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Enabling Open Collaboration in a Mobile World

Enabling Open Collaboration in a Mobile World

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Presented by Distant Shores Media in December 2011 at the Mobile Ministry Forum Consultation in Waxhaw, NC.
Presented by Distant Shores Media in December 2011 at the Mobile Ministry Forum Consultation in Waxhaw, NC.

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Published by: dsmfm on Dec 15, 2011
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Enabling Open Collaboration in a Mobile World

Timothy Jore

The Mandate
 

“make disciples” “every nation, tribe, people & language”

How will we reach the “least of these”?

3 Game-Changing Factors:
  

The rise of the global church The flattening of the world The rise of open collaboration

the rise of the global church

The world gets flat*

“In the flat world, what can be done, will be done...”
-Thomas Friedman The World is Flat

*like a waffle

The traditional content-creation model

An “openly collaborative” content-creation model

Features of this new model
   

Self-selecting Massively distributed Technology-enabled Incredibly capable – quantity & quality

The rise of Open Collaboration

Open Collaboration expands



Traditional model: Britannica

120,000 articles (web) 1 language <5,000 contributors restricted access, read-only

  

Openly collaborative model: Wikipedia
  

20+ million articles ~270 languages 15.7 million contributors unrestricted access, read/write (open collaboration)

Volumes of Britannica

Volumes of Wikipedia

“Open collaboration” on a spectrum
potential contributions by “non-owners” formal relationship with owners informal (or no) relationship with owners

(untapped potential)

(traditional domain of ministry)

informality of relationship to “owners” a b team collaboration c d

insider collaboration
“owners” only (closed)

“owners + insiders” (completely open) (not open to “outsiders”) “owners” + “insiders” + “partners” (partially open)

formal open collaboration collaboration “anyone”

Requirements for Open Collaboration on a global scale: 1. technology to enable it

2. open-licensed content

The Mobile Phone: Enabler of Open Collaboration

The rise of the mobile phone in 10 years

The rise of the mobile phone in 1 year

What can a mobile phone do?

The only library some will ever have

books audio


A tool to create, not just consume

books audio


A brief, painless guide to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
 

copyright just happens copyright = “all rights reserved”

IPR Pop Quiz
Q: “what can you legally do with copyrighted content?” A: “whatever you have permission to do”

an obstacle

A License for FREEDOM

Needed: a license for FREEDOM
(not just “free”)

The ministry world of today

The ministry world of today

Some Observations:

Copyright restrictions are what preserve the economic benefit of the “product” Biblically-sanctioned ministry model (1 Cor. 9) But the model is unable to “go the distance”
– – – – 100s of millions of content creators 1,000s of languages multiple international legal jurisdictions takes decades to “reach” a fraction of the languages

 

Is the creation of a “Christian Commons” an idea whose time has come?

Some Observations:

The “commons” is collectively owned by the global church, not a single entity The “commons” is “free + freedom” The “commons” is read/write (BY-SA) – built by the global church, for the global church The “commons” does not mean “every outdated work in the Public Domain” The “commons” does not replace the traditional model, they coexist

 

The ministry world of the near future

Is there Biblical basis for a “Christian Commons”?

“we have not made use of this right [to make our living by selling discipleship resources], but we endure anything, rather than create an obstacle for the Gospel” – 1 Corinthians 9:12

“no one said that any of his possessions was his own, but instead they held everything in common.” – Acts 2, 4 “...there was not a needy person among them.”

The rules have changed...
"A new rule is emerging: harness the new collaboration or perish."
—Tapscott & Williams, Wikinomics

"In the 'flat world', what can be done will be done — the only question is whether it will be done by you or done to you."
—Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat

If we are serious about the future of the global church, two things are needed:

1. “mobile first” ministry processes & tools to enable...

2. ...a “Christian Commons”

Open Bible Stories
30 stories of the Bible, in every language, in text, audio & mobile video


The future of the global church is Open!

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