lsa | $5.99 Chips & Black Bean Sah black bean salsa.
Crispy tortilla chips served wit

| ill Supreme $7.99 Chicken Quesadeseagrilled chicken, black bean salsa and , | $8.99 ho Chicken Nachos
made salsa. Filled with mixed che th sour cream and home teed onions. Served wi sau Add Avocado .99

All our burgers are 100% Angus beef cooked “old school” on the flat top and served with frie s. Make any burger a turkey or black bean veg gie burger. Add sliced avocado for only $.99
Grilled onions, pickles, mustard


Big Lou Cheeseburger *

and American cheese.

$ 99

| Chips, Queso & Salsa a $6.99 blend of

h Crispy tortilla chips served wit ns, peppers onio cheeses, tomatoes, jalapeños, ade salsa. sausage. Served with homem and


| .99 Spinach & Artichoke Dip $7 | $6.99 Golden Fried Picklesd pickle slices.
Lightly battered, golden frie Served with chipotle ranch.
Lightly battered and golden fried Served with chipotle ranch.

ach. Served Creamy artichoke dip with spin salsa. Served chips and black bean with tortilla request. in a toasted bread bowl upon

Cheddar and Jack ped with spicy queso, Crispy tortilla chips top ck bean salsa, tomatoes, jalapeños, bla cheese, grilled chicken, rved with homemade salsa. r cream and chives. Se sou

Cool Dozen” | $6.99 Boneless Wings “Ause bbq sauce or spicy bu alo
ho Your choice, tossed in ese. ce. Served with Bleu che sau

Chili Cheeseburger*
Chili, cheese, onions.

Chipotle ranch, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Swiss cheese on toasted wheatberry bread.

Ultimate Turkey Burger *

| 9 Chili Queso Fries r go$7.9fries topped with chili, lden
A heaping serving of ou es, jalepenos, and sour ato house made queso, tom fork and knife for this one. recommend a cream. We

Sponsored by | Fried Green Beans $7..99

| $6.99 NEW Fruit & Cheese Tray served with fresh fruit ese
Swiss, Cheddar & Bleu & assorted crackers. che

Chicken Tenders | s$7.99 ey mustard. with hon
Crispy fried chicken tender

Mayo, pickles, melted Mixed Che ese topped with the original Split-T hick and ory sauce.

Split-T Theta Burger *

Mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, fresh sliced avocado, Swiss cheese and Applewood smoked bacon.

Avocado Burger *

Top Shelf $849

Steakhouse dressing, pickles, red onion and American cheese.

Steakhouse Burger *

Mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onio n, pickles and American cheese.

The American Cheeseburger *


Chipotle ranch, lettuce, tom ato red onion and Swiss cheese , .

Black Bean Veggie Burger *

Mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions and Swiss cheese.

Mushroom & Swiss Burger *

Mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion pickles and Bleu cheese crumbles.

Bleu Cheeseburger *

Ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Swiss cheese and Applewood smoked bacon.

Bacon Ranch Burger *

Chipotle honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, jalapeños, blackened seasoning, mixed cheese and Applewood smoked bacon.

Southwest Burger *

Soups & Salads
Salad | $5.99 Louie’s Houseed with cucumbers, tomatoes, ar lad | $7.99 Chicken CaesssedSa th Caesar dressing, wi
Mixed greens topp toasted walnuts. Your d croutons, carrots an d grilled chicken for $1.99 oice of dressing. Ad ch Crispy romaine to and topped with grilled chicken. s Parmesan, crouton

rd, emade Ra 1000 Island, Homy Mustard, Chipotle Honey Musta Cheese. h, Hone Chipotle Ranc igrette and Homemade Bleu Balsamic Vina 9

ings Salad Dressnch, Fat Free Ranch,

Add fresh avocado fo

r only $.9

Backyard Deli
Your choice of hot, thin sliced roas t grilled bell peppers, cherry peppersbeef or chicken, with and onions and topped with Swiss cheese. Served on a toasted hoagie with au jus.

Served with your choice of side. Add sliced avocado for only $.99
Thinly sliced corned beef with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island dressing on toasted light

9 | Club Salad $7.9 Turkey Chickenwith toasted almonds. Topped with or Chili | $4.99 Soup of the Ddayead bowl upon request. br
Served in a toaste Soup served in a House or Caesar.

d n, Mixed greens tosse chicken, Applewood smoked baco ed diced tomatoes, dic d cheese. Your choice of dressing. ixe sliced turkey and m

| .99 Asian Salad $7th toasted almonds, mandarin wi

lad | $7.99 Soup & Dinner Sad bread bowl upon request. toaste wich | $7.99 Soup & Half Sand bread bowl upon request. toasted
Soup served in a Excludes Wraps.

Liberty City (The Philly)

Shaved smoked turkey, ham, App lew lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, Che ood smoked bacon, ddd sprouts. Served toasted or cold on ar, mayo and wheatberry bread.

Louie’s Original Club

Shaved smoked turkey with Swi ss cheese, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, red onions and our mustard. Served toasted or cold chipotle honey on wheatberry bread.

Gobble Gobble

Jerry’s Reuben

$ 99


d Mixed greens tosse en and Bangkok peanut dressing. ick oranges, grilled ch seeds and low-mein noodles. e Topped with sesam

| $7.99 od Santa Fe Saladchicken, black bean salsa, Applewoney ed
Mixed greens, dic ixed cheese. Tossed in chipotle ho m smoked bacon and d topped with tortilla chips. mustard dressing an

9 | f Sandwich $7.9 Dinner Salad & HalWraps. cludes
House or Caesar. Ex

Top Shelf $849

Salad | $7.99 Chunky Chickenbers, walnuts, strawberries and cum
Mixed greens, cu homemade chicken salad. grapes topped with


eese crumbles, pped with Bleu ch Crispy Romaine to bacon, diced tomatoes, apple wood smoked chicken. Your choice of dressing. ed cucumbers and dic

T. Salad | $7.99


Chipotle honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, sprouts, turkey, Applewood smo ke bacon, Swiss cheese and fresh sliced avocado. Served on untoasted wheatberry bread.

California Club

Homemade chicken salad, lettuce

Chunky Chicken Salad Croissan t Turkey Bacon Swiss Croissant

Grilled croissant lled with roas t onions, and Swiss cheese. Served beef, grilled with Au Jus. and tomato.

Fork and Knife French Dip

Lightly seasoned grilled chicken topp smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, lett ed with Applewood uce, tomato, red onion and chipotle honey mustard on toasted wheatberry.

Grilled Chicken

Sa d | $8.99 Chicken Tenderwithla ixed cheese, croutons, tomatoes, m
Mixed greens topped s and chives. Your choice of dressing. crispy chicken tender

Wrap It Up
p Chicken Caesar Wralettuce,
e Filled with crispy romain ese. chicken and Parmesan che grilled dressing. Tossed in Caesar

u Served with yo

r choice of side


r only $.99 Add fresh avocado fo

$ 99

Turkey Wrap


Your choice of blackened and topp ed with black bean salsa or grilled with lem Served with your choice of two on pepper. sides. Topped with grilled onions, saut eed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. Served with your choice of two sides.

Grilled Chicken Breast


Mayo, lettuce, tomato, smoked turk smoked bacon and Swiss cheese. ey, Applewood

Add a Dinner, House or Caesar salad for $2.99

Chopped Sirloin *

Applewood smoked Shaved smoked turkey, s, lettuce, ese, sprout bacon, Swiss che honey mustard. tomato, onion & chipotle Grilled chicken, smoke ese, diced smoked bacon, mixed che ranch dressing. greens & tomatoes, mixed

Southwest Wrap

er Wrap Crispy Chicken Tend ders, en ten
Filled with fried chick eese, fresh Chedddar and Jack ch wood smoked tomato, lettuce, Apple . ng bacon & ranch dressi

W p Turkey Chicken Clubkey,ra plewood d tur Ap

n salsa, Grilled chicken, black bea mixed on, Applewood smoked bac potle chi cheese, mixed greens & honey mustard.

Golden fried topped with pepper grav y and served with Texas toast. Served with your choice of two side s.

Chicken Fried Steak

Your choice of blackened and topp ed with black bean salsa or grilled with lemon pepper. Serv ed with your choice of two sides. A grilled chicken breast topped with balsamic vinaigrette and fresh basi l served with sliced tomatoes topped with balsamic vinaigrette, fresh basi l and Bleu cheese crumbles. Served with your choice of one side.


A blackened chicken breast topped with chipotle honey mustard, grilled onio ns, jalepenos, applewood smoked baco n and melted mixed cheese. Served with your choice of two sides.

Southwest Chicken Platter

$ 99


Basil Chicken Platter


Crispy fried chicken tenders with hon ey

Chicken Tender Platter | $8.99

Fish and Chips | $8.99

mustard. Served with your choice of

two sides.

s Golden Frie lad Broccoli Sa Fresh Fruit Cup of Chili Cup of Soup


$ 99
s ed Vegetable Fresh Steam s lsa with Chip lack Bean Sa B otatoes in Mashed P Garlic Redsk


d $.49 op Shelf Sides ad T
d Pickles Golden Frie se Mac & Chee Beans Fried Green

Louigi’s Pizza
With mozzarella, sausage, ham , pep and Applewood smoked bacon. peroni


e Day Dessert of th down $3.99 nut Butter Melt Drizzled with late Pea . Ultimate Choco my peanut butter
ie and crea s 2) Chocolate brown pped with whip cream. (Serve & to chocolate sauce


Corn Dog Boneless Wings

Kids Menu 4

12 & $ 99 Under

Grilled Cheese Chicken Tenders

Served with Fries & Drink.

Meat Lovers | $9.99

With mozzarella, tomato and fres

Margherita | $8.99

With Applewood smoked bacon

Cheese | $6.99 Pepperoni & Cheese | $7.99 BBQ Chicken | $8.99
h basil.

Louie’s Italian Cousin

and red onions.

With mozzarella, sausage, ham , pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and black olives.

Louigi’s Supreme | $9.99

With mozzarella, bell peppers, red mushrooms, tomatoes and olive onions, s.

Ultimate Veggie | $7.99

We use only trans fat free cooking oils.

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