Program 2: Project currency: British Pound Project Start: first Monday of October 2010 This is a Non-governmental Private

Internal Project Slno tasks Rate type Duration Predecessors resources 1. A Gov 40 hrs SOP R01,R02,R03 2. B Corp 24 hrs A-FS R01 3. C NGO 80 hrs B-SS R01,R03 4. D Int 48 hrs A-FS,C-FF R-03 5. E 16 hrs A,B,C,D – FS R-03,R-02 Special conditions: All overtime rates are 1.5 times original wage/hr. R03: 1. Works 3.5 hrs. over time on all Wednesdays 2. Charges: a. Government Projects: Rs. 3/h b. Internal Projects: Rs. 20/h c. Corporate orders: Rs.10/h d. NGO Projects: Rs. 1/h 3. Does not work on Fridays 4. Works half day on Sundays R01: 1. Works 4.5 hrs overtime every day 2. Charges: Rs. 10/h R02: 1. Does not do overtime at all and is very important that the project cannot move forward without this resource participation 2. Works 5 days / week and 8 hours per day 3. Does not take leave, breaks 4. Never does overtime Each task carries an expense of Rs. 100 towards stationary. This is immaterial of resources assigned. There is a risk involved with a 30% chance of occurring with a cost impact of Rs. 500. This might impact labour units by about 18 hrs. The resource involved in R-01 on the fifth day of the project. Due to unforeseen reasons the project comes to a standstill on the 2th day and continues from the 10th day of commencement of project. During the project all resources get a raise of Rs. 2/h immaterial of their rate types. This comes in practise from the second week of project commencement. The project manager should be aware of any issues that might crop up during the project. Specifically anything that might change the planned date of delivery or end of project. Question: 1. Please give the EVA of the project in a report form. 2. Give at least three different plans for the above situation a. Work proceeding without mid project suspension b. Where no resource works overtime c. Where there is no resource cost escalation. (baseline rates are followed without any increment. 3. Compare the three.

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