The Wicker man

The Wicker Man is a semi-horror crime story about an island that worships paganism instead of main-stream Christianity, and takes a Christian policeman poisoner and makes him an unwilling sacrifice to their pagan ritual.

The film starts dramatically with a ‘missing child’. As Sergeant Howie arrives at the island, a
sense of strangeness and coldness resides over the town, Howie has to ask three times for a boat to the shore.

As Howie enters a classroom and opens the missing child’s desk to find a beetle on a string nailed to the desk going around in circles, a subtle clue that the residence of this island are ‘leading him on’.

Howie enters an inn that immediately quietens to silence, giving the feeling of an unwelcomed out-sider, as he enters his room and stares outside. The moist, pulsating heads of the snails thrusting against each other out his window looking at two sails, their bodies’ entangling in an almost sexual nature, the Christian sexual restraint is called into question. The pagans on the isle see it as a natural joy; the Christian sees it as a demonic, primitive urge that needs to be suppressed.

The story intensifies as Howie talks to the head of the island, asking deeper and deeper questions, soon leading to religion: “and what of the true god? The god that built the churches and ministries on these islands for generations!? What about him?!” in which he gets the reply; “He is dead” giving an even bigger unfriendly feeling towards the main character

In the conclusion the pagan’s of summer isle reveal their true intentions for Howie, the girl he is sent to ‘rescue’ laughs as do the rest of the isle’s inhabitants while he burns in the Wicker man, the last thing Howie says is “Oh my god!” and says that someone will come to find what happened to him, in which Lord Summerisle replies to the threat “there will be no evidence”