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Met a Stock Buyers Guide 7

Met a Stock Buyers Guide 7

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Published by: Sundara Vanniyan on Dec 17, 2011
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How you can drastically improve your odds of making consistent & winning trades by removing greed, fear, hunches, guesses, tips from friends & advice from your broker

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Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010

Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis
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guesses. what technical analysis is and how it can help you with your trades. and I‟d like to thank you for requesting a FREE copy of SUCCESSFUL TRADING USING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: How you can drastically improve your odds of making consistent & winning trades by removing greed. We‟ll show you how easy it is to analyze every trade before you risk any money in the markets therefore building your confidence in futures trades and ultimately answering “If I had traded this security using these trading rules. No matter what the reasons are for your search I‟ve put together this guide so that we can show you how you don‟t have to rely on emotions. You‟re reading this guide for one of many reasons. how much money would I have made or lost?” … and finally We‟ll provide you with a free trial to MetaStock – the industry leading technical analysis software to help get you on your way plus provide you with 2-pages of trading resources! Page 3 . which likely include the following: You‟re new to trading and want to start out on the right foot by using a well-known technical analysis software. fear. We‟ll explain why most traders fail. tips from friends or brokers to make successful trades. You‟re looking for the right charting software to give you the upper hand in determining your trades. hunches. You‟ve been trading for a while. hunches. You‟re tired of leaving your financial security in your broker‟s hands and want (at the very least) to track the trades they‟ve made on your behalf. You‟ve decided to seek out technical analysis software that will help you make more profitable trades. tips from friends & advice from your broker. For whatever reason you don‟t like your current software and are looking for a change. You‟re highly competitive and take pleasure in beating the DOW. Business Manager at FundSoft Information Systems. You‟re a seasoned trader using another piece of software. but have had little or no success.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Hi! My name is Scott Young.

Of course. Also. commodities. they‟re bound to fail. but it mainly comes down to their approach to trading. By identifying patterns over time. They manage their funds and never trade more than they should. All of these investors want to be successful. In the past. technical analysts are often able to predict the direction of the market. Page 4 . and more. but successful trades are about beating the odds and making more winners than losers. The primary tool of the technical analyst is a chart showing price and volume. 3. FOREX. but most aren‟t.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Why Do Most Traders Fail? Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world trade stocks. Many traders use Technical Analysis – the science of trading What is Technical Analysis and How Can It Help Your Trades? “Technical Analysis” is a complicated-sounding name for a very basic approach to trading. no one can predict the future. They leave emotions out of their trades. Their goal is to beat the odds and make a majority of winning trades. or even the advice of your broker are likely to lead to disappointment. tips from friends. relying on hunches. charts were painstakingly hand-drawn but computers and charting programs such as MetaStock. options. 4. it’s the study of security prices in order to make better trading decisions. have taken over the tedious aspects of charting. as well as protecting your profits. 2. They have a plan. Successful traders have several things in common: 1. guesses. When traders allow emotions like greed and fear to influence their decisions. They know that not all trades will be winners. The reasons for their failure are as varied as the traders themselves. Simply put.

and security level. No system is perfect. you‟re less likely to rely on hunches. and rank 1000‟s of securities Back-test multiple strategies on multiple securities Get insights from industry experts Use over 200 standard indicators or design your own End-of-day and Real-Time data options for all budgets FREE Professional Support MetaStock is an award-winning performer: Page 5 . fear or greed. industry group. It uses charts and indicators to help you decide when to take and when to exit trades. FOREX. systematic approach. guesses. futures. sort. MetaStock is a professional-level tool for traders of all types and abilities and is packed with the tools that professional traders have come to expect: Analyze stocks. e-minis.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 What is MetaStock? MetaStock is a tool for traders to analyze the markets on a sector. It also helps take the guess work out of trading by offering a methodical. and more Scan. but MetaStock helps you become a more successful trader by improving your odds over all. When you incorporate science and logic into trading. options.

but it allows you to do things you simply couldn‟t do otherwise. currencies. with a stochastic of 80 or higher The list of possible scans is almost endless.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 There are 1000‟s of Securities out there – How do I Find the Best Ones to Trade? With so many stocks. Not only does this save you countless hours of sorting and sifting. there‟re hundreds of indicators and systems you might want to use to trade them. finding the best ones to trade is like finding a needle in a haystack. MetaStock does this using it‟s Explorer where it will (among other things): Discover which securities have generated a buy or sell signal based on your criteria Find the securities that have just crossed above their 200-day moving average Generate a performance report of all your mutual funds Discover the securities which ranked highest by Wilders RSI Generate a list of securities that are above their 10-week moving average. Page 6 . Even worse. options and futures out there. How do you even begin to sort through the possibilities? How do you find the winners? Technical analysis tools can make this job really simple and easy by scanning the market based on YOUR criteria that fits with YOUR strategy.

Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 I‟ve Found Some Securities I Like – How Can I Test Them Before I Spend Money? Once you‟ve narrowed down your list of securities to the ones you‟d like to trade. The main goal here is to analyze every trade that would have occurred historically so that you‟re confident in knowing how much money you would have made or lost if you had traded a particular security (or group of securities) using one (or more) trading strategies. expanded stops. commissions and more. you could test one system with one security. You can also change and edit variables such as entry. your next step is to do a „back-test‟. order sizes. This basically means that you would simulate a realistic trading scenario. or finally many systems with many securities. many systems with one security. Page 7 . Using MetaStock‟s Enhanced System Tester. one system with many securities. exit.

you can learn “What‟s a MACD and where should the buy and sell signals occur on the chart?” It‟ll also tell you if it‟s a buy. sell or hold situation… and why! MetaStock is flexible enough to also allow you to create your own system using its easy-to-learn formula language.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 The Charts Are Great but … How Do I Interpret Them? Most technical analysis software is able to overlay various indicators such as the MACD. which can help you see what‟s happening with a particular security. For example. MetaStock helps you interpret your charts using its Expert Advisor™. which gives you the input of industry professionals via the Commentary Window (as seen below). These can be confusing – especially if you‟re new to technical analysis. Page 8 . The Expert Advisor allows you to "consult" a built-in trading expert for advice on what to do in your particular situation.

many of our clients have discovered that using fundamental analysis gives them better overall trading insight. Estimates EPS. With the Fundamental Analyzer. Dividend Yield and much. 52-Week High and Low. 5. Beta. much more. Industry Sector. the MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer provides you with just about anything you could possibly want to know about a company in the US and select global markets. The MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer includes 5 powerful sections: 1. It includes: Revenue. and Percent Changes to S&P 500 over a variety of periods. Earning per Share.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 What If I Want to Do Some Fundamental Analysis? In addition to technical data. Net Income. Annual Dividends. 2. Available exclusively for MetaStock Pro with a QuoteCenter subscription. 3. Annual Growth Rate. Page 9 . The Scanner Tab – This powerful tool allows you to search for companies based on a variety of fundamental criteria. Average Volume. From PE ratios and earnings per share to dividend yield and shares outstanding. Company Name. 21-Day Volume. Avg. PR Ratio. Market Cap. Group. you can go way beyond scratching the surface to determine if a stock is over or under valued. You can even chart the resulting securities to perform technical analysis. The Performance Tab – displays Annual Earnings Per Share. The results can then be sorted by Closing Price. this tab shows Quarterly and Annual Net Income Compared to Revenue. The Revenue Tab – divided into two sections. PE Ratio. and Sector. The Estimates Tab – displays EPS Quarterly Estimates and Total Revenue Quarterly Estimates going out 4 quarters. The Fundamental Tab – view at a glance the Exchange. Annual Dividend. Annual Dividend. 4. as well as EPS Annual Estimates and Total Revenue Annual Estimates going out 4 years. the list of fundamental data is comprehensive and categorized. and Percent felds for the last 8 quarters or 4 years. EPS.

Three-line break Equivolume and Candlevolume) with an enormous array of line. chart. and choose a security to open Options for end-of-day. indicators. and real-time traders Name-Brand Systems such as Bollinger Bands.. indicator. the Expert Advisor. Candlesticks. zoom in & out. Darvas Box. and many many more. and the System Tester The MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer for scanning. and that’s just the beginning . you get a legendary array of customizable charts. Turtle Trader. You‟ll also get: Over 250 built-in trading indicators and systems (and endless customization possibilities) The PowerTools: including the Explorer. and alert customization possibilities Easy-to-learn formula language lets you design your own system The revolutionary Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) all-in-one trading system Convenient templates that save you time and effort by applying the same set of indicators and studies to different securities Built-in tool bars that let you easily refresh data. change periodicity. and more. templates. organizing. SPYDER Carpe Diem. rescale the Y axis. Conners RSI. Line. line studies. color..Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 So Which „Out-of-The-Box‟ Features Are Included in MetaStock? When you get MetaStock. text. and analyzing fundamental data (available in MetaStock Pro with an active QuoteCenter subscription only) 42 Adaptive indicators which use dynamic parameters to provide more responsive and accurate results 9 Core Chart Styles (including Bars. Kagi. FREE customer support and a library of online resources 30-day money-back guarantee for all non-subscription products Page 10 . Point & Figure.Renko.

. Reuters DataLink has unbeatable depth and breadth.. You can download market data. or use Data-on-demand™ to open a chart on the fly. It gives you the same. QuoteCenter is much more than a data stream. QuoteCenter is quite simply the best market information you can get as a personal investor. automated linking. it spans the globe so you can trade just about any region you like. Thomson Reuters technical signals. and Reuters DataLink is the #1 data solution for MetaStock. news. and list management including dollar and percent gainers and losers to name just a few. Reuters DataLink. and more. With up-to-the-tick data on your choice of markets from almost anywhere in the world. but that’s just the beginning QuoteCenter is the preferred data source for MetaStock Pro and Pro FX. options analysis. you get what you pay for … Updating the data may require manual importing so MetaStock can read the data. We usually tell them to consider the following: There are no free lunches. It‟s comprehensive and intuitive interface includes charting. Reuters Market News. instantaneous market data used by professional traders. Some people also ask us what we think about the free data services. MarketWatch. high-powered. What you might save in money you waste in time and accuracy … Manipulating the data manually also means you yourself might create an error in the data that you might not catch … Why risk making a mistake that could cause you to lose some of your hard earned money on free data that could easily have errors in it? Page 11 . QuoteCenter is a blazing-fast real-time data and newsfeed..Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 What Data Service Will I Need? This depends on if you need end-of-day data or real-time data. The exclusive AutoClean™ technology ensures that the data meets our clients high expectations.. Optional QuoteCenter features include ZoomDynaQ (NASDAQ Level 2). the preferred end-of-day data solution for MetaStock Charting software is only as good as the data behind it.

MetaStock Professional is perfect if you: Don‟t have a typical “day job” (or you‟re a non-professional day trader) and absolutely need to see what‟s happening throughout the trading day with realtime or 15-minute delayed data Are a “Swing Trader” and need to see things on an hourly. MetaStock End-of-Day is perfect if you: Have a “day job” and do your analysis after the markets have closed Are new to trading and would like to slowly get into the stock market Are a "Buy and Hold" long-term position investor and you‟re less interested in what has happened hour by hour throughout the day Are more of an “investor” than a “trader” Page 12 . weekly and/or monthly basis Enjoy the excitement and drama of being more of an “active trader” than a “buy-and-hold investor” 2. daily. 3.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Which Version of MetaStock is Right for Me? MetaStock End-of-Day MetaStock Professional MetaStock Pro FX The version that‟s right for you depends on how you like to do your trading: 1. MetaStock Pro FX is perfect if you: Are only interested in trading currencies in the FOREX market.

They recognize that MetaStock is the best platform to execute their trading strategies. Page 13 . The following are just a few of the most popular: John Murphy’s Chart Pattern Recognition – identify the most profitable chart pattern in seconds by searching only for those with the strongest patterns. For a complete list of add-ons and plug-ins. Steve Nison’s CandleSticks Unleashed – find the strongest securities to buy and sell based on 8 candlestick patterns. Steve Nison. industry experts are bound to notice. That‟s why trading icons like John Bollinger. visit www. Price Headley. and distribute those strategies to others. Plug-ins (produced by Equis International in conjunction with experts) and add-ons (developed and supported by third party companies) give you an opportunity to add even more power and customizability to MetaStock. and many others have produced add-on products for MetaStock. The library of add-ons and plug-ins is ever growing. Alexander Elder. Dr. They offer you more systems and strategies specifically designed for MetaStock and technical analysis traders.MetaStock. John Bollinger’s Bollinger Band System – achieve the real power of the legendary Bollinger Band analysis with laser focused trading insights.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Which Plug-Ins Are Available for MetaStock if I Want More Advanced Features? When you produce the industry standard in technical analysis charting.ca/addons-and-plugins. Rahul Mohindar.

" Michael Alakel Customer Page 14 .com “I’m a stay-at-home mom. pursue my avocation and build a satisfying retirement. It's the single tool that's allowed me to fine-tune my trading approach. It's a complete package that's easy to use. MetaStock gives me that advantage. Trading Strategist and CEO of Tradingschool.. no matter what kind of securities you trade. and ease of customization make it the professional tool it is. This gives me much more time with my three kids –a definite bonus.com “As a professional trader. I am always looking for an advantage. For me. I am dealt with quickly AND efficiently. It’s like having a 24-hour trading partner working just for me.. My trading takes up very little of my time now that I’m using MetaStock software.“ Robert Deel Author. Its extraordinary graphics.“ Dr. Stephen Cooper Founder.“ William Henry Jones Customer "MetaStock is obviously made by people who understand traders' needs. I wish all companies I deal with were just like you. really. Onlineoption. Treiber Customer “I have dealt with thousands of companies in my life and I can count on one hand how many of them give the high quality service that Equis does.“ Linda Hardin Customer “It’s the most intelligent piece of software I have ever used. “ Dr. functionality. Every time I order something or have a concern or question.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 What Are People Saying About MetaStock? “MetaStock remains the only charting software I use or recommend. trading without MetaStock would be like riding one of my motorcycles blindfolded.

incidental. lean firm that focuses on just one thing – providing the best charting software and data for the individual investor. Furthermore. that may result from reliance upon the information presented. a large global company. FundSoft Information Systems. THERE ARE FREQUENTLY SHARP DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HYPOTHETICAL PERFORMANCE RESULTS OR TESTIMONIALS AND THE ACTUAL RESULTS SUBSEQUENTLY ACHIEVED BY ANY PARTICULAR TRADING PROGRAM. Who is Equis International? MetaStock is the core product of Equis International. This is evident on our products and our level of service. Equis International was founded by Steve Achelis over 27 years ago. or consequential damages. We believe this gives us a more cohesive. Trading is not suitable for everyone. indirect. whether indicated by actual or hypothetical results or testimonials are no guarantee of future performance or success. Disclaimer: This is neither a solicitation to buy or sell any type of financial instruments. Don‟t trade with money you can‟t afford to lose. Equis International is a relatively small. Equis International began using Reuters financial data as its primary feed for MetaStock. lost revenue. nor shall it be liable for any special. All of our employees are in the same building on the same floor. responsive team. Page 15 . Thomson Reuters is the world‟s leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals – period. Since that time. including without limitation losses. Equis International and Thomson Reuters assume no responsibility for errors. All investment trading involves multiple substantial risks of monetary loss.000 employees in over 93 countries. all internal and external computer and software systems are not fail-safe. Who is Thomson Reuters? The result of a merger between Thomson Corporation and Reuters Group PLC in 2008. Past performance. NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT WILL OR IS LIKELY TO ACHIEVE PROFITS OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN. a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. We make a point of offering you only the cream of the crop when it comes to technical analysis software because we know that with good tools you can make solid financial decisions. IN FACT. Located in Salt Lake City.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Who is FundSoft Information Systems? FundSoft has been serving the investment community since 1993 and provides access to both end-of-day and real-time stock market data and stock market technical analysis and charting software. or lost profits. Equis International was purchased by Reuters in 1996 because they recognized our expertise in trading software development and distribution. Thomson Reuters has been in business in one form or another since 1799. nor intended as investment recommendations. inaccuracies. Have contingency plans in place for such occasions. With over 50. or omissions in these materials. Though part of Thomson Reuters.

Page 16 . then subscribing to the data or subscribing to MetaStock plus data on a monthly or annual basis. For our latest and most complete pricing list.50 USD Quote Center $99 USD / Month Option 2 – Subscription Version Cost (includes data) $59 USD / Month No Reuters Data Link Included $235 USD / Month No Quote Center Included Not available N/A N/A $179 USD /month No Quote Center Included Contract To Sign? Data Source Free 30.95 USD / month $1. Pricing: End-of-Day For beginner.50 USD eSignal $125 USD / month $985.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 How Much Is This Going to Cost Me? There are a variety of MetaStock options to fit any budget. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. less active traders and buyand-hold investors Professional for Quote Center For active traders and those interested in live news and market data Professional for eSignal For active traders interested in real-time trading Pro FX For those who are interested in trading the Forex market only Target Group Option 1 – Purchase Software Outright Software Cost Data Source $449 USD Reuters Data Link $24.55 USD Quote Center $135 USD / month $1. visit MetaStock.255. The following is not comprehensive and is subject to change.ca or call us at 1-877-430-6240 and we‟ll help you choose the right solution.525.Day Trial? Yes Yes N/A Yes Our Guarantee We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all non-subscription software we sell. You have the option of buying MetaStock outright.

ca and select the version you‟re interested in.) for a full-refund on the purchase price of the software (shipping not included).ca/FreeTrial-Pro www.MetaStock.MetaStock. no sheets are torn etc.e.MetaStock. plus you can always contact Equis Technical Support as well if you have any questions. Pro or Pro FX) for 30 days – FREE! Step 1 – Choose which version you‟d like to try and click the appropriate link: MetaStock End-of-Day MetaStock Professional MetaStock Pro FX www.ca/FreeTrial-ProFX Step 2 – Choose your data package and complete the order form Step 3 – Download and install the software Step 4 – Watch the tutorials within the software and start analyzing your data! We also have tutorials and guides located at www. If you have any further questions please call us at 1-877-386-3763 (USA) or 1-877-463-7638 (Canada). We look forward to hearing from you soon. If you’d rather buy the software outright you can buy it and try it. We hope you‟ve found this guide to be both useful and informative.ca.MetaStock.ca/FreeTrial-EOD www.aspx.ca or you can visit us online at www.MetaStock. To purchase simply go to www. and if for any reason you feel that it doesn’t meet your needs then return it within 30-days in good condition (i. there are no notes in the manual.MetaStock. You can either buy it online or call us at 1-877-386-3763 (USA) or 1-877-463-7638 (Canada) and we‟d be happy to take your order over the phone.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 What to Do Next FundSoft Information Systems has worked it out with Equis so that you can try any of the MetaStock Subscription Versions (End-of-Day.ca/Resources. via email Info@MetaStock. Scott Young | Business Manager Page 17 .

Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary EDGAR Online The US Federal Reserve Financial Calculators Financial Data Finder FinViz. Technical Analysis Software: MetaStock (End-of-Day.com Technical Analysis From A to Z Options University Campbell R. NinjaTrader & TradeStation) OmniTrader (Stocks.ca.com DashBoard FX (Real-time Forex buy/sell alerts with entry/exit points) Trading Mastermind FXYard (Forex Brokers) Money Day Finder (desk calendars for the financial markets) Forex Strategy Secrets Education/Reference: Trading In A Nutshell (by Stuart McPhee) How The Markets Work Free Trading Systems Traders' University (by Interactive Brokers) Big Charts InvestorWords.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Trading Resources: Here is that extensive list of online investing/trading resources I mentioned at the beginning.com Investopedia. Real-Time) Dynamic Trend Profile (Real-Time) TeleCharts 2007 (Worden Brothers) Genesis Trade Navigator Reuters Bridge (Professional Grade) PersonalStockStreamer. For an up-to-date list go to the resources section of www.com/tradingresources/ (our investment blog).com The Trade Sage Stock Market Calculator StrataSearch Forex Software/Brokers/Reference/Education: ForexMentor. We are constantly adding to it and if you think something is missing please let us know by emailing us at Info@MetaStock.FinancialMarketPlace.com Page 18 . Futures & Real-Time) VisualTrader (End-of-Day. Professional. Pro FX) TazaTek (free indicators for MetaStock.

com MorningStar (US) MorningStar (Canada) Globe Investor Gold CNNMoney TradingMarkets.com The Economic Populist The Motley Fool Google Finance Yahoo! Finance Reuters Finance Report on Business (The Globe and Mail) The Financial Post The New York Times Barron's Bloomberg Quote.com Investing Clubs/Groups/Forums: Nirvana Club Freedom Investment Club Equis International Online Community MetaStock User Groups American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Aussie Stock Forums North American Stock Exchanges: The Canadian Stock Exchange (TSX Group) The New Year Stock Exchange Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) NASDAQ American Stock Exchange (AMEX) The Dow Jones EURONEXT Stock Data Services: Reuters Data Link (End-of-Day) Quote Center (Real-Time) eSignal (Real-Time) Cannex (Canada & US) Paritech (Australia) Page 19 .Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Investing News: FinancialMarketPlace.

com Stock Widgets: Yahoo! Stock Widgets Widget Box GStock For an up-to-date list go to: www.Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis 2010 Investment Brokers: E*Trade Financial Scottrade TD Ameritrade TD Waterhouse MB Brokers Interactive Brokers Knight Capital Group Instinet Gold Money (Gold and Silver) Investment Advice: WealthWorks Financial (Jack Di Nardo) Casey Research (Gold. Silver and Natural Resources) Jurock (Western Canadian Real Estate Marketplace) Foreign Exchange Services: DailyFX FXCM (Forex Capital Markets) Quest Trade FX Custom House (definitely sign up for their newsletter) Cambridge Mercantile (they have an excellent daily report as well) Axiom International Olympia Trust Company Globex Foreign Exchange Investment Banking: TD Securities Research: 10KWizard (SEC Filings) BizStats (Free Industry Statistics and Financial Ratios) DailyStocks.FinancialMarketPlace.com/trading-resources/ Page 20 .

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