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Advanced TES Heat Transfer Study

Advanced TES Heat Transfer Study

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Published by: pokengchema on Dec 15, 2011
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Thesis Proposal Department of Energy Technology

Advanced Thermal Energy Storage Heat Transfer Study with Use of Comsol and Matlab
Background Thermal energy storage has gained increasing attention in the field of energy efficiency improvement and advanced system management. The caveat in latent heat based storage system is the low thermal conduction of the storage material. One possible means of heat transfer enhancement is through extension of the heat exchange surface area. Thesis/Learning objectives After the thesis has been performed the student should be able to: - use CAD, Comsol and Matlab in a more proficient way - perform heat transfer analysis - develop engineering acuity - write conference paper Method of attack The target of the thesis work is to carry out an advanced heat transfer analysis for different heat exchanger types for use in a thermal energy storage system. The study will mainly focus on: different heat exchanger geometric designs/configurations, different heat transfer media, different storage media. Parametric studies that will be performed are inlet temperature, inlet mass flow rate, and thermal behavior of storage material. The students will look into possibilities of combining Comsol with Matlab to perform an automated model. Preliminary proposed time schedule, including milestones and dates intermediate reports 1. Create heat exchangers on CAD. 1 month 2. Build heat transfer model with Comsol. 1 month 3. Perform heat transfer performance study. 1 month Submit outline of thesis paper. 4. Automate parametric study through scripting and use of Matlab. 1 month 5. Post processing and data analysis. 1 month 6. Simulation documenting and report writing. 1 month Supervisor at KTH, Department of Energy Technology
Justin Chiu


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