RHHS Student Council Minutes

Monday, September 29, 2008 Start Time: 3:35 PM End Time: 4:00 PM! ATTENDANCE
EXEC Fiona Josh Tiffany Esther Shelley Terry Zimu Jason Frederick Borshiov X X X X X X X X X MacPhail X PRESENT LATE X ABSENT Jason Mahmood Jacob Nirav Jawad Seveil Aaron Jerry X X PRESENT X X X X X X LATE ABSENT

UPDATES Club Applications • Discussion postponed until next week due to time constraints Craaaaazy Hair Day • Announcements will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week (the dates are spaced so that the announcement won’t become repetitive) • Word of mouth is the best advertising – tell others about it! • All Student Council members are required to participate Halloween Dance • Dance Name: Blackout • Mr. Glezakos wants police officers to be at the dance. As security officers have always been used, and police officers are much more expensive, Student Council is opposed to the proposed change. Ms Borshiov will discuss the matter with Mr. MacPhail. • Student Council will consider investing in a black light (for Blackout). Shelley and Terry will compare the DJ’s rental prices and the cost to buy one. • Teacher Supervisors: Ask by next meeting! Information for teacher advisors: The time requirement is th 6:30 to 10:30, the date is Thursday October 30 , a pizza dinner will be provided o Shelley: Cheng, Proudian o Tiff: Doganoglu, MacKinlay, Pugh, Irving o Jacob: John o Jason L: Sinatra o Aaron & Jerry: MacKay, Sartor, Higginswright o Jawad: Mulla o Josh: Woo o Nirav: Valis o Backup: Borshiov

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Publicize Craaaaazy Hair Day (like crazy) AND the dance as well Plan your style for Craaaaazy Hair Day Ask your assigned teacher supervisor if they can help Talk about the need for police officers with Mr. MacPhail Print photos Finish up master schedule Send schedule to Tiffany ASAP Send changed contact info to Freddy Work on posters with Zimu Spirit Day posters (with Aaron) and announcements Dance logo, tickets Investigate blacklight rental and purchase costs Ticket list and procedure Finish up contact list

Ms. Borshiov Tiffany Josh Aaron Zimu Terry and Shelley Frederick

UPCOMING DATES This coming Monday and Wednesday Poster Party th Friday October, 10 Craaaaazy Hair Day th Thursday October, 30 Halloween Dance

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