Professional Summary Business intelligence consultant with over three years of progressive experience in the Business Information Management

sphere. Offering a rich mixture of business and technical expertise in data warehousing, ETL and reporting, lineal to the financial domain. A track record in consulting, requirement analysis, designing, developing, testing, integrating and implementing novel end-toend BI solutions, aligned with critical business requirements, under stringent deadlines, for ace business corporations. Professional proficiency ?Business Intelligence professional with over three years of progressive industry experience, presently spearheading a team of four in a critical ETL and Migration project. ?Multitudinous experience across all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including business requirement analysis, data mapping, build, unit testing, systems integration and user acceptance testing. ?Extensive work experience in ETL analysis, designing, developing, testing and implementing ETL process in IBM Datastage Enterprise Edition 7 and 8, Informatica 7, Informatica 8, including performance tuning and ETL process streamlining. ?Extensive work experience in Reporting via. Consulting, report specification, report layout, designing and development in Cognos 8 Reporting studio and Micro Strategy 7i Desktop. ?Substantial expertise in metadata modeling on the Cognos Framework manager and the Micro Strategy Architect. ?Distinguished proficiency at programming in SQL, PL/SQL, Unix shell scripting, Teradata SQL, base SAS, C, C++, VB, VC++ and COBOL, including performance tuning, query/code optimization and streamlining. ?Primary business expertise in the financial domain. Exhaustive knowledge of business process and functioning of retail, corporate and investment banking, credit risk, fraud detection, forex, legal compliance, cards etc. ?Ample work experience in projects involving the Financial Regulations Compliance like Patriot Act, BASEL, Anti Money Laundering, Watch lists etc. ?Implementing active data ware housing on the Teradata platform, extended use of Teradata Parallel Transport, TPump, FastLoad, BTEQ and migrating legacy systems into Teradata. ?Experienced with mentoring DataStage ETL teams, data modeling, program code development, test plan development, datasets creation, testing and result documentation, analyzing defects, bug fixing. ?Reputation for strong organizational skills, excellent communication skills, dedicated teamwork, attention to details, ability to work under pressure to balance competing priorities and meet deadlines. ?Fabricated all aspects of project documentation, including functional, technical specifications, testing templates, ETL mapping, report layout etc. ?Extensive experience in providing critical integration and post production support. Technical proficiency BI Tools Datastage EE 7.5/8.1, Informatica 7.1.4/8.6.1, Cognos 8, Ab Initio, Microstrategy 7i, Oracle E-Business Suite, Visio, Cognos Powerplay, ASG Rochade, Oracle Application. Language SQL & PL/SQL, C/C++, UNIX Shell Scripting, Base SAS 9, MS VC++ Teradata SQL, COBOL. Database Teradata V2R5, Oracle 9i, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2. Operating UNIX, Linux, MS DOS, Microsoft Windows, MVS, Macintosh. System Process Waterfall, Agile, RUP, CMMI- DEV, V -- Model, ISO. Professional Experience

Front Running Brokerage ( FRB ) May 2009 -- Present Capgemini FSGBU ~Morgan Stanley Smith Barney The Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney front running brokerage is the in house, integrated, optimized, and extensible front running activity detection and reporting system. The project has multifarious objectives and is unique in many aspects. Firstly, it is one of the first in the process of integrating the information systems of Smith Barney with those of Morgan Stanley after the former was acquired by the latter. Secondly, it is one of the rarest projects that implements two ETL tools in tandem, Datastage for systems belonging to Smith Barney and Informatica for Morgan Stanley systems. Thirdly, it is also inclusive of an Informatica migration project. Technical / Functional responsibilities: ? Performed a pivotal role in the project, functionally and technically. As the only resource with experience in both DataStage and Informatica ETL tools, was solely responsible for analyzing the existing ETL systems and developing a detailed road map for integrating both the systems, in multiple phases. ? Lead a team of four in migrating Informatica 7.5 objects into Informatica 8.1. Designed the migration strategy, priority, impact analysis and detailed steps for the project. ? Performed Project Requirements Gathering, Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Testing for the ETL, Data warehousing and Reporting modules of the project. ? Designed, developed, tested and attuned Datastage jobs and Informatica mappings. Analyzed and modified existing ETL objects in order to incorporate new changes in them according to the project requirements. ? Designed and developed packages in the Cognos Framework manager and developed reports in the Report Studio. ? Comprehended and converted critical business requirements into technical functionalities for the ETL and Reporting teams. ? Managed some aspects of the project as a technical -- functional coordinator, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, tracing issues, raising tickets etc, between the Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, Capgemini and other vendor, development and testing, teams. ? Thoroughly analyzed the Actimize® systems and developed ETL systems to suit the Actimize® enterprise solutions. ? Developed Unix scripts, to perform multifarious data processing tasks and automation function. ? Provided integration and post production support for the ETL and reporting systems. Role: Module lead, Business / Technical Analyst, Data warehouse designer, Datastage / Informatica ETL developer, Cognos metadata modeler,Cognos Report Developer. Environment: Datastage 8.1, Informatica 7.1, Cognos 8, Oracle 9i, UNIX, DB2, Actimize®, InfaTS, Autosys. Anti Money Laundering (AML) February 2009 -- Present Capgemini FSGBU ~Morgan Stanley The Morgan Stanley LAWIT Anti Money Laundering program, the first of its kind to use the MicroStrategy Reporting Suite, is a BSA compliancy project for monitoring, detecting, analyzing and reporting money laundering activity within various business units under the prevue of Morgan Stanley. The system scans across the LAWIT Teradata datamart, looking for High-Risk Customers, Products and Services, Geographic Locations etc in accord with the BSA regulations. In case of pattern detection, it compares the pattern with previous confirmed instances of such activity, at times it screens against OFAC and the government lists, to confirm an illegal activity.The project uses DataStage 8.1 as the ETL tool and the MicroStrategy 7i suite for its reporting and analysis requirements.

Technical / Functional responsibilities: ? Requirement analysis/documentation, developing functional and technical specifications, DW and ETL designing, developing detailed mapping specifications, DFD's and scheduling charts. ? Closely working with the end business users to comprehend their requirements in order to design and develop interactive reports that meet business expectations. ? Designing, developing, testing, performance tuning and scheduling DataStage jobs. ? Extensively developed real time and near real time BI systems using the DataStage ETL tool, Teradata utilities and the MicroStrategy reporting suite. ? Developed advanced Schema objects with MicroStrategy Desktop like simple and compound Facts and Attributes, Fact extensions, Hierarchies, Transformations. ? Extensively worked in creating and integrating MicroStrategy Reports and objects with the data warehouse. ? Extensively worked in MicroStrategy Desktop (Templates, Filters, and Metrics) to generate advanced reports in grid, graph, and SQL mode, consisting of data analysis by combining a template with filters. ? Developed scheduling charts and scheduled shell scripts, Datastage ETL jobs and reports using Autosys. ? Provided integration and post production support for ETL and Reporting systems. Role: Business/Technical Analyst, Data warehouse designer, DataStage ETL developer, Microstrategy metadata modeler, Microstrategy Report Developer, Teradata DW Designer/Developer. Environment: DataStage 8.1, Microstrategy 7i, Teradata V2R5, UNIX, Autosys. Integrated Customer Communication Module December2008 -- February 2009 Capgemini FSGBU ~HSBC Integrated Customer Communication Module (ICCM) falls under the umbrella of One HSBC suite of product - an initiative within the group to promote product based solutions that focus on standardization and reduce cost of ownership and IT spending - the purpose of ICCM is to become the group solution for outbound communication to customer, regardless of the geographical location and business unit. Technical / Functional responsibilities: ? Requirement analysis/documentation, developing functional and technical specifications, DW and ETL designing, developing detailed mapping specifications, DFD's and scheduling charts. ? Developing data models and designing data warehouse in view of the project requirements. ? Designing, developing, testing, performance tuning and scheduling Datastage jobs. ? Extensively worked in developing workarounds for handling of CLOB/BLOB data and processing XML data in Datastage jobs. Extensively worked in XML data processing. ? Developing and implementing data masking, encoding, decoding measures using the Datastage and Unix scripting. ? Extensively worked on Datastage routines, custom stage and wrappers to handle complex transformations, calculations, encoding, decoding etc. ? Configuring the Datastage server for enhanced performance and resolving memory scarcity issues. ? Developed both batch and real time ETL and reporting process in Datastage and Cognos. ? Optimized SQL query and streamlined the data flow processes. ? Scheduled Unix scripts and DataStage jobs using the Control M scheduler. Role: Business/Technical analyst, Datastage ETL developer, PL/SQL Developer. Environment: Datastage 7.5, Oracle 9i, DB2, UNIX, Control M. Team Size: 4 Members.

HSBC Auto Warehouse And Reporting Jan 2008 -- November 2008 Capgemini FSGBU ~HSBC The HSBC Auto Warehouse and Reporting is the second largest project in the HSBC BI account. The project is an all encompassing BI system that caters to the ETL, Data warehousing, reporting and analytics requirements for the HSBC Automobile Finance business, for the North America and Hong Kong geographical regions. The project is itself a conglomeration of eleven individual projects including General ledger, DAVOX, FICO, Risk MI, Basel, FE Data, Insurance Analytics etc. Technical / Functional responsibilities: ? Requirement analysis/documentation, functional documentation, DW and ETL designing, developing detailed mapping specifications, DFD's and scheduling charts. ? Developing data models and designing data warehouse, that meet the reporting needs. ? Designing, developing, testing, performance tuning and scheduling data stage jobs. ? Analyzing, designing and developing packages in the Cognos Framework manager, with close consultation with the client. ? Developing reports in the Report studio, testing the reports and data consolidation. ? Developing Unix shell scripts for data processing and automation. ? Extensively worked on Datastage routines, custom stage and wrappers to handle complex transformations, calculations, encoding, decoding etc. ? Administered version controlling and promoting of jobs from dev to advanced environments. ? Developing power cubes using the Cognos Power play and scheduling the cubes for refreshing the data. ? Designed and scheduled ETL jobs, scripts using the Control M scheduler. Role: Datastage ETL developer, Cognos package developer, Cognos Report developer, PL/SQL developer, Oracle DW Designer/ Developer. Environment: Datastage 7.5, Cognos 8, Cognos Powerplay, Oracle 9i, DB2, UNIX, Oracle App Ex, Control M. Centralized Inventory Management System Jan 2007 -- December 2007 A K Das Associates The Centralized Inventory Management System (CIMS) is Vedanta Alumina Ltd's primary source for managing all information pertaining to inventory management, for the entire Jharsugada alumina facility. The system collects data from various departments, both finance and operational, merges it into a staging area, after cleansing it and then loads the data into the EDW in accord with various data warehousing and business guidelines. Technical / Functional responsibilities: ? Consulting and requirement analysis for the business process. ? Designing of the data warehouse and ETL strategy. ? Designing, developing, testing and tuning Datastage jobs. ? Voluminous designing and development of Oracle Application Express, data entry forms, interactive reports and Hyper Text Linked Charts, in close deliberation with the business users. ? Extensively developing SQL, PL/SQL query, stored procedures. ? Expert usage of Oracle utilities and applications like SQL*Loader, External Tables, export / import etc. Role: Data warehouse designer, Data Modeler, Datastage ETL developer, PL/SQL Developer, Oracle Application Express developer. Environment: Datastage 7.5, Oracle 9i, UNIX, Oracle App Ex.

Education ? Bachelor of technology in Electrical Engineering, C V Raman College of Engineering, Biju Pattnaik University of Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa -- 2007. Professional Organizations ? Capgemini Financial Services Special Business Unit, (erstwhile KANBAY), Business Intelligence Practice, January 2008 ~ Present. ? A .K Das Associates Ltd -- Vedanta Alumina Ltd, Information Management Team, January 2007 ~ December 2007. Certifications ? WebSphere IIS DataStage Enterprise Edition V7.5 ? Cognos 8 BI Author ? Teradata Professional V2R5 ? Teradata SQL Specialist V2R5 ? SAS Base Programming for SAS 9 ? Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL

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