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Well, here i get some tips of MUET Speaking section from my teacher, is just some topics that possible

can come out in exam. My comment: Some topics look familiar to me, this is because some are writing topics for past year question. according to my teacher, there are possibility of it coming out in speaking this year! 1. Sports - Benefits of hosting on international sporting event - Ways to improve the standard of sports in the country 2. Health - Ways to lead a healthy lifestyle -- Food Pyramid - Ways to prevent spread of diseases like: de ng ue / malaria / hand-foot and mouth disease (HFMD) 3. Environment - Causes of global warming / pollution and effects - Ways to conserve energy / resources of the earth - Reserving the forest / animals / nature 4. National Unity - Ways to promote national unity - Importance of national unity 5. National Service - Safety and security in national service - Health awareness at training centers 6. The Importance of English / Reading - Use of english as medium of instruction in Science and Maths - Ways to promote use of english - Ways to promote reading 7. Choice of careers - Reasons for choosing a career - Type of career that attract school leavers - Factors to consider when choosing a career 8. Social Ills - Vandalism -- Reasons for vandalism --ways to curb vandalism - Smoking -- Reason -- Ways to prevent - Drug addiction - Petty Crimes -- Snatch Thefts --House breaking - Illegal racing

Relationship: .Use of computers / internet ..microwave (oven) .Loitering/Loafing 9. please go and find some info about this la.Smoking among teenagers .Bullying in school / gangsterism (more) . Globalisation .Ways to promote tourism 10.Causes of stress among students / adults 11.conservation of energy . her is list out some MUET topics that probably will come out in MUET 2008.Teenage pregnancies .Parent-child relationship .Dieting/unhealthy eating habits/disorder Environmental issues: . 2008 at 9:00 PM Posted by joshuatly Well.Transportation MUET 2008 Speaking/Writing Topics Monday.pollution . Not 100% and it is very general. April 28.Friendship .conservation of wildlife Advance in tech and science: .computers . Stress Management .global warming .Child abuse Social Ills: .telecommunications .Ways to reduce stress .Use of mobile phones .Telecommunications . Tourism Industry in Malaysia .

food pyramid . etc are some typical reading materials to start with. Train yourself to read daily. . A recommended blog for Malaysian students is Malaysia Students blog. Reading articles on topics of your interest is always an enjoyable and pleasure experience. Learn Skimming and Scanning Skills Skimming is a skill to read something quickly to find the main facts or ideas in it while scanning is to read something word by word quickly for a better understanding of the text. magazines. To make reading your habit. reading English ebooks and weblogs or blogs helps too. In addition. science.exercise regularily . Instead. Magazines such as Readers’ Digest are suitable for your general knowledge. English grammar and vocabulary. For instance. education. Skimming and scanning skills come in handy in your MUET reading test since you have to answer 50 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) based on several texts given..avoid smoking.regular medical checkup Make Reading your Habit Reading for many people is fun and enjoyable. drug addition/drinking . technology. Read Articles form Different Disciplines Do not limit your reading materials to your favourite topics. You can improve your English reading skills by reading as much as possible. you may begin by reading shorter texts and after a week progress to the longer texts. Read a Variety of Materials Newspapers. you name it. environment. health.transportation Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: . novels.balanced diet .maintain ideal weight/avoid obesity . you should read articles and scholarly journals from various disciplines. encyclopaedia.

MUET October 2006 How a fresh graduate can succeed in workplace besides good academics? • • • • Good communication skills Ability to cooperate with others Computer skills Self-discipline How to encourage the students to read more? • • • • Set up a reading corner around the college Equip the library with more interesting materials Second hand book store Reward those who read more What would make a good life partner? • • • • Religious Wealthy Good-looking Fun to be with How to promote tourism in Malaysia? • • • • Build more tourist spots Build more affordable hotels Using Information Technology (IT) More facilities How to attract customers? • • • • Reasonable price Extend business hours Fresh goods Helpful and courteous staffs What challenge would be faced by youth in 21st century? • Knowledgeable skills .

30 am while the second session at 11. All the candidates will be given a question paper. every candidate will be given two minutes to present their points individually starting from Candidate A. Writing on the question papers is prohibited since the question papers will be used for other groups in the same session. One of the two examiners will ask the candidates to read the question in one minute. All candidates will be given two minutes to prepare their points for individual presentation. For instance.” 9. 3. The first session will commence at 7. 4. a piece of paper and a pencil each.00 am. “You are now given one minute to read your questions. There are two sessions each day for Malaysian University English Test (MUET) speaking. 5. All the candidates in the same session will be quarantined in a class or library since the question is the same for a particular session to avoid question leak. Candidates are allowed to write on the blank piece of paper using the pencil provided. candidate with the index number 001 will sit on the Candidate A’s seat while candidate with the index number 002 will sit on the Candidate B’s seat and so on.” 7. 2. The students will go the room and sit on the seats according to their index numbers. After two minutes.• • • Resources Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Good in studies and active in co-curriculum activities 1. While some are waiting in the quarantine room. other students in a group of four will be called group by group to a room to be tested. 6. “You are now given two minutes to prepare your points for individual presentation. The examiner will ask the candidates whether they have any words which they do not understand its meaning. “Any question?” 8. .

10. After two minutes. you may find it quite hard to start. 12.” 13. the examiner will ask the candidates to prepare the group discussion (task B) in two minutes. Anyone may lead the discussion. radio talk shows. you should listen to the conversation between the actors. this way you will be addicted to news broadcasts. Listen to podcasts available on the Internet Similar to blog (weblog). The candidates will discuss which point is the best solution to a particular problem (depending on the question) in a polite and constructive discussion. If English is not your mother tongue. “You are now given two minutes to prepare your group discussion. the more prepared you are. Listen to conversation in the movies When watching movies. 14. the more types of audio materials you have listened. other candidates should jot the points down to prepare for group discussion. Try to train yourself not to read the subtitles but listen carefully to what the actors are talking about in the movies. sitcoms or dramas.0. instead of reading the subtitles. How to improve your listening skills? Listen to wide range of audio materials Since the recorded texts in MUET may include dialogues. etc. Candidates thank the examiners and leave the room. While a candidate is presenting his or her individual speaking. Listen to radio talk shows This is another effective way to boost your listening skill. 11.” Candidates should read the points jotted down just now and decide whether to argue over them or to add additional points on top of them. one candidate will take the initiative to end the discussion by stating a conclusion. After all the candidates have finished individual presentation (task A). At the end of the discussion. Tune in to your favourite radio station and enjoy the talk shows. “You are now given ten minutes for group discussion. Listen to television news broadcasts News broadcasts are very informative and up-to-date. podcast is something very new in the Web 2. the candidates will be given ten minutes for group discussion. even . Try to watch and listen to news broadcasts daily at regular time.

Weightage: 15% Duration: half an hour Read MUET listening tips. There are four components in Malaysian University English Test (MUET). Weightage: 45% Duration: two hours Read MUET reading tips. Weightage: 25% Duration: one and a half hour . information transfer. interpretation of diagrams. Listening Test Paper 1 (800/1) Listen to three recorded texts and answer 15 multiple-choice questions (MCQ). Download some podcasts on your preferred topics and enjoy them while upgrading your listening skill. Writing Test Paper 4 (800/4) One summary writing and one composition. Weightage: 15% Duration: half an hour Read MUET speaking tips. Reading Test Paper 3 (800/3) 50 questions based on different types of passages including cloze passage. Speaking Test Paper 2 (800/2) 2 minutes for individual presentation and 10 minutes for group discussion.dictionaries haven’t coin these words. tables and graphs and comprehension passage.

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