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First Kiss Category: Harry Potter/Twilight Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Standing in the entrance of Forks High

School with a messenger bag slung over his shoulder, Harry took a deep breath before he walked through the doors heading towards the locker he was assigned before he would make his way to his first class. Everything was going fine for the young Wizard, who was also chosen for a Student exchange program with a local home schooled wizard after the defeat of Voldemort. He was only getting a few stares from the other students because of his newness, but they were wearing off already. It was only after he dropped his jacket and bag off in his locker and was walking towards his first class with his binder tucked under one arm when things went a little off of track. As he was walking by a janitors closet with the door slightly ajar, Harry was yanked into the room and the door slammed shut and locked. Tensed up, trying to see through the dark, Harry flinched when the dim light was flipped on. He then looked up and came face to face with a bronze haired, golden eyed teenager with pale skin. "What the hell..." Harry started to say before he was cut off by a pair of lips covering his own. Almost instantly, he found himself leaning fully onto the body in front of him while he wrapped his arms around the teen's neck. As their lips crashed together and their lips tangled, Harry moaned and found himself not wanting to pull away. He finally had to when the need to breath became too much for him. Panting for breath, Harry said, "I hope you realize that since you've just taken my first kiss you're now forced to be my boyfriend and try to make it up for taking my kiss without a first date." Chuckling, the teen wrapped his arms around his waist, nuzzled into his neck, and said, "I'd love nothing more than to take you out on a date and spoil you for the rest of our lives. Plus I'd feel insulted if this didn't mean we're boyfriends now." "We aren't...yet." "What?" The teen asked, sounding annoyed. "What's your name?" "Edward. Edward Cullen."

"Well Edward Cullen, I'm Harry Potter...and now I can safely say you're my boyfriend. What kind of person would I be if I agreed to be your boyfriend without knowing your name first?" Laughing, Edward said, "You're absolutely perfect. Now I think we should get to class." "Yep we should. Although we have an excuse. I ran into you and you offered to help the poor lost new student find his way to his classes. No need to get in trouble for being late now." "I'm sorry for stealing your first kiss like that." "I'm not. I enjoyed it immensely." Harry said with a teasing smile as he opened the door to the closet and strolled out, leaving Edward staring after him with a sappy grin on his face.

Final Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watching his mate take his final breath as a human being was hard for Edward. Bending down, Edward placed a kiss against the rapidly cooling lips of his Harry before he stood up and slowly walked out of the room, refusing to look back at the body knowing he'd never leave if he did. Stepping outside of the room he was instantly was surrounded by his whole coven...his family. "Well? What happened?" Rosalie asked, anxiously. While she hated Harry at first, she had come to adore the teenager with the odd scar. "It's done. Within the week he'll be joining us in the coven. My mate will awaken as a member of our coven and take his rightful place beside me for eternity." Edward said, acting as if nothing was bothering him. "The final breath is the hardest, Edward. But just remember he'll be coming back." Carlisle said, remembering his own suffering when his beloved Esme had been taking her final breaths as well. "Now return to his side and we shall welcome him when he awakens." With a nod, Edward said nothing more and turned to walk back into the room. Shutting the door on his family. Moving back to the bed, he crawled in beside his mate and pressed a gentle kiss to the cold lips. "One final breath and then eternity together." Edward whispered against his mate's skin.

Numb Pairing: Edward/Harry Warning: Mpreg, Character death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ As she stood staring into the house that Edward had built for his lover and himself, Bella couldn't help but curse Jacob for his guilty conscience which made him tell Edward that he had been sleeping with Bella for almost as long as they had been together. Rubbing her hands over her arms, numb from the cold weather, Bella sneered at the loving smile on Edward's face as he had his head pressed against his new lover's stomach, swollen with child. It was disgusting. The fact that a male had gotten pregnant. Sure he was different, like Edward and Jacob, but men didn't need to get pregnant. That's what women were for. Besides, she didn't see what Edward loved about him. That ugly lightning bolt scar did nothing for his image. Turning away from the window as the couple started kissing; Bella huffed and made her way back towards the woods so she could take a short cut to her car. She didn't want to be on their property any more that night. Turning back for one last look at the house turned out to be her mistake. If she hadn't she might have seen the bear ambling towards her, raising its paw and swiping at her. It's claws sliced through her vocal cords, ripping her ability to scream for help away and as she lay on the ground fading away, she wished her whole body was numb from the cold. She didn't like the pain she was in.

Broken Wings Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry never thought he'd find the love of his life when he sent Hedwig out with a letter asking for admittance into Salem Institute of Magic in Salem, Massachusetts in the United States. During her flight, Hedwig had somehow gotten off track and had an accident which caused her to fall from the sky and break her wings from it. Harry didn't know anything was wrong until he received a floo call from the Headmaster of SIM asking if he was still interested because they had never received his owl with the formal papers. Freaking out because his owl was missing, Harry quickly ended the call after reassuring the Headmaster, and then hurried to find a way to track his owl. Flooing into the American Ministry, Harry used a tracking charm where he was able to track his owl to a small town called Forks which was located in Washington State. He expected to find her in a forest dead. He hadn't expected to find her with her wings taped to her sides so they could heal while a golden eyed, bronze haired teen was feeding her some kind of meat...what kind, Harry didn't want to know. When he saw Harry, he got a look in his eyes and Harry felt his magic singing to him. They didn't end up going out until Hedwig's wings were healed. Harry said it was a 'thank you', but they both knew it was a date.

Melody Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sitting at his piano, Edward played the lullaby as his lover, Harry, gently rocked their two week old son Matthew singing to him. It was an old Melody that Esme had taught them. It was a song she had written when she had been pregnant with her child before she had been turned. Meeting his lover’s eyes, Edward smiled and joined him in singing to their son who was fighting sleep. Standing up, Edward moved over to Harry and Matthew and wrapped his left arm around Harry's waist then set his right hand on Matthew's stomach next to Harry's hand. Forcing his eyes open, Matthew started up at both of his parents and drifted off to sleep. It seemed like all he needed to fall asleep was the gentle touch of both of his parents and their voice's singing to him.

...bitter when he saw the man who claimed to love him kissing a doe eyed.hottest too. Jake." Rushing out of the house and into the woods." He said holding out a hand. "An angel as beautiful as you shouldn't be upset. Jacob/Bella.. Harry came face to face with Edward Cullen the new guy at his school. Looking up.Bitter Pairing: Jacob/Harry. Harry had a feeling he'd be over his ex sooner than he thought possible. "You've got two hours to get your stuff out of my fucking house before I curse you and your bimbo there to an eternity of pain and humiliation. Besides. angry. Harry dropped his head into his hands not letting himself cry. Thought you were better than that... "Come with me and let me heal your pain. with the porcelain god holding his hand. implied future Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry felt disgusted. He wouldn't let the wolf turn him into a bitter man that hated his first ex with a passion and never got over it. Sitting down on a stump. Harry decided then and there he wouldn't cry or mourn Jacob. Harry took the hand not even flinching at the coldness of the skin. "Nice. Hesitating for only a second. upset.showed how much he meant to the wolf. Harry ignored the pain crushing his heart when he didn't hear Jacob chasing after him. dark haired female on their couch. begging him to stop and listen." Harry said loudly as he yanked the front door open. ." A voice said from above him.

" Edward suggested with a leer." "Sounds good. "Let's go. First movie starts at six and we have to get the best seats. I could see any of the ones that are out right now." "How about we do that then? We're on summer vacation and we both have more than enough money to see them all tonight. Harry saw Jacob and Bella with about five kids running around screaming and causing mayhem around them. Harry crawled out of the bed and proceeded to redress in the clothes Edward had pulled off of him when they started their sex marathon." "It's up to you. Harry gasped for unneeded breath after their latest round of love making. Edward. Laughing.and if any of them get boring we can always make out until it gets interesting again. sexy... Lying on the bed he shared with his mate. Harry smiled up at his mate and quietly thanking Jacob for being a no good cheater. Harry set his head on Edward's heaving chest and let his fingers draw random patterns on the flat stomach.especially Bella who appeared to be seven or eight months pregnant again.. Rolling over. Because now Harry had an entire afterlife with Edward. "So what movie are we going to see?" Harry asked after a few minutes. .Afterlife Pairing: Edward/Harry FOLLOWS PROMPT 12: BITTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Set 6 years after Bitter. Looking across." A half hour later they were standing in line to get their tickets when Harry saw someone familiar across the street. Looping his arm through Edward's...back row so we don't interrupt people when we get bored. They were obviously their kids and the two adults looked absolutely miserable. baby..

Wishing it was him there. Jacob was missing his true love and constantly tortured by Bella and her attitude. But he couldn't and now he was stuck with a woman he didn't love while he was forced to be truly happy by remembering the good old days with Harry. Jacob watched with narrowed eyes as Edward wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled him close for a kiss. Sighing. Jacob wished he could shift and just run fast enough to turn back time. while he loved his children. that he hadn't screwed everything up by sleeping with Bella when she had came to him because Edward found out about her sleeping with multiple other men. because he had been stupid and wanted to hurt Cullen by sleeping with his girl. stumbling when he saw his ex standing there with that leech Edward Cullen. Jacob wished he could go back to the days when Harry was happy with him. . Edward/Harry. Like Superman had flown fast enough to reverse time by flying around the earth in the movie. Now. he ran his fingers through his short hair and looked across the road. And. they took after their mother way too much. previous Jacob/Harry Follows prompt 12 Bitter and set during the same time as prompt 13 Afterlife. To the days when Harry would curl up against him and tell him everything about how his day went then listen as Jacob talked about his own day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Walking down the street with his and Bella's kids running around them. Taking one last peek at Harry as they rounded the corner to the diner.Nostalgia Pairing: Jacob/Bella. Growling. Jacob ignored Bella's voice nagging at him again for the fifth time that day.

hug and kiss you. during the night. he would leave his partner to sleep by his or herself while he retreated to his piano. Edward wrapped an arm around his Harry's waist and settled his head over his chest. telling him that his lover was still alive and safe. Edward would curl against his mate and listen to the slow and steady heartbeat. once the activities of the night were finished. However once he met Harry. he couldn't keep away.Heartbeat Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lying on his lover's silk sheets with nothing covering them because of the sweltering heat of the night. . On the contrary. So during the night while Harry slept. but also because there was just something about the heart beating in his chest that Edward couldn't stop listening to. Even during the night he had to be close to him. While during the day he would hold your hand. Not only because he loved him. Before Harry he wasn't a cuddler.

chocolate." Hearing Edward whimper. It ended almost embarrassingly quickly with Edward gasping and ripping the sheets to shreds where he had been holding on to them. Quickly getting bored. Moaning at the combined flavors of Edward and the chocolate. drizzling a line down Edward's chest. . stopping himself from just grabbing Harry and taking him. smearing the chocolate sauce all over it. Harry lapped up the rest of the chocolate then took the bowl back and moved farther down the bed. Leaning forwards. "Keep steady so you don't drop my chocolate or I'll make you watch me have all the fun then leave you aching. Harry teasingly licked at Edward's chocolate covered erection from base to tip in one long swipe before he sucked the tip into his mouth. Sure it was his final day alive as a human wizard since tomorrow he would be changed into a vampire by his mate and lover. Sucking the remaining chocolate off of his fingers. Placing the bowl in Edward's upturned hand. Harry smirked then bent down and gently lapped at the chocolate sauce running down Edward's skin. Harry eagerly lapped at his treat. "While I did enjoy the chocolate I think I'll enjoy being with you and repeating things like this for eternity. Pulling off of Edward with a moan. Harry said. Harry never repeated the same action more than twice. Harry grinned and tipped the bowl. Harry said. Dipping his hand into the bowl. Harry ignored Edward's whimper as he tangled his fingers in the sheets on the bed. Harry looked up at Edward through his eyelashes then reached out and grasped Edward's erection.Chocolate Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry didn't know how Edward had convinced him to do this. melted chocolate. during their sex time wasn't something Harry had ever thought Edward would do. but talking Harry into using his favorite food. Picking up the warm. Alternating between sucking and licking.

While he was a stranger. Sure he's seen when the sun has only been up for an hour or a half an hour. He loved the fact that he got to sit in the sand of the beach watching the day coming forwards with his golden eyed lover behind him. Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When the pale. golden eyed stranger had stopped him in London on his way to catch the Knight Bus so he could get home to his fiancée. Harry didn't feel guilty about abandoning Ginny." . causing their skin to start glittering. singing quietly in his ear. and murmured.almost. Edward.Stranger Pairing: Mentioned Harry/Ginny. family. Edward smiled at him. "Thank you." As the sun came up. So when the stranger led him to a silver Volvo and helped him in. pressed a kiss against his lips.. Harry forgot about everything but the man in front of him. Daybreak Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry didn't think the first time he would ever see daybreak was after he had died. Especially since he knew she had no problems finding other men even when they were together. The oranges and pinks. When the sky was changing colors with the rising sun.. but he's never seen it when it just broke over the horizon. and blues along with the clouds. She'd probably run to the real father of the child she was currently carrying first. his other half. acceptance. friends.. "And you've given it all back to me as well. love.Harry almost felt sorry for the man. Harry's soul recognized him.. You've given me everything I've always wanted.

"But I want to know the real you now. He wasn't Cedric Diggory. "Now can we leave here? I don't think leaving everyone confused and panicking at Hogwarts is such a good idea. "You're still the one I fell in love with. with his bare hands. He had almost killed her and that had scared him.. Esme. As Cedric held onto him tightly. Besides. Harry saw the fear of rejection and pressed a gentle kiss to the lips in front of him. Looking at Ced." Harry said with a smile.. Staring at Cedric." Harry whispered against those lips.. I'm not going to leave you or push you away.besides we've got to rub it in the other school's faces that they were beaten by both of Hogwarts' champions." "I can't wait to meet them.Edward. Not the Cedric Diggory persona you've been showing everyone.Confusion Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry had been confused when he watched as his secret lover was struck down with a killing curse." . but just as quickly got back up and. Cedric fell almost instantly.. So he decided to finally accept the invitation he had been sent when he was still human to attend Hogwarts. the Coven's mother. he explained to Harry how he was still alive. He was really Edward Cullen. Harry ended up throwing himself into the cool arm with a sob." "I will show you me. has wanted to meet you ever since I came home smiling about you. managed to kill many of the Death Eaters before Voldemort retreated causing the remaining Death Eaters to as well. that was just an alias. He had decided to attend Hogwarts when he had been overcome by his thirst for blood when he met his singer.

You'll find someone to love you and marry you once you're better. While Mr. he struggled to move to the chair beside Edward's bed. No one seemed immune to the sickness stealing the lives of many. ANGST ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1918 started off normally for the two families living side-by-side in Chicago. People started getting ill and dying. Edward knew something was wrong when he spotted his doctor sitting beside his bed and Harry's empty. Mrs. and finally allowed his eyes to close for the final time. Masen quickly succumbed to the illness. Harry dropped onto it. When he woke up. the tough. However around mid March both the children of the two families fell ill and Mr. Harry gave him a brave smile and said. I know you will. The Potter's and The Masen's. and Mrs. Staying quiet. the young. The next morning Edward was given the news that his mother had passed away during the night from the disease. When Mrs. When Edward returned. Harry was left in the room struggling for breath and coughing so badly blood ended up on his lips. Masen as well. the Potter's child. Harry whispered. managed to struggle and stay alive. Edward. the old. It wasn't until mid February when things started to go bad. the weak. and Harry. Harry gave a false smile before drifting off to sleep." Moving back to his bed. When he woke up. gasped for breath a few times. Masen. Masen became sicker. While Edward was moved to say his last goodbyes to his mother. . "You'll make it through this. but I know you'll be fine without me.Endless Sorrow Pairing: Edward/Harry Warning: Character death. Edward. the two children were moved into a different room where they struggled to live and held hands from their beds. "I'm sorry." "So will you." Edward said stubbornly as he reached out and took the cold hand in his own. However two families had been lucky enough to stay healthy. Pressing a kiss to the clammy forehead after checking to see that no one was around.

Washington. green eyed teen said. Edward found himself standing face to face with his Harry in the middle of a snow covered park in Forks. However over 80 years after his death. You've returned to me and I'll never let you go again." "I'm so sorry I've left you alone for so long. "It doesn't matter anymore. Edward still returned to Chicago to place flowers on the grave of his one and only love. throwing himself into the cold arms. I just had to remember. "Harry. it was finding his beautiful Harry again after his death. "And then I realized I knew you." Throwing his arms around Edward's shoulders. Edward wrapped his arms around Harry and lifted him off his feet. Return Pairing: Edward/Harry Follows Endless Sorrow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If there was one thing Edward thought would never happen to him." Moving forwards almost hesitantly." Pressing his fingertips against the plump lips." Harry said. Gods I've missed you so. Edward pulled him closer and said. "I've been having dreams about someone like you for years now. Edward stopped a few feet in front of him. . Harry pressed their lips together. ignoring the slight pain in his ribs from how tightly Edward was holding him because he was complete and he had finally reunited with his love after so long apart. My Harry. It was the last place he ever thought he'd see him again. Eighty years later. With an agonized groan. "I'm so sorry I left you alone. standing up from the bench he had been sitting on. Edward." The dark haired. Edward cried for the first time in years.As he was told of his best friend and secret lover's death.

He loved having a study hall as his last period. who was leaning on his silver Volvo. or history. Harry stood up from his desk and made his way out of the classroom and made his way towards his locker so he could drop off his books so he could leave for the weekend. It let him do his homework before he even left school. How was he supposed to tell his normal boyfriend that he was dating a teenage hero whom was also a wizard and not a normal teenage boy? Shaking his head.Lies Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry hated the lies between Edward and himself. or status. He wasn't Narcissistic in anyway. Harry shared a quick kiss with him then allowed Edward to open the passenger side door for him. as he preferred to be called. but he was also holding a secret back from his boyfriend. when he was sitting next to five of the best looking people he'd ever seen in his life. He knew that Edward was hiding something from him. Harry didn't care if he wasn't as beautiful or handsome as the others at the table. Making his way over to Edward. Especially when he could hear the other students whispering about him and how it was odd for him to be sitting with the Cullen's and Hale's. or money. Harry laced his fingers with Edward's and hoped that the lies he's told Edward and the truths he was about to share wouldn't make him leave because Edward was the best thing that has happened to Harry since he left the Wizarding World with Sirius. Beautiful Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was hard for Harry to believe Edward when he called him beautiful because of the large scar that went from the top of his left eye all the way down to his lips. He didn't care about scars. He just cared about Harry. It gave him so much more time to be free instead of worrying about school. Because Edward had fallen for him and wanted him how he looked now. Sitting in the car next to him. a last ditch effort to help his master. He had gotten it from a low level cutting hex during the final battle from a Death Eater that was dying. . but he found it hard to be beautiful or handsome. But as he sat there with Edward lacing their fingers together and leaning over every so often to kiss him.

He wrote in one because he didn't care what the man he was forced to live with and call an Uncle thought of him.Diary Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uncle Vernon always ranted that only girls and pansies wrote in a diary. he probably would have read it them destroyed it with a ugly grin on his face the whole time. he probably needed to find a new place for his diary in his new room in the attic where Edward had spent hours with Esme setting it up just right. Because if he had found it. Washington. Come to think of it. then his Uncle would have found out how Harry had met Edward Cullen while out wandering around Privet Drive and how Edward's sire had used his connections to have a job offer given to Vernon in Port Angeles with a house in Forks for them to live in because Edward didn't want his mate on the other side of the world. He was especially glad that it didn't because if it had. Maybe he'd hide it in the built in bench under the window so he could have it close when he sat looking out the window waiting for Edward to show up. Harry never let that get to him. but it never did. So he kept his diary hidden underneath his bed in a hole in the box spring where his Uncle would never find it. Harry was worried the whole way that the small book would fall out of its hiding place since he had forgotten to pack it up in one of the few boxes his Uncle had given to him. . When they had moved to a town in the States called Forks.

The clear skies always ended up ruining his day when he had to go to school without his lover or his lover's family. Harry made his way to his next class. If all it took to be with Edward was rain. Harry threw his arms around his lover's shoulders. Not even twenty minutes later the sun was blocked out and rain started pouring from the clouds soaking everything and anything in its path. while the other students left him alone when he was with the Cullen's they seemed to gravitate around him when they were 'camping'. Harry made his way out of the classroom. he felt a little better.Clear Skies Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes Harry hated when the sun decided to shine with no clouds in sight. I decided to come and keep you company. Still walking as if he hadn't heard the voice. Harry would live with rain every day. When the bell rang and dismissed them. Curled into Edward's side. He was just at his classroom when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Harry let himself be led into their classroom. . clear skies were over rated. Harry turned to yell at the person but stopped when he saw Edward standing there with a grin on his face." Edward said with a shrug. hoping he could get there before his stalker caught up with him. He hated it because. Smiling. So when he was sitting in class and he saw the dark clouds heading towards the sun to consume it. Besides. cringing when he heard a loud voice calling for him to 'wait up'. "What are you doing here?" "Camping trip got rained out so we headed home.

kicked Ginny out and swore to not help her with anything. Edward told him how. They had both agreed that if any of that happened then the other could end it if they felt it became uncomfortable. but it changed drastically when Edward came to him with a bouquet of white gardenias.Conditional Pairing: Edward/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It started as just a friends with benefits thing between him and Edward after Ginny had run off with Draco Malfoy. and told him how he loved him too and they could forget about the conditions because all that mattered was them now. and definitely no 'I love yous'. while he really was the child's father. . They were non-negotiable. even though they had their set conditions. They had conditions for their meetings though. strawberry blonde child. because he was sure that there was no way he was the father of the gray eyed.and ended up getting disowned by her family-and Bella decided she wanted a living. Upset over the fact that he could have been a father. supernatural boyfriend so she chose Jacob. Harry took comfort from Edward and everything changed that night. Edward confirmed it when he came over for their nightly meetings and read her mind. They started cuddling after and they shared little kisses. It changed when Ginny showed up claiming that the little baby girl in her arms was his and he needed to come back to England to marry her and take care of his child. he couldn't help falling in love with him and he hoped he wouldn't lose him because he just broke them. leaned up to kiss the vampire. Turned out that Ginny was sleeping with Malfoy and some other wizards and Malfoy. Harry just smiled. However nothing ever went to plan for Harry and he soon found himself falling for the bronze haired vampire that he found comfort in. no cuddling after. Harry knew it wasn't true though. There was no kissing. but he never said anything because the little bit that he had was better than not having anything.

Carlisle Cullen had taken an interest in him. Because Aro was a killer that did it with pleasure and he couldn't be with someone that could so carelessly take someone's life. to help him in the fight against Voldemort that he would get two suitors vying for his affections. They left that night to gather up Carlisle's own Coven. The final straw came when he received a human heart in a box from Aro.Choose Pairing: Carlisle/Harry. but in the end he couldn't fight it. Aro. he went to Carlisle's room and allowed the blond haired vampire to kiss him for the first time. It started almost as soon as he arrived. a group of vampires. After that. One of the leaders of the Volturi. He received gifts from them nightly and Harry preferred the ones from Carlisle because the ones from Aro were laced with possession and just outright disgusting at times. which he'd been keeping hidden from the Volturi. When he received that. As they left with their hands and fingers laced together. He ignored it as long as he could because he really didn't want a lover while fighting a war that had a fifty percent chance that he would end up dying in. . Harry couldn't feel bad for the red eyed vampire watching them go. he went to Aro and told him he chose Carlisle because he didn't go around murdering humans and dismembering them for 'gifts'. One sided Aro/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry didn't think that when he was sent to Italy to try and convince the Volturi. as well as one of his guests of the Coven.

Embry felt the urge to bite the tiny one so everyone knew he was his. With a yelp. When he was in town. dodging branches and trees the whole way. Embry was stopped when Jacob called him back because he was approaching the boundary line between their territory and the Cullen's territory. . Embry shifted back and decided he wanted to go into town just to get away for a little while. After he returned to the Reservation. Embry didn't care if they got caught. he felt the same pull and followed it. and not letting him go.Bite Pairing: Embry/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When he first saw the tiny black wolf with the scar on his forehead when he separated from the pack to get some time alone. and the same scar as the wolf. It led him to a man with messy black hair. he stood over the wolf and lowered his muzzle to his neck. All he cared about was kissing and biting the man he had pinned to the wall. When he did. He had to chase down the little wolf. but he eventually caught up with him and tackled him to the ground. he did. Unable to resist. but he didn't care. and whom was eagerly reciprocating. the smaller wolf knocked him off and bolted into the woods without a look back. Starting after him. vibrant green eyes. Pulling him into an alley between two buildings. Embry panted to catch his breath. Lying there with his head on his tiny one's stomach. If he stayed there he would most likely shift and try to track down his little wolf. He felt like one of the leeches when he sank his sharp teeth into the wolf's neck.

some people would survive. the mate would start shifting into a wolf the first full moon after the bite. . more and more werewolves were created from a shifter biting their mate. two-legged werewolf form. four legged. Werewolves were first created when shifters. "Are you done yet? I want some alone time with you. the shifter would feel an urgent need to bite them. if you were turned by a shifter because you were their mate. However. which caused more werewolves to be born. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry never thought it would be up to him to spread awareness to the Wizards and shifters about how werewolves were really created. There also happened to be two different forms a werewolf could take. During those attacks. Of course. to mark them. And." Harry said.Awareness Pairing: Embry/Harry Follows prompt 12: Bite. would shift. During that shift they would attack and kill anything in their paths. It was from one of those attacks that the myth about werewolves formed. Eventually a werewolf would lose their shifter mate and. but it all started at a certain time. if the mate was already an Animagus. the mate's Animagus form would change to a wolf." Embry said with a whining tone in his voice. like his own Embry. Harry looked up from the notes. "I've got to finish going over my notes. found their mate. you would take a normal wolf form. But because of the magic the mate had. everyone thought that they knew. as time went on. He was currently sitting in his den. From the bite. reading over the notes he had written for the meeting he was going to. However. If a shifter's mate was magical. If you were attacked and turned by a werewolf that wasn't your mate you'd take the humanoid. shrugging his shoulders with a laugh as Embry nipped at a sensitive spot on the back of his neck. but it would be bigger than a normal wolf. After that they would gain more and more control over the shifting and would feel less and less pain. when he felt two arms wrap around his waist and a pair of lips press kisses against his neck. in their grief. the bite would cause them to turn into a werewolf with a lifespan like the shifter.

Stretching his head back. when it seemed as if Harry wasn't going to finish his sentence. But the truth was he loved both Emmett and Jasper and he was with them because of that. he would have been long gone if they raised their hands to try and hurt him. Harry stole a quick kiss from Emmett then leaned forwards to take one from Jasper as well so that he didn't feel left out.that was just a plus in the relationship. Hands Pairing: Emmett/Harry/Jasper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sitting on the ground in between his two lovers watching the rest of their coven play a game of baseball. Most of the Wizarding word said Harry was with the two of them because he was a sex addict and needed more than one person." "What? Tell me... You're all packed. And he wasn't with them because they could keep him satisfied in bed." "My information will be published in book form. the hotel where the meeting is being held is in Hawaii and they graciously allowed the Boy-Who-Lived to stay there for the week after." Embry said. Embry scooped his petite wizard up and ran down the hallway to their bedroom." Laughing. With wide eyes. "Well we still have two hours before our portkey leaves.you haven't taken me upstairs to practice for our honeymoon yet though."Why don't you just write a book? That way everyone can buy it and read it and you won't have to go to multiple meetings like this a week. "I've got to pack then. he leaned back into Emmett and thought. "Relax." Grinning. He wasn't with them because they could hurt him. "Besides this is the last meeting for a week and. others said that he was with them because they could control him and abuse him and he liked that kind of thing.. I barely see you anymore." Harry said. but until that time I'm holding these meetings. I took care of it.. Embry said. Once he pulled away. Call it a 'honeymoon' for our mating. if you remember.' .. What you haven't done is. collecting all the papers and slipping them into the small briefcase on the table. Harry leaned into the hands rubbing his shoulders and his legs. 'Yep this is the life I've been looking for.." He added with a wicked grin. Harry said.

stepped over to the bed and leaned forwards.. fell. but it was all worth it when the tall." Grinning. Harry felt slightly better about his ability to stumble over the smallest thing.. pale.Stumble Pairing: Carlisle/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Twenty two years of living and twenty one of walking and Harry Potter still managed to stumble and fall over the tiniest crack on the sidewalk. If it got him the company of hot men and kisses from them as well. So there he was. "I have an odd system. Carlisle. Now let's get you into the wheelchair and up to x-ray so we can figure out how much damage was done." He said. how could he complain about that? . according to his name tag." "Well.well.. A lot of medicines don't work. pressing their lips together. sitting in a muggle hospital with his ankle propped up waiting for the doctor to come in with no chance to take any healing potions or numbing potions so he could get rid of the injury and any leftover pain. twirling his wand around and causing the nurses to stare at him like he was crazy whenever they came in to check on him. He spent nearly an hour sitting in the room. Even makes it go away at times. Very much." "I'll be more than happy to give it to you. It had to happen while he was in the middle of the muggle world looking for a rare tome which had somehow been sent there during a massive fire that spread through the library. Moaning as their lips slipped together. but we had a major accident come in and we had to have all doctors down there. Not only that. Harry eventually pulled back with a smile.. "Oh yes. "I do know one that always seems to work though. "Did that help?" Carlisle asked with a smile of his own. I do hope you were given something for the pain." He added with a flirty smirk. as your doctor it's my duty to make sure you get the medicine that will help you while we take you for an x-ray and get you into a cast. blond haired doctor came into the room. but I might end up needing another dose before I leave today." Harry said with a shrug. "I apologize for the long wait you had to sit through. Harry leaned forwards as the doctor.. with a charming smile. "Oh and what is that?" "I've learned that a kiss always seems to take my mind off of the pain. but he stumbled. and broke his ankle." As he was settled into the wheelchair.

Irresistible Pairing: Carlisle/Harry Follows prompt 26. Carlisle climbed over the railing and dropped onto the balcony. Carlisle listened to his children roughhousing outside while Esme." "You don't have that yet though. "You're going to him again aren't you?" "I have to. his thick black hair which begged for his fingers to run through it. Shaking his head. his slim. before he ran out of the house. ." "Yes. Carlisle couldn't help but think of the irresistible man he'd patched up the month before. Looking into the room. he gave a whine when he saw a maid in there cleaning and fixing up the room and no luggage or clothes from Harry in sight. cooking for Edward's girlfriend. Stumble. Esme. Giving in to his desire to see him. about his vibrant green eyes. He couldn't help but think of him. Dropping into one of the chairs. Don't just sit outside of his hotel balcony because soon he'll be leaving and you'll be without him if you don't. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Sitting in his office in his home. Just because we didn't work out doesn't mean we won't find that person." Esme said before she walked back into the kitchen. Don't waste the chance of finally finding someone that you can spend eternity with as your mate." "I know that. Esme. Esme. Carlisle lowered his head into his hands. deciding to just run instead of taking his car. Esme had been right. his 'sister' played around in the kitchen. Carlisle stood up and made his way down the stairs only to be met by Esme at the bottom of the stairs. short body begging him to complete him. You'll hurt me if you let him walk away without trying because I let you go so you could find that person. but I haven't found that person yet. but I don't know how he'll react to a male vampire pursuing him." "You need to talk to him. Don't think that you'll be hurting me because you found that person." Carlisle said." "You'll never know unless you go to him and find out. Arriving at the hotel and scaling the wall to the sixth floor. "Thank you.

Sighing. There were many nights when he'd wake up and. Carlisle allowed the parchment to fall from his hands and flutter down to the ground. And now he was just lying there in bed with Carlisle's fingers running up and down the smooth skin of his back as he murmured words of comfort in his ear. odd because he didn't think many people still had parchment let alone used it. he picked up the envelope and frowned even more when he saw his name scrawled across the front of it. I decided I liked this town a little too much to leave. if you decide to stop lurking outside of my hotel room here's my address. not feeling the chest moving. he grinned as he read each one. Rushing off into the night. Reading the words. Carlisle stopped when his foot slipped on an envelope under it. . Breathing Pairing: Carlisle/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~ As he lay in bed with his lover. Carlisle. Standing up to run back home. forgotten. Harry. Carlisle. would jump up and frantically start checking over the older man before his brain woke up enough for him to remember that his lover didn't need to breath. Harry couldn't help but feel a little disconcerted when the chest that his head was on didn't rise or fall with the normal routine of breathing. Eventually he'd fall back to sleep. Stop in and see me and maybe we can talk about breaking in my furniture if you're interested.well it might be the people more than the town. Ripping it open he pulled out a piece of parchment.. Harry pressed a kiss over Carlisle's still heart then nestled down into him. but right now he was content to just lay in his lover's arms enjoying the feeling of them and enjoying the peaceful night.. Bending down. but you get the point.He had finally left and he'd lost the chance. Tonight had been one of those nights.

" They both said. Harry proceeded to blow out the candles as he pulled it on.Fighting Pairing: Jacob/Harry/ Edward ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Sitting in the middle of the bed with a frown on his face. Their first night taking their relationship further and Jacob and Edward were fighting like they used to do." "That isn't true. "Harry what. I can't have a relationship with two people that are going to be fighting all the time. " As he walked towards the door." "But what's. "This was supposed to be a special night.. Grabbing his robe from the floor. If you two can't get along and stop fighting I'm done. I'm going back to my old house from before we all got together. I just hope I don't have to move back there permanently.." Moving towards the door. looking sheepish."Edward started. Giving a growl.. You two are staying here and working out whatever your problems are.. I'm too mad at you right now. "No. . but instead you two are in here ready to kill each other because you can't get along. Either of you. "Do not talk to me. "Yes it is. Harry spun around and held up a hand when his two lovers moved to follow him. Harry didn't think their first night together would turn out like this. he heard the two start fighting about who was at fault now that he was leaving them. Harry stood from the bed which caused the two bickering men to stop and look at him." Jacob started to ask.

He knew Harry was inventive and sometimes vindictive when it came to getting payback. While he was usually like a rambunctious child. but he was looking forwards to seeing what his little Wizard was going to do.. Emmett. "Now this calls for payback. I finished this cup about two minutes ago. Making his way outside. Laughing.." Growling. Emmett narrowed his eyes and scooped up his lover. Inching closer as Harry took another long drink from the steaming mug.which usually ended up in no fun for Emmett. Emmett watched as his lover slowly sipped at his first cup of tea for the morning. Shrieking as his body hit the freezing cold water. Emmett caught sight of slight grin stretched across Harry's lips. Emmett knew that being too active or wild around Harry before he had finished his entire first cup of tea was just asking for a temperamental Harry. "You're doing this on purpose now. grabbing onto his broad shoulders." Emmett said with a whine.Tea Pairing: Emmett/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Sitting at the kitchen table that was never used unless Harry was there. "I was wondering how long before you realized I was playing around." "What are you gonna do you big. Grinning. bad vampire?" Harry asked. Emmett held Harry out for a second before he dropped him into their in ground pool." Harry hissed at him. Harry showed him the empty cup and said. Emmett sauntered towards their house as Harry pulled himself out of the water. Harry surfaced and glared at his laughing lover. "This means war. . scooting even closer. playful and eager.

You two didn't. Pulling away with a moan. He was halfway to the counter when he realized the coffee was already made and in a cup being held by a russet skinned teen and there was a pale.. Harry accepted the coffee cup and asked. or ill. Jacob said. Not sick. Rolling out of bed. he added. "Yes. then pulled away so he could go and greet Edward with a deserved kiss as well. . "I think you two need to take me to my room and make it up to me.Day After Pairing: Jacob/Harry/Edward ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The day after he left his two lovers fighting. Harry took a sip of his coffee. the only things heard in the house for hours were moans and gasps of pleasure bouncing off of the walls. Tapping his foot with his arms crossed over his chest. They started the threesome not because they wanted the other two in it.. You're already ahead of the pleasure now." Jacob said. "Wait a minute." Sharing a look. Pulling away with a dazed look. sharing a slight grin with Edward." Nuzzling against Jacob. but just down because he had a feeling that the two wouldn't be able to work out their problems even though they had been in a relationship for near five months now. golden eyed body standing at the stove cooking his breakfast. "I can't believe you two started without me. with Jacob Edward flipped the stove off then ran after the wolf who had picked Harry up and ran towards the bedroom laughing the whole way." Seeing the slightly embarrassed looks on both their faces. Harry looked between the two before Jacob pulled him into his arms and pressed a soft kiss against his lips. Harry didn't bother to change out of his pajamas as he stumbled down the hall towards his kitchen so he could make up his first cup of coffee for the morning. Stopping." "Well it helped us work everything out. Harry woke up feeling bad. Harry stopped and said. Harry said. Following that. We've come to the understanding that it might have been slight sexual tension and slight jealousy about what the other could give you. "So this means you two have made up then right?" With a slight tinge to his cheeks. but rather because they both wanted him and didn't want to lose him.

to say what. Harry was situated between the twins and they both had an arm wrapped around his waist and. Harry had been sitting on the counter next to the twins as they explained to their silent investor about their new inventory that they were working on when Ron came storming into the store. none of the three really cared what he was going to say. The three became flushed and they licked their lips as they began to pant. the next time the twins and Harry left the shop. the air was disturbed due to how hard Ron had slammed the door open and it blew the red powder on the counter into the faces of the three teens sitting there. never one to pass up an opportunity. slid off of the counter and moved in between Harry's spread legs so that he could easily lean in and kiss him. and an innocent looking red powder that the twins had been working on. but before they could.Powder Pairing: Fred/Harry/George ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It all happened because of Ron. causing a gust of air in the room. Eyes widening. The twins. . Deciding that ignoring him was the best course of action. Needless to say. Ron's inability to walk into a door without slamming it open. suddenly hot under the collar and in desperate need of release. red in the face with a stain in the middle of his pants. The effects were almost instantaneous. George. As Ron opened his mouth. they would stop every so often to kiss the brunette or they'd just grope his pert bottom as they walked. the twin on the left of Harry. looking for the hardness that was visible even underneath the layer of clothes. Ron stuttered over what he was saying before he fled as Fred started to strip Harry out of his clothes and George ran his hands up Harry's legs and towards his groin. went to say something. just so it wouldn't be confused for 'sibling affection'.

Snorting.Defiant Pairing: Blaise/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lying on the couch in their new flat with his lover's dark fingers carding through his hair. Harry couldn't help but finally feel relaxed after so long a time filled with stress and contempt and people only trying to 'help him onto the right path'.” “Come. “Who's it from?” Harry asked. lets go and relieve some of our stress and then we shall go and get them their present and send it off. as he opened his heavy eyes. whom then flew off without waiting for a reply. As a tap came at the window. Harry stood up and said. “Just another person telling me to let you go and for you to stop acting so defiant. Blaise opened it and scanned the letter before he balled it up and tossed it into the roaring fire. Harry pulled him down for a quick kiss and said. Besides it's kind of my way of making it up to them for all the stress they've been getting from everyone trying to get her to come and seduce me.. that you defeated 'You-Know-Who almost a year ago and you need to stop experimenting with another male and go and marry that 'lovely Ginny Weasley before someone else snatches such a wonderful woman up'. “That reminds me..” . “We weren't.” Blaise said with a raised eyebrow. “I like the way you think. but they know it would be an insult to return it to us once they get it. I have to send Ginny and Dean their anniversary slash congratulations on the engagement present.” Chuckling. Blaise waved his wand to allow the rather ragged looking owl entrance into the warm flat. Taking the letter from the owl.” “I thought we were not supposed to get them anything.and then we shall come back and ease our stress a little more. it can't be too good for the baby.

. That's exactly the point why I refuse to date and marry Ginny." "It's unacceptable. Harry stood up and crossed his arms. "With all due respect.. Molly frowned at his appearance. Harry?" Molly asked. You will get over this because you aren't really family and you won't be until you marry me!" Ginny screeched from her mother's arms. My husband and I eloped in France last weekend with Ron and Hermione and two of his friends as our witnesses. Molly. which I don't. "Even if I wanted to marry you." Ginny spat. from where she stood rubbing her sobbing daughter’s shoulders." Molly said as she started to tap her heel.Grateful Pairing: Draco/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Sitting on his couch with his arms draped over the back. each with a different reaction.well Harry's reaction shut the both of them up. "I've missed you this past week. Next time I'll go with you on your business trip instead of staying home. "I'm sorry but that's impossible. the three turned. but I can't do what you want me to do. Ginny started to scream at him about trying to dig up dirt on Harry." Hearing a snort from the doorway. You two and the rest of the Weasley's are my family. Draco Malfoy. I can't because I'm already married. Harry wished he could just plug his ears and ignore the ranting of the two women standing in front of him." ." "What? Those two betrayed their own sister and friend? Just they wait until I get a hold of them. I'm sorry. Nearly flying across the room. and Harry's reaction. She must just not want my Ginny to be happy. Ronald will be grounded and we'll see about him marrying that interfering girl. My parents and siblings. which is essentially what Ginny is to me. "We accepted you into our family and this is how you repay us?" Sighing. Harry threw himself into the blond's arms and sealed their lips together in a passionate kiss. I don't mean to sound anything but grateful that you all accepted me into your family when I had none. "How could you do this to poor Ginny. "Harry dear. standing there. I wouldn't date my sister. you can divorce that man since it has been less than a month and then you can marry Ginny." "Why? Why is it impossible? And don't you dare give me that 'you're family' excuse. when they saw the blond Slytherin graduate.

She can't wait to have a beautiful blond with your striking eyes. Now it's time to leave. Mother and father are waiting for us at the house. wrapping an arm around Harry's waist." Draco said. Harry followed Draco to the fireplace so they could floo out. he hadn't lost the rest of his red headed family and he was okay with that. The last thing the two women heard was. They want to bring us to the house they gifted us for our wedding present. With Molly and Ginny screeching at him about marrying a Death Eater's son." . While he may have lost Ginny and Molly because of his marriage."Of course you missed me. "Mother was asking me when we're going to start giving her some grandchildren.

"If this is the velcome I'll get venever I don't see you for five years I think I'll go away more often. Harry made a snap decision that he hoped he wouldn't regret. while they had been committed and building their relationship since then. "I don't vant to be away from you for that long so I vont. "Hey there stranger. Finally giving up as he tossed his last shirt to the floor." Harry said. eyes roaming over the naked body in front of him. Being careful that he didn't put his weight entirely on the petite body underneath him. "Lead the vay." Harry said with a grin as he took in his Bulgarian boyfriend." "Why don't we go up to the bedroom and we can get to know one another in the only way we don't know each other. reaching a hand out for Viktor to take. Viktor helped Harry off of the couch and said. It had been five years and he looked amazing. It had been five years since the Triwizard tournament and. They hadn't even seen each other since Viktor had left after it all ended. Harry couldn't be happier that he didn't have any decent clothes in his closet. Harry decided that after tonight he was getting a whole new wardrobe and getting rid of all of his old clothes. Viktor allowed Harry to pull him down onto the couch with him. Standing up. they had yet to go on a date. Harry called out. Giving a frustrated growl at not finding anything decent to wear. Taking the hand. "If you're ever away for five years again it won't be a naked body you come home to." Viktor said. Harry was looking for anything decent to wear for his first official date with Viktor.Decent Pairing: Viktor/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Standing in front of his closet. He had more hair on top of his head as well as a black goatee framing his mouth. Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. . Taking a deep breath." As they spent the night in each other’s arms. "Come in." The door swung open and heavy footsteps made their way through the hall and into the den. Viktor said." Harry suggested. I'll follow you gladly.

It was their mistake though." Harry said. Personally I think he wants to torture them some more." Falling back onto the bed. "Why don't we get some practicing in on how we're going to create our own children?" Grinning. ." "Let’s not worry about that now. if he'll kill them once the baby is born.Union Pairing: Draco/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~ Sipping at the glass of juice in his hand as he watched his blond haired husband strip out of his clothes before he dressed in his bed clothes. Snorting. I refuse to let them live once we start on our own children. setting his glass aside.do you think we should torture them with the fact that I'm carrying the Dark Lord's heir for him to show my loyalty since I refused to take his tattoo and mar my body with it?" "Maybe. "Of course they don't. Not to mention they want to do it before you fall pregnant because you would stay for the baby's sake. We still have about seven months before then.. "Do you think they've figured out that they made a mistake yet?" Harry asked his husband as he walked over to the bed and reclined onto it." "That's up to our lord. If they had paid any real attention to Harry they would have noticed he had started a relationship with Draco back during the Triwizard Tournament." "Too bad for them then that I'm already carrying a baby. "Sounds like a plan." "Then we'll move somewhere else. Harry couldn't help but laugh at the idiots that had decided that a union between the two would make the Dark Lord less likely to take over the Wizarding world. The Dark Lord has no problems with us living elsewhere if we answer his summons. Draco said. And then after the birth we should just go and kill them. They think poor little Harry was brainwashed and that they need to rescue him.. the two stripped out of their clothes and spent a few hours in pleasure. Draco said.

.of course that could have been because he wasn't alone in the shower stall. and sucking at his neck while his fingers plucked at his pebbled nipples and Fred was down on the floor on his knees with his mouth eagerly bobbing up and down on his rock hard erection. He had his two lovers in there with him. Using his other hand. allowing the water to cleanse them of the sweat and fluids from their activities. stroking it in time with Fred's sucks. George stood beside him nipping. As the two sunk to the ground. Harry slipped out of the locker room. Reaching down with one hand.Cleansed Pairing: Fred/Harry/George ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Leaning against the shower wall as the hot water pelted his skin. wrapping their towels around them as they got dressed. he felt like he was getting dirtier. they jumped up and out of the shower stall. It wasn't long before Harry was tensing up and coming down Fred's throat with a low moan. Harry moved to sit between them and they cuddled up there on the floor. hoping they would be able to get a repeat performance later that night up in the dorms. licking.. A few minutes later. Harry wound his fingers into Fred's hair. kissing. holding on loosely while his older red-headed lover worked on bringing him over the edge. Within minutes he had the two red heads coming. Oh no. which was quickly washed away by the water. Harry didn't feel like he was being cleansed at all. Sharing a grin with his two red heads. . he reached down and wrapped his fingers around George's erection. Dropping his hand from George's erection. acting as if nothing had happened as their team members entered the locker room talking and joking about random things. one into his mouth and the other onto his skin. Harry helped Fred stand up then dropped to his own knees and eagerly took the long cock into his mouth while his hand reconnected with the other.

Let's go get that trophy and get out of here. which caused his hand to start throbbing in pain. Cedric said. moving over to let Cedric lean on him. He couldn't wait until Cedric and he could go back to their normal lives. Harry stunned the dazed teen before he could get up then rushed to Cedric's side. "I can't wait. Socking him across the jaw.. "You know I couldn't do that. You could have run passed and won. go. "You didn't have to stop and help me. "Now come on." Chuckling. Feeling anger and adrenaline start coursing through his body. the final task in the Triwizard Tournament.. Stopping to look around. go!' Rounding the corner." Harry said. Standing up.at least until the graduated and could be together without being around hundreds of other students that would try to hurt them. meeting in secret. he snarled when he saw Viktor holding Cedric under a spell. exchanging kisses and cuddling before they had to return to their lives. Forgetting about the wand clenched in his hand." . Harry couldn't wait for it to be over. following the screams as the thumping of his heart seemed to be repeating 'go.Go Pairing: Cedric/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Running through the maze. Harry then grabbed Viktor's wand and chucked it somewhere in the maze." Cedric said. Harry tackled the giant Bulgarian to the ground. to try and figure out where to go. Harry took off at a run. Harry tensed when he heard a familiar voice screaming in pain. Later tonight I'm gonna help you relax from this day. panting as he pushed himself off of the ground and to his feet. go go.

Draco pulled the blanket higher up on them and held Harry close.Shame Characters: Harry Potter. "Whatever happens to me tomorrow." Harry sternly said. "The Dark Lord is planning to attack tomorrow as the sun sets. then he'll be in for a surprise when he finds out that we're ready for him." "Nothing is gonna happen to you so shut up. Draco said. don't you?" "Yes the public will want everyone tried and sentenced that is a Death Eater and once they find out that you have the mark they'll want you thrown in there too. . "Now." Smirking. Draco Malfoy." Not saying anything." Draco said to him. know that I won't let it happen until you're safe. mentions others ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Harry lay on the bed that the Room of Requirements had conjured up with his head lying on Draco's chest. "Well. The two were naked with only a blanket covering their waists and the fire in the fireplace keeping them warm." "You realize what will happen after he's destroyed. let’s go to sleep because I'm tired and I know you probably are too.it's a shame that they'll be disappointed that I won't let my husband be thrown into jail. Whatever happened tomorrow. I won't let you be hurt while there is still a breath in my body.. as he ran his fingers through the mess on top of what Harry called hair. even if it meant his death.. he would protect his husband. He believes there will be so much confusion because the students are leaving for the holiday that you won't be prepared for him.

looking for the shimmering golden ball. Now get on your broom and prepare to lose. Harry looked over at his lover of three years where he was standing. Their game was simple. No matter who won. Hovering only a few feet off of the ground. Cedric said. and how they made love that night. fiddling with the box that held the snitch. the objective was to catch the snitch before the other and the winner got to choose when. "Prepare to lose. "Are you sure you really want to do this. don't you?" "Yeah well that just means it's my turn to win again. Now try and catch the snitch. Ced?" "Of course. they'd both have fun and be satisfied later that night." Smiling. Harry grinned then followed him up into the air. Harry mounted it then waited for Cedric to release the snitch and get on his own broom. Harry walked towards his broom and grabbed it. Grabbing his broom." Watching as Cedric took off. "You do remember that you've lost the past nine out of ten times we've held this little game. baby." Chuckling.Objective Pairing: Cedric/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Standing in their personal pitch behind their house. . Harry moved over to Cedric and pressed a kiss to his lips." Cedric called out. "I'm not going to lose. where. looking for the snitch.

Strength Pairing: Charlie/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~ If there was one thing that Harry loved about Charlie. you know I feel sorry for whatever poor person has the room next to ours when we're on our honeymoon next month. "Always. Not only his strength that could lift the weight off of Harry's shoulder.. Charlie gave a few more thrusts before he came. Charlie batted Harry's hand away and stroked him a few times before Harry came as well. filling Harry." Nodding Charlie kept a hold of Harry and carried him to their bed. loving the taps that automatically shut off when there was nobody inside of it for more than five minutes. coating their stomachs in his release. "Ready for round two?" Smiling. Standing in the stream of water that was slowly turning cold while washing away the evidence of their passion.. Dropping onto the bed with Harry still in his arms. "Alright. Harry said." Laughing. Charlie whispered.. With a murmur. it was his strength. "Well at least we can use silencing charms. the two shared lazy kisses until Harry shivered from the cold water.. Char I think it's time we went to our bed now. standing in the shower with Charlie holding him up by his arms and his hips moving at a rapid pace as they exchanged kisses. Charlie said. "Shouldn't we move to the bedroom?" "No I'm good right here. With a sharp thrust that connected with Harry's prostate. Running his fingers through Charlie's hair. Panting to catch his breath." Harry panted out as his fingers dropped down to wrap around his own erection. but also the strength that he used to pin him to the wall when they were making love. Harry tugged at it to pull Charlie away from his lips so he could take a second to breathe." . Which was where they were now.if we remember. Charlie asked.

whom had given his life to save Fred.Life Pairing: Fred/Harry/George ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ Standing beside Fred and George as they watched the casket containing Percy. Fred and George pressed kisses onto the top of his head. the three whispered their own words of thanks and their final goodbyes to the man that had given his life in an act of bravery and love for his family. Harry used his available hand to stroke at his slightly rounding stomach containing their child. Harry felt guilty that he was happy that neither Fred nor George had lost their life during the final battle. Leaning into George's side and lacing his fingers with Fred's. . being lowered into the ground. Placing their own hands on the bump. The child he only found out about when he nearly lost it after the battle because his magical core was severely depleted and the stress of nearly losing Fred kicked in. As the headstone was engraved with Percy's name and information. They would always be in debt to their brother for throwing himself in front of the spell aimed at Fred so that he could live to see his child grow up even if he didn't know that that is what his sacrifice did.

leave him." Wailing. one with long black hair and the other with brown hair and scars on his face. sharp yellowed claws. Harry felt contempt for the Alpha of his pack. Harry felt himself start to shiver in fear because he knew who had bought him.Contempt Pairing: future Fenrir/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Standing at the meeting point where his life was going to change drastically. As they stood in the clearing. As Greyback handed over a sack of coins. but were stopped by Dumbledore saying. his father looking murderous. and fanged teeth and two other men behind him. "No. Harry swore that he would make Dumbledore pay for hurting his parents like this and if Greyback thought his would just lay back and show his neck in submission he would be deeply disappointed. despite his parent's begging and their planning to mate him with someone else that Harry was to be mated off to the highest bidder to gain money for their pack. the leader. his mother sobbing into his father's shoulder. Lily and James moved to say goodbye. He is no longer of our pack. with mangled hair. Albus Dumbledore had decided. . Lily had to be held back as Greyback took a hold of Harry and led him back the way they had come. and Dumbledore looking extremely pleased with himself. The sun had just reached the middle of the sky when the other group appeared.

the two of them rubbing his body with their hands. Harry purred and rubbed at his swelled stomach. The four of them didn't care who sired the child because it was a part of Harry and they would treat the child as their own. Two hours later when Draco and Blaise returned from their classes. Dean.. Harry/Cedric ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Harry knew that it was wrong and frowned upon to have multiple husbands at the same time even though it wasn't against the law. Blaise. but he didn't care what the many citizens of the Wizarding World thought. Harry dragged the four into their bedroom so that they could cuddle and Harry could try and get some sleep.. Harry/Blaise. . because the babies that he was carrying never stayed completely still unless all five of them were together.even if they couldn't.Wrong Pairing: Harry/Draco. As he laid on the couch with his head in Cedric's lap and his feet up on Dean's. and Cedric could give him that. He didn't care because he wanted a big family and Draco. Harry/Dean. he would still be with each and everyone of them because they loved him and treated him wonderfully.

I'll end it before it gets to the point where I lose both. hoping his lover wouldn't let his ego and hate break them apart. they may say mean or rude things about you when you aren't there. "Because they're important to me. . muttering about having to go and visit with the Weasley's for Christmas. Harry said. You're choosing them. "If you decide to come. Harry shook his head." "Because you're making me do it. Harry held strong and didn't look back at Draco. And yes." "But you are choosing." Grabbing his coat and the bag full of shrunken gifts. They've accepted you as a part of my life and they're very nice to you and you're nothing but rude to them. Why can't you do the same thing?" "Malfoy's do not act how they do not want to act. I don't see why I should have to act like I do just because we're seeing each other face to face. "What?" "I won't be made to choose between my lover and my family. lighten up a little bit when it comes to the Weasley's. wonderful. If it was the other way around I'd be choosing you.Sweeten Pairing: Draco/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Watching Draco pace around their flat." Sighing." Draco said with a sneer." Walking to the fireplace. "You need to sweeten up. Harry said. If not I want you to move your things out of my house before I get home later tonight. but they are nice and accommodating to you when you are because they care about me and my feelings. "Well if you can't accept my family and at least be civil to them maybe it would be best if we broke up." "They don't like me and I don't like them.

Skimming the letter. "The bonding contract between the Potter's and Nott's has still not been fulfilled. Theodore... Licking syrup off of his fingers. has shown interest in fulfilling the contract with you.blah blah blah. he couldn't imagine bonding to anyone besides the teen that he stole secret moments filled with passionate embraces within empty halls and abandoned classrooms. We are located at.Honor Pairing: Theo/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~ The day started out normally when Harry received the letter. Harry looked across to the Slytherin table where Theodore was looking at him with a grin on his lips. rolling his eyes. Not only was he honor bound to fulfill the contract." Done reading the letter. but it will not go away until fulfilled. he was sitting in the Great Hall picking at his food when the owl swooped down with the letter attached to its leg. . a young man you are currently in school with. You do not need to accept to fulfill it yourself. If you wish to accept you will need to see the Nott heir and come to our law office to sign the contract. ignoring the eyes trying to read the letter over his shoulder.. "Dear Mister Potter.. he had to stop and reread a certain group of sentences a few times.. The current heir to the Nott family. Harry reached out and took the letter and opened it... It started out like any letter. Harry nodded in acceptance.

Harry saw her smile at them and felt the tightness easing. Harry felt sweat beading on his brow especially when he looked towards Hermione who was staring at him with a frown when she didn't see a date beside him. Harry felt as if his tie was strangling him. It wasn't the fact that he was going to be in front of lots of people. No one knew that he was seeing Cedric Diggory not even his friends and he was worried about how they were going to react. It was the fact that he was going to be out in public for the first time with his boyfriend. His true friends and family would have no problems about him dating Cedric. Tugging at his tie. Not that them reacting badly was going to change him or his decision to accept Cedric's invitation to the ball and on a date on their next Hogsmeade weekend.Strangle Pairing: Cedric/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Standing outside of the great hall where the ball for the Triwizard tournament was being held. staring at him. As Cedric wrapped an arm around his waist. They'd help ease the stranglehold that the rest of the Wizarding World tried to put him in. . Her eyes widened when Cedric batted his hands away from the tie and pressed a kiss to his cheek. oh no he was used to that.

Cedric crawled up the bed and pulled him close. Cedric was currently resting his head on his swollen stomach filled with their baby that would be born in two months. besides it wasn't like the elders had seen Harry grow up. his godfather Sirius Black and his 'not really but good as one' godfather Remus Lupin. You've already spoiled them for your voice. Cedric said. Now come up here and cuddle with me. What was worse was who they were. "I hope you know that the baby will never go to sleep without you singing that to him or her after it’s born. Their magic made it so. his Animagus form of a small black fox. They were supposed to be together. Harry sighed and slowly started to drift off. Reaching down. But he didn't care once they got over that fact. reading a book about his pregnancy." Curling against Cedric with his head on his chest. "I'll gladly cuddle with you as well. surprisingly. Whenever Cedric would sing to his stomach the baby seemed less active and would let Harry sleep through the night instead of waking him up multiple times by kicking him or pressing on his bladder. So they ignored the glares and disgust thrown at them from the Wizarding World and bonded in a small ceremony held in Hawaii on the beach. ." Smiling.Lullaby Pairing: Cedric/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ As he reclined on their bed. Animal Pairing: Remus/Harry/ Sirius ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~ Harry couldn't believe that he had found his magical mates while in his animal form. Harry had to smile at Cedric's antics. but I'll gladly sing our baby to sleep every night if he or she wants that. working towards making their family grow. singing a lullaby to get the baby to calm down for the night. causing him to pause from his singing and look up. After that they spent their honeymoon in their hotel room bonding even further. Harry said.and I hope you know that you'll be the one singing because I'd break glass if I tried. He couldn't wait to hold his baby in his arms while Cedric sung him or her to sleep. Laughing.." Grinning. Harry ran his fingers through Cedric's hair. "I think they're asleep. And. "You aren't that bad. it seemed to work. They lost him when he was a year old..

And. it became worse. Blaise. . The child was a perfect blend of all four of the men because of the potions that the surrogate took that had all of their DNA which gave the baby four fathers and one mother. acceptance. but it turned out wrong. when they were old enough. He had lost his budding friendship with Ron. Draco. but it was bound to happen with him calling Harry a slimy snake and a traitor for 'allowing' himself to be sorted into Slytherin. family. but Harry didn't care because he had found friends. Ron would call him the 'Slytherin Slut' because he was in a relationship with three other men. love and even children because of the surrogate who carried the child for the men. entered into a relationship together. and Theodore whom. rocking one of their newborns to sleep.Nightmare Pairing: Blaise/Draco/ Harry/Theo ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ When the Sorting Hat had called out Slytherin back in his first year. but rather a dream come true. Harry felt like he was entering into a Seven year long nightmare after what he had heard from Ron Weasley about the house. Harry couldn't help but think it hadn't been a nightmare. He made three best friends. As he got older. as he sat in the rocking chair.

Harry walked towards the edge of their wards so he could Apparate somewhere warm. Charlie said as he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist. No baby. "I am so sorry." "Of course. Harry said. or big. Harry stared at the ashes of what had once been his husband's and his house.. Now you get to go and call mum and da while I try to sort out a place for us to stay tonight. dragons allowed anywhere near our house. babe." "But Harry. . Standing outside in freezing weather wasn't something he was too happy to be doing at two in the morning. "Charlie.Ashes Pairing: Charlie/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Standing outside in the cold winter air." Pulling away.." his husband. I learned my lesson. You caused our house to burn down you get to call mum and da Weasley and explain to them why we have to rearrange everything for the family dinner this year.you will follow the rule 'don't bring your work home with you'.. "Good. love?" "Yeah?" "The next house we get." Nodding.." "Nope.

So he knew he made a mistake the second he walked out of the house to get some fresh air and Moony howled from where ever he was. Feeling slobber and hot breath on the back of his neck. Harry was instantly tackled to the ground by the large. When Moony let go of his neck and curled up around Harry to keep him warm. Harry ran his fingers through the fur. . Turning to run back to the house. hoping he'd be able to keep Remus from hating himself for what happened. but Moony wasn't aware of the problems that would come with that. Remus the man may have known not to bite and change him. "Moony don't!" As Moony sank his teeth into his neck. Harry wished he had been able to get his Animagus form because now Remus was going to hate himself for changing him.Full Moon Pairing: Remus/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Harry knew that going outside when the full moon was up wasn't safe even if he was Remus' lover. furry form of Moony. Harry whimpered out.

He didn't let himself break down and sob until the room let him in. "I'm sorry Ced. sobbing. He couldn't believe his lover was gone. He couldn't believe how powerless he had felt and still felt. to the sanctuary where he had taken Cedric when they needed time alone with each other. revealing the little room with a fireplace and loveseat in the middle. . He felt powerless watching as Cedric was struck down by the green spell and he still felt powerless as he watched Cedric's parents leave the room. Leaning forwards. Harry stood up and fled from the room. Harry pressed a kiss to the cold skin and whispered. trying to get away from all the reporters trying to get a scoop and the students looking to see the dead body of their classmate. I'm so sorry. Harry ran his fingers through Cedric's hair.Powerless Pairing: Cedric/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~ Sitting beside the bed in the private hospital wing provided by Dumbledore." Pressing one last kiss to Cedric's slack lips. too distraught from their loss to stay. Stolen from him by the same evil spell that had taken away his parents at the tender age of one. If we hadn't gotten together this wouldn't have happened to you. heading for the Room of Requirement.

George had decided that Fred could have the honor of getting back at their brother while George himself cuddled and groped Harry in front of Ron.maybe I'll let him know about finding a spider in his closet when I grabbed his old broom if he's in there. .." Ginny said. whom was holding a camera with a grin on her lips. making him turn green in the face and glare at the two. Fred. Harry turned and pressed a kiss to George's lips. "Did ya catch that?" Fred asked." She said with a wicked grin. Harry had to hide a grin as his other lover.. feeling happy for the first time since Ron started the previous week. Pulling away..accidentally spread around school." She said. "I want a copy to. "Yep I got the whole thing." "Of course.. Since Ron would have suspected something if the twins were together.Spider Web Pairing: George/Harry/ Fred ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ From his place perched on George's lap. Harry relaxed into them. The twins were trying to get back at Ron because he had yelled and hurt Harry again by spewing hateful things and abandoned him when Harry needed his friends and family by his side. Harry turned and watched Ron thunder up the stairs right by Ginny. Giggling as George ran his fingers under his shirt and tickled his sides. as he moved over to the couch and sat down beside his twin and his lover and stole Harry from George's lap. "Now I'm gonna go see if he's crying under his bed or in the closet this time. Smiling at his lover's. as she followed Ron's path up the stairs. pulling away once he heard Ron start shrieking as he thundered out of the room. moving to hand the camera to George. sneaked up on Ron with a fake spider and spider web dangling from his wand." "As long as you show us the memories of how everyone reacts to it.

An hour later he was still sitting against the headboard when the door pushed open and Viktor stepped back in with a big bouquet of flowers in his hands and a hesitant smile on his lips. I should not be pushing you to go out into public with our relationship." Reaching out for Viktor." . It would be safer if Viktor walked out and was done with Harry refusing to go public with their relationship.if you liked them.. Harry tugged him onto the bed and cuddled up to him. He knew it had to be done though because if Voldemort found out that Harry was dating he wouldn't hesitate to go after them just to destroy Harry a little more. "You don't need to worry about that. I just hate having to see others staring at you vith such lust in their eyes. "I'm sorry. You have enough vorries vith out Voldemort finding out about us. Harry hoped that Viktor would come back. And I promise as soon as Voldemort is dead we'll let the whole word know. I wouldn't go with them even if I could because you're all that I want." Harry said. "You don't need to bring me flowers. Leaning back against the headboard." "No I owe you an apology. I should be the one apologizing and bringing you flowers.Hidden Pairing: Viktor/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Watching as Viktor stormed out of the Inn room they were meeting in.. even though he knew it would be safer if he didn't. Harry felt upset that this may have finally pushed Viktor into breaking off their relationship and angry at himself for why Viktor was so angry.

Cedric didn't care what everyone was saying about him and would often join him in the Room of Requirement to comfort him or just sit with him in silence when something happened. Don't allow them to change you because of how they react." Years later. as he sat snuggled up to Cedric's side. Ever since then.Hero Pairing: Cedric/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~ Harry hated how almost every single person in the Wizarding Word saw him as. He was just a boy." Smiling. He thought it would stay like that until Fourth year when he really met Cedric for the first time. During school he didn't have peace either because of everyone either loving and harassing him. Harry was glad there was one person that saw him as just Harry and not a hero." "No thanks needed. just holding him. and forced the title. "Thank you. ." "They don't deserve you. Harry was leaning against Cedric after a hard day of everyone glaring. or hero onto him. forced into the role when a crazy woman foresaw what was going to happen and a madman believed those words she spoke. Just don't ever change. sneering. now a man. and yelling at him about being attention seeking and lying about what he had done and Cedric had his arm wrapped around Harry's shoulder. them listening to what they all say?" "Because you're their hero. "Why are you here with me and not out there with. Harry. Harry whispered. Harry had been hounded by press and Witches and Wizards. or hating and harassing him. honestly. "I knew a lot of people turn on me at the click of a switch but I never thought that my own so called friends would as well. fiddling with the wedding ring on his finger." Cedric said. He really wasn't. either wanting him to marry them or to marry their children. but to me you're my friend and I don't listen to what others say about my friends.

. Harry cast a glance to the old man's body in the corner of the room. Harry made his way out of the room and walked straight by the detectives that had found him and into his lover's arms. His Cedric had been killed just like his parents had. Alive Pairing: Cedric/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry couldn't believe that he had been used to bring back the maniac that had killed his parents when he was a year old. It had been five years since he had been able to be held in Draco's arms and feel safe and at peace. all because he had a messed up idea that Harry was the only one who could destroy an evil he had created in his mind. He may have been alive. Cedric.. relaxing against Draco's side. right in front of him.. "Come on. We've all been so worried about you. shackled to the walls.. . Harry allowed himself to be led out of his prison. honey our parents can't wait to see you again. Turning away from the body. perfect Cedric. The choking feeling that welled up whenever he moved and heard the chains clinking on the floor and the cold metal digging into his skin. keeping him from leaving or even having a moment of peace. whom would walk through the halls just holding his hand or surprise him with little treats whenever Harry was feeling down or just whenever.." Nodding. Harry remembered when they were wrapped around his ankle. never able to be free.but he didn't rightly care because he had lost another important person to him. He was finally free of his shackles. but as soon as those arms wrapped around his waist. Stepping away from the shackles. everything around them seemed to slip away. just like his mother had been..alone. He was the one that captured and kept Harry in this room. And he had even managed to come out of it alive.Shackles Pairing: Draco/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Staring at the innocent looking metal rings on the floor. He felt. but right now he wished he had been taken so that he could be with Cedric and his parents.

They had thought that once Harry had defeated Voldemort everyone would be too busy celebrating his defeat to bother Harry and he could be free from the shackles the Wizarding World had placed on him.Free Pairing: Bill/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Lying in bed with his head on Bill's naked chest. women and men tried to slip love potions to him. There had to be hundreds upon hundreds of owls out there with orders not to leave until their letters were taken. It caused them so much stress and anguish that they got into arguments over the smallest things. but that didn't come to be.they felt free. They experienced so many like it and it was all because Harry had finally defeated Voldemort. but they always managed to work it out because when they were in the other’s arms they felt at peace. Harry listed to the sound of irate owls hooting at the edge of the wards they had up around their house.. teens tried to slip potions to him and so many other things that caused them sleepless nights.. This was a scene that Bill and Harry had come to expect at their house. . Along with the owls coming to their house day in and day out they had the press hounded him.

Draco realized his lover was playing with him. "You're going to pay for that later. Biting his lip to muffle a whimper that threatened to slip out." Grinning. Narrowing his eyes. but he was being proven wrong. Leaning down so he could reach his ear. "I look forward to it. Harry shouldered his bag and whispered back. Standing up he walked over to the table where Harry was sitting and gently pulled him up. Draco watched as Harry ran his tongue up the apple slice. gathering up the caramel dripping down it.Apple Pairing: Draco/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Draco Malfoy never knew that watching someone eat an apple could be so arousing." . when he saw the smirk on Harry's lips and as his eyes flicked towards him. Across the hall his lover of two years was licking at slices of apple before he would dip it into either cinnamon powder or a caramel sauce before he would suck and lick it off before repeating the process before finally eating the slice and moving on to the next. he hissed.

Grabbing the tube. tensed with anger. He had to think of a way to save his date. Raising his hand he started knocking again. Fix it and then come and see me. he eagerly bounced on his heels. "Well now it isn't in the way of us going out. When it opened. You cut off all of your hair!" Draco shouted. he tossed it across the room then stomped towards the bathroom. and shouted out. "What did you do to your hair?" "Fixed it." He growled before he slammed the door shut. Harry made his way up the steps to Draco's flat. So can we still go on that date?" "Harry.Quarrel Pairing: Draco/Harry ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Staring at Draco's retreating back. Harry glared at the innocent looking tube of hair gel sitting on his kitchen table." "It looks worse than before. Two hours later. It was that entire thing’s fault. Staring at the door for a few seconds. Draco's face became one of shock and surprise. Harry ran his hand over his bald head.it’s worse than before your hair is gone.. Harry couldn't believe that their first quarrel in a relationship happened because Harry wouldn't let Draco slick his hair back for their date. ignoring the looks his head was getting. If it wasn't made up of ingredients that irritated his scalp and made his head itch badly this wouldn't be happening right now. "Oh no you don't Draco Malfoy! We do not get to have a second fight before we have make-up sex for the first!" . Turning. Knocking at the door..

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