12.6 HK’s international trade and its financial centres |


1. 1995/II/58

The above graph shows that in recent years, A. the value of Hong Kong’s trade with countries other than China has decreased. B. Hong Kong has gained an increasing surplus from its trade with China. C. the flow of people between Hong Kong and China has increased. D. China has become the largest trading partner of Hong Kong.

2. 2000/II/54 In recent years, the government has taken several measures to promote Hong Kong’s status as a world financial centre. Which of the following is NOT such a measure taken by the government? A. breaking the bank cartel such as the abolition of its interest rate agreements B. merging the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange C. establishing a growth enterprise market to help medium-sized companies to raise capital funds D. setting up a government unit trust fund, the Tracker Fund of Hong Kong, made up of stocks with a connection to China for the public to invest in


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