September 21, 2010

Mr. Tom Kempsey Cheeseburger in Paradise 5502 Executive Drive Tampa, FL 33609 Dear Tom, Enclosed you will find samples of Bertille GF Baking’s gluten-free hamburger/sandwich bun. I’ve also included a few examples of customer reactions to our product. These buns have not yet been frozen so I would suggest that you freeze them and then use the instructions on the label to thaw them as you would in the restaurant when filling an order. I have also included an informal product sheet with this note. It contains the ingredient list and use instructions. I understand that you may have already decided to go with the bun that you developed with Cargill. I nonetheless appreciate your consideration of our product and would also ask for your feedback on what we’ve developed. I’m quite sure that you’ve become an “expert GF bun critic” through this process. Please feel free to email or call with questions or comments. Sincerely, Susan Beier Bertille GF Baking, Inc. Cell: 248-798-7468

Salt This product does not contain preservatives and so should be frozen until use. 4. Remove bun from freezer unwrapped Microwave unsliced bun on HIGH for 15 seconds Slice bun in half w/ serrated bread knife Return sliced bun to microwave open and uncovered Heat for additional 8-10 seconds on HIGH Wait at least 10 seconds Repeat step #5 Remove bun from the oven and enjoy! Refrigerator to Table Usage Guidelines 1. 5. 3. Freezer to Table Usage Guidelines 1. 5. 6. 3. 2. Water. Invert Sugar. Remove bun from refrigerator unwrapped Slice bun in half with serrated knife Place bun in microwave open and uncovered Microwave sliced bun on HIGH for 8-10 seconds Remove bun from oven and enjoy! . 4. 2. Whole Grain Corn Flour). Xanthan Gum. 8. dairy-free (casein-free) hamburger/sandwich bun Gluten-Free Flour Mix (Tapioca Flour. Egg. Corn Starch.Product Sample Information Product Description: Ingredients: Usage Guidelines: Gluten-free. Yeast. 7.

Additional Information: Buns were baked on Tues. 9/21/10 and were shipped fresh .