Scholarly  Times     Week  in  Review:    


Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!

12/12  –  12/16  

Class  of  2028  (Kindergarten)  

The  Class  of  2028  has  been  working  hard  on  the  beginning  blends  /fr/  and  /Tl/.  Be   sure  to  ask  your  scholar  to  tell  you  all  of  the  words  that  he/she  knows  that  begin   with  those  sounds.  We  started  reading  poetry  and  listening  for  rhyming  words.   Now  is  a  great  time  to  read  Dr.  Seuss  books  and  other  familiar  nursery  rhymes  with   your  scholars.  Ask  your  scholar  to  listen  for  the  words  that  rhyme,  or  sound  the   same,  and  tell  you  them.  In  math,  we  continued  measuring  with  non-­‐standard   units.  So  far  we've  measured  objects  with  cubes,  straws,  centimeter  squares,  and   our  handspans,  foot  lengths,  and  paces.  We  also  started  comparing  objects  using   words  such  as  short,  long,  shorter,  and  longer.  In  science  we  learned  more  about   what  a  scientist  is  and  how  we  uses  our  senses.  So  far  we  know  3  of  our  senses:   sight,  hearing,  and  feel/touch.  We  know  that  we  observe  and  explore  the  world   using  these  senses.  Next  week,  although  it  is  short,  we  will  continue  to  study  poetry   and  measurement.  We  will  Tinish  our  “What  is  a  Scientist?”  unit  in  preparation  for  a   unit  on  plants  when  we  return  from  the  break.  Finally,  we  will  learn  two  new   beginning  blends:  /pr/  and  /pl/.  



The  Meaning  of  Integrity:   Carmen  Aponte  ‘27  
  Last  Friday,  Carmen  received  a  Star   Scholar  pin.    She  decided  that,  because   her  class  as  a  whole  had  not  shown  the   Commitments  that  day,  she  did  not   deserve  the  button  despite  her  hard   work  all  week.      She  showed  integrity  by   returning  the  pin  to  her  teacher.  


Class  of  2027  (First  Grade)  



First  grade  participated  in  their  second  Tieldwork  experience  this  week.    Scholars   visited  downtown  New  Bedford  to  interview  local  leaders  from  the  YMCA,  the   Whaling  Museum,  ArtWorks!,  and  Buzzards  Bay  Coalition.    On  Monday  and   Thursday,  local  leaders  visited  the  classroom.    Scholars  will  create  a  collage  proTiling   each  leader  that  will  incorporate  quotations,  a  portrait,  and  words  describing  the   leader’s  character.    


Class  of  2026  (Second  Grade)  

This  week  in  the  class  of  2026,  scholars  have  been  publishing  their  Tinal  products  in   expedition.    In  order  to  become  better  writers  and  nonTiction  readers,  scholars  are  in   the  process  of  publishing  book  reviews  of  the  nonTiction  books  that  they  have  been   reading  in  literacy.    Between  this  week  and  next  week,  we  will  be  concluding  our  unit   on  nonTiction  text.    Next  Wednesday,  scholars  will  take  a  Tinal  nonTiction  unit  test.    

This  week  scholars    have  been  learning  a   new  song  from  the  country  Ghana  called   Kye  Key  Kule  (Chey-­‐Chey  Koole).    This   song  is  a  call  and  response.    We  have   been  practicing  our    rhythm  patterns  in   triple  meter.      All  grades  have  been   learning  the  music  of  reggae  musician   Bob  Marley.    We  performed  his  song,   “One  Love,”  at  Town  Hall,  so  Let's  Get   Together  and  Feel  Alright!  

Alma  Attendance  this   Week:  97%  

Star  Scholars  
Star  Scholars  come  to  school  every  day  in  the  proper  uniform,  have  their  homework  completed  every  day,  and  behave  excellently.  

Texas  Lutheran  








Abigail   Chase   Jayda  R   Jackson   Leo   Lucas   Katherine   Roman   Sarah   Faryn   Faith     Noah  

Aleah     Angelie   Joscelyne   Raeghan   Xavier  

Emily   Jaanai   Kyanna   Leily   Ryann   Ryleigh  

Carmen   DeAni   Emanuel   Kya   Marijah   Morgan   Nazyia   Noah   Riley   Rosa   Samantha        

Daezhon   Emma   Morgan  

Alexander   Ava   Cayla   Destiny   Jae-­‐lyn   Kolby   Kristen   Marcel  

Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!

Scholarly  Times     Looking  Ahead    

Happy Holidays!

Saturday,  12/17  –  10:00  AM:  Family  Day  of  Service  

On  Saturday,  Alma  families  will  come  together  to  prepare  care  packages  for  troops   serving  abroad.    Please  join  us  for  pancakes  and  projects  to  support  the  troops.    The   event  will  be  held  at  Alma  del  Mar.  

Saturday,  12/17  –  3:30  PM  &  7:00  PM:  New  Bedford   Symphony  Orchestra  Holiday  Concert  


Lost  and  Found  

Dave  Prentiss,  Chair  of  the  Alma  del  Mar  Board  of  Trustees,  has  donated  tickets  for   all  Alma  families  for  the  New  Bedford  Symphony  Orchestra’s  Family  Holiday  Pops   concert  on  December  17.    All  families  received  vouchers  for  tickets  last  week.    Enjoy   the  show!  

The  Lost  and  Found  is  getting  full!     Please  stop  by  before  vacation.    All   items  not  picked  up  prior  to   vacation  will  be  donated  to   GiftstoGive.  

Wednesday,  12/21:  Last  Day  of  School  

There  will  be  no  afterschool  program  on  Wednesday.    All  scholars  will  take  the  bus   to  their  usual  Friday  stop.  

Help  for  the  Holidays  

Thursday,  12/22  –  Monday,  1/2:  Holiday  Vacation  

If  you  requested  help  for  the   holidays,  please  come  by  anytime   Monday,  Tuesday,  or  Wednesday.     Each  child  will  receive  clothes,  a   coat,  holiday  presents,  and  a   stocking!    Thanks  to  all  members  of   the  Alma  community  who  helped  to   put  together  these  gifts.  

We  hope  all  Alma  families  have  a  wonderful  vacation!    School  will  resume  on   Tuesday,  January  3.  


Vacation  Homework  

All  scholars  will  have  homework  during  vacation.    If  you  have  questions  or  concerns   regarding  vacation  homework,  please  contact  your  scholar’s  teacher  as  soon  as   possible.    Teachers  may  be  travelling  and  unable  to  respond  as  quickly  as  usual.  

Advice  From  Our  School  Nurse:  Fire  Safety  

Even  young  children  have  saved  their  own  lives  by   dropping  and  rolling  when  their  clothes  caught  on  cire.  


   1.        Stop  –  stop  where  you  are.    Don’t  run.                                                                                                                2.        Drop  –  drop  to  the  ground  or  cloor.                                                                                                      3.    Roll  –  cover  your  face  with          your  hands  and  roll  to  put          out  clames.  

Miss  New  Bedford  visits  Pomona  

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