MBA 3rd Semester MB0050 –Research Methodology- 4 Credits (Book ID:B1206) Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Note: Each question

carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions
1. a.

Differentiate between nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scales, with an example of each. [ 5marks] b. What are the purposes of measurement in social science research? [ 5 marks]


a. What are the sources from which one may be able to identify research problems? [ 5 marks] b. Why literature survey is important in research?[ 5 marks]


a. What are the characteristics of a good research design? b. What are the components of a research design?[ 5 marks]

[ 5marks]


a. Distinguish between Doubles sampling and multiphase sampling. [ 5 marks] b. What is replicated or interpenetrating sampling?[ 5 marks]


a. How is secondary data useful to researcher?

[ 5 marks]

b. What are the criteria used for evaluation of secondary data?[ 5 marks]

6. What are the differences between observation and interviewing as methods of data collection? Give two specific examples of situations where either observation or interviewing would be more appropriate. [10 marks].

Explain the General characteristics of observation. What are the types and general rules for graphical representation of data? [ 5 marks] 5. [ 5 marks] b. a. What is the Utility of Observation in Business Research?[ 5 marks] 2. . would case studies be considered as scientific research? Why or why not? [10 marks] 6. a.MBA 3rd Semester MB0050 –Research Methodology. How is data editing is done at the Time of Recording of Data? [ 5 marks] 4. What are the various steps in processing of data? b. What are the problems encountered in Interview? [ 5 marks] [ 5 marks] 3. What are the fundamental of frequency Distribution? [ 5 marks] b. Answer all the questions 1. Briefly explain Interviewing techniques in Business Research? [ 5marks] b. a. Analyse the case study and descriptive approach to research. Strictly speaking. [5 marks]. a.1 (60 Marks) Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. a.4 Credits (Book ID: B1206) Assignment Set.

b. Distinguish between research methods & research Methodology. [5 Marks] .

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