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Introduction to the Report Attock

Introduction to the Report Attock

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Published by: Zaroon Saddique on Dec 15, 2011
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Introduction to the Report

Our project of financial anlysis of Attock Petroleum Pvt. Ltd. an oil marketing company. The focus of our report is on the different aspects about the financial postion of the company. The report highlights the strengths as well as the weakness in the different departments of transtumm international.

Authorization and Purpose:
This report is authorized by our teacher Mr. Naveed Iqbal (Professor Department of business administration PUGC). Mr. Naveed gave us this topic. He wants us to perform us a critical analysis of the company so that we should came to know that what is the current financial position of the company is. He want that during our study we should found that how we can interpret the financial position of the any company through it Financial Statements.

Methods of research:
We research the contents of the report Internet only. We collect much of our information from the official website of Attock Petroleum Pvt. Ltd. Also we gather great amount of information from the websites of Lahore Stock Exchange and Karachi Stock Exchange.

During our report we found that what is the current financial positon of the company. We also came to know that how how we can interpret the financial statements from investors point of view.


our report will proceeds on laying out the specific findings like. the current financial position of the company.Plan and Presentation: With the above as a background. II . recommendations to over come these to improve the financial weaknesses.

Naveed Iqbal whose guidance. suggestions and encouragement remained a continuous source of inspiration for us throughout the entire course of study Last but not the least. We express our heartfelt gratitude to our parents and families for their prayer.ACKNOWLEDGMENT Allah is very kind. merciful and compassionate. we are thankful to all the people who have helped us in completing this project report. It’s all because of his blessings that we have been able to fulfill our task. We are thankful for their kind help and assistance. III . We are really thankful to our teacher Mr. Without the help of such nice people this project would have not been done. moral support and sincere wishes for the completion of our work.

IV .U.H) who is the only ideal forever.B.DEDICATION This Project is wholly dedicated to Almighty God (Allah) who gave us the strength and wisdom to complete our task and to our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.

2009 Dear Student I am pleased to assign you to undertake a research on the topec of “Financial Analysis of Attock Petroleum Private Limited” I hope this report will contribute appreciably in developing you as quality-oriented objective researchers with a vision to play a significant role insetting up new tradition of academic excellence. It is noteworthy that all information and data collected should be utilized for the academic purposes only. Naveed Iqbal Professor Department of business Administration University of the Punjab V . Mr.Letter of Authorization 25 January.

Sincerely Abd-ur-rehman Ayyaz Mahmood Minhas Ayyaz Umar M. Punjab University Gujranwala campus It is our pleasure to accept the project report on the “Financial Analysis of Attock Petroleum pvt. Tufail Moazam Sohail Students of MBA-I (E) VI . department of business administration.Letter of Acceptance 09 February. Naveed Iqbal Professor. 2009 Mr. Ltd.

Sincerely Abd-ur-rehman Ayyaz Mahmood Minhas Ayyaz Umar M. It also highlights the profitability and market position of the company. This report analyzes the financial position of Attock Petroleum Private Limited. an oil marketing company. Punjab University Gujranwala campus Dear Sir. Naveed Iqbal Professor. Here is the report you asked us to prepare. The report highlights the different short and long run financial position of the company. department of business administration. After having accomplished the task by burning a lot of midnight oil we cannot help mentioning that this report proved to be very a enlightening.Letter of Transmittal 09 February. 2009 Mr. Tufail Moazam Sohail Students of MBA-I (E) VII . as well as a great learning experience.


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