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Haunted Houses and ghosts from the past

Haunted Houses and ghosts from the past

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Published by Lisa Lewis

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Published by: Lisa Lewis on Dec 15, 2011
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Haunted Houses and Ghosts from the Past

Lately, I've become a woman who is tortured and haunted by memories of the past. Memories of two people, who aren't even dead, yet might as well be, for what they've become. People who have stopped being who they used to be: My mother, a woman who becomes more unraveled by the ugly complexities of Alzheimer's Disease, everyday. And, my father, who still has his mind, but is starting to fail in a big way, physically. Recently, my sister and her family, moved both of my parents to a much better senior living complex/nursing home, then the one they were in. When I can focus on that alone, I am comforted a little - at least I know they are safe and being cared for. However, there is still the question of their home, now empty, and the things that are still in it. As of late, my sister decided to rent out the house while she could, to get some extra money for my parents. So, we decided that I will arrange an "early" estate sale and sell the things we aren't going to keep. As logical as I am trying to be about this, I know I will soon be faced with finally saying good bye to my childhood. I have this feeling that the finality of selling off things that have been familiar to me since I was a kid, will be as bad as the two funerals I have yet to attend. My problem lies, not so much in parting with antiques, china, or furniture, but having to face the layered memories that come at the most inopportune times. Memories of watching a movie with my parents on a certain sofa, also bring back my reflections of my mother's addiction for carrying around tissues, so she could blow her nose, dry her eyes or wipe a child's face. Seeing the china hutch makes me remember having my first serious teen age boyfriend over for Thanksgiving Dinner. And, then I recall what plate I was eating pumpkin pie from, when I broke up with him in front of everyone. I will probably cry my way through each item and memento I find, but I am sure it will be worse when I have to go through their clothes. I don't want to go into the Haunted Closet. I don't want to see my mother's many bathrobes, or my father's slippers. I don't want to see all the shirts, the ties, the socks, the bras, the dresses - they are all possessed. Taken over by a past that I finally realize is gone for good. Someday soon, I will be Nobody's Child. My sister and I are meeting next Monday to go through their things and start the estate process. My sister says I can keep whatever I want from their things, she will too, and we will part with the rest. It's funny, but right now, all I want is the collection of unused tissues, I know I will find in my mother's handbags and coats.

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