AutoCAD 2D Tutorial

Chapter 40 Isometrics

- 335 -

. Com m a n d: DDRMODES 3. Toggle Isometric Snap/Grid to O N.1 Isometric Cursor 1. Choose Tools.336 - . or 2.. Drawing Aids. . Type DDRMO DES at the command prompt.AutoCAD 2D Tutorial 40.

Press Function Key F5 to toggle <Is o p la n e To p > <Is o p la n e Le ft > <Is o p la n e Right> or 2.2 Isoplane Toggle 1.AutoCAD 2D Tutorial 40. Press CTRL + E to toggle isoplanes. .337 - .

AutoCAD 2D Tutorial 40.338 - . Com m a n d: ELLIPSE o r EL Arc/ Ce n t e r/ I s ocircle/<Axis endpo in t 1 >: I Ce n t e r of circle: <Is o pla n e To p > <Circle ra diu s>/Di a me t e r: . Type E L L I P S E a t t h e c o m ma n d p ro m p t .3 Isometric Circles 1.

Type RIS O as a style name Text s tyle n a m e (or ? ) RISO 3.85 6. Type 30 for t he rot a t ion an gle Rot a t io n an gle:3 0 11. and Vertical DT EXT at the com mand prompt Com m a n d:DTEXT 9.AutoCAD 2D Tutorial 40. Upside Down.85 for the character width factor Widt h fac t or: . Type Type NO to Backwards. Type A string of te xt Text:(t ext string) 12. 8.339 - . Pick A font file Fon t file: Romans.4 Isometric Text 1. Type 30 degrees for an obliquing angle Obl iq ui ng Angl e: 30 7. Type Zero(0) for the text height H eight < 0>0 5. Type STYLE at the command prompt Com m a n d:STYLE 2. Pick A start point Justify/Style/ <St a r t point >: pic k 10.shx 4. Type . Press E NTER to end th e te xt c o m m a n d .

O bliqu e A n gle = -30 R o t a t e d Text = 30 .340 - . Type Type DIMALIGNED to place an aligned dimension in iso m e t ric s DIMEDIT oblique the angle of the dimension line and rotate the text.5 1.AutoCAD 2D Tutorial 40.5 sometric Dimensions 40. 2.

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