Word Definition

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Obstinate stubborn Feign fake Frugal sparse/sparing (money) Miserly hording (money) Overt obvious, very open Stoic not showing emotion Tacit unwritten, unspoken agreement Collude taking advantage of… Metafiction element of stories within stories Incipit the beginning of a piece Polysemic many meanings Foreground bring to the front Marginalize push to the side Narrative gaps thing you leave out Cower cringe in fear Moniker a name a nickname Pragmatic practical Auspicious favorable Prudent Careful Malaize uncomfortable Anachronism thing belonging to a different period than to, which it exists Cohesive together Coherent understandable Cogent to be persuasive Pedestrian Everyday type of thing Infer Using evidence Imply Suggesting Banal ordinary Mundane common Malevolent evil Lascivious Epitome the essence of what is representative Epiphany revelation Copious a large amount Hyperbole an exaggeration Staid not much change, 'static' Idiom Magnanimous noble and generous in spirit Merit your achievements Prosaic ordinary Nonchalant casual Ennui boredom Enigma mystery Colloquial lingo spoken in the hallway Furtive secretive (opposite of overt) Ubiquitous hard to miss Hirsute to have hair (like a beard)

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