Boot the VM with the Rescue CD of the OS (here, SLES 10 SP3


Log with root (no password) .

fdisk –l (to list all the partition) .

Mount all you partition in /mnt . /sys . /dev Than chroot /mnt . Also mount /proc .

vi /etc/sysconfig/kernel You must edit the line INITRD_MODULES to remove the drivers you don’t need .

See our new INITRD_MODULES with only the drivers needed. Save your file ( :qw ) .

.Mkinitrd Take note of the kernel image and Initrd image name file.

vi /boot/grub/menu.lst Be sure the kernel image and Initrd image correspond to the name you have in the previous screenshot (it’s not the case in the screen below) .

We edited the file to be sure initrd have the good file name Save the file ( :qw ) .

System Services (runlevel) .yast Go in System.

multipath service .Disable the boot.

Disable multipathd Reboot the system .

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