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Revlon Case Study Analysis

Revlon Case Study Analysis

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Published by: Bilal Zuberi on Dec 16, 2011
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Revlon Industry
Submitted to : Professor Omar Shaoor

Submitted by: Muhammad Danish Zuberi Saqib ghafoor Usman 083412 123456 123456

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market penetration. . After that we conclude that Revlon has now effective cost leadership and effective research and development programs than competitors. market development.Executive Summary After the thorough investigation and careful analysis of the situation. opportunities and threats of Revlon. why Revlon loose its competitive position in the market? On which Revlon must focus to maintain competitive position in the market. weakness. we came to know the different problems which Revlon was facing and which was loosing Revlon efficiency in the industry and competitive position in the market. backward integration. We also recommended some effectives strategies as forward integration. problem. We also suggested list of possible solutions which are helpful to solve main problem of Revlon and from which we pointed out optimal possible solution of main problem that Revlon should follow effective cost leadership as compare to competitors. out of which we pointed out main problem. and product development which should be implemented in the Revlon to maintain competitive position for long period. horizontal integration. strength. We found twelve different problems after swot analysis of Revlon.

Strength a. It has Large mass merchandisers and chain drug stores g. c. we did swot analysis which have become helpful to know about Revlon position as below: 1. Revlon has strong social responsibility programs c. e. Continuous new product development h. f. Company has strong marketing programs e.Swot analysis After studying the case study of Revlon. b. Great operating efficiency and use of capital assets i. h. g. Strong research and development programs f. Innovative product launch b. Weaknesses a. d. Revlon is a idea generated company 2. They follow wrong strategy They get a huge amount of long term debts Revlon launch product with high price than competitors Revlon has lack of financial resources They offer minimum diversified product as compare to competitors They spend a large amount of advertising expenses Revlon decrease current assets and increase their current liabilities They has bad decision making strategy . They has minimum management expenses d.

Why financial position of Revlon is very weak? 3. Why competitive position of Revlon is not strong? 2. Older people tend to spend less on cosmetics The young age women are decreasing The racial and ethnic issues Customers concerns about product safety Competition is increasing day by day in the market The strong competitors of Revlon are entering to cosmetic industry g. Why could they not maintain the competitive position in the market? 11.Why they loose their customers day by day? 12. and middle east are rapidly growing interested in purchasing more cosmetics 4. How Revlon develop new market which is not trapped by the competitors? 5. Why could they not recover expenses? 10. The young generation migrants to America are increasing The usage of personal care products are increasing Men also using the cosmetics products Latin America represents a growth opportunity The older age women also entering to the cosmetic industry Women in china. c. d. b. b. Threats a. f. Why Revlon gets losses after launch new products? 4. f. Why cost leadership is not good? 7. Why they need huge amount of debt? 9. India. e. c. Disposable income of American decrease List of problems 1. How Revlon improve the quality of product with minimum price? 6. Why Revlon loose its competitive position in the market? . e. Why new products of Revlon could not accept by market? 8.3. d. Opportunities a.

Revlon need to increase sale through increasing marketing efforts 5. The company should develop new market. The company should improve the quality of products 7. Revlon should have effective value chain to compete from rivals Best possible solution  Revlon should follow effective cost leadership as compare to competitors. Revlon should have effective cost leadership as compare to competitors 3. Revlon should follow competitive strategy 2. The company should sale some unprofitable division 6.Main problem  Why Revlon loose its competitive position in the market? Lists of possible solutions 1. . The company should have competitive and skilled inexpensive staff 10. which is not tapped by the competitors 8. Revlon can get competitive position through reduce their expensive staff 4. The company should have effective research and development programs to develop product in the market 9.

Product development (increases sales by improving present products and services or developing new once) 6. Market penetration (increased market share through greater marketing efforts) 5. Horizontal integration (increased control over competitors) 4. Market development (introduction present products and services into new geographical area) . we conclude that Revlon has now effective cost leadership and effective research and development programs than competitors.Conclusion After internal and external analysis of Revlon position in the market. Forward integration (increased control over distributors or retailers) 2. Backward integration (increased control of a firm’s suppliers) 3. Recommendation We recommend to Revlon that they should follow such strategies as under: 1.

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