nih/fl's. Ncg"o, nnll he will te I II you. That he did alk N;h,~t'l Nelro, Who was II) U burn the Furt P To whick be anrwe"rd, ~a(R. h;-IU /t/(' and C".fft, (Go .. 1IZ'II)&My would do ie. I u "'~/I'r Jifrovl't.I. (lnd t.\·lill~lIijl.!((J if; IbtrtjDI'1 ;, 8 ... That next Day after the Firr, th~ FXiiminnnt mIlt .. rf/ohsi 10/ozJ ml a'W"J' . "s,,,,J_v (N J BLIT's), who raid to him. Ire ba1't dMI IJ.~, 'f Bu.fin~(s; and the (ame DBy he met ~q"IJ who Jikewill' I, .. ,'hat on Sunday, the Day berore the Storehoure {aid to ~im.l[hl Bufi",1i ;s doNI: That when !:!..ylul tolll h uf Mr. Phii,,!t was fc!t on f.ic.in New-Street, being fent fI him, ,hilI thl lufitlt/i 'Will dl)n" he alked him. 11'1;(# Blljilltfs, To which ~a(l an(wered, rle FcI" ,II II tcwards the E\'ening by his Maller, on an Errand to If ~ur"'. ,0,,'/)'fU rtm,m6" Ihat J to/4 ,"I)U, tber fU.'OUU~'" II their Apprentice: Boy, who lived in the Broad W3Y, he .. ,,.,., AlllfI.ti'lIl ,11 1111 ..,,,.,, And that he raid him ~1: " went by \\'ay of New-Street, where be {;lW l.''1ftt (Mr • .. the (ame7ime, that be (~II(.t) NIBLIT'$ Sa,,~, an11 " PUI L I PSi'. Negro Man) and (poke with him, who ~. QO.41Z', C'!ffil had done it. , . u raid, that he wa, going toone of hls Mafier's Storchoufes ; 'Ion which they parted, and he went to the Broad- W"y, i 9. Beina further interrogated, whether he knew of an:, 41 and tarried there 'til 'twa. dL1llcHh: Thllt Jle returned II the lame Way i and al he came by ~he Houie of C:ipt. othet Nrgroes, concerned in burning the Fen, betides thof., above named ,. he a1)fwered, U That he knew not of a:~1 " P~~·lli.\",at the Corner of New-Strtet, he faw Culii". ~ but 81.,,"', ~.!a(A, and CMffil. ., " and two N:~roe. Jr.ore at {erne {mall Ditlllnce from him, If but t'ClllCJdJrk, who \hey were ·l;new n(Jt•

Thllt IIlmll' two Day. berore the Fo!t wa. burnt, t!e U met with _Qytf'R I:g:1in, nt'l.f the ltoure of M fA Ri(~'/l" II where he told the Exnminant, 'Th.1I b'.11 .r,...1,} Dfl.l'l

THI Examination

bema continued,

., ,h,,.,






cemcd in fetting Fire to any of d3e HOIlfe!! in ~h. Town P

. Ie.



farther .deed, ;f he knew Imy Perfoo eon-

lac an("'tN4i.


No. tt



~tg~o, a FidcJler) arplt:he1'lderl.1


~,• .ot·:.,I)\t·~.·.\iH.*.61'
Supreme Court,

he rpo"- wid. eNffi.'I, and .liked him, WIlat " he did chere {Oo late P To whiM CUJfoI ia,,~ anfw~r • .. That he waited there for hl' M~flert who wanted Some_, ~hifJ2:.O~lC uf the Scorehoufe, and that he .was to come f' and bdng the Key with him; on which they parted! Bue 'c h~believes one ~f the two Negr\Jt!l wa. a Sp""i4,J, be.. ., caufc ')llien he left Cuji,t, he heard ore ot \;hcm call Co 4C him, r'f1'1t. a fJlt; Sel~"jir. 3.


a Ai



'lid MA.\'•.

It ~.




tfhe S~(()nd ]ttflict.
''J'eQ D'c.toclc.
+.',: \

The ~ellion being aiked the llxamif1ani, Whether wat I\:qu,linttd wich Hr4l.h;611 I')r hil Jo'ami!,? He :,1 Rn~,\'crcd, -That he had been frequently alked b~1 C...·/a,., u J!1'j,,(1 aT',.i Cu/ff' (PUILIP~I'~) to go ",Irt, but never .. did go; but was told Ih,/ Iblt' bud If, DIlIl'I! Ihlrl Wiry
,4.. "

Ind adjou~ned '~i1\'londa,

•• III,!''''
~. fI



Beill nIkf'd U he evt.; went to




JN4m;nal;on Df Fortune, (WILklWS't) , ,'./..:., Gra,," 7*~ . Ii! . "~

"Us'''t,O'''MDUM, 'hoJ Examination


'N tr

tot I.


.' kaew what NI.:~·()es (r~Ueft.t1y referred thuhtr' anf",'crcd. ThAt he never went there bimfc!f, nor • .' acquaintcJ wi~h thoro [h!l' did,"

He he

,i'Z:'uJ~ Y~Arr4al' "'. .h, "'Y"

dillindty tb, ~he Negro .F'O!loJ"!.. w ho h It. be agreeable \0 ine EVJue"cc:



-------------------------------------(e) Gomtz'"l.
t,' N·

mj~~m~.m~·m·~·~~w~(f s

s iiiiaBa&a: aa'i$~I~t~'That lrultht:h'Mlltlnllt ,b,. onM.i fwore to be ono ano\he,. ., Go' .AI.ighlJ '"'Quld/I"i~
.« It

7/), CDnfpiralorl at New-York, . ""7~I',

C~M,alT" He,,", thl OATH.



D.A i, 24th


'Witb, lin firfl



" ([blllfi"..


(GoMJ!2.':) Negroes were committed,

E\'eni"a 11';/1, or Gill (Lum'~) and CI!Jit

Supreme Court. .

uo N DA

1', "5th MAY.

6. 'rllat being alked, if be urcdl/llgh.fon" and ~,.. Haufes 'with the other Negroes? hr rlid, "He never w.. «, at either of their Houfes,u.And who toid him of what' be had related ] he In(wered, ~ That 74(1 did, aDd of the " S;ani/h l\·e.~ who were concerned." A Ifa, ' that if 110 rou ,~i~~ ,mil in ~etting the Fort on 'fire? he anfwered, .. N()~ ,f.~r.!y before it, f(ga(A did aCt him to help him, and he gave the Anrwer before mentioned, and that then ~II'£ fi (aid, hi wowd do- ie.




i. U That Diana (Mr.MAcHADO'aNcgro) in aPatlioe,' becaufe her ~itlrefs was angry wit!! her, tlfJl Q" 6'1.1;"

Tbe SU011d atld '1'hird Jttjlices.
Court o.pened and adjourned till f.-morrow Ten o'Clock.

" Joung Chi!J from hiT Brtll), lI"ti /4iJ



the C()/J, th.,

Cte/llr (PICC'S) Calo (COW1.EY'i)



ExaminaJion 'or Sawney, or Sand)"
Bt/ort thl Gu,,' Nv
t .«


ExaminatiDn oj Sarah,
(Mlu. BUilt'. Nlgrl W,IIth)
Btflrl lbi Ora.


J "fJ.


C"jar (PICK") Cllt, (COWLIV") .. 8l1rch" Jh.1lK'. Negro Wench, a. cho only Negro
" DJ1UiPUCLl'~)

going by C-t",'. H_e ODe Samday c. Evening, about a Mont.. before the Fore was " let Clln Fire, 71"J caUed Aim in, where wc:re about .. Twc!nty Negroes, of which he only knew tile !aid 7,ac", "and the .IIi MA" (COM VOI.1"" Negroa) 1"'11'" (VAN.
~c ,Wonaan there.

;'I' H A'T


ihe (aid, "!he knav Nothlnl ~f the Mauer'l ~s'l. .. about her beiDg at C.prl' •.Houfe ." but oD _, Sa'Wllt) with her, and P.~K" (;1/.,., Ole.~ 1&. fait; .. That t5'II'W"~ had, at the Pump in the Nei&~ •• H

A F"r

N v .... "L .

~bllldrnce of 'Q..uefti~ upon ~'I!~


" (aid, (uppofing his Mafter had been IDlry with hila. Q.4 ., , •••" IIlIlhl whitl PI'1k J thai if 1M INIa' !I i" ;flPI'WW,

a, "'rhl upon hi. comiDa into the Room, they gavo .( him .Drink, and then afkcd him til burn Houfe., and .. he not giving a ready Anfwer, SI" ah {wore at him, ahd N the Negroes did alfo J and with Knives in their Hand., e. th:;t Ithey frightned him, and he wu afraid they would .. kill hfm; and upon ie, he promifed he would, and would ~. burn~;he Slip·Market , and foon after he went_c."

__ ~a
.' • ,a

tWO." fit

1_110,. Fin."



.SUpreme Cojrt'~ •

ru E S DdT.

• Rlh M.\y.

,E S I


3· "That he(aw in hh Mailer's Yard. Mr. Mar •• "" e. t-!ei1'Cl Wench caJled Di1l1fll, put Fire in the Shin&1e, of :: ~r. ,~/a(ka'o'~Houle, ~nd on hi. telling afit, and " JSnh~11~J1I!\t h1r.,ght• be laId on him, fbe lUI him Fou, It
_ I


fhl 8ttrllla alia f1,irJ


Jng~t.., old hit ',,'on&ue.

... :at T"'y In , • .,

ORDINANC~ publilb.. 'cil (our 0'


'",lui, .;,. fOl ealaIJiaa .... "



.". . ,~ ;,


-4. tc 'That Sarah and F"/llnl (Van~';rfp"!"le·.) wreN ~ tu hlv,~ fet Ii'iro &0 'hI MOll Maul.fr. tJ

Collla adJo" ....

CloCk .......


~OJ-_"" ~-~~



P. M.

of the

Proceedihgs againjJ
'rhe PriConen brQ\l&ht to the Bat.


SEN flh, Sltona 1uj1ice.


J U 1\ Y culred and I worn,
SlI11tud H/'tl'fJtj', J chn Shurlllttr,

,rillt ..


The Court opened Ind adjo.,rned 'til Thurrday 28th Inftaat, Ten o'Clock in the Morning. commietccl.

J Dim

LtI/~itr, C 1.·,,,la ,.4rdjJlg,


l>"1'Iiti Bo"rtt,



Y fil'n


and CHi (CO"'OlT'. Negroes) appr~bended and

Supreme Court:
tJ H U R S D 4 1", 281b M A V..

Negro ~!al'i having been inditled (or wkkedlr. voluntarily, fcloniouOy and m,aticioufly confpiring, combining and confederating with Cliffe' and with divert other Negroes, to kill and murder the Inhabitanl~ of 'hit City; and a1fo {or {cuing on Fire, burning and confl.lmin, the Haufe of pur So~ereign Lord the KIN<T, then fiallJ,n, at the Fort in this City I contrary to the Form of ..n Act of Affembly (g) in fuch Cafc made and rrovided, and againLl the Kin8'~ Peace, '

~rE H

PRE SEN T. fb, Second and '1'l,ird Jujlices.
The Q9ack,

&e. con{piring. f$,. with £!gad and divers other Negroes,
to kill and murder th Inhabitant. of this City; and alia for fetting on Fire anul burning an Out-houfc; belonging to Fre/crieR Philip/t, Elql then 1\anding and being in this City J CCintrary to the Form CJf the (aid Aa of Atrcmbly, and againl1 the Kinl':~1 Peace.

The Negro Cufftt having been alfo inditled for wickedly,

x 1 N G,




,~~ N~ we ... rraicned upon two roditlment •• , ,,' . lor a Coll{ptracy to burn the Town, and, muruel the
~jort,.' d Nt.PlJiJipjl'. u

-----------------------------------(/) 'fh, PallnlllJ,hlg .,!JIlli" ., if thl 1ur(JrI eoul1
bl ,'u,otEl,a. (g) By '111 All" Aff-IJ If this Prl'lJill(I',laffid ill tN fiul'lb filiI' ,f ti.ilprtfilll Majlfiil Rtigll, III' lIlia, An All for the more ,:ft"edual preventing and punifhing the Confpirac)' and JI1(urretlion of Negro and other Slaves, lor the better regulating them. and for repealini the Alta therein mentioned reJating thereto. II il mafltJ; (inter alia) Thill ~II/a"d ''1JeY'}Nigro, India", or 'Iher SIIl'1JI, .r Sla'fJcI,w""jI" Ih, P"Mila/i,n oj' this Alii follll murder or oJ1m rwfji kill (IInlf;fi b, Mijlldvl1IlII"; "inlhl EXI(ulion gf J/~fijU) or confpire ,,. attempt the Death of a1J.v,f his !vlajt/ty'l /I'gl P,op/" nr;t b,ing S Uwtl J 01' flall 'tlJi/jul(y burn a~1 DWlllillg·JJqllji, Barn, S'a611, Ou,l·houft, Siadu of Cr;rn '1' Hay 4 tlIlIl /hall thereof ~, (,II/,tlm,'" hefi" thru " 1IJUff D/ ifi, !I!a.;~!~\'·1 IIjUceJ of Ibe Pe4a for the Coullty 't..lm', J fod; F{/~~ !hail he (ommilltd; fine 'WheNif' to be if thl ~orum, 'Who a~e hCl'fby lIutlol'ized IQ lear and 'tlt'r°min, ,I·, laml, in C~;III1/ljolJ rp'ifb,fivl of tbe p";'I(;pal }h,tbo/dcrJ of Ihl "';"Ult~Y.v.ill)f)JI/ a Grand J Illy, jtlVIII Df tU:1.101llllgrtling, (/;,,1/ pUllheir J lidgmlnl in ~.l't(uti'-" I.UOI ding tr; I'-'iJ ,/1.1 ; or before auy <.,.'ourc of Oyer and Terminer, or General Goal Leliverj , hI, 16, or Ihl) ft ~!i:!/djflg, /lJ,dJ JujJir II" Paim if Drath, in ,U(D Mantltl' a lid tt4'itb /uh Cil'(ufI!(laftw 41 t f,t '~:Xra'1Jatio" Dr EftfJl1l1ity oj' th,-;r Crimes, ;1/ Il, JII~~/llt"t of fh, JllfllCfJ of I~/' C,u,.'J /lpn/aid or at in /);1 JU(/::IIIt'lIl ~1'.It'1H'"if Ih'la;" '] lijiifll Illld FntI.IDiJ,n,jI;aiJ 11111'11
fllJd rtt;Uiff.



',NIl Gld/IJ·
_ 1

and for two atlual Burninp. tie Houfe in the Storohoure ; whereto they pleaded

"o"ao.. Their Trian be on To-morrow (Jr""'.


Mornina Ten

Court adjourned 'til To-morrow Morning Ten o'Clock.

~? t.s,

· • .lc, KIN G,
.. • ,;

"I~Wfee:,,'&JLJPsltl ~

~,',' ',',bacte, ,; ,Roo1E'V
~ •. r,J~/..




5 Negrces,


1'Wf /N"Ofllllll.





'JiJ, Con/piralors at New-York, 1141•
Te which I"dicl!nent. each their Arrai~lll1le"t, pleaded }.t,,1

37 .


or there Crimi""i.,


" Gmllt'mm,
U The Eyes of the Inhahi:"llu of tl is City"'d Pro\'inCl .. are upon ]'DII, relying on. nnd confiding in r,1i, that " by the Jutl:ce of )'our Verdi,) iA ellis Caure this Dar.

111r. Attorney Genetal having opened the Indil!tment~. Cl1uke to the C.;urt and Jury as followeth.


it p!eaft )'(Jur Honours, fwd


u thl! l'l:.u:c and s~rety (,f this lit;, and Province may for " the Future be feeured to them; which at preferu (untU " 'ollie Examples "re maclt) !'to1:1l1 very prel;..Hioul.

is a Caufe of very great EXfcclRtinn; it beh.g I. 11& 1 cor.ceive, a Manu of the "tn,of. Importance II that ever yet came to be tried in thl~ Province ;' where., (i1re, before I call the Witr.dlh to provc there two u NcbrN's g u dty, I Ihall-briefly mention to ycu Ic.mcthir.g " concerning thi~ Myllcly of Iniquity in general, how and u where it was .formed and carried OIl, ami what Share u thefe two Criminals had in it.

,~ HIS T

" G,'nllcmen tf tbe Jury;

" G ou lemen ,
.. It h in l,,~, the People in gener.~ll pl:\t";c their Hopes u and F.xptClations of their future Security and Repoie I " thlt tllef may fit fecurely in their own Houfes, and rdf 'I (l'J,e:ly ill their Beds, no cue JJrillg to make them afraid, .' I'Il1all now proceed to examine the \VimeHh for t":e '4 King, to furpon the (llarge r:~'linft each of thefe u DliDal~ and can make no doubt, C..;:tla;.,n, but when •• you have heard the Evidence ngainil them, you will for II your own Sakes, ),our Oaths Sake, and for the Peace, " ~iet, and SeclJrity of your Country. nnd thefe rwo " Negroes Gul ,.


" Gentlemen,
Not only thrfc two Negroes, but divers others, and .. if\'eral white l'\:opll", as will arpear to you in the Courfe H of our Evidence, have been concerned with thefe wretched " Cifc.:nden, in this mod wicked and devHith Confpiracy.

Mr. IIflil'ray
K-I N G.

and Mr. Smith, of Council alfo for die G, caUed' and (worD, iratl( Gardll,r, Mr.HiUituJ.., 141f1tS Jt.1' DflaalJ,
•. .



You will bear from the Mouth! of our Witnenes, that " there two Nc:grocs with divers others, frequently met at " the Heu.c of one] ot'll HlJgbjjn, in this City :·-It was there the-i' "ere Jl,:rboulcd: - rhtfl wu the Place of their II genwl" }! ent!t:zvous, and tler« it was this hellifh Con., {pir;!{';, wa: brooded, formed, confented and agreeJ to :" It w.is tbrre that thefe two Negrots. f'nd the Refl of the U COllfpirator!, came to a Refolution of iUJ"I,illg the King's " IJo/~fe at thl F,M, ami IMs ~'holl 2"0-'14'11 }. and if .. mlmlcr; "~ I/:' J"habi,wllfl as they fhould t'nme to (.xtill.~ " ruifr, the Flame ..•• CRIMES, Gt'IIll'lIIfN, fo aftoniOlII ing1y cruel and detdlable; thlt one would think they " could never have entered into the Minds, much lefs the .' Refolution, of any hUI a Conda't'l Dj D,rr.;i/J to execute; ... md y(·t ruth Monft~rs in Iniquity are thef-.::ty.·o Crimiuala II and tbe Reft of thdr Conftderatcs.

WitneJ'res for the KIN
ft.fary BurtDw, ~'al'ah Higgins, .Arthur Prt«,

Dani,l Gaut;lr,


StouUIJhurgb, .

J (A'n Pder(olt,

Negro Evldenee, Fertun« (Wilkins's) S""a, (Niblct'J~

ft./ A R r BUR t[ () N laid, U That Cuffil, with II Cf"f'Jar and Prince, the two Negroes hanged. ufed (ref' qucntf" to meet at her MaRer's (Harh/III") Haufe r u :ttld that Ole heard them often talk of ""ini.th, F"." .. anfl Iha! they tU'WIJ go bu'n I, I~ F&, illlfJ InIrn Ihl H rr,l hcl, ... 'TDr;t'tI: And that her MaJ1ffiDd MiJ1,tji Wer,. .. thry would aid and aOHl them as much theycouJd, That in their common Converfatioa they ureet to U That when all this wu done, ezrar JIM'" h (br;".,.... _

agaioji Cufee.

It willlikewife nppenr to yo'u, by P.!.!Jadt's own c.n.. II {cilion (as we Ihall in the Courfe of our Evidence for the " King upon thir Trial fhew you) That, in Prolecution II of fuch their mol] «bominable C:onfpiracie.,_ the Ki"g'. II Houle wan by him (at the Inftigation the Ref] of the " L'()lJfpiraton) fet on Fire, burnt t:1own, and ccnfumed.




" Mfld

Hughfon (her Maner)



CI That Cuffi' u(ed to (flY, that a great many People h.cl ., too much, and olhert &00 little J Chat his old Mader had " a great deal of Money; but that in I fhort l'imr, • It Mallfr thould have 1&:(. and bimfclf fhoukl have more •

II And then as to Cliff", we thall fhew lUll, dUlC he i, .. Th"r nt the Mretillgs the raiel three N ..... ~' dOllbdc{. Guilty of the Charse 0iainll him, . .' C"II'tI, C"jar and Pri"", at her Maler-, Hou(" &Iter






.. ., u~



the Pr«eedifJrgsagain)
Ctl't-VII CJz;~ (h) I,~'" ff.V{1J Jv.;"", but bei"l overcome with Sleep, he did Mt go to their Meeting at " that Time I That Cuffi~ aiked the Witnefs, what could " be the Rearon' that Peg!..., w-es calleJ down (0 often ; that " the Witnefs anfwered, he thought P'lgy was diicovericg II the Plot about the Fir~ at the Fort. C:~llte replied, 111C " could not co that unJefs Ihe fl,/v,:o,.e l'{l'ftlf, l't' lau·w ; " for that bt that haa ~lIt tha' nuas /'VJDni IIfte,./he <wr s ."1 It Pr;~". That he left his Maller's Houfe in the Evening " ani'went along the Wharffs to the Fly Market, and U waited there 'til one :.?!!ack came out of his Matter's U Houfe; they two went then to Jvi,,, Hugl:fOu's, where IC they met no body but IllighJo", his Iflft, and DI1U.~l:ttr .. Sarah; that ,.hey called for a Tankard of ~nch ; .that "Hughjo1l fwore !zyad three Times; that they only U drank out their Punch, and then went dow 11 to the Fly: " That the Witnefs thereupon raid to CUft!, that lie be" lieved he knew tbat ii!_Ullcl, and Chat he 1.iveJ with a 'I Butcher i C.ffil replied, .No, he doth not live with a " Butcher, bat he Iwes with a Painter, who lives within a ., few pocm of a Butcher; which Painter's Name was .. RIo/trutH, to the heft of the Witneifes Remembrance.

Converfatlonl,. !hat wh~ they (~t If Fare .t;~'nc: Ttnvn. tbey "!''Qut'tI, It, '" ,10, Ntght; and ,. al the \Vhw Ft1t.l}lle came to cxtinguiih it, they 'ru:aaJj II lill 1m' dl'}'~f()' 1~'t111.

~Vin their

"one orthe

I, T~at fhe hp,sknown at Times. (even or cigbt Guns •• in her Maller'. Houfe, an.l feme Swords J and ha.l f,en .' twenty or thirty Ncgr~s at one Time there; and that at ., ruch large Meetings the three ~(orefaid Negroes Cuffee, c. ezrar and Prince, «cer« c,n/ralb prl/tnl alld 'm/I at7i,vI ; II and ufed to ray, rhal Ih, olh,,. j~roes 'ul1 ",/ rtfllft If} .., tI, what tbe» (o·1tllltlnt!..':! then:; a,,' tfat thry WITt forI c, thty bad a Number Ji1fo ienl to !land /;y ,bt1fl: 'Thai the

" Dtjigll oj611r11iltg tbe Tcwn, tbty 'Would 111m. he,. when~~ IbtJ 1III11Hr. I'!I"




if ever

!hI plI"lill ed or 'iflovereJ


Did the Prifoner Cuffll ever threaten you



M. Barton.



4"t/ Prince,


the RtjI.


.• , That about three Week. after Rte came to Hughfoll's, which was about Midfllmmel' laft, the Negroes were there .. talking of tbe Plot, and iOme of them faid, perhaps the , "would tell, and Cuffit faid, No, file would not. he in.

teQlled to ~ve her for a Wife; and then nm up ~ her; " and Jhe had a Di1hclout in her Hand, which 1hc dabbed . ... in his Face, aDd he ran away. " .
. el

-" That Ctt.ffit told him, that E!.!!acl was married to " the Negro Wench who it Cook to the Fort (to the Goe, vernor) as the Witnefs dnder1100d him. - T}.a~ Cuffit raid, ., tbey were all (d-e Negroes 3.S the: .. Witne{s underftood him) to meet at lfuthfo,,·s the Sun" day after !fl.!!ac~ Wal Sworn, but wme tame and (orne " did not. -" That the Witnefa aiked Cuff", how ~acl did do " it? (meaning the fetting Fire to the Fort) That Cujjfl "anfwered, he could not tell how he did it j but CAlC .. f<.!!ack 'l.wrs f~ do it, ami did ~ it, - " That Cuff' (ltid, they were to meet and have a C1u~ fI at Huthfoll's in the 'Ea1h..r Hollidays, but that the d•••. d '~ Conftables hindered them. ,. the Witners further afked Cllffet, whether he " did not think that the Firing would be IOUf,d out? and It CUIf.:I replied, No. by G·d, he did not think it ever I, would . _H That,the Wieners ;tlked C'!t/ft, whether he tva! not .. afraid that the two Nrgroes who were to be executed the next Monday, would not difcover the Fires about the •• Fort and 1'O\\II? Cu.l{tt anfwcred, he was not afraid of ,I that, for t1mt bt nvas f:ln thry 'WI"'" be burr.f t» Albls h· " IOfi d,t) 'WDuld diftrI'l.J'" it, he 'l.1.'OIl/d Ia_v his Life", It.C(

IDglifm raid they were all iworn, ~r~'{"011 and whifl Peap" ef prefenr, II file underftood; that is, 1.""g"(,11, his fP'ijt,

" That ata Meetin& of the Negroes at Hughfo,,'! Hoare,

•• Dallghltr Sarah, and Pew; and that! Purport of ., the Oath was, tbe» «cer« not to difel'Ver i.", Secrets ., a!Jo.tfiri1lg the Furl, .' ,:/ou/el at the Fly, a"d r!Je wbole .. fCI:'W" J I1lId a"'td mllrdt"j':g Ihe lI'hitl .r)t?i~:_ And " &g"1111 {ajd tol the Negroes prefenr, which w•. ·.~CUffet, •• Clllfor and' Pr;Mt,,}.~rz'-'J~JImltji tau CtUl ; (If' }Oll a", ,,'I "fw""; artd at ehe fame Time the Witne" Caw a Bible, .' as fhe took it to be, in lI"gh/q,,'fi Hand, and when the •• Witner. came..into the Room he laiJ it llpon the Table J . II and then C"jar Ipoketo the Witnef. and cautioned her •• not to teU; and flt4ghi01t made Anf~cr. that fhe dared •, not J aad C~t fai~. 1).•. '1 hit RI.·-J, if hI would tell ...If if he 'WIIS hu,."t; and fo Jiid the other two NeBroca; and fo laid HIJgbjin, bis Wift, Dallghler, Sal'al" . U and 'Pew.


- c, That



A R l' H'U RP R / C E (aid. "That foon after .M Cljfit, the Prifoner at the Bar, came to Goal, .he had , .. wme Dj(courfe with him over a TJOwl or Tankard of .. Punch, being conf1lled in the rame Room te'gethrr, und ,M .&hac, amon&Il other Thin~h Clfifu ["ill, '~ hat he was

_.__ _-_._-------------..


Sfl Sote "tON Arthur r,ic~'J f\',~r.i;f)fI NUMB. JII • h/crt, Laur (p) 111lja'aj 1 ub M.,),. CI Th~t

That :'irftrwam~, upon further Di:nvu-le with (1I1;/,", • "he LiJ. ht, \\'ondtr('~ why they-only took lip fhe L"',~ " f"iJ." E,·s. m:JltfJt th"r, S",id's Fiv ; fo: he 1:1H, , ,• IW l" •. t u.e "r rut 1 was k nowa, 1'-'1 "mlflJ•• • S [' 'f) " I C' oc.u.vv I,' 1 c. F"""HJ Wflt' a; much concerned as the othcrs._ . '


c, r,uillled,


ilt lJle StIJl'lo:h04A:, .\\~, lxtla. and the People were drawn away -(rum t:U!noe " by a new Cl)' of Fin t M r, Pllilipli (CU~I Mdttr: .ncI
••• U

That nrter fa.e Pire


_ " That C,tl'", (aid to the 'Aritncr~t he knew he was to " fufE:r Dea'h, "and wondered why they did not bring him II to his Try;.:; for he was lure he was to go the Way the " other Two weftt j meaning (as he undcrl100U him) the u Negroes Cit/it,. and Prince banged. '
-" That after !i!..u(lrl, the other Prirener at the.Bar, was committed. Cu_.",lIttnever mentioned :l1;Y Thing cen" rernin~ the former Difcourle to the Witnefs; but read, ,. fomerinus, and cried very much."

" Mr. Chl1.whll'l\,verp. fi:mdir,g_ togtther in the G.lfdell " the Storehoufe; and fome body came up anJ told Mr • " Philipli, that they had takel\ C".v out of hi. Houfe aDd. U were carr:ving him to Jail; and that it was he that h~d If the Fire: Mr. P},i/ip/t made Anfwet, How can tha bt·, •• I left him It home at Work making a Vane for the &)11 P " That h. the Witnefs landing near by arA hl"arir.g Ihat, e, {aid, I am Cure I faw him here juft now at the Fire Inc! •• fpoke to him. and he anfwered and I banded him-

nnr ~

" a ButJtet of Water.'


S A R A 11 H 1 G GIN
" .~(ternoon, Fire, " den behind "them, anti u. Pr i'ir.~r at the [;.tl. ,~ let 00
_ If

S f1.il, "That on Sunday the Illy before Col. rbiiip{'s Storehoufe was Ol~' ftw four Negroes lurking about the (~;lr· that Storehoule, but the knew but one of him only by Sight, which WIll C'!lftt, the

] A COB U B S tf o r..r t E N BUR G H bid, That he had known the Pri!ontr (Cut;t) by Sizlt & 'I leng TIme, but .lid not know \',}:o he b~'lon&rdto.


That in the Dllfk of the Evtting. fhe raw fOllr U j\('grOe! in the Lme Gardt:n again; and they feemed to •• keep I':'oflly about ;';'ii~ Brewhouie, w h,:..:h \\,:1~on the " SiJe d tbe Garden oppofite to the faid Srorer.nufe; they d {hufHh" about as tho' they would hide tJ.:~m(.. I~.:;; Sbe Udillingud1Jrdru§tttobeone (t) that he had on s blee .' C\);,t; {he imagined they were upon (ome ill Deugn, " :lnc therefore .got Capt. Phtt:nh's Sons to go along with t' her w.t! Small Arms {Swordsfhe meant} and they went " if! W r it i.er, and Iearcbed Kip\ Bre w houte for the (aid u Ncg_rcl(~. but,'Kl I',Qt find th..:m.-" The faid C:;!,""t'ead come feveral Times to the h " Houfe \\' here Ole ulcd to live, but file did not know be. U fore then, who he belonged to.flid, U That when Col. " I'lll~/1 t 'i Storchou[,. \\:15 on fire, he went to lAin ther ... , " and cuniilg up to it, be met Cuff ..1' (PH t L 1 PH.'s) coming .' out of tbe Door of the Storehoufc, and he nfkcd Cull; " what he did there? Cuff {wore a grC'1t Oath, and faid II Tb« Plnplt «ucr« h:;1ing for 'A'rgl'OtJ. That the '\"itnl'~ f' had a Bucket of Water in his Hand, and gave it tv Cuj; U and bid hira hand it, and he took the Bucket {rom the U Wimd!: CWo had a blue Coat' on lined or f.:('~d " wit~. rcd; and he ki.ew his Voice very \\'cU when lit! " anr~crr:d him. The Whi rr.<jI:lid, he ufed to wCJrk for .. C'tfT'b ~~i\ncrt and knew the Negro very well. ••'

hindered by a Nail catching bold of his Breecha. or be bd ievrd he bad tll ken him ; that be faw him leap out 01 " 'he Window at the End of tbe Scorehoufe, and fo made hafle aw« Y letlpili~ over L .-ual GarJe,n f'encts mace his E'la~~; that then the Wimefs went back Wi. " the Fire-Efll:;ines towards the City-Hall, and he hea~ " the People lay, rhcy had got the Negro; and chen he

That hi! [rhe \\'itnf'f~) we ••t to df.fi a! the Fire at " Mr. Pbilif'/t's SlOa'houfe i and when that I'-ire 'Nil " f'xringuUhed. he was at the Top of tbe Roof, W,1\CIl U : here was another Alarm of Fir" whi,h drew mote_ " the People awa, from thence ~ when "me BOO)' a _ u o\~. ,her"II),'''' Negrots ;1Itht S'OI',bs../i , andlhere bel. " a great ma.ny ~binglcs pulled dl' the Roof, he could fee " down into them, and he efpied out Ct.ffin the Stor•• " next to that en fire; and he WJI letting himfelf dol",. If through the Laths in order to catch him, but he \Va






J0 ns

rz tf E R SON

if it was the i~lrnc N·:gro he Ihould know hua u :lgain I and t.hen, \\M a great <:rowd of People brinaml' .' l.im to Jail; and when tile Witneu faw him, he~. " him to be tbe tame: (Cuffll) thr Pri!Oaer 3t tn,
"(aid, ••li..... r


J S A .1 CG A R D N E R fa,il~, ~ he raw Cuf,.; " t~le Priioner at the Ear, .it the Fi: .. ,a tilt Fort J ,_,. If were Rows made of People in tb.: Ganlen, Ncarotlll' ., well as w hite Men, from the Waler Side 'trot 'he SaU}, u Port, in order to hand Water along to the f'ire, aud tht~ I' Witnefs oblerved, :hat w hen the Becken come to CuJ~ " intleJd of hMltlin~ thCl~! i11o!'~ to the next Man, he ~ul ,. them upon rbe lfrouflll. and vvnfC'~ l,'l,tm, by whki " Meat! t:'f Gn\lna which was nt fI"ft dry and ~ard,be. ~I came io vet, tllat the Witnd;, who flood next him . h ,I W;\5 almo,\ U.l) to tne J\nkle,~ An Mud J and that che I


t ....


CIIjJ' when the Flames or ~he Houfe bra~~~r \cr; hig!" he hUlzah'J, danced, whiu •• tUedlod flln~: and th:'tC the Witners (aid to him) YOI.I ., b1ack j).'g. is th;~ a Time for yeu to Jans:c and make If lame upon fuch a faJ lkcident' and be only laughed and .' whifpen:d to ,"Iharry (Me'S: Ca~pmllr'a Negro) who ftoad " !lext him on the other Side: Whercppon the Witners u (.ing CJ1. }.lflfJrt,:-', raid tq, him, he wijhed he would "{peak to thefe N"f,fOe'J who only laughed, and made u Game whenever hi: forbid them ovtrfeuing the \~later ; • at ~nd that Col. AI'Wh' did fpeak to them J but after hia fI Back was turned, chey went en ;\~ii.n i:. 110 fame Man•• De" and fo centinued 'til they broke c;p flU"\cbc Fire:

'4" i~nt;i' ~'t!en ob(erved

J () URN

A L of the Proce,dings againjl


an Opening only berore to pat his Sodderipg.lr"n in, and thac he wa~ careful to place the Back of it towaf\! • the Wind .. Tiut the Fire wat on the other Side of the Roof, not Dear where he Wia at work.

Mr. Mu',.,.,,} obrerved, That by an All of Afi(mWyor this Province, asin all other His Majelly'sColonie. where there are Negree.. the Negroea Evidence is good ag.1illileach other; and he read the particular Claufcs in the Aa to this Pllrppfe, and further remarked Upo&l the Re.liuna ..

blene" anJ Neceffity of this Law. [fbI 9.";tllof;t

;1 mtnti,.t' in Ihl .,~" l.1'fi tlrr J~'IfI't'1 '.f Ibt firfl /1111/81111111 ;/1 Ibil rrial.J N,tgro £",;illl(l ".fen}"g Cuffee.

!",iJt,u, apElfng both Pri/fNltrJ., •• That he

D 4 N 1 E L GAll

one of the fidl who went up to the Fott


R, Carpenter,



upon the Alanu of the Fire; when he came ~JP towards .. it. he obferved that great Part of the Outfide of the •• loof WIt covered with Smoke, but none for a confidera. H &I. DiAIDc:e (rum ~h;; End nat the Chappel; 'When he ., came upon che Rlmpat:t1 next the Chappel, he wl,l 4f IOU", bow it came, and \\''1~ told it Will occafioned by Plummer'. carrying hil Fire·Pot into the Gutter, II which be was mrnding between the Houfe and the " Chappel <al it WI. a Leaden Gutter which the Plummer .. had been (odctring to ftop ! Leak) and fome:Sparks II the Fire hali blown out of the Pot and eatched tbe •• ShiJ!gta; \\'hereupon the Wllnef~ feeing a Ladder fet tip n apinil the GUittcr, he went up, and Jooking in at the tI dorm.nt Window at the End of the Houfe towards the .11 Chappel, hefaw the InfiJc of the Garret Reef in a Blaze, _, bat there was no Fil'e.within (he believes) Twenty Foot of " the End be Jacked in at.; wherefore he was then of If Opinion it could noc hzve been occafioned by the Plumu mer's worki'18 chcl'c ; (or when the Fire broke: out at ., tbe Top of the Roof, it was, as he thought, Twenty " Foot from the 'End next the Getter ; and he o~;ferved II the Fire brohe cut in feveral Places further; and the II Witnefs Iaid, that 11pI)Il }J:s~rlc View nf i:, he Z:.wc the HCL\ft over tor l~lt

. FOR t[ U N E (WILKlNS', Negro) (.lid, U That on (' Sunday che Day before (;01. Pbi/ip(e'a Storeboufe in New.. S(t~,. w. a. (ec on lire, being fenc by hi. Malter toward. Evening, on an Errand to cheir Appreutlce Uoy, who If Jived in the Bread- Way, he went by the \\- a) of NewfI Sreet, ~il;!rC:l.: la\v Cu.ffi', and 'poke wieh hi.n, and

" Cu

., Houfe of Capt. Phrt"ix, at the L'orn~r of New-Streee • u he raw Cufftl again, and .two Negree: more at fome .1 fmall Diftance from him, but who they\\" re knew not; " that he {poke with Cuj/et, and asked 'l~m what he did Ie there Co late·lhe anfwered, he wti:~ there for hi. ,. Mailer, who wante~ fomethin'g ou~ ,Tjf the Storehoufc"
., and tbac he was toeeme and brin~ tJJ'_: Key with him J 'i on which they parted again: But ..he Witners believed " one of the otheT two Negroet w3~a Spani!rd, bc.~;4ure " wlten he leftC'ilTt.'" he !~c:;;d u.tle of them (",1' him, " Pml'X. .. fJfi St~?t.ior. nrcrn a~ktd by and Cuffil u the Prifoner, to go wi~h them to Ht/~h011'S , but that he ., never did, LIlt was told they had n Dance there every '1 oUler Night."

.. that he (aid he was g(,l;n~ to one of his jV1alttr'~ SeoreIf boures, Oil which they piirted, and the Wituc:s went .~ to the Broad- Way, and tarried there 'tiJ it was duskifh , Cf that he returned the fame Way, and as he c:aID'! by the


The Witncrs ~kl, "Tha:



Pr.» .r





,J ILl, 1 if R 1) the Plun··mer fa~d, .. 'fti3t he " ihon~ht tilt Fire could Mt have been o(,cnliclled by his
• working there, for th~\: he was very caieful uf the Fire ,. he catt;('d tip, and he hd a f.:oldier to n!tenu him ] If ,11Mh;s File·['ot was ft.:t on a 1:,):trJ wLi(h Lid over the u,Gutt::r frem the Ch1rp~1 to ahe HOIJf(·, but wa, much If lower Ihan th~ d'Jrm;lnt WitiJ,.,w ~ rh:\t h- did not II flr',lk t 1;1: :1!1YSp n!{f of Fire diJ P v out of I l.e Fire- POl; ", for it \\.1. a:l il'~1 P.J~ !i!.~ a L',ik L:lnl1.01", with ,:'~d

1lt'gI'I Evi.lmcd
I, H

a.fc:lilll. <l2l\ck alit! Cuft'·e.


SAN D r (aid, U That he herrd ft!tld~ al'1(1 C~{fel Jar, tlh\t they woulJ fet lire to Mr. FN1W'e'J Storehoufe, " '1'1 at CZ!t!'r1 rdd~ Dv--m him, th1t hang him or burn him, he W'l\J1J !~'ttire :0 tuc Town,


dw\'·,:~~~!!. 1J1J1lf,ll " fi'~~ l'4JI rl,.., ~", ». i '4 r'~ilt.ll1I"""!!'1I1 ;* ih Ftr': TN Wilt,_ ~fkR hi..... . A R r BUR 'T 0 N r.id, U Tbl~ the lw! ortt. J( What Alttr ..iionl ~ To ·",hich rf!.!"(1 '':p,tcd. " ... " .. , ... (eeD. f!!.iMI at HuZl{o,,', Door, Ilonl w~th C":ffil .., F"" ru.."IJ ;., b'Vt'1rf: .1'...; W~cneh; alkro ;. ~m ""ho WflUlci .. (PHI LIP.,'.) Cf6.!ar (VAAICE'S) and Pri"" (Aulo Cw ff do it t !f!.!flt/' r.te~. VOll mlty (cOr 1>:iJ,/t". ... 'AU'5) b~t Dowr (i&Whj~ withil the Huwfc. 4, and he will t,!) roa. l'bat the W itnef, d\.d Ilk NIMn',


Q... ck 'IJ;' ..





E'lIiM"r, ~.JIljIQ!,t;k,

'0 RTU N E, (Wll.c:nut.,~ (aid, U That ~/ul, . , about a Week or Ten D,'1'. ';. ~ v .the Fort \\'II burnt, el (beJnU on a Sunday Aftemoon) c.Idirtd;;he Witne' to .t cUe Walk with him, And ,hathewtDtwidl·kiln ill~o •• the (~mmon J where ~~tj left hi .. I little while, .. uri Mnt down iDeo tbe Swam;,. near tbe Powder Houre. '4 wh(·"C ~ ~ala'w:rcd fomethillJ. ud ~ &0 .hi. ....apin.

W~\O waa to bunt tt.e Fo&t r Iri) ",I\ich h. " &r.lwered, ~,!Iltt, bi~ftV' (-Saru9) .Iid G O.~ J" "CII", .. cb:)' wo~ld do it.




That thr n'''() DlIy I'tl!'{ the Fire at1h., Port, rbe w.~ c, M!$ me, S.,,'; (NIIL.TIS ~;tg'o) who (aid 10 kim, ", Ii ha'l." ;kIt' ,''' B".fiMfi I lIrJd -the fame Day t~ Wit_ •• met ~flllcl, . Iwho !ikewifC {aid 10 hill\. - 9'At ,~" it • •• rill",; ThercuJlDn the W itnd'ta i1:":'\Ihiul, fI';,~ Ef"jiw/l' .. ~(j replied, 7i.1 FlR't is /,,,,.11/ J .'1 1*••• .,..,. c, Ihlll I 1M, II:I~I w,.)1 k".,., AItI,,.,iMJ "";

•• That when lie catN: bQ~\, th 'Witliler. aIItd bi. II hi*';V, NIBLETt, S.1I,y, aDd Go.. "" C!l1t hid ~ t, .,bat h,: had gor 1 He anrwer~, _r.. w~uJd llOt tell hi.n J .. ie. "4' bur then IItktd 1M Wimef. to go d~'''''D with him to .. the Fort, and fald ht w~1d give him (~~mePur-eli: 8 AND r, IUU S"WWIJ (N1.1.'''T.~A Nepol ~ '1 Th.t~ing11 the Witneft watwith Q,ft to &De II 1·~~ ._~t thm: W'.clu ,-rOlf tile Fire 11.. ... Fore I tbouch he did DOt SO "" willi .. '" ." !t!atl .. eel him, ".fot ,. 'Art • F"" IIICI .. _- " .f 'y~'ilfacf. anfwerel. No, he would IaOt nISi the 01 ''',That when tbey CUll to cbt Fort, ~'.tl urried .. beh'l hanp J but that he miaht .. 10 H··II aDd" • ••lim into the Kitchen, where he kept hi. 'til it bep~ ~ .. d-..-t!:, Tha& chcG .t.ueA faid. be would tip ~ W~~ " II i!'ow dark, and.wlleD she WitDdi told him " f' be loing J (or tMe &he W.celi' wouW take him Gp :

" F"."


And ~a(1

toU him at ,he fame Ttme ... \~",



*" ....

If ~.lj

ufwered, lIMn ~


Dhpr. of dlAC.


Q!ack ... 011&

'&nrca} raid, ., That 'her two pirtil:lhrf1 ...... .. That ~lIMj II" him DO Paach -at the Fort, bit .. a(ked him to drink a Dl'IID J pcb ~e..rural J and f' IiIJi_g liH G,IIIII.,,,, ,,~.tIlIli"l IN;' WIwI. t"-"· cu.e 10 Jail, " II fo both cam~ Iwa, (rcnn tbdce copther. keepmc •• kIva J chaa be heard J<_u,} uy, •• Company 'lj1) tlacy came to Capaain p,.,ftt~Houfct. .. IHI'" llinu ~",F", • .. where dtcy p,rttd; &be Wicaeli, RtIIIDi"l holUl, aad t4 ~.tj, .,cbe Wifaefa be~td. wan back co the )i'on. ·Wi~ called .t the Reqad of '.·PrJ.....


.•• This Wli all thar pined be'..eeD theWitneli lind If !l.!.tj It their 'rA ",ing, o~ Suac:ia,. Aftern, .. D. o


F",,. 7A..:,

JlltI& B",.ji.,



.AtItf/I PJnIi;/I, l\IiJ. .. T~'t about tii'" Days after that, the Witne(. met Mr. Niblll, fe' ~.ci ~~ain. .neu Mn. c.rJ#IIIfr·" ,where .t,ud ,c .Or.d ,he w'tacf.. wh, be Wal b ruth liafte wbei h' .. wu Ian at the Port: Teo ~hich ti'e W hneli anfwmd, ADO L P H PHI LIP & .Jr, Frq. .( •• that he w••• fraid,of ;_ Walth: fl.!lul replied, there Mailer) ~, That all he could decfarc about hlrR ..... 'f. was DO Ft!IJ of that, and IDviled hil1J to come to fee 'f That tilt, Afternoon his NfP~W" (l:ol. Pbi/illb, Store•• him apin N the Fort; but the Wiener. refufed, ray. .~ hO'Jfe \VII 01 'ret he had left bim at llt'me .10t It.... If ing that hchad,pfOlDi(cd him PWlCbbe(ora, ad pt n befor~ ~hz Alarm of ehe Fire .i work, V .. • him 110... .. upon a ~,.rd (or hit Boat I caal. CO C~t~ hia l.-, -.f That .beat two 'Day. ·bcfOre the 'ort ... bumt, U c:aulcl fa, Nothi ... ~ he met !l... ,j 'Iain Mar Mn. RitiItl:'.. whtre ~ .. G

wil Pa,.'III,


C"twi", 1#',111,


R"'./i'WII,~ MI'';




'e"'''1 •


,'!:?JII'A" Miller (Mr. ROM.vaL.,.)

nnu his ~on l'oth

" May it plttl.fo your lion ours , (.~d )'OU
" .Gentlemrn of the Jury;
u THE ~'art nffigned to me .on thiq T ri:t L 'is fo (:.1m up U ,the Evidence which y.)U have Leard: And in ... .. general it may be obierved, that a moil Ilorrid Cuafpi': .. racy II:!!'.' been (ormt.'l.I, IQ buvn ibis t,;,:., ana t» dtj1roy ,. /l'e lI'bile /'r"p/e.

dcclflrc,d, of' Tilae ~4tl wat employed metl Part of IhM '! M~fllirg rne Fore Wit firt.41, from the Time they get •• up, iI' cutting away the Ice out of the YarJ; thut l.e " wa, h,,~l)' ever out of their Sight all that Morning, bu1. .1 ,~ ".OIlUfime while lhq were at 'Brtakfail; and that ',\( .II~)' could DOr. think he could tlur \,lur~illg h.t.V~ OOtn . 'Jm their Ho,"I" 10 Jar as dl. 1:\;lt.


E P 1V",e


0 NA L D

being called anJ

i,worn fc

~b~ 1Ny, .t\.


H That the Day the Fort ,'n' fired, he Ilood Sentry at the Gate' about Eleven c.,1 t10tk in the Morning. a little "betorc or after; and that f:}_gark csme tip to the Gate and " QfF\!l'cd to eeme ir; the Witne,i C.1<1.hf knew that l}~e "Gr:vernor had Come Time before forbid him coming to II the Fort, and therefore he Icrupled toJ let him in ; I~a(~ .. anfwered. that he was flce I1(JW i4no had Liberty '0 C;(,1IDC ;

., ,1. ~i'e P;ot ; feme 11'/.>it,'J, aN.i many fllaJr. ; t"t ~L! ,. Place of their gCI1 ,I Reudez ...ous \\,'1~ t .....' i!i I\'~' of r " JOJ,1I Hugh/int. TtI:,t there Thirty Nq'oc~ :: .\(' .l,.:t " at a Time. Th~t ,lidr M{~tiflg!i were chiefly en Sund: •.v« " That Hug~fon) ali the Capt:lin of this H £ L L I , H ~!\ 'i L'.
"(wore CI That

• That ~re.'\t Numbers of Pcr(om have I'crr c ""~'~",r'd ,

himielf. and etners into tilia illr;';' c.:C'It:~uj,:r·;l.'v, fome Arms and Amrrl-unition were provided hr HugJ..jrl" (or the Purpor;.... And that tlu- t\ight Seafou

'10 and fa he let him paa.


was agreed on for the pu ttlng it in Execution.

'11;t'he (artlc Gate, and !~4.lt (:he Pr ifoue, 1 '\adat;' ~ ill od'er to 8" to the GO"crncl'~ II'lufe; ~nd. I( tilt Wilner. k.new that the Governor had before t&n i, Jattl,. forbid him coming there J and therefore oppofed If hd Entrance within the Gatc ; but E!yac~ was refolute, •• alK! put'hed forward whether he would or no, ~n d 'aid " be would go in! The W ienefj then bid him take what

Or.!} N;s't

.. That not :on~ before ehat, the 'Vitl'lefs was poflcd

" Gentlcnze»,
u ~?Scheme more lnonttrous couU have been invented; " nor can any Ttling be tbQUght of more foolilh, titan " the Motives ehnt induced there: Wretchet to enter into it! " What more, ridiculoua, than that Hughfo" in C-lnfequenc6 _.e of tru& Scheme, fhould become a Xi"" e,fo,. (lIow'ia ~ibbets a ChvtrtIor I That the White Men fi}(;ulJ be all "killed, and the Wdt.l1tft become a. Prey to the rapacious .c L\Ji\ (If thefe Villains.f That tbe'" Slaves fhould tl:ereb, u ellablifh thcmfelves in Peace ~;,:'Id reedom in the plunder'd F H Vt·eatth of th~ir flaughtcr'd Mdlen f 'Tis hard to tay .e W he_f ,,,, Hl'jdiMtt!fi or ihe 1~/!J of this Defign i. .. the Greater: And had it not beeo il\ Part executed It before it was difaJ'ftl'ed s we fuould With great Difficulty c. have been perfuaded to believe it poffible, that fuch a "wirl,,' and flilVh Pill could be contriYed by lilT " <':(eatule~ in Human Shape,

•• lollowed, and dubbed' hh Fjretack ancl knocked him II down: That then !!!!tarA got up again and collar'd the ~Ylil_ and"cried out Mflrdrr; and the Witnef, was If pins .to ftrike hin\ again, and the Officer of the Guard '~ hearing a Buillr., called to the Witnefs, and forbid him fC tbikir" him any more; and :zyar~ then run in a-Doors ~' bim •. I:':J ,tumcd l1im
.. into the GCWornCir', Kitchen;

and tht:y went and fctchui

or- the f'~I'.

lad BEEKMANrJid."~arlt. lU waf employed laft \\:ar '~o work at the New Bauery, ~' and tbat he: minded his 8~ii.lld~t:r) well. U v


Ttl f.)~her Witntro:~ called nt the 1'.cq'le!l tOacra, 'i:J nothil1S mort niil(Crin;.


.~ Yet, 0(1';11111U11, bCRECfILJ 'U foch a Plot would " have Ieemcd to have been, the Event has in Part proved .. it' to be REAL. Whence «Me could 10 m'tnr Fires hJ\'C u been 11ght«1,up aU ~round ~OIJ in fo t},Yit a Time, with •• evi\iL'nt Milfks of wilful Dcfi61l t A I )CJiZh tbat

cUI.ld r:ut be executed u",t

t,; j\, v ..ral H.wJs .

. ThfJ Pr;foner. bring IIfj(l"tJ, wIJ:,t tlilY hr..II to drL:r ill' their Defence'l they off.;rcd NI>~hing but percn.p.ory Deni;'l9 of what h.d b(,', II ti:Llith.J ..ig .ilfl\ tfi(;m, and
Profv~\tl~nI ~t lb~lr L:l .. ;;'",,:;;. (

Mr. S"Jil I, lhe "p"o"':e'.J.d l 0 0 -s J P .UlU remar huron tltC.~'1;'L'n".' •• u.d ',J(JLe a~ l(;,:o.·, d!:: .

•. ~\u"\'~ G';flfl(l:tert, the rri{t1ner~ at the Bar Il!\nd chargd c. \\;(1i L.~il1g plir)(;ip:,J Parties in lhit- TRAG1C,\L Vii"ICN. " 1''1'1 two vf the prime. (l.<t'r,d ". il< ~ ~lIa{l fur 61tnllftg " /';.1 ,\ 'ai~j1/I lJ,ufl ifl IJot FII' I, and Clljit fvr hUIIIIII!,.' •. ell/. IJbtlipk'I.,s,wthuNJi.


t f,aw requircE 'ne oath to be adminiilered to them, II'Id 'Afterwards Mr. ~".It~ proe~('d to ob:cTve on the 'ff in,1"frl it \\c;,l.; !et.·m to he a Frclanatlon of ie, tQ ad. 1('ver~i l';!rts the: Ev!rlC'n,~' n~aillll each of the: l'ri((.neri ; particularly to Ihew, tlwt Ct!!/'t'; was one f,f the fi~U (,f " mio';tlt'r it t/! il. IL.!rh n in the It:gal Form. You have I; !.'Ii tbl the Court h,lqput them ur der the moll: fclemn the Negroes that were (worn into the Plot t.o /z't'''! :1O~ u CUJlkr, Ijw rleir {null Knowledge ci Rc:'i~ion tan "'lit'(/(,. i That he appeared one of the mnll jorww.l an',l f; :,c.,jl,T them opble uf.- The Being and PerfelHOl'l!l of "fi.;\,f' in pro"vltin.g it; Th:lt Mr. Phi1l/t'f; StolchOl,le AI.L KNOWINU .U1J rvvr GOD: mel L.Y CrVN!t' Circumtlanees arrc,ueJ to) have ~l'n wilFJfI.v (t;t 'I an Al.r.11I,;Un·, H the Tenor! fir nil eternll World, have been pJiiiniy laid on nre; 'j'htt the Pdloner declare.l that he wId] l.urn hefore tl.cni, nnd thong1y prcfled upon them. V~llefs that Store1L'u(e l That he was fccn ,h·p! heiMt th' Fire (J tl:t·y were prddr1J L'hlliiians, and had taken upon them 'b~~ke ou., in a {uf{,icinus Appe:'lr:lr.ce, and wns pre'~:Lt at the Time of it; and at the Cry of fome filTh;;", that " the Bonds ul:d Obligations of that Religion, tbeir H';nl " with the CU·II.'C'i!J that have been uled, I fuppofe will be Nezroes were in the Storehoufe, the Prifor er jlimrcJ out w t.,' (ll a Window. leaped over two Fences and ran awoy, 1$ c, If thn!lght by )OU, :1'; fati~fatlor, as any Oath thatcouldh.ave ''(hat he rt't:m~d fxcreJl"61y weft P leafed w.th' (},e nrc at " beca deviled, Hut, (;t·:J.'!OM.":, the Court has no PoweHo the Fort i ovcrr.;t the Buckets that we're f1;\'d "'ilh W.:f.:r. f' :;Jm:,,:,lrr an Oaih but in the common Form: And if ar.d did what he could to prevent the r.l('tin~\;iflling of that If Pagan Negroe« could not be receiv ed as Wjtr.dle~ againA fire, &~. And then inferred from the F... \$ proved, and c f'tach o~~~.r\"~i!;Jt.'lt~(t';.(';>~ ~;.,..;:~ Jegal form I it il i1 ."" '...".~ t .... >, .• ,Circumlianccs anending them, 'that there appeM"d ,,·Minl ""."'; '!Y-"·;·~.;·~:"'\j\!e.hat t he g'eaten11 \"11 ames wou Id O,,~D t 1 F'rtfumptio1l o( Guilt, which the Law efteems I"ULL (f pafs wi'~l Impunity,




ft Before I conclede, I· can't help ohrnving to you, As to f'ulul he obferved, thnt tbe Witnefres proved 41 GillIlan"" that by divers Parts of the: Evidence, it 'ppearl that .......:; (~l/a(lf~as (~om into the Conrpiracy, and particularly U thilt this hqrrid Sane of 1l1iijuif) h<tb been chiefl), con· that he had agrerd to burn the Fort; tbat he repealed Iy 'ftrived and promoted at Meetings of Negroes in great {aid he would do Jt s That the Fire where it broke out ,'" Numbers 011 SIIr.'a)'J. This inllrutlive l:il'CuDltiance could not eaftty be accounted for from any accidenta; Caufe j "may teach U S many Lefions both of Reproof &J~ 'That the Prifl)ner hacj confeffed the Crime both IM:fore'he " Caution; which J (Jr.ly hint at" and OaaJl leave ~e II Ded«tion of 'he l'articulan to every one', Re&aioD~ wa. apprehendC'd and fi~ce.hehad been in Jail: All wlddl , amO~llltto FU LL PROOF. ro I'


The particular Remarks on the Teftimony of the WitIlelrrs to the feveral Points before mentioned. are here omitted fer the Sake of Brevity,_ bocau" the Subftance ·of 'he EwdcDCC it before related. ·Thea (oncluded,
• II


The monfirous Ingl'atitude of tMs black Tribe, Is wIPe exceedingly aggray"tes their GgHt. Their Slavcl7



Thu ••


I have diftinguifhed the feveral

Points ot the Evidence 'agairift the Prifontfl, and have repeated til;,' Subftance of what elt.b Wienefs has (aid H to each Point, and fhaU'leave it to you to determine " whether t.~e Pdfoners are guilty or not. I have enoea.,. voured to Jay no more Weight upon any Part of the .., Eviden\:e, ,·~,;·.tJt iU well bear, w I hope I hsve not ·II urged any C»nfcq;xIKC which the Faa prond will not •• fairl), warraor, ,.


.. G,ntkmt", The Prifonen have been indulged with the .., fume Kind O! Trial II i. due to Frtltltn. though CheT It might have b~lm proceeded againtl in a more rummary .. ' arM!lee. favourab:, Way. The ~gro.a,idellce, in the U Maner in which i~has been produced, b warranted by :' tbe A& of Aa;~lUi)Jy chiC has be,n read'to you ~ The

among us is generally foftned with greatIndul&en~ " The)' live without Care, and .ire commonly better fed e. and c1oathed, and put to Jcli Labour, than the P",. pi fI moll Chrifiian Countria. They are incleed S/,w/, but "under the Prote8Jon of the NODe can hurt theua " with Impunity. They are reilly more heppy in ·em. .. PJace, than in the Midft~rthe 4!ontinual Plunder, Cruelty fl and Rapine of their Naliv~ Countries: But Notwith.. ftandilli 411 the Kindnefs and Tendern~f. with which c, they havebeen treated amollgft us, yet this is the (,c:oDd 'c Attempt of the fame Kind, that this hru~1h an~ blt"ody "Specie .. of Mankind have made within one ill" (l) c, That Ju1lice that was provoked by former .~jr(J and ehe " innocent Blood that was fpih in your Streets, lhouJd have .' been a pel petual Terror to the Negl'oe. that furvivcd'che .. YcngcaDQC o£ that Day, and 11: luld.h&ve been a WarniDa


(It) AI/lldi 1I_r 10 ~[., Ntt. I'Q P /1/ jill 71 z. "ifon PCi8y'l E;(aminllliOfl, NUMls.l. 91b Al4J. G 1.

"DlI' "1'''

j Q, U RNA L
.. lOan chat·hld"_' Irrer them r


th, Proceedil1gl' again)'

~. co.t

we than Ile\'er be q~lte fafe, 'til that wicked nice. .. are undtl more Rellra~nr, or their Number gn:ady "·reduced within this City. But I Olin not infift furlilicr, ,. but refer ),ou,. Gill''';''''', to the Di{fc\ion of the u,~lrt • H and if tbe Evadence aga;nft there Pri~r.ers proves fuBic,ienc " in your Judgment to convialhem, f make no doubll but .. YOIl will brinlin a Vcrdiit accordingly,. aDd do whaf in " you lie. to rid this Country of Come of cbe w ilcU \,;rcal~urCi

But I f'_"


ntr. of it, you might well hive refk:~1ed, ),011 thar haft' Stnlt. d""lit there ita GOD abov., who haa alw ..YIa cleu



View of ill y,our ABiont I who feel into rhe m.JIt fec:ret if Rf:Cl{f~sut the Hearc,lad knoweth all your Tho'lghta t. It 1h.,11 he not, do J' think, tor all thi" bring Yo.,J lntu It JuJgmt'nf, at thac nnal anJ g,'cllr I)<A}' of AI.'c:~'ul1r', , .. DIf)' of JUd&Olt'nL. when the mni'r I~'crct i rt\<.:h~ty WIlt· .. be d.lelufc:d. and bid Lpen (Q till; Ilcw. allj "'\lCI)' one If will be rrwarded aCl.:ajin~ to tncir L)c:cd~, :1'1<1 rhe.r l... ti!I c. of that Degree of ~e"II;IIl. whicb \;ul.i All1li~~lt¥ !at .. entr~ll.ed them with." were for defiroying us without Me ..q; )i .. abjC'a Wre'chee, the Ou',alh "I' the Na~ions of t.le Earth, "au: treated here with Tc:aderncl~ and Hum wiey; and, 1 .. wilh I could Qot fay, with too gr~lt Inu\1lgcnce alfl); fur ••nil have grown \\'anton with Exce(s of Liberty. aId your H IJltnel6 hal proved ),our Ruin i ha.ving given yOlt the .. Opp.)ftllmcie, of forming thi. yillainous and dete!btl '! .. ConfpirJCY I a cheme CDmpoundcd # of the fouleR ar c, .. " bJackeft Vic.a. Treachery, Blood·thir(tincr.~ & Ingratitlld~. .... 8&1r I)c. I'IOI.deccrived, God Almighty only C.1n, and wili .. preperdoil Punilhmenci to Ment" Offi:nces, Y, that have •• {hew" no Metey hete, and have been for deRroying all .e about }I, and. involving them in one General Mafucre •• and Ruin, What Hopes an J' have of Mercy in the ,A' other World' For 1h.1I~"the JuJg, " alllbi Earl. .... Righi' J.ct.. in Compasron advi(e " then. " Thlre are but I few Momentl between." and~Eternity , It 7i oughc therefore feriouOy to lay to Heart thefe "Tbingl ; carneLlly' and for row fully to bewail your men." (trOUI and crying Sins, in thi, your Extremity; and if .. " woWd rca~nably entertain any Hopes of Mercy at the " Hands of GOO, )'1 mua·thew Mercy helle >.urCelvCl, . U an. make what Amends J" ca'1 before ." leave u,. .. Cor the Mifchief you blve atread y .Jbnt. by ~reventinl " any m.orebeing done. -Donat thec,r ),ou&lvel. fM II 'he lame Mealure which you give. us here, will be mea- ' ,. Cured to you again in the other World: ", muft con" " fl:l. yo~r whole Guilt, as to the Offences or whic'h " u ftand convWed, and for wbich J' will pre(enrly receive •• judgmr..lt ~ 2''1 mgt\, difcovcr tho whole Scene of Ini .. II qui'y which hal been contriwd in thi.montlroul Con.. feuera,y. tbe chief Authors and ACtors, and all and ever, .. the Parties concerned, aidb:agand ilffillin&,~hereint thac b, u yCll1r Mean. f\ full nor mAy be put to this horrible and U cevilifh Undt'ftaking., Ana ,chefe Ire the only Me ... U left yt CO lhew Mtrc,. t and thl!! oni r reli(onl&bJ, f4 Grounds }let" go upon, CO cntertli" Iny Hopn ol '1 Mercy at the Handa of GOD, ._fgrc wJ.aole Judl.nle • •• S,ac 1., ar,.OIl Co 'f'poIl'.

Then the Jury were clulrged,' and a Conftable was (worn attend them IS ufuu I i and d·.ey withdrew; and Lciug lOon .urned, fouodthe Prifollen Guiltl of boca lndiamcnta •.

..r, that

The Pri(onefl were alked, Whit they had to omir in Arreft of jud~meftt. why they ilwulJ not receive Sentttnce '" Death l And they ofF\:ring nothing but lUpotilioat· at. ~rotcll1&ions of t~eir InnocenceJ f:~l'

Tie TRiaD JVSlfICI lowerh. .

proceeJed to Smttnct;

u toJ.;.

Qeack .",",Cufee, tb.C";III;"RU ., tlH B"'i ",
both now Lland coDviG\ed of one o( the m~ " horrid ,and deteftablc, Pieces of Villainy. that ever I. Satan inRiUcd into the Heart of human Crcatu~ to:put '''In ~raaice: aad' the reft of your Colour, tho' you,;ar. .e called Silva ill thit Country , yet are.)ID&I· all' far, ,Jery ", far, from, the Condition. of other. S I.fea in oUier Q'IlD- • It' t~iesJ .nay, your'Lot is fuperiour to that of ThouCanda of u white People: You are furnithed with aU cheNc:ccf·· ., rariel of Lire, Meat,. Drink and Cloathing, widlout .. Carc, in a'much better Manner lhan you could p.rolride .•• for yoW'!elves,. were )'OU at Libert)' ; al the ~rcri~~1e , ., Condition-ofnuny Free People here of your Comp,lellion ." might abundantly' convince y?u: W~at then could ." prompt 'you co undertake fo VIle, fo wicked, fo menJ' i\roUS, fo execrable andbellHh a Scheme, as to'mulldcr !" IDd deft roy your own M1iflera and Bencfaaors P Na)t' to dellroy. Root and U~n'h,.aIJ Ihl Whit, P.,gp/I Ufbil I, tin 'Wb~/flO'W1l in AIm. i

.. you



.e • ,;.", ."J '-J


not which is the mer afionj(hi~g. !tlle .. extreme Fat!!, or WirAtt!','lli, of fo baft- do'd f1liJcldri~ a .. Con(t'lracy I c.o any View of Liberty or Guvtlrn. .. ment yo" could propore c~ your(ci-vt:;" • upon ell. S IJc1:t'f~ " oH~".rning the City, Tobblng. t"Hc.:hrrll1g lind dc1IrO~IJng ... !l.e "'labitanh I what cO\JlJ it be I.'xpecttd to.",u ill •. in ., the Acco4Jnt of any rationJI ,Hul CCiliftdemtc (eli;,n iW11~ng ~ fa,,- but yQ~r own Deiludiuo l Ami ,Ai 'u Lh~Wltkcd-


1b,ConfpiratDrJ a' New-York, 11+ I.
len'. this World, when your SOllls put ofF ... h't: llo-~tS of (;IIY, )" nlall hI(",., litllh, BlaHs IL~t ; .. ~!" ;11;'; ,1','11 "!JUI' S~i'ill 1iMl/ vani/h , jill' Ib, flit AI:, .. IJ.i1J (, ".It to 1-,: No, )'our &"Jli are immortal; they waU • II\C UI'('V';f, et: . r to be etefllllly happy, or eternally , .. r!lik~~lJlC: iu UiC' ,aLar W,orld. where yO'J are now
.. 1~

'. r; C"U"'IOt he




ftupid (urel". _ to im1lginf,


SA 'fa R BJ 2~



T n IS

Day QgllcA and Clift' were Stake accordillJ "to Sen~n~ ".

cx""ccd at tJ.t.

.. ~,.}In&.

., ]'".'1 fifH:ael,1 and in .rneft M'pent you of' your abo• minable SiU'. ami implore ~o(' divine Allhlancc at Ihil .. crir-ea}. J. rll!ture, 11' \\ofkil1g out 'he gn .,t. and mcmenu tousArtl~:t.: at the S.. lvlition uf your Su~1s t upon yOiJf 6l n.akw~ ;:I) tht: Amends, and giving.lll the Sati5f,:tlion

thtir Countenancts, ~I,d looked a~ if they would.a1ad1y ~. dif overed all they knew of dill IICCMrJt. ,~ht.t,cq~ S ,'" have bad any Eecourar;t'mrm to hope for a Repric,~. But ., the Cafe W&f,.they milht fiattcr tbomfolYCI wIth ·H •• , They be Ih fCelned iDClinabie tQ make fome Conle8ioa I .. onl.,~fficLJ1ty between thelll at laft heiDI- 'WiJl41IIIIJ /IHA /11';1. Mr.MJOr'I. the Deputy Secretary" undertook. UDII, to examine [hem both, endeavouring to perruade, .. ,. ,. Here )1 myft ha,Yt ]ulHce • (or the Juftice ef hUIllUi conft(~ therr Guilr, and all they kpew of the Mal*; 'MCi • •' l.~IWI hal at Jtngch overtaken J' J and we oUiht to be out 1::&:8; till at ~Ilg.th Mr. R_jwllI came.. gp ~o ,~lilD, u v"ry thankful, and tt\(Clll it ~ moll -m~iful and wo~. and laid Re would u.,dert\lke ~Rljt ",aUft·.u:M",., e~... •• drou- At1 of hoviuc:rll.c', that your 1 reachuie. and VII· milled Clljjtl , but before the}' could proceed coche Purpow, .. la;n'~ bn. b.·en diICO\cred; ,hat your Plot and (,.'on-· each of mem was obliged to flatter hi. tefpetlive Criminal. .. triunces, your hidden Works of Darknef. have been lbat his h ,t brlt)ught &0 L;abc. and 'lope in their Carrter. Tb.t i" tIN. ftiled: ·}o'cllow·SI.lfR'rC:1" aJ ~&ua ; which Strarl,cm,.. Mr. Lfwllt 1tuck to!l~A a1coaet)lcr. ~aadMI. "~/fj"" ""I lI.e:b.llhJH /;.""IIiJ/; privilY Iw J'lIr jlPcrt took CUff'b (.;onfenion,.andfome&imel .1.(0 MiDa.or .. 1'Il:'1I FII' Qrt ;•. J rblll Ih, /ll"'" Mi/rbitJ 'Whi,b )'61; what each {aad; zJ· af(crwarJ. lI,pOn drawi. up their .. [.~,tle IQIt',iv'. fit' ,,:btl'l •• nd b."" ;/1 P.rl ,/titlllt", iI M Confd1iont in Form from lbeil'. MinulC6, ,bey &here_ " kn.~/,~ JIlI~. 111'"J'III' '·Ui. PllltS J whereby 'he Sentence illCcrmixcd. what came bom cacho .. w Ilich 1 alllJK)W to 2fOllounce, will be julli6cd a&,hill. • )1 Ii which is, is inracn of your POWU5, by Ii '~11 and wmpleat .. Lli:~o\'(:"y cl the LOIll'piraty, arid of the te\i'eral rerf~1l5 .. n_.I.(.(fncd III it, a. 1 have obierve.i lO')1 before; chen u 'I:d onty upon ~b,de umditiollJ, C'!ll.JI ra'onabiy e.. •• \ c',t ~:rrl)' ;it the Hands of God Almipty, for your " lXlor, wI.:tched anulnifc:rablc Souls.
u \\

The Spelb.tOfI at thb F.xec~tion wept .ry num~u,~: About lo'Cl(Jck tile Criini~AJs were broughttothe Selke, 1')rfOl'nJcd with Piles of Wood re.tdy for rcning flrc to; which the People: were 'Jt'ryin1patienl to have done, their Rcientmenta beirg raifld to the utmoft Pictb'laiBft the••. and no Wonder. The CriruiniiJa fhew'd areac Tenor i.




~ack'. Cq"jtjJiDn


tM St.,


'rhat ),011 and each or you 6ecarried rrom henee to •• the Pl.ce from whence you came, and from thence ,r' to the 1'1Ice of Execution, where ),ou and each of ... ),ou fbj&l1 chained to a Stake, and burll~ to Death. be

I, ,. THAT

III fIli'•

• And the Lurd .bave Mrrcy ufon your poor, wfC"hcd

" 11,,,/0 ~
I. u

HII,b/f~ rw.'lbtJit;f CIIII,./WI" '.!'),lfNW ,. PhI, a"d PromlJtlr o/i/;' which wa~ I. &111'1' t•
IIJI ....
'UUlU 'j


Ol'4itrttJ. That the Exerutlon or the raid . !<!J.tl and «up, be (In Saturday lb, ,olh of thit Jni\anr, between the Honr. ofOae lad t;cven o'Cluck iD 'he Afternoon of tho
lame 1)a),.

.. tlicnPr;lIlt, AVllulfNIAU'., C"./it, PHILIPllt, J ancI .. ochers, amollgft whom were O'd KJ p', N .... o·J· R.I_, If ClfAMJIIS'. ; C~tl. GOMI,z'. J CODWIU'" It and &nocherjZ".1 J\i:;;r:, ,baL l:ook.!Dr him,

Cui'.:e raid, ,II jill. I/;, Pion •••. . That HugYo1l brought ;n arB C,,/iI,. V,u:aec'l t-


CO\lIft aajoarneU till Taa.r"IY the ad of ,'C1UQk in ,be Mornins.




ThAt he' f(~nr; did "re the Fort, that it ... by .. ' •• lif.httd Stick tIlA,'J "II Str·v.,,11 H.JI, .bo*I IiI'" ..• 'CIKi III Nigbll that he wtnt up tbe back Stall. ",ida. II it. and (0 thrnltgh FR,.har~·. Room I and,.,';1 ",,,,.'. " GuM", 1,ItW;NI ,'" Ski",I", .u11J, ~" I;' R.JI.


~ ..r'C,.

.~ 4. "'T_t

,op &oSuaday A~n~n, a Month before " the Firin. of the Fort, lIVe,. Ii Bv-wlo[ PHII,h, the Can•• fecltraCII'at p.g/J.fotl'., (amoag1l w~Ol1)_werethe Cenfe-~ deratea abovenamd, AlballJ, and ficll, alias lPiIl, ] '" anel c",1, COMF01T'S J OM Bl#th,11 (I) Ctefar, and Guy " HOUFJlLn';'l' '["", VAN RANT~ts J Cletar, PECK'S; ," ",",!,tjltr, ant{·others) -voted him 9!.!acl, as ha·1'!i".~ a "f, ,,,,Vi ;11 t /t. [.;"'/, to. be the PerCon w no Iheuld fire th" (m) S""~,, and Jaelt COD\h:!I$':!; Ctefo" and Gil) ~1l-loU,.uLD'S ; wer« t'l affia him in it.


1+. ff Said, he waa Dot fworn by' 1111"1·",,, ' 'but'othen ~ , .were. (a) ,


Me DON ~fL 1) (the Wit'1ers 1lgainft ~a(k uron tlt~ Trial) at the Stake "t'fired 'Mr, Pi"br;)'ftl to r.ik ~!!a(J. ~1hether he had wronged him in what he had (aid of him at Court P He Inf\\.~red. ,..~; it lff.JaS Irul J., Jid paji hi'" at tb« Fori Galt, a6u4t .Elt<t·,,, ,'C/QcA ,bll' ltforning. The Witnefs the'J went· apro him 'himfelf. and afked him the fame Quetlion ; and he anfwc:red the fame as to Mr. Pinbornl, rb~/~, had "~I fU,l,.QII._'(tti him; and fur: ner, "That he ~a(i Ihought the fort would have been on " Fire the Nighr bcfc'lJ'e; for that be had taken a Firebrand U out of the Servar.ts Hall, and carried it up into the .. Garret, on the /,~Jtnt"fllb at Nigbt (SI.ralrh.f~J Rntl .. when he came up ihe next Motning into the Garret, He fI found the Braad alight. and blew it, al\ioi then went fI away again. (I) theA he was (worn there by fomebody elfe: But Cuff lil/d Arlhur Price, us be 1m's, 'JI'.l/ h, , (C uW) <u.'11I1 J(Jt1.Ji~' 'tvith ~3C'k I, Hughion's. a11l:l tbat 1I11gh/on fwore ~a(k three times, St't Price's Of/"jilion, NU~tB Ill. i I, IlIh ~fa.y, Pr'rbu_/,s Cuff Jaid no "'~I Iban ,hal h'!a'tv <l.!!.ack (iu..'orn there tbrs« li11l1l. From what hila lem t1i/c:.n tr..a 0/ tbis l'tI/anv at tbat 'li1llt, and for ll'ml~ Time afterward~ it rv.'al fbe gllliral Opini,n, Ihat H\ighkm tU'tfI IIHCotltri",er anti ..hle( Schemift if th, CQlljfjra~yI IIl1d th,} IUJD Nfgl'OII, it Iho,,/J /mn, l",'W '" belle;,! An./I''''' QHack'l king tarti," 10 Hugbfol~", aM' f1'. ..'OJ Ihl'tt lif!:1S therr, trice might"atura/{y .n.ughcp'lt/ude hi 'Was/wDf'" hy Hugh .. fon hh~ft!f,Ilna UIIJ"j1ill1t1 Cuffee fl. It tttJII fcarc« h l/trifid a Witllt,fi flou'" 'etall pre(ifl/Y the};uIII Irard, 'W,bich pafi ill a /,11,( Dij(ourft, 6141 the SIi~Jla1tt' if ,nl1, 4((0,."i"g 10 US fJ<UJ" Af'/'reht".fi611 and Re'lII",brlllfu. - 11 'flNrI Ihol1.);1 thai I/;' falte, enfn~ring, d.&'mr.able Notion (rwM(h bad no /huht tldll, 'gl'flll All ami J,,,fuJ,, 6een inj1;A!~Ii info thr.fo WrIte).,,) of tl;t Ob/i. l&IIiDn af Ibal Inil rllal Oath, whi ,:.-bad 1m" .fo· if!f1l IIdm;,/ijl,reJ II) thc", by H llghfo!'. a1Jti otilcr principal ' Conjpintors, was /ll' /lUI Rea/ull 0/ 1/'" /la'~t'aril"'1i IllltilIl'.fi:atJC) of j'h,/l (''';mi"ab, alld tbeir 411IrllO,;,6 ;n}ijJin&"prmlhl P,mllilirJ 1'lbl (ltl.-I'''S cpming.fil'.'fh~ Hlp" till" P,oluiftl of Paradk« fir d(;i'l1Ib, J),·vir, ""fJrA, it no !ltrW JIZ.tJtnl;on ~r\VorWly, wicked anJbJood· thitity Politicians, ..ol' i"voh;ing fu(1; flllh" art pk"JiJ f /1) /lilt Herc&ickl, In Butch,,} all" D'1f,uHilJfI. Ta!lC~. kc:U~I() potuit luaJ~ro m;&lorum,



t~ ~ri"l I, hjs 1i«Iji 'What tit) (OU'" I" frGIn lbe Fire; and Tlugh.foll was ., CO~rinl down Country People in his Boat to fouther the ,~;1.4 J a,ndwould bring in other Negroes. .





~rhat Hl.1ghfon lItl',d Ih, Nigr",



TIla&(orty or fifty to hil Knowledge

;trUfotg ... 1111'"111';"']

,c:emeci,bat their Nama could not


were con· !Ih~-}."

.~r",,,M.~ ~,!,ltouIe.
r -

"Tllat'Cflil' GOMla'., and C#jar, PICK'S. fired

(DJ /flhiINlrll4,

, ,9' ·'Fortune. WI LKtNS" " ,.
.'/.", I


,'Which Clfiil particularly confirfn'd.
f -Heu(wtrtd. II mah himfi!! ,.irh. Httghfon bad in Iltingin

.~,ci andy S



Sandy hlld J~lIt


tOUlillll"" tbl


foJ 1IIIIth

~"" "Being,lked wbat View :,l_~.

na,t aleer, the Fire ".. over, ~a(A wu at IlMgbjm'. Houfe"Jatl, COMPOkT'S, a Ilo"i1'tg Af4~, II lItcbl., Fifo and D''''ghl''' profcnt, and faid, tl, '](J!J :.,. ~ """, meaninc ~be Fire: That he went freoquencJy ~.""jW"jHoufe,lIldmet1here f/;(Ilt and AIIIl1tJ.






. ,,~....,~hotJJDIgrtheMarter,

Wife. no Ways concerned, (or •• he ne~e! would tr(,n her with it: ArW Chilt D,,,hy (tt) ,not concern'd that he knew ~'~of; but.w.,frfqueDtJyat HlIgl;jb,,', with hili Fjddfe.

u. ~. b.tA tiidhil, F


. ':13.;"'.",.;UI,
'(n ''1w,,'IIDI



,... ,"'d."
~, I~H II

'''''} tfhl RUIl/iI'

'Ift~tt'/(J 'Wh~thiJ Mgra tWI". p,,.ui'tJl htrl/lfl" 111111Ih, fIU,J:.oI, . C.,."II' ¢' tIN fJfJtimo1l)of thl If,l"rffil, Whj~1 and .,1'11, Iba.1 Iblt', 'U'1I1 a gnal Mlllmg of


-....~ Fi&Hal

Munto &efln tte Fort fH'aI /;141'111. !>i, ~",} rrltt G~ft'".nl)"'.1 NIISfQ BDJ. Quack', Irift


HUihJon'i '11 II




(P) ~I maJ fltm ;ntreJih!,: BUllhft who hatfJl IXI',.!~rlttj«or~'w Wallillt im!'tufjod, 'Whi,1; hal 1/1,

l ,~.-.


'was ,'''





of!;. r

Firt·'lr.·~.1 i., this CfJU,,'' ' '( f4mcflgll Jb, lJlIl'a~/,'tffll.f IIJ, C,,,I) J.'Q'lIi


CQJite:, CG"JtI1.n 41 IN SM•• HI ,foid, .

'r 1I \ r f!ug~(o"

.. r..vour
\Vas one



That .JJ,,?'hfo"'~ PcopJe, '"~; t't: tal"




I ~.fq
I,,,, •

nd l're,~ '0 him co it: Tnat he Clifil

",a' Ihl,Prj/ CJ!1r,ivt,. 0/ 0/1 :


That the Ev klence
~ . -


" of the. fi,!l crmCtrll'J.

u [Drlllll' 10....

did fee him the Night bi:fofl!: (J)
~; _"

cHdfce li4n ~ tf'h~
, .,
0 ~ ,~


Tt-c Fir;: \\'a' hil incerl<kJ to begin at CMfirl'. Slljllg';,,~. allJ to go thro~bh the T own.
t ...

3. ., Old Ku"'s Negro; C)rYP')R,'l'·S. and C:<jt"


were d the (on" Alba'l) all": nddt were concerned.



1 a(l.

Th1t F,rlul1t knew and \VU as "detpljc<?n.c~l'h~ol fI as he ~ and ,ilan.fy, was concerned," arid kpe~ 't~i~, Ie Sja,lziarJ" (1) '~'Ild '(being afktd) did c~nf'e(s 11'11" 'r4\~ ... a D,jig" ta~;" Ib, Pel1jl/" but ,;otltJ/J 10 all. «1.1) :A;ld,'


~'! ~_O-f




4- " That he was {worn, and Ctefor anJ,p,.inc' by 1I1.;hjvn.


Said, ': There WfIS lhr'lt Fifty concerned J (rw) • and that all \\'erctoT .."xed that a Conllablcwl,o .~~ ,. by (Jf) had feen atHug~1~·~tI0u'e~t' r.



\ ~-_, ~.
t .. ,-

i ..

5. " That Cu.l/u.


and Cllfor, PacK's

bunt rim Zan/'s Storehoufe.

After thefe Confeflions were minuted .dd~n~f'V1riC1f~ti taken ill "the MiBfl of great Noile aad Coftfu{adltf lir.






6. It That Sand., Cet fil'C to'Mr. Macb.', Haufe I knQWI}.coudling their Reprieve; . which, ~a~it~ • •, Nihkt's Ntgru Wench can tell it; and Buhr', B,p (r) effeaed, 'twas thought might have ~ '~ Meilil:orpro} H knows it. ' dudng great Difcoveri~: But (ronj t~e- n~d~~ f i. u That l,~lil }fl/~ Ibl SlfJl'lho:Jfl as/tWOJ'. Ilgainji in tile SPt-0ators, . 'twas milch' to be apptehenchf~~ 'ditrC would lnve been great DifficUlty, if .nofbalipr; ,ia' 4n Of ;.;"'; th;;t wi.eu bi~ MJiler went to theCIJ~e~Houfe, " he ran out of the other Door, and went the Back-way Attempt to take the Criminals back. All thi jras'reptc:,I inro the !lmreho~lie. having lighted' Cha~ in hj, fented to his lion our : And before Mr. JI.I.¥ eould recam .. Pocket between two OyHer,·Shells; he pllt,tbe Fire (rom him to the Place of Execution, ~ ~ tJac Sh.~ upon the Contalon, who declared hi";Opini~.I chit die u between the Rope., and the: Board~, and leavini it on cartyilfg th~ Nepes back would'be ill\p~Gq1e r~td'if. •• Fire, went home; that wash;. 80no\lr'. Order. it' coukt.'nocd..ttemp" without It ftror,g Guard, which could lldt.bel;gQc I1ffirmttl, Ih4t Ihty !Jav, lIlO'l#" "Wht" II F;r,hllJ lietZ/aiJ "p, Q"IB,ands·ends or Still, ,.,I/Jy i" tIM Chi",,,tJ 'nough: And His Hohour', Dire8ioJU fo,
I \

defired the SherifF to de1t'y theBx~Qijo":~..!'Wthe Governor could be acquainted the.~ewitn·,·'lftdhis·~.rlre


mllJ b,li~" 10. - .JI"J Q.\!tk itji:aM nvas tbe U(((~liiJ"" Ibi, MifcUif. (,,) Vaa;tk'J ([I,d \!lh 'jl1l"Du'.r. Irll.,dJ.
'«. J.'at,'(('!I'

tber« "figbl;hQVI bun lome Ltai tWhidJ bllll "'aM il damp crru.'el, 'WQitb by Ihe B,."tiJ al.alhe 4//;11 tll/JilIJet';llgjI01" it, nva: at /r'lgth dried by d,! 'tim!! Q..;;a~k (lmil Ilpt!:tr, tl-I next Morn;;I?, (If,~ut El, ,'01 r; C ?';rl', ·wbicb -u..t» a/;bul ,1(1,1(1JHt u1'1 'I/tl" r'lt Braf.d 'tllos 1'4iJ rber«, '" ~ack'l Am!lJll; and d'e 41.','J '1.. bl,/.I in thai filM kaJ ,lI1ulII,." fom fl." Era,,!; rJ!ih6' g.uml tbr Btl"" frDWI F", 'ttl IJ2aclt- ltali IJW!wn Ihl"'II«~llJ" a_''''''4.I1",,1 ,.,Ih, JJ1'aIIJ, I~v <wit.:,,, 11.an. iI,might a[t'"".AJa,.JJ ,ah £/"';"1; t!!oJ~t;b it « 'as ./JIII'atJ HqMr alii all lUll "fl't' tbii. 1£·,11t/,;c ~lWj*f and. ,'.molh,r IIP/'I;'I'III on Ii" OlitjiJ, tht Ro..;f. 1:ul hr;"",I.'·;iJ,rit wm.. ,("" w"., dulard '" I/:., Irltll~fj M\: Ul1luld, /0 he PaJ'1 ,y. Q!!uk'1 tIj;nl

emter, that they hav, ",./Mt-,JjlrlWf tI~''',"'" INt" ~ftltJ f,u",1 a/ivI T ttJ.,·mlJ-!_' Ht.rl a/lIf'ltI.)Q,.JI ; 'Whicb js muth 1000g".Ihllll IbiJ Brtlfl' la, "/'It Ib,. BI/lIrI inlh, Ga,.,.,1 III the Fort ; Ilnl Ihil rwas in a P14ft wbt," liltll QI'", Air tQIIII If) p;eIi,,, il; """ wll,r, ;1 lay hil1g upo" " Bell", 1f,,," Ib, Sbi"l" RfllJf, 'ftWtuJc./Jihl,

being Conditional and Difcretionary , for thefc,Re-4lolll the Execution proceeded.



princip11 Negroes who·waS 'r~ initiatecl in~ ~.4ettiait·.~ ly qualified (or his Purpoft, tllat he might puC mew than' ordinary Ccmfidentt in him, and cnt,aa hi.. with a .... ter Share of chit Infernal Secret than othert of hi' ColOur·.
(I) S" Fortune's

Caffit, tram the Courfe artbe Evic1ftce, 'WIS:"bft')t)i"

Ent~rprjze ; :one tble #lllgh/""

no doubt, fOaM " morougli ...



Sarah Higgins's /!:Virillltl'" IhI t[,.i"I. (I) i.e. 'lbrSpa"jfo ,.,r,grfJ CU1lj}I',.III11'I., ('IJ) 8, thill Cui ;11 Ibt SIt",1 I1JII" "b",J ,,,. ltlgtd.
IO!;,,, fluId"" GII;fi 1~1I'1t'gN'" C'!fttji-lItJ ",o!l prr!J.1M· /:., k1!I"W "'''1'1, (It) North I th, lr,~it/iNtirJi I}lfo'" hi hili bl~tl'rlll't",. Nvmlcr if l\i,glmjtr.jillt IIi HUt~hfon'/J "IJJ(:IIJJ,d.J'J

Evi'~"tI "" fIJI '1-";.1 .1111 /)il IJldWlf;,. NUMB. II., t a. '.tu"'fIJ, :I,d b£aJ. - JJIfo




;i, 'lis

'~it;,"" ;

rv.'., "'w,

(I) '1bil W,,,tb .DllltJ",L-,'flll ••.

I~''''nW'J. I




J 0 UR.!:lAL of" fhl
" "< \


in it. It WII ROtorious C*.f b.-!. p1.;' deal or ,idle 'fimcnpoll his Hands I perhr.ps JrAlrc .r).ln a,. Negro

.. t .Ie ,rpeeiaUy .II to.


ProetlliillJr' IIga,,,)
perhepr to his,wi'. whotifh Iaad ..,tnAliltllClofe, h_ ud )Jad h~ 'to have • Gnin 01 HOD~tly~ or Gratitud.
towanls ." Maller Ind hi. Family, ~ poOib:y mj~nt have perf_d aun. to ~ake a Mer~~ to them bulb, otie. teai~ tbis i.fer~al Conkderat)' .. ~nd tIH,.tJ",. if Ict:m.
IDOd propable the: Deyil and bil Apatl deferred 'he: At.. peine his ~foli'tioD upon lhit Crud Articl~ fill lome ·thort Time before ~he Bxecutioo of it I if they' found ~{.d

Part.. Jlaek. ."cI
!atl~C for



freq"I' daily or "btly V dies at Htllh.fo,,'''. ~he bead Ledge,

ia Towll:

CDftfequently was much ..;



of .Darkncii

tu.... .........


..... tbmbe aquaintecl with::. greatrr Ndm~1 Of t'sf: Co .... chan odt.cn who had. fcwft of the like OJ,.

anr ,Inhumanity were indeerl mail or ~Yrk ~. .e 6ecome

nay. at 1eaft, aad· it feem.t he Wtia mu(.,. later Coave: .. J ~ ell[ in hit ,Difmur(c wich .ArtAilr Prill ,bout \b, .J':".,IwI}I.""" "," Fort, (Sl; Price's I,;tyfiio" .,41' ',


a Mafter w:ho kept bim

i .. tmpioyed, "


All): For the &r... l'ilCr of tho ...... ~ti .. (rom C".I' toa FelIow·l'ri(l',;~r, Dehne ,,,~, is fOlDlWlaat remarkable.. and may Le my apt ..... OM~ .crcdhl P,.i€l haY;ll!cold Cuff. un ... : • ." III Md beuI ,., hlltl life."",.,. .!J,Nt IhI Fi" M till


of. "liable DH~tiont they mipt t.. ink if they could upon a Surprise. ,Ix him in the Perfua60n that IUCil aD Oath wu at O~igator, J by the Reincrating of it, they .ight make tAc ~pcr ImpreB"lOft upon him, a~d fix nim the ,.orc finnl;-. ~d tlw titre would be: I,ri H..;~ltd or Hs Failure id the F.nppmenc, th.ejbgrtcrl'Uuc he haJ to cool and deliberate:"':.it.· .•





.. ;~ CatF~ SiH"""! "" ~J'" tin:'" /hi for/WI" ~ JtrN', _ .. "".,.", At"lbat h.J .. !/;...' 'WQI ju·",." "

C-"~~."Ie i.l., th, c.,,;;i'llI} aJfq_ ~Iar atlcaft. he ".'11 J:.aak, fI ft,tiMt p.,dj .. III;""'IIY .",;. P,.i!i.'" .eMII,., Huahfoal 'Aid to c.;!W C)IIltlli' 1t:;1 t~ Urc'_;~ of his

.• tlt tIte(e Criminals declare theti l'lpiniMtS. "hat Hu~b~ fon ~ firft C.'riwr .'" P,fmlfJt.,. oj II., ,::,,';1 ~CJ. fo fa, .. chey kne_ of the Mattfr; tn_· ~s :.tM t1 PfOIIIOtCr ItS co thelll. tl~y were lure of: h.i;:'~ ""If Ill'" it /tVlrai U",.s 6'fir''', as Will aJ'pur h"rs:Jrer, BJ( cf tilt' foregoir'l Rc:tkdioolS are right, ,&ar,l i' d,(y im}JU't " .-tl:1I '\ of ~olic, beyond whal COI&Id be "~irOln." ir.:Ut III



'Hownet,'froDl .thrit Con'eIioDl, thm WII 1__ ICem 1<:CO"'''''.o A~tJDeDl) .. carf)'.,~ •• wn t91JMj.bjo,,'., aGd~... .. ·s {weariOC ·Sati ..f.1&ion beyond theCc Cr:.unals Ackuow1c4.1Iltfftt of ~, !i'·,",urceTimca (to make fUr. of "'Ql)_1'"bi. could not their .,wn Glilt. that ,he Teai.nont 01 .~f4rJB.rlOII, &... and POrlMltt. NegrOet, Wimeffes upon Try.l, (upolt l~'.zt_ long before .th.:~".' tvaI Imr.e Jown. For th: Credit whereot ehleR, rur~ tnetr were coilvd«f) Crimmal,


te.tA, (ic. ilK,uJd

"\y C'_'. fayina, .. 'Sht (olIld "" M ,1·iJllI,:.1Ii //;, /",ju''''

it.' '.aa".~lu~"oa. tha+~" Mmt t» 11th. bllt iakbdc.lforthc

Mv-:h~.Jf.nd 'dae F.,., 17th at Night I and

(" /.."ji/f. hr b,w.u i, c. (C~fm"!\ mean) She could not ,bf;vytf the r.rfoo who {et Fire CO tAt F,rl, -Elllilci mu.l .......... ,_y4Mr~;reog~ 'in this WickN PuIfO(e, but a _~ __ .. ~. ill execution; lad lP()·/i:J,..,b{M 11111/ h;1 ..Ihiffol'" .. ~h'''" kpo.n •• , ClaC ~p.f .... fit loor Tool for __ , and .. ~',.:bmake _ety much of him,' beciiu(e • hid PreIedons u,"", to t""".I, and itay there a·Nighta 'with hiaWift.,. tho' 'probably he might have bern en.... ocIJu.w- into the General Ddign of the Confpit acy {which ... the Artifice, it (eems, 'they conftantly ptaflj(ctd upon I Ntgto't raying1if.'i.e. co.ri!ntil1g fO their .bom"na .. blePropofalt) ,et they milbt not think it (0 fafe to attempt ~theEItPli .. himfor'tbi. particular Fila, Jong before the Time calculated for the Execution of it I (or tbey mi,bt apprehend rom. Danger in that : During a long Interyal,

was bv tbelll ·pucic:al.r'y ancl HxprtOy ,confirmed in ,he Midi of !-'lames, _hKh i NC b'litel~ .\t't'ilar.Jra: .. Arid .by Con~ncc from the Wbote,,",.,b", I', itt': lliro ; ",ho W~ the F .rit that I!&vc lorormatioo Uaat ~~.tl "'lI'tbe .perktn who.fec Firt-tUUiC F"I, UIlC".JH haJ loJu h. 11fo-

UP!'D tlae Confemc;.DI of theW two Criminals,



Judge i.oed • "'arrtlnt (or .pprebtnding rh- ~t"gron on Nil.!! • H1and by tbem impeached, bt'nr· ... to vir eM· • 'Wtiji. aNi the IWrjillJ, 1'1!'nd in Con eqwDCI thcreor, and the Orders gIven 10 the ~on'bb:et iu 1'ow.;, ..... ~!lo~ Sla'" were CDlDmit~ tho EVIIJing, '1/11; ..

1/JI,'J, KIP'~', ,... ,Ii.. G.Ii~I. 'litA!. aliat ";/4 ' i TIM.HuI.,.aLD' .. el/"" b.".L Roann",,· .. f"_ VAN RAN'''.',-£",;4,6, ,COilWlua ~" W',relJ'''' V ".IA.· ..
• The ()~ber t... ID Cai\od)'. belG,., '.~'::

;·c'" would have been more H;£7.&rdof his &alkjng of ie. ")ad

, _.".

Ute c.:oafc ....




'!Ce COlifPiralDrl ., New-York,



ss 0 J.V D A
Btfill Ont

1"", of tIN Ju'g"t

6. If'rh:lt

they afkcd him (and COM'OP.'·'s

,E~am;ntllion of Sandy (Nibler's Negro) III.

1h foil,
1. It

HAT he heard by Capt. Hout!l, a"-'ut •• ,',;,0' of:", Spaniards (about Icurteen j)ays before " the Fort was burnt) fay. lfiHlt if thl Captabt ;7,)"'" ""



Particular) jf he would }}tlp to burn forne Houfea, He ., cried: On which J a;;.l (COM FORT'S) faid, D··m lOU' n do you cry' I'll cut your Head off in a H~rry; and ff ,furrouncicd him: On which Burl's Wench wid. he dote ferved it, if he won't (a)' Yes t on which be CClDftll ~ed. ... and faid 1;1: Whereupon they did not threaten hilD , III ~t bid him fay nothing &0 Black or White about it, 1nd "f tlery oue wowd do ru, Part, aDd take a Round. and fire
" tAO



7... That 'acl. (COM FOllT'S) raid, they bad DOt ·ccollgb tbi. Year, but next \'car \\ould do it. Ie u "" ",,/'111 Will " fit his A,f12j1lr's H'4/1 on fil Ii~. d,,4 II at ,~,,,,, tb, Ji.l:i al OIIct, ."i ftl .IJ Ih,' 1i",,)fI "I:for ,. IN II he tbo!JgLI) f«' him; and [hat (puir.·mg :0 LII/bt', Houtc] , .. 'lrw:: ~ whicb when they laad done, Iht)· ~ c,/J .. .. they !.ltd, lJ-.", 11M S," of" ROM.h, :hry ;UJ!II1i ".1, • " 11#'WlJill4'k", h.w IMr Wivs fw Ilk-J,M/ • •• D""iI of M", ; which ·was tne i,il Time he ever aearcl ~' of the Coa:piracfo B. If TbaI.t Mr. Mool.'. e.". C4';,f.r (PnTA&J1" If Nt1ro) Mr. JAY'. Brll/h i Jail (.hat is 10 l7D.itlj ._!!~d I. ff That tbe' (('(ond Time, ~1Uf(1 (J) caned to bim " him i( he fees him: TCDD'S DIIIIMt. (,,;lIA... ,&i'• c. by C",,,yu M::r'et, and told hllll, h\' W-fiDltd lC (peak to .. &hill, P.'riel (RNO LI~Ht.) i'.CIt', C.r." • CfIJ.,. ,I blll1; and faid, will you help EO bu."'I the FM'; and ,U ""'", COWLIY', CillO, (.'OU'OI.T', At.pIJ alw Co·.f. .' ani\\'etcd, .. he (aid I,t ,hej rial, trod ik 0'':1] Examiff KIP's H"")., act three (.;uunu) "'Iron, .ho cab-d •, natioD before the Grand Jill')': Said, "A;., !:!.!.(i told " CO.. 'OJ.T'l\ Uncle, and a,otber. aad ~OU'~1 • •• him, ,be irA Time b-.. *' hun, .lac would roUe aD.EacI II Cfhis Uceti .. wu about a Foruai&bc before the Jo'art .. c.iAim. ,. wu ))pmt] BEN Moo •• '. f'... La ••• I.T', .#IIIIJI.,', .. DvANlt• PrillC', CO.. 'OIlTt, old C"""'II WODAlr. .. V AAI.CC·, ell/. (baPp:lJ were cbcre alk.. die "'-. ~ .. nat the third Tim ... lt C""!,....". Haufe, Ude Sanl' dly.wbeD {..;OMFOI.T·S :1 "l called to him to come to 'I beiDa quitaf'ulL .. him, and he ~·:n' ;':. "tV.;' (BuJ.;l. Ntfl'O Neach) .. 9. 4f That AMg.J;",. ucI Wn.cl •• ti ,,,.,.,.,. •• U d--ned hi:r. :l.&ICl Wd him drink, ""ina bk..re se. .. iafcd. " bum their Md.'. Houis J .. Iuch Joe bard dlda

j#1J4Ih"" I, tlfir t<am CMlN:~. 'hi:; wI,lIl1 rei» aJl ,b, Ci", Gil'. I;;', fo.ft H,":fo thl] tWIIt,Y ,,,t,.,, ,wll/d h, Il" ('''11.;,,'s; fir Ih" tiiJ ut eM'. ,_flU '/;''';'tlitl: He (S.".,) llooJ by Door, and tht;~ dd 110t (u







4. "That dtere great Number of Neg.... ...... •• knc, and about ax S,."i/h Negroes among them; but II DOne of them were die faaac chat he at lAtIJt'•..' That he did drink.



.. as they were talking by ".....t, before &he Fort WII bur••
10. .c That

eor-. abNla

W.. =



at the af'cfttiid "the old Mo, and IhI iii "_.,


nat COypo,,.'. 1M; brou&ht 'OdCabout eJeyft •• PeDbivet, whida w_ rufty; fame compJained their
duD .. would r.ot CUI, which tbey went dlarpcn on a s_: 1«1. (CotI'OIT',) fasd, W. " Kni.wu fo tharp, that ificcame .·aola a white Man', ••,Htad, it would cut it of: On wlaidlJae ($•• ';) raid, if ,f you WlDt to lipt, &0 10 &be 8,..;.", aDd DOC 'ab& II WIth you Mallen.
If .t



Kni,. ~

i' ,1Mt tall,



.•,,,,;, r"",.

they alted him to come .. the DDt DIp It 10 be fworn i the reit tiid, COIDI lwGnI IIftC Day.
II. .. That

The Nepoa 9",., BIK. Mctoill'. J 1,1.", Du•• ,'., aDd ''''fIJ, UfFIIT'., .pprdII*"-I aad~i&ICd.


"'i&'/n ),';_,_

""1""', Co the ".fea,

.J If,"" ""'" Spa-

c..,,,,',, ,lItf,
Ii6 .,


flNtl 1M

".,II JIlIN II ~



Exami1lalion of Fortune,
Eiforl O,lt

or the Proceet/in".! o(Tainfl 'J ~ ~ ';/"
.. • ~t'zr,), Alul's Mulatto - '7:1I1t, ~ib'tt·s Sa . ,J,.: .. ftaiJ there a!uut an Hour, and Rum W.l~ t:iCrc i ., ~!r~. C1orper's • /J. n-, Y~i-i.., {CI: .r-,I-er '> ~"gl ) :\lr • .. I-"r'· ,.. •.• "''''', Gr.Joe'•,1.. C,,- " .''f·t'tiCL ( 1."1/~tJu,:", TeaJ ) , :II .,.
tp I.'
.. I

(\\? ILK 1 N~'S


of tin JIII;u.

~lItl ('1:) one Sabbtth DIy Afternoon. ., dcd him to walk into tbe Fields, and prefied him ., to it: Third Meeting told him, be thould a grut •, Alteration at the Fort; and cold him, thAt the." were .. COing to bum the Fort, dueatned that fome of his ~c Mata would poi~n him if be toB.

..T H A T



" Rowe's Fa/hu 1",», , 0!.1 E, alll, Pl,iliplc', Cufu. Teller', .. • Sa,·ah. Vaarek's C.r/Ill·, .-\t!b.Jynei.i.II·~ PrillCl, ComI. fort'. JIl(f. l·omfon'. L·",.t. Lomton', • Jill",. ].rrlt: U a bUly Man, Pllbi(1t: (Engl.ih'~ Ro}) Hunt's IIi:zrr;lJid.:,



"That }tilJll, Boy (II) told him that


," N",..

That he heard ~ .. I talk to Go... z" (Negro) OD the Docie, that he mufi Illftt him to bam the ., Houle, and if Whl&C Pteple camr, to Gloat them ~ with Piftu I whidL .. _ bdOrc the Mcctina hiaa by Wr. .~lliclltl ..
4 ... That tria he alked S... I.!(N .. LET'S N~) .. who was to bam the Fort' He aaf~mI. ~a,lt hi... ., W. ad GOMU'. C".ffu; dat he aJbd him (S.",:&, .. H •• LIT', Ncsro) to be (oncnned i ud that he faid to .. ~"." be bad DO miDII to be "eJ, he might &0 to .. H-D, aad be d----d.

~.I. ., C.,_

wu to a1Iitl

ia btamiag tbe Fort.

.1t,:'grJ tbat cut hisThroat) Todd's DlI1Iti" Brinkernoff" • " • 'liNw, Pinbrd's Cl.,lilr. old Kip's IIsrry. Teot'yck's BiD. c. ~iJ 01 , • S _L • veuer I t.i.WC'II', a taU Negro, living at 7~h" Dn.d,., :: (a Stranger) !,ier1lcad's JJ,aw6oy, John Hum's • 707"" ,/" Lng-Bri4z1 B~I. P4fri(~ (EnAilh's Do,,) ufed to "fa I_~ ... y. 'C"' g. ,. Romer's ("J---Altievn's .. .• - CIII' ShurlDur Sill'. Lcftert·. p~: C.)mfOft·s ,11ft and other'l Co tharpcDed their Kniva, and faid, they would go and Ie jrc alons the Docb; Comlon"s 74(1 propofed the II Fore firft. C.l raid, No, they would '00 them out if ., they did: Every ofc wu to fet 'h~ir Matt~r's Houfe on : ire; ~per" B~II:1carried her there: They (wore, .nd {w, 'Thq 'U·iIJM 'Ib... r ";1'" ]frill ,_ f. lIN if lIN, f.U. Three Negroa, 'Uit;. Comfort' • CI 9"ozw. ud Iltzrry rwore: C*.fft, W15 {wore, and


.. &"",

"E' . .._ 1fIDIo.

.. and NJ.LU',.



he .,·cr talked to 3ny Kcgro b:Jt ~fQ(Jt about allY l:oDlpiracy, or lJdign ef

"C"'jIV. Auboyneaa·. P,ill,,; All Ib.t...tU the r;"hl ... c. B.l'g.;" /U·"'; thc R.eft were to CDII'IC rhe nnt Day: •• De Lancey's AIII"-J there, and Roofevelt's ~1I(l: ., Comfort's 7•• drew out his Knife aDd threarned the 1 " Nrgro of NiJ,ill, on which 94"41 coafcntcd.
1:. .. That "complaining,


6. "NCYCt' heard of a Houfe: where they met i not .' itacw n.,L'jM,-C"lft' hewever Ius a!k~ him to go .. .toWn to a Haufe by the NQrth River, and dana: wil4 ., them ; bIlt he "fer dKl. •

they whetted their Knives On a Stonr. (ome that their KDives were rully and Llunt ;

.. and fame faid, that tbeir Knives were fharp enough to .. cut oft" a whitc Man's Head: That they would kd .. tbe white Mea, and hayC ,he white Womea for theil " Wi,·cs •
~. U

.E~alll;"al;O" of Sarah (Bu 1\1(,.'5 Ntgro IYm,b) ~"., O".. j'1.11U!tIl, Af,. Cbambtrs, ... ,,/"rl.
.. I.


on • Dj(pute brtween

.. pitched upon to fire the Fort;
_. ~a(,f


Nv" •. II.

.... u

undertook it:

~.:l was refuled. Di.-l t:.erc. and conothers having


S~nday Anel'floon~ atxJu: Four .or. Fi"e .. of the CIocIC, the was It C.'''forl s Houie In the ., Kildlc:n, about bye Week. before t:le fort wu tire.J; a && grat IDUlJ Nepoa fiuing round the Tab:e, betwixt .. Twenty aad Thirty, amongft whom ~ere Dr. F:th~r's ..• H.rry, Bagley', -1,.-." WjJow SlIi._,It,·s caa 4knCcr


C.,,;_'tfftJ o,e tbrtatned Niblct'. ""1'" .. them CIIt au. Head 06. if be did nor drink.

and biJ

That file bclieftd cht~ were Negroes there; and tlaat Mr. Moore', Cm. WII there. and COllI, fcDtcd.'.




:the Con/piratrJrs tit \~re'vYork,

I 7 I.


Oath would be adminitlered to him, Ir h. had an, TbIll1 NofwithlbndinB thi. Wench had brought f<' m!\ny to fa)" he hnd free Liberty to (pcnlq 6., In tfNtlrI"i'Wr1 NClroe. in <l!!eIHon. It length when the ExanUn1uion mud) ,') h /h;;rll: The Rec!)rder thercuapoa rtprOla", came to bf. read over to ber, lb. rctratled, and eXC\I{ed many him with hi. wicked Life ard FraEtitel, debauchinl and Perfem : faying, fuch a One, and {uch a One Wf'nt away IUlg1'1 • BMrgai" 'tval mll«' .. ((J Thofe the 10 excl1fed corrupting of Negroes, 2.nd tI.~ouraginB them to neal &,;4 pilfl!f from their Mallen and otheri J Ilnd (or fhewinl hi, are marked wi~h an - Al\enfk. - This Waa or.e of the Children ra wicked In Exampte, traiflinl them up In the oddeft Animals arn.ong(l the black ConfederntCI, and gave che motl Trouble in her Examination. J a Creature ot an High. Way Co Hell: He further obrerved to hIm. thlt /;,.' oucragious Spirit: When the was fira interrogated upon hlJ lJ'ili, tlntl PtggJ" then 1tood convit\ed of.1 Felony fer receivirg flolen Good. of Nc:aroea, and" tha.t no,w nothi,,& thb Exanlinatioa about the Confpiracy, {he abfolutely denied the knew any Thing of the Matter; threw her!e~f remained but ell par, Sentlnee of Death upon them, ami into moft violent Agitations, 'oamed at 'he Mouth, and to appoint a Day far their E,,~cutioD for tlaat FIiEt J but uttered the bittere{\ ImpreadoD., if ever fbe was at that it was now determined. that N, Db Wifi .", D.,1IIJ11r, {h(lIlld alfo be tried for beinl confederated i. C""fort's in her Life, or kflew where hi. Houfe Wit: Bur 1m'PI~~~J, at length, being apprized tbat there wal pcntive Evidence this moil horril;le Con(piracy I that tbe Evidence would '&Iinft her, that the was at I Meeting there lmongft the 8!,pcar fa nfOng~nd c:lear aglind thaa in this Particula,., Con{tderl&tcs, when they were talking of the Coa(piracy , that =hetc w.\.Uttlc doubt of their bciDllll _Iiaad .. and r}~~t flu: wu OM (Onrcnting and ad~Uinl thereto I and cbat Head .Ifo; chaC it wov1dappear undeniably that h. was I Principal. lad head Ag~nt in this deteJabl. khcme fame Zteml alfo given her of ber Behaviour and ExpreOions wt:h,~rpca to StlntiJ' (') and thac file could entertain no o( VilJany i the chief Abe,tor, copcher with the rcft of HopN of e{capillg with Life, or recommendiaa herfelf £0 hH l'amily, of chit execrabJe and .onarou. ConcrivID(;e tor fbeddh11 the Blood of hit Ncighbnwt, and I.yin, tb. Iti.f'::y, but by making an insenuou. COnkmUD andDiC. whole City in Aha, uponthc ExpetlatioD of enrichina cover)' of ~he whole Truth of what fh. knew of the himfelr by fuch an inhuman aDd .ecrable Uad~rt.akil\l : Matter. and tbe Perfonl coacerncd f Ole flood aahaft and 61el\t for fome Time ~ but It !aft declared Ole would tell He therefore IdmonHhed bim, if he would entertain .. leaft Hopei of recommending hi.rell CO the M.rq of G04 the whole Truth, and beJln to open J Ind fo by Degrees 11eW IIlOrc calm, ."6/11111'" tI_M",; IlIJ#r tift" diJI*r. Almighty, before wbofc Tribuill be aulft focm IPpar. ,h''';''1 Pari D/ Iht SI(~/: But, her Condija wu ('Ida .hat he would ingcDuoafiy co1l che Truth, ud JIY opeD tht upon the "·hole, that what the {aid, if not confirmed by whole Scent·. of this dark Traaedy, which hid _. brood. ing at his Hour. , and diCcover che (Mfa! Pani ... kMw othert, or concurring Circumftance., could not d,rerve entiN Credit. - She, no doubtylllllft havll l.a&d extraordito have beea tnPlod in ie J in acini whlcJa bt ",,14 nary ~alificationl co recomend her co the Confidence of make (orne Attonemenc for hi. pall Vwaalll, by prtnali,. thac Slaughter, BJoodfhed .m;I DcvattacloD whicb M ucI the Confederates t for the WII the only Wench agunft his CunfcderltCl had iDtende.i ; Or che lecorder .. "" .. whom therp was jJ""g and flagrlnt Evidence of havjllJ him(cJf in Word. to tbi. Purport. iuc Ja."Jlpon 1iM,IjiM COsUCDted to aDd approved thia execrable Projt&. put on tI /Vt /_1;", AI" " 1"111(1,,11.,. III CIIIIII,. tb.u he .ilbe be fworn. which About Noon chi. Day, the Under-Sherif Informed the IIMIUI, azaind'firing Recorder. that ,],h. Hltlhfo" wanted to (peak to dle WI. refufed him, and Sk·then declared, he bew Nothinl It aU of any Confpiracy lind calltd Go4 to wiener. hit Judie., and (u he bad (aid) II"", hil H,arl I, I~"", tiN Proceftacionl, that h' WI. II ianocent with M(pca· Cocblt I~IJjboll/J hOW "",., J and wat very urgent that Come Body thould go to them to acqulint them cherewic". P"r{uauc Cba,., u the Child unbar.., and aUo jil lI'ifi. D••• ,,,. to HIII~foN'. Denre, the RcaJrder dJd go up to the ':icy. and P'ID for aught he kuw, Hall in the Afternoon, expettjnl he would make tOme Whereupon the Retord.. nmande4 hill to 1 aU. \material Difmvery J and having fcnt for him, he WI. afited, What it wu tbat he wanted with 'he Jucia-t Whether the Man wu ftruck with I CompubcUon. or Whereupon H.,";;II .ked if chert w" a. Bible, ancI dffared thac he might be (wom ~ Ht was cold, that no lIatter'" hlmfelf with maldnl I Merle by hi. DUcoYery, and thereby recommend himrelf lO Mercy. and ilia, h. thoutd to rave hi. Lif. I pr whecher he Im.llned, tbaC if h. could be {worn, And tbln make ,h" moll 'oltmn P,,_ leRatlon. with ch, Sanction 01 In CJ.dl, ch",t ,hit woul.


cltv• ruch !irons JmpreffioDt of bJa JnnoceDCI. II m1lh. H~ make

y au R lIA 1" ,~~fI!;tJ, 'r,.",J"gl ftflgtJin,l
" I ... !;:1_" I·'. ·41


firona.hJa Condition and 8oh.,iour at tlNtt lnftant, that he· WII tNn _U)' in E.JJ\Cft to la), open ....11Scene of VilJany , hi 'CWII daou&ht tb", in Cwo or three Houro a(ftrwardap' III Wi .... OCMII h~ lot lb.be_ him, prevailed 'W~chId. 10 ~baDp ~it Mind. aad dtfitt trolD bil for ...

_k, Way tor hil ~rc.p' ~ what hit View WI. CI.' oftl, .. pAid at: But .,,"wl who wert' by him in' th. Jail "hoi h' .pr.8Cd bif Dtfirtl of havill¥ the Opportunity of tpklna wleh ellt J udpa. u lDtlltioned. concluded


1!~!ky~gtg!lal~~JI~R Supreme Court:
IF ,H U R S D ~ 1'; +lh]"
N I ..



G,. ,


~hl S"",d and ,[hir. ,]uff;,,,. The KIN
John Hughfon, Sarah his Wift,



Court :
2d ] UN:S


t U E 8 .p A 'T,

Sarah Iheir Daughter, Margaret Sorubiero, .li41ICerry-~

P .R; E' S It N T.


!II u:r",,4 .".. 'third Jujti&ls.
'Court"" ~:l idjounlfll co Four o'Cloc:k in &hi
~. ,

01 51... Attorney Genaal~ the Pri(onell wtre brouaht to the Bar. &lid arrai.... on AD India • ..... c for a Contpiracy, forcou.(elliDI' abcninl, f4t. the Ntgro CIIJfIl, to buna Mr.I'II;IiI/!'~Srorcheuli J ... aU pleaded lIN G.ill.1. NIII, Thia ... the femad' fndiameat apiaI the Dauahtcr. tha Third apiaa tho Rd. And tbis being the Day appointed for their Tria" on til .. former Indittm.fttt, whenof they had due NoUcc i _ Coart proceeded thereupon u (oUowtth.
The KING, The SlIDe,.

ON Motion


"~. :A,I. N T~.

P R. ESE The K I N'G"
. .,ailfji

~f'J, Second 7ujlicl.



O. 'l".J




John Hughfon, Sarah,. his Wif'f Sarah, Illir DaughJer, Mars.~ret Sorubiero, alias Kerry~
Co,,(pln&Cy,for abetting'lnd .ncouraaiflg the Negro • .§.tA to burn the Khlg'lI Houri in th. Fort ~ To which

Clerk in Coart.

C"'fI', .. u p,It"; •.

THE Prlfo.,.... "ere amilned upon In Indillment lor a III.)' k:verally pleaded,
NIl GMiJl}, "c.

.. CoUtt

C')t,.~ 0 Yrs r Our Sr.erril" Lord 'he Kill, datil AritU)' charge and com_l\d all manDer of Perf 0111 to keep Silence upon Pain of Impri\~'wnmt. Cry,,.. If In, One can inform. the ICingt-s Anomer General (or thl,. Province, or'~ fnqlJl:ft nOw to bf takeD. .nAbe Brh.t, of our Sovereign Lord the King, of any Tra(or., M.rdtT •• ·,Iony, or any ot'ner MirdemclDour committed or done r,)' the J'rjfoncn at the .r. Jcc rhem· Come forth, and tb~ thai! be heinl, fOr eM Nfone... aand upon their Deliverance •

II the 'rft Indittment ."inA S,;;f'a' tb. DaU&htlf, and th. Second apina the Reft,

IdjOl\Tn'd to Tam)' Clock in ehe MoraitiS,

the 4th Inftant,

·r~n o·

0 Yes f Yoa ,ood MtB that IN illpannlJled fa enqlJire between Our SovcreiJl1 wrd the KING Ind HlIgN~", hi. Wife. SII,..b HlIglJ}itI chi Da"lhter, Ind M.g."" 8'~i"', tfial IU,.", che Pruoacrs at tho



C"w, """A, Pro(/MIII4I;'It ...



Bar, .newer to ,.0W' Names, f.:!r.


.1 N G, which tJIIft ... ·t.nding and .... lit die Fc:n within dli. City , ll1Ia .tla tl,;'; "".1,," 7,.-.4i", at! II Ai" ':1_ :r11.tghion. Sarah h;' DII~!l'i'" ~ John Hugh{oil. Mar .. '!!Irll) IhI J"hahi,."tl tbr,.tof: And that tn(), had f~jonioaO, PfCt Sorubicro, Illin:: Ker~). i.~.'-i11/ ;'''1' H",JJ. and thoir' Mance aforechclUght, procured, counfelk-d and 'tt'lcouragtd diven NCitocs lnU olhrr Per'" .. n,ft ftOW t./"J .J~, i" h tI#fIl"t ta thr. Jarors then unknown, to let. on fire, bura and .,., tNti 'Whith tlrl t. bwwIfl1l J8' au 011" S,ttU'''';,. Uti tb, Kill!, "1M 1ft' /J'WI ". D,./III ~ if.,.,'" «"}• confame. tho Kjn~1 Houfe, and divert ocber Houfe! .I.d Buildin., within this City: And that the (aid NC1.... and .,. tilbtr '/1"" tb.I_X' tillY" tIM,., _,Iff .• 11!Jtt41t ., othc~rI'ftrfoDl thlll 1I1kDOWft, in PUrfUlflC8 of •• it being Iht) mM II,hI Bid t•• /w'r., .fIJ ~'f""'J,,) "'JiwtrJl. r. procur~. abetted. couDfeUed and eQGDurapd u aforeC.rl. Yoo, the Pril'oatn at tile .... .. muft infOna £aid. t., B.,"lfIII, bis 1I'!Ji and Kn", and C~flV, p,.i"rl, ' YOII, Thd the taw ailoWi you the Liberty or challenging lad C.ffit; voluntui1y, fe1on;o ,Oyand of their MiUice afore •. peremptori1r Twenty of the JII..., if you have aI, Die. eJaouaIat, and with Intent to bum down aDd colClme ta. like to them, and you need IIOt Ii .. ,yOUl" lleafonl lOr ro . creuer Part of dais Town J had fet on fare 1M B,uli I . doinl J and you may likewif. challenge u many more ,''' 1Aw11i"l.lIMfo tj' AiDel HiJtoa I lin Bt,,,bI-jt " IS ,OU can give fulicicnt KnfoDS for; and,of _, ciOier Fre8cridc Philipfc, Elfa and diver. other Ho".''II1d' all join in yeur ChaHtn'get, or make daem .ratcly . Buildi,.. wi~ this City: And tbaul'f Ia"", H-.Ji.killl, .


John HUlh(on,



"t" ~rJohn

g_. M,,, ,h., ."






The Piifonen agreed that 1i1mHMzII)tt 4howel cMUof' (At
HIII~r '. chaffenpi (amona othen) I YOIIDI .. Merchaltt of the Towa, P,W '~ed out of Humour, and inrimatcd. 'IlIiaIIN.iltlltbllllngtJ _ " ,. "'JI of tb,,,, aD:. which oc:afsoaed fome to thofe w.irbin the H.ring of it.]

.Ii{It ,. fl", ...,,,,,,.

1Aku. ••

raid Dwellins·Hoa'=, Storeboufe, and other Hoare" beina . (0 fcc on fire. aforefaid. -wcm ill Yan burat dowa. la.t confumed. ' SECOND INDICTMENT' feCI forth, That· the Negro f<!aci, Oft the Eichcentb Day of Mmb, i&

""1*""., and

that &hi




baYing peremptorily challCD&~ abUta, Jvaoll were fwfllQ.
B;,w,J Nn.
Rt,,"1 BtnlfJ ••

:r-h. LiIjJN,..



8"".,,,1 RIWMI.
C/;t"../ls 4.frtl,'.r.

'1lMMas II'nuiIJu,r.

Fr,in-id 8ul".. Ft."til Rofr",..,II. £",", Byu."d.



The T H r It D' INDICTMENT (ets rorth, !Thae' C""., 0 V. ,. Oar Sonreip lmcI the KinlcJoth the Negro CUfftt, the filth Day of AIr;!, in che Foartcrnala, lri91y cb1rae ,ad C8l11mand aJl manuer 01 "-rlona co I~ Ycar of his MajeR)". Reign, did, ot Ali M.lrc. ./ore"il.nce upon PUn of ImprifoDII1CDc. thought, wickedly, lIIalidouAy, vohanl.r~j.:" wilfll1Jy.nd ' eJtrk. Y. G,,,,.',,,, tj' th, 7-'.1 sri' ju.l/lt'1l., 110; felonioaay fet on fire aDd burn a certain Hoafe bdonainl to F,.,""'itA 1'11;1;IJi, Efq I whicb WI. then SandillK ancl, P,ifMw, .. Ii 1lM,j,. I. I_ir. CHtgfJ. beinS within cbit City: And that &lh~. hi. lI'ifi ancs. DaMght,I', and KIn)', before the Pelony .~ lIul'Dili. The Sllbt\aa~ of Ibe Three lndiltirlenta (o]Jewetb~ .fo~faid ..... done and rerpetratrd. of eheir Malke afore.Tht , t R ST IN DICT·MENT (etl forth, 1 hat thousht, wltkedly, maticioutly, votuntartly, wilf~lIrancl Ibtpfo., hj, Wi/t, and lV,.". and,alfo three NesrQllt to felonioutly did counfel, abet, procure and encour .... che inid wit. ell/IIY, PrillCl anQ.C'!ffiI,. had on lbe third Da,. of Ctiffil, the F.lony and Burning .("relaid committed nlKl Jl.rtb Ibc-a laU pall, entered intet a moil dctC'ft;.,ble and perpetrated. CO tommie and pupetrue. i" mollperniciou. felonious Confpirllcy. Combination aM Conl_ralc)' "hh Exampl. of,aU ochers in tht like Cafe. ofFcndina. ceotrnr, t~ .datr. H (;I Q,,!!'" .fJJ 6",,, the H~u/I if ,·Nt lArd fIJ, to th~ .Form of the StaClile. in ru~h<.:~r,IJiId.au,proria1ed ..


C,,", .. 1, '",IsIlllll;I

•• '

che Fourteenth Ytar of hi. Majc'y'. R.iln. did (Jf hit Malice aforedlO ..~ht, wickedly ••• liclou4y, voluntarily, wilfully ane felooiou4ly fet OA fare, burn,. and ",holly confume aud dcftroy a "rcaia Dwellin,-Hou(e of Our Lord the KiD.,. wAich war lbea·aandina anO beilla It'. FOR wilbill this City' And I~.t H"Ihfi., . hi. W!/I and BaMgbttr•. and XI,.", b.,Jote tJae Felony, and Burninl afore1aid wu.do.ne and pet~it\'ratcd, of lbrir Malice a(ore .. thouspt. wickedly, maliCl~?~:'ly, voJuncarily, wiJfllllyand feloniou4y, did counfc)~ .bor, procure and encourille tb. laid f(y.d. IRe Felony aDdIksr"inl aforefaid com~. and· PFJItDaatcd •. lo.COIlllNC IftCi..p,rpet1'lcc. AaII ..






j 0 U R. N A L

:w- ID4. ;p~ce,d~gJ again)

""'W"... --_

__ -~~-'f"'''''''''~


• __






and Isalnft tho Peace. of Ollr Soverelsn Lord thf KINO. WI Crown and Dignity To wbich thrco (Ivar,l IndUtment. chi PriGlnere, De.
fendanta in eaeh (I) hive been an&ii"ed, and thereto

pleaded. Nil


T~. Attorney Ge"eral, aftcr openinl to the Court and JUT1 the Char&e I&~ft the Pri{oacn. proceeded .. folJowech.If ISH ALL, in the Srft Plael, on the Trial 01 eu •• . PriiOncr. upon chefe InditlllWlDtI, Ihcw you, Thac II ehe N.roea !J!j.,j aDd Cfl.!il, meA&ioaod iD chi Sec:ond " and Third of chem. have .I~y bleD cri~. found



Hlo,,(. in ,hi. Cit),. -Thill it was thue formed, tet OA II (OIIE, and c.uricd on: (f) And ,hit the Throe Jalt fI nalll1cdCriminab, as well AI HlIghfi" him(el(, "ert all f. prf:(.n,ac divers Meleeioll of ,reat Numbe,. Gf Nt,rooa, " al~~ckc,aeft afch. ("Oulpiracon III,,., for chal PurpcM"f. T,ILlt cheC. tbree eri.inaJa were all fwtJfl'1 uno ddl II abj,minabl, Plot, and at ahor. Mecun", joined w ita u Ul,bfi. in flcieill and .eacollflliag !!!"yMI ~d CMf", .' .nll che Reft of the NezrOll, GDd other their wi,*cd ., Ce'af_,.., CO commit tAN txICIable Folonla.

,. chi. dreadrul CQnrpirlcy took iu fir~ Rire at TlMJh/iIl'1



,. 1",lcy. ar'd exit". flf the Felon. aw.l Jlarainp w bich ff lie will appear to you iD tlll Courre or the Evidc "Clf ., thlr. Indit:'UenCl char" tbem to hav.~ ,uitty oC~ ff (011the KillJ upon thit Trial, That Jobn 1JMlh/II' WII ,t That cbey cQn(cJW the (ame ae Lie Place. of tb,ir b· I. rlMI dtitf Contriver, Abettor, tad Encourager of III chit " cution, J\ndtbal IN EruiUlltl rwbitb Mary BtutOD "MllJlery ofJnic!uJcy r_'f"' it WI. H" wJ~advifcd ucI ",RW 'I.itrjltlt,lll ", IlHi,. f'r;ff/, 'UtI., lnu, ;11 ""''1 ., prcicured {eeree tad (rrquenc Meetin" of chi Negroel, ,Uld •• RtJ;IIl. .~ . ,. th.l ReP. or che Con(piralOn, .e hi' HUllfe, there to .. (orIn ~ad carry on chefe horrible COnfpl....cies. -nil it .' ID die next Place, GIId"II, I lID to Ibew ),00, whac .«: WII! hI that twore tbe N'IroCi and C'!/iI, with Ie Shut .tb of au·PrifCHR at eM Bar bad in cheCemoA .. mai,y other., and himfclf too" into thll direful PJor." horrible F.loni •• .. rb.~liit III who"citvifect Firebrand., ~ Dc. If ~ it .f And, ,,~C!\ 01 there roar Criminal. have '4 4r'l~ion UI ~ fent amoll you.- That M .... ..":w ho rc"~:lVed N.... Twelve Pouod. '" " .aed their feveral Par~, in this black, thi. monftroUl, I, MClney, no doubt (and whr.t be could not but know Jolm 10 be •• and cra,icallcne. I ,~).}\U be,in with opr.nins the Evi· ,. dtnc:e alainft the Tb,.. !aft named. dale I may conclude ., (0) to buy Arnu and Ammllni&ioD, to kill and deltroy 111, in PW'fuance thtreof. " with lIy Obfe,vadoDi on the Charge Ipinft Hugl,/M '. hi. NI;gbboun, A", U maile I Journey on purport to buy, aDd did procure " himr.l(, aDd it him Ind hit moit dctoftable A£tion. in " Arm. and Ammunition, .nd hW them in hi. Houfe, '! their proper- Coloun before )'OU. f' II:lJinft (uth Time II chi, UMlrllra! ad bloody &heme

" IG,.,,,,,,,,

endeavour to ''-'PfCfenc to ,OM the PMt wJ,ich Ja,1Ifott hilnfclf baa aflcd iD chit Tragedy.

f' .I than now

0,"'' ' ' '




-Tbat chIt Priron,,. "re al! Guileyor .. che whoJe Charp I,aina chtm. -- Thac chey eneded into " a moft w ickfd Ind heUiI'h PU»cto (ce on ire. and J.y •• in Atbu the King" Houf., IDd chi. whole Town J and ,I' cO kill and deilroy the InhlbitiAU &I eh.y fbouJd com. to II *UN dlld, EiI:cGU, and c1tinluUh chi Flama. -That (If) Th. Pira of there lhree !ndiftmentl /II IN C,,,;j'ratywlufil41fd a(ainJI HUlbfon, hi, Wire. If'" Kerry, JUI" Dfl". fha,. COII'f ..I!1;'" ,,111''11/''1 rlft/wijl,llI, GIIit, ';IJDwinr tlmJl ta ha-v, 6UH filth, 1111' /l1li, if"'" INfo'" fh, r"i~'f , M'~rDIJ~ 'ck anti CuKee J "", "'for, it "JJIIJ tlllcfJ'fJl!l'Id Ihal ~Rck A'a' P' firll' HIJ M •• jr/1v I J1'/u/i ;'J lIN Farl, Dr Cuffee I, M". I'hiIJiplC" bt'rtbauji. Dr tba! Sarah (Hughfonf, D.14lhl •. ) 'W,J .AN~LlJN I' b,f" Ptll'/~ (II'tll'lId III Ib, C'lIjpl"~-,

.e and cJear Evidence,

f' Fira

theD. I41aU prove

to you, G,,,ilmu,,, 1101111&111


lbGiJ1d be ripe for &ecucion.

,. ;I'llth a Moniter will tbil Hugbfo" appear before rnu, .. chall for take of ,he Plunder he expetled by feceinl iA ., ~Jlla... he Xial', HQur., atd chi, whot. eic)" and b, •• cb.ilUFufion of chi BklOd of hb N,igh.,urt, - H,.. MU"ilr.1 aDd RI""tjillfi II" - counl'lled and .n" CGUilged th. Commhdhg 4f .U there moft Iltcmithinl U ])e4Id, of' Dlrkneft, Crull>, t and IDhumanicy, -JII/..




_\1 H"I""'''!-


17;, CDnfp;rat~f'1
.. Gtnflm,,,, 'fhiJ i1/~at l11l.r:'}J.I,! wh~le Nnm~, and f. moll dete.lahle Con{l~hnc;es "ill no doubt be had in f; ewrtalling Remembrance, '0 his eternal Reproach ] if and Iland reeorded r~ 1$1!efiPnlh:rirv, -7'hiJ is the Man! If _ .bh. that Grand Incendiary t :_ tfhat Arch Rebel u' ag.inn (!odt hia King, and hi' Country r - 1hat Dltil ., l"t.r".1tt' and chief Agent of the old Jlba'Jg" of the •• infernal Pit. and RegioDs of Darkncti.


New-York, 1741,

Both Witnene! preve t1:e Ccnrtftionl thofe two Negrces, taken in Writing at the Slake, If That they "dccl:1reu, That HugJ.:/on WI. the lirft Contrh'er anet Promoter of tbe Plott and urged them into i't, and that Ie they Ihould never have thl)\tght of it, if fte had Dot put fC it into their Heads, Th~t ~ad faki, the Plot WI' tQ ., bum the HouriS, I,
proved ClI.ftl. ConteRion, more particularly taken in Wddng by him, ., That, " !2Jtltl raid,.. U The Plot was TO burn the Houfe. of the Town; CII.P' ., faid likewi(e, that Ib, PI", 'U'al!f} WllbI PtfIt J And 'I that both of them declared. That what Mary Burton'



u B,btli dJi Author, Inti Abetter of all the Iitt ~ii· •• fLgration., Terron', and Dey.Ration that have befaUtn " tbis Ciry.- W .. not thilllltgh~. funk below Jhe Dig" nity of humlln Nature' - Wu he not abandoned to all ~' benfs of SIlI,me.nd Rcsnorfo I -To all Senfl of FIt/i", I' che dreadfull:alilmitia lit hIS brougbt on chi. Cit)', and 'f hit fellow C:reaturcs ; H, would from a Ccmfcioufaef. of ., bia own Gl3iJt. - Hi, Gui/", - be fo tont- founded, .. not ,bJ. to Jook ap, or ftand without the ., greattft CoafuuaD of Face. before this Court and Au· .f dienee , but would openly confer. his, and the Reil of ff hi, wr~ CoofoderatCiGuilt, aDd humbJy .Ik Pardon II of God. &be ltin&a and hit iajured.CeuDtty.


¥t. M 0 o R E

hd giwn in E'1I;J'II(1 'elir Trials, ." thlll I/J, t,IJIJ U1III .11"1 ",orl [Perfons]



Irlll I 1I;,t!


.. wlakh Mr. R.jitw/l GOIlfirmcd. (,)



the. WkDefill'

e"", to the Proo.n..
yo 8 E P H

HaM you lDy QeeftioDa &0 alk.

The Prifonm IDfwertd Nothing. NO R

•, G,,,/ltllllll,

rs, P E!I'E

R. L TN€-H,. .

'W.: mallilow ca11, IJld examine the Witne., who .. will 'prove ,h= Crim. charged upon each of cbe'.. fnur I. Criminal., J\nd when we baM Co clone, 1 doat't ~, " but you will all of ~hem Gwlty •

,md] OR N DU N8C OJ11 caUcdudfwom • ...

NO, R '1H .nd L r N t; H proved, It That there wu ~ u • Cabal of NcsroCi at H"Ihfoll" JIft Whldontidc WII .. Twelve Month.. Ten, Twelve,. or FOQrtecn of them ; " which they havia,Jntelligence uf, went down thither in Of C 0 (1 N cr t, fer the KIN G "itll .~ ord;r to d~fr.erfe them ;. and when they came there; Mir. ATTOINIY GIN",,, .. "they went lOCO the Reom where the Ntgroa were round eat~nd drinking, for thefC. WI. Meat Olth. JOSEPH MVU,AT. ~ J.. ALaXANDla, Hli' rue T ,.net. es and Forks ; and 'he Negroe. were .. calling for wllat the), wlnted ; and At aheir Appearuc:e' WIL11.\ ... SMI'rH, qn. H the Negree. were Dllking off.lU faR as they could· and .JOHN (.:1£,.1111&., .. Nor/h laid hi. Cane about them,. and fOOD cleared tho Thef. GentlerLltn fe'venny .ailled in tbe Examining- ,I lloom of them: They faid, they thought that P, u was waiting \.ipon them, and had a Tumbler ia her tn. WitneRC. , talcing dOWD their Evidentt, and remarking .. for them to drink in i that they faw tbe Negro \' ruch Thin,_ al &hl~y '-bought molt mated.l CO be obfcrvcd .. ~~uthen h~D.d Gibbeu (h)-at tbat T_ in "pon to the Coure and Jury. .. che Door, In orJer to get in, a, they took it: That they .. had beard frc:qunt Complainb of JJugijQ,,'. entertaining WIT 1'lE S s B S to.. the KIN G. U NC:lroei there, They ~aid, lh., JIb" Hugh/ftf wllat ~. GIORGB ,OSBPH MOOR~ " the Door. And I. ~heycam. away. they np"*hed hia' Clerk in Court, and Mr. '] 0 H N ROO S B Y i L '1 f. therewith; .ad he Infwcred them, cbac he coldd Mt. •• help it, 'I'WIII bil II"V,'I FIINII. c.Ued and {woan.





Mr, MOO R B prcwed the Arraignment and Con.it\iolPOf thl two NtgrocI, !!.!Jatllnd C"JliI, fl" burning abe KII,'" Hou" iA &he MUll, aad Mr, PJIIIlJIi'e 6cor.. ).our.. ..


10 URN A·L .of
to the Prironen. thofe Witnefiea 1

Ibe ;P,.ocledings again)


Eave you any Cl!cruons to a!k

.They !tad Nothing to lOt. . 14 .II R


B II R f' 0 N caned and (worn.



She raid. fC That there were many Negroes freqaently .. at Htlghjo1/S at Nights, ever fince the came to chi: Haufe, 4. eac.ng and dfinkina i that the baa fceD Twcnt)' and -c, Thirty at a Time there ; but moll of a Sunday; that .c. 'he Negroes Ilfei~ to bring Provifions there, particularl, "C.rp,,,tn"£ Negro; (i) thatH_ugh.fo", his H'ifo and .. D._gill"., and Ptgg;. ufed, at fach Mectinp, freqoead)' II to be amongft ch. Negroes; and that tIIey. talked of . ~. burning theTOWD aud .killing the People.

FII.. ."i jD ",,..,N wUt to cut tIleil' Mailera aDd Miftrdiea ·Th.:·oats; and Ie all _ciofte, .HNglljM wu to be '£'/"1, aoc1 wfor II (VAAI.CK'S) . GIW,..,.: That the Ncgroea uled SO fay II to H",bfl", when .. (tbe Wltne') .nt in tOe Roo .... II and liard them. of burniac the TOWA and If kim. the People. rhal pcrbay. fhc (t~e Wilner) would .. tell; and B.gbJ- (aid, &t J and

.., INI,..

Spanilh PiKa of Eight. to buy Guns, Sword.·and Pilola, ., and that HlIgbfo" thereupon went up itlto the CoUDt1y , " and when he rettlt'ned, he brought w.ch him feven or II eight Guns and Sword,. and that he hid them in 'he U Houle J that ihe had feen a Baa of Shot. and a Barrel .e of GUDpowder there;, that th, Ntgn.,s Wlrl /"twDr. I•

Fwt foJl ; .", 1M


b~'" f'ftCIJr ; ad the Negroes

'U/I,., tl I'


10 thl


.( While M.,,· B.rto" was delivcri. her .Videa, ." iii)"'} "". IJ.gbji" and his H"ifi weI. cryina tad hemOlllinl II That· the J.,'fo/II often tempted her totwar, and ,themilvcl, aDd e.. bracing aad kiting dlcir htcr Ie oWercd her Silks aad - Gold RUlls, ill order CO prc:vw , •• 11J and H.,b/_ the Father intimated what Care . they had taRa in Catechizing her, aad the rell of .., with her; IMlt Jhc would noc. (~) Children •• "" I,.,h;', IfJ ;',.i lIN B;J,J,. '[The Pri'*n I&ed the Witn. DO•• tmaJ ~d'" .aad brcedi .. ,haD up iIr the. Feu of the Lord. ~nd (uch Ol!)' a. fecmcd rather to imP}· lheir GUill J bill :tn (asIDlY be fuppofecl) to .o'e ('ompa6m in fonle of thcIn threw up their Handa, 'ltQlj call up rheir .. Coart .... Jury, Hill')." Wife brought thither EyC'!!. as if altunifhed, aDd (did. the tJa:1 a ver, wick" a Sucki .. Child ae her Bred. w ha .. or6ered to ' 'Cr~ature, and p;vxetteo all the faid W/M #·ik.]




IINtI ill» 'ill. IbtJ 'WHiJ _.,


,h., "1,.,.""






.be taken away.]

w.r,'B.,.,,,, further (aid, That at each peat Meetings -" or Nea,.. nt.JI_gb.fo,,·s, e"'l. (VAARC.·.) and Pri",i
CI .• 1

.If R.f' H'U R P'R ICE

calleduJ kYonl,



wereufually ~gft

Negroes (that we.. hupt)


lid C":Iil

Hi. Evidence was the Subtlance of hi, Dei·,.,Gtionr, Nu .... 1..I1. III. of (hc 3', ttb and AIR,... (u what pafi'ed in CODYCr(ation in tbe Jail betWftD him and



"That HlcIJ/M fWO'l1 the NegJ'\1littO :.nd , U the HII,"fM' fwore tbemfetves aacI'J'cg,; TL'It ODe of II &g'~ Da"lhcen carried II Bilk "I alliin, aDd the cc HII,hjM, carried the Negro. into. private Room, and 'f whn dwy came down agaia to the rea or the Ncgroa, " Bligh/_ (aid, 1ft) 'lN1r1 .Il/wortl J but tbe Wiele{, {aid. .' Ole did cilem ('Nom.


(I) aHIII filM


"for r'rial 'Utili tlll".,ri II""', .,ht fi~ ./anwl ~ "Fir, in rh,! lAls "thit", ..hI St".,boU{i1 " Meffrl. PbilipftJ; • ~~a,tU' III/,11 Will S pt", tbt OlUfo/I, ~ fowu &.rJs Eflis /"i"K"a(/I tll"i.jI it; /nI1;1 'Will fol1'tffi' bif"..·· it b"" I" t• ..,
II ~'"
'WIlS -,.Ji'(~fJ'''''' ifhihvill All_" iIfltr .11 Iblll haJ h"#,,,'i, ",,/ Will t'''.Idlw,1i r. bt • a(1Jr1lll ""triwll ;" FIWflI1' " HUSbion., &c. ",.. II S./JIO}ilirm_ Ihllt tIN C.,.I ",Igh, IH,. i"tl.fo "".,b C(Jllf"./i~""/'0" Ib, Cccafir;", Ib.t tbl~


nrt'. 1It,,'_ tho' ,b, /"u"'i.ry

[Upon tbe Witnc(. flying. that II 'Will(II,"'.' 81,';rl, Hllgh.fon', Wife interrupted, and raid to he" al if much furprized, NfIItIJ 111" jiII"I III' i" II,rlal 1'" 't;I ).fir "VI ",wr hlld II Bi"11 ill Ih, WDrl': Which
the Agdier.ce (confideriDI ....hlt ber HUlband declared "'but a little before) were much divertc1J with~J




MIl" Bllrl'" further (aid, U That lht raw V AA'lCIt', C,,/ar p:1y Job" HlIlhfi" Twelvo Pounds in Silver


[t} .llh Mi}ll'Ifl 'Will



,h,;,. E,fc"l' f or tit uall/h, T'ri.1 IN I'fif1M-'J: Bllt if Ibtli WI~ltl'lir Dtji;"" IhtJ .'WI,.. tlij"H'i""". This N", ,.t,;" lb•• it j/».IJ I" ""i/l,Ii "",.;It, hi,., ",.ili/aui. as II 'W.'fI foJl , "'(aft /-, P'op/' bui ajfi""'ld, '/btl., • i is Fir, h"'1l',,'J IfD" IhI HUihIOP'1 'Trill/tw M, C'''~ir(.u,; WMrIIl: .,." /",.,h,r E"'1l1iry .". R,'IJIIt,,'1iflll, wh,1I tht P,.j"t,,. .11.'1'''' ."" it, 'Iwas fill'" II b."" IHi1t ,,,"',,,, 6tll Ij' May, fhl Da) lIN Hugh'DI fIN;", Ir;'/.potI Ij,

C,;"';".h migbt Ibtrt~)· hllVl •• 0#411'111''''1) .1Jl;~, if


the,.,,,, ;""""""/~

1,"".1 fir r"f;1I;",fI'/'"




,.r4...... ~ tt.. !)aopter ..... Mr. ,/nlll" CifIt lrp6t'Afely J .nd therefore to avoid R.epetition. the Reader • referred to tbem.
,OHN 'CURt"'" ,AMB' MILLS, P't[E'R L'rN CH.'~ o it N."I ~U It 0 , • R. lad -···00 Nt Co N.J, ailed aDd (worn •
8(Q/Jff. (aid, .. That C..,.



arried witll ~d " iMo ,- Prifoai •• he lame in, faid " ,!JiI, I" 11m;,.....,

wIIcra"'~,,~;, "ift &,41-. _,. ...
immediatel, ~

(P.ILI .....

Nepo) _.



•• fail fo."

.. C"./i' ow ....

,'-I ,. jtr ~ I. ; ... tbat IUt Dar 10 at. Wit8eft dIM .W


MiU,UI, That C-.JII .. fir I~U.I"~ Ntw
......... nit

-.,»_" "'."

r.w ..

.,JiII, J ..


.. ". '""



rut. I ,w :,..for ••

, ,"

....... w.. ,.,.. ad JIiIl, ..... , ....u-a, a.,.,.. -.w. . ,....,.'_'
.. ... .. ftI1 ~

.. tf,.",.~..,,, _..., ...bow ..... .
to IfqIllJllt


"A'~ *'In



Cl8t:t to p,... h <laJ." lOt thcfc Witllria, laO ,.._ en.. to popoIe tllaD to ; .~r if yOG ba¥e allY W_' to pIOI~ace to ,., et.raam 111 &liaa be



1')'OIl."'" ,oar



Witadfa(or thePr .....

, I f' It X J Jl M T~.




14,• .B L.i • C .&;aDt1

Mf. 8J..tl fail. If He law B",~fot~"a Dram to • ." Ncar, but thas be daouglu him a civil Kn.'t , . I'~ (aid, If That he knew aothing or thl na.., &,11-', Houle. but e """'" faw -11.- of h ..hia·..'·· - "'!"" .

:=: t':,:t :;r~t~:"~~~"\&kcMa r .-.".-~b ...........

.. Tlw Ale law DO " &he Nflro "Tkt .. 111M

.. Iod&cd



(J) faid. ~',n.t .....


.16,~t. N,.. c,,:/,

her H.-had Hoafe Jaa Wiater J 'tMrc .. (PWIipfI'.) .ad in Gibbala. .. or f taw .y inwt He-




(",) lh 1

'W.'h.J If,•••


Harm thm.


I.",.. albin!



lb. Proellt/inl' again)

I baYe


a.,.~. We haft, no more, Sir.

Court. [to the r,uoom) H.w Y'.




DiliplCt of :be ""~illn*. We tNt that" • ptincipal AUlllof! of thit .vlllchicfJ and che Rina1adtr of it, are now before YOII,"


!"Ad ...... illk i[;III(/w :1M Ihl P,.;/inlwl, flw,.~ ,. tf... owh.J JIM ~.. ill.JOllr ru,''4 DifiIlCl, IIMI Ibtll dlt:..uKiJf" II;,. Kia, __ jMIII1tp the E'lli4tIl": )

Upoa this Mr. S.;th ~dcd to a difiiRfl Confidtra. cion of the Charge, ud in obicnring upoa the Evidence of the Witndles (which was ia SIiManee as before fer forth) ditlioguilbed tile Proof. a&ainil eacb of the PrifoDCll i which lOr BIC¥' ity fake arc here omitted.

Thea the Pri_n ""rally fpoke in their Jufti6ation ia their TIU'DI; protdcd their Joaocena, and declared tlw a11_ WitDI«es faid apinft tMIr.\ wu faIk: i ud calW upoll God 10 wiloer. tbcir A&vcnliom. Mr.

thea proceeded •• folloWCIL


,"t Jllllfi P'"



.~, Dpoa_ Quia Micb ,_ have taku. "G~. .. Scuc:c .nJ 11Ugcu

"..., ~_*~
" wlUdl dIq ........


haw .....


-f'" ;,,,,,

tim! JIM

" A__'


hu ~ tltlIe ~ ucI ... WitneACs on
1 cu'; think lM_t what Verdia

"- Cbup againft the PriG,aen at in ,beg. fncral laditlmentl, to ei them pleaW Not Glli/J.J. Mr, ~re or the Evidcac:e on tbe


u .............


both Sides have among you is in you cught 10 live

'" it,. tMt "peat a N..ht~ thould unite aod COD" fpirc ia ~ dr:twIabic ...... VilJany: And yet, G.I.... there fcemi NothiDI wanting to compleat the && EvideDce that .fo _IMMU, ",yllfl "111/" Dtjig" has u beeD {ct on foot ; of which we have bad In Part an oc" cular Dcmonilration, ill" late Fires that have becq enu kj~ ia di,.crfC Parts 01 tbis City; fever-at uf which •• have been lighted lip in ODe DaJ~ to thc AmaumCflt and .~I Tcmarohhc People.

be omcei¥oi ... horrid than the PrilOnen.· A Scheme fo black ., ad W1i~ U IN B.,..., ~ tbis City a"" lbe Mtmkring .1 if ,•. 1JN,juiWI, t/ il! One would twdl, ,ilDagine II could cater into the TJaooght, much lefs be baal I cd in '1 _ ai .. , bulan Oeat .. i but mort: WOIIIcr" the Cti-e.

charpl on


~I T H P 1. G__ II, DOthiog remaiaa £ok confidcrcd of by you, but ,be Crcditohhe WitucJIa I againft whidl ..I can fcc no I~e Objeaion: (ftbey are to be be" licved, tbcD the Prifoncn lIlY Gllilly. aDd you DOW be," hold, at Ibis Bar, the ..utbon, Abetton. Il:ld Contrivers ' II of thole dcllruaiq Fires which your Bya have feen : 'f Two of.the immediate AgeolS of thofc VilJanies, have "already f...... a dekrvcd PUQifhmcat, and djcd COIl" ~& ~ Cru.a. The WitmllCs declare the prio" opal Coatrlycr. of thole Mikhicf. CObe Qaat wi.;bd Man ~ n.,h;;', whofe erimet have made hiaa black. J"~ a Negro J the ScancLll ot hi. CODlplcxion. and eM U Difgraa: of l1uman Natllle! W~ NaDM will cIe'=end fl with Infamy to Poftcrity! Wbo could not be conteat tu .. lire by tbe Gaina of all honed Induftry • but mull be ., rich at the Expencc of the Blood aad Ruin of hi. fellow .U Citizeas I Wifer.ble Wretch! How hu he plunged him.. felf and Family into that Pit which be has dag for others, .nd btu ... down upon hit own Pate that "ioleDt Deal" iog whicb he contrived. and in t>art cxeclltai a&ainll hili " Neighbours! Gmu-_, Though the Crime. charged U OIl the Defcndanu are (uch as merit a jult Indiall3lion ; '4' yet in M.tten that a~ Liktyou ought to have the moft " CODvinci:lg Evidcr.« : The Trial of the Fad is your Prowince. In Malters of Judgment to condemn the Innocent, and acquit tbe Gllllty, is equally Criminal. If you can. " aftft what you han heard, tW.k die Prifonc:n innorO:Df, " YOIl Ootht to acq,]it them i but if ,CMI find them guilty. .. )0&\ QDMC &a)1Ii1 them. without the greateft fnjuftice and ., Cruel" lD~r CoLlBtry and yourfelves, G,,,,klfl(t.·, [ .. null add D\ more. but leave you to the Direction of the ., (;olln and your own ConfcicDCCI.



U I<

.. ~ tbe Circ:dmtlance~ attending there Fires eon, "'viDCed every body that If.e Moft 01 them did not proceed ., from accideotal Caufes, tKlt from a maliciuuI and wilful " Ddign; yet it y,u long before any confidcJ:ablc Dif,I covery could be made, of the Authors and Abettors 01 ., this moR: wicked anddcflru8ive U.r~:lkjng: Yet at ..., lctl.zth by the B!e1li.ng·of HC.1vcft, II.nd tbe uncomman

• C"" .... ,

TheQ the Third Juftice charged the Jury as followeth. _. c",Hnntll

needlefs for the Court to obrenro fUtther to yow, after what has been f..id by the (fuaQJ for ~ King. concerning the Nature and dellru6inTendelKy of e. (0 execrable • Piece of V ill any. as this CoofpiralY now "ch~cd upon che Priloners at tbe It hu been fuffic;knlly "

'T J S

if Ib, J II""


"... ..

i. it • lIIoJe ~fliry fOr the Court to recapitubte the Rvidftlce It Fiven in the ClIfe; (or that has been very clearl), fta~<It by the GentleMen at the Bar.

• ftdt1eintJy






A f.U

8 ••", or 8..,."

. .'

Old Kipp·!. • StraDl~. of Dewit'"


Htwry., ~

credit IDe {~veral u \\'itlldic~ for th~ Kina. if that can be the Cafe, you ., will then acquit the Pritcnen of :h;s Ch.lrge lf4intl them, " anl1 ~r,d them not GI~!!ty; but on the other Hand, Cf the EviJence againfl cbem fterns to be .. ample, fo fun" II fo c1('~~tar.d I.t'~faao"., if)'01 hue no particular Rea" fO'l~ in your own BreAth, in your own, C<'ntCiencie., to .. c;C..:rrdit rhern : if that. I Gay. i! not' the Cafe, ; if you "ha'v(' no Fr:d"n to difcrtdit rhnn; then I make no II doubt. but you will di(daarae a goad CODfcience, and U hnd them Guilty.
.. t:('Iw •. C,lfllt.,,,,

if yeu, ..,ot

elira rOil

.11"10" i",


PC(er De



C".ffit, !<.!.cl, Ii ,.., (old) 11't.rr'(L·icl. I ivl ".fix Sp••


Pbi!irfe·s. )loo(eyelt't. Mr. Jay" •• Ro\\e's.

HUnt', . i/h N'g"'s" ..... ·


to stteDd the Jill)', they withdrew ; and being returned in a fhort 1'IIae, (ound H"f.I~fo", b;, H'i/t, and Ktrry, GUILTY of all three Jnd~~IM1l" and , IlMglJfM tilt »aUChter, GUI LT~. ·A CoDftab1e being


away bIforc eM Talk afOrefaid. .a.ry, ~. Fifball" ••

That 'he Wlo.wing Nepoes were at C~/

., eie&ecoad aad Third.


A IlJlJjJ""lni'Feh,Widow

'1,."", f"",

.. "





to the Houre, .......... tfith C-tflr". Je-r...


·W.with ,.,..
, ...

Supreme Court :

• Mm,
A. At
• 1JiII, 8....


0..".1".. ~~.....; a.kIi...: ~.

• P.".;(I,


51h JUNI,



•. hu ....... Tift I,.· ••
&,1•••• ,.

KIat .....





~ht St(fAIIi 4IId 'lin,. 1"";(11.
('oart opeDld, aDd adjouraed

'til Fouro' Clack M..


~i.. ......

• P""l9,






~.Atthe fame T_",ht

the Splai


E N· T, As hJort.

eM fail, . who laid. YWh 01' "iP, of Pi11d.... . _ aha.. __ •




TeD o'Clock.

Court epened, aDd adjoarDIII till To-IIIOIWWMOfDi.


L_illdliOll If Sarah (Mrs. Bv IUt'S Nrzrt)
MIj'", ,1M

"" F,.. ti"


it C-fln' •• who were there 'WIMt,,/· ,,,,;,. g,,;""II, "". foil, • ,"-.11"'" ,,,, ./11•• ". iill,. vb", PIfk, were,
1. •

, ,.1, .

''''~/.M. t" Company THAT
. ~-- ,II"






.... Mullen'.. Dr. Nicol'..

Bnfoo'"...... SuI,.. wu........ .... Mcf_.......... -. .... De LI.aci1•., wu, .... Mb'" -. .... Windom' .. , w.,
wu lOt,




w.t, ...... Jdu, , ""'IIIRoIrl

I ,ezroa· /"_-~N

~, prindpal Srr,'1ltera, that th\.j' would bum the Buuret and M kiM t!:)C white Peop'- l whetting thtir Knivcs, and fayinJf ,"f~:, '""t.to ih:!!"p,lIlDlIg.h for 'lAM Purpofe. Dic~ wu the Perf'.in who .Dt~,J her II ill if' tl~ 'I'. Haufe; and ill) going {he met C/~tllr" ,'" Wt,'Ch fuit.C ~lfu, Ind went in with her.
":, 1-

SliM Safah ,,(lAr,. ~Ifo, 4. ·',That C""II(M Dic~ and Comfort'.








( .... SUilreme vO~L!rt: 0 N :0 A r, 81b JUN!.


ar~' wH~ed Thunder inigh~ a,ike her, if !he di:l-.(Ivered. 7, I'C Bein&lar~ed Glljil (Gcmez.'6) was at e_/wl'. t ,I ·1bt taid l~,ewas nor. S, "That A"I,";, (De rAncey'. Spaniard) (eclDed very ., f"fwarol when It C"'!/Ir"t. and ta1~ed much CO C"'.(M :' DkA. (()

.e htr.

1;;._ "

!:rho',', A(t~t "A ;a.1 C,d (Comfc.rt's old Min) curfecl

'~'lt~f'''(ondand '[bird jufiicth
"::1'.1ill~ .._.


Sarah his Wife, Sarah Hughfon Jbe Daughter,
Margaret Sorubiero, alias Kerry,

John Hughfonv





9, '\Thlt th: ir!eeti.. was :~tC"'1fDrI'~ Shop. 10. II Thl' they then there did talk of and re(olve

THE Prironers being called up to Judgment upon their Convitiian far rhe Canfpiracy, and placed It the Bar,
proceeded to

the SEC(JND JusTle. foUoweth. John Hughfon,

par. Sentence,



.~ Supreme Court.

andY''' Ihi rtjl

of ,h,. PrfJ~""1


S A '1 U R DAr,

6Jh J UN!.


K 1 N G,


f'b, Sec~ndand 'Ihird juflku.
.~,aill}1 Jack, ~ C • <.:ook,) ..OM,FOIT II Robin, eUA MBla"!I Cref~r, Pr.CK'S Cuffee, GI)MCZ'S Jamaicat E ...L1SON'S·
, :1.'1

N cbfOet.

1~HE Prifoncrs being (et to the Bar, were arraigned on
Indittmcnt for confpiring, combining and cenfederM'JlB with diver ... Ni~'~"t ~u UUIII ";11; whoil! 'r cwn l.\lid City of N,w-Y"rl; and to km and de1\roy rhe Inha~l'I~~ntlthereof; and pleaded, Not Guiity: And fur their '1 ritJi p~t tbemfclvcs upon God and the Country. Court atUoumed to Monday the 8th Inilant, Ten o'Cloc:k in lhe Morning.
tiRI Antonio CU"oIJJ talk fiml En&,i'/b.

_,_'-.-------.(0) II rwtll (nU, Curacoa Dick

could ta/~ SpaniJl;, and

are now brought before this Court to receive tut Sentence which the Law h~ sppoieted for II your Offences; though I cannot lay the PumOlment i. U adequate to the horrid Crime, of which you Hand con"villed. The RltUlI Cammon- Wealth was efiablllhed " {orne hundred Yeilrs betore any Law was made again!! Parricide: ; they not thinking any Perfon capable of fo 51 atrocious a Crime: Yours are indeed as {lngutar, and " unheard of before , they are fucb as one would fcarce .. believe a"y Man capable ot committing, efpecialJy any II one who had heard of a God. and of a future Metre: U For People who have been brol.lght up, and &lways Jr.'ed "ill ~ <.:hriltian Country, and alfo called rhemfelve, Chri.. n~.lt,,~, be guilty not only of making Negro Slav•• to their Equals, but eve'} 'heir Superior», by waiting upon., II keeping with, and entertaining them, with Meat, Drink, " :!rd !-C'Jt;!::r; : :~~ wilae is much more amazing, to plot, II confpire, confult, abet and et'courage tht{e black SII"( II Caill, to burn thll Cit)" and to !rill and ,.lcilroy us aU.e' GOOD GOD I When r reRect on the o iforders, H Confufion, Defolario« and Havock, whch the'lAtlof If your moil wicked, molt deretlable and diabolical Councils " might have produced (ilad not the Hand of our ,rat and e' good God interpoled] it lhocks me r (or you, who would " have burnt and detlroyed without Mercy, ought to be ," fetved in a like Manner: t~nJalthoulb each of ),011







he ConJpirolDrs at New ... York, 17+ r,
In uncommon AJfllrance, denie~ the Faa, •• ,md audaciouf1y called upon God I. I Wittler. of ),ollr H Ineeeenee r yet it hath plea(cd him, Ollt of his unboun-, ., ded Goodnefs and Mercy to us, to confound your Device" It and caufe your malicious and wicked M:achiliation. an1 " Intentions to be laid cpen and clear before us, not only u to the Sati,(a8ion and Convietion of the Court, the .' Grand and Petty Jury, but likewife to evert une elfe " that has heard the Evidenee aglinft you i all are [Iti.fjcd e' the jui\ Judgment of God has overtakea you, and tlllt ,. you jnnly merit a more revere Death than is intended u for you, having, i~ my Opinion, been much worfe " than the Nestuti: However, though your Crimes de" ferve it, yet we mull not at\ contrary to Law,
" And now I do mo(l earneRly exhort you, and each of Ie you, to a (erious and diligent Improvemtnt of the little " TIme you have yet to live on this Side of Eternity, ,. duly and heartily to weigh and confider your pan wicked If aDd ill-fpent Live-: hi' ~":Hing, confcfiing and fin:ercly ., Mpenting of your SiDl' chat thereby you may obtain "Mercy and Forgivene(. from our great and juft God t " (or without a fincere, as well as contrite Heart, you un " neither expelt Mercy or Forgivener. for your manifold .. OiFenca, botb againA God and your Neighbourt. " I muft now fpeak particularly to you Job. Hligbfo", (C and to )'DU Sarah Hughp": Look upon your poor " unhappy Daughter. now itanding by you, of whom ya. U have been the miferable Ii1llruments of bringing into the et World j after that, to train and bring her up in the .. School of the Devil, and now laftly, to the Gallows, " I fay, coniider and fet her a good Example, in a Time u when every Moment i, precious to you, that the great "Deceiver of Mankind, may not have the fame Power u over you IU in the DCJC World, II he teem. to have II had in this, J mull JlOW proceed to the Duty the Law rt.quires of ,. me; which is to tell you,


.. )1I,e~ with

Jack, Cook,
~ COW'OI"'S (


P£ ct.'.

o. fria/up'.

Cuffee, Jamaica,




called, and the Prirooen challeaaina following Jurofl {worn. "Pilliam Smith. JtJ/(rh ·:,'a(~,t. J Db" Shftr",*". J f.-r;"h Mil/ikll". Iratt.; r a" Du~


'ia.'1 '[u(h,..

P "Ir 1'""4'",./,,, • Bltrj_.7httuJ. Y" /Wi,.,.

1;;'•• rrW'IIt,.. •• Sid"lJ B,.lIji.

DIl";I' DII'!fro ••

Of C 0 U N C "I L for the 'K



I~ 0: H

J05lPH MUU,AY']Efqn

The Attorney General, after Mvina opentd the India~ ment agaiDft lheCefix NegrocI, {poke bric!y 1.1 (ollowa.


'I Wilne!les for the King on this Trial. tAlI!thefe 6x " Negroel are rome of the l:onfpirlltofl who rombintd ,e with thofe principal Incendi.uic5, H"gb,fott t,Dd hi. If Family. to fet on fire ehe King'. Haufe, and ,hi, '~vhole .. Town, and to kill and murder tbe Inhabitant •.


" Genl/nllIII, will, I doubt nut, appear to ,oa, upon harlng our


That you, the Pri{onel'l now at the Bar, be removed 4. to the Place from whence YOIl came, and from .. >:hrnce Co the Place of Ex«utioQ, and there vou J , If &I\J each of YiJU, are to be hanged by the Neck If 'SH you are fevera 11)'dud ; and I pray God of hi. :"P' Goodne(., to have Mercy OD your


(),.I;"I, That the raid condemned PriConers be executed OQ Fr., ,... Twc:lfth of Jlint Tnflant, between the Flours of Ni .. and One of the fame Day; and that the Bogy of 7oh,. 11,~n be aften.,.ar~. hung in Chains.

" But as [ t.ave already, upon tlwt Trlal of the Negro " §('Ulltl, fOl' burning the Kin,'ft Houfe, and of another .. Negro caned CUffll, for burning Mr,Pbilip,l. Storchouw" If lnd likewife on the laft Trial of HlIg},/OII, his"'ift IInil .. Daugl.w,., and x"r." endeavoured to ftt forth ch,s " Hrinourneli of Io ho~ribl~ and de~e{lible I Confpirlcy • "nnd the Dangers thi; Cit)· and Provlnce may n&ll be It fxpo(ed t~, until P.xamples are m Ide all fuch Ii barf! It been cecrnccl i" chi. moR wicked Plot J Itbink J have ,. rio Neild upon rhia Trial, to fay Iny 'fhine further (til " either of there Heads ~ not dOL..'aLil'lg ut when you hll'a b H heard the Crime. which thele \.,:r'minil!s Rand chl"lcd H with, pro\·,.! Againn them, you ind them Gwlly.'I!



Will~·a ....



A L if
G, Swom.



WitneIreA cnt1ed (or the ·K

Mr. G",-, """/' M''''''~



R,,~t'fllll, B"r!ofl,
Nibfet', Rll rk's

S(llIi/v (aid, Cf P,hh, had a Knife th~rf', And n'l3'l'~ it I ~nd confented to help kill the white Men, and ~. t...ke their Wives.





examined the Witnefles againt1: .7 a,CR, CQOk and Rubin, r.ffti-7i1!1 Cuffee (Go:'lEz's)

Fori,,,,,,, Wilkins',

. Negreeu

And fDnlmea up. Eoidou«
r 1" f. \.liJ" s Cone

Mr. ,.."..,., and \-fr. R')'Ir,v'/1 proved the ConrelT't«'Jn of ~"rJ (i{onlevelt's) and Cujtt (t'hilipli:'i) at the Stake. E"'II1;''''' aj'tt7inJ Jad: and Cook (~OM VOl. T'ii) (Jr '~:fJlh0./' Ihnn. Conrt((,on~ C "}fil' I Con fcffion" ,sIJIi".!', E.xlmmatiun,

f!._uflrk's Cor.femon,

ffiJon, S",d"s Examination,
Fonr. nt's Examination,


S4/Jt!; 's Examination,

J. III. ; 7, 8,

r. ~ If.


S 2,7' S ;, 5·

30th '~!a.1. 3I'Jth Ma,.


'lzd May. IjI

J "",.

50lh NUMa.

I~"rllh (Dutk'.) Exam. NUMa, II.



;olb MaJ., 22,1 Ma_'1.
l.),h Mal"


L<vitle"" a_fft9i"l Ca:Car (PECIt'S) Ctlfftt'3 Confeftion at the Stake, i 5. fl.ya(~'. Confeffion, S 4, 7· ~4Uy'S Examination, Nu .... II. S I, 2. III. § 8.




51h J":lt.

If. J""t. IjI J lI11t,

30lh MIIJ· 251h MaJ. 1.ft ,.",.

faid, upon the "ria', If ,]a(l was to be a 14 Captain; that he alked him to help burn Houff'S; and f, {aid a[oon as the Fort W.3S burn~, they would kill the .. white Men: Th&t Ya(l {wor, fix SpaniardJ, [Spanifh •• Slaves) and the rea were tc cCIlr.e nut Day to be eworn.

SIl'tIJIII] raid upon the Trial, u That c~r.,. eclared, d " he would kill ,h~ white Men, and drink their Blood to U their good Healths : This aboat a Fortnight or Thre. H Weeks before the Fort burnt.

E·vitlt1lll affia;"l Jamaica (ELLISON")

Alary Bf/rlm'S Depofition, NUMB. II. § +. 1 3th M~,. She teRified againfl him further, at the Trial, " That Ie he ufed to be very forward at the Meetings at Hu(~fo,,·. " That this Meeting was of a Sunday when Comfort " in Talk about the Con (pi racy ; and that' particuJarly once .. was not at horne, 111 II wheu they [the Confpirators] were talking of burning Mary Burla" faiJ, " J I.lck and Cook u(~.J to be :It the. u the Town and killing the People; .7a",a;(/l (being a U Meetings at Hugl.fo,,·s, when they were talking of hru,~ . Ie Fidler) faid, he would dance [or play) over them while •• the Town and rnurdtring tl:c Prorle, and were adive and $I they we're roalling in the Flames, and {aid. he had been II con(tnting; b:1t chat Ole did not fee them [worn. .. Slave lone enough. n .." S/l:'ah (Burk\) raid likrwi(f", H That 'twas agreed amollg Mr. MUR.-.AY examined the Witne«esagainlt: "ttern that 1 thould be a Captain, a(l CII!'t·t, CtC/m', and J allla;(a ; And {!;,.mmed up. That 'twas agreed among them that C(J(JJ was to be an Officer.

!'tJIlC//1 Confcffion, ....


(.':~"'f'I' Conftffion. ~

,t.:(I'I(Ns EXilmimuioll, N'.:MU. Ill. :Jllr~1J (Burk't) Er.am. NUMJ1. rr.

lII. ;

S 8, ~ I,


S %.
.1; 3.

301& Mn,y.
Y'lb '/If".".

There was nothing material in the Defence Of any".' Prifoncrs; they aOced the Witnefii~s nov & then a few ttlISII

st' J


IJI ,7u'l'.

Ql/.nion,; and denied all

that was alledged again~I.:.~. I .. ~

and SI11'Q'" INh fodd. It That RoM" W:t~ at the • f. Metting at CD~,'~rl'. [mentioned in both tl;ejr Exami.,Jlc1\8,]


The Jury !>ting charged, and having withd ... ·. ~ftrr a fhort Stay, being returned, found the ~' G U I L T Y of 'he Indictment. ... 'A .'.',

d, •


Then the Court, after Admonit In to r;riminal., . to paCa Sentence on them as ion.,..,... That,


.,i._ .

7!Je Con!p;rat~r'l at New-York, 1741,
was examined before the Judgel thia A(tf'll.\con , and was under Examination the uext Day, when hi. fellow Crilninal, were carryihg from the City Han to their Ex~.. cution : He wall adv ifeJ not to flatter himfelf with tb. J Iopes of Life, wiihcut he would do the utmotl in hia Power to de'erve it; nnJ that would Le by telling fre(.·!Y,,11 that he knew of tl.e Matter, and dif..:o\'cring all the Parties conc.rncd to t>{' tell ,,{ his Kuowledge : He was told we were Ordtrtd, That 1a(~, Cf)O~, Ro"ill, C4_/ar, and C~.t"u, alrca.Jy let {(1 t:lr into this Secret, as to Pctfor.s and Thilig", be executed on the Morrow, the 9th 11l1iant, between the as to·ie able to gire a good Gu~fs, whether he fpoke Hours of One and Seven of the Afternoon 'Of the fame Day; the Truth i and hi! would but deceive himfclf in the End And that Jamaica be executed on Friday the r ath Jnilant, if he told Fnlfhoods. - J (If A looked very [crious, and between tbe Hours of Nine and One of the Came Da:y. at length began to open J but his Dialrf.l: was fo perfetHy Negro and unintelligible, 'tW3S thought, that The KING '(would be impoffible to make any Thii1g of him IIJ.II ill/I \II i,hout the Help of an Interpreter. There wcre two yOl.lng Men, Sons-in-Law to 1ael's Mailer, who were T. om Peal alias Francis, BOSCH', aware JlIclt would not be u"rftood without their Aid , Alb.lny, au lltgrttl. and they lignified their Drftre of being by when he w.u Curacoa Dick. examined, upon 3 Suppofition, that they might be of SerTHE Pri(onen being placed at the Bar, were 11'r:lignc~d vice in interpreting his Meaning, as he had been ure~ to on In IndiBment for confpiring, &r. with diVi~:rs Ne- them, having eften worked in the fame Shop together p Staves and others, to burn ehe whole Town and Cil:Y at the Cooper's Trade, w hereby he wu fo familiarized to them, they could make a fhiEt to undClftand his Laaof NI'W·Yurlt; and alfo to kill and defiroy the Inhabitants guage j and they thought they had {uch an Influence ovcr thereof j whcreUDto they feverally pleaded NOI 'nilty; him, that they were perfuaded, they could alfo prevail upoa (:Jr. him 10 make an ingenuous Confdlion; ana to do them Court adjourned to To-morrow Morning 10 O'CklCk. Jutlice, they were very Ierviceable in both RefilCfls; and HIS Evening Capt.1acl (COMFOIlT'li Negro) cc'ift- the Event well anfwered the ExpeCtation they badgivrn.But notwithflanding this Affiftance. his Examination took demned, amongLl olben, to be executed To-morrow Afternoon, had caufed to be figniW to the J udge;l, up as much Time of three fucceflive Day', Morning and that if his Life might be fpared, he wo ..ld difcover all tha: Afternoon, as could conveniently be (pared bimtrom oLber. he knew of the Confpiracy: From dIe Cour(e of the Evi" Bufinefs, denee d.ere was RulOn to conclude, that he had b~ II, Several Negroes concerned in the ConfpiTi.cy, Jaaving mon trul~y and diligent Agent for JiJJg~/oll; he Jived very been ditcovered by J acl a! this firn Sitting, were appre ... near him; and his Mafkr was frequently abfem from home: hended the next Morning early, vurfuant to Orders then for Days and Weeks together, which left him too much at immediately given ; bur there was not Time co commit h~ Liberty ; and there was a If'tli in his Yard whereto Illany '{.,,'onfefiionto Wridng this Evenin&~ ~n 'till ~hoaght proper Negroes reforted every Day; Morning and Afternoon, to til ret the-fame forth as of this Day.-JIl(~ dtfirccl he tea Tea Water: And HtlghjQn, no doubt, though.t he might be removed from the Cell where his fellow Crimirals, d 'tarried a great Point when he had feduced Capt. J tlcl -C'J'l:.iemn'J with him. were lodged, and his Requetl h'U:' his infamous Schemes; for this gave: him the grC:lte11 gt·antcd . . ies of corrupting hir feliow Slaves ; and J , fuLtle Fellow, very well qualified for fuch an Examination ($ C01lfi:§i()!l of Jack (Comfort's) tin" mighl hi captivalfll 'ulitb Ihl jilll Prrm,i/ts Btflre 0,11 if Il'e J ... ga, / . him of "'ing 1101 011& a Fra, 6111 a gnat NUMB. I. ,WlJI",""an in tbis Ban" of Fools i ofwhul\1 the lI, (aid, perhaps (like Fools too) PI ?jcfltd to mah a I I I. '1' H A T a little after New Year, 017:1 Monday. Prty ., It was therefore thought P' '. er, as this about Four in the Anernoon, BOJ (p) (Capt. Myfl y was yet but beginning to be unfolded, fo far to aC~'b Offer as to refpite his Execution, 'til '#tva, well he would deferve further Favour,


Cla~, RD6br,C~fa,., Cuffil and afIf~!;ra, II fuould be carded from thence to the Piuce from u whence they carne, and thence to the Place (Jf U Execution, where the (aid 1"C~. C(}f)t. Rahh'J C,.,r,f{,r ,. and C,.jfi" fhould be chained to a Stake, and Ui;IIIC .. untill they lhould be feveraUy dead: And th<lt the U faid Jamaica fhould be there hanged, &c.

::t .(1,







.. -~

.. ··--·-----·,--


.. ._.~~·.4



·tI .,. ~ ...... "_"








.. Jf.,.!h41f. Nrgro) clme to CNllfort'. Houfe to fetch Tea " Waeer, where he left hi, (,;11 in the Short and went ~o If Hugh/an" Houle (HlIghft" Ind hil Wi/I then gone into lithe Country) ./1'11 ftaid about two Hours there. and then If returned to COllI/WI", and told J aCh, that he had met ., there $i~ S~a~illrJJ, among whom were .-I"ll'ollY, and " II'AII (9) (hOW 'in Goal) and (aid to him, Countryman, " J have heard fome &ood News: Willt New s, faid J tU~ 1 .. 9", faid, thlrt 't.v,'rl S~al1ijh Nlgrm "t l1ugh/~,,'s, who •• told him, chey had Defigns of tabug chi.. Coun&ry 'iainll 'U the \Vars came: 'Vha, weald the)' do with thi' Coua,I try, (aid J {l.cl? To which Be" an{wered, Oh l YOll I. Fool, Ihoft Spaniards 411fI'UJ bllltr /h,," York NtgroiJ, 4. and could help beU!r to tak~ it than they ; becaufe they ,4 were more ufl".Clto War; but they mufi begin urn to fet ~. chr. Houfe [i. e. the Houles] on fire.
2 ...

H 1'1

S"r.b brought the Cloth and laid ., iti ,'r,'U,) Bur/OIl did not come into the Room J but '. Il.lrgMm rajd, fhe \\;:1. above making a Bed : Ptg.t~ came iI4 LiI)INn Stairs, and {OIl down by Hugb/D,,'J Wile at the .. Table, and eat with them J when they were lacing. IblJ '1 btJra" illll' IIIlk aboul/tlling thl &u}ts- enfin ; and /I"Zh • " flu aiked Bin, who wOIJd be the Head Man or Captain .. for to rift? Bat {aid, ril, he would tlan.l tor [liac; and ... (aid, /1, CfJu/J filld "Gull, Sbal anti P(}f'.A.'dtr, at hi, II Milfter', Houfe : That his Mafier did not watch him, " he could iO into every Room: Bill afked ~aJh, What " will you ftand for 1 He iaid, he did not care what h. '4 ftCl4:Ki r., or fbould be, but he cOldd kill Three Four II Five White Men before Night. "
,18 ill,


he came

Thanhe SIll'lday follow-., Hughfoll and his "~ift '" came home, and urought a Goofe, a Q!!ar.ter of Mutton, f. and a Fowl home. That B", came a little after Cburch 4. II Thlt Mar{ch.Jk', 1iri !aid, That his MifireC• •• OUt, in the Afternoon, to Comfort", and told him, BrD.. hacl {coWed at him, and he would kill her before h, •• Iht,. JD )', HMg~fo1J", all our Company i. come down: " 'WI'" filiI /0 jig hA ., He went with Bin ehitber, and went round the Houfe, .~ and went in at the back Door; when he came there, ;. II La"Jq" (MarfchaJk" other Negro) {aid, That before ., tbey fat all round the Fable, and had a Goofe, a ~arH h "tvlltl ~/lfJ.figh/, be would kf his MaIler'. Houfe OR ter of Multo'" and a fowl, two Loaves of Bread : H fire, " Hughj01l toole a FJafk of Rum out of a Cafe, and fet it on It ,he Table, and two Bowls of Punch were made; feme 6. to Sdp;o (Van Borfom's Negro) raid, He would fet ~I drink Dr.am i a Clcth was laid: '4 hi.s Miiltef,'. Houfe on fire before hi 't.,;ould I.' out I, '" 10.fight. 11. Rutgers's Negro. ~1Ijh, Kcertrechr's. Clf"r, 7- .. Calo (Shurmur's Negro) {aid, He would ret his A Spani/b Negr», PrYW/UJ. ,I MHlreb's Houfe on tire; and that as tbe Houies ftand Prcvcoll's. 'loh', or Cal', If nil together, the Fire would go more (ar. Shurmur's, Ca/D,

3· u That ~4Ih faid, he could get two half Dozen of U Krlivea in Papen, three or four Sword.; and that h. U \I, ould fet bit Mafter'. Hoofe 00 lire, lad when he had H done ,hat, he would (Q"" .hrl4' ID fig/;I. '






l'omfort's .. Vaarck's, )



8. u Ca/~ aJial t{Dby (John ProvoolP. Ntgro; {aid, He ., would get his Mailer's eword, and chen fet the Haufe •• on fire, and go 0;11 u fish. 9. "The SJ}anifo Ntgrm he could not underftand.

'liCkltpi/(bir, BaJlian alias rom Pm'




Mrs. Van Uo r:um '~.
Cal" l\1:!rllull'::.

lei, II Crelllr (Kortrecht's Negro) {aid, He would fe., .. ..' ., Jli:i M:illu', 1l.1l.;,clioulc 011 fire.

.. were all prefent, :in) alfl'ji .. Sp:lndll.\'e~l'ofS, am~r~t~whom •• were Il'a1l and A"do!~l', ar.d a I~('gro lately !)'..'i{)Il!~il1g to " Jahll MtIJ:/d'alk, tht Three others he f11,tulJ kr.ow if Ill! .. Iaw thun : 11"1.1/;)11, and hiJ frijt. and !J.i1I,;lw' lilt I, down on one Srdc ul tl,,; T,: Lit" U lid the N,<' ru.e~ on t',l!
,. other : Two or Tbrt:I.' 'l';.bLC5

r I..U Em raid (when it w:,s propofed to burn hi • 4' Houf~) ,,'Q, if II,ty (~1111i1r'a t/J( Plaa, /;, 't1J~1i" H If) //1Jt in I.lim/elf:



, .,

t<::" I! r

" it long;

IftrJ/,,01"~ ..)




l IW!lt :.; L-

to mil:<~ ':;:L;,;',
r: '1"" . It,. "",; ',\


eCitlng, 'JLlt IU '-:, {at 1201\111 tJnd ea: "; 'hen
r.\I~ly one

Did, carne in jufl as I.. enoug .. were J e f:t I lor

h... done

·'U:' ,:r:d to his WorJ;


; .1/ \,."'i.'




.. on

get his rv~:I,.J:;::,


;J:~t ~hat




1be C01{Pt''!//f'S


New- York, 174 r,
2;. H Says, Il'~y a~"ml10 't'.:ail II MOIlll, tlnd h.l! flt. .. Ibl Spaniards and French 10 '''''II; and if they did not f' come then, tlu:y were to begin at Irtnmtln'I, nex, to tr1r. u De Lallcc/5. and fu on down the CroiHi Way.

15. u He (1 Lein. afltedto (tC h',~ ~ft;r" Houro lali) on fite J (!tid no, h. fWfU/J fit hi, 1r11lJ1,,·/ Uingltl '"

"fil'l, 1111' h""I'"41 ,.fight. I 14. u IllIglllin (aid, lIt tU.'.i4'Jj!4n' ~) ,"~hllt I,~'Spani~l Ilud York N'grotJ l;';ou/J J, J and he would 'go hcturl'.~ •• Imd hi their KJ N (1, and would mix them one .mungO. If anon.er 'I.,-,b.'lIlhtj(ami la fight.

tl.~\' fI.\'(lt'td 1/11 J.1~"th u t,\"/ircd, IIIIt/lbm I,~I( Fatt 'U.'ul bllrnt. 26. "Th:lt





IS. If HugMon /41 th, Ntgr." iiI"" this DifiQU~!it anti f. Difig", tlltb,~foi/ Ittltllng ; on which the SpalliJ/; Xegrou If a&,uJ all to,loiD. 'he Nt~rOlS. (r)




That they all {wore f 'ome (aid, D···n; Some
A S;flI1!~~bNfl

(\\car by 'lhl.lnJer, H"I/'.fO" {wore by G·d, if they u would be true tu nim, he would take this Country; and I, J IIIR .wore b)' q.~,for his Pare. • 17, ., That P"S.,gy went away after they had done eat.. il'i' before they 1\VOlf. took awav the Difhes And Plate" fa and Sarah ( nu.~J,/01I's Daughter) took away the Cloth: U Sarah (HlIgl.~A''''s Wife) fat down by her Hl.llband, and u 'all ti';~ed there ail the Time.

b)' G- ..d, and orher Oaths:

27. 'f ~:1y5,' th:1I eVt'JY l'\egro then prefent was to do (I what thl'y I.:Dcnged to 00, 1m Dllt Mill the 114m, ,IU""(I ..I), : fl wlt;, CII/(I'(h 'It'aJ go", in oj 1/'1 Mard"!.; and Ifill " was not JOIl!! in that one Day, they were to go on the " 'J uurday fallohing: and fo, iftbe Spar.iards a1U~. rcnch U aid nol (Ollie, tht), rumJ ta do a/llbe11ljll't'fJ.
2R. CI That at this Meeting AlItllfJ":v, belonging toP",,. .. D« Lana,)', ,alled ah~1I1S,".t! to put lI;e 1101I}t1 on fin. '1 flillging it into Ihe floujt, hut h,ara 110 othtr Ntgro bill hi", " 1111+ of it j but he menuonec it evei Y '1 ime the) lllte) ~' but at this Meeting for the firit Time •





9. "The


broke up juft after Sun dow ..

Negro) faid, his MHlrefs waa II cro's, and he worked hard, and could get 1'10 good .. (,1(Jarhs ; That he would murder his M ulrefs tirft, be(aufe u file WiS not &O~ldto him, heft" b, 'Wlllt all' to.fight.

lJ'icldt' (Carpenter's


%9, II That (ame Sunday'. Monday [the next nay] U about b un down, all the lame Negroes came to HlIgb}on" U again ; (Ville' brought Money. and gave to liugh/on tor U Drink, and Dram: Bell plaid on the Fiddle: Hilgh .. U }C'z\ H"i/, and Daughter danced together in one Part If the Room. and 'he Negroes in another ; Ibid thero " till about Seven that l\ight: Thac they came there " that l'cight to frolick, and merry make,· a.Dd did not talk about Fires, lor thl) baJ agl'lIj "" tlull "" DaJ



hf.lort •

The Sunday after that, there was a Mectins It I! hIS Ma(\,'r Com/orl's ; fume Negroes were in the Shop, .. and [orne in the Kitchen s That the Kitchen and Shop f. came there, II join to each other; the Doors mto each wtnt out into the H Street, or into the Yard; fo that to go from one to the 2Z .• ' Francis (JASPER. B05CU'5) (.. :d, he would ret " other, you muil go either into the Yard, or on the Dock : It his Mafin'. Houfe on fire, 610ft h, (a1ll1 !'!!llojighl. " Amol1~ whom were Mart11.l11's Ben, Rut1erl's :!(_yalh, " Provoor.', Cat» a .ias Sburmur's Cat», Marfchalk'. 23, " COM rOll'f'S C()O~ went with him (J(/(I) tJ "rill'/;, an.i Lm,tJII, \ ab(')d~)j,,'s Sciph, l:1rptllter', II Hucl;(f;Jl'S ~ (wol'e, and (aid, He would fet his Mafler's ., A/~flnv. Curaro« Dick, Knrtlt':ht'l Cd/a,., Bllt\.:'s SaIf Storrooufe on fir.e J and 'wal to ga .figbl 'v?, and C~Il)J te rab, Nibler's Salld}', Cbnmbers', RoM?/, (JOIn! 7:1 ('I!._l'ftt, a Penknife. or any Thing. . .. Peck's err/.,u·, Comfort'. C()O~. Slrydall'J J ark, Ali24. II VA"'RCX~S ']P"1ItIlU flood at the. Door I prretty I! tbau, and Irt1ll, two Sf,mill, Nt'groc8 J VandtrfJ'if'gh.:'J ". ,,'hile J but when the Meat ready on Table, came in, and fI, "~'IUI/", Cuwley'J ell I"', Jty'S Bral.~'1 Bn1cL'J F,.an, iI, At (at'Qo"n nt 'I'sble s 1f}"~ lilked him, What will yC'lU .. 'Furman's Harty. rind PD'ltllll: Which !\f'grj,t's b<·jng H fh,ftd for P he filid. hI '[1'(11 nul fl[,l, to fiJI' but tie u mfo", //:.1\' /"gmt dIM I.lllt of ~lJl"";':~ 1",· rr,,,t'll. nt/tOil/in, " Wfnld,~ hi- M;,tttr'~ Hecfe on file, and chen his Neigh .. .. ,I.! P"(!jlt; /11111tht srncra] C01l1'fl:l(ltinl 'U(lS '(0 thl II b~l1I , . :fo on. If FjTl'1l of I/:.al at Hl'J!h'on'~, lind tie Filt 1(1 "1'1','11., U tlfor,./lliJ; (":.JII'~0'" "rin~ IrJ frf NJ Majl,r" /J!)ujf, ~r «) J¥ConJUJiqll~ ifQ!!ack 4l1JCtlfcf, 301bM4Y, cc Slab" anfin, alJJ 11.'0' go aul ,.fight. 3 J.

Ba/li41talias rrr:m Peal (V~AItCK';) cat at Ht;gh. If Jr;n's; f!!...'!'llh ilfi.cd Lim if he would Iland to help 1 He It laid, 7f.f, he knew chat i and thac was tbe Rea{on he
%1. ..

30. " That then one Sunday paffi:d. and " any where that he knows of.





•• act








J 0 U R It,'A
•• on fire.
S I,
.. Furman'l

L 'D.! tlJ, Proceedings ogain)l
CowftabI •


~,,~o_. _~.


__ #~~





H.,,, was to rel hi. Mailer'.

ii~i"i~~~: i&"lli$~i"iG£t*
Supreme Court •
ct U E S D.d P'R ESE

55 U This Converfation beaan, and was moll talked .. of be fore 8.,,11 came in, Sa"tIj came into the Kitchen " firft, being called in by him (,]a(A) &ut 'U'aJ IOlh to (oml; .. ,].,,1 atJc.tdhim to drink a Dram, Sa"tIy {lid, No; Sarah f. (/) who was then pre(ent, {aid, he mutt drink, and " mad. him drink; and having drunk tlle Dram, J .(,f •• a1ked him, if hI WIII/J 10, anti blIp IL'lm bNnt .. HDUftl, lind lill th, whit, People P Santly feemed afraid: "They all drank a Dram round, and then he (J a(k) Ie brought in nine clafp Knives in a Paper; thofe that had Ie not Knives before took Knives from the Paper; ferne went .. into the Shop,'\nd Come came intothe Kitchen, and all " che Knhres were diaributed: Deinl a{ked, how he came II by'thofe Knives, f.,id, he a{ked Po.'·J.J!IIS, a Staflifh Negro I j.!' about a Week before 'his Meeting, to give hiw a Knife, u Prwms {lid, he would let fame for him, and fell him. U PtFWUII appointed him t9 meet him the Wednefday before •• ,hi, Meeti.. at the Meal. Market about Dufk J that •• Pl'Wms came, and he gave him Two Shillings and SixU pence (or them. 5.1. If When they raw Santly afraid; they whetted their II Knives in order to frighten him to fay UI, to fland by





N T.

'[he Sttond

1ujl;t" •

The K I Nf'i,
againji Ballian,
Fnncis, Bose: Albany, Curacoa Dick.


General; OrMr/1, That the Trial of the Prifoners B"./iitlll, &c. be deferred till To·morrow •

u~o N the Motion of Mr.Attorne,:'
be refpiced till Friday nut.

O",r,fi, That the Execution of'l.a (Comfort'S Negro)
Court adjourned to To-morrow ',;lorning

" them; and J a(l {aid. if he did not tland by them, he: " would cut his Head oft' & To which Sarah faid, he de~ fervet it, if he clan', ray Then SaNty Laid Yes. (s)


ns ;

3;'1'1' The StoRe t~ey whetted tbeir Knives 0", was a .. fet on fire. 36 ... Soon after 81111'" had confented, it growing Gu1k; " they parted. 37. "Gays, he thousht the Bargain fo fure made, thac
.. II diJ ; 8.

., brown Stone that L,y in the Yard by the Door. About .. a Week aDd an half after thi, Mteting, the Fort was

Thill Day Bm (Capt. Mulhall's). ~,!!tqfo (H. Rutgers's) CtlJar (Kortrecht's) t[Qhy alias eM';' (Provoofl'&) Cat» (Shurmur',) r".~ LOlldrJ1l (Marfc.ilalk'b) S(IP;D (Van and Sor'om's) and H.,." (Furman's) were apprehended L1pon J acl (Coadorc'el Bumination aDd ConfeiUon, and committed.


mall nn, m,gre /',1ulings b&jDrI the Fori fired.

This Day alfo, The Negroes CgDk. RDM" (Chamber's) Ctt'for (Pec:k'~) CuJil (GOnuZ'I) were executed according CO Sentence •

Says, that feme Time afttr the Fort burnt, SL I Y.. VALL'S 'j1l(1l (arne to L'Dmfott'j Houle, and loU'I!;, " Examinll1l1 hI hQd pu,ljn 10 M». Murmy'l HiJJI1ad:..


& ConfejJion of Porn pey (Leffert's)

Grand ') ur,.

S9. " That be met p,.(JIt,'o'.fl'~ Negro the Night that ... Hillo,,'1 Haufe burnt, and afked JIlDI, What Ne~!I 1 for •• he had heard that there had bf;cn Fire at chac Elld of the .~ Town P Provoo1l', CQ/' alial 'loby Iaid, Jlt hau done it. 40 " That Gomez's Ct~ffL'l fct '" fire.


Zan", Storc:houfe on


"Haufe on hre, and he agreed he would I --and the), then told him, chey would Ie:) him when. and they would be all Frll, and be (ree lirom TMUbI. f He" " liked what ch., defigned Co do' ~a:,f {aid•. .." would

him one Sunday. if he woulJ do as they would do r And Pompry afked them. What 1 And ~alh Caid, ~,i would kJ1 him; and ~a(i faid, tLey would fec' their Maner's Haufe. on fire, if he wodd fcc hit MaRcr'.

lit /aid. T It A T f!.~tljh, Rutgen's, EZyQcA, Roofewe1t's, aaced

~~ Ajm in TlmI, and would DOt,1111Jm .' Ill!

'I. ~ Btl"l
.1_ ,.~

']be ConJpiratDr,
c, about a Fortnizht

I. .,


New-York, 1471•
Supreme Court : N E S D.If r, loth JUKI,
and 'Ibird


Being atked when he WII {poke to, be (aid, 'cwu before ~Gtl WII taken apt

•••••• ":1 •••'

'3, fI That f<yl/k told him. (( he was fent to Goat, that cc kllfW of it,"

B,,, (Capt. Marihdl's
tw:> 0'

thTU Day. berore

Etd/rnu aff.·!Jbrgthis ~'tI'tJ.
Sa,,'],! Examination. NUMB. Hl, Sarah (BURK'S) Examination. Il , H'Qrujltr (VARIAN'S) Examination. Btflrt the Grand

S 8.






ne Second




Examination Ilnd Conf1fion of Jack (Comfort's)

The KIN }


II. repeated much to the 'fame purpore as in his Exami. nation before the Judge j

J 1nJ.

r. But 011 repeating oyer the Perrolll who Wtre at CII1Ifor:'. Haufe. and Hulbjo*'., he obferved, " That CII/', (Cow LEY'S) wai not at Htigbfi;,,'s at that Meeting; and c. that and ~.fo, and Pa6/Q [aJia. p(}tfv/us] were not U at C'mfir/'s at that Meeting i fo that the following is a " true Lift of each Company. WDo waa,here, who are not exe,uted. or indiCted. . AI Hugbfoa's. H. Rutgers' •• John Provooft' •• P. Mar(cbalk' ••

.'rands, BOSCH'S K~rOlt • Albany, -a • Curacoa Dick. 011t{,ia! "' btiit1f11n1' fw " C",./ii,.lItj. " I.,." IhI Citi of New- York. Il1IJ .. ,.in- Ib, J.IJlllilllllll: Jury called, aad tie Pri(oners chaIJenpd Bill ~.(t T~c following Juron were (worn, 'fI;1I:. 'J,b" Dytr. DIUlitI Dufi-.





'oh" Sbu,.",ur. 'JDjiah MiUiLt".
Humphry 7l1li1,
~/aa("an Dam.


n..., Bob .....

P,I". E'WMI1CJi~

I'tl" I'lla D",/",.. Jlhll ]WillS.

lfoM 'Iw,.,...".'

Carpenter' ..

Of COUNCIL for the It lNG,'

Capt. MarJhall' ••


) M·Mullen' ••

,-Becker's. ". De Lucey's. . Sarly· •• " Mefnara' ••




The Attorney General, after opening the the Court and Jury. proceeded u follows.

IDcUameIt II



AI ComJ'ort'l.

Cal', rQr~, ) Sdp;o.

Cowley' ..

Shurmuf' ••

Londo", ) C


Vanderrpiegle'~ B,.afo. Jay' •• Bar,], Furman's. "-om. D.Moorc' •• ~ '& paniard •• (De Laaccy' .. ,., ~t ) (Sarly' ••

J IIflt,


Marfchalk' •• Van Borrol1l' •• Kortrecht's.

wiU aprear to you by the E\ridence ror the King upon this Trial, that thefe four Pri{oncu at the Bar " arcfome of that great Number of Negroes that frequently ,e met at Hltgb.fo"ts HOIl{e, where he privately entertained ,f them, and where they confederated with him, and tho
ts If
It U

" IT

" Genllenun,


Upon thlClar, of '.d (COM'O&'I"') two Examim tionl, thl Jad .. thought proper to recommend him Sf b

this Town, and co murder the Inhabjtantl ...... ~rhemoft horrible and defirultive Plot thac 4.:ver was 'let known m " thefe Northem Part. of AmI,.;ra ; of which Hughfi1l was " here the chief ContriVtr and Diredor with great F.xpec· If tation. of enri~hillg himfelf by the Ruin and Dcftrut\joa If of hil Neighbour. j II hal been fully made appear 0"

reft of the Confpiratol'l. to carryon thi, moli wicked and dreadful Confpiracy to burn the King's Houfe and

Honour the Litl'.nan' Goyernor forI Par~on,

(I) HII H~M/I ~I .111"'1'" II '" fi' '" Ii,.". "


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