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Understanding Optical Fiber

Understanding Optical Fiber

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Published by: HelmyZainuddin on Dec 15, 2011
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t : -I 1 2 8 0 3 - X

w{h ' gen€rar an rD The fist thre chapters Presenr ov€rvis' sta{ing oPtic' light and the i' Ct'"p,e. t. Ch'pte' z inaoduas i^,."ad." o n . e p t o f l i g h rg u i d r n gc h r p r c r J i n r r c d u c s ' o m m u "n The'e rhrpr'^ oome vou hz'e Iinle ,"1 i;L,-*,i. ,**-i* think tour i",r'. naa,l't rhevarewonh rading oen iflou i"L-..i background is adequarc od ho* the'v 4 <D Chaptcrs through8 coveroptical libers'their propatia' ro into 6vechaPtets *. "".-St.a ;",. -St.' rhe materialn divided ( h'Pt$ a rhough 6 are65daar 'o makr ,r ea,e' ro dieet Chrpter rer *" iU. -"iepo lound in r-he oldre bot ""a.'',*a;*

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o"cn iew oi cabling



optiel Ch.pr.b 9 rh@uBhI2 oer luer ana LED l;ghrrcuo mpli6'B sd el'd'orcewen optical .p,;.1 a.,.'on r-i-;''." and (on'tab rheop€€r'on or r€enenrob. ChaPrcr l2 @mPares oPrn opiical mPlificrs and elecirc'oPflc regetrenrors Gd in frbeF Chaptes 13 through 16 cover a rargc oforher onPoocnts thn join 6bcs ootii syrens Chrptcr 13 coversconnator and splica in i,*ra "ouplers and other pusiw conponcns used dr'-J. i -*" in waT]:nctheu.. 'y","-.. ct'"pt€' 15 @ve!s the oPticau*d .i-it *t',ch olrbine and cprntc sig'alsI ditr'rent Ji';1i." -'r,iA*;"e oprical *,".r.^g'h' ,*, 'h'iat' 'hc ume 6ber Chaprerl6 <orers oPtiel kev @mPonensfor "nd "ptiJ*iichidg. -"d"I"i". Chaptei 17 coversthe fundamentals ofopticel and Gberoptic tho* -a a.cribcs how opdJ rnouremenrs ditrer fton -i"i,"-*,.. test Gb€r-oPtic Chapter ls follows,covering of otherquantitiesa n dr r o u b l e s h o o t i n g eqripment o c C h , p r e ^ I 9 t h r o u g h2 2 . o r e r p r i n ' i p l e s f l i b e r ' o P ( i@ m m u n ' a ( r o n . a.-'u'.' ,he bxic p rincrtte' behind fibo aPdc sv-rer 5 ' nd ii,i,.' r cn'*e :o 'oen m'io' rcmmuniqrion:mdard' .",'i'"i*",1''r' (insle wvelengrh '* a.{sn of Poinuto-Point ' *,rl'i' .z Jt'*.' ho* rne'e r v r e m ' , * ' r h . a * p l e . , l . u l ' t i o n \ ' ' o y o uu n u n d e r n d d pu, ros.,h. Ch'ptr' 22 orend' de'ign'o ,ir.m..* i""'" *"r':or'*rng 'nd Lhee'erg''gopriel nevork '",'.if""r'ii



) r a ( | a p r r ' . 2 r r h r o u g h - ' o ' e ' v ' r i o u "r ' P e c hJ t r e l c @ m m u n i u r ; o n " dd ror nui. .p,ics6r into net-rorkused grobal tegional JJli"'.- i.* da',nen*orL r;--.i,".'mF';on.,,b'e ref i''on md ;.il;;;.",; *Nort oeren, global lea' "nda pan orrhe ii'j'" 'i,r'.'. i..* - o (iat
,o *..p,on..p,'

of control robotic i,.r,.l**., *.1 * nu.,-opticJles for remore in 'ehicles, nerqorks air'rafiandautomobrles' and


l C h a P r e r' 2 8' o ' e " " P e c i as f r e t u


rD The ijnal Mo chapre.s d6c.ibe noncommuni.irionapDlicarions. ( h r | | o 2 q e \ p l J i n :r h ep r i n . i p t 6r n d o p . r u r i o n j r L o co p o Ls e n \ o , r . o r Chxprer30 cove.simagingan iltumim{ion \rrh 6bcr optics_ \lor chrpars indude ugge$ions for funh( reading, and a lrt oi resources appears at rhe back of rhe book. Linlc to Veb sircsare currcnd).be;ng added to rny Web sire, ,tp://auu.fb.rion..afu I would wetcome any suggesrions ronrmenrsyou mighr or h.!er pleese e-mait me at jefi@fiberhone.com fiber@iel1]recht.com. o. The glosnr .n the backofrhe book you quick arnslationsofspecialird rerns Sives Th;edidon alsoinclud€s appendiccs r.bulareusefulinfornarion, thar suchs rheratues ot,mponanr physiel consmnrs, convemion facrcrs, siandard dararares wavelen$hs. and /nd r feut$ ,n,muta. I harerriedro makeqdyihins cutrcntt6ur rheiechnolo$.is adhncins sofdt rharsme details ee bound ro bc@ne obslere. Vfien you 6nish i,,/o!tz,tri,i Fiba O?n6, w" should be preparedro follow the no admnces,and perh"p, -,t,iS"r. r. ri,.- * *ai



Over rhe yean, nany peoplein the GbeFopricindu$ry havegivengenerouly of their rme to patE ry anwq hy quesions.I owespeciat rhankr to Kevin Able, Bill Chsg, Eri.h Dzaklq, Jim Hays, DennisHoNjrz,lim Msi, r.vick Marsa, Jim Refi,and wav; Siddall fot reriewing parts of rhis €dirion, clerty explainingcomple coneps, aad prendce pointingme ro usetul resou'ces. Hall.@iewers Richad J. vhite, ITTTcchoical Instirure; SranleyM. Krause. PhitipsColtegei St. KenneihE. \flindham, Nrh Commun i n C o l l c g er:n d D , . I a l i iM o 8 h , d d s i .C i r y U n i v e ^ i . y r N e { y o r k B r o d C o m m u n i n o Collegerl.o prcvidedJrelpfulfeedbr.r for rhi. ediron Drvid Chrrtron, Marr Duch esne,Robetr callasa, Mike Pepper and John Schlage. helped{ith ea.tiercdnioos. I tr"nk TL edi.... Jr Pr"nu.e Halt. L*, r.*, wou. ".a t,ns,,!.d Laaaun.drioa, D a , 3 v . o rp a r i e n . e i r h m e r b o , ea n db e v o n d h e , J t o i d u o t l t ' 4 r h r n k r h e , o m D r . w r r . . . u n i v s ' . r . a , ' r d i n d i v r d u a w h o p o r e d p r p e n .r ; p t r " r i o n n o . e . . u r o r i r J , . , t u l, r n J ' d \ r n c d " r ' h . . , . o n r h e W ol d W i J e \ x c b w t - e| , e u t d r n J , I c m t r h e n q u e . r ; o n . o {ok @rside .dnal wtrking hours.And very special thanksto anvonewhos nmes trnd .ontriburions hay haveslippedthroughmy haphazard nentat fiting sy*ems._1lr. e(ors rhar remalnaremyowb. fh;s book is dedicated rhe memoryofHeather Wi|;amson Mesenqer, m s i n . d e d r . r . r . , e n d . , ,d v i .r i n o f d o n . c r i . , r o e r r . . JcfIHech!








A Personol Vew l, TheRoors Fiber of vpflcs Z, t'rbers Communicotions gos;c in 6, nber conceph 7, Thelme.ging Opticol Nel worK I t, rrber termsond Ter6i66l6gy 15 Plostic Fibers I aO,ExoticFibe,s ond Liqhl (Judes t4r'

Bosics Oprrcs t9, Ligh,c!,idinq of 22. hber tronsmirsion 30, OAer Optjcol lomponenh 35

omc coltPoNENlS t9

Fiber Grorings lj3, Doped Fibers forAmpti. ners ond.Losers 160,Side_Glowing Decororve rroers t6J, photonic Bondgop "Holev" or t'bers l6d, crodeJtndex F;ber Lenses' toZ


Cobling Eosics 173,Reosons 6r Cobling 124,Typ€s Coble l77.Ele. ol menhof Coble Shucture 182,Coble Inronotion l90, Coble Chonges Foilure t9t ond


Communicotion Concepls 41, Sysiem Func_ tons 46, Jignol Formoh 50, Anoloo . ond (onmunicotions 51, urgrtiot Cornmunicotions 5€rvices 55, FiberodicCommunicorion Equrpment 60

coitlltuNtcAfloNs 4l

tightSource Considerotions LID 195, 5ources I99, Thel,oser principle 203,Semr.

l-ightGuid;ng 62, Sbptndex Muhimode floer /o, Jvlode, ond llen E[Ie<rs 74. e.oded.rndexMuhihodeF;ber 28. SinoleMode fiber 80, D;spe.sion-Shifted Sinqje-


::Iy:ici !*1 losers Jemrconcluctor 2 i l, Diodetoser wovelengths Moteriols 212,Semicon. ond auaorOpricol Amplifiers219,Fiber Lasers ondAmptiliers220,OtherSolid.Stole tosel sources 225

s"-.es- 206, verricot cov,ry

TronsmitterTerminology Operorronol 229, lonsrderotions 230,Muhiplexino233. Modulotion 236,Single-ChonnelTronsmine, uesign 239,Somple Tronsmihers 242

iiri ,,*'

7v, vrner

in l:t.,=orion sinste.iode ber types

F;berAttenuorion 92, L,ghr Collection ond rropo€otion t03 D:spers;onlOZ, Nonlin eor Efie<ts 120, Mechon;col properties l2a

Defining Receivers Bosi(s 252, , .2a9 Derector rerbrmonce Considerotions 259,Elechonic runclions 266,Somple Receiver Circuits 269

Reqr:iremenrs lorMol;rgOprr<ol Fibers I3 r, Er. Stttco eross rrbers 132. seo Fibers ,34



ArrtPuflIRs 275

TheDistonce Problem 225,Types ofAmplilicotion 272,Requ;remenrs for


Conholled Opfics 402, Opticolly lnleoroted ond Mojulonon Switchins404

Amolilicotion279,Elecko-OpticRepeot'ers Fib€r 280, oni Reqenerotors Erbium-DoPed Fiber AmPlitiers nmolifierc 281,OtherDoped in Amplificotion fibers 288, 287.Romon Ampliffers289,RegenOpticol Semiconducior AmPliliers293 in erotion Opticol

17 cHAnER tlEtn-om€ 409 tilEAsuRtlltl{Is
Bosicsof Opticol Power^'l€osurenrenl 409, WovelenqA ond trequency t'l€osrremenb 4 | 8, Phoseond InErferencel'leosureltl€osuretnenh 4ll ments 420. Polorrzolion ['leosurem€ih 423' Timeond Bondwidth l'l€osureme.tb 426, Fib€rSiqnolQuolity 428 SoeciffcMeosuremenh


299 sPucEs

of Aoolicotions Conneclonond Splices 299, 307,Fiber'to-Fiber lniernolReflections In Considerotions Me<honicol 30l. Atlenuotion Shuclures 309, Conne<lor Connectors 307, Insiollolion 3l l, Conne<ling Conneclor

cobles 3l2,stondord i;"ole- ."d r"r"ltfibe, ond 3l2, SPlking ltsApPli Types Coinector ond ksues Perlormonce coiions 317,Splicing 319,lypesof SPlicing 321

ond Fiberoplic Troubleshoolirg139, Test 4/2, Troubleshoot' Mesuremenllnshumenb ing Procedures455

331 ond Concepts APplicotions , CouCoupler ond Types Coupler ole'thorocreri'rics334, 3r'5,Opricol i.chnolooies339,Attenuotors 347 Circulot'crs lsolotors346,Opticol

omcfl.N[I' 19 cHAmR SYSItllAl{D 455 WoTKNGCOMEPTS
An EvolvinqNetv/o* 465, Telecommunicotron Nen'ork Si'.rcture 467, Troneni$ion-ToPolo' Formob 4/U, lronsoies 470. Tronsmission ;ission Copocity 483 (


SYSITJTI 20 TIBTR CHAPTER 495 STANDARDS I5 CHAPIERWAVETINGIH.DIVISION oi 355 Whv Stondords Needed 495' Fomrlies Are oPIICS rlutllPtExlNc
ond Filters 355,Oplicol WDM Requirementr 376 ond ingMultiplexers Demr.rhiplexers

s s

366, wou :io, wou te.hnolosies Build-

Str{dords 497, toyersol Sbndords 49€' ConcePls 501' Inler Formot lronsmission 504, FiberTronsmission chonoeStondords Sidnd-ords 506. VideoStondords 510, Opticol Nel.lrorlingSlondords 510


383,Moduloiors Componenls Active Defininq in ondr*jdubrion 3tj4,Swrrc\ing Opticol Technolo s*irching Neworks 389,Opticol /01 Conversions 395,Wovelengrh o.es

Voriobles 515, Po*er Budseting 518' Budgeting 523 rronsmistor of Eromoles Loss Copo;ii/Budgel 529 Cosl/Perhotmonce Trode-offs s37


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o m r o n e . It mur bc opaqucso lighr does'i leakour. 3 .-ni. reflecdve pipes. "fi"i * . r . .l b... d r c f i e L r e d r h es u r r . \\iat ri-r."ir..o u n di n r k i r .t .' 2 . . :. d.i . Fo.. e h a re o n e . 4. Ele(rolnasnelic inre. . Lisht can be guid. clad optical {ibe6.o.om.^.r.s c. p h o n f n e N o .n : o:o :n!r* I o r ko p t r a r o ^( o n ( i n u e w :y : .i. $ r r ^ e r e d e .. Y . . h e no r a f e L e r i . Ifopdcal6bers rrdsmirsignatsso much berer rnan wres. .rn. lr mur havea refractire indexlowerrhanrhe corero produceroralinrern."i.d aroundcorneB most eFecdvell. why d6ni etetr.. b.rung(unen. 1rnusr harc a lower ret.n fo. ba...OFfr O QueslionsThink to About forChopter I l. o n . .l"io*. t u f l r c r . . lqm. i l s . tr musrbe madeofptasiic io kccprhe 6bernexible."r. ) q q oN e g l .1. why arent tber uscd 5. r . D c v i \ c1 n I n r t o g l . fo. \ n . d. air .t. g e. BeU. M o s r o f r h el i g h r . c e l .n? in thesame partern boh ends on orrhebuodle. .onven-o" opu.. m c r e r o r w i n d o wr b { o r b . p e . n en 6 r p B c o c a t s e to p r i c a j u D a.. dn the frbes musrbc araneed deraiis rhar can be se. d o a €b y .ferenceoccu6 in wnes because elecrromagneric6etdscause erecrons'o. c r ... m i r .t. *irchins? r L rou'll Quiz Chopter for I l. @ ro.eslss 6bss.lnf o r I n eu g h ' o r e r i n g i r r n d r d n . n rf.t.n..h. r n g .*n.gn.f.i"n"t.ndd cntan Photophone.i. m i t r ... c. e o w o u r de m e .o w m u ( h h .v ikn d o w l t .tLtt bE. rn .irhg* lenses. o .r hl. h o s h o $ a b u n d t ro f r i b ( n r B . r8 n r .l o !i n g o i n g r o u g h r g t . \ \ 1 n d o w ._*i. c.t. to iuuminarenoying ietsot . e compuren..maee . d. .. m e r e r . for comhunicarionsvia opiical elegraph.1 IEEE b. in bundies examine to the insidcof rhe$oma.. . hollowpipesu.. .r.ine u L o h m o n . i r r _ p u r p o .a buodleof opr.n.act^cinds tha.qunen€Dr for a chdding on an opticatfiber? a. .et 6be6 ro rransrnir imase. r r otn s r u p o o . \VhaJis rhe principatr.gene. priel o ygnas rn r op!<al hber: ork. m p t e m . in Alex. in a.moveiNiderhesirr:. 3. .5.

one ofsoenl wa"elengds . A link ber\ eena sngre peao""l co-Pute. all . Aa opticat channcl is a. A sw'tchedtelecodmun'ca0on rysremdak€s .ll rhat 100/6 rhe lisht aher fib€r remains enterirgrhe d. brcadorting signalsover b.tions beNeen pairsofterninal d*ices Vhich is the bestermple of aswitched a. light ource and eble' c. ovet rnnsmir at Ihe highcr sPeed d. 20 km. The 6nt imPomnr rotetnat optiol 6bcn Plaredin nodern @mmuniqions ner\orkJ wr a.. arrying radiosignar:tn nobile Phones 9. light source. :1 .v 7. A c o d i a l c a b l en n s m t t t n q light ( c. d.arYing sePinresigoars th@ugh rn oPri@l frber d.lluminarehard to{each na. receiver'and fiber b. a ddision channel trosmitted oPticallY' b. d. Flex. noneofthe above 5. Ar oPticalfiberenYing a singLe' Pures2velength b.onne.k rh{ shres one printc amongfout PersonaL 8. All 6beropric communicadon nust include systems a.v e.ghsPeeds signJsmong c. examine insideofthe withott surgerY stomach thc b. . Todav\ besroPtical6bea tansmtt of lighr 5(. Cabletehvkion nevork b. cableonl. e.hinery. swirching nany tcrninal devics' d. A codial qble orrYing videosignals manY . the elecuiel inPut to an oP. all the light tmnsmtnea thrcugh a siogie 6ber c.tdce? the longest a. 100 km 6.ble bundlcsofoPtical 6bes rhe a. exarnioe insideofthe wirhout surgery colon . arrying c An oPtical6ber at signals manr seParatc rvavelengrhs ( d . ard a !.he above e. A neMo. Telephone c. fiber onl.ical umsmifter' ich ofd'.@*' 4. 50 km. follo'"ins svsreru c'tr I O. fiber and receivei d. asPiPe for loog-d*tance at rans'nission hi.w.

'lill ..1T .:ffi n#3h. Opfic Components About Chopter This .J**# tn::.!iH '1..::t.dfr . r.Ji:l :"J.Fundomenfqfs of Fiber..i$::1$.:TfiT*:f .ffi'.'il.T:i:t.::[:::i:?::"*iJ::: h € This chapterlaysrhegroundwork for uddersran...:::..in1'..::fi :..'i"'i"::."TT:r #ir.\ .ff :illl:#.::: Tt :t".n:}::ril: i.ffi J*H:ff#'3:.l il:l'"::..:i:j:.. ....il.:iffi l*1.: ::.Iii"t:*T 5*.1::::l..i:".f*.": ::i![ti1'.'ilTr":il::.If.".ffi r"he' ( qrv.:::i:iil::i:i.j.k."T.-*.."il:jr ..alrfi#iff 3:iiilfr Bssics Optics of i:.r*::11i'l.r#}itirl I "n:tr:"i:i:{r-jj.:.::tecn "\e'"rcmrsne .i?#ffi*tqt.

?T.iTill.i.T."fl..@t . .14ks rrr.. On€ wav€lengih * I M..v^* :l :::1'"1:l1l::jl: on roder' rhev rePressI.h' I.:. . s'tntbt'a rhe. r**.f'*' il"..'.. 'urhin l i g h rr r v ' r t l h c i t ..e.f ...1."owD in Fisure2 2 Like a €ortinuouswave'it hs " "...erv (nu) Greek bv w'ves)' irequencvis usuallvdenorcd the elecrcmasneric and El..onrinuor's..--":[I#**:*. r:nt ' them a A !ngK e e m r e d r e g u l J r l r ' a c h ' o n u r n i n S 'u n r to r ' N r 5 / .-a*^v.licli€ldsarc pelp.'l**:l.: lei..l':i 1\ij'. t u r l i c $ o p .om olp\".ic*o"int phining things likc ho* t:riql a::ectos work Iil:iil'..t'.*.. r u l e l e m e n r . ..g..ru*tl in as "* *i'r'.ce. *r.4"i.u.#*1x." ir'.." freqto( or waslengrh: on Th€ amouni ofenerg\ ir .. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx li:l.Tiilnl ilJ::ir"Tl'lT *".6 o'orn.ndidhl lo 6eh otur end to dlrelid ol lishttrawl ncu$2.a i..1 A light unt I f.J.1.ll.tric magn..* ) uu&. *...J i".n amplitude'then ih"' b'ild quicklv rc a peak '* . aul r r" .. V.*i. Phoion dePends 'he osciLladon shorter the savetensth)'the higher (or equivalenrl.'ou.p.r. rrke rerm"'ion'cigo:'J:'H'tr"1TrT.".noio.' " h * r e f l e ' to r r e r i r r r b e n d ' qet'rronrc rnd 'ommuniution( Prl'ura v ror ..a 'rnc "'ve' rhJl 8o *-" f'.. 'i' f'*.L:" .v' rhe *-.** "i"a waYeredgth ...:m('/nryd&r' gh"..nv gn.

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S. l . ' o . i o . r. r . ndtklits. . Trqnsmission.o P P r t (riti€l 'o rhr p'do'mDce ol or ereboadcsr * rrdio o eldn'on sigul\' T1'de effed( rrc deI fib.@. h c . 'l-emp'oaq. ' ' ' . ' " .i * ." horvfiber optic communtcaA'i* t"t.c systems. j"nciore b. i .e . lhis n not. rhevabrtb a inv fiaaion ofthe Although opdcal6bersare ma<1e r ' e h ' p . .50willinroduce thc conceps herebeforc*ploring them in more !{ Attenuolion Fiber lighrleokoge ore Aftnuarion makes sigdal sirelgrh fade wit}l dronce ln sone ees' such ar broadcdt r out spread rhroughspace thev qn beoue signals ndio. r . likc diny windows ot cmckling rclephone l. p .sins ihro"gh n. l i ) r l p i c r l l vh l e ' l i r h r l ' h ' g h e r o \ d b u ' l l o w m u ( h S r r r e t "l. c d ' l l e ' e n tr y P e \ l a l r n u a ' r o n l h e r \ r e e P r i m a ^ e i l r ( ' ' will leam more about the 6ber core' You sorptior."ctiir. ."t g. n Fo r e r a | J g e r v d l u m e ' . s o ' p ' o n h u r.h : o n e ia ' ' I g h ' b L ' I i i a ' m I n n r o l .s-. t h e I ' g h r .t . p e n d o n t h " " ' v r l c n g l h' a J r h ep r e e n ' " o t ' rb ' . .. " . . coupli"s losses eachconnecror. iI n ( \ . . . " * .r leht ronrmined though rhem t he *me is rrue for anv k i n d o i ' i g n J ' Y o un o r . : 1 r b ." m l h . r a b ' o r s ' (or orre.1 ." for nser opt. m o u n . l i . " n u r c ' i ' a . Gcnenllv thse cff<a dcgode the to rcccive signak' nals. h c ( ^ ( i r o p ' r .u Jc\. Fiber . r n r e t o r r g u r r n e :l i b e r . . c r h s e c f i r ' s m o s tl o r p o o t n m m i t -1. .3).t."'. " .p " ' i . . r h r ' " r p r i o n . l c f l e x r h r l . r ' w h n h a e w a t e g n t u 't h a ' o n h n el i g h t ' f l e r d . d .l .* -Ls rou and light eu'c' sPlice' couPl€r. distaocealone ause amenuation a largervolume-the intensirvdrops ravel. r r o b r e . " a . "iiid^.ccourt f". -r-pts areimporunt ro understanding oforenelv pure glos.'.ns Hdaer as'rononer can 'Por beause tt the rcnuou gas dnpemd 'n inrergalectic space' which sig.he lisht p.D Ooucl nbeo inevirrblv.r t l e ' s . " ai r. r r .fle.i"g. l e ( r ' o n i s i s n J ' s o r h ' o u s h..' . g . at ih""ld.*-". r r i e l e n g r h l h i r p r e v e r " ' e n a l ' 4 o m rre d' o b u r o ... v . . o r e a l " n gr h e i r .n*en o'o 6bet cnds'madebv onnectore in scribed Chaper 1. i " ."" thq' are Prcsentaen ror rers. "r. e . . As the signalspradsovu *rrhin rhe f h i i \ r .s nropaqi'em**iats transmita litde lighr a Lnle rqv insidethem' butthevabsorb refect) mo* ofrhe incidcnrlighr' rD I- L . *a t.**. n et \ o : e \ L l .Fopt. ' a l o g o b e f f ( h w h e n .o p r in e o v o r l ' P < ( i J d f l i r a a l l c d c o u P l c ^ d B l r r b ' d iy in Chaprer 14) *e neded to pin thrce or more liber ends One of the mosr imPorrant is fundional diffednc-s beNeen nbcr-oPticand sire communications that 6ber coupler tounterparts nake than their metat-wire arcmuch hetderro bescen *ts are :o small that rhev on normallv be "el-osses transfediltgsignals io designe6 *ill seein Chapter2l' svsrem slrc(cd. p .and if iey becone l-rse enough'thev m make it imposible The three principal etrectsthar d€gade sigtrals in oPri'A 6t"'( te atualation' di'p'nior' wir'5 ' . r . i .

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that meam the higher the lrequencT.the dec.bel iater' but vou elcinonis and aco"sicsaswell as optics. nal oDeraons ! . highu the artenuationPailsofcopper *irs \de Ery low atrenudon ar rhe the extremelyt". rhm audiosignals.nat creases wnh rhe speed which rhe signalraries ln pectice.Co. fora rotallos of20 dB crlculation"ofanenuation fti wide\'used in simplifies scale A5 vou can see. Thev mqsurc the Ilow of informarion For emple' telwision sigmis have nore bandwidth thrcugh a ommunicarion system. not relerisionsignak.only lOvoof n would emerge(or l% of rnr rhrough inother kilomcter . rrr..n old tuhioned elecricatrelesmPh saror coul<l the transnntingkey. genedt. Every:ddnional lo-dB loss reduce fie outpu.vaudio frequencies but tansmit higher frequencies' can distances. 'Ihe speed limir on electriel wirescomesfiom rhe natureofelectrical currenrs Moving electrcns induce cu-ens in rhe copperaround them. and it's tht problemsin rransmndnshigh-bandwidrh thar an cause oeedfor rapidlynrying signais tl"es ofconmuniations The numbet ofdoa ad 'ignals.and hos fst anothercould write down or relavthe hit inonrng.he oris.\ial cables but shown in Figu'e 2 10 ln 'onoast' as r"ith frequencv. with a {ibcrhaving from a l-kn length lf (ha( outpu! lightw*lo"zu ofrle fighrthar emus drc fibercmcrges of the sme tiber. rhe abiliq' to carrv billions ofbits Der seonds over manv kilometeE.nalsisnal). l i n d s u r p r n i n g l Bqndwidth Dispersion ond ID qticol fiber3ore ho1miting hightrw attenuarion alone is not enou$ to male 6bers inalLrable for telecomnuniqtions' The di& wnes rhit ttusmn el€cticd power also have very low los but thev an'or transmit infomation ar high sp<eds Optiel 6ber *e anraaive bcouse thev combine bs wnh high bandwidth io allow high*peed signals to mvel over long distances ln a .on teualsthe charactcrisric the rdrrnrlr high a(cnuationof l0 dB/[m That is' onlv pleexample. rhe f*ter rhe signalhr rc arv. so rhe impedanceof a re .t^ahao of 10 A 20-dB Los 0)' and a 40-dB lo$ is a fac' a is a factorof 100 (1b10).rgnaJ.usedfor ehcdcal Powerrradsnission 60 Hz in Notth over re$onabLe America and i0 Hz in Europe.equencie. 30'dB lossis a tictor of 1000 (l0r some can get verv big rert [$t AFPendixB Bives tu of 10.dth o.rhe nor ban$. increres shaqn-r rhcn atrenualjon in optical fibes haveesenrialll the sane anenuationat all signalftequencies ther norranse.D . Thes€numbers . o m p e r i . Conepts srch u banduidth nd i'forution d?aciry are sucial in communicatiotr' md the n*t chaprerwill tell you moa abour them.\bu ll learnnorc about decibels Decibckare mllr erponens' nor ordr :hould realiz that thcv areay to underestimarenary numbers.000(l0ao). btcoma high bandwidth.@'**" a timd the lensth To unde*tand whr' consider simattcnuar.Diliereotetrectilimit diFerent could tansmitwas limned bv how fas oneop d*hes. o nf:o r d e r i b eu n i u w h i c hy o u m a .and ther can can. infornadon' the be$ei In ID The more informationvou want ro rrmsmir."--""iaiion sy*em.f.

.a 2. r . a m et i m e . 'hr phoron. rrusmnrion epr irv' Thry lre eare..r. o u e hr 6 b e r . D r c a d o u r " o m u .7-.s cn..tud:. h J r d F p e .r. o r r .o ont" rd0 "".:r ror cmph.tl@qu. e . r h a r r " . . T h e t n h f r r h ep u l s e . Chapter S. o m n i c d h | f ^ i o n b . e t e n g r h . m i . b\.rundomrnrot olriheeri corn"** @ . non. l o h e . i : r m u 4 i o n . blur"ng lrer' on rh. o d i p t r i o n " r e : n r . "" "A.k. 400 \ bur .rouft 2. r h ci ) d .i. ti. r ( h . . . ..-* a Yl:-:'" t n r n Bh r ! : . d. h e p u h e . d . o r e . . . € v e t .. q K r h r ' p e d o r I ' g h rI n g l * \ a r i e . \crJt mi8h. n 8p h o r o n f. l'l.10 € lB lox 9 9 E Lossdepends trcquency on Loss does not depend on 1OOMHZ l GHZ Sign. w t h e e n ( b " r c .. e r .*sl.sh dispeF l:*. g n r .". n . ll ^ .". p e r " . at.. h e t r r e r p u t . du p ..b u r l l l". k e . e d i \ p e B i o n i i m p o k . d r f l r r e n e .o . .ncy 1OGHZ dsidrh Orher effar' do iimr hber.. r h ep r $ r n .". r ^ p e .11^". u u .. r e a d i l y . f l . ' .il hen . _ t . r p p e r l a r o e .n manr dnrirur pathsceJhd.Ih: srad u w i r h . ... 'lg:.r o v . 1 o .-' .Cbir/..i so rhrolgh fulonere fibtr. w .1r . \rhich n anothe. . r t0. s y s m p € .t.zaif you o n r d s r .r: r .. f ' e n .1l."nat td b.. no o u n r t o r .prerd ou.hw rE.1'. h r . e .t .hey haveh. i n g p u r . o n: r .ad. e " / l . e t e n g h su u . ro vnud..a.t *. g r o u po f L rar sr m! ra.rellsnore abour dispeEionand how M o . i h . r e r e . l i g h r ) v n h u . h r \ e . c Ft.} r h e ye n i Derecog.rree(r-. t o u r r ( e f l r .-" S. o mo r .e ur(h. . r { e i i a .ngup*.. . mance cm be inprckd t ' . ' n g t u r ' e \ o . r h e ( o t .mode!.A t i e . . concepryou. e I h h m e . n . . ."d .:.. h w rhc di! ( d n \ e' h e r 8 n r l s o " \ r h .a. b u .i.. h eh .i) i n r h ep h o r o nm . h c o n t a r n i n m a m p g p h o r o r o ..ioh. e \ _r e J er w r \ h b r . h e y b u r . r l l y . r .p. u r r r n a s h . I .lotioh con?n. r r n r u n e o u \u l 5 $e r . n d i { a n .. i k e. .opri.r yru r. r ).-. abt. . a. p r o o n ..ro be lr* ]. t .r shown in Figure2.

f I *[it'i+-i#.' ht.lgn::n::!$i:tiJ: .1:IT'T:T.ll t.'-*.:1"..opor hc4jtl 2..nltq''ry*lmii r'*llt-:*l-{l*.Cro$blki5fie lakose of signol' '. '.*.:T:ilT:"::x .lt' il**it*'-{il*{*-l*l'.li:nri.'. I di+enion.:::.- 6 o.i**ttf fi{":"l'.*l' :lf f-.r'r*?i*J*T{fl-.niim :. rD i*"**r**r***+m:i*:+***''.'.jls::^'-** c qnd Effeds Grosstolk Nonlineor .::i.: fi ff:1f p.'{ a .

o-" .g at diFerenrs?velengihs.re 6cd in telMmmun'q.heR rre L. lares e madefrom anothr semiconductor conpound. At lo$.n Jl 6ber-op.a1 -odahtot $* conrcj. which rnnrmnvisiblc @velens.cs rhar hoduh the t. f. ea. e p r i c r l. .t"a"**.d. . rh€ riansmifter. h m n e t . d r f f e r f t .. " " . .peci.This rechnolo$. r h a . torm!. " . e l i g h -r u r < c r * e n o d u t d t e d p 4 4 e t y * . r r y m m y o f r h e . A rpi*t "ppti.h operari. Semiconducror l$es ope.ly inexpensi"e. n a o ofthe 6ber.Elecronic in the an . d .t"n .redthrouqhrn opric.ght emissionby vo. High sped rransniners drive lasertighr sources a consb.*t sonrc. . At*+.l fiber.. emir much higherpo*ers and @ rrrn. . c .6. . r h n p r h ..rrhich lses rhemto generatr electonic curent or roltaee. n but LE Ds e nor comnon b. d \ c r a m p l r t u . r rGNm'treB ma)' @nrain muhiple lxer sour. o. .gl. y ? n a t D +pt.aring ncar t3l0 nn.i. e 5 h o n a n d \ p e e d . e ." S.t ii .i. t D . Th. LEDS atsocan b. * : . pirkup unning The transmiaer contains elecnon.fd onh in Tronsmitters lightSources ond Optlcal trd.e. n d r o . . -. t o n p .s.t .. rtrhoush rhe" mry rrtf difrfren.ins the drive curenr r. Someire siandard .\ . i n f m r e d . in the ransefrom about 1530 ro 1610 nm..". t .'nitt r' Eenetaethe signalscaried by 6ber svstens.*-* @ Other Opticol Components -{ ' rrierv of orheropdql components ued with fibe. .. bur rre n . t .. ho* n. o f o Receivers Detectors ond -{ rc."a in. .l ca. rD . r l u u b l e b v o r h f f r a u i p m e n rt h e r t .which pa$esthroush an db. r. a . " o n i .. 6 r a ( e s ..nro u ejec(ical an . r t . buildingsoo acmpu. Visible rd LEDSde uscd rh au-plLric 6b.cr converis opricdljgnal dansmi.r s i n g l ei b e ru n .D U t r .5 $ e D j r y p s o r h g h .$ride (caAlAr) emirtidg at 750 ro 900 nm r usedwith gtus opiioj fibers for smewhai longer disranc€smd speds.. * n .ause rhey ogs few advaorases ovo inapensive GaAs laser.ci. i . indiun gdli@ a6enidephosphide(InGaAsP). rhe light su(.spedr.*i . O* ** "re rrrely usedb6ru\e or rheirlowe.n"lty dro\e rhe rransmifter. rehriv.-opr. T h e . t^".. r em o d e v r . A .t. r e n r l v . . " g n .Thc standard lieht sources arc Lghttwntagdtoda rUDr) rnd semiconducror tae^. . j . * . h d i r . .s. r ' e M d .-.ecdy modulares l. a 1 r t" . . o. o. o.lion \ould be adata link on one floorofd omcc buildins Ner'infrared LEDS and scmiconducror tare6 made from gefi. produdng e ar sreadyourput beam. ^"a.r curenr. o n e n r e r J n p .Lxr. f i o mh er f u n ' m i n e r . r L e .. .mir much fircr signJr.ioh.hsb€ft€r r h r n r h e n r a r .c are sysrems.powerrnd sped rD conlointfD or lose-r i6i.*-. o k e x p f n ' v e .um .. lish (D or 13i0 nmor I530ic l610 nh. n e e d e r o e p t .ms ansing ftom inrerbuildinslinkr ro rruscon_ rinenralebles. limired in pffformane. 'y{eml.nc. " .senide (Gar) and s:llium-atuminum a. Chaprer11 co!r6 then in dedt.res...o .rar.h l i " j r e m e r g e . .. e r p t r r n c dn C h a p r e rq a n d r 0 . h e .

ourPu(muliPli'd b] rhe mPlihooon oplicn elnPline6 {e meh. and phoron eneig.****.mulated anenut.y." "'."i.'sn."a .:Jy i^. " an -.1 eq. thel mplifo noireand diston'ona w'U a lign'l rrdor ^rii." .op.tecto6 respono!n u. .T}'t -" *. sane wav ro closelr sPaced junblc rhen ing all opdcal channelsto rne sme derectorwould dr beforc ."* " nS.ly amplity thc rrengJ' oI *ak optical (he inPUt siSnJ w'th no 'dd'rroM .*^.r"ai"g ai'p'*i."."-***.. Light is p*t ofthe eLectromagnetic frequen.e" @n dcan up oprio-l srgnJs lor rumph ofdnpet'ion equrl jn mag ai'p. .oion bv "dd'ng "n ^"unt r. **r..t'.. wavelengths'$ s€ndd€t€cror bequit d.nerator are th'ee'seg€ dai6 ihat detect a *eak r r p n J ( e o P ( r c rtlh t u m i d ' i w i d t "'g*t 't'"' a"'e .aro6 Chaprcrl2 oven both opticalsplG€^ and el(- li u ll optrc cu be addcd to sonr optial ddi. U*. etre's in. omi oLherapoliuuons.' imPler and 6 thk $unds *oiic (hrn a regencmor' rho'ueh $-Nerensrhs ar rimuiranouny mpli! the opu..^i.pp*i* ta t fiber NoncommunicqlionOPtics frbeoxred hlLhoush.-sralk I fer€wnh asnission.*..s rn ih.i. Th*c 4pliution' generJh ''quite which Chapieis 29 and 30 cover in more deta! U You WhdHqve Leqrned? spectrun.i" i"^"1.. .gcne. rignalr'rcmpenerng tot r'ODriel amplifieAme..r'.e rro-opric r.i1.i. uansmnted thrcugh r singlc Ootical doiccs elled 2zr lnplc*r *pzrare opticl channels n'i.plcriry *-.@ n-.on Beaue thq direalv ampliry Thu whxdd ''ostark or orcesine.tr".al channcls msv rPante l-T'P': -" -a -.a ua'e rhr ha a dntin't wvel€ngth' l .bmmuniquon' i' Lhemor imporur applierion oilibercpriu drHetnt Dp6 or nD'rs i.i -.of \ua'elengrhequahthe speed light dividedbv the frequencv' oplicalnalerials ltequalsthespedoflight inds (a)isacrucialproPervof Refractive thd l' greater in in vaoum dividedby drespeedoflighr the naterial soit isalwvs higherreia€tiveindd ai Totatinternalreflection r!1Piisht insidea matelialwith than ns suround'ngs- F : i : 4...te6 a!.d "he'e meded to 'lean up all sigml-degniing qell s arrenuarionbetorerhevrel h lrvelsthat inrd.. *-.*. in Lrtet in sign iou *iX lern morc rbout thse and other doie ". :'l* .v 'ach 't'' *iver' rhis mut bedonc colion Regenerotion Amplifi ond optical signalwi& a G ReDe.

1976) . Fuhdan. or LLU em'i\. OP.i5A. Clds opricalfibes &ansmirsignakar 7j0 ro 900.tu"at. o . 19s7) I:ranc. T h c L d r o f n o p ..i L d t i b r r m u n h J v e h j s h . The low aaenution ofopdcai fibes allos ftem ro 6.r in rhebermrfrer ir leive.apr).l mpli6q.. rpe e6 and regeneE(o. Aphr.. pholog.'v|r't\|-rc.Plaric opiicat6bes rqnsftnvisibte lishr. o u r c e i o r 6 b e r o p r i c o m m u n i a r o n . 1310. rrd Diqd \rork.m"*. I 3 .ldhDso . i r y o r o p r i c l t6 b e ( d e p e n do n r h ed . b d l r \ e ' sd r er h e t i g h r. 16. in Latua.The largs rhe dir. Gallium asedide LED5 and lsers opeiareat 7t0 to 900 m..s .o kilomereB.Iudonc'trk fit r{ptic.and 1530to 1610no in rhc ner infrared.onofan optiqlfiber varywiih wavetength.. srmrond or tse. Artenuationand dispeE. 6 . IdGaAsplasers emit a r 1 3 0 0r o 1 6 2 0D m .ll. . 7. Opna a opricatra!ff. is sualty meourcd ia decibels kilometcrTotal artenurion per of e lensd offiber (in decibels) equats tha atue rimg rhe length.rhe lsr I t. i .r.J (Addison. Drrcr moduiatrcnofdnveruFo.\iiesley..e I ignt.a?ht. . 'I mag- 14. m i s .gt" oyerwhich totll inrernll reflrctionoccurs.pertr' Ro$r t. ". ol @ "ck ht crnid anslefor torattdterml .y high speed sisnals over 12. yringtt. r c 9... Fibq aften@rio. Die'e.Ha. t96o) liugeneHechr. L\rrrnal modulJrionchuges po{. Bril. WhqttNext? In Chapkr 3. I0. E . ts. a i o no f t i s h . + J L r n c j n d e x r h M r h e t .efiacrive indcxesofrhenaterialson.atrfering tight inro II. hangejhov mu(h tish.\ L.e dsedin communicadons.rhin an accepBnce angle. .rerchtonsmi<ron dnrra by Doo$rngrhe srrcngthof weal signals.(Do\et. . Further Reoding D^id l-JL.K."-. r ob1 v\ion and Hotig.. ]'he smallsia ofopricai 6bm maks rolennces rishr for.ither side. I I D . p .. puha \enr 5. *" t". s f r . lenkinsaDd Han. we will look ar howfiber-opticqrtens a. r n .ttalt "/O/rtr (Mccraw-H. 15. . opri.r8o/..g.efledon ar a surhc deFndr oq rhe . J d u . Lislr is glided rhrcughopricat6ben by roratinternairenecrion oflishr enterins *. i o n p a .

100 GHz Lighr X ors I l. .ir and whar dod 8.' I J . totallight intensitvfrom vo bulbs is of the Yet rhe sum ofrhe so intensides. ifthe tso waves in phare. 'onenng.i pm.'hlnsquaad means viNs contad.".p. shouldbe fbu dns tbe inr€ruiryof one bulb the. cncgy meLtingr}re 6ber. and vou doni ha'e rc worry about rhe \un\ .".g* .e rc reduce cnrireoutput ro lingl' l 3-Fm Photon -*r' *""i. Atoms md molecule in ihe anosPhe.ol6bcs havenininum los neari. is \tich oirhe foLLowing aotan wave? elecaomagnetic 2..acti'eindexof2. lnkrfcrenceseems be asta'ge etrect. how much atenuadon in dccibels scond? rcu needto rcducc the su's enfte outPur to a single 1 3-Pm Phoron Pc' x rhc sun ho* 4.3 p'n. hlediJ imaeinefiber hr auenuation I dB/mcte r optrceJ pm.h. If m enureErlsy contan( e billioi rr' ech one a luminou ru a* u '.'". Vhat is its criticalanglein that havero do with ic sParkle? 2 for Quiz Chopter l.@ o'"4*r 2 for About Chopter toThink Qubstions The to I . What is rh€ thar coftsPondsto that frequency a.'.. .e s@.".. \fter do vou rhink th' skv Setsi(s blue color *J.nrensiry ..4.'.i".. u n e m i o a n c n e r s o f r b o u r 3 . .ter lisht in the 'am' wav that atoms "isibl' d op(r-:l fibcr'Thc shoner the uvelen$h . Opt. 8 ^ I 0 " e r g "p c r : < o d A p h o t o n v i r h ' etg ll vou "a.n Lhe elar su(rr lieht in ". the light inrensitvn reallvrhe squarc dplirud'' which an and vou doublethe amplitudes.ren ha an encrgvofabout I 6 '/ l0 do *ume ihe sun emia all its enerE/ n 1. how long a 6ber would redue the sms output rn Problem 3? in 7. 20GHz c. Dioond hu a ref. 200 MHz b.r..clrnFh of LJ mi(rom.*.'i." How thick a a 5. Suppose materiat hx aftenutiotr of 10 dB/m at l 3 micromercrs entic ou'Put to a s"sre block ofthe narerial would vou ned m reduce the suni 3? phorcns in Problem wvelengr-\s lfthe of 6.ct eachodtr? Doni these Furce One photon k a wave packer that docnt lut vcrv long A contin&us tight emrtrng is the ontinuou light source wvc How cmitiaseadyot conrinuous 1 l ' : .

cal6berhs acore wirh refracdveindex of L52 and a cladding wi. neded to move an . 0. 350/0 e. cm dabofthe sme glss?(Negld surfa.lecrron acros a potential Muppose \ou colld of convcft all rhc enelsy f. by b. Lishr rhat pasrs ftom air ro dss n c.tinB 6.mple cradopd. Lighr is @nfined wirlin rhe. rorl inr.e .00t mW Vhat is rheinpurpower ro rhefibe? a. Znon haia rcfmct. O. c..05hV/ d. 0.2l pm . d. l.h index of 1.1n\v c. d 0. of What is is criticai aryle for tont inic. .15..rical aperture is z 0. 0. 0.46.ore of a s. rrs nm. refl.O *Aaa*-* t @ 2 id. | . An opt.rnal reflecrion ar rh€ outercdgeofrhe cladding.2399 p.01mW 9. 25. 5 . 62' 8.0.3t. 0."t 6be.: plstic co. 80o/o a. Theourputofa 20-kmlih€rwnh attenuetion of0. An elcaron-volrn rhc ene€r. 0. . b. erfraction of(he inptr!power remains aft( lighr ihvels rh.efl<don. \i.ve indcx 2. l2ya d. Ifa I'cm glss plar taosmirs 90o/o of rh! lighrrharenre(it.5 dB/kmir 0.20_ c.417pm b. roql inrernal refl<tion ar rhe core-dadding boundary. how muchlighrwill energe frcma 10.0.03n\f e.5pn c. 20THz e. 42" . 9'/a c.h.3dB/kn ^. 0. 8" b. 50k e.70.5m\/ b. 0. l0yo lO. c.ction from rhe libe.m 4.4t.dal r€flecrion? a. e.t"ronr-.owh 100kn ofnberwith 0.om noving an elecrrcn acrcs a potcndal of L5 V inro a phoron.l .I% b OSo/o d. 28' d. 200 THz 3. 0.r would ils 7.827pn d.) b.

Sottedng of light oui rh. \qh. sidesof the 6bcr b. k qciis acousic wivs 'n thc gl*s 12. Gias atomsaborb ia €. At. Shtinking of signn Pdses that be@meshodcr wirh d.@ o".'t lt.r? a. lt k refecrcd back towd the light surce e. \vlar happensic lighr thar is s@ft€redin an oplical frb. Strctchitrg ofsiSnal Pulses that inqe*s witl distmcc c. Gla$ atomssrorcrhe light and rcle& it leter d. Ireepes froo the sida of b.: eFec do6 disPcriod qukl a.nution ofsiSnalPulG l ( A Th Tti a Cd .

. .''. .le6ne r e l e . \ .s.sspecialkrs.. ' u n g . " f. but this chapter\rill give you the background you need(o undesrandthe rolcsofthe componen$covered rhe 6rsr halfofthe book. o m er e . Ior purposes ofrhir book..onmuniadons concep(s add how 6ber oDdcs used are . ^ 5 h o o . carryingsignals ratcsto rrillionsofbi6 per s<ond.he communicatioos Br business. 1 e . I * . . d i r . \ m r This cheprcrinroduces basic. I at.ord and brcadly appli.. i " er c r m. are and ro underandhowthev w o ' k .a wrjrer. .in.lude spech rcacbos. fiom a. n c . . n d o d e r n c t e c o m m u n r u r i u n s . Opriczl fibe6 r r y r a R f t b l e . c * * . . bur we doni need rhe etua svilables rhe rime. e . . . public relatio. I n h . .ar a unnersiryma).Fundqmentqls of Communicqtions About Chopter This The no$ widespread appliqdons offiber opriq arein comhunicaiions.rn.n " . who han norhing ro do wirh hardrrare. Tradirionaldictionaries all .r . an officr to acros rhe Paci6c.nower de6nirio! rhar means sen.o^ . wrne6. rhar dennirion.cs ro rhe borromofrhe ocern i he \prn di. I o w r o s t " p i p e r 'r o o r r y l i g h rs i g n a l i.d Tle "Communiations Deparrmcdi. o n m u n i . in . d d " .y o u n e e d.a. . o u n d e n o n d' h e b a t r . o r r a d i oL L r . vague.1 . .b n i / l m e j n \ . . e n d i n g : g n J r h r o u g6 b e r o .e. conrrolled oth. fuzzr s. i s l r t .l Communicotion Conceots Cohmuni. " n .t. r . r r o n ( n n . \ i e m \ . Th$e 6ber at optic systems pan ofa globalcomnuniorions nerwork. 1 r . r . o n dh r t f o r . r r r t " o r z r . in 't. i o n o v e rr d i { r n p b r . n J .. s o i n r o m o e d e r a i i i n. c : s .tinsinfor.arion is $e prccess ofransnirring info. A m o r p r . $e will usea n. . h i ( b ^ o k . .-. . . and broadcase. n. t r \ o m e " F .mation.rr\ a big. n c o n n u n i o ( i o n . o n c e p rb e h . h e . I h b e r p .

onwho'ee'iLonll_ye n b r ro f i n r o r m r r i o n .--.d Tlc ud rD of play a crucial rolc* the highspeedbacLbone the globalt'le@nmunicationsneFxort' how manv Fisurc r shows 3 kindsof tclecomnuniadons. e a .r. r"i"".ff"ienr tcchnophile' of in vou miehtercounter thehorne a well'otr RJdi di'ion .i. "r s-.h o .od" .-. ."i. abs<e m r ." .r'..-r. ir"e*. r .t'-" *.hat used arm positionsto indicarelerten or certain rvoJs. h r n " r . code** a serjes -.. " b €p e r r m g e d l h r P t d e n t r o h o' r " n o l t h eq u e { i o nb e r n g a k e d ' d otarenalliehrtrllsrhepa.' a'"icJ .r.pr".r.o'. M. o ra d e l i l c d m ' ' r r g e 'o u" [".tance onnuniotions w* bv signai6resthat rctaved Revolution. when Paultuver€ warched rion.D elegrophreloyed !o hilltop hilliop 2@ /eor ogo ofCommunitotions Evolution simph infornaThe earliat longi.The towere had to be in sight of qch dher' *ith an oPqatd Cla'udeChappe . . . i n g h a d . built bv French engtneer of mieht cail telecomnunications in the I 7o0s.. then moving rhe arns of his rower to relav common ChaoJ.g r i ." . by 6b.i h . i h e o p .5! . rt'.d " . His sysreo rr* called ar oPrndl khg/dPh also requned SanuelMore<s drcnral tebgra!/evenruallv repiacedChappet opticalone lt cncuit' serdins bu6s ofcu(enr r'.r"v *. . .. o t e l a ' e d a m ^ ' a g eb v m o v i n l r m \ o n r o Po r r h er c $ e r 'T h e o p ' reJdrngIne ' o e r a r o . onlt a. -."i s" land:so mern{ rhevwercgoinsb1 *a su'h sgr''i "ould br t"*i"* s*.i-r.t' . r e l e@ P e! o $ ' ' ' h t h e J m ' m o v e jt to the nexr tower' mesage.. One fmou examplecane during the Anerien bl i Nonh Ch-utch for o"e or r*o signal lmps Ooe rneant British ."a .1 TIE \ O M"b'r" Mu|ns*i@f i* L Teev's'6 Bt-" Computerlo@la@a g. .. " ' l o r .recordingir. ofdoa and d'shesGhort and long Pulset that . t . r o s e rl o o k e d n r o r g h .".ingle ould erry more informarion Thc frnt rystenswe A wriren le$ero! a human messenger "erc series hilltop rowes. .". . g r h e . .a l"''i." is+*. *i.r'. ^-" a. .@ **' f rctRl3. b u i o d . r'.

c in \trsion ofCh"pp..tp.aphcompanies do tururein i! bursoonrelephon"s .. ( h c . o \ e r d l " .b u . i . morc rgnals ar onea proe..n. A 1on Ine rBnJ b.-. r.r. \ r m i n u r e h e nd o r \ \ . g n a l .aciiir+qtrebcrmrngradiosipn.\ b. r c q t u $ m e p r n .. s q e E r e 6 . . i o nn .ied murh moc inrorm'ioo rh. Engin e..ignrl" (outd nor be aiplined until ucuun-rube cncuirswered*eloped.. e n t . (D D . mere.erlegnph f.""f iheI980s.." ". n r < d .. * 1 r h i . M. bi88e and mo. The relephone mMmk {d.s apart. " t e g .nuou{ Ro$ of inform"."*r a .red.U.i*. o u r o s e n d m a n f \ . in telephone companies b".narion. n d $ r g e r e . . \q p e n r n e .sarrir€d. q rhe X n."J.a rD . ! b t e E t a i di n 1 9 5 6 _ $ tudio ommuNo.g... t f " n o r s t . o u t a ..i-t .gt _-p".. retay. mesS$r(h a pha for h.-.. .1o". t o n 8 .r vckbrcker... *".".t. ^ r r t r c ."t.hdnne. m g i m a l e a r n . b u r o . p r p e rr a p e .ed *..t t r a d 6 r n r r p n n r e d u r o n . h e h r g h " . r p hb u r i n .oss rhe Arlanric.k becJbe o.s dflitrdMh 'o mate..r"'""i ..uned our wea_ter irdea *i.reporingsignals d elecr. th. o n v e n a r i o r .bur onlv hdio could send rftegr. r d n u n r ( r .. . r8q0:.*:.tn.oir. on m. n aio -_.. ( e p n o n e J t \ r o m u c ho t i l r * o r l d .chi"sho-.il:.r"n. e p . r o m a h r n gt h l q 1 r .. a n c e .. * o i r V o .tir e o\:t r F \ " 1" u $ e r l e . r..n reresruph. o *rc s a $<iJ_ purpo... . nir. p r $ r r o mr h c .ir.bu et\h igret qo rrll very. .. "re L o m m r n r ."t.i*^"t.oad6. *"".. o You @n rhink of eachdor and dashof rhe klegraph s a bn ofinfo.* f.f .v/hen rheAmerican lon-q_disrance nrket wa op€nedto compention &e early1980s.l. b(Jr h. ay . V" i* .i*._.r.-. T . i m p r o v e d . a. ua^mi.b u r . op. i o n s .nge ._i.'l:: ( m r i T*:*'lnnins s m d l1l::r h e mr o rj u . o ( o r r y rbour.t. n . " -o. d o wr o h n u t r i p .r. T h e \ d e v e t o p e d h i g h _ f r c q u e n c y n dco he tra r * * i r r e m rr ou r r y h c \ e c o m b i n e d . rts . e t < ' r o n n .y. g n r r' . . .r-. e ^ e a .. (omptq rhan rhe tetegEph neMo.esrcros rheArtrndc uniil r n en ' s rs u b m . Bvrhelo-0. s e p l h .lon*reU: otCarmuniorio.na. olrhesinHnBofrhrnk. rt". Tetephone :ign:Jswae noL I er) ro (ransmtriong disbnq a rete_ gEph rgnr. h e ! o . a l e d r t _ ..".on.rl. . e . C.. *d .fi:l..t co*iar ebles like the co* usedin cabte rel*ision svsemsals @uld ariy the.1 **".". and w* rhe only uav ro ser voj.t.pe.l::tunJ:rom \o 'ere'ron.oto. l l r .*. Wires worKeonne on rJnd..i.Jt. dricke.T ." r... dah*.g".. o u t d n o r d o J l t " . t t i .a' hish. calted nu@pkhng.Men maior cirie. Radio$d6$on €rneo signJj droDgh rhe a.."di" . Itw* thenihd nberopri. saw s... rh o m e \ .i.p. p t u p l c r drdnoL h ) v e r e r e g r a p h . n ge r e .rdio*t. . J ." .. n 4 .t.."s.r 6 Thc elcirical rchsmph spread acro$ the conrinen$ and in 1866 ac.uni..ion. u. bur graduaflymoed ro hieher {nd r ' .rctegrrph wire. h e .tnrhelo20!. r. Aterrna".o. r. i : o rb r .t.i"..s dor. ".. ... . o j < d o r .leregnphm re. v*h.. * s. Uo. e q k n ! k . rete. ** .. and .m.on. e \r r n v r e t e p h o n e . d i .r.s ""d.:" rcrfsraphlgnar\ shcn (hef beLne weJk but letephon€.::ii..re sere morephono./..."'.ap a.t ai. " . e . sioals.a ' d e t r € r Lo r r e l r v e d h e h r o m o . n n e .pt"".. ^ . .-."qu"n. r .rrred * tow f.r Rldio 6rqcuricd relcgnphsienats."inro.equenc... k e r s s I n v .. erry su u. e r do f . r j u t c u r r e n h r t r e p r e * n r e d c (h rr a. t e t e c o m _ u n i _ ... ."*.*.rerched bct*en potes in dowDbsn.ofretephone *iF. .led wjrh rhjps and:irplin* in wqtd !flar rr."pl..rounJrlrgtobe. r . ir s € n r a o n u n u o u \ r y & g . r o r .^ Sati.fhereteDnonennen t u o D e ( o m g r o b .u. *^.1. i g n rtJ s gd L r .e<.hip.oto.

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p. a . n a o ". . bevond the scopeof this book. d r p e n do n ' h r w " \ e ' ."l i..osr1 m .t" .enr aDDIi_ d t i o n s . . .. . r e h . t . o r . n n e ' r f t c . r ..ereni rypes.. h r o r . u v n n i . * r ..n 6be."p". b o J n d J n ( m d r i o n . i. r. 10 c. .Togdhei rhrr rhee providern n*ntirt eroundr o . 6 b e .is.f. . diff€. Iis po$ible ro calculare natu.. .oncenrmres 6berderien on and IiehreLridrnp. . . . n g r h t t ..h o \ .. . t .'. o . h : o c n o r e t e c r r o n : g n e . h / p e \r h c ! o c . propsnrsor op. .o. r h . . k er h eN r ... .' e r n .r h e p h y i c . e p rL r u \ e f u t p p . . i ... e . iut rore_rn derermining rhe. suid.r. tr.r. .. o u n d c ^ t ."i".rfet rhrough hc wAc.i. . L k r o r h e rM r g u i d e .i r r e J t va u r v e s u i d a n a t . i n g t e cda dsoibed in Chaprer 2_ In essence. r trrerns . B r d e .. .traJ t'rr\. 8 h t. t t ... d e .Jthd z. y . n h o s m o ! o p .w o r l . \ e . i.. s h r h . p. r a*J. o n / t ( . . ." . " S * d r . .le.i r a l b n ...a.J U r r . r " . rheserqrirtion. i u r f i b e . .r n L h c\ : h p t c . . . s5 i m p t " o n .ery tinked rhenrc (hrprrb.. .. . p . " h t c h u n o e m r .i"" r n d r | h J ' . . i n ."it. n Lro... n f ( .. Inncad.T h " .h' fonos. r . Chaprer6 coreo the material) urd. ' . h o i n . o i " o m p t s . S".whiJ ptai.e u i d i n ei n m a n i r y p $ o i h b e r b . r o p r i o l f i b e rg u i d e . k .bur ir hkes a solid un deBtandingof advanced calculusand difterentialequatiols. . c r .. ..egii. " . . b e . : t r r g e . c ' r b e h ed i . e .i".p". .-." . *r. w r r e t r . r r i b ! r i o no r t i g h re n e r g ] .i lightGuiding Chaprcr2 sholved how rhe toral jnrernalreflect. There are severaldifi. s h . o u n d ."n. r o \ . . n. *.eofrhesetransnission the modes..._i. .yp.. \ r o r r h r w h o t e .ton -"a.s.Types Opticol of Fibers About Chopfer This Opdel fibes re nor all alike. well look at the charatrerirics oi.made fo. r h h e q u r n q i n t h eo p r . .a* _.. n d ..i i.on Iiehr ravscan guide light along of o p . n J . o .io" in *f."g*. t .rnsi. . .. I n .. . i .. \tich is fa.. r a \ m c d . crpr5beh'ndrheaiou.ip... t r e r r "r..rp'ope(ies. o r . * h i ( hs u i d cI ' s h ri n s u b ( t y i f f e r c nw r y r . ryperoffiben.oi. d c .

*'.l'::*..rn arrrhr moc liaht ios "or beha'erhe srme this chJp(er' sin.:.. rD Co$.::iiilffi xl.:$:::.*llli:H..'::'g::''.t*.lTil:t..L::I.*J]*'^"i:: .:il':. il::lilH.':H:l: .l.+ff sPreading' infiuencingPulsc 6ber chalactcr' parametersdeErnine imPortant wnh other minor hctors' rrese Crmbided istio.*m.il]il.'TJ:-..''.ru.:.j*ttlt*'"''"'.:fil:5]..lilii"r:riiiiii'ii Mv.'il.+ffi il:l:.n**.'ilT'Ti:1'i il:iilmn.*"'-:. induding A$enuarioo$ a tunctiotrof$zvele'gth' .ldingin . rD |/" ?.Co.::r.r*.'l.'lj[:T:m:.x*ll' :".:il'-.-''. r you "rll lern latct in #J:lll*t*ll* :*1'ililir*l*r l'*Irft +**. .ir"#i':lT"Tiff::m: r$m.D LighLcollecion caPaoq' Tnnsdission modes aP{iq' s ! fuoctiooofMvelesgth and spleading tnnsmts'on Pulse roere' and for rD Tolerances spLicing connecrng o o OPerrring*a'elengtL and ervironmcnd aDuse' to Tolerance high temPerarure and Rexibiliry Strength ***-'t$.. ffi :rf [*'i'.io -*^.:'5'::ffi il. il . .l.l*::r:*:**j €ule it mnsmi$ manYmodes ..sdoddins *'*' r'i*l:m itr-tr.*{*l.:"*j':.'. ti*': .o*.:TsJfi :fu*:i*:*+:.'"'iH:::J::TJil1ilry":*:r**:ili*r*:-'.: .n:.** .*.ll'.'*tT r."::l.i1..

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.ng. e t . ..* .which guidedlishr @ sftik rhc corc.D mode fibeB." . .e4. .ve indeks. . However.lf-acceprece angle giva the tutl accepnne ogle. medured in ai. hdnielly.6--o*. t .od ofhigfi-index sl{s into a rube$irh lowerreiiacrive indq. bur lisht fall.d.". r d . b! rhe refnctive index oftla cur. You c?a calculate the half-acceprdc€ ansb dnd-d).tt "ola..claddineinre.J ' " t ' u n a t . htfaccepene ogle.loped fo. hired from one end tu rhe o$er. .o ' a b s o . r : r i m r g r n gn b e ' .ro (hc rod.. 06.. . nd fine cre. . r . by jus. .r 6. d h o e ' .om en. ca[. o . . . * a ...t* onlind$t dele neswed f.{3.rn h. The rhinner . g d B o o d l .e" r v .. " a o r o r e r n d o r r b u r d r e m e q e l r r e o r h e rI i g t . a .ks on rhe . The simple$way ro makesisndad 6bersis io slip a. r r t . .3 shows process rhe schematicsllra One subllebur crucialrequirement that the .j . " r .e: 0hji..mog.c(ion uiog rh€ stddaid taw of rc... l " ao .6e gl4s. r i sp o * s r i i f ..acdcd developnenr ms a werethefint fiherc @r ro apply a cladding ofsl6s wirh lower rcfracdv€ index rhan rhe @re..e.he of is r e r ' o n l o .h. a . Step-index including ndsdinc.. o nL . . Figu.face is musrbesmoorhand ! l e a no n r F e . The onfinemert aogle is snall enough drar you @ roushly apprcximare the hatf-ecccpienc€ osle by muldpryi. * .e-cl.*.g rhe confinemenr angl. z_.n0h"rf. p o l .p. n s .o.r. . . glus cornesin IlEy di$erent formuladons with raried refrac. Ar we will se. oonnemeor angle sNts them*inum anglea. f l . .om rhe co. m e .i. Thosenaw r. md pl$!i6.. f r * .cLercore.ns on the claddjnsis lon. r t t ..er{g.mtn "heo iod dd tube are nelred roeerher and dmwn inro 6bei and .om rhe -"t. end. a . .h* r. l e n $ h o r I i g h r T t .." . inagins were what we now ell stepind* muhi. h " f i b r r c t r .q) Th. bending lighr rowdd tfie ak of the tiber To catcdae rhe aepmne angle. rhe kcy p. . s.. ..) Doublins rhe h. J .nters Ih._t which gives $e sine of the largcsrposible angl€ fron rhe axis of rhe fiber.. r h J h e u . . .ry a bir no.o8e. " t . . n . c d e f ( l .a he *hote p. in Chapr.efr. The claddin-q imagins 6bes gederalb' a rhin lave! surroundinqa rh. b . . e m b l .dding boundary {0_6". . i . o a . t " r . ( h r ' d e . r.u ..d pu . 1 . i g nr ..s ro = 5.) b/ us.. . gling the ffiSonom. g h{' A n r r o r r .n^.li8hr. . hr rl-rm tu.d8 rhc @ ". not ir rheyaF poli. ..pg* = d6in (a. . h c. gl{s f..urfece. b. rD onsle fie lorsesl is lightroys confined clodding flish! lmoging Fibers . As longc the ligh! enters from aia you cm simplift d. . r o . . t t r n g " n .^ x sin €-"6"-. r e r . \ou mus a<ounr for rhis . Ds.hedhe.r. Iarh€ The fi6r clad oprical fib. h e ' . 4"8 x sin 0"". fnction. l.. r proce$ rhr' trde. e . hearrhe tube so rhesoliened ela$ coilars o. boundaryonceir: insid.p o t i .6 d4..d rh..lopers tesreda vdiery of claddins mater'als wirh low reriaaire indexes. .. However rcfracdoa cladding GcuK whend!.

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. t u a .rs"vurrh. n p o n b r t .02 m. t .. m m u \ . . b u n d t e : n aremadeby meltingfibers rogerhet and srretching $hote tulid btock. u l . o r * . l r d d i n S2 0 p m r h i k r b rt o r J d . o .f m8l.. . ' . Erenar rhn s.j a"-"g.r. . a .n"l r r i l e L .l n r d d . O t r ) m J l e rw p e . b e f d . . . ."a mahins ir e*ier rc handte.p. o g u i d e r ra5er Derm trorn rhe t&r 'o a rJge' or indurrial rorrpiecc. o r . n t ..s ar differenrangres ravel diftir. . r m c . a i e b ! r . e d.pic. c o r t r 0 n .th. ^ p . h er a r r . . .sa"de. . . . . The corediamecrs e r e p r o p o t i o n . u r r a c o n d q i t h i n t i e 6 b " r r f ( h eb .r ..lar to thosein risure 4.rve. n a . i " .ti"rr. n b " . . lightsoorceisuchasLEDs.n .).""in. i g h .t *. l r d d r n gb o u n d . . J t \ .0. J n c o l e . r oo r l j g h ri r q a r r h e( o r c . 1 " .s.s ortd lhe 6bq .$turion ofimaffs i. o . i . p r e d . ! *ith the cor€ dian€rer $rirt€n beftr€ rhe orc. e I r a ? . I n r * 6 a . protcctingn fron oechan.i ro 0. l f l o u r i i n k o f l i g r t i n k .. d d .meer of tire iladding. . q . l .D Lighl pulies shetch FIGURT 4. " . h b r h b F @ m eh i .core 6be6 is sin..ze.rnrmifted through a bundle. r g i h i .a di. ( J ( h l * e t .. " .. n U " ' . t . e n r d r en i n r h ef i b e . . p o s e rn o m . or.(or.i. h o w n n f r g u r c . @ the cladding. l l r . r a r r h <. . . a r s r er n . rhe mori tight falls or the tiber corcs and ihe hishcr the mdsmisiiod Redrcingthc size ind. t ^ . " " . smalhsrloce 6b$ 6ed. v o l u m e .m. e a )m .n. n s i ee p j n & \ 6 b c f i \ i ( h h r g e . _ ' N l u . r b ep o r e r d c n s i wr p o v e rp e ru ni . n c .t. p o " e . .ng$ orib". r r o ni.. y . n . . " o . r i .-able t6l. . . o r e l e * l e r i b . . { .e rhe$?velensrh ro ofvisibletishr (0.4 difrtut a"sbt . r l i . n m ( J n b e u . Typicrlty an oukr pl*tic <arins cor6 the whok fiber. . o n .D Whidlb Dtani chd Communicotion tibers Srcp-iodq hukinode 6berswirh coresnor qune d larseqD be urd for some rypes of c o m m u n i u ' o n \ . k c i r h e r : l ' o b e . ir can damase exposed endsofrhe 6b€r The desisnof these large. o.vidual of fibrs incre$q rhc r. m i r a r i oo f l a r g e .o . t h eh i g h $ .r o J .ishr -).masingbundleslre aboui l0 pm (0.) the llluminoting Fiber ( S . r . r . . Thc hree oirmer(r !. * " . r . . rheyrhain targerehrn.ti.7 pm in_ri'rrndvouunse. .1.1. because can collen li-qhr i! cldcien from inexpensive tl1.r b e u u { $ m e t d r D o s e ri n " n i k b l y n l o .db..p o " . r. a r $ r o u g h r l 4 g e . .. . @ r € n $ep indd fibe6 fd omnunnarion Gcc Firure 14). r. . . The largecoreis anracrnr ft. . __.eakage. i o nd t e . a ."OeUn*". .000i in. d l yA " r h e . ..on. .on*derrnrtrghrguiJi. and ra. t t n I p l r l l y L r t c J t 0 0 / r r 0 f i b e r .nt parr.F . " " . t O O _ p .. " o t .. . t h e t A e r p o r v eo v e r. f i b c r . .. o t r u r .t. m ."--un.""gr. . . a mnge.bur \cv 6nc 6bemarehard to handleand ""t. 0 n F h . N o p u . * . h r g " ru h e ' e d .l(a). r h i n ' 1 . .l.

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.igh. Thc ommunic*ion theor"ka *ho 6rt considered oprical waveguides coruideftd this a srious daback."ta U" . The number of posibh nodes increac rapidiv wirh fibercoredi. n " n CIodsinsle-mode i .gt .ence b.L{ r- :length singie nbdc... Addinq a <Lddins J$ .. could p. (Iq theoD. .. r n" largerrhe difference. .l. i .mercr . ..*. ^ .u" .Mode Wovegrjides On. l d d d .mcrc's arc belowa crrain . r ! n 8 l e m o o e .rrhrnenough'obeRqibte..*. .rur diffc."tu.ial.eLhe.ric suide$.opas. length.vcguidc etricr propagrrron toa ringtemodeonty r tnrrr d. miLing i. rarTa rhe opricl fiber. a gb. t . . o u t d r \ r J c o . $hich depend" on rhe "rv<lenFh. naking them pracdc.guidfr in *-hj(h oniy. W..u"n. jeqs buch rh. (lrdding .y *. *"."*o..***.urotr llr$hotd. and o erry nanv modes. The dny 6bcs would inevirabryr..Mkr(Mw guid6 -. t i v en d e rs " * .o. rs i a d e p e n do n r h ed i f f e r e n . bur rhewav..-fd a.of surtr. ed i r m e r e r r h : e v e r u j.n c f ..ir surfa6.ksfo. rcuqM(fibe. m. .. ln conr@r.. S". boudJyhat€ridcs Lhewrvs.na .t .tte. rn" a"aaing. = L000293).hsa@s. smallerrhe fiber musr be.n8lc mod.i p"m fo( visibte tjshi. . I h c w a v c . Crrdding r fib. im.de strucrure Chd 6bers{irh larser coredjaherds @n arry mulr. t..o wmry a@ur mulrImod.n.dtd br m r.i... r r r n s m i s s i o h . ua wav rhar inrer_ aaion"lmong mod6 can eus. ies rhd a wElensrh of lishr th..gride€iiecris disrupred iforherob.t rhe i. (. desisnedasseled_down vmions ofdiclectric ni!rc_ ware wavegddes. dt.rInlddiuon. @ Thx T h < u v e g u i d e s u r f i c ti r $ c p l r e v h e F i r .flr.wh.(/r . numbrr of mode. Th6 . bui undad Elsr 6bn dont effcdvely coofinelighr wfien rhevrouch eachorher or lrave finsdprint5 on iien surfa6. and rh-is provo rJ nrt ooer rmportmr advanrag6.nn t r o m c o n o r r : n gr h e b o u n o a qb e N e n c o r er n d .e waves!ideswork ifisolatedin rr.* .-*.".ging fibes are mey waveleng. J.a r**a il. m i n e . m r ..aj. That w* to communierioo rsachen.t ". a c r e .. I}ey winred in oprkrl w*. h d n b e r .r.*srlad fiber.ladaing .ch rhey dil nor rbink could be nade rruDsparenr enoughfor rcmmunidrions. ro ' k n \ m i ' o h ' .. . Ho\hci. o .t.. r i o h r n e e .hdgel:hc waresuidr prcpeniesof fiber. would have ro b. .rsren micrcwave qv€uides and largc core srcp-. u r o . They tICr tenned otherurse. t r. t.Althoreh a brre 6be' .eerer."t.o..t.6ie! ro hddle..The diff€nnc€ the k largefo.t .the mtre eaity ir qn coll-.n isolared plsdc diele.. because meanr rhe ir l€hr had ro rralrl rhrough rhe fibcr mare. ..rs€i Lh.hsger rh€ r'rudurc of the wavcguide od rhe way ir gu." ^ ... who l.i . whcre k cant be touchcd. _ tigt ."rin. " * .t-". becru.".n abour h*r rhe uvetength or . Single.iia.. ...ds Lshr.Iy imposible io hddl€.I q*atii*. Thar meot rhen dim€ters would hiE ro be is rhan 0.na D€our<or rhor dmcnlotu micrmdv...s @ prcpag.a-.ie r e 6 a .." +_ i *_a*g.rowaves. *.rheycarry.k rhroughthem In ont) one modr.Ja"i hde .ptenod::.ck.ft is smatr-rrpicallv hssrhan I ".ingh-mode (D .The laga rhe corc.a:.*ti.]' thar idra resir. i: glars Thc prcbhm wi. . Baresingle-mode oprical wvcguida.i the \avegu. fiber (wnh n : L 5) in a. nS.r. prcbtems mulrimodewa\esuidA.. . inpo.odex fiber n d. *outd lealout-if you could coupleany lighr into somethine (hat small.



ProPerties Modol
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Leoky Modes
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.pori.t*"0r.?q m are widelv used... t h . er i g h ( r rr o l e r a n r sh e f e p . . f: fiber lighr in v}r hrppos a wavelengrh\ . h o m e s h J. a lijrn Ii:l: a rI the tutoll uav. . rlo "-. ftodal m.tu..mpo. and ..fr.g"...ansmission one ofits is priha.. * _ " S .ponanr ra tr )ou\qn. i. Bi\. vou n. r l o K a o r c .iona..ana. .4 deceases.il oeornS." ".*na6. \ltuc ed :". f o r m a n e u p r c b t e m s .j I. r o n < B y c o n G n .gu. . begrns cary svo modesrr I tr ro " " sinsre mode \:verensrk ir ronger r. o n r h o .a. . o t r .".a.' t u ...*i ". ro $e :ll::.. .Mode with Fiber ghr fdls hl Typi The sheer simplicityofsingle-modct./n.e. ...*a."a.j j. One n a orr of b"row rhc nbq uis: the othe. i nr rood oder node n more compter and nke..m.rc i". rote. .1"i' *o .ts onl\2 sinslemode.-. o ( h e ir d e i d r h e p r i m r p m o d e .". in. t . o $ w .e. . o. o f " * a " n " .f.u3rr. ". * . i n g t " i -. * made .:ll.".. ron8e.* *.erhrn..T o g r e a : a f c n m a € . . .u.. * .eh. f ib € h a r cd 6 i a n € ds .hbf6 t. .i...1 2.*" rh" or -_. r h . vo prncrro. o v e d . on rop ol eachother md on rhe 6rr{rder nod.r."".-ii. r h er a 5 r e .r hb* rourrt sisner onri*. i o n ._r. bur6 waverensrh rhan o n g n r h r n . \Ihdgh _or/4 .5 w i t h a n yh u k i h o d e 4 * affetr propasrrion. i f .oxim.bn: orcDorr rn.11. i n s p e . n lg g h r r o r . rishrin r \insh moJfonr)n wrvercisrh.a..i.. :gil \upenmposed nDrr.odptinBli8h.". u .jily.nexp€nsilerv t. n .:P'ril: \insre-&od' men. n\dn s t e i node iibc6 (D sinsle'mode ffber 'r wa roroupte inro.:::::. .hr hbe d.mision n prricuJarlv unore l:er: T. _ .*hen .ty in r duel mod.on. I n e v i r a b t eh e .! LofT wavetcnsdb li: lT hr5 a sp€crb.t. ..". ....l"LT:-:.h. n ' e d o I l J d e .nGn\iry .6bero t i .. j mulLi. r o . m r l e r r h e t o r e .-.n.rh o l e l h d s .<rsr s@nd mod€.o.. I h e ( n .d oron wavelenghof L26 pm. . Fo eum." --IT" ". ( h i e v a b t e . h .. t .h u g h r . "r. " .nehbfl.a* * i*.^ "f n". ..a"^ o.rpt.. t . a p "". ns. r n g t e _ m o d irb e ri n r h em i d _ t q 6 0 ..y anractions fo."a" t._. t . tichr "b.t. a .." a.. r r o I n ( h el g n r t .ll"&. . p e r .t -.i.a. ' h r .!mi. o g n i r e dh ea d v a n r a g e . u. -"i. l i a n e f. -"i" . o m h u n i .inen addiriooJ mods. p"*.o*".!nrorh.-.io". Thesr *.'.ba. u r o f iE j e t e n g r h .ss rhai I an'r show ctearly in a dnwina Trode-offs Single.al in 6ber in r_l iJi_ peirormr.. (oF dirmertr ( an .no \eono_or(rr a modcsrransminedin a fiber tu you crn s. u . y.r opeaing qvdens$.:'ol lfi._ .. h e n c u r o n* r v e r e n g . b u r i r d e p e n dp I m J i t . a prir ofinknsiry pqk! jT*":..hei!..r o e L e i o p ep o . e e m e d A . Borh rher penernsappcar srmutrmmu..rdr ronsidtr{on rn hber /"r/rz. o n . n L . . \ *_.ho'rer itrn rhe curon tu rhe wavetcn$hdrc@ler..and rnn. ..ion..ho(e. 6be a.t"". : c ull".i".._.r. f r . t l e r r h ( d i .n bv @ .:n " .ihe tish.ii.igh$r l the nU* *l _a a-p..ca 9 \howr app."i* ".ommuniu..*.:::::"-"--.The BuJr i. r Eo'r . F.h ont r fs mod6.p.n o o p n D e ' ._ n r . b u t o r h e r f ..a 6b.r.of-ut.

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