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VTUalerts Resume Template

VTUalerts Resume Template

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Published by Neerav Kothari

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Published by: Neerav Kothari on Dec 17, 2011
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Your Name

Dob: 1st Jan 1991 Tel : (0)9988121212 / 4161212 Email: yourname@email.com Address : #111, Your address Bangalore - 560000

Profile : I am a Computer Science Engg Student at XXX College of Engineering. Career Objective: Write you career objective. Keep it simple. Languages: C, C++, JAVA, PHP, CAD, photoshop, Gaming Engine, etc

2007-2011 2005-2007 2004-2005 Bachelor of Science in Computers Engineering 11th – 12th PUC 10th standard ICSE

XYZ college of engineering, Bangalore, Karanataka XYZ College, Hubli, Karnataka XYZ School, Belgaum, Karnataka

78%* 89% 86%

*Calculated upto 6 semester

Your Projects: You can write some text here. 1.) Project1: Explain your project in 2-2 lines. 2.) Project2: Explain your project in 2-3 lines. 3.) Project3: Explain your project in 2-3 lines.

IBM DB2 730 Certified - Highest scorer of DB2 certification in class with 89% Awarded first place in paper presentation competition - Presented a paper on best ways to build ‘cloud’ applications leveraging the cloud services and blah blah. Short listed for Eureka, Asia’s Biggest B plan competition - Among top 50 teams. Awaiting final round results. Conducted by Ecell.in Campus Ambassador – For VTUalerts.com 2010 2010

2010 2010 2005 2005


Was selected for my useful contribution to the VTU community portal.

Model Student award - Award for best improvement and all-round contribution in school. Indian Idol finalist - Made it to top 20 of Indian Idol completion Hope you got the point - Mention awards and certifications.

Other Projects:

My Contribution

Founder of Techforum Name. (website. which provides a holistic coverage in regard to a specific topic from a neutral stand point. Fantasy. Technology. .) Magazine name .Also took part in marketing and creating banner graphics for the company.Desc . IOS.The first Tech club established in XYZ College of Engineering. ( J2EE. . Javascript. Counter Strike.Built 30 amazing applications for the portal. Played for XYZ High School team Cricket Team. 2. Student community in XYZ College. Played for XYZ School Football Team.a technology newsletter.Android Workshop: Android team from Samsung.One of kind Technology Newsletter which provides 360 view on a particular topic. Sencha ) Business development and consulting Professional Development Training and Seminars attended .) Tech Forum . Bangalore.) Internship at Yahoo . Philosophical and business. Call of duty. Jquery etc) Mobile Apps Development.Cloud Computing: Talk on Azure by Mr NORM (CTO Microsoft India). 3.com) 4.Designed a data extraction script to fill database with 1 million book records. Special Areas Of Interest: • • • Internet programming.) Website for college .1. Fifa! . (PHP. .Project desc . . Editor of “Your newsletter”. HTML5.Soft Skill certified: Certified from XYZ institute etc. Extra circular Achievements and activities: Listen to Podcasts and Audio books (Hobby) Mid Fielder in Football School Team Bowler in Cricket School Team Gaming Love listening to Audio books on SciFi.The lead developer.

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