We are planning to launch Export Quality Leather in Local Market of Pakistan to judge the current market conditions for

launching the product and diversifying our existing leather business.

Please fill in the Questionnaire for the best of your knowledge and courtesy.

Name of the company: _________________ Type of the business: __________________ Product/ service category: ____________ Date: ____/____/____ Q1. Where do you buy leather from :
o Local Market

Please Specify Company Name :_____________
o Import it from other Country

Please Specify Company and Country Name :___________ Q2. Do you want to buy Export Quality Leather ?
o If ‘Yes’ (Continue to Q3) o If ‘No’ (Thanks for your time)

Q3. Is there any demand for Value-Added Leather Products or Garments in Pakistan?
o Yes o No

Are you satisfied with the current Leather’s Quality? o Yes o No o Others: please write: __________________ Q6.Q4. ________ / sq-ft o Rs. If you were to purchase this product. ________ / sq-ft o Rs. Which quality of Leather you prefer to buy or look in Export Quality Leather? o Premium Grade o Medium Grade o Low Grade o Not Interested Q5. What price would you consider reasonable for purchase of this product? o Rs. ________ / sq-ft Q8. ________ / sq-ft o Rs. How much volume will you purchase annually? o ________ sq-ft o ________ sq-ft o ________ sq-ft o ________ sq-ft Q7. you would use it in: • • • • Footwear Bags Apparel and Clothing Other: please write: ____________ .