SHRI DATTA VIDYA MANDIR P-16, MIDC, BUTIBORI, NAGPUR Second Unit Test 2011-2012 Std – X M.

M-20 Date:-

Sub- Geo / Eco

Q.1. Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words or figures from the brackets and rewrite the full statements. (4)

1. About 46 per cent of the total area of the nation is under

_________ .

(fallow land, forests, cultivated land, grazing & waste land) 2. The fertile land is used for ___________occupation. (animal rearing, mining, hunting, agricultural) 3. Largest areas under cultivation is in the state of ________________. (kerala, Maharashtra, Manipur, Punjab) 4. In the plateau region _______________resources are found on large scale. (mineral, human, animal, water)

Q.2. Match the following. Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’


1. Fertile land 1. Animal rearing 2. Pasture land 2. Mining 3.Agriculture

Fallow land Q. The government has started various programmes to ………….S? .D.D.6 Write the answer in 5-6 sentences. 2. Q.D. Land degradation 2. 2.P. Q. pricing structure was introduced under the targeted public distribution system. A ……….S? 2.S prices for above poverty line families were 50% of market price. Land conservation 3.5 True or False (2) 1.3 Write short notes.L population in 1993-94 was 48%. (6) 1.. The P. The share of four southern states in the total B.Q. What is the progress of P. (Any Two) 1. Which measures have been suggested to remove defects of P.4 Fill in the blanks (2) (4) 1. employment..

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