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The Gospel of Swadeshi

The Gospel of Swadeshi


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Published by Avantgardens
Written by : M. K. Gandhi
Edited & Published by : Anand T. Hingorani
First Edition : April, 1967
Written by : M. K. Gandhi
Edited & Published by : Anand T. Hingorani
First Edition : April, 1967

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Published by: Avantgardens on Dec 16, 2011
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You will not expect me to describe all or even one of the numerous sections of the
Exhibition. It is impossible for me to do so. Let me tell you that you will have an
inking of the inside even from where you are sitting. For, in front of you are no
triumphal arches but there are simply but exquisitely decorated walls done by Sjt.
Nandalal Bose, the eminent artist from Shantiniketan and his co-workers who have
tried to represent all the villager’s crafts in simple artistic symbols. And when you
go inside the Art Gallery, on which Babu Nandalal Bose has lavished his labours for
weeks, you will feel, as I did, like spending there hours together. But even the
other sections will attract you. You may not find in the Exhibition anything to
amuse you like music or cinema shows, but, I assure you, will find much to learn.

I want you all to be voluntary advertising agents of the Exhibition so that numbers
may be attracted to see it. The Exhibition has not been organized for the villagers,
it is organized for the city-dweller to enable him to see how the villager lives and
what he is capable of. Commission I can promise none, though I dare say you will
get it for work dutifully done when you appear before the Great White throne.

Harijan; April 8, 1936.

The Unique exhibition- II

When I told you the other day that the Exhibition was not a cinema show, I meant
more than I said. When you go to a cinema show, you meet with things there to
captivate in a sensual way your eyes and ears. I may tell you that we have tried to
boycott from this Exhibition everything that has no educative value. We have tried
to make the Exhibition a sacred and a holy place, a feast for your eyes and ears, a
spiritual feast capable of purifying the senses. I shall tell you why. Do you know
Orissa and its skeletons? Well, from that hunger-stricken, impoverished land of
skeletons have come men who have wrought miracles in bone and horn and silver.
Go and see these things not only readymade but in the making and see how the
soul of man, even in an impoverished body, can breathe life into lifeless horns and
metal. A poor potter has also worked miracles out of miracles out of clay. Things
which I thought would be worth several annas, are worth only a copper or a couple
of coppers, and yet they are delicate little pieces of art. A dear sister purchased
the other day a little ‘Krishna’ in ivory. She was not given to worshiping Lord
Krishna, but she now tells me that she has begun to worship the exquisite little

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