Georgia O’Keeffe – Winter/Spring 2011
Instructor: Susan Rubin (email: ) Note: A $5.00 prep and accessory materials fee will be requested at first class.

Materials Colored Pencils, as for Color Layering Color Layering Notebook Pencils: graphite HB and 2B Pan Pastels: I will share my set of 40+ colors. You may want to wait so you can buy colors that work with your subject. Drawing Paper • Tracing paper • Inexpensive pad of white drawing paper for sketching and notes Pencil Sharpener (available for sale in the classroom) Erasers: One grey kneaded and one white plastic Click eraser Removable Adhesive Plasti-Tak, Handi-Tak or Blu-Tak (available for sale in the classroom) Soft Brush for removing pencil crumbs

*KOZO’s, Jerry’s Artarama, Guiry’s, Art Hardware, Meiningers, Hobby Lobby

Art Supply Warehouse, 1-800-995-6778 Cheap Joes Art Stuff 1-800-227-2788 Daniel Smith 1-800-426-6740 Dick Blick Art Materials 1-800-828-4548

*Kozo Fine Art materials (10 E. Ellsworth Ave., Denver) has a 20% discount for Botanical Illustration Program participants with proof of registration. Bring your registration confirmation letter from the Botanic Gardens.

Colored Pencils for COLOR LAYERING

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Faber-Castell POLYCHROMOS Note: Some names have recently changed and retailer may have stock with different names Use the NUMBER! White Cream Ivory • YELLOWS • Light Yellow Glaze Dark Cadmium Yellow Light Cadmium Yellow Dark Chrome Yellow Dark Naples Ochre • ORANGES • Dark Cadmium Orange Terra Cotta Sanguine Cinnamon Orange Glaze • REDS & PINKS • Light Cadmium Red Pink Carmine Pale Geranium Lake Scarlet Red Indian Red Deep Red Dark Red Fuchsia Middle Purple Pink Light Magenta Burnt Carmine • VIOLETS • Purple Violet Blue Violet Caput Mortuum Violet Light Red Violet Purple Violet 101 102 103

• BLUES • Cobalt Blue


Middle Phthalo Blue Delft Blue
Dark Indigo Sky Blue • GREENS • Permanent Green Chrome Oxide Green May Green Earth Green Olive Green Yellowish Chrome Green Opaque Permanent Green Olive Juniper Green Green Gold Earth Green Yellowish • BROWNS • Nougat Bistre Dark Sepia Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber • GREYS • Payne's Grey Cold Grey I, III, V Warm Grey I, III, V PRISMACOLOR White Ultramarine Blue Black Grape Greyed Lavender Ginger Root French Grey 50% Process Red

152 141
157 146

104 108 105 109 184

115 186 188 189 113 117 127 121 118 192 223 225 123 125 119 193

266 278 170 172 173 174 167 165 268 168

178 179 175 283 280


136 137 263 135 136

We will use ALL of the pencils listed

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