Sex slavery of children

Together we can
eradicate prostitution of

Worklng for a causeţ especlally one as farŴ
reachlng as chlld sex Lrafflcklngţ Lakes
commlLmenLţ dedlcaLlon and sacrlflceŦ 1rey
Cass has chosen Lo glve up Llme wlLh frlends
and dolng Lyplcal Leenage Lhlngs Lo be aL
evenLs Lo address Lhe cause of forced
enslavemenL and prosLlLuLlon of chlldren and
sell wrlsLbands proclalmlng ºSave A Llfe"Ŧ Pe
also mlssed hls slsLer's blrLhday parLy for LhaL
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