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DR. URMILABEN PATEL ; Special Invites : Congross Working Committee Member (A.L.C.C:) : Chairperson : Human Right Committee, Gujarat (A.LC.C.) Ex. Member of Parliament - (Rajya Sabha) Ex. Union Minister of States for Power - (Gov. of india) Date: 01/10/2007 Toy Shei Pranab Mukherjee Ji Hon'ble Minister for External Affairs Government of India = New Delma cusject: Hard evidence - Medha Patkar’s MBA influencing Suprene Court. . Pramb Muleherjes Ji slat Prenb Mudherjes Ji, you are kindly avare, that Narmada pachao Andolan (NDA) headod by Modhe patker is actively involved in opposing all hydro projects in India specially the SSP, Respected on July 10 thie year tho Hon’bie supreme Coust dismissed a PIL filed by Ahmedabad based NGO - National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) — againet Naa / Medha Patkar. Very disturbing evidence of NBA’s nefarious collusion with foreign clemente has emerged. This is in the form of an xchange of Confidential emails between Us. Patkar and by Mr. Patrick McCully, Bx. Director, International Rivers Network (IRN) based at Berkeley (United States) inmediate after the SC Judgement. The materia! received by me ie quiet disturbing. Printouts of emails exchanged between Ms. Patkar and Mr. Patrick McCully are attached herewith. Few details are given below. 1) The Honourable Supreme Court pronounced its verdict, dismissing NCCL's PIL on July 10, 2007 around 11.00 am. 2) The news is posted on The Times of India’s websito at 11.26 am. 3) The information along with the news item is sent to Mr. Patrick MoCully from Me. Patkar’s email address (nba.nedhagmail.con) at 22.03 pm on July 10. i.e. within 36 minutes 4) Me. Patrick writes back to Ms. Patkar oh July 12: “How did you managa this? Who was the second judge?” GREWARANYA’, B/h, Shreyas Tekra, Ambawadi, Anmedabad-380 015. PHONE : (079) 26621966 / 26621977 « FAX : (079) 26560581 5) Ms. Patkar replies the next day i.e. on 23¢* July, at 10:13 am Saying “many eminent persons wrote to the UPA dann, TiED the Presa selectively and ensured that pressure was hope ait through." She algo sends a soft copy of the judgment cnt t Profiles of Justice CK Thakker and Justice Altanas fabie, ©) wes catrick reverts on duly 17 congratulating Ms. Patkar, and Guasesting that five or six people associated with managing “thie Sogctces Pe Ronoured at a function in tondon (UK). The mail saves THe? DRASE Ronour Judge Kabir for supporting you. Please excites BO SS OR ire is = 3 eaeeeens ah your future battles.” It might be mentioned that the verdien son weitten by hon’ble Justice Kabir. 7) om youly 191 Mr. Patrick weites again suggesting that apart from saupeates. individuals who supported in NBA's .defence’ also te meguuded in the felieteation progeamio in London. Te thin mee might boonerang”. Bee ee ne cheese tie gla examinee derserons. to ena ext sap teagitg BOW, 2 forelgn interest and support to a gcoup thet ne indulging in obstruction to Country's develomont. pnenci Ficalty, deay your Altai tousinte time seege or Wao (retrace using Stocene Couce bpeeturizing the UPA goverment”, and *hosmeine Sherime Court Judge for a favourable verdict, ao 19 eapticic in) the seeeal ue arts E12 acdeliherate acz on tna parelor te Pathe ee hon Meche pocwez Zghwmbly suggest that Govt. should inmediately ermal ce aguitigehs Patkar managed favourable verdict and take appronsicte wns Hon'ble seprencttae £08 Bringing disrepute to tha Gove, ani tonne Hon'ble Suprene Court and halting the progress of the sation, actontign Tague 48 of national: importance and deserves your personal attention, ud wert 19 acon Kith Regards, i Yours truly, A steafcfe) URMEEABEN PATEL Page 1 of 1 From: Medha Patkar (nba medha@\ To; Patrick MeCully Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 12:03:17 PM Subject: Re: Confidential Dear Patrick, Sec the news below. Let us see what NCCL will come up with next, love, Philip (for Medha Patkar) hifbutimesofindia indiatimes convindia/SC_dismiss_PIL_seeking_CB|_probe_inlo_NBA_activities/ricleshow/2190773.cms SC dismiss PIL seeking CBI probe into NBA activities 10 Jul 2007, 1126 hrs IST, PTI NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a PIL. fied by a Gujarat based NGO seeking CBI probe Into the alleged legal activites end receiving of foreign funds by Medha Patkar-led Narmada Bachao Andolan and ts support group ‘Bench comprising Justice C K Thaker and Justice Altamas Kabir said that no case was made out for CBI probe. ‘The Bench said the allegations in the PIL are vague end without proper foundation, The court also imposed a cost of Rs 5,000 on the petitioner, National Council of Civil Liberties (NCL). On 7/7/07, Patrick McCally < patrick_meclly> wrote: Dear Ms. Medha, Saxena of NCCL has approached US Govt. through Indian Govt. about support to you by US based insfitutions including IRN. It is understood that US Govt. has assured Indian Govt. to help in the matter. Some one from India has also approached Goldman Prize to enquire about the prize money given to you. | have sounded Goldman Prize about Saxena and his court case against NBA in the Indian ‘Supreme Court. ‘When is Court likely to pronounce judgement and what are the chances? Reply on my personal e-mail only. Patrick Got alittle couch potato? ‘Check out fun summer activities for kids. ‘htip://us.£ 7710/2007