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Minutes for October 27, 2008

Minutes for October 27, 2008

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Published by: Frederick Ding on Oct 28, 2008
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RHHS Student Council Minutes

Monday, October 27, 2008 Start Time: 3:40 PM End Time: 4:15 PM ATTENDANCE
EXEC Fiona Josh Tiffany Esther Shelley Terry Zimu Jason Frederick Borshiov X X X X X X MacPhail X PRESENT X X X X LATE ABSENT Jason Mahmood Jacob Nirav Jawad Seveil Aaron Jerry X X X X PRESENT X X X X LATE ABSENT

BLACKOUT • ~270 tickets have been sold • Cash box must be kept safe, we need daily deposits • Ticket list should be typed up by Thursday, other sales will be added after school o Must separate into 1–75, 76–150, … • Roles at the door need to be delegated: o Tickets @ the door Tiffany o 1–75 _______________ o 76–150 _______________ o 151–225 _______________ o 226–300+ _______________ o Lost tickets Frederick • Glow sticks will be thrown into the crowd • One policeperson at the entrance, another at the cafeteria door o Fiona & Mr. Glezakos will inform the police of their roles • Student Council members must wear their StuCo shirts • Thursday morning announcements must indicate: o Dance rules o Student ID card o Dress code o “Don’t bring valuables” o Dress for black lights • Pizza: will feed 17 StuCo members, 10 teachers, 2 police officers, 1 DJ o Party pizzas must be ordered by 5:15 for 6 o’clock o 1 vegetarian, the rest pepperoni • 6 Tim Hortons gift cards for teachers • Doors will open at 7:10 •

Frederick: ticket list and sheets of 75 Zimu: make “1–75” signs

Everyone: e-mail Fred for your desired job

Frederick: “day of” and front door procedures

Ms. Borshiov: order pizza on Thursday Jawad: gift cards Fiona: cooler, ice Tiffany: cooler, drinks Esther: memo

Memo to remind teachers of the dance

SEMI-FORMAL (Nov. 27 ) th • Ticket sales begin the Wednesday (Nov. 5 ) after the dance • Flyers must be distributed before the Halloween Dance (next week) rd • Poster Party: Monday, November 3 (we will be painting 1 poster) nd • Ticket price: $45 for the first three days, $50 for the 2 week onwards o Guest tickets will be $50 • ~20 teachers needed, cost will be paid by Mr. Glezakos o Mr. John — YES o Ask all Blackout teacher advisors; a note will be placed with the gift cards • Create a Facebook event o Add relevant Student Council members as admins th SPIRIT DAY (Nov. 14 ) th • Advertisements begin November 7 • Raider Day (students wear Raider colours and clothes) • Prizes will be awarded o School-branded pens will be given out to people at a certain place at the beginning of their lunch period UPCOMING DATES th Thursday, October, 30 th Friday, November 14 th Thursday, November 27


Zimu: Semi flyers Everyone: Poster Party!

Josh: note to kindly ask for Semi advisors Fred: Facebook event Zimu: small posters Ms. Borshiov: buy candy for future events

Halloween Dance Raider Day Semi-Formal

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