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Air Sampling Analysis

Air Sampling Analysis

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Published by: Neha Patel on Dec 16, 2011
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Neha Patel Associate Professor Civil Engineering Department B.V.M.Engineering College

. recognition. evaluation and control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in from the workplace. which may cause sickness. impaired health and well –being.DEFINITION OF INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE  That science and art devoted to the anticipation. or significant discomfort among workers or among the citizens of the community.

realizing the health and welfare of workers and others may depend upon the industrial hygienist's professional judgments and  To counsel employee's regarding the health hazards and necessary precaution to avoid adverse health effects.PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY OF INDUSTRIAL HYGINIST ( GENERAL) To protect the health of employees  To maintain an objective attitude toward the recognition. evaluation and control of health hazards regardless of external influences.  .

 To act responsibly in the application of industrial hygiene principles toward the attainment of healthful working environments  To hold responsibilities to the employer or client subservient to the ultimate responsibility to protect the health of employees. advise honestly and report findings and recommendations accurately.  .PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY OF INDUSTRIAL HYGINIST ( EMPLOYERS) To respect confidences.

 .OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH HAZARDS Conditions that cause legally compensable illness or it may mean  Any conditions in the workplace that impair the health of employees enough to make them lose time from work or to cause significant discomfort.

medical monitoring and employee education.cm/ of air over an 8.ASBESTOS REGULATION  29 CFR 1910l001 give information regarding Limiting asbestos exposures to 0.  Work practices.  OSHA standards applies to the construction industries and other industries engaged in the handling or removal of asbestos used in building materials ( including insulation). air monitoring.  . engineering controls.hr workday.2 fibers per cu.

58 AS AMENDED JUNE20.1986 ASBESTOS  Construction work is defined to include Removal or encapsulation of asbestos material  Construction. alteration. repair. maintenance or removal of structures that contain asbestos  Emergency cleanup of asbestos material  Transportation.  .A SUMMARY OF 29CFR 1926. disposal and storage of containers of asbestos on the site or location where construction activities are performed.

demolition.  . negative pressure enclosures shall be established .1986 ASBESTOS The 8 hr time weighted average (TWA)J PEL is 0. or renovation operations. where feasible. the employer performing asbestos shall notify other employers of the work and the requirements pertaining to regulated areas( exposure) of asbestos. short term duration operations”.58 AS AMENDED JUNE20. for removal .A SUMMARY OF 29CFR 1926.  Except for small scale .2 f/cc  At multiemployer work sites.  A competent person shall supervise the entire operation to assure that the requirements of standards are met. “jobs requiring <1 hr to complete).

filtered vaccum cleaners. prohibition of high speed saws and compressed air.  . wetting methods. to reduce employee exposure to the lowest attainable levels.1986 ASBESTOS  Initital employee exposure monitoring shall be performed at the beginning of each asbestos jo with two exceptions: When the employer has demonstrated that employee exposure will not exceed the action level ( 0.1 f/cc) or  When the employer has performed exposure monitoring shall be performed each day of the job for each employee in the enclosure except when the employees are using supplied –air. and other generally rc cognized methods.58 AS AMENDED JUNE20.A SUMMARY OF 29CFR 1926.  Engineering controls of employee exposure include HEPAfiltered exhaust ventilation systems. HEPA. These controls shall be used as feasible. positive pressure respirators.

face piece air purifying respirator with high efficiency filters may be used.. full. At concentration less than 2.0 f/cc.. Semi annual fit testing is required for employees using negative pressure .A SUMMARY OF 29CFR 1926. half.0 f/cc.facepiece air purifying respirator with high efficiency filters may be used. At concentration less than 2.1986 ASBESTOS      Only high efficiency air purifying respirators or those offering greater protection may be used against asbestos. Powered air purifying respirators and supplied air respirators are specified for higher concentrations.58 AS AMENDED JUNE20.

filtered vaccum cleaners prior to leaving work area/  A decontamination area shall be established for removal demolition.58 AS AMENDED JUNE20.2 f/cc.1986 ASBESTOS Full body protective clothing is required for employees exposed to airborne concentrations of asbestos greater than 0.  Clean areas for changing out of protective clothing are required except when employees are performing “ small – scale short duration” operation when employees are required to vacuum their clothing wirh HEPA.A SUMMARY OF 29CFR 1926. regardless of high temperatures and prohibits employees taking contaminated clothing home. or renovation operations. This area shall consists of :     An equipment room for removing protective clothing ( but not respirators) A shower where respirators may be removed A clean change room/ . the preamble states that this full body clothing is required.

labeled. Employees shall be trained prior to their initial assignment to an asbestos job and at lest annually. they shall be HEPAfiltered .  A medical surveillance program shall be offered to employees who are  (1) exposed to airborne concentrations of asbestos above the action level for more than 30 days per year  (2) who are required by this standard to use negative pressure respirators.  .1986 ASBESTOS Work area enclosures shall be posted with warning signs.  When vacuum cleaners are used.A SUMMARY OF 29CFR 1926. impermeable containers or bags.58 AS AMENDED JUNE20. All waste shall be disposed of in sealed. Containers of asbestos waste shall be labeled with warning signs.

A SUMMARY OF 29CFR 1926.1986 ASBESTOS The physician shall provide the employer with as written opinion stating  Whether any conditions were found that would place the employee at “ increased risk of material health impairment” from exposure to asbestos  Recommendation of limitations on the employees’ use of personal protection equipment  That the employee has been informed of these results.58 AS AMENDED JUNE20.  .

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