9/22/11 American Constitutional Development Slavery was not only an agricultural system, but also a legal system Convention does

not only neglect to mention the term slavery, but it also protects it 3 states (NC, SC, GA), South Carolina is the leader; if slavery was to be interfered with, would leave the union Strongest denunciation of slavery comes from George Mason (who earned more slaves than everyone else) “curse of heaven” on any society that has it If a slave crosses state lines, the owner loses ownership Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, etc. Ban on slave trade lasts 20 years Transatlantic slave trade is disbanded, (year?) Done E. Fehrehbacher (Dred Scott) Overtime, slave owners gained legal, political, and diplomatic power Becomes entwined with the American Constitution The constitution gives the nation power to get rid of slavery; it also is the fulfillment of the promise of the declaration of independence Declaration does not give guidelines how to govern, only tells what kind of government we will have Ratification Would go before state-ratifying bodies and the state legislatures (state do not want to lose their power) Federal convention tells that states have the right to participate in the process Two arguments against the constitution:

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