The Innocents

The Innocents, a film directed and produced by Jack Clayton from a novel called 'Turn of the Screw' written by Henry James, Is one of the first Ghost films in British cinema history. One of the main contributes to the film’s success is the ending of the film lets the audience decide for themselves whether or not the main character, a woman or is hired as a governess named ‘Miss Giddens’ is actually seeing the ghosts of two lovers, ‘Quint the uncle of the children and Miss Jessel, who died or if it is in her mind. Miss Giddens tries to free two children, Flora and Miles who she thinks is possessed by the two lovers, trying to force the two children to say the names of the deceased lovers, and making them admit that they can see the ghosts as well as she could Miss Giddens: “Who is that...? Standing on the river bank, Flora?” Flora: “I don’t see anyone standing there.”

Miss Giddens: “surely you see her, don’t you?” Flora: “I don’t see anyone”

Above: Miss Jessel standing on the bank where she committed suicide Later in the film, Miss Giddens is alone with Miles, who for a boy seems a lot more mature, acting much more like an adult, which might lead audiences to agree with Miss Giddens, that he is possessed by the ghost of Quint. As she pushes on the subject of ‘seeing things’ and Quint, Miles runs into the conservatory, calling Miss Giddens names and cruelly laughing, as Miss Giddens stares at the boy, the face of quit appears behind him, laughing with the boy, sharing the same laugh. After saying Quint’s name, Miles collapses and dies. Again this could be interpreted differently, either, he died because he said the name of the ghost possessing him, or of shock, either way, the end leaves the audience to interpret what really happens, which is a cleaver move in cinematography since everyone who views the film will come to different conclusions each time they watch it. Right: Quint Appearing behind Miles.