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Payment for Uniassist

Payment for Uniassist

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Money transfer

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If you transfer the money from a foreign bank, please take into account the international transaction fees charged by the bank. You have to pay the transaction fees as well, since uni-assist can only process your application if the processing fee has been paid completely! If you transfer the money from a German bank, the international transaction fees will not be charged. It is of course possible for your friends and relatives who have a bank account in Germany to transfer the processing fee for you. It is important that the transfer form is filled in completely, legibly and in block letters! If we are unable to assign a payment to an application because some information is missing or it is not legible, the payment cannot be registered and therefore the application will not be processed! Concerning payment, we have another important request: if you are paying for several applicants, please transfer the money separately – one transfer form per applicant! A separate money transfer for each semester would also be rather helpful. Otherwise, a money transfer for several semesters at once could cause problems in the processing!

For special information for applicants from Nigeria click here.

The bank account details of uni-assist:


uni-assist e.V.

if you have an account in Germany by single direct debit mandate In both cases please use our debit/credit card form. For more information.1985.mm. the Netherlands You have the option of transferring your payment via Western Union or via Moneygram Please note that with regard to your money transfer. Kazakhstan. never a scanned or faxed copy! IMPORTANT!: This form has to be filled in by the owner of the credit card and the bank account respectively. So for example. NOTE!: Credit cards issued in the following countries have recently been excluded from non-personal money transfer by the respective credit card companies: Asia Africa Eastern Europe Western Europe Indonesia and the Philippines Cote d`Ivoire. please go to the Western Union or Moneygram website.Account number: Bank sort code: Name of the bank: Branch* International bank code IBAN BIC/SWIFT-Code    523749001 100 708 48 Berliner Bank. please give the following information:       country of origin your birthday (dd. the payment description on the transfer form should look like this: Mongolei. Ghana and Egypt Romania. 12.yyyy) your family name your first name the semester in which you would like to start studying* your uni-assist application number (if you already have one) *use the following abbreviations: WS for winter semester and SS for summer semester and attach the last two numbers of the year you want to study in. your application cannot be processed. Please send the original copy of the form to uni-assist. Ukraine and the Balkan States (former Yugoslavia Great Britain. You can also pay by credit card (Visa or Master Card) or . for example SS05 or WS05/06. uni-assist is not liable for any problems that might occur due to incorrect information or other mistakes. fill it in completely and legibly and send the original form to uni-assist. Niederlassung der Deutschen Bank Firmenkunden 2 Hardenbergstrasse 32 D-10623 Berli DE10100708480523749001 DEUTDEDB110 Information on paying by credit card or direct debit Information on money transfers via Western Union or MoneyGram Special information for applicants from Nigeria For the payment description on the transfer form. Bulgaria. . If we do not receive your payment for any reason. Nigeria.11. Baatur Iwan. Lithuania. SS05.

please deposit your payment and the service fee charged by Western Unionor MoneyGram at an agent location of your choice. please see the table below: Bank in Nigeria Investment Banking & Trust Company Ltd. since the money transfer will take a certain amount of time... FFM or BHF Bank. FFM Deutsche Bank. FFM Benificiary: Account number: Bank sort code: Name of the bank: via International bank code: BIC/SWIFT-Code: uni-assist e. Lagos Unity Bank. FFM BHF Bank. For a list of Nigerian banks and their German corresponding banks.V. FFM* DE10100708480523749001 DEUTDEDB110 * Please fill in the correct corresponding bank in Germany Please remember that. Kana Please fill in the transfer form as follows: Corresponding bank in Germany Commerzbank. you should leave enough time for the payment to go through to us before the application deadline! . Lagos United Bank for Africa Plc.   o o o o o o o  If you would like to use one of these two services. As soon as your payment is booked to the account of uni-assist you will receive an email confirmation and your application can be processed. FFM or Deutsche Bank. please send us an e-mail at westernunion@uniassist. Important information for payments from Nigeria: According to our information you can transfer payments to the uni-assist bank account at Berliner Bank through several banks in Nigeria that have a corresponding bank in Germany. Lagos Oceanic Bank International Ltd. FFM Commerzbank. Lagos Wema Bank Ltd.de or a fax (+49-30-66644390) indicating: the full name of the person who transfers the money the code number of your money transfer (MTCN) the amount transferred the applicant's name your country of citizenship your date of birth and your uni-assist applicant number (if you already have one) Your e-mail will help us to register your payment as early as possible.de or moneygram@uni-assist.. It is essential that you name MARION SCHNEIDER as the recipient of your payment! After transferring your payment. FFM or Deutsche Bank. 523749001 100 708 48 Berliner Bank Commerzbank. FFM Deutsche Bank. If you hand in your money order at one of these banks please make sure to indicate Berliner Bank via the correct corresponding bank in Germany..

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