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The Wolf Pack Compr

The Wolf Pack Compr

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Published by: ubootponthu on Dec 16, 2011
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he sawfish is available to modellers through the range of decals by Accurate Model Parts. Rather
than one sawfish design, three separate distinct designs were created during the research stages.


U 96 & The Laughing Sawfish

The Wolf Pack: A Collection Of U-Boat Modelling Articles

Page 118

Left (E13): The AMP sawfish decal designs illustrate
several key differences between designs. One
difference is that the U 96 design had four teeth,
while most 9th

U-Flottille designs had three saw


Das Boot movie version – Designed from video captures from the
movie Das Boot. This is characterised by the following: black colour,
grey mouth, narrow saw, eye with black dot, eyebrow directly over

U 96 version - Designed from photos of U 96 returning to St. Nazaire
on 22nd

May 1941 (see photo E2). This is characterized by the
following: dark lime green colour, red mouth, four saw teeth, white
lines from fins extend into green area.


U-Flottille version – As this version differed between boats, it is a
compromise between several sawfish designs. The main
characteristics are the blue colour and three saw teeth.

Each decal sheet includes all three designs in both starboard
and port sides. They are available in 35th

scale (SAW-35), 72nd


(SAW-72), 144th

scale (SAW-144) and 350th

scale (SAW-350).

German U-Boat Victory Pennants

The Wolf Pack: A Collection Of U-Boat Modelling Articles

Page 119

Above (F1): An example of victory pennants flying from the attack
periscope of U 123. U 123 was a particularly successful boat, sinking no
fewer than 47 vessels. The Type IXC sank many of these ships while
operating off the US coast in early 1942.

Left (F2): Four pennants flying from the top of the attack periscope of U
588. The attack periscope was the rearmost of the two periscopes. The
pennant is representative of the most common type of design: a tonnage
value rounded up to the nearest thousand.

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