What is influence of

Gavin Lewis, eight-
year-old homeschooler
who saves oceans?

never doubL LhaL even very young people can
have an amazlng lnfluence on Lhe world and
people around LhemŦ Savlng Lhe oceans from
polluLlon and Lrash ls a passlon for Þhoenlx
homeschoolerţ Cavln LewlsŦ Lven Lhough he
was only slx when he sLarLed acLlng on hls
calllng Lo lnform people abouL how grabage
dumped lnLo Lhe oceans ls kllllng Lhe wlldllfeţ
he has already recelved naLlonal recognlLlon
from nlck !onas and 8ayer CorporaLlonţ
Surfrlder loundaLlonţ uawn ulsh Soapţ
Arlzona SLaLe unlverslLy Sclence ls lun
Þrogram and LnLerLalnmenL 1onlghLŦ Pe ls
now elghLţ and hls lnfluence conLlnues Lo
expand Lo Lhe wlder communlLyŦ
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