Nameť ___________________________________________________ Week ofť _____________

D|rect|onsť Choose Lwo acLlvlLles from Lhe menu belowŦ 1he acLlvlLles musL LoLal 10 polnLsŦ Þlace a
checkmark nexL Lo each box Lo show whlch acLlvlLles you wlll compleLeŦ All acLlvlLles musL be compleLed
byť ____________________________________

2 ÞolnLs
8ead a mysLery of your cholceŦ CreaLe a new book cover for Lhe book LhaL you chooseŦ
uslng your creaLlvlLyţ creaLe a comlc sLrlp LhaL uses aL leasL four of your words for Lhls weekŦ
3 ÞolnLs
WrlLe a song or a rap uslng your vocabulary words Lhls weekŦ 8e prepared Lo share lL
wlLh your classŦ
8ead Lhe Lwo leveled readers for Lhls weekŦ llll ouL Lhe venn dlagram comparlng and
conLrasLlng Lhe Lwo sLorlesŦ
Make an acrosLlc poem for your weekly vocabulary wordsŦ 1he words you choose for
each leLLer should be relaLed Lo Lhe word wrlLLen downwardŦ
1hls week we are golng Lo be learnlng abouL our solar sysLemŦ 8esearch our solar
sysLem and llsL 10 lmporLanL facLs you flndŦ
8 ÞolnLs
1he 8ook Pall of lame ls Laklng nomlnaLlons for Lhe besL flcLlonal book ever wrlLLenŦ WrlLe
a submlsslon for Lhls honorŦ uescrlbe Lhe book you plcked (llsLlng deLalls such asť
characLersţ auLhorţ ploL) and why lL deserves Lhe honorŦ
8ead a flcLlonal plcLure bookŦ AfLer you have read Lhe sLory Lhln abouL whaL you could add
Lo lL or Lake away from lL Lo lmprove lLŦ 8ewrlLe Lhe sLory by addlng your modlflcaLlonsŦ
·.·,.·.· ^.·· ..

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 f f°  n €  fn¾  D¾°–n f n f fn¯n¾½f¾ ¾f f¾€€ ¾€¾   9°¾ J f¾°–ff½¾°–nf f ¾¾   ½ ½f ¾f  nf¾¾   f      f ¾€¾   I °° f–f¯n¯½f°–f°  n°f¾°– ¾ ¾  .f f°fn¾n½ ¯€ nf f ¾ @  ¾n¾ € fn  ¾   f    ° °f  @¾  f –°–  f°°–f ¾f¾¾ ¯  ¾ fn¾f ¾¾ ¯f° ¾¯½f°€fn¾€°  9°¾ @  f€f¯ ¾f°–°¯°f°¾€  ¾€n°f    ° J  f¾ ¯¾¾°€¾°  ¾n   ½n %¾°– f¾¾nf¾  nffn ¾ f ½%f°  ¾  ¾ °   f f€n°f½n   € f  f  ¾°f fn f  f ff€¯¯½     ¾ f °–¯ €nf°¾  .

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