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45247165 Management and Organization Development

45247165 Management and Organization Development

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Published by Elma V Muthu

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Published by: Elma V Muthu on Dec 16, 2011
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Organization development, as a long-term strategy for organizational change, plays key role in

organizational improvement. The basic problem in a change effort which is not comprehensive

is that it does not work properly unless there is a proper change in the internal environment of

the organization in which people work. Since OD attempts to bring comprehensive change in

the organization, it is quite suitable for improving organizational performance on long-term

basis. Thus, OD can be utilized for the following results in the organization:

1. To place emphasis on humanistic values and goals consistent with these vales;

2. To treat each human being as a complex person with a complex set of needs important in his

work and his life;

3. To increase the level of trust and mutual emotional support among all organization


4. To increase the level of enthusiasms and personal satisfaction at all levels of the


5. To increase the level of self and group responsibility in planning and its implementation;

6. To increase the openness of communications in all directions-vertically, horizontally, and


7. To create an environment in which authority of assigned role is augmented by authority

based on knowledge and skills.

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