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Goddess-God Incarnate Spell to Brighten Your Day!

Goddess-God Incarnate Spell to Brighten Your Day!

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Published by wildwiccan9399

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Published by: wildwiccan9399 on Oct 28, 2008
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God/Goddess Incarnate Spell: Tools Needed: 2 pink candles Rosemary herb Jasmine or Gardenia Oil A mirror A pink

cloth large enough to cover the mirror The divine is all around us. To tap into the spirit of the divine in your daily life, gather together two pink candles, some jasmine or gardenia oil, some rosemary herb, a mirror and a pink cloth large enough to cover the mirror. Sit before the mirror, eyes closed, and breathe in the energy of the earth and sky. Fill yourself with light. Open your eyes and see yourself filled with light. Anoint the outline of your face with the oil and speak the following verse three times: "I am the Goddess (or God) Incarnate. I am filled with light And connected to all things. I am beautiful. I am loved." Cover the mirror with the pink cloth. Repeat the verse any time you are feeling lonely, down on yourself or unloved.

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