lLƌs come Lo my aLLenLlon LhaL some people are sendlng my Mom susplclous forewardsŦ 1he look [usL a

blL llke haLeful propaganda Lo meţ and l flnd Lhem rldlculous and offenslveŦ Who would send Lhese Lo
my Mom?? l am comlng home over ChrlsLmas breakţ and l am golng Lhrough her lnboxţ and l hope you
are prepared Lo [usLlfy your reasons and sourcesŦ l canƌL walL Lo speak Lo you abouL LhlsŦ
LxhlblL Ať

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ƍWlnsLonţ come lnLo Lhe dlnlng roomţ lLƌs Llme Lo eaLţƍ !ulla yelled Lo her husbandŦ ƍln a mlnuLeţ
honeyţ lLƌs a Lle scoreţƍ he answeredŦ AcLually WlnsLon wasnƌL very lnLeresLed ln Lhe LradlLlonal hollday
fooLball game beLween ueLrolL and WashlngLonŦ Lver slnce Lhe governmenL passed Lhe ClvlllLy ln
SporLs SLaLuLe of 2017ţ ouLlawlng Lackle fooLball for lLs ƍunseemly vlolenceƍ and Lhe ƍbad example lL
seLs for Lhe resL of Lhe worldƍţ WlnsLon was far less of a fooLball fan Lhan he used Lo beŦ

1woŴhand Louch wasnƌL nearly as exclLlngŦ?eL lL wasnƌL Lhe game LhaL WlnsLon was unlnLeresLed lnŦ lL
was more Lhe LhoughL of eaLlng anoLher 1ofu 1urkeyŦLven Lhough lL was Lhe besL Lype of veggleMeaL
avallable afLer Lhe governmenL revlsed Lhe Amerlcan AnLlŴCbeslLy AcL of 2018ţ addlng fowl Lo Lhe llsL of
federallyŴforbldden foodsţ (whlch already lncluded poLaLoesţ cranberry sauceţ and mlncemeaL ple)ţ lL
wasnƌL anyLhlng llke real LurkeyŦ

And ever slnce Lhe governmenL offlclally changed Lhe name of ƍ1hanksglvlng uayƍ Lo ƍA naLlonal uay
of ALonemenLƍ ln 2020ţ Lo offlclally acknowledge Lhe Þllgrlmsƌ hlsLorlcally bruLal LreaLmenL of naLlve
Amerlcansţ Lhe hollday had losL a loL of lLs lusLerŦ

LaLlng ln Lhe dlnlng room was also a blL daunLlngŦ 1he unearLhly gleam of governmenLŴmandaLed
fluorescenL llghL bulbs made Lhe 1ofu 1urkey look even welrder Lhan lL acLually wasţ and Lhe room was
always coldŦ

ƽ Lver slnce Congress passed Lhe Þower ConservaLlon AcL of 2016ţ mandaLlng all LhermosLaLs Ŵ whlch
were monlLored and conLrolled by Lhe elecLrlc company Ŵ be kepL aL 68 degreesţ every room on Lhe
norLh slde of Lhe house was barely Lolerable LhroughouL Lhe enLlre wlnLerŦ

SLlllţ lL was good geLLlng LogeLher wlLh famllyŦ Cr aL leasL mosL of Lhe famllyŦ

WlnsLon mlssed hls moLherţ who passed on ln CcLoberţ when she had used up her legal alloLmenL of
llfeŴsavlng medlcal LreaLmenLŦ

Pe had had many heaLed conversaLlons wlLh Lhe 8eglonal PealLh ConsorLlumţ spawned when Lhe
prlvaLe lnsurance markeL flnally wenL bankrupLţ and everyone was forced lnLo Lhe governmenL healLh
care programŦ

And Lhough he demanded she be kepL on her LreaLmenLţ lL was a fuLlle efforLŦ

ƍ1he 8PCƌs resources are llmlLedƍţ explalned Lhe governmenL bureaucraL WlnsLon spoke wlLh on Lhe
phoneŦ ƍ?our moLher recelved all Lhe beneflLs Lo whlch she was enLlLledŦ lƌm sorry for your lossŦƍ

Ld couldnƌL make lL elLherŦ Pe had forgoLLen Lo plug ln hls elecLrlc car lasL nlghLţ Lhe only klnd avallable
afLer Lhe AnLlŴlossll luel 8lll of 2021 ouLlawed Lhe use of Lhe combusLlon englnes Ŵ for everyone buL
governmenL offlclalsŦ

1he flfLy mlle round Lrlp was abouL Len mlles Loo farţ and Ld dldnƌL wanL Lo spend a frosLy nlghL on Lhe
road somewhere beLween here and LhereŦ

1hankfullyţ WlnsLonƌs broLherţ !ohnţ and hls wlfe were flylng lnŦ

WlnsLon made sure LhaL Lhe dlnlng room chalrs had exLra cushlons for Lhe occaslonŦ

no one complalned more Lhan !ohn abouL Lhe paln of slLLlng down so soon afLer Lhe governmenLŴ
mandaLed cavlLy searches aL alrporLsţ whlch severely aggravaLed hls hemorrholdsŦ

Lver slnce a LerrorlsL successfully smuggled a cavlLy bomb onLo a [eLllnerţ Lhe 1SA Lold Amerlcans Lhe
added ƍlnconvenlenceƍ was an ƍabsoluLe necesslLyƍ ln order Lo sLay ƍone sLep ahead of Lhe LerrorlsLsŦƍ

WlnsLonƌs own body had grown accusLomed Lo such problng ever slnce Lhe governmenL expanded
Lhelr scope Lo [usL abouL anywhere a crowd gaLheredţ vla AnLlŴÞroflllng AcL of 2022Ŧ

1haL law made lL a crlme Lo slngle ouL any group or lndlvldual for ƍunequal scruLlnyţƍ even when
probable cause was lnvolvedŦ

1husţ cavlLy searches aL mallsţ Lraln sLaLlonsţ bus depoLsţ eLcŦţ eLcŦţ had become almosL rouLlneŦ

1he Supreme CourL ls revlewlng Lhe sLaLuLeţ buL mosL Amerlcans expecL a CourL composed of slx
progresslves and Lhree conservaLlves Lo leave Lhe law lnLacLŦ

ƍA llvlng ConsLlLuLlon ls exLremely flexlbleƍţ sald Lhe CourLƌs eldesL memberţ Llena kaganŦ ƍ Lurope has
had laws llke Lhls one for yearsŦ We should learn from Lhelr exampleƍţ she addedŦ

WlnsLonƌs LhoughLs Lurned Lo hls own chlldrenŦ Pe goL along falrly well wlLh hls 12ŴyearŴold daughLerţ
8rlLLanyţ mosLly because she lgnored hlmŦ WlnsLon had long ago surrendered Lo Lhe ldea LhaL she could
LexL anyone aL any Llmeţ even durlng ALonemenL ulnnerŦ

1helr only real confronLaLlon had occurred when he llmlLed her Lo 30ţ000 LexLs a monLhţ explalnlng
LhaL was all he could affordŦ

She whlned for a weekţ buL goL over lLŦ

Pls 16ŴyearŴold sonţ !asonţ was anoLher maLLer alLogeLherŦ Þerhaps lL was Lhe consLanL bombardlng he
goL ln publlc school LhaL global warmlngţ Lhe blrd fluţ Lerrorlsmţ or any of a number of oLher calamlLles
were ƍ[usL around Lhe cornerƍţ buL !ason had developed a klnd of nlhlllsLlc aLLlLude LhaL ranged
beLween slmmerlng surllness and ouLrlghL hosLlllLyŦ

lL dldnƌL help LhaL !ason had reporLed hls faLher Lo Lhe pollce for smoklng a clgareLLe ln Lhe houseţ an
acL made crlmlnal by Lhe Smoklng ConLrol SLaLuLe of 2018ţ whlch ouLlawed smoklng anywhere wlLhln
300 feeL of anoLher human belngŦ

WlnsLon pald Lhe $3ţ000 flneţ whlch mlghL have been consldered excesslve before Lhe Amerlcan dollar
became vlrLually worLhless as a resulL of CL13Ŧ

1he laLesL round of quanLlLaLlve easlng Lhe federal governmenL lnlLlaLed wasţ once agalnţ Lo ƍspur
economlc growLhŦƍ

1hls Llmeţ Lhey promlsed Lo push unemploymenL below lLs yearsŴlong raLe of 18Ʒţ buL WlnsLon was
noL parLlcularly hopefulŦ

?eL Lhe famlly had a loL for whlch Lo be Lhankfulţ WlnsLon LhoughLţ before rememberlng lL was a uay of

AL leasLţ he had hls memorlesŦ

Pe felL a Lwlnge of sadness when he reallzed hls chlldren would never know whaL llfe was llke ln Lhe
Cood Cld uaysţ long before governmenL promlses Lo make llfe ƍfalr for everyoneƍ reallzed Lhelr full

WlnsLonţ llke so many of hls fellow Amerlcansţ never reallzed how much Lhlngs could change when
Lhey dldnƌL happen all aL onceţ buL llLLle by llLLleţ so people could geL used Lo LhemŦ

Pe wondered whaL mlghL have happened lf Lhe publlc had sLood up whlle Lhere was sLlll Llmeţ maybe
back around 2011ţ when all Lhe real nonsense beganŦ

ƍMaybe we wouldnƌL be where we are Loday lf weƌd [usL sald ƌenough ls enoughƌ when we had Lhe
chanceţƍ he LhoughLŦ Maybe soţ WlnsLonŦ Maybe soŦ

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