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Published by: Vibhuti Mehta on Dec 17, 2011
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By: Loladia Tanaveer (1307) Mehta Vibhuti (1308) Patel Disha (1315) Suthar Bhavesh (1323) To: Prof.Nirlesh Kothari CMSDDU

The abstract of this paper is to evaluate the strategies used by ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES in achieving their desired targets. We tried to evaluate the milestones achieved by ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES and what role has the strategy played for management of ZENSAR in order to achieve the milestones. We, move ahead with the basic framework of strategy. The mission, vision, and values build by ZENSAR. The expectation and purposes of ZENSAR are evaluated by the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE used by them. They have also shown their responsibilities towards society and ethical standard. So, this is also evaluated by using the framework.

Collaboration and Knowledge Management Services. Business Process Outsourcing and Optimization. Development. Zensar helps transform Global Corporations.com/about-us/corporate-profile . Zensar has Delivery Centers in Pune and Hyderabad in India. Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. Zensar is ranked amongst India's Top 20 Software Services Companies by National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and is also recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for its robust in-house Research and Development practices and an acknowledged leader in Innovation. 400+ customers and 14 nationalities operating in more than 20 global locations. Africa. Japan and the UK. With 6000+ associates. China. 1 http://www. Portfolio Building.Introduction to Zensor Technologies:  Corporate Profile1: Software services company Zensar Technologies (Zensar) is a globally renowned software services company that specializes in providing a complete range of Software Services and Solutions. Migration and Support. Zensar is the world's first enterprise-wide SEI CMM Level 5 Company and enjoys a strong presence in the United States. The Software services range from the traditional to the transformational – Enterprise Product Implementation and Hosting. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.zensar. Europe. and the entire range of Software Application Planning.To service Global Customers. Remote Infrastructure Management and Testing.

PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: We strive to attain individual and team excellence through a spirit of continuous learning. CONTINEOUS INNOVATION: We aspire to seek and create a 'new way. We will create an environment where every committed and capable member of the organization is given ample rewards and opportunities for growth. CUSTOMER SOVEREIGNTY: Our customers are the reason for our existence.MISSION OF ZENSAR: Leveraging technology and processes to help customers attain their goals VISION: Transformation partners to global corporations. . lofty standards. PEOPLE ORIANTATION: We will accord empathy. new ideals and a commitment to high levels of achievement. We anticipate their needs and endeavor to meet and surpass their expectations. respect and dignity to every Zensarian.' We will continuously reengineer our processes and mindsets and encourage individual creativity and improvisation in all our actions.

Development Direction and method Strategic choice Organising.Expectation and Purposes The Strategic Position Business level strategies. Corporate level and International. Enabling. Strategic Capabilities.SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We will recognize. A MODEL OF THE ELEMENT OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: The Environment. abide by and add value to the social environment. Managing Choice Strategy into Action  Understanding the Strategic Position: At ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES they identify the environment and takes into consideration the GREEN REVOLUTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL . while embracing our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in every country we operate.

. Sanjay Marathe (Head.FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGIES. They try to focus on the development direction and methods for future development of company. INFOYSES. They always try to serve the customer in the best possible way and also look after employees need and satisfaction. They try to provide the best service possible and also look after the environmental needs. The strategic capabilities are being explained by the strong leadership team of ZENSAR. It is discussed in this paper later. The expectation and purposes at ZENSAR are meeting by alliance with many companies. They have healthy collaborations with the giants in software like IBM. Strategic Services Unit & CTO) focuses to build a strong strategic relationship with the giants companies so that they contribute to their ultimate success. ZENSAR has always tried to build a healthy relationship between employee’s satisfaction and customer’s satisfaction. Mr. They also invest for R&D and adopt the changes accordingly. They also have a cross broader collaborations with German companies which ultimately help them to get recognized in FORTUNE 500 companies. and TCS.

BIC and Vice Chairman .Akibia Chief Executive-MRM Head. .LEADERSHIP TEAM AT ZENSAR: Name: Dr. Ganesh Natarajan Vivek Gupta Designation Vice Chairman and CEO Chief Executive. BPO President & CEO. They always try to build on employee’s satisfaction so that they can work more effectively. Strategic Services Unit &CTO Chief Corporate development officer Chief Financial officer Nitin Parab Hiren Kulkarni Thomas Tucker Yogesh Patgaonkar Sanjay Marthe Ajay Bhandari S. akibia Head.Balasubramanium The leadership team functions effectively and looks after the employee’s needs and satisfaction level. They motivate the employees which help to build upon customer satisfaction. Human Resources Head.

UN Human Rights Commission.2008. former Chief Justice of India and Member.Best 20 Leaders by Industry Focus – Financial Services. This sentiment is evident from our continuous perseverance to accredit ourselves with globally recognized industry standards and the awards we are bestowed with by various global institutions. Zensar was also ranked in several group categories . Manufacturing and Industry Specific Services – IAOP 2011. under the Chairmanship of Justice P N Bhagwati. transparency and thorough and open application process. integrity.MILESTONES OF ZENSAR: Zensar is committed to meet customers' needs and expectations by delivering competitive IT and Business Process Outsourcing solutions. 2010. The Golden Peacock is a very prestigious and well-known award in the field of CSR in India. The Golden Peacock Awards are recognized worldwide as the hallmark of corporate excellence because of their independence.2011 Zensar Technologies has been selected as the winner of ‘Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility’ for the year 2011 by the Awards Jury.  Named in Global Services 100 list . and 2011. Retail.2010 .  Golden Peacock Award for CSR . 2009.  International Association of Outsourcing Professionals Zensar Technologies was recognized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) among the Top 100 Global Outsourcing Companies .

A.  Ranked among top 20 IT exporters in India by NASSCOM Zensar Technologies has been ranked among the top 20 IT Services Exporters for the year 2009-10 by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) of India.Zensar has been recognized as an organization that has reacted well to changing demands and markets via their career development strategies and has implemented change management initiatives at its best. Dr.P. 2010 by Enterprise Asia. a non-governmental organization in pursuit of entrepreneurship development across the region.  Investment in People Award 2010 Zensar Technologies was awarded the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) “Investment in People Award 2010’ in New Delhi on the 20th of November. 2009 In appreciation of its outstanding contribution to Indian trade CNBC-TV 18 has honored Zensar with The Exporter of the Year Award for three years continuously for wealth creation in India's international trade community. AREA recognizes and honors Asian Businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship.J Abdul Kalam for the outstanding commitment and contribution .  CNBC TV 18 International Trade Award-2007. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. the organization is supported by a panel of prominent industry and government leaders who truly believe in the mission of championing entrepreneurship in Asia.  Winner of FICCI's CSR Special Jury Commendation Award Zensar has been awarded the 'Special Jury Commendation' Award by the President of India. 2008.

Zensar is now part of core group of businesses that support ethical business practices and integrity in the market place. which was presented by Bombay Stock Exchange in association with Times Now. the National HRD Network honored us with the Trailblazer of the Year Award from NHRD for Best HR Practices for 2006Zensar has also been recognized for its unique HR practices by the Madhya Pradesh government which recently conferred the Golden Edge Award for Best HR practices for 2006. . Zensar won the Corporate Governance Business for Social Responsibility Award for 2006.  Recognised by the BBB Zensar has been recognised by the BBB and has received the BBB online reliability seal. particularly in the field of Human Resource & Development.  Corporate Governance Business Award-2006 For its unique contribution to the society.  Employer Branding Awards 2007-2008 Zensar has been recognized as an organization that has reacted well to changing demands and markets via their career development strategies and has implemented change management initiatives at its best.to Nation Building through CSR efforts.  Trailblazer of the Year Award for Best HR Practices-2006 In recognition of the outstanding contributions and achievements.

Quality Policy "We are committed to meet customer's needs and expectations by delivering competitive services and solutions through continuous improvement of our systems" Quality Objectives:    Deliver services and solutions that meet customer requirements Significantly enhance external and internal customer satisfaction Significantly improve productivity and reduce rework Zensar's Quality Management System has been created over a span of 15 years and is based on international frameworks and benchmarks it uses:  ISO 9001:2008: Basic system for defining our QMS and to assess QMS effectiveness  SEI CMM/CMMI: Best practices for software engineering and continuous process improvement  Total Quality Management (TQM): Used to bring about overall improvement and business excellence  Six sigma: Used as a tool for systematic analysis and process improvement .

The milestones they have achieved are the result of such strategic design.Sanjay Marathe tries to develop the STRATEGIC LENCES:  Strategy as design : He. He also focuses to manage the strategy so implemented. Evaluation: The major strategic priorities for ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES are BUILDING ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE which helps them and make them capable of integrating complex global operations. Mr. And so they are able to have a STRATEGIC ALLIANCE across the globe.  Strategy as experience: . for ZENSAR develops the carefully planned implementation of strategy which has to be implemented.

. Above this he also tries to learn from the competitors who has experienced from the implementation of so called strategy. learning from such experience they are able to apply the concept of SIX SIGMA and TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT effectively.He tries to learn from the strategy so implemented before.  Strategy as an idea: This is the most important among all other lances. By. ZENSAR keep into centre the customer sovereignty & aspire to seek and create a new way & continuously reengineer their process & mindset s which encourages the individual creativity & improvisation in their actions. evaluate the scenario and build upon the future strategy.

This is the only relationship of its kind in India. . IBM. Oracle. Zensar has forged strategic technology partnerships with global IT leaders and has well-developed and staffed Technology Groups including IBM. we at Zensar have tied up as a Business Partner with IBM Partner World for Developers. This combines several programs with the IBM Solution Developer Program. This relationship allows Zensar to have early access to the latest E-Commerce products and Microsoft's strategic direction in the E-Commerce area. technologies and domains it has entered into key alliances with organizations like Microsoft.CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AT ZENSAR:  Technology Partnerships Zensar has a focused and comprehensive alliance management framework. For enhanced offerings in chosen geographies. It has enhanced our worldwide support for developing and marketing e-business solutions across IBM products and technologies. MICROSOFT: Zensar is a Premier Electronic Commerce Solution Provider for Microsoft in India. Under this agreement they receive all the latest support tools delivered to us electronically and also they have access to the general information. BEA helping Zensar constantly upgrade infrastructure and resource skills and to develop expertise on the stated platforms. Microsoft and Oracle IBM: To reap benefits thrown by the growing E-business market.

The program help . Here are the details of the alliances. quickly and effectively. Their partnerships with these leaders in the software products category will enhance our solutions. Fusion Middleware. inet technologies in Switzerland and Blue Slate in the US. As a part of this programme.  Our Alliances in Europe Zensar Europe is ramping up its operations rapidly. apart from a host of other benefits. and partnerships with Sun. Zensar UK has now become a member of SUN partner advantage programmers. and to develop products and services on Sun platform. Hyperion (Enterprise performance management). and needs specialization in at least five areas as a pre-requisite. like Systemsoft in Mexico. The status is a recognition of our expertise across the breadth of Oracle products. It has also entered into an alliance with Microland for enhanced infrastructure management offerings. strengthening its presence in various territories.ORACLE: Zensar is a Platinum Partner (Highest level of partnership) in the Oracle Partner Network Specialized program that offers priority exposure to nearly 3. This will allow us to tie up with Sun to access leading-edge technology. we have established our depth and breadth of expertise across key Oracle solution areas including E-Business suite. Zensar has also engaged in formal strategic alliances in select geographies.5 lakh potential customers on Oracle’s product pages. As a As a Platinum Partner in the OPN network. Zensar UK has entered into SAP's ChannelEdge partner program there by gaining access to various privileges that SAP offers to its partners. Oracle Retail. which use these technologies. and business intelligence. we will also receive privileged support from Sun. SAP and Microsoft add further fuel to the fascinating growth.

Zensar succeed in the expanding global small and midsize enterprise (SME) marketplace.  PROMATIS software GmbH (Germany) A leading Oracle E-business consulting and implementation company.  OnOffshoreSoft GmbH (Germany) Their partners. This will also give Zensar access to latest tools and technologies that Microsoft develops. project and program management skills plus their strong customer orientation.and development services as well as add-on-products and turnkey solutions on the Oracle® platform. They are experts at Consulting-. OnOffshoreSoft GmbH. while OnOffshoreSoft provides onsite communication and expectations management from our German customers. Their expertise reaches from Database over the Fusion Middleware up to Oracle Beehive. This will also help us ramp up our offerings in SAP Retail space. training. . they provide us with culturally relevant and seamless front-end support for projects in Germany. support the processing of IT projects from planning to fulfillment. Zensar UK has successfully become a Microsoft partner in UK. This will provide Zensar with Microsoft resources that can be utilized to optimize performance for Zensar's customers using Microsoft technologies. Business Intelligence and E-Business Suite. Zensar provides the necessary technical and project related service delivery strength. PROMATIS offers its customers demand-driven consulting and training. Zensar and OnOffshoreSoft have a strategic relationship for executing business application projects in Germany. Equipped with extremely strong technical. software products and turnkey solutions.

Zensar and Promatis can take up any Oracle Apps and related projects for companies in Germany. .

      CFL light fittings for low power consumption. State of art BMS for real time monitoring of energy consumption. Maximum utilization of natural light. Installation of sensors for urinals for low water consumption. campus.  Green Building As part of design process of building our campus. we have taken care & implemented various energy and water conservation techniques such as  Installation of air cooled intelligent HVAC system which results into low energy consumption and no water consumption. trust and respect. Use of motion sensors for energy savings. processes and practices in Zensar is a true reflection of our commitment to the values of transparency.  Double walled construction for AC halls for excellent thermal insulation and reduction of load on air conditioning.STRATEGY FROM SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY POINT OF VIEW: Zensar provides an environment that is uncluttered with hierarchy and acknowledges each individual's uniqueness by rewarding achievement and entrepreneurship. . Installation of drip irrigation for water conservation.  Installation of weight sensitive elevators which translate into energy saving in case of operations below rated capacity. The architecture. The Zen principal of ecologically sustainable designs are thus reflected everywhere.

Fixing lighting sensor for halls.g. Common Temperature Settings 240C for all halls also depending on time zone & ambient temperature.  Least ground coverage and maximum utilization of open areas for tree plantation.      Switching off all spot lights. Roof top rain water as well as storm water has been used for ground water recharge. particle board furniture for work stations & storages.  Use of environment friendly gas (Inergen) for fire suppression system in data centre. Switching off ACs for 30 min during lunch Hrs.  Green Initiatives Running of ACs only during office Hrs from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.  Waste water recycling for flushing and garden usage. .  Use of recycled material where ever possible e.  Switching OFF Water coolers.  Use of paver blocks for all internal roads & parking spaces. which help in storm water seepage into the ground. shrubs and lawns which has resulted in erosion and sedimentation control. tea m/c after office hours and during weekends.  Use of canteen waste & garden waste for vermin composting and use as fertilizer for landscaped areas. parking and fans in ceiling canteen instead of ACs.

. 090 units of power for all location. This has helped us achieve savings of approx 1. 45.The engineers from electricity board have also appreciated the effort taken towards power conservation by Zensar and they have confirmed that there is less power demand received from Zensar.

Nurturing experiences and personal opportunities are also provided for those in the community who have little or no access to any assistance. a small community near the Zensar Campus for sustained community development programs. Many of the community projects and programs are driven by active participation from our employees. The Foundation has adopted Ambedkar Nagar. Health and education have been identified as the primary objectives in the community development process. The Zensar Foundation has taken up several initiatives to improve living conditions of the underprivileged and make a positive difference in their lives. the Foundation facilitates programs and gives direct assistance and resources to individuals.ETHICS AND CSR AS A PART OF STRATEGY FOR ZENSAR: An essential component of our corporate social responsibility is to care for the community. families and other charitable organizations. . educational and health initiatives. Our commitment to address important societal needs extends throughout our philanthropic outreach programs driven by the Zensar Foundation. Established for the purpose of improving. guiding and inspiring the lives of the underprivileged. A number of focused initiatives have been implemented to bring about general health awareness and improve the level of education. The foundation works relentlessly to ensure improvement of general health and spread of non-formal education among all members in the community. We endeavor to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic.

other initiatives includes:    Sustainable Educational Projects. Blood donation camps at campus. Evalution: ZENSAR also tries to put the strategy into action through the way of performance evolution by fulfilling the social responsibilities and achieving the ethical standards. . Aids charity run. They follow the CSR and help the society in the best possible way.HEALTH other initiatives CSR FOR ZENSAR ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES SOCIO ECONOMIC INITIATIVE Here.

Weaknesses:  The hierarchical level of organization is not properly defined.  Optimum utilization of resources to excel in cross border.  Effective functioning of HR trough good leadership team. Threats:  New rival.  Employee turnover is high because of employees thirst to work for software giants.  Good repo with customers and employees.  Strong man power. Opportunities:  Develop and try to become the MNC’s.  Listed with fortune 500 companies.SWOT analysis of ZENSAR: Strength:  Alliance with software giants.(Small Firm providing cheap services)  Existing giants (their manpower and financial strength) .  Easy adoptability of changes.

.Conclusion: ZENSAR has a very good leadership team which works effectively to achieve the targets. It has a very good collaboration within the country and cross broader.the alliance with giants has helped them to get listed in the fortune 500 companies. which helps them to build upon their strategies. ZENSAR is one of the upcoming company in this technological era and has a very good future ahead.

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