One brand which failed only due to wrong marketing strategy is Liril.

When the brand was launched the Liril girl became the talk of the town. Liril was positioned on the freshness platform right from its birth. The girl and the waterfall with the unique jingle ensured that the freshness is experienced by the audience. But the brand did not change its position for 25 years. There was a flurry of brand launches during the past 10 years and Liril was sleeping all the time " may be resting on the laurel. Liril tried to introduce the Icy mint variant very late and that too with a different jingle and imagery. But it did not work and the product failed. Liril : Bring back the Liril girl

Brand : Liril Company : HLL Agency : Lowe If you are looking for a case of an iconic Brand that is going to be killed by poor marketing strategy , look no further, here is Liril for you. Launched in 1975, the year I was born, this is a brand that built a segment or should I say category for it self in the Indian market. The brand is also the testimony to the genius of India's Ad man Alyque Padamsee. This is what he says about the Liril Brand

htm Liril was positioned on the freshness platform right from its birth. The rest is history. stepped in and suggested we add the freshness of lime to our story.blonnet. I recommended the tablet be blue because waterfall is blue with white striations." Alyque Padamsee in his book A Double Life. The brand was a run away success and the Liril girl became the talk of the town. Levers were very keen that the soap have striations.000 tablets for testing. the Marketing Controller of Hindustan Lever's soaps division. I was not averse to this but suggested that we do an `As marketed' test: Blue Liril versus Green Liril with limes. Hindustan Lever was very excited and produced 1. I was wrong and Wooller was right. visithttp://www. Liril needed a rational ingredient to clinch the Further on brand imagery can be found in this article . At this point Derk Wooller. wiggly stripes of different colours running across the tablet.The name Liril had been registered by Hindustan Lever from a list sent to them by Unilever in London. The brand has beenconsistentt with its communication and the effective use of brand imagery. He felt that though the waterfall had tremendous emotional appeal. The girl and the waterfall with the unique jingle ensured that the freshness is experienced by the .

Mind you Liril never changed its imagery or the Jingle for 25 years.The new jingle or the ad never had that freshness... That is why Liril had to change the Ads twice with in a span of five years. We knew that the Old Liril had died.audience. Liril can be called as an experiential brand and the communication perfectly supported that. developing variants. It should have hold on its positioning of ' freshness " not by changing its communication but by communicating more. Liril has changed the imagery and the jingle in the name of freshness . Liril tried to introduce the Icy mint variant very late and that too with a different jingle and imagery. excuse me what the hell is that? The product failed. I think there are reasons for declining market share which can be that the brand failed to understand the changing consumer expectations. Liril has to come back with the old imagery and old jingle that made liril what it Is ( or WAS?) [ It is a prediction]. Then some nut in the company or the agency thought that they should change the communication that worked so effectively. Then came the horrible experiment of Orange Liril with a stupid Jingle OOFYUMMA.. bringing in flanking brands or variants and thus owning the whole segment for itself. But it never happened .. Reports say that Liril had to change because of its stagnant marketshare. the ad was good but where is liril ? Like Onida . Then came the new campaign involving a couple and a new jingle " La-ira -ela". HLL could have used the same communication strategy .. the brand communication was consistent. The rest as I say it " Liril became history". . Liril did not change its positioning for 25 years although the models changed. There was a flurry of brand launches during the past 10 years and Liril was sleeping all the time " may be resting on the laurels" . When it does that consumers will take the brand to their heart .

The fall of this iconic brand was accelerated by some stupid campaigns like Uff Umma and mindless product-line extensions like Orange Liril.. The brand packaging has been changed to dark green and the shape of the soap is changed to rectangle... complete with foreign models and settings.. I am . Although the new ad has a touch of class.. After the dumping of the famous imagery of Liril girl and the waterfall. I still don't understand why the brand has not thought about bringing back its iconic positioning on freshness and its brand element of waterfall and still famous music.. it does not gel with the brand image of Liril that we had in our mind.. The campaign looks foreign.Laaaaa lalalala laaa .. the brand has never recovered. the iconic Liril is back. Well. Now comes another half-hearted attempt to rejuvenate the brand.. some brands will never learn from mistakes.... The new tvc talks about 2000 points in our body which when touched will refresh us!!!! The ad uses the theme of a playful interaction between a father and baby to drive sensitive body points... Brand Update : Liril After a long long time. Another interesting development is that the entire product has also being changed..... home the power of touch and these 2000 The ad claims that using Liril will rejuvenate those 2000 body points to keep you FRESH.. Yesterday I saw the new tvc for Liril....

an improved product and a new positioning as a family freshness soap. “With the changing social context. The ad for Liril 2000 claims to rejuvenate 2. The brand‟s market share is down to 1. the key issue being addressed by the Liril of 70s was no longer relevant to the consumers (higher socio-economic class urban women) of today. that opportunity has been wasted miserably. It is also interesting to note that no other brand has been able to take up the space of Liril. 2009 So Liril is officially dead. it is a hot topic of discussion in theadvertising & marketing community. Liril's consumers has become old and the new generation does not know much about this brand. . a far cry from the once 14% share.not saying that the brand should exactly replicate the earlier ads but it can creatively take advantage of that brand image which is still there in the consumer's mind. with more people squeezed into the ad each time. But the collective memory and images are still there in the consumer space. AUGUST 9. but fails to click like the original. however.” Liril is dead. I still miss this soap. Update Liril soap was first popularized by the signature imagery of a bikini-clad girl under a waterfall and owned the proposition of “freshness” in that category for a long time. Not surprisingly. As a consumer . I would say that it seems like a „let‟s try this and see what happens‟ kind of effort to revive the once-popular brand. Then it decided to go through several different permutations and combinations. First off. it is critical to remain relevant to the current consumers. explains that while it it is good to be iconic. So there is still lot of opportunity for Liril but going by the new campaign. Long live Liril.000 body points with every use.2%. A spokesperson from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. The new ad is devoid of the iconic waterfall metaphor. And it is back as Liril 2000 with new packaging.

The catchy jingle of the first ad was also tinkered with. And it was a totally different animal from the one in 1985. The core values of the brand – tingling freshness – were perhaps never consistentlycarried through the years. The last avatar. Everyone is singing paeans about the very first Karen Lunel ad.30. One is not sure. . which set the platform for Liril‟s growth. in a car wash. So instead of sticking to one single benefit – tingling freshness – several disparate attempts have been made over the years. The larger issue is about the various failed attempts to revive the brand. positioning and claim of rejuvenating 2000 body points is obviously borrowed from Lever 2000. the product experience of Liril 2000 was good – at least for me – but at Rs. Of course. The Karen Lunel ad is perhaps a fuzzy memory for most of the potential target audience of Liril today. If they had been consistently with one core brand property and an executional element over the years (perhaps the jingle) it would have been easier to build on it today. The debate over the new Liril is only partly about the surrogate attempt to bring in Lever 2000. So is it about trying too many things in ads and a failure of advertising? Only partly. it will not be within reach of all. in 2007. not the essence of the brand. But the brand has seen so many transitions and changes it is difficult to anchor it on any one core property. amongst dolphins – did not really create the hype of the first ad. new signature tunes and tag lines („taazgi mein tunn‟!) were also attempted. Will it revive the fortunes of brand Liril? Any easy answers? Perhaps not. Some say that just bringing in the old waterfall ad and the jingle should be good enough to revive the brand. It wasn‟t. Rainfresh) and brand extensions (shower gel) were attempted to revive the brand. Several variants (Cologne. I am not saying that they should have only retained the waterfall metaphor – it was only an executional idea.The nomenclature. in the rain. under a different waterfall. The ads that followed – set in the desert. As an aside. was set in the bedroom and the sensuous ad claimed that the „magic is back‟. in hindsight one‟s vision is 20-20.

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