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in the vast majority of cases a very practical solution of a staircase problem. The spiral staircase is position ed with a center 950 mm from the wall and as such requires a well space of Ø. clumsy and dominating in the erected position. At the uppermost level a landing sized 950 x 950 mm.57 m + the landing of 1 m = 4. 1000 H=3000 4570 Ø 1800 50 Space saving Consider a staircase with a height of 3 meters which goes from an exit door down to ground level. Even rescue on a stretcher can be conducted comfortable. Escape/Rescue Since spiral staircases are comfortable to descend an evacuation can be carried out quickly. Architecturally pleasing Straight staircases are in many cases. needs an overhan of 3. Spiral staircases are considerably more slender and are not dominating in the same way. Straight staircase.57 meters. At the up-permost level a standard landing of 1000 mm is required. Below we show a comparison between a spiral staircase and a straight staircase so as to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the two types. A staircase allowing a correct posture for climbing of 40°. 1900 mm. 56 . In many cases they melt in with surrounding environment as a part of the facade.WHY CHOOSE A SPIRAL STAIRCASE? A spiral staircase is. regarded as heavy. width 900 mm. A Spiral staircase with a radius of 900 mm.

Lighter design A straight staircase of several flights needs a comprehensive construction to be able to support the landings. in this situation there is nothing to grap hold of. without any extra supports.. a spanner (either fixed or ratchet) and a socket head. Straight staircase seen from above Spiral staircase seen from above Flexible As a rule the space for a staircase is limited and step on/step off points are stated.. If there is no adjacent wall. 57 . A spiral staircase on the other hand normally demands no extra load carrying framing. that no welding is necessary during assebly. assuming that bracing can be carried out against the wall. Bracing can be achieved either by stepping off landings or special support angles constructed every revolution. he or she will fall forward. the fall will be directed against the bannisters which will check it.Secure If when descending a high straight staircase.. Can be constructed to great height Straight staircases can be very complicated. The only tools needed are a drill. Spiral staircases need the same small base area irrespective of how high they are. Easy to assemble Spiral staircase consists of easily handled parts which are screwed together. bracing can be carried out with longitudinal support legs positioned outside the staircase diameter. Spiral staircases can be built very high. Please note. This means that straight staircases can be very steep or alternate in several flights which in turn means that they can be complex and expansive. This means that in the main an efficient staircase can be achieved. a person looses balance. Clear assembly instructions are included with every delivery. as long as the landings are not excessively large. giving the person a chance to grap a railing or the center post. They can be manufactured either left or right turning and have different number of steps per revolution. or anything to prevent the fall. If a person looses balance on a spiral staircase and falls forward.

The table on the right and the figures below depict Welands´ standard dimension principles. * Tread depth is calculated in a considered walk line 250 mm from the periphery. the stair tread height and the number of stair treads per revolution. Radius Steps/rev 600/14 600/15 600/16 700/14 700/15 700/16 700/18 800/15 800/16 800/18 800/20 900/15 900/16 900/18 900/20 900/22 900/24 1000/15 1000/16 1000/18 1000/20 1000/22 1000/24 1100/16 1100/18 1100/20 1100/22 1100/24 1200/16 1200/18 1200/20 1200/22 1200/24 1300/18 1300/20 1300/22 1300/24 1400/18 1400/20 1400/22 1400/24 1400/26 1500/22 1500/24 1500/26 1500/28 Tread depth at walking line 156 146 137 200 187 176 156 229 215 191 172 270 254 226 203 185 170 312 293 260 235 213 196 332 295 266 242 222 371 330 297 270 248 365 329 299 274 399 360 327 300 277 356 326 301 280 Suitable step height 190-220 190-220 190-220 190-215 190-220 190-220 190-220 175-210 180-210 190-220 190-220 175-190 175-200 175-200 180-210 180-210 190-220 175-190 165-185 170-200 175-200 180-210 180-210 165-180 165-180 165-190 170-200 170-200 165-190 155-190 155-190 160-200 170-210 155-180 155-180 155-190 155-200 150-180 150-180 155-190 155-190 155-200 150-180 150-180 155-190 155-200 14 Steps/ Revolution 15 Steps/ Revolution 16 Steps/ Revolution 18 Steps/ Revolution 20 Steps/ Revolution 22 Steps/ Revolution 24 Steps/ Revolution 26 Steps/ Revolution Right/left turning Weland spiral staircases are manufactured either right or left turning according to customers requirements. We define a right turning staircase as one that turns to the right when climbing.Standard Staircases When designing the layout of a spiral staircase consideration must be given to the staircase radius. 58 . 250 Right turning Left turning Protective cage So as to prevent unauthorized persons from entering a spiral staircase we can offer as an option a cage built in at the lowest level. The cage is opened with a key from the outside and without a key from the inside.

Escape staircase with protective cage. To the right. balustrade with intermediate rail. Spiral staircase mounted on supporting bracket. a spiral staircase with landings on both sides of the central newel post. Note! that the bracing is positioned between ground level and the first floor. 59 .

2000 Weland hand rails of tube are joined with the help of an inner connector. Extra handrails can be supplied at optional height. Expansion bolts included in the delivery are only to be used with concrete. Hand rail joint Headroom Step height Head height min. 100 mm max. Inner Handrail extra handrail Fixing of the base plate Fixing of landings inside handrail Weland spiral staircases can be supplemented with inner hand rails fitted to the newel post and extra hand rails on the balusters.8 kN/m of rail.WELAND STANDARD Railing loading Railing height Child safety 0.42 mm. The railing height is 1100 mm from the forward edge of the step.0 kN/m2 Clearance to wall 50 mm Ø 42 mm 3. The step height should be sized between 160 and 220 mm according to the formula 2hxB= 580-640. Hand rail dimensions Stair tread loading 4.0 kN/m2 or spot load (100 x 100 mm) of 3. The hand rail is designed to withstand a load of 0. 60 h B R + 50 mm . 100 mm By child safety we mean that no opening within the staircase is allowed to be larger than 100 mm under 800 mm railing height. The spiral staircase outer circumference must be at least 50 mm from the wall. The steps are designed for a distributed load of 4.8 kN/m varies to suit 1100 mm max.0 kN.0 kN 100 100 Our standard rail has a Ø. Expansion bolts included in the delivery are only to be used with concrete. The headroom under the rear edge of the landing must be at least 2000 mm.

61 . Welands spiral staircases are approved in compliance with fire class R 30. Expansion bolts included in the delivery are only to be used with concrete. 90° Platform with a radius suitable for fixing to circular stair wells. Weland spiral staircases are as standard hot dip galvanized in accordance with EN 1461. 2. ”Tread Platform” for fixing to an existing stair well edge. Balustrading Balustrading Balustrading Grating infill panels Tubular infill panels Childproof railing with balusters Balustrading Balustrading Balustrading Toughened glass 1. with either a landing or with special stays.WELAND STANDARD Platforms Stair Radius + 50 mm Stair Radius + 50 mm Platforms Platforms 100 mm Standard square platforms for corners or stair well. 3 or 4 intermediate rails Without knee rails Staying/bracing Type approval with Swedish Fire Class R30 Hot Dip Galvanizing The spiral staircase must be braced every revolution.

Spiral staircases can be constructed very high without supporting structure. This makes for decorative staircases with the best possible rust protection. Spiral staircases blend in well in their surroundings. Please note the inside handrail and the extra handrail.A spiral staircase designed as lobby staircase is attractive. 62 Outdoor spiral staircases can be finished painted in desired colours in addition to hot-dip galvanizing. safe simple. comfortable and space saving. Spiral staircases with a radius larger than 1200 mm are fitted with double flatbar stringers on the outside of the step. .

An indoors staircase with treads covered with ceramic tiles. Inside handrail on the newel post. To the right a spiral staircase elegantly connecting roof terrace and garden. Balustrade „childsafe“ with balusters of rounds on 100 mm c/c and extra handrail. Balustrade on landing corresponding to staircase. 63 .

Steel flat bar and wood handrails in different types on special order. Below we show a few different examples of tread material. Brass & stainless tube is also available. .Weland indoor staircases The Weland design can be produced in materials other than steel. Rectangular wood Rectangular handrail of wood laminate or solid wood. Tube Steel tube 42 mm dia. with choice of surface finish. A choice of wood types are available. 64 Round wood Round handrail of solid wood. Grating Chequer Plate Plate with Carpet Oak (Other wood types available) Concrete Marble (Other stone types available) Terrazzo (concrete) Ceramic tile Weland spiral staircase standard handrail is made from steel tube 42 mm dia. Brass or Stainless steel. Please call if you have special requirements for these materials or for materials not shown here. We can complement the tread material with different handrail materials.

All steel parts are paint finish. Rectangular wood handrail. The Staircase has treads of solid Beech. Circular wood handrails of solid Oak. 65 . Staircase with concrete treads and handrailing of 42 mm diameter tube. All steel components are paint finish. For exterior use the steel component parts are hot dip galvanized and painted. The handrailing is of treated brass and all other components are paint finish. Treads of solid Oak.EXAMPLES OF INTERIOR DOMESTIC STAIRCASES Treads of marble and handrailing of 42 mm diameter tube. The handrail has two extra ”Knee Rails”. The staircase has an extra handrail on the balusters and an inner handrail on the newel post. The handrailing has hardened glass infill panels and all steel component parts are paint finish.

66 .

Radius. handrailing and surface finish the same as other spiral staircases. Helical staircases with stringers are available on special order with treads and handrailing in the same styles and combination. 67 . The staircases can be free standing or follow the inside or the outside of the silo.SPECIAL SPIRAL STAIRCASES Spiral staircases and Combi staircases can be manufactured with treads or stringers that follow the wall profile. These staircases can also be manufactured with more than one newel post. as spiral staircases. treads width and other data are according to customer requirements. Treads.

A Weland spiral staircase can also be assembled on the ground and lifted into place where necessary. drawing and designing your spiral staircase.DESIGN Our design office is at your service to help with dimensioning. SITE FIXING Site fixing is carried out using hand tools. DELIVERY All components are delivered in one wooden crate. Every spiral staircase is individually drawn and the drawing is sent to the customer for approval before manufacturing commences. Fill in the ‘ordering’ information on page 69 or send us your building drawings and we will ensure that you get a correctly functioning spiral staircase. and the fitter can carry out his delivery check with the enclosed packing list. When the crate arrives at its destination undamaged. we then know the contents are sound. 68 . Detailed fixing instructions are included with every delivery. This provides extra security for both us and our customers.

doors and windows.42 mm Tube Rounded wood Rectangular wood Flat bar Not child safety Child safety trellis panel Curved tubes Toughened glass Balustrade panels Surface finish The staircase radius Radius 600. Positions with measurements. 700.42 mm Tube Rounded wood Rectangular wood Flat bar Not child safety Child safety trellis panel Curved tubes Toughened glass Steel tube Ø.1500 mm Radius 900 for fire escapes and in-door staircases.ORDERING INFORMATION Example u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u Grating Durbar plate Steel plate with carpet Wood u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u Grating Durbar plate Steel plate with carpet Wood Stair tread materials Hand rails Steel tube Ø. 9 12 12 3 9 3 6 6 12 12 Stair well railing 9 3 9 3 6 6 Leave the design of the staircase to Weland.. 69 .. If we receive the above information you will receive a correctly functioning staircase.. • Staircase well size. • Doors marked with sizes and opening angles. • Staircase well size. Positions with measurements. doors. u Hot dip galvanized u Primer painted u Painted finish u u Hot dip galvanized u Primer painted u Painted finish u R= R= For each floor state the following: Storey height floor to floor Lower level • Walls. 800. • Doors to be marked with size and opening angles. 9 H= 12 H= 12 3 9 3 6 6 Upper level • Walls.. windows. Radius 1200 for assembly halls holding 150 people.

54 .