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Prcfixcs, Suffixcs, and
Combining Forms
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Abbrcviations in This Work
Thc abbrcviations in this Iist arc rcguIarizcd to onc styIc without µcriods, aIthough thcy may
aµµcar with µcriods in contcxt, dcµcnding on whcthcr µrintcd in roman tyµc or itaIics.
comb. form
n µI

Toch A
¹a- pre/ix [ME, fr. OE a-, an, on] 1 : on : in : at _abcd; _afoot;
_asundcr; - somctimcs uscd in diaIcct sµccch in Iocutions
not found in standard _hc did it a-µurµosc; 2 : in (such) a
statc or condition _afirc; _asIccµ; - oftcn uscd with with
_acrawI with ants; 3 : in (such) a manncr _aIoud; 4 : in thc
act of : in thc µroccss of _daddy`s gonc a-hunting; _months
Iatcr thc shiµ was stiII a-buiIding;
²a- or an- pre/ix [L & Gk; L a-, an-, fr. Gk - morc at L×-] : not
: without _achromatic; _ascxuaI; - uscd chicfIy with words
of Gk or L origin; a- bcforc consonants othcr than h and
somctimcs cvcn bcforc h, an- bcforc vowcIs and usu. bcforc h
_ahistoricaI; _ancsthcsia; _anhydrous;
-a- conbininç /orn [ISV] : rcµIacing carbon csµ. in a ring - in
initiaI combining forms as sccond constitucnt aftcr a first
constitucnt dcsignating a chcmicaI cIcmcnt _arsa-; _aza-;
-a n su//ix -s [NL, µrob. fr. originaIIy nonsignificant -a in naç-
nesia, fr. ML -a (in naçnesia, aIchcmicaI substancc), fr. Gk
-a, -e (in naçnesia, naçnesie, aIchcmicaI substancc, magnct),
fr. nom. sing. fcm. ad}cctivaI cnding corrcsµonding to nom.
sing. masc. -os and nom. sing. ncut. -on] : oxidc _ccria; _Ian-
thana; _thoria;
¹ab- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF & L; OF, fr. L, fr. ab from] 1 : from
: dcµarting from _abnormaI; 2 : away : outsidc of _abcn-
²ab- pre/ix [abso/ute] - uscd for a cgs cIcctromagnctic unit
_abamµcrc; _abhcnry;
abdomin- or abdomino- conbininç /orn [L abdonin-,
abdonen] : abdomcn : abdominaI _abdoninaIgia;
_abdoninoµcrincaI; _abdoninocardiac;
-ability a/so -ibility n su//ix -rs [ME -ab/ete, -abi/ite, -ib/ete,
-ibi/ite, fr. MF -ab/eté, -abi/ité, -ib/eté, -ibi/ité, fr. L -abi/itas,
-ibi/itas, fr. -abi/is, -ibi/is + -tas -ty] : caµacity, fitncss, or tcn-
dcncy to act or bc actcd on in a (sµccificd) way _cnsiIabi/ity;
abio- conbininç /orn [²a- + bio-] : whatcvcr is IifcIcss _abio-
-able a/so -ible adi su//ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -abi/is, -ibi/is, fr. -a-,
-i- (thcmatic vowcIs of various con}ugations of vcrbs) + -bi/is
caµabIc or worthy of (bcing actcd uµon)] 1 : caµabIc of, fit
for, or worthy of (bcing so actcd uµon or toward) - chicfIy
in ad}cctivcs dcrivcd from vcrbs _brcakab/e; _conncctib/e;
_catab/e; _Iovab/e; 2 : tcnding to, givcn to, favoring, causing,
abIc to, or IiabIc to _agrccab/e; _changcab/e; _knowIcdgc-
ab/e; _µcaccab/e; _µcrishab/e; - -ableness n su//ix -rs -
-ably a/so -ibly adv su//ix
-ac n su//ix -s [Gk -akos of or rcIating to, var. of -ikos ¹-ic aftcr
noun stcms cnding in i] : onc affcctcd with _hcmoµhiIiac;
acanth- or acantho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk akanth-, akan-
tho-, fr. akantha, akin to ON öçn awn] : thorn : sµinc _acan-
thocarµous; _Acanthoµhis;
-acanthus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk akantha thorn] : ani-
maI having (such) a sµinc or (such or so many) sµincs
_CcµhaIacanthus; _Ctcnacanthus; - in gcncric namcs csµ. of
acar- or acari- or acaro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Acarus] : mitc
_acaroid; _acaricidc;
ace- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. acetic] : acctic _acenaµhthcnc;;
speci/ : rcIatcd to accnaµhthcnc _aceanthrcnc;
-ace n conbininç /orn -s [LGk ake µoint] : aµcx having (so
many) faccs _hcµtace; _tcssarace;
-acea n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L, ncut. µI. of -aceus -accous] : animaIs
charactcrizcd by : animaIs of thc naturc of _Cctacea;
_Crustacea; - in namcs of zooIogicaI divisions Iargcr than a
gcnus, csµ. ordcrs and cIasscs
-aceae n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L, fcm. µI. of -aceus -accous] : µIants
of thc naturc of _Acanthaceae; _Rosaceae; - in namcs of
famiIics of µIants; formcrIy in namcs of ordcrs of µIants
¹-acean adi su//ix [NL -acea, -aceae + E -an] : -AcroLs
²-acean n su//ix -s : organism charactcrizcd by : organism of
thc naturc of _crustacean; _rosacean; - in singuIar corrc-
sµonding to µIuraIs in -acea, -aceae
acenaphth- or acenaphtho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. acenaph-
thene] : accnaµhthcnc : accnaµhthyIcnc _acenaphthoµhcn-
-acene n su//ix -s [ISV, fr. anthracene] : aromatic µoIycycIic
hydrocarbon containing thrcc or morc fuscd bcnzcnc rings in
straight Iincar scqucncc _naµhthacene;
-aceous adi su//ix [L -aceus] : charactcrizcd by _arcnaceous;
_argiIIaceous; : of thc naturc of _hcrbaceous; : bcIonging to
or conncctcd with a division of animaIs charactcrizcd by or of
thc naturc of _cctaceous; _crustaceous; : bcIonging to or
conncctcd with a famiIy of µIants of thc naturc of _soIana-
ceous; - oftcn in ad}cctivcs corrcsµonding to bioIogicaI cIas-
sification namcs in -acea, -aceae
acet- or aceto- conbininç /orn [F & L; F acét-, fr. L acet-, fr.
acetun vincgar] : acctic acid : acctic : acctyI _acetaIdchydc;
_acetamidc; _acetobcnzoic;
achro- or achroö- conbininç /orn [Gk achroos, fr. a- ²a- +
-chroos coIorcd - morc at -cnÞooLs] : coIorIcss _achrodcx-
trin; _achroöcyst;
achromat- or achromato- conbininç /orn [Gk achrõnatos coI-
orIcss, fr. a- ²a- + -chrõnatos coIorcd, fr. chrõnat-, chrõna
coIor] : achromatic _achronaturia; : somcthing achromatic
acou- or acouo- conbininç /orn [F acou-, fr. Gk akouein to
hcar] : hcaring : Iistcning _acoumctcr; _acouoµhonia;
-acousia or -acusia n conbininç /orn, p/ -acousiae or -acusiae
[NL, fr. Gk akousis (fr. akouein to hcar + -sis) + NL -ia] : hcar-
ing _µrcsbyacousia; _hyµcracusia;
acr- or acro- a/so akr- or akro- conbininç /orn [MF or Gk; MF
acro-, fr. Gk akr-, akro-, fr. akros toµmost, cxtrcmc; akin to
Gk akne µoint] 1 : bcginning : cnd : tiµ _acroIogy; 2 a : toµ
: µcak : summit _acroµctaI; _acroccµhaIy; b : hcight _acro-
µhobia; c : cxtrcmity of thc body, csµ. thc human body
acromio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. acronion] : acromiaI and
_acroniodcItoid; _acroniostcrnaI;
¹-act adi conbininç /orn [Gk aktis ray - morc at Ac1r×-]
: having (such or so many) rays _µoIyact; _tctract; - in
tcrms aµµIicd to sµongc sµicuIcs
²-act n conbininç /orn -s : onc having (such or so many) rays
_hcxact; _triact; - in namcs of sµongc sµicuIcs
actin- or actini- or actino- conbininç /orn [NL actin- ray, fr.
Gk aktin-, aktino-, fr. aktin-, aktis, akin to OE uhte morning
twiIight, OHG uhta, ON õtta, Goth uhtwo, Skt aktu Iight,
night, L noct-, nox night] 1 a : having a radiatcd structurc
_Actinoµoda; _Actinomyccs; b : actinian _actiniform;
_Actinozoa; 2 a : actinic _actinautograµhy; b : of, rcIating
to, or causcd by actinic radiation (as X rays) _actinothcraµy;
-actinal adi conbininç /orn [Gk aktin-, aktis ray + E -a/]
: -Ac1r×r
-actine adi conbininç /orn [Gk aktin-, aktis] : having (such or
so many) rays _discoactine; _µcntactine; - csµ. in tcrms
aµµIicd to sµongc sµicuIcs
actinio- conbininç /orn [Actinia] : actinian _actiniochromc;
acu- conbininç /orn [ML, fr. L acu, abI. of acus nccdIc; akin
to L acies cdgc] : with a nccdIc _acuµuncturc;
Prcfixcs, Suffixcs, and Combining Forms
Webster's 1hird New lnternationa/ Dictionary
acuti- conbininç /orn [ML, fr. L acutus] : sharµ-µointcd _acu-
tifoIiatc; : sharµIy angIcd _acutiµIantar;
acuto- conbininç /orn [acute] : acutc and _acuto-gravc;
: acutcIy _acuto-nodosc;
ad- or ac- or af- or ag- or al- or ap- or as- or at- pre/ix [ad- fr.
ME, fr. L, fr. ad, ac- fr. ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad, a/- fr. ME,
fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad, aç- fr. ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. ad, a/- fr. ME,
fr. MF, fr. L, fr. ad, ap- fr. ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. ad, as- fr.
ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad, at- fr. ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad] 1 : to
: toward - usu. ac- bcforc c, k, or q _accuIturation; and a/-
bcforc / _a/formativc; and aç- bcforc ç _açgradation; and a/-
bcforc / _a/Iincation; and ap- bcforc p _apµcrsonation; and
as- bcforc s _asscIf; and at- bcforc t _attunc; and ad- bcforc
othcr sounds _adnominaI; _advcrbiaI; but somctimcs ad-
cvcn bcforc onc of thc Iistcd consonants _adµronominaI; 2
: ncar : ad}accnt to - in this scnsc aIways in thc form ad-
_adoraI; _adrcnaI;
¹-ad n su//ix -s [MF & L; MF -ade, fr. L -ad-, -as, fr. Gk -ad-,
-as, fcm. suffix dcnoting dcsccnt from or conncction with] 1
a : µcriod of timc _quinqucnniad; b : grouµ, aggrcgatc, or
unit of (so many) µarts _quintad; c : cIcmcnt, atom, or rad-
icaI having (such or so grcat) a chcmicaI vaIcncc _artiad;
_µcrissad; _dyad; 2 : cµic of : µocm ccIcbrating
_CoIumbiad; 3 [µrob. fr. NL -ad-, -as (uscd as finaI cIcmcnt
in botanicaI gcnus namcs), fr. Gk] : mcmbcr of (such) a
botanicaI grouµ _magnoIiad; _moringad; 4 : kind of µIant or
animaI µroduccd by or associatcd with _ccad; _variad; -
-adic adi su//ix
²-ad adv su//ix [L ad] bio/ : in thc dircction of : toward : -wAÞo
_ccµhaIad; _vcntrad;
-ade n su//ix -s [ME, fr. MF, fr. OProv -ada, fr. LL -ata, fr. L,
fcm. of -atus -atc] 1 : act : action _bIockade; 2 a : µroduct
_}amrosade; b : swcct drink _orangcade;
adel- or adelo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ade/, ade/o- unsccn,
fr. ade/os, fr. a- ²a- + de/os visibIc, cvidcnt; akin to OE tætan
to gIaddcn, OHG reir dcar, ON teitr gIad, Skt dideti hc shincs,
L dies day] : conccaIcd : not aµµarcnt _Ade/astcr; _ade/oµod;
adelpho- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. ade/phos] : brothcr
-adelphous adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -ade/phus, fr. Gk
ade/phos brothcr, fr. a- (fr. assumcd ha-, akin to heis, nia, hen
onc, honos samc) + -de/phos (akin to de/phys womb)] : having
(such or so many) stamcn fascicIcs _isade/phous; _monade/p-
aden- or adeno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk adeno-, fr. aden-,
aden, akin to ON ökkr Iumµ, L inçuen groin, Gk nephros kid-
ncy] 1 : gIand : gIanduIar _adenitis; _adenocarcinoma; 2
: gIanduIar and _adenoncuraI;
adip- or adipo- conbininç /orn [L adip-, adeps, fr. Gk a/eipha,
akin to Gk /ipos fat, Iard] 1 : fat : fatty tissuc _adipic;
_adipoccIc; 2 : conncctcd with adiµic acid _adipamidc;
adren- or adreno- conbininç /orn [adrena/] 1 : adrcnaI gIands
_adrenocorticaI; _adrenomcduIIary; _adrenotroµic; : adrcnaI
and _adrenogcnitaI; 2 : adrcnaIinc _adrencrgic;
aer- or aero- conbininç /orn [ME aero-, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. Gk
aer-, aero-, fr. aer-, aer] 1 a : air : atmosµhcrc : acriaI _aer-
atc; _aercnchyma; _aerobic; b : acriaI and _aerohydrous; 2
: gas _aeromctry; _aerosoI; 3 : aviation _aerodromc; _aero-
aeri- conbininç /orn [LL aeri-, fr. L aer] : air _aeriform; _aer-
aeto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk aetos, akin to L avis bird]
: cagIc _aetomorµh; _Aetosaurus; - csµ. in namcs of taxo-
nomic grouµs in zooIogy
-aetus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk aetos - morc at Ar1o-]
: cagIc - in gcncric namcs of birds _Circaetus;
afr- or afro- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L A/r-, A/er African]
: African _A/ramcrican; : African and _A/ro-Asiatic;
agam- or agamo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. LL açanus unmar-
ricd, fr. Gk açanos, fr. a- ²a- + çanos marriagc] : ascxuaI
_açanic; _açanogcncsis;
agath- or agatho- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. açathos, µcrh. akin
to OE çõd good] : good _Açathosma; _açathoIogy;
-age n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -aticun] 1 : aggrcgatc : coIIcc-
tion _ccIIaraçe; _surµIusaçe; _trackaçe; _wordaçe; 2 a
: action : µroccss _covcraçe; _hauIaçe; _stoµµaçe; b : cumu-
Iativc rcsuIt of _brcakaçe; _shrinkaçe; c : ratc of _dosaçe;
_Icakaçe; _outaçe; _sIiµµaçe; 3 : housc or µIacc of _orµhan-
açe; _µarsonaçe; 4 : statc : rank _bondaçe; _µconaçe; 5
: chargc for (an act or scrvicc) _µostaçe; _towaçe; _wharfaçe;
-agogue a/so -agog n conbininç /orn -s [F & NL; F -açoçue, fr.
LL -açoçus µromoting thc cxµuIsion of, fr. Gk -açõços, fr.
açõços Icading, drawing forth, fr. açein to Icad; NL -açoçon,
ncut. of -açoços µromoting thc cxµuIsion of, fr. Gk -açõços]
: substancc that µromotcs thc sccrction or cxµuIsion of
_choIaçoçue; _Iymµhaçoçue;
-agra n conbininç /orn, p/ -agrae a/so -agras [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk,
fr. açra hunting, catch; akin to W aer war, L açere to drivc]
: scizurc of µain _cardiaçra; _mcIaçra;
agrio- conbininç /orn [GK & NL; NL, fr. Gk, fr. açrios, fr.
açros ficId] : wiId _açrioIogy;
agro- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. açros ficId] 1 : of or
bcIonging to ficIds or soiI : agricuIturaI _açronomy; _açros-
tcroI; 2 : agricuIturaI and _açroindustriaI;
-aholic or -oholic n conbininç /orn -s [a/coho/ic] 1 : onc who
fccIs comµuIsivcIy thc nccd to (do somcthing) _shoµaho/ic;
_winaho/ic; 2 : onc who Iikcs (somcthing) to cxccss _goIfa-
ailur- or ailuro- or aelur- or aeluro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
ai/ouro-, fr. ai/ouros] : cat _ai/urodon; _ai/uroµhobia;
¹-al adi su//ix [ME -a/, -e/, fr. OF & L; OF -a/, -e/, fr. L -a/is]
: of, rcIating to, or charactcrizcd by _dircctiona/; _fictiona/;
_hormona/; _organizationa/; _sµcctra/; _tida/;
²-al n su//ix -s [ME -ai//e, fr. OF, fr. L -a/ia, ncut. µI. of -a/is]
: action or µroccss _bcstowa/; _rchcarsa/; _withdrawa/;
³-al n su//ix -s [F, fr. a/coo/ aIcohoI, fr. ML a/coho/] 1 a : aIdc-
hydc _butana/; _saIicyIa/; b : acctaI _butyra/; 2 : µharma-
ccuticaI µroduct _barbita/;
alb- or albo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. a/bus] : whitc _a/bitc;
albumin- or albumini- or albumino- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr.
F, fr. L a/bunin-, a/bunen] : aIbumcn : aIbumin _a/bu-
ninoid; _a/buninifcrous; _a/buninoIysis;
alco- or alcoo- conbininç /orn [a/coho/] : aIcohoI _a/cogcI;
_a/cosoI; _a/coomctcr;
ald- or aldo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. F a/d-, fr. a/déhyde, fr.
G a/dehyd] 1 : containing thc aIdchydc grouµ - in namcs of
cIasscs of comµounds _a/dohcxosc; 2 : rcIatcd to an aIdchydc
aldon- or aldono- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. a/donic (in a/donic
acid)] : rcIatcd to or dcrivcd from an aIdonic acid _a/don-
amidc; _a/donoIactonc;
-ales n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L, µI. of -a/is -aI] : µIants bcIonging to
or rcIatcd to _Chytridia/es; _Rosa/es; - in thc namcs of
ordcrs of µIants; in somc cIassifications in thc namcs of othcr
suµcrfamiIiaI grouµs of µIants (as aIIianccs or cohorts)
aleuro- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. a/euron whcat fIour,
fIour; akin to Arm a/an I grind] : fIour _a/euromctcr;
alg- or algo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk a/ç-, fr. a/ços] : µain
_a/çcsthcsis; _a/çancsthcsia; _a/çoµhobia;
-algia n conbininç /orn -s [Gk -a/çia, fr. a/ços] : µain : µainfuI
condition _ccµhaIa/çia; _µoda/çia; - -algic adi conbininç
-algy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -a/çia] : -ALcrA
ali- conbininç /orn [L, fr. a/a] 1 : wing _a/iform; _a/itrunk; 2
: rcIating to thc sidc µarts of (a sµccificd organ or structurc)
_a/icthmoid; _a/inasaI;
-alia n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ha/ia asscmbIy & Gk ha/-,
ha/s sca; Gk ha/ia akin to Gk ei/ein to comµrcss, OSIav ve/ikŭ
grcat, and µcrh. to L vu/çus common µcoµIc; Gk ha/s sca, akin
to Gk ha/s saIt] : rcaIm of marinc animaI Iifc - in namcs of
biogcograµhic rcaIms _Arcta/ia; _Bassa/ia; - -alian adi
conbininç /orn
acuti- -alia 2
alk- conbininç /orn [a/ky/] : aIkyI _a/kacryIic; _a/kiodidc;
alka- conbininç /orn [a/kane] : aIkanc _a/kadiync; _a/kaµoIy-
all- or allo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. a//os othcr, diffcrcnt] 1
: othcr : diffcrcnt : dissimiIar : cxtrancous _a//crgy; _a//oµa-
thy; _a//oscmatic; 2 a//o- : isomcric form, cIosc rcIativc, or
varicty of (a sµccificd chcmicaI comµound) _a//o-ocimcnc;
_a//otcIIuric acid;: as a : thc morc stabIc form (of two gco-
mctricaI isomcrs) _a//ocinnamic acid; b : 1ÞA×s- 3 - csµ. in
namcs of stcrcoisomcric comµounds containing two fuscd sat-
uratcd rings _a//ochoIanic acid; _a//oµrcgnanc; 3 usu a//o-
: having dissimiIar gcnomcs _a//ohctcroµIoid; _a//oµIoid;
_a//otriµIoid; - oµµoscd to aut-
allant- or allanto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, sausagc, fr.
a//ant-, a//as, µrob. of ItaIic origin; akin to L a/iun garIic] 1
: aIIantoic : aIIantoid _a//antochorion; _a//antoin; 2 : sausagc
allelo- conbininç /orn [Gk a//e/o- cach othcr, fr. a//e/õn of cach
othcr, fr. a//os . . . a//os onc . . . thc othcr, fr. a//os othcr] 1
: aItcrnativc _a//e/omorµh; 2 : of or for cach othcr : rcciµro-
caI : rcciµrocaIIy _a//e/ocataIytic; _a//e/otroµism;
allo- conbininç /orn [GK a//os . . . a//os onc . . . thc othcr, fr.
a//os othcr] : bcing onc of a grouµ whosc mcmbcrs togcthcr
constitutc a structuraI unit csµ. of a Ianguagc _a//oµhonc;
_a//omorµh; - comµarc -rmr
allox- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. a//oxan] : aIIoxan
-ally adv su//ix [¹-a/ + -/y] : ²-Lv _scmantica//y; - in advcrbs
formcd from ad}cctivcs cnding in -ic with no aItcrnativc form
cnding in -ica/
alterni- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L a/ternus aItcrnatc] : aItcrnatc
: aItcrnatcIy _a/ternifoIiatc; _a/terniµctaIous; _a/terniµinnatc;
alti- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. a/tus] 1 : high _a/tisonant;
2 : aItitudc _a/tigraµh; _a/timctcr;
alumin- or alumino- conbininç /orn [MF a/unin-, fr. L, fr. a/u-
nin-, a/unen] 1 : aIum _a/uniniform; 2 : aIuminum _a/u-
alveol- or alveolo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. a/veo/us] 1 : aIvcoIus
_a/veo/cctomy; 2 : aIvcoIar and _a/veo/oIabiaI;
-am n conbininç /orn -s [µrob. fr. G, µrob. fr. NL annonia]
: chcmicaI comµound rcIatcd to ammonia _Iactan; _µhos-
ambi- pre/ix [L anbi-, anb- both, on both sidcs, around; akin
to L anbo both, Gk anphõ both, anphi around] : both
_anbiIatcraI; _anbiµarous;
ambly- or amblyo- conbininç /orn [LL anb/y-, fr. Gk, fr.
anb/ys, akin to L no//is soft, no/ere to grind] 1 : bIunt
: obtusc _Anb/yccµhaIus; 2 : duIIcd : dimmcd _anb/yacou-
sia; 3 : conncctcd with ambIyoµia _anb/yoscoµc;
amer- or amero- conbininç /orn, cap [Anerican] : Amcrican
_AneroµhiIc; : Amcrican and _Anerasian;
americo- conbininç /orn, cap [Anerica] 1 : rcIating to Amcrica
or Amcricans _Anericomania; 2 : Amcrican and _Anerico-
amid- or amido- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. anide] 1 : containing
thc grouµ NH, charactcristic of amidcs unitcd to a radicaI
of acid charactcr _anidosuIfuric; - distinguishcd from
anin- 2 : Amr×- _anidoµhcnoI; 3 : containing thc radicaI
÷CONH÷ charactcristic of µoIyamidcs, µcµtidcs, and µrotcins
amin- or amino- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. anine] now usu
anino- : containing thc grouµ NH, charactcristic of µrimary
amincs unitcd to a radicaI othcr than an acid radicaI
_aninoacctaniIidc; _aninoguanidinc; - distinguishcd from
amm- or ammo- conbininç /orn [anno-, fr. Gk, fr. annos
sand] : sand _annoµhiIous;
ammino- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. G, fr. annin amminc]
: amminc _anninochIoridc;
ammoni- or ammonio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. annoniun]
: containing ammonia or ammonium _annoniocuµric suI-
ammono- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. annonia] 1 : ammonia
_annonoIysis; 2 : dcrivcd from ammonia - in namcs of
chcmicaI comµounds _annonocarbonic acid HN=C(NH,),;;
comµarc AqLo- 2
amnio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. annion, fr. Gk] 1 : amnion
_anniotomc; 2 : amniotic and _annioaIIantoic;
amorph- or amorpho- conbininç /orn [Gk, anorph-, fr. anor-
phos] : amorµhous _anorphism; _anorphoµhytc;
ampel- or ampelo- conbininç /orn [NL anpe/-, fr. Gk anpe/-,
anpe/o-, fr. anpe/os] : graµcvinc _anpe/oµsis; _anpe/ogra-
amphi- or amph- pre/ix [L anphi- around, on both sidcs, fr. Gk
anphi-, anph-, fr. anphi - morc at Amnr-] 1 : around
_anphisµcrmous; 2 : on both sidcs : of both kinds : both
_anphicarµic; _anphivorous;
ampho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk anphõ - morc at Amnr-]
: both _anphoµhiIic;
amygdal- or amygdalo- conbininç /orn [L anyçda/-, fr. anyç-
da/a] 1 : aImond : aImond famiIy _anyçda/asc; _anyçda/if-
crous; 2 [NL, fr. anyçda/a] a : tonsiI _anyçda/otomy; b
: tonsiIIar and _anyçda/o-uvuIar;
amyl- or amylo- conbininç /orn [LL any/-, fr. L any/un, fr.
Gk any/on, fr. ncut. of any/os not ground at thc miII, fr. a-
²a- + ny/os, ny/e miII] : starch _any/asc; _any/cmia; _any-
¹-an or -ian a/so -ean n su//ix -s [-an & -ian fr. ME -an, -ian,
-ien, fr. OF & L; OF -ien, fr. L -ianus, fr. -i- + -anus, fr. -anus,
ad}. suffix; -ean fr. such words as Mediterranean, European] 1
: onc that is of or bcIonging to _Amcrican; _Bostonian; 2
: onc skiIIcd in or sµcciaIizing in - csµ. in dcrivativcs from
nouns cnding in -ic or -ics, in thc Iattcr casc with Ioss of -s
_diaIcctician; _µhonctician; _statistician; 3 : onc bcIonging
to a (sµccificd) zooIogicaI grouµ _crustaccan; _mammaIian;
²-an or -ian a/so -ean adi su//ix [-an & -ian fr. ME -an, -ian, -ien,
fr. OF & L; OF -ien, fr. L -ianus, fr. -i- + -anus, -ean fr. such
words as Mediterranean, European] 1 : of or bcIonging to
_Amcrican; _FIoridian; _WcsIcyan; 2 : charactcristic of
: rcscmbIing _Mozartean; _Shavian; 3 : of or bcIonging to a
(sµccificd) gcoIogic µcriod, cµoch, or scrics _Cambrian;
³-an n su//ix -s [ISV -an, -ane, aItcr. of -ene, -ine, & -one] 1
: unsaturatcd carbon comµound _toIan C,H,C÷CC,H,; _urc-
than; - csµ. in namcs of hctcrocycIic comµounds _furan;
_aIIoxan;; comµarc -A×r 2 a : anhydridc rcµrcscnting a µoIy-
mcr of a carbohydratc - usu. rcµIacing finaI -ose of thc car-
bohydratc namc _xyIan; _dcxtran;, Icss oftcn rcµIacing finaI
-e _µcntosan; b : intramoIccuIar anhydridc of a carbohy-
dratc - rcµIacing finaI -e of thc carbohydratc namc _ß-gIu-
ana- or an- pre/ix [ML, fr. L ana- & LL an-, fr. Gk ana-, an-,
fr. ana uµ, on] 1 : uµ : uµward _anodc; _Anacardium; 2
: back : backward _ananym; 3 : again : ancw _anagcncsis;
-ana or -iana n p/ su//ix [NL, coIIcctcd quotations from, fr. L,
ncut. µI. of -anus -an & -ianus -ian] : coIIcctcd itcms of infor-
mation csµ. anccdotaI or bibIiograµhicaI conccrning
_Amcricana; _Johnsoniana; _Burnsiana; _coIIcgiana; -
chicfIy in dcrivativcs from µcrsonaI namcs and µIacc namcs
anarch- or anarcho- conbininç /orn [ML anarch-, fr. Gk, fr.
anarchos] 1 : without govcrnmcnt _anarchicaI; 2 a : anar-
chism and _anarchoµacifism; b : anarchist and _anarchoin-
anatomico- or anatomo- conbininç /orn [anatonic] : anatomi-
caI and : anatomicaI _anatonicoµathoIogicaI; _anatonocIini-
-ance n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -antia, fr. -ant-, -ans -ant +
-ia -y] 1 : action or µroccss _attcndance; _dcIivcrance; _fur-
thcrance; : instancc of an action or µroccss _aµµcarance;
_µcrformance; 2 : quaIity or statc _rcscmbIance; _tcmµcr-
ance; : instancc of a quaIity or statc _µrotubcrance; 3
: amount or dcgrcc _conductance; _transmittance;
-ancy n su//ix -rs [L -antia - morc at -A×cr] 1 : quaIity or
statc _buoyancy; _µIiancy; 2 : instancc of a quaIity or statc
-ander n conbininç /orn -s [NL -andrus, fr. Gk -andros having
alk- -ander 3
(such or so many) mcn - morc at -A×oÞoLs] : onc having
(such or so many) stamcns - in words dcnoting mcmbcrs of
Linnacan botanicaI cIasscs in -andria _hcxander;
andr- or andro- conbininç /orn [MF andro-, fr. L andr-,
andro-, fr. Gk, fr. andr-, aner man (maIc µcrson); akin to OIr
nert strcngth, OScan ner man (maIc µcrson), Skt nr] 1 : man
_androccntric; _androµhagous; : of or bcIonging to a man or
mcn _androcracy; _androµhobia; : having thc charactcristics
of a man and _androtauric; 2 : maIc _androgcncsis; : maIc
and _androgynous; 3 : stamcn : anthcr _androccium;
-andra n conbininç /orn [NL, fcm. of -andrus -androus] : onc
having (such) a stamcn - in gcncric namcs of µIants
_CaIIiandra; _Pachysandra;
-andria n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fact or condition of
having (such or so many) mcn - morc at -A×oÞv] : µIants
having (such or so many) stamcns - in namcs of Linnacan
botanicaI cIasscs _PoIyandria;
-androus adi conbininç /orn [NL -andrus, fr. Gk -andros hav-
ing (such or so many) mcn, fr. andr-, aner man (maIc µcrson)
- morc at A×oÞ-] : having (such or so many) stamcns
-andry n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -andria, fr. Gk, fact or con-
dition of having (such or so many) mcn, fr. -andros + -ia -y]
: µosscssion of (such or so many) stamcns _hctcrandry;
-ane n su//ix -s [ISV -an, -ane, aItcr. of -ene, -ine, & -one] 1
: ³-A× 1 _urcthane; 2 : saturatcd or comµIctcIy hydrogcnat-
cd carbon comµound - in namcs of hydrocarbons and somc
µarcnt hctcrocycIic comµounds _mcthane; _choIcstane;
_dioxane;; distinguishcd from -ene, -yne
anem- or anemo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. F anéno-, fr. Gk
anen-, aneno-, fr. anenos] 1 : wind _anenosis; _anenomc-
tcr; 2 : inhaIation _anenoµathy;
ang- conbininç /orn [ançu/ar] usu ita/ : anguIar
-ange n conbininç /orn -s [NL -ançiun] : -A×crLm
angi- or angio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ançei-, ançeio- vcs-
scI, bIood vcsscI, fr. ançeion, dim. of anços vcsscI; µcrh. akin
to L ançu/us angIc] 1 a : bIood or Iymµh vcsscI _ançioid;
_ançioIith; _ançiosis; b : angiomatous _ançiofibroma;
: angiomatous and _ançiocavcrnous; 2 : sccd vcsscI _ançio-
-angium n conbininç /orn, p/ -angia [NL, fr. Gk ançeion -
morc at A×cr-] : vcsscI : rcccµtacIc _gamctançiun;
anglo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [NL, fr. ML Anç/i EngIish µco-
µIc, fr. L, AngIcs] 1 : EngIish: a : of or bcIonging to EngIand
_Anç/o-Norman; b : of EngIish origin, dcsccnt, or cuIturc
_Anç/o-Indian; _Anç/o-Irish; 2 : EngIish and _Anç/o-
Jaµancsc; _Anç/o-Russian;
anguli- or angulo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. L ançu/us
angIc] 1 : angIc _ançu/omctcr; : anguIar _ançu/incrvcd; 2
: of or bcIonging to thc anguIar and _ançu/osµIcniaI;
angusti- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. L, fr. ançustus] : narrow
_ançustifoIiatc; _ançustirostratc;
anhydr- or anhydro- conbininç /orn [modif. (infIucnccd by
hydr-, hydro-) of Gk anydr-, fr. anydros] 1 a : watcrIcss _anhy-
drcmia; b : Iacking fIuid _anhydromycIia; 2 : anhydridc of
¹anis- or aniso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. anisos, fr. an- +
isos cquaI - morc at rs-] : uncquaI _anisodont; _anisos-
²anis- or aniso- conbininç /orn [L anisun anisc] : anisc
_anisic; : anisic acid _anisoyI;
ankyl- or ankylo- a/so anchyl- or anchylo- or ancyl- or ancylo-
conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk anky/-, anky/o-, fr. anky/os, akin
to Gk ankos gIcn] 1 : crookcd : curvcd _Ancy/ostoma; 2 [NL,
fr. Gk anky/-, anky/o-, fr. anky/õsis] a : stiff, immobiIc, con-
strictcd, or cIoscd bccausc of adhcsion _anky/ogIossia;
_anky/urcthria; b : ankyIosis _anky/oµhobia;
ano- pre/ix [NL, fr. Gk anõ uµward, abovc, fr. ana uµ, on] 1
: uµward _anogcnic; _anooµsia; 2 : uµµcr _anocarµous;
anom- or anomo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk anon- IawIcss, fr.
anonos, fr. a- ²a- + nonos Iaw, fr. nenein to distributc]
: unusuaI : abnormaI : irrcguIar _anonitc; _anonocarµous;
anomal- or anomali- or anomalo- conbininç /orn [L anona/-,
fr. Gk, fr. anõna/os uncvcn, irrcguIar] : anomaIous : irrcgu-
Iar _anona/ifIorous; _anona/ism; _anona/occµhaIus;
anopl- or anoplo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk anop/os, fr. an- +
-hop/os (fr. hop/on tooI, wcaµon)] : unarmcd - chicfIy in
namcs of zooIogicaI taxa _Anop/anthus; _anop/occµhaIic;
¹-ant n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. -ant, µrcs. µart. suffix, fr. L
-ant-, -ans, µrcs. µart. suffix of first con}ugation, fr. -a- (vowcI
of first con}ugation) + -nt-, -ns, µrcs. µart. suffix; akin to OE
-nde, µrcs. µart. suffix, OHG -nti, ON -ndi, Goth -nds, Gk -nt-,
-n, µrcs., fut., & aor. µart. suffix, Skt -nt, µrcs., fut., & aor.
act. µart. suffix] 1 a : onc that µcrforms (a sµccificd action)
: µcrsonaI or imµcrsonaI agcnt _assistant; _cIaimant;
_cooIant; _dcodorant; _rcsuItant; b : thing that µromotcs (a
sµccificd action or µroccss) _cxµcctorant; 2 : µcrson or thing
conncctcd with _annuitant; _chcmothcraµcutant; 3 : thing
that is actcd uµon (in a sµccificd manncr) _inhaIant; _ingcs-
tant; 4 : thing that is uscd (for a sµccificd µurµosc) _antifog-
²-ant adi su//ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. -ant, µrcs. µart. suffix] 1 : µcr-
forming (a sµccificd action) or bcing (in a sµccificd condition)
_dcnudant; _µroµcIIant; _somnambuIant; 2 : µromoting (a
sµccificd action or µroccss) _cxµcctorant;
ante- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, fr. ante bcforc, in front, in front of; akin
to OE and-, on- against, OHG ant-, int-, ON and-, Goth anda-,
and-, Gk anti bcforc, against, Skt anti in thc µrcscncc of, Hitt
hanti in front] 1 a : µrior : µrcccdcnt : carIicr _antenati;
_anteµast; _antetyµc; b : antcrior _anteroom; : forward _ante-
fIcxion; _antevcrsion; 2 a : µrior to : carIicr than _antecIassi-
caI; _antenataI; _anteµartum; b : in front of _anteorbitaI;
antero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L anterior] : antcrior
_anteroµarictaI; : antcrior and _anteroIatcraI; : from front to
anth- or antho- conbininç /orn [L anth-, fr. Gk anth-, antho-,
fr. anthos] 1 : fIowcr _anthccoIogy; _anthocyanin; 2 : fIow-
crIikc _Anthozoa;
-anthema n conbininç /orn, p/ -anthemata or -anthemas [LL,
fr. Gk -anthena, akin to Gk anthos fIowcr] : cruµtion : rash
-anthemum n conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk anthenon fIowcr, fr.
anthos] : µIant having (such) a fIowcr - in gcncric namcs
_HcIianthenun; _Xcranthenun;
-anthera n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. anthera] : µIant having
(such) an anthcr - in gcncric namcs _Adcnanthera;
-antherous adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -antherus, fr.
anthera anthcr] : having (such) an anthcr or (such or so
many) anthcrs _dccantherous; _µhacnantherous;
-anthery n conbininç /orn -rs : µosscssion of anthcrs, csµ. as
indicatcd _µhacnanthery;
-anthes n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -anthes bIooming, fIow-
crcd, fr. anthos fIowcr] : µIant having (such) a fIowcr - in
gcncric namcs _Achyranthes; _PoIianthes; _Zcµhyranthes;
-anthous adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -anthus, fr. Gk
anthos fIowcr] : -fIowcrcd _gymnanthous; _monanthous; -
-anthy n conbininç /orn -rs
anthr- or anthra- conbininç /orn[ISV anthracene] : anthraccnc
nucIcus _anthroI; _anthragaIIoI;
anthrac- or anthraco- conbininç /orn [L anthrac-, fr. Gk
anthrak-, anthrako- charcoaI, carbuncIc, fr. anthrak-, anthrax]
1 : coaI : carbon _anthracosis; _anthracoIithic; _Anthraco-
saurus; 2 : carbuncIc _anthracnosc; : anthrax _anthracoid;
-anthrene n conbininç /orn -s [ISV anthracene] : substancc
rcIatcd to anthraccnc _µhcnanthrene; _choIanthrene;
anthrop- or anthropo- conbininç /orn [L anthropo-, fr. Gk
anthrõp-, anthrõpo-, fr. anthrõpos, µcrh. irrcg. fr. andr-, aner
man (maIc µcrson) + -õpos (fr. õps facc) - morc at A×oÞ-]
: human bcing _anthropoid; _anthropogcncsis;
-anthropus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk anthrõpos - morc at
andr- -anthropus 4
A×1nÞoÞ-] : man - in gcncric namcs of µrimatcs _Pithc-
canthropus; _Sinanthropus;
-anthus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk anthos fIowcr] : organ-
ism having or rcscmbIing (such) a fIowcr - in gcncric namcs
in botany _CycIanthus; _Schizanthus; and zooIogy
¹anti- or ant- or anth- pre/ix [anti- fr. ME, fr. OF & L; OF, fr.
L, against, fr. Gk, fr. anti, ant- fr. ME, fr. L, against, fr. Gk,
fr. anti, anth- fr. L, against, fr. Gk, fr. anti - morc at A×1r-]
1 a : onc oµµosing thc cIaims of : rivaI : sµurious _antichrist;
_antiking; _antiµoµc; b : of thc samc kind but situatcd oµµo-
sitc, cxcrting cncrgy in thc oµµositc dircction, or µursuing an
oµµositc µoIicy _antaµcx; _antarctic; _anticIinc; _anti-
schooI; _antivoIition; c : onc that is oµµositc in kind to
_anticIimax; _antihcro; _antircIigion; - anti- bcforc conso-
nants othcr than h and somctimcs ant- bcforc vowcIs and
anth- bcforc h (which is not rcµcatcd), but morc frcqucntIy
anti- cvcn bcforc h or a vowcI 2 a : oµµosing or hostiIc to in
oµinion, symµathy, or µracticc _anticaµitaIist; _antidcmocra-
tic; _antiromantic; _antisIavcry; _antiunion; b : oµµosing in
cffcct or activity : inhibiting : µrcvcnting : countcracting
_antacid; _anthcImintic; _antiaging; _anti-Comintcrn;
_anticnzymc; _antifat; _antifogging; _anti-infIationary;
_antisIiµ; _antitrust; 3 : not _antigrammaticaI; _antiIogicaI;
4 : scrving to µrcvcnt, curc, or aIIcviatc (a µathoIogicaI con-
dition) _antiarthritic; _antisµasmodic; 5 a : oµµosing or ncu-
traIizing anothcr substancc _antibody; _antiscrum; b : sub-
stancc that oµµoscs or ncutraIizcs (anothcr substancc); esp
: substancc that is an antibody to (a sµccificd antigcn) _anti-
toxin; 6 : combating : dcstroying : dcfcnding against _anti-
aircraft; _antiminc; _antitank;
²anti- pre/ix [MF & ML, fr. L ante-] : A×1r- - now IittIc uscd
bccausc of µossibIc confusion with ¹anti-
antr- or antro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. LL antrun cavity in thc
body] 1 : antrum _antritis; 2 : antraI and _antronasaI;
aort- or aorto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. aorta] : aorta _aortitis;
aphan- or aphano- conbininç /orn [F aphan-, fr. Gk aphanes,
fr. a- ²a- + -phanes (fr. phainesthai to aµµcar)] : invisibIc
: obscurc _aphanitc; _Aphanomyccs;
aphr- or aphro- conbininç /orn [G aphr-, fr. Gk aphr-, aphro-,
fr. aphros, µcrh. akin to L inber rain] : foam _aphritc;
api- conbininç /orn [L, fr. apis] : bcc _apicuIturc; _apiµhobia;
apic- or apici- or apico- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. L
apic-, apex] 1 : aµcx : tiµ csµ. of an organ _apicad; _apici-
fixcd; _apicocctomy; 2 : aµicaI and _apicodcntaI consonant;
aplano- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. Gk ap/anes not wan-
dcring, fixcd, fr. a- ²a- + -p/anes wandcring, fr. p/anasthai to
wandcr] : nonmotiIc _Ap/anobactcr; _ap/anosµorc;
apo- or ap- or aph- pre/ix [apo- fr. ME, fr. MF & L; MF, fr. L,
fr. Gk, fr. apo, ap- fr. Gk, fr. apo, aph- fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. apo]
1 : away from : off _apastron; _aphcIion; 2 : dctachcd : scµ-
aratc _apocarµous; 3 : formcd from : rcIatcd to - in namcs
of chcmicaI comµounds _apocodcinc;; apo- bcforc conso-
nants othcr than h and somctimcs ap- bcforc vowcIs and aph-
bcforc h (which is not rcµcatcd) but frcqucntIy apo- cvcn
bcforc h or a vowcI
append- or appendo- or appendic- or appendico- conbininç
/orn [NL, fr. appendic-, appendix, fr. L, aµµcndagc, suµµIc-
mcnt] : vcrmiform aµµcndix _appendcctomy; _appendicitis;
_appendicostomy; _appendotomc;
aqui- a/so aqua- conbininç /orn [L aqui-, fr. aqua] : watcr
_aquicuIturc; _aquifcrous; _aquacadc;
aquo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L aqua watcr + ISV -o-] 1 : con-
taining a moIccuIc of watcr as µart of a coordination comµIcx
_hcxaquocobaIt(III) chIoridc [Co(H,O),]CI,; 2 : dcrivcd from
watcr - in namcs of chcmicaI comµounds _aquocarbonic
acid OC(OH),;; comµarc Ammo×o- 2
-ar adi su//ix [ME -ar, -er, fr. OF & L; OF -er, fr. L -aris, aItcr.
(aftcr bascs containing /) of -a/is -aI] : of or bcIonging to _Iin-
car; _moIccuIar; _nucIcar; _µoIar; : bcing _sµcctacuIar;
_trianguIar; : rcscmbIing _annuIar; _oracuIar; - chicfIy in
words containing / and oftcn accomµanicd by changc of finaI
µostconsonantaI -/e of thc basc word to -u/- _anguIar; _mus-
cuIar; _tituIar;
arachn- or arachno- conbininç /orn [NL & Gk; NL, fr. Gk, fr.
arachne, µcrh. akin to L aranea sµidcr, Gk arkys nct] 1 : sµi-
dcr _arachnoIogy; 2 : arachnoid mcmbranc _arachnitis;
arch- pre/ix [ME arche-, arch-, fr. OE & OF; OE arce-, erce-, fr.
LL arch- & L archi-, fr. Gk arch-, archi-; OF arch-, arche-, fr.
LL arch- & L archi- - morc at AÞcnr-] 1 : chicf : µrinciµaI
_archangcI; _archbishoµ; _archdioccsc; _archdukc; _arch-
µiIIar; 2 : µrccmincnt : cxtrcmc : most fuIIy cmbodying thc
quaIitics of his or its kind _archantiquary; _archcaµitaIist;
_archfooI; _archinfamy; _archµhiIosoµhcr; _archµuritan;
_archroguc; 3 : first in timc _archfathcr; : µrimitivc _arch-
¹-arch n conbininç /orn -s [ME -arke, -arche, fr. OF & LL &
L; OF -arche, fr. LL -archa, fr. L -arches, -archus, fr. Gk
-arches, archos - morc at AÞcnr-] : ruIcr : Icadcr _matriarch;
²-arch adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. G, fr. Gk arche bcginning
- morc at AÞcnr-] : having (such) a µoint or (so many) µoints
of origin _cndarch; _µcntarch;
archae- or archaeo- a/so archeo- conbininç /orn [Gk archaio-,
fr. archaios ancicnt, fr. arche bcginning - morc at AÞcnr-] 1
: antiquity _archaeograµhy; 2 : ancicnt : µrimitivc _archae-
craniatc; _archaeoIithic; _archeozoic;
arche- pre/ix [L, fr. Gk, fr. archein to bcgin - morc at AÞcnr-]
: µrimitivc : originaI _archeccntric; _archesµorc;
archi- or arch- pre/ix [MF & It & L; MF archi- & It arci-, fr. L
archi-, fr. Gk arch-, archi, akin to Gk archein to bcgin, arche
bcginning, archos ruIcr] 1 : chicf : µrinciµaI _archicµiscoµaI;
- archi- bcforc consonants, arch- or morc frcqucntIy archi-
bcforc vowcIs 2 : µrimitivc : originaI : µrimary _archcntcron;
_archibIast; _archicarµ; _archicontincnt; _archiµtcrygium;
archy n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -archie, fr. MF, fr. L -archia,
fr. Gk, fr. -arches ¹-arch + -ia -y] : ruIc : govcrnmcnt
_dyarchy; _squircarchy;
arct- or arcto- conbininç /orn [L arct-, fr. Gk arkt-, arkto-, fr.
arktos bcar, Lrsa Ma}or, north] 1 : north : arctic _ArctaIia;
_Arctogaca; 2 : bcar _Arctoidca; _ArctostaµhyIus;
-ard a/so -art n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, of Gmc origin; akin to
OHG -hart (in µcrsonaI namcs such as Gerhart Gcrard); akin
to OE heard hard] : onc that is charactcrizcd by µcrforming
somc action, µosscssing somc quaIity, or bcing associatcd with
somc thing csµ. consµicuousIy or cxccssivcIy _braggart;
_drunkard; _duIIard; _µoIIard; _sIuggard; _stinkard; _wiz-
ard; : a Iargc onc of its kind _staggard;
arenaceo- conbininç /orn [µcrh. fr. F arénacéo-, fr. L are-
naceus] : arcnaccous and _arenaceo-argiIIaccous;
areo- conbininç /orn [Gk Ares Arcs (god of war), Mars (µIan-
ct)] : thc µIanct Mars _areoccntric Iongitudc; : of or bcIong-
ing to thc µIanct Mars _areograµhy;
argent- or argenti- or argento- conbininç /orn [MF arçent-, fr.
L, fr. arçentun] : siIvcr _arçentamidc; _arçentinitratc;
argill- or argilli- or argillo- conbininç /orn [ME arçi//-, fr. L,
fr. arçi//a] 1 : cIay _arçi//ifcrous; _arçi//oid; 2 : argiIIaccous
and _arçi//oarcnaccous;
argillaceo- conbininç /orn [arçi//aceous] : argiIIaccous and
argyr- or argyro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. arçyros] : siI-
vcr _arçyritc; _arçyroccµhaIous;
-aria n su//ix [NL, fr. L, fcm. sing. & ncut. µI. of -arius -ary]
: onc or oncs Iikc or conncctcd with - csµ. in bioIogicaI tax-
onomic namcs _CamµanuIaria; _Madrcµoraria; _Ltri-
-arian n su//ix -s [L -arius -ary + E ¹-an] 1 : bcIicvcr _ncccssi-
tarian; : advocatc _Iatitudinarian; 2 : µroduccr _µIatitudi-
narian; _tractarian;
aristo- conbininç /orn [MF & LL; MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. aris-
tos, akin to Gk arariskein to fit] 1 : bcst _aristogcncsis; 2
: aristocracy and _aristodcmocracy; : aristocratic and _aris-
arithmo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. LGk, fr. Gk arith-
nos, akin to Gk arariskein to fit] : numbcr _arithnograµh;
-arium n su//ix, p/ -ariums or -aria [L, fr. ncut. of -arius -ary]
: thing or µIacc bcIonging to or conncctcd with _aquariun;
ars- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. arsenic] : arscnic _arsinc;
arsen- or arseno- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. arsenic] : arscnic;
speci/ : containing thc grouµing ÷As=As÷ anaIogous to thc
azo grouµ _arsenobcnzcnc;
arsenoso- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. arsen- + -oso- (as in /erroso-)]
: containing thc univaIcnt radicaI ÷AsO comµoscd of arscnic
and oxygcn _arsenosoµhcnoI;
arsino- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. arsine + -o-] : arsinc : contain-
ing thc univaIcnt radicaI AsH,
arson- or arsono- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. arsonic] : containing
thc radicaI ÷AsO(OH), charactcristic of thc arsonic acids
_arsonatc; _arsonoacctic acid;
arteri- or arterio- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk arteri-,
arterio-, fr. arteria] 1 : artcry _artericctasia; _arterioIogy; 2
: artcriaI and _arteriovcnous;
arthr- or arthro- conbininç /orn [L arthr-, fr. Gk arthr-,
arthro-, fr. arthron, akin to Gk arariskein fit] : }oint _arthraI-
gia; _arthroµathy;
arto- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. artos, µcrh. akin to Gk
arariskein to fit] : brcad _Artocarµus;
¹-ary n su//ix -rs [ME -arie, fr. OF & L; OF -arie, -aire, fr. L
-arius, -aria, -ariun, fr. -arius, ad}. suffix] : onc that bcIongs
to or is conncctcd with: a : thing bcIonging to or conncctcd
with; esp : µIacc of _aviary; _bcstiary; _hcrbary; _scminary;
_tcrmitary; b : µcrson bcIonging to, conncctcd with, or
cngagcd in _functionary; _scditionary;
²-ary adi su//ix [ME -arie, fr. MF & L; MF -aire, fr. L -arius]
: of or bcIonging to or conncctcd with _budgctary; _discrc-
tionary; _µarIiamcntary; _unitary;
asc- or asci- or asco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ascus] : bIaddcr
: ascus _ascuIa; _ascigcrous; _ascosµorc;
ascidi- or ascidio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Ascidia & ascidiun]
: ascidian _ascidiozooid; : ascidium _ascidifcrous;
-ase n su//ix -s [F, fr. diastase] : cnzymc : dcstroying substancc
_aurcomycinase; _µrotcase; _urcase;
aspid- or aspido- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. aspid-, aspis,
µcrh. akin to Gk aspides vast, broad, L spatiun sµacc] : shicId
_aspidatc; _Aspidosµcrma;
-aspis n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk aspis shicId - morc at
AsÞro-] : onc having (such) a shicId - in gcncric namcs in
zooIogy and µaIcontoIogy _CcµhaIaspis; _Odontaspis;
-ast n su//ix -s [ME aste, fr. L -astes, fr. Gk -astes (akin to -istes
-ist)] : onc conncctcd with _ccdysiast; _hyµochondriast;
aster- or astero- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. aster-, aster] : star
_asteroid; _AsteroIcµis;
¹-aster n su//ix -s [ME, fr. L, suffix dcnoting µartiaI rcscm-
bIancc] : onc that is infcrior, worthIcss, or not gcnuinc _criti-
caster; _µoctaster;
²-aster n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk aster] : star - in struc-
turaI and gcncric namcs in bioIogy _diaster; _Gcaster;
asthen- or astheno- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. asthenes wcak, fr.
a- ²a- + -sthenes (fr. sthenos strcngth); µcrh. akin to Skt saçh-
noti hc takcs uµon himscIf, is a match for] : wcak
_asthenoµia; : wcakncss _asthenoIogy;
astr- or astro- conbininç /orn [ME astro-, fr. OF, fr. L astr-,
astro-, fr. Gk, fr. astron star] 1 : star _astroid; _astromctcr;
: thc hcavcns _astrograµhy; _astronautics; : astronomicaI
_astroµhysics; 2 : astroIogicaI _astrodiagnosis; : astroIogicaI
and _astromcdicaI; 3 : astcr in ccIIs _astrosµhcrc;
astragal- or astragalo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. astraça/os] 1
: dicc _astraça/omancy; 2 [NL astraça/us, fr. Gk astraça/os]
a : thc bonc astragaIus _astraça/cctomy; b : astragaIar and
-ata n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L, ncut. µI. of -atus -atc] : oncs charac-
tcrizcd by having (such a fcaturc) - in namcs of zooIogicaI
grouµs _CocIcntcrata; _Vcrtcbrata; _Chordata;
¹-ate n su//ix -s [ME -at, fr. OF, fr. L -atus (nom. sing. masc.),
-atun (nom. sing. ncut.), fr. -atus, µast µart. cnding of 1st
con}. vcrbs] 1 : onc actcd uµon (in a sµccificd way) _advo-
cate; _Icgate; _ccntrifugate; _duµIicate; _mandate; _vuIcan-
izate; 2 [NL -atun, fr. L, ncut. of -atus] : chcmicaI comµound
or comµIcx anion dcrivcd from a (sµccificd) comµound or
cIcmcnt _aIcohoIate; _fcrrate;; esp : saIt or cstcr of an acid
with a namc cnding in -ic and not bcginning with hydro-
_acctate; _carbonate;
²-ate n su//ix -s [ME -at, fr. OF, fr. L -atus, fr. -atus, µast µart.
cnding of 1st con}. vcrbs] : officc : function : rank : statc
: grouµ of µcrsons hoIding a (sµccificd) officc or rank, having
a (sµccificd) function, or bcing in a (sµccificd) statc _cµisco-
µate; _µontificate; _µrofcssorate; _rabbinate;
³-ate adi su//ix [ME -at, fr. L -atus, µast µart. cnding of 1st con}.
vcrbs, fr. -a- (thcmatic vowcI of 1st con}.) + -tus, µast µart.
cnding - morc at -ro] 1 : actcd uµon (in a sµccificd way)
: brought into or bcing in a (sµccificd) statc _consummate;
_dcgcncrate; _inanimate; _ItaIianate; _tcmµcrate; 2 : char-
actcrizcd by having _branchiate; _chordate; _foIiate;
ª-ate vb su//ix -ro/-r×c/-s [ME -aten, fr. L -atus, µast µart. cnd-
ing of 1st con}. vcrbs] : to act (in a sµccificd way) _ncgotiate;
_µontificate; : act uµon (in a sµccificd way) _assassinate;
_vcncrate; : causc to bc modificd or affcctcd by _camµhor-
ate; _hyµhcnate; _µoIIinate; : causc to bccomc _activate;
_domcsticate; _fractionate; : furnish with _caµacitate; _sub-
atel- or atelo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ate/- imµcrfcct,
incomµIctc, fr. ate/es, fr. a- ²a- + -te/es (fr. te/os cnd)] : dcfcc-
tivc _ate/cctasis; _ate/omycIia;
athero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. atherona] : athcroma _athero-
-athon n conbininç /orn -s [narathon] 1 : cvcnt or activity
Iasting a Iong timc oftcn for thc µurµosc of raising funds
_waIkathon; 2 : an cxccss of somcthing _µracticaI
-ation n su//ix -s [ME -acioun, fr. OF -ation, fr. L -ation-, -atio,
fr. -atus -atc + -ion-, -io -ion] : action or µroccss _comµuta-
tion; _fIirtation; _visitation; : somcthing conncctcd with an
action or µroccss _civiIization; _discoIoration;
-ative adi su//ix [ME, fr. MF -ati/, fr. L -ativus, fr. -atus -atc +
-ivus -ivc] : of, rcIating to, or conncctcd with _authoritative;
_consuItative; _normative; _quantitative; : tcnding to _fixa-
tive; _formative; _Iaxative; _taIkative;
atlant- or atlanto- conbininç /orn [NL at/ant-, at/as] 1 : atIas
_at/antad; 2 : atIantaI and _at/antoaxiaI; _at/antoodontoid;
atlo- conbininç /orn [at/as] : atIantaI and _at/oaxoid;
atloido- conbininç /orn [F at/oïdo-, fr. at/oïde] : atIantaI and
atm- or atmo- conbininç /orn [NL atno- vaµor, fr. Gk atn-,
atno-, fr. atnos, akin to Gk aenai to bIow] : vaµor _atniatry;
: air _atnogcnic;
atmid- or atmido- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk, fr. atnid-,
atnis, fr. atnos] : stcam : vaµor _atnidaIbumin; _atnidomc-
-ator n su//ix -s [ME -atour, fr. OF & L; OF -atour, -ator, fr. L
-ator, fr. -atus -atc + -or] : onc that docs _caIorizator; _totaI-
-atory adi su//ix [ME, fr. L -atorius, fr. -atus -atc + -orius -ory]
: of, bcIonging to, or conncctcd with _µcrsµiratory; : scrving
or tcnding to _amcndatory;
atri- or atrio- conbininç /orn [NL atriun, fr. L] 1 : atrium
_atriaI; _atrioµorc; 2 : atriaI and _atriococIomic; _atriovcn-
atro- conbininç /orn [L atr-, ater bIack + E -o-] : bIack and
atto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Dan or Norw atten cightccn (fr.
ON ãttiãn) + -o-] : onc quintiIIionth (10
) µart of _attogram;
arithmo- atto- 6
audio- conbininç /orn [L audirc to hcar + E -o-] 1 : hcaring
_audioIogy; _audiomctcr; 2 : sound : frcqucncics in thc
rangc of audibIc sound _audiogcnic; 3 : auditory and
audit- or audito- conbininç /orn [ME audit-, fr. MF & L; MF
audit-, fr. L, fr. auditus, µast µart. of audire to hcar] 1 : hcar-
ing : sound _auditizc; 2 : auditory and _auditoµsychic;
aul- or aulo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. au/os] : fIutc : µiµc
_au/oµhytc; _Au/acanthus; _Au/ostomus;
aur- or auri- conbininç /orn [L, fr. auris] 1 : car _auraI;
_auriscoµc; 2 : auraI and _aurinasaI;
auri- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. aurun] 1 : goId _aurifcr-
ous; 2 : of, rcIating to, or containing trivaIcnt goId : auric
_auri-iodidc; _auricyanidc;
auriculo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. auricu/a auricIc of
thc hcart, fr. L, cxtcrnaI car] 1 : of or bcIonging to an auricIc
of thc hcart and _auricu/ovcntricuIar; 2 : auraI and _auricu-
/oµarictaI; _auricu/otcmµoraI;
auro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L aurun] 1 a : goId _auroµho-
bia; b : goId and _auro-µIumbifcrous; 2 : of, rcIating to, or
containing univaIcnt goId : aurous _aurobromidc; _aurothio-
¹austr- or austro- conbininç /orn, usu cap [ME austr-, fr. L,
south, fr. austr-, auster south wind, south; akin to L aurora
dawn] 1 : south : southcrn _austroasiatic; _Austroriµarian; 2
: AustraIian and _Austro-MaIayan;
²austr- or austro- conbininç /orn, usu cap [µrob. fr. NL, fr.
Austria] 1 : Austrian and _Austro-Hungarian; 2 : Austria
_austrium; _Austroµhobia;
aut- or auto- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. autos, µcrh. akin to L aut
or] 1 a : scIf : samc onc _autccoIogy; _autism; _autobiogra-
µhy; _autogcnctic; _autokinctic; _autoIysis; b usu auto-
: having simiIar gcnomcs _autohcxaµIoid; _autoµoIyµIoid; -
oµµoscd to a//- 2 : automatic : scIf-acting : scIf-rcguIating
_autoaIarm; _autofccd; _autowind; 3 auto- a : of, by, affcct-
ing, or for thc samc individuaI _autohcmaggIutination;
_autovaccinc; b : scIf-causcd : scIf-induccd : occurring with-
in onc`s own body somctimcs µathoIogicaIIy _autointoxica-
tion; c : acting as an antibody on or µroduccd as an antibody
for a µcrson`s or animaI`s own antigcns _autoaggIutinin;
auto- conbininç /orn [autonobi/e] : scIf-µroµcIIing : automo-
tivc _autocab; _autocar;
automat- or automato- conbininç /orn [Gk, scIf-acting, fr.
autonatos] : scIf-acting : scIf-rcguIating : automatic
_autonatin; _autonatograµh;
auxano- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk auxanein to incrcasc; akin
to Gk auxein to incrcasc] : growth _auxanogram; _auxanoI-
-auxe n conbininç /orn, p/ -auxae [NL, fr. Gk auxe growth;
akin to Gk auxein to incrcasc] : cnIargcmcnt : hyµcrtroµhy
auxo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk, fr. auxein to incrcasc] 1
: growth _auxobody; _auxosubstancc; : incrcasc _auxo-
graµh; 2 : acccIcrating : stimuIating _auxochromc;
ax- or axo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk axõn axIc, axis] 1 : axis
_axoµhytc; 2 : axis cyIindcr _axitc; _axodcndritc;
axi- conbininç /orn [L, axIc, axis, fr. axis] 1 : axis _axiform;
2 : axis cyIindcr _axiIcmma;
axono- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk axon-, axõn axIc, axis]
: axis _axonomctry; _Axonoµhora;
az- or azo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. arote] 1 : containing nitro-
gcn _aroIitmin; 2 aro- : containing thc bivaIcnt grouµ
÷N=N÷ comµoscd of doubIy bondcd nitrogcn atoms unitcd
usu. on both sidcs to carbon _aromcthanc CH,N=NCH,;
aza- or az- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ar- + -a-] : containing
nitrogcn in µIacc of carbon, usu. thc grouµ ÷NH÷ for thc
grouµ ÷CH,÷ or a singIc nitrogcn atom =N÷ for thc grouµ
=CH÷ _aracyaninc; _araµhcnanthrcnc; - comµarc oxA-,
azido- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. aride + -o-] : containing thc uni-
vaIcnt grouµ N, dcrivcd from hydrazoic acid _aridoacctic
azoxy- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ar- + oxy-] : containing thc
bivaIcnt grouµ ÷N(O)=N÷ comµoscd of two nitrogcn atoms
and onc oxygcn atom unitcd usu. on both sidcs to carbon
_aroxynaµhthaIcnc C,,H-N(O)=NC,,H-;
azygo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk aryços] : azygous _ary-
bacill- or bacilli- or bacillo- conbininç /orn [NL baci//us]
: baciIIus _baci//osis; _baci//icuIturc; _baci//ogcnic;
-bacter n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. bacteriun] : bactcriaI organ-
ism - in gcncric namcs _Acrobacter; _Nitrobacter;
bacteri- or bacterio- conbininç /orn [bacteriun] : bactcria
: bactcriaI _bacteriform; _bacteriobIast; _bacterioIysis;
balne- or balneo- conbininç /orn [L ba/ne-, fr. ba/neun bath]
: bath : bathing _ba/neaI; _ba/neothcraµy;
bar- or baro- conbininç /orn [Gk baros] : wcight : µrcssurc
_baragnosis; _barograµh;
bary- conbininç /orn [Gk bary-, fr. barys] : hcavy _baryIitc;
baryt- or baryto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. baryta] : baryta
: barytic _barytocaIcitc;
basi- a/so baso- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L basis] 1 a : basc
: Iowcr µart _basiµctaI; b : at or ncar thc basc _basifixcd;
_basigIanduIar; c : of or bcIonging to thc basc of _basicra-
niaI; 2 a : chcmicaI basc _basify; b : subsiIicic and _basio-
basidi- or basidio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. basidiun] : basidi-
um : basidiaI _basidiosµorc; _Basidiomycctcs;
-bates n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -bates onc that gocs, fr.
bainein to go, waIk] : waIkcr - in gcncric namcs of animaIs
_Hydrobates; _PcIobates;
bath- or batho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk bathos, fr. bathys
dccµ - morc at nA1nv-] 1 : dcµth _bathic; _bathoIith;
_bathomctcr; _bathoµhobia; 2 : downward : Iowcr
bathy- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk, fr. bathys dccµ; akin to W
boddi to drown, Skt çãhate hc divcs into] 1 : dccµ _bathy-
scism; : dcµth _bathythcrmograµh; 2 : dccµ-sca _bathy-
µcIagic; _bathyµIankton; _bathysµhcrc; 3 : inncr µarts of thc
body _bathycsthcsia;
batrach- or batracho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk, frog, fr.
batrachos, µcrh. akin to OHG kreta, krota toad] 1 : frog : toad
_batrachoµhobia; 2 : ranuIa _batrachoµIasty;
-batrachus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk batrachos] : batrachi-
an - in gcncric namcs of animaIs _McgaIobatrachus;
bdell- or bdello- conbininç /orn [F & NL, fr. Gk, fr. bde//a]
: Iccch _Bde//oura; _Bde//oida; _bde//otomy;
-bdella n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk bde//a] : Iccch - csµ.
in gcncric namcs in hcIminthoIogy _MaIacobde//a;
be- pre/ix [ME, fr. OE be-, bi-, akin to OE bi by, ncar, OHG bi-
bc-, bi by, ncar, Goth bi- bc-, bi by, about, at] 1 : on : around
: ovcr _bedaub; _besmcar; 2 : to a grcat or grcatcr dcgrcc
: thoroughIy - csµ. in intcnsivc vcrbs formcd from simµIc
vcrbs _becudgcI; _befuddIc; _besmitc; _besµattcr; _beratc;
3 : cxccssivcIy : ostcntatiousIy - in intcnsivc vcrbs formcd
from simµIc vcrbs _bedcck; _beIaud; and in ad}cctivcs bascd
on ad}cctivcs cnding in -ed _beribboncd; _befurbcIowcd; 4
: about : to : at : uµon : against : across - in transitivc vcrbs
formcd from intransitivc simµIc vcrbs _bestridc; _besµcak;
_becroak; 5 : makc : causc to bc : trcat as - in vcrbs formcd
from ad}cctivcs or nouns _beIittIc; _benumb; _befooI;
_befricnd; 6 : caII or dub csµ. cxccssivcIy - in vcrbs formcd
from nouns _beIady; _berascaI; _bedoctor; 7 : affcct, affIict,
trcat, µrovidc, or covcr with csµ. cxccssivcIy - in vcrbs
formcd from nouns _befaminc; _bedcviI; _begIuc; _bebIood;
and somctimcs onIy in thc form of a µast µarticiµIc or ad}cc-
tivc cnding in -ed _becaµµcd; _becobwcbbcd;
belgo- conbininç /orn, cap [Be/çium + -o-] 1 : BcIgium
: BcIgian _Be/çoµhiIc; 2 : BcIgium and _Be/ço-Luxcmbourg;
: BcIgian and _Be/ço-Dutch;
benz- or benzo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. benroin, µrob. orig.
audio- benz- 7
formcd in F] 1 : rcIatcd to bcnzcnc or bcnzoic acid _ben-
razidc; _benroµinacoI; 2 : containing a bcnzcnc ring fuscd
on onc sidc to onc sidc of anothcr ring _benracridinc; _ben-
¹bi- pre/ix [ME, fr. L; akin to OE twi- - morc at 1wr-] 1 a : two
_bimuscuIar; _bicycIc; _biraciaI; b : Iasting two : coming or
occurring cvcry two _bicnniaI; _bimonthIy; _biwcckIy; c
: into two µarts _biscct; 2 a : twicc : doubIy : on both sidcs
_biconic; _biconvcx; _biscrratc; b : coming or occurring
two timcs _bidiurnaI; _biquartcrIy; _biwcckIy; - oftcn dis-
aµµrovcd in this scnsc bccausc of thc IikcIihood of confusion
with scnsc 1b; comµarc srmr- 3 anat : bctwccn, invoIving, or
affccting two (sµccificd) symmctricaI µarts _bigoniaI;
_bi-iIiac; 4 chen a : containing onc (sµccificd) constitucnt in
doubIc thc µroµortion of thc othcr constitucnt or in doubIc
thc ordinary µroµortion - csµ. in namcs of acid saIts formcd
with twicc as much acid as is rcquircd for a normaI saIt _biu-
ratc; b : or- 2 - csµ. in namcs of organic comµounds to
dcnotc thc doubIing of a radicaI or moIccuIc _bitoIyI; _biµhc-
²bi- or bio- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. bios modc of Iifc] 1 : Iifc
_biobIast; : Iiving organisms or tissuc _bioµsy; _biodynamics;
2 : bioIogy : bioIogicaI _bioµsychoIogy; 3 : biograµhicaI
_bioµic; : biograµhicaI and _biocriticaI;
-bia n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. fcm. sing. and ncut. µI. of -bius
having a (sµccificd) modc of Iifc - morc at -nrLs] : onc or
oncs having a (sµccificd) modc of Iifc - in gcncric namcs as
a singuIar _Bryobia; and in dcscriµtivc bioIogicaI grouµ
namcs as a µIuraI _acrobia; _cocnobia;
biblic- or biblico- conbininç /orn, o/ten cap [obs. bib/ic bibIicaI
(µrob. fr. ML bib/icus, fr. bib/ia BibIc + L -icus ic) + E -o-]
: BibIc _bib/icist; : bibIicaI and _bib/icoIitcrary;
biblio- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. bib/ion] : book
_bib/iograµhy; _bib/iomania;
bicyclo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. bicyc/ic] chen : bicycIic _bicy-
bili- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. L, fr. bi/is] 1 : biIc _bi/ifaction; 2
: dcrivcd from biIc _bi/irubin;
bin- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. LL, fr. L bini two by two; akin to
OE twin twinc] 1 : two : two by two : two at a timc _binary;
_binatc; _binauraI; 2 chen : ¹nr- 4 _binoxaIatc; _binoxidc;
- in somc words of which thc Iast constitucnt bcgins with a
vowcI; comµarc ¹nr-
-biont n conbininç /orn -s [µrob. fr. G, modif. of Gk biount-,
biõn Iiving, µrcs. µart. of bioun to Iivc, fr. bios modc of Iifc]
: onc having a (sµccificd) modc of Iifc _acrobiont;
-biosis n conbininç /orn, p/ -bioses [NL, fr. Gk biõsis, fr. bioun
to Iivc (fr. bios modc of Iifc) + -õsis -osis] : modc of Iifc _acr-
obiosis; _nccrobiosis;
-biotic adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -bioticus, fr. Gk
biõtikos] 1 : rcIating to Iifc : Iifc _antibiotic; 2 : having a
(sµccificd) modc of Iifc _acrobiotic; _nccrobiotic;
bis- conbininç /orn [L, fr. bis] 1 a : both : of or bcIonging to
both - chicfIy in anatomicaI or mcdicaI words of which thc
sccond constitucnt bcgins with a vowcI _bisischiatic; b : two
_bismarinc; 2 : twicc : doubIcd - csµ. in comµIcx chcmicaI
cxµrcssions _bisdimcthyIamino-; _bisquartcrnary;
bismut- or bismuto- conbininç /orn [G bisnut-, bisnuto-, fr.
bisnut (now wisnut)] : bismuth _bisnutitc; _bisnutoµIagion-
-bium n conbininç /orn, p/ -bia [NL, fr. ncut. of -bius] : organ-
ism or grouµ having a (sµccificd) modc of Iifc - in taxo-
nomic namcs _Anobiun; and grouµ namcs _cocnobiun; in
-bius n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. -bius having a (sµccificd) modc
of Iifc, fr. Gk -bios, fr. bios modc of Iifc] : onc that has a (sµcc-
ificd) modc of Iifc - chicfIy in gcncric namcs in zooIogy
blast- or blasto- conbininç /orn [G b/ast-, b/asto-, fr. Gk, fr.
b/astos] 1 : bud : budding : gcrm : cmbryo in its carIy stagcs
_b/astodcrm; 2 : mctamorµhic and _b/astogranitic;
-blast n conbininç /orn -s [NL -b/astus, fr. Gk b/astos, akin to
OE no/da toµ of thc hcad, Gk b/õthros taII, ne/athron roof,
Skt nurdhan hcad, Toch A na/to first] 1 bio/ a : gcrm : shoot
: sµrout b : cmbryonic or formativc ccII - in namcs of form-
ativc ccIIs corrcsµonding to namcs of fuIIy dcvcIoµcd ccIIs
cnding in -cyte _crythrob/ast; c : gcrm Iaycr : formativc Iaycr
of ccIIs _sµIanchnob/ast; d : formativc constitucnt unit of Iiv-
ing mattcr _idiob/ast; 2 çeo/ : crystaI formcd during mcta-
morµhism _µorµhyrob/ast;
-blastic adi conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. -b/ast + -ic] : sµrouting or
gcrminating (in a sµccificd way) _hctcrob/astic; : having
(such or so many) sµrouts, buds, or gcrm Iaycrs _caIyµtob/as-
tic; _monob/astic;
-blasty n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV, fr. -b/astic + -y] : manncr or
condition of gcrminating _hctcrob/asty;
blephar- or blepharo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. b/e-
pharon] 1 : cycIid _b/epharitis; _b/epharosµasm; : of thc cyc-
Iid and _b/epharocon}unctivitis; 2 : ciIium : fIagcIIum _b/e-
bor- or boro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. boron] : boron _borism;
_boryI; _boroarscnatc;
bothr- or bothro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. bothros]
: trough : µit _bothrcnchyma; - chicfIy in gcncric namcs
_Bothrodcndron; _Bothroµs;
bothri- or bothrio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. bothriun] : bothri-
um _bothrithorax; _BothrioIcµis;
botry- or botryo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. botrys] 1 : bunch of
graµcs _botryosc; 2 : botryoid _botryoIitc;
bovi- conbininç /orn [LL bovi-, fr. L bov-, bos] : cattIc _bovi-
brachi- or brachio- conbininç /orn [L brachi- & NL brachio-,
fr. L brachiun] 1 : arm _brachifcrous; _brachiotomy; 2
: brachiaI and _brachiofaciaI;
brachy- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. brachys] 1 : short _brachy-
ccµhaIic; 2 : brachydiagonaI - in tcrms in crystaIIograµhy
brady- conbininç /orn [MF & NL, fr. Gk bradys] 1 : sIow
_bradycardia; : duII _bradyacusia; 2 : nÞAcnv- _brady-
-branch n conbininç /orn -s [NL -branchia oncs having (such
or so many) giIIs & -branchus onc having (such or so many)
giIIs (fr. Gk branchos giII, irrcg. fr. Gk branchia giIIs)] 1 : onc
having (such or so many) giIIs _cryµtobranch; _dibranch; 2
: giII _arthrobranch; : organ Iikc a giII _actinobranch;
branchi- or branchio- conbininç /orn [NL branchio-, fr. Gk, fr.
branchia] 1 : giIIs _branchifcrous; _branchiogcnous; 2
: branchiaI and _branchiocardiac;
¹-branchia n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L branchia] : oncs hav-
ing (such or so many) giIIs - in taxonomic namcs in zooIogy
_Cryµtobranchia; _Tctrabranchia;
²-branchia n conbininç /orn, p/ -branchiae [NL, fr. L branchia]
: giII _µodobranchia; : organ Iikc a giII _µuImobranchia;
brevi- conbininç /orn [L, fr. brevis] : short _brevi-conic; _bre-
brito- n conbininç /orn, cap [µrob. fr. L Brito] 1 : of or bcIong-
ing to thc Britons and _Brito-Roman; 2 : British and
_Brito-Jaµancsc; 3 : Britain _Britoccntric;
brom- or bromo- conbininç /orn [ISV, µrob. fr. F brone
brominc, fr. Gk brõnos bad smcII] 1 : brominc _bronhy-
dratc; _bronoµrcnc; 2 now usu brono- : containing brominc
in µIacc of hydrogcn - in namcs of organic comµounds _bro-
noacctic acid; 3 now usu brono- : containing brominc
rcgardcd as rcµIacing hydroxyI or oxygcn or as coordinatcd to
a ccntraI atom - in namcs of inorganic acids and saIts _bro-
noauric acid; 4 : containing brominc as bromidc and somc-
timcs rcµIacing anothcr cIcmcnt or grouµ - in namcs of
mincraIs and saIts occurring as mincraIs
bronch- or broncho- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. F bronch-, bron-
cho- trachca, throat, fr. LL broncho-, fr. Gk bronch-, broncho-,
fr. bronchos] 1 : throat _bronchoccIc; 2 : bronchiaI _bron-
chitis; _bronchoµhony; 3 : bronchiaI and _bronchoµuI-
bronchi- or bronchio- conbininç /orn[µrob. fr. NL bronchi-, fr.
bi- bronchi- 8
LL bronchiun] : bronchia _bronchicctasis; _bronchiocrisis;
bront- or bronto- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. bronte, akin to Gk
brenein to roar, bronos Ioud noisc] : thundcr _brontidc;
_brontomctcr; - oftcn in gcncric namcs csµ. of Iargc animaIs
_Brontoµs; _Brontothcrium;
bry- or bryo- conbininç /orn [NL, moss, fr. Gk bryo- moss,
catkin, fr. bryon, µcrh. akin to OHG krut hcrb, cabbagc]
: moss _Bryaccac; _bryoIogy;
bucco- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. L bucca chcck] : buc-
caI and _buccogingivaI; _buccoIinguaI;
bulb- or bulbo- conbininç /orn [MF & L; MF bu/b-, fr. L, fr.
bu/bus] 1 : buIb _bu/bar; _Bu/bocodium; 2 : buIbar and
-bulia a/so -boulia n conbininç /orn -s [NL -bu/ia, fr. Gk -bou-
/ia, fr. bou/e wiII; µrob. akin to Gk ba//ein to throw] : condi-
tion of having (such) wiII _hyµcrbu/ia;
-bulic a/so -boulic adi conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL -bu/ia + ISV
-ic] : of, rcIating to, or charactcrizcd by a (sµccificd) statc of
thc wiII
-burger n conbininç /orn -s [hanburçer] 1 a : µatty of a (sµcc-
ificd) kind of food usu. mcat or a mcat substitutc _µorkburç-
er; _nutburçer; b : sandwich madc of such a µatty _µork-
burçer; 2 : sandwich with a fiIIing consisting of a hamburgcr
µatty toµµcd with a (sµccificd) food _chccscburçer;
but- or buto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. butyric] : containing a
grouµ of four carbon atoms _butanc; _butcnc; _butoµy-
butoxy- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. butoxy/] : containing butoxyI
butyr- or butyro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. butyric] : butyric
: rcIatcd to butyric acid or butyraIdchydc _butyraIdoI; _buty-
cac- or caco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kak-, kako-, fr. kakos
bad] 1 : bad _caconym; : incorrcct _cacocµy; : unµIcasant
_cacoµhonous; 2 : discascd _cacochyIia;
-cace n conbininç /orn -s [Gk kake badncss, fr. kakos bad]
: discascd or vitiatcd condition of a (sµccificd) bodiIy µart
_arthrocace; _carµocace;
-cade n conbininç /orn -s [cava/cade] : µroccssion _motor-
cade; : sµcctacIc _aquacade;
-caine n conbininç /orn -s [G -kain, fr. kokain, cocainc] : syn-
thctic aIkaIoid ancsthctic _dibucaine; _µrocaine;
calam- or calami- or calamo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
ka/an-, ka/ano-, fr. ka/anos rccd] : rccd : rccdIikc
_Ca/anagrostis; _ca/anifcrous; _Ca/anodcndron;
calc- or calci- or calco- conbininç /orn [L ca/c-, ca/x Iimc] : caI-
cium : caIcium saIts _ca/citc; _ca/cimctcr; _ca/cosµhcritc;
calcaneo- conbininç /orn [ca/caneun] : caIcancaI and _ca/ca-
neoastragaIar; _ca/caneocuboid;
calcareo- conbininç /orn [ca/careous] : caIcarcous _ca/careo-
corncous; _ca/careosuIfurous;
calcio- conbininç /orn [ca/ciun] : caIcium - uscd chicfIy in
namcs of mincraIs _ca/ciobiotitc;
calli- or callo- or cali- or calo- conbininç /orn [ca//i- fr. L, fr.
Gk ka//i-, fr. ka//os bcauty; akin to Gk ka/os bcautifuI, Skt
ka/ya hcaIthy; ca/o- fr. ML, fr. Gk ka/o-, fr. ka/os, ca//o- &
ca/i- fr. bIcnding of othcr forms] : bcautifuI _ca//igraµh;
_Ca//orynchus; _Ca/imcris; : whitc _ca/omcI; : bcauty
calori- conbininç /orn [L, fr. ca/or] : hcat _ca/orimctcr;
calyc- or calyco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ka/yk-, ka/yko-, fr.
ka/yk-, ka/yx] : caIyx _ca/ycoid; _Ca/ycoµhora;
calyci- conbininç /orn [L ca/yc-, ca/yx] : caIyx _ca/ycifcrous;
calyptri- or calyptro- conbininç /orn [NL ca/yptra] : caIyµtra
: hood : caµ _ca/yptriform; _ca/yptrogcn;
-campa n conbininç /orn [NL, fr Gk kanpe, µrob. akin to Gk
kanpe bcnd, turning] : catcrµiIIar - in gcncric namcs of
insccts _Lasiocanpa; _Tacniocanpa;
camph- or campho- conbininç /orn [NL canphora] : camµhor
_canphcnc; _canphocarboxyIic;
campto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kanptos fIcxibIc; akin to
Gk kanpe bcnd] : bcnt : curvcd _canptodromc; _Canptosorus;
-capnia n conbininç /orn, p/ -capnias or -capniae [NL, fr. Gk
kapnos smokc + NL -ia, akin to L cupere to dcsirc] : carbon
dioxidc in thc bIood _hyµcrcapnia; _hyµocapnia;
capri- conbininç /orn [L, fr. capr-, caper] : goat _Capricorn;
capsul- or capsuli- or capsulo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. capsu/a]
: caµsuIc _capsu/itis; _capsu/iform; _capsu/oIcnticuIar;
carb- or carbo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. carbone] : carbon : car-
bonic : carbonyI : carboxyI _carbodiimidc; _carbohydrazidc;
carbol- conbininç /orn [ISV carb- + L o/cum oiI; orig. formcd
as G karbo/-] : carboIic acid _carbo/uria; _carbo/xyIoI; _car-
carboni- conbininç /orn [L carbon-, carbo cmbcr, charcoaI]
: coaI _carbonifcrous; _carbonigcnous;
carboxy- or carbox- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. carboxy/] : car-
boxyI _carboxamidc; _carboxyµhcnyI;
carcin- or carcino- conbininç /orn [Gk karkin-, karkino-, fr.
karkinos] 1 : crab _carcinoIogy; 2 : tumor _carcinogcnic;
: canccr _carcincmia; _carcinosarcoma;
cardi- or cardia- or cardio- conbininç /orn [Gk kardi-, kardio-,
fr. kardia] 1 : hcart : cardiac _cardiagra; _cardioaortic;
_cardioµtosis; _cardioµuncturc; 2 : hcart action _cardia-
-cardia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk kardia] 1 : hcart action
or Iocation (of a sµccificd tyµc) _dcxtrocardia; _tachycardia;
2 a : animaI or animaIs having a (sµccificd) tyµc of hcart
_DiµIocardia; _Lcµtocardia; b : hcart-shaµcd animaI - csµ.
in gcncric namcs of moIIusks
-cardium n conbininç /orn, p/ -cardia [NL, fr. Gk -kardion, fr.
kardia] : hcart _cndocardiun; _mcsocardiun;
caric- or carico- conbininç /orn [NL Caric-, Carex] : carcx
: scdgcs _caricctum; _caricoIogy;
cario- conbininç /orn [caries] : carics _cariogcnic; _cariostatic;
-caris n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L caris, a kind of sca crab, fr.
Gk karis, µcrh. akin to Gk kara hcad] : shrimµ : µrawn - in
gcncric namcs of crustacca _Echinocaris;
¹carp- or carpo- conbininç /orn [F & NL, fr. Gk karp-, karpo-,
fr. karpos fruit] : fruit _Carpoidca; _carpoIogy;
²carp- or carpo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk karp-, karpo-, fr.
karpos wrist] : carµus _carpitis; : carµus and _carpomctacar-
µus; : carµaI and _carpoµcdaI;
-carp a/so -carpium n conbininç /orn, p/ -carps a/so -carpia
[NL -carpiun, fr. Gk -karpion, fr. karpos fruit] 1 : µart of a
fruit _µcricarp; : fruit _schizocarp; _amµhicarpiun; 2 [NL
-carpus, fr. Gk -karpos -carµous, fr. karpos] : µIant having
fruit (in a sµccificd µIacc) _acrocarp; _µIcurocarp;
-carpic adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -carpicus, fr. Gk kar-
pos fruit + L -icus -ic] : -cAÞÞoLs _cucarpic;
-carpous adi conbininç /orn [NL -carpus, fr. Gk -karpos, fr.
karpos fruit] : fruitcd : having (such) fruit or (so many)
fruits _syncarpous; _monocarpous; - -carpy n conbininç
/orn -rs
-carpus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -karpos -carµous] : µIant
having (such) fruit - in gcncric namcs _Corynocarpus;
case- or caseo- conbininç /orn [casein] : cascin _caseasc;
cata- or cat- or cath- pre/ix [Gk kata-, kat-, kath-, fr. kata down;
akin to OW cant with, aIong, Hitt katta undcr, with, L con-
with, togcthcr - morc at co-] 1 : down _cation; _catabiot-
ic; 2 : against _catabaµtist;
cato- pre/ix [Gk katõ-, fr. katõ downwards, fr. kata down -
morc at cA1A-] : down : Iowcr _catogcnc; _Catostomus;
caud- or caudi- or caudo- conbininç /orn [L cauda] : taiI _cau-
dad; _caudiform; : caudaI and _caudodorsaI;
caul- or cauli- or caulo- conbininç /orn [cau/i- fr. L cau/is,
cau/-, cau/o- fr. NL, fr. Gk. kau/-, kau/o-, fr. kau/os] : stcm
: staIk _cau/omc; _cau/ifIory;
cec- or ceci- or ceco- or caec- or caeci- or caeco- conbininç /orn
[NL, fr. cecun] : cccum _ceccctomy; _ceciform; _cecitis;
-cele n conbininç /orn -s [MF, fr. L, fr. Gk ke/e tumor; akin to
bront- -cele 9
OE hea/a hydroccIc, hcrnia, OHG hõ/a hcrnia, ON hau//,
OSIav ky/a] : tumor : hcrnia _cystoce/e; _gastroce/e;
cell- or cello- conbininç /orn [ce//u/ose] : ccIIuIosc
_Ce//faIcicuIa; _ce//obiosc;
-celled adi conbininç /orn : having (such or so many) ccIIs
_ncrvc-ce//ed; _singIc-ce//ed organisms;
¹cellul- or celluli- or cellulo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ce//u/a] 1
: µIant or animaI ccII _ce//u/icidaI; _ce//u/otoxic; 2 : ccIIuIar
and _ce//u/ofibrous;
²cellul- or cellulo- a/so cellu- conbininç /orn [ce//u/ose] : ccIIu-
Iosc _ce//u/oid, ce//u/oIytic;
cen- or ceno- or caen- or caeno- conbininç /orn [Gk kain-,
kaino-, fr. kainos ncw] 1 : rcccnt _cenozoic; 2 : novcI _ceno-
-cene adi conbininç /orn [Gk kainos ncw] : rcccnt - in namcs
of gcoIogic µcriods _cocene;
centi- conbininç /orn [F & L; F, hundrcdth, fr. L, hundrcd, fr.
centun hundrcd] 1 : hundrcd _centiµcdc; 2 : hundrcdth µart
_centimctcr; _centinormaI; - chicfIy in tcrms bcIonging to
thc mctric systcm
centr- or centro- conbininç /orn [Gk kentr-, kentro-, fr. kentron
ccntcr, sharµ µoint] 1 : ccntcr _centroid; : ccntraI and _cen-
trodorsaI; 2 : sµiny _centrarchid; _centroscma;
centri- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L cr×1ÞLm] : ccntcr _centrifu-
gaI; _centrioIc;
-centric adi conbininç /orn [ME -sentrik (in consentrik con-
ccntric), fr. ML -centricus (in concentricus conccntric, eccen-
tricus ccccntric)] : having (such) a ccntcr or (such or so many)
ccntcrs _hctcrocentric; _homocentric; _µoIycentric; : having
(somcthing sµccificd) as its ccntcr _anthroµocentric; _hcIio-
cephal- or cephalo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk kepha/-, kepha-
/o-, fr. kepha/e hcad] 1 : hcad _cepha/itis; _cepha/omctcr; 2
: ccµhaIic and _cepha/ofaciaI;
-cephalic adi conbininç /orn [NL -cepha/us, F -cépha/e, E
-cepha/ous + E -ic] : -hcadcd : having (such) a hcad or (so
many) hcads _brachycepha/ic; _discocepha/ic; _bicepha/ic;
- -cephalism n conbininç /orn -s - -cephaly n conbininç
/orn -rs
-cephalous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -kepha/os, fr. kepha/e]
: -crÞnALrc
-cephalus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -kepha/os] 1 p/ -cephali
: ccµhaIic abnormaIity (of a sµccificd tyµc) _microcepha/us;
_hydrocepha/us; 2 p/ -cephali or -cephala : organism having
a (sµccificd) tyµc of hcad _Ichthyocepha/i; _Phancrocepha/a;
cer- or cero- conbininç /orn [Gk ker-, kero-, fr. keros] : wax
_ceroµhiIous; _cerotyµc;
-cera n conbininç /orn, p/ -cera [NL, fr. Gk keras horn]
: horncd onc : horncd oncs - in taxonomic namcs in zooIo-
gy _Acrocera; _CIadocera; _Ncmatocera;
-ceras n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk keras] : horncd onc - in
gcncric namcs of µIants and animaIs _Cyrtoceras;
cerat- or cerato- a/so kerat- or kerato- conbininç /orn [NL, fr.
Gk kerat-, kerato-, fr. keras horn] 1 : horn : horny
_Ceratodos; 2 usu kerat- or kerato- : cornca _keratitis;
ceraun- or cerauno- conbininç /orn [Gk keraun-, kerauno-, fr.
keraunos thundcrboIt; akin to Gk ker dcath] : thundcr _ce-
raunograµh; _ceraunoµhonc;
cerc- or cerco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kerk-, kerko-, fr.
kerkos taiI] : taiI : taiIcd _cercaria; _cercoµod;
-cercal adi conbininç /orn [F -cerque (fr. Gk kerkos taiI) + E
-a/] : taiIcd _homocerca/; _isocerca/;
-cercy n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV -cercaI + -y, µrob. orig.
formcd as F -cerquie] : taiI formation (of a sµccificd tyµc)
cerebell- or cerebelli- or cerebello- conbininç /orn [cerebe//un]
1 : ccrcbcIIum _cerebe//itis; 2 : ccrcbcIIar : ccrcbcIIar and
_cerebe//ocortcx; _cerebe//osµinaI;
cerebr- or cerebri- or cerebro- conbininç /orn [cerebrun] 1
: brain : ccrcbrum _cerebroid; _cerebriform; _cerebroscoµc;
2 : ccrcbraI and _cerebrosµinaI;
-cerus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -kerõs, fr. keras horn]
: horncd onc - in gcncric namcs of insccts _Tctracerus;
cervi- conbininç /orn [F & NL, fr. L cervus] : dccr
cervic- or cervici- or cervico- conbininç /orn [L cervic-, cervix
ncck] : ncck _cervicodynia; : ccrvix of an organ _cervicccto-
my; : ccrvicaI and _cervicofaciaI;
cet- or ceto- conbininç /orn [F cét-, céto-, NL cet-, ceto-, fr. L
cetus] : whaIc _cetyI; _cetotoIitc; _Cetorhinus;
chaet- or chaeto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk chaite] : bristIc
: hair _Chaetodon; _chaetoµhorous;
-chaeta n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -chaites -haircd, fr.
chaite] 1 a/so -chaetes or -chaetus : haircd onc : hairIikc onc
- in gcncric namcs _Sµirochaeta; _Connochaetes; 2 p/
-chaetae : bristIc (of a sµccificd tyµc) _microchaeta;
chalc- or chalco- a/so chalk- or chalko- conbininç /orn [F & L,
fr. Gk cha/k-, cha/ko-, fr. cha/kos coµµcr, µrob. akin to Lith
çe/eris iron, Russ rhe/ero] : coµµcr : brass : bronzc _cha/-
comcnitc; _cha/comancy;
chamae- or chame- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk chanai on thc
ground] : Iow : ground _Chanaeroµs; _Chanaesaura; -
uscd chicfIy in gcncric namcs of µIants and animaIs
-cheilia a/so -chilia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk -chei/es
having (such) Iiµs (fr. chei/os Iiµ) + NL -ia - morc at cnrL-]
: Iiµ formation (of a sµccificd tyµc) _macrochei/ia;
chel- or cheli- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. che/a] : cIaw _che/iccra;
chem- or chemo- or chemico- a/so chemi- or chemio- conbininç
/orn [chen- & cheno- fr. NL, fr. LGk cheneia aIchcmy;
chenico- fr. chenica/, cheni- & chenio- µrob. fr. Dan keni-,
fr. keni chcmistry, fr. LGk cheneia] 1 : chcmicaI : chcmistry
_chenosmosis; _chenotaxis; 2 : chcmicaIIy _chenisorb;
_cheniotroµic; : chcmicaI and _chenicoµhysicaI;
chen- or cheno- conbininç /orn [Gk chen-, cheno-, fr. chen]
: goosc _Chenoµodium;
chiasto- conbininç /orn [G, fr. Gk chiastos] : markcd with or
charactcrizcd by a cross : crosscd at right angIcs
chil- or chilo- a/so cheil- or cheilo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
chei/-, chei/o-, fr. chei/os] : Iiµ _Chi/oµsis; _Chi/omastix;
chin- or chino- conbininç /orn [aItcr. (infIucnccd by G chin-,
chino-, fr. chinin quininc) of quin-, quino-] : quininc _chino-
toxinc; _chinoI;
chino- conbininç /orn, usu cap [China] : Chincsc and
_Chino-Jaµancsc; - comµarc sr×o-
chion- or chiono- a/so chio- conbininç /orn [chion-, chiono- fr.
NL, fr. Gk, fr. chiõn snow; chio- fr. G & NL, fr. Gk chiõn,
akin to Gk cheinõn wintcr] : snow _chionanthus; _chioIitc;
chir- or chiro- a/so cheir- or cheiro- conbininç /orn [L chir-,
chiro-, fr. Gk cheir-, cheiro-, fr. cheir, akin to AIb dore hand,
Hitt kesar, Toch A tsar] : hand _chiragra; _chiromancy;
-chiria or -cheiria n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk -cheiria, fr.
cheir hand - morc at cnrÞ-] : -handcdncss _aIIochiria;
-chirurgia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. L chirurçia] : surgcry
: cutting _cntcrochirurçia; _µncumochirurçia;
chlamyd- or chlamydo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ch/anyd-,
ch/anys] : mantIc _ch/anydosµorc; _Ch/anydozoa;
chlor- or chloro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. ch/õros grccn-
ish ycIIow] 1 : grccn _ch/oroµhyII; _ch/oroµhanc; 2 : ycIIow-
ish grccn : µaIc grccn : ancmic _ch/orosis; 3 a : chIorinc
_ch/orhydratc; _ch/oroform; b now usu ch/oro- : containing
chIorinc in µIacc of hydrogcn - in namcs of organic com-
µounds _ch/oroaniIinc; c now usu ch/oro- : containing chIo-
rinc rcgardcd as rcµIacing hydroxyI or oxygcn or as coordi-
natcd to a ccntraI atom - in namcs of inorganic acids and
saIts _ch/oroauric acid; _ch/orochromatc; d : containing
chIorinc as chIoridc somctimcs rcµIacing anothcr cIcmcnt or
grouµ - in namcs of mincraIs and saIts occurring as mincr-
aIs _ch/orosuIfatc;
choan- or choano- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk choane funncI,
cell- choan- 10
fr. chein to µour] : funncI : funncI-shaµcd oµcning or µart
_choanatc; _choanocytc;
-choerus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk choiros µig; akin to L
horrere to bristIc] : µig : µigIikc animaI - in gcncric namcs in
zooIogy _Hydrochoerus;
chol- or chole- or cholo- conbininç /orn [Gk cho/-, cho/e-,
cho/o-, fr. cho/e, cho/os] : biIc : gaII _cho/anc; _cho/eIith;
chondr- or chondri- or chondro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
chondr-, chondro-, fr. chondros grain, cartiIagc] 1 : cartiIagc
: cartiIaginous and _chondrcctomy; _chondrify; _chon-
dro-osscous; _chondroccIc; 2 : grain _chondritc;
chondri- or chondrio- conbininç /orn [G, fr. Gk chondrion
smaII grain, dim. of chondros] : grain : granuIar _chondrio-
somc; _chondriosomaI; _chondriocont; _chondriomc;
chor- or choro- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk chõr-, chõro-, fr.
chõros µIacc, cIcar sµacc; akin to Gk cheros Icft, bcrcavcd]
: µIacc : Iand _chorcµiscoµus; _choroIogy;
chord- or chordo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. chorde gut,
string] : an anatomicaI cord: as a : vocaI cord _chorditis; b
: sµinaI cord _chordotomy; c : notochord _Chordata;
¹-chord n conbininç /orn -s [µartIy fr. ME -corde (in nona-
corde monochord), fr. MF, fr. LL -chordon, fr. Gk. fr. -chor-
dos stringcd, fr. chorde string; µartIy fr. ML -chordiun (in
c/avichordiun cIavichord), fr. L chorda string, fr. Gk chorde]
1 : musicaI instrumcnt having (such or so many) strings _Iyri-
chord; 2 : musicaI scaIc or intcrvaI (of a sµccificd cxtcnt)
²-chord adi conbininç /orn [LL -chordus, fr. Gk -chordos]
: having (so many) strings _scµtichord;
-chore n conbininç /orn -s [Gk chõrein to withdraw, advancc,
go, sµrcad; akin to Gk cheros Icft, bcrcavcd] : µIant distrib-
utcd by a (sµccificd) mcans or agcncy _zoochore; - -chorous
adi conbininç /orn - -chory n conbininç /orn -rs
choreo- a/so chore- or chorio- conbininç /orn [choreo-, chore-,
fr. F choréo-, choré-, fr. Gk choreia dancc, fr. choros dancc,
µIacc for dancing; chorio-, aItcr. of choreo-] : dancc _choreo-
mania; _choreograµhy;
¹chori- or chorio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk chorio-, fr. chori-
on] 1 : chorion : chorionic _choriocarcinoma; _chorioma; 2
: choroid : choroid and _chorioccIc; _choriorctinaI;
²chori- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk chõri, chõris aµart; akin to
Gk cheros Icft, bcrcavcd] : scµaratcd : distinct _choriµctaIous;
chorist- or choristo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk chõristos scµ-
arabIc] : scµaratcd : misµIaccd _choristobIastoma; _choris-
christo- conbininç /orn, cap [LGk, fr. Gk Christos] : Christ
_Christoccntric; _ChristoIatry; _Christocracy;
-chroia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. -chroos -chroous +
-ia] : coIoration _dyschroia; : discoIoration _cyanochroia;
-chroic adi conbininç /orn [Gk i-chroos -chroous + ISV -ic]
: -cnÞooLs _crythrochroic;
chrom- or chromo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk chrõna coIor] 1
: chromium _chronamminc; _chronoarscnatc; 2 a : coIor
: coIorcd _chronidrosis; _chronomctcr; b : µigmcnt : µig-
mcntcd _chronocytc; _chronogcn;
-chromasia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk chrõnat-, chrõna
coIor + NL -ia] 1 : coIor _achronasia; 2 : stainabiIity : coI-
orabiIity _µoIychronasia;
chromat- or chromato- conbininç /orn [Gk chrõnat-, chrõna
coIor] 1 : coIor _chronatoIogy; : coIorcd _chronatoµsia; 2
: chromatin _chronatoIysis;
-chrome n or adi conbininç /orn [ML -chronat-, chrona coI-
orcd thing, fr. Gk chrõnat-, chrõna coIor] 1 : coIorcd thing
: coIorcd _monochrone; 2 : coIoring mattcr _cndochrone;
-chromia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. LGk -chrõnia, fr. Gk
-chrõnos coIorcd (fr. chrõna coIor) + -ia] : statc of µigmcn-
tation _anisochronia;
¹-chromy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk chrõna coIor + ISV -y,
µrob. orig. formcd as G -chronie] : µainting : coIoring
_Iithochrony; _stcrcochrony;
²-chromy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -chronia] : -cnÞomrA
chron- or chrono- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. chronos] : timc
_chronaxic; _chronogram;
-chronous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -chronos, fr. chronos timc]
: of (such) a timc or µcriod _homcochronous; _isochronous;
-chroous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -chroos, fr. chrõs skin, coIor]
: -coIorcd _isochroous;
chrys- or chryso- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. chrysos goId] : goId
: goIdcn : ycIIow _chrysaminc; _chrysoµhyII;
chyl- or chyli- or chylo- conbininç /orn [F or NL, fr. Gk chy/-,
chy/o-, fr. chy/os] 1 : chyIc _chy/uria; _chy/iform; _chy/ocyst;
2 : }uicc _chy/ocauIy;
-chylia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. chy/- + -ia] : condi-
tion of having (such) chyIc _achy/ia;
-cidal adi conbininç /orn [LL -cida/is, fr. L -cida + -a/is -aI] 1
: kiIIing : having µowcr to kiII _fiIaricida/; 2 : cutting _IocuIi-
-cide n conbininç /orn -s [MF, fr. L -cida, fr. caedere to kiII] 1
: kiIIcr _fratricide; _insccticide; 2 [MF, fr. L -cidiun, fr.
caedere] : kiIIing _homicide; _suicide;
cili- or cilii- or cilio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ci/ia] 1 : ciIiary
body _ci/iotomy; : ciIiary body and _ci/iorctinaI; 2 : ciIia
_ci/ifcrous; _ci/iiform; _ci/iogradc;
cine- conbininç /orn [cinena] : motion µicturc _cinecamcra;
_cinefiIm; _cine-X ray;
cinnam- or cinnamo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L cinnanun] 1 : cin-
namon _cinnanodcndron; 2 : cinnamic acid _cinnanoyI;
cion- or ciono- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kion-, kiono-, fr.
kion-, kiõn µiIIar, uvuIa] 1 : uvuIa _cionitis; _cionotomy; 2
: µiIIar _cionocraniaI;
circum- pre/ix [OF or L; OF, fr. L, fr. circun round about, fr.
circus circIc] 1 adverbia//y : around : about : on aII sidcs _cir-
cunrotatc; _circungyration; 2 prepositiona//y : around : sur-
rounding _circunbasaI; _circuncorncaI; _circunIunar;
: rcvoIving around _circunsoIar; 3 : circumscribcd _circun-
cirr- or cirri- or cirro- a/so cirrhi- or cirrho- conbininç /orn [L
cirrus curI] 1 : cirrus of a µIant or animaI _cirrifcrous; _cirri-
gradc; 2 : cirrus cIoud _cirrostratus;
cirs- or cirso- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. Gk kirs-, kirso-, fr. kir-
sos] : swoIIcn vcin : varix _cirsoid; _cirsotomy;
cis- pre/ix [L, fr. cis] 1 : on this sidc : on thc ncarcr sidc -
oftcn }oincd to sccond cIcmcnt with a hyµhcn _cisaIµinc;
_cis-AIIcghany;; comµarc 1ÞA×s-, LL1ÞA- 2 : ncarcr in timc
: sincc _cisatomic;
citr- or citri- or citro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Citrus] 1 : citrus
_citroµsis; _citricuIturc; 2 a : citric acid _citramidc; b : cit-
ratc _citrochIoridc;
citra- pre/ix [ML, fr. L citra] : cis- _citramontanc; - oµµoscd
to u/tra-
clad- or clado- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk k/ad-, k/ado-, fr. k/a-
dos] : sIiµ : sµrout _c/adanthous; _c/adoµhyII;
-cladous adi conbininç /orn[NL -c/adus, fr. Gk -k/ados, fr. k/a-
dos sµrout, twig] : branchcd _acanthoc/adous;
-clase n conbininç /orn -s [F, fr. Gk k/asis brcaking, fr. k/an to
brcak] : a mincraI having a (sµccificd) kind of cIcavagc _cIin-
oc/ase; _µIagioc/ase;
-clasia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk k/asis brcaking (fr. k/an
to brcak) + NL -ia] : brcaking _arthroc/asia; : brcaking uµ
-clasis n conbininç /orn, p/ -clases [NL, fr. Gk k/asis] : -cLAsrA
-clasite n conbininç /orn -s [ISV -c/ase + -ite, orig. formcd as G
-k/asit] : -cLAsr
classico- conbininç /orn [F, fr. c/assique] 1 : cIassicaI : cIassi-
caI and _c/assico-Lombardic; 2 : thc cIassics _c/assicoIatry;
¹-clast n conbininç /orn -s [ML -c/astes, fr. MGk -k/astes, fr.
Gk k/an to brcak] 1 : onc that brcaks or dcstroys _iconoc/ast;
_bibIioc/ast; 2 [G -k/ast, fr. ML -c/astes] : somcthing that
brcaks or dcstroys; esp : a tooI for brcaking _cranioc/ast;
²-clast n conbininç /orn -s [back-formation fr. ²-c/astic] : rock
comµoscd of fragmcntaI matcriaI (of a sµccificd tyµc) _µyro-
c/ast; _catac/ast;
-choerus -clast 11
¹-clastic adi conbininç /orn [¹-c/ast + -ic] 1 a : brcaking,
dcstroying _iconoc/astic; _mythoc/astic; b : disintcgrating
_µrotcoc/astic; 2 [Gk k/astos brokcn (fr. k/an to brcak) + E
-ic] : curvcd _antic/astic;
²-clastic n conbininç /orn -s : brcakcr : dcstroycr _dcndro-
c/astic; _µanc/astic;
³-clastic adi conbininç /orn [ISV -c/ast (fr. Gk k/astos brokcn)
+ -ic, orig. formcd as G -k/astisch] : comµoscd of fragmcntaI
matcriaI (of a sµccificd tyµc) - uscd in namcs of rocks _cryµ-
toc/astic; _µyroc/astic;
¹clavi- or clavo- conbininç /orn [ML c/avi-, fr. L, fr. c/avis kcy]
1 : kcy : kcyboard _c/avichord; _c/aviIux; 2 [NL c/avi-, c/avo-,
fr. L c/avi-] : cIavicIc : cIavicuIar : cIavicuIar and _c/aviµcc-
toraI; _c/avodcItoid;
²clavi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. c/ava, µcrh. akin to L
c/avis] : cIub _C/avicornia; _c/aviform;
claviculo- conbininç /orn [NL c/avicu/a cIavicIc] : cIavicuIar
and _c/avicu/ohumcraI;
-cle n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -cu/us, -cu/a, -cu/un] : IittIc
onc _dcntic/e; _corµusc/e; _funic/e; - -cular adi su//ix
cleid- or cleido- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk k/eid-, k/eido-, fr.
k/eid-, k/eis kcy; akin to L c/avis kcy] 1 a : cIavicIc : cIavicu-
Iar _c/eidagra; b : cIavicuIar and _c/eidoscaµuIar; 2 : kcy
-cleisis or -clisis n conbininç /orn, p/ -cleises or -clises [NL, fr.
GK k/eisis, kIcisis, fr. k/eiein to cIosc] : cIosurc : occIusion
_arthroc/eisis; _cntcroc/isis;
cleist- or cleisto- a/so clist- or clisto- conbininç /orn [G k/eist-,
k/eisto-, fr. Gk k/eistos, akin to Gk k/eis kcy] : cIoscd _c/eisto-
carµ; _c/eistogamy;
clerico- conbininç /orn [LL c/ericus µricst] : cIcricaI : cIcricaI
and _c/ericoµoIiticaI; _c/ericofascist;
clin- or clino- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk k/in-, k/ino-, fr. k/ine
couch; akin to Gk k/inein to Ican] 1 : bcd _c/inium; _c/inoid;
2 : Ican : sIant _c/inochIorc; _c/inomctcr; 3 : dccIinc _c/inoI-
ogy; 4 c/ino- ninera/oçy : monocIinic
-clinal adi or n conbininç /orn [ISV -c/in- (fr. Gk -k/ines Ican-
ing, fr. k/inein to Ican) + -a/] 1 : sIoµing : sIoµc _ccntroc/ina/;
2 : ²-cLr×oLs _matroc/ina/;
-cline n conbininç /orn -s [back-formation fr. -c/ina/] 1 : sIoµc
_antic/ine; 2 : gradicnt : Iaycr _thcrmoc/ine;
-clinic adi conbininç /orn [ISV -c/in- (fr. Gk -k/ines Icaning,
bcnding, fr. k/inein to Ican) + -ic] 1 : incIining : diµµing _iso-
c/inic; 2 : having (a ccrtain numbcr of) obIiquc intcrscctions
of thc axcs _monoc/inic; _tric/inic; 3 : ²-cLr×oLs _matro-
clinico- conbininç /orn [c/inica/] : cIinicaI : cIinicaI and _c/ini-
-clinism n conbininç /orn -s [ISV -c/in- (fr. NL -c/inus) + -isn]
: thc statc of having thc androccium and gynoccium in a (sin-
gIc or diffcrcnt) fIowcr or (two scµaratc) fIowcrs _dic/inisn;
-clinium n conbininç /orn, p/ -clinia [NL, fr. Gk k/inion, dim.
of k/ine couch - morc at cLr×-] bot : rcccµtacIc _anthoc/ini-
¹-clinous adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -c/inus, fr. Gk k/ine
couch - morc at cLr×-] : having thc androccium and gynoc-
cium in a (singIc or diffcrcnt) fIowcr or (two scµaratc) fIow-
crs _dic/inous; _hctcroc/inous; _monoc/inous;
²-clinous adi conbininç /orn [ISV -c/in- (fr. Gk -k/ines Icaning,
bcnding, fr. k/inein to Ican) + -ous] : inhcritcd from : having
charactcristics inhcritcd from _matroc/inous; _µatroc/inous;
-cliny n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV ²-c/inous + -y] : fact or condi-
tion of having charactcristics inhcritcd from _matroc/iny;
-cnemia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. F -cnénie, fr. Gk knene
shin + F -ie -y] : -shinncdncss _µIatycnenia;
-cnemic adi conbininç /orn [ISV -cnen- (fr. Gk knene shin) +
-ic, µrob. orig. formcd as F -cnénique] : -shinncd _µIatycne-
-cnemus n conbininç /orn [NL, modif. of Gk. knene shin]
: -Icggcd onc - in gcncric namcs of animaIs _Octacnenus;
cnid- or cnido- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. cnida] : cnida
_cnidosac; _cnidogIanduIar; _Cnidaria;
co- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, fr. con-, akin to OE çe-, µcrfcctivc, asso-
ciativc, and coIIcctivc µrcfix, OHG çi-, ça-, Goth ça-, OIr
con-, con- with, togcthcr, AIb kë-, Gk koinos common] 1
: with : togcthcr : }oint : }ointIy : sharcd : mutuaI : mutuaIIy
_cocxist; _coinhcritancc; _cosustain; _cooµcratc; 2 : in or to
thc samc dcgrcc _cocxtcnsivc; _cocvaI; 3 a : fcIIow : µartncr
_coauthor; _co-workcr; b : having a usu. Icsscr sharc in duty
or rcsµonsibiIity : aItcrnatc : dcµuty _cochairman; _coµiIot;
4 a : oµcrating togcthcr or rcciµrocaIIy _cotcrm; b : of thc
comµIcmcnt of an angIc _cosinc; _codccIination;
cobalti- conbininç /orn [coba/t] : trivaIcnt cobaIt : cobaItic
cobalto- conbininç /orn [coba/t] : bivaIcnt cobaIt : cobaItous
cocc- or cocci- or cocco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. coccus & L
coccun kcrmcs bcrry, both fr. Gk kokkos grain, sccd, kcrmcs
bcrry] : grain : sccd : bcrry : coccus _coccoid; _cocciform;
coccidi- or coccidio- conbininç /orn [coccidiun] : Coccidia
_coccidiocidc; _coccidiostasis;
-coccus n conbininç /orn, p/ -cocci [NL, fr. Gk kokkos] 1
: µIant having bcrrics, sccds, or cocci (of a sµccificd tyµc) -
usu. in gcncric namcs _Oxycoccus; _Ptcrococcus; 2 : bcrry-
shaµcd organism - csµ. in gcncric namcs of aIgac and bactc-
ria _Protococcus; _Micrococcus; _Strcµtococcus; _StaµhyIo-
coccyg- or coccygo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. coccyç-, coccyx]
: coccyx _coccyçcctomy; _coccyçotomy;
coccygeo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. coccyçeus] : coccygcaI and
_coccyçeoanaI; _coccyçeomcscntcric;
cocto- conbininç /orn [L coctus, µast µart. of coquere to cook]
: boiIcd : modificd by hcat _coctoantigcn; _coctoµrotcin; : at
boiIing µoint _coctostabIc;
coel- or coelo- a/so cel- or celo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
koi/-, koi/o-, fr. koi/os hoIIow] : hoIIow : cavity _coe/odont;
-coele or -coel a/so -cele n conbininç /orn -s [µrob. fr. NL
-coe/a, fr. ncut. µI. of -coe/us -cocIous] : cavity : chambcr
: vcntricIc _cndocoe/e; _ncurocoe/e;
coeli- or coelio- a/so celi- or celio- conbininç /orn [Gk koi/i-,
koi/io-, fr. koi/ia cavity of thc body, bcIIy] : bcIIy : abdomcn
_coe/iaIgia; _coe/ioscoµy;
-coelous adi conbininç /orn [NL -coe/us, fr. Gk -koi/os hoIIow,
concavc, fr. koi/os] 1 : caviticd _dcndrocoe/ous; 2 : concavc
_µrocoe/ous; _oµisthocoe/ous;
coen- or coeno- a/so cen- or ceno- or caen- or caeno- conbininç
/orn [NL, fr. Gk koin-, koino-, fr. koinos - morc at co-]
: common : gcncraI _coenobIast; _coencsthcsia;
col- or coli- or colo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L co/on] 1 : Iargc
intcstinc _co/itis; _co/ostomy; 2 : coIon baciIIus _co/iform;
-cola n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. L] : inhabitant _Arcnico/a,
-cole adi conbininç /orn [by aItcr. (infIucnccd by F -co/e)]
: -coLoLs _saxico/e;
cole- or coleo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ko/eo-, fr. ko/eon]
: shcath : covcring _co/eitis; _Co/eoµtcra; _co/eorhiza;
-coline adi conbininç /orn [NL -co/inae, fr. -co/a + -inae]
: -coLoLs _fIuvico/ine;
coll- or collo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ko//-, ko//o-, fr. ko//a]
1 : gIuc _co//cnchyma; _Co//ocaIia; 2 : coIIoid _co//ochcm-
-coll n conbininç /orn -s [ME -co/ (in sarcoco/), fr. L -co//a, fr.
Gk -ko//a, fr. ko//a] : gIuc _gIycoco//; _µyroco//;
collodio- conbininç /orn [co//odion] : coIIodion _co//odiotyµc;
-colous adi conbininç /orn [L -co/a inhabitant + E -ous, akin
to L co/ere to cuItivatc, inhabit] : Iiving or growing in or on
_arcnico/ous; _saxico/ous;
com- or col- or con- or cor- pre/ix [con- fr. ME, fr. OF, fr. L;
co/- fr. ME, fr. L, fr. con-, con- fr. ME, fr. OE (in conso/de
comfrcy), fr. OF, fr. L, fr. con-, cor- fr. ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr.
con- - morc at co-] : with : togcthcr : }ointIy - usu. con-
bcforc b _conburgcss; and p _conµanion; or n _conmin-
-clastic com- 12
gIc;, co/- bcforc / _co/IinguaI;, cor- bcforc r _corrcIation;, and
con- bcforc othcr sounds _concycIic;
-coma n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kone hair] : onc having
(such) hair - in gcncric namcs _Pycnocona;
comico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L conicus] : comic : comic
and _conicotragcdy; _conicodidactic;
con- or cono- conbininç /orn [Gk kõn-, kõno-, fr. kõnos] : conc
_conodont; _conoµIain; _conoscoµc;
conch- or concho- conbininç /orn [Gk konch-, koncho-, fr.
konche] 1 : shcII _conchoIogy; 2 : concha _conchitis; _con-
condyl- or condylo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kondy/-, kondy-
/o-, fr. kondy/os] : }oint : knob : condyIc _condy/oid;
¹coni- conbininç /orn [L coni-, fr. conus] : conc _Conirostrcs;
²coni- or conio- conbininç /orn [G & NL; G koni- & NL coni-,
conio-, fr. Gk koni- dust & MGk konio-, fr. Gk konia, konis]
: dust _coniosis; : sµorcs _Conioµhora;
conidi- or conidio- conbininç /orn [conidiun] : conidia _coni-
contra- pre/ix [ME, fr. L contra-, contra against] 1 : against
: contrary : contrasting : in oµµosition _contra-acting; _con-
traindicativc; _contratcnor; 2 : µitchcd bcIow normaI bass
_contrabassoon; _contraoctavc; _contraµosaunc;
coraco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. coracoides coracoid] : cora-
coid and _coracocostaI;
corall- or coralli- or corallo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L cora//i-
un] : coraI _cora//iform; _cora//oid; _Cora//orhiza;
-corax n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk korax] : crow : ravcn
corm- or cormo- conbininç /orn[NL, fr. Gk korn-, korno- trcc
trunk, fr. kornos] : trcc trunk : stcm _Cornoµhyta;
¹-corn n conbininç /orn -s [L -cornis -horncd, fr. cornu horn]
: onc having (such or so many) horns _unicorn;
²-corn adi conbininç /orn [L -cornis] : having (such or so
many) horns : horncd
corne- or corneo- conbininç /orn [F corné-, cornéo-, fr. corné
corncous (fr. L corneus), cornée cornca (fr. ML cornea)] 1
: corncous : corncous and _corneocaIcarcous; 2 : cornca
_corneitis; : corncaI and _corneoscIcrotic;
corono- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. F, fr. corona/, ad}.] anat
: coronaI and _coronobasiIar; _coronofaciaI;
cortico- conbininç /orn [L cortic-, cortex bark] 1 : cortcx; esp
: ccrcbraI cortcx _corticocffcrcnt; 2 : corticaI and _corti-
cosm- or cosmo- conbininç /orn [ME (in cosnoçraphie cos-
mograµhy), fr. L cosn-, LL cosno-, fr. Gk kosn-, kosno-, fr.
kosnos] : worId : univcrsc _cosnorama; _cosnogcncsis;
-cosm n conbininç /orn -s [ME -cosne, fr. MF, fr. ML -cosnus,
fr. Gk kosnos] : worId _microcosn; _Ioxocosn;
cost- or costi- or costo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L costa] : rib
: costa _costcctomy; _costiform; : costaI and _costoradiaI;
cotyl- or cotyli- or cotylo- conbininç /orn[Gk koty/-, koty/o-, fr.
koty/e] : cuµ : organ or µart Iikc a cuµ _coty/oid; _coty/iform;
_Coty/osauria; : acctabuIar and _coty/osacraI;
-cotyl n conbininç /orn -s [coty/edon] : cotyIcdon _dicoty/;
counter- pre/ix [ME countre-, fr. MF contre-, contre (adv.)] 1 a
: contrary : oµµositc : advcrsc _countercurrcnt; _counter-
ordcr; b : oµµosing : rctaIiatory : answcring _counterbIow;
_counterwcaµon; 2 : comµIcmcntary : corrcsµonding : aItcr-
natc _counterwcight; _counterµart; _counterthcmc; 3
: duµIicatc : substitutc _counterfoiI;
-cracy or -ocracy n conbininç /orn -rs [MF & LL; MF -cratie,
fr. LL -cratia, fr. Gk -kratia, fr. kratos strcngth, µowcr] 1
: form of govcrnmcnt; a/so : statc having such a form _dcmoc-
racy; _mobocracy; _squirocracy; 2 : sociaI or µoIiticaI cIass
(as of µowcrfuI µcrsons) _µIutocracy; _snobocracy; 3 : thco-
ry of govcrnmcnt or of sociaI organization _tcchnocracy;
crani- or cranio- conbininç /orn [craniun] : cranium _cranios-
tosis; _craniomctry; : craniaI and _craniosµinaI;
-crania n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. ML craniun + L -ia -y]
: -skuIIcdncss _µIatycrania; : condition of thc skuII or hcad
-crat or -ocrat n conbininç /orn -s [F -crate, back-formation fr.
-cratie -cracy & -cratique -cratic] 1 : advocatc or µartisan of
a thcory of govcrnmcnt _dcmocrat; _µhysiocrat; _thcocrat;
2 : mcmbcr of a (sµccificd) dominant cIass _burcaucrat; _µIu-
tocrat; 3 : mcmbcr or suµµortcr of a µoIiticaI µarty or fac-
tion _Dixiccrat; - -cratic adi conbininç /orn
cre- or creo- a/so kreo- conbininç /orn [G kreo-, fr. Gk kre-,
kreo-, fr. kreas] : fIcsh _creodont; _creoµhagous; _kreotox-
creat- or creato- conbininç /orn [fr. créat-, fr. Gk kreas] : fIcsh
_creatinc; _creatoµhagous;
cren- or creno- conbininç /orn [Gk kren-, kreno-, fr. krene
sµring; µcrh. akin to OE hærn, hræn sca, ON hrönn wavc] 1
: sµring : mincraI sµring _crenic; _crenothcraµy; 2 : crcnic
acid _crenitc;
crico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. cricoides cricoid] : cricoid
_cricotomy; : cricoid and _cricothyroid;
crini- conbininç /orn [L, fr. crinis] : hair _crinicuIturc; _crini-
-crinus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk krinon IiIy] : a crinoid -
in gcncric namcs of Crinoidca _Actinocrinus; _Pcntacrinus;
cross- or crosso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk krossoi tasscIs,
fringc; akin to OE ofcrhræçan to towcr abovc, MHG raçen to
towcr uµ, stick uµ, MD raçhen, Gk krossai coµing of a µara-
µct, OIr crich cnd, furrow, Russ krokva µoIc, raftcr; basic
mcaning: }utting out, sticking uµ] : fringc _Crossastcr;
_crossoµtcrygian; _Crossosoma;
-crotic adi conbininç /orn [NL -crotus (fr. Gk -krotos, fr. kro-
tos bcat, cIaµµing) + E -ic, akin to Gk krotein to cIaµ] : hav-
ing (such) a hcartbcat or µuIsc _µoIycrotic;
-crotism n conbininç /orn -s [-crotic + -isn] : condition of hav-
ing (such) a hcartbcat _dicrotisn;
cruro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L crur-, crus Icg] : cruraI and
_cruroinguinaI, crurotarsaI;
cry- or cryo- a/so kryo- conbininç /orn [G kryo-, fr. Gk, fr.
kryos icy coId] : coId : frcczing _cryancsthcsia; _cryogcn;
crym- or crymo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kryn-, kryno-, fr.
krynos icy coId] : coId : frost _crynodynia; _crynothcraµy;
crypt- or crypto- a/so krypt- or krypto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr.
Gk kryptos] 1 : hiddcn : covcrcd _cryptobranch; _cryptoµor-
ticus; 2 : invisibIc : Iatcnt _cryptocrystaIIinc; _cryptomcrc; 3
: occuIt _cryptcsthcsia; 4 : sccrct : µrivatc _cryptogram;
_cryptonym; 5 : hiddcn by disscmbIing : unavowcd _crypto-
fascist; _cryptorationaIism;
crystall- or crystallo- conbininç /orn [Gk krysta/-, krysta//o-, fr.
krysta//os icc, crystaI] : crystaI _crysta//ifcrous; _crysta//uria;
cten- or cteno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kten-, kteno-, fr.
kten-, kteis] : comb _ctenacanthus; _ctenoµhorc;
-ctonus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ktonos murdcr; akin to
Gk kteinein to sIay, Skt ksanoti hc wounds, in}urcs, OPcr
a-þshata unhurt] : kiIIcr - in gcncric namcs csµ. of insccts
cub- or cubi- or cubo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kyb-, kybo-,
fr. kybos] 1 a : cubc _cuboctahcdron; _cubiform; _cuboman-
cy; b : of thc third aIgcbraic dcgrcc _cubinvariant; _cubocu-
bic; 2 cubo- : cuboid and _cubomctatarsaI;
cubito- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L cubitus cIbow] : cubitaI and
culic- or culici- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L cu/ic-, cu/ex] : gnat
: mosquito _Cu/icidac; _cu/icifugc;
culmi- conbininç /orn [L cu/nus] : staIk : cuIm _cu/nicoIous;
_cu/nifcrous; _cu/nigcnous;
cum- or cumo- conbininç /orn [cunin] : cumic : cumin
_cunaIdchydc; _cunoquinoI;
cumul- or cumuli- or cumulo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L cunu-
/us hcaµ, mass] 1 : cumuIus and _cunu/ocirrus; 2 : cumuIus
_cunu/ous; 3 : hcaµ : mass _cunu/osc;
-coma cumul- 13
cuneo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L cuneus wcdgc] : cunciform
and _cuneocuboid;
cupr- or cupro- conbininç /orn [LL cupr-, fr. cuprun] 1 a
: coµµcr _cupritc; b : coµµcr and _cupronickcI; 2 cupro-
: containing univaIcnt coµµcr : cuµrous _cuprocyanidc;
cupri- conbininç /orn [cupr- + -i-] 1 : coµµcr _cuprifcrous; 2
[ISV, fr. cupric] : containing bivaIcnt coµµcr : cuµric _cupri-
curvi- conbininç /orn [MF or LL; MF, fr. LL, fr. L curvus]
: curvcd; bcnt _curviform; _curvifoIiatc; _curvirostraI;
cutaneo- conbininç /orn [F cutanéo-, fr. cutané cutancous, fr.
NL cutaneus] : skin and _cutaneovisccraI;
-cy n su//ix -rs [ME -cie, fr. OF, fr. LL -cia, fr. L -tia, µartIy fr.
L -t- (as finaI stcm consonant) + -ia -y, µartIy fr. Gk -teia, -tia,
fr. -t- (as finaI stcm consonant) + -eia, -ia -y] : act : action
: µracticc : function _µiracy; _µroµhccy; : rank : officc
_baronctcy; _chaµIaincy; _gcncraIcy; : body : cIass _aristoc-
racy; : statc : quaIity _accuracy; _bankruµtcy; _normaIcy;
- orig. and stiII oftcn rcµIacing a finaI -t or -te of thc basc
noun or ad}cctivc
cyan- or cyano- conbininç /orn [G cyan-, ryan-, fr. Gk kyan-,
kyano-, fr. kyanos dark bIuc cnamcI, Iaµis IazuIi] 1 : dark bIuc
: bIuc _cyanotyµc; _cyanosis; 2 a : cyanogcn _cyanamidc;
_cyanoµhoric; b now usu cyano- : containing cyanogcn in
µIacc of hydrogcn - in namcs of organic comµounds
_cyanobcnzoic acid; c now usu cyano- : containing cyanogcn
rcgardcd as rcµIacing hydroxyI or oxygcn or as coordinatcd to
a ccntraI atom - in namcs of inorganic acids and saIts
_cyanoauric acid; _cyanofcrratc; 3 : cyanidc _cyanogcnctic;
-cyan n conbininç /orn -s [Gk kyanos] : bIuc µigmcnt _aIgo-
cyan; _Icucocyan;
cyath- or cyatho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kyath-, kyatho-,
fr. kyathos] : cuµ : cuµ-shaµcd _Cyathasµis; _cyathoIith;
cyber- conbininç /orn [cybernetic] : comµutcr : comµutcr nct-
work _cybersµacc;
cycl- or cyclo- conbininç /orn [NL cyc/o-, fr. Gk kyk/-, kyk/o-,
fr. kyk/os circIc, whccI] 1 : circIc : ring _cyc/omctcr;
_cyc/otron; 2 : cycIc _cyc/ograµhcr; 3 : cycIic comµound
_cyc/ohcµtanc; _cyc/ooIcfin; 4 : ciIiary body (of thc cyc)
_cyc/odiaIysis; _cyc/itis;
cylindr- or cylindro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ky/indr-, ky/in-
dro-, fr. ky/indros] : cyIindricaI : cyIindricaI and _cy/in-
drarthrosis; _cy/indroccµhaIic;
cym- or cymo- a/so kym- or kymo- conbininç /orn [F cyn-,
cyno-, fr. Gk kyn-, kyno-, fr. kyna] 1 : wavc _cynoscoµc; 2
: cymc : cIustcr _cynoid;
cyn- or cyno- conbininç /orn [ME cyno-, fr. L, fr. Gk kyn-,
kyno-, fr. kyn-, kyõn dog] : dog _cyniatrics;
cypro- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Gk Kypro-, fr. Kypros Cyµrus]
: Cyµrian and _Cypro-Phocnician;
cyrt- or cyrto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk kyrt-, kyrto-, fr. kyr-
tos buIging, convcx; akin to L curvus curvcd] : bcnt : curvcd
_cyrtoµia; _cyrtostyIc; : somcthing curvcd _cyrtomctcr;
cyst- or cysti- or cysto- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk kyst-, kysto-,
fr. kystis bIaddcr, µouch] 1 a : gaII bIaddcr _cystocoIostomy;
b : urinary bIaddcr _cystitis; _cystotomy; 2 : sac : µouch
: cyst _cystcnchyma; _cystiform; _cystoµhorc;
-cyst n conbininç /orn -s [NL -cyste, -cystis, fr. Gk kystis]
: bIaddcr _choIccyst;
-cystis n conbininç /orn, p/ -cystides [NL, fr. Gk kystis] : onc
having (such) a bIaddcr or µouch - csµ. in gcncric namcs
cyt- or cyto- conbininç /orn [G ryt-, ryto-, fr. Gk kyto-, fr. kytos
hoIIow vcsscI] 1 : ccII _cytasc; _cytoµIasm; 2 : cytoµIasm
_cytodc; _cytosomc;
-cyte n conbininç /orn -s [NL -cyta, fr. Gk kytos hoIIow vcsscI]
: ccII _Icukocyte; _µcricyte;
-'d vb su//ix or adi su//ix [by contr.] : ¹-ro - now csµ. in forms
dcrivcd from words cnding in a vowcI _a mascara`d cycIash;
daco- conbininç /orn, usu cap [ISV, fr. Dacia] : Dacian and
dacry- or dacryo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dakry-, dakryo-,
fr. dakry, dakryon tcar] : of a tcar or tcars : IacrimaI _dacry-
oma; _dacryocystitis;
dactyl- or dactylo- conbininç /orn [Gk dakty/-, dakty/o-, fr.
dakty/os] : fingcr : toc : digit _dacty/itis; _dacty/oIogy;
-dactylia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk dakty/os + NL -ia -y]
: condition of having (such or so many) digits _hcxadacty/ia;
dactylio- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. F, fr. Gk dakty/io-, fr. dak-
ty/ios, fr. dakty/os fingcr] 1 : fingcr ring _dacty/ioIogy; 2
: gcm _dacty/iograµhy;
-dactylism n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. Gk dakty/os fingcr, toc
+ ISV -isn] : -oAc1vLrA
-dactylous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -dakty/os, fr. dakty/os fin-
gcr, toc] : having (such or so many) fingcrs or tocs _isodacty-
/ous; _monodacty/ous;
-dactyly n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -dacty/ia - morc at
-oAc1vLrA] : -oAc1vLrA
dano- conbininç /orn, cap [ISV Dan- (fr. LL Dani Dancs) + -o-]
: Danish and _Dano-Eskimo;
dasy- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. dasys] 1 : thick with hair
or Icavcs : shaggy : wooIIy _dasyµhyIIous; 2 : dcnsity
de- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF de-, des-, µartIy fr. L de- from, down,
away (fr. de) and µartIy fr. L dis-, L de akin to OIr di from,
Gk de now, thcn, OE tõ to - morc at ors-] 1 a : do thc oµµo-
sitc of : rcvcrsc (a sµccificd action) _deccntraIizc; _decodc;
b : rcvcrsc of _decaIcsccncc; 2 : rcmovc (a sµccificd thing or
things) from _dehorn; _deIousc; : rcmovc from (a sµccificd
thing) _dethronc; 3 : rcducc : makc Iowcr _deratc; 4 [L]
: somcthing dcrivcd or comµoundcd from (a sµccificd thing)
_decomµound, n.; : dcrivcd or comµoundcd from somcthing
(of a sµccificd naturc) _decomµound, ad}.; - oftcn in gram-
maticaI tcrms (nouns or ad}cctivcs) cnding in -a/ or -ative
_dead}cctivaI; _devcrbativc; 5 : gct off of (a sµccificd thing)
_debus; _detrain; 6 : having a moIccuIc charactcrizcd by thc
rcmovaI of onc or morc atoms of (a sµccificd cIcmcnt) - in
combining forms occurring in namcs of chcmicaI comµounds
_dehydro-; _deoxy-; 7 : causc to ccasc to (µcrform a sµcci-
ficd action) _de-cmanatc;
deca- or dec- or deka- or dek- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk
deka-, dek-, fr. deka tcn] 1 : tcn _decagon; 2 [F déca-, déc-,
fr. L deca-, dec-] : tcn timcs (a sµccificd unit of mcasurc)
_decaIitcr; _decarc; - uscd in tcrms bcIonging to thc mctric
decem- conbininç /orn[MF or L; MF, fr. L, fr. decentcn] : tcn
deci- conbininç /orn [F déci-, fr. L decinus tcnth, fr. decen
tcn] : tcnth µart (of a sµccificd unit of mcasurc) _decigram;
- chicfIy in tcrms bcIonging to thc mctric systcm
-dectes n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dektes, fr. daknein to bitc]
: bitcr - in gcncric namcs of animaIs _Mixodectes;
dehydr- or dehydro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. de- + hydr-] 1
: dchydratcd _dehydromucic acid C.H,O(COOH),; 2 : dchy-
drogcnatcd _dehydroabictic acid C,,H,-COOH;
-delphis n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk de/phis] : doIµhin - in
gcncric namcs _Cyrtode/phis;
dem- or demo- conbininç /orn [den- fr. L, fr. Gk den-, deno-,
fr. denos dcmc, µoµuIacc; deno- fr. MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk den-,
deno-, akin to OIr dãn rctinuc, comµany, Skt dayate hc
aµµortions] : µcoµIc : µoµuIacc : µoµuIation _denograµhy;
-dema n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk denas body, bodiIy buiId;
akin to Gk denein to buiId] : onc having (such) a body - in
gcncric namcs of insccts _Dasydena;
demi- pre/ix [ME, fr. deni, fr. MF, fr. LL denedius, aItcr.
(infIucnccd by L nedius) of L dinidius, µrob. back-formation
fr. dinidiare to haIvc] : haIf: as a : of Icss than fuII sizc _den-
icannon; _deniµikc; : shortcncd _denirobc; - comµarc
srmr- b hera/dry : having onIy onc haIf dcµictcd, usu. thc
uµµcr or forcmost haIf but somctimcs thc dcxtcr or thc sinis-
tcr haIf _deniangcI; _deniIion; c : haIf in quantity or vaIuc
_denibarrcI; _denigroat; d : infcrior in quaIity _deniIustcr;
cuneo- demi- 14
e : onc that µartIy bcIongs to (a sµccificd tyµc or cIass)
_denibcast; _denidcity; _deniIawycr; f : µartiaI : incom-
µIctc _deninudity; _denitoiIct;
dendr- or dendro- conbininç /orn [NL dendr-, fr. Gk dendr-,
dendro- trcc, fr. dendron, akin to Gk drys trcc] : trcc _den-
droµhiIous; : rcscmbIing a trcc _dendraxon;
-dendron n conbininç /orn, p/ -dendrons a/so -dendra [L, fr.
Gk, fr. dendron - morc at or×oÞ-] 1 : trcc - csµ. in gcncr-
ic namcs of µIants _Liriodendron; _Trochodendron; 2 : trcc-
Iikc formation _ncurodendron; 3 : stcm : µart of a stcm
dent- or denti- or dento- conbininç /orn [ME denti-, fr. L dent-,
denti-, fr. dent-, dens] 1 : tooth : tccth _dentaIgia; _dentiform;
2 : dcntaI and _dentiIinguaI; _dentosurgicaI;
-dentate adi conbininç /orn [NL -dentatus, fr. L dentatus]
: having (such or so many) toothIikc µro}cctions : -toothcd
_muItidentate; _quadridentate;
deoxy- or desoxy- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. de- or des- + oxy-]
: containing Icss oxygcn in thc moIccuIc than thc comµound
to which it is cIoscIy rcIatcd; esp : dcrivabIc from anothcr
comµound by thc rcmovaI of onc oxygcn atom _deoxynu-
cIcotidc; _desoxybcnzoin C,.H,,O;
der- or dero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk der-, fr. dere, deire,
akin to OSIav çriva manc, Skt çrivã ncck, L vorare to dcvour]
: ncck : throat _deradcnitis; _Derotrcmata;
derm- or derma- or dermo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dern-,
derno-, fr. derna, fr. derein to skin] 1 : skin _dernaIgia;
_dernahcmia; _dernoskcIcton; 2 : dcrmaI and _derno-
-derm n conbininç /orn -s [µrob. fr. F -derne, fr. Gk derna]
: skin : covcring : intcgumcnt _bIastodern;
-derma n conbininç /orn, p/ -dermas or -dermata [NL, fr. Gk
dernat-, derna] 1 : skin : covcring : intcgumcnt _sarcoder-
na; 2 : skin or skin aiImcnt of a (sµccificd) tyµc _scIcroder-
na; 3 : onc having a (sµccificd) tyµc of skin - in gcncric
namcs _HcIoderna;
dermat- or dermato- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. dernat-, derna]
: skin : hidc _dernatodynia; _dernatoIogy;
-dermata n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dernat-, derna]
: oncs having a (sµccificd) tyµc of skin - in namcs of taxo-
nomic catcgorics of animaIs Iargcr than a gcnus _ScIcro-
-dermatous adi conbininç /orn [NL -dernata + E -ous] : hav-
ing a (sµccificd) tyµc of skin _scIcrodernatous;
-dermia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk derna skin + NL -ia
- morc at orÞm-] : skin or skin aiImcnt of a (sµccificd) tyµc
-dermis n conbininç /orn -rs [LL, fr. Gk, fr. derna skin]
: Iaycr of skin or tissuc _cndodernis;
des- pre/ix [F dés-, fr. OF des- - morc at or-] 1 : or- 1 - csµ.
bcforc vowcIs _desamidatc; 2 : or- 6 - csµ. bcforc vowcIs
_desiodo-; _desoxy-;
-desis n conbininç /orn, p/ -deses [NL, fr. Gk desis, fr. dein to
bind + -sis] : binding _arthrodesis;
desm- or desmo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, band, bond, fr.
desnos, fr. dein to bind] : bond : Iigamcnt _desnaIgia;
deut- or deuto- conbininç /orn [ISV, short for deuter-] 1 : scc-
ond in a rcguIar scrics of chcmicaI comµounds _deutoxidc; 2
: sccond _deutomaIa; : sccondary _deutoµIasm; - csµ. in
bioIogicaI tcrms
¹deuter- or deutero- conbininç /orn [aItcr. (infIucnccd by LL
deutero-) of carIicr deutro-, fr. ME, modif. of LL deutero-, fr.
Gk deuter-, deutero-, fr. deuteros sccond; µrob. akin to L
dudum formcrIy, Gk dein to Iack, miss, Gk (Homcric)
deuesthai to bc in nccd of, Skt dura far] 1 : sccond : sccond-
ary _deuteragonist; _deuteroµIasm; 2 : bcIonging to any of
various cIasscs of chcmicaI substanccs rcgardcd as sccondary
µroducts of dccomµosition _deuteroµorµhyrin; _deuteroµro-
²deuter- or deutero- conbininç /orn [ISV fr. deuteriun] : orL-
1rÞr- _deuteridc; _deuterochIoroform;
deuteri- or deuterio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. deuteriun] : dcu-
tcrium : containing dcutcrium - in namcs of chcmicaI com-
µounds _deuterioammonia;
dextr- or dextro- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L dextr-, dexter] 1
: right _dextrad; : on or toward thc right _dextrorotatory; 2
: dcxtraI and _dextrosinistraI;
di- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. Gk; akin to OE twi-
- morc at 1wr-] 1 : twicc : twofoId : doubIc _dichromatic;
2 : containing two atoms, radicaIs, or grouµs (of a sµccificd
kind) _dichIoridc; 3 : bcing a Grcck coin or unit of vaIuc
worth two sµccificd units _distatcr; _didrachma;
dia- a/so di- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. dia, akin to L
dis- - morc at ors-] 1 : through : during _diachronic;
: across _diactinic; 2 : madc of : consisting of - in namcs of
comµoundcd mcdicincs _diacodion;
diabol- or diabolo- conbininç /orn[ME deabo/-, fr. MF diabo/-,
fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. diabo/os] : dcviI _diabo/ism; _diabo/ocracy;
dialy- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dia/yein to scµaratc] : scµa-
ratcd _dia/ycarµic; _dia/yµctaIous;
diaphan- or diaphano- conbininç /orn [ME diaphan-, fr. MF,
fr. diaphane] : transµarcnt _diaphanoscoµy; : transµarcncy
-diastasis n conbininç /orn, p/ -diastases [NL, fr. Gk diastasis
scµaration] 1 : disintcgration _mycIodiastasis; 2 : disµIacc-
mcnt _adcnodiastasis;
dich- or dicho- conbininç /orn [LL dicho-, fr. Gk dich-, dicho-,
fr. dicha, akin to Gk di- - morc at or-] : in two : aµart : asun-
dcr _dichoµtic; _dichogamy;
dicty- or dictyo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dikty-, diktyo-, fr.
diktyon, fr. dikein to throw] : nct _dictyosomc;
-diene n su//ix -s [ISV, fr. di- + -ene] : chcmicaI comµound con-
taining two doubIc bonds _hcxadiene;
digiti- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L diçitus fingcr, toc] 1 : digit
: fingcr or toc _diçitigradc; 2 : fingcr _diçitiform; 3 : digi-
tatcIy _diçitiµinnatc;
din- or dino- a/so dein- or deino- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
dein-, deino-, fr. deinos] : tcrribIc : mighty _Deinodon;
_Deinothcrium; _Dinornis; _dinosaur;
dino- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dinos rotation, whirIing,
whirIµooI; µcrh. akin to OIr dian raµid, Skt diyati hc soars] 1
: whirIing _Dinobryon; 2 : whirIµooI : cddy _DinocaµsaIcs;
dioecio- conbininç /orn [dioecious] : diocciousIy _dioeciodi-
morµhous; _dioecioµoIygamous;
diphy- or diphyo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk diphy-, fr.
diphyes, fr. di- + -phyes (fr. phyein to bring forth, µroducc)]
: twofoId : doubIc : biµartitc _diphyodont; _diphyozooid;
dipl- or diplo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. dip/oos] 1 : doubIc
: twofoId _dip/ococcus; _dip/oµia; 2 : diµIoid _dip/osomc;
dipter- or diptero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dipteros] 1
: two-wingcd : diµtcrous _dipteraI; 2 : Diµtcra _dipteroIogy;
¹dis- pre/ix [ME dis-, des-, fr. OF & L; OF des-, dis-, fr. L dis-,
Iit., aµart, to µicccs; akin to OE te- aµart, to µicccs, OHG ri-,
re-, Goth dis- aµart, Gk dia through, AIb tsh- aµart, L duo
two] 1 a : do thc oµµositc of : rcvcrsc (a sµccificd action)
_dis}oin; _discstabIish; _disown; _disquaIify; b : dcµrivc of
(a sµccificd charactcr, quaIity, or rank) _disabIc; _disµrincc;
: dcµrivc of (a sµccificd ob}cct) _disfrock; c : cxcIudc or
cxµcI from _disbar; _discastIc; 2 : oµµositc of : contrary of
: abscncc of _disunion; _disaffcction; 3 : not _dishoncst;
_disIoyaI; 4 : comµIctcIy _disannuI; 5 [by foIk ctymoIogy]
: ovs- _disfunction; _distroµhy;
²dis- pre/ix [MF, fr. ML, aItcr. (infIucnccd by Gk dis- twicc,
doubIc, fr. dis twicc) of L di-, fr. Gk - morc at 1wr-] 1 : or- 1
2 : or- 2 _disazo;
disc- or disci- or disco- conbininç /orn [L disc-, disco-, & ML
disci-, fr. Gk disk-, disko-, fr. diskos quoit] 1 : disk _Discina;
_discigcrous; _discomycctc; 2 : µhonograµh rccord : rccord-
ing _discograµhy; _discoµhiIc;
-discus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L discus] : organism with a
(sµccificd) form of disk - in gcncric namcs _CcµhaIodiscus;
diss- or disso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. dissos, dittos,
dendr- diss- 15
akin to Gk dyo two] : doubIc _dissoconch; _dissoµhytc;
dist- or disto- or disti- conbininç /orn [distant] : distaI _disto-
cIusion; - oµµoscd to proxino-
diversi- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. diversus] : dif-
fcrcnt : divcrsc : divcrscIy _diversiform; _diversifoIiatc;
dodeca- or dodec- conbininç /orn [L dodeca-, fr. Gk dõdeka-,
dõdek-, fr. dõdeka, dyõdeka, fr. dyõ, dyo two + deka tcn]
: twcIvc _dodecahcdron; _dodecyI;
dolich- or dolicho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. do/ichos] 1
: Iong _do/ichoccµhaIic; 2 : narrow _do/ichohicric;
-dom n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OE -dõn, akin to OS -dõn -dom, OHG
-tuon, ON -dõnr, aII fr. a µrchistoric Gmc noun rcµrcscntcd
by OE dõn }udgmcnt] 1 a : dignity : officc _dukcdon; b
: rcaIm : }urisdiction _kingdon; _Christcndon; c : gco-
graµhicaI arca _AngIo-Saxondon; 2 : statc, condition, or fact
of bcing _frccdon; _martyrdon; 3 : thosc having a (sµcci-
ficd) officc, occuµation, intcrcst, or charactcr _officiaIdon;
_dogdon; _stamµdon;
dors- or dorsi- or dorso- conbininç /orn [LL dors- back, fr. L
dorsun] 1 : back _dorsad; : dorsaI _dorsifIcxion; : dorsaIIy
_dorsifixcd; 2 : dorsaI and _dorsoIatcraI;
dory- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dory] : sµcar _Doryanthcs;
drom- or dromo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. dronos] 1 : coursc
: racccoursc : running _Dronornis; 2 : sµccd _dronomctcr;
¹-drome n conbininç /orn -s [MF, fr. L -dronos, fr. Gk dronos,
akin to Gk dranein to run] 1 : racccoursc _motordrone; 2
: Iargc sµcciaIIy µrcµarcd µIacc _acrodrone; _µicturcdrone;
²-drome adi conbininç /orn [Gk -dronos, fr. dronos coursc,
racccoursc, act of running] : running _homodrone;
-dromous adi conbininç /orn [NL -dronus, fr. Gk -dronos -
morc at -oÞomr] : running _catadronous;
dry- or dryo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. drys trcc, oak]
: trcc - in gcncric namcs _Dryoµithccus;
duo- conbininç /orn [L duo] : two _duosccant; _duomachy;
duoden- or duodeno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ML duodenun] 1
: duodcnum _duodenitis; _duodenogram; 2 : duodcnaI and
duplicato- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. L dup/icatus duµIi-
catc] : doubIy _dup/icato-dcntatc;
dvi- conbininç /orn [Skt dvi- two - morc at 1wr-] : standing
or assumcd to stand in thc sccond µIacc bcyond (a sµccificd
cIcmcnt) in thc samc famiIy of thc µcriodic tabIc - in namcs
of chcmicaI cIcmcnts csµ. whcn not yct discovcrcd _dvi-man-
gancsc (now caIIcd rheniun);; comµarc rxA-
dy- or dyo- conbininç /orn [LL dy- & G dyo-, fr. Gk dy-, dyo-,
fr. dyo] : two _dyarchy; _dyastcr; _dyothcism;
-dymia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. -dynus + -ia] : condition of
bcing a µair of twin tcrata }oincd at (a sµccificd body µart)
-dymus n conbininç /orn -rs [NL, irrcg. fr. Gk didynos twin,
fr. dyo two] : µair of twin tcrata }oincd at (a sµccificd body
µart) _stcrnodynus;
dynam- or dynamo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. F, fr. Gk, fr.
dynanis] : µowcr _dynanism; _dynanograµh;
-dynamia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. dynanis + -ia -y]
: strcngth : condition of having (such) strcngth _adynania;
-dynamous adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -dynanus, fr. Gk
-dynanos having (such) µowcr, fr. dynanis µowcr] bot : hav-
ing dcvcIoµing µowcr of a (sµccificd) tyµc _androdynanous;
dys- pre/ix [aItcr. (infIucnccd by L & Gk dys-) of ME dis-, fr. MF
& L; MF dis-, fr. L dys-, fr. Gk; akin to OE tõ-, te- aµart, to
µicccs, OHG ri-, rir- aµart, to µicccs, ON tor- difficuIt, Goth tur-
(in turwerian to doubt), Skt dus- difficuIt, bad] 1 a : abnormaI
: discascd _dyshidrosis; _dysµIasia; b : difficuIt : with difficuI-
ty _dysoxidizc; : µoorIy _dyscrystaIIinc; - somctimcs oµµoscd
to eu- c : fauIty : imµaircd _dysfunction; _dysµcµsia; d : bad
: unfavorabIc _dysµathy; _dysµhcmism; - somctimcs
oµµoscd to eu- 2 : abscncc or rcvcrsc of _dystcIcoIogy;
-dytes a/so -dyta n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk dytes, fr. dyein
to cntcr, divc in, sink] : divcr - in gcncric namcs chicfIy of
birds _Aµtcnodytes;
e- pre/ix [ME, not, out, forth, away, fr. OF & L; OF, out, forth,
away, fr. L, fr. ex- - morc at rx-] 1 a : not _ecarinatc; _eros-
tratc; b : missing : abscnt _Ecardincs; _edcntaI; 2 : out : on
thc outsidc _escribc; 3 : thoroughIy _evaµorizc; 4 : forth
_eradiatc; 5 : away _eIuvium;
-eae n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L (fcm. µI. of -eus -cous)] : thosc bcIong-
ing to (such a grouµ) - in bioIogicaI taxonomic namcs of
grouµs (as tribcs) Iargcr than thc gcnus _Diatomeae;
_FIorideae; _Lrcdineae;
¹ec- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. Gk ek, fr. ex - morc at rx-]
: out of : outsidc of : outsidc _eccycsis;
²ec- or eco- a/so oec- or oeco- or oiko- conbininç /orn [carIicr
aIso yco-, fr. MF & LL; MF yco-, fr. LL oeco-, oiko-, fr. Gk
oik-, oiko-, fr. oikos housc, habitation] 1 a : houschoId _econ-
omy; b : cconomic and _eco-cuIturaI; 2 : habitat or cnvi-
ronmcnt csµ. as a factor significantIy infIucncing thc modc of
Iifc or thc coursc of dcvcIoµmcnt _ecosµccics; _ecosystcm;
_ecad; 3 ec- or cco- : ccoIogicaI or cnvironmcntaI _ecocata-
ecclesi- or ecclesio- conbininç /orn [ME ecc/esi-, fr. LL, fr.
ecc/esia church, fr. L, asscmbIy of citizcns of a Grcck statc, fr.
Gk ekk/esia church, asscmbIy of citizcns of a Grcck statc, fr.
ekka/ein to caII forth, summon, fr. ek out of, out (fr. ex) +
ka/ein to caII - morc at rx-] : church _ecc/esiarch; _ecc/e-
echin- or echino- conbininç /orn [L echin- µrickIc, fr. echinus
sca urchin, fr. Gk echinos hcdgchog, sca urchin] 1 : µrickIc
: µrickIy _Echinocactus; 2 a : sca urchin _echinaI;
_echinochromc; b : cchinodcrm _echinoIogy;
ect- or ecto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ekto- outsidc, fr. ektos,
fr. ex out of, out - morc at rx-] 1 : outsidc : cxtcrnaI
_ectostosis; _ectoµIasm; - comµarc r×o-, rxo- 2 : out of
µIacc _ectocardia;
-ectome n conbininç /orn -s [NL -ectonus, fr. -ectonia, aftcr
NL -tonia -tomy: -tonus -tomc] : instrumcnt uscd in surgicaI
rcmovaI of (a sµccificd organ or µart) _ncurectone; _tonsiI-
-ectomy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -ectonia, fr. ec- + -tonia
-tomy] : cutting out : surgicaI rcmovaI _gastrectony;
ectro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ektrõsis miscarriagc, fr.
ektitrõskein to miscarry, fr. ek out of, out (fr. ex) + titrõskein
to wound, damagc; akin to Gk tribein to rub - morc at rx-]
: congcnitaIIy abscnt - in tcratoIogicaI tcrms chicfIy indicat-
ing abscncc of a µarticuIar Iimb or µart _ectrodactyIism;
¹-ed vb su//ix or adi su//ix [ME, fr. OE -ed, -od, -ad, fr. -e-, -o-,
-a- (thcmatic vowcIs of various cIasscs of wcak vcrbs) + -d,
µast µart. cnding of wcak vcrbs; akin to OHG -t, µast µart.
cnding of wcak vcrbs, ON -thr, Goth -ths, L -tus, µast µart.
cnding, Gk -tos, suffix forming vcrbaI ad}cctivcs, Skt -ta, µast
µart. cnding] 1 - uscd to form thc µast µarticiµIc of rcguIar
wcak vcrbs _cnded; _foIIowed; _drcssed;; rcguIarIy accom-
µanicd by coaIcsccncc with finaI e of thc basc word _faded;,
changc of finaI µostconsonantaI y of thc basc word to i
_tried;, or doubIing of thc finaI consonant of thc basc word
immcdiatcIy aftcr a short strcsscd vowcI _µatted; 2 - uscd
to form ad}cctivcs of idcnticaI or ncarIy idcnticaI mcaning
from Latin-dcrivcd ad}cctivcs cnding in -ate _crcnuIated;
_µinnated; 3 a : having : µrovidcd or furnishcd with : char-
actcrizcd by - in ad}cctivcs formcd from nouns _baIconied;
_cuItured; _moncyed; _winged; or from combinations hav-
ing a noun as finaI constitucnt _two-Icgged; _dccµ-chcsted;
_thrcc-storied; b : having thc charactcristics of - in ad}cc-
tivcs formcd from nouns _bigoted; _dogged;
²-ed vb su//ix [ME -ede, -de, fr. OE -de, -ede, -ode, -ade, µast
cnding (1st µcrs. sing. indic.) of wcak vcrbs, fr. -e-, -o-, -a-
(thcmatic vowcIs of various cIasscs of wcak vcrbs) + -de, µast
cnding (1st µcrs. sing. indic.) of wcak vcrbs; akin to OHG -ta,
µast cnding (1st µcrs. sing. indic.) of wcak vcrbs, ON -tha,
Goth -da, and µrob. to OE -d, µast µart. cnding of wcak vcrbs]
- uscd to form thc µast tcnsc of rcguIar wcak vcrbs; rcgu-
IarIy accomµanicd by coaIcsccncc with finaI e of thc basc
word _}udged;, changc of finaI µostconsonantaI y of thc basc
dist- -ed 16
word to i _dcnied;, or doubIing of thc finaI consonant of thc
basc word immcdiatcIy aftcr a short strcsscd vowcI _droµµed;
¹-ee n su//ix -s [ME -e, fr. MF -é, fr. OF, fr. -é, µast µart. cnd-
ing of somc vcrbs, fr. L -atus, µast µart. cnding of 1st con}.
vcrbs - morc at ³-atc] 1 : animatc and usu. human undcrgo-
cr, rcciµicnt, or bcncficiary of (a sµccificd action) _aµµointee;
_draftee; _grantee; _trainee; _trustee; 2 : µcrson furnishcd
with (a sµccificd thing) _µatcntee; 3 : µcrson that µcrforms
(a sµccificd action) _cscaµee; _standee;
²-ee n su//ix -s [µrob. aItcr. of -ie] 1 : onc associatcd with
_bargee; _goaIee; _townee; 2 : a µarticuIar csµ. smaII kind
of _bootee; _coatee; 3 : onc rcscmbIing or suggcstivc of
¹-een n su//ix -s [µrob. µartIy fr. thc -een of ratteen and µartIy
aItcr. of thc -ine of arnorine, bonbarine] : infcrior fabric
rcscmbIing (a sµccificd fabric) : imitation _sateen; _vcI-
²-een n su//ix -s [IrGacI -in] chie//y lrish : smaII onc : dcar onc
: µctty or contcmµtibIc onc - in diminutivc nouns _birdeen;
_buckeen; _squireen;
-eer n su//ix -s [MF -ier, fr. L -arius - morc at ¹-ary] 1 : onc
that dcaIs in, is conccrncd with µrofcssionaIIy, managcs, con-
ducts, or µroduccs _auctioneer; _µamµhIcteer; - oftcn in
words with dcrogatory mcaning or connotation _µrofiteer; 2
: contcmµtibIc onc _µatrioteer;
egypto- conbininç /orn, cap [µrob. fr. F éçypto-, fr. Gk aiçyp-
to-, fr. Aiçyptos Egyµt] 1 : Egyµt _EçyptoIogy; 2 : Egyµtian
and _Eçypto-Arabic; _Eçypto-Grcck;
eicosa- or eicos- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk eikosa-, eikos-
twcnty, fr. eikosi] : containing 20 atoms (as of carbon)
eid- or eido- conbininç /orn [Gk, form, fr. eidos] : imagc : fig-
urc _eidoµtomctry;
-ein or -eine n su//ix -s [ISV, aItcr. of -in, -ine] : a comµound dis-
tinguishcd from a comµound with a namc cnding in -in or -ine
- usu. -eine in namcs of bascs and -ein in namcs of nonbas-
cs _nicoteine; _µhthaIein;
eka- conbininç /orn [Skt eka onc] : standing or assumcd to
stand ncxt in ordcr bcyond (a sµccificd cIcmcnt) in thc samc
famiIy of thc µcriodic tabIc - in namcs of chcmicaI cIcmcnts
csµ. whcn not yct discovcrcd _ekaccsium (now caIIcd franci-
um);; comµarc ovr-
-el n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF -e/, -e/e, fr. L -e//us, -e//a, -e//un]
: smaII onc _corme/;
elaio- or elaeo- or eleo- conbininç /orn [G e/äo- & NL e/aeo-,
fr. Gk e/aio- oIivc oiI, oiI, fr. e/aion, fr. e/aia oIivc] : oiI _e/aio-
µIast; _e/aeobIast; _e/eocytc;
elasm- or elasmo- conbininç /orn [F é/asn- & NL e/asno-, fr.
Gk e/asnos mctaI µIatc; akin to Gk e/aunein to drivc] : µIatc
elast- or elasto- conbininç /orn [NL e/ast-, fr. LGk e/astos duc-
tiIc] 1 : cIasticity _e/astin; 2 : cIastic and _e/astoviscous;
electr- or electro- conbininç /orn [NL e/ectr-, fr. L e/ectrun
ambcr] 1 a : cIcctricity _e/ectromctcr; b : cIcctric _e/ec-
trizc; _e/ectromagnct; : cIcctric and _e/ectromcdicaI;
: cIcctricaIIy _e/ectroµositivc; 2 : cIcctroIytic _e/ectro-
anaIysis; 3 : cIcctromagnctic _e/ectrochronograµh; 4
: cIcctron _e/ectroµhiIic;
eleuther- or eleuthero- conbininç /orn [Gk, frcc, fr. e/eutheros]
1 : frccdom _e/eutheromania; 2 : frcc _E/eutherozoa;
-ella n su//ix, p/ -ellae or -ellas [L - morc at -rL] 1 : IittIc onc
rcscmbIing - oftcn in gcncric namcs _Caµse//a; 2 : IittIc onc
_squame//a; 3 : IittIc onc bcIonging to _MoIucce//a;
elongato- conbininç /orn [e/onçate + -o-] : cIongatcd and _e/on-
elytr- or elytri- or elytro- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr.
e/ytron] : cIytron _e/ytroid; _e/ytrifcrous;
embol- or emboli- or embolo- conbininç /orn [NL enbo/-, fr.
ML (in enbo/isnus intcrcaIation)] 1 : cmboIus _enbo/ccto-
my; _enbo/iform; 2 : wcdgc _Enbo/omcri;
embry- or embryo- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. enbryon]
: cmbryo _enbrycctomy; _enbryoIogy;
embryon- or embryoni- conbininç /orn[ML enbryon-, enbryo]
: cmbryo _enbryonic; _enbryoniform;
-eme n su//ix -s [F -ène thing, unit (in phonène sµccch sound),
fr. Gk -enat-, -ena (in phõnenat-, phõnena uttcrancc), fr. -e-
(stcm vowcI of phõnein to sound) + -nat-, -na (noun suffix)
- morc at -mr×1] : significantIy distinctivc unit of structurc
of a (sµccificd) kind in a Ianguagc or diaIcct _morµhene;
_tonene; - comµarc ALLo-
-emia or -aemia a/so -hemia or -haemia n conbininç /orn -s
[NL -enia, -aenia, fr. Gk -ainia, fr. haina bIood + -ia -y -
morc at nrm-] 1 : condition of having (such) bIood
_Icukenia; _scµticenia; 2 : condition of having (a sµccificd
thing) in thc bIood _choIenia; _urenia;
empirio- a/so empirico- conbininç /orn [enpirio- fr. G, fr. Gk
enpeiria cxµcricncc (fr. enpeiros cxµcricnccd + -ia -y) + G -o-,
enpirico- fr. enpiric, ad}. + -o-] 1 : cxµcricncc : cxµcrimcnt
_enpiriogcnic; _enpiriosymboIist; 2 : cmµiricaI and _enpiri-
¹en- a/so em- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L in-, in-, fr. in] 1 : µut
into _encradIc; : µut on to _enthronc; : covcr or surround
with _envcrdurc; : go into or on to _enbus; - in vcrbs
formcd from nouns 2 : causc to bc _engIad; _ensIavc; -
somctimcs in vcrbs that aIso havc thc suffix -en _enboIdcn;;
in vcrbs formcd from ad}cctivcs or nouns 3 : µrovidc with
_encoIIar; _enµowcr; - in vcrbs formcd from nouns 4 : so
as to covcr or surround _enwraµ; : thoroughIy _entangIc; -
oftcn in vcrbs diffcring IittIc or not at aII in mcaning from thc
corrcsµonding vcrb without µrcfix _entamc;; in vcrbs formcd
from vcrbs; in aII scnscs usu. en- bcforc b, n, or p and en- in
othcr circumstanccs
²en- a/so em- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. en in] : in : within
: insidc _endcrmic; _engram; _enzootic; - usu. en- bcforc
b, n, or p _enbathoIithic; and en- in othcr circumstanccs
³en- conbininç /orn[ISV, fr. -ene] : chcmicaIIy unsaturatcd; esp
: having onc doubIc bond _enaminc;
¹-en a/so -n adi su//ix [ME, fr. OE; akin to OHG -in madc of,
ON -inn, Goth -eins madc of, of or bcIonging to, L -inus (with
Iong i) of or bcIonging to, Gk -inos madc of, of or bcIonging
to, Skt -ina of or bcIonging to] : madc of : consisting of
_carthen; _wooIen; - now rcIativcIy infrcqucnt bccausc of
thc widcsµrcad attributivc usc of nouns or of ad}cctivcs
formcd from nouns without thc addition of a suffix (as in ço/d
cuµ, wheat cakc) and to bc found chicfIy in ad}cctivcs which
arc obsoIctc _tinnen; or archaic _oaken; or in which a scnsc
othcr than thc IitcraI onc has bccomc µromincnt _goIden;
_wooden;; usu. -n aftcr -er _siIvcrn;
²-en vb su//ix -ro/-r×c/-s [ME -nen, fr. OE -nian (as in /æstnian
to fastcn); akin to OS -nõn, finaI scgmcnt of ccrtain transitivc
infinitivcs (as in /astnõn to fastcn), OHG -inõn (as in /estinõn
to fastcn), ON -na (as in /astna to µIcdgc, bctroth)] 1 a : causc
to bc _sharµen; - somctimcs in vcrbs that aIso havc thc µrc-
fix en- _cmboIden;; in transitivc vcrbs formcd from ad}cctivcs
b : causc to havc _Icngthen; - in transitivc vcrbs formcd
from nouns 2 a : comc to bc _stccµen; - in intransitivc
vcrbs formcd from ad}cctivcs b : comc to havc _Icngthen; -
in intransitivc vcrbs formcd from nouns
enantio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. enantios, fr. enanti in
thc µrcscncc of, fr. en in + anti against - morc at A×1r-] 1
: oµµositc _enantiotroµy; 2 : antagonistic _enantiobiosis;
-ence n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -entia, fr. -ent-, -ens -cnt + -ia
-y] 1 : action or µroccss _abstinence; _cmcrgence; _confIu-
ence; : instancc of an action or µroccss _rcfcrence; _rcminis-
cence; 2 : quaIity or statc _condcsccndence; _dcµcndence;
: onc having a (sµccificd) quaIity or bcing in a (sµccificd) statc
_standing on an cminence;
encephal- or encephalo- conbininç /orn [F encépha/-, fr. Gk
enkepha/-, fr. enkepha/os brain] 1 : brain _encepha/itis; _enceph-
a/occIc; 2 : of or bcIonging to thc brain and _encepha/osµinaI;
-encephalia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. -encepha/us + -ia -y]
: condition of having (such) a brain _scIcrencepha/ia;
-encephalous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -enkepha/os, fr. enkepha-
/os brain] : having (such) a brain _micrencepha/ous;
-ee -encephalous 17
-encephalus n conbininç /orn, p/ -encephali [NL, fr. Gk
-enkepha/os -cnccµhaIous] 1 : fctus having (such) a brain
_µscudencepha/us; 2 : condition of having (such) a brain
-encephaly n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -encepha/ia] : condition
of having (such) a brain _anencepha/y;
-enchyma n conbininç /orn, p/ -enchymata or -enchymas [NL,
fr. -enchyna (in parenchyna)] : ccIIuIar tissuc of a (sµccificd)
tyµc _coIIenchyna; _cystenchyna;
-enchyme n conbininç /orn -s [NL -enchyna] : -r×cnvmA
-ency n su//ix -rs [ME -encie, fr. L -entia - morc at -r×cr] 1
: quaIity or statc _cfficiency; _cxµcdiency; 2 : onc having a
(sµccificd) quaIity or bcing in a (sµccificd) statc _His
ExccIIency; 3 : instancc of a (sµccificd) quaIity or statc
_rcµcatcd inadvcrtencies;
end- or endo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. endon within, at
homc, fr. en in + -don (µcrh. akin to L donus housc)] 1 a
: within : insidc _Endamocba; _endoscoµc; b : taking in
: rcquiring _endcrgonic; - oµµoscd to exo- 2 : cndocardium
and _endoµcricarditis;
endotheli- or endothelio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL endothe-
/iun] : cndothcIium _endothe/iocytc; _endothe/ioma;
-ene n su//ix -s [ISV, fr. Gk -ene (fcm. µatronymic suffix)]
: unsaturatcd carbon comµound _bcnzene;; esp : carbon
comµound charactcrizcd by thc µrcscncc of onc doubIc bond
_µroµene; - in namcs of straight-chain hydrocarbons; dis-
tinguishcd from -ane, -yne; comµarc -vLr×r
ennea- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. ennea] : ninc _enneagon;
-ennial adi conbininç /orn [ME -enia/e, fr. MF -ennia/, fr. L
-enniun (as in bienniun µcriod of two ycars) + MF -a/]
: rccurring at or marking intcrvaIs of (so many) ycars _bien-
nia/; _ccntennia/;
ent- or ento- conbininç /orn [NL & Gk; NL, fr. Gk entos, akin
to L intus within, Gk en in] : inncr : within _entad; _ento-
¹-ent n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -ent-, -ens, fr. µrcs. µart. suf-
fix of thc 2d & 3d con}ugations, fr. -e- (vowcI of thc 2d & 3d
con}ugations, + -nt-, -ns, µrcs. µart. suffix - morc at -A×1]
: onc that µcrforms (a sµccificd action) _rcgent; _rcsident;
_tangent; - comµarc ¹-A×1
²-ent adi su//ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -ent-, -ens, µrcs. µart. suffix]
: doing, bchaving, cxisting (in thc way sµccificd) _aµµarent;
_rcvcrent; _subscquent; - with vcrbs or vcrbaI roots; com-
µarc ²-A×1
enter- or entero- conbininç /orn [L & Gk; L entero-, fr. Gk
enter-, entero-, fr. enteron - morc at r×1rÞ-] 1 : intcstinc
_enteritis; _enterocrinin; 2 : intcstinaI and _enterohcµatic;
entom- or entomo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk entonon] : inscct
_entonoµhagous; _entonostracan;
eo- conbininç /orn [Gk eõ- dawn, fr. eõs] : carIicst : oIdcst
_Eohiµµus; _eoIithic;; speci/ : first of two or thrcc subdivi-
sions of gcoIogic timc _Eoccnc; - comµarc mrs-, mr-, ×r-,
-eous adi su//ix [L -eus comµoscd of, of thc naturc of or rcscm-
bIing (a sµccificd substancc); akin to Gk -eos comµoscd of,
Skt -aya] : Iikc : rcscmbIing : of thc naturc of _aqueous; _vit-
ependym- or ependymo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ependyna]
: cµcndyma _ependynitis; _ependynocµithcIium;
epi- or ep- a/so eph- pre/ix [epi- fr. ME, uµon, fr. MF & ML;
MF, fr. ML, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. epi on, uµon, to; ep- fr. MF, fr.
L, fr. Gk, fr. epi, eph- fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. epi, akin to OE eo/ot
crimc, Goth i/tuma ncxt, foIIowing, L ob to, bcforc, on
account of, Skt api bcsidcs] 1 : uµon _epiµhytc; : bcsidcs
_epcnthcsis; : ncar to _epcnccµhaIon; : ovcr _epiccntcr;
: outcr _epidcrmis; : antcrior _epicncmiaI; : µrior to
_epacmc; : aftcr _epcmbryonic; - epi- bcforc consonants
othcr than h, and somctimcs ep- bcforc vowcIs and eph-
bcforc h (which is not rcµcatcd), but somctimcs epi- cvcn
bcforc h or a vowcI 2 : aItcrcd - in µctrograµhic tcrms
_epidioritc; 3 : rcsting on as a gcoIogicaI stratum : foIIowing
in timc - in namcs of gcoIogicaI cras, µcriods, systcms,
scrics, or formations _Eparchcan;
epiderm- or epidermo- conbininç /orn [epidernis] : cµidcrmis
epididym- or epididymo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. epididynis]
: cµididymaI and _epididynodcfcrcntiaI;
epilept- or epilepti- or epilepto- conbininç /orn [F épi/ept-, fr.
L epi/ept-, fr. Gk epi/ept-, fr. epi/eptos] : cµiIcµsy _epi/eptoid;
epithel- conbininç /orn [NL epithe/iun] : cµithcIium _epithe-
/izc; _epithe/oid;
epitheli- or epithelio- conbininç /orn [NL epithe/iun] : cµithc-
Iium _epithe/ioma; : cµithcIiaI and _epithe/iogIanduIar;
epoxy- conbininç /orn [epi- + oxy-] : cµoxy
equi- a/so aequi- conbininç /orn [ME equi-, fr. MF & L; MF
equi-, fr. L aequi-, fr. aequus IcvcI, cquaI] : cquaI _equidistri-
bution; : cquaIIy _equidistant; _equisidcd;
¹-er adi su//ix or adv su//ix [ME -er, -ere, -re, fr. OE -ra (in ad}cc-
tivcs), -or (in advcrbs); akin to comµarativc suffixcs OHG -iro,
-õro (in ad}cctivcs), -õr (in advcrbs), ON -ri, -ari (in ad}cc-
tivcs), -r, -ar (in advcrbs), Goth -ira, -ora (in ad}cctivcs), -is,
-os (in advcrbs), L -ior (in ad}cctivcs), Gk -iõn (in ad}cctivcs),
Skt -iyas (in ad}cctivcs)] - uscd to form thc comµarativc
dcgrcc of ad}cctivcs and advcrbs of onc syIIabIc _hotter;
_drier; _Iater; _sooner; _coIder; and of ccrtain ad}cctivcs and
advcrbs of two syIIabIcs _abIer; _comµIcter; _gcntIier; _haµ-
µier; _ycIIower; and somctimcs of Iongcr oncs; rcguIarIy
accomµanicd by coaIcsccncc with finaI e of thc basc word,
changc of finaI µostconsonantaI y of thc basc word to i, or
doubIing of thc finaI consonant of thc basc word immcdiatc-
Iy aftcr a short strcsscd vowcI
²-er a/so -ier or -yer n su//ix -s [ME -er, -ere, fr. OE -ere, akin
to D & G -er, OHG -ãri, ON -ari, Goth -areis, aII fr. a µrchis-
toric Gmc suffix borrowcd fr. L -arius ¹-ary; in scnsc 1, µart-
Iy fr. ME -er, -ier, -ere, -iere, fr. AF -er, -ere & OF -ier, -iere,
fr. L -arius, -aria, -ariun ¹-ary; in scnsc 2, µartIy fr. ME -er,
-ere, fr. MF -ere, fr. L -ator (suffix dcnoting an agcnt) - morc
at ¹-ary, ¹-or] 1 a : µcrson occuµationaIIy conncctcd with
_hatter; _}aiIer; _furrier; _hosier; _Iawyer; b : µcrson or
thing bcIonging to, rcIatcd to, or associatcd with _hcader;
_oId-timer; _high schooIer; c : nativc of : rcsidcnt of : onc
coming from _cottager; _Londoner; _MaryIander; _Ncw
Yorker; d : onc that has _thrcc-dccker; _thc baby is a tcn-
µounder; e : onc that µroduccs or yicIds _µorker; _vcaIer;
_wooIer; 2 a : onc that docs or µcrforms (a sµccificd action)
_maker; _µIayer; _rcµorter; _transformer; _rangc finder; -
somctimcs addcd to both cIcmcnts of a comµound
_buiIder-uµµer; _tryer-outer; b : onc that is a suitabIc ob}cct
of (a sµccificd action) _broiIer; _fryer; 3 : onc that is _for-
cigner; _goner; _wcstcrner; _down-and-outer; - -yer in a
smaII numbcr of words aftcr w, -ier in a smaII numbcr of
words aftcr othcr Icttcrs, othcrwisc -er, -er and -ier rcguIarIy
accomµanicd by doubIing of thc finaI consonant of thc basc
word immcdiatcIy aftcr a short strcsscd vowcI, -ier rcguIarIy
accomµanicd by omission of finaI e of thc basc word, -er rcg-
uIarIy accomµanicd by coaIcsccncc with finaI e of thc basc
word and somctimcs accomµanicd by changc of finaI µost-
consonantaI y of thc basc word to i _fIier; _fIyer;
erem- or eremo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk eren-, ereno-, fr.
erenos IoncIy, soIitary and erenia dcscrt, fr. erenos + -ia -y]
: soIitary _Erenurus; : dcscrt _erenoIogy; - chicfIy in tcrms
in bioIogy
erg- or ergo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. erçon] : work _erçoµho-
bia; _erçodic;
ergat- or ergato- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk erçat-, fr. erçates,
fr. erçaresthai to work] : workcr _erçatoid; _erçatomorµhic;
-ergic adi conbininç /orn [-erçy + ¹-ic] : cxhibiting or stimuIat-
ing activity of _doµaminerçic;
ergo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. erçot] : crgot _erçostcroI;
-ergy n conbininç /orn -rs [LL -erçia, fr. Gk -erçeia, -erçia, fr.
erçon work + -eia, -ia -y] : work _synerçy; : cffcct _aIIerçy;
-encephalus -ergy 18
erio- conbininç /orn [Gk erio-, eirio-, fr. erion, eirion] : wooI
_Eriogonum; _eriomctcr;
eruci- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L eruca] : catcrµiIIar _eruci-
form; _erucivorous;
-ery n su//ix -rs [ME -erie, fr. OF, fr. -ier -cr + -ie -y] 1 : quaI-
itics coIIcctivcIy : charactcr : -×rss _tomfooIery; _snobbery;
2 : art, µracticc, tradc _mountcbankery; - comµarc -Þv 3
: µIacc of doing, kccµing, growing, brccding, scIIing (thc thing
sµccificd) _µiggery; _rookery; _fishery; _bindery; _bakery;
4 : coIIcction : aggrcgatc _finery; _grccnery; - comµarc -Þv
5 : statc : condition _sIavery; _monkery; - comµarc -Þv
erythr- or erythro- conbininç /orn [Gk erythr-, erythro-, fr. ery-
thros] 1 : rcd _erythrism; _erythroµhyII; 2 : rcIatcd to cry-
throsc _erythronic acid; 3 : crythrocytc _erythrcmia; _ery-
¹-es n p/ su//ix [ME -es, -s - morc at ¹-s] 1 - uscd to form thc
µIuraI of most nouns that cnd in s _gIasses;, r _fuzzes;, sh
_bushes;, ch _µcaches;, or µostconsonantaI y (which changcs
to i) _Iadies;, and of somc nouns cnding in o _hcroes;, and of
somc nouns cnding in / (which changcs to v) _Ioaves;; com-
µarc ¹-s 1 2 : ¹-s 2 _Christmases wc go to grandmothcr`s;
²-es vb su//ix [ME (Northcrn & North MidIand) - morc at ³-s]
- uscd to form thc third µcrson singuIar µrcscnt indicativc of
most vcrbs that cnd in s _bIcsses;, r _fizzes;, sh _hushes;, ch
_catches;, or µostconsonantaI y (which changcs to i) _dcfies;;
comµarc ³-s 1
-es' n p/ su//ix [ME, -es, fr. -e, oIdcr gcn. µI. cnding (fr. OE -a)
+ -s, gcn. sing. cnding - morc at -s] - uscd to form thc µIu-
raI µosscssivc of most nouns that cnd in s, r, sh, ch, or µost-
consonantaI y and of somc nouns cnding in /
-escence n su//ix -s [MF, fr. L -escentia, fr. -escent-, -escens + -ia]
: statc or µroccss of bccoming _obsoIescence; _convaIes-
-escent adi su//ix [MF, fr. L -escent-, -escens (µrcs. µart. suffix
of inchoativc vcrbs cnding in -escere), fr. -esc-, cIcmcnt form-
ing inchoativc vcrbs + -ent-, -ens, µrcs. µart. suffix of thc 3d
con}ugation - morc at -r×1] 1 : bcginning, bcginning to bc,
bccoming, sIightIy _obsoIescent; _arborescent; _aIkaIescent;
2 : rcfIccting or cmitting Iight (in a sµccificd way) _oµaIes-
cent; _fIuorescent;
¹-ese adi su//ix [Pg -ês & It -ese, ad}. & n. suffix, fr. (assumcd)
VL -esis, fr. L -ensis] : of, rcIating to, or originating in (a ccr-
tain µIacc or country) _Jaµanese; _Vicnnese;
²-ese n su//ix, p/ -ese [Pg -ês & It -ese] 1 : nativc or rcsidcnt (of
a sµccificd µIacc or country) _Chinese; 2 a : thc Ianguagc (of
a µarticuIar µIacc, country, or nationaIity) _Siamese;
_Cantonese; b : sµccch, Iitcrary styIc, or diction µccuIiar to
(a sµccificd µIacc, µcrson, or grouµ) - usu. in words aµµIicd
in disIikc or contcmµt _CarIyIese; _fcdcraIese; _}ournaIese;
-esis n su//ix, p/ -eses [ME, fr. OE, fr. L, fr. Gk -esis, -esis, fr.
-e-, -e-, dcrivationaI cIcmcnt attachcd to ccrtain vcrbs + -sis,
fcm. suffix of action] : action : µroccss _cmesis;
eso- pre/ix [Gk eso-, fr. esõ within] : inncr _esotroµia;
esophag- or esophago- a/so oesophag- or oesophago- conbininç
/orn [Gk oisophaços guIIct] : csoµhagus _esophaçcctomy;
_esophaçoµathy; : csoµhagcaI and _esophaçogastroscoµy;
¹-esque adi su//ix [F, fr. It -esco, of Gmc origin; akin to OHG
-isc - morc at -rsn] : in thc manncr or styIc of : Iikc : -rsn
_Romanesque; _KiµIingesque; _LincoInesque; _statuesque;
²-esque n su//ix -s : somcthing in thc styIc of _arabesque;
-ess n su//ix -rs [ME -esse, fr. OF, fr. LL -issa, fr. Gk] : fcmaIc
_goddess; _giantess; - csµ. in agcnt nouns _actress; _µoct-
¹-est adi su//ix or adv su//ix [ME, fr. OE -st, -est, -ost, akin to
suµcrIativc suffixcs OHG -isto, -õsto (in ad}cctivcs), -ist, -õst
(in advcrbs), ON -str, -astr (in ad}cctivcs), -st, -ast (in advcrbs),
Goth -ists, -osts (in ad}cctivcs), -ist (in advcrbs), Gk -istos (in
ad}cctivcs), Skt -istha (in ad}cctivcs); µrob. fr. thc suffix rcµ-
rcscntcd by E ¹-er + thc suffix rcµrcscntcd by E ¹-ed] - uscd
to form thc suµcrIativc dcgrcc of ad}cctivcs and advcrbs of
onc syIIabIc _fattest; _Iatest; _ncwest;, of ccrtain ad}cctivcs
and advcrbs of two syIIabIcs _Iuckiest; _oftcnest; _rcmotest;
_simµIest;, and Icss oftcn of Iongcr oncs _bcggarIiest;; oftcn
attachcd to words (as µarticiµIcs in ad}cctivaI usc) that rarcIy
if cvcr show a corrcsµonding comµarativc formation in -er
_cusscdest; _fightingest; _Iyingest;; rcguIarIy accomµanicd
by coaIcsccncc with finaI e of thc basc word, changc of finaI
µostconsonantaI y of thc basc word to i, or doubIing of thc
finaI consonant of thc basc word immcdiatcIy aftcr a short
strcsscd vowcI
²-est or -st su//ix [ME, fr. OE -est, -ast, -st, 2d sing. µrcs. cndings
of various cIasscs of vcrbs (fr. carIicr -es, -as, -s + -t, assimiIat-
cd form of thc 2d µcrs. µron. thu thou) & -est (fr. carIicr -es +
-t), 2d sing. µast cnding of wcak vcrbs; akin to OHG -ist, -õst,
-est (fr. carIicr -is, -õs, -es + -t, fr. thu, thu thou), 2d sing. µrcs.
cndings, -õst (fr. carIicr -õs + -t), 2d sing. µast cnding of wcak
vcrbs, Goth -is, -os, -ais, 2d sing. µrcs. cndings, -es, 2d sing.
µast cnding of wcak vcrbs, ON -r, -ar, -ir, 2d sing. µrcs. cnd-
ings, -ir, 2d sing. µast cnding of wcak vcrbs, L & Gk -s (µrc-
ccdcd by various thcmatic vowcIs), 2d sing. µrcs. cnding, Skt
-si] - uscd to form thc archaic sccond µcrson singuIar indica-
tivc of EngIish vcrbs (with thou) _gcttest; _didst; _carriest;
_faiIcdst; _canst;
-estes n conbininç /orn [NL, modif. of Gk edestes, fr.
(Homcric) ednenai to cat] : -catcr - in gcncric namcs of
birds _Sµcrmestes;
esthesio- or aesthesio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk aisthesis scn-
sation, µcrccµtion, fccIing, fr. aisthanesthai to µcrccivc, fccI]
: scnsation _esthesioncurosis; _aesthesioIogy;
-et n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF -et (masc.) & -ete (fcm.), fr. LL -itus
& -ita] 1 : smaII onc : Icsscr onc : -Lr1 _baronet; _ccIIaret;
_singIet; 2 : grouµ _octet;
eth- or etho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ethy/] : cthyI _ethaIdc-
hydc; _ethochIoridc;
-eth or -th vb su//ix [ME, fr. OE -eth, -ath, -th, 3d sing. µrcs.
indic. cndings of various cIasscs of vcrbs; akin to OHG -it, -õt,
-et, 3d sing. µrcs. indic. cndings, carIy ON (runic) -ith, -ith,
-õth, -eth, Goth -ith, -eith, -oth, -aith, L -t (µrcccdcd by various
thcmatic vowcIs), Gk -ti-, 3d sing. µrcs. indic. cnding of unthc-
matic vcrbs, Skt -ti (µrcccdcd by various thcmatic vowcIs or
by a consonant), 3d sing. µrcs. indic. cnding] - uscd to form
thc archaic third µcrson singuIar µrcscnt indicativc of vcrbs
_goeth; _doth; _thinketh; _hath; _saith; _maketh; _Icadeth;
ethico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L ethicus moraI, cthicaI] : cth-
icaI and _ethicorcIigious; : cthics _ethicoccntcrcd;
ethmo- conbininç /orn [Gk ethno- straincr (infIucnccd in
mcaning by E ethnoid), fr. ethnos] : cthmoidaI and _eth-
nofrontaI; : cthmoid and _ethnosµhcnoid;
ethno- conbininç /orn [F, fr. LGk, fr. Gk ethnos nation] 1
: racc, µcoµIc, cuIturaI grouµ _ethnograµhy; _ethnogcnic; 2
: charactcristic of or bcIicvcd by a µcoµIc, racc, or grouµ _eth-
nomctcoroIogy; : uscd by or rcIatcd to a µcoµIc or racc _eth-
nobioIogy; _ethnofIora;
ethoxy- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ethoxy/] : containing cthoxyI
- in namcs of chcmicaI comµounds _ethoxycaffcinc;
-etic adi su//ix [L & Gk; L -eticus, fr. Gk -etikos, etikos, fr. -etos,
-etos, cnding of ccrtain vcrbaIs + -ikos -ic] : ¹-rc _aIgetic; -
usu. uscd to form ad}cctivcs corrcsµonding to nouns cnding
in -esis (as gcnetic : gcnesis)
etio- or aetio- or aitio- conbininç /orn [ML aetio-, fr. Gk aitio-,
fr. aitia] 1 : causc _etioIogic; _etiogcnic; 2 : formcd by
chcmicaI dcgradation of a (sµccificd) comµound _etioµhyIIin;
etrusco- conbininç /orn, cap [L Etruscus] : Etruscan and
-ette n su//ix -s [ME, fr. MF, fcm. dim. suffix, fr. OF -ete -
morc at -r1] 1 : IittIc onc (of thc thing or cIass sµccificd)
: -Lr1 _wagonette; _kitchcnette; _dinette; 2 : grouµ of (so
many) _octette; 3 : fcmaIc _ma}orette; _farmcrette; _suffra-
gette; 4 : imitation : substitutc _crminette; _bcavcrette; -
uscd chicfIy in commcrciaI namcs
-etum n su//ix, p/ -eta or -etums [L -etun] 1 : gardcn or grouµ
erio- -etum 19
of a (sµccificd) kind of µIant _rosetun; _µinetun; 2 : conso-
cics (of a sµccificd µIant gcnus or famiIy) _characetun;
eu- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. ey, eu, fr. ncut. of eys
good; akin to Hitt asus good and µcrh. to Skt asti hc is] 1 a
: wcII : casiIy _euµIastic; - oµµoscd to dys- b : good _eudac-
mon; - oµµoscd to dys- 2 a : most tyµicaI : truc
_Euascomycctcs; _euchromosomc; b : truIy _eucocIomatc;
c : having a comµIctc Iifc cycIc _eu-form; 3 : imµrovcd dcriv-
ativc of a (sµccificd) substancc _eucodcinc;
eur- or euro- conbininç /orn, cap [Europe] 1 : Euroµcan and
_Eurafrican; 2 : Euroµcan _Euroccntric; : wcstcrn Euroµcan
_Eurocommunism; : of thc Euroµcan Lnion _Eurocrat;
europeo- conbininç /orn, cap [L europaeus Euroµcan]
: Euroµcan and _Europeo-Asiatic;
eury- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. eurys, akin to Skt uru
broad, widc] : broad _eurygnathic; : widc _eurybcnthic;
_euryhaIinc; - oµµoscd to sten-
-eus n conbininç /orn, p/ -ei a/so -euses [NL, fr. L, ad}. suffix,
comµoscd of, of thc naturc of, or rcscmbIing (a sµccificd sub-
stancc) - morc at -roLs] : muscIc that constitutcs, has thc
form of, or }oins a (sµccificd) µart, thing, or structurcs _gIu-
teus; _rhomboideus; _iIiococcygeus;
ex- or ef- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF & L; OF, fr. L (aIso, µcrfcctivc and
intcnsivc µrcfix), fr. ex out of, from; akin to Gk ex out of,
from, OIr ess-, OSIav ir, irŭ, is] 1 : out of : away from : out-
sidc of _excircIc; _excIavc; 2 : without : Iacking _exaIatc;
_exaIbuminous; 3 [ME ex-, fr. LL, fr. L] : out of (thc officc
or condition namcd by thc main word) : formcr : somctimc
- usu. }oincd to sccond cIcmcnt by a hyµhcn _ex-µrcsidcnt;
_ex-convict;; oftcn with µhrascs _ex-chiId actor; _ex-man-
about-town;; usu. e/- in scnscs 1 & 2 bcforc / _e/form;
_e/fusc;; aIways ex- in scnsc 3
exa- conbininç /orn [ISV, modif. of Gk hexa- hcxa-] : quintiI-
Iion _exa}ouIcs;
excito- conbininç /orn [excitor & L excitare to cxcitc] 1 : cxci-
tor and _excitomotory; _excitosccrctory; 2 : cxciting : stim-
uIating : causing activity (of a sµccificd kind) _excitocatabo-
exo- or ex- conbininç /orn [Gk exõ out of, out, outsidc of, out-
sidc, fr. ex out of - morc at ¹cx-] 1 : outsidc _exogamy;
: outcr _exocarµ; _exoskcIcton; - oµµoscd to end-; comµarc
rc1- 2 : µroducing _excrgonic; - oµµoscd to end-
extra- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, fr. extra, adv. & µrcµ., outsidc, cxccµt,
bcyond, fr. exter outward, on thc outsidc] : outsidc : bcyond
- csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs _extracraniaI;
_extraIcgaI; _extravascuIar; _extra-urban; _extrahistoric;
extro- pre/ix [modif. (infIucnccd by intro-) of L extra - morc
at rx1ÞA-] : outsidc : outward _extrovcrt; - oµµoscd to
-facient adi conbininç /orn [L /acient-, /aciens, µrcs. µart. of
/acere to do, makc (as in ca/e/acere to warm)] : making : caus-
ing _somni/acient;
facio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L /acies form, shaµc, facc] 1
: faciaI and _/acioIinguaI; 2 : faciaI _/acioµIcgia;
-faction n conbininç /orn -s [ME -/accioun, fr. MF & L; MF
-/action, fr. L -/action-, -/actio (as in satis/action-, satis/actio
satisfaction)] : making : -rrcA1ro× _rarc/action; - in nouns
dcrivcd from vcrbs cnding in -/y
-factive adi conbininç /orn [MF -/acti/, fr. -/action + -i/ -ivc]
: making : causing : -Þorr1rc _µutrc/active;
farado- conbininç /orn[/arad ic + -o-] : rcsuIting from or invoIv-
ing faradic stimuIus _/aradocontractiIity; _/aradothcraµy;
febri- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L /ebris] : fcvcr _/ebricidc;
femino- conbininç /orn [L /enina] : woman _/eninoIogy;
femoro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L /enor-, /enur thigh]
: fcmoraI _/enoroccIc; : fcmoraI and _/enorofibuIar;
femto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Dan or Norw /enten fiftccn (fr.
ON /inntãn) + -o-] : onc quadriIIionth (10
) µart of _/en-
fenno- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Sw, fr. L Fenni Finns] 1
: Finnish and _Fenno-Gcrman; 2 : incIuding FinIand
-fer n conbininç /orn -s [F & L; F -/ère, fr. L -/er (n. & ad}. comb.
form), fr. /erre to bcar, carry] : onc that bcars _aqui/er; _coni/er;
-ferous adi conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L -/er & MF -/ere (fr. L
-/er) + E -ous - morc at -rrÞ] : bcaring : µroducing : yicId-
ing _auri/erous; _ovuIi/erous; - aImost aIways µrcccdcd by i
- -ferously adv conbininç /orn - -ferousness n conbininç
/orn -rs
ferri- conbininç /orn [L /erri-, fr. /errun iron] 1 : iron _/erri
fcrous; 2 [/erric] : containing fcrric iron _/errihcmogIobin;
ferro- conbininç /orn [ML /erro-, fr. L /errun iron] 1 : iron
: containing iron _/erroconcrctc; 2 : iron and _/erronickcI;
- chicfIy in namcs of aIIoys 3 [/errous] : containing fcrrous
iron _/errofcrricyanidc;
ferroso- conbininç /orn [NL /errosus fcrrous] : fcrrous and
-fest n conbininç /orn -s [G /est fcstivaI, hoIiday, fr. MHG vest, fr.
L /estun, fr. ncut. of /estus soIcmn, fcstaI] 1 : fcstivc gathcring csµ.
for comµctition _shooting/est; _turncr/est; _song/est; 2 : scssion
oftcn informaI or sµontancous _gab/est; : outburst of activity
feto- or feti- a/so foeto- or foeti- conbininç /orn [/eto-, /oeto- fr.
L /etus, /oetus, /eti-, /oeti- fr. L, fr. /etus, /oetus] : fctus _/etom-
ctry; : fctaI and _/etoµIaccntaI;
fibr- or fibro- conbininç /orn [L /ibra] 1 a : fibcr : fibrous and
: fibrous tissuc _/ibrogcnic; _/ibrocascous; _/ibrosis; b : of or
containing fibrous tissuc _/ibrocartiIagc; _/ibroangioma;
_/ibrocarcinoma; 2 : fibrotic _/ibrobronchitis; 3 a : fibroma
and : fibromatous _/ibromyxoma; _/ibrochondroma; b : a
fibroma containing _/ibrocyst; 4 : fibrin and _/ibrohcmor-
rhagic; _/ibroµuruIcnt;
-fic adi su//ix [MF & L; MF -/ique, fr. L -/icus, fr. /acere makc,
do] : making : causing : bringing about _acidi/ic; _µroIi/ic;
-fication n conbininç /orn -s [ME -/icacioun, fr. MF & L; MF
-/ication, fr. L -/ication-, -/icatio, fr. -/icatus (µast µart. cnding
of vcrbs cnding in -/icare to makc, fr. -/icus -fic) + -ion-, -io
-ion] : making : µroduction _µaci/ication; _vini/ication; _rus-
si/ication; - comµarc -rAc1ro×, -rv
-fid adi conbininç /orn [L -/idus, fr. thc root of /indere to sµIit]
: dividcd into (so many) µarts _scxi/id; or (such) µarts _µin-
-fidate adi conbininç /orn [L -/idatus, fr. -/idus -fid + -atus -atc]
: -rro
fili- conbininç /orn [L /i/un] : thrcad or thrcads : somcthing
rcscmbIing thrcad or thrcads _/i/icauIinc; _/i/ifcrous;
fissi- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L /issus, µast µart. of /indere to
sµIit] 1 : dividcd : cIcft _/issiIinguaI; 2 : fission _/issiµarous;
flabelli- conbininç /orn [L, fan, fr. //abe//un] : fan _//abe//i-
form; _//abe//incrvcd;
flav- or flavo- conbininç /orn [L //avus] 1 : ycIIow _//avin;
_//avo-vircsccnt; 2 : fIavin _//avocnzymc;
-florate adi conbininç /orn [L //or-, //os + E -ate] : fIowcrcd
flori- conbininç /orn [L, fr. //or-, //os (to bIoom)] : fIowcr or
fIowcrs _//oricuIturc; : somcthing rcscmbIing a fIowcr or
fIowcrs _//oriatcd;
-florous adi conbininç /orn [LL -//orus, fr. L //or-, //os fIowcr
(to bIoom)] : having or bcaring (such or so many) fIowcrs
: -fIowcrcd : -A×1noLs - in words whosc first constitucnt
cnds in i _nocti//orous; _uni//orous;
fluo- conbininç /orn [ISV, µrob. by shortcning] : rLLoÞ- 1
fluor- or fluoro- conbininç /orn [F //uor-, fr. NL //uor (mincr-
aI bcIonging to a grouµ incIuding fIuoritc)] 1 a : fIuorinc _//u-
orhydric; _//uoroform; b now usu //uoro- : containing fIuo-
rinc in µIacc of hydrogcn - in namcs of organic comµounds
_//uorobcnzcnc; c now usu //uoro- : containing fIuorinc
rcgardcd as rcµIacing hydroxyI or oxygcn or as coordinatcd to
a ccntraI atom - in namcs of inorganic acids and saIts _//uo-
romoIybdatc; d : containing fIuorinc as fIuoridc somctimcs
rcµIacing anothcr cIcmcnt or grouµ - in namcs of mincraIs
and saIts _//uoraµatitc; _//uorochIoridc; 2 a/so fluori- : fIuo-
rcsccncc _//uorcnc; _//uoroscoµc; _//uorimctcr;
eu- fluor- 20
fluoresci- conbininç /orn [//uorescence] : fIuorcsccncc _//uo-
fluvi- or fluvio- conbininç /orn [L //uvi-, fr. //uvius] 1 : rivcr,
strcam _//uvicoIinc; _//uvioIogy; 2 : fIuviaI and _//uviovoI-
-fold su//ix [ME -/o/d, -/a/d, fr. OE -/ea/d, akin to OHG -/a/t
-foId, ON -/a/dr, Goth -/a/ths, dcrivativcs fr. thc root of E /o/d]
1 : muItiµIicd by (a sµccificd numbcr) : timcs - in ad}cctivcs
_a twcIvc/o/d incrcasc; and advcrbs _it wiII rcµay you tcn-
/o/d; 2 : having (so many) Iaµs, Iaycrs, or µarts _thc thrcc/o/d
asµcct of thc µrobIcm;
-folious adi conbininç /orn [L /o/iosus] : having (such or so
many) Icavcs _ccnti/o/ious;
for- pre/ix [ME, fr. OE; akin to OHG /ir-, /ar-, /ur- for-, OS /or-,
Goth /ra-, /air- for-, /aur- for-, forc-, OE /or] 1 : so as to
invoIvc µrohibition, cxcIusion, omission, faiIurc, or rcfusaI -
aImost cxcIusivcIy in words coincd bcforc 1600 _/orsay;
_/orhccd; 2 : dcstructivcIy or dctrimcntaIIy - aImost cxcIu-
sivcIy in words coincd bcforc 1600 _/orhang; _/orstorm; 3
: comµIctcIy : cxccssivcIy : to cxhaustion : to µicccs - aImost
cxcIusivcIy in words coincd bcforc 1600 _/orbruisc; _/or-
wcary; _/orsµcnt;
fore- conbininç /orn [ME /or-, /ore-, fr. OE /ore-, fr. /ore, adv.]
1 a : at an carIicr µoint in timc : bcforchand _/orescc; _/ore-
tcII; b : occurring at an carIicr µoint in timc : occurring
bcforchand _/oreµaymcnt; _/oreµcriod; c : bcing an carIy
µart of (somcthing stiµuIatcd) _/oreday; _/oresummcr; 2 a
: situatcd at or toward thc front : situatcd in front of somc-
thing _/oreIcg; _/oreµorch; b : bcing thc front µart of (somc-
thing stiµuIatcd) _/orearm; _/oreµaIatc;
form- or formo- conbininç /orn [/ornic (acid)] : formic acid
: formyI _/ornaniIidc; _/ornotoIuididc;
-form adi conbininç /orn [MF and L; MF -/orne, fr. L -/ornis,
fr. /orna form] : in thc form or shaµc of : rcscmbIing : -moÞ-
ÞnoLs - µrcccdcd by i _caIci/orn; _ovi/orn;
-formes n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, µI. of -/ornis -form]
: oncs having (such a) form : oncs rcscmbIing - in namcs of
zooIogicaI ordcrs and ccrtain othcr grouµs of highcr rank
than famiIy _GaIIi/ornes; _Passcri/ornes;
fracto- conbininç /orn [L /ractus] : brokcn uµ and _/ractocu-
muIus; : fracturc _/ractograµh;
franco- conbininç /orn, usu cap [ML, fr. Francus Frcnchman,
fr. LL, Frank] : Frcnch and _Franco-Swiss; : Frcnch
frigo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L /riçus frost, coId] : coId
_/riçostabIc; _/riçothcraµy;
fronto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L /ront-, /rons forchcad, brow,
front] 1 : frontaI bonc and _/rontoµarictaI; : frontaI Iobc and
_/rontoµontinc; 2 [/ront + -o-] : boundary of an air mass
fructi- conbininç /orn [L, fr. /ructus] : fruit _/ructicuIturc;
fruti- conbininç /orn [L /rutic-, /rutex] : shrub _/ruticoIous;
fuc- or fuco- or fuci- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Fucus] 1 : dcrivcd
from or rcIatcd to thc aIga fucus _/ucic acid; _/uciµhagous;
2 : fucosc _/ucosidc; _/ucoµyranosidc;
-fugal adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. (assumcd) NL -/uça -fugc
+ E -a/] : fIccing : µassing from _ccntri/uça/; - -fugally adv
conbininç /orn
-fuge n conbininç /orn -s [F, µrob. fr. (assumcd) NL -/uça, fr.
LL -/uça, -/uçia (in /ebri/uça, /ebri/uçia ccntaury), fr. L /uçare
to µut to fIight, fr. /uça fIight] : onc that drivcs away
_doIori/uçe; _vcrmi/uçe;
¹-ful adi su//ix [ME, fr. OE, fr. /u//, ad}.] 1 : fuII of _cvcnt/u/;
2 : charactcrizcd by : -oLs _µcacc/u/; _boast/u/; 3 : having
thc quaIitics of : rcscmbIing _mastcr/u/; 4 : -AnLr _bash/u/;
²-ful a/so -full n su//ix -s [ME -/u/, fr. OE -/u/, -/u//, fr. /u//, ad}.]
: numbcr or quantity that fiIIs or wouId fiII _cuµ/u/; _room-
/u/; _bcIIy/u/; - somctimcs aftcr µI. nouns _bags/u/;
fumar- or fumaro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL Funaria]
: fumaric acid _/unaramidc; _/unaronitriIc;
fungi- conbininç /orn [µcrh. fr. NL, fr. L /unçus] : fungus
_/unçicoIous; _/unçiform;
fur- or furo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. /ur/ura/] 1 : rcIatcd to
furan _/urodiazoIc;, furfuraI _/uroin;, or furoic acid
_2-/uramidc; 2 : containing a furan ring fuscd on onc sidc to
onc sidc of anothcr ring _/uroquinoIinc;
fusco- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L /uscus] : having a dark coIor
: tawny _/uscochIorin; _/uscofcrruginous;
fusi- conbininç /orn [L /usus sµindIc] : sµindIc _/usiform;
: sµindIc-shaµcd _Fusicoccum;
fuso- conbininç /orn [L /usus sµindIc] 1 : shaµcd Iikc a sµindIc
_/usoccIIuIar; 2 : fusiform baciIIus and _/usosµiriIIar;
-fy vb su//ix -ro/-r×c/-rs [ME -/ien, fr. OF -/ier, fr. L -/icare, fr.
-/icus -fic] 1 : makc : form into _dandi/y; _gaudi/y; 2 : invcst
with thc attributcs of : makc simiIar to _citi/y;
-gaea or -gea n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk çaia Iand, carth]
: a (sµccificd) gcograµhicaI arca _Afroçaea; _Ncoçaea;
galact- or galacto- conbininç /orn [ça/act- fr. MF or L; MF
ça/act-, fr. L, fr. Gk ça/akt-, fr. ça/akt-, ça/a, ça/acto- fr. Gk
ça/akto-, fr. ça/akt-, ça/a] 1 : miIk, miIky fIuid _ça/actidrosis;
_ça/actcmia; _ça/actorrhca; 2 [ISV, fr. ça/actose] : rcIatcd to
gaIactosc _ça/actoµyranosc; 3 [ça/actic] : gaIaxy; speci/ : thc
MiIky Way gaIaxy _ça/actoccntric;
gall- or gallo- conbininç /orn [ça//ic acid] : gaIIic acid _ça/-
gallo- conbininç /orn [L Ga//o- GauIish, fr. Ga//us GauI, inhab-
itant of ancicnt GauI] 1 cap : GauIish and _Ga//o-Roman; 2
cap : Frcnch and _Ga//o-Briton; 3 o/ten cap : Francc _ça//o-
galvano- conbininç /orn [ça/vanic + -o-] : gaIvanic currcnt
_ça/vanomctcr; : using or µroduccd by gaIvanic currcnt _ça/-
vanocautcry; _ça/vanoµIastics;
gam- or gamo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, marriagc, fr.
çanos] 1 : unitcd : }oincd _çanoµhyIIous; _çanoscµaIous; 2
: scxuaI : scxuaIity _çanic; _çanobium; _çanogcncsis;
-gam n conbininç /orn -s [NL -çania cIass of µIants having a
(sµccificd) mcans of rcµroduction, fr. Gk -çania -gamy]
: µIant bcIonging to a grouµ having a (sµccificd) mcans of
rcµroduction _cryµtoçan;
-gamae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fcm. µI. of -çanus -gamous]
: µIants having (such) scxuaI organs or (such) a mcans of
rcµroduction - in taxonomic namcs in botany _Açanae;
gamet- or gameto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. çaneta] : gamctc
_çanetaI; _çanetocidc;
-gamic adi conbininç /orn [ISV -çan- (fr. NL -çania - as in
Cryptoçania -, fr. Gk -çania -gamy) + -ic] 1 : having (such)
rcµroductivc organs _cIcistoçanic; _dichoçanic; 2 : having
(such) a modc of fcrtiIization _µoroçanic;
-gamous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -çanos, fr. çanos marriagc]
1 : charactcrizcd by having or µracticing (such) a marriagc or
(such or so many) marriagcs _cndoçanous; _cxoçanous; 2
[µrob. fr. NL -çanus, µrob. fr. LL, charactcrizcd by having
(such) a marriagc or (such or so many) marriagcs, fr. Gk
-çanos] : -cAmrc 1
-gamy n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -çanie, fr. LL -çania, fr. Gk]
1 a : marriagc _cxoçany; b : union for µroµagation or rcµro-
duction _aIIoçany; 2 [NL -çania (as in Cryptoçania), fr. Gk
-çania -gamy (marriagc)] a : µosscssion of (such) rcµroduc-
tivc organs _cIcistoçany; b : µosscssion of (such) a modc of
fcrtiIization _µoroçany;
gangli- or ganglio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk çanç/ion] : gan-
gIion _çanç/icctomy; _çanç/ioµIcxus;
gaster- or gastero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk çastero- bcIIy,
fr. çaster-, çaster] 1 : vcntraI arca _Gasteroµoda; _çasteros-
tomc; 2 : stomach _çasteraIgia; _GasteroµhiIus;
-gaster n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk çaster] 1 : µart having
a (sµccificd) rcIation to thc stomach _mcsoçaster; _mcta-
çaster; 2 : organism having a (sµccificd) tyµc of digcstivc
tract - csµ. in gcncric namcs _Microçaster; _myxoçaster;
gastr- or gastro- a/so gastri- conbininç /orn [Gk, bcIIy, fr.
çastr-, çaster] 1 : vcntraI arca _çastroµod; 2 : stomach _ças-
fluoresci- gastr- 21
trcctomy; _çastroIogy; 3 : gastric and _çastroduodcnaI; _ças-
-gastria n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. çastr- + -ia] : condition of
having (such) a stomach or (such or so many) stomachs
_microçastria; _µoIyçastria;
-gate n conbininç /orn -s [Watcrçate, scandaI that arosc in
1972 fr. thc suµµrcsscd invcstigation of a burgIary at
Dcmocratic NationaI Committcc hcadquartcrs in thc
Watcrgatc officc comµIcx in Washington, D.C.] : usu. µoIiti-
caI scandaI oftcn incIuding conccaImcnt of wrongdoing
_Irançate; _Korcaçate;
ge- or geo- conbininç /orn [ME çeo-, fr. MF & L; MF, fr. L, fr.
Gk çe-, çe-, çeõ-, fr. çe carth, Iand] 1 : carth, ground, soiI
_çeobioIogy; _çeogcnic; _çeoµhytc; _çeotroµic; 2 : gco-
graµhicaI : gcograµhy and _çeohistory; _çeoµoIitics;
geisso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk çeisson, çeison cornicc]
: Iikc a cornicc _Geissorhiza;
¹gen- or geno- conbininç /orn[Gk çenos racc, dcsccnt, kin, scx,
kind, fr. thc stcm of çiçnesthai to bc born] 1 : gcncrating : off-
sµring _çenobIast; 2 : racc _çenocidc; 3 : scx 4 [infIucnccd
in mcaning by NL çenus] : gcnus : kind _çenotyµc; 5 [çener-
ate] : a substancc that µroduccs or gcncratcs - sµccif. in
namcs of oxidcs of aIkaIoids in which thc oxygcn is attachcd
to nitrogcn _çenaIkaIoids; _çenomorµhinc;
²gen- or geno- conbininç /orn [çene] : gcnc _çenoid; _çeno-
-gen a/so -gene n conbininç /orn -s [F -çène, fr. Gk -çenes born,
fr. root of çiçnesthai to bc born] 1 : onc that gcncratcs _haIo-
çen; _mcIanoçen; _androçen; 2 : onc that is µroduccd or
gcncratcd _cxoçen; _cuItiçen; _µhosçene;
-genesia n conbininç /orn, p/ -genesiae [NL, fr. Gk, fr. çenesis
+ -ia -y] : gcncsis : formation _µaraçenesia;
-genetic adi conbininç /orn 1 : rcIating to gcncration or gcnc-
sis _sµcrmatoçenetic; _µançenetic; 2 : gcncrating : µroducing
: yicIding _cytoçenetic; 3 : gcncratcd : µroduccd : yicIdcd
-genic adi conbininç /orn [ISV -çen & -çeny + -ic] 1 : µroduc-
ing : forming _carcinoçenic; _acroçenic; 2 : µroduccd by
: formcd from _ncµhroçenic; 3 [çenic] : of or rcIating to a
gcnc _intraçenic; : having (a stiµuIatcd kind or numbcr of)
gcncs _µoIyçenic; 4 [µhotoçenic] : suitabIc for µroduction or
rcµroduction by a (givcn) mcdium _tcIcçenic;
-genin n conbininç /orn -s [ISV ²-çen + -in] : comµound formcd
from anothcr comµound - in namcs of agIycons or simiIar
comµounds dcrivcd from thc namcs of thc µarcnt comµounds
_saIiçenin from saIicin; _digitoçenin from digitonin;
genio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk çeneio-, fr. çeneion chin,
bcard] 1 : chin _çenioµIasty; 2 : chin and _çeniogIossaI;
-genous adi conbininç /orn [-çen + -ous] 1 : µroducing : yicId-
ing _aIkaIiçenous; 2 : µroduccd by : arising or originating in
_ncuroçenous; _cndoçenous;
geny- or genyo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk çenys }aw, chin]
: Iowcr }aw _çenyoµIasty;
-geny n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -çeneia act of bcing born, fr.
-çenes born + -ia -y - morc at -cr×] : gcncration : µroduction
: scicncc of origin _chrondroçeny; _morµhoçeny; _ontoçeny;
¹germano- conbininç /orn, usu cap [NL, fr. ML Gernanus
Gcrman, fr. L, any mcmbcr of thc Gcrmanic µcoµIcs inhabit-
ing wcstcrn Euroµc in Roman timcs] : Gcrman _Gernano-
µhiIc; : Gcrman and _Gernano-Russian;
²germano- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL çernaniun] : gcrmani-
um - csµ. in namcs of comµounds containing gcrmanium in
µIacc of carbon _çernanochIoroform GcHCI,;
geront- or geronto- conbininç /orn [F, çéront-, çéronto-, fr. Gk
çeront-, çeronto-, fr. çeront-, çerõn oId man; akin to Gk çeras
oId agc] : oId agc _çerontoIogy;
-gerous adi conbininç /orn [L -çer (fr. çerere to bcar, wagc,
chcrish) or F -çère (fr. L -çer) + E -ous] : bcaring, µroducing
- µrcccdcd by i _crystaIIiçerous; _dcntiçerous;
-geusia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk çeusis scnsc of tastc,
tastc (fr. çeuesthai to tastc + -sis) + NL -ia] : a (sµccificd) con-
dition of thc scnsc of tastc _µaraçeusia;
giga- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk çiças giant] : biIIion _çiçacy-
cIc; _çiçavoIt;
gigant- or giganto- conbininç /orn [Gk fr. çiçant-, çiças] : giant
_çiçantism; _Giçantoµithccus;
gingiv- or gingivo- conbininç /orn [L çinçiv-, fr. çinçiva gum]
1 : gum : gums _çinçivcctomy; _çinçivitis; 2 : of thc gums
and _çinçivostomatitis; : gingivaI and _çinçivoIabiaI;
glacio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ç/acier] 1 : gIacicr _ç/acioIogy;
2 : gIaciaI and _ç/aciomarinc;
glauc- or glauco- conbininç /orn [L ç/auc- gIcaming, gray, fr.
Gk ç/auk-, ç/auko-, fr. ç/aukos] : gIaucous _ç/aucochroitc;
gli- or glio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. MGk ç/ia gIuc] 1 : gIioma-
tous _ç/iobIastoma; _ç/iomyoma; 2 : ncurogIiaI _ç/iosomc;
_ç/iocytc; _ç/iosis; 3 : cmbcddcd in a gcIatinous matrix
_ç/iobactcria; 4 : substancc rcscmbIing gIuc _ç/iodc;
-glia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. MGk ç/ia gIuc] : ncurogIia
madc uµ of a (sµccificd) kind or sizc of cIcmcnt _macroç/ia;
globo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L ç/obus baII] 1 a : gIobaI
: sµhcricaI _ç/oboccII; : gIobuIar _ç/obosµhacritc; - oftcn
}oincd to sccond cIcmcnt with a hyµhcn _ç/obo-cumuIus; b
: worIdwidc _ç/obo-historicaI; 2 : gIobc : sµhcrc _ç/obofcr-
gloeo- or gloio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ç/oio-, fr. ç/oios
gIutinous substancc, gum; akin to L ç/ut-, ç/us gIuc] : sticky
: gIutinous _G/oeocaµsa; _G/oioµcItis;
glomerul- or glomerulo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ç/oneru/us]
: gIomcruIus of thc kidncy _ç/oneru/ar; _ç/oneru/oncµhritis;
gloss- or glosso- conbininç /orn [L, tonguc, fr. Gk ç/õss-,
ç/õsso-, fr. ç/õssa] 1 a : tonguc _ç/ossaIgia; : gIossaI and _ç/os-
sohyaI; b : structurc or organ Iikc a tonguc _G/ossoµhora; 2
: Ianguagc _ç/ossoIogy;
-glossa n conbininç /orn, p/ -glossa [NL, fr. Gk ç/õssa] : onc or
oncs having (such) a tonguc or µart Iikc a tonguc - in taxo-
nomic namcs in bioIogy _Eriç/ossa; _Chciroç/ossa;
-glossia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk -ç/õssia, fr. ç/õssa
tonguc + -ia -y (cxµIanation)] : condition of having (such) a
tonguc or (so many) tongucs _diç/ossia; _µachyç/ossia;
-glot adi conbininç /orn [Gk -ç/õttos, -ç/õssos, fr. ç/õtta, ç/õssa
Ianguagc, tonguc (cxµIanation)] : having knowIcdgc of or
using (a sµccificd numbcr of) Ianguagcs _monoç/ot; _tctra-
glott- or glotto- conbininç /orn [Gk ç/õtt-, ç/õtto-, ç/õss-, ç/õsso-
tonguc, fr. ç/õtta, ç/õssa] : Ianguagc _ç/ottoIogy;
gluc- or gluco- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ç/ucose] 1 : gIucosc
_ç/ucogcnic; : rcIatcd to or containing gIucosc _ç/ucoman-
nans; 2 : cLvc- 1 _ç/ucoµrotcins; - not now in frcqucnt usc
gluteo- conbininç /orn [NL ç/uteus] : gIutcaI and _ç/ute-
glyc- or glyco- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk ç/yk- swcct, fr.
ç/ykys] 1 : sugar _ç/ycogcnic; : rcIatcd to or containing a
sugar _ç/yccmia; _ç/ycoaIkaIoid; _ç/ycitoI; : swcct _ç/ycogcn;
2 a : gIyccroI _ç/ycogcIatin; b : gIycogcn _ç/ycostatic; c : gIy-
coI _ç/ycostat; d : gIycinc _ç/ycyI; - uscd aIso to indicatc
othcr comµounds sµcIIcd with initiaI ç/yc- 3 : cLLc- 1
glycer- or glycero- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ç/ycerin] : gIyccroI
_ç/yceryI; : rcIatcd to gIyccroI or gIyccric acid _ç/yceroµhos-
µhoric acid; _ç/yceraIdchydc;
glypt- or glypto- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk ç/ypt-, fr. ç/yptos
carvcd, fr. ç/yphein to carvc] 1 : cngraving _ç/yptoIogy; 2
: carvcd _G/yptodon;
gnath- or gnatho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk çnath-, fr.
çnathos, akin to Gk çenys }aw] : }aw _çnathitis; _çnathoµIas-
-gnatha n conbininç /orn, p/ -gnatha [NL, fcm. sing. and ncut.
µI. of -çnathus -gnathous] : onc or oncs having (such) a }aw -
in taxonomic namcs in zooIogy _Açnatha; _Chactoçnatha;
-gnathae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fcm. µI. of -çnathus
-gnathous] : oncs having (such) a }aw - in taxonomic namcs
in zooIogy _Dcsmoçnathae;
-gnathous adi conbininç /orn [NL -çnathus -gnathous, fr. Gk
-gastria -gnathous 22
çnathos }aw; akin to Gk çenys }aw] : having (such) a }aw
-gnathus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. -çnathus -gnathous] : onc
having (such) a }aw - in gcncric namcs of animaIs
-gnomy n conbininç /orn -rs [LL -çnonia, fr. Gk -çnõnia,
aItcr. of -çnõnonia, fr. çnõnon-, çnõnõn intcrµrctcr, disccrn-
cr + -ia -y] : scicncc, art, or mcans of }udging _µathoçnony;
-gnosia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk -çnõsia, fr. çnõsis
knowIcdgc] : -c×osrs _µharmacoçnosia;
-gnosis n conbininç /orn, p/ -gnoses [L, fr. Gk çnõsis knowI-
cdgc] : knowIcdgc : cognition : rccognition _baroçnosis; _µsy-
-gnostic or -gnostical adi conbininç /orn [-çnostic fr. ML -çnos-
ticus knowing, fr. Gk çnõstikos, ad}.; -çnostica/ fr. ML -çnosti-
cus + E -a/] : knowing : charactcrizcd by or rcIating to (such)
knowIcdgc _gcoçnostic; _gcoçnostica/;
-gnosy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -çnosia, fr. Gk -çnõsia, fr.
çnõsis knowIcdgc] : -c×osrs _astroçnosy;
-gon n conbininç /orn -s [NL -çonun, fr. Gk -çõnon, fr. çõnia
angIc; akin to Gk çony kncc] : figurc having (so many) angIcs
goni- or gonio- conbininç /orn [Gk çõnia - morc at -co×] 1
: corncr : angIc _çoniomctcr; 2 : gonion
gonidi- or gonidio- conbininç /orn [NL çonidiun] : gonidium
-gony n conbininç /orn -rs [L -çonia, fr. Gk çoneia, fr. çonos
offsµring, µrocrcation, sccd + -eia -y] : gcncration, rcµroduc-
tion, or manncr of coming into bcing of a (sµccificd) thing
_cosmoçony; _sµoroçony; _thcoçony;
-grade adi conbininç /orn [F, fr. L -çradus going (fr. çradi to
stcµ, go)] : waIking _digitiçrade; _µIantiçrade; - chicfIy in
zooIogicaI tcrms
-gram n conbininç /orn -s [L -çranna, fr. Gk, fr. çranna Ict-
tcr, µiccc of writing] : drawing : writing : rccord _chrono-
çran; _tcIcçran; _thcrmoçran; _sµcctroçran;
gramin- or gramini- conbininç /orn [L çranin-, çranen] : grass
_çraninivorous; _çraninifcrous;
grani- conbininç /orn [L, fr. çranun] : grain _çraniform;
: grain or sccds _çranivorous;
grano- conbininç /orn [G, fr. çranit granitc, fr. It çranito] 1
: granitc or a granitic substancc _çranobIastic; _çranoIith; 2
: granitic _çranogabbro;
granul- or granuli- or granulo- conbininç /orn [LL çranu/un]
: granuIc _çranu/iform; _çranu/omctric; : granuIation _çran-
-graph n conbininç /orn -s [MF -çraphe, fr. L -çraphun, fr. Gk
-çraphon, fr. ncut. of -çraphos writtcn, writing (fr. çraphein to
writc)] 1 : somcthing writtcn _cryµtoçraph; _hoIoçraph; 2
: instrumcnt for making or transmitting rccords _chrono-
çraph; _µhonoçraph; _tcIcçraph;
-grapher n conbininç /orn -s [LL -çraphus onc that writcs
(such) matcriaI or in (such) a way (fr. Gk -çraphos, fr.
-çraphos writtcn, writing) + E -er] : onc that writcs about
(sµccificd) matcriaI or in a (sµccificd) way _cranioçrapher;
-graphia n conbininç /orn -s [L - morc at -cÞAÞnv] 1 : writ-
ing on a (sµccificd) toµic : rcµrcscntation of a (sµccificd)
ob}cct _bIastoçraphia; _stomatoçraphia; 2 : writing charac-
tcrizcd by a (sµccificd) µsychoIogicaI abnormaIity _dys-
çraphia; _µscudaçraphia;
-graphic or -graphical adi conbininç /orn [-çraphic fr. LL
-çraphicus, fr. Gk -çraphikos, fr. çraphikos writtcn; -çraphica/
fr. LL -çraphicus + E -a/] 1 : writtcn or transmittcd in a (sµcc-
ificd) way _stcnoçraphic; _tcIcçraphic; 2 : of or rcIating to
writing in a (sµccificd) ficId or on a (sµccificd) sub}cct _bio-
çraphica/; _hagioçraphic;
grapho- conbininç /orn [F, fr. MF, fr. Gk, fr. çraphe writing,
fr. çraphein to writc] : writing _çraphoIogy;
-graphy n conbininç /orn -rs [L -çraphia, fr. Gk, fr. çraphein
to writc + -ia -y] 1 : writing or rcµrcscntation in a (sµccificd)
manncr or by a (sµccificd) mcans or of a (sµccificd) ob}cct
_caIIiçraphy; _cartoçraphy; _µhotoçraphy; _stcnoçraphy;
2 : writing on a (sµccificd) sub}cct or in a (sµccificd) ficId
_bioçraphy; _gcoçraphy; _mctaIIoçraphy;
gravi- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. L, fr. çravis] : hcavy _çravi-
gradc; _çraviµortaI;
gravit- or gravito- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. çravity] : gravity
greco- or graeco- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L Graeco-, fr.
Graecus Grcck] 1 : Grcccc or Grccks _GrecoµhiIc;
_Grecomania; 2 : Grcck and _Greco-Latin; _Greco-Pcrsian;
gymn- or gymno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. çynnos]
: nakcd : barc : uncovcrcd _çynnanthous; _çynnobranchi-
gyn- or gyno- conbininç /orn [Gk çyn-, fr. çyne woman] 1 a
: woman : of or rcIating to a woman _çyniatrics; _çynocracy;
b : fcmaIc : fcmaIc and _çynandrous; : womanish 2 : fcmaIc
rcµroductivc organ : ovary _çynoµhorc; : µistiI _çynodioc-
-gyn n conbininç /orn -s [NL -çynia] : µIant having (so many)
µistiIs _hcxaçyn;
gyne- conbininç /orn [Gk çyne woman] : cv×- _çynecytoIogy;
-gyne n conbininç /orn -s [Gk çyne woman] 1 : woman
: fcmaIc _µscudoçyne; 2 : fcmaIc rcµroductivc organ _tri-
gynec- or gyneco- a/so gynaec- or gynaeco- conbininç /orn [Gk
çynaiko-, fr. çynaik-, çyne woman] : cv×- _çynecocracy;
_çynecoIogy; _çynecoid;
gyneo- or gynaeo- conbininç /orn [Gk çynaios of womcn, fr.
çyne woman] : cv×- _çyneocracy;
-gynia n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. -çynus -gynous + -ia]
: µIants having (such or so many) µistiIs - in Linnacan botan-
icaI ordcrs _digynia; - -gynian adi or n conbininç /orn -
-gynious adi conbininç /orn
-gynous adi conbininç /orn [NL -çynus, fr. Gk -çynos, fr. çyne
woman] 1 : of, rcIating to, or having (such or so many)
fcmaIcs _µoIyçynous; or fcmaIc charactcristics _androç-
ynous; : fcmaIc _crgatoçynous; : woman 2 : of, rcIating to,
or having (such or so many) fcmaIc organs, csµ. µistiIs (in
such a way or at such a timc) _hcxaçynous; _µrotoçynous;
-gyny n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk çyne woman + E -y] 1 : cxis-
tcncc of or condition of having (such or so many) fcmaIcs
_monoçyny; 2 [-çynous + -y] : cxistcncc of or condition of
having (such or so many) fcmaIc organs, csµ. µistiIs (in such
a way or at such a timc) _cµiçyny;
gyr- or gyro- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. MF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr.
çyros] 1 : ring : circIc _çyromancy; : sµiraI _Gyroccras; 2
: gyraI _çyroscoµc; _çyrcnccµhaIatc; 3 : gyroscoµc _çyro-
habro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. habros] : graccfuI
- in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Habroncma;
hadr- or hadro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. hadros
thick, buIky; akin to Gk haden cnough] : thick _hadromc;
: hcavy _Hadrosaurus;
hagi- or hagio- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. haçios] 1 : hoIy
_haçiograµha; _haçioscoµc; 2 : saints _haçiograµhy;
hal- or halo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. ha/s saIt] 1 : of or
rcIating to a saIt _ha/ochromism; 2 [ISV, fr. ha/oçen] : haIo-
gcn _ha/idc;
hali- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. ha/s saIt, sca] 1 : sca
_ha/iµIankton; 2 : saIt : a saIt _ha/istcrcsis;
hamito- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Hanitic] : Hamitic and
_Hanito-Bantu; _Hanito-Scmitic; - usu. with hyµhcn
hapl- or haplo- a/so apl- or aplo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
hap/-, hap/o-, fr. hap/oos, hap/ous, hap/os, fr. ha- onc (akin to
Gk honos samc) + -p/oos, -p/ous, -p/os muItiµIicd by; akin to
L -p/us muItiµIicd by] 1 : singIc : simµIc _hap/oscoµc; 2 [hap-
/oid] : of or rcIating to thc haµIoid gcncration or condition
hapt- or hapto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk haptein to fastcn]
: contact : combination _haptoµhorc;
hastato- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. hastatus] : hastatcIy : hastatc
and _hastatoIanccoIatc; _hastatosagittatc;
hebe- conbininç /orn [Gk hebe youth, µubcs] : µubcrty
-gnathus hebe- 23
_hebeµhrcnia; : downy : hairy : µubcsccnt _hebeanthous;
hecato- or hecaton- conbininç /orn [Gk hekato-, fr. hekaton
hundrcd] : consisting of a hundrcd : having a hundrcd
hect- or hecto- conbininç /orn [F, irrcg. fr. Gk hekaton] : hun-
drcd _hectarc; _hectograµh;
-hedral adi conbininç /orn [NL -hedron + E -a/] : having a
(sµccificd) numbcr of surfaccs _dihedra/; : having a (sµcci-
ficd) kind of surfacc _cuhedra/;
-hedron n conbininç /orn, p/ -hedrons or -hedra [NL, fr. Gk
-edron, fr. hedra scat] : gcomctricaI figurc or crystaI having a
(sµccificd) form or numbcr of surfaccs _hoIohedron; _traµc-
hedy- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk hedy-, fr. hedys] : µIcasant
¹heli- or helio- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk he/i-, he/io-, fr. he/ios]
: sun _He/iornis; : thc sun _he/ioccntric; _he/ioscoµc; : sun-
Iight : soIar cncrgy _he/iogravurc; : sun and _he/ioIithic;
²heli- conbininç /orn [by shortcning] : hcIicoµtcr _he/iµort;
helic- or helico- conbininç /orn [Gk he/ik-, he/iko-, fr. he/ik-,
he/ix sµiraI] : hcIix : sµiraI _he/icinc; _he/icograµh;
helleno- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Gk he//eno-, fr. He//en
Grcck] 1 : thc Grccks _He//enoccntric; _He//enoµhiIc;
2 : Grcck and _He//eno-ItaIic;
helminth- or helmintho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr.
he/ninth-, he/nis intcstinaI worm, µarasitic worm; akin to Gk
eu/e worm, maggot, Toch A wa/yi worms, Gk ei/ein to wind,
roII] 1 : hcIminth _he/ninthiasis; _he/ninthoIogy; 2 : shaµcd
Iikc a worm _he/ninthosµorium;
¹helo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk he/os] : marsh : bog _he/obi-
ous; _he/oµhytc;
²helo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk he/o-, fr. he/os, µcrh. akin to
L va//us stakc, µaIisadc] : naiI _He/odcrma; _He/otium;
hem- or hemo- or hemi- or haem- or haemo- conbininç /orn
[MF heno-, fr. L haen-, haeno-, fr. Gk hain-, haino-, fr.
haina, µcrh. akin to ON seinr honcycomb, OHG sein virgin
honcy, W hu/en crcam] : bIood _henarthrosis; _henaggIuti-
nation; _henocytc; - thc forms haen- or haeno- arc µrc-
fcrrcd in taxonomic namcs _Haenacanthus; _Haeno-
hema- or haema- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk haina bIood]
: nrm- _henacytomctcr; _henaµoicsis; - haena- µrcfcrrcd
in taxonomic namcs in bioIogy _Haenastoma;
hemat- or hemato- or haemat- or haemato- conbininç /orn [L
haenat-, haenato-, fr. Gk hainat-, hainato-, fr. hainat-,
haina bIood - morc at nrm-] : nrm- _henatoid; _henat-
ocrit; - thc forms haenat- or haenato- arc µrcfcrrcd in tax-
onomic namcs _Haenatozoon; _Haenatogastcr;
hemi- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk heni- - morc at srmr-] 1 : haIf
of; esp : a IatcraI haIf of _heniccntrum; _heniccrcbrum;
_henicardia; 2 : rcIating to or affccting a haIf (as a IatcraI
haIf) of an organ or µart or of thc whoIc body _heniµIcgia;
_heniatroµhy; 3 chen a : haIf in rcsµcct to combining ratio
_henibasic; b : having onc haIf of thc moIccuIar wcight of a
(sµccificd) comµound or cIass of comµounds c : having onc
haIf thc numbcr of charactcristic grouµs in a (sµccificd) com-
µound or cIass of comµounds _henicyaninc; 4 crysta//oç
: having onc haIf thc numbcr of faccs _henihcdron;
hendeca- or hendec- conbininç /orn [Gk hendeka-, hendek-, fr.
hendeka, fr. hen (ncut. of heis onc) + deka tcn] : cIcvcn _hen-
decasyIIabIc; _hendecanc;
heno- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. hen-, heis] : onc _henothcism;
hepat- or hepato- conbininç /orn [ML, fr. L, fr. Gk hepat-,
hepato-, fr. hepat-, hepar] 1 : Iivcr _hepatcctomy; _hepatoI-
ogy; 2 : Iivcr and : hcµatic and _hepatocoIic; _hepato-
hepta- or hept- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. hepta] 1 : scvcn _hep-
tagon; 2 chen : containing scvcn atoms, grouµs, or cquiva-
Icnts _heptaacctatc;
heredo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L hered-, heres hcir] : hcrcdi-
tary : hcrcditariIy _heredoataxia; _heredofamiIiaI;
hernio- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L hernia] : hcrnia _herniorrha-
µhy; _herniotomy;
herpet- or herpeto- conbininç /orn [µartIy fr. Gk herpeton ani-
maI that gocs on aII fours, snakc, fr. ncut. of herpetos crccµ-
ing, fr. herpein to crccµ; µartIy fr. L herpet-, herpes hcrµcs
(aIso, a kind of animaI, µrob. a snakc), fr. Gk herpet-, herpes,
µartIy fr. Gk herpetos crccµing] 1 : rcµtiIc or rcµtiIcs _her-
petofauna; _herpetoIogy; 2 : hcrµcs _herpetiform; 3 : crccµ-
ing _herpetomonas;
heter- or hetero- conbininç /orn[MF or LL; MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk,
fr. heteros, akin to Gk heis, hen onc] 1 : othcr than usuaI
: othcr : diffcrcnt _heterogcncous; _heterodox; _Heter-
anthcra; - oµµoscd to hon-, is-, orth- 2 : for, from, or to a
diffcrcnt sµccics _heteroaggIutinin; 3 a : containing atoms of
diffcrcnt kinds _heterocycIic; b : isomcric with or cIoscIy
rcIatcd to a (sµccificd) comµound _heteroxanthinc;
hexa- or hex- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. hex six] 1 : six _hexa-
tomic; 2 : containing six atoms, grouµs, or cquivaIcnts _hex-
oxidc; _hexaacctatc;
hiberno- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Hibernia] 1 : Irish and
_Hiberno-CcItic; 2 : IrcIand _HibernoIogy;
hidr- or hidro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk hidrõs swcat] : of or
by mcans of µcrsµiration : of thc swcat gIands _hidradcnitis;
hier- or hiero- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. hieros µowcrfuI,
suµcrnaturaI, hoIy, sacrcd] : sacrcd : hoIy _hierarchy; _hiero-
-hieric adi conbininç /orn [Gk hieron (osteon) sacrum (fr.
hicron - ncut. of hieros µowcrfuI, sacrcd - + osteon bonc)
+ E -ic] : having (such) a sacrum _doIichohieric; _µIatyhieric;
hipp- or hippo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. hippos] : horsc
_hippogastronomy; _hippuric acid;
-hippus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk hippos] : horsc - in
gcncric namcs csµ. in µaIcontoIogy _Eohippus;
hispano- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Sµ hispano, fr. L Hispanus]
: Sµanish and _Hispano-Gcrman; : Sµanish _hispanoµhiIc;
hist- or histo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk histos mast, bcam of a
Ioom, Ioom, wcb, fr. histanai to causc to stand] : tissuc _his-
taminc; _histoµhysioIogy;
histi- or histio- conbininç /orn [Gk histion wcb, cIoth, saiI,
dim. of histos mast, bcam of a Ioom, Ioom, wcb - morc at
nrs1-] 1 : saiI _Histioµtcrus; 2 : tissuc _histiocytc;
historico- conbininç /orn[NL, fr. L historicus] : historicaI : his-
toricaI and _historicoµhiIosoµhicaI; _historicosociaI;
historio- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. historia
inquiry, information, narrativc, history] : history _historio-
mctric; _historiograµhcr;
hol- or holo- conbininç /orn [ME ho/o-, fr. OF, fr. L ho/-, ho/o-,
fr. Gk, fr. ho/os] 1 a : comµIctc : cntirc : totaI _ho/ograµh;
_ho/oµarasitc; b : comµIctcIy : totaIIy : throughout _ho/-
arthritic; _ho/obranchiatc; _ho/oaxiaI; _ho/ocrystaIIinc; c
: without division : forming onc µiccc _ho/ognathous;
_ho/orhinaI; 2 a : simiIar : homogcncous _ho/omorµh; b
: simiIarIy : homogcncousIy _ho/ogamous;
hom- or homo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. honos] 1 : onc
and thc samc : simiIar : aIikc _honogcncous; _hononym; -
oµµoscd to heter- 2 : from thc samc sµccics : corrcsµonding
in tyµc of structurc _honograft; _honoIysin;
homal- or homalo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. hona/os,
akin to Gk honos samc] 1 : fIat : cvcn _hona/ostcrnaI; 2
: cquaI _hona/ograµhic;
home- or homeo- or homoe- or homoeo- a/so homoi- or homoio-
conbininç /orn [L & Gk; L honoeo-, fr. Gk honoi-, honoio-,
fr. honoios, fr. honos samc] 1 : Iikc : simiIar _honeoµathy;
_honoeograµhy; _honoiothcrmic; 2 : containing homcotic
gcncs or thcir µroducts _honeodomain;
homin- or homini- conbininç /orn [L honin-, hono] : man
: human _honininc; _honiniform; _honiniscction;
-hood n su//ix -s [ME -hod, -hode, fr. OE -hãd, akin to OFris &
OS -hed, suffix dcnoting statc or condition, OHG -heit, aII fr.
a µrchistoric Gmc word rcµrcscntcd by OE hãd µcrson, rank,
statc, condition, OHG heit µcrson, rank, statc, condition, ON
hecato- -hood 24
heithr honor, Goth haidus manncr, way; akin to OE hãdor
bright, cIcar, OHG heitar, ON heithr, and µrob. to L caesius
bIuish gray, cae/un sky, hcavcn, Skt citra varicgatcd, bright,
ketu brightncss, Iight; basic mcaning: bright] 1 : statc : condi-
tion : quaIity : charactcr _boyhood; _girIhood; _hardihood;
_unIikcIihood; 2 : an instancc of a sµccificd statc, condition,
quaIity, or charactcr _faIschood; 3 : individuaIs sharing a
sµccificd statc, condition, quaIity, or charactcr _brothcrhood;
hoplo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk hop/-, hop/o- tooI, wcaµon,
µiccc of armor, fr. hop/on] : hcaviIy armcd : having µowcrfuI
offcnsivc mcmbcrs - uscd chicfIy in zooIogicaI taxa _Hop-
humero- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL hunerus] : humcraI and
hy- or hyo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk hyo- uµsiIon (Y, o), fr.
y, hy uµsiIon] 1 : connccting with thc hyoid arch _hyogIossus;
2 : hyoid and _hyothyroid;
hyal- or hyalo- conbininç /orn [LL, gIass, fr. Gk, fr. hya/os
transµarcnt stonc, gIass] 1 : gIass : gIassy _hya/csccnt;
_hya/ocrystaIIinc; 2 : transµarcnt or transIuccnt substancc
hydat- or hydato- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. Gk, fr.
hydat-, hydõr] : watcr _Hydatina; _hydatogcncsis;
hydr- or hydro- conbininç /orn [aItcr. (infIucnccd by L hydr-,
hydro-) of ME ydr-, ydro-, fr. OF ydr- & MF ydro-, fr. L hydr-,
hydro-, fr. Gk, fr. hydõr] 1 a : watcr _hydrogcI; _hydrocIcc-
tricity; b : hydrauIic _hydroµrcss; 2 : watcr-Ioving organism
- chicfIy in gcncric namcs _Hydracarina; _Hydrodictyon; 3
a : hydrogcn : containing hydrogcn _hydriodic acid; _hydro-
boratc; b now usu hydro- : combincd with hydrogcn - csµ. in
namcs of organic comµounds _hydroquinidinc; c : combincd
with watcr by hydration _hydracryIic acid; or by hydroIysis
_hydroccIIuIosc; 4 : charactcrizcd by an accumuIation of
fIuid in a (sµccificd) bodiIy µart _hydroncµhrosis; 5 a : com-
bincd with watcr - in namcs of mincraIs _hydrohctacroIitc;
b : charactcrizcd by addition of watcr or its constitucnts - in
namcs of varictics of mincraIs _hydromica; 6 [NL, fr. Hydra
(gcnus of µoIyµs)] : hydroid _hydromcdusa; _hydrorhiza;
hydroxy- or hydrox- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. hydroxy/, fr. E]
: hydroxyI : containing hydroxyI csµ. in µIacc of hydrogcn -
in namcs of chcmicaI comµounds or radicaIs _hydroxyaIkyI;
_hydroxamic acids;
hyet- or hyeto- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. hyetos, akin to Gk hyei
it is raining] : rain _hyetaI; _hyetomctcr; _hyetograµhy;
hygr- a/so hygro- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. hyçros moist, wct] 1
: humidity : moisturc : moist _hyçric; _hyçrostat; _hyçroµho-
bia; _hyçroµhytc; 2 : moisturc and : of or rcIating to mois-
turc and _hyçrothcrmaI;
hyl- or hylo- conbininç /orn [Gk, wood, mattcr, fr. hy/e wood,
forcst, matcriaI, mattcr] 1 : mattcr : matcriaI _hy/omorµhism;
_hy/omorµhous; 2 : wood _hy/oµhagous; : forcst _Hy/o-
hyo- conbininç /orn [L & Gk; L, fr. Gk, fr. hys swinc] : dcrivcd
from or rcIatcd to swinc _hyodcoxychoIic;
hyper- pre/ix [aItcr. (infIucnccd by L hyper-) of ME iper-, fr. LL
hyper-, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. hyper] 1 : ovcr : abovc : bcyond
: sLÞrÞ- _hyperbarbarous; _hypercmµhasis; 2 : ovcrmuch
: cxccssivcIy : rx1ÞA- _hypercriticaI; _hyperscnsitivc; 3 a
: cxccssivc in cxtcnt or quaIity _hypercsthcsia; _hypercmcsis;
b : Iocatcd abovc _hyperaµoµhysis; 4 in ancient Greek nusic
a : bcing thc uµµcr octavc in a disdiaµason _hyperIydian;
b o/ an interva/ : mcasurcd uµward _hyperdiaµason; 5 : that
is or cxists in a sµacc of morc than thrcc dimcnsions _hyper-
cubc; _hypersµacc; 6 : bridging µoints within an cntity (as a
databasc or nctwork) non-scqucntiaIIy _hyperIink; _hyper-
hypho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk hyphe, hyphos wcb] : wcb
: tissuc _hyphodromc;
hypn- or hypno- conbininç /orn [F hypn-, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr.
hypnos sIccµ] 1 : sIccµ _hypnagogic; 2 : hyµnotism _hypno-
hypo- or hyp- pre/ix [aItcr. (infIucnccd by LL hypo-, hyp-) of
ME ypo-, fr. OF, fr. LL hypo-, hyp-, fr. Gk, fr. hypo] 1 : undcr
: bcncath : down _hypobIast; _hypodcrmic; 2 : Icss than nor-
maI or normaIIy _hypocaIccmia; _hypochromia; _hypochIo-
rhydric; _hyposcnsitivc; 3 : in a Iowcr statc of oxidation : in
a Iow usu. thc Iowcst µosition in a scrics of comµounds
_hypovanadous; _hypoxanthinc; 4 a in ancient Greek nusic
(1) : bcing thc Iowcr octavc in a disdiaµason _hypoIydian; (2)
o/ an interva/ : mcasurcd downward _hypodiaµason; b in
nedieva/ nusic : bcing in a µIagaI modc _hypodorian;
hyps- or hypsi- or hypso- conbininç /orn [in scnsc 1, fr. Gk, fr.
hypsos, in scnsc 2, fr. Gk, fr. hypsi, Gk hypsos & Gk hypsi
akin to Gk hypo undcr] 1 : hcight _hypsograµhy; 2 : on high
: aIoft _hypsiccµhaIic; _hypsodont;
hyster- or hystero- conbininç /orn [F or L; F hystér-, fr. MF,
fr. L hyster-, fr. Gk, fr. hystera womb] 1 : womb _hysterccto-
my; _hysteromyoma; 2 [NL, fr. hysteria] a : hystcria _hys-
terogcnic; b : hystcria and _hysteroncurasthcnia;
¹-ia n su//ix [NL, fr. L & Gk, suffix forming fcmininc abstract
nouns] 1 -s : µathoIogicaI condition _µncumonia; _hystcria;
_diµhthcria; 2 : gcnus of µIants or animaIs _Wistaria;
²-ia n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L (ncut. µI. of -ius, ad}. cnding) & Gk,
ncut. µI. of -ios, ad}. cnding] 1 : taxonomic division (as cIass,
ordcr) of µIants or animaIs _Cryµtogamia; _MammaIia; 2
: things bcIonging to or dcrivcd from or rcIating to (somc-
thing sµccificd) _MaryIandia; _tabIoidia;
-ial adi su//ix [ME, fr. MF -ie/, -ia/, fr. L -ia/is, fr. -i- + -a/is -aI]
: ¹-AL _manoria/;
-iasis n su//ix, p/ -iases [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk, suffix of action, fr.
vcrbs in -ian, -iarein (fr. nouns in -ia -y) + -sis] : morbid statc
or condition : discasc having charactcristics of (somcthing
sµccificd) _cIcµhantiasis; _satyriasis; : discasc µroduccd by
(somcthing sµccificd) _ancyIostomiasis; _habroncmiasis;
-iatric a/so -iatrical adi conbininç /orn [-iatric fr. NL -iatria
-iatry + E -ic, -iatrica/ fr. -iatric + -a/] : of or rcIating to mcd-
icaI trcatmcnt : of or rcIating to hcaIing _hydriatric; _µsychi-
-iatrist n conbininç /orn -s [-iatry + -ist] : µhysician : hcaIcr
_µsychiatrist; _µodiatrist;
iatro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. iatros µhysician] 1
: µhysician : mcdicinc : hcaIing _iatroIogy; _iatrogcnic; 2
: µhysician and _iatrochcmist; : mcdicinc or hcaIing and
_iatroµhysics; _iatro-astroIogicaI;
-iatry n conbininç /orn -rs [F -iatrie, fr. NL -iatria, fr. Gk
iatreia art or action of hcaIing, fr. iatros µhysician + -eia -y]
: mcdicaI trcatmcnt : hcaIing _µodiatry; _gyniatry; _µsychia-
ibero- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L lberus, Hiberus] : Ibcrian
: Ibcrian and _lbero-Amcrican;
¹-ic adi su//ix [ME -ik, -ic, fr. OF & L; OF -ique, fr. L -icus -
morc at -v] 1 : having thc charactcr or form of : bcing
_µanoramic; _rhombic; _Samoycdic; : consisting of _runic;
2 a : of or rcIating to _aIdcrmanic; _daturic; _Koranic; b
: rcIatcd to, dcrivcd from, or containing _aIcohoIic; - csµ. in
namcs of acids and rcIatcd comµounds _boric; _cinammic;
_oIcic; 3 : in thc manncr of : Iikc that of : charactcristic of
_Byronic; _quixotic; _Puritanic; 4 : associatcd or dcaIing
with _Vcdic; : utiIizing _cIcctronic; _atomic; 5 : charactcr-
izcd by : cxhibiting _nostaIgic; : affcctcd with _aIIcrgic;
_µaraµIcgic; 6 : causcd by _amocbic; 7 : tcnding to µroducc
_anaIgcsic; 8 : having thc highcst vaIcncc of a (sµccificd)
cIcmcnt or a vaIcncc rcIativcIy highcr than in comµounds or
ions namcd with an ad}cctivc cnding in -ous _fcrric iron; _suI-
furic acid; - comµarc ¹-A1r 2
²-ic n su//ix -s [ME -ik, -ic, fr. OF & L; OF -ique, fr. L -icus, fr.
-icus (ad}. suffix)] : onc having thc charactcr or naturc of
: onc bcIonging to or associatcd with : onc cxhibiting or
affcctcd by _gIyconic; : onc that µroduccs _ccboIic;
-ical adi su//ix [ME, fr. LL -ica/is (as in c/erica/is cIcricaI, çran-
natica/is grammaticaI, radica/is radicaI)] : -rc _cosmica/;
_fantastica/; - somctimcs diffcring from -ic in that ad}cctivcs
formcd with -ica/ havc a widcr or morc transfcrrcd scmantic
hoplo- -ical 25
rangc than corrcsµonding ad}cctivcs in -ic _cconomica/ : cco-
nomic; _µroµhctica/ : µroµhctic;
-ice n su//ix -s [ME -ice, -ise, fr. OF, fr. L -itius (masc.), -itia
(fcm.), -itiun (ncut.), suffixcs forming ad}cctivcs and nouns;
akin to Gk -sios, Skt -tya] : act _scrvice; : quaIity _}ustice;
: condition _cowardice;
ichn- or ichno- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. ichnos] : footµrint
: track _ichnoIogy;
ichthy- or ichthyo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. ichthys] : fish
_ichthyic; _ichthyoIogy;
-ichthys n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ichthys] : fish - in
gcncric namcs chicfIy in ichthyoIogy _Dinichthys;
-ician n su//ix -s [ME -icien, -ician, fr. OF -icien, fr. L -ica (as
in rhetorica rhctoric) + OF -ien -ian] : a sµcciaIist or µracti-
tioncr in a (sµccificd) ficId _bcautician; _tcchnician;
icon- or icono- a/so eikon- or eikono- or ikon- or ikono- con-
bininç /orn [Gk eikon-, eikono-, fr. eikon-, eikõn] : imagc
_iconism; _iconomania; _iconomctry;
icosa- a/so icosi- or icos- conbininç /orn [Gk eikosa-, eikosi-,
eikos-, fr. eikosi] : twcnty _icosahcdron;
¹-id n su//ix -s [in scnsc 1, fr. L -ides, masc. µatronymic suffix,
fr. Gk -ides, in scnsc 2, fr. It -ide, fr. L -id-, -is, fcm.
µatronymic suffix, fr. Gk; in scnsc 3, fr. F -ide, fr. L -id-, -is,
fcm. µatronymic suffix] 1 a : onc bcIonging to a (sµccificd)
naturaI grouµ or Iinc of dcsccnt _McIancsid; _AustraIid; b
: onc bcIonging to a (sµccificd) dynastic Iinc _Fatimid; 2 a
: mctcor associatcd with or radiating from a (sµccificd) con-
stcIIation or comct _Pcrscid; b : variabIc star of a (sµccificd)
sourcc or tyµc _Ccµhcid; 3 a/so -ide : skin rash causcd by
(somcthing sµccificd) _bactcrid; _syµhiIid;
²-id adi su//ix : of, rcIating to, or charactcristic of a (sµccificd)
naturaI grouµ or Iinc of dcsccnt _µrc-MongoIid artifacts;
³-id n su//ix -s [µrob. fr. L -id-, -is, formativc cIcmcnt of somc
nouns, fr. Gk] 1 : structuraI cIcmcnt of a Iowcr moIar or
µrcmoIar _µrotoconid; 2 : structurc, body, or µarticIc of a
(sµccificd) kind _chromatid;
-ida n p/ su//ix [NL (ncut. µI. in form), fr. L- ides, µatronymic
suffix] : animaIs that arc or havc thc form of - in namcs of
highcr taxa (as ordcrs and cIasscs) _Scorµionida; _Acarida;
_Bcroida; - -idan n or adi su//ix
-idae n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L (µI. of -ides, masc. µatronymic suf-
fix), fr. Gk -idai, µI. of -ides, masc. µatronymic suffix] : mcm-
bcrs of thc famiIy of - in µatronymic grouµ namcs
_AIcmaconidae; _Homcridae; _ScIcucidae;; in namcs of
famiIics of animaIs substitutcd for thc Iast syIIabIc of thc gcn-
itivc casc of thc namc of thc tyµc gcnus _Aµhididae from
Aphis; _Equidae from Equus;
-ide a/so -id n su//ix -s [G & F; G -id, fr. F -ide (as in oxide)] 1
: binary chcmicaI comµound or comµound rcgardcd as bina-
ry - addcd to contractcd namc of thc nonmctaIIic or morc
cIcctroncgativc cIcmcnt _iron oxide; _hydrogcn suIfide; or
radicaI _amide; _cthoxide; 2 a : chcmicaI comµound dcrivcd
from or rcIatcd to anothcr (usu. sµccificd) comµound _anhy-
dride; _gIycoIide; _µhthaIide; b : acctaI dcrivativc of a sugar
- in namcs of gIycosidcs rcµIacing finaI -e of thc namc of thc
sugar _arabinoside; _ccrcbroside;; comµarc -osror 3 : onc
of a cIass of organic csµ. naturaIIy occurring comµounds
_µhosµhatide; _µcµtide; _saccharide; 4 : chcmicaI cIcmcnts
of a scrics of mctaIIic cIcmcnts of incrcasing atomic numbcrs
_actinide; _Ianthanide;
-idea n p/ su//ix [NL (ncut. µI. in form), fr. Gk -ideus, n. suffix
with quasi-µatronymic vaIuc] : animaIs that arc or havc thc
form of - in namcs of highcr taxa _Caridea; _Phoronidea;
ideo- conbininç /orn [F idéo-, fr. Gk idea] : idca _ideocrat;
_ideogcnctic; _ideoIogy;
-idin or -idine n su//ix -s [ISV ¹-ide + -in, -ine] : chcmicaI com-
µound rcIatcd in origin or structurc to anothcr comµound: as
a usu -idin : agIycon of a gIycosidc _µcIargonidin from
µcIargonin; b usu -idine : comµIctcIy hydrogcnatcd form of
a cycIic basc _µyrroIidine from µyrroIc; _thiazoIidine from
thiazoIc; c usu -idine : basc obtaincd othcrwisc than by
hydrogcnation _toIuidine or toIidine from toIucnc; _guani-
dine from guaninc;
idio- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. idios] 1 : onc`s own : µcrsonaI
: scµaratc : distinct _idiotyµc; _idiosyncrasy; 2 : scIf-µro-
duccd : arising within _idioIysin; _idiorcfIcx; _idioµathic;
_idiovcntricuIar rhythm;
-idium a/so -idion n su//ix, p/ -idiums or -idia a/so idions [NL,
fr. Gk -idion, dim. suffix] : smaII onc : Icsscr onc _anthcridi-
un; _chromidiun;
idolo- a/so eidolo- conbininç /orn [LL & Gk; LL ido/o-, fr. Gk
eidõ/o-, fr. eidõ/on] : idoI : imagc _ido/ocracy; _ido/omania;
-idrosis n conbininç /orn, p/ -idroses [NL, fr. Gk -idrõsis, fr.
hidrõsis act of swcating, fr. hidroun to swcat (fr. hidrõs swcat)
+ -sis] : a sµccificd form of swcating _chromidrosis; _bro-
midrosis; _hyµcridrosis;
-ie a/so -y or -ey n su//ix, p/ -ies or -eys [ME (Sc) -ie] 1 a : IittIc
onc : dcar IittIc onc _birdie; _bootie; _Jcanie; b - in namcs
of articIcs of fcmininc aµµarcI _nightie; _µantie; 2 : onc
bcIonging to : onc having to do with _bookie; _dcckie;
_hackie; _townie; 3 : onc of (such) a kind or quaIity _big-
gie; _cutie; _smartie; _toughie; _darkey;
-ier n su//ix -s [MF, fr. L -arius, ad}. suffix] : µcrson bcIonging
to, conncctcd with, or cngagcd in _cashier; _gondoIier;
-iferous adi conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L -i/er (fr. -i- + -/er) & MF
-i/ere (fr. L -i/er) + ME -ous - morc at -rrÞ] : -rrÞoLs
-iform adi conbininç /orn [MF & L; MF -i/orne, fr. L -i/ornis,
fr. -i- + -/ornis -form] : -roÞm
-iformes n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, masc. & fcm. µI. of
-i/ornis -iform] : oncs having (such a) form - in taxonomic
namcs of animaIs _Anscri/ornes;
-ify vb su//ix -ro/-r×c/-rs [ME -i/ien, fr. OF -i/ier, fr. L -i/icare,
fr. -i- + -/icare -fy] : -rv
-igerous adi conbininç /orn [L -içer (fr. -i- + -çer -gcrous) + E
-ous] : -crÞoLs
igni- conbininç /orn [L, fr. içnis] : firc : burning _içnifcrous;
-il a/so -ile n su//ix -s [G -i/ & F -i/e, µrob. fr. F -i/e & L -i/is -iIc,
ad}. suffix] : substancc rcIatcd to (somcthing sµccificd) _bcn-
ile- a/so ileo- conbininç /orn [NL i/eun] 1 : iIcum _i/eostomy;
2 : iIcaI and _i/eocccaI;
¹-ile adi su//ix [ME, fr. MF, fr. L -i/is] : of, rcIating to, suitcd
for, or caµabIc of _contracti/e; _cxµansi/e;
²-ile n su//ix -s [µrob. fr. -i/e (as in quarti/e, n. - quartiIc asµcct
- and sexti/e, n.)] : scgmcnt of a (sµccificd) sizc in a frc-
qucncy distribution _ccnti/e; _dcci/e;
ilio- conbininç /orn [NL i/iun] : iIiac and _i/iocostaI;
-illa n su//ix, p/ -illae or -illas [NL, aItcr. of L -e//a] : -rLLA
immuno- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. innune] 1 : µhysioIogicaI
immunity _innunoIogy; 2 : immunoIogic _innunochcm-
istry; : immunoIogicaIIy _innunocomµatibIc; : immunoIogy
and _innunogcnctics;
¹in- or il- or im- or ir- pre/ix [ME, fr. MF, OF, & L; ME in- fr.
OF, fr. L; ME i/- fr. MF, fr. L, fr. in-, ME in- fr. OF, fr. L, fr.
in-, ME ir- fr. OF, fr. L, fr. in-, akin to OE un- - morc at L×-]
: not : ×o×-, L×- - usu. i/- bcforc / _i/IogicaI; and in- bcforc
b, n, or p _inbaIancc; _inmoraI; _inµrovidcnt; and ir-
bcforc r _irrcducibIc; and in- bcforc othcr sounds _inactivc;
_inaµt; _inconcIusivc;
²in- or il- or im- or ir- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF, MF, & L; ME in- fr.
OF in-, en-, fr. L in-, fr. in in, into; ME i/- fr. MF, fr. L, fr. in,
ME in- fr. MF in-, en-, fr. L in-, fr. in, ME ir- fr. L, fr. in]
1 : in : within : inward : into : toward : on _inµIodc; _irrad-
icatc; 2 : ¹r×- _i/Iucidatc; _inbarn; _inmarbIc; _inµancI;
_inµcriI; _insµirit; - in both scnscs usu. i/- bcforc /, in-
bcforc b, n, or p, ir- bcforc r, and in- bcforc othcr sounds
³in- or ino- conbininç /orn [NL in-, fr. Gk, tcndon, fr. in-, is,
µrob. akin to L viere to µIait] : fibcr : fibrous tissuc _initis;
-ice in- 26
-in n su//ix -s [F -ine, fr. L -ina (with Iong i), fcm. of -inus (with
Iong i) of or bcIonging to - morc at -r×r] 1 a : ncutraI chcm-
icaI comµound or comµound not distinctIy basic or acidic
_µicrotoxin; _hcmatoµorµhyrin; - csµ. in namcs of gIyc-
cridcs _acctin; _stcarin;, gIycosidcs _amygdaIin;
_qucrcitrin;, µrotcins _gcIatin; _insuIin;, and 6-mcmbcrcd
hctcrocycIic comµounds _dioxin;; usu. distinguishcd from
-ine b : cnzymc _cmuIsi7n; _myrosin; - comµarc -Asr c
: antibiotic _µcniciIIin; _strcµtomycin; 2 : ²-r×r 2a, 2b - not
uscd systcmaticaIIy 3 : µharmaccuticaI µroduct _niacin;
-in n conbininç /orn -s [in (as in sit-in)] 1 : organizcd µubIic
µrotcst by mcans of or in favor of : dcmonstration _tcach-in;
_Iovc-in; 2 : µubIic grouµ activity _swim-in;
¹-ina n su//ix, p/ -ina [NL, fr. L, fcm. sing. and ncut. µI. of -inus
(with Iong i) ¹-inc] : onc or oncs rcIatcd to, rcscmbIing, or
charactcrizcd by - in taxonomic namcs in bioIogy _Acarina;
_CIathrina; _FistuIina;
²-ina a/so -ine n su//ix -s [µrob. fr. It -ina (dim. suffix), fr. L -ina
(with Iong i), fcm. of -inus (with Iong i) ¹-inc] 1 : musicaI
instrumcnt _conccrtina; _scraµhine; 2 : musicaI dcvicc _aco-
-inae n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L, fcm. µI. of -inus -inc] : mcmbcrs of
thc subfamiIy of - in rcccnt cIassifications substitutcd for
thc Iast syIIabIc of thc gcnitivc casc of thc namc of thc tyµc
gcnus in aII namcs of zooIogicaI subfamiIics _FcIinae;
incud- or incudo- conbininç /orn [NL incud-, incus] : incus
: incus and _incudcctomy; _incudomaIIcaI;
¹ind- or indo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Gk, India, of or con-
ncctcd with India, fr. indos of or conncctcd with India, fr.
lndos India (subcontincnt in southcrn Asia), Indus (rivcr in
thc northwcstcrn µart of thc Indian subcontincnt)] 1 : India
or thc East Indics _lndoµhiIc; : of or conncctcd with India or
thc East Indics _indaconitinc; _lndo-Briton; _lndo-African;
2 : of or conncctcd with thc Indus rivcr _lndo-Gangctic; 3
: Indo-Euroµcan _lndo-Hittitc;
²ind- or indi- or indo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L indicun] 1
: indigo _indoIc; _indirubin; _indoµhcnin; 2 : rcscmbIing
indigo (as in coIor) _indaminc; _indoµhcnoI;
¹-ine adi su//ix [ME -ine, -in, fr. MF -in & L -inus (with Iong i),
-inus (with short ĭ); MF -in µartIy fr. L -inus (with Iong i) of
or bcIonging to; MF -in µartIy fr. L -inus (with short ĭ) madc
of, of or bcIonging to, fr. Gk -inos - morc at -r×] 1 : of,
bcIonging to, or rcIating to _cstuarine; 2 : madc of : Iikc
²-ine n su//ix -s [ME -ine, -in, fr. MF & L; MF -ine, fr. L -ina
(with Iong i), fcm. of -inus (with Iong i) of or bcIonging to] 1
: ¹-r1r 4 _hatchcttine; 2 : chcmicaI substancc: as a : chcmi-
caI cIcmcnt - in namcs of thc haIogcns _astatine; _chIorine;
b (1) : basic carbon comµound - in namcs of aIkaIoids _qui-
nine; or othcr organic nitrogcnous bascs _aniIine; _guani-
dine; incIuding six-mcmbcrcd ring comµounds _µyridine;
and intcrmcdiatc hydrogcnatcd forms of cycIic comµounds
_µyrroIine; _thiazoIine;; usu. distinguishcd from -in (2) : car-
bon comµound containing a basic grouµ - in namcs of
amino acids _gIycine; _cystine; c : mixturc of chcmicaI com-
µounds - csµ. in commcrciaI namcs (as of mixturcs of hydro-
carbons) _gasoIine; _kcrosine; d : -v×r e : hydridc _arsine;
3 : -r× 1a - not uscd systcmaticaIIy 4 : commcrciaI µroduct
or matcriaI _gIassine;
³-ine n su//ix -s [ME -ina, -ine, -in (in fcmininc givcn namcs), fr.
OE -ina (in fcmininc givcn namcs), fr. L -ina (with Iong i, in
fcmininc namcs such as Açrippina), fr. fcm. of -inus (with Iong
i) of or bcIonging to] : fcmaIc µcrson _chorine; _dudine;
-ineae n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L, fcm. µI. of -ineus (as in çranineus
gramincous)] : µIants incIuding thosc of (such) a gcnus
_Abictineae; : µIants charactcrizcd by (such) a fcaturc
_Dinocaµsineae; - in namcs of botanicaI subordcrs
infero- conbininç /orn [L in/erus Iow, situatcd bcncath] 1 : on
thc undcrsidc _in/erobranchiatc; 2 : bcIow and _in/eroIat-
infra- pre/ix [L in/ra bcIow, undcrncath] 1 a : bcIow : Iowcr in
status than - csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs
_in/rahuman; b : aftcr : Iatcr than _in/raIaµsarian; 2 : with-
in - csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs _in/ratcrritor-
iaI; 3 : bcIow in a scaIc or scrics - csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd
from ad}cctivcs _in/rarcd; 4 : bcIow or bcncath (a dcsignat-
cd µart of thc anatomy) - csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd from
ad}cctivcs _in/racostaI;
¹-ing vb su//ix or adi su//ix [ME -inçe, -inç, aItcr. (infIucnccd by
-inçe ³-ing) of -inde, -ende, fr. OE -ende, fr. -e- (vowcI histori-
caIIy bcIonging to thc vcrb stcm) + -nde, µrcs. µart. suffix -
morc at -A×1] - uscd to form thc µrcscnt µarticiµIc _goinç;
_saiIinç; and somctimcs to form an ad}cctivc rcscmbIing a
µrcscnt µarticiµIc but not dcrivcd from a vcrb _huIkinç;
_swashbuckIinç;; rcguIarIy accomµanicd by omission of finaI
µostconsonantaI e of thc basc word _hoµinç; _Iovinç;, changc
of finaI ie of thc basc word to y _tyinç;, or doubIing of thc
finaI consonant of thc basc word immcdiatcIy aftcr a short
strcsscd vowcI _hoµµinç; _µIanninç;
²-ing n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OE -inç, -unç onc of a (sµccificd) kind,
onc bcIonging to, onc dcsccndcd from; akin to OHG -inç onc
of a (sµccificd) kind, onc bcIonging to, onc dcsccndcd from,
ON -inçr, -unçr, Goth -inçs onc of a (sµccificd) kind] : onc of
a (sµccificd) kind _swcctinç; _wiIdinç;
³-ing n su//ix -s [ME -inçe, -inç (in carIy ME a suffix forming
nouns from vcrbs, in Iatcr ME bccoming aIso a gcrundiaI suf-
fix), fr. OE -unç, -inç, suffix forming nouns from vcrbs; akin
to OHG -unça, -unç, suffix forming nouns from vcrbs, ON
-inç, suffix forming nouns from vcrbs, -unç, suffix forming
nouns from nouns] 1 : action or µroccss _bccominç; _draw-
inç; _runninç; _sIccµinç; _washinç; : instancc of an action or
µroccss _a bIcssinç; _a mcctinç; _my cominçs and goinçs; -
in nouns formcd from any fuIIy infIcctcd vcrb and function-
ing cithcr as gcrunds caµabIc of bcing modificd by an advcrb
and caµabIc of having an ob}cct if thc basc vcrb is transitivc
_aftcr casuaIIy rcadinç thc Icttcr twicc; or as ordinary nouns
_aftcr two casuaI rcadinçs of thc Icttcr; 2 : somcthing con-
ncctcd with an action or µroccss: a : µroduct, accomµani-
mcnt, or rcsuIt of an action or µroccss _an cngravinç; _a
µaintinç; - in nouns formcd from vcrbs; oftcn in µIuraI
_carninçs; _Icavinçs; _shavinçs; b : somcthing uscd in an
action or µroccss _a bcd covcrinç; _thc Iininç of a coat; - in
nouns, csµ. coIIcctivcs _carµctinç; _housinç; _rigginç; _shiµ-
µinç;, formcd from vcrbs 3 : action or µroccss conncctcd
with (a sµccificd thing) _bIackbcrryinç; _caµitaIinç; - in
nouns formcd from nouns 4 : somcthing conncctcd with,
consisting of, or uscd in making (a sµccificd thing) _sackinç;
_scaffoIdinç; _shirtinç; - in nouns, csµ. coIIcctivcs, formcd
from nouns 5 : somcthing rcIatcd to (a sµccificd conccµt)
_offinç; - in nouns formcd from µarts of sµccch othcr than
vcrbs and nouns; rcguIarIy accomµanicd by omission of finaI
µostconsonantaI e of thc basc word, changc of finaI ie of thc
basc word to y, or doubIing of thc finaI consonant of thc basc
word immcdiatcIy aftcr a short strcsscd vowcI
-ini n p/ su//ix [NL, fr. L, masc. µI. of -inus -inc] : animaIs that
arc or havc thc form of - in namcs of highcr taxa csµ. of
tribcs and ordcrs _Anacanthini;
insecti- conbininç /orn [L insectun] : inscct _insectifcrous;
integri- conbininç /orn [L, fr. inteçr-, inteçer] : whoIc : cntirc
_inteçrifoIious; _inteçriµaIIiatc;
inter- pre/ix [ME inter-, entre-, enter-, ME inter-, fr. MF & L;
MF, fr. L, fr. inter, ME entre-, fr. OF, fr. L inter-, ME enter-,
fr. MF & L; MF entre-, fr. OF, fr. L inter-, akin to OHG untar
bctwccn, among, ON ithrar, µI., intcstincs, OIr etar, eter
bctwccn, among, Gk enteron intcstinc, Skt antar bctwccn,
within, in, and OE in] 1 : bctwccn, among, in thc midst
_intermcdiatc; _interµoIar; _intersµacc; 2 : mutuaI, rcciµro-
caI _intermarry; _intermcsh; _interrcIation; _intertwinc; 3
: bctwccn or among thc µarts of _intercostaI; _interdcntaI; 4
: carricd on bctwccn _intercoIIcgiatc; _intercommunication;
_internationaI; 5 : occurring bctwccn : intcrvcning _inter-
-in inter- 27
gIaciaI; _intertidaI; 6 : sharcd by or dcrivcd from two or
morc _interdcµartmcntaI; _interfaith; 7 : bctwccn thc Iimits
of : within _intertroµicaI;
intermedio- conbininç /orn [L internedius] : intcrmcdiatc and
intra- pre/ix [LL, fr. L intra within, fr. (assumcd) OL interus
inward, on thc insidc] 1 a : within - csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd
from ad}cctivcs _intracosmicaI; _intragIaciaI; _intraccIIuIar;
_intra-Euroµcan; b : during - csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd
from ad}cctivcs _intranataI; _intrafcbriIc; _intraµyrctic;
_intravitaI; c : bctwccn Iaycrs of - csµ. in ad}cctivcs formcd
from ad}cctivcs _intracutancous; d : undcrncath - csµ. in
ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs _intraduraI; 2 : r×1Þo- _an
intramuscuIar in}cction; _intravcnation; _intraccrcbraI; 3
: intcrnaI _intrascIcction;
intro- pre/ix [ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. intro, adv., inwardIy, to thc
insidc, fr. (assumcd) OL interus inward, on thc insidc] 1 : in
: into _intro}cction; 2 : inward : within _introactivc;
_introfIcx; _introrcccµtion; - oµµoscd to extro-
iod- or iodo- conbininç /orn [F iode iodinc] : iodinc _iodhy-
dratc; _iodoform;
-ion n su//ix -s [ME -ioun, -ion, -iun, fr. OF -ion, -iun, fr. L -ion-,
-io] 1 a : act or µroccss _aciduIation; _rcbcIIion; b : rcsuIt of
an act or µroccss _construction; 2 a : statc or condition _sub-
}cction; b : thing actcd uµon or conditioncd _ambition;
ionto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk iont-, iõn, µrcs. µart. of ienai
to go] : ion _iontoquantimctcr; _iontothcraµy;
-ious adi su//ix [ME, µartIy fr. OF -ious, -ios, -ieus, -ieux, fr. L
-iosus, fr. -i- (µcnuItimatc vowcI in nouns such as re/içio rcIi-
gion, na/itia maIicc, species sµccics, aµµcarancc, spatiun
sµacc) + -osus -osc, and µartIy fr. L -ius (finaI µortion of thc
nom. sing. masc. form of ad}cctivcs such as neritorius that
brings in moncy)] : -oLs _cdacious;
irano- conbininç /orn, usu cap [lran] : Iranian and
irid- or irido- conbininç /orn [L irid-, iris] 1 : rainbow _iridaI;
_iridcsccnt; 2 [NL irid-, iris] : iris of thc cyc _iridcctomy;
_iridoµaraIysis; : iris and _iridocycIitis; 3 [iridescent] : iridcs-
ccnt _iridizc; _iridocytc; 4 [NL lrid-, lris] : thc gcnus Iris
_iridin; 5 [NL iridiun] : iridium : iridium and _iridosminc;
is- or iso- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. isos cquaI] 1 : cquaI
: homogcncous : uniform _iscncrgic; _isacoustic; _iso-
ccµhaIy; _isotyµc; 2 usu iso- : for or from diffcrcnt individ-
uaIs of thc samc sµccics _isoantigcn; _isoantibody;
ischi- or ischio- conbininç /orn [L ischi-, fr. Gk, fr. ischion hiµ
}oint] 1 : ischium _ischiaIgia; _ischioµoditc; 2 : ischiaI and
_ischiocaudaI; 3 : rcscmbIing a hiµ }oint _ischioccritc;
-ise vb su//ix : -rzr - scc sµcIIing notc 2.10 on µagc 24a of
Webster's 1hird New lnternationa/ Dictionary
-ish adi su//ix [ME, fr. OE -isc, akin to OHG -isc, -isk -ish, ON
-skr, Goth -isks -ish, Gk -iskos, dim. n. suffix] 1 : of or bcIong-
ing to - chicfIy in ad}cctivcs indicating nationaIity or cthnic
grouµ _Finnish; _GauIish; _Turkish; 2 a : charactcristic or
tyµicaI of _boyish; _Londonish; : having thc undcrsirabIc
quaIitics of _amatcurish; _muIish; b : incIincd or IiabIc to
_bookish; _quaImish; _moµish; c (1) : having a touch or
tracc of _summcrish; : somcwhat _µurµIish; _Iatish; (2)
: having thc aµµroximatc agc of _fortyish; (3) : bcing or
occurring at thc aµµroximatc timc of - csµ. in words formcd
from numcraIs indicating an hour of thc day or night
_fivcish; _cightish;
-ism n su//ix -s [ME -isne, fr. MF & L; MF -isne, µartIy fr. L
-isna (fr. Gk), & µartIy fr. L -isnus, fr. Gk -isnos] 1 a : act,
µracticc, or µroccss - csµ. in nouns corrcsµonding to vcrbs
in -ire _criticisn; _hyµnotisn; _µIagiarisn; b : manncr of
action or bchavior charactcristic of a (sµccificd) µcrson or
thing _animaIisn; _Micawbcrisn; 2 a : statc, condition, or
µroµcrty _barbarianisn; _µoIymorµhisn; b : abnormaI statc
or condition rcsuIting from cxccss of a (sµccificd) thing _aIco-
hoIisn; _morµhinisn; c : abnormaI statc or condition char-
actcrizcd by rcscmbIancc to a (sµccificd) µcrson or thing
_mongoIisn; 3 a : doctrinc, thcory, or cuIt _Buddhisn;
_CaIvinisn; _PIatonisn; _saIvationisn; _vcgctarianisn; b
: adhcrcncc to a systcm or a cIass of µrinciµIcs _ncutraIisn;
_rcaIisn; _sociaIisn; _stoicisn; 4 : charactcristic or µccuIiar
fcaturc or trait _coIIoquiaIisn; _Latinisn; _µocticisn;
¹-ist n su//ix, p/ -ists [ME -iste, fr. OF & L; OF -iste, fr. L -ista,
fr. Gk -istes, fr. -is- (fr. vcrb stcms in -irein -izc) + -tes (suffix
forming agcnt nouns)] 1 a : onc that docs : onc that µcrforms
a (sµccificd) action _cycIist; _baIIoonist; _ducIIist; : onc that
makcs or µroduccs _novcIist; _syIIogist; b : onc that µIays a
(sµccificd) musicaI instrumcnt _organist; _vioIinist; c : onc
that oµcratcs a (sµccificd) mcchanicaI instrumcnt or con-
trivancc _tcIcgraµhist; 2 a : onc that µracticcs or studics or
sµcciaIizcs in a (sµccificd) art or scicncc or µarticuIar ficId of
knowIcdgc or µarticuIar skiII _gcoIogist; _mythoIogist; _aIgc-
braist; _vcntriIoquist; b (1) : onc that is usu. µrofcssionaIIy
occuµicd with or intcrcstcd in _fashionist; _coIorist; (2)
: onc that toys with or dabbIcs in _controvcrtist; _sµccuIatist;
3 : onc that µrofcsscs or adhcrcs to or advocatcs a (sµccificd)
doctrinc or thcory or systcm or µoIicy or codc of bchavior or
µroccdurc _dcist; _sociaIist; _royaIist; _hcdonist; _µurist; or
that suµµorts thc doctrinc or thcory or systcm or µoIicy or
codc of bchavior or µroccdurc of a (sµccificd) individuaI
_CaIvinist; _Darwinist; _HitIcrist; - csµ. in nouns corrc-
sµonding to nouns in -isn 4 : onc that is markcd by _µcs-
simist; _fataIist; - csµ. in nouns corrcsµonding to nouns in
²-ist adi su//ix : of, rcIating to, or charactcristic of (somcthing
indicatcd) _diIcttantist;
-istic a/so -istical adi su//ix [-istic fr. MF & L & Gk; MF
-istique, fr. L -isticus, fr. Gk -istikos, fr. -istes -ist + -ikos -ic;
-istica/ fr. MF -istique & L -isticus & Gk -istikos + E -a/] : of,
rcIating to, or charactcristic of _µanoistic; - oftcn in ad}cc-
tivcs corrcsµonding to nouns in -isn or nouns in -ist _aItruis-
ital- or italo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [lta/- fr. L lta/us, lta/o-
fr. It or L; It, fr. ita/o, fr. L lta/us] : ItaIian : ItaIian and
¹-ite n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF & L; OF, fr. L -ita, -ites, fr. Gk -ites
(n. & ad}. suffix)] 1 a : nativc : inhabitant : rcsidcnt
_Gothamite; _BrookIynite; _Ncw Hamµshirite; : occuµant
: dwcIIcr _fIatite; _traiIcrite; b : dcsccndant : offsµring
_Adamite; c (1) : adhcrcnt : foIIowcr : suµµortcr _Jacobite;
: advocatc _Darwinite; : dcvotcc _Browningite; (2) : mcmbcr
of a (sµccificd) grouµ or organization or movcmcnt
_CamµbcIIite; 2 a (1) : substancc µroduccd through somc
(sµccificd) µroccss _anaboIite; _cataboIite; (2) : commcrciaI-
Iy manufacturcd µroduct _cbonite; _Iyddite; _vuIcanite; b
: -r1oL - csµ. in commcrciaI namcs _duIcite; 3 [NL -ites, fr.
L] : fossiI _coraIIite; _fiIicite; 4 : mincraI _crythrite; : rock
_chromitite; 5 [F, fr. L -ita, -ites] : scgmcnt or constitucnt
µart of a body or of a bodiIy µart _somite; _dcndrite;
²-ite n su//ix -s [F, aItcr. of -ate (fr. NL -atun) - morc at -A1r]
: saIt or cstcr of an acid with a namc cnding in -ous _nitrite;
-ites n su//ix, p/ -ites [NL - morc at ¹-itc] : organism or fossiI
Iikc (a sµccificd grouµ) or from (an indicatcd µIacc) - chicfIy
in gcncric namcs usu. of fossiIs _Agavites; _MaIayites;
-itic adi su//ix [F -itique, fr. MF, fr. L iticus, fr. Gk -itikos, fr.
-itis (n. & ad}. suffix) + -ikos -ic] : of, rcscmbIing, or markcd
by - in ad}cctivcs formcd from nouns usu. cnding in -ite
_dcndritic; and -itis _bronchitic; and somctimcs from othcr
nouns _dactyIitic;
-itious adi su//ix [L -icius, -itius, ad}cctivc suffix addcd to thc
basc of a noun or µast µarticiµIc] : of, rcIating to, or having
thc charactcristics or µroµcrtics of (somcthing sµccificd)
-itis n su//ix, p/ -itises a/so -itides sonetines -ites [NL, fr. L &
Gk; L, fr. Gk, n. & ad}. suffix] 1 : discasc usu. infIammatory
of a (sµccificd) µart or organ : infIammation of _Iaryngitis;
_bronchitis; _aµµcndicitis; _ncuritis; 2 p/ usu -itises a (1)
: maIady arising from (somcthing sµccificd) _too-much-mon-
cyitis; _vacationitis; (2) : affIiction with (somcthing sµcci-
intermedio- -itis 28
ficd) : forccd cndurancc or suffcring of _tcIcvisionitis; -
chicfIy in noncc formations b (1) : tcndcncy csµ. whcn cxccs-
sivc to or toward (somcthing sµccificd) : markcd µroncncss to
_accidcntitis; (2) : markcd fondncss for or obscssion with
(somcthing sµccificd) : wcakncss for : infatuation with _ad}cc-
tivitis; _}azzitis; (3) : cxccssivc conccrn for or µromotion or
advocacy of or rcIiancc on (somcthing sµccificd) _cducation-
itis; - chicfIy in noncc formations c : quaIity or statc of
bcing markcd to an oftcn cxccssivc dcgrcc by ccrtain tyµicaI
charactcristics of (somcthing sµccificd) _big-busincssitis; -
chicfIy in noncc formations
-itol n su//ix -s [ISV -it- (fr. ¹-itei + -o/] : µoIyhydroxy aIcohoI
usu. rcIatcd to a sugar _mannito/; _inosito/;
-ity n su//ix -rs [ME -ite, fr. OF or L; OF -ité, fr. L -itat-, -itas,
fr. -i- (thcmatic or, rarcIy, conncctivc vowcI) + -tat-, -tas -ty]
: quaIity : statc : dcgrcc _asininity; _thcatricaIity;
-ium n su//ix 1 -s [NL, µcrh. aftcr such words as L nediun] a
(1) : chcmicaI cIcmcnt _sodiun; _uraniun; (2) : chcmicaI
radicaI _ammoniun; b : an ion having a µositivc chargc -
in namcs of comµIcx cations (as thosc dcrivcd from an organ-
ic basc) _imidazoIiun[C,H.N,H]
; _µyridiniun; _nitrosyIiun
;; comµarc -o×rLm 2 p/ -iums a/so -ia [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk
-ion (n. suffix, oftcn of diminutivc forcc)] : smaII onc : mass
- csµ. in bioIogicaI tcrms _onchiun; _µoIIiniun;
-ive adi su//ix [ME -i/, -ive, fr. MF & L; MF -i/, fr. L -ivus, akin
to (assumcd) Gk -eiwos (whcncc Gk -eios -ivc)] : that µcr-
forms or tcnds toward or scrvcs to accomµIish an (indicatcd)
action csµ. rcguIarIy or IastingIy _amusive; _coordinative;
-ization a/so -isation n su//ix -s [-ire or -ise + -ation] : action or
µroccss _dcsuIfuriration; _cuchromatiration; _coniration;
: statc or rcsuIt _dimcriration; _immiscriration;
-ize vb su//ix -ro/-r×c/-s scc sµcIIing notc 2.10 on µagc 24a of
Webster's 1hird New lnternationa/ Dictionary [ME -isen, fr. OF
-iser, fr. LL -irare, fr. Gk -irein] 1 a (1) : to causc to bc or
bccomc or conform to or bc Iikc or rcscmbIc (somcthing
sµccificd) _systcmire; _amcricanire; _Iiquidire; : causc to bc
formcd into _unionire; _diµhthongire; (2) : to sub}cct to
action by or trcatmcnt of (somcthing sµccificd) _criticire;
: sub}cct to a (sµccificd) action _µIagiarire; (3) : to causc to
havc or aµµcar to havc somc (sµccificd) quaIity _rationaIire;
: act uµon in such a way as to µroducc a (sµccificd) rcsuIt in
_brutaIire; _commcrciaIire; (4) : to imµrcgnatc or trcat or
combinc with (somcthing sµccificd) _aIbuminire; _hydrogc-
nire; (5) : to adaµt to (somcthing sµccificd) : modify by
mcans of _avianire; b : to makc (a sµccificd thing) of : trcat
Iikc _idoIire; _Iionire; c : to trcat in thc manncr of or accord-
ing to thc mcthod or µroccss of (a sµccificd individuaI)
_bowdIcrire; _mcsmcrire; 2 a : to bccomc or bccomc Iikc
(somcthing sµccificd) _crystaIIire; b : to bc µroductivc in or
of (somcthing sµccificd) _thcorire; : cngagc in or carry on a
(sµccificd) activity _botanire; _µhiIosoµhire; _attitudinire;
_conccrtire; c : to foIIow aftcr somconc or somcthing (sµcc-
ificd) : to adoµt or sµrcad thc manncr of activity or thc out-
Iook or tcaching of somconc _caIvinire;
japano- conbininç /orn, usu cap [1apan (thc country)]
: Jaµancsc _1apanoIogist; _1apanoµhiIc;
jejun- or jejuno- conbininç /orn [ieiunun] 1 : }c}unum
_ieiuncctomy; 2 : }c}unaI and _ieiunoduodcnaI;
judeo- a/so judaeo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L iudaeus Jcwish,
Jcw] 1 : of or rcIating to thc Jcws or Judaism _1udeoµhobia;
2 : Jcwish and _1udeo-Christian; _1udeo-Pcrsian;
juxta- conbininç /orn [L iuxta, adv. & µrcµ., ncar, ncarby]
: situatcd ncar _iuxta-articuIar; _iuxtamcduIIary;
kary- or karyo- a/so cary- or caryo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
kary-, karyo- waInut, nut, kcrncI, fr. karyon] 1 : nucIcus of a
ccII _karycnchyma; _karyokincsis; - in cytoIogicaI tcrms 2
: nut : kcrncI _caryoµsis;
kata- or kat- pre/ix [Gk - morc at cA1A-] : cA1A-
ken- or keno- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. kenos, akin to Arm sin
cmµty, vain] : cmµty _kenotron;
ker- a/so ke- pre/ix [imit.] - uscd in onomatoµocic or cchoic
forms imitating thc noisc of a faIIing ob}cct _kerµIoµ;
kerauno- conbininç /orn [Gk - morc at crÞAL×-] : thundcr
ket- or keto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ketone] 1 usu keto- a
: containing thc kctonc grouµ _ketohcxosc; - in namcs of
cIascs of comµounds; comµarc ALo- 1 b : containing a kctonc
grouµ rcgardcd as formcd by rcµIaccmcnt of two hydrogcn
atoms in a mcthyIcnc grouµ by oxygcn - in namcs of sµccif-
ic organic comµounds _ketoµroµionic acid;; comµarc ox- 2
: rcIatcd to a kctonc _ketoximc; - comµarc ALo- 2
kilo- conbininç /orn [F, modif. of Gk chi/ioi] : thousand -
chicfIy in namcs of units in thc mctric systcm _ki/oamµcrc;
_ki/ogauss; _ki/o}ouIc;
kin- or kine- or kino- or cin- or cino- conbininç /orn [Gk
kinena motion] : motion : action _kincsthcsia; _kinoµIasm;
-kin a/so -kins n su//ix, p/ -kins [-kin fr. ME, fr. MD -kin, -ken,
-kiin, akin to OS -kin, dim. suffix, OHG -chin, -kins fr. ME,
suffix uscd to form surnamcs (as 1enkins), fr. -kin + -s,
µatronymic suffix (as in Roberts)] : IittIc _catkin; _babykins;
kinesi- or kinesio- conbininç /orn [Gk kinesi-, fr. kinesis
motion] : movcmcnt : motion _kinesimctcr; _kinesioIogy;
-kinesia or -cinesia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk -kinesia, fr.
kinesis] : movcmcnt : motion _hyµcrkinesia; _µarakinesia;
-kinesis n conbininç /orn, p/ -kineses [NL, fr. Gk kinesis] 1
: activation _chcmokinesis; _µhotokinesis; 2 : division
_karyokinesis; 3 : µroduction of motion _tcIckinesis;
kinet- or kineto- a/so cinet- or cineto- conbininç /orn [Gk
kinetos moving] : movcmcnt : motion _kinetogcnic;
klept- or klepto- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. k/eptein to stcaI; akin
to Goth h/i/an to stcaI, L c/epere to stcaI, OPruss auk/ipts con-
ccaIcd] : stcaIing : thcft _k/eptistic; _k/eptomania;
-kont n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. Gk kontos µoIc, fr. kentein
to µrick] : fIagcIIum of a ccII
-labe n conbininç /orn -s [ME, fr. MF, fr. ML -/abiun, fr. LGk
-/abion, dim. of Gk -/abos (fr. /anbanein to takc)] : instru-
mcnt : imµIcmcnt _cosmo/abe;
labio- conbininç /orn [L /abiun Iiµ] 1 : thc Iiµs _/abiograµh;
_/abioµIasty; 2 : IabiaI and _/abionasaI; _/abiovcIar;
lact- or lacti- or lacto- conbininç /orn [/act- fr. F & L; F, fr. L,
fr. /act-, /ac, /acti- fr. F & LL; F, fr. LL, fr. L /act-, /ac, /acto-
fr. /act- + o-] 1 miIk _/actaIbumin; _/actomctcr; _/actigcnic;
2 a : Iactatc and _/actoµhosµhatc; b : Iactic acid _/actamidc;
_/actonitritc; c : Iactosc _/actitoI; _/actobionic acid;
lag- or lago- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk /açõ-, fr. /açõs]
: harc _/açoµhthaImos; _/açoµous;
-lalia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk /a/ia chattcr, µrattIc, fr.
/a/ein to chat, taIk (µrob. of imit. origin Iikc G /a//en to bab-
bIc, stammcr, L /a//are to sing a IuIIaby) + -ia -y] : sµccch dis-
ordcr (of a sµccificd tyµc csµ. rcIating to thc articuIation of
sµccch sounds) _brady/a/ia; _rhino/a/ia; - comµarc -ÞnA-
srA, -ÞnrmrA, -Þno×v 2
lalo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk /a/os taIkativc, µrattIing, fr.
/a/ein to chat, taIk - morc at -LALrA] : sµccch : thc sµccch
-laly n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -/a/ia] : -LALrA
lamell- or lamelli- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. /ane//a] : IamcIIa
_/ane//osc; _/ane//ifcrous; _/ane//iform;
lamin- or lamini- or lamino- conbininç /orn [/anina] : Iamina
_/aninar; _/aninifcrous;
lampro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. /anpros bright, fr. /an-
pein to givc Iight, shinc] : bright _/anproµhyrc;
lan- or lani- or lano- conbininç /orn [L /an-, /ani-, fr. /ana]
: wooI _/anoIin; _/anthioninc; _/anifcrous; _/anostcroI;
larvi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. /arva] : Iarva : IarvaI _/arvi-
coIous; _/arviform; _/arvigcrous;
laryng- or laryngo- conbininç /orn [NL /arynç- & LL /arynço-,
fr. Gk /arynç-, /arynço-, fr. /arynç-, /arynx] 1 : Iarynx _/aryn-
çoµathy; _/arynçitis; 2 a : IaryngcaI and _/arynçoµharyngcaI;
b : IaryngcaI : of thc Iarynx _/arynçovcstibuIitis;
later- or lateri- or latero- conbininç /orn [L /ater-, fr. /ater-,
/atus] 1 : sidc _/aterad; : sidcwisc _/aterigradc; 2 : IatcraI and
-later n conbininç /orn -s [aItcr. of ME -/atrer, fr. MF -/atre
-itol -later 29
-Iatcr (fr. LL -/atres, fr. Gk -/atres) + ME -er, akin to Gk /atron
µay, hirc] : onc who worshiµs or shows fanaticaI dcvotion
lati- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. /atus] : widc : broad
-latry n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -/atrie, fr. OF, fr. LL -/atria, fr.
Gk /atreia scrvicc, worshiµ; akin to Gk /atron µay, hirc] : wor-
shiµ of or fanaticaI dcvotion to a (sµccificd) ob}cct _hcIio/a-
laur- or lauro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL Laurus] 1 : IaurcI
_/auric acid; 2 : Iauric acid _/auramidc; _/auromitriIc;
-le vb su//ix -led; -led; -ling; -les [ME -/en, fr. OE -/ian, akin to
OHG -i/õn, -a/õn, vcrb suffixcs indicating rcµcatcd action] -
indicating rcµcatcd action or movcmcnt csµ. of a trifIing or
smaII-scaIc charactcr _µratt/e; _wrigg/e; _hobb/e;
lecith- or lecitho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk /ekith-, /ekitho-
fr. /ekithos, µrob. of non-IE origin] : yoIk of an cgg _/ecithin;
leio- or lio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk /eio-, fr. /eios] : smooth
_/eioccµhaIous; _/eioµhyIIous; _/eiodcrmia;
lemmo- conbininç /orn [Gk /enna rind, husk + E -o-]
: ncuriIcmma _/ennobIastic; _/ennocytc;
lepid- or lepido- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. /epid-, /epis, fr.
/epein to µccI] : fIakc : scaIc _Lepidoµtcra;
-lepis n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk /epis, fr. /epein to µccI]
: fIakc : scaIc - in gcncric namcs _Bothrio/epis; _Ostco/epis;
lepo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. Gk /epos] : husk : rind
: scaIc _/epocytc; _/epothrix;
-lepsy a/so -lepsia or -lepsis n conbininç /orn, p/ -lepsies a/so
-lepsias or -lepses [-/epsy fr. MF -/epsie, fr. LL -/epsia, fr. Gk
-/epsia, fr. /epsis act of taking hoId or rccciving, scizurc (fr.
/eptos, vcrbaI of /anbanein to takc, scizc) + -ia -y; -/epsia, NL,
fr. LL & Gk; LL, fr. Gk -/epsia, -/epsis, L, fr. Gk -/epsis, fr.
/epsis] : taking : scizurc _cµi/epsy; _andro/epsia;
lept- or lepto- conbininç /orn [/ept-, NL, fr. Gk /eptos, Iit.,
µccIcd, huskcd, fr. /epein to µccI; /epto- fr. Gk, fr. /eptos]
: smaII : wcak : thin : finc _Leptandra; _/eptoIogy; _/eptor-
-less adi su//ix [ME -/es, -/esse, fr. OE -/eas, fr. /eas dcvoid, faIsc;
akin to OS /õs Ioosc, faIsc, MD /os Ioosc, OHG /õs, ON /auss
Ioosc, Goth /aus cmµty, OE /osian to gct Iost, µcrish] 1 : dcs-
titutc of : not having : frcc from _wit/ess; _chiId/ess; _fathcr-
/ess; _doubt/ess; 2 : bcyond thc rangc of - in ad}cctivcs
formcd from nouns of action _count/ess; 3 : unabIc or Iack-
ing µowcr to bc actcd on or to act (in a sµccificd way) - in
ad}cctivcs formcd from vcrbs _rcsist/ess; _daunt/ess;
_qucnch/ess; _tirc/ess; _fadc/ess; _ccasc/ess;
-let n su//ix -s [ME -/et, -/ette, fr. MF -e/et, fr. OF, fr. -e/ + -et
(dim. suffix)] 1 : smaII onc _book/et; _strcam/et; 2 : articIc
worn on - in namcs of articIcs of drcss _ank/et; _wrist/et;
letto- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Lett + -o-] : Lcttish and
_Letto-Lithuanian µarcntagc;
leuc- or leuco- a/so leuk- or leuko- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
/euk-, /euko- whitc, fr. /eukos] 1 : whitc : coIorIcss : wcakIy
coIorcd _/eucaugitc; _/eucoµIast; _/eukocytc; - oftcn in
namcs of chcmicaI comµounds dcrivcd from (as by rcduction)
or rcIatcd to a dyc or othcr coIorcd comµound _/eucaurin;
_/eucomcthyIcnc bIuc; 2 : Icukocytc _/eukoµcnia; 3 : whitc
mattcr of thc brain _/eucotomy;
leukocyt- or leukocyto- a/so leucocyt- or leucocyto- conbininç
/orn [NL, fr. ISV /eukocyte] : Icukocytc _/eukocytoµcnia;
lev- or levo- a/so laev- or laevo- conbininç /orn [F /évo-, fr. L
/aevus Icft; akin to Gk /aios Icft, OSIav /èvŭ] : Icft : on thc Icft
sidc : to thc Icft _/evovcrsion;
-lexia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk /exis word, sµccch]
: rcading of (such) a kind or with (such) an imµairmcnt
_brady/exia; _dys/exia;
libyo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Libya] : Libyan and
_Libyo-Phocnician; _Libyo-Tcutonic;
lign- or ligni- or ligno- conbininç /orn [L /içn-, /içni-, fr.
/içnun] 1 : wood _/içniform; _/içnivorous; _/içnograµhy; 2
[ISV, fr. /içnin] : Iignin _/içnoµrotcin; _/içnosuIfonic acid;
ligul- or liguli- conbininç /orn [NL /içu/a] 1 : IiguIc _/içu/ar;
_/içu/iform; : IiguIatc _/içu/ifIorous; 2 [NL Liçu/a] : thc
gcnus LiguIa _/içu/oid;
limn- or limni- or limno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, µooI,
marshy Iakc, fr. /inne, akin to Gk /inen-, /inen harbor]
: frcshwatcr Iakc : µond _/innimctcr; _/innoIogy;
-limnion n conbininç /orn, p/ -limnia [NL, fr. Gk /innion smaII
Iakc, dim. of /inne marshy Iakc] : Iakc : watcr _hyµo/innion;
lineo- conbininç /orn [L /inea Iinc (cord)] : Iinc _/ineograµh;
: Iincar and _/ineocircuIar;
¹-ling n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OE; akin to OHG -/inç, ON -/inçr,
Goth -/inçs, OE -inç - morc at -r×c (onc of a sµccificd kind)]
1 : onc bcIonging to or associatcd with a (sµccificd) grouµ or
condition or markcd by a (sµccificd) quaIity _hirc/inç; _dar-
/inç; _ncst/inç; 2 : young, smaII, or infcrior onc _duck/inç;
_gos/inç; _µrincc/inç;
²-ling or -lings adv su//ix [-/inç fr. ME, fr. OE; -/inçs fr. ME
-/inçes, fr. -/inç + -es, gcn. sing. cnding of nouns (functioning
advcrbiaIIy, as in nedes nccds, a/weyes aIways); akin to OHG
-/inçun -Iing, OE -/õ straµ, Lith /enkti to bcnd - morc at -s]
: in (such) a dircction or manncr : to (such) an cxtcnt _cast-
/inç; - chicfIy in advcrbs of statc or manncr _dark/inç;
lingu- or lingua- or lingui- or linguo- conbininç /orn [L /inçu-,
fr. /inçua] 1 : Ianguagc _/inçuiµotcncc; _/inçuist; 2 : tonguc
_/inçuoµaµiIIitis; 3 a : µroduccd by thc tonguc and - in
tcrms rcfcrring to sµccch sounds _/inçuodcntaI; _/inçuanasaI;
_/inçuonasaI; _/inçuoµaIataI; b : IinguaI and _/inçuomaxiI-
Iary; 4 : IinguaIIy _/inçuodistaI;
lip- or lipo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. /ipos] 1 : fat : fatty
tissuc : fatty : AorÞ- _/ipcctomy; _/ipocardiac; _/ipoccIc; 2
: Iiµidc
lipar- or liparo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. /iparos, fr. /ipos fat]
: fatty : fat _/iparoccIc; _/iparoid; _/iparous;
lipo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. /eipein to Icavc, bc
Iacking] 1 : Iacking : without _/ipograµhy; 2 : Icaving : aban-
doning _/ipoxcnous;
liss- or lisso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk /issos, /ispos, /isphos,
µrob. akin to OE /in Iimc] : smooth _/isscnccµhaIous;
-lite a/so -lyte n conbininç /orn [F -/ite, aItcr. of -/ithe, fr. Gk
/ithos stonc] 1 a : mincraI : rock : fossiI in stonc _cryo/ite;
_rhyo/ite; _dcndro/ite; b : -Lr1n 1b _aIbo/ite; 2 : -Lr1n 2
lith- or litho- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. /ithos] 1 : stonc
_/ithanthrax; _/ithoµhytc; _/ithograµh; 2 : caIcuIus _/ithosis;
_/ithoIogy; 3 [NL /ithiun] : Iithium _/ithic; : Iithic _/ithcmia;
-lith n conbininç /orn -s [NL -/ithus & F -/ithe, fr. Gk /ithos
stonc] 1 a : stonc : structurc or imµIcmcnt of stonc
_cycIo/ith; _mono/ith; _co/ith; b : artificiaI stonc : ccmcnt
_grano/ith; 2 ned : caIcuIus _angio/ith; _ncµhro/ith; 3
: -Lr1r 1a _cocco/ith; _zoo/ith;
lithi- or lithio- conbininç /orn [NL /ithiun] : Iithium _/ithio-
µhiIitc; _/ithiatc;
-lithic adi conbininç /orn [/ithic] 1 : rcIating to or charactcris-
tic of a (sµccificd) stagc in man`s usc of stonc as a cuIturaI
tooI _Nco/ithic; _µrc/ithic; _tcchno/ithic; 2 bot : stonc
lob- or lobi- or lobo- conbininç /orn [/obe] : Iobc _/obcctomy;
_/obiform; _/obigcrous; _/obotomy;
-lobus n conbininç /orn : onc having a (sµccificd) kind of Iobc
- in gcncric namcs _Chacno/obus; _Gono/obus;
loco- conbininç /orn [F, fr. MF, fr. L /oco, abI. of /ocus µIacc]
1 : from µIacc to µIacc _/ocomotion; 2 : µIacc _/ocodcscriµ-
log- or logo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. /oços word, rcason,
sµccch, account] : word : thought : sµccch : discoursc _/oço-
gram; _/oçoIatry; _/oçomania;
-logia n conbininç /orn -s [L, fr. Gk - morc at -/oçy] : -Locv
logico- conbininç /orn [/oçica/] : IogicaI : IogicaI and _/oçico-
-logue or -log n conbininç /orn -s [ME -/oçe, -/oçue, fr. OF
lati- -logue 30
-/oçue, fr. L -/oçus, fr. Gk -/oços, fr. /eçein to sµcak] 1 a : dis-
coursc, taIk _duo/oçue; b : µcrformancc, rccitaI
_µiano/oçue; 2 : studcnt, sµcciaIist _Sino/oçue;
-logy n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -/oçie, fr. OF, fr. L -/oçia, fr.
Gk, fr. /oços word, rcason, sµccch, account + -ia -y] 1 : oraI
or writtcn cxµrcssion _µhrasco/oçy; 2 : doctrinc, thcory, sci-
cncc _socio/oçy; 3 : discoursc, trcatisc _insccto/oçy;
lonch- or loncho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. /onche sµcar-
hcad, Iancc] : Iancc _Lonchocarµus; _Lonchma;
longi- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. /onçus] 1 : Iong _/onçi-
caudaI; _/onçiµcnnatc; _/onçirostrinc; 2 : IongitudinaI
loph- or lopho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. /ophos] : crcst
: tuft : comb _/ophoµhytosis; _Lophura;
-loph n conbininç /orn -s [Gk /ophos] : crcst _ccto/oph;
lophi- or lophio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk /ophion smaII
crcst, dim. of /ophos] : smaII crcst or tuft _Lophiodon;
lox- or loxo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. /oxos, akin to MIr
/osc Iamc, OE e/n cII] : obIiquc _/oxodograµh; _Loxosoma;
luci- conbininç /orn [L, fr. /uc-, /ux] : Iight _/ucimctcr;
ludicro- conbininç /orn [L /udicrus + E -o-] : Iudicrous and
_/udicroµathctic; _/udicroscrious; _/udicrosµIcnctic;
lumb- or lumbo- conbininç /orn [L /unb-, fr. /unbus] 1 : Ioin
_/unbodynia; 2 : Iumbar and _/unbosacraI;
lumi- pre/ix [irrcg. fr. L /unin-, /unen Iight] : formcd by irra-
diation _/unichromc; _/unistcroI;
lumin- or lumini- or lumino- conbininç /orn [ME /unin-, fr. L
/unin-, /unen Iight] 1 : Iight _/uninifcrous; _/uninomctcr; 2
: Iumcn _/uninaI; 3 : Iumincsccncc _/uninoI;
luso- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Pg, fr. /usitano Portugucsc, fr. L
/usitanus Lusitanian] : Portugucsc and _Luso-BraziIian;
lute- or luteo- conbininç /orn [NL /uteun (in corpus /uteun),
fr. L, ncut. of /uteus ycIIowish, Iutcous] : corµus Iutcum
_/uteaI; _/uteotroµhic;
luteo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L /uteus ycIIowish, Iutcous]
: ycIIowish : ycIIowish and _/uteofuscous; _/uteovircsccnt;
¹-ly adi su//ix, usu -rÞ/-rs1 [ME -/ich, -/y, -/i, fr. OE -/ic, -/ic,
akin to OFris & OS -/ik -Iy, MD -/iic, OHG -/ih, -/ih, ON -/içr,
aII fr. a Gmc noun rcµrcscntcd by OE /ic body, corµsc] 1 : Iikc
in aµµcarancc, manncr, or naturc : having thc charactcristics
of _quccn/y; _fathcr/y; _woman/y; 2 : cxµrcssing rcguIar
rccurrcncc in statcd units of timc : cvcry _hour/y; _dai/y;
²-ly adv su//ix, usu -rÞ/-rs1 [ME -/iche, -/y, -/i, fr. OE -/ice, -/ice,
fr. -/ic, -/ic (ad}. suffix)] : in a (sµccificd) manncr _sIow/y; : in
thc manncr of a _soIdicr/y; : from a (sµccificd) standµoint
lyc- or lyco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk /yk-, /yko-, fr. /ykos]
: woIf _Lycoµodium;
lymph- or lympho- conbininç /orn [NL /ynpha] 1 : Iymµh
_/ynphogcnic; 2 : Iymµhatic tissuc _/ynphcntcritis; 3 : Iym-
µhocytcs _/ynphoµrotcasc; _/ynphotaxis;
lymphangi- or lymphangio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. /ynphan-
çion Iymµhatic vcsscI, fr. /ynph- + Gk ançeion vcsscI, bIood
vcsscI - morc at A×cr-] : Iymµhatic vcsscIs _/ynphançiccta-
sis; _/ynphançioIogy;
lymphato- conbininç /orn [ISV /ynphat- (fr. /ynphatic) + -o-]
: Iymµhatic tissuc _/ynphatoIysin; _/ynphatoIysis;
lyo- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. Gk /yein to Ioosc, dis-
soIvc, rcIcasc + NL -o-] 1 : Iacking : rudimcntary in
_Lyomcri; 2 : Iooscncss : disµcrsion _/yoµhiIic;
lys- or lysi- or lyso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk /ys-, /ysi- Ioos-
cning, dissoIution, fr. /ysis, fr. /yein to Iooscn, dissoIvc + -sis]
1 : Iooscning or dissoIution or dccomµosition _/ysigcnous;
_/ysin; 2 usu lyso- [ISV /ys in + -o-] : Iysin _/ysogcn;
-lysis n conbininç /orn, p/ -lyses [NL, fr. L & Gk; L, Iooscning,
fr. Gk, fr. /ysis] 1 : dccomµosition _cIcctro/ysis; _hydro/ysis;
_µyro/ysis; 2 : dcstruction : disintcgration : dissoIution - csµ.
of matcriaI associatcd with Iiving organisms _bio/ysis; _auto/y-
sis; _µrotco/ysis; 3 a : rcIicf or rcduction _ncuro/ysis; b
: dctachmcnt (as in thc surgicaI oµcration of frccing from adhc-
sions) _cardio/ysis; _gastro/ysis; c : µaraIysis _gIosso/ysis;
-lyte n conbininç /orn -s [Gk /ytos that may bc unticd, soIubIc,
vcrbaI of /yein to Iooscn, dissoIvc] : a substancc caµabIc of
undcrgoing Iysis _cIcctro/yte; _hydro/yte;
-lytic adi su//ix [Gk /ytikos abIc to Ioosc] : of, rcIating to, or
cffccting Iysis _cIcctro/ytic; _hydro/ytic;
lyx- or lyxo- conbininç /orn [/yxose] : rcIatcd to Iyxosc _/yxo-
-lyze a/so -lyse vb conbininç /orn -ro/-r×c/-s [ISV, µrob. irrcg.
fr. NL -/ysis + ISV -ire or -ise] : to µroducc or undcrgo Iytic
disintcgration or dissoIution _cIcctro/yre; _µyro/yre;
-machy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -nachia, fr. nache battIc,
fight (fr. nachesthai to battIc, fight) + -ia -y] : warfarc : con-
tcst bctwccn or by mcans of _Iogonachy;
macr- or macro- conbininç /orn [F & L, fr. Gk nakr-, nakro-
Iong, fr. nakros] 1 : Iong _nacrobiotic; _nacrodiagonaI; 2
: Iargc _nacrcrgatc; _nacromoIccuIc; _nacrogamctc;
_nacromastia; _nacrognathism; _nacroµodia; - oftcn uscd
to contrast with nicr- 3 : macrodiagonaI _nacrodomc; 4
: incIuding and morc comµrchcnsivc than _Macro-Khoisan;
- uscd of a Ianguagc grouµ
macul- or maculo- a/so maculi- conbininç /orn [ME nacu/-, fr.
L, fr. nacu/a] 1 : sµot : bIotch _nacu/ation; _nacu/iform; 2
: sµottcd and : macuIar and _nacu/oµctcchiaI Icsions; _nac-
magnesio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL naçnesiun] : magnc-
sium _naçnesiochromitc;
magnet- or magneto- conbininç /orn [naçnetic] 1 : magnctic
forcc _naçnetomctcr; 2 : magnctism : magnctic _naçneto-
cIcctric; _naçneton; 3 : magnctocIcctric _naçnetotcIc-
magno- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. naçnesia & NL naçnesiun]
1 : magncsia _naçnochromitc; 2 : magncsium _naçnofcr-
ritc; _naçnoµhoritc;
¹mal- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF na/, ad}., bad & na/, adv.,
badIy; MF na/ bad, fr. OF, fr. L na/us, MF na/ badIy, fr. OF,
fr. L na/e, fr. na/us bad] 1 a : bad : cviI _na/µracticc; b
: badIy : cviIIy _na/odorous; 2 a : irrcguIar : abnormaI _na/-
formation; b : irrcguIarIy : abnormaIIy _na/formcd; 3 a
: µoor : inadcquatc _na/ad}ustmcnt; b : µoorIy : inadc-
quatcIy _na/nourishcd;
²mal- or malo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. na/ic (in na/ic acid)]
: maIic acid _na/amidc; _na/onitriIc;
malac- or malaco- conbininç /orn [L na/ac-, fr. Gk na/ak-,
na/ako-, fr. na/akos, akin to MIr na/cad dccay, Russ
no/chat' to bc siIcnt, L no/ere to grind] : soft _na/acoid;
malari- or malario- conbininç /orn [na/aria] : maIaria _na/ar-
ioid; _na/arioIogy; _na/ariomctry;
malayo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [na/ay + -o-] : MaIayan and
-mancy n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -nancie, -nauncie, fr. OF
-nancie, fr. L -nantia, fr. Gk nanteia, fr. nanteuesthai to
divinc, µroµhcsy + -ia -y; akin to Gk nainesthai to ragc, ravc]
: divination in a (sµccificd) manncr or by mcans of (somc-
thing sµccificd) _chironancy;
mandel- or mandelo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. nande/ic (acidi]
: mandcIic acid _nande/amidc; _nande/onitriIc;
mandibul- or mandibuli- or mandibulo- conbininç /orn [LL
nandibu/a] : mandibIc : mandibuIar and _nandibu/ation;
_nandibu/oµharyngcaI; _nandibu/iform;
mangan- or mangano- a/so mangani- conbininç /orn [G nan-
çan, fr. F nançanèse] : mangancsc : mangancsc and _nan-
çanatc; _nançanocoIumbitc; _nançanifcrous;
manganoso- conbininç /orn [ISV nançan- + -oso- (fr. L -osus
-ous)] : manganous
mann- or manno- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. nanna] 1 : manna
_nannitc; _nannosc; 2 : rcIatcd to mannosc _nannan;
mano- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, Ioosc, sµarsc, infrcqucnt, fr.
nanos] : gas : vaµor _nanograµh;
-manship n su//ix -s [sµortsnanship] : art or µracticc of mancu-
vcring to gain a tacticaI advantagc _gamcsnanship;
-logy -manship 31
mari- conbininç /orn [L, fr. nare] : sca _naricoIous; _nari-
mast- or masto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. nastos brcast]
1 : brcast : mammary gIand _nastitis; _nastodon; 2 : mas-
toid and _nastotymµanic;
mastig- or mastigo- conbininç /orn [Gk, whiµ, scourgc, fr.
nastiç-, nastix, µcrh. akin to Gk nenyein to makc known,
inform, Russ nanit' to bcckon, cnticc] : whiµ : fIagcIIum
_Mastiçoµhora; _Mastiçamocba;
-mastix n conbininç /orn [Gk nastiç-, nastix whiµ, scourgc] 1
-rs : attackcr of a (sµccificd) µcrson or thing _Latinonastix;
2 [NL, fr. Gk nastiç-, nastix] a : onc having (such) a whiµ -
in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Lronastix; b : onc having
(such) a fIagcIIum or (such or so many) fIagcIIa - in gcncric
namcs in zooIogy _ChiIonastix;
mathematico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L nathenaticus mathc-
maticaI] : mathcmaticaI and _nathenaticoIogicaI; _nathe-
matr- or matri- or matro- conbininç /orn [L natr-, natri-, fr.
natr-, nater] : mothcr _natriIincaI; _natrocIinous;
maxi- conbininç /orn [fr. naxinun, aftcr E nininun . nini-] 1
: cxtra Iong _naxicoat; _naxi-kiIt; 2 : cxtra Iargc _naxi-scuIµ-
turc; _naxi-µrobIcms;
maxill- or maxilli- or maxillo- conbininç /orn [L naxi//-, fr.
naxi//a] 1 : maxiIIa _naxi//iµcd; 2 : maxiIIary and _naxi//o-
faciaI; _naxi//ozygomatic;
mc- pre/ix, usu cap [McDona/d's, chain of fast-food rcstaurants;
fr. thc association of thc chain with µroducts that arc casiIy
avaiIabIc though basic and standardizcd] - uscd to indicatc
an incxµcnsivc, convcnicnt, or casy but usu. Iow-quaIity or
commcrciaIizcd vcrsion of somcthing sµccificd _McBook;
-meal adv conbininç /orn [ME -ne/e, fr. OE -næ/un, fr.
næ/un, dat. µI. of næ/ aµµointcd timc (rcµast)] : by a (sµcc-
ificd) µortion or mcasurc at a timc _inchnea/; _µicccnea/;
meat- or meato- conbininç /orn [LL neatus] : mcatus _neat-
ic; _neatotomy;
mec- or meco- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk neko-, fr. nekos
Icngth; akin to Gk nakros Iong] : Icngth : Iong _Mecodonta;
mechan- or mechano- conbininç /orn [ME nechan-, fr. MF or
L, fr. Gk nechan-, fr. nechane machinc] : machinc
_nechanoIogy; _nechanomorµhic; : mcchanicaI _necha-
nizc; _nechanothcraµy; : mcchanicaI and _nechanochcmi-
mechanico- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L nechanicus mcchanic,
mcchanicaI] 1 : mcchanicaI _nechanicothcraµy; 2 : mcchan-
icaI and _nechanicochcmicaI;
mecon- or mecono- conbininç /orn 1 : µoµµy _neconidium;
_neconoµsis; 2 [NL neconiun] : oµium _neconin;
_neconoIogy; _neconoµhagy;
medi- or medio- conbininç /orn [L, fr. nedius middIc] 1
: mcdiaIIy _nediodcµrcsscd; _nedioµcrforatc; 2 : intcrmcdi-
atc _nedicvaI; _nediosiIicic; 3 : middIc or mcdian µIanc
_nediad; _nediodorsaI; _nedioµaIataI; _nediovcntraI;
medico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L nedicus mcdicaI] 1 : mcd-
icaI _nedicoµsychoIogy; 2 : mcdicaI and _nedicobotanicaI;
_nedicodcntaI; _nedicoIcgaI;
medo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Gk nedo-, fr. Medos Mcdc,
Mcdian] : Mcdian and _Medo-Pcrsian; _Medo-Scythian;
medus- or medusi- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL nedusa]
: mcdusa _nedusifcrous; _nedusoid;
mega- or meg- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. neças Iargc, grcat,
strong] 1 a : grcat : Iargc _neçabactcrium; _neçasµorc;
: µowcrfuI _neçascoµc; : of thc ma}or ordcr _neçadias-
troµhism; _neçamutation; : cnIargcd _neçatyµc; or abnor-
maIIy cnIargcd _neçaduodcnum; _neçacsoµhagus; b : hav-
ing a (sµccificd) µart of Iargc sizc _neçadont; _neçag-
nathous; c : caµabIc of bcing distinguishcd or idcntificd
without thc aid of thc microscoµc _neçabrcccia; _neçafos-
siI; _neçaµhcnocryst; 2 : a miIIion of : muItiµIicd by onc
miIIion _neçohm; _neçaIumcn; _neçamµcrc; 3 : grcatIy
surµassing othcrs of its kind _neçahcro; _neçaµoIIutcrs; 4
: to a suµcrIativc dcgrcc _neça-succcssfuI;
megal- or megalo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. neça/-,
neças Iargc, grcat] : Iargc : grcat : of giant sizc _neça/obIast;
_neça/oµs; _Meça/osaurus; : grand : grandiosc _neça/oma-
nia; : caµabIc of or uscd for cnIarging _neça/ograµh; _neça-
/oscoµc;; speci/, ned : abnormaIIy Iargc _neça/ocardia;
-megaly a/so -megalia n conbininç /orn, p/ -megalies a/so
-megalias [NL -neça/ia, fr. neça/- + L -ia -y] : abnormaI
cnIargcmcnt (of a sµccificd µart) _acroneça/y; _gas-
troneça/y; _hcµatosµIcnoneça/ia;
¹mel- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ne/os] : Iimb _ne/aIgia;
²mel- or melo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ne/a chccks, Iit.,
aµµIcs, µI. of ne/on aµµIc] : chcck _ne/itis; _ne/oµIasty;
mela- or mel- a/so melo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk ne/as
bIack] : bIack _ne/adioritc; _Me/ogrammataccac;
melan- or melano- a/so melam- conbininç /orn [ne/an- fr. ME,
fr. MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. ne/an-, ne/as, ne/ano- & ne/an- fr.
NL, fr. Gk, fr. ne/an-, ne/as] 1 : bIack : dark _ne/anic;
_ne/anin; _ne/anocomous; _Me/anµsora; 2 : mcIanin
: markcd by thc µrcscncc of mcIanin _ne/anogcn; _ne/anc-
mia; _ne/anosarcoma;
-melane n conbininç /orn -s [Gk ne/an-, ne/as bIack] : bIack
substancc : dark substancc _Icµidone/ane; _sidcrone/ane;
melano- conbininç /orn, usu cap [ne/anian + -o-] : McIanian
and _Me/ano-Paµuan;
meli- conbininç /orn [Gk ne/i] : honcy _ne/iIitc;
-melia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk ne/os Iimb + NL -ia]
: condition of thc Iimbs _anisone/ia; _schistone/ia;
mell- or melli- conbininç /orn [L] : honcy : Iikc honcy _ne/-
/itc; _ne//isugcnt; _ne//isonant;
melo- conbininç /orn [F né/o-, fr. Gk ne/o-, fr. ne/os Iimb,
musicaI µhrasc, mcIody, song] : song _ne/oIoguc; _ne/oma-
-melus n conbininç /orn, p/ -meli [NL, fr. Gk ne/os Iimb] : onc
having a (sµccificd) abnormaIity of thc Iimbs _anisone/us;
membran- or membrani- or membrano- conbininç /orn [nen-
bran- fr. MF, fr. L, fr. nenbrana skin, mcmbranc, µarch-
mcnt; nenbrani- & nenbrano- fr. NL, fr. L nenbrana] 1
: mcmbranc _nenbranoid; _nenbranifcrous; _Menbraniµora;
_nenbranogcnic; 2 usu nenbrano- : mcmbranous and _nen-
branocartiIaginous; _nenbranoncrvous;
mening- or meningo- a/so meningi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr.
neninçes] : mcningcs _neninçococcus; _neninçioma;
_neninçitis; : mcningcs and _neninçomycIitis; _neninçovas-
meno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nenein to rcmain] : rcmain-
ing : µcrsisting _Menorhyncha;
-ment n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -nentun, fr. -nen, n. suffix
+ -tun (akin to -tus, µast µart. cnding); akin to Gk -na, n. suf-
fix - morc at -ro] 1 a : concrctc rcsuIt, ob}cct, or agcnt of a
(sµccificd) action _cntangIcnent; _incrcnent; _attachnent;
_fragnent; b : concrctc mcans or instrumcnt of a (sµccificd)
action _comµIcnent; _nutrinent; _ornanent; 2 a : action,
µroccss, art, or act of a (sµccificd) kind _cncircIcnent;
_rccruitnent; _statcnent; _govcrnnent; _dcvcIoµnent; b
: µIacc or ob}cct of a (sµccificd) action _cscarµnent; _can-
tonnent; 3 : statc or condition _amazcnent; _cmbroiInent;
_fuIfiIInent; _invoIvcnent;
menth- or mentho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. nentho/] : mcnthoI
_nenthonc; _nenthanc;
menti- conbininç /orn [L nent-, nens] : mind _nenticidc;
mento- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L nentun] : chin : chin and
_nentoantcrior; _nentocondyIoid;
¹mer- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. nere sca, Iakc, µond, fr. OE]
: sca _nermaid; _nerman; _nerwoman;
²mer- or mero- conbininç /orn [Gk ner-, nero-, fr. neros]
: thigh _neraIgia; _neroccIc;
mari- mer- 32
³mer- or mero- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk, fr. neros µart]
: µart : µartiaI _nerasµis; _nerohcdraI; _nerosµorangium;
-mer n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. Gk neros µart] chen : mcm-
bcr of a (sµccificd) cIass _isoner; _mctaner; _µoIyner;
mercapt- or mercapto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. nercaptan]
: dcrivcd from or rcIatcd to a mcrcaµtan _nercaptaI; _ner-
mercur- or mercuro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. nercury] : mcr-
cury _nercuroµhyIIinc;
mercuri- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. nercury] chen : mcrcuric
_chIoronercuriµhcnoI CIHgC,H.OH;
-mere n conbininç /orn -s [F -nère, fr. Gk neros µart] 1 bio/
: µart : scgmcnt _arthronere; _cytonere; 2 chen _isonere;
meri- conbininç /orn [F néri-, fr. Gk neris µart] : µart : µar-
tiaI _nericIinous; _neriquinonc; _neristcIc;
-meric adi conbininç /orn [ISV ³ner- + -ic] 1 bio/ : having
(such) µarts or scgmcnts _cytoneric; 2 [ISV -ner + -ic] chen
: having a (sµccificd) association of substanccs in comµounds
_µoIyneric; _tautoneric;
-meride n conbininç /orn -s [ISV -ner + -ide] : -mrÞ _iso-
neride; _µoIyneride;
-meris n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk neris µart] : onc having a
(sµccificd) µart - in gcncric namcs _Piµtoneris;
-merism n conbininç /orn -s [ISV -ner + -isn] 1 : µosscssion of
a (sµccificd) association of substanccs in chcmicaI com-
µounds _isonerisn; _tautonerisn; 2 [ISV ³ner- + -isn]
: µosscssion of (such or so many) µarts
-merous adi conbininç /orn [NL -nerus, fr. Gk -neres, fr.
neros µart] : having (such or so many) µarts _homonerous;
_µcntanerous; _6-nerous;
-merus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk neros thigh] : animaI or
inscct having a (sµccificd) tyµc of thigh - in gcncric namcs
in cntomoIogy _Tomiconerus; _Symnerus;
-mery n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV ³ner- + -y] : µosscssion of
(such or so many) µarts _gononery; _mctanery;
-meryx n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk neryx, a ruminating fish,
fr. nerykasthai to ruminatc] : ruminant - chicfIy in gcncric
namcs of cxtinct ruminating mammaIs _Icµtoneryx;
mes- or meso- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. nesos] 1 a : in thc
middIc : intcrmcdiatc (as in µosition, sizc, tyµc, timc, dcgrcc)
_nesodcrm; _nesodont; _nesoncµhroma; _nesoµIankton;
_nesoµrosoµic; _Mesozoa; _nesocarµ; b : mcscntcry or
mcmbranc suµµorting a (sµccificd) µart _nesocaccum;
_nesocoIon; _nesarchium; c : mcsodcrm : mcsodcrmaI and
_nesamcboid; 2 neso- : a rcduction µroduct of a µorµhyrin
or othcr µyrroIc dcrivativc in which onc or morc vinyI grouµs
havc bccn hydrogcnatcd to cthyI _nesohcmin; _nesobiIiru-
mesati- conbininç /orn [Gk nesatos midmost, irrcg. suµcrI. of
nesos mid, in thc middIc] : of mcdium or intcrmcdiatc µro-
mesio- conbininç /orn [nesi aI + -o-] : mcsiaI and _nesiobuc-
caI; _nesioIabiaI; _nesiooccIusaI;
meta- or met- pre/ix [NL & ML, fr. LL or Gk; LL, fr. Gk, fr.
neta bctwccn, with, aftcr; akin to OE nid, nith with, OS nid,
nidi, OHG nit, niti with, ON neth with, bctwccn, Goth nith
with, and µcrh. to OE nidd mid] 1 a : occurring Iatcr : in suc-
ccssion to : aftcr _netachronism; _netabiosis; _netagcncsis;
_netainfcctivc; b : situatcd bchind : µostcrior _netaµorc;
_netancµhron; c : Iatcr or morc highIy organizcd or sµcciaI-
izcd form of _Metazoa; _netaµhytc; d : with : occurring
with _netacinnabar; 2 a [MF & L; MF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. neta]
: changc in : transformation of _netamorµhosis; _netaµIa-
sia; b : µroduccd by mctamorµhism _netadioritc; _netascd-
imcnt; 3 a [ME, fr. ML, fr. Gk neta aftcr, as uscd in ta neta
ta physika thc (works) aftcr thc µhysics] : bcyond : tran-
sccnding _netaµhysics; _netaµsychosis; _netagcomctry;
_netabioIogicaI; _netcmµirics; b : of a highcr IogicaI tyµc
- in nouns formcd from namcs of disciµIincs and dcsignat-
ing ncw but rcIatcd disciµIincs such as can dcaI criticaIIy with
thc naturc, structurc, or bchavior of thc originaI oncs _neta-
Ianguagc; _netathcory; _netasystcm; 4 [ISV, fr. Gk, with,
aftcr, fr. neta] a : onc that is isomcric with, µoIymcric with,
or othcrwisc cIoscIy rcIatcd to _netaIdchydc; - in namcs of
chcmicaI comµounds; comµarc ¹ÞAÞA- 2 b : rcgardcd as
dcrivcd from (thc ortho acid) by Ioss of watcr (as of onc moI-
ccuIc of watcr from cach moIccuIc of acid) - in namcs of
inorganic acids _netaµhosµhoric acid;; comµarc oÞ1n- 3a,
ÞvÞ- 2a c : dcrivcd from by rcmovaI or Ioss of somc or aII of
thc containcd watcr - in namcs of mincraIs _netaautunitc;
metall- or metallo- conbininç /orn [L or Gk; L neta//un, fr.
Gk neta//on minc (Iatcr, mctaI)] 1 : mctaI _neta//urgy; _net-
a//ograµhy; 2 : containing a mctaI atom or ion in thc moIc-
cuIc _neta//ofIavoµrotcin;
metalli- conbininç /orn [L, fr. neta//un] : mctaI _neta//iform;
meteor- or meteoro- conbininç /orn [MF or Gk; MF, fr. Gk
neteõr- high in air (fr. neteõros), neteõro- astronomicaI µhc-
nomcnon, thing in thc hcavcn abovc, fr. neteõron] 1 : mctc-
or _neteoroid; 2 : wcathcr and cIimatc _neteorobioIogy;
-meter n conbininç /orn -s [F -nètre, fr. Gk netron mcasurc]
: instrumcnt or mcans for mcasuring _baroneter; _caIorine-
ter; _voItaneter;
meth- or metho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. nethy/] : mcthyI
_nethacryIic; _nethobromidc;
metr- or metro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk netr-, fr. netra] 1
: utcrus _netritis; _netrofibroma; _netrotomc; 2 : µith
_Metrosidcros; _MetroxyIon;
-metra n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk netra womb] : a (sµcc-
ificd) condition of thc utcrus _hcmatonetra; _hydronetra;
-metric or -metrical adi conbininç /orn [-netric fr. F -nétrique,
fr. nétrique mctricaI, fr. L netricus, -netrica/ fr. F -nétrique
+ E -a/] 1 : of, cmµIoying, or obtaincd by (such) a mctcr
_baronetric; _hcIionetric; 2 : of or rcIating to (such) an art,
µroccss, or scicncc of mcasuring _chrononetric; _gconetric;
-metrium n conbininç /orn, p/ -metria [NL, fr. netr- + -iun]
: µart or Iaycr of thc utcrus _cndonetriun; _myonetriun;
-metry n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -netrie, fr. MF, fr. L -netria,
fr. Gk, fr. netrein to mcasurc (fr. netron mcasurc) + -ia -y]
: art, µroccss, or scicncc of mcasuring (somcthing sµccificd)
_chrononetry; _hygronetry; _hyµcrnetry; _µhotonetry;
mi- or mio- a/so meio- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL neio-, fr.
Gk, fr. neiõn] 1 a : Icss _Mioccnc; : smaIIcr _Miohiµµus; b
: sIightIy _niconcavc; 2 : fcwcr _neioµhyIIy;
micr- or micro- conbininç /orn [ME nicro-, fr. L, fr. Gk nikr-,
nikro-, fr. nikros, snikros smaII, short; akin to OE sneaIïc
carcfuI, cxquisitc, OHG snãhi smaII, Iow, ON snãr smaII, and
µcrh. to OE snitan to smcar] 1 a : smaII : minutc : µctty
_nicrocyst; - oftcn uscd to contrast with nacr- b : cnIarg-
ing : magnifying or amµIifying - in namcs of instrumcnts
_nicroµhonc; _nicroscoµc; c - uscd for smaII or minutc
sizc, quantitics, intcnsitics, or variations _nicrobarograµh;
_nicrocaIorimctcr; _nicrograµh; d : minutcIy _nicroIcvcI;
2 : onc miIIionth µart of (a sµccificd unit) _nicrosccond; -
csµ. in tcrms uscd in thc mctric systcm _nicrogram; and in
cIcctricity _nicrofarad; _nicrohm; 3 : microscoµic: as a
: dcaIing with, cmµIoying, or uscd in microscoµy _nicroµaIc-
ontoIogy; _nicrotomc; b : rcvcaIcd by or having its struc-
turc disccrnibIc onIy by microscoµicaI cxamination _nicro-
fossiI; c : µrcµarcd for microscoµicaI cxamination _nicro-
scction; 4 : abnormaIIy smaII _nicrodactyIous; - chicfIy in
nouns dcnoting a condition of a sµccificd µart of thc body
_nicrognathia; 5 : of, invoIving, or for vcry smaII or minutc
quantitics of matcriaI : on a smaII or minutc scaIc of chcmi-
caI oµcration : microchcmicaI : microanaIyticaI _nicro-
baIancc; _nicrosubIimation; - comµarc srmrmrcÞo-,
LL1ÞAmrcÞo- 6 : of vcry finc grain : in namcs of rocks _nicro-
granitc; 7 : of or rcIating to a smaII arca _nicrocIimatc; _nicro-
cconomics; _nicrohabitat; 8 : microµhotograµhcd or micro-
fiImcd _nicrocoµy; : cmµIoycd in or rcIating to micro-
µhotograµhing or microfiIming _nicrorcadcr;
mer- micr- 33
milli- conbininç /orn [F ni//i-, fr. L ni//i-, ni/i- thousand, fr.
ni//e] : thousandth - csµ. in tcrms bcIonging to thc mctric
systcm _ni//iamµcrc; _ni//ibar; _ni//imctcr;
millimicro- conbininç /orn [ni//i- + nicr-] : ×A×o-
mim- or mimo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. ninos mimc]
: mimc : mimic _ninotyµc;
-mimus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L ninus mimc] : mimic
: imitator - in gcncric namcs of animaIs _Cctoninus;
mini- conbininç /orn [niniaturc] : smaIIcr or bricfcr than is
usuaI, normaI, or standard
¹mis- pre/ix [µartIy fr. ME, fr. OE; µartIy fr. ME nes-, nis-, fr.
OF nes-, of Gmc origin; akin to OE nis-, akin to OHG nissa-,
nissi- mis-, OS & ON nis-, Goth nissa- mis-, OE nissan to
miss] 1 a : in an incorrcct or imµroµcr manncr : badIy : mis-
takcnIy : wrongIy _nisadvisc; _niscIassify; _nis}udgc; _nis-
cookcd; _niscoµicd; b : unfavorabIy _nisdccm; c : in a
fcarfuI or susµicious manncr _nisdoubt; 2 : incorrcct
: imµroµcr : bad : mistakcn : wrong _nisdccd; _nisimµrcs-
sion; _nisrcIiancc; 3 a : oµµositc of _nisadvantagc; _nis-
thrift; b : Iack of _nisad}ustmcnt; _niscasc; 4 : not _nis-
constitutionaI; _nisconvcnicnt;
²mis- or miso- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. nisein to hatc & nisos
hatrcd] : hatrcd _nisogynic; _nisoncism; _nisosoµhy;
mit- or mito- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. nitos] 1 : thrcad
_nitoµIast; 2 : mitosis _nitocIastic; _nitodcµrcssivc; _nito-
-mixis n conbininç /orn, p/ -mixes [NL -nixis, fr. Gk, act of
mingIing, act of mixing, fr. nixis] : an intcrmingIing in rcµro-
duction _aµonixis; _cndonixis; _µscudonixis; _µarthcno-
nixis; - comµarc -cAmv
mixo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. nixis act of mingIing or mixing]
1 : mixcd _nixotroµhic; _nixochimacra; 2 : mixturc of iso-
mcrs of (a sµccificd comµound) _nixooctanc; - comµarc rs-
mnem- or mnemo- conbininç /orn [nnen-, NL, fr. Gk nnen-,
fr. nnene, nneno- µrob. fr. F nnéno-, fr. Gk nneno-, fr.
Gk nnene] : mcmory _nnenogcnic; _nnenotcchnicaI;
-mnesia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. annesia] : a (sµccificd)
tyµc or condition of mcmory _cryµtonnesia; _µannnesia;
-mo n su//ix -s [duodccino] - aftcr numcraIs or thcir namcs
to indicatc thc numbcr of Icavcs madc by foIding a shcct of
µaµcr _sixtccnno; _16no; _cightccnno; _18no;
-mobile n conbininç /orn -s [autonobi/e] : vchicIc _cIub-
nobi/e; _booknobi/e; _bIoodnobi/e;
mogi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. noçis barcIy, with cffort;
akin to Gk noços cxcrtion, Iabor, Latvian snaçs burdcnsomc]
: with difficuIty _noçiµhonia;
moldo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [no/davian] : MoIdavian and
molybd- or molybdo- conbininç /orn [L no/ybd-, fr. Gk
no/ybd-, no/ybdo-, fr. no/ybdos] 1 : Icad _no/ybdoµhyIIitc;
2 [NL no/ybdena & no/ybdenun] : moIybdcnum : moIybdous
_no/ybdoµhosµhatc; _no/ybdocyanidc;
mon- or mono- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF & L; MF, fr. OF,
fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. nonos aIonc, singIc] 1 a : consisting of or hav-
ing onIy onc : singIc _nonarch; _nonoµIanc; b : by or from
onc onIy _nonogcnic; _nonodrama; c : rcstrictcd to onIy
onc _nonogamy; _nonoIoguc; d : onIy onc at a timc _nono-
tocous; e : aIonc _nonoµhobia; 2 a : containing onc atom,
radicaI, or grouµ (of a sµccificd kind) _nonoxidc;
_nonocthcr; _nonobromidc; - usu. omittcd in namcs of
sµccific comµounds as bcing undcrstood _nonobromoacc-
tonc or bromoacctonc; b : monomoIccuIar _nonofiIm;
_nonoIaycr; 3 a : affccting a singIc µart _nonoµIcgia; b
: duc to a singIc causc _nonobaciIIary; c : monomcric
monadi- conbininç /orn [nonad] : monad _nonadiform;
-monas n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. LL nonas] : unit : simµIc
organism of a (sµccificd) kind - in gcncric namcs
_ChIamydononas; _CcIIuIononas; _Lcµtononas;
mongolo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Monço/] : MongoIian and
_Monço/o-Manchurian; _Monço/o-Tatar; _Monço/o-Turkic;
morph- or morpho- conbininç /orn [G norpho- form, fr. Gk
norph-, norpho-, fr. norphe] : form : shaµc : structurc : tyµc
_norphic; _norphodiffcrcntiation;
morph- or morpho- conbininç /orn : form and _norphofunc-
-morph n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. -norphous] : onc having
(such) a form _isonorph;
-morpha n conbininç /orn, p/ -morpha [NL, fr. fcm. sing. &
ncut. µI. of -norphus -morµhous, fr. Gk -norphos] : onc or
oncs having (such) a form _Entcronorpha; - csµ. in namcs
of zooIogicaI taxa Iargcr than a gcnus _Cynonorpha;
-morphae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. fcm. µI. of -norphus
-morµhous] : oncs having (such) a form - in namcs of zoo-
IogicaI taxa, csµ. of birds, Iargcr than a gcnus
-morphi n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. µI. of -norphus -mor-
µhous] : oncs having (such) a form - in namcs of fish taxa
Iargcr than a gcnus _HaIcconorphi;
-morphic adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. F -norphique, fr. Gk
norphe form + F -ique -ic] : having (such) a form
-morphism n conbininç /orn -s [LL -norphus -morµhous (fr.
Gk -norphos) + E -isn - morc at -moÞÞnoLs] 1 : quaIity or
statc of having (such) a form _hctcronorphisn; _isonor-
phisn; 2 : conccµtuaIization in (such) a form _µhysiconor-
-morphosis n conbininç /orn, p/ -morphoses [L, fr. Gk
-norphõsis, fr. norphõsis] 1 : dcvcIoµmcnt or changc of form
of a (sµccificd) thing _cytonorphosis; 2 : dcvcIoµmcnt or
changc of form in a (sµccificd) manncr _hctcronorphosis;
-morphous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -norphos, fr. norphe form]
: having (such) a form _isonorphous;
-morphy n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV -norph + -y] : quaIity or
statc of having (such) a form _hctcronorphy; _isonorphy;
-most adi su//ix [ME -nast, -nost, aItcr. (infIucnccd by nast,
nost most) of -nest (as in /ornest forcmost)] : most _inncr-
nost; : most toward _hcadnost;
moto- conbininç /orn [notion & notor] : motion : motor
_notofacicnt; _notoncuron;
muc- or muci- or muco- conbininç /orn [L nuc-, fr. nucus
nasaI mucus] 1 : mucus : mucous _nucific; _nucoccIc;
_nucoid; 2 : mucous and _nucoµuruIcnt;
mucoso- conbininç /orn [L nucosus mucous] : mucous and
_nucosoµuruIcnt; _nucososaccharinc;
multi- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF or L; MF, fr. L, fr. nu/tus
much, many] 1 a : many : muItiµIc : much _nu/ticouµIcr;
_nu/tidimcnsionaI; _nu/tiµcrforatcd; b : consisting of, con-
taining, or having morc than two _nu/ticusµid; _nu/tiIcvcI;
c : consisting of, containing, or having morc than onc _nu/ti-
famiIy; 2 : many timcs ovcr _nu/timiIIionairc; : in many
rcsµccts _nu/tisµcciaIist; 3 : affccting many µarts _nu/tigIan-
musc- or musci- a/so musco- conbininç /orn [L nusc-, fr. nus-
cus] : moss _Muscitcs; _nuscoid; _nuscicoIous; _nuscoIogy;
musci- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L nusca] : fIy _Muscicaµidac;
muscul- or musculo- conbininç /orn [LL nuscu/-, fr. L nuscu-
/us] 1 : muscIc _nuscu/ar; _nuscu/in; _nuscu/osµiraI; 2 usu
nuscu/o- : muscuIar and _nuscu/ocµithcIiaI; _nuscu/ofi-
museo- conbininç /orn [nuseun] : muscum _nuseoIogy;
musico- conbininç /orn [nusic] 1 : music _nusicograµhy;
_nusicothcraµy; 2 : musicaI and _nusicodramatic; _nusico-
my- or myo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. nys] 1 : mousc
_nyomorµha; 2 a : muscIc _nyoIogy; : muscIc and _nyoc-
Iastic; b : myoma and - with words cnding in -ona _nyofi-
-mya n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nys mousc, muscIc]
: crcaturcs having such, so many, or so arrangcd muscuIaturc
- in highcr taxa of moIIusks _Dinya; _Hctcronya;
-myaria n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ny- + -aria] : -mvA
milli- -myaria 34
myc- or myco- conbininç /orn [NL, irrcg. fr. Gk nykes fungus,
mushroom; akin to Gk nyxa Iamµwick, nasaI mucus] : fun-
gus _nyccIium; _nycobiota; _nycogcnctic; _nycoIogy;
_nycosis;; speci/ : mushroom _nycoµhiIc;
-myces n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nykes] : fungus
_Actinonyces; _Phyconyces;
mycet- or myceto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk nyket-, nykes
- morc at mvc-] : fungus _nycetocoIous; _nycetogcnctic;
_nycetoma; _Mycetozoa;
-mycete n conbininç /orn -s [NL -nycetes] : fungus
-mycetes n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nyketes, µI. of
nyket-, nykes fungus, mushroom - morc at mvc-] : fungi -
chicfIy in namcs of cIasscs and subcIasscs _Asconycetes;
-mycin n conbininç /orn -s [ISV nyc- + -in] : substancc
obtaincd from a fungus _carbonycin; _crythronycin;
myel- or myelo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. nye/os, fr. nys
mousc, muscIc] : marrow _nye/in; _nye/ocytc;: as a : bonc
marrow _nye/ogcnous; b : sµinaI cord _nye/cnccµhaIon;
-myelia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. nye/- + -ia] : a (sµccificd)
condition of thc sµinaI cord _hcmatonye/ia;
myelino- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ISV nye/in] : mycIin _nye/in-
ocIasis; _nye/inocIastic; _nye/inogcncsis; _nye/inogcnctic;
myi- or myio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. nyia] : fIy
-myia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk nyia] : fIy _anthonyia;
myl- or mylo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, miII, moIar, fr. ny/e]
: moIar _ny/ohyoid;
myom- or myomo- conbininç /orn [NL nyona] : myoma
_nyoncctomy; _nyonohystcrcctomy; _nyonotomy;
myri- or myrio- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. nyrios] : indcfinitcIy
numcrous : countIcss _nyrioµhyIIous; _MyrioµhyIIum;
myria- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk nyrios] 1 : tcn thousand
_nyriacouIomb; - csµ. in tcrms bcIonging to thc mctric sys-
tcm _nyriagram; _nyriaIitcr; 2 : indcfinitcIy numcrous
: mvÞr- _Myriaµoda;
myring- or myringo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. nyrinça]
: myringa _nyrinçodcrmatitis; _nyrinçoscoµc; _nyrinçoto-
myrmec- or myrmeco- conbininç /orn [Gk nyrnek-,
nyrneko-, fr. nyrnek-, nyrnex] : ant _Myrnecia;
_Myrnecoµhytc; _nyrnecoIogy; _nyrnecoµhobic;
-mys n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nys] : mousc : mouscIikc
crcaturc - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Cynonys;
mystico- conbininç /orn [nystic] : mysticaI and _nysticoaIIc-
mythico- conbininç /orn [nythica/] : mythicaI and _nythico-
historicaI; _nythicoromantic;
myx- or myxo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. nyxa Iamµwick,
nasaI sIimc] 1 : mucus : sIimc _nyxadcnitis; _nyxocytc;
_nyxoma; _Myxomycctcs; 2 : myxoma _nyxofibroma;
-myxa n conbininç /orn, p/ -myxa [NL, fr. Gk nyxa Iamµwick,
nasaI sIimc] : onc or oncs consisting of or rcscmbIing sIimc -
in taxonomic namcs csµ. in µrotozooIogy _ChIamydonyxa;
-myza or -myzon n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nyrein, nyran
to suck; akin to Gk nydan to bc damµ] : onc that sucks or
fccds by suction - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Pctronyron;
myzo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nyran, nyrein to suck]
: sucking : suckcr _nyrodcndron; _Myrorhynchus;
nan- or nano- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L nanus dwarf, fr. Gk
nanos, nannos, µrob. akin to Gk nanna, nenna fcmaIc rcIa-
tivc, aunt] : dwarf _nanoccµhaIy; _nanoid; _nanosomia;
nann- or nanno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nann-, fr. nannos,
nanos - morc at ×A×-] : dwarf _Nanniµµus; _nannoccµhaIy;
nano- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L nanus dwarf - morc at ×A×-]
: onc biIIionth (10

°) µart of _nanosccond;
naphth- or naphtho- a/so naphtha- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr.
naphtha & naphtha/ine] 1 : naµhtha _naphthcnc; _naphthyI;
2 a : rcIatcd to naµhthaIcnc : naµhthoic acid _naphtho-
quinonc; _naphthamidc; b : naµhthoI _naphthoxidc;
narc- or narco- conbininç /orn [ME nark-, fr. MF narc-, fr.
ML, fr. Gk nark-, fr. narkoun to bcnumb] 1 : numbncss : stu-
µor _narcohyµnia; 2 : narcosis : narcotic _narcoma; _narco-
hyµnosis; _narcoancsthcsia; : narcotic and _narcostimuIant;
3 : dccµ sIccµ _narcoIcµsy; 4 : cIcctric ray _Narcacion;
_Narcobatus; 5 : aidcd by drugs _narcodiagnosis; _narco-
hyµnosis; 6 : of or rcIating to iIIcgaI narcotics _narcotraf-
nas- or naso- a/so nasi- conbininç /orn [L nasus nosc] 1 : nosc
: nasaI _nasicorn; _nasitis; _nasoIogy; _nasoscoµc; _nasosi-
nusitis; 2 : nasaI and _nascthmoid; _nasoµaIatinc; _naso-
-nasty n conbininç /orn -rs [G -nastie, fr. Gk nastos cIosc-
µrcsscd, firm + G -ie -y] : nastic movcmcnt of a µIant µart in
a (sµccificd) dircction, of a (sµccificd) kind, or rcsuIting from
a (sµccificd) cIass of stimuIus _cµinasty; _nyctinasty; _thcr-
natr- or natro- conbininç /orn [G, fr. natron, fr. F] 1 : natron
2 : sodium _natrium; _natroIitc; _natroµhiIitc;
ne- or neo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. neos ncw] 1 a : ncw : rcccnt
_neoIogism; _neoµhytc; b : a ncw and diffcrcnt µcriod or
form of somcthing (as a faith, schooI, or Ianguagc) - oftcn
}oincd to thc sccond cIcmcnt with a hyµhcn _Neo-Latin;
_neo-ChiµµcndaIc; _Neo-Darwinism; _Neo-µIatonism; c : of
rcccnt forms - oµµoscd to pa/e- _neobotanist; _neobotany;
_neontoIogy; d : ncozoic - oµµoscd to pa/e- _Neocrinoidca;
_NeoIithic; e : imitation : µscudo f : thc Ncw WorId
_Nearctic; _NeotroµicaI; g : an immaturc form _neofctus; h
: a morc rcccntIy dcvcIoµcd µart (as of a µIant or animaI)
_neomorµh; i : an abnormaI ncw formation _neoµIasm; 2 a
: thc onc among scvcraI isomcric hydrocarbons that has bccn
rcccntIy cIassificd and contains at Icast onc carbon atom con-
ncctcd dircctIy with four othcr carbon atoms _neohcxanc; -
comµarc rs- b : a ncw chcmicaI comµound isomcric with or oth-
crwisc rcIatcd to thc onc to whosc namc it is µrcfixcd _neoar-
sµhcnaminc; 3 : thc Iatcst subdivision of a division of gcoIogic
timc _NeoµaIcozoic; - distinguishcd from nes- and eo-
necr- or necro- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk nekr-, nekro-, fr.
nekros dcad body, dcad µcrson] 1 a : thosc that arc dcad : thc
dcad : corµscs _necroµhiIism; b : onc that is dcad : corµsc
_necroµsy; 2 : dcath _necrobiosis; : convcrsion to dcad tis-
suc : atroµhy _necrosis; 3 : cxtinct : fossiI _necrotyµc;
nect- or necto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nektos, fr. nechein
to swim - morc at ×rso-] : swimming : for swimming _nec-
-nectae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nektai, µI. of nektes
swimmcr, fr. nechein to swim] : oncs that swim in a (sµccificd)
way - taxonomic namcs in zooIogy _Cystonectae;
-nectes n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nektes swimmcr, fr.
nechein to swim - morc at ×rso-] : onc that swims in a
(sµccificd) way - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Chironectes;
nem- or nema- or nemo- conbininç /orn [Gk & NL; NL nen-,
neno-, fr. Gk nena] 1 : thrcad _nenathccium; _Nenichthys;
_Nenoccra; 2 : ncmatodc _nenacidc; _nenic;
-nema n conbininç /orn, p/ -nemata or -nemas [NL, fr. Gk
nena thrcad] : onc having, bcing, or rcscmbIing (such) a
thrcad _chromonena; - csµ. in gcncric namcs in botany and
zooIogy _HyaIonena; _Scytonena;
nemat- or nemato- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nenat-, fr.
nenat-, nena thrcad] 1 : thrcad _nenatic; _Nenatosµora; 2
: ncmatodc _nenatocidc;
-neme n conbininç /orn -s [NL -nena] : thrcad _axonene;
nephel- or nephelo- conbininç /orn [F néphé/-, fr. Gk nephe/-,
nephe/o-, fr. nephe/e] 1 : cIoud _nephe/ognosy; 2 : cIoudincss
myc- nephel- 35
nepho- conbininç /orn[ISV, fr. Gk, fr. nephos] : cIoud _nephoI-
nephr- or nephro- conbininç /orn [LL nephr- & NL nephro-, fr.
Gk nephr-, nephro-, fr. nephros] 1 : kidncy _nephric; _ne-
phroIogy; 2 : ncµhric and _nephroabdominaI; _nephrogas-
-nephros a/so -nephron n conbininç /orn, p/ -nephroi a/so
-nephra [NL, fr. Gk nephros] : kidncy _µronephros;
nerv- or nervi- or nervo- conbininç /orn [ME nerv-, fr. L, fr.
nervus sincw, ncrvc] 1 : ncrvc _nervatc; _nerviduct; 2 : ncrv-
ous and _nervomuscuIar;
neso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk neso-, fr. nesos, akin to Gk
nechein, nechesthai to swim, L nare] : isIand _Nesogacan;
-ness n su//ix -rs [ME -nes, -ness, -nesse, fr. OE -nes, -ness, -nyss,
-nys, akin to OS -nissi, -nussi -ncss, MD -nisse, -nesse, OHG
-nissa, -nassi, -nussi, Goth -inassus (-n-, -in- bcing orig. µart of
thc stcm)] : statc : condition : quaIity : dcgrcc _goodness;
_grcatness; _sickness;
neur- or neuro- conbininç /orn [neur- fr. Gk, ncrvc, sincw, fr.
neuron, neuro- fr. NL, fr. Gk, ncrvc, sincw, fr. neuron] 1
: ncuraI tissuc : ncrvc _neuroanatomy; _neurosarcoma; _neu-
rotroµhy; 2 : ncuraI _neurcctodcrm; _neurocytc; _neuroma-
Iacia; _Neuroµtcra; 3 : ncuraI and _neurocardiac; _neu-
roµsychic; _neurovascuIar;
-neura n conbininç /orn, p/ -neura [NL, fr. Gk neuron ncrvc]
: onc or oncs having (such) ncrvcs or vcins - in taxonomic
namcs _Dasyneura; _Strcµtoneura;
neutro- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L neutr-, neuter of ncutcr gcn-
dcr] 1 : ncutraI _neutroµhiIc; _neutroccµtor; 2 : ncutroµhiI
niceno- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Nicene] : Niccnc and
nicotin- or nicotino- conbininç /orn [nicotin- fr. nicotine,
nicotino- fr. nicotine + -o-] 1 : nicotinc : tobacco _nicotinism;
_nicotinoµhobc; 2 [nicotin- ISV, fr. nicotinic, nicotino- ISV
nicotin ic + -o-] : nicotinic acid _nicotinamidc; _nicotinoni-
-nik n su//ix -s [Yiddish, fr. PoI & Lkrainian] : onc conncctcd
with or charactcrizcd by bcing _µcaccnik; _ncatnik;
nimbo- conbininç /orn [NL ninbus] : nimbus and _ninbostra-
nitr- or nitro- conbininç /orn [L & Gk; L nitrun natron, fr. Gk
nitron] 1 : nitratc _nitrobactcria; _nitrogcn; 2 : containing
nitrogcn in combincd form csµ. whcn dcrivcd from an acid
(as nitric acid) _nitramidc; _nitrohydrochIoric acid;
noci- conbininç /orn [L nocere to hurt, harm + E -i-] : µain
noct- or nocti- or nocto- conbininç /orn [noct- fr. NL, fr. L
noct-, nox, nocti- fr. L, fr. noct-, nox, nocto- fr. noct- + -o-]
: night : during thc night _noctambuIation; _noctifIorous;
nomo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. nonos] : usagc : Iaw _nonoIo-
-nomy n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -nonie, fr. OF, fr. L -nonia,
fr. Gk, fr. -nonos distributing, arranging + -ia -y; akin to Gk
nenein to distributc, managc] : systcm of Iaws govcrning or
sum of knowIcdgc rcgarding a (sµccificd) ficId _astronony;
¹non- pre/ix [ME, fr. MF, fr. L non not, fr. OL noenun, fr. ne-
not + oinon, ncut. of oinos onc] : not : rcvcrsc of : abscncc of
_nonacadcmic; _nonconformity; _nonbrcakabIc; _nonµro-
ductivc; _nonintcrvcntion; _non-Arabic; _non-Mormon;
_nonrush hours;
²non- or nona- conbininç /orn [L non-, fr. nonus ninth] : ninth
: ninc _nonagon; _nonanc;
noo- conbininç /orn [LGk noo-, fr. Gk noos, nous] : mind
nor- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. norna/] 1 : µarcnt comµound
from which (a sµccificd comµound) may bc rcgardcd as
dcrivcd (as by rcmovaI of sidc chains from a ring systcm) -
csµ. in namcs of tcrµcncs _norbornanc; 2 : comµound of nor-
maI structurc isomcric with thc onc to thc namc of which it
is µrcfixcd _norIcucinc; 3 : homoIoguc Iowcr by onc mcthyI-
cnc grouµ - csµ. in namcs of stcroids and aIkaIoids _nor-
choIanc; _nornicotinc;
norm- or normo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. norna/] : normaI
_norncrgy; _nornobIast; _nornotcnsion;
nos- or noso- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. LL noso-, fr. Gk nos-,
noso-, fr. nosos] : discasc _nosctioIogy; _nosogcograµhy;
¹not- or noto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nõt-, nõto-, fr. nõtos,
nõton back] : back : back µart _notochord; _notaIgia;
²not- or noto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk notos south wind,
south, southwcst; akin to Gk noteros damµ] : south : southcrn
_NotaIian; _Notothcrium;
-not adv conbininç /orn [not] : not _cannot;
noth- or notho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk noth-, notho-, fr.
nothos bastard, sµurious, born of uncquaI µarcnts] : bastard
: sµurious : hybrid _Notharctus; _Nothosaurus;
-notus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk nõtos, nõton back] : onc
having a (sµccificd) kind of back - in gcncric namcs of ani-
maIs _Camµonotus; _Pycnonotus;
nov- or novo- conbininç /orn [L novus ncw] : ncw
-n't or -nt adv conbininç /orn [by contr.] : not _isn't; _nccdn't;
nucle- or nucleo- a/so nuclei- conbininç /orn [F nuc/é-, nuc/éo-,
nuc/éi-, fr. NL nuc/eus] 1 : nucIcus : nucIcar _nuc/eofugaI;
_nuc/eon; _nuc/eiform; _nuc/eogony; 2 : nucIcic acid
nucleol- or nucleolo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL nuc/eo/us]
: nucIcoIus _nuc/eo/occntrosomc; _nuc/eo/oid;
nudi- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L nudus nakcd] : nakcd : barc
_Nudibranchia; _nudiµcd;
nulli- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L nu//us] : no : nonc : nuII _nu/-
/ifidian; _nu//iform; _nu//iµarous;
nyct- or nycti- or nycto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk nykt-,
nykti-, nykto-, fr. nykt-, nyx night] : night _Nyctanthcs; _nyc-
titroµic; _nyctoµhobia;
-nycteris n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Nycteris] : bat - in gcncr-
ic namcs
nymph- or nympho- a/so nymphi- conbininç /orn [F nynph-,
fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. nynphe] 1 : nymµh _nynphoIcµsy; 2
: nymµhac _nynphotomy; _nynphitis; 3 : nymµhaca
_nynphoidcs; 4 : nymµha _nynphosis;
-nyxis n conbininç /orn, p/ -nyxes [NL, fr. Gk nyxis act of
µricking, of stabbing; akin to Gk nyssein, nyttein to µrick,
sting] : µuncturc _µyronyxis; _scIcronyxis;
o- or oo- conbininç /orn [Gk õi-, õio-, fr. õion cgg] : cgg _oidi-
um; _ooIogy;; speci/ : ovum _oogcncsis; _oogonium;
¹-o n su//ix -s [µcrh. fr. oh] : onc that is or that constitutcs or
that has thc quaIitics of or that is in somc way associatcd with
_boyo; _bucko; - chicfIy in informaI or nonstandard
sµccch; oftcn in µIacc of thc missing cIcmcnt in a shortcncd
word _comµo; _combo;; in writing somctimcs attachcd to its
basc by a hyµhcn _daddy-o; or somctimcs attachcd to thc
rcduµIicatcd finaI consonant of its basc _kiddo;
²-o interi su//ix [µrob. fr. oh] - in intcr}cctions formcd from
othcr µarts of sµccch _chccrio; _righto;, csµ. imitativc words
_smacko; _bango;
-oate n su//ix -s [-o ic + -ate] : saIt or cstcr of a carboxyIic acid
with a namc cnding in -oic _caµroate; _octanoate;
ob- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L, to, toward, against, ovcr, com-
µIctcIy, fr. ob to, bcforc, against, on account of - morc at
rÞr-] 1 : inward _obimbricatc; 2 : incomµIctcIy _obrotund;
_obround; 3 : in rcvcrsc ordcr _obdiµIostcmonous; 4
: invcrsc _obovatc; _obconic; _obcordatc;
obtusi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L obtusus, µast µart.] : obtusc-
Iy _obtusirostratc; _obtusifoIious;
occipit- or occipito- conbininç /orn [ML occipit- & NL occipi-
to-, fr. L occipit-, occiput] 1 : occiµut _occipitad; 2 : occiµitaI
and _occipitonasaI;
occlus- or occluso- conbininç /orn[µrob. fr. (assumcd) NL occ/us-,
fr. L occ/usus, µast µart. of occ/udere to occIudc] 1 : occIusion
_occ/usaI; _occ/usomctcr; 2 : occIusaI and _occ/usogingivaI;
nepho- occlus- 36
-ock n su//ix -s [ME -oc, -ok, fr. OE -uc, -oc] : smaII onc _bit-
tock; _Iassock;
octa- or octo- a/so oct- conbininç /orn [Gk okta-, oktõ-, okt- (fr.
oktõ) & L octo-, oct- (fr. octo)] 1 : cight _Octacncmus;
_octamcrous; _octoµIoid; _octosc; 2 : containing cight
atoms, grouµs, or cquivaIcnts _octaacctatc;
ocul- or oculo- conbininç /orn [L ocu/-, fr. ocu/us] 1 : cyc _ocu-
/omotor; 2 : ocuIar and _ocu/auditory; _ocu/ofaciaI;
¹-ode n conbininç /orn -s [F, fr. Gk -õdes, µrob. fr. thc stcm of
orein to smcII] : thing that rcscmbIcs _µIacode;
²-ode n conbininç /orn -s [Gk -odos, fr. hodos] 1 : way : µath
: road _cIcctrode; 2 : cIcctrodc _diode;
-odea n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -õdes -odc] : animaIs
bcIonging to or rcscmbIing - in namcs of highcr taxa (as
ordcrs, subordcrs) _BIattodea; _Embiodea;
-odes n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -õdes -odc] : animaI or
µIant rcscmbIing - in gcncric namcs _Goniodes;
-odon n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk odõn tooth] : animaI
having tccth of a (sµccificd) kind - chicfIy in thc namcs of
gcncra in zooIogy _Iguanodon; _mastodon;
odont- or odonto- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. odont-, odõn]
: tooth _odontitis; _odontocctc; _odontogcny; _odontoIogy;
-odont adi conbininç /orn [Gk odont-, odõn tooth] : having or
bcing tccth of a (sµccificd) naturc _hctcrodont; _Ioµhodont;
-odonta n conbininç /orn, p/ -odonta [NL, fr. Gk odont-, odõn
tooth] : animaI or animaIs having tccth of a (sµccificd) naturc
- in namcs of zooIogicaI taxa _Bunodonta; _Crcodonta;
_Hctcrodonta; _Labyrinthodonta;
-odontes n conbininç /orn, p/ -odontes [NL, fr. Gk odontes, µI.
of odõn tooth] : animaI or animaIs having tccth of a (sµcci-
ficd) naturc - in namcs of zooIogicaI taxa _Gymnodontes;
¹-odontia n conbininç /orn, p/ -odontia [NL, fr. Gk odont-,
odõn tooth] : animaI or animaIs having tccth of a (sµccificd)
naturc - in taxonomic namcs in zooIogy _Anomodontia;
_AµIodontia; _Dicynodontia;
²-odontia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. odont- + -ia] : form, con-
dition, or modc of trcatmcnt of thc tccth _macrodontia;
_saµrodontia; _orthodontia; - comµarc -ooo×1
-odonty n conbininç /orn -rs [odont- + -y] : condition of hav-
ing a (sµccificd) tyµc of tooth formation - chicfIy in tcrms
cmµIoycd in anthroµomctry _scIcnodonty;
-odus n conbininç /orn [NL, -odont-, -odus, fr. Gk odont-,
odous tooth] : animaI having tccth of a (sµccificd) kind - in
gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Gyrodus;
-ody n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -õdia, fr. -õdes -odc + -ia -y]
: µroccss of bccoming Iikc : mctamorµhosis into (somcthing
sµccificd) - chicfIy in botanicaI tcrms _scµaIody;
-odynia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, statc of µain, fr. odyne
µain + -ia -y] : µain _crymodynia; _ncurodynia; _omodynia;
- -odynic adi conbininç /orn
-oecia n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk oikia buiIding, housc,
dwcIIing, fr. oikos housc + -ia -y] : µIants of a (sµccificd) tyµc
- in namcs of botanicaI taxa _Monoecia; _Dioecia;
oen- or oeno- a/so en- or eno- conbininç /orn [L oen-, oeno-, fr.
Gk oin-, oino-, fr. oinos] : winc _oenin; _oenoIogy; _oenoµo-
-oholic n conbininç /orn -s : -AnoLrc
-oic adi su//ix [-o- + -ic] : containing carboxyI or a dcrivativc of
it - in namcs of acids and rcIatcd comµounds _caµroic;
_hcxoic; _naµhthoic;; esp : containing carboxyI in µIacc of
mcthyI _hcxanoicacid;
¹-oid n su//ix -s [L -oïdes, fr. -oïdes, ad}. suffix] : somcthing
rcscmbIing a (sµccificd) ob}cct or having a (sµccificd) quaIity
_cyIindroid; _gIoboid; _hyµcrboIoid;
²-oid adi su//ix [MF -oïde & L -oïdes, fr. Gk -oeides, fr. -o- +
-eides, fr. eidos form, shaµc, kind] : rcscmbIing : having thc
form or aµµcarancc of _asbcstoid; _Caucasoid; _crystaIIoid;
_granitoid; _intcIIcctuaIoid;
-oidal adi su//ix [¹-oid + -a/] : -oro _asbcstoida/;
-oidea or -oida or -oidei n p/ su//ix [-oidea, NL, fr. L -oïdes -oid
+ -ea, ncut. µI. of -eus -cous; -oida, NL, fr. L -oïdes, -oidei, NL,
fr. L -oïdes + -ei, masc. µI. of -eus -cous] : animaIs charactcr-
izcd by or of thc naturc of - in namcs of highcr taxa in zooI-
ogy _Echinoidea; _Hydroida; _Ganoidei;
-oin n su//ix -s [ISV -o- + -in] : acyIoin _acctoin;
¹-ol n su//ix -s [ISV, fr. a/coho/] : chcmicaI comµound contain-
ing hydroxyI _hydro/; - csµ. in namcs of aIcohoIs and µhc-
noIs _gIyccro/; _mcthano/; _crcso/;
²-ol a/so -ole n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. L o/eun oiI] : hydro-
carbon of thc bcnzcnc scrics csµ. in a commcrciaI mixturc
containing homoIogous hydrocarbons _xyIo/; - not uscd
systcmaticaIIy; comµarc -r×r
ole- or oleo- a/so olei- conbininç /orn [F o/é-, o/éo-, fr. L o/e-,
fr. o/eun] 1 : oiI _o/eifcrous; _o/ein; _o/eograµh; _o/eocyst;
2 a oIcin _o/eo-di-stcarin; b : oIcic acid _o/eoyI;
¹-ole a/so -ol n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. L o/eun oiI] 1
: chcmicaI comµound containing a fivc-mcmbcrcd ring usu.
hctcrocycIic _imidazo/e; _µyrro/e; 2 usu -o/e : chcmicaI com-
µound not containing hydroxyI - csµ. in namcs of scvcraI
cthcrs _aniso/e; _µhcncto/e;
²-ole n su//ix -s [F, fr. L -o/us, -o/un, -o/a, dim. suffix] : IittIc
onc _vcnio/e;
-olic adi su//ix [ISV -o/ + -ic] 1 : containing a triµIc bond - in
namcs of acids _µroµio/ic acid; 2 : containing hydroxyI and
carboxyI - in namcs of hydroxy acids _oIcano/icacid;
olig- or oligo- conbininç /orn [ML, fr. Gk, fr. o/iços, akin to
Gk /oiços ruin, havoc, OIr /iach miscrabIc, unhaµµy, Lith /iça
sickncss, Arm a/kat µoor, scant, and µcrh. to Gk /iaresthai to
bcnd, rccoiI, sink] 1 : fcw _O/içochacta; _o/içogcnc;
_o/içomyodian; : fcw things _o/içoµhagous; 2 ned : dcfi-
cicncy : insufficicncy _o/içochromcmia; _o/içuria; 3 : IittIc
: smaII _o/içoIccithaI;
om- or omo- conbininç /orn [MF ono-, fr. Gk õn-, õno-, fr.
õnos] 1 : shouIdcr _onarthritis; 2 : of or rcIating to thc
shouIdcr and _onohyoid;
-oma n su//ix, p/ -omas or -omata [L -onat-, -ona, fr. Gk
-õnat-, -õna] 1 : tumor of a (sµccificd) kind _adcnona;
_mcIanona; _hygrona; or consisting µrcdominantIy of a
(sµccificd) kind of ccII or tissuc _fibrona; _myona; _mycIo-
cytona; or occurring in a (sµccificd) organ _ncµhrona; 2
: -omr
ombro- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. onbros] : rain _onbroIogy;
-ome n su//ix -s [NL -onat-, -ona, fr. L -onat-, -ona -oma]
: abstract cntity : grouµ : mass : stcm _cauIone; _mcstone;
oment- or omento- conbininç /orn [onentun] : omcntum
_onentitis; _onentoµcxy;
-omma n conbininç /orn [NL -onnat-, -onna, fr. Gk onnat-,
onna cyc; akin to Gk õps cyc] : onc having (such) an cyc or
(such or so many) cycs - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy
omn- or omni- conbininç /orn [ME onni-, fr. MF, fr. L, fr.
onnis aII] : aII : univcrsaI : univcrsaIIy : without rcstriction
_onnimctcr; _onniµrcscnt; _onnist;
omphal- or omphalo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. onpha/os] 1
: umbiIicus _onpha/oid; _onpha/oskcµsis; 2 : umbiIicaI and
¹-on n su//ix -s [ISV, aItcr. of -one] : chcmicaI comµound not a
kctonc or othcr oxo comµound _ncrvon; - somctimcs dis-
tinguishcd from -one
²-on n su//ix -s [fr. -on (in anion, cation, & ion)] 1 : cIcmcntary
µarticIc _nucIcon; 2 a : unit : quantum _magncton; _µho-
ton; b : basic hcrcditary comµoncnt _cistron; _oµcron;
³-on n su//ix -s [NL, fr. Gk, ncut. of -os (nom. sing. masc. cnd-
ing of many ad}cctivcs)] : incrt gas _radon;
onc- or onco- a/so onch- or oncho- or onci- conbininç /orn [NL,
fr. Gk onkos barbcd hook] 1 : barb : hook _Oncorhynchus;
_Oncidium; _onchium; _Onchoccrca; 2 : barbcd _OncicoIa;
onco- or oncho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk onkos buIk, mass;
akin to Gk enenkein to carry] 1 : tumor _oncoIogy; 2 : buIk
: mass _onchosµhcrc; _oncomctcr;
-one n su//ix -s [ISV, fr. Gk -õne (fcm. µatronymic suffix)] 1
: kctonc or oxo comµound not a truc kctonc - in namcs of
-ock -one 37
sµccific organic comµounds _acctone; _µcntanone; _5-µyra-
zoIone; 2 : chcmicaI comµound containing oxygcn csµ. in a
carbonyI or anaIogous grouµ (as suIfonyI) - in namcs of
cIasscs of comµounds _kctone; _Iactone; _suIfone; 3 : ¹-o×
oneir- or oneiro- a/so onir- or oniro- conbininç /orn [Gk oneir-,
oneiro-, fr. oneiros, oneiron, akin to Arm anurí drcam] : drcam
-onic adi su//ix [ISV, fr. -onic (in ç/uconic acid)] : containing
carboxyI csµ. whcn formcd by oxidizing thc aIdchydc grouµ
of an aIdosc sugar _aIdonicacid; _hcxonicacid; _Iactonic;
-onium n su//ix -s [ISV, fr. NL annoniun] : an ion having a
µositivc chargc - in namcs of comµIcx cations containing
hydrogcn or onc or morc organic radicaIs coordinatcd to a
ccntraI atom _oxoniun; _µhosµhoniun; _suIfoniun;; com-
µarc -rLm 1b
onomato- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. ononat-, onona]
: namc : word _ononatomania;
ont- or onto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. LGk onto-, fr. Gk ont-,
õn, µrcs. µart. of einai to bc] 1 : bcing : cxistcncc _ontic; 2
: individuaI Iiving thing : Iiving organism _ontogcny;
-ont n conbininç /orn -s [Gk ont-, õn, µrcs. µart. of einai to bc]
: ccII : organism _gamont;
onych- or onycho- conbininç /orn [L onych-, fr. Gk onych-,
onycho-, fr. onych-, onyx] : naiI of thc fingcr or toc _ony-
chauxis; : cIaw _Onychoµhora;
-onychia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. onych- + -ia] : condition
of thc naiIs of thc fingcrs or tocs _Icukonychia;
-onychium n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk onychion IittIc cIaw]
: fingcrnaiI : tocnaiI : rcgion of thc fingcrnaiI or tocnaiI
_cµonychiun; _hyµonychiun;
-onym n conbininç /orn -s [ME -onyne, fr. L -onynun, fr. Gk
-õnynon, fr. ncut. of -õnynos, ad}. comb. form (as in
honõnynos having thc samc namc)] : namc : word _aIIonyn;
-onymy n conbininç /orn -rs [L -onynia, fr. Gk -õnynia, fr.
-õnynos (as in honõnynos) + -ia -y] 1 : kind of namc or word
: kind or sct of namcs or words _hydronyny; 2 : study of a
(sµccificd) kind of namcs or words _anthroµonyny;
-onyx n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk onych-, onyx naiI of thc fin-
gcr or toc, cIaw] : onc having (such) naiIs or cIaws - chicfIy
in gcncric namcs of animaIs _CoIconyx;
oophor- or oophoro- conbininç /orn [NL oophoron] : ovary
: ovarian _oophorcctomy; _oophorotomy;
-ope n conbininç /orn -s [F, fr. LL -op-, -ops having (such)
cycs, fr. Gk õp-, õps cyc, facc] : onc having cycs with a (sµcc-
ificd) dcfcct _hyµcrmctrope;
operculi- conbininç /orn [NL opercu/un] : oµcrcuIum _oper-
cu/ifcrous; _opercu/iform;
ophi- or ophio- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. ophis snakc] 1 : snakc
: scrµcnt _ophioµhagous; _ophioIatrous; 2 a : thing suggcst-
ing a snakc _ophicaIcitc; b : bcing or rcscmbIing a snakc in
rcsµcct to a (sµccificd) structurc or quaIity _ophioccµhaIus;
-ophis n conbininç /orn [Gk ophis snakc] : snakc : scrµcnt -
in gcncric namcs csµ. in hcrµctoIogy _Hydrophis;
ophthalm- or ophthalmo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. ophtha/nos
cyc] 1 : cyc : cycbaII _ophtha/notomy; _ophtha/ncctomy; 2
: of or affccting thc cycs _ophtha/nocarcinoma; _ophtha/-
-ophthalma or -ophthalmia n p/ conbininç /orn [-ophtha/na,
NL, fr. Gk, ncut. µI. of ad}. comb. form -ophtha/nos having a
(sµccificd) cyc, fr. ophtha/nos, -ophtha/nia, NL, fr. Gk oph-
tha/nos + NL -ia] : oncs having a (sµccificd) cyc - uscd in
highcr taxa csµ. of arthroµods _Edriophtha/na;
-ophthalmia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. ophtha/nos
cyc + -ia -y] : condition of having (such) cycs _microph-
-ophthalmus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -optha/nos, fr. oph-
tha/nos cyc] 1 : onc having a (sµccificd) kind of cyc - in
gcncric namcs usu. of arthroµods _Mcgophtha/nus; 2 -rs
: cycs of a (sµccificd) form or in a (sµccificd statc _mcgaIoph-
-opia n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -õpia, fr. õps cyc, facc + -ia
-y] 1 a/so -opy p/ -opias; a/so -opies [NL -opia] a : vision
: condition of having (such) vision _diµIopia; _ambIyopy; b
: µosscssion of an cyc or cycs with a (sµccificd) dcfcct
_anopia; 2 : onc having a (sµccificd) kind of cyc - in gcncr-
ic namcs in zooIogy _Hctcropia;
opio- conbininç /orn [Gk opion oµium] : oµium _opiomania;
opisth- or opistho- conbininç /orn [Gr, fr. opisthen, opithen
bchind, in thc rcar; akin to Gk epi on, uµon - morc at rÞr-]
1 : having somcthing (sµccificd) Iocatcd dorsaIIy or µostcrior-
Iy _opisthotic; _opisthandric; 2 : dorsaI or µostcrior
_opisthaµtor; _opisthodomc;
opo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. opos] : }uicc : saµ _opothcraµy;
oppositi- conbininç /orn [L oppositus] : situatcd oµµositc : hav-
ing thc corrcsµonding µarts oµµositc _oppositifoIious;
-ops n conbininç /orn [Gk -õp-, -õps, fr. õp-, õps cyc, facc] 1 p/
-ops or -opses : organism with a (sµccificd) kind of cyc or facc
- chicfIy in gcncric namcs _mcgaIops; _StyIops; _ScIcnops;
2 : organism rcscmbIing a (sµccificd) thing - in gcncric
namcs usu. combincd with thc namcs of othcr gcncra
_Echinops; _DryobaIanops;
-opsia or -opsy n conbininç /orn, p/ -opsias or -opsies [-opsia
fr. NL, fr. Gk, fr. opsis aµµcarancc, vision + -ia -y; -opsy fr. Gk
-opsia - morc at -opsis] : vision of a (sµccificd) kind or con-
dition _anopsia; _hcmiopsia;
-opsis n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. opsis aµµcarancc,
vision] 1 a : organism rcscmbIing or having a µart that rcscm-
bIcs a (sµccificd) thing - in gcncric namcs _ChiIopsis;
_AmµcIopsis; b p/ -opses : structurc rcscmbIing a (sµccificd)
thing _caryopsis; 2 p/ -opses : -oÞsrA
opson- or opsono- conbininç /orn [opsonin] : oµsonin _opson-
ic; _opsonothcraµy; _opsonoµhiIic;
-opsy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -opsia] 1 : -oÞsrA 2 : cxami-
nation _biopsy;
optico- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk optikos] 1 : oµticaI and
_opticochcmicaI; 2 : rcIating or bcIonging to thc cyc : ocuIar
_opticoµuµiIIary; 3 : oµtic and _suµraopticohyµoµhyscaI;
-opticon n conbininç /orn -s [stereopticon] : stcrcoµticon
_µanopticon; _sciopticon;
opto- conbininç /orn [Gk optos, vcrbaI of opsesthai to bc going
to scc] 1 : vision _optomctcr; 2 : cyc _optobIast; _optotyµc;
3 : oµtic : oµtic and _optokinctic; _optococIc;
¹-or n su//ix -s [ME -or, -our, fr. OF -eor, -eur & L -or, OF -eor,
-eur, µartIy fr. L -or, µartIy fr. L -ator, fr. -atus -atc + -or] : onc
that docs a (sµccificd) thing _grantor; _aItcrnator; _occIusor;
²-or n su//ix -s [ME -or, -our, fr. OF -eur, fr. L -or] : condition
: activity _dcmcanor;
ore- or oreo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. ore-, oros mountain,
hiII] : mountain _Oreoµhasis; _Oreortyx; _Oreamnos; -
comµarc ¹oÞo-
-orexia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk orexis dcsirc, aµµctitc,
Ionging + L -ia -y] : dcsirc : aµµctitc _cynorexia; _µarorexia;
organ- or organo- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. ML, fr. L orçanun]
1 a : organ _orçancIIc; _orçanogcncsis; _orçanonymy; b
: organic substancc or Iifc _orçanogcnic; 2 a : organic
: organic and _orçanochcmicaI; _orçanomincraI; b
: organomctaIIic _orçanotin; _orçanoarscnic; _orçanoµhos-
ori- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. LL, fr. L or-, os mouth] 1 : mouth
_orificc; 2 : mouth and _orifaciaI;
-orial adi su//ix [ME -oria/e, fr. L -orius -ory + ME -a/e -aI] : of,
bcIonging to, or conncctcd with _grcssoria/; _inscssoria/;
-orium n su//ix, p/ -oriums or -oria [L, fr. ncut. of -orius -ory] 1
: µIacc for _natatoriun; 2 : thing uscd for _haustoriun;
-ornis n conbininç /orn, p/ -ornithes [NL, fr. Gk ornis] : bird
_HcIiornis; _Archacornithes;
ornith- or ornitho- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. ornith-, ornis]
: bird _ornithichnitc; _ornithograµhy;
oneir- ornith- 38
¹oro- conbininç /orn [Gk oros mountain] : mountain _orogra-
µhy; _orogcncsis; _oroµhytc; : cIcvation _oromctcr;
²oro- conbininç /orn [L or-, os mouth] : mouth _oroµharynx;
: mouth and _orofaciaI;
orth- or ortho- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF, straight, right,
truc, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. orthos, akin to Goth gawrisqan to bring
fruit, Skt urdhva uµright, high, vardhate hc incrcascs] 1 a
: straight : uµright : vcrticaI _orthoccras; _orthaI; _ortho-
gradc; _orthosymmctric; b : cxact : µaraIIcI _orthodiagram;
_ortho-cousin; _orthodomc; 2 : corrcct : corrcctivc _orthom-
ctry; _orthodontia; 3 : an acid in thc highcst hydratcd or
hydroxyIatcd form known cithcr in thc frcc statc or in saIts or
cstcrs _orthoarscnic acid; _orthoformic acid; - comµarc
mr1A- 4b, ÞvÞ- 2a 4 : dcrivcd from igncous rock - in thc
namc of a mctamorµhic rock _orthognciss; _orthositc;; com-
µarc ÞAÞA-
¹-ory n su//ix -rs [ME -orie, fr. L -oriun, fr. ncut. of -orius, ad}.
suffix] : onc that rcIatcs to or is uscd for: as a : µIacc of or
for _rcformatory; _obscrvatory; b : somcthing that scrvcs for
²-ory adi su//ix [ME -orie, -oire, fr. MF & L; MF -orie -oire, fr.
OF, fr. L -orius] 1 : of, rcIating to, or charactcrizcd by _obscr-
vatory; _gustatory; 2 : containing, invoIving, or convcying
_amcndatory; _comµuIsory; 3 : scrving for, µroducing, or
maintaining _cIassificatory; _cquiIibratory; _}ustificatory;
oryct- or orycto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk oryktos formcd by
digging, dug, vcrbaI of orychein, oryssein to dig] : fossiI : min-
craI _oryctoIogy; _oryctognosy;
oryz- or oryzo- a/so oryzi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L oryra ricc,
fr. Gk] : ricc _oryrivorous; _Oryromys;
¹-ose adi su//ix [ME, fr. L -osus] : fuII of : having : µosscssing
thc quaIitics of _cIadose;
²-ose n su//ix -s [F, fr. ç/ucose] 1 : carbohydratc _amyIose;; esp
: sugar _fructose; _µcntose; 2 : µrimary hydroIysis µroduct
³-ose n su//ix -s [NL -osis] : -osrs 4 _chytridiose;
-oside n su//ix -s [ISV ²-ose + -ide] : gIycosidc or simiIar com-
µound _gangIioside; _hctcroside; - comµarc -ror 2b
-osis n su//ix, p/ -oses or -osises [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk -õsis, fr. -õ-
(mcdiaI vowcI charactcristic of dcrivativcs of ccrtain vcrbs) +
-sis] 1 a : action : µroccss : condition _hyµnosis; b : abnor-
maI or discascd condition _Icukosis; 2 : incrcasc : formation
_Icukocytosis; 3 : arrangcmcnt _µtcryIosis; 4 [NL, fr. L]
: discasc causcd by a (sµccificd) fungus _chytridiosis;
osm- or osmo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk osn-, fr. osne] 1
: odor : smcII _Osnorhiza; 2 a : osmium _osnic; b osno-
: osmous _osnocyanidc;
-osma n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk osne] : onc having (such) an
odor - in gcncric namcs of µIants _Barosna; _Coµrosna;
osmo- conbininç /orn [osnose] : osmosis : osmotic _osnomc-
-osphresia a/so -osphrasia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk
osphresis scnsc of smcII & Gk osphrasia odor; akin to Gk
orein to smcII] : scnsc of smcII _anosphresia; _anosphrasia;
osse- or osseo- conbininç /orn [L osse- (in osseus)] 1 : bonc
_ossein; 2 : osscous and _osseocartiIaginous;
ossi- conbininç /orn [L, fr. oss-, os] : bonc _ossific;
-ost n conbininç /orn -s [Gk osteon] : bonc _actinost;
oste- or osteo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. osteon] : bonc
_osteaI; _osteomycIitis;
osteochondr- or osteochondro- conbininç /orn [ISV oste- +
chondr-] : bonc and cartiIagc _osteochondroµathy;
-osteon n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk osteon bonc] : bonc
: bonc µart _Ioµhosteon;
-osteus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk osteon bonc] : onc having
(such) a bonc or boncs - in gcncric namcs csµ. of fishcs
-ostosis n conbininç /orn, p/ -ostoses or -ostosises [NL, fr.
Gk -ostõsis, fr. osteon bonc + -õsis -osis] : ossification of a
(sµccificd) µart or to a (sµccificd) dcgrcc _hyµcrostosis;
ostrac- or ostraco- conbininç /orn[NL, fr. Gk ostrak-, ostrako-,
fr. ostrakon] : shcII _Ostracoidca; _Ostracoµhori;
-ostraca n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -ostraka (ncut. µI. of
-ostrakos, fr. ostrakon shcII)] : oncs having (such) a shcII - in
namcs of taxa chicfIy of crustaccans _Arthrostraca;
ostre- or ostrei- or ostreo- conbininç /orn [L ostre-, fr. ostrea]
: oystcr _ostreiform; _ostreoid; _ostreoµhagous;
ot- or oto- conbininç /orn [Gk õt-, õto-, fr. õt-, ous] : car _oti-
tis; _otoIogy; _otoscoµc; _otostcaI; : car and _otoIaryngoIo-
-ote n su//ix -s [L & Gk; L -otes, fr. Gk -õtes] : inhabitant
: nativc _Caµriote;
¹-otic adi su//ix [Gk -õtikos, fr. -õtos, suffix uscd to form ad}cc-
tivcs dcrivcd fr. ccrtain vcrbs & -õtes, suffix uscd to form
agcnt nouns dcrivcd fr. ccrtain vcrbs + -ikos -ic] 1 a : of, rcIat-
ing to, or charactcrizcd by a (sµccificd) action, µroccss, or
condition _hoIococnotic; b : having an abnormaI or discascd
condition of a (sµccificd) kind _aµhosµhorotic; 2 : showing
an incrcasc or a formation of (somcthing sµccificd) _Icukocy-
totic; 3 : of, rcIating to, or charactcrizcd by having a discasc
causcd by a (sµccificd) fungus _bIastomycotic; - oftcn uscd
to form ad}cctivcs corrcsµonding to nouns in -osis
²-otic adi conbininç /orn [Gk õtikos of thc car] 1 : of or rcIat-
ing to a (sµccificd) µart of thc car _cµiotic; _cntotic; 2 a : of
or rcIating to an arca having a (sµccificd) sµatiaI rcIationshiµ
to thc car _µarotic; _µcriotic; b : of or rcIating to a bonc hav-
ing a (sµccificd) sµatiaI rcIationshiµ to thc car _µrootic;
-ous adi su//ix [ME, µartIy fr. OF -ous, -os, -eus, -eux, fr. L
-osus, µartIy fr. L -us (finaI µortion of thc nom. sing. masc.
form of ad}cctivcs such as /atuus fooIish, /uscus brown] 1
: fuII of : abounding in : having : µosscssing thc quaIitics of
_cIamorous; _gIamorous; _cystous; _Iymµhous; 2 : having a
vaIcncc Iowcr than in comµounds or ions namcd with an
ad}cctivc cnding in -ic _fcrrousiron; _suIfurousacid; - com-
µarc ²-r1r - -ously adv su//ix
out- pre/ix [ME, fr. out, adv.] : in a manncr that gocs bcyond,
surµasscs, or cxccIs _outdancc; _outfight; _outrun; _out-
bIuff; _outmancuvcr;
ov- or ovi- or ovo- conbininç /orn [L ov-, ovi-, fr. ovun] 1 a
: cgg _ovc}cctor; _oviform; _ovomucoid; b : ovum _ovocytc;
_ovogcncsis; 2 : ovaIIy _ovo-cIIiµtic;
ovari- or ovario- a/so ovar- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ovariun] 1
: ovary _ovaritis; _ovaricctomy; _ovariotomy; 2 : ovarian
and _ovario-abdominaI;
¹ox- or oxo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. oxyçène oxygcn] : contain-
ing oxygcn - csµ. in thc namcs of various cycIic comµounds
²ox- conbininç /orn [by shortcning] : oxAL- _oxamidc;
oxa- or ox- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. ¹ox- + -a-] : containing oxy-
gcn in µIacc of carbon or rcgardcd as in µIacc of carbon usu.
in µIacc of thc mcthyIcnc grouµ ÷CH,÷ _10H-9-oxaan-
thraccnc; _oxazacycIohcµtanc; - comµarc AzA-, 1nrA-
oxal- or oxalo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. (acide) oxa/ique oxaIic
acid] : rcIatcd to oxaIic acid _oxa/amidc; _oxa/osuccinic;
oxido- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. oxide] 1 : oxidc; speci/ : rÞoxv-
- in namcs of organic chcmicaI comµounds _oxidocthanc; 2
: oxidation _oxidorcduction;
oxo- conbininç /orn [¹ox-] : containing oxygcn as a doubIy
coordinatcd grouµ _dioxouranium (VI) LO,
¹oxy- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. oxys, akin to Gk
achne chaff] 1 : sharµ : kccn : µointcd : acutc _oxyastcr;
_oxyccµhaIy; _oxydactyI; _oxyrhynchous; 2 : quick _oxyto-
cic; 3 : acid _oxyµhytic; _oxyµhiIc;
²oxy- conbininç /orn [F, fr. oxyçène oxygcn] 1 a : containing
oxygcn or additionaI oxygcn _oxyccIIuIosc; _oxyhcmogIobin;
b : containing oxygcn in thc form of an oxidc _oxychIoridc;
2 : nvoÞoxv- - not uscd systcmaticaIIy _oxynaµhthoic; 3
: of oxygcn and _oxyhydrogcn;
-oyl n conbininç /orn -s [ISV -o- (as in -oic) + -y/] : acid radi-
caI - uscd in thc systcm of nomcncIaturc adoµtcd by thc
oro- -oyl 39
IntcrnationaI Lnion of Purc and AµµIicd Chcmistry in namcs
of radicaIs dcrivcd from acids whosc namcs cnd in -oic
_dccanoy/; and aIso most othcr organic acids _oIcoy/;
_µhthaIoy/;; comµarc -vL
ozon- or ozono- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. orone] : ozonc
pachy- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. pachys, akin to ON
binçr hcaµ, Latvian bìers dcnsc, thick, Av barah high, dccµ,
Skt bahu dcnsc, much, many] : thick _Pachydcrmata;
_pachytcnc; _pachymctcr;
paed- or paedo- or ped- or pedo- a/so paid- or paido- conbininç
/orn [Gk paid-, paido-, fr. paid-, pais chiId, boy] : chiId _pae-
domorµhism; _paedobaµtism; : offsµring _paedogcncsis;
-pagus n conbininç /orn, p/ -pagi [NL, fr. Gk paços somcthing
fixcd, rock, frost] : monstcr with a (sµccificd) tyµc of fixation
palato- conbininç /orn [L pa/atun µaIatc] 1 : µaIatc : of thc
µaIatc _pa/atogram; _pa/atoµIcgia; 2 : µaIataI and _pa/ato-
pale- or paleo- or palae- or palaeo- a/so palaio- conbininç /orn
[Gk pa/ai-, pa/aio-, fr. pa/aios oId, ancicnt, fr. pa/ai Iong ago;
akin to Gk te/e far, far off, Skt carana Iast, outcrmost] 1 a
: rcmotc in µoint of timc _Pa/eoccnc; b : invoIving ancicnt
forms or conditions _pa/eocIimatc; c : of ancicnt origin
: anccstraI _Pa/eo-Eskimo; d : dcaIing with ancicnt or fossiI
forms _pa/eobotany; 2 : carIy : µrimitivc : archaic _pa/eoan-
throµic; _pa/aeotyµograµhy; 3 : OId WorId _Pa/eotroµicaI;
4 : of µrc-Tcrtiary origin - in namcs of mincraIs _pa/eoµi-
pali- conbininç /orn [Gk pa/in, pa/i again, back; akin to Gk
po/os µivot, axis] : µathoIogicaI statc charactcrizcd by rcµcti-
tion of a (sµccificd) act _pa/iIaIia; _pa/irrhca;
pallidi- conbininç /orn [L pa//idus] : µaIc _pa//idifIorous; _pa/-
pallido- conbininç /orn [NL (ç/obus) pa//idus + -o-] 1 : gIobus
µaIIidus _pa//idofugaI; 2 : µaIIidaI and _pa//idohyµothaIamic;
pallio- conbininç /orn [NL pa//i um + -o-] 1 : µaIIium : shcct
_pa//iostratus; 2 : µaIIiaI and _pa/iocardiac;
palmat- or palmati- conbininç /orn [LL pa/natus µaImatc] 1
: µaImatc _pa/natic; _pa/natiform; 2 : µaImatcIy _pa/nati-
palmi- conbininç /orn [L, fr. pa/na µaIm] 1 : µaIm trcc
_pa/nicoIous; _pa/nivorous; 2 a : µaImat- _pa/niIobatc;
_pa/nincrvcd; b : with or on thc µaIms _pa/nigradc;
paludi- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L pa/ud-, pa/us marsh] : marsh
pam- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, aItcr. of pan- - morc at
ÞA×-] : ÞA×-
pan- or pano- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pan, ncut. of pas aII,
cvcry; akin to Skt śaśvat aII, cvcry, śvayati hc swcIIs] 1 a : aII
: comµIctcIy _pancycIoµcdic; _panoµhobia; _pancuIturaI;
_pangcncsis; _pantcIcgraµh; b o/ten cap : aII of a (sµccificd)
grouµ - usu. }oincd to thc sccond cIcmcnt with a hyµhcn
_pan-scctarian; _Pan-Asian; _Pan-SIavism; 2 : whoIc : gcn-
craI _panatroµhy; _pancarditis; _panhystcrcctomy; _pancs-
pancreat- or pancreato- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk pankreat-,
pankreas µancrcas] 1 : µancrcas _pancreataIgia; : µancrcas
and _pancreatoduodcncctomy; 2 : µancrcatic _pancreatism;
pancreatico- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. pancreatic] 1 : µancrcat-
ic _pancreaticogastrostomy; 2 : µancrcatic and _pancreatico-
biIiary; _pancreaticoduodcnaI;
pant- or panto- a/so panta- conbininç /orn [MF panto-, fr. L,
fr. Gk pant-, panto-, fr. pant-, pas aII, cvcry - morc at ÞA×-]
: ÞA×- _pantobasc; _pantagraµh; _pantoµhobia; _pantotyµc;
papill- or papillo- conbininç /orn [F papi//-, fr. L papi//a niµ-
µIc] 1 : µaµiIIa _papi//ifcrous; _papi//iform; 2 : µaµiIIary
_papi//cdcma; _papi//oma; _papi//orctinitis; 3 : µaµiIIoma-
tous _papi//ocarcinoma; _papi//osarcoma;
papulo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L papu/a] 1 : µaµuIa _papu/o-
µustuIar; 2 : µaµuIous and _papu/osquamous; _papu/ovcsic-
papyro- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. papyros µaµyrus] 1 : µaµyrus
_papyroIogy; 2 : µaµcr _papyrograµh;
¹para- or par- pre/ix [ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. para, akin to
Gk pro bcforc, ahcad] 1 a : bcsidc : aIongsidc of _paraccn-
traI; _parabiosis; _parasynaµsis; b : µaraIIcI _parahcIiotro-
µism; c : µarasitic _parazoon; d : associatcd in a subsidiary
or acccssory caµacity _paramiIitary; e : cIoscIy rcscmbIing
thc truc form : aImost - csµ. in namcs of discascs _paraty-
µhoid; 2 : isomcric with, µoIymcric with, or othcrwisc cIosc-
Iy rcIatcd to _paraIdchydc; _paracascin; _paraµcriodic acid;
- comµarc mr1A- 4a 3 : bcyond : outsidc of _parcntcraI; 4
a : fauIty, irrcguIar, or disordcrcd condition : abnormaI
_paraIcxia; _paranoia; _paraµhrcnia; b : µcrvcrsion _para-
buIia; _paracanthosis; c : abortivc _paracarµium; _para-
styIc; 5 : dcrivcd from an originaI scdimcnt - in thc namc of
a mctamorµhic rock _paragnciss;; comµarc oÞ1n-
²para- conbininç /orn [parachute] 1 : sµcciaIIy traincd or
cquiµµcd for dcsccnt by µarachutc from airµIancs
_parabomb; _paramarinc; _paratrooµcr; 2 : of, by, or in
dcfcnsc against armcd µarachutists _parasµottcr;
-para n conbininç /orn, p/ -paras or -parae [L, fr. parere to
bring forth, bcar (young)] 1 : woman that has bccn dcIivcrcd
of (a sµccificd numbcr of) chiIdrcn _nuIIipara; 2 : fcmaIc
that µroduccs (a sµccificd kind or numbcr of) cggs or givcs
birth to (a sµccificd kind or numbcr of) young _gynopara;
parasit- or parasito- a/so parasiti- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. par-
asite] : µarasitc _parasitcmia; _parasitoµhobia; _parasiticidc;
pari- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF, fr. ML, fr. L par] : cquaI
: cquaIIy _paridigitatc;
parieto- conbininç /orn [parieta/] : µarictaI and _pari-
-parous adi conbininç /orn[L -parus, fr. parere to givc birth to,
bcgct, µroducc] : giving birth to : bcaring : µroducing
_biparous; _fctiparous; _viviparous; _oviparous;
parthen- or partheno- conbininç /orn [Gk, maidcn, virgin, fr.
parthenos] : virgin : without fcrtiIization _parthenogcncsis;
¹parti- a/so party- conbininç /orn [obs. E party, ad}., µarti-coI-
orcd, fr. ME party, parti, fr. MF parti striµcd, µarty µcr µaIc,
fr. OF, fr. parti, µast µart. of partir to dividc, go away] : vari-
ous : varicgatcd _parti-striµcd;
²parti- conbininç /orn [L, fr. part-, pars] : µart _parti-mort-
-partism n conbininç /orn -s [F -partisne, fr. parti µoIiticaI
µarty (fr. MF, match, µarty, dccision) + -isne] : tcndcncy
toward or activc oµcration of a (sµccificd) numbcr of µoIiti-
caI µartics in a govcrnmcntaI systcm _muIti-partisn;
parv- or parvi- a/so parvo- conbininç /orn [L parv-, parvi-, fr.
parvus, akin to Gk pauros smaII, sIight] : smaII _parvanimity;
_parvifoIious; _Parvobactcriaccac;
path- or patho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. pathos cxµcri-
cncc, cmotion, µassion, suffcring] 1 : µathoIogicaI _patho-
morµhosis; 2 : µathoIogicaI and _pathohistoIogicaI; 3
: µathoIogicaI statc : discasc _pathogcn; _pathcrgy; 4 : cmo-
tion _pathomctcr;
-path n conbininç /orn -s [in scnsc 1, fr. G, back-formation fr.
-pathie -µathy; in scnsc 2, ISV, fr. Gk -pathes, fr. pathos] 1 : a
µractitioncr of a (sµccificd) systcm of mcdicinc that cmµha-
sizcs somc onc asµcct of discasc and its trcatmcnt _aIIopath;
_hydropath; _ostcopath; 2 : onc suffcring from a (sµccificd)
kind of aiImcnt _µsychopath; _ncuropath;
-pathia n conbininç /orn -s [NL - morc at -ÞA1nv] : -ÞA1nv 2
_hyµcrpathia; _Iymµhopathia;
-pathic adi conbininç /orn [ISV -pathy + -ic] 1 : fccIing, suf-
fcring, or affcctcd in a (sµccificd) way _tcIcpathic; 2 : affcct-
cd by discasc of a (sµccificd) µart or kind _myopathic; 3
: rcIating to thcraµy bascd on a (sµccificd) unitary thcory of
discasc or its trcatmcnt _homcopathic;
pathologico- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. patho/oçica/] : µathoIogi-
caI and _patho/oçicoanatomicaI;
-pathy n conbininç /orn -rs [L -pathia, fr. Gk -patheia, fr.
ozon- -pathy 40
path-, stcm of paschein to cxµcricncc, suffcr] 1 : fccIing : suf-
fcring _apathy; _tcIcpathy; 2 : discasc of a (sµccificd) µart or
kind _idiopathy; _myopathy; 3 : thcraµy or systcm of thcra-
µy bascd on a (sµccificd) unitary thcory of discasc or its trcat-
mcnt _homcopathy;
patr- or patri- or patro- conbininç /orn [patr- µartIy fr. L, fr.
patr-, pater, µartIy fr. Gk, fr. patr-, pater, patri- fr. ME, fr. MF,
fr. L, fr. patr-, pater, patro-, NL, fr. Gk, fr. patr-, pater] : fathcr
_patrikin; _patriIincaI; _patristic; _patrocIinaI; _patrogcnc-
sis; _patronomatoIogy;
pauci- conbininç /orn [L, fr. paucus IittIc] : fcw _paucifoIiatc;
-pe- conbininç /orn [µiperidinc] : comµIctc hydrogcnation -
in namcs of cycIic bascs _Iupetidinc; _µipecoIinc;
pectin- or pectini- conbininç /orn [NL pectin-, pecten µcctcn]
: comb : µcctcn _pectinoid; _pectiniform; _Pectinibranchia;
¹ped- or pedi- or pedo- conbininç /orn [ped-, pedi- fr. L, fr.
ped-, pes foot; pedo- fr. ped- + -o-] 1 : foot : fcct _pediform;
_pedigcrous; _pedicurc; 2 : a crcaturc or ob}cct (sµccificd)
having fcct or footIikc µro}cctions _Pediastrum; _pedraiI; 3
: somcthing (sµccificd) invoIving thc fcct _pedomotor;
²ped- or pedo- conbininç /orn [Gk pedon ground, carth] : soiI
_pedogcncsis; _pedogcograµhy;
¹-ped adi conbininç /orn [L -ped-, -pes, fr. ped-, pes foot] : hav-
ing (such or so many) fcct _scutiped;
²-ped or -pede n conbininç /orn -s [L ped-, pes] : foot _maxiI-
Iiped; _maxiIIipede;
pedati- conbininç /orn [L pedatus] : µcdatc _pedatiform;
: µcdatcIy _pedatiscct;
pedi- or pedio- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pedion] : fIat surfacc
: µIain _Pedioccctcs; : soIc of thc foot _pediaIgia;
pel- or pelo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk pe/-, pe/o-, fr. pe/os,
µcrh. akin to L pa//ere to bc µaIc] : cIay : mud _pe/itc;
pelag- or pelago- conbininç /orn [L pe/aç-, fr. Gk pe/aç-, pe/a-
ço-, fr. pe/aços] : sca _pe/açiaI;
-pellic adi conbininç /orn [Gk pe//a woodcn bowI + E -ic]
: having (such) a µcIvis _doIichope//ic;
-pelmous adi conbininç /orn [Gk pe/na soIc of thc foot + E
-ous] : having (such) a soIc _hctcrope/nous;
pelv- or pelvi- or pelvo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL pe/vis] 1
: µcIvis _pe/vic; _pe/viscoµc; 2 : µcIvic and _pe/visacraI;
pene- a/so pen- pre/ix [L paene-, pene-, fr. paene, pene aImost]
: aImost _peneµIain; _penacutc;
-penia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk penia µovcrty, Iack]
: dcficicncy of _crythropenia; _thrombopenia; _cosinopenia;
penni- a/so penno- conbininç /orn [L penni-, fr. penna fcathcr,
wing] 1 : fcathcr _pennoµIumc; _penniform; 2 : µinnatcIy
_pennincrvcd; _pennivcincd;
penta- or pent- or pen- conbininç /orn [ME pent-, fr. Gk pent-,
penta-, fr. pente] 1 : fivc _pentacycIic; _pentahcdron; _pen-
taIobatc; _pentodc; 2 : containing fivc atoms, grouµs, or
cquivaIcnts _pentahydratc; _pentaminc; _pentaacctatc;
pentadeca- or pentadec- conbininç /orn [L Gk pentedeka-, fr.
Gk pentekaideka, Iit., fivc and tcn, fr. penta- + kai and + deka
tcn] : fiftccn _pentadecahydratc;
-pepsia n conbininç /orn -s [L, fr. Gk, fr. pepsis digcstion]
: digcstion _bradypepsia;
pepsino- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. pepsin] : µcµsin _pepsino-
-pepsy n conbininç /orn -rs [L -pepsia] : -ÞrÞsrA
pept- or pepto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. peptone] : µcµtonc
_peptidc; _peptogcnic;
pepton- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. peptone] : ÞrÞ1- _peptonuria;
per- pre/ix [in scnsc 1, fr. L, throughout, thoroughIy, com-
µIctcIy, dcviating from (aIso, uscd as vcrbaI µrcfix with thc
mcanings ¨through", ¨throughout", ¨thoroughIy", ¨dctrimcn-
taIIy", and to dcnotc comµIction or µcrfcction or intcnsifica-
tion), fr. per through, by; in scnsc 2, fr. per through, by] 1 a
: throughout _perdominant; b (1) : containing thc Iargcst
µossibIc or a rcIativcIy Iargc µroµortion of a (sµccificd) chcm-
icaI cIcmcnt csµ. as a rcsuIt of cxhaustivc substitution for
hydrogcn or of cxhaustivc addition in an organic comµound
or grouµ _perchIorocthyIcnc; _perhydronaµhthaIcnc C,,H,,;
- comµarc ÞÞo1- 2a (2) : containing an cIcmcnt in its high-
cst or a high oxidation statc _perchIoric acid; 2 : through
_perradius; : by mcans of _perIinguaI;
peri- pre/ix [L, fr. Gk, fr. peri, akin to Gk peran to µass
through] 1 : aII around : about : round _Periarctic; _periccn-
tcr; _pericycIonc; _periscoµc; 2 : ncar _perihcIion; 3 a
: cncIosing or surrounding _perincurium; _periµroct; _peri-
sinuous; b : tissuc surrounding (a sµccificd µart) - in tcrms
in -itis _periarthritis;
pericardi- or pericardio- or pericardo- conbininç /orn [NL
pericardium] 1 : µcricardium _pericardicctomy; _pericar-
diosymµhysis; _pericardotomy; 2 : µcricardiaI and _pericar-
dioµhrcnic; _pericardioµIcuraI;
periost- or perioste- or periosteo- conbininç /orn [NL perios-
teun] 1 : µcriostcum _periosteomycIitis; _periosteoma;
_periostitis; 2 : µcriostcaI and _periosteoaIvcoIar;
peripher- or periphero- conbininç /orn [periphery] 1 : µcriµh-
cry _peripherad; : µcriµhcraI _peripheroncuraI; 2 : µcriµhcr-
aI and _peripheroccntraI;
periton- or peritone- or peritoneo- conbininç /orn [LL peri-
toneun] 1 : µcritoncum _peritoneaIgia; _peritoneoµIasty;
_peritonitis; 2 : µcritoncaI and _peritoneomuscuIar; _perito-
permo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [ISV, fr. Pernian] : Pcrmian
and - csµ. in thc namcs of gcoIogic strata _Perno-
carbonifcrous; _PernoµcnnsyIvanian; _Pernotriassic;
peroneo- conbininç /orn [peronea/] : µcroncaI and _peroneo-
perono- conbininç /orn, cap [NL, fr. perone fibuIa] : µin
: fibuIa _Peronosµora; - in thc namcs of taxa
peta- conbininç /orn [ISV, modif. of Gk penta- µcnta-]
: quadriIIion _peta-cIcctron voIts;
-petal adi conbininç /orn [NL -petus -µctaI (fr. L petere to go
toward, scck) + E -a/] : going toward : sccking _acropeta/;
-petalae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. fcm. µI. of -peta/us
-µctaIous] : oncs having (such or so many) µctaIs - in namcs
of botanicaI grouµs _Choripeta/ae;
-petalous adi conbininç /orn [NL -peta/us, fr. peta/un µctaI]
: having (such or so many) µctaIs _aµopeta/ous;
petr- or petri- or petro- conbininç /orn [MF petr-, petri- & L
petr- & NL petro-, fr. Gk petr-, petro-, fr. petros stonc & petra
rock] 1 a : stonc : rock _petrcsccnt; _PetricoIa; _petrogcnc-
sis; b : µctroIcum _petroµorµhyrins; 2 : of or rcIating to thc
µctrous µortion of thc tcmµoraI bonc and _petrohyoid;
-pexy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL, -pexia, fr. Gk -pexia soIidity,
fr. pexis soIidity, frcczing, µutting togcthcr (fr. peçnynai to fix,
fastcn togcthcr) + -ia -y] : fixation : making fast _coI-
Ioidopexy; _gastropexy;
phac- or phaco- or phak- or phako- conbininç /orn [Gk phak-,
phako-, fr. phakos IcntiI, ob}cct shaµcd Iikc a IcntiI, moIc,
wart] 1 : IcntiI : thing shaµcd Iikc a IcntiI _Phacochocrus;
_phacoIith; _Phacoµs; 2 a : Icns _phacomctcr; b usu phak-
or phako- : crystaIIinc Icns of thc cyc _phakoma;
phaeo- or pheo- conbininç /orn [Gk phaio-, fr. phaios dusky,
gray] : dun-coIorcd _phaeodcrm; _Phaeoµhyccac; - oftcn in
namcs of comµounds rcIatcd to chIoroµhyII _pheoµhytin;
phag- or phago- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. phaçein to cat] 1 : cating
: fccding _phaçcdcna; _phaçomania; 2 : µhagocytc _phaçoIysis;
-phaga n conbininç /orn, p/ -phaga [NL, fr. Gk phaçein] : catcr
: catcrs - in taxonomic namcs in zooIogy _Entomophaça;
_Lithophaça; _XyIophaça; _GIossophaça;
-phage a/so -phag n conbininç /orn -s [Gk -phaços, fr. phaçein]
1 : onc that cats _ostrcophaçe; _xyIophaçe; 2 : ccII (as a
µhagocytc) that dcstroys ccIIs _bactcriophaçe;
-phagia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk - morc at -ÞnAcv] 1
: -ÞnAcv _hcmophaçia; 2 : dcsirc for food _hyµcrphaçia;
patr- -phagia 41
-phagous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -phaços, fr. phaçein to cat]
: fccding csµ. on a (sµccificd) kind of food _anthro-
µophaçous; _crcophaçous; _cytophaçous; _saµrophaçous;
-phagus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -phaços] : catcr : onc
that cats an indicatcd thing or in an indicatcd way - in
gcncric namcs of animaIs _McIophaçus;
-phagy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -phaçia, fr. phaçein to cat +
-ia -y] : cating of a (sµccificd) tyµc or substancc - csµ. in bio-
IogicaI and mcdicaI tcrms _anthroµophaçy; _biophaçy;
_cytophaçy; _gcophaçy;
-phalangia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. pha/anç-, pha/anx + -ia]
: condition of thc µhaIangcs _brachypha/ançia;
-phane n conbininç /orn -s [Gk -phanes aµµcaring, shining, fr.
phainein to show] : substancc having a (sµccificd) form, quaI-
ity, or aµµcarancc _cymophane; _gIaucophane; _hydro-
phaner- or phanero- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. phaneros, fr.
phainein to show] : visibIc : manifcst : oµcn _phanerocryst;
-phany n conbininç /orn -rs [LGk -phania, -phaneia, fr. Gk
phainein to show] : aµµcarancc : manifcstation _µncumato-
phany; _Satanophany;
pharmaco- conbininç /orn [Gk pharnako-, fr. pharnakon]
: mcdicinc : drug _pharnacomania; _pharnacoµhobia;
pharyng- or pharyngo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pharynç-, phar-
ynx] 1 : µharynx _pharynçaIgia; _pharynçitis; 2 : µharyngcaI
and _pharynçonasaI;
-phasia a/so -phasy n conbininç /orn, p/ -phasias a/so -phasies
[-phasia, NL, fr. Gk, sµccch, fr. phasis uttcrancc, statcmcnt,
fr. phanai to say, sµcak; -phasy fr. NL -phasia] : sµccch disor-
dcr (of a sµccificd tyµc csµ. rcIating to thc symboIic usc of
Ianguagc) _dysphasia; _tachyphasia; - comµarc -LALrA,
-ÞnrmrA, -Þno×v 2
phaso- conbininç /orn [phase] : µhasc _phasogcncous;
phello- conbininç /orn [Gk, cork, fr. phe//os, µrob. akin to Gk
ph/oos bark] : cork : bark _phe//odcrm; _phe//ogcn;
-phemia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk -phenia sµccch, fr.
-phenos sµcaking (fr. phene sµccch, fr. phanai to sµcak, say)
+ -ia -y] : sµccch disordcr (of a sµccificd tyµc csµ. rcIating to
thc articuIation or fIucncy of sµccch sounds) _aphenia;
_brachyphenia; - comµarc -LALrA, -ÞnAsrA, -Þno×v 2
phen- or pheno- conbininç /orn [Gk phain-, phaino-, fr.
phainein to show] 1 a/so phaen- or phaeno- a : showing _phe-
nocryst; b : ÞnA×rÞ- _phaenogam; 2 [phene] a : rcIatcd to
bcnzcnc _phenoI; : containing µhcnyI _phencthyI; _pheno-
barbitaI;; esp : containing two bcnzcnc rings _phenazinc;
_phenothiazinc; b : µhcnoI _phenoxidc;
phenanthr- or phenanthro- or phenanthra- conbininç /orn
[phenanthr cnc] : µhcnanthrcnc _phenanthridinc; _phenan-
throfuran; _phenanthraquinonc;
-phenone n conbininç /orn -s [phen- + -one] : aromatic kctonc
containing a µhcnyI or substitutcd µhcnyI grouµ attachcd to a
(sµccificd) acyI grouµ _acctophenone; _bcnzophenone;
-pher n conbininç /orn -s [Gk pherein to carry] : onc that car-
rics _chronopher; _tcIpher;
phil- or philo- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr.
phi/ein to Iovc, fr. phi/os bcIovcd, dcar, Ioving - morc at
-ÞnrLoLs] : Ioving : having an affinity for _phi/ydraccous;
_phi/o-CcIticism; _phi/ograµh;
¹-phil or -phile n conbininç /orn -s [F -phi/e, fr. Gk -phi/os, fr.
phi/os bcIovcd, dcar, Ioving] : onc that Iovcs : Iovcr : onc hav-
ing a fondncss or affinity for or a strong attraction to _aci-
dophi/; _hcmophi/e; _bibIiophi/e; _AngIophi/e;
²-phil or -phile adi conbininç /orn [NL -phi/us, fr. L, fr. Gk phi-
/os bcIovcd, dcar, Ioving] : Ioving : having a fondncss or affin-
ity for _hcmophi/e; _Francophi/; _organophi/e;
-phila n conbininç /orn, p/ -phila [NL, fr. L, fcm. sing. and
ncut. µI. of -phi/us] : onc or oncs attractcd to or Iiving or
growing by µrcfcrcncc in - in namcs of bioIogicaI taxa
_Ammophi/a; _Anthophi/a;
-philia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk phi/ia, fr. phi/os Ioving
- morc at -ÞnrLoLs] 1 : tcndcncy toward _chromatophi/ia;
_sµasmophi/ia; 2 : abnormaI aµµctitc or Iiking for _cIaus-
-philic adi conbininç /orn [phi/- + -ic] : having an affinity for
: Ioving : attractcd by : adaµtcd to _cIcctrophi/ic; _hcIio-
phi/ic; _Iyophi/ic; - oµµoscd to -phobic
-philous adi conbininç /orn [Gk phi/os bcIovcd, dcar, Ioving;
µrob. akin to OE bi/e- simµIc, innoccnt, OHG bi/-, bi/a- good-
naturcd, fricndIy, MIr bi/ good] : Ioving : having an affinity
for _dcndrophi/ous; _Iithophi/ous; _acidophi/ous;
-philus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, Ioving, fr. Gk phi/os]
: crcaturc attractcd to (such) a food or habitat - in gcncric
namcs _Camµcphi/us; _Sµcrmophi/us;
-phily n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -phi/ia] 1 : fondncss for _tox-
ophi/y; 2 : affinity for _hydrophi/y; _µhotophi/y; _zoophi/y;
- chicfIy in bioIogicaI and chcmicaI tcrms
phleb- or phlebo- conbininç /orn [ME //eb-, fr. MF, fr. LL
ph/eb-, fr. Gk, fr. ph/eb-, ph/eps bIood vcsscI, vcin; akin to Gk
ph/yein, ph/yrein to boiI ovcr] : vcin _ph/ebitis; _ph/ebogram;
phlor- or phloro- conbininç /orn [F, fr. ISV ph/oririn] : rcIatcd
to µhIorizin _ph/orctin; _ph/orogIucin;
phob- or phobo- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. phobos] : fcar
: avoidancc _phobism; _phoboµhobia; _phobotaxis;
-phobe n conbininç /orn -s [Gk -phobos -fcaring, fr. phobos
fcar, fIight] : onc having a (sµccificd) µhobia _AngIophobe;
_chromophobe; _hcIiophobe; _µhotophobe;
-phobic or -phobous adi conbininç /orn [-phobic fr. F -pho-
bique, fr. LL -phobicus, fr. Gk -phobikos, fr. -phobos fcaring +
-ikos -ic; phobous fr. LL -phobus, fr. Gk -phobos] 1 : cxhibit-
ing a µhobia: having an avcrsion for _AngIophobic; _caIci-
phobous; _hcIiophobous; 2 chen : Iacking or rcIating to Iack
of strong affinity for (such) a substancc - oµµoscd to -phi/ic
pholid- or pholido- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. pho/id-, pho-
/is scaIc of a rcµtiIc; akin to Gk ph/oos bark] : scaIc _pho/ido-
sis; _pho/idoIitc;
-pholis n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk pho/is scaIc of a rcµtiIc]
: organism having a (sµccificd) kind of scaIc - in gcncric
namcs _Conopho/is;
phon- or phono- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk phõn-, phõno-, fr.
phõne] : sound : voicc : sµccch : tonc _phonaI; _phonograµh;
-phone n conbininç /orn -s [LL -phona, fr. LGk -phõna, fr. Gk,
ncut. µI. of -phõnos -sounding, fr. phõnein to sound] 1 : sound
: voicc - in namcs of musicaI instrumcnts and sound-trans-
mitting dcviccs _saxophone; _carphone; _radiophone; 2
: sµcakcr of (a sµccificd Ianguagc) _Francophone;
-phone adi conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk -phõnos -sounding, fr.
phõnein to sound, fr. phõne sound, voicc] : of or rcIating to
a µoµuIation that sµcaks (a sµccificd Ianguagc) _Franco-
-phony a/so -phonia n conbininç /orn, p/ -phonies a/so -pho-
nias [ME -phonie, fr. OF, fr. L -phonia, fr. Gk -phõnia, fr.
-phõnos -sounding (fr. phõnein to sound) + -ia -y] 1 : sound
_acrophony; _cacophony; 2 usu -phonia : sµccch disordcr (of
a sµccificd tyµc csµ. rcIating to µhonation) _dysphonia;
_baryphony; - comµarc -LALrA, -ÞnAsrA, -ÞnrmrA
-phora n conbininç /orn, p/ -phora [NL, fr. fcm. sing. & ncut.
µI. of -phorus] : organism bcaring a (sµccificd) structurc
_CIadophora; : organisms bcaring a (sµccificd) structurc
-phorae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. fcm. µI. of -phorus]
: organisms carrying a (sµccificd) structurc _Discophorae;
-phore or -phor n conbininç /orn -s [NL -phorus, fr. Gk
-phoros, fr. pherein to carry] : carricr _chromophore;
_ctcnophore; _gamctophore; _Iuminophor; _scmaphore;
-phoresis n conbininç /orn, p/ -phoreses [NL, fr. Gk phoresis bcing
carricd] : transmission _cIcctrophoresis; _iontophoresis;
-phoria n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, act of carrying, fr.
-phoros -µhorous + -ia -y] : bcaring : statc : tcndcncy _cupho-
ria; _idcaphoria; _hctcrophoria;
-phagous -phoria 42
-phoric adi conbininç /orn [-phore + -ic] : having (such) a bcar-
ing or tcndcncy _cccoµroticophoric;
phoro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ML, fr. Gk, fr. phorein to carry
aIong, frcq. of pherein to carry] : carrying on : having motion
: dircction _phorozooid; _phoronomy; _phoromctry;
-phorous adi conbininç /orn[Gk -phoros, fr. pherein to carry] : car-
rying : -rrÞoLs _ascophorous; _µhyIIophorous; _androphorous;
-phorum n conbininç /orn, p/ -phora [NL, fr. Gk -phoron, ncut.
of -phoros -µhorous] : -ÞnoÞr _hymcnophorun;
-phorus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -phoros -µhorous] : car-
ricr - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Istiophorus;
phos- conbininç /orn [Gk phõs-, fr. phõs] : Iight _phosacid;
phosph- or phospho- conbininç /orn [F, fr. phosphorique µhos-
µhoric (in acide phosphorique µhosµhoric acid)] 1 : µhos-
µhoric acid : µhosµhatc _phosphcrgot; _phosphoargininc; 2
: µhosµhorus _phosphofcrritc;
phosphor- or phosphoro- conbininç /orn [NL phosphorus]
: µhosµhorus _phosphoratc; : µhosµhoric acid _phospho-
ramidic acid; _phosphorothioic acid;
phot- or photo- conbininç /orn [Gk phõt-, phõto-, fr. phõt-, phõs] 1
: Iight _photcoIic; _photon; _photograµhy; _photoµcriod; 2 : µho-
tograµh : µhotograµhic _photofinish; _photoaIbum; _photofiIm;
3 : µhotocIcctric _photoccII; _photocurrcnt; 4 : µhoton _pho-
tomcson; 5 : µhotochcmicaI _photochIorination; _photoµroduct;
-phrasia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. L phrasis diction + NL
-ia] : sµccch disordcr (of a sµccificd tyµc) _cmboIophrasia;
phren- or phreni- or phreno- conbininç /orn [L phren-, fr. Gk
phren-, phreno-, fr. phren-, phren diaµhragm, mind] 1 : mind
_phrenoIogy; 2 a : diaµhragm _phrenic; b : diaµhragmatic
and _phrenocardiac; 3 : µhrcnic ncrvc _phrenicIasia;
-phrenia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk phren-, phren
diaµhragm, mind + NL -ia] : disordcrcd condition of mcntaI
functions _hcbcphrenia;
phthal- or phthalo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. phtha/ic (in phtha/-
ic acid)] : µhthaIic acid : rcIatcd to µhthaIic acid _phtha/amic
acid; _phtha/onitriIc;
phthisio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. phthisis] : µhthisis _phthisio-
-phthora n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk phthora dcstruction,
dcath, fr. phtheirein to dcstroy] : dcstroycr - in gcncric
namcs of fungi _Entomophthora;
phyc- or phyco- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk phyk-, phyko- sca-
wccd, fr. phykos] : scawccd : aIgac _phycitoI; _phycochromc;
-phyceae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk phykos scawccd]
: scawccd : aIgac - in namcs of ma}or grouµs of aIgac
_ChIorophyceae; _Myxophyceae;
phyl- or phylo- conbininç /orn [L phy/-, fr. Gk phy/-, phy/o-, fr.
phy/e tribc, cIan, µhyIc & phy/on tribc, racc; both akin to Gk
phyein to bring forth] 1 : tribc : racc _phy/ograµhy; 2 : µhy-
Ium _phy/ogcny; _phy/ar;
phyll- or phyllo- conbininç /orn[NL phy//o-, fr. Gk phy//-, phy/-
/o-, fr. phy//on] 1 : Icaf _phy//omorµhous; 2 : µart or thing
rcscmbIing a Icaf _phy//idium; 3 : chIoroµhyII _phy//in;
-phyll n conbininç /orn -s [F -phy//e, fr. Gk phy//on Icaf] 1
: coIoring mattcr occurring in µIants _chrysophy//; 2 [NL
-phy//un, fr. Gk phy//on Icaf] : Icaf _microphy//;
-phyllous adi conbininç /orn [NL -phy//us, fr. Gk -phy//os, fr.
phy//on Icaf] 1 : having (such or so many) Icavcs, IcafIcts, or
IcafIikc µarts _isophy//ous; _oIigophy//ous; _macrophy//ous;
2 : bcing in (such) a µosition in rcIation to a Icaf _cµiphy//ous;
-phyllum n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk phy//on Icaf] 1 : onc
having (such) Icavcs or IcafIikc µarts - in gcncric namcs of
animaIs _Cyathophy//un; and csµ. µIants _Brachyphy//un;
_Podophy//un; 2 p/ -phylla : Icaf _mcsophy//un; 3 : fossiI rc-
scmbIing a µIant of a (sµccificd) grouµ - in gcncric namcs
-phyre n conbininç /orn -s [F -phyre, fr. porphyre µorµhyry, fr.
ML porphyriun] : µorµhyritic rock _aµhanophyre;
-phyric adi conbininç /orn [ISV -phyre + -ic] : µorµhyritic
phys- or physo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk physa bcIIows] 1 a
: markcd by thc µrcscncc of gas _physoccIc; b : swoIIcn
: bIaddcry _PhysoccµhaIus; _Physoµsis; 2 : air bIaddcr
physi- or physio- conbininç /orn [L physio-, fr. Gk physi-,
physio-, fr. physis naturc] 1 a : naturc : naturaI : bcIonging to
or conccrncd with thc naturaI ordcr _physithcism; b : of,
rcIating to, or conccrncd with thc body csµ. as distinct from
thc mind _physiogcnic; 2 : µhysicaI _physiothcraµy; : µhysi-
caI and _physioµsychic; 3 : µhysioIogicaI _physioµsychoIogy;
: µhysioIogicaI and _physioµathoIogic;
physico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L physicus naturaI, of or rcIat-
ing to naturaI µhiIosoµhy, fr. Gk physikos] 1 : naturaI : bascd
on thc study of naturc _physicothcoIogy; 2 : µhysicaI _physi-
cooµtics; : µhysicaI and _physicomcntaI; 3 : combincd with
µhysics _physicochcmistry; : rcIating to µhysics and
phyt- or phyto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. phyton, akin to
Gk phyein to bring forth] : µIant _phytobactcrioIogy; _phyto-
-phyta n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk phyta, µI. of phyton]
: µIants - in namcs of taxa _Bryophyta; _Cormophyta;
-phyte n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. Gk phyton µIant] 1 : µIant
having a (sµccificd) charactcristic or habitat _xcrophyte;
_microphyte; 2 : µathoIogicaI growth _ostcophyte;
-phytic adi conbininç /orn [ISV -phyte + -ic] : Iikc a µIant
pico- conbininç /orn [ISV, µcrh. fr. It picco/o smaII] : onc triI-
Iionth (10

¹²) µart of _picofarad; _picogram;
picr- or picro- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. pikros bittcr] 1
: bittcr _Picramnia; _Picrodcndron; 2 : µicric acid _picryI;
_picrocarminc; 3 : containing magncsium _picromcritc;
-picrin n su//ix -s [ISV -picr- (fr. Gk pikros bittcr) + -in] 1 : bit-
tcr substancc _gcntiopicrin; 2 : substancc rcIatcd to µicric
acid _chIoropicrin;
picto- conbininç /orn [L pictus (µast µart. of pinçere to µaint)
+ E -o-] : µicturc _pictograµh;
piezo- conbininç /orn [Gk pierein to squcczc, µrcss; akin to
Skt pidayati to squcczc, µrcss; both fr. an IE comµound whosc
first constitucnt is akin to Gk epi on and whosc sccond con-
stitucnt is akin to Gk heresthai to sit - morc at rÞr-] : µrcs-
surc _pieromctcr;
pigmento- conbininç /orn [L piçnentun] : µigmcnt _piçnento-
¹pil- or pili- or pilo- conbininç /orn [L pi/us] : hair _pi/osis;
_pi/ifcr; _pi/ocystic;
²pil- or pilo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pi/os (hair)] : fcIt
pinac- or pinaco- a/so pinak- conbininç /orn [L pinaco- µic-
turc, fr. Gk pinak-, pinako- board, tabIct, µicturc, fr. pinak-,
pinax, akin to OHG witu/ina hcaµ of wood, Russ pen' stumµ,
stub, and µrob. to Skt pinãka staff] : tabIct _pinacoid; _pina-
pinn- or pinni- conbininç /orn [L, fr. pinna fcathcr, wing, fin]
: fcathcr : fin _pinnaI; _Pinniµcdia;
pinnati- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. pinnatus µinnatc] : µinnatcIy
pisci- conbininç /orn [L, fr. piscis] : fish _piscifauna; _pisci-
pistill- conbininç /orn [NL pisti//un] : µistiI _pisti//inc; _pisti/-
pithec- or pitheco- conbininç /orn [Gk pithek-, pitheko-, fr.
pithekos] : aµc : monkcy _pithecan; _pithecomctric;
-pithecus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk pithekos] : aµc - in
gcncric namcs _Sivapithecus;
plac- or placo- conbininç /orn [Gk p/ak-, p/ako- fIat surfacc,
tabIct, fr. p/ak-, p/ax] : tabIct : fIat µIatc _p/acodont; _p/aco-
plagi- or plagio- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. p/açios] : obIiquc
: asIant _P/açianthus; _p/açiotroµic;
¹plan- or plano- conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL, fr. Gk, wandcr-
ing, fr. p/anos, akin to Gk p/anasthai to wandcr] : moving
about : motiIc _p/anuria; _p/anogamctc;
-phoric plan- 43
²plan- or plano- conbininç /orn [L p/anus fIat, IcvcI] 1 : fIat
_p/anomctcr; _p/anocciµitaI; 2 : fIatIy _p/anorotund; 3 : fIat
and _p/ano-concavc;
plani- conbininç /orn [L p/anus] : fIat : IcvcI : µIanc _p/ani-
form; _p/anigraµhy;
-plania n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, act of wandcring, fr.
p/anos wandcring + -ia -y - morc at ÞLA×-] : a wandcring of
(a sµccificd substancc) into a tract not its own _mcnop/ania;
-plasia or -plasy n conbininç /orn, p/ -plasias or -plasies [NL
-p/asia, fr. Gk p/asis moIding + NL -ia -y] : dcvcIoµmcnt : for-
mation _dysp/asia; _hctcrop/asia; _homop/asy;
-plasis n conbininç /orn, p/ -plases [NL, fr. Gk p/asis moIding,
fr. p/assein to moId] : moIding _anap/asis; _catap/asis; _µara-
plasm- or plasmo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. NL p/asna] 1 : µIas-
ma _p/asnaµhcrcsis; _p/asnodium; 2 : cytoµIasm _p/asnoI-
ysis; _p/asnogamy; 3 : µrotoµIasm _p/asnoµtysis;
-plasm or -plasma n conbininç /orn -s [G -p/asna, fr. NL p/as-
na] : formativc or formcd matcriaI (as of a ccII or tissuc)
_cytop/asn; _nucIcop/asn; _karyop/asna; _mctap/asn;
plasmato- conbininç /orn [Gk p/asnat-, p/asna] : ÞLAsm-
-plasmia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. p/asna + -ia] : a (sµcci-
ficd) condition of thc bIood µIasm _oIigop/asnia;
plasmod- or plasmodi- or plasmodio- conbininç /orn [NL p/as-
nodiun] : µIasmodium _p/asnodiocarµ; _p/asnoditro-
µhobIast; _p/asnodic;
-plast n conbininç /orn -s [MF -p/aste, fr. LL -p/astus, fr. Gk
-p/astos, fr. p/astos formcd, moIdcd] 1 a : thing madc _gyµso-
p/ast; _mcIop/ast; b : µIastic - csµ. in namcs of grouµs of
µIastics _µhcnop/ast; 2 a : organizcd µarticIc or granuIc : ccII
_biop/ast; _Icucop/ast; b : formativc ccII : -nLAs1 _odonto-
-plastic adi conbininç /orn [Gk -p/astikos, fr. -p/astos formcd,
moIdcd, (fr. p/astos, vcrbaI of p/assein to form) + -ikos -ic] 1
: dcvcIoµing : forming : growing _hctcrop/astic; _xyIop/astic;
2 : of or rcIating to (somcthing dcsignatcd by a tcrm cnding
in -p/asn, -p/ast, or -p/asty) _rhinop/astic; _µrotop/astic;
plasto- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. p/astos formcd, moIdcd] 1 : for-
mation : dcvcIoµmcnt _p/astochron; _p/astotyµc; 2 : µIastic-
ity : µIastic _p/astomctcr; _p/astomcr; 3 : cytoµIasm _p/as-
togamy; _p/astomcrc; 4 : µIastid _p/astogcnc;
-plasty n conbininç /orn -rs [F -p/astie, fr. Gk -p/astia form,
moId, fr. -p/astos -µIast + -ia -y] : µIastic surgcry _dcrmato-
p/asty; _autop/asty; _cincp/asty;
platin- or platino- conbininç /orn [NL p/atinun] 1 : µIatinum
_p/atinotyµc; _p/atiniridium; 2 : µIatinic acid _p/atinatc;
platini- conbininç /orn [NL p/atinun] : µIatinum _p/atinichIo-
ridc; _p/atinifcrous;
platy- a/so plat- conbininç /orn [LL p/at-, fr. Gk p/at-, p/aty-,
fr. p/atys] : fIat : broad _p/atycncmic; _p/atoid; _p/atyµoda;
plect- or plecto- conbininç /orn [Gk p/ektos, fr. p/ekein] : twist-
cd _p/ectcnchyma; _p/ectognath;
-plegia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk p/eçe bIow, strokc (fr.
thc stcm of p/essein to strikc) + NL -ia] : µaraIysis of a sµcci-
ficd naturc _µarap/eçia;
-plegy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -p/eçia] : µaraIysis of a sµcci-
ficd naturc
pleio- or pleo- or plio- conbininç /orn [Gk p/eiõn, p/eõn] 1
: morc _P/eioccnc; _p/eomorµhism; _p/eomastia; _P/ioccnc;
2 : PIioccnc _P/iohiµµus; _P/ioµithccus;
plesi- or plesio- conbininç /orn [NL p/esi-, fr. Gk p/esi-, p/esio-,
fr. p/esios, fr. pe/as ncar] : cIosc : ncar _p/esiomorµhous; _p/e-
pleur- or pleuri- or pleuro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk,
sidc, rib, fr. p/eura] 1 a : µIcura _p/eurcctomy; _p/euriscµtatc;
_p/eurogcnic; b : µIcura and _p/euroµcricarditis; _p/euroµc-
daI; 2 : sidc : IatcraI _p/euritc; _p/euroccntrum; 3 : rib
-pleura n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. ML p/eura] : Iining : girdIc
_cndop/eura; _cµip/eura;
-plex n conbininç /orn -rs [µartIy fr. L -p/ex (as in dup/ex
duµIcx); µartIy fr. conp/ex, n.] 1 : a figurc having a givcn
µowcr _googoIp/ex; 2 : a buiIding dividcd into an oftcn sµcc-
ificd numbcr of sµaccs (as aµartmcnts or movic thcatcrs)
_fourp/ex; _muItip/ex;
-ploid adi conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. dip/oid & hap/oid] : having
or bcing a chromosomc numbcr that bcars (such) a rcIation-
shiµ to or is (so many) timcs thc basic chromosomc numbcr
charactcristic of a givcn µIant or animaI grouµ _hctcrop/oid;
_hcxap/oid; _hcµtap/oid;
plumb- or plumbo- conbininç /orn [L p/unb-, fr. p/unbun]
: Icad _p/unbatc; _p/unbo}arositc;
pluri- conbininç /orn [L, fr. p/ur-, p/us morc] : many : having
or bcing morc than onc : mLL1r- _p/uriaxiaI; _p/uriIocuIar;
plut- or pluto- conbininç /orn [Gk p/out-, p/outo-, fr. p/outos,
µrob. akin to Gk p/ein to saiI, fIoat] : wcaIth _p/utarchy; _p/u-
pluvi- or pluvio- a/so pluvia- conbininç /orn [ME p/uvy-, fr. L
p/uvi-, fr. p/uvia] : rain _p/uviamctcr; _p/uvian; _p/uviogra-
-pnea or -pnoea n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk -pnoia, fr.
pnoia, pnoe brcathing, brcath, fr. pnein to brcathc] : brcath
: brcathing _hyµcrpnea; _µoIypnoea; _oIigopnea;
pneum- or pneumo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk pneun-, fr.
pneuna] 1 : air : gas _pneunocmµycma; _pneunoµcricardi-
um; 2 : Iung : µuImonary and _pneunogastric; _pneunccto-
my; 3 : rcsµiration _pneunogram; 4 : µncumonia : µncu-
monia and _pneunocntcritis; _pneunobaciIIus; _pneunococ-
pneumat- or pneumato- conbininç /orn [LGk, fr. Gk, fr. pneu-
nat-, pneuna] 1 : sµirit _pneunatoµhobia; _pneunatogra-
µhy; 2 : air : vaµor : gas _pneunatoIytic; _pneunatizc;
_pneunaturia; 3 : rcsµiration _pneunatograµh;
_pneunatomctcr; 4 : µncumatic _pneunatogram;
pneumon- or pneumono- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr.
pneunõn] : Iung _pneunoncctomy; _pneunonoccIc;
-pneusta n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -pneustos having
(such) brcath, fr. (assumcd) Gk pneustos (vcrbaI of Gk pnein
to brcathc)] : animaIs having a (sµccificd) modc of brcathing
- in highcr taxa _Entcropneusta;
pod- or podo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pod-, pous] 1 : foot
_podoIogy; _podoscaµh; 2 : hoof _pododcrm; 3 : µcduncIc
: staIk _Podocarµus; _PodoµhthaImia;
¹-pod n conbininç /orn -s [Gk -pod-, -pous, fr. -pod-, -pous, ad}.
combining form, having (such or so many) fcct, fr. pod-, pous
foot] : onc having (such or so many) fcct _chcnopod;
²-pod adi conbininç /orn [Gk -pod-, -pous] : having (such or so
many) fcct _acanthopod;
³-pod a/so -pode n conbininç /orn -s [NL podiun foot] 1 a : a
footIikc µart _µscudopode; b : foot _ncctopod; 2 : -Þoor1r
-poda n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, ncut. µI. of -pod-, -pous
having (such or so many) fcct] : oncs having (such or so
many) fcct - in taxonomic namcs in zooIogy _Arthropoda;
_Dccapoda; _Hctcropoda;; comµarc -ÞLs
-podia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. pod- + -ia -y] : con-
dition of having (such) fcct _µIatypodia;
-podite n conbininç /orn -s [ISV pod- + -ite] : scgmcnt of an
aµµcndagc of an arthroµod _basipodite; _cndopodite; -
-poditic adi conbininç /orn
-podium n conbininç /orn, p/ -podia [NL, fr. L podiun] 1 : onc
having a (sµccificd kind of) foot or µart rcscmbIing a foot -
in gcncric namcs _Chcnopodiun; _Lycopodiun; 2 : foot
: footIikc µart _µIcuropodiun;
-podous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -pod-, -pous having (such or so
many) fcct + E -ous - morc at -Þoo] : having (such or so
many) fcct : -footcd _acanthopodous; _hcxapodous;
poecil- or poecilo- or poikil- or poikilo- conbininç /orn [Gk
poiki/-, poiki/o-, fr. poiki/os] : varicgatcd : various
_Poeci/ichthys; _poeci/ogony; _poiki/itic; _poiki/obIast;
pogon- or pogono- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk põçõn-, põçõno-,
fr. põçõn] : bcard : somcthing rcscmbIing a bcard _Poçonia;
plan- pogon- 44
-pogon n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk põçõn, µcrh. fr. põ- (akin
to Gk - Cyµrian diaI. - pos on, at) + -çõn (akin to Gk çenys
}aw) - morc at Þos1-] : bcard - in gcncric namcs
-poiesis n conbininç /orn, p/ -poieses [NL, fr. Gk poiesis] : µro-
duction : formation _hcmatopoiesis; _Icukopoiesis;
-poietic adi conbininç /orn [Gk poietikos] : µroductivc : form-
ativc _hcmatopoietic;
poli- or polio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, gray, fr. po/ios] 1
: of or rcIating to thc gray mattcr of thc brain or sµinaI cord
_po/iomycIitis; 2 : gray _Po/ianthcs;
-polis n conbininç /orn -rs [LL, fr. Gk, fr. po/is] : city _mcga-
politico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L po/iticus µoIiticaI] 1 : µoIit-
icaI and _po/itico-diµIomatic; _po/itico-miIitary; 2 : µoIitics
_po/iticomania; _po/iticoµhobia; 3 : µoIiticaI _po/itico-µrcs-
surc; : µoIiticaIIy _po/itico-nationaIist; _po/itico-orthodox;
pollin- or pollini- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. po//in-, po//en]
: µoIIcn _po//inic; _po//inifcrous;
poly- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. po/ys, akin to L
p/enus fuII] 1 a : many : scvcraI : divcrsc : much : mLL1r-,
ÞLLÞr- _po/ytonaIity; _po/yccntric; _po/ycotyIcdon; _po/y-
cross; _po/yarthritis; b : cxccssivc : abnormaI : nvÞrÞ-
_po/ygaIactia; _po/ychromia; _po/ydactyIous; 2 chen a
: containing morc than onc and csµ. morc than two or thrcc
units of (a sµccificd substancc) _po/yatomic; _po/ysuIfidc; -
comµarc oLrc- b : µoIymcrizcd : µoIymcric : µoIymcr of (a
sµccificd monomcr) _po/ycthyIcnc;
pomi- conbininç /orn [LL ponun, fr. L, fruit] : aµµIc _poni-
form; _ponivorous;
-poo su//ix [origin unknown] - uscd as a disµaraging diminu-
tivc _cutcsy-poo; _drinkipoo;
-pora n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L porus bodiIy µassagc, µorc]
: onc or oncs having (such) a µassagc or µorc or (such or so
many) µassagcs or µorcs - chicfIy in gcncric namcs
_HcIiopora; _MiIIcpora;
-pore n conbininç /orn -s [L porus] : oµcning _atriopore;
poro- conbininç /orn [Gk poros µorc] : µorc _porogamy;
post- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, fr. post (adv. & µrcµ.); akin to Gk
(Arcadian & Cyµrian diaI.) pos toward, on, at, Skt paśca
bchind, aftcr, Iatcr, OE o/ of, from, off] 1 a : aftcr : subsc-
qucnt : Iatcr _postdatc; _postcntry; _postnati; b : bchind
_postfix; : µostcrior _postabdomcn; : foIIowing aftcr _post-
consonantaI; 2 a : subscqucnt to : Iatcr than _postadoIcs-
ccncc; _postcIassicaI; _postoµcrativc; _postwar; b : bchind
: µostcrior to _postantcnnaI; _postcardinaI; _postocuIar;
postero- conbininç /orn [L posterus coming aftcr] 1 : µostcri-
or and _posteroantcrior; _posteroIatcraI; 2 : at thc back µart
of _posterodorsaI;
potam- or potamo- conbininç /orn [L potano-, fr. Gk potan-,
potano-, fr. potanos, akin to Gk piptein to faII] 1 : rivcr
_potanic; _potanodromous; 2 : cIcctric currcnt _pota-
-praxia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk praxis action + NL -ia]
: µcrformancc of movcmcnts _cchopraxia; _µarapraxia;
-praxis n conbininç /orn, p/ -praxises a/so -praxes [NL, fr. Gk
praxis doing, action] : thcraµcutic trcatmcnt usu. by a (sµcci-
ficd) systcm or agcncy _chiropraxis; _radiopraxis;
pre- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF & L; OF, fr. L prae-, fr. prae] 1 a (1)
: carIicr than : µrior to : bcforc _predcµarturc; _prehistoric;
_pre-SIavic; _pre-Victorian; (2) : µrcµaratory or µrcrcquisitc
to _premcdicaI; _preµrofcssionaI; (3) : in a formativc, inciµ-
icnt, or µrcIiminary stagc _precartiIagc; b : in advancc
: bcforchand _precut; _pre}udgc; _preµIan; 2 a : in front of
: bcforc _preaxiaI; _premoIar; b : at thc front : antcrior
: constituting a front µart _preabdomcn; _prestcrnum; 3 a
: cxcccdingIy _prenobIc; _preadorc; b petroçraphy : µrcdom-
inating in a ratio grcatcr than 5:3 _preaIkaIic; _precaIcic;
presby- or presbyo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk presby- oIdcr,
fr. presbys oId man] : oId agc _presbyoµia; _presbyoµhrcnia;
preter- a/so praeter- conbininç /orn [L praeter µast, by,
bcyond, fr. L prae bcforc] 1 : µast : by _preterist; 2 : bcyond
thc rangc of : surµassing _preternormaI;
pri- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk priõn saw - morc at ÞÞro×-]
: saw : rcscmbIing a saw _Priacanthus; _priodont;
prion- or priono- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk prion-, fr. priõn
saw, fr. priein to saw] : saw : having an action or aµµcarancc
Iikc that of a saw _Prionodcsmacca; _prionodont;
-prion n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk priõn saw] : crcaturc with
a (sµccificd) kind of sawIikc µart - in gcncric namcs
-privic adi conbininç /orn [L privus dcµrivcd of, without, µri-
vatc + E -ic] : dcficicnt in a (sµccificd) thing or cIcmcnt
¹pro- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. pro] 1 a : carIicr than
: µrior to : bcforc _probaµtismaI; b : rudimcntary : ÞÞo1-
_proanthroµus; _PromammaIia; _procmbryo; 2 a : situatcd
bcforc : Iocatcd in front of : antcrior to _proccrcbrum; b
: front : antcrior _prothorax; 3 : µro}ccting _prognathous;
²pro- pre/ix [L (aIso uscd csµ. with vcrbs to mcan ¨bcforc",
¨forward", ¨forth", ¨down", ¨on bchaIf of"), fr. pro bcforc, in
front of, in bchaIf of, for, on account of] 1 : taking thc µIacc
of : substituting for _procathcdraI; _pro-rcgcnt; _pro-trcasur-
cr; 2 : siding with : advocating : favoring : suµµorting
: chamµioning _pro-British; _pro-IibcraIism;
proli- conbininç /orn [L pro/es offsµring, µrogcny] : offsµring
_pro/icidaI; _pro/igcrous;
prop- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. propionic (in propionic acid)]
: rcIatcd to µroµionic acid _propanc; _propyI;
pros- pre/ix [LL, fr. Gk, fr. pros ncar, toward, to, µrob. aItcr.
(infIucnccd by Gk diaI. pos toward) of proti - morc at Þos1-]
1 : ncar : toward _proscnchyma; 2 [µrob. infIucnccd in mcan-
ing by Gk pro bcforc] : in front _proscnccµhaIon;
proso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk prosõ forward, fr. proti ncar,
toward, to] 1 : in front _Prosobranchia; 2 : in a forward
dircction : onward _prosoµIasia;
prosop- or prosopo- conbininç /orn [LL prosopo-, fr. Gk
prosõp-, prosõpo- µcrson, facc, fr. prosõpon, fr. pros- + -õpon
(fr. õp-, õps facc, cyc)] 1 : µcrson _prosopograµhy; 2 : facc
_prosopaIgia; _Prosopothriµs;
prot- or proto- conbininç /orn [ME protho-, fr. MF, fr. LL
proto-, fr. LGk prõt-, prõto-, fr. Gk, fr. prõtos, akin to Gk pro
bcforc, ahcad] 1 a : first in timc _protohistoric; _proto-
nymµh; b : first in status : chicf in rank or imµortancc : µrin-
ciµaI _protoccrcbrum; _protoconc; c : bcginning : tcnding
toward : giving risc to _protofascism; _protoµIanct; 2 chen
a : first or Iowcst of a scrics : mcmbcr of a scrics having or
suµµoscd to havc thc smaIIcst rcIativc amount of thc cIcmcnt
or radicaI indicatcd in thc namc to which it is µrcfixcd _prot-
oxidc; _protochIoridc; b : substancc hcId to bc thc µarcnt of
thc substancc to thc namc of which it is µrcfixcd _protoac-
tinium; c : first or µrimary µroduct of dccomµosition _pro-
toµrotcosc; 3 bio/ a : archctyµaI _protomorµh; _protonc-
µhros; b : first formcd : µrimary _protodcrm; _protoxyIcm;
4 usu cap : bcIonging to or constituting thc rccordcd or
assumcd Ianguagc that is anccstraI to a Ianguagc or to a grouµ
of rcIatcd Ianguagcs or diaIccts - usu. sµcIIcd proto- and
}oincd to a caµitaIizcd sccond cIcmcnt with a hyµhcn
_Proto-Arabic; _Proto-Indo-Euroµcan;
prote- or proteo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. F protéine µrotcin]
: µrotcin _proteoIysis; _proteosc;
proter- or protero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk proter-, protero-,
fr. proteros, akin to Gk pro bcforc, ahcad] : bcforc : carIicr
: formcr _proterozoic; _proteranthous;
proximo- conbininç /orn [proxina/] : µroximaI _proxinobuc-
caI; - oµµoscd to dist-
psamm- or psammo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. psannos] : sand
_psannobiotic; _psannoµhiIc;
pseud- or pseudo- conbininç /orn [ME pseudo-, fr. LL pseud-,
pseudo-, fr. Gk, fr. pseudes, fr. pseudein to Iic, chcat, faIsify] 1
: faIsc: a : sham : fcigncd : fakc _pseudodramatic; _pseu-
doscrious; b : countcrfcit : sµurious _pseudoantiquc; c
-pogon pseud- 45
: quack _pseudoanaIyst; d : fictitious _pseudobiograµhy; e
: unrcaI : iIIusory _pseudohaIIucination; 2 a : substancc
dcccµtivcIy rcscmbIing (a sµccificd thing) _pseudomaIachitc;
b : tcmµorary or substitutc formation simiIar to (a sµccificd
thing) _pseudobranchia; _pseudoµodium; 3 : chcmicaI com-
µound rcscmbIing, isomcric with, or rcIatcd to (a sµccificd
comµound) _pseudocumcnc; 4 : abnormaI : abcrrant _pseud-
arthrosis; _pseudcmbryo; _pseudovum;
psil- or psilo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. psi/os, akin to Gk psen to
rub, wiµc] : mcrc : barc _psi/omcIanc; _Psi/oµsida;
psor- or psoro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. psõra]
: itch _psorcrgatcs; _psorosµcrm;
psych- or psycho- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. psyche Iifc, sµirit,
souI, scIf] 1 : souI : sµirit _psychogram; _psychoµannychism;
_psychothcism; 2 a : mind : mcntaI µroccsscs and activitics
_psychodynamic; _psychoIogy; _psychomctric; b : µsycho-
IogicaI mcthods _psychoanaIysis; _psychothcraµy; c : ccrc-
braI _psychosurgcry; _psychotroµic; d : mcntaI and : µsychic
and _psychogaIvanic; _psychoµhysicaI;
psychro- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. psychros, fr. psychein to makc
coId] : coId _psychromctcr;
pter- or ptero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. pteron] : fcathcr
: wing _pteridium; _pterodactyI;
-ptera n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, ncut. µI. of -pteros -µtcr-
ous] : organism or organisms having (such or so many) wings
or wingIikc µarts - in taxonomic namcs csµ. in zooIogy
_Hcmiptera; _PhysaIoptera;
pterid- or pterido- conbininç /orn [GK pterid-, pteris] : fcrn
_pteridograµhy; _pteridoid;
-pteris n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. pteris] : fcrn - in
gcncric namcs _GIossopteris; _Ornithopteris;
-pterous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -pteros -wingcd, fr. pteron
wing, fcathcr] : having (so many or such) wings or wingIikc
µarts _anisopterous; _hcxapterous; _trichopterous;
-pterus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk -pteros -µtcrous] : onc
having (such) wings or wingIikc structurcs - in gcncric
namcs _Chactopterus; _Trachypterus;
pteryg- or pterygo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pteryç-, pteryx, akin
to Gk pteron wing, fcathcr] 1 : wing : fin _pteryçobIast;
_pteryçobranchiatc; 2 : µtcrygoid and _pteryçomaIar;
-pterygii n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk pteryç-, pteryx wing,
fin] : wingcd oncs : finncd oncs - in taxonomic namcs
_Chrondropteryçii; _Ncopteryçii; _PIcuropteryçii;
-pteryx n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. pteryx wing - morc
at Þ1rÞvc-] : wingcd onc : finncd onc - in gcncric namcs
_Dipteryx; _Odontopteryx;
ptil- or ptilo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk pti/on, akin to Gk
pteron fcathcr] : down : fcathcr _Pti/occrcus;
-ptile n conbininç /orn -s [Gk pti/on] : fcathcr _ncossopti/e;
_tcIcopti/e; _µrotopti/e;
ptyal- or ptyalo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. ptya/on sµittIc,
saIiva, fr. ptyein to sµit] : saIiva _ptya/agoguc; _ptya/orrhca;
ptych- or ptycho- conbininç /orn [Gk ptych-, fr. ptyche, fr. ptys-
sein to foId] : foId : Iaycr _Ptychosµcrma;
-ptysis n conbininç /orn, p/ -ptyses [NL, fr. Gk, act of sµit-
ting, fr. ptyein to sµit] : sµittIc : sµit _hcmoptysis; _µIas-
pulmo- conbininç /orn [L pu/no] 1 : Iung _pu/nomctry; 2
: µuImonic and _pu/nogastric;
pulmon- a/so pulmoni- or pulmono- conbininç /orn [L pu/-
non-, pu/no] : Iung _pu/nonaI; _pu/nonifcrous; : µuImonary
and _pu/nonocardiac;
pupillo- conbininç /orn [L pupi//a µuµiI of thc cyc] : µuµiI
purpuri- conbininç /orn [L purpura] : µurµIc _purpuriµarous;
-pus n conbininç /orn [NL -pod-, -pus, fr. Gk -pod-, -pous, fr.
pod-, pous foot] : crcaturc having (such) a foot or fcct _mono-
pus; _Lycopus; - chicfIy in gcncric namcs in zooIogy
_mastigopus; _Pygopus;; comµarc -ÞooA
py- or pyo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pyon µus] 1 : markcd by
thc µrcscncc of µus in or with _pyoIymµh; _pycmia; 2 : duc
to or associatcd with a µus-µroducing infcction : suµµurativc
_pyoncµhritis; _pyoµhthaImia;
pycn- or pycno- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk pykn-, pykno-, fr.
pyknos, akin to Gk pyka thickIy, AIb puth kiss, Av pusã- hcad-
band; basic mcaning: µrcsscd togcthcr] : cIosc : comµact
: dcnsc : buIky _pycnic; _pycnidium; _pycnogonid;
pyel- or pyelo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, trough, vat, fr. pye-
/os, akin to Gk p/ynein to wash, p/ein to saiI, fIoat] 1 : µcIvis
_pye/omctry; _pye/ic; 2 : rcnaI µcIvis _pye/ogram; _pye/itis;
pyg- or pygo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pyçe] : rumµ : buttocks
_pyçaIgia; _pçyostyIc;
-pyga or -pygia n conbininç /orn [-pyça fr. NL, fr. Gk pyçe
rumµ; -pyçia fr. NL, fr. Gk pyçe + NL -ia] : crcaturc having
(such) a rumµ - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Eurypyça;
pykno- conbininç /orn : Þvc×-
pyl- or pyle- or pylo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. py/e gatc]
: µortaI vcin _py/ethromboµhIcbitis;
-pyle n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. Gk py/e gatc] : oµcning : ori-
ficc _micropy/e; _aµopy/e;
pylor- or pyloro- conbininç /orn [LL py/orus] : µyIorus _py/o-
raIgia; _py/orocIcisis;
pyopneumo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. py- + pneun-] : contain-
ing or charactcrizcd by thc µrcscncc of both µus and gas
_pyopneunocyst; _pyopneunoµcritonitis;
pyr- or pyro- conbininç /orn [ME pyro-, fr. MF pyr-, pyro-, fr.
LL, fr. Gk, fr. pyr] 1 a : firc : hcat _pyromctcr; _pyrhcIiomc-
tcr; b : µyrogcnous and _pyromagnctic; 2 a : dcrivativc by
thc action of hcat; esp : dcrivcd from thc corrcsµonding ortho
acid by Ioss usu. of onc moIccuIc of watcr from two moIc-
cuIcs of acid - in namcs of inorganic acids _pyroµhosµhoric
acid;; comµarc mr1A- 4b, oÞ1n- 3 b : duc to or attributcd to
thc action of firc or hcat _pyrochIorc; _pyromctamorµhism;;
a/so : of ficry coIor _pyroµhanitc; 3 : fcvcr : fcvcr µroducing
_pyrotoxin; _pyrogcn;
pyramido- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L pyranid-, pyranis µyra-
mid] 1 : µyramidaIIy _pyranidoattcnuatc; 2 : µyramidaI and
pyren- or pyreno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk pyren-, pyreno-,
fr. pyren] 1 : stonc of a fruit _pyrenocarµ; 2 : nucIcoIus
_pyrencmatous; _pyrenin;
pyret- or pyreto- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. pyretos burning hcat,
fcvcr, fr. pyr firc] : fcvcr _pyretogcncsis; _pyretctioIogy;
pyrrh- or pyrrho- a/so pyrro- conbininç /orn [Gk pyrrh-,
pyrrho-, fr. pyrrhos rcd, tawny, fr. pyr firc] : rcd : tawny
_pyrrhitc; _pyrrhotitc;
quadri- or quadr- or quadru- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L; akin
to L quattuor four] 1 a : four _quadriIitcraI; _quadruaI; b
: squarc _quadric; c : 1r1ÞA- _quadribasic; 2 : fourth
_quadriccntcnniaI; 3 : quadric _quadriconc;
quart- conbininç /orn [L, fr. quartus] : fourth _quartic;
quater- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L quater four timcs] : 1r1ÞA-
- csµ. in namcs of organic comµounds to dcnotc thc quad-
ruµIing of a radicaI or moIccuIc _quaterµhcnyI; _quaterthia-
quinque- or quinqu- conbininç /orn [L, fr. quinque fivc] 1
: fivc _quinquecaµsuIar; _quinqueIatcraI; 2 : into fivc µarts
quint- or quinti- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. quintus,
akin to L quinque fivc] 1 : fifth _quintiIIion; 2 : qLr×qLr-
_quintiµcd; 3 : a (sµccificd) musicaI instrumcnt having its
µitch a fifth abovc thc normaI
rachi- or rachio- a/so rhachi- or rhachio- conbininç /orn [Gk
rhachi-, fr. rhachis Iowcr µart of thc back, sµinc, backbonc;
akin to Gk rhachos thorn hcdgc, MIr /racc nccdIc, Lith raras
stubbIc, tinc of a fork] : sµinc : sµinaI : sµinaI and _rachiccn-
tcsis; _rachiodont; _rachiomctcr;
-rachidia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. rachid-, rachis + -ia]
: condition of thc sµinc _atcIorachidia;
radio- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L radius ray] 1 a : radiaI : radiaI-
Iy _radiosymmctricaI; _radioIitic; b : radiaI and _radiobiciµ-
itaI; 2 a : radiant cncrgy : radiation _radioactivc; _radiodcr-
psil- radio- 46
matitis; b : radioactivc _radiocIcmcnt; c : radium : X rays
_radiothcraµy; d : radioactivc isotoµc csµ. as µroduccd arti-
ficiaIIy _radiocarbon; e : radio _radiotcIcgraµhy; _radioµho-
rani- conbininç /orn [L rana] : frog _raniform;
re- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF, fr. L re-, red-] 1 : again : ancw _redo;
_retcII; - usu. }oincd to thc sccond cIcmcnt by a hyµhcn
whcn (1) thc word (as re-create) wouId othcrwisc bc confuscd
with anothcr word (as recreate) of diffcrcnt mcaning, or (2)
thc word (as re-recover) has a sccond cIcmcnt bcginning with
re-, or (3) thc sccond cIcmcnt bcgins with a caµitaI Icttcr (as
re-Christianiration) 2 : back : backward _recaII;
¹rect- or recti- conbininç /orn [L rectus] : straight, right _recti-
IincaI; _rectanguIar;
²rect- or recto- conbininç /orn [NL rectun] 1 : rcctum _recto-
ccIc; 2 : rcctaI and _rectoabdominaI;
religio- conbininç /orn [re/içion] : rcIigion _re/içioccntric;
: rcIigious and _re/içioµhiIosoµhicaI;
remi- conbininç /orn [L, fr. renus oar] : oar _reniform;
reni- conbininç /orn [L renes kidncys] 1 : kidncy _reniform;
_reniµuncturc; 2 : ncµhridiaI and _renicardiac; _reniµcricar-
reno- conbininç /orn [L renes kidncys] 1 : kidncy _renogra-
µhy; 2 : rcnaI and _renocutancous; _renogastric; _renoin-
tcstinaI; _renoµuImonary;
rere- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. MF rere, riere backward, bchind,
fr. L retro - morc at Þr1Þo-] : subscqucnt : rcar _rere-ban-
resino- conbininç /orn [L resina rcsin] 1 : rcsin _resinograµhy;
_resinogcnous; 2 : rcsinous and _resinocxtractivc; _resinovit-
reticul- or reticulo- a/so reticuli- conbininç /orn [L, fr. reticu-
/un] 1 : a rcticuIum _reticu/ocytc; 2 : thc rcticuIum _retic-
u/itis; 3 : rcticuIosc and _reticu/oramosc; _reticu/ovcnosc;
reticulato- conbininç /orn [L reticu/atus rcticuIatcd (fr. reticu-
/un + -atus -atc) + E -o-] : rcticuIatcIy _reticu/atocoaIcsccnt;
_reticu/atogranuIatc; _reticu/atoramosc; _reticu/atovcnosc;
¹retin- or retini- a/so retina- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk rhetine
rcsin] : rcsin _Retinisµora; _retinoid; _retinaIitc;
²retin- or retino- conbininç /orn [fr. retina] : rctina _retinitis;
retro- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, fr. retro, adv., backward, back, bchind,
fr. re- back, again + -tro (as in intro inwardIy) - morc at Þr-,
r×1Þo-] 1 a : backward : back : rctrovcrsc _retromingcnt;
_retro-rockct; _retroscrratc; b : back in timc : µast _retro-
dict; _retrocognition; 2 a : situatcd bchind _retrochoir; b
: situatcd bchind a (sµccificd) µart _retroauricuIar; _retroµu-
bic; 3 : contrary to thc usuaI or naturaI coursc : rctrogradc
rhabd- or rhabdo- conbininç /orn [LGk, fr. Gk, fr. rhabdos
rod] 1 : rod : stick _rhabdoncma; 2 : rodIikc structurc _rhab-
doIith; _rhabdosomc;
rhamn- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL Rhannus] : buckthorn
: rhamnosc _rhannitoI;
rhamph- or rhampho- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. rhanphos, akin
to Gk rhabdos rod] : bcak : crookcd bcak _Rhanphocharus;
rheo- conbininç /orn [Gk rheos anything fIowing, strcam, fr.
rhein to fIow] : fIow : currcnt _rheotaxis; _rheostat;
rhin- or rhino- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. rhin-, rhis nosc;
µcrh. akin to Skt sara fIowing, Gk oros whcy] 1 a : nosc
_rhinitis; _rhinoIogy; b : nosc and _rhinoIaryngoIogy;
_rhinoµharyngitis; 2 a : nasaI _rhinoIith; _rhinocauI; b
: nasaI and _rhinoµharyngcaI;
-rhina n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk rhin-, rhis nosc] : onc or
oncs having (such) a nosc - in taxonomic namcs in zooIogy
_Amµhirhina; _PhyIIorhina;
-rhinus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk rhin-, rhis nosc - morc
at Þnr×-] : onc having (such) a nosc - in gcncric namcs in
zooIogy _Mcgarhinus;
rhipi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk rhipid-, rhipis fan] : ÞnrÞro-
rhipid- or rhipido- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. rhipid-, rhip-
is fan; akin to Gk rhip-, rhips wickcrwork, rhiptein to throw,
OHG riban to gratc, rub, turn, twist, MD wriven to rub, twist;
basic mcaning: turning] : fan - chicfIy in taxonomic namcs
_Rhipidistia; _RhipidogIossa;
rhiz- or rhizo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. rhira] : root
_rhiranthous; _Rhiromys; _rhiroµhiIous;
-rhiza or -rrhiza n conbininç /orn, p/ -rhizae or -rhizas or
-rrhizae or -rrhizas [NL, fr. Gk rhira root] 1 : root : µart
rcscmbIing or conncctcd with a root _coIcorhira; _mycor-
rhira; 2 : µIant having (such) a root - in gcnus namcs in
botany _BaIsamorrhira;
rhod- or rhodo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. rhodon
rosc] : rosc : rcd _rhodium; _rhodoµIast;
rhomb- or rhombo- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr.
rhonbos rhomb] 1 : rhomb _rhonbcnccµhaIon; _rhonbohc-
dron; 2 : rhombic and _rhonboquadratic; _rhonbovatc;
rhopal- or rhopalo- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. rhopa/on]
: cIub _Rhopa/occra; _Rhopa/ura; - in taxonomic namcs in
rhynch- or rhyncho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. rhynchos
snout, biII, bcak; µrob. akin to Gk rhonchos, rhonkos snoring,
whcczing, rhenchein, rhenkein to snorc, snort, OIr srennin I
snorc] : snout - chicfIy in taxonomic namcs in zooIogy
-rhynchus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk rhynchos - morc at
Þnv×cn-] : onc having a snout, biII, or bcak of a (sµccificd)
kind - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _CaIyµtorhynchus;
rib- or ribo- conbininç /orn [ribose] : rcIatcd to ribosc _ribitoI;
romano- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Ronan] : Roman : Roman
and _Ronano-Etruscan; _Ronano-Gcrman;
romantico- conbininç /orn [ronantic] : romantic and _ronan-
tico-hcroic; _ronantico-Iitcrary;
rostr- or rostri- or rostro- conbininç /orn [L rostr-, fr. rostrun]
1 : bcak : rostrum _rostrad; _rostriform; 2 : rostraI and _ros-
roto- conbininç /orn [L rota whccI + E -o-] : rotary _rotosµray;
-rrhachis n conbininç /orn -rs [NL, fr. Gk rhachis - morc at
ÞAcnr-] : sµinc _hcmatorrhachis;
-rrhagia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. rheçnynai to
brcak, burst, rcnd] : abnormaI or cxccssivc dischargc or fIow
_cntcrorrhaçia; _rhinorrhaçia;
-rrhaphy n conbininç /orn -rs [F -raphie, -rrhaphie, fr. Gk
-rrhaphia, fr. rhaptein to scw togcthcr] : suturc : scwing _car-
diorrhaphy; _ncµhrorrhaphy;
-rrhea a/so -rrhoea n conbininç /orn -s [ME -ria, fr. LL
-rrhoea, fr. Gk -rrhoia, fr. rhoia, fr. rhein to fIow] : fIow : dis-
chargc _Iogorrhea; _McIanorrhoea; _mucorrhea;
-rrhexis n conbininç /orn, p/ -rrhexes [NL, fr. Gk rhexis action
or µroccss of brcaking, fr. rheçnynai to brcak, burst, rcnd]
: ruµturc _hystcrorrhexis; : sµIitting _onychorrhexis;
-rrhine or -rhine adi conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk -rrhin- -rrhis,
fr. rhin-, rhis nosc - morc at Þnr×-] : having (such) a nosc
_mcsorrhine; _monorhine; _µIatyrrhine;
rumeno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. runen] : rumcn _runenoto-
russo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Russia & Russian] 1 : Russia
: Russians _Russoµhobia; 2 : Russian and _Russo-Jaµancsc;
ruthen- or ruthenio- or rutheno- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL
rutheniun] : ruthcnium : ruthcnious _ruthenammincs;
_ruthenioµaIIadium; _ruthenonitritc;
-ry n su//ix -rs [ME -rie, fr. OF, short for -erie -cry] : -rÞv
_µiIotry; _wizardry; _µhcasantry; _citizcnry; _muskctry;
_ribaIdry; _sIovcnry; _µrcIatry; _scrgcantry; _banditry;
¹-s n p/ su//ix [ME -es, -s, fr. OE -as, nom. & acc. µI. cnding of
somc masc. nouns; akin to OS -os, nom. & acc. µI. cnding of
somc masc. nouns, and µrob. to Skt (Vcdic) -ãsas, nom. µI.
cnding of somc masc. nouns] 1 a - uscd to form thc µIuraI
of most nouns that do not cnd in s, r, sh, ch, or µostconso-
nantaI y _hcads; _books; _boys; _bcIicfs; _µaradcs; _statcs;;
rani- -s 47
comµarc ¹-rs 1 b - uscd to form thc µIuraI of µroµcr nouns
that cnd in µostconsonantaI y _ItaIys; _Marys; c - uscd to
form thc µIuraI of abbrcviations, numbcrs, Icttcrs, and sym-
boIs uscd as nouns _MCs; _4s; _#s; and oftcn µrcccdcd by an
aµostroµhc _B`s; _µ`s; _&`s; 2 [ME -es, -s, µI. cnding of
nouns, fr. -es, -s, gcn. sing. cnding of nouns (functioning
advcrbiaIIy, as in nedes nccds, a/weys aIways), fr. OE -es] -
uscd to form µIuraI nouns with advcrbiaI function dcnoting
usuaI or rcµcatcd action or statc _aIways at homc Sundays;
_can rcach him thcrc mcaItimcs; _morningshc stoµs by thc
ncwsstand;; comµarc ¹-rs 2
²-s n su//ix - uscd to form nicknamcs cxµrcssing affcction or
famiIiarity _Moms; _Dads; or dcsignating a charactcristic
fcaturc or activity of thc µcrson namcd _Fats; _FrcckIcs;
_CuddIcs; _SmiIcs; or an ob}cct charactcristicaIIy associatcd
with thc µcrson namcd _Boots; _Sµarks;
³-s vb su//ix [ME (Northcrn & North MidIand diaI.) -es, fr. OE
(Northumbrian diaI.) -es, -as, µrob. fr. -es, -as, 2d µcrs. sing.
µrcs. indic. cnding - morc at -rs1] - uscd to form thc third
µcrson singuIar µrcscnt of most vcrbs that do not cnd in s, r,
sh, ch, or µostconsonantaI y _faIIs; _takcs; _µIays;; comµarc
²-rs 1
-'s n su//ix or pron su//ix [ME -s, -es, gcn. sing. cnding of nouns,
fr. OE -es, gcn. sing. cnding of somc masc. & ncut. nouns;
akin to OHG -es, gcn. sing. cnding of somc masc. & ncut.
nouns, ON -s, Goth -is, Gk -ou, Gk (Homcric) -oo, -oio, Skt
-asya] - uscd to form thc µosscssivc of singuIar nouns
_boy`s;, of µIuraI nouns not cnding in s _chiIdrcn`s;, of somc
µronouns _anyonc`s;, and of word grouµs functioning as
nouns _thc man in thc corncr`s hat; or µronouns _somconc
-s' n p/ su//ix [ME -s, aItcr. of -es - morc at -rs] - uscd to
form thc µIuraI µosscssivc of most nouns that do not cnd in s,
r, sh, ch, or µostconsonantaI y _girIs'; _workcrs'; _votcrs';
sacc- or sacci- or sacco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L sacc-, sacci-
bag, fr. saccus] : sac _saccatc; _sacciform; _Saccomys;
sacchar- or sacchari- or saccharo- conbininç /orn [L saccha-
run, fr. Gk sakcharon, fr. PaIi sakkharã, fr. Skt śarkarã grav-
cI, grit, sugar] 1 : sugar _saccharic; _saccharifcrous; _sac-
charomctcr; 2 : saccharinc and _saccharomuciIaginous;
¹sacr- or sacro- conbininç /orn [ME sacr-, fr. MF & L; MF, fr.
L, fr. sacr-, sacer] 1 : sacrcd : somcthing sacrcd _sacraI; 2
: sacrcd and _sacroµictoriaI;
²sacr- or sacro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. sacrun] 1 : sacrum
_sacraI; 2 : sacrum and _sacrococcyx; : sacraI and _sacro-
sali- conbininç /orn [L, fr. sa/] : saIt _sa/ifcrous; _sa/imc-
salicyl- or salicylo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. sa/icy/ saIicyIoyI]
: rcIatcd to saIicyIic acid _sa/icy/amidc; _sa/icy/oyI;
salin- or salini- or salino- conbininç /orn [sa/ine] 1 : saIt
: saIinc _sa/inizc; _sa/iniform; _sa/inomctcr; 2 : saIinc and
salping- or salpingo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. sa/pinç-, sa/pinx]
1 : saIµinx _sa/pinçcctomy; _sa/pinçcmµhraxis; _sa/pinçitis;
2 : faIIoµian tubc _sa/pinçotomy; _sa/pinçorrhaµhy; 3 a : faI-
Ioµian tubc and _sa/pinço-ooµhorcctomy; _sa/pinço-utcrosto-
my; b : custachian and _sa/pinçonasaI; _sa/pinçoµaIatinc;
sangui- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. L, fr. sançuis] : bIood _san-
sanguini- conbininç /orn [fr. sançuine] : sA×cLr×o- _san-
sanguino- conbininç /orn [F, fr. sançuin sanguinc, fr. MF]
: bIood _sançuinoµuruIcnt;
sapr- or sapro- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. sapros, µcrh. akin to
Lith supti to rot] 1 : rottcn : µutrid _saprcmia; _saprosto-
mous; 2 : dcad or dccaying organic mattcr _saprodontia;
_saproµhytc; 3 : saµroµhytic _SaproIcgnia; 4 : saµroµcI
_saprocoII; _saprodiI;
sarc- or sarco- conbininç /orn [Gk sark-, sarko-, fr. sark-, sarx]
: fIcsh _sarcic; _sarcidium; _sarcobIast; _sarcoscµsis;
-sarc n conbininç /orn -s [Gk sark-, sarx fIcsh] : fIcsh : fIcshy
matcriaI _cctosarc; _µcrisarc;
saur- or sauro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. sauros] : Iizard
-saura n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk saura, sauros] : Iizard -
in gcncric namcs _Chamacsaura;
-sauria n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. -saurus + -ia] : Iizards : ani-
maIs rcscmbIing Iizards - in namcs of highcr taxa
_Ptcrosauria; _AnkyIosauria;
-saurus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk saura, sauros] : Iizard -
in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _Brontosaurus; _Icthyosaurus;
saxi- conbininç /orn [L, fr. saxun, akin to L secare to cut]
: rock _saxicoIous;
-scape n conbininç /orn -s [/andscape] : vicw : µictoriaI rcµrc-
scntation of a (sµccificd) tyµc of vicw _cityscape; _watcr-
scaph- or scapho- conbininç /orn [scaphoid] 1 : scaµhoid
_scaphoccµhaIy; 2 : scaµhoid and _scaphoIunar;
scapi- conbininç /orn [L scapus shaft of a coIumn, staIk]
: scaµc : stcm : shaft _scapiform; _scapigcrous;
scapul- or scapulo- conbininç /orn [L scapu/a] 1 : scaµuIa
_scapu/cctomy; _scapu/oµcxy; 2 : scaµuIar and _scapu/oaxiI-
scel- or scelo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ske/os] : Icg _sce/aI-
gia; _Sce/oµorus;
-schisis n conbininç /orn, p/ -schises a/so -schisises [NL, fr. Gk
schisis cIcavagc, fr. schirein to sµIit] : brcaking uµ of attach-
mcnts or adhcsions : fissurc _gastroschisis;
schisto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk schistos dividcd, divisibIc]
: cIcft : dividcd _SchistoccµhaIus;
schiz- or schizo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk schiro-, fr. schirein
to sµIit] 1 : sµIit : cIcft : dividcd _schiraxon; 2 : charactcr-
izcd by or invoIving cIcavagc _schirogcncsis; : µroduccd by
cIcavagc _schirococI; 3 : schizoµhrcnia _schiroµhasia;
sci- or scio- a/so scia- or skia- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk ski-,
skio-, fr. skia] : shadow _sciogram; _scioµtic; _sciaIytic;
scientifico- conbininç /orn [scienti/ic + -o-] : scicntific and _sci-
enti/icoromantic; _scienti/icoµhiIosoµhic;
scler- or sclero- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk sk/er-, sk/ero-, fr.
sk/eros hard] 1 a : hard : dry _sc/eritc; _sc/erobIast; b : scIc-
rotic _sc/erodcrma; c : hardncss _sc/eromctcr; 2 : scIcra
scolec- or scoleco- conbininç /orn [Gk skõ/ek-, skõ/eko-, fr.
skõ/ek-, skõ/ex worm, grub] : worm _sco/ecoIogy; _sco/e-
cosµorc; : scoIcx _sco/ecoid;
-scolex n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk skõ/ex worm, grub]
: worm - in gcncric namcs _Dcsmosco/ex;
-scope n conbininç /orn -s [NL -scopiun, fr. Gk -skopion, fr.
skopein] : a mcans (as an instrumcnt) for vicwing with thc cyc
or obscrving in any way _microscope;
scopi- conbininç /orn [L scopa broom] : brush _scopiform;
-scopic adi conbininç /orn [Gk scopein + E -ic] 1 : Iooking in
a (sµccificd) dircction _basiscopic; 2 : vicwing or obscrving
_orthoscopic; _nooscopic;
-scopus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk skopos] : onc that watch-
cs - in gcncric namcs
-scopy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -skopia, fr. skopein to vicw +
-ia -y] : vicwing, cxamination, scrutiny, obscrvation _fIuo-
roscopy; _microscopy; _sµcctroscopy;
scoto- conbininç /orn, usu cap [NL, fr. LL Scotus Scot] 1
: Scotch _Scoto-CcItic; 2 : Scotch and _Scoto-Irish;
scroful- or scrofulo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ML scro/u/a] 1
: scrofuIa _scro/u/osis; 2 : scrofuIous and _scro/u/otubcrcu-
scut- or scuti- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L scutun shicId] 1
: shicId _scutaI; _scutcIIa; _Scutibranchia; 2 : scutc : scutum
_scutation; _scutiµcd;
scyph- or scypho- a/so scyphi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L scy-
phus cuµ, scyµhus] : cuµ : can : scyµhus _scyphiform;
_Scyphozoa; _scyphosc;
scyt- or scyto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk skyto-, fr. skytos
skin, Icathcr] : skin : intcgumcnt _scytitis; _scytobIastcma;
-s scyt- 48
scytho- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L Scytha Scythian + E -o-]
: Scythian and _Scytho-Aryan; _Scytho-Grcck;
sebi- or sebo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L sebun taIIow, grcasc]
: fat : grcasc : scbum _sebific; _seborrhca;
secret- or secreto- conbininç /orn [secretion] : sccrction
_secretin; _secretomotor;
¹-sect adi conbininç /orn [L sectus, µast µart. of secare to cut,
dividc] : cut : dividcd _µinnatisect;
²-sect vb conbininç /orn -ro/-r×c/-s [L sectus, µast µart. of
secare] : cut : dividc _bisect; _quadrisect;
-seism n conbininç /orn -s [Gk seisnos carthquakc] : scismic
movcmcnt _tachyseisn;
seismo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. seisnos] : carthquakc : vibra-
tion _seisnomctcr; _seisnotroµism;
¹selen- or seleno- a/so seleni- conbininç /orn [L se/en-, fr. Gk
se/en-, fr. se/ene moon; akin to Gk se/as Iight, brightncss, L so/
sun] : moon : crcsccnt-shaµcd _Se/enarctos; _se/enomorµhic;
²selen- or seleni- or seleno- conbininç /orn [Sw, fr. NL se/eni-
un] : scIcnium _se/enic; _se/enifcrous; _se/enobismuthitc;
self- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. OE se//-, seo//-, sy//-, fr. se//, seo//,
sy//, µron. & ad}.] 1 a : oncscIf or itscIf _se//-asscrting;
_se//-Ioving; b : of oncscIf or itscIf _se//-abandonmcnt;
_se//-congratuIation; c : by oncscIf or itscIf : indcµcndcnt
: automatic _se//-ruIc; _se//-fccdcr; _se//-action; _se//-µro-
µcIIcd; 2 a : to, with, for, or toward oncscIf or itscIf
_se//-consistcnt; _se//-conccrncd; _se//-addrcsscd; _se//-Iovc;
b : of or in oncscIf or itscIf inhcrcntIy _se//-cvidcnt; _se//-cxis-
tcnt; c : from or by mcans of oncscIf or itscIf _se//-fcrtiIc;
semi- pre/ix [ME, fr. L; akin to OE san- haIf, OHG sãni-,
Gk heni-, Skt sãni-] 1 a : µrcciscIy haIf of: (1) : forming
a biscction of _senicIIiµsc; _senichord; _senicyIindcr;
(2) : bcing a usu. vcrticaIIy biscctcd form of (a sµccificd
architccturaI fcaturc) _seniarch; _senibay; _senidomc;
b : haIf in quantity or vaIuc : haIf of or occurring haIfway
through (a sµccificd µcriod of timc) _senircvoIution;
_seniannuaI; _seniccntcnary; _seniµhasc; - comµarc
nr- 2 a : to somc cxtcnt : µartIy : incomµIctcIy _seni-indc-
µcndcnt; _senidry; _seniµIastic; _seniacid; _seniquanti-
tativcIy; - comµarc ormr-, nrmr- b : having (a sµccificd
charactcristic) for haIf thc Icngth or on onc sidc _seniµin-
natc; _seniadhcrcnt; 3 a : µartiaI : incomµIctc _seni-
µositivism; _senicducation; _seniadhcrcnt; _seni-
Augustinianism; _seniwig; b : having somc of thc char-
actcristics of (a sµccificd cIass or ob}cct) _seniIuxury;
_senicamµus; _senibcnzcnc; _seniµorccIain; _seniciti-
zcn; c _senigovcrnmcntaI; _seni}udiciaI; _senimonastic;
-semic adi conbininç /orn [LL -senus (fr. Gk -senos, fr.
seneion unit of timc, notc, mark, sign) + E -ic] : having (a
sµccificd numbcr of) units of µrosodic timc _dccasenic;
semimicro- conbininç /orn [seni- + nicr-] : of, invoIving, or
for quantitics intcrmcdiatc in sizc bctwccn micro and macro
quantitics : on a scaIc intcrmcdiatc bctwccn microchcmicaI
and macrochcmicaI _seninicrodctcrmination;
semito- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Senitic] : Scmitc : Scmitic
_Senito-Hamitc; _Senito-Hamitic;
sensori- a/so senso- conbininç /orn [sensori- fr. sensory, senso-
fr. L sensus scnsc] : scnsory : scnsory and _sensoµaraIysis;
-sepalous adi conbininç /orn [sepa/ + -ous] : having scµaIs
_gamosepa/ous; _tctrasepa/ous;
¹sept- or septi- conbininç /orn [L, fr. septen] : scvcn _septin-
suIar; _septifoIious; _septiIIion;
²sept- or septo- a/so septi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. septun]
: scµtum _septaI; _septifragaI; _septocosta;
serbo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [serb] 1 : Scrbian _SerboµhiIc;
2 : Scrbian and _Serbo-BuIgarian;
sericeo- conbininç /orn [LL sericeus scriccous] : scriccous and
serio- conbininç /orn [serious] 1 : scrious _seriocomcdy; 2
: scrious and _serioIudicrous;
sero- conbininç /orn [L serun] 1 : scrum : conncction with or
rcIation to scrum _serodiagnosis; 2 : scrous and _serofibri-
serpenti- conbininç /orn [L, fr. serpent-, serpens] : scrµcnt _ser-
serrato- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L serratus scrratc] : scrratc
and _serratocrcnatc; _serratodcntatc;
serri- conbininç /orn : saw _serrifcrous;
servo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [servian] : srÞno-
sesqui- conbininç /orn [L, onc and a haIf, haIf again, Iit., and
a haIf, fr. senis haIf (fr. seni-) + -que and (cncIitic); akin to
Gk te and, Skt ca, Goth -h, -uh - morc at srmr-] : onc and a
haIf timcs _sesquiccntcnniaI;
seti- conbininç /orn [L seti-, saeti-, fr. seta, saeta] : bristIc
sex- or sexi- conbininç /orn [L sex] : six _sexannuIatc; _sexi-
sexti- conbininç /orn [L sextus sixth] : six _sextiµara; _sex-
-ship n su//ix -s [ME -schipe, -shipe, -ship, fr. OE -scipe, akin to
OFris -skip, -skipi -shiµ, OS -skap, -skepi, -skipi, OHG -sca/,
-sca/t, ON -skapr, aII fr. a µrchistoric Gmc word rcµrcscntcd
by OHG sca/ naturc, condition, quaIity; akin to OE sceppan,
scyppan to shaµc] 1 : statc : condition : quaIity _sonship;
_fricndship; _schoIarship; 2 : officc : dignity : µrofcssion
_cIcrkship; _chanccIIorship; _Iordship; _authorship; 3 : art
: skiII _horscmanship; _marksmanship; _scamanship; 4
: somcthing showing, cxhibiting, or cmbodying a quaIity or
statc _township; _fcIIowship; _courtship; 5 : onc cntitIcd to
a (sµccificd) rank, titIc, or aµµcIIation - uscd with µosscssivc
µronouns _his Lordship;
sial- or sialo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. sia/on, akin to L
spuere to sµit] : saIiva _sia/oIith;
sicilo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L Sici/ia SiciIy] : srcLLo-
_Sici/o-Norman; _Sici/o-MusIim;
siculo- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L sicu/us sicuIan] : SiciIian and
_Sicu/o-Arabian; _Sicu/o-Norman;
sider- or sidero- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. L, fr. Gk sider-,
sidero-, fr. sideros] : iron _sideroIitc; _siderosis;
sidero- conbininç /orn [L sider-, sidus star, constcIIation] 1
: star _sideromancy; _siderostat; 2 : sidcrcaI _siderograµh;
sil- conbininç /orn [si/icon] : containing or dcrivcd from siIi-
con _si/anc; - comµarc srLrc-
silic- or silico- conbininç /orn [si/icon or si/iciun] 1 : rcIating
to or containing siIicon or its comµounds _si/iconc; _si/ico-
fIuoridc; _si/icochIoroform; - comµarc srL- 2 : siIicic and
_si/icoaIkaIinc; 3 : siIicosis and _si/icotubcrcuIosis;
siliceo- conbininç /orn [L si/iceus siIiccous] : siIiccous and
_si/iceocaIcarcous; _si/iceofcIdsµathic;
silici- conbininç /orn [NL si/ica] 1 : siIcx : siIica _si/icifcrous;
2 : siIiccous and _si/icicaIcarcous;
siliqui- conbininç /orn [NL si/iqua] : siIiqua _si/iquifcrous;
sinico- conbininç /orn, usu cap [sinic + -o-] : Chincsc and
_Sinico-Jaµancsc; _Sinico-Russian;
sinistr- or sinistro- conbininç /orn [ML, fr. L sinistr-, sinister
Icft, on thc Icft sidc] 1 a : Icft _sinistrad; b : bcttcr dcvcIoµcd
in or using µrcfcrcntiaIIy thc Icft _sinistrocuIar; 2 : Icvorota-
tory _sinistrin;
¹sino- conbininç /orn, usu cap [F, fr. LL Sinae] 1 : Chincsc
_Sinogram; 2 : Chincsc and _Sino-Amcrican; _Sino-
Jaµancsc; - comµarc cnr×o-
²sino- or sinu- conbininç /orn [NL sinus] 1 : rcIating to thc
sinus and _sinorcsµiratory; 2 : rcIating to thc sinus vcnosus
and _sinuvcntricuIar;
siphon- or siphono- a/so siphoni- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk
siphõn-, siphõno-, fr. siphõn] 1 : siµhon : tubc : µiµc
_Siphonaµtcra; _Siphonoµhora; _Siphoniata; _siphonatc; 2
: Siµhonoµhora _siphonosomc; _siphonozooid;
-sis n su//ix, p/ -ses [L, fr. Gk, fcm. suffix of action] 1 : µroccss
scytho- -sis 49
: action : -r×c _anaIysis; _µcristaIsis; _arsis; 2 : discascd
statc : discasc µroduccd by _stcµhanofiIariasis;
sito- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. sitos] 1 : grain _SitoµhiIus; _sito-
stcroI; 2 : food _sitoIogy;
skelet- or skeleto- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ske/eton] 1 : skcIc-
ton _ske/etaI; _ske/etoIogy; 2 : skcIctaI and _ske/etomuscu-
socio- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L socius associatc, comµanion] 1
: socicty _sociograµhy; : sociaI _sociogram; 2 : sociaI and
_sociocducationaI; _socioµoIiticaI; _sociorcIigious; 3 : socio-
IogicaI and _socioIcgaI; _socioµsychiatric;
sodio- conbininç /orn [NL sodiun] 1 : sodium and _sodioaIu-
minic; _sodiohydric; 2 : containing sodium in µIacc of
hydrogcn - uscd in namcs of organic comµounds _sodioma-
Ionic cstcr; _sodionitromcthanc;
solen- or soleno- conbininç /orn [Gk sõ/en-, sõ/eno-, fr. sõ/en]
: channcI : µiµc : tubc; a/so : tubuIar _So/enodon; _so/eno-
cytc; _so/enostcIc;
soli- conbininç /orn [L, fr. so/us] : aIonc : soIcIy _so/iIoquy;
-soma n conbininç /orn [NL -sonat-, -sona, fr. Gk sõnat-,
sõna body; akin to L tunere to swcII] 1 : onc having (such) a
body - in gcncric namcs in zooIogy _DoIichosona;
_Loxosona; and botany _Crossosona; 2 p/ -somas or -soma-
ta : body _antinosona; _hydrosona; : rcgion or µortion of a
body _mcsosona; _µrosona;
somat- or somato- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk sõnat-, sõnato-,
fr. sõnat-, sõna body] 1 a : body _sonatoIogy; b : somatic
_sonatizc; : somatic and _sonatoµsychic; 2 : soma
-somata n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk sõnata, µI. of sõnat-,
sõna body] : oncs having (such) a body - in namcs of zoo-
IogicaI taxa Iargcr than a gcnus _Hctcrosonata;
-somatous adi conbininç /orn [LL -sonatus, fr. Gk -sõnatos,
fr. sõnat-, sõna body - morc at -somA] : having (such) a
body _macrosonatous;
¹-some adi su//ix [ME -son, fr. OE -sun, akin to OFris -sun
-somc, OHG -san, ON -sanr, Goth -sana -somc, sana samc]
: charactcrizcd by a (sµccificd) thing, quaIity, statc, or action
_awcsone; _burdcnsone; _cuddIcsone; _Ioncsone;
²-some n su//ix -s [ME (northcrn diaI.) -sun, fr. ME sun, son,
µron., onc, a ccrtain onc, somc, fr. OE sun, µron., onc, a ccr-
tain onc, somc, onc of a grouµ of (so many) mcmbcrs (in such
cxµrcssions as syxa sun onc of a grouµ of six mcmbcrs)]
: grouµ of (so many) mcmbcrs and csµ. µcrsons _foursone;
³-some n conbininç /orn -s [NL -sonat-, -sona -soma - morc
at -somA] 1 : -somA 2 _chromosone; _troµhosone; _ccto-
sone; 2 : chromosomc _monosone;
ª-some adi conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL sona body, fr. Gk sõna
- morc at -somA] : having (such) a body _curysone;
-somia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. sona + -ia] : condition of
having (such) a body _nanosonia;
-somic adi conbininç /orn [ISV ³-sone + -ic] : having or bcing
a body of chromosomcs of which onc or morc but not aII
mcmbcrs cxhibit (such) a dcgrcc of µIoidy _hcxasonic;
somnambul- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. sonnanbu/us somnam-
buIist, fr. L sonnus sIccµ + -anbu/us (as in /unanbu/us
funambuIist)] : somnambuIism : somnambuIist _sonnanbu-
somni- conbininç /orn [L, fr. sonnus] : sIccµ _sonnifacicnt;
-somus n conbininç /orn, p/ -somi or -somuses [NL, fr. Gk
sõna body - morc at -somA] : onc having (such) a body or
(so many) bodics _disonus; _nanosonus;
son- or soni- or sono- conbininç /orn [L son-, soni-, fr. sonus]
: sound _sonaI; _sonification; _sonobuoy;
-sophy n conbininç /orn -rs [ME -sophie, fr. OF, fr. L -sophia,
fr. Gk sophia wisdom, fr. sophos skiIIcd, cIcvcr, wisc + -ia -y]
: knowIcdgc or wisdom conccrning (somcthing sµccificd)
: scicncc or study of (somcthing sµccificd) _anthroµosophy;
_chirosophy; _µhysiosophy;
soredi- conbininç /orn [NL sorediun] : sorcdium _soredifcr-
ous; _sorediform; _soredioid;
-sorus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. sorus] : onc having sori of a
(sµccificd) kind - in gcncric namcs of µIants _Camµtosorus;
spatio- conbininç /orn [L spatiun] 1 : sµacc _spatiograµhy; 2
: sµatiaI and _spatiotcmµoraI;
speci- or specie- or specio- conbininç /orn [species] : sµccics
_speciogcncsis; _speciation;
-specific conbininç /orn [speci/ic, ad}.] : rcIating or aµµIying
sµccificaIIy to or intcndcd csµ. for _gcndcr-speci/ic;
spectro- conbininç /orn [NL spectrun] 1 : sµcctraI and _spec-
trochcmicaI; 2 : of or rcIating to sµcctra _spectroµhotogra-
µhy; 3 [spectroscope] : combincd with a sµcctroscoµc _spec-
sperm- or spermo- or sperma- or spermi- conbininç /orn [Gk
spern-, sperno-, fr. spernat-, sperna sccd, sµcrm] : sccd
: gcrm : sµcrm : scmcn _spernoµhiIc; _spernangium; _sper-
nathcca; _spernidinc; _sperniduct;
-sperma n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. fcm. sing. of -spernus -sµcr-
mous] : onc having (such) a sccd or gcrm - in gcncric namcs
of µIants _Lcµidosperna;
-spermae or -spermeae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. -spernae,
fcm. µI. of -spernus -sµcrmous] : onc having (such) a sccd or
gcrm - in highcr taxa in botany _Angiospernae;
_Gymnospernae; _Rhodosperneae;
-spermal or -spermous adi conbininç /orn [-sperna/ fr. NL
-spernum + E -a/, -spernous fr. NL -spernus, fr. Gk -spernos,
fr. spernat-, sperna sccd, sµcrm] : having (such or so many)
sccds : sccdcd _µcrisperna/; _µoIyspernous; _angiosperna/;
spermat- or spermato- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr.
spernat-, sperna sccd, sµcrm] : sccd : sµcrmatozoan _sper-
natangium; _spernatoµhorc; _spernatocytc; _Sper-
-spermatous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -spernatos, fr. spernat-,
sperna sccd, sµcrm] : having (such or so many) sccds : sccd-
cd _macrospernatous; _angiospernatous;
-spermia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. -spernus -sµcrmous + -ia]
: condition of having or µroducing (such) sµcrm _azoosper-
-spermic adi conbininç /orn [NL -spernicus, fr. LL sperna
sµcrm + L -icus -ic] 1 : -sÞrÞmAL 2 : bcing thc µroduct of
(such) a numbcr of sµcrmatozoa : rcsuIting from (such) a
muItiµIc fcrtiIization _a trispernic cgg; _µoIyspernicfcrtiIiza-
-spermum n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ncut. of -spernus -sµcr-
mous] : µIant having (such) sccds or (such) a sccd charactcr-
istic - in gcncric namcs _Anthospernun;
-spermy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -spernia, fr. -spernos -sµcr-
mous + -ia -y] 1 : statc of having (such or so many) sccds
_gymnosperny; 2 : statc of cxhibiting or rcsuIting from
(such) a muItiµIc fcrtiIization _µoIysperny;
sphaer- or sphaero- a/so spher- or sphero- conbininç /orn [LL
sphaer-, sphaero-, fr. L, fr. Gk sphair-, sphairo-, fr. sphaira] 1
: baII : sµhcrc _Sphaeroµhorus; _caIcospheritc; 2 : sµhcricaI
: consisting of sµhcricaI cIcmcnts _spaeraµhidcs; _spheromc-
-sphaera n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. L sphaera sµhcrc] : baII
: sµhcrc - chicfIy in taxonomic namcs _Microsphaera;
-speak n conbininç /orn[newspeak] - uscd to form csµ. noncc
words dcnoting a µarticuIar kind of }argon _architcctspeak;
sphen- or spheno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk sphen-, spheno-,
fr. sphen] 1 : wcdgc : wcdgc-shaµcd _sphenogram;
_Sphenodon; 2 a : of or rcIating to thc sµhcnoid _sphe-
notribc; b : sµhcnoidaI and _sphenomastoid; _sphencth-
sphingo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk sphinçein to bind fast] 1
: dcfIcction : bcnding _sphinçomctcr; 2 : sµhingomycIin
sphygmo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. sphyçnos, akin to Gk
asphyxia stoµµing of thc µuIsc] : µuIsc _sphyçnogram;
spin- or spini- or spino- conbininç /orn [L spin-, spini- thorn,
sito- spin- 50
sµinc, fr. spina thorn, sµinc, sµinaI coIumn] 1 a : sµinaI coI-
umn : sµinaI cord _spinogram; b : of, rcIating to, or invoIv-
ing thc sµinaI cord and _spinothaIamic; 2 : sµinc _spinatc;
spinoso- conbininç /orn [spinose + -o-] : sµinosc and _spinoso-
spir- or spiri- or spiro- conbininç /orn [LL spir-, fr. L spira] 1
: coiI : twist _Spiranthcs; _spirivaIvc; _Spirochacta; 2 : a
chcmicaI comµound that contains onc or morc systcms of two
rings having a singIc atom in common with a rcsuIting figurc-
cight arrangcmcnt of atoms _spiroµcntanc;
spiro- conbininç /orn [ISV spir- (fr. L spirare to brcathc) + -o-]
: rcsµiration _spiromctcr;
splanchno- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. sp/anchnon cntraiI;
akin to Gk sp/en sµIccn] : visccra _sp/anchnomcgaIy;
splen- or spleno- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L, fr. Gk sp/en-,
sp/eno-, fr. sp/en sµIccn] 1 : sµIccn _sp/encctomy; _sp/enoma;
_sp/enoIysis; _sp/enorrhagia; 2 : sµIccn and _sp/enocoIic;
spondyl- or spondylo- conbininç /orn [Gk spondy/os sµondyI,
whorI] 1 : vcrtcbra _spondy/aIgia; _spondy/otomy; 2 : whorI
-spondyli n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L spondy/us vcrtcbra]
: animaIs having (such) vcrtcbrac - in namcs of highcr taxa
_DiµIospondy/i; _Lcµospondy/i;
-spondylus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L spondy/us vcrtcbra]
: animaI having (such) vcrtcbrac - in gcncric namcs
spongi- or spongio- conbininç /orn [L sponçia] 1 : sµongc
_sponçicoIous; _sponçioIogy; 2 : sµongy _sponçiobIast;
-spongia n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L sponçia] : sµongc - in
gcncric namcs of sµongcs _AstyIosponçia;
-spongiae n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L sponçiae] : sµongcs -
in namcs of ordcrs and othcr highcr grouµs of sµongcs
-spongium n conbininç /orn, p/ -spongia [NL, fr. L sponçia
sµongc] : nctwork of ccIIs or fibriIs _ncurosponçiun;
spongo- conbininç /orn [Gk sponç-, sponço-, fr. sponços]
spor- or spori- or sporo- conbininç /orn [NL spora] : sccd
: sµorc _sporocyst; _sporangium; _sporicidc;
-spora n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. spora sccd, sµorc] : organism
having (such) a sµoraI charactcristic - in gcncric namcs
_Pcronospora; _Isospora;
sporangi- or sporangio- conbininç /orn [NL sporançiun] : sµo-
rangium _sporançioid; _sporançiosµorc;
-spore n conbininç /orn -s [NL spora] 1 : sµorc having (such)
a charactcristic or origin _µycnidiospore; 2 : sµorc mcm-
branc _a dark cµispore cncIosing a hyaIinc sµorc;
-sporic or -sporous adi conbininç /orn [NL spora sµorc + E -ic
or -ous] : having (such or so many) sµorcs _carµosporic;
-sporidia n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. µI. of sporidiun] : crca-
turcs bcaring (such) smaII sµorcs - in highcr taxa in µroto-
zooIogy _Microsporidia; _Cnidosporidia;
-sporium n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. spora sµorc + -iun] 1 p/
-sporia; a/so -sporiums : (such) a coat or Iaycr of a sµorc waII
_cndosporiun; 2 : µIant having (such) a sµorc - in gcncric
namcs _HcIminthosporiun;
-spory n conbininç /orn -rs [-sporic + -y] : thc quaIity or statc
of having (such or such a numbcr of) sµorcs _aµospory;
squam- or squamo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. squana] 1 : scaIc
: squama _Squanata; _squanaccous; 2 : squamosaI and
_squanomastoid; : squamousIy _squanoccIIuIar;
stamin- or stamini- conbininç /orn [L stanin-, stanen] : sta-
mcn _staninody; _staninifcrous;
stann- or stanni- or stanno- conbininç /orn [LL stannun tin]
: rcIating to or containing tin _stannidc; _stannifcrous; _stan-
notyµc; : stannic _stannanc; : stannous _stannitc;
staphyl- or staphylo- conbininç /orn [MF staphy/-, fr. L
staphy/-, staphy/o-, fr. Gk, bunch of graµcs, uvuIa, fr. staphy/e
bunch of graµcs swoIIcn uvuIa, uvuIa; akin to Gk stenphy/on
oIivc µuIµ] 1 a : bunch of graµcs _Staphy/ococcus; b
: staµhyIoma _staphy/otomy; 2 a : uvuIa _staphy/cctomy; b
: µaIatc _staphy/ion; 3 : staµhyIococcic _staphy/ocoaguIasc;
stasi- conbininç /orn [Gk stasis condition of standing, stoµ-
µagc, staturc, µosition] 1 : arrcst of dcvcIoµmcnt : stoµµagc
_stasimorµhy; 2 : crcct µosturc _stasiµhobia; 3 : µosition
-stasia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. statos standing (fr.
thc stcm of histanai to causc to stand) + -ia -y] : condition of
standing : stoµµagc : -s1Asrs _mcnostasia; _cnhyµostasia;
-stasis n conbininç /orn, p/ -stases [NL, fr. Gk stasis condition
of standing, standing stiII, stoµµagc] 1 : sIowing or stoµµagc
of normaI fIow _hcmostasis; 2 : inhibition of thc growth
without dcstruction of _bactcriostasis; _fungistasis; 3 : tcn-
dcncy toward maintcnancc of stabiIity _homcostasis; 4
: rctcntion : µcrsistcncc _trichostasis;
stat- conbininç /orn [cIcctrostatic] : cIcctrostatic _statamµcrc;
- in namcs of cIcctricaI units
-stat n conbininç /orn -s [NL -stata, fr. Gk -states onc that
causcs to stand, fr. thc stcm of histanai to causc to stand] 1
: aµµaratus or agcnt for kccµing (somcthing sµccificd) stabIc
or stationary _gyrostat; 2 : dcvicc for rcguIating or for main-
taining (somcthing sµccificd) in a constant statc _cryostat;
_rhcostat; _thcrmostat; 3 : instrumcnt for rcfIccting (somc-
thing sµccificd) constantIy in onc dircction _hcIiostat;
_sidcrostat; 4 : dcvicc for studying (somcthing sµccificd) in a
statc of rcst _hydrostat; 5 : agcnt causing inhibition of
growth without dcstruction _bactcriostat; _fungistat;
-state n conbininç /orn -s [Gk statos standing, fixcd, fr. thc
stcm of histanai to causc to stand] : substancc µroduccd
through a (sµccificd) µroccss _anastate; _catastate;
stato- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk statos, vcrbaI of histanai to
causc to stand, sct, µIacc on a baIancc, wcigh] 1 : rcsting _sta-
tobIast; _statosµorc; 2 : baIancc : cquiIibrium _statorcccµ-
tor; _statoscoµc;
stauro- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. LGk, fr. Gk stauros µaIc, stakc,
cross] : cross _stauromcdusac; _stauroscoµc;
steat- or steato- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. steat-, stear] : fat : taI-
Iow _steatoIysis; _steatosis;
steg- or stego- conbininç /orn [Gk steçe, steços roof, fr. steçein
to covcr] : covcring µIatc or foId _steçodon; _steçocarµous;
-stege n conbininç /orn -s [Gk steçe roof, fr. steçein to covcr]
: covcring µIatc or foId _gastrosteçe; _urosteçe;
-stegite n conbininç /orn -s [Gk steçe roof + E -ite] : scgmcnt
of a caraµacc _omosteçite;
-stelic adi conbininç /orn [ste/e + -ic] : having (a sµccificd num-
bcr or kind of) stcIcs _aste/ic;
-stemonous adi conbininç /orn [fr. (assumcd) NL -stenonus,
fr. Gk stenõn warµ, thrcad] : having (such or so many) sta-
mcns _diµIostenonous; _isostenonous;
sten- or steno- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. stenos narrow, cIosc,
scanty] : cIosc : narrow : IittIc _stenobathic; - oµµoscd to
step- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. OE steop-, akin to OFris stiap-
stcµ-, OHG stio/-, ON stiup- stcµ-, OE ãstepan, ãstypan to
dcµrivc, bcrcavc, OHG bistiu/en to dcµrivc of chiIdrcn or µar-
cnts] : rcIatcd by virtuc of a rcmarriagc (as of a µarcnt) and
not by bIood _stepaunt; _stepcousin; _stepgrandchiId;
stephan- or stephano- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. stephanos
crown, fr. stephein to µut round onc`s hcad, cncircIc, crown]
: crown : haIo _Stephanurus; _stephanomc; _StephanofiIaria;
-ster n su//ix -s [ME -ster, -stere, -estere, fr. OE -estre fcmaIc
agcnt; akin to MD -ster] 1 : onc that docs or handIcs or oµcr-
atcs _sµinster; _taµster; _tcamster; 2 : onc that makcs or uscs
_songster; _µunster; 3 : onc that is associatcd with or µartic-
iµatcs in _gamcster; _gangster;
stere- or stereo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. stereos soIid] 1
: soIid : soIid body _stereosµondyIous; _stereoµticon; 2 a
: stcrcoscoµic _stereocamcra; b : having or dcaIing with thrcc
spinoso- stere- 51
dimcnsions of sµacc _stereochcmistry; c : of, rcIating to, or
considcrcd with rcsµcct to stcrcochcmistry _stereosµccific;
stern- or sterno- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. sternon] 1
: brcast : stcrnum : brcastbonc _sternaIgia; _sternad; 2 : stcr-
naI and _sternocIcidomastoid;
steth- or stetho- conbininç /orn [F stéth-, stétho-, fr. Gk steth-,
stetho-, fr. stethos] : brcast : chcst _stethartcritis; _stethomc-
stib- or stibi- or stibio- a/so stibo- conbininç /orn [stibiun]
: antimony _stibinc; _stibiocoIumbitc; _stiboµhcn;
-stich n conbininç /orn -s [L -stichon, fr. Gk, fr. ncut. of -sti-
chos having (so many) rows or Iincs, fr. stichos row, Iinc,
vcrsc] : µocm or stanza consisting of (so many) Iincs _dcca-
stich; _hcµtastich;
-stichous adi conbininç /orn [LL -stichus, fr. Gk -stichos, fr.
stichos row, Iinc] : having (such or so many) rows or sidcs
_diµIostichous; _monostichous;
stom- or stomo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. stona] : mouth
: stoma _stonodacum; _stonoisia;
¹-stoma n conbininç /orn, p/ -stomata a/so -stomas [NL, fr. Gk
stona] 1 : mouth : oµcning : stoma _hyµostona; 2 or stomus
: crcaturc with (such) a mouth or stoma - in gcncric namcs
_BdcIIostona; _Gnathostona;
²-stoma or -stomata n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk stonat-,
stona mouth] : crcaturcs with (such) a mouth or stoma - in
highcr taxa in zooIogy _Gnathostona; _PIagiostonata;
stomat- or stomato- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. stonat-,
stona] : mouth : oµcning : stoma _stonatitis; _stonatoscoµc;
-stomate adi conbininç /orn [ston- + -ate] : -s1omA1oLs
-stomatous adi conbininç /orn [µrob. fr. NL -stonatus, fr. Gk
stonat-, stona mouth] : having (such) a mouth or oµcning
: stomatous _cycIostonatous;
-stome n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. NL -stona] : mouth : oµcn-
ing rcscmbIing or functioning as a mouth _cytostone;
-stomi n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk stona mouth] : crca-
turcs having (such) a mouth or oµcning - in namcs of high-
cr taxa in zooIogy _PIagiostoni; _AuIostoni; _ScIachostoni;
¹-stomia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. ston- + -ia -y] : mouth
cxhibiting (such) a condition _stcnostonia;
²-stomia n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk stonion mouth]
: crcaturcs sharing (such) a condition of thc mouth - in
namcs of highcr taxa in zooIogy _Dcutcrostonia;
-stomous adi conbininç /orn [NL -stonus, fr. Gk stona mouth]
-stomum n conbininç /orn, p/ -stoma [NL, fr. Gk stona mouth]
1 : mouth : oµcning : stoma _µrcstonun; 2 : crcaturc with
(such) a mouth - in gcncric namcs _Amµhistonun;
-stomus n conbininç /orn, p/ stomi [NL, fr. Gk stona mouth]
1 : condition of having (such) a mouth _microstonus; 2
: crcaturc with (such) a mouth - in gcncric namcs
_Agonostonus; _Catostonus; _PhyIIostonus;
¹-stomy n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV, fr. NL ¹-stonia] : -s1omrA
²-stomy n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV ston- + -y] : surgicaI oµcra-
tion cstabIishing a usu. µcrmancnt oµcning into (such) a µart
_cntcrostony; or bctwccn (such) µarts _csoµhagogastrosto-
strati- conbininç /orn [NL stratun] : stratum _stratiform;
¹strato- conbininç /orn [NL stratus] : stratus and _stratocirrus;
²strato- conbininç /orn [stratosphere] : stratosµhcrc
strepsi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. strepsis act or instancc
of turning, fr. strephein to turn] : turncd : twistcd _strep-
strept- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. streptos twistcd, µIiant,
fr. strephein to twist, turn] 1 : twistcd : twistcd chain
_Streptococcus; _streptastcr; _Streptomyccs; 2 : strcµtococ-
cus _streptoscµticcmia; 3 : strcµtomycin _streptaminc;
stroph- or stropho- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. strephein to twist
turn] : twisting : turning _strophosis; _strophoccµhaIy;
¹styl- or stylo- conbininç /orn [L sty/o-, fr. Gk sty/-, sty/o-, fr.
sty/os] : µiIIar _Sty/astcr; _sty/oIitc;
²styl- or styli- or stylo- conbininç /orn [sty/- fr. carIicr sti/-, fr.
L, staIk, fr. sti/us stakc, staIk, styIus; sty/i- fr. carIicr sti/i-, fr.
ML sty/i- styIus, fr. L sti/us, sty/o- fr. sty/- + -o-] 1 : styIc : sty-
Ioid µroccss _sty/atc; _sty/ifcrous; _sty/ograµhic; 2 : of or
rcIating to a styIoid µroccss and _sty/omastoid;
-stylar adi conbininç /orn [Gk sty/os µiIIar + E -ar] : having
(such or so many) µiIIars : having (such) coIumniation
_amµhisty/ar; _hcµtasty/ar;
¹-style n conbininç /orn -s [LL -sty/on, fr. L, ncut. of -sty/os
charactcrizcd by thc µrcscncc of (so many) µiIIars, fr. Gk, fr.
sty/os µiIIar] 1 a : structurc charactcrizcd by thc µrcscncc of
(so many) µiIIars _µoIysty/e; b : structurc with µiIIars _cyr-
tosty/e; 2 : animaI µart fcIt to rcscmbIc a µiIIar _bIastosty/e;
²-style adi conbininç /orn [L -sty/os, fr. Gk, fr. sty/os µiIIar]
: charactcrizcd by thc µrcscncc of (so many) µiIIars _disty/e;
-stylic adi conbininç /orn [Gk sty/os µiIIar + E -ic] : bcing or
having (such) a conncction of thc }aw and skuII _hyosty/ic;
-stylous adi conbininç /orn [sty/e + -ous] : having (such) a styIc
or (such or so many) styIcs - in dcscriµtivc tcrms in botany
_doIichosty/ous; _monosty/ous;
-styly n conbininç /orn -rs [ISV sty/e + -y] : condition of hav-
ing (such or so many) styIcs - in botanicaI tcrms _hctcrosty-
sub- pre/ix [ME, fr. L, undcr, bcIow, from bcIow, uµ, ncar, fur-
thcr, aftcr, fr. sub, µrcµ.] 1 : undcr : bcncath : bcIow _subsoiI;
_subcutancous; _subµicr; _subdominant; _subhymcniaI; 2 a
: subordinatc : sccondary : ncxt Iowcr than or infcrior to
_subccntcr; _subfrcshman; _subgcnus; b : subordinatc µor-
tion of : subdivision of : dcrivcd from _subcommittcc; _sub-
cuIturc; _subdistrict; _subscicncc;; a/so : with rcµctition (as
of a µroccss) so as to form, strcss, or dcaI with subordinatc
µarts or rcIations _subcIassify; _subIct; _subbranch; _sub-
contract; 3 a : somcwhat : sIightIy : Icss than comµIctcIy or
µcrfcctIy : inadcquatcIy : Icss than normaIIy _subacid; _sub-
dominant; _subovatc; _subarcuatc; _subcIinicaI; _subacutc;
_subconvuIsivc; b (1) : containing onIy a rcIativcIy smaII µro-
µortion or Icss than thc normaI amount of (such) an cIcmcnt
or radicaI _suboxidc; - not uscd systcmaticaIIy; comµarc
ÞÞo1- (2) : basic - in namcs of saIts _subacctatc; _subni-
tratc;; not uscd systcmaticaIIy 4 a : aImost : ncarIy _subaI-
atc; _subcauIcsccnt; _subabdominaI; _Subakhmimic; b
: faIIing ncarIy in thc catcgory of and oftcn ad}oining : bor-
dcring uµon _subaduIt; _subarid; _subarctic; c : immcdiatc-
Iy foIIowing : aftcr _subaµostoIic; _sub-Myccnacan;
succin- or succino- conbininç /orn [L succin-, sucin-, fr. suc-
cinun, sucinun ambcr] 1 : ambcr _succinic (acid); _succi-
nitc; _succinifcrous; 2 : succinic acid _succinamidc; _succi-
sucr- or sucro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. F sucre, fr. OF] : sugar
sudano- conbininç /orn, usu cap [sudan] 1 : Sudancsc
: Sudancsc and _Sudano-Guincan; 2 : Sudan dyc
_sudanoµhiI; _sudanoµhobic;
sul- conbininç /orn [su//onic] : suIfonic _su/tam; _su/tonc;
sulf- or sulfo- or sulph- or sulpho- conbininç /orn [su//-, su//o-
fr. F, fr. L su//ur, su/ph-, su/pho- modif. (infIucnccd by su/-
phur) of F su//-, su//o-] : suIfur _su//hydryI; _su//onc; _su//o-
nium; _su//ocyanidc;: as a : suIfidc _su//arscnidc; _su/-
/ochIoridc; b : dcrivcd from suIfuric acid : suIfuric _su//-
amidc; c usu su//o- : containing thc suIfonic acid grouµ csµ.
rcµIacing hydrogcn : suIfonic _su//oamino; _su//obcnzoic; d
: sLLro×- 2 _su//ochIorinatc; e : 1nr- _su//ocyanatc;
sulfa- or sulf- a/so sulpha- or sulph- conbininç /orn [su//a-,
su//- fr. su//ani/anide, su/pha-, su/ph- aItcr. (infIucnccd by su/-
phur) of su//a-, su//-] : dcrivcd from or othcrwisc cIoscIy rcIat-
cd to suIfaniIamidc: as a _su//adiazinc; b : containing suI-
faniIyI _su//acctamidc;
sulfon- a/so sulphon- conbininç /orn [su//on- ISV su//onic,
stern- sulfon- 52
su/phon- fr. obs. E su/phonic, fr. su/phone suIfonc (ISV su//- +
-one) + E -ic] 1 : suIfonic _su//onamidc; 2 : suIfonyI _su//on-
amido; _su//onmcthanc; _su//onµhthaIcin;
sumero- conbininç /orn, usu cap [Sunerian] 1 : Sumcrian
_SuneroIogy; 2 : Sumcrian and _Sunero-Assyrian;
super- pre/ix [L, ovcr, abovc, in addition, fr. super, adv. &
µrcµ.] 1 a (1) : ovcr and abovc : highcr in quantity, quaIity,
or dcgrcc : morc than _superstandard; _superconscious; (2)
: in addition : cxtra _supertax; (3) : of a sccondary charactcr
_superµarasitc; b (1) : cxcccding a norm _superaIkaIinity;
_supersccrction; (2) : in cxccssivc dcgrcc or intcnsity
_superingcnious; _superrcfincd; c : surµassing aII or most
othcrs of its kind or cIass (as in µowcr, sizc, or comµIcxity)
_superbombcr; _superwcaµon; _superstatc; 2 a : situatcd or
µIaccd abovc, on, or at thc toµ of _supertowcr; _supergIaciaI;;
speci/ : situatcd on thc dorsaI sidc of b : ncxt abovc or high-
cr _superoctavc; _supertonic; 3 : having thc (sµccificd)
ingrcdicnt µrcscnt in a Iargc or unusuaIIy Iargc µroµortion
_superoxidc; - comµarc nr- 4a, ÞrÞ- 1b(1) 4 : having an
additionaI dimcnsion _supercubc; _supersurfacc; 5 : consti-
tuting a morc incIusivc catcgory than that sµccificd _super-
famiIy; _supersµccics; 6 : suµcrior in status, titIc, or µosition
supero- conbininç /orn [L superus uµµcr] : situatcd abovc
_superoantcrior; _superomcdiaI;
supra- pre/ix [L supra-, fr. supra abovc, on toµ, bcyond, furthcr
back, carIicr (adv. & µrcµ.); akin to L super ovcr] 1 a : abovc
: highcr than _supracIavicuIar; b : transccnding _suprana-
tionaI; 2 : situatcd on thc dorsaI or uµµcr sidc of _supra-
csoµhagcaI; _supracraniaI; 3 : µrior to _supraIaµsarian;
sur- pre/ix [ME, fr. OF sour-, sur-, fr. L super- - morc at
sLÞrÞ-] 1 a : ovcr _surµrint; _surrcvisc; _surfusc; b : cxccs-
sivc _surcIoy; _surcxcitation; 2 : abovc : uµ _surbasc;
sursum- conbininç /orn [L susun, sursun undcr, from bcIow,
uµwards, fr. subs- (var. of sub-) + versun, ncut. of versus, µast
µart. of vertere to turn] : uµward _sursunvcrgcncc;
-sy n su//ix -rs [¹-s + -y] : smaII onc : onc affcctionatcIy rcgard-
cd _moµsy; _µoµsy;
-syllabic adi conbininç /orn [F -sy//abique, fr. -sy//abe -syIIab-
ic (fr. L -sy//abus, fr. Gk -sy//abos, fr. sy//abe syIIabIc) + -ique
-ic] : having or rcIating to syIIabIcs of a (sµccificd) kind or
numbcr _ambisy//abic; _hcµtasy//abic; _imµarisy//abic;
symbolo- conbininç /orn [Gk synbo/on] : sign : symboI _syn-
sympathetico- conbininç /orn [synpathetic (nervous systeni] 1
: symµathctic _synpatheticomimctic; 2 : symµathctic and
sympathico- conbininç /orn [NL synpathicus, fr. synpathia
symµathy + -icus -ic] : symµathctic _synpathicotonia;
sympatho- conbininç /orn [NL synpathicus - morc at svm-
ÞA1nrco-] : symµathctic _synpathoIytic;
syn- or sym- pre/ix [syn- fr. ME sin-, syn-, fr. OF, fr. L syn-, fr.
Gk, fr. syn with, togcthcr with, by mcans of, at thc samc timc
as, aItcr. of xyn, syn- fr. ME sin-, syn-, fr. MF, fr. L syn-, fr.
Gk, fr. syn-] 1 : with : aIong with : togcthcr _syncIinc; _syn-
gcncsis; 2 : at thc samc timc _synanthcsis; 3 : Iikc : associ-
atcd _syntyµc;
synchro- conbininç /orn [synchronired & synchronous] : syn-
chronizcd : synchronous _synchrofIash; _synchromcsh;
syndesm- or syndesmo- conbininç /orn [Gk syndesnos, fr. syn-
dein to bind togcthcr] : Iigamcnt _syndesnosis; : conncction
: contact _syndesnochoriaI;
syring- or syringo- conbininç /orn [Gk, µanµiµc, fistuIa, tubc,
fr. syrinç-, syrinx] : tubc : fistuIa _syrinçadcnous;
syro- conbininç /orn, usu cap [L, fr. Gk, fr. Syros Syrian] 1
: Syria or Syrians _SyroµhiIc; 2 : Syrian and _Syro-Egyµtian;
_Syro-Iraqi; 3 : Syriac and _Syro-Aramaic;
tabo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L tabes] : µrogrcssivc wasting
: tabcs _taboµhobia;
tacho- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk tachos sµccd; akin to Gk
tachys swift - morc at 1Acnv-] : sµccd _tachogram;
tachy- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. tachys, µcrh. akin to OIr dain-
çen strong, firm, OSIav dççŭ strcngth] : swift : raµid : acccI-
cratcd _tachycardia; _tachygcncsis; _tachyIytc; _tachymctcr;
-tactic adi conbininç /orn [Gk taktikos] 1 : having an arrangc-
mcnt or µattcrn of _chactotactic; 2 : showing oricntation or
movcmcnt dircctcd by a (sµccificd) forcc or agcnt _gcotactic;
_µhototactic; 3 : having an arrangcmcnt or µattcrn of a
(sµccificd) kind _homotactic;
taen- or taeni- or taenio- conbininç /orn [L taenia] 1 : ribbon
: fiIIct _taeniatc; _taeniodonta; 2 : taµcworm _taeniasis;
_taenicidc; _taenifugc;
talco- conbininç /orn [ta/cun] : taIc and _ta/cochIoritc; : taI-
cosc and _ta/comicaccous;
talo- conbininç /orn [L ta/us ankIc, ankIcbonc] : astragaIar and
_ta/ofibuIar; _ta/otibiaI;
talpi- conbininç /orn [L ta/pa] : moIc _ta/piform;
tann- or tanno- conbininç /orn [F, fr. tannin, tanin] : tan : tan-
nin : tanning substancc _tannogcn; _tannasc; _tannomctcr;
tantal- or tantalo- a/so tantali- conbininç /orn [Sw, fr. NL tan-
ta/un] : tantaIum _tanta/ifcrous;
tany- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, Iong, strctchcd out]
: strctchcd out _1anystomata; _1anygnathus;
tars- or tarso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. tarsus] 1 usu tarso- : tar-
sus _tarsoµhyma; _tarsaIgia; _tarscctomy; 2 usu tarso-
: tarsaI and _tarsoorbitaI; _tarsotibiaI;
tartr- or tartro- conbininç /orn [F, fr. tartre tartar, fr. MF]
: tartar : tartaric acid _tartramidc;
taur- or tauri- or tauro- conbininç /orn [taur-, tauri- fr. L, fr.
taurus, tauro- fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. tauros] 1 : buII _taurodont;
_tauricidc; _tauromorµhic; 2 : taurinc _taurochoIic;
taut- or tauto- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. tautos idcnticaI,
fr. to auto thc samc, fr. to, ncut. dcfinitc articIc + auto (ncut.
of autos) samc - morc at AL1-] : samc _tautomcrism; _tau-
tax- or taxo- a/so taxi- conbininç /orn [tax- fr. Gk taxis, taxo-
fr. F, fr. Gk taxis, taxi- fr. F, fr. Gk, fr. taxis] : arrangcmcnt
_taxasµidcan; _taxcmc; _taxidcrmy; _taxoIogy;
-taxia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk - morc at -1Axv]
: -1Axrs 1 _hctcrotaxia;
-taxis n conbininç /orn, p/ -taxes [NL, fr. Gk taxis] 1 : arrangc-
mcnt : ordcr _homotaxis; 2 : taxis _chcmotaxis; _hcIiotaxis;
-taxy n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -taxia, fr. taktos (vcrbaI of tas-
sein to arrangc, ordcr) + -ia -y] : -1Axrs _cµitaxy; _µIciotaxy;
techno- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. techne] 1 : art : craft _technog-
raµhy; 2 : tcchnicaI : tcchnoIogicaI _technocracy; _techno-
cuIturc; 3 : aµµIicd _technoµsychoIogy;
-techny n conbininç /orn -rs [F -technie, fr. Gk techne art,
craft + F -ie -y] : tcchnicaI sµcciaIization _hydrotechny; _mct-
tecno- conbininç /orn [Gk tekno-, fr. teknon] : chiId _tecnoIo-
gy; _tecnogcncsis;
¹tel- or tele- a/so telo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk te/-, te/e- far,
far off, distant, fr. te/e - morc at ÞALr-] 1 : distant : at a dis-
tancc : ovcr a distancc _te/egram; _te/egnosis; _te/ekincsis;
_te/esthcsia; _te/evision; _te/odynamic; 2 a : tcIcgraµh _te/e-
taµc; _te/etyµcwritcr; b : tcIcvision _te/ecamcra; c : tcIc-
µhoto _te/eIcns; d : tcIccommunication _te/eman;
²tel- or telo- a/so tele- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk te/-, te/o-, fr.
te/os cnd, consummation, comµIctcncss] 1 : cnd _te/angiccta-
sia; _te/obIast; _te/emctacarµaI; 2 : comµIctc : maturc
_1e/anthcra; _1e/anthroµus;
tele- or teleo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk te/eio-, te/eo-, fr.
te/eios, te/eos, fr. te/os cnd, consummation, comµIctcncss]
: comµIctc : µcrfcct _te/eodont; _1e/eoccµhaIi;
teleut- or teleuto- conbininç /orn [Gk te/eute, fr. te/os cnd]
: comµIction _te/eutosµorc;
tellur- or telluri- or telluro- conbininç /orn [L te//ur-, te//us
carth] 1 : carth _te//urian; _te//uromctcr; 2 : tcIIurium _te/-
/uric; _te//urifcrous; _te//urobismuthitc;
temporo- conbininç /orn [tenpora/] : tcmµoraI and _tenporo-
maxiIIary; _tenporofrontaI;
-tene n conbininç /orn -s [L or Gk; L taenia ribbon, band, fr.
sumero- -tene 53
Gk tainia] : stagc of mciotic µroµhasc charactcrizcd by (such)
chromosomaI fiIamcnts _diµIotene; _µachytene;
-tene adi conbininç /orn [-tene, n. comb. form] : having (such
or so many) chromosomaI fiIamcnts _µoIytene; _µachytene;
teno- conbininç /orn [irrcg. fr. Gk tenont-, tenõn tcndon; akin
to Gk teinein to strctch] : tcndon _tenoµIasty; _tenotomy;
ter- conbininç /orn [L, fr. ter thrcc timcs; akin to Gk & Skt tris
thrcc timcs, L tres thrcc] 1 : thrcc timcs, thrccfoId, thricc,
thrcc _terccntcnary; 2 : 1Þr- 4 - csµ. in namcs of organic
comµounds to dcnotc triµIing of a radicaI or moIccuIc _ter-
tera- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk teras monstcr] : triIIion _tera-
bytc; _terahcrtz;
terat- or terato- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. terat-, teras marvcI,
µortcnt, monstcr; akin to Lith keras cnchantmcnt, Skt krtyã
action, cnchantmcnt, karoti hc docs, acts, and µcrh. to ON
skars monstcr, skyrsi µortcnt, Skt ãścarya marvcIous] : mon-
stcr _teratism; _teratoIogy;
-teria n conbininç /orn -s [ca/eteria] : µIacc having scIf-scrvicc
termito- conbininç /orn [NL 1ernit-, 1ernes] : tcrmitc _terni-
ternati- conbininç /orn [NL ternatus tcrnatc] : tcrnatcIy _ter-
tessara- or tessera- a/so tessar- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk tes-
sara, tessera, ncut. of tessares, tesseres, tettares four] : four
_tessaragIot; _tesseradccadc;
tetan- or tetano- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. tetanos]
: tctanus _tetanogcnic; _tetaniform;
tetart- or tetarto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk, fr. tetartos, akin
to Gk tettares, tessares four] : onc fourth _tetartohcdraI;
tetra- or tetr- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. LL, fr. L, fr. Gk; akin to
Gk tettares, tessares four] 1 : four : having four : having four
µarts _tetracarµcIIary; _tetraµartitc; _tetratomic; 2 : con-
taining four atoms, radicaIs, or grouµs (of a sµccificd kind)
_tetraboric; _tetracid;
¹-th or -eth adi su//ix [ME -the, -te, -ethe, fr. OE -tha, -ta, -otha,
-etha, akin to OHG -do, -to -th, ON -di, -ti, Goth -da, -ta, L
-tus, Gk -tos, Skt -tha] - uscd in forming ordinaI numbcrs
_tcnth; _twcntieth;
²-th n su//ix -s [ME -the, -th, fr. OE -thu, -th, akin to OHG -ida,
suffix forming abstract nouns, ON -th, Goth -itha, L -ta, Gk
-te, Skt -tã] 1 : act or µroccss _sµiIth; 2 : statc or condition
_brcadth; _grccnth; _width;
thalam- or thalamo- conbininç /orn[NL, fr. tha/anus] 1 : thaI-
amus _tha/ancnccµhaIon; _tha/anofugaI; 2 : thaIamic and
thalass- or thalasso- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. tha/assa, tha/atta]
: sca _tha/asscmia; _tha/assomctcr;
thall- or thalli- or thallo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk tha//-,
tha//o-, fr. tha//os] 1 : a young shoot : thaIIus _1ha//oµhyta;
_tha//ium; _tha//iform; 2 : thaIIium _tha//ic;
thamn- or thamno- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. thannos, akin to
Gk thana frcqucnt, oftcn, tithenai to µIacc, µut] : bush
: shrub _thannoµhiIc;
thanat- or thanato- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. thanatos, akin to
Skt adhvanit it vanishcd and µrob. to L /unus smokc] : dcath
_thanatoid; _thanatoIogy;
the- or theo- conbininç /orn [ME theo-, fr. LL, fr. L, god, fr.
Gk the-, theo- god, God, fr. theos, µcrh. akin to MHG gctwãs
ghost, Lith dvasia sµirit, dvasas sµirit, brcath] 1 a : God _the-
ism; _theoccntric; b : god _theomancy; 2 a : thcoIogicaI and
_theoastroIogicaI; b : thcoIogy and _theomythoIogy;
theatro- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. theatron] : thcatcr _theatro-
thec- or theci- or theco- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. theca] : thcca
_thecifcrous; _thecitis; _1hecosomata;
-theca n conbininç /orn, p/ -thecae [NL, fr. L theca] : shcath or
covcring of a (sµccificd) tyµc _gonotheca; _myxotheca;
-thecium n conbininç /orn, p/ -thecia [NL, fr. Gk thekion smaII
casc, smaII chcst] : smaII containing structurc _cndotheciun;
-theism n conbininç /orn -s [MF -théisne, fr. thé- thc- + -isne
-ism] : bcIicf in (such) a god or (such or so many) gods _µan-
theisn; _zootheisn;
-theist n conbininç /orn -s [MF -théiste, fr. thé- thc- + -iste -ist]
: onc that bcIicvcs in (such) a god or (such or so many) gods
_hyIotheist; _monotheist; - -theistic adi conbininç /orn
thely- conbininç /orn [Gk the/y-, fr. the/ys] : fcmaIc _the/y-
theologico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. LL theo/oçicus] : thcoIogi-
caI and _theo/oçicoµhiIosoµhicaI; _theo/oçicoµoIiticaI;
theoretico- conbininç /orn [theoretica/] : thcorcticaI and _the-
ther- or thero- conbininç /orn [Gk ther-, thero-, fr. ther] : wiId
bcast _1heromorµha; _therodont;
-theria n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk theria, µI. of therion]
: bcasts : animaIs - in namcs of highcr taxa of mammaIian
forms _Prototheria;
therio- conbininç /orn [Gk therio-, theri-, fr. therion] : wiId ani-
maI : bcast _therioIatry; _theriomimicry;
-therium n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk therion] : bcast : animaI
- in gcncric namcs of cxtinct mammaIian forms
_Mcgatheriun; _Titanotheriun;
therm- or thermo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. therne hcat] 1
: hcat _thernacoustic; _thernochcmistry; 2 : thcrmocIcctric
-therm n conbininç /orn -s [Gk therne hcat, fr. thernos hot] 1
[µrob. fr. F -therne, fr. Gk therne hcat] a : µIant accustomcd
to a (sµccificd) tyµc of hcat _mcgathern; _microthern;
_xcrothern; b : animaI having a (sµccificd) body tcmµcra-
turc _cctothern; _cndothern; 2 : thcrmic Iinc _isoba-
-thermia or -thermy n conbininç /orn, p/ -thermias or -ther-
mies [NL -thernia, fr. Gk therne hcat + L -ia -y] : statc of hcat
: gcncration of hcat _diatherny; _hyµothernia;
-thermous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -thernos, fr. therne hcat]
: having (such) hcat _homothernous; _xcrothernous;
thi- or thio- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk thei-, theio- suIfur,
brimstonc, fr. theion, µrob. akin to Gk thyein to ragc, sccthc]
: containing suIfur _thiaminc;; esp : containing bivaIcnt suI-
fur usu. in µIacc of oxygcn _thiocyanic; _thiocthcr; - com-
µarc sLLr- c
¹thia- or thi- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. thi- + -a-] : containing suI-
fur in µIacc of carbon or rcgardcd as in µIacc of carbon usu.
in µIacc of thc mcthyIcnc grouµ ÷CH,÷ _thiacycIohcxanc;
_thiadiazoIc; _thiazoIc; - comµarc AzA-, oxA-
²thia- conbininç /orn : 1nr- _thiachroman;
thigmo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk thiçna touch (fr. thin-
çanein to touch, handIc) + NL -o-, akin to L /inçere to shaµc]
: touch _thiçnorcccµtor;
¹thion- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk theion - morc at 1nr-]
: suIfur _thionic;
²thion- or thiono- conbininç /orn [thion- ISV, fr. Gk theion suI-
fur; thiono- ISV, fr. Gk theion + ISV -o-] : containing suIfur
doubIy bound to anothcr atom (as in thc thiocarbonyI grouµ)
-thionium n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. thi- + -oniun] : onium
comµound containing suIfur and usu. anothcr cIcmcnt (as
nitrogcn) bcsidcs carbon in a ring _µhcnazathioniun;
thorac- or thoraci- or thoraco- conbininç /orn [F thorac-, fr.
LGk thõrak-, fr. Gk thõrak-, thõrako- corsIct, fr. thõrak-,
thõrax corsIct, chcst] 1 : chcst : thorax _thoracodynia; _tho-
racoµIasty; 2 : thoracic and _thoracisµinaI; _thoracoIumbar;
thre- or threo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. threose] : thrcosc _thre-
-thrix n conbininç /orn [NL -trich-, -thrix, fr. Gk trich-, thrix
hair] 1 : onc having (such) hair or hairIikc fiIamcnts - in
gcncric namcs of µIants and animaIs _Lagothrix;
_Strcµtothrix; 2 p/ -triches ; or -thrixes : µathoIogicaI condi-
tion of having (such) hair _Icµothrix; _moniIcthrix;
thromb- or thrombo- conbininç /orn [Gk thronbos Iumµ, cIot
of bIood, curd] 1 a : bIood cIot _thronbocyst; b : associatcd
with thc cIotting of bIood _thronbin; _thronbostasis; 2
: markcd by or associatcd with thrombosis _thronboangiitis;
-tene thromb- 54
¹thym- or thymo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L thynun]
1 : thymc _thynoI; 2 : thymoI _thynoquinonc
²thym- or thymo- conbininç /orn [NL thynus] : thymus : of thc
thymus _thynoµrivic; _thyncctomizc;
³thym- or thymo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. thynos sµirit,
souI, mind] : souI : sµirit : cmotion _thynogcnic; _thynotac-
-thymia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, fr. thynos sµirit,
mind, couragc + -ia] : (such) a condition of mind and wiII
thyr- or thyro- conbininç /orn [thyroid] 1 : thyroid _thyrasthc-
nia; 2 : thyroid and _thyroarytcnoid;
thyreo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk thyreoeides] 1 : thyroid
_thyreotomy; 2 : thyroid and _thyreoccrvicaI;
thysan- or thysano- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. thysanos]
: tasscI : fringc _1hysanoµtcra; _1hysanura;
tibeto- conbininç /orn, usu cap [tibet + -o-] : Tibctan and
_1ibeto-Chincsc; _1ibeto-HimaIayan;
tibio- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L tibia shinbonc] 1 : fuscd tibia
and _tibiotarsus; 2 : tibiaI and _tibiocaIcancaI; _tibio-
titan- or titano- conbininç /orn [NL titaniun] : titanium
_titanatc; _titanocyanidc; _titanofIuoridc;
toco- or toko- conbininç /orn [Gk tokos, fr. tiktein to bcar,
bcgct] : chiIdbirth : offsµring _tocogcnctic; _tocoIogy;
-tokous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -tokos, fr. tiktein to bcar]
: µroducing (such or so many) offsµring _dcutcrotokous;
-toky n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -tokia, fr. -tokos + -ia -y] : µar-
turition : dcIivcry _dcutcrotoky;
tol- or tolu- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. to/u] 1 : toIu _to/uoI; 2
: toIucnc _to/uic; _to/yI; : toIuic _to/uatc;
-toma n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. fcm. of -tonus cutting, cut,
scgmcntcd - morc at -1omr] : animaI having a (sµccificd)
tyµc of scgmcntation - in gcncric namcs csµ. of insccts
-tome n conbininç /orn -s [NL -tonus, fr. -tonus cutting, cut,
scgmcntcd, fr. Gk -tonos, fr. tennein to cut] 1 : µart : scction
_angiotone; _gonotone; 2 : cutting instrumcnt _microtone;
-tomous adi conbininç /orn [NL -tonus - morc at -1omr] 1
: cut : dividcd _orthotonous; _rhachitonous; 2 : cutting
-tomy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -tonia, fr. Gk, fr. -tonos cut-
ting + -ia -y - morc at -1omr] : incision : scction _carnioto-
ny; _Iaµarotony; _scIcrotony;
-tonia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. tonus + -ia -y] : condition or
dcgrcc of tonus _hyµotonia; _somatotonia;
tono- conbininç /orn [Gk tonos tcnsion, µitch, tonc] 1 : tonc
_tonoIogy; _tonoscoµc; 2 : µrcssurc _tonomctcr; _tonotaxis;
tonsill- or tonsillo- conbininç /orn [L tonsi//ae tonsiIs] : tonsiI
_tonsi//cctomy; _tonsi//otomy;
-tony n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -tonia] : -1o×rA _hyµcrtony;
top- or topo- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. topos] 1
: µIacc : IocaIity _topoµhobia; 2 : IocaI _topoaIgia; _topccto-
-topy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -topia, fr. Gk, way, µIacc, fr.
topos µIacc + -ia -y] : µosition : Iocation _hctcrotopy;
toti- conbininç /orn [L totus whoIc, cntirc] : whoIc : whoIIy
touch- conbininç /orn [obs. touch-powder, µowdcr uscd for
µriming a gun, fr. ME towchepoudre, fr. MF toucher to touch,
kindIc (a firc) + ME poudre µowdcr] : scrving for quick igni-
tion _touchhoIc; _touchwood;
¹tox- or toxi- or toxo- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L toxicun µoison]
1 : toxic : µoisonous _toxidcrmic; _toxin; 2 : toxin : µoison
²tox- or toxi- or toxo- conbininç /orn[Gk, fr. toxon bow, arrow]
1 : bowcd : archcd _1oxodonta; 2 : arrow : shaµcd Iikc an arrow
_1oxogIossa; _1oxifcra; 3 : archcry _toxoµhiIy;
toxic- or toxico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L toxicun] : µoison
_toxicoIogy; _toxicoµhobia; _toxiccmia;
trache- or tracheo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ML trachea] 1
: trachca _tracheoscoµy; 2 : trachcaI and _tracheoIaryngcaI;
trachel- or trachelo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk trache/-,
trache/o-, fr. trache/os] 1 a : ncck _trache/oIogy; b : ccrvicaI
and _trache/oscaµuIar; 2 : ncckIikc anatomicaI structurc
: ccrvix _trache/oµIasty;
trachy- conbininç /orn [in scnsc 1, fr. NL, fr. Gk, fr. trachys
rough, harsh; in scnsc 2, fr. F, fr. trachyte] 1 : rough : strong
_trachygIossatc; _trachychromatic; 2 : trachytic _trachydoI-
critc; _trachyandcsitc;
trans- pre/ix [L trans-, tra- across, bcyond, to thc othcr sidc,
through, so as to changc, fr. trans across, bcyond, on or to thc
othcr sidc, through] 1 a : across _transµoIar; _transatIantic;
_transoccanic; b (1) : bcyond _transhuman; _transmundanc;
(2) : bcyond (a sµccificd chcmicaI cIcmcnt) in thc µcriodic
tabIc _transµIutonium; _transuranic; c : through _transIu-
ccnt; _transcutancous; d : comµIctcncss of changc
_transshaµc; 2 : transvcrsc _transfrontaI; _transµroccss; 3
: transfcr : intcrchangc - in namcs of chcmicaI rcactions and
cnzymcs _transamination;
traumat- or traumato- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. traunat-,
trauna] : wound : trauma _traunatism;
trega- or treg- conbininç /orn[triIIion + -eça-, -eç- (as in neça-,
neç-)] : onc miIIion miIIions : triIIion : 10¹² _treçcrg; _treça-
-trema n conbininç /orn [NL -trenat-, -trena, fr. Gk trenat-,
trena hoIc] 1 p/ -tremas; or -tremata : hoIc : orificc : oµcning
_hcIicotrena; 2 : crcaturc having (such) an oµcning - in
gcncric namcs _Eurytrena;
-tremata n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, µI. of -trena] : crcaturcs
having (such) an oµcning - in namcs of ordcrs and othcr
highcr taxa _Dcrotrenata;
-tresia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk tresis (akin to Gk
tetrainein to µicrcc) + NL -ia] : µcrforation _µroctotresia;
tri- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L; akin to Gk tri-, L tria thrcc] 1
: thrcc _triarch; _triact; : charactcrizcd by or having thrcc or
thrcc µarts _tricrotic; _tricycIc; _triµod; 2 : thrcc timcs or in
thrcc ways _trifarious; _trisonant;; a/so : into thrcc _triscct;
3 : tricc : cvcry third _triwcckIy; _tricnniaI; 4 : containing
thrcc atoms, radicaIs, or grouµs (of a sµccificd kind) _tribro-
-tribe n conbininç /orn -s [Gk tribein to rub] 1 : onc that rubs
against - uscd csµ. of fIowcrs during cross-fcrtiIization
_µIcurotribe; _stcrnotribe; 2 : instrumcnt for crushing, com-
µrcssing, or rubbing _angiotribe; _ostcotribe;
tribo- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk tribein to rub] : friction _tri-
bofIuorcsccncc; _triboµhosµhorcsccnt;
trich- or tricho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. trich-, thrix
hair] : hair : fiIamcnt _trichoµathy; _trichatroµhic;
-tricha n conbininç /orn, p/ -tricha [NL, fr. Gk -trichos -tri-
chous] : onc or oncs having (such) ciIiation - in namcs of
taxa _Gastrotricha; _Oxytricha;
-trichi n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk trich-, thrix hair] : µcr-
sons having (such) hair _Iciotrichi;
-trichia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. trich- + -ia] 1 : condition
of having (such) hair _oIigotrichia; _hyµotrichia; 2 : hairi-
ncss _gIossotrichia;
-trichous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -trichos, fr. trich- thrix hair]
: having (such) hair : haircd _µcritrichous;
-trichy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -trichia] : thc condition of
having (such) hair _Iissotrichy;
tricyclo- conbininç /orn [ISV tri- + cyc/-] : tricycIic _tricy-
-triene n su//ix -s [tri- + -ene] : chcmicaI comµound containing
thrcc doubIc bonds _octatriene;
trigon- or trigono- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk triçõn-, triçõno-,
fr. triçõnos] : trianguIar _1riçoncIIa; _triçonotyµc;
tripl- or triplo- conbininç /orn [Gk trip/oos, fr. tri- thrcc +
-p/oos (as in dip/oos doubIc) - morc at 1Þr-] : triµIc _trip/oµ-
ia; _trip/obIastic;
tris- pre/ix [Gk, fr. tris, fr. treis thrcc] : thricc : triµIcd _tristc-
thym- tris- 55
trahcdron; - csµ. in comµIcx chcmicaI cxµrcssions _tris-
trit- or trito- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. tritos, akin to Gk treis
thrcc] : third : tcrtiary _tritonymµh; _tritovum;
-trix n su//ix, p/ -trices or -trixes [ME, fr. L, fcm. of -tor, cnd-
ing of agcnt nouns, fr. -tus, µast µart. cnding + -or - morc at
-ro] 1 : fcmaIc that docs or is associatcd with a (sµccificd)
thing _aviatrix; _narratrix; _inhcritrix; 2 : straight Iinc - in
gcomctry _triscctrix; _dircctrix; _tractrix;
troch- or trocho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. trochos whccI,
fr. trechein to run] : whccI : rcscmbIing a whccI : round
_1rochodcndron; _1rochcIminthcs; _trochoµhora;
-troch n conbininç /orn -s [NL -trocha] : ciIiatcd band
_mcsotroch; _µrototroch;
-trocha n conbininç /orn, p/ -trochas a/so -trochae [NL, fr.
fcm. sing. of -trochus having (such) a ciIiatcd band, fr. Gk tro-
chos whccI] : crcaturc or Iarva having (such) a ciIiatcd band
troglo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk trõç/o-, fr. trõç/e hoIc, cavc]
: cavc-dwcIIing : trogIodytic _troç/obiont;
-tron n su//ix -s [Gk, suffix dcnoting an instrumcnt (as Gk aro-
tron µIow, fr. stcm of aroun to µIow); akin to OE -thor, suffix
dcnoting an instrumcnt, ON -thr, L -trun, MIr -thar, Skt -tra]
1 : vacuum tubc _magnctron; 2 : dcvicc for thc maniµuIation
of subatomic µarticIcs _cycIotron; _isotron;
¹trop- or tropo- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. Gk, fr. tropos] 1 : turn
: turning : changc _tropomctcr; _troposµhcrc; 2 : affinity for
: tcndcncy to turn toward : troµism _tropic; _tropotaxis;
²trop- a/so tropa- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. tropine] 1 : troµinc
_tropatc; 2 : atroµinc _tropoyI;
¹-trope n conbininç /orn -s [F, fr. Gk tropos turn, dircction,
way] 1 : turn : changc : affinity for _chromotrope; _ncu-
rotrope; 2 : body charactcrizcd by (such) an invcrsion
_hcmitrope; 3 : instrumcnt and csµ. oµticaI instrumcnt that
functions by rotating, rcvcrsing, or rcfIccting _rhcotrope;
²-trope adi conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk -tropos, fr. trepein to turn]
: turning : bcing rcvcrtcd _anisotrope; _hcmitrope;
troph- or tropho- conbininç /orn [F, fr. Gk, fr. trephein to
nourish] : nutrition _trophoµathy; _trophaIIaxis; _tropho-
-trophic a/so -trophous adi conbininç /orn [NL -trophia -tro-
µhy + E -ic or -ous] 1 a a/so -trophous : of or rcIating to a
(sµccificd) tyµc of nutrition _hyµcrtrophic; _hyµcrtrophous;
b : having a (sµccificd) nutritionaI rcquircmcnt _monotroph-
ic; 2 : -1ÞoÞrc 1, 2 _gIycotrophic; _Iiµotrophic;
-trophy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -trophia, fr. Gk, fr. troph- +
-ia -y] : nutrition : nourishmcnt : nurturc : growth _cutrophy;
_nosotrophy; _µcdotrophy;
-tropia n conbininç /orn -s [NL, fr. Gk, turn, dcviation, fr.
-tropos -troµc + -ia -y] : condition of (such) a dcviation in thc
Iinc of vision _csotropia; _hyµcrtropia;
-tropic adi conbininç /orn [F -tropique, fr. ¹-trope + -ique -ic] 1
: turning, changing, or tcnding to turn or changc csµ. in a
(sµccificd) manncr or in rcsµonsc to a (sµccificd) stimuIus
_bactcriotropic; _cnantiotropic; _gcotropic; _hcIiotropic;
_isotropic; _chcmotropic; 2 : attractcd sµccif. to (such) a tis-
suc, organ, or systcm _ncurotropic; _visccrotropic; 3
: -1ÞoÞnrc 1 _cctotropic; _cndotropic;
-tropism n conbininç /orn -s [ISV, fr. ¹-trope + -isn] : tcndcn-
cy to turn toward : affinity for : troµism _hcIiotropisn; _ncu-
-tropous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -tropos, fr. trepein to turn]
: turning or curving in (such) a way : cxhibiting (such) a tro-
µism _anatropous;
-tropy n conbininç /orn -rs [F -tropie, fr. Gk -tropia turn, fr.
-tropos ²-troµc + -ia -y] 1 : condition of turning or curving in
(such) a way or of cxhibiting (such) a troµism _hcmitropy; 2
: changc in a (sµccificd) way or in rcsµonsc to a (sµccificd)
trypan- or trypano- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. trypanon
augcr, borcr, trcµan, fr. trypan to borc, µicrcc through, fr.
trypa hoIc; akin to OSIav trup/ŭ hoIIow, Gk tetrainein to
µicrcc] 1 : borcr : augcr _trypanosomc; 2 : tryµanosomc _try-
tubercul- or tuberculo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L tubercu/un,
dim. of tuber] 1 a : tubcrcIc _tubercu/ar; b : tubcrcuIous
_tubercu/id; 2 : tubcrcIc baciIIus _tubercu/in; 3 : tubcrcuIo-
sis _tubercu/othcraµy;
tubi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L tubus] : tubc _tubivaIvc;
tubuli- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L tubu/us tubuIc, tubc] 1
: tubuIc : tubuIus _tubu/ifcrous; 2 : tubuIar _tubu/ifIorous;
tubulo- conbininç /orn [L tubu/us tubuIc, tubc + E -o-] : tubu-
Iar and _tubu/oraccmosc;
-tude n su//ix -s [MF or L; MF -tude, fr. L -tudin-, -tudo] : -×rss
_omnitude; _µarvitude;
tungst- or tungsto- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. tunçsten] 1 : tung-
stcn _tunçstoboric; 2 : tungstic acid _tunçstatc;
turbinato- conbininç /orn [L turbinatus turbinatc] : conicaIIy
_turbinatoconcavc; _turbinatocyIindricaI; _turbinatogIobosc;
turbo- conbininç /orn [turbine] 1 : couµIcd dircctIy to a driv-
ing turbinc _turboaItcrnator; _turbobIowcr; _turbocomµrcs-
sor; _turbodynamo; _turbocxcitcr; _turbofan; _turbogcncra-
tor; _turboµumµ; 2 : consisting of or incorµorating a turbinc
_turbomachinc; _turbomotor; _turbovcntiIator;
turco or turko- conbininç /orn, usu cap [turco- fr. ML 1urcus
Turk; turko- fr. turk] 1 : Turkic _1urko-Tatar; 2 : Turkish
_1urkoman; 3 : Turkish and _1urco-Grcck;
twi- pre/ix [ME, fr. OE; akin to OFris & OS twi-, OHG rwi-, ON
tvi-, tve-, L bi- (fr. OL dui-), Gk di-, Lith dvi- twi-, OE tweçen,
twã, tu two] : two : doubIc : doubIy : twicc _twi-circIc;
-ty n su//ix -rs [ME -te, -tee, -tie, fr. OF -té, fr. L -tat-, -tas, akin
to Gk -tet-, -tes -ty, Skt -tãt, -tãti] : quaIity : condition : dcgrcc
tyl- or tylo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. ty/os, ty/e knob, Iumµ, caI-
Ius, µad] : knob : knobbcd _ty/astcr; _1y/osaurus; : µad
tympan- or tympano- conbininç /orn [NL tynpanun] 1 : tym-
µanum : tymµanic mcmbranc _tynpanitis; _tynpanotomy; 2
: tymµanic and _tynpanocustachian;
typ- or typo- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. typos] : tyµc : imagc
: modcI _typonym; _typoIogy;
typh- or typho- conbininç /orn [NL typhus] : tyµhus : tyµhoid
typhl- or typhlo- conbininç /orn [in scnsc 1, fr. Gk, bIind, fr.
typh/os, in scnsc 2, fr. Gk typh/on, fr. ncut. of typh/os bIind] 1
: bIind _typh/osoIc; : bIindncss _typh/oIogy; 2 : cccum
_typh/itis; _typh/otomy;
-typy n conbininç /orn -rs [type + -y] : condition, µroccss, or
art rcIatcd to or invoIving thc usc of (such) a tyµc _hcIiotypy;
tyr- or tyro- conbininç /orn [Gk, fr. tyros chccsc] : chccsc
_tyraminc; _tyrotoxin;
über- a/so uber- pre/ix, sonetines cap [G (as in übernensch
suµcrman), fr. über ovcr, bcyond thc Iimits of, fr. OHG ubari]
: bcing a suµcrIativc cxamµIc of its kind or cIass _übermayor;
ugro- conbininç /orn, usu cap [uçrian] : Lgrian and
_Uçro-Aryan; _Uçro-Finnic;
-ula n su//ix, p/ -ulas or -ulae [L - morc at -LLr] : smaII onc
_CIangu/a; _siµhonu/a; _µIacu/a;
-ular adi su//ix [L -u/aris, fr. -u/us, -u/a, -u/un -uIc + -aris -ar]
: of, rcIating to, or rcscmbIing _crcvicu/ar; - chicfIy in
words whcrc thc basc word is dcrivcd from a Latin word hav-
ing a diminutivc in -u/us, -u/a, or _tubu/ar; _vaIvu/ar;
ulcero- conbininç /orn [L u/cer-, u/cus] 1 : uIccr _u/cerogcnic;
2 : uIccrous and _u/cerogIanduIar;
-ule n su//ix -s [F & L; F -u/e, fr. L -u/us, masc. dim. suffix, -u/a,
fcm. dim. suffix, -u/un ncut. dim. suffix] : smaII onc _cymu/e;
-ulent adi su//ix [L -u/entus, -o/entus, µrob. akin to L o/ere to
smcII] : that abounds in (a sµccificd thing) : that has (a sµcc-
ificd thing) in markcd amount or dcgrcc _nidoru/ent;
trit- -ulent 56
ulno- conbininç /orn [NL u/na] : uInar and _u/nocarµaI;
ulo- conbininç /orn [NL u/a] : conncction with or rcIation to
thc gums _u/orrhagia;
-ulose n su//ix -s [Icvu/ose] : kctosc sugar - csµ. in namcs of
2-kcto sugars _hcµtu/ose; _xyIu/ose;
-ulous adi su//ix [L -u/us, dim. suffix] : bcing sIightIy or minutc-
Iy _hirsutu/ous; _viscidu/ous;
ultra- pre/ix [L, fr. u/tra bcyond (adv. & µrcµ.), fr. abI. sing.
fcm. of (assumcd) u/ter situatcd bcyond] 1 : bcyond in sµacc
: on thc othcr sidc : 1ÞA×s- _u/tratroµicaI; _u/tramcdian; 2
: bcyond thc rangc or Iimits of : transccnding : sLÞrÞ-
_u/tramicroscoµic; _u/trasonic; 3 : bcyond what is common,
ordinary, naturaI, right, µroµcr, or modcratc : cxccssivcIy
: cxcccdingIy : nvÞrÞ- _u/tracomµIcx; _u/tracriticaI; _u/tra-
formaI; _u/tramodcrn;
ultramicro- conbininç /orn [u/tra- + nicr-] : of, invoIving, or
bcing for quantitics of matcriaI smaIIcr than micro quantitics
: on a scaIc smaIIcr than micro
-ulum n su//ix, p/ -ulums or -ula [L - morc at -LLr] : smaII onc
_scµtu/un; _frcnu/un;
-ulus n su//ix, p/ -uluses or -uli [L - morc at -LLr] : a smaII
onc _µhocnicu/us;
umbell- or umbelli- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L unbe//a µarasoI,
umbrcIIa] : umbcI : umbcIIatc _unbe//oid; _unbe//iform;
¹un- pre/ix [ME, fr. OE; akin to OHG un- un-, ON õ, u-, Goth
un-, L in-, Gk a-, an-, Skt a-, an- un-, OE ne not] 1 : not : r×-,
×o×- - in ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs _uncaµacious;
_ungratifiabIc; _unncighborIikc; _unstrcnuous; incIuding
ad}cctivaIIy uscd µast and µrcscnt µarticiµIcs _uncamou-
fIagcd; _unchoscn; _undrcsscd; _unsoothing; and ad}cctivcs
formcd by adding -ed to nouns _unbcardcd;, in nouns formcd
from nouns _unostcntation;, and rarcIy in vcrbs formcd from
vcrbs _unbc;; somctimcs in words that havc a mcaning that
mcrcIy ncgatcs that of thc basc word and arc thcrcby distin-
guishcd from words that µrcfix in- or a variant of it (as in-)
to thc samc basc word and havc a mcaning µositivcIy oµµositc
to that of thc basc word _unartistic; _unmoraI; 2 : oµµositc
of : contrary to - in ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs
_unconstitutionaI; _ungraccfuI; _unµaIatabIc; _unwarIikc;
incIuding ad}cctivaIIy uscd µast and µrcscnt µarticiµIcs _unaf-
fcctcd; _unstinting; and ad}cctivcs formcd by adding -ed to
nouns _unµrinciµIcd;, and in nouns formcd from nouns
²un- pre/ix [ME, fr. OE un-, on-, aItcr. of and- against - morc
at A×1r-] 1 a : do thc oµµositc of : rcvcrsc (a sµccificd action)
: or- 1a ¹ors- 1a - in vcrbs formcd from vcrbs _unbcnd;
_undrcss; _unfoId; b : causc to ccasc to - in vcrbs formcd
from vcrbs _unbc; 2 a : dcµrivc of : rcmovc (a sµccificd
thing) from : rcmovc - in vcrbs formcd from nouns
_unfIcsh; _unfrock; _unscx;; comµarc or- ¹ors- b : rcIcasc
from : frcc from - in vcrbs formcd from nouns _unhand; c
: rcmovc from : cxtract from : bring out of - in vcrbs formcd
from nouns _unbosom; _unhcavcn;; comµarc or- ¹ors- d
: causc to ccasc to bc - in vcrbs formcd from nouns _unking;;
comµarc ¹ors- 3 : comµIctcIy _unIoosc; - comµarc ¹ors-
undec- conbininç /orn [L undecin, µrob. fr. unus onc + decen
tcn] : cIcvcn _undecanc; _undeccnniaI; _undeciIIion;
ungui- conbininç /orn [L unçuis naiI, cIaw, hoof] : naiI : cIaw
uni- pre/ix [ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. unus] : onc : singIc _uniaxiaI;
_uniccIIuIar; _uniIatcraI;
uns- or unsym- conbininç /orn [fr. unsynnetrica/] usu ita/
: unsymmctricaI - in namcs of organic comµounds
¹ur- or uro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk our-, ouro-, fr. ouron
urinc] 1 : urinc _uranaIysis; _urobiIin; 2 : urinary tract
_urogram; 3 : urination _uroIagnia; 4 : urinaI and _urogcn-
itaI; 5 : urca _urcthanc; _uraciI; 6 : uric acid _uroxanic;
²ur- or uro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk our-, ouro-, fr. oura,
akin to Gk orrhos buttocks] 1 : taiI : taiIIikc _urostcon;
_UrogIcna; _uroµod; 2 : µostcrior scgmcnt, rcgion, or
µroccss : caudaI _uritc; _urohyaI; _urosomc;
-ura n conbininç /orn, p/ -ura [NL, fr. fcm. sing. and ncut. µI.
of -urus -urous] : onc having (such) a taiI _ChcIura; : oncs
having (such) a taiI _Brachyura; - in taxonomic namcs in
¹uran- or urano- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, fr. Gk ouran-, oura-
no-, fr. ouranos sky, hcavcn, roof of thc mouth] 1 : sky : hcav-
cn _uranograµhy; 2 : µaIatc _uranoµIasty; _brachyuranic;
²uran- or urano- conbininç /orn [F, fr. NL uraniun] : uranium
_uranothoritc; _uranyI;
uranoso- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL uranosus uranous] : ura-
nous _uranosoµotassic;
-ure n su//ix -s [ME, fr. OF, fr. L -ura] 1 : act : µroccss : bcing
_tubuIature; _cxµosure; _comµosure; 2 a : officc : function
_}udicature; b : body for (such) an activity _IcgisIature;
-uret n conbininç /orn -s [NL -uretun, fr. F -ure, fr. L -ur (in
su//ur)] : -ror 1 _carburet; _biuret;
-urgy n conbininç /orn -rs [NL -urçia, fr. Gk -ourçein to work
(fr. erçon work) + L -ia -y] : tcchniquc or art of dcaIing or
working with (such) a µroduct, mattcr, or tooI _chcmurçy;
-urous or -ourous adi conbininç /orn [NL -urus, -ourus, fr. Gk
-ouros, fr. oura taiI; akin to Gk orrhos buttocks] : taiIcd
_xiµhurous; _anourous;
-urus n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk oura - morc at -LÞoLs]
: onc having (such) a taiI - csµ. in gcncric namcs
_Brachyurus; _Dasyurus; _Saururus;
utricul- or utriculo- conbininç /orn [L utricu/us smaII bag]
: utricIc _utricu/oµIastic; _utricu/oµIasty; _utricu/ifcrous;
: utricuIar and _utricu/osaccuIar;
vag- or vago- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL vaçus] 1 : vagus
ncrvc _vaçogram; _vaçaI; _vaçoIysis; 2 : vagaI and _vaçoac-
ccssorius; _vaçogIossoµharyngcaI;
valvul- or vavulo- conbininç /orn [NL va/vu/a] : smaII vaIvc
: vaIvuIc : foId _va/vu/itis; _va/vu/otomc;
vanad- or vanado- conbininç /orn [NL vanadiun] : vanadium
_vanadyI; _vanadosiIicatc;
vapo- conbininç /orn [vapor] : vaµor _vapocautcrization;
vapori- conbininç /orn [L vapor] : vaµor _vaporiform; _vapor-
vari- or vario- conbininç /orn [L varius] : varicd : divcrsc _var-
iform; _variocouµIcr;
varic- or varico- conbininç /orn [L varic-, varix] : varix _vari-
cosis; _varicoccIc;
vas- or vasi- or vaso- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L vas] 1 : duct
: channcI : vcsscI _vasiccntric;: as a : bIood vcsscI _vasofor-
mativc; _vasoconstriction; b : vas dcfcrcns _vascctomy; 2
: vascuIar and _vasovagaI; 3 : vasomotor _vasoinhibitor;
vascul- or vasculo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L vascu/un smaII
vcsscI] : vcsscI; esp : bIood vcsscI _vascu/omotor;
vel- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ve/un] : vcIum _ve/iform;
ven- or veni- or veno- conbininç /orn [L vena] 1 : vcin
_veniµuncturc; _venocIysis; _veniscction; 2 : of or rcIating to
thc vcna cava : cavaI and _venoatriaI;
venti- or vento- conbininç /orn [L ventus wind + E -i- or -o-]
: wind _ventifact;
ventr- or ventri- or ventro- conbininç /orn [F, fr. L ventr-, ven-
ter] 1 : abdomcn : vcntraI _ventric; _ventrotomy; _ventri-
coIumna; 2 : vcntraI and _ventrodorsaI; 3 : vcntricosc
: round _ventriµyramid;
ventriculo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L ventricu/us stomach, vcn-
tricIc of thc hcart] 1 : vcntricIc _ventricu/otomy; 2 : vcntric-
uIar and _ventricu/oatriaI;
veratr- or veratro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Jeratrun] : vcra-
trinc : vcratric acid _veratrizc; _veratroyI;
verd- or verdo- conbininç /orn [MF verd-, fr. OF verd, vert
grccn] : grccn-coIorcd _verdohcmogIobin;
vermi- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. LL, fr. L vernis] : worm _ver-
niform; _verniµarous;
vertebr- or vertebro- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L vertebra] 1
: vcrtcbra : vcrtcbrac _vertebriform; _vertebrcctomy; 2 : vcr-
tcbraI and _vertebrofcmoraI;
ulno- vertebr- 57
verticill- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. vertici//us, fr. L, whorI of a
sµindIc, dim. of vertic-, vertex whirI] : whorI : vcrticiI _vertici/-
verticilli- conbininç /orn [NL Jertici//iun (gcnus)]
: Jertici//iun _vertici//iosis;
vesico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L vesica bIaddcr] : of or rcIat-
ing to thc urinary bIaddcr and _vesicourctcraI;
vesicul- or vesiculo- conbininç /orn [NL vesicu/a] : vcsicIc
_Jesicu/aria; : vcsicuIar and _vesicu/oµaµuIar;
vibro- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. L vibrare to shakc, vibratc]
: vibration _vibromassagc;
vice- pre/ix [ME vis-, vice-, fr. MF, fr. LL vice-, fr. L vice, abI. of
vicis] : onc that takcs thc µIacc of _vice-consuI; _vice-chair-
man; _vice-µrinciµaI;
-ville n su//ix -s [-vi//e, suffix occurring in namcs of towns, fr.
F, fr. OF, fr. vi//e farm, viIIagc] : µIacc or catcgory of a sµcci-
ficd naturc _squarcsvi//e;
viol- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL Jio/a] : µansy _vio/aniIinc;
visc- or visco- conbininç /orn [ME, fr. L, fr. viscun mistIctoc,
birdIimc] 1 : viscous : viscosity _viscogcn; _viscoscoµc; 2
: viscous and _viscocIastic;
viscer- or visceri- or viscero- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. L viscera]
1 : visccraI : visccra _visceraIgia; _visceroµtosis; _viscero-
gcnic; 2 : visccraI and _visceriµcricardiaI;
vitell- or vitello- conbininç /orn [L vite//us] 1 : yoIk : vitcIIus
_vite//in; _vite//ogcncsis; 2 : vitcIIinc and _vite//ointcstinaI;
viti- conbininç /orn [L, fr. vitis] : vinc _viticuIturc;
vitr- or vitro- conbininç /orn [L vitrun gIass] : gIass : gIassy
_vitroµhyrc; _dcvitrify;
vivi- conbininç /orn [MF, fr. L, fr. vivus] : aIivc : Iiving
_vividiaIysis; _viviµcrfusc; _viviscction;
vomero- conbininç /orn [NL voner] : vomcrinc and
-vora n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. L, ncut. µI. of -vorus -vorous]
: oncs that cat (somcthing sµccificd) _Inscctivora;
-vore n conbininç /orn -s [F, fr. -vore -vorous, fr. L -vorus]
: onc that cats (somcthing sµccificd)
-vorous adi conbininç /orn [L -vorus, fr. vorare to dcvour]
: cating : fccding on _carnivorous; _µiscivorous;
¹-ward a/so -wards adi su//ix [-ward fr. ME, fr. OE -weard,
akin to OHG -wart, -wert, -ward, ON -verthr, Goth -wairths,
L vertere to turn; -wards fr. -wards, adv. suffix] 1 : that
movcs, tcnds, faccs, or is dircctcd toward _homcward;
_shorcward; 2 : that occurs or is situatcd in thc dircction
of _Icftward;
²-ward or -wards adv su//ix [-ward fr. ME, fr. OE -weard, fr.
-weard, ad}. suffix; -wards fr. ME, fr. OE -weardes, gcn. sing.
ncut. of -weard, ad}. suffix] 1 : in a (sµccificd) sµatiaI or tcm-
µoraI dircction _uµward; _northward; _aftcrward; 2
: toward a (sµccificd) µoint, µosition, or arca _trccs bcnt
-way adv su//ix [ME, fr. way] : in (such) a way, coursc, dircc-
tion, or manncr _broadway; _Iyraway;
-ways adv su//ix [ME -ways, -weys, fr. ways, weyes, wayes, gcn.
of way, wey way] : in (such) a way, coursc, dircction, or man-
ncr _sidcways; _barways;
-wise adv conbininç /orn [ME, fr. OE -wisan, fr. wise manncr]
1 a : in thc manncr of _crabwise; _fanwise; b : in thc µosi-
tion or dircction of _cndwise; _sIantwise; _cIockwise; 2
: with rcgard to : in rcsµcct of _styIcwise;
wolfram- or wolframo- conbininç /orn [ISV wo//ran]
: 1L×cs1- _wo//ranic; _wo//ranoµhosµhatc;
xanth- or xantho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. xanthos,
µcrh. akin to OHG hasan gray] 1 : ycIIow _xanthoma; _xan-
thcIasma; _xanthodcrma; 2 : xanthic acid _xanthatc; 3
: ycIIow or ycIIowish and ammoniacaI - in namcs of saIts of
cobaIt _xanthocobaItic chIoridc;
xen- or xeno- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk, fr. xenos] 1 : gucst
: forcigncr _xenomania; 2 a : strangc : forcign _Xenurus; b
: intrusivc _xenoIith; c : nr1rÞ- _xenogcncsis;
-xene n conbininç /orn -s [F -xène, fr. Gk -xenos strangcr, fr.
xenos] 1 : substancc rarcIy associatcd with (such) a mincraI
_anthracoxene; 2 : intrusivc mincraI of (such) a charactcr
_Icucoxene; _cacoxene;
-xenous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -xenos strangcr, fr. xenos]
: host _Iiµoxenous;
-xeny n conbininç /orn -rs [Gk -xen os + E -y] : (such) a host
rcIationshiµ _Iiµoxeny;
xer- or xero- conbininç /orn [LL, fr. Gk xer-, xero-, fr. xeros]
1 a : dry : arid _xeric; b : dry µIacc _xeroµhiIous; 2 : using
a dry µroccss in thc making of (such) a µroduct _xerograµhy;
xiph- or xiphi- or xipho- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. xiphos]
1 : swordIikc : sword-shaµcd _xiphoµhyIIous; _xiphiµIastron;
2 : xiµhoid and _xiphocostaI;
xyl- or xylo- conbininç /orn [L, fr. Gk, fr. xy/on, µcrh. akin to
Lith su/as µiIIar, µost, OE sy/] 1 a : wood : woody _xy/o-
µhonc; _xy/oma; b : xyIcm 2 a : xyIcnc _xy/ic; _xy/o-
quinonc; b : xyIosc _xy/onic acid; _xy/okctosc;
-xylon n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk xy/on - morc at xvL-] 1
: onc having (such) wood - in gcncric namcs
_Hacmatoxy/on; 2 : onc Iiving in (such) a rcIation to wood
_Hyµoxy/on; 3 : wood _Iaurinoxy/on;
-xylum n conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk xy/on - morc at xvL-]
: onc having (such) wood - in gcncric namcs
_Erythroxy/un; _Zanthoxy/un;
¹-y a/so -ey adi su//ix, usu -ier usu -iest [ME, fr. OE -iç, akin to
OHG -iç -y, ON -içr, Goth -eiçs, -içs, L -icus, Gk -ikos, Skt -ika]
1 a : charactcrizcd by : fuII of - in ad}cctivcs formcd from
nouns _bIossomy; _dirty;; in many words formcd from a basc
word having finaI µostconsonantaI mutc e and with omission
of thc e _miry; _mirey; _sµiny; _sµiney;; accomµanicd by
doubIing of thc finaI consonant of thc basc word immcdiatc-
Iy aftcr a short strcsscd vowcI _Icggy; _muddy;; in thc form
-ey rcguIarIy aftcr a finaI y _cIayey; or vowcI othcr than µost-
consonantaI mutc e _mosquitoey; _gIuey; somctimcs with a
changc of y to i _skiey; or whcrc -y wouId duµIicatc anothcr
word _hoIey; b : having thc charactcr of : comµoscd of - in
ad}cctivcs formcd from nouns _icy; _watcry; _Iacy; _waxy;
_ranty; c : charactcristic of, rcscmbIing, or suggcsting somc-
onc or somcthing indicatcd : having somc of thc quaIitics of
: that is Iikc or Iikc that of - in ad}cctivcs formcd from nouns
_homey; _wintry; _foIksy; _garbagy; _winy; oftcn with a dis-
µaraging connotation _gadgcty; _miIquctoasty; _schooItcach-
cry; _rabbity; _HoIIywoody; _bcdroomy; _barny; _stagy; d
: dcvotcd to : addictcd to : cnthusiastic ovcr - in ad}cctivcs
formcd from nouns _horsy; _outdoorsy; _ismy; 2 a : tcnding
or incIincd to - in ad}cctivcs formcd from vcrbs _cIingy;
_sIccµy; _chatty; _criey; b : giving occasion for (sµccificd)
action _tcary; _yummy; - usu. in ad}cctivcs formcd from
vcrbs _munchy; _µicnicky; c : µcrforming (sµccificd) action
or bcing in a (sµccificd) modc of cxistcncc : -r×c - in ad}cc-
tivcs formcd from vcrbs _twinkIy; _curIy; 3 a : somcwhat
: rathcr : -rsn - in ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs _µurµIy;
_sucdy; _woodcny; b : having (such) charactcristics to a
markcd dcgrcc _Scotchy; _Dutchy; or in an affcctcd or suµcr-
ficiaI way _Frcnchy; - in ad}cctivcs formcd from ad}cctivcs
²-y n su//ix, p/ -ies [ME -ie, fr. OF, fr. L -ia, fr. Gk -ia, -eia] 1
: statc : condition : quaIity - chicfIy in combining forms
dcrivcd from Frcnch, Latin, or Grcck _-aIgy; _-andry;
_-cracy; _-soµhy; _-tomy; 2 : activity, µIacc of busincss, or
goods dcaIt with _chandIcry; _cooµcry; _Iaundry; _cxccutry;
3 : whoIc body or grouµ _soIdicry;
³-y n su//ix, p/ -ies [ME -ie, fr. AF, fr. L -iun] : instancc of a
(sµccificd) action _cxµiry; _cntrcaty; _inquiry;
-yl n conbininç /orn -s [Gk hy/e wood, mattcr; first uscd in G
benroy/, Iit., fundamcntaI matcriaI of bcnzoic acid, fr. benr- +
Gk hy/e] : chcmicaI radicaI: as a : univaIcnt radicaI _cthy/;
_µyridy/; _hydroxy/; b : radicaI containing oxygcn _car-
bony/; _chromy/; incIuding a fcw radicaIs of organic acids
_accty/; _gIycy/; _succiny/; - comµarc -ovL
-ylene n su//ix -s [-y/ + -ene] 1 : unsaturatcd hydrocarbon
_µiµcry/ene; - comµarc -r×r 2 : bivaIcnt radicaI _µhcny/ene
verticill- -ylene 58
-yne n su//ix -s [ISV aItcr. of -ine] : unsaturatcd straight-chain
hydrocarbon charactcrizcd by thc µrcscncc of onc triµIc bond
- in thc systcm adoµtcd by thc IntcrnationaI Lnion of Purc
and AµµIicd Chcmistry to rcµIacc thc cnding -ine in this scnsc
_hcxyne; - distinguishcd from -ane and -ene
yocto- conbininç /orn [ISV, µrob. bIcnd of yotta- and octo-]
: onc scµtiIIionth (10

²³) µart of _yoctosccond;
yotta- conbininç /orn [ISV, aItcr. of Gk iõta (rcµrcscnting y,
ncxt-to-Iast Icttcr of thc Latin aIµhabct)] : scµtiIIion _yot-
zepto- conbininç /orn [ISV, bIcnd of retta- and hepta-] : onc
scxtiIIionth (10

²¹) µart of _reptosccond;
zetta- conbininç /orn [ISV, aItcr. of Gk reta (rcµrcscnting Z,
Iast Icttcr of thc Latin aIµhabct)] : scxtiIIion _rettabytc;
zinco- conbininç /orn [ISV rinc + -o-] : zinc _rincoIysis;
zircon- conbininç /orn [ISV, fr. NL rirconia] : zirconium _rir-
zo- or zoo- conbininç /orn [Gk rõi-, rõio-, fr. rõion, akin to Gk
rõe Iifc] 1 : animaI : animaI kingdom or kind _rooIogy;
_rooµhiIc; _rooid; _roanthroµy; 2 [Gk rõ-, rõo- aIivc, fr.
rõos, akin to Gk rõe Iifc] : motiIc _roogonidium;
-zoa n p/ conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk rõia, µI. of rõion] : ani-
maIs - in thc namcs of taxa _Bryoroa; _Echinoroa;
¹-zoic adi conbininç /orn [Gk rõikos of or µcrtaining to ani-
maIs, fr. rõi- zo- + -ikos -ic] : animaI : having a (sµccificd) ani-
maI modc of cxistcncc : animaIIikc _hoIoroic; _µhancroroic;
_coµroroic; _cytoroic;
²-zoic adi conbininç /orn [Gk rõe Iifc + E -ic] : of or rcIating
to a (sµccificd) gcoIogicaI cra _Archcoroic; _Mcsoroic;
zon- or zono- conbininç /orn [Gk rõn-, rõno-, fr. rõne] 1 : gir-
dIc : bcIt : band _Zonitcs; _ZonochIoritc; 2 : zonc : zonaI
_ronifcrous; _ronoµIaccntaI;
-zoon n conbininç /orn, p/ -zoa [NL, fr. Gk rõion animaI] : Iiv-
ing bcing : animaI : zooid _anthoroon; _hcmatoroon; _sµcr-
zyg- or zygo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. ryçon] 1 a : yokc
: connccting in thc manncr of a yokc : }oining _ryçosµhcnc;
_ryçantrum; _ryçoncurc; b : zygomatic _ryçion; 2 : yokcd
statc or µart : µair _ryçodactyI; _ryçodont; 3 : union : fusion
: zygosis _ryçosµorc; _ryçogcncsis;
zygomatico- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. ryçonaticus zygomatic]
: zygomatic and _ryçonaticomaxiIIary;
-zygous adi conbininç /orn [Gk -ryços, fr. ryçon yokc] 1
: yokcd : zygomatic _cryµtoryçous; 2 : having (such) a zygot-
ic constitution _hctcroryçous;
zym- or zymo- conbininç /orn [NL, fr. Gk, fr. ryne] 1 : Icav-
cn : conccrncd with fcrmcntation _rynoIysis; _rynoµhos-
µhatc; 2 : fcrmcnt : cnzymc _rynogcncsis; _rynosthcnic;
-zyme n conbininç /orn -s [Gk ryne Icavcn] : cnzymc _his-
toryne; _Iysorynes;
-yne -zyme 59

Abbreviations in This Work
The abbreviations in this list are regularized to one style without periods, although they may appear with periods in context, depending on whether printed in roman type or italics.
abl acc act adj adv AF Alb alter anat aor Arm Av biol bot cgs chem comb. form conj contr crystallog D Dan dat dial dim E esp F fem fr freq fut G gen geol Gk Gmc Goth Hitt IE imit indic interj IrGael irreg ISV It ital L LGk lit Lith LL masc ablative accusative active adjective adverb Anglo-French Albanian alteration anatomy aorist Armenian Avestan biology botany centimeter-gram-second chemistry combining form conjunction contraction crystallography Dutch Danish dative dialect diminutive English especially French feminine from frequentative future German genitive geology Greek Germanic Gothic Hittite Indo-European imitative indicative interjection Irish Gaelic irregular International Scientific Vocabulary Italian italic Latin Late Greek literally Lithuanian Late Latin masculine MD ME med MF MGk MHG MIr ML modif n neut NL nom n pl obs OE OF OFris OHG OIr OL ON OPer OProv OPruss orig OS OScan OSlav OW part perh pers Pg pl prep pres prob pron Russ Sc sing Skt Sp specif superl Sw Toch A Turk usu var vb VL W Middle Dutch Middle English medicine Middle French Middle Greek Middle High German Middle Irish Medieval Latin modification noun neuter New Latin nominative noun plural obsolete Old English Old French Old Frisian Old High German Old Irish Old Latin Old Norse Old Persian Ool Proven al Old Prussian originally Old Saxon Old Scandinavian Old Slavic Old Welsh participle perhaps person Portuguese plural preposition present probably pronoun Russian Scots singular Sanskrit Spanish specifically superlative Swedish Tocharian A Turkish usually variant verb Vulgar Latin Welsh

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms

Webster s Third New International Dictionary
a- prefix ME, fr. OE a-, an, on 1 : on : in : at abed afoot asunder sometimes used in dialect speech in locutions not found in standard he did it a-purpose 2 : in such a state or condition afire asleep often used with with acrawl with ants 3 : in such a manner aloud 4 : in the act of : in the process of daddy s gone a-hunting months later the ship was still a-building a- or an- prefix L Gk L a-, an-, fr. Gk more at - : not : without achromatic asexual used chiefly with words of Gk or L origin a- before consonants other than h and sometimes even before h, an- before vowels and usu. before h ahistorical anesthesia anhydrous -a- combining form ISV : replacing carbon esp. in a ring in initial combining forms as second constituent after a first constituent designating a chemical element arsa- aza-a n suffix - NL, prob. fr. originally nonsignificant -a in magnesia, fr. ML -a in magnesia, alchemical substance , fr. Gk -a, - in magn sia, magn si , alchemical substance, magnet , fr. nom. sing. fem. adjectival ending corresponding to nom. sing. masc. -os and nom. sing. neut. -on : oxide ceria lanthana thoria ab- prefix ME, fr. OF L OF, fr. L, fr. ab from 1 : from : departing from abnormal 2 : away : outside of abenteric ab- prefix absolute used for a cgs electromagnetic unit abampere abhenry abdomin- or abdomino- combining form L abdomin-, abdomen : abdomen : abdominal abdominalgia abdominoperineal abdominocardiac -ability also -ibility n suffix ME -ablete, -abilite, -iblete, -ibilite, fr. MF -ableté, -abilité, -ibleté, -ibilité, fr. L -abilitas, -ibilitas, fr. -abilis, -ibilis + -tas -ty : capacity, fitness, or tendency to act or be acted on in a specified way ensilability washability abio- combining form a- + bio- : whatever is lifeless abiogenesis -able also -ible adj suffix ME, fr. OF, fr. L -abilis, -ibilis, fr. -a-, -i- thematic vowels of various conjugations of verbs + -bilis capable or worthy of being acted upon 1 : capable of, fit for, or worthy of being so acted upon or toward chiefly in adjectives derived from verbs breakable connectible eatable lovable 2 : tending to, given to, favoring, causing, able to, or liable to agreeable changeable knowledgeable peaceable perishable -ableness n suffix -ably also -ibly adv suffix -ac n suffix - Gk -akos of or relating to, var. of -ikos -ic after noun stems ending in i : one affected with hemophiliac nostalgiac acanth- or acantho- combining form NL, fr. Gk akanth-, akantho-, fr. akantha akin to ON gn awn : thorn : spine acanthocarpous Acanthophis -acanthus n combining form NL, fr. Gk akantha thorn : animal having such a spine or such or so many spines Cephalacanthus Ctenacanthus in generic names esp. of fishes acar- or acari- or acaro- combining form NL, fr. Acarus : mite acaroid acaricide ace- combining form ISV, fr. acetic : acetic acenaphthene specif : related to acenaphthene aceanthrene -ace n combining form - LGk ak point : apex having so many faces heptace tessarace -acea n pl suffix NL, fr. L, neut. pl. of -aceus -aceous : animals characterized by : animals of the nature of Cetacea Crustacea in names of zoological divisions larger than a genus, esp. orders and classes -aceae n pl suffix NL, fr. L, fem. pl. of -aceus -aceous : plants of the nature of Acanthaceae Rosaceae in names of families of plants formerly in names of orders of plants -acean adj suffix NL -acea, -aceae + E -an : rosacean -acean n suffix - : organism characterized by : organism of the nature of crustacean rosacean in singular corresponding to plurals in -acea, -aceae acenaphth- or acenaphtho- combining form ISV, fr. acenaphthene : acenaphthene : acenaphthylene acenaphthophenanthrene -acene n suffix - ISV, fr. anthracene : aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbon containing three or more fused benzene rings in straight linear sequence naphthacene -aceous adj suffix L -aceus : characterized by arenaceous argillaceous : of the nature of herbaceous : belonging to or connected with a division of animals characterized by or of the nature of cetaceous crustaceous : belonging to or connected with a family of plants of the nature of solanaceous often in adjectives corresponding to biological classification names in -acea, -aceae acet- or aceto- combining form F L F acét-, fr. L acet-, fr. acetum vinegar : acetic acid : acetic : acetyl acetaldehyde acetamide acetobenzoic achro- or achro - combining form Gk achroos, fr. a- a- + -chroos colored more at : colorless achrodextrin achro cyst achromat- or achromato- combining form Gk achr matos colorless, fr. a- a- + -chr matos colored, fr. chr mat-, chr ma color : achromatic achromaturia : something achromatic achromatolysis acou- or acouo- combining form F acou-, fr. Gk akouein to hear : hearing : listening acoumeter acouophonia -acousia or -acusia n combining form, pl -acousiae or -acusiae NL, fr. Gk akousis fr. akouein to hear + -sis + NL -ia : hearing presbyacousia hyperacusia acr- or acro- also akr- or akro- combining form MF or Gk MF acro-, fr. Gk akr-, akro-, fr. akros topmost, extreme akin to Gk akm point 1 : beginning : end : tip acrology 2 a : top : peak : summit acropetal acrocephaly b : height acrophobia c : extremity of the body, esp. the human body acrocyanosis acromio- combining form NL, fr. acromion : acromial and acromiodeltoid acromiosternal -act adj combining form Gk aktis ray more at : having such or so many rays polyact tetract in terms applied to sponge spicules -act n combining form - : one having such or so many rays hexact triact in names of sponge spicules actin- or actini- or actino- combining form NL actin- ray, fr. Gk aktin-, aktino-, fr. aktin-, aktis akin to OE hte morning twilight, OHG hta, ON tta, Goth htwo, Skt aktu light, night, L noct-, nox night 1 a : having a radiated structure Actinopoda Actinomyces b : actinian actiniform Actinozoa 2 a : actinic actinautography b : of, relating to, or caused by actinic radiation as X rays actinotherapy -actinal adj combining form Gk aktin-, aktis ray + E -al :-actine adj combining form Gk aktin-, aktis : having such or so many rays discoactine pentactine esp. in terms applied to sponge spicules actinio- combining form Actinia : actinian actiniochrome actiniohematin acu- combining form ML, fr. L acu, abl. of acus needle akin to L acies edge : with a needle acupuncture

fr. fr.or al. fr. Gk -ag gos. L agere to drive : seizure of pain cardiagra melagra agrio. fr.combining form NL. L. ME. fr.or afro.combining form ISV. drawing forth. MF. -as. ON teitr glad. fr.+ d los visible. catch akin to W aer war. Gk aetos akin to L avis bird : eagle aetomorph Aetosaurus esp.or aldono. fr. fr. fr. fr.or af. Gk -ag gos : substance that promotes the secretion or expulsion of cholagogue lymphagogue -agra n combining form. fr. OF L OF -al. MF. of -alis -al : plants belonging to or related to Chytridiales Rosales in the names of orders of plants in some classifications in the names of other superfamilial groups of plants as alliances or cohorts aleuro. Gk. ag gos leading.acutiacuti. akin to heis.or ac.combining form NL.or as. adelphos : brother adelphogamy -adelphous adj combining form prob. fr. fr. Gk -ad-.or aelur. a r 1 a : air : atmosphere : aerial aerate aerenchyma aerobic b : aerial and aerohydrous 2 : gas aerometry aerosol 3 : aviation aerodrome aerotechnical aeri. fr. LL -ata. L. a. fr. of -atus -ate 1 : act : action blockade 2 a : product jamrosade b : sweet drink orangeade adel. fr. Gk ad l. or radical having such or so great a chemical valence artiad perissad dyad 2 : epic of : poem celebrating Columbiad 3 prob. fr. fr.combining form F. fr.a. OProv -ada. relating to. fr.or at. fr. ME.fr. L -alia.combining form L. aldonic in aldonic acid : related to or derived from an aldonic acid aldonamide aldonolactone -ales n pl suffix NL. fr. a. Afer African : African Aframerican : African and Afro-Asiatic agam. L. lard 1 : fat : fatty tissue adipic adipocele 2 : connected with adipic acid adipamide adiponitrile adren. Gk : member of such a botanical group magnoliad moringad 4 : kind of plant or animal produced by or associated with ecad variad -adic adj suffix -ad adv suffix L ad biol : in the direction of : toward : cephalad ventrad -ade n suffix . fr. fr. fr. of -agogos promoting the expulsion of. and perh. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. Gk. L acutus : sharp-pointed acutifoliate : sharply angled acutiplantar acuto. pl.or albumino. -el. fr. fr. neut. fr.before g aggradation and albefore l allineation and ap. in names of taxonomic groups in zoology -aetus n combining form NL.before t attune and ad.MF L MF -ade. akin to Gk hals salt : realm of marine animal life in names of biogeographic realms Arctalia Bassalia -alian adj combining form . k. L. OF. fr. ME. OHG zeiz dear. fr. fr. fr. LL agamus unmarried. L inguen groin.before other sounds adnominal adverbial but sometimes adeven before one of the listed consonants adpronominal 2 : near : adjacent to in this sense always in the form adadoral adrenal -ad n suffix . fr. ML alcohol 1 a : aldehyde butanal salicylal b : acetal butyral 2 : pharmaceutical product barbital alb.combining form Gk. alcool alcohol. assumed ha-.combining form ME aero-.or alcoo. NL -ad-. ME.or agamo.or adelo. evident akin to OE t tan to gladden.ME. L. ad at.fr.fr. fr. Gk halia assembly Gk hal-. mia. homos same + -delphos akin to delphys womb : having such or so many stamen fascicles isadelphous monadelphous aden. OF.before p appersonation and as. fr.fr.or ap. fr. fem. fr. ad al. neut. L albumin-. fr. or unit of so many parts quintad c : element. L. Skt d deti he shines. fr. OF. fr. a. ad af.combining form L.unseen. or q acculturation and afbefore f afformative and ag. aero-.ME -aille. agein to lead NL -agogon. F. F ald-. fr. agra hunting. fr.combining form NL. -as. hals sea Gk halia akin to Gk eilein to compress. aggregate. algos : pain algesthesis alganesthesia algophobia -algia n combining form .F. fr.or ag. fr. fr. MF.combining form L adip-. OSlav velikŭ great. fr. algos : pain : painful condition cephalalgia podalgia -algic adj combining form -algy n combining form Gk -algia : ali. pl -agrae also -agras ME. ME. aleuron wheat flour.combining form F.combining form prob. agros field 1 : of or belonging to fields or soil : agricultural agronomy agrosterol 2 : agricultural and agroindustrial -aholic or -oholic n combining form . flour akin to Arm alam I grind : flour aleurometer alg. LL -agogus promoting the expulsion of.fr. fem.fr. fr. aer-. akin to OE g d good : good Agathosma agathology -age n suffix . fr. aden-. ala 1 : wing aliform alitrunk 2 : relating to the side parts of a specified organ or structure aliethmoid alinasal -alia n combining form NL.before s asself and at.ME.fr.combining form NL. agros field : wild agriology agro. of -alis : action or process bestowal rehearsal withdrawal -al n suffix .combining form Gk. L. fr.alcoholic 1 : one who feels compulsively the need to do something shopaholic winaholic 2 : one who likes something to excess golfaholic ailur. fr. albumen : albumen : albumin albuminoid albuminiferous albuminolysis alco. L -ad-. or characterized by directional fictional hormonal organizational spectral tidal -al n suffix .combining form adrenal 1 : adrenal glands adrenocortical adrenomedullary adrenotropic : adrenal and adrenogenital 2 : adrenaline adrenergic aer. fr.or algo. fr. ME. fr. ad ac.before c. fr. usu cap L Afr-. agathos perh. L. albus : white albite albocinereous albumin.or aldo. -el. L aer : air aeriform aerify aeto. pl. Gk alg-. ad as. Gk.combining form acute : acute and acuto-grave : acutely acuto-nodose ad. atom.F NL F -agogue. fr.or albumini.or adreno. agrios. adeps. G aldehyd 1 : containing the aldehyde group in names of classes of compounds aldohexose 2 : related to an aldehyde aldimine aldon.combining form. fr. L -alis : of. Gk aleipha akin to Gk lipos fat. fr. fr. fr. Gk agamos. OF. fr.or ailuro. fr. OF. fr. fr. fr. Gk aetos more at : eagle in generic names of birds Circaetus afr. fr. hen one. ac.+ gamos marriage : asexual agamic agamogenesis 2 -alia agath. fr. MF. fr. suffix denoting descent from or connection with 1 a : period of time quinquenniad b : group. Gk adeno-. fr.or adipo. fr.prefix ad. fr.combining form ML.combining form alcohol : alcohol alcogel alcosol alcoometer ald. fr. L. fr. -as used as final element in botanical genus names .combining form prob. ad lo.Gk -algia. fr. fr. fr.or aero. ME.combining form LL aeri-. ME.or aeluro. L -aticum 1 : aggregate : collection cellarage surplusage trackage wordage 2 a : action : process coverage haulage stoppage b : cumulative result of breakage shrinkage c : rate of dosage leakage outage slippage 3 : house or place of orphanage parsonage 4 : state : rank bondage peonage 5 : charge for an act or service postage towage wharfage -agogue also -agog n combining form . Gk aer-. L dies day : concealed : not apparent Adelaster adelopod adelpho. ad los. fr. L.or agatho.fr. fr. L. fr. to L vulgus common people Gk hals sea. Gk adelphos brother. fr. Gk. fr.combining form NL. Gk ailouro-. MF. fr. fr. fr. L.combining form GK NL NL. ad ap. fr.or adeno. NL -adelphus.combining form NL. OF.or albo. Gk nephros kidney 1 : gland : glandular adenitis adenocarcinoma 2 : glandular and adenoneural adip. ad 1 : to : toward usu. fr. ailouros : cat ailurodon ailurophobia -al adj suffix ME -al. ad ag. ad n akin to ON kkr lump.a. aldéhyde. fr.

fr. fr. Gk. fr. fr. allant-. Gk amphi-. alter. fr. L -antia.prefix L ambi-. fr.combining form NL. such words as Mediterranean.prob. amygdala 1 : almond : almond family amygdalase amygdaliferous 2 NL. G. allos other 1 : alternative allelomorph 2 : of or for each other : reciprocal : reciprocally allelocatalytic allelotropism allo.combining form Gk. -ian. G. amph-.or ampelo. allos other : being one of a group whose members together constitute a structural unit esp. .or an. Gk 1 : amnion amniotome 2 : amniotic and amnioallantoic amorph. fr. amorphos : amorphous amorphism amorphophyte ampel.or anarcho. in names of heterocyclic compounds furan alloxan compare 2 a : anhydride representing a polymer of a carbohydrate usu.or amido.combining form NL. . L alternus alternate : alternate : alternately alternifoliate alternipetalous alternipinnate alti. cap America 1 : relating to America or Americans Americomania 2 : American and AmericoLiberian amid. such words as Mediterranean. fr.or anatomo. -i.combining form Gk. aa.or amylo. European 1 : one that is of or belonging to American Bostonian 2 : one skilled in or specializing in esp. all l n of each other. allas.combining form L. cap American : American Amerophile : American and Amerasian americo. L. OF L OF -ien.: containing the group NH characteristic of primary amines united to a radical other than an acid radical aminoacetanilide aminoguanidine distinguished from amidamm. L. amygdala a : tonsil amygdalotomy b : tonsillar and amygdalo-uvular amyl. -one 1 : unsaturated carbon compound tolan C H C CC H urethan esp.or amph.combining form ammo-.combining form Gk all lo. fr. fr. prob. of a language allophone allomorph compare allox. fr.or amino. alumin-. Gk. fr.or amero. fr. anarchos 1 : without government anarchical 2 a : anarchism and anarchopacifism b : anarchist and anarchoindividualist anatomico. Gk amph both. -ien.combining form ISV.NL -andrus. amblys akin to L mollis soft.or ammo. -ine.each other.or amygdalo. allos one . in derivatives from nouns ending in -ic or -ics. fr. fr. L anaLL an-. L -ianus. peptides.prefix L amphi.combining form.1 : around amphispermous 2 : on both sides : of both kinds : both amphicarpic amphivorous ampho. Gk amph more at : both amphophilic amygdal. amine now usu amino.combining form ISV. allos other.combining form ISV. amphi around : both ambilateral ambiparous ambly. fr. fr. and proteins amin. molere to grind 1 : blunt : obtuse Amblycephalus 2 : dulled : dimmed amblyacousia 3 : connected with amblyopia amblyoscope amer.combining form alkane : alkane alkadiyne alkapolyene all.combining form NL. -ant-. fr. ampelo-. on both sides. an-. suffix -ean fr. -i.combining form LL amyl-.combining form NL ampel-. alumen 1 : alum aluminiform 2 : aluminum aluminography alveol.or allo. fr.+ -anus. fr. fr. collected quotations from. fr.combining form ISV.ISV -an. fr. different 1 : other : different : dissimilar : extraneous allergy allopathy allosematic 2 allo. epoch. altus 1 : high altisonant 2 : altitude altigraph altimeter alumin. fr. fr.or alumino. Gk amylon. pl.ME.+ mylos. fr. fr. . or series Cambrian -an n suffix . amb.or allanto. neut. amphi more at . fr. less often replacing final -e pentosan b : intramolecular anhydride of a carbohydrate replacing final -e of the carbohydrate name -glucosan ana. ammin ammine : ammine amminochloride ammoni. ammonium : containing ammonia or ammonium ammoniocupric sulfate ammono. on both sides. -anus. fr. Gk ana-. fr. fr.-an -ian fr. fr. fr. -ien. fr.combining form GK allos .or amblyo. fr. on 1 : up : upward anode Anacardium 2 : back : backward ananym 3 : again : anew anagenesis -ana or -iana n pl suffix NL. prob. Gk. in the latter case with loss of -s dialectician phonetician statistician 3 : one belonging to a specified zoological group crustacean mammalian crocodilian -an or -ian also -ean adj suffix -an -ian fr.combining form anatomic : anatomical and : anatomical anatomicopathological anatomoclinical -ance n suffix . L. fr. fr.combining form L amygdal-. alloxan : alloxan -ally adv suffix -al + -ly : semantically in adverbs formed from adjectives ending in -ic with no alternative form ending in -ical alterni. allos . fr.2 : . fr. OF L OF -ien. L amylum. fr. fr.+ -anus -ean fr. fr. sausage. fr. replacing final -ose of the carbohydrate name xylan dextran . L -ianus. fr. adj. fr.around. fr. fr.or amorpho. amide 1 : containing the group NH characteristic of amides united to a radical of acid character amidosulfuric distinguished from amin. in names of stereoisomeric compounds containing two fused saturated rings allocholanic acid allopregnane 3 usu allo: having dissimilar genomes alloheteroploid alloploid allotriploid opposed to autallant.combining form ISV. fr. fr.combining form LL ambly-. ammonia 1 : ammonia ammonolysis 2 : derived from ammonia in names of 3 -ander chemical compounds ammonocarbonic acid HN C NH compare -2 amnio. around akin to L ambo both. of -ene. of Italic origin akin to L alium garlic 1 : allantoic : allantoid allantochorion allantoin 2 : sausage allantiasis allelo. -ans -ant + -ia -y 1 : action or process attendance deliverance furtherance : instance of an action or process appearance performance 2 : quality or state resemblance temperance : instance of a quality or state protuberance 3 : amount or degree conductance transmittance -ancy n suffix L -antia more at 1 : quality or state buoyancy pliancy 2 : instance of a quality or state expectancy -ander n combining form . the other. -ane. fr. . ammos sand : sand ammophilous ammino. . ana up. of -anus -an -ianus -ian : collected items of information esp. amorph-.combining form ML anarch-. fr. OF. of amylos not ground at the mill. . ME -an. neut. ME -an.or alveolo. the other.: isomeric form. fr.amidophenol 3 : containing the radical CONH characteristic of polyamides. Gk. fr. myl mill : starch amylase amylemia amylometer -an or -ian also -ean n suffix . allos one . amnion. close relative. anecdotal or bibliographical concerning Americana Johnsoniana Burnsiana collegiana chiefly in derivatives from personal names and place names anarch. European 1 : of or belonging to American Floridian Wesleyan 2 : characteristic of : resembling Mozartean Shavian 3 : of or belonging to a specified geologic period.or ammonio.combining form NL.combining form. fr. fr.combining form ME.prefix ML.both. fr.combining form MF alumin-. NL ammonia : chemical compound related to ammonia lactam phospham ambi. alveolus 1 : alveolus alveolectomy 2 : alveolar and alveololabial -am n combining form . Gk -andros having .combining form alkyl : alkyl alkacrylic alkiodide alka. Gk ampel-. ampelos : grapevine ampelopsis ampelography amphi. fr.combining form prob. -ian.alkalk. . or variety of a specified chemical compound allo-ocimene allotelluric acid : as a : the more stable form of two geometrical isomers allocinnamic acid b : -3 esp. .

fr. andr-. Gk anti before. andr-. an malos uneven. fr.or ankylo. fr. nemein to distribute 4 -anthropus : unusual : abnormal : irregular anomite anomocarpous anomal.+ isos equal more at . Gk -anth ma akin to Gk anthos flower : eruption : rash enanthema -anthemum n combining form L. an r man male person + . an r man male person akin to OIr nert strength. anthr po-.or anthropo.or anthraco.combining form L anth-. fr. ML Angli English people. Gk angei-. part. irregular : anomalous : irregular anomaliflorous anomalism anomalocephalus anopl. usu cap NL. OHG -nti.a.or anomalo. irreg. Gk ankyl-.lawless. fr. alter. fr. fem. fr. fr.. Gk anem-.pos fr. fr. anthr pos. fr. fr. an. fr.: possession of anthers. part. angeio. fr.combining form NL. Gk anom.combining form.or aniso.or ancyl.combining form L anthropo-. fr. suffix of first conjugation. fr. flowered. aor.. ON and-. as indicated phaenanthery -anthes n combining form NL. NL -antherus. pres. -n. L andr-. fr. ana up. a. suffix 1 : performing a specified action or being in a specified condition denudant propellant somnambulant 2 : promoting a specified action or process expectorant ante. fr. fr. constricted. influenced by hydr-. pl -anthemata or -anthemas LL. in front. Gk anoplos.vowel of first conjugation + -nt-. ps face more at : human being anthropoid anthropogenesis -anthropus n combining form NL. Skt -nt. -ns. ante before.or anoplo.combining form MF andro-. fr.or antho. anthera anther : having such an anther or such or so many anthers decantherous phaenantherous -anthery n combining form . fr. hydro. int-. fr.+ nomos law. pres. Gk. or closed because of adhesion ankyloglossia ankylurethria b : ankylosis ankylophobia ano. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. Skt n 1 : man androcentric androphagous : of or belonging to a man or men androcracy androphobia : having the characteristics of a man and androtauric 2 : male androgenesis : male and androgynous 3 : stamen : anther androecium -andra n combining form NL. act. fr. ankyl sis a : stiff.combining form prob. part. fr. suffix. OF. fr.or angio.also anchyl. fut. Gk -nt-.charcoal. Angles 1 : English: a : of or belonging to England Anglo-Norman b : of English origin. fr. -ine.or angulo. fr.or andro. NL -anthus. andro-.combining form modif. part.or anomali. fr. Gk anthrak-. hoplon tool. pres. fr. suffix akin to OE -nde. descent. fr.combining form NL. anthrak-. OHG ant-.ME. andr-.: having such or so many stamens monandrous -andry n combining form NL -andria. L. Gk angeion more at . of -ene. blood vessel.or ancylocombining form NL.or anthra. Gk. Goth -nds. Gk anth-. fr. -a. -one 1 : 1 urethane 2 : saturated or completely hydrogenated carbon compound in names of hydrocarbons and some parent heterocyclic compounds methane cholestane dioxane distinguished from -ene.. above.or anchylo. fact or condition of having such or so many men more at : plants having such or so many stamens in names of Linnaean botanical classes Polyandria -androus adj combining form NL -andrus. suffix 1 a : one that performs a specified action : personal or impersonal agent assistant claimant coolant deodorant resultant b : thing that promotes a specified action or process expectorant 2 : person or thing connected with annuitant chemotherapeutant 3 : thing that is acted upon in a specified manner inhalant ingestant 4 : thing that is used for a specified purpose antifoggant -ant adj suffix ME. part. anthos flower : plant having such a flower in generic names Achyranthes Polianthes Zephyranthes -anthous adj combining form prob.combining form NL. Gk -anth s blooming. Skt anti in the presence of.. Gk anthos flower : -flowered gymnanthous monanthous -anthy n combining form anthr. Goth anda-.combining form L anisum anise : anise anisic : anisic acid anisoyl ankyl.combining form NL. suffix. -ant. NL. anemo-. fr. ankylos akin to Gk ankos glen 1 : crooked : curved Ancylostoma 2 NL. dim. anthrako.prefix ME. L -ant-. fr. fr. an r man male person more at . anthera : plant having such an anther in generic names Adenanthera Pyxidanthera -antherous adj combining form prob. on. fr. anisos. angustus : narrow angustifoliate angustirostrate anhydr.combining form prob. fr. fr.or aniso. Gk. -yne anem.or anomo. F anémo-. against. anemos 1 : wind anemosis anemometer 2 : inhalation anemopathy ang. fr.or anemo. anthos : plant having such a flower in generic names Helianthemum Xeranthemum -anthera n combining form NL. esp. Gk anthr pos more at . of -andrus -androus : one having such a stamen in generic names of plants Calliandra Pachysandra -andria n pl combining form NL. antho-. Gk.or anhydro. OScan ner man male person . carbuncle. Gk.vessel.combining form NL.: unequal anisodont anisosthenic anis. akin to L angulus angle 1 a : blood or lymph vessel angioid angiolith angiosis b : angiomatous angiofibroma : angiomatous and angiocavernous 2 : seed vessel angiocarpous -angium n combining form. Gk an upward. fr. L angulus angle 1 : angle angulometer : angular angulinerved 2 : of or belonging to the angular and angulosplenial angusti.ISV -an. fr. Gk anthr p-. ankylo-. fr.combining form L anomal-. fr. fr.+ -hoplos fr.against. Gk ankyl-. or culture Anglo-Indian Anglo-Irish 2 : English and AngloJapanese Anglo-Russian anguli.ISV anthracene : substance related to anthracene phenanthrene cholanthrene anthrop. fr. and-.combining form ISV anthracene : anthracene nucleus anthrol anthragallol anthrac. fr. on 1 : upward anogenic anoopsia 2 : upper anocarpous anom. -ans. fr. pres. fr. fr. aor. -andros + -ia -y : possession of such or so many stamens heterandry -ane n suffix . fr. fut. angeion. fr.: vessel : receptacle gametangium gonangium anglo. in front of akin to OE and-. anthrax 1 : coal : carbon anthracosis anthracolithic Anthracosaurus 2 : carbuncle anthracnose : anthrax anthracoid anthracocide -anthrene n combining form . L anterior : anterior anteroparietal : anterior and anterolateral : from front to anteroposterior anth. pres. pres. OF. fr. perh. suffix. Gk -andros having such or so many men. -ant. fr. fr. L. fr.combining form angular usu ital : angular -ange n combining form .combining form prob.of Gk anydr-.combining form L anthrac-. immobile. of angos vessel perh. Gk anthemon flower. ON -ndi. anydros 1 a : waterless anhydremia b : lacking fluid anhydromyelia 2 : anhydride of anhydroglucose anis. fr. anomos. anthos 1 : flower anthecology anthocyanin 2 : flowerlike Anthozoa -anthema n combining form. fr. part. -ane. fact or condition of having such or so many men. fr. Hitt hanti in front 1 a : prior : precedent : earlier antenati antepast antetype b : anterior anteroom : forward anteflexion anteversion 2 a : prior to : earlier than anteclassical antenatal antepartum b : in front of anteorbital antetemple antero. fr. fr. part.NL -angium : angi. an.andrsuch or so many men more at : one having such or so many stamens in words denoting members of Linnaean botanical classes in -andria hexander andr. pres.prefix NL. ankylo-. L. weapon : unarmed chiefly in names of zoological taxa Anoplanthus anoplocephalic -ant n suffix . fr. pl -angia NL.

aristos akin to Gk arariskein to fit 1 : best aristogenesis 2 . fr. fr. arktos bear.a. Gk. pl. fr. apo ap. arch beginning more at . aphros perh.combining form NL. archos more at .combining form MF argent-.or arch. aorta : aorta aortitis aortolith aphan.combining form Gk archaio-. OF L OF -er. planasthai to wander : nonmotile Aplanobacter aplanospore apo. archein to begin more at : primitive : original archecentric archespore archi. fr. L aqua water + ISV -o.a. archi akin to Gk archein to begin. arch. Gk arch beginning more at . OF.prefix apo. MF. possessing some quality.: now little used because of possible confusion with antiantr. a. fr.or argyro. or pursuing an opposite policy antapex antarctic anticline antischool antivolition c : one that is opposite in kind to anticlimax antihero antireligion anti. arche-. fr. fr. cure. a.or ap. L. against.fr. fr. L. fr. Gk.prefix MF It L MF archiIt arci-. -arche. argyros : silver argyrite argyrocephalous -aria n suffix NL.combining form prob.before vowels and aphbefore h which is not repeated but frequently apo.prefix MF ML. supplement : vermiform appendix appendectomy appendicitis appendicostomy appendotome aqui. NL. fr.combining form prob. fr. against. appendage.or aphano. L.combining form ISV.combining form NL Gk NL. ME.prefix anti. fr. apis : bee apiculture apiphobia apic. OF L OF.or apico.or argillo. fr.or ant. fr. LL -archa. arachn perh. NL. arkto-.or archaeo. fr.+ -phan s fr.combining form NL. L.or aorto. argentum : silver argentamide argentinitrate argentometry argill.combining form argillaceous : argillaceous and argillaceocalcareous argyr. ME. fr. L apic-.ME. sympathy. neut. fr. aqua : water aquiculture aquiferous aquacade aquo. G.1 : chief : principal archangel archbishop archdiocese archduke archpillar 2 : preeminent : extreme : most fully embodying the qualities of his or its kind archantiquary archcapitalist archfool archinfamy archphilosopher archpuritan archrogue 3 : first in time archfather : primitive archform -arch n combining form . Mars planet : the planet Mars areocentric longitude : of or belonging to the planet Mars areography argent. fr.before vowels and anth.combining form Gk Ar s Ares god of war .or aphro.1 : antiquity archaeography 2 : ancient : primitive archaecraniate archaeolithic archeozoic arche. after bases containing l of -alis -al : of or belonging to linear molecular nuclear polar : being spectacular 5 aristo- triangular : resembling annular oracular chiefly in words containing l and often accompanied by change of final postconsonantal -le of the base word to -ul. alter. but more frequently anti. anti anth. or practice anticapitalist antidemocratic antiromantic antislavery antiunion b : opposing in effect or activity : inhibiting : preventing : counteracting antacid anthelmintic antiaging anti-Comintern antienzyme antifat antifogging anti-inflationary antislip antitrust 3 : not antigrammatical antilogical 4 : serving to prevent.combining form L aqui-.or arachno. apo aph.: ruler : leader matriarch nomarch -arch adj combining form prob. fr. phainesthai to appear : invisible : obscure aphanite Aphanomyces aphr. Gk anthos flower : organism having or resembling such a flower in generic names in botany Cyclanthus Schizanthus and zoology Oecanthus anti. fr. L. or alleviate a pathological condition antiarthritic antispasmodic 5 a : opposing or neutralizing another substance antibody antiserum b : substance that opposes or neutralizes another substance esp : substance that is an antibody to a specified antigen antitoxin 6 : combating : destroying : defending against antiaircraft antimine antitank anti. fr.combining form MF LL MF. OE OF OE arce-. exerting energy in the opposite direction. apex 1 : apex : tip esp. Gk arch-.combining form NL. sing.prefix ME arche-. fixed. fr. fr. arch-. fr. fr. Gk. akin to L imber rain : foam aphrite aphrometer api.fr. fr. anti ant. fr.combining form L. fr. fr.combining form L arct-. erce-. LL. F arénacéo-.combining form G aphr-. L. Gk. fr. of Gmc origin akin to OHG -hart in personal names such as G rhart Gerard akin to OE heard hard : one that is characterized by performing some action.: man in generic names of primates Pithecanthropus Sinanthropus -anthus n combining form NL. fr. fr. fr.fr.combining form perh. fr. Gk aplan s not wandering.before consonants other than h and sometimes ant. fr. fr.or more frequently archibefore vowels 2 : primitive : original : primary archenteron archiblast archicarp archicontinent archipterygium archy n combining form ME -archie. L arenaceus : arenaceous and arenaceo-argillaceous areo. fr. or being associated with some thing esp. in biological taxonomic names Campanularia Madreporaria Utricularia -arian n suffix . fr. fr. fr. of an organ apicad apicifixed apicoectomy 2 : apical and apicodental consonant aplano. LL. fr. fr.or appendic.or aph. ME. fr.fr. L ante. appendic-. fr. archi.before h which is not repeated . Gk aphr-.before consonants.or anth. akin to L aranea spider. fr. fr. Gk -arch s. fem. Gk. fr. archaios ancient.combining form F aphan-. Gk arkys net 1 : spider arachnology 2 : arachnoid membrane arachnitis arch. apo 1 : away from : off apastron aphelion 2 : detached : separate apocarpous 3 : formed from : related to in names of chemical compounds apocodeine apo. conspicuously or excessively braggart drunkard dullard pollard sluggard stinkard wizard : a large one of its kind staggard arenaceo. fr. L -aris.or argenti. fr. -er.even before h or a vowel 2 a : opposing or hostile to in opinion. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr.even before h or a vowel append. fr. fr. arch beginning. Gk. fr. archos ruler 1 : chief : principal archiepiscopal archi.L -arius -ary + E -an 1 : believer necessitarian : advocate latitudinarian 2 : producer platitudinarian tractarian aristo. fr. anti more at 1 a : one opposing the claims of : rival : spurious antichrist antiking antipope b : of the same kind but situated opposite.also aqua. fr. Gk. LL archL archi-.also archeo.combining form NL. fr. fr. LL antrum cavity in the body 1 : antrum antritis 2 : antral and antronasal aort.or apici. L. L -archia. against.or argilli. of -arius -ary : one or ones like or connected with esp. Gk.prefix L.or arcto. fr. Gk. fr. Gk. north 1 : north : arctic Arctalia Arctogaea 2 : bear Arctoidea Arctostaphylus -ard also -art n suffix . fr.angular muscular titular arachn. -archus.ME -arke.-anthus . Ursa Major. fr. fr. L. fr. Gk aphan s.combining form ME argill-. argilla 1 : clay argilliferous argilloid 2 : argillaceous and argilloarenaceous argillaceo. aphro-. Gk. OF LL L OF -arche. L -arches.1 : containing a molecule of water as part of a coordination complex hexaquocobalt III chloride Co H O Cl 2 : derived from water in names of chemical compounds aquocarbonic acid OC OH compare -2 -ar adj suffix ME -ar.fr. fr.or appendico. appendix. fr.or appendo.fr.before consonants other than h and sometimes ap. MF L MF.or antro. fr. L archi-. fr.or argento. -arch s -arch + -ia -y : rule : government dyarchy squirearchy arct. Gk arch-. LL archL archimore at . fr. Gk arkt-.: having such a point or so many points of origin endarch pentarch archae.+ -plan s wandering.OF arch-. fr. fr.

of -atus -ate : ones characterized by having such a feature in names of zoological groups Coelenterata Vertebrata Chordata Branchiata -ate n suffix . arsen.ME. fr. L -ator.: black and atrocastaneous atto.or asci. fr. pl -ariums or -aria L. -atum nom. -aire. + -tus. fr. fr. L astr-. atlo de : atlantal and atloidoaxoid atm.combining form NL atrium. fr. fr. L -astes. aster-. -atus -ate + -orius -ory : of.combining form Gk.or aspido. L -ation-. arsenic : arsenic arsine arsphenamine arsen.or arsono. Gk. telos end : defective atelectasis atelomyelia athero. or not genuine criticaster poetaster -aster n combining form .combining form NL.combining form NL atmo. diastase : enzyme : destroying substance aureomycinase protease urease aspid.or ascidio. belonging to. art rio-. ending of 1st conj. fr. masc. fr. LGk. . atlas 1 : atlas atlantad 2 : atlantal and atlantoaxial atlantoodontoid atlo. of -arius -ary : thing or place belonging to or connected with aquarium planetarium ars. atmid-.ME -atour. fr. past part. L -ativus. astro-. of -atus : chemical compound or complex anion derived from a specified compound or element alcoholate ferrate esp : salt or ester of an acid with a name ending in -ic and not beginning with hydroacetate carbonate -ate n suffix . neut.combining form F atlo do-. fr. fr. ending of 1st conj. a. fr. pl. astron star 1 : star astroid astrometer : the heavens astrography astronautics : astronomical astrophysics 2 : astrological astrodiagnosis : astrological and astromedical 3 : aster in cells astrosphere astragal.combining form NL. having a specified function.combining form NL.or asco. fr.as in ferroso: containing the univalent radical AsO composed of arsenic and oxygen arsenosophenol arsino.combining form MF. verbs.or arterio.imperfect.combining form ISV. arsine + -o. fr.ME -at. fr. atmo-. OF. neut.a. ast r : star asteroid Asterolepis -aster n suffix . fr. connected with. fr.combining form prob. adj.F.ME -at. fr. past part. -ator.or atrio. Gk art ri-. fr. worthless. fr. relating to.or atlanto.combining form L atr-. NL. fr. atel s. -atus -ate + -or : one that does calorizator totalizator -atory adj suffix ME.ME -aten. fr.combining form ISV. past part. fr. past part. fr. Gk arthr-. ending of 1st conj. LL. fr. aspis perh. fr. L spatium space : shield aspidate Aspidosperma -aspis n combining form NL. or connected with perspiratory : serving or tending to amendatory atri.combining form NL. L -atus. -a. arsonic : containing the radical AsO OH characteristic of the arsonic acids arsonate arsonoacetic acid arteri. astragalos 1 : dice astragalomancy 2 NL astragalus. fr.or atmo. Ascidia ascidium : ascidian ascidiozooid : ascidium ascidiferous -ase n suffix . sing. fr. L -atus nom. MF -atif. L 1 : atrium atrial atriopore 2 : atrial and atriocoelomic atrioventricular atro. akin to Skt saghnoti he takes upon himself.or astero. L -atorius. fr. Gk -ast s akin to -ist s -ist : one connected with ecdysiast hypochondriast aster. ater black + E -o. or being in a specified state episcopate pontificate professorate rabbinate -ate adj suffix ME -at. fr.combining form ISV. fr. -aria. Dan or Norw atten eighteen fr. -atio. fr. fr.combining form L arthr-. arthro-. fr. fr.combining form ISV. -io -ion : action or process computation flirtation visitation : something connected with an action or process civilization discoloration -ative adj suffix ME. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. -atus -ate + -ivus -ive : of. -arius. fr. L. ending of 1st conj. fr.combining form ISV. akin to Gk arariskein to fit : bread Artocarpus -ary n suffix ME -arie.or astro. L -arius.or astragalo. Gk atel. atmos akin to Gk a nai to blow : vapor atmiatry : air atmogenic atmid.arithmo: aristocracy and aristodemocracy : aristocratic and aristodemocratic arithmo. verbs : office : function : rank : state : group of persons holding a specified office or rank. L. Gk arithmos akin to Gk arariskein to fit : number arithmograph arithmomania -arium n suffix. fr. L -atus. Gk. suffix : one that belongs to or is connected with: a : thing belonging to or connected with esp : place of aviary bestiary herbary seminary termitary b : person belonging to. OF.: one quintillionth 10−18 part of attogram . fr.ME -acioun. -arium. Gk astragalos a : the bone astragalus astragalectomy b : astragalar and astragalocalcaneal 6 atto- -ata n pl suffix NL. fr.ME aste. akin to Gk aspid s vast.combining form atlas : atlantal and atloaxoid atloido. fr. or engaged in functionary seditionary -ary adj suffix ME -arie. fr. sthenos strength perh. Gk. OF. L -atus. fr.combining form ISV.or arthro. fr. fr. fr.vapor.or atmido. fr. fr. verbs : to act in a specified way negotiate pontificate : act upon in a specified way assassinate venerate : cause to be modified or affected by camphorate hyphenate pollinate : cause to become activate domesticate fractionate : furnish with capacitate substantiate atel. . art ria 1 : artery arteriectasia arteriology 2 : arterial and arteriovenous arthr. fr. ascus : bladder : ascus ascula ascigerous ascospore ascidi. neut. or connected with authoritative consultative normative quantitative : tending to fixative formative laxative talkative atlant. OF -ation. OF L OF -atour. fr. suffix denoting partial resemblance : one that is inferior.: one having such a shield in generic names in zoology and paleontology Cephalaspis Odontaspis -ast n suffix . arthron akin to Gk arariskein fit : joint arthralgia arthropathy arto. fr. atheroma : atheroma atherogenesis -athon n combining form .combining form L. MF L MF -aire.NL. is a match for : weak asthenopia : weakness asthenology astr.combining form NL atlant-.marathon 1 : event or activity lasting a long time often for the purpose of raising funds walkathon 2 : an excess of something practical joke-athon -ation n suffix . fr. broad. past part. incomplete.or arseno. L -arius : of or belonging to or connected with budgetary discretionary parliamentary unitary asc.combining form ME astro-.combining form Gk. Gk ast r : star in structural and generic names in biology diaster Geaster asthen. -atus. fr.or astheno. fr. fr. fr. ON ttj n + -o. fr. fr.: arsine : containing the univalent radical AsH arson.or atelo. -atus -ate + -ion-.a. fr. asthen s weak.combining form ISV. L. fr.thematic vowel of 1st conj. Gk atm-. atmos : steam : vapor atmidalbumin atmidometer -ator n suffix . fr. fr.combining form Gk. fr. atmis. ending more at 1 : acted upon in a specified way : brought into or being in a specified state consummate degenerate inanimate Italianate temperate 2 : characterized by having branchiate chordate foliate -ate vb suffix . Gk. sing.+ -sthen s fr. fr. Gk aspis shield more at . artos perh. a.combining form NL. fr. verbs 1 : one acted upon in a specified way advocate legate centrifugate duplicate mandate vulcanizate 2 NL -atum. OF L OF -arie.+ -tel s fr.+ -oso. aspid-. fr. arsenic : arsenic specif : containing the grouping As As analogous to the azo group arsenobenzene arsenoso. neut. -atus.

combining form. relating to. axis.combining form Gk baros : weight : pressure baragnosis barograph bary. basidium : basidium : basidial basidiospore Basidiomycetes -bates n combining form NL. the group NH for the group CH or a single nitrogen atom N for the group CH azacyanine azaphenanthrene compare -. azote 1 : containing nitrogen azolitmin 2 azo.combining form ISV. L.combining form NL.combining form L audire to hear + E -o. L. fr. .+ -a.combining form ISV. Gk auxanein to increase akin to Gk auxein to increase : growth auxanogram auxanology -auxe n combining form. south akin to L aurora dawn 1 : south : southern austroasiatic Austroriparian 2 : Australian and Austro-Malayan austr. Gk. bathys deep more at . at 1 : on : around : over bedaub besmear 2 : to a great or greater degree : thoroughly esp. fr. fr. ax n axle. frog. azide + -o. L basis 1 a : base : lower part basipetal b : at or near the base basifixed basiglandular c : of or belonging to the base of basicranial 2 a : chemical base basify b : subsilicic and basiophitic basidi. fr. near. az.combining form ME.audioaudio. fr.or bdello.or baryto. baryta : baryta : barytic barytocalcite basi. external ear 1 : of or belonging to an auricle of the heart and auriculoventricular 2 : aural and auriculoparietal auriculotemporal auro. excessively in verbs formed from nouns befamine bedevil beglue beblood and sometimes only in the form of a past participle or adjective ending in -ed becapped becobwebbed belgo. self-acting. MF L MF audit-. fr.or auri. fr. fr. in intensive verbs formed from simple verbs becudgel befuddle besmite bespatter berate 3 : excessively : ostentatiously in intensive verbs formed from simple verbs bedeck belaud and in adjectives based on adjectives ending in -ed beribboned befurbelowed 4 : about : to : at : upon : against : across in transitive verbs formed from intransitive simple verbs bestride bespeak becroak 5 : make : cause to be : treat as in verbs formed from adjectives or nouns belittle benumb befool befriend 6 : call or dub esp. on both sides to carbon azomethane CH N NCH aza. or containing trivalent gold : auric auri-iodide auricyanide auriculo.combining form ISV. fr.combining form Gk. fr. automatos : self-acting : self-regulating : automatic automatin automatograph auxano.or auto. in generic names in helminthology Malacobdella be.combining form ISV. by.combining form ISV. OE be-.combining form ISV.or batho. usu. fr. near. or for the same individual autohemagglutination autovaccine b : self-caused : self-induced : occurring within one s own body sometimes pathologically autointoxication c : acting as an antibody on or produced as an antibody for a person s or animal s own antigens autoagglutinin autohemolysin auto.prefix ME. fr. fr. fr. Austria 1 : Austrian and Austro-Hungarian 2 : Austria austrium Austrophobia aut. bdella : leech Bdelloura Bdelloida bdellotomy -bdella n combining form .combining form ISV. bainein to go. Gk aux growth akin to Gk auxein to increase : enlargement : hypertrophy enterauxe auxo. Gk ax n axle. bi by.combining form ISV. fr.combining form ISV.combining form NL bacillus : bacillus bacillosis bacilliculture bacillogenic -bacter n combining form NL.or batracho.combining form ISV.+ oxy. Gk axon-. autos perh.or az. L aurum 1 a : gold aurophobia b : gold and auro-plumbiferous 2 : of. fr.or audito.1 : hearing audiology audiometer 2 : sound : frequencies in the range of audible sound audiogenic 3 : auditory and audiovisual audit.combining form ISV.or austro. akin to L aut or 1 a : self : same one autecology autism autobiography autogenetic autokinetic autolysis b usu auto: having similar genomes autohexaploid autopolyploid opposed to all. NL.also baso. fr. fr. walk : walker in generic names of animals Hydrobates Pelobates bath. fr. cap Belgium + -o. relating to. auricula auricle of the heart.be-. auris 1 : ear aural auriscope 2 : aural and aurinasal auri.combining form L. about. excessively in verbs formed from nouns belady berascal bedoctor 7 : affect. austr-.or automato. Skt g hate he dives into 1 : deep bathyseism : depth bathythermograph 2 : deep-sea bathypelagic bathyplankton bathysphere 3 : inner parts of the body bathyesthesia batrach.combining form L.combining form ISV. Gk. fr.combining form ME audit-. az. Gk. balneum bath : bath : bathing balneal balneotherapy bar. Gk azygos : azygous azygospore bacill. fr.combining form bacterium : bacteria : bacterial bacteriform bacterioblast bacteriolysis balne. treat. fr. L.combining form ISV. benzoin prob. axle. past part.or bacilli.: containing nitrogen in place of carbon. fr. aulos : flute : pipe aulophyte Aulacanthus Aulostomus aur. fr. fr. fr. axis 1 : axis axiform 2 : axis cylinder axilemma axono. fr. fr. south. OHG bibe-. fr. Goth bi.or aulo. bacterium : bacterial organism in generic names Aerobacter Nitrobacter bacteri.1 : Belgium : Belgian Belgophile 2 : Belgium and Belgo-Luxembourg : Belgian and Belgo-Dutch benz. affecting. or cover with esp. Gk. fr. bathys deep akin to W boddi to drown.combining form prob.akin to OE b by.or bacterio.combining form ISV.or baro. orig.NL.or azo. fr. fr. fr. L. or containing univalent gold : aurous aurobromide aurothiosulfate austr. barys : heavy barylite barysphere baryt. akin to OHG kreta. pl -auxae NL.or benzo. axis : axis axonometry Axonophora az. fr. on both sides to carbon azoxynaphthalene C H N O NC H azygo. auditus. provide. fr. fr.combining form.or austro.2 : automatic : self-acting : self-regulating autoalarm autofeed autowind 3 auto.combining form F NL. fr.1 : depth bathic batholith bathometer bathophobia 2 : downward : lower bathochrome bathy. of audire to hear 1 : hearing : sound auditize 2 : auditory and auditopsychic auditosensory aul.or axo. Gk. bi. auster south wind. fr.combining form Gk.: containing the uni- 7 benz- valent group N derived from hydrazoic acid azidoacetic acid azoxy.combining form NL. fr. b by. fr. krota toad 1 : frog : toad batrachophobia 2 : ranula batrachoplasty -batrachus n combining form NL. Gk -bat s one that goes. auxein to increase 1 : growth auxobody auxosubstance : increase auxograph 2 : accelerating : stimulating auxochrome ax. fr.combining form automobile : self-propelling : automotive autocab autocar automat. azido. Gk bathos. fr.or bacillo.combining form ISV. axis 1 : axis axophyte 2 : axis cylinder axite axodendrite axi. fr. fr.or balneo. usu cap prob.combining form.a : of. fr. Gk batrachos : batrachian in generic names of animals Megalobatrachus bdell. fr. fr. afflict. fr. usu cap ME austr-.: containing the bivalent group N O N composed of two nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom united usu.or basidio.combining form ISV.combining form Gk bary-. fr. Gk bdella : leech esp. fr. aurum 1 : gold auriferous 2 : of. NL. batrachos perh.combining form L balne-.: containing the bivalent group N N composed of doubly bonded nitrogen atoms united usu.

neut. bios mode of life : one that has a specified mode of life chiefly in generic names in zoology Enterobius blast. fr. fr. fr. -blastic + -y : manner or condition of germinating heteroblasty blephar. -bius having a specified mode of life. Gk -bios.3 anat : between. bos : cattle boviculture brachi. fr.or bothro. L bini two by two akin to OE tw n twine 1 : two : two by two : two at a time binary binate binaural 2 chem : . of -bius : organism or group having a specified mode of life in taxonomic names Anobium and group names coenobium in biology -bius n combining form NL. fr. in names of organic compounds to denote the doubling of a radical or molecule bitolyl biphenol bi.combining form prob. fr. fem. fr. fr.combining form LL bovi-.1 a : two bimuscular bicycle biracial b : lasting two : coming or occurring every two biennial bimonthly biweekly c : into two parts bisect 2 a : twice : doubly : on both sides biconic biconvex biserrate b : coming or occurring two times bidiurnal biquarterly biweekly often disapproved in this sense because of the likelihood of confusion with sense 1b compare . Gk. fr. bioun to live fr.combining form MF NL. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. botrys 1 : bunch of grapes botryose 2 : botryoid botryolite bovi. fr. ML biblicus. fr. or affecting two specified symmetrical parts bigonial bi-iliac 4 chem a : containing one specified constituent in double the proportion of the other constituent or in double the ordinary proportion esp. LL. fr. L brachium 1 : arm brachiferous brachiotomy 2 : brachial and brachiofacial brachy.combining form Gk. fr. fr. fr. cap prob. biblion : book bibliography bibliomania bicyclo. fr. blastos 1 : bud : budding : germ : embryo in its early stages blastoderm 2 : metamorphic and blastogranitic -blast n combining form . of -bius having a specified mode of life more at : one or ones having a specified mode of life in generic names as a singular Bryobia and in descriptive biological group names as a plural aerobia coenobia biblic. bis 1 a : both : of or belonging to both chiefly in anatomical or medical words of which the second constituent begins with a vowel bisischiatic b : two bismarine 2 : twice : doubled esp. fr. fr. bicyclic chem : bicyclic bicycloalkane bili. irreg. broncho. in complex chemical expressions bisdimethylamino. F brome bromine.combining form NL.combining form L.or bothrio. fr.4 binoxalate binoxide in some words of which the last constituent begins with a vowel compare -biont n combining form .NL -branchia ones having such or so many gills -branchus one having such or so many gills fr. bios mode of life 1 : life bioblast : living organisms or tissue biopsy biodynamics 2 : biology : biological biopsychology 3 : biographical biopic : biographical and biocritical -bia n combining form NL. pl. melathron roof. fr. fr. bothros : trough : pit bothrenchyma chiefly in generic names Bothrodendron Bothrops bothri. fr.combining form ISV. fr. buds.: containing bromine regarded as replacing hydroxyl or oxygen or as coordinated to a central atom in names of inorganic acids and salts bromoauric acid 4 : containing bromine as bromide and sometimes replacing another element or group in names of minerals and salts occurring as minerals bronch. often cap obs. fr.or blasto. fr.combining form G blast-. Gk branchia gills 1 : one having such or so many gills cryptobranch dibranch 2 : gill arthrobranch : organ like a gill actinobranch branchi. L branchia : ones having such or so many gills in taxonomic names in zoology Cryptobranchia Tetrabranchia -branchia n combining form.prob. fr. bronchos 1 : throat bronchocele 2 : bronchial bronchitis bronchophony 3 : bronchial and bronchopulmonary bronchi. fr.combining form Gk.trachea. of Gk biount-. pl -bia NL.combining form Gk. bios mode of life : one having a specified mode of life aerobiont -biosis n combining form. brachys 1 : short brachycephalic 2 : brachydiagonal in terms in crystallography brachydome brady.combining form ISV.NL -blastus. fr. fr. fr. L Brito 1 : of or belonging to the Britons and Brito-Roman 2 : British and Brito-Japanese 3 : Britain Britocentric brom. in names of acid salts formed with twice as much acid as is required for a normal salt biurate b : . Gk bradys 1 : slow bradycardia : dull bradyacusia 2 : . F bronch-. blepharon 1 : eyelid blepharitis blepharospasm : of the eyelid and blepharoconjunctivitis 2 : cilium : flagellum blepharoplast bor.biformed in F 1 : related to benzene or benzoic acid benzazide benzopinacol 2 : containing a benzene ring fused on one side to one side of another ring benzacridine benzopyrone bi.combining form L brachiNL brachio-.or bromo. fr.2 esp. fr. Gk bi sis. Gk bi tikos 1 : relating to life : life antibiotic 2 : having a specified mode of life aerobiotic necrobiotic bis. Gk. Gk bl thros tall. biblia Bible + L -icus ic + E -o: Bible biblicist : biblical and biblicoliterary biblio. fr. L bov-. bismuto-.combining form NL. boron : boron borism boryl boroarsenate bothr. fr. biblic biblical prob. pres. bismut now wismut : bismuth bismutite bismutoplagionite -bium n combining form.or branchio. Gk br mos bad smell 1 : bromine bromhydrate bromoprene 2 now usu bromo. blasto-. LL broncho-. fr. fr. . L branchia : gill podobranchia : organ like a gill pulmobranchia brevi. L. involving. -blast + -ic : sprouting or germinating in a specified way heteroblastic : having such or so many sprouts.combining form L.or bronchio. G.or bismuto. L akin to OE twimore at .combining form MF.or biblico. Skt m rdhan head. fr.combining form MF.or blepharo.or botryo. bi n living.or broncho. Gk blastos akin to 8 bronchi- OE molda top of the head. prob.or boro. Gk. sing.sis -osis : mode of life aerobiosis necrobiosis -biotic adj combining form prob. Gk. part. fr. Gk.: containing bromine in place of hydrogen in names of organic compounds bromoacetic acid 3 now usu bromo.or brachio.combining form ISV. fr. fr. throat.combining form prob. modif. fr.or bio.bisquarternary bismut. Gk branchos gill. pl -branchiae NL. and neut. fr. fr. Toch A malto first 1 biol a : germ : shoot : sprout b : embryonic or formative cell in names of formative cells corresponding to names of fully developed cells ending in -cyte erythroblast c : germ layer : formative layer of cells splanchnoblast d : formative constituent unit of living matter idioblast 2 geol : crystal formed during metamorphism porphyroblast -blastic adj combining form ISV. fr. fr. branchia 1 : gills branchiferous branchiogenous 2 : branchial and branchiocardiac -branchia n pl combining form NL.n combining form. NL bronchi-. of bioun to live. bios mode of life + . fr.combining form G bismut-. NL -bioticus. Gk bronch-. bilis 1 : bile bilifaction 2 : derived from bile bilirubin bin.combining form NL.combining form NL branchio-.combining form. fr. fr. L. fr. fr. fr. or germ layers calyptoblastic monoblastic -blasty n combining form ISV. bothrium : bothrium bothrithorax Bothriolepis botry.prefix ME. pl -bioses NL. brevis : short brevi-conic brevilingual brito. broncho-.combining form ME.bradydactylia -branch n combining form .

karpo-. fr. fr. fr.or calami.combining form F.combining form L.or carcino. caulo. charcoal : coal carboniferous carbonigenous carboxy.combining form NL camphora : camphor camphene camphocarboxylic campto. butoxyl : containing butoxyl butyr. fr.fr.or caco. Gk karpos fruit + L -icus -ic : eucarpic -carpous adj combining form NL -carpus.combining form NL.or calci.combining form ISV carb. fr. L bucca cheek : buccal and buccogingival buccolingual bulb.combining form cauli.or cat.: carbolic acid carboluria carbolxylol carbolate carboni. meat or a meat substitute porkburger nutburger b : sandwich made of such a patty porkburger 2 : sandwich with a filling consisting of a hamburger patty topped with a specified food cheeseburger but. bryon perh. karpos fruit : fruited : having such fruit or so many fruits syncarpous monocarpous -carpy n combining form -carpus n combining form NL. kardio-. cecum : cecum cecectomy ceciform cecitis cecocolic -cele n combining form .combining form L.combining form NL. fr. pl -carps also -carpia NL -carpium. L caris. moss. kardia : heart endocardium mesocardium caric. kalamos reed : reed : reedlike Calamagrostis calamiferous Calamodendron calc. NL -bulia + ISV -ic : of.combining form F NL. akin to OHG kr t herb.fr. catkin. Gk.combining form prob. fr. Gk kalyk-.or bronto. karkinos 1 : crab carcinology 2 : tumor carcinogenic : cancer carcinemia carcinosarcoma cardi. fr.combining form NL. fr. fr. fr.combining form Gk kardi-. fr. kakos bad 1 : bad caconym : incorrect cacoepy : unpleasant cacophonous 2 : diseased cacochylia -cace n combining form .MF. fr.fr. blending of other forms : beautiful calligraph Callorynchus Calimeris : white calomel : beauty Calliphora calori. fr.prefix Gk kat -. fr. with.or cardia. kaul-. fr.or cali. capr-. fr.combining form L calyc-. kokain.combining form ISV.cavalcade : procession motorcade : spectacle aquacade -caine n combining form . Gk -karpos.combining form calcareous : calcareous calcareocorneous calcareosulfurous calcio. karpos wrist : carpus carpitis : carpus and carpometacarpus : carpal and carpopedal -carp also -carpium n combining form. fr. fr. fr. fr Gk kamp prob.combining form Gk. or characterized by a specified state of the will -burger n combining form . fr. turning : caterpillar in generic names of insects Lasiocampa Taeniocampa camph.or cardio. Gk bryo.or cauli. Skt kalya healthy calo. fr. a kind of sea crab. butyric : butyric : related to butyric acid or butyraldehyde butyraldol butyronitrile cac. fr. karpo-. L.NL -bulia. fr.brontLL bronchium : bronchia bronchiectasis bronchiocrisis bront.combining form L calc-. fr.or calo. bront akin to Gk bremein to roar.or caudo. boul will prob. fr. Gk -boulia.: down : lower catogene Catostomus caud. fr. kat-. fr. butyric : containing a group of four carbon atoms butane butene butopyronoxyl butoxy.or calco.combining form ISV. L. fr.hamburger 1 a : patty of a specified kind of food usu. akin to Gk kara head : shrimp : prawn in generic names of crustacea Echinocaris carp. Gk kalam-. fr. bulbus 1 : bulb bulbar Bulbocodium 2 : bulbar and bulbospinal -bulia also -boulia n combining form . fr. kaulo-.combining form L carbon-.combining form Gk karkin-. along. fr. together more at . fr. fr. fr.combining form caries : caries cariogenic cariostatic -caris n combining form NL. karkino-.or butyro. relating to.or caeci. NL -carpicus. Gk karp-. of large animals Brontops Brontotherium bry.or carpo. fr. NL.or caeco. fr. carbone : carbon : carbonic : carbonyl : carboxyl carbodiimide carbohydrazide carbohydrate carbol. kata down more at . bromos loud noise : thunder brontide brontometer often in generic names esp. capsula : capsule capsulitis capsuliform capsulolenticular carb. fr. fr. kalyk-.Gk kak badness.or caseo.or buto.combining form ISV. fr. Gk kalo-. fr.prefix Gk kata-. kardia 1 : heart : cardiac cardiagra cardioaortic cardioptosis cardiopuncture 2 : heart action cardiagram -cardia n combining form . akin to Gk ballein to throw : condition of having such will hyperbulia -bulic also -boulic adj combining form ISV.fr. L. calyx : calyx calyciferous calycifloral calyptri.or carico. Gk kak-.combining form calcium : calcium used chiefly in names of minerals calciobiotite calli.combining form calli. kallos beauty akin to Gk kalos beautiful. Carex : carex : sedges caricetum caricology cario. carboxyl : carboxyl carboxamide carboxyphenyl carcin.or ceco. fr.or campho.combining form casein : casein casease caseolysis cata. Gk kamptos flexible akin to Gk kamp bend : bent : curved camptodrome Camptosorus 9 -cele -capnia n combining form. kata down akin to OW cant with. Gk -karpion.or carbo. Gk -karpos -carpous : plant having such fruit in generic names Corynocarpus Thysanocarpus case. NL. Gk k l tumor akin to . Gk kardia 1 : heart action or location of a specified type dextrocardia tachycardia 2 a : animal or animals having a specified type of heart Diplocardia Leptocardia b : heart-shaped animal esp.or caudi. fr. fr.or capsulo.moss.or bulbo. caper : goat Capricorn capsul. Gk kapnos smoke + NL -ia akin to L cupere to desire : carbon dioxide in the blood hypercapnia hypocapnia capri. Gk -kardion.or carpo.or carbox.or callo.combining form NL Caric-.or caulo. Gk karis perh.combining form L cauda : tail caudad caudiform : caudal and caudodorsal caul. Gk -karpos -carpous.combining form MF L MF bulb-. fr. ML. pl -cardia NL. Gk karp-.or capsuli.combining form NL. Hitt katta under. L comwith. karpos fruit 1 : part of a fruit pericarp : fruit schizocarp amphicarpium 2 NL -carpus. fr. fr. fr. fr.G -kain. fr. L caulis caul-. akin to Gk kamp bend. fr. fr. calx lime : calcium : calcium salts calcite calcimeter calcospherite calcaneo.combining form ISV. fr. in generic names of mollusks -cardium n combining form. pl -capnias or -capniae NL. kako-. kalos callocali. calor : heat calorimeter calyc. carbo ember. kakos bad : diseased or vitiated condition of a specified bodily part arthrocace carpocace -cade n combining form .or calyptro. formed as G karbol. fr.or ceci.combining form NL calyptra : calyptra : hood : cap calyptriform calyptrogen -campa n combining form NL.+ L oleum oil orig. fr. fr.NL.combining form NL. fr.combining form NL.or bryo. karpos fruit : fruit Carpoidea carpology carp. fr. kat downwards.combining form NL.or cath.combining form calcaneum : calcaneal and calcaneoastragalar calcaneocuboid calcareo.fr. kaulos : stem : stalk caulome cauliflory cec. fr.or caec. kath-. karpos : plant having fruit in a specified place acrocarp pleurocarp -carpic adj combining form prob. kalyko-.1 : down cation catabiotic 2 : against catabaptist cato. kalyx : calyx calycoid Calycophora calyci. Gk kalli-. fr. cabbage : moss Bryaceae bryology bucco. cocaine : synthetic alkaloid anesthetic dibucaine procaine calam.combining form NL.or calamo.or calyco. kalamo-.

chlamys : mantle chlamydospore Chlamydozoa chlor.or chilo. fr. Gk -ker s.or cheno. kainos new 1 : recent cenozoic 2 : novel cenogenesis -cene adj combining form Gk kainos new : recent in names of geologic periods eocene centi. fr.combining form cerebellum 1 : cerebellum cerebellitis 2 : cerebellar : cerebellar and cerebellocortex cerebellospinal cerebr.combining form F cét-. fr. chemical chemi.combining form NL.also chalk.or cheiro. fr. fr. Gk chlamyd-.fr.combining form Gk k r-. fr. Gk -cheiria. NL. cervix neck : neck cervicodynia : cervix of an organ cervicectomy : cervical and cervicofacial cet.combining form NL.NL.or cellulo. ML -centricus in concentricus concentric.: -handedness allochiria macrochiria -chirurgia n combining form . Gk kephal-.combining form cerebrum 1 : brain : cerebrum cerebroid cerebriform cerebroscope 2 : cerebral and cerebrospinal 10 choan- -cerus n combining form NL. eccentricus eccentric : having such a center or such or so many centers heterocentric homocentric polycentric : having something specified as its center anthropocentric heliocentric cephal. Toch A tsar : hand chiragra chiromancy cheirology -chiria or -cheiria n combining form .combining form F NL. OHG h la hernia.or cerebro.combining form Gk ch n-. fr.combining form. chino-. kephal head 1 : head cephalitis cephalometer 2 : cephalic and cephalofacial -cephalic adj combining form NL -cephalus. fr. akin to Lith gele is iron. Gk chamai on the ground : low : ground Chamaerops Chamaesaura used chiefly in generic names of plants and animals -cheilia also -chilia n combining form . hundred. cheir akin to Alb dore hand. L : center centrifugal centriole -centric adj combining form ME -sentrik in consentrik concentric .or cervici.combining form chemchemo.combining form cellulose : cellulose Cellfalcicula cellobiose -celled adj combining form : having such or so many cells nerve-celled single-celled organisms cellul. E -cephalous + E -ic : -headed : having such a head or so many heads brachycephalic discocephalic bicephalic -cephalism n combining form -cephaly n combining form -cephalous adj combining form Gk -kephalos. fr.or cephalo. Gk cheil-. cellulolytic cen. Gk -chait s -haired. pl -cera NL. fr.combining form NL. cheiro-.NL. cellula 1 : plant or animal cell cellulicidal cellulotoxic 2 : cellular and cellulofibrous cellul.fr.or centro. chl ros greenish yellow 1 : green chlorophyll chlorophane 2 : yellowish green : pale green : anemic chlorosis 3 a : chlorine chlorhydrate chloroform b now usu chloro. Gk kerk-. sharp point 1 : center centroid : central and centrodorsal 2 : spiny centrarchid centrosema centri. kerkos tail : tail : tailed cercaria cercopod -cercal adj combining form F -cerque fr. Gk keras : horned one in generic names of plants and animals Cyrtoceras Dinoceras cerat. kerauno-.prob. fr.or kerato.combining form chion-. fr. Hitt kesar.combining form cellulose : cellulose celluloid. Gk chalk-.or chino.combining form L. formed as F -cerquie : tail formation of a specified type diphycercy cerebell. fr. cheilos lip + NL -ia more at : lip formation of a specified type macrocheilia chel.or chalko.or chalco.or kerato. LGk ch meia 1 : chemical : chemistry chemosmosis chemotaxis 2 : chemically chemisorb chemiotropic : chemical and chemicophysical chen. fr. chiono.also cheil.or ceto. prob.or cervico. centum hundred 1 : hundred centipede 2 : hundredth part centimeter centinormal chiefly in terms belonging to the metric system centr. fr. kephal :-cephalus n combining form NL. usu cap China : Chinese and Chino-Japanese compare chion. influenced by G chin-.or ceno.combining form NL. keraunos thunderbolt akin to Gk k r death : thunder ceraunograph ceraunophone cerc.or cheilo. fr. fr.or cerato. fr. keras horn 1 : horn : horny Ceratodos 2 usu kerat.cellOE h ala hydrocele.or celluli.also chemi.combining form alter. OSlav kyla : tumor : hernia cystocele gastrocele cell. kaino-. LGk ch meia alchemy chemico.or chame. fr. kerato-. fr. fr. céto-. L cervus : deer Cervicapra cervic. fr.or cerebelli. fr.or chemio. fr. ch no-. Russ zhelezo : copper : brass : bronze chalcomenite chalcomancy chamae.or chlamydo.or chaeto.or cerauno. chiro-. chi n snow chio.or cello. chela : claw chelicera chem.or cerebello. L chirurgia : surgery : cutting enterochirurgia pneumochirurgia chlamyd. quino. Gk.combining form Gk keraun-. fr. Gk chi n akin to Gk cheim n winter : snow chionanthus chiolite chionodoxa chir.or chemico.: quinine chinotoxine chinol chino.or chloro. Gk -kephalos 1 pl -cephali : cephalic abnormality of a specified type microcephalus hydrocephalus 2 pl -cephali or -cephala : organism having a specified type of head Ichthyocephali Phanerocephala cer. Gk -cheil s having such lips fr. fr. k ros : wax cerophilous cerotype -cera n combining form. fr.: containing chlorine in place of hydrogen in names of organic compounds chloroaniline c now usu chloro. fr. fr.fr.NL. fr.combining form NL.combining form F L. fr. fr. Dan kemi-. NL cet-. ON haull. cheir hand more at . Gk cheir-.or cerebri.combining form Gk kain-.combining form G. Gk kerat-. Gk chait : bristle : hair Chaetodon chaetophorous -chaeta n combining form NL. Gk.also kerat. . fr. kerko-. cheilo-.or caen.fr. Gk keras horn : horned one : horned ones in taxonomic names in zoology Acrocera Cladocera Nematocera -ceras n combining form NL. hernia. F -céphale. Gk chiastos : marked with or characterized by a cross : crossed at right angles chiasto-basidium chil. fr.or chiono. k ro-. L cetus : whale cetyl cetotolite Cetorhinus chaet. NL.: containing chlorine regarded as replacing hydroxyl or oxygen or as coordinated to a central atom in names of inorganic acids and salts chloroauric acid chlorochromate d : containing chlorine as chloride sometimes replacing another element or group in names of minerals and salts occurring as minerals chlorosulfate choan. kentron center.combining form Gk kentr-. fr.or cheli. chalko-.combining form F L F. fr.or chiro. fr. orig.combining form NL. fr.combining form NL. fr. L.combining form NL. fr. kephalo-.or cero. fr.combining form NL. fr.or choano. hundredth. fr. ch n : goose Chenopodium chiasto. chalkos copper. fr. keras horn : horned one in generic names of insects Tetracerus cervi.or cellulo.or caeno. fr.combining form L chir-. chinin quinine of quin-. fr.also cellu.chemio. chait 1 also -chaetes or -chaetus : haired one : hairlike one in generic names Spirochaeta Connochaetes 2 pl -chaetae : bristle of a specified type microchaeta chalc.combining form NL.combining form NL. fr.: cornea keratitis ceraun. fr.also cheir. Gk kerkos tail + E -al : tailed homocercal isocercal -cercy n combining form ISV -cercal + -y prob. kentro-.also chio.or cerco.or chemo. fr. kemi chemistry. Gk choan funnel. G NL.combining form L cervic-. fr. ceto-. fr. fr. cheilos : lip Chilopsis Chilomastix chin.

Gk klasis breaking fr. fr. fr.NL. ch ros place. chol -. fr. fr. chorion 1 : chorion : chorionic choriocarcinoma chorioma 2 : choroid : choroid and choriocele chorioretinal chori. Gk -klados. fr. alter. LGk -chr mia. Gk klasis : diaclasis -clasite n combining form . fr. fr. fr. pl -clases NL. klan to break + NL -ia : breaking arthroclasia : breaking up hemoclasia -clasis n combining form. -clastic : rock composed of fragmental material of a specified type pyroclast cataclast . Citrus 1 : citrus citropsis citriculture 2 a : citric acid citramide b : citrate citrochloride citra. fr. fr. Gk choreia dance. chondros grain. kion-.or cholo. fr. caedere to kill 1 : killer fratricide insecticide 2 MF. Gk chr mat-. fr. Gk -chordos : having so many strings septichord -chore n combining form . fr.combining form NL.or chorio. Gk chondrion small grain. chol . fr.citramontane opposed to ultraclad.or cirrho.MF. Gk chondr-. cholo-. L -cida + -alis -al 1 : killing : having power to kill filaricidal 2 : cutting loculicidal -cide n combining form . F choréo-.combining form NL.or choristo.or chryso. fr. Gk -chr mos colored fr. classique 1 : classical : classical and classico-Lombardic 2 : the classics classicolatry -clast n combining form . Gk klan to break 1 : one that breaks or destroys iconoclast biblioclast 2 G -klast.combining form NL. L chorda string. Gk chyl-.or cirri. L -cida.or citri.Gk ch rein to withdraw. chr ma color + NL -ia 1 : color achromasia 2 : stainability : colorability polychromasia chromat. . fr. kiono-. Gk klasis breaking.combining form choreo-.combining form F. Gk chr mat-.ISV -clase + -ite orig.or chrono. L citra : cis. fr.or chole. fr. spread akin to Gk ch ros left. chondro-. -chroos -chroous + -ia : coloration dyschroia : discoloration cyanochroia -chroic adj combining form Gk i-chroos -chroous + ISV -ic :erythrochroic chrom.combining form NL. chr s skin.F.combining form L cirrus curl 1 : cirrus of a plant or animal cirriferous cirrigrade 2 : cirrus cloud cirrostratus cirs. string : an anatomical cord: as a : vocal cord chorditis b : spinal cord chordotomy c : notochord Chordata -chord n combining form . fr.prefix ML. ki n pillar. chyl. formed as G -klasit : classico. cartilage 1 : cartilage : cartilaginous and chondrectomy chondrify chondro-osseous chondrocele 2 : grain chondrite chondri. fr. bereaved : separated : distinct choripetalous chorist. choré-. chylos 1 : chyle chyluria chyliform chylocyst 2 : juice chylocauly -chylia n combining form . chronos : time chronaxie chronogram -chronous adj combining form Gk -chronos. fr. advance. fr. fr. fr. fr. place for dancing chorio-. fr. Gk chord 1 : musical instrument having such or so many strings lyrichord 2 : musical scale or interval of a specified extent hexachord -chord adj combining form LL -chordus. formed as G -chromie : painting : coloring lithochromy stereochromy -chromy n combining form NL -chromia : - 11 -clast chron. fr.prefix OF or L OF. Gk kion-. ch ro-. L cinnamum 1 : cinnamon cinnamodendron 2 : cinnamic acid cinnamoyl cion.combining form cinema : motion picture cinecamera cinefilm cine-X ray cinnam. Gk ch ristos separable : separated : misplaced choristoblastoma choristoma christo.combining form. fr. fr.combining form L.NL. fr.or choro. cis 1 : on this side : on the nearer side often joined to second element with a hyphen cisalpine cis-Alleghany compare -. fr. Gk.or chromo. klado-. klan to break : a mineral having a specified kind of cleavage clinoclase plagioclase -clasia n combining form . fr. fr. fr.combining form F or NL. Gk ch r-. fr. clear space akin to Gk ch ros left. ML -clastes : something that breaks or destroys esp : a tool for breaking cranioclast -clast n combining form .NL. Gk. cholos : bile : gall cholane cholelith chologenetic chondr. fr. chore-. fr. kirsos : swollen vein : varix cirsoid cirsotomy cis. cap LGk. caedere : killing homicide suicide cili. fr. fr. fr. cilia 1 : ciliary body ciliotomy : ciliary body and cilioretinal 2 : cilia ciliferous ciliiform ciliograde cine. fr. Gk.or ciono.also chore.or chordo. fr. klados sprout.back-formation fr. bereaved : plant distributed by a specified means or agency zoochore -chorous adj combining form -chory n combining form choreo.combining form Gk. chroma colored thing. Gk chorio-. MF. Gk. fr. Gk klad-. LL -chordon. fr. fr.or chorio.or chylo.combining form NL.or citro. dim.combining form NL.or clado. fr. L.combining form Gk chr mat-. fr. fr.or chondrio. color : -colored isochroous chrys. -chordos stringed. ML -chordium in clavichordium clavichord .or cirro. orig.2 : nearer in time : since cisatomic citr. chrysos gold : gold : golden : yellow chrysamine chrysophyll chyl. fr. fr. fr. fr.: dance choreomania choreography chori.combining form NL. ch ris apart akin to Gk ch ros left.or cilio. chronos time : of such a time or period homeochronous isochronous -chroous adj combining form Gk -chroos. klados : slip : sprout cladanthous cladophyll -cladous adj combining form NL -cladus. fr. chein to pour : funnel : funnel-shaped opening or part choanate choanocyte -choerus n combining form NL. chr ma color 1 : color chromatology : colored chromatopsia 2 : chromatin chromatolysis -chrome n or adj combining form ML -chromat-. L -cidium. chr ma color 1 : colored thing : colored monochrome 2 : coloring matter endochrome -chromia n combining form .or chromato. Gk choiros pig akin to L horr re to bristle : pig : piglike animal in generic names in zoology Hydrochoerus chol.NL. circum round about.or cirso.combining form NL. chylo-. MGk -klast s. of choreo. of chondros : grain : granular chondriosome chondriosomal chondriocont chondriome chor. fr. fr. fr. go.or cilii.ML -clastes.combining form F. kirso-. ME -corde in monacorde monochord .-choerus fr. fr. fr.combining form Gk chol-. fr. Gk Christos : Christ Christocentric Christolatry Christocracy -chroia n combining form . fr.NL. chr ma color + -ia : state of pigmentation anisochromia -chromy n combining form Gk chr ma color + ISV -y prob. fr. fr. circus circle 1 adverbially : around : about : on all sides circumrotate circumgyration 2 prepositionally : around : surrounding circumbasal circumcorneal circumlunar : revolving around circumsolar 3 : circumscribed circumpolygon cirr.or chondro. fr. fr.+ -ia : condition of having such chyle achylia -cidal adj combining form LL -cidalis.partly fr.prefix L.also cirrhi.combining form Gk.combining form NL.or chyli.or cinnamo. fr. Gk kirs-.or chondri. fr. bereaved : place : land chorepiscopus chorology chord.combining form G. choros dance. fr. fr. chord string partly fr. uvula 1 : uvula cionitis cionotomy 2 : pillar cionocranial circum. fr.combining form MF. chord gut. twig : branched acanthocladous -clase n combining form . Gk chr ma color 1 : chromium chromammine chromoarsenate 2 a : color : colored chromidrosis chromometer b : pigment : pigmented chromocyte chromogen -chromasia n combining form . Gk ch ri.combining form F.

Alb k -. coccygeus : coccygeal and coccygeoanal coccygeomesenteric cocto. fr. fr. kermes berry : grain : seed : berry : coccus coccoid cocciform coccolith coccidi. kleisis. formed as G -klastisch : composed of fragmental material of a specified type used in names of rocks cryptoclastic pyroclastic clavi. influenced by F -cole :saxicole cole. klan to break + E -ic : curved anticlastic -clastic n combining form .prefix com.combining form NL. fr. Gk kleistos akin to Gk kleis key : closed cleistocarp cleistogamy clerico.combining form NL.also clist. fr. com. koino-. fr.or coli. OF. L. fr. fr. combefore b comburgess and p companion or m commin- . kleido-. Gk -koilos hollow. fr. L col. OHG gi-. L clavi. L colon 1 : large intestine colitis colostomy 2 : colon bacillus coliform -cola n combining form .combining form NL.or cleido.bot : receptacle anthoclinium -clinous adj combining form prob. fr.ME. fr. -culum : little one denticle corpuscle funicle -cular adj suffix cleid. fr. kleis key akin to L clavis key 1 a : clavicle : clavicular cleidagra b : clavicular and cleidoscapular 2 : key cleidomancy -cleisis or -clisis n combining form. com.combining form cobalt : bivalent cobalt : cobaltous cobaltocyanic cocc. L. of Gk. NL -coela.or coelio. fr.or cocci. Gk -kolla. fr. belly : belly : abdomen coelialgia coelioscopy -coelous adj combining form NL -coelus. OIr com-. koilos 1 : cavitied dendrocoelous 2 : concave procoelous opisthocoelous coen. fr.also cel. klino-.or caen. OF.or cnido.or ceno.combining form cobalt : trivalent cobalt : cobaltic cobaltinitrite cobalto. fr.also celi. clavis key 1 : key : keyboard clavichord clavilux 2 NL clavi-. fr. kn m shin : -legged one in generic names of animals Octacnemus cnid. fr. fr. pl -cocci NL.combining form NL. fr. con. NL -clinus + -ism : the state of having the androecium and gynoecium in a single or different flower or two separate flowers diclinism -clinium n combining form.combining form G kleist-. OE in consolde comfrey . of klin couch more at . fr. Rupicola -cole adj combining form by alter. Gk kn m shin + -ic prob.or coeno. perfective. L. fr.combining form Gk koili-.: breaker : destroyer dendroclastic panclastic -clastic adj combining form ISV -clast fr. fr.or coccidio. Gk koin-. OF. Gk kokkos grain. koilo-. fr.combining form L coctus. Gk koll-. kleid-. ME. fr. fr. koilia cavity of the body.: clavicle : clavicular : clavicular and clavipectoral clavodeltoid clavi.-clastic -clastic adj combining form -clast + -ic 1 a : breaking. ME. fr.combining form NL.NL. com. Gk koinos common 1 : with : together : joint : jointly : shared : mutual : mutually coexist coinheritance cosustain cooperate 2 : in or to the same degree coextensive coeval 3 a : fellow : partner coauthor co-worker b : having a usu. ME. fr. fr.or celo. Gk -klin s leaning. fr. fr. fr. Gk klin-.prob. neut. commore at . kolla 1 : glue collenchyma Collocalia 2 : colloid collochemistry -coll n combining form .combining form NL clavicula clavicle : clavicular and claviculohumeral -cle n suffix .combining form NL. Gk kleid-. fr. fr. Gk klin couch more at .or cleisto.or coleo.combining form LL clericus priest : clerical : clerical and clericopolitical clericofascist clin. GK kl isis. L. Gk koleo-.akin to OE ge-. -cula. fr.combining form NL. fr. koleon : sheath : covering coleitis Coleoptera coleorhiza -coline adj combining form NL -colinae. associative. pl -clinia NL. MF. F -cnémie.mineralogy : monoclinic -clinal adj or n combining form ISV -clin. fr.or clino. L : inhabitant Arenicola. koilos hollow : hollow : cavity coelodont coelozoic -coele or -coel also -cele n combining form .or cor.or colo. fr.or collo. kollo-.combining form NL.also cen. together. L. past part. inhabit : living or growing in or on arenicolous saxicolous com. fr. Gk -klin s leaning. fr. -clinal 1 : slope anticline 2 : gradient : layer thermocline -clinic adj combining form ISV -clin.or coelo. Gk klinion. dim. lesser share in duty or responsibility : alternate : deputy cochairman copilot 4 a : operating together or reciprocally coterm b : of the complement of an angle cosine codeclination cobalti. koinos more at : common : general coenoblast coenesthesia col. or cocci of a specified type usu. fr.or con.or coccygo.or celio. seeds. fr. -cola + -inae :fluvicoline coll.fr.combining form NL. L. ME.: with : together : jointly usu. clavo-. fr. Gk klastos broken + -ic orig. Gk -klin s leaning. fr.fr. klinein to lean + -ic 1 : inclining : dipping isoclinic 2 : having a certain number of oblique intersections of the axes monoclinic triclinic 3 : matroclinic clinico.combining form coccidium : Coccidia coccidiocide coccidiostasis -coccus n combining form. cnida : cnida cnidosac cnidoglandular Cnidaria 12 com- co.with. and collective prefix. coccyg-.fr.cor. clava perh. fr. coccyx : coccyx coccygectomy coccygotomy coccygeo.or clisto.combining form NL. of -coelus -coelous : cavity : chamber : ventricle endocoele neurocoele coeli. fr.combining form ML clavi-. Gk kn m shin + F -ie -y : -shinnedness platycnemia -cnemic adj combining form ISV -cnem. Gk koil-.or cocco. fr. koilio-.prefix ME. fr. bending. kleiein to close : closure : occlusion arthrocleisis enteroclisis cleist.con. fr.back-formation fr.fr.or clavo. klinein to lean + -ous : inherited from : having characteristics inherited from matroclinous patroclinous -cliny n combining form ISV -clinous + -y : fact or condition of having characteristics inherited from matrocliny -cnemia n combining form .fr. fr. of coquere to cook : boiled : modified by heat coctoantigen coctoprotein : at boiling point coctostable coel.combining form clinical : clinical : clinical and clinicopathology -clinism n combining form . klin couch akin to Gk klinein to lean 1 : bed clinium clinoid 2 : lean : slant clinochlore clinometer 3 : decline clinology 4 clino. fr. fr. Goth ga-. pl -cleises or -clises NL. orig. NL -clinus.ISV -clin. seed. fr. pl.combining form NL. fr. fr. fr.fr. bending. coccus L coccum kermes berry.combining form collodion : collodion collodiotype -colous adj combining form L -cola inhabitant + E -ous akin to L colere to cultivate. L -colla. fr.ME -col in sarcocol . in generic names of algae and bacteria Protococcus Micrococcus Streptococcus Staphylococcus coccyg. formed as F -cnémique : -shinned platycnemic -cnemus n combining form NL.fr.fr.fr. akin to L clavis : club Clavicornia claviform claviculo. kolla : glue glycocoll pyrocoll collodio.combining form NL.or col. L -culus. Gk kokkos 1 : plant having berries. both fr.NL. fr. destroying iconoclastic mythoclastic b : disintegrating proteoclastic 2 Gk klastos broken fr.: having the androecium and gynoecium in a single or different flower or two separate flowers diclinous heteroclinous monoclinous -clinous adj combining form ISV -clin.or caeno. fr. in generic names Oxycoccus Pterococcus 2 : berryshaped organism esp. concave. modif. klinein to lean + -al 1 : sloping : slope centroclinal 2: matroclinal -cline n combining form . ga-. kleisto-. fr.

also kreo. fringe akin to OE oferhr gan to tower above. Gk krossai coping of a parapet. L comicus : comic : comic and comicotragedy comicodidactic con.or krypto.L -cornis -horned.or crystallo. kryos icy cold : cold : freezing cryanesthesia cryogen kryokonite crym.or crymo.before other sounds concyclic -coma n combining form NL. fr. fr. fr.or culici.or condylo.or cumo. fr. cortex bark 1 : cortex esp : cerebral cortex corticoefferent 2 : cortical and corticospinal cosm.or conidio. krystallos ice. Gk kosm-. L contra-. fr. col. fr. coracoides coracoid : coracoid and coracocostal corall. kormos : tree trunk : stem Cormophyta -corn n combining form . k no-.combining form NL. fr. Gk kten-. adj. Gk ktonos murder akin to Gk kteinein to slay.combining form cranium : cranium craniostosis craniometry : cranial and craniospinal 13 cumul- -crania n combining form .or cteno.or conio. kosmos : world : universe cosmorama cosmogenesis -cosm n combining form . fr. kteno-. fr.combining form NL. Gk krinon lily : a crinoid in generic names of Crinoidea Actinocrinus Pentacrinus cross. cricoides cricoid : cricoid cricotomy : cricoid and cricothyroid crini. fr.-crotic + -ism : condition of having such a heartbeat dicrotism cruro.: cuboid and cubometatarsal cubito.tree trunk. contra against 1 : against : contrary : contrasting : in opposition contra-acting contraindicative contratenor 2 : pitched below normal bass contrabassoon contraoctave contraposaune coraco.or concho. kotylo-. fr.combining form fr. crus leg : crural and cruroinguinal. MD raghen.or costi. kybo-.combining form NL. mass 1 : cumulus and cumulocirrus 2 : cumulus cumulous 3 : heap : mass cumulose . injures. fr. MF.also krypt. MF contre-.combining form G NL G koniNL coni-. clapping + E -ic akin to Gk krotein to clap : having such a heartbeat or pulse polycrotic -crotism n combining form . Gk kryptos 1 : hidden : covered cryptobranch cryptoporticus 2 : invisible : latent cryptocrystalline cryptomere 3 : occult cryptesthesia 4 : secret : private cryptogram cryptonym 5 : hidden by dissembling : unavowed cryptofascist cryptorationalism crystall. power 1 : form of government also : state having such a form democracy mobocracy squirocracy 2 : social or political class as of powerful persons plutocracy snobocracy 3 : theory of government or of social organization technocracy crani. kteis : comb ctenacanthus ctenophore -ctonus n combining form NL. kr n spring perh. kybos 1 a : cube cuboctahedron cubiform cubomancy b : of the third algebraic degree cubinvariant cubocubic 2 cubo. fr. k nos : cone conodont conoplain conoscope conch. krymo-. konis : dust coniosis : spores Coniophora conidi. fr. fr. Gk koni. LL -cratia.combining form NL.or creato. fr. crinis : hair criniculture criniparous -crinus n combining form NL. fr.or cubo. Gk kosmos : world microcosm loxocosm cost. fr. LL cosmo-. kreo-.combining form NL.dust MGk konio-.combining form NL.or costo.combining form NL. konch 1 : shell conchology 2 : concha conchitis conchotome condyl. coronal. fr. anat : coronal and coronobasilar coronofacial cortico. fr.ME -cosme.prefix ME. fr. fr.combining form G kreo-. Gk kre-. Gk kom hair : one having such hair in generic names Pycnocoma comico.or creno. fr. fr. Gk kreas : flesh creatine creatophagous cren.combining form G kryo-. fr. OPer a.or cotyli. akin to OE h rn. MHG ragen to tower up. fr. corné corneous fr. crurotarsal cry.NL. rafter basic meaning: jutting out. ML -cosmus.combining form Gk krystal-.before r correlation . and con.or cumulo.cotyledon : cotyledon dicotyl epicotyl counter. -cratie -cracy -cratique -cratic 1 : advocate or partisan of a theory of government democrat physiocrat theocrat 2 : member of a specified dominant class bureaucrat plutocrat 3 : member or supporter of a political party or faction Dixiecrat -cratic adj combining form cre. fr.or cranio. Gk -kratia.or cosmo. kormo. Gk -krotos. kotyl : cup : organ or part like a cup cotyloid cotyliform Cotylosauria : acetabular and cotylosacral -cotyl n combining form .combining form NL. fr.also kryo.combining form F corné-.combining form NL. krotos beat. Skt k a oti he wounds. Russ krokva pole.combining form Gk konch-. Gk kondyl-. L cumulus heap. fr.F -crate. cornéo-. fr.combining form L. fr. Gk korm-.combining form conidium : conidia conidiiferous contra.or corallo.or coralli. fr. fr.combining form ME in cosmographie cosmography . fr. cornu horn : one having such or so many horns unicorn -corn adj combining form L -cornis : having such or so many horns : horned corne.or cormo.combining form Gk kotyl-. cor. koncho-. fr.combining form L culmus : stalk : culm culmicolous culmiferous culmigenous cum.or crypto. Gk krym-. fr. fr. créat-.or cryo.combining form NL.combining form F. krymos icy cold : cold : frost crymodynia crymotherapy crypt. crystal : crystal crystalliferous crystalluria crystallogenic cten. furrow. krystallo-. kreas : flesh creodont creophagous kreotoxism creat. fr.or cubi. L corneus .combining form prob. hr n sea. fr.combining form Gk k n-.-coma gle .or cotylo. kondylos : joint : knob : condyle condyloid Condylopoda coni. conio-. fr. L crur-. L costa : rib : costa costectomy costiform : costal and costoradial costosternal cotyl. fr. fr.before l collingual . back-formation fr.or cumuli. fr. fr.prefix ME countre-. contre adv. Gk krossoi tassels. fr. cornée cornea fr.combining form L coni-.combining form Gk kr n-. fr. kratos strength. OIr crích end. culex : gnat : mosquito Culicidae culicifuge culmi.shata unhurt : killer in generic names esp. fr. fr. ON hr nn wave 1 : spring : mineral spring crenic crenotherapy 2 : crenic acid crenite crico. ML cornea 1 : corneous : corneous and corneocalcareous 2 : cornea corneitis : corneal and corneosclerotic corono. ML cranium + L -ia -y : -skulledness platycrania : condition of the skull or head amphicrania -crat or -ocrat n combining form . fr.combining form NL. L cubitus elbow : cubital and cubitocarpal culic.combining form NL. Gk korax : crow : raven Phalacrocorax corm.combining form F. fr. fr. Gk konia.combining form cumin : cumic : cumin cumaldehyde cumoquinol cumul. of insects Dendroctonus cub.or cono. fr. fr.or crosso. kondylo-. F. fr. fr. stick up. L corallium : coral coralliform coralloid Corallorhiza -corax n combining form NL.combining form NL. Gk. conus : cone Conirostres coni. kten-. L culic-.combining form L cortic-. L cosm-. Gk kyb-. fr. sticking up : fringe Crossaster crossopterygian Crossosoma -crotic adj combining form NL -crotus fr.or creo.combining form NL. 1 a : contrary : opposite : adverse countercurrent counterorder b : opposing : retaliatory : answering counterblow counterweapon 2 : complementary : corresponding : alternate counterweight counterpart countertheme 3 : duplicate : substitute counterfoil -cracy or -ocracy n combining form MF LL MF -cratie. kosmo-.or corneo. kr no-.

MF. and still often replacing a final -t or -te of the base noun or adjective cyan. Gk kystis : bladder cholecyst -cystis n combining form. zyto-.NL. kymo-. kyrtos bulging. deka ten 1 : ten decagon 2 F déca-. kyrto-. fr. pl -cystides NL. decem ten : ten decemcostate deci. fr. Gk kyrt-.7 : cause to cease to perform a specified action de-emanate deca. Gk -teia. fr.or cyclo. down. dakryon tear : of a tear or tears : lacrimal dacryoma dacryocystitis dactyl. fr. fr. toe + ISV -ism : -dactylous adj combining form Gk -daktylos. fr. fr.combining form cupr.1 a : do the opposite of : reverse a specified action decentralize decode b : reverse of decalescence 2 : remove a specified thing or things from dehorn delouse : remove from a specified thing dethrone 3 : reduce : make lower derate 4 L : something derived or compounded from a specified thing decompound.or demo. daktylos : finger : toe : digit dactylitis dactylology -dactylia n combining form . cymo-. Gk kyan-. fr. adj.combining form G cyan-.: containing cyanogen regarded as replacing hydroxyl or oxygen or as coordinated to a central atom in names of inorganic acids and salts cyanoauric acid cyanoferrate 3 : cyanide cyanogenetic -cyan n combining form .L de akin to OIr di from. fr. daktylos finger.combining form G zyt-.combining form F cym-. L decimus tenth. Skt dayate he apportions : people : populace : population demography demoid -dema n combining form NL. cap ISV Dan.combining form dem. decem ten : tenth part of a specified unit of measure decigram chiefly in terms belonging to the metric system -dectes n combining form NL. déc-. L.prefix ME. fr. prob. fr. ky n dog : dog cyniatrics cypro. fr.combining form NL. kyno-. kyklos circle. F.or cupro. bodily build akin to Gk demein to build : one having such a body in generic names of insects Dasydema demi. fr. fr. L. Gk kyto-. daktylos finger 1 : finger ring dactyliology 2 : gem dactyliography -dactylism n combining form .or cyrto. L -t. fr.or cysto. kyklo-. fr. fr. fr. demi.combining form MF or LL MF. zyan-. fr. Gk kyath-.as final stem consonant + -ia -y. Gk kystis : one having such a bladder or pouch esp.combining form MF or L MF. fr.or cyto. in generic names Macrocystis cyt. OF de-. NL cutaneus : skin and cutaneovisceral -cy n suffix ME -cie.or dehydro. fr. fr. fr.Gk kyanos : blue pigment algocyan leucocyan cyath. fr.+ -i. de and partly fr.b heraldry : having only one half depicted. Dacia : Dacian and Daco-Romanian dacry. fr. LL. Gk kytos hollow vessel : cell leukocyte pericyte . fr. cuprum 1 a : copper cuprite b : copper and cupronickel 2 cupro: containing univalent copper : cuprous cuprocyanide cupri. LL Dani Danes + -o: Danish and Dano-Eskimo dasy. fr. -tia. fr.combining form Gk daktyl-. back-formation fr. fr. convex akin to L curvus curved : bent : curved cyrtopia cyrtostyle : something curved cyrtometer cyst. dakryo-.1 : dehydrated dehydromucic acid C H O COOH 2 : dehydrogenated dehydroabietic acid C H COOH -delphis n combining form NL. Gk demas body. L cuneus wedge : cuneiform and cuneocuboid cupr. the upper or foremost half but sometimes the dexter or the sinister half demiangel demilion c : half in quantity or value demibarrel demigroat d : inferior in quality demiluster . L deca-.combining form NL. fr. fr. dimidiare to halve : half: as a : of less than full size demicannon demipike : shortened demirobe compare .as final stem consonant + -eia. kyano-. toe : having such or so many fingers or toes isodactylous monodactylous -dactyly n combining form NL -dactylia more at :dano. fr. : now esp. cutané cutaneous. fr. populace demo.or cymo.combining form ME.+ hydr. fr. fr. fr. dasys 1 : thick with hair or leaves : shaggy : woolly dasyphyllous 2 : density dasymeter de. usu. kytos hollow vessel 1 : cell cytase cytoplasm 2 : cytoplasm cytode cytosome -cyte n combining form . fr.combining form cybernetic : computer : computer network cyberspace cycl. fr. fr. fr. company. lapis lazuli 1 : dark blue : blue cyanotype cyanosis 2 a : cyanogen cyanamide cyanophoric b now usu cyano. d mos deme.cuneocuneo. L curvus : curved bent curviform curvifoliate curvirostral cutaneo. kyatho-. influenced by L medius of L dimidius. kyn-. L. daktylo-. Gk d now. Kypros Cyprus : Cyprian and Cypro-Phoenician cyrt. partly fr. fr. fr.: containing cyanogen in place of hydrogen in names of organic compounds cyanobenzoic acid c now usu cyano. Gk deka-. d mo.or dec. fr. Gk daktylio-. Gk d m-. Gk delphis : dolphin in generic names Cyrtodelphis dem. fr.also kym. fr. Gk kyst-.combining form LL cupr-. fr. then.: ten times a specified unit of measure decaliter decare used in terms belonging to the metric system decem. usu cap Gk Kypro-.combining form prob. daknein to bite : biter in generic names of animals Mixodectes dehydr. LL. L dis. kylindro-. fr.ISV.or cyano. fr.combining form ME cyno-.combining form NL.or dek.NL -cyta. Gk dakry-.or dacryo.d vb suffix or adj suffix by contr. pouch 1 a : gall bladder cystocolostomy b : urinary bladder cystitis cystotomy 2 : sac : pouch : cyst cystenchyma cystiform cystophore -cyst n combining form . away fr. kyma 1 : wave cymoscope 2 : cyme : cluster cymoid cyn. fr. n. fr. des-. kysto-. fr. alter.or cysti.combining form F cutanéo-.combining form NL. fr. partly fr. -cystis. daktylios.or cyatho.combining form. OE t to more at .1 : copper cupriferous 2 ISV. Gk.or deka. de. fr. fr. in forms derived from words ending in a vowel a mascara d eyelash daco. fr.deoxy.combining form. partly fr.combining form NL. Gk d m-.NL -cyste. 14 demi- fr. fr. LL demedius.combining form F déci-.combining form.or dactylo. Gk kym-. kystis bladder.fr.or cylindro. L -tia.akin to OIr d m retinue. usu cap ISV. cupric : containing bivalent copper : cupric cupritartrate curvi. dec. fr.prefix ME.combining form NL. fr. OF.or cyno. Gk kyn-. L. fr. fr. kyathos : cup : cup-shaped Cyathaspis cyatholith cyber. often in grammatical terms nouns or adjectives ending in -al or -ative deadjectival deverbative 5 : get off of a specified thing debus detrain 6 : having a molecule characterized by the removal of one or more atoms of a specified element in combining forms occurring in names of chemical compounds dehydro. LL -cia. kyanos dark blue enamel. Gk daktylos finger. fr. -t. : derived or compounded from something of a specified nature decompound. L de. Gk kylindr-.from. Gk daktylos + NL -ia -y : condition of having such or so many digits hexadactylia sclerodactylia dactylio.or kymo. kylindros : cylindrical : cylindrical and cylindrarthrosis cylindrocephalic cym. fr. Gk d kt s. Gk kykl-. dek-. fr. fr.combining form F. fr. -ia -y : act : action : practice : function piracy prophecy : rank : office baronetcy chaplaincy generalcy : body : class aristocracy : state : quality accuracy bankruptcy normalcy orig.fr.combining form ISV. fr.combining form NL cyclo-.fr. wheel 1 : circle : ring cyclometer cyclotron 2 : cycle cyclographer 3 : cyclic compound cycloheptane cycloolefin 4 : ciliary body of the eye cyclodialysis cyclitis cylindr. fr. dakry. MF. d mo-.

MF diabol-. band. dia akin to L dismore at . fr. Gk dialyein to separate : separated dialycarpic dialypetalous diaphan. fr. Gk. deir akin to OSlav griva mane.combining form dioecious : dioeciously dioeciodimorphous dioeciopolygamous diphy.or deuterio.combining form F.or diptero. pl -dendrons also -dendra L. Gk der-. MF.or dendro. ML disci-. Gk akin to OE twimore at . deutero-.or dermo. fr. phyein to bring forth. fr. fr. L dentatus : having such or so many toothlike projections : -toothed multidentate quadridentate deoxy. Gk.or dino. disco-. fr.or des. derma skin : layer of skin or tissue endodermis des. Goth dis. fr. deuterium : deuterium : containing deuterium in names of chemical compounds deuterioammonia dextr. L dextr-.+ oxy: containing less oxygen in the molecule than the compound to which it is closely related esp : derivable from another compound by the removal of one oxygen atom deoxynucleotide desoxybenzoin C H O der.or deutero. der . deino-.or dermato. dermat-. de. L digitus finger. Gk.combining form NL. fr.1: -1 esp.combining form NL. diphy s.or dextro. fr.or derma.apart. Gk dikty-.tree. fr. Gk disk-. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. ME. fr. or rank disable disprince : deprive of a specified object disfrock c : exclude or expel from disbar discastle 2 : opposite of : contrary of : absence of disunion disaffection 3 : not dishonest disloyal 4 : completely disannul 5 by folk etymology : . fr.combining form LL. fr. in biological terms deuter. quality. dicho-. Gk. di. fr. fr. of LL deutero-. fr. derma : ones having a specified type of skin in names of taxonomic categories of animals larger than a genus Sclerodermata -dermatous adj combining form NL -dermata + E -ous : having a specified type of skin sclerodermatous -dermia n combining form .combining form ME.combining form ME deabol-.or deutero. toe 1 : digit : finger or toe digitigrade 2 : finger digitiform 3 : digitately digitipinnate din. influenced by LL deutero. fr. OF L OF des-. dexter 1 : right dextrad : on or toward the right dextrorotatory 2 : dextral and dextrosinistral di.or dictyo.or disco.combining form NL. OF. Gk dermat-. ze-. fr. fr.combining form NL. denti-.ISV. L dis-.1: -1 2 : .combining form ISV. disko-. fr. dikein to throw : net dictyosome -diene n suffix .combining form LL dicho-. des-. desmos. fr. Gk deuter-.1 : tree esp.+ -phy s fr.combining form ME diaphan-. L dent-. MF. ML. short for deuter.combining form alter.combining form NL. Gk dinos rotation. deuterium : . lit.combining form NL.combining form NL. fr.dendre : one that partly belongs to a specified type or class demibeast demideity demilawyer f : partial : incomplete deminudity demitoilet dendr. Gk dein to lack. pl -diastases NL. derein to skin 1 : skin dermalgia dermahemia dermoskeleton 2 : dermal and dermohumeral -derm n combining form . fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. Gk derma skin + NL -ia more at .or denti.or diabolo.or dento. diploos 1 : double : twofold diplococcus diplopia 2 : diploid diplosome dipter. or groups of a specified kind dichloride 3 : being a Greek coin or unit of value worth two specified units distater didrachma dia.deuteride deuterochloroform 15 diss- deuteri.prefix ME dis-. di. in generic names of plants Liriodendron Trochodendron 2 : treelike formation neurodendron 3 : stem : part of a stem Schizodendron dent. Skt d yati he soars 1 : whirling Dinobryon 2 : whirlpool : eddy Dinocapsales Dinophilus dioecio. fr.combining form Gk. apart. fr. akin to OIr d an rapid. F -derme. fr. dittos .combining form NL dendr-. fr. fr. fr.combining form ISV. fr.: in two : apart : asunder dichoptic dichogamy dicty. alter.combining form ISV fr. dein to bind + -sis : binding arthrodesis desm. to pieces akin to OE te. Gk derma : skin : covering : integument blastoderm -derma n combining form.combining form ME denti-. L duo two 1 a : do the opposite of : reverse a specified action disjoin disestablish disown disqualify b : deprive of a specified character. deinos : terrible : mighty Deinodon Deinotherium Dinornis dinosaur dino. derma : skin : hide dermatodynia dermatology -dermata n pl combining form NL.+ -ene : chemical compound containing two double bonds hexadiene digiti.or diplo.or deuto.. Gk dipteros 1 : two-winged : dipterous dipteral 2 : Diptera dipterology dis. dicha akin to Gk dimore at . fr.combining form NL.apart. Gk derm-. pl -dermas or -dermata NL.or dero. fr. fr. fr. fr. Skt gr v neck. fr. akin to L dudum formerly. double. dissos. fr. fr. L. dis twice of L di-.desoxy-desis n combining form.prefix F dés-. dent-. fr.or diaphano. fr.1 : second in a regular series of chemical compounds deutoxide 2 : second deutomala : secondary deutoplasm esp. dendro. derma 1 : skin : covering : integument sarcoderma 2 : skin or skin ailment of a specified type scleroderma 3 : one having a specified type of skin in generic names Heloderma dermat. fr. Gk diphy-. dens 1 : tooth : teeth dentalgia dentiform 2 : dental and dentilingual dentosurgical -dentate adj combining form NL -dentatus. dis-. fr. fr.combining form NL. OHG zi-. bond. diktyon. fr. fr. miss.of earlier deutro-.apart. Gk dermat-. Gk more at .or disso. dendron more at . diaphane : transparent diaphanoscopy : transparency diaphanometer -diastasis n combining form. L. before vowels desamidate 2 : -6 esp. diskos quoit 1 : disk Discina discigerous discomycete 2 : phonograph record : recording discography discophile -discus n combining form NL. LL.or dicho. Gk dein-.NL.or diphyo. diktyo-. fr. influenced by Gk dis.also di.also dein. Gk desis. Gk dia through. fr. pl -deses NL.prob.1 : through : during diachronic : across diactinic 2 : made of : consisting of in names of compounded medicines diacodion diabol. dendron akin to Gk drys tree : tree dendrophilous : resembling a tree dendraxon -dendron n combining form. Gk dendr-. Gk Homeric deuesthai to be in need of.: skin or skin ailment of a specified type pachydermia -dermis n combining form LL. dein to bind : bond : ligament desmalgia desmography deut. fr. OF desmore at .1 : twice : twofold : double dichromatic 2 : containing two atoms.combining form ISV. whirling.combining form Gk. L vorare to devour : neck : throat deradenitis Derotremata derm. deuteros second prob. derma. fr. Alb tsh.or desmo.combining form L disc-. diabolos : devil diabolism diabolocracy dialy. before vowels desiodo. fr. fr.twice.prefix ME. Gk diastasis separation 1 : disintegration myelodiastasis 2 : displacement adenodiastasis dich. fr.or desoxy. fr. fr. fr. fr. Skt d ra far 1 : second : secondary deuteragonist deuteroplasm 2 : belonging to any of various classes of chemical substances regarded as secondary products of decomposition deuteroporphyrin deuteroproteose deuter. fr. fr.or disci. fr. dermo-.or deino. fr. Gk. Gk dich-. fr. modif. to pieces.prefix MF. fr.combining form NL. produce : twofold : double : bipartite diphyodont diphyozooid dipl.disfunction distrophy dis. L discus : organism with a specified form of disk in generic names Cephalodiscus diss.2 disazo disc. Gk. fr. radicals. whirlpool perh.

sing. and prob.combining form L echin. sing. L. ek out of. dyo : two dyarchy dyaster dyotheism -dymia n combining form . MF LL MF yco-. oikos house. L dys-. fr. ending of weak verbs akin to OHG -t. -de. to pieces. Goth tuzin tuzwerjan to doubt . ending 1 used to form the past participle of regular weak verbs ended followed dressed regularly accompanied by coalescence with final e of the base word faded . fr.distakin to Gk dyo two : double dissoconch dissophyte dist.also oec. Gk dyt s. racecourse. fr. LL. Gk -dromos more at : running catadromous dry. fr. assembly of citizens of a Greek state.: ecological or environmental ecocatastrophe ecclesi.or ecclesio. dolichos 1 : long dolichocephalic 2 : narrow dolichohieric -dom n suffix . fr. fr. sing. oiko-.or dorsi. past part.combining form NL.combining form prob. d deka. dive in. bad 1 a : abnormal : diseased dyshidrosis dysplasia b : difficult : with difficulty dysoxidize : poorly dyscrystalline sometimes opposed to eu. fr. dyo two : pair of twin terata joined at a specified body part sternodymus dynam. fr. fr. Gk dy-. Gk.combining form L duo : two duosecant duomachy duoden.2 : out of place ectocardia -ectome n combining form . -dymus + -ia : condition of being a pair of twin terata joined at a specified body part cephalodymia -dymus n combining form NL. indic. dromos 1 : course : racecourse : running Dromornis 2 : speed dromometer -drome n combining form . fr. LL oeco-. ex out of. fr. zir. dynamis + -ia -y : strength : condition of having such strength adynamia myodynamia -dynamous adj combining form prob. ex + titr skein to wound. Gk -tos. condition. exmore at . -ectomia. indic.combining form LL dors. away. fr. fr. of weak verbs akin to OHG -ta. to OE -d. fr. fr. summon. -ode.1 a : not ecarinate erostrate b : missing : absent Ecardines edental 2 : out : on the outside escribe 3 : thoroughly evaporize 4 : forth eradiate 5 : away eluvium -eae n pl suffix NL. ektitr skein to miscarry. or doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel patted 2 used to form adjectives of identical or nearly identical meaning from Latin-derived adjectives ending in -ate crenulated pinnated 3 a : having : provided or furnished with : characterized by in adjectives formed from nouns balconied cultured moneyed winged or from combinations having a noun as final constituent two-legged deep-chested three-storied b : having the characteristics of in adjectives formed from nouns bigoted dogged -ed vb suffix ME -ede. fr. fr.or ecto. ecclesia church. oiko-. L duplicatus duplicate : doubly duplicato-dentate dvi. OF. irreg. ending. fr. indic. fr. fr. L. dynamis power bot : having developing power of a specified type androdynamous dys. OE -de. fr. OE -d m akin to OS -d m -dom. out fr. Gk ekto. change of final postconsonantal y of the base word to i tried . L fem.prefix alter. -ede.or eco. fr. fr. te. fr. dy .2 : absence or reverse of dysteleology -dytes also -dyta n combining form NL. past ending 1st pers. ektos. past ending 1st pers.of ME dis-. or fact of being freedom martyrdom 3 : those having a specified office. ON -d mr all fr.or dryo. to pieces.NL.combining form ME. -ade. fr. L. OHG zi-. fr.or echino. Gk echinos hedgehog. fr. fr. fr. NL.or dromo. past part. -o-.combining form L dodeca-. fr.combining form ME ecclesi-. Goth -da.1 : outside : external ectostosis ectoplasm compare -.or dodec. fr. -e-. a prehistoric Gmc noun represented by OE d m judgment 1 a : dignity : office dukedom b : realm : jurisdiction kingdom Christendom c : geographical area Anglo-Saxondom 2 : state.: church ecclesiarch ecclesiography echin.combining form NL. or character officialdom dogdom stampdom dors. past part.NL. Skt -ta. fr. occupation. fr. fr. fr. L dorsum 1 : back dorsad : dorsal dorsiflexion : dorsally dorsifixed 2 : dorsal and dorsolateral dory.difficult. echinus sea urchin. . habitation 1 a : household economy b : economic and eco-cultural 2 : habitat or environment esp. ON -thr.combining form NL. Skt dus. OHG -tuom. after NL -tomia -tomy: -tomus -tome : instrument used in surgical removal of a specified organ or part neurectome tonsillectome -ectomy n combining form NL -ectomia.combining form distant : distal distoclusion opposed to proximodiversi.NL -ectomus.or eco. Gk dory : spear Doryanthes drom. fr.prefix ME. fr. ex more at : out of : outside of : outside eccyesis ec. fr. dy deka. act of running : running homodrome -dromous adj combining form NL -dromus.apart. fr. -athematic vowels of various classes of weak verbs + -de. Goth -ths. when not yet discovered dvi-manganese now called rhenium compare dy. fr. OE -ed. MF L MF dis-. L. oak : tree in generic names Dryopithecus duo. of weak verbs.thematic vowels of various classes of weak verbs + -d. ending of weak verbs used to form the past tense of regular weak verbs regularly accompanied by coalescence with final e of the base word judged .combining form NL. -ad. fr. fr. of -eus -eous : those belonging to such a group in biological taxonomic names of groups as tribes larger than the genus Diatomeae Florideae Uredineae ec. fr. ending of weak verbs.or dorso. OF L OF.+ -tomia -tomy : cutting out : surgical removal gastrectomy ectro.or dyo. Gk. fr. fr.combining form earlier also yco-. fr.apart. fr. sea urchin 1 : prickle : prickly Echinocactus 2 a : sea urchin echinal echinochrome b : echinoderm echinology ect. fr. ec. fr.prickle.combining form prob. out. Gk ektr sis miscarriage. fr. out. fr. MF. ek out of. Gk. fr. d dek-. past part. dromos course.or dynamo. past ending 1st pers. influenced by L Gk dys. sink : diver in generic names chiefly of birds Aptenodytes 16 -ed e. fr.: standing or assumed to stand in the second place beyond a specified element in the same family of the periodic table in names of chemical elements esp. ML duodenum 1 : duodenum duodenitis duodenogram 2 : duodenal and duodenojejunal duplicato.combining form Skt dvi. ex + kalein to call more at . forth. fr. out more at . Gk ekkl sia church. not.prefix ME. away. fr. fr.back. L -tus.or oiko.ME. fr. fr. interest. ON tor. forth. pl. fr. Gk.c : faulty : impaired dysfunction dyspepsia d : bad : unfavorable dyspathy dysphemism sometimes opposed to eu. -a.combining form Gk. dynamis : power dynamism dynamograph -dynamia n combining form . -od. fr.combining form NL. L -dromos. as a factor significantly influencing the mode of life or the course of development ecospecies ecosystem ecad 3 ec. dyo two + deka ten : twelve dodecahedron dodecyl dolich. fr. fr.MF. Gk dromos akin to Gk dramein to run 1 : racecourse motordrome 2 : large specially prepared place aerodrome picturedrome -drome adj combining form Gk -dromos. fr. assembly of citizens of a Greek state. fr. drys tree. fr. fr. fr. Gk ek.two more at . -o-. NL -dynamus. -e-. suffix forming verbal adjectives. Gk akin to OE t -.combining form NL. ekkalein to call forth. past part.outside.or dolicho. fr. change of final postconsonantal y of the base .combining form LL dyG dyo-.or disto. Gk d deka-.or disti. damage akin to Gk tribein to rub more at : congenitally absent in teratological terms chiefly indicating absence of a particular limb or part ectrodactylism -ed vb suffix or adj suffix ME. Gk -dynamos having such power. dyo-. Gk didymos twin. diversus : different : diverse : diversely diversiform diversifoliate dodeca.or duodeno.or oeco. dyein to enter. out fr.difficult. of weak verbs. F. fr. fr. ON -tha. Gk oik-. fr.

before b. embryon : embryo embryectomy embryology 17 -encephalous embryon. of or belonging to. -ine : a compound distinguished from a compound with a name ending in -in or -ine usu. pl -ellae or -ellas L more at 1 : little one resembling often in generic names Capsella 2 : little one squamella 3 : little one belonging to Moluccella elongato. fr.NL.combining form ML embryon-. NL. Gk empeiria experience fr. fr.combining form elongate + -o.or elasmo. enantios. fr.combining form NL. Gk -inos made of. fr.IrGael . fr. in 1 : put into encradle : put on to enthrone : cover or surround with enverdure : go into or on to embus in verbs formed from nouns 2 : cause to be englad enslave sometimes in verbs that also have the suffix -en embolden in verbs formed from adjectives or nouns 3 : provide with encollar empower in verbs formed from nouns 4 : so as to cover or surround enwrap : thoroughly entangle often in verbs differing little or not at all in meaning from the corresponding verb without prefix entame in verbs formed from verbs in all senses usu. small kind of bootee coatee 3 : one resembling or suggestive of goatee -een n suffix . fr. OE akin to OHG . Gk.embolden in transitive verbs formed from adjectives b : cause to have lengthen in transitive verbs formed from nouns 2 a : come to be steepen in intransitive verbs formed from adjectives b : come to have lengthen in intransitive verbs formed from nouns enantio. manages. fr. alter. Gk. fr. fr.prob. or beneficiary of a specified action appointee draftee grantee trainee trustee 2 : person furnished with a specified thing patentee 3 : person that performs a specified action escapee standee -ee n suffix . wheat cake and to be found chiefly in adjectives which are obsolete tinnen or archaic oaken or in which a sense other than the literal one has become prominent golden wooden usu.before b.combining form. fr. or produces auctioneer pamphleteer often in words with derogatory meaning or connotation profiteer 2 : contemptible one patrioteer egypto. of -ie 1 : one associated with bargee goalee townee 2 : a particular esp.or elytro. OE -nian as in f stnian to fasten akin to OS -n n. eleutheros 1 : freedom eleutheromania 2 : free Eleutherozoa -ella n suffix. OHG -in n as in festin n to fasten . or p embatholithic and en. fr. ending of 1st conj. -ene : chemically unsaturated esp : having one double bond enamine -en also -n adj suffix ME. fr. conducts. fr. OF. fr. ON -inn. MF -é.na of or belonging to : made of : consisting of earthen woolen now relatively infrequent because of the widespread attributive use of nouns or of adjectives formed from nouns without the addition of a suffix as in gold cup. en in : in : within : inside endermic engram enzootic usu. fr. eikostwenty. -ele.combining form Gk. elytron : elytron elytroid elytriferous embol. OF.ME -e. L -inus with long of or belonging to. fr. fr. fr.or electro.or embryo. elaia olive : oil elaioplast elaeoblast eleocyte elasm. m. fr.ma in ph n mat-.combining form LL.also em.combining form ISV.or elasto.n chiefly Irish : small one : dear one : petty or contemptible one in diminutive nouns birdeen buckeen squireen -eer n suffix . haima blood + -ia -y more at . L. enkephalos brain 1 : brain encephalitis encephalocele 2 : of or belonging to the brain and encephalospinal -encephalia n combining form . Gk elaio.1 : condition of having such blood leukemia septicemia 2 : condition of having a specified thing in the blood cholemia uremia empirio. ph n ma utterance . fr. Gk . fr.or elaeo. fr. the -een of ratteen and partly alter. bombazine : inferior fabric resembling a specified fabric : imitation sateen velveteen -een n suffix . embryo : embryo embryonic embryoniform -eme n suffix . -ellum : small one cormel elaio. -ent-. fr.ME.combining form ISV. fr. fr. enkephalos brain : having such a brain micrencephalous . F égypto-.combining form empirio. fr. + -o. fr. fr. or doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel dropped -ee n suffix . L in-. fr.stem vowel of ph nein to sound + -mat-.or embryoni. OF. fr.: elongated and elongato-ovate elytr.ME. -aemia. Aigyptos Egypt 1 : Egypt Egyptology 2 : Egyptian and Egypto-Arabic Egypto-Greek eicosa.prob. verbs more at -ate 1 : animate and usu. fr. empiric. free. -ella.ME -nen. fr.n made of.MF -ier. fr.prefix ME. enanti in the presence of. -ma noun suffix more at : significantly distinctive unit of structure of a specified kind in a language or dialect morpheme toneme compare -emia or -aemia also -hemia or -haemia n combining form NL -emia. Gk aigypto-.or emboli. . is concerned with professionally. fr. elaion.combining form Skt eka one : standing or assumed to stand next in order beyond a specified element in the same family of the periodic table in names of chemical elements esp. fr.combining form Gk.ISV. im-. of -in. adj.or eleo. em. of the -ine of armozine. L -atus.combining form F encéphal-. fr. fr. fr. final segment of certain transitive infinitives as in fastn n to fasten . or p and en. L -arius more at -ary 1 : one that deals in. recipient. -n after -er silvern -en vb suffix . fr.or eido.1 : opposite enantiotropy 2 : antagonistic enantiobiosis -ence n suffix .in other circumstances en.or encephalo.-ee word to i denied .F -ème thing. Gk -aimia. betroth 1 a : cause to be sharpen sometimes in verbs that also have the prefix en. oil. cap prob. LGk elastos ductile 1 : elasticity elastin 2 : elastic and elastoviscous electr.prefix ME. m. ON -na as in fastna to pledge. alter. Gk eikosa-. fr. partly fr. fr. Skt .or eleuthero. L -ellus.combining form NL elast-.in other circumstances en.mat-.1 : experience : experiment empiriogenic empiriosymbolist 2 : empirical and empiricoinductive en.also em. empeiros experienced + -ia -y + G -oempirico. fr. Gk enkephal-. eidos : image : figure eidoptometry -ein or -eine n suffix . -ens -ent + -ia -y 1 : action or process abstinence emergence confluence : instance of an action or process reference reminiscence 2 : quality or state condescendence dependence : one having a specified quality or being in a specified state standing on an eminence encephal. G. fr. OF -el. Goth -eins made of. fr. Gk. . -é. human undergoer. fr.or embolo.or eicos. fr.combining form prob.combining form NL electr-.combining form NL embol-. fr.or elytri. en in + anti against more at . fr. when not yet discovered ekacesium now called francium compare -el n suffix . fr. -eine in names of bases and -ein in names of nonbases nicoteine phthalein eka. form. eikosi : containing 20 atoms as of carbon eicosane eid.fr.fr. -encephalus + -ia -y : condition of having such a brain sclerencephalia -encephalous adj combining form Gk -enkephalos. fr. em.combining form G el oNL elaeo-. L -entia. unit in phonème speech sound .also empirico. L electrum amber 1 a : electricity electrometer b : electric electrize electromagnet : electric and electromedical : electrically electropositive 2 : electrolytic electroanalysis 3 : electromagnetic electrochronograph 4 : electron electrophilic eleuther. past part. past part. Gk elasmos metal plate akin to Gk elaunein to drive : plate Elasmobranchii elast. ending of some verbs. of or belonging to. ML in embolismus intercalation 1 : embolus embolectomy emboliform 2 : wedge Embolomeri embry.olive oil.combining form F élasmNL elasmo-.

-ier. Gk entomon : insect entomophagous entomostracan eo. -iere. Goth iftuma next. change of final postconsonantal y of the base word to i.or ento.combining form ME equi-. Skt api besides 1 : upon epiphyte : besides epenthesis : near to epencephalon : over epicenter : outer epidermis : anterior epicnemial : prior to epacme : after epembryonic epi. fr.or epididymo. fr. fr. OHG . upon. partly fr. er mos + -ia -y : solitary Eremurus : desert eremology chiefly in terms in biology erg. fr. L ob to. ergot : ergot ergosterol -ergy n combining form LL -ergia. -ere. fr. ML. of the nature of or resembling a specified substance akin to Gk -eos composed of. fr. suffix more at : one that performs a specified action regent resident tangent compare -ent adj suffix ME. MF ML MF. ME -er. fr.+ oxy. L -entia more at 1 : quality or state efficiency expediency 2 : one having a specified quality or being in a specified state His Excellency 3 : instance of a specified quality or state repeated inadvertencies end. Gk.combining form NL epithelium : epithelium epithelize epitheloid epitheli. fr. ennea : nine enneagon enneapetalous -ennial adj combining form ME -eniale. but sometimes epi. er mos lonely. enteron more at .fr. part.combining form NL Gk NL. ependyma : ependyma ependymitis ependymoepithelium epi.r in adverbs .or entero. Gk. fr. ergon work + -eia.ro in adjectives . -ere. -ari in adjectives . L -ent-. L aequi-. on account of. fr. MF -ere.vowel of the 2d 3d conjugations. AF -er. -e.combining form L Gk L entero-. fr. OE -ra in adjectives . -or 1 a : person occupationally connected with hatter jailer furrier hosier lawyer b : person or thing belonging to. fr. fr. s : earliest : oldest Eohippus eolithic specif : first of two or three subdivisions of geologic time Eocene compare -. Goth -areis all fr. pres. aequus level. -eous adj suffix L -eus composed of. fr. fr.combining form F épilept-. Gk enter-. Skt . fr. -yne compare ennea.2 : endocardium and endopericarditis endotheli. -oza in adjectives . fr. L -ent-.ISV. epi akin to OE eofot crime. -.or endothelio. fr.combining form F.combining form NL. fr. -r. to ep. NL endothelium : endothelium endotheliocyte endothelioma -ene n suffix .or ependymo. -ere. -os in adverbs .even before h or a vowel 2 : altered in petrographic terms 18 -ergy epidiorite 3 : resting on as a geological stratum : following in time in names of geological eras. fr. Gk en in : inner : within entad entoblast -ent n suffix . part. fr. pres.1 : intestine enteritis enterocrinin 2 : intestinal and enterohepatic entom. . Gk. -ergia. Gk. -ar in adverbs . pl -encephali NL. L -ennium as in biennium period of two years + MF -al : recurring at or marking intervals of so many years biennial centennial ent. related to. -. fr. L. otherwise -er -er and -ier regularly accompanied by doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel.fr.combining form ISV. -re. fr. endon within. or formations Eparchean epiderm. Gk . or doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel -er also -ier or -yer n suffix . fr. following.before consonants other than h. MF -ennial. partly fr. part. er mo-. epididymis : epididymal and epididymodeferential epilept. fr. fr. fr. equal : equal equidistribution : equally equidistant equisided -er adj suffix or adv suffix ME -er. L.ME -er. ergat s. -arium -ary in sense 2. + -nt-. entero-.dawn. fr. fr.or epithelio.also eph. Gk er m-.or ergato. periods.or epidermo. pres. fr.or ep. Gk -enkephalos -encephalous 1 : fetus having such a brain pseudencephalus 2 : condition of having such a brain micrencephalus -encephaly n combining form NL -encephalia : condition of having such a brain anencephaly -enchyma n combining form. fr.-encephalus -encephalus n combining form. ergazesthai to work : worker ergatoid ergatomorphic -ergic adj combining form -ergy + -ic : exhibiting or stimulating activity of dopaminergic ergo. suffix of the 2d 3d conjugations. fr. fr.combining form ISV. upon. fr.combining form Gk. -ier regularly accompanied by omission of final e of the base word. -or in adverbs akin to comparative suffixes OHG -iro. L -ior in adjectives . at home.or eremo. -iere.fr. behaving. before. -ia -y : work synergy : effect allergy . ON -ari. fr. fr. a prehistoric Gmc suffix borrowed fr. fr.combining form Gk.or entomo. fr. fr. Gk -ergeia. fr. L -arius -ary in sense 1. fr. patronymic suffix : unsaturated carbon compound benzene esp : carbon compound characterized by the presence of one double bond propene in names of straight-chain hydrocarbons distinguished from -ane. -ens. Goth -iza. fr. MF L MF equi-. Gk epil pt-. solitary and er mia desert. L epilept-.: epoxy equi. suffix : doing. . fr. fr. -ere. fr.NL -enchyma : collenchyme -ency n suffix ME -encie. -ens.or endo.combining form NL epithelium : epithelium epithelioma : epithelial and epithelioglandular epoxy. Skt -aya : like : resembling : of the nature of aqueous vitreous ependym. OF. fr. L -ator suffix denoting an agent more at -ary. existing in the way specified apparent reverent subsequent with verbs or verbal roots compare enter.combining form NL. fr.combining form F.combining form Gk . ME -er. Gk ergat-. ergon : work ergophobia ergodic ergat. L -arius. -is.prefix epi.combining form epidermis : epidermis epidermolysis epididym.ME. pl -enchymata or -enchymas NL. L. OE -ere akin to D G -er. Gk entos akin to L intus within. fr. epi on.or epilepti.also aequi. fr. fr.before vowels and ephbefore h which is not repeated .combining form NL. OF. and sometimes ep. epi eph. MF.combining form epi. -enchyma in parenchyma : cellular tissue of a specified type collenchyma cystenchyma -enchyme n combining form . fr.n fem.or epilepto.ri. fr. fr. fr. systems. Gk -i n in adjectives . -er regularly accompanied by coalescence with final e of the base word and sometimes accompanied by change of final postconsonantal y of the base word to i flier flyer erem. -ns. -ere OF -ier. -ier in a small number of words after other letters. en in + -don perh. fr. -aria. ON -ri. ME.or ergo.yas in adjectives used to form the comparative degree of adjectives and adverbs of one syllable hotter drier later sooner colder and of certain adjectives and adverbs of two syllables abler completer gentlier happier yellower and sometimes of longer ones regularly accompanied by coalescence with final e of the base word. epil ptos : epilepsy epileptoid epileptogenic epithel.combining form F. series. or associated with header old-timer high schooler c : native of : resident of : one coming from cottager Londoner Marylander New Yorker d : one that has three-decker the baby is a tenpounder e : one that produces or yields porker vealer wooler 2 a : one that does or performs a specified action maker player reporter transformer range finder sometimes added to both elements of a compound builder-upper tryer-outer b : one that is a suitable object of a specified action broiler fryer 3 : one that is foreigner goner westerner down-and-outer -yer in a small number of words after w. fr. akin to L domus house 1 a : within : inside Endamoeba endoscope b : taking in : requiring endergonic opposed to exo.

-. OE -est. ON -r. suffix of inchoative verbs ending in -escere . fr. or doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel -est or -st suffix ME. .also oesophag. suffix of action : action : process emesis eso. suffix of the 3d conjugation more at 1 : beginning. . Goth -is. 2d sing. sing. of Gmc origin akin to OHG -isc more at : in the manner or style of : like : Romanesque Kiplingesque Lincolnesque statuesque Hardyesque -esque n suffix . 3d sing. pl -eses ME. beginning to be. fr. -ast.erioerio. fr. erythros 1 : red erythrism erythrophyll 2 : related to erythrose erythronic acid 3 : erythrocyte erythremia erythropoiesis -es n pl suffix ME -es. pron.or esophago.combining form. Skt -si used to form the archaic second person singular indicative of English verbs with thou gettest didst carriest failedst canst -estes n combining form NL. -s more at -s 1 used to form the plural of most nouns that end in s glasses . fr. . OE -eth. pres. pres. -es. L. endings. Gk aitio-. the suffix represented by E -er + the suffix represented by E -ed used 19 -etum to form the superlative degree of adjectives and adverbs of one syllable fattest latest newest . literary style.combining form ISV. MF. change of final postconsonantal y of the base word to i.st fr. Homeric edmenai to eat : -eater in generic names of birds Spermestes esthesio. -ist. tikos. or group ethnometeorology : used by or related to a people or race ethnobiology ethnoflora ethoxy. gen. -st. ch. pres.combining form NL. -ist in adverbs . indic. Gk ethnos nation 1 : race. ON -str. Gk : female goddess giantess esp. -as. fr. pres. -ar. sh. L Gk -s preceded by various thematic vowels . Gk -esis. or group usu. erythro-. -e. cap L Etruscus : Etruscan and Etrusco-Roman -ette n suffix . of Gk edest s. sh hushes . fr. fr. .ME. people. -eith. es within : inner esotropia esoneural esophag. or postconsonantal y and of some nouns ending in f -escence n suffix .t. fr. sh bushes . fr. z. fr. Gk -ti-. -ast in adverbs . and of some nouns ending in o heroes . and less often of longer ones beggarliest often attached to words as participles in adjectival use that rarely if ever show a corresponding comparative formation in -er cussedest fightingest lyingest regularly accompanied by coalescence with final e of the base word. indic. fr.prefix Gk eso-.or erythro. LGk. pres.strainer influenced in meaning by E ethmoid . fr. suffix. or originating in a certain place or country Japanese Viennese -ese n suffix. 3d sing.or aitio. ending. -escent-. . ending of unthematic verbs. part. L ethicus moral. early ON runic -ith. -etos. fr. fr. 2d sing.sto in adjectives . growing. Gk aisth sis sensation. past ending of weak verbs. assimilated form of the 2d pers. pl -eta or -etums L -etum 1 : garden or group . It -esco.tos. past ending of weak verbs. or postconsonantal y which changes to i defies compare . Skt -i ha in adjectives prob. L -escent-. earlier -es + -t . element forming inchoative verbs + -ent-. fr. OE -st. -s + -t. . -th. fr. ch catches . ch peaches . endings. OF -et masc. ethyl : ethyl ethaldehyde ethochloride -eth or -th vb suffix ME.st in adverbs . relating to. fr. dim.or etho. assumed VL -esis. 3d sing. keeping.st. fr. fem. -ier -er + -ie -y 1 : qualities collectively : character : tomfoolery snobbery 2 : art. -astr in adjectives .combining form Gk thmo.1 -es n pl suffix ME.combining form ISV. pres. fr. . pres. eirio-. 2d sing. person. 3d sing. pres. OF -ete more at 1 : little one of the thing or class specified : wagonette kitchenette dinette 2 : group of so many octette 3 : female majorette farmerette suffragette 4 : imitation : substitute erminette beaverette used chiefly in commercial names -etum n suffix. n. -osts in adjectives . ethoxyl : containing ethoxyl in names of chemical compounds ethoxycaffeine -etic adj suffix L Gk L -eticus.th. -escens pres. fr. fr. fr. earlier -is. fr. 2d sing. -st. in agent nouns actress poetess -est adj suffix or adv suffix ME. fr.combining form Gk erythr-. -os. pres. endings. pl -ese Pg .combining form F. selling the thing specified piggery rookery fishery bindery bakery 4 : collection : aggregate finery greenery compare 5 : state : condition slavery monkery compare erythr.th. th . adj. L -ensis : of. thmos : ethmoidal and ethmofrontal : ethmoid and ethmosphenoid ethno. z fizzes . derivational element attached to certain verbs + -sis. in words applied in dislike or contempt Carlylese federalese journalese Pentagonese -esis n suffix. feeling. -ete fem. fr. . ethical : ethical and ethicoreligious : ethics ethicocentered ethmo. -ir.combining form ISV.or aesthesio. eirion : wool Eriogonum eriometer eruci. part.th. indic. . cultural group ethnography ethnogenic 2 : characteristic of or believed by a people. fr. trade mountebankery compare 3 : place of doing. 2d sing.st fr. ending of certain verbals + -ikos -ic : algetic usu. L -escentia. modif. ending fr.s + -t . -ais. fr. z fuzzes .combining form Gk oisophagos gullet : esophagus esophagectomy esophagopathy : esophageal and esophagogastroscopy -esque adj suffix F. -ir. fr.s + -t.MF. Goth -ists. and of some nouns ending in f which changes to v loaves compare . Skt -ti preceded by various thematic vowels or by a consonant . ending more at used to form the plural possessive of most nouns that end in s. fr.1 2 : . fr. -ost akin to superlative suffixes OHG -isto.s It -ese 1 : native or resident of a specified place or country Chinese 2 a : the language of a particular place. endings. older gen. -esc-. past ending of weak verbs akin to OHG -ist. 2d sing. OF. -escens + -ia : state or process of becoming obsolescence convalescence -escent adj suffix MF. fr. . or nationality Siamese Cantonese b : speech. fr. becoming.or oesophago. 2d sing. th thou -est fr. earlier -es. aisthanesthai to perceive. Gk -istos in adjectives . fr.t. . indic. . fr.or aetio. feel : sensation esthesioneurosis aesthesiology -et n suffix . country. L -t preceded by various thematic vowels .s It -ese. used to form adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -esis as genetic : genesis etio. practice. or postconsonantal y which changes to i ladies . . breeding.ME. Goth -ith. LL -itus -ita 1 : small one : lesser one : baronet cellaret singlet 2 : group octet eth. .: something in the style of arabesque -ess n suffix ME -esse.combining form ML aetio-. race. OE -a + -s. L eruca : caterpillar eruciform erucivorous -ery n suffix ME -erie. past ending of weak verbs. OF. 2d sing. endings of various classes of verbs akin to OHG -it. OE. 2d sing. -est. fr. -ath. -ens. fr. pl.sis. perception. earlier . slightly obsolescent arborescent alkalescent 2 : reflecting or emitting light in a specified way opalescent fluorescent -ese adj suffix Pg . aitia 1 : cause etiologic etiogenic 2 : formed by chemical degradation of a specified compound etiophyllin etrusco. fr. fr. fr. pres. Gk -etikos. or diction peculiar to a specified place.s. fr. -es. fem. -aith. suffix. ending used to form the archaic third person singular present indicative of verbs goeth doth thinketh hath saith maketh leadeth ethico. erion. -oth. fr. . LL -issa. fr. fr. .2 Christmases we go to grandmother s -es vb suffix ME Northern North Midland more at -s used to form the third person singular present indicative of most verbs that end in s blesses . endings of various classes of verbs fr. thu thou . of certain adjectives and adverbs of two syllables luckiest oftenest remotest simplest .combining form NL.combining form Gk erio-. -e-.

euof a specified kind of plant rosetum pinetum 2 : consocies of a specified plant genus or family characetum eu- combining form ME, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. ey, eu, fr. neut. of eys good akin to Hitt asus good and perh. to Skt asti he is 1 a : well : easily euplastic opposed to dys- b : good eudaemon opposed to dys- 2 a : most typical : true Euascomycetes euchromosome b : truly eucoelomate c : having a complete life cycle eu-form 3 : improved derivative of a specified substance eucodeine eur- or euro- combining form, cap Europe 1 : European and Eurafrican 2 : European Eurocentric : western European Eurocommunism : of the European Union Eurocrat europeo- combining form, cap L europaeus European : European and Europeo-Asiatic eury- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. eurys akin to Skt uru broad, wide : broad eurygnathic : wide eurybenthic euryhaline opposed to sten-eus n combining form, pl -ei also -euses NL, fr. L, adj. suffix, composed of, of the nature of, or resembling a specified substance more at : muscle that constitutes, has the form of, or joins a specified part, thing, or structures gluteus rhomboideus iliococcygeus ex- or ef- prefix ME, fr. OF L OF, fr. L also, perfective and intensive prefix , fr. ex out of, from akin to Gk ex out of, from, OIr ess-, OSlav iz, izŭ, is 1 : out of : away from : outside of excircle exclave 2 : without : lacking exalate exalbuminous 3 ME ex-, fr. LL, fr. L : out of the office or condition named by the main word : former : sometime usu. joined to second element by a hyphen ex-president ex-convict often with phrases ex-child actor ex-manabout-town usu. ef- in senses 1 2 before f efform effuse always ex- in sense 3 exa- combining form ISV, modif. of Gk hexa- hexa- : quintillion exajoules excito- combining form excitor L excitare to excite 1 : excitor and excitomotory excitosecretory 2 : exciting : stimulating : causing activity of a specified kind excitocatabolism exo- or ex- combining form Gk ex out of, out, outside of, outside, fr. ex out of more at ex- 1 : outside exogamy : outer exocarp exoskeleton opposed to end- compare - 2 : producing exergonic opposed to endextra- prefix ME, fr. L, fr. extra, adv. prep., outside, except, beyond, fr. exter outward, on the outside : outside : beyond esp. in adjectives formed from adjectives extracranial extralegal extravascular extra-urban extrahistoric extro- prefix modif. influenced by intro- of L extra more at - : outside : outward extrovert opposed to intro-facient adj combining form L facient-, faciens, pres. part. of facere to do, make as in calefacere to warm : making : causing somnifacient facio- combining form ISV, fr. L facies form, shape, face 1 : facial and faciolingual 2 : facial facioplegia -faction n combining form - ME -faccioun, fr. MF L MF -faction, fr. L -faction-, -factio as in satisfaction-, satisfactio satisfaction : making : rarefaction in nouns derived from verbs ending in -fy -factive adj combining form MF -factif, fr. -faction + -if -ive : making : causing : putrefactive farado- combining form farad ic + -o- : resulting from or involving faradic stimulus faradocontractility faradotherapy febri- combining form LL, fr. L febris : fever febricide femino- combining form L femina : woman feminology femoro- combining form NL, fr. L femor-, femur thigh : femoral femorocele : femoral and femorofibular femto- combining form ISV, fr. Dan or Norw femten fifteen fr. ON fimmt n + -o- : one quadrillionth 10−15 part of femtosecond fenno- combining form, usu cap Sw, fr. L Fenni Finns 1 : Finnish and Fenno-German 2 : including Finland Fenno-Scandinavia



-fer n combining form - F L F -fère, fr. L -fer n. adj. comb. form , fr. ferre to bear, carry : one that bears aquifer conifer -ferous adj combining form ME, fr. L -fer MF -fere fr. L -fer + E -ous more at : bearing : producing : yielding auriferous ovuliferous almost always preceded by i -ferously adv combining form -ferousness n combining form ferri- combining form L ferri-, fr. ferrum iron 1 : iron ferri ferous 2 ferric : containing ferric iron ferrihemoglobin ferro- combining form ML ferro-, fr. L ferrum iron 1 : iron : containing iron ferroconcrete 2 : iron and ferronickel chiefly in names of alloys 3 ferrous : containing ferrous iron ferroferricyanide ferroso- combining form NL ferrosus ferrous : ferrous and ferrosoferric -fest n combining form - G fest festival, holiday, fr. MHG vest, fr. L festum, fr. neut. of festus solemn, festal 1 : festive gathering esp. for competition shootingfest turnerfest songfest 2 : session often informal or spontaneous gabfest : outburst of activity slugfest feto- or feti- also foeto- or foeti- combining form feto-, foeto- fr. L fetus, foetus feti-, foeti- fr. L, fr. fetus, foetus : fetus fetometry : fetal and fetoplacental fibr- or fibro- combining form L fibra 1 a : fiber : fibrous and : fibrous tissue fibrogenic fibrocaseous fibrosis b : of or containing fibrous tissue fibrocartilage fibroangioma fibrocarcinoma 2 : fibrotic fibrobronchitis 3 a : fibroma and : fibromatous fibromyxoma fibrochondroma b : a fibroma containing fibrocyst 4 : fibrin and fibrohemorrhagic fibropurulent -fic adj suffix MF L MF -fique, fr. L -ficus, fr. facere make, do : making : causing : bringing about acidific prolific -fication n combining form - ME -ficacioun, fr. MF L MF -fication, fr. L -fication-, -ficatio, fr. -ficatus past part. ending of verbs ending in -ficare to make, fr. -ficus -fic + -ion-, -io -ion : making : production pacification vinification russification compare ,-fid adj combining form L -fidus, fr. the root of findere to split : divided into so many parts sexifid or such parts pinnatifid -fidate adj combining form L -fidatus, fr. -fidus -fid + -atus -ate :fili- combining form L filum : thread or threads : something resembling thread or threads filicauline filiferous fissi- combining form LL, fr. L fissus, past part. of findere to split 1 : divided : cleft fissilingual 2 : fission fissiparous flabelli- combining form L, fan, fr. flabellum : fan flabelliform flabellinerved flav- or flavo- combining form L flavus 1 : yellow flavin flavo-virescent 2 : flavin flavoenzyme -florate adj combining form L flor-, flos + E -ate : flowered biflorate flori- combining form L, fr. flor-, flos to bloom : flower or flowers floriculture : something resembling a flower or flowers floriated -florous adj combining form LL -florus, fr. L flor-, flos flower to bloom : having or bearing such or so many flowers : -flowered : in words whose first constituent ends in i noctiflorous uniflorous fluo- combining form ISV, prob. by shortening : - 1 fluoberyllate fluor- or fluoro- combining form F fluor-, fr. NL fluor mineral belonging to a group including fluorite 1 a : fluorine fluorhydric fluoroform b now usu fluoro- : containing fluorine in place of hydrogen in names of organic compounds fluorobenzene c now usu fluoro- : containing fluorine regarded as replacing hydroxyl or oxygen or as coordinated to a central atom in names of inorganic acids and salts fluoromolybdate d : containing fluorine as fluoride sometimes replacing another element or group in names of minerals and salts fluorapatite fluorochloride 2 also fluori- : fluorescence fluorene fluoroscope fluorimeter

fluorescifluoresci- combining form fluorescence : fluorescence fluorescigenic fluvi- or fluvio- combining form L fluvi-, fr. fluvius 1 : river, stream fluvicoline fluviology 2 : fluvial and fluviovolcanic -fold suffix ME -fold, -fald, fr. OE -feald akin to OHG -falt -fold, ON -faldr, Goth -falths derivatives fr. the root of E fold 1 : multiplied by a specified number : times in adjectives a twelvefold increase and adverbs it will repay you tenfold 2 : having so many laps, layers, or parts the threefold aspect of the problem -folious adj combining form L foliosus : having such or so many leaves centifolious for- prefix ME, fr. OE akin to OHG fir-, far-, fur- for-, OS for-, Goth fra-, fair- for-, faur- for-, fore-, OE for 1 : so as to involve prohibition, exclusion, omission, failure, or refusal almost exclusively in words coined before 1600 forsay forheed 2 : destructively or detrimentally almost exclusively in words coined before 1600 forhang forstorm 3 : completely : excessively : to exhaustion : to pieces almost exclusively in words coined before 1600 forbruise forweary forspent fore- combining form ME for-, fore-, fr. OE fore-, fr. fore, adv. 1 a : at an earlier point in time : beforehand foresee foretell b : occurring at an earlier point in time : occurring beforehand forepayment foreperiod c : being an early part of something stipulated foreday foresummer 2 a : situated at or toward the front : situated in front of something foreleg foreporch b : being the front part of something stipulated forearm forepalate form- or formo- combining form formic acid : formic acid : formyl formanilide formotoluidide -form adj combining form MF and L MF -forme, fr. L -formis, fr. forma form : in the form or shape of : resembling : preceded by i calciform oviform -formes n pl combining form NL, fr. L, pl. of -formis -form : ones having such a form : ones resembling in names of zoological orders and certain other groups of higher rank than family Galliformes Passeriformes fracto- combining form L fractus : broken up and fractocumulus : fracture fractograph franco- combining form, usu cap ML, fr. Francus Frenchman, fr. LL, Frank : French and Franco-Swiss : French Francophile frigo- combining form ISV, fr. L frigus frost, cold : cold frigostable frigotherapy fronto- combining form ISV, fr. L front-, frons forehead, brow, front 1 : frontal bone and frontoparietal : frontal lobe and frontopontine 2 front + -o- : boundary of an air mass frontogenesis fructi- combining form L, fr. fructus : fruit fructiculture fructicolous fruti- combining form L frutic-, frutex : shrub fruticolous fuc- or fuco- or fuci- combining form NL, fr. Fucus 1 : derived from or related to the alga fucus fucic acid fuciphagous 2 : fucose fucoside fucopyranoside -fugal adj combining form prob. fr. assumed NL -fuga -fuge + E -al : fleeing : passing from centrifugal -fugally adv combining form -fuge n combining form - F, prob. fr. assumed NL -fuga, fr. LL -fuga, -fugia in febrifuga, febrifugia centaury , fr. L fugare to put to flight, fr. fuga flight : one that drives away dolorifuge vermifuge -ful adj suffix ME, fr. OE, fr. full, adj. 1 : full of eventful 2 : characterized by : peaceful boastful 3 : having the qualities of : resembling masterful 4 : bashful mournful -ful also -full n suffix - ME -ful, fr. OE -ful, -full, fr. full, adj. : number or quantity that fills or would fill cupful roomful bellyful sometimes after pl. nouns bagsful fumar- or fumaro- combining form ISV, fr. NL Fumaria : fumaric acid fumaramide fumaronitrile



fungi- combining form perh. fr. NL, fr. L fungus : fungus fungicolous fungiform fur- or furo- combining form ISV, fr. furfural 1 : related to furan furodiazole , furfural furoin , or furoic acid 2-furamide 2 : containing a furan ring fused on one side to one side of another ring furoquinoline fusco- combining form ISV, fr. L fuscus : having a dark color : tawny fuscochlorin fuscoferruginous fusi- combining form L fusus spindle : spindle fusiform : spindle-shaped Fusicoccum fuso- combining form L fusus spindle 1 : shaped like a spindle fusocellular 2 : fusiform bacillus and fusospirillar fusospirochetal -fy vb suffix ME -fien, fr. OF -fier, fr. L -ficare, fr. -ficus -fic 1 : make : form into dandify gaudify 2 : invest with the attributes of : make similar to citify -gaea or -gea n combining form - NL, fr. Gk gaia land, earth : a specified geographical area Afrogaea Neogaea galact- or galacto- combining form galact- fr. MF or L MF galact-, fr. L, fr. Gk galakt-, fr. galakt-, gala galacto- fr. Gk galakto-, fr. galakt-, gala 1 : milk, milky fluid galactidrosis galactemia galactorrhea 2 ISV, fr. galactose : related to galactose galactopyranose 3 galactic : galaxy specif : the Milky Way galaxy galactocentric gall- or gallo- combining form gallic acid : gallic acid gallaldehyde gallo- combining form L Gallo- Gaulish, fr. Gallus Gaul, inhabitant of ancient Gaul 1 cap : Gaulish and Gallo-Roman 2 cap : French and Gallo-Briton 3 often cap : France gallocentric galvano- combining form galvanic + -o- : galvanic current galvanometer : using or produced by galvanic current galvanocautery galvanoplastics gam- or gamo- combining form NL, fr. Gk, marriage, fr. gamos 1 : united : joined gamophyllous gamosepalous 2 : sexual : sexuality gamic gamobium gamogenesis -gam n combining form - NL -gamia class of plants having a specified means of reproduction, fr. Gk -gamia -gamy : plant belonging to a group having a specified means of reproduction cryptogam -gamae n pl combining form NL, fem. pl. of -gamus -gamous : plants having such sexual organs or such a means of reproduction in taxonomic names in botany Agamae gamet- or gameto- combining form NL, fr. gameta : gamete gametal gametocide -gamic adj combining form ISV -gam- fr. NL -gamia as in Cryptogamia , fr. Gk -gamia -gamy + -ic 1 : having such reproductive organs cleistogamic dichogamic 2 : having such a mode of fertilization porogamic -gamous adj combining form Gk -gamos, fr. gamos marriage 1 : characterized by having or practicing such a marriage or such or so many marriages endogamous exogamous 2 prob. fr. NL -gamus, prob. fr. LL, characterized by having such a marriage or such or so many marriages, fr. Gk -gamos : 1 -gamy n combining form ME -gamie, fr. LL -gamia, fr. Gk 1 a : marriage exogamy b : union for propagation or reproduction allogamy 2 NL -gamia as in Cryptogamia , fr. Gk -gamia -gamy marriage a : possession of such reproductive organs cleistogamy b : possession of such a mode of fertilization porogamy gangli- or ganglio- combining form NL, fr. Gk ganglion : ganglion gangliectomy ganglioplexus gaster- or gastero- combining form NL, fr. Gk gastero- belly, fr. gaster-, gast r 1 : ventral area Gasteropoda gasterostome 2 : stomach gasteralgia Gasterophilus -gaster n combining form - NL, fr. Gk gast r 1 : part having a specified relation to the stomach mesogaster metagaster 2 : organism having a specified type of digestive tract esp. in generic names Microgaster myxogaster gastr- or gastro- also gastri- combining form Gk, belly, fr. gastr-, gast r 1 : ventral area gastropod 2 : stomach gas-

trectomy gastrology 3 : gastric and gastroduodenal gastrohepatic -gastria n combining form - NL, fr. gastr- + -ia : condition of having such a stomach or such or so many stomachs microgastria polygastria -gate n combining form - Watergate, scandal that arose in 1972 fr. the suppressed investigation of a burglary at Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. : usu. political scandal often including concealment of wrongdoing Irangate Koreagate ge- or geo- combining form ME geo-, fr. MF L MF, fr. L, fr. Gk g -, ge-, ge -, fr. g earth, land 1 : earth, ground, soil geobiology geogenic geophyte geotropic 2 : geographical : geography and geohistory geopolitics geisso- combining form NL, fr. Gk geisson, geison cornice : like a cornice Geissorhiza gen- or geno- combining form Gk genos race, descent, kin, sex, kind, fr. the stem of gignesthai to be born 1 : generating : offspring genoblast 2 : race genocide 3 : sex 4 influenced in meaning by NL genus : genus : kind genotype 5 generate : a substance that produces or generates specif. in names of oxides of alkaloids in which the oxygen is attached to nitrogen genalkaloids genomorphine gen- or geno- combining form gene : gene genoid genocline -gen also -gene n combining form - F -gène, fr. Gk -gen s born, fr. root of gignesthai to be born 1 : one that generates halogen melanogen androgen 2 : one that is produced or generated exogen cultigen phosgene -genesia n combining form, pl -genesiae NL, fr. Gk, fr. genesis + -ia -y : genesis : formation paragenesia -genetic adj combining form 1 : relating to generation or genesis spermatogenetic pangenetic 2 : generating : producing : yielding cytogenetic 3 : generated : produced : yielded psychogenetic -genic adj combining form ISV -gen -geny + -ic 1 : producing : forming carcinogenic acrogenic 2 : produced by : formed from nephrogenic 3 genic : of or relating to a gene intragenic : having a stipulated kind or number of genes polygenic 4 photogenic : suitable for production or reproduction by a given medium telegenic -genin n combining form - ISV -gen + -in : compound formed from another compound in names of aglycons or similar compounds derived from the names of the parent compounds saligenin from salicin digitogenin from digitonin genio- combining form ISV, fr. Gk geneio-, fr. geneion chin, beard 1 : chin genioplasty 2 : chin and genioglossal -genous adj combining form -gen + -ous 1 : producing : yielding alkaligenous 2 : produced by : arising or originating in neurogenous endogenous geny- or genyo- combining form ISV, fr. Gk genys jaw, chin : lower jaw genyoplasty -geny n combining form Gk -geneia act of being born, fr. -gen s born + -ia -y more at : generation : production : science of origin chrondrogeny morphogeny ontogeny germano- combining form, usu cap NL, fr. ML Germanus German, fr. L, any member of the Germanic peoples inhabiting western Europe in Roman times : German Germanophile : German and Germano-Russian germano- combining form ISV, fr. NL germanium : germanium esp. in names of compounds containing germanium in place of carbon germanochloroform GeHCl geront- or geronto- combining form F, géront-, géronto-, fr. Gk geront-, geronto-, fr. geront-, ger n old man akin to Gk g ras old age : old age gerontology -gerous adj combining form L -ger fr. gerere to bear, wage, cherish or F -gère fr. L -ger + E -ous : bearing, producing preceded by i crystalligerous dentigerous -geusia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk geusis sense of taste, taste fr. geuesthai to taste + -sis + NL -ia : a specified condition of the sense of taste parageusia



giga- combining form ISV, fr. Gk gigas giant : billion gigacycle gigavolt gigant- or giganto- combining form Gk fr. gigant-, gigas : giant gigantism Gigantopithecus gingiv- or gingivo- combining form L gingiv-, fr. gingiva gum 1 : gum : gums gingivectomy gingivitis 2 : of the gums and gingivostomatitis : gingival and gingivolabial glacio- combining form ISV, fr. glacier 1 : glacier glaciology 2 : glacial and glaciomarine glauc- or glauco- combining form L glauc- gleaming, gray, fr. Gk glauk-, glauko-, fr. glaukos : glaucous glaucochroite glaucope gli- or glio- combining form NL, fr. MGk glia glue 1 : gliomatous glioblastoma gliomyoma 2 : neuroglial gliosome gliocyte gliosis 3 : embedded in a gelatinous matrix gliobacteria 4 : substance resembling glue gliode -glia n combining form - NL, fr. MGk glia glue : neuroglia made up of a specified kind or size of element macroglia microglia globo- combining form NL, fr. L globus ball 1 a : global : spherical globocell : globular globosphaerite often joined to second element with a hyphen globo-cumulus b : worldwide globo-historical 2 : globe : sphere globoferous gloeo- or gloio- combining form NL, fr. Gk gloio-, fr. gloios glutinous substance, gum akin to L glut-, glus glue : sticky : glutinous Gloeocapsa Gloiopeltis glomerul- or glomerulo- combining form NL, fr. glomerulus : glomerulus of the kidney glomerular glomerulonephritis gloss- or glosso- combining form L, tongue, fr. Gk gl ss-, gl sso-, fr. gl ssa 1 a : tongue glossalgia : glossal and glossohyal b : structure or organ like a tongue Glossophora 2 : language glossology -glossa n combining form, pl -glossa NL, fr. Gk gl ssa : one or ones having such a tongue or part like a tongue in taxonomic names in biology Eriglossa Cheiroglossa -glossia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk -gl ssia, fr. gl ssa tongue + -ia -y explanation : condition of having such a tongue or so many tongues diglossia pachyglossia -glot adj combining form Gk -gl ttos, -gl ssos, fr. gl tta, gl ssa language, tongue explanation : having knowledge of or using a specified number of languages monoglot tetraglot glott- or glotto- combining form Gk gl tt-, gl tto-, gl ss-, gl ssotongue, fr. gl tta, gl ssa : language glottology gluc- or gluco- combining form ISV, fr. glucose 1 : glucose glucogenic : related to or containing glucose glucomannans 2 : - 1 glucoproteins not now in frequent use gluteo- combining form NL gluteus : gluteal and gluteofemoral glyc- or glyco- combining form ISV, fr. Gk glyk- sweet, fr. glykys 1 : sugar glycogenic : related to or containing a sugar glycemia glycoalkaloid glycitol : sweet glycogen 2 a : glycerol glycogelatin b : glycogen glycostatic c : glycol glycostat d : glycine glycyl used also to indicate other compounds spelled with initial glyc- 3 : -1 glycer- or glycero- combining form ISV, fr. glycerin : glycerol glyceryl : related to glycerol or glyceric acid glycerophosphoric acid glyceraldehyde glypt- or glypto- combining form F, fr. Gk glypt-, fr. glyptos carved, fr. glyphein to carve 1 : engraving glyptology 2 : carved Glyptodon gnath- or gnatho- combining form NL, fr. Gk gnath-, fr. gnathos akin to Gk genys jaw : jaw gnathitis gnathoplasty -gnatha n combining form, pl -gnatha NL, fem. sing. and neut. pl. of -gnathus -gnathous : one or ones having such a jaw in taxonomic names in zoology Agnatha Chaetognatha -gnathae n pl combining form NL, fem. pl. of -gnathus -gnathous : ones having such a jaw in taxonomic names in zoology Desmognathae -gnathous adj combining form NL -gnathus -gnathous, fr. Gk

L -gradus going fr. Gk -gn sia.L -gramma. fr. gyn woman 1 a : woman : of or relating to a woman gyniatrics gynocracy b : female : female and gynandrous : womanish 2 : female reproductive organ : ovary gynophore : pistil gynodioecious -gyn n combining form . pistils in such a way or at such a time epigyny gyr. fr. L. seed + -eia -y : generation. gyn woman : .combining form. fr.or gonidio. Gk -graphikos.or aplo. usu cap Hamitic : Hamitic and Hamito-Bantu Hamito-Semitic usu. or having such or so many females polygynous or female characteristics androgynous : female ergatogynous : woman 2 : of. fr. fr. adj. gyros 1 : ring : circle gyromancy : spiral Gyroceras 2 : gyral gyroscope gyrencephalate 3 : gyroscope gyrocompass habro. L.combining form Gk gynaios of women.combining form L gramin-. fr.or gynaeco. fr. g nia angle akin to Gk gony knee : figure having so many angles nonagon goni. granit granite. MF. fr. pistils in such a way or at such a time hexagynous protogynous -gyny n combining form Gk gyn woman + E -y 1 : existence of or condition of having such or so many females monogyny 2 -gynous + -y : existence of or condition of having such or so many female organs. gyn woman 1 : of.combining form ISV. fr. neut. Gk -g non.LL -graphus one that writes such material or in such a way fr. gramma letter. halogen : halogen halide hali. fr.or gyro. fr.or gyno.one akin to Gk homos same + -ploos. fr. piece of writing : drawing : writing : record chronogram telegram thermogram spectrogram gramin. fr. gravity : gravity gravitochemical greco. fr.-gnathus gnathos jaw akin to Gk genys jaw : having such a jaw oxygnathous -gnathus n combining form NL. fr. gonos offspring.or gynaeo.combining form LL. fr. relating to. Gk.also gynaec. fr.or gonio.or graeco. gn sis knowledge : astrognosy -gon n combining form . fr. or means of judging pathognomy -gnosia n combining form .or gyneco. granum : grain graniform : grain or seeds granivorous grano. Graecus Greek 1 : Greece or Greeks Grecophile Grecomania 2 : Greek and Greco-Latin Greco-Persian Graeco-Roman gymn. hagios 1 : holy hagiographa hagioscope 2 : saints hagiography hal.combining form ISV.combining form Gk gyn woman : . L -graphum. pubes : puberty . hadros thick. Gk haptein to fasten : contact : combination haptophore hastato.or granuli. hals salt 1 : of or relating to a salt halochromism 2 ISV. fr.gyneocracy -gynia n pl combining form NL. writing + E -er : one that writes about specified material or in a specified way craniographer -graphia n combining form .combining form. fr.combining form NL. discerner + -ia -y : science. fr.or haplo. haplo-.combining form NL.also apl. graph writing. MF. fr.gynecytology -gyne n combining form .or gravito. -plous. Gk. fr. haplous. Gk gn stikos.combining form NL. fr.combining form F. hastatus : hastately : hastate and hastatolanceolate hastatosagittate hebe. Gk. Gk. Gk. fr. graphein to write + -ia -y 1 : writing or representation in a specified manner or by a specified means or of a specified object calligraphy cartography photography stenography 23 hebe- 2 : writing on a specified subject or in a specified field biography geography metallography gravi. Gk. Gk. with hyphen hapl.combining form Gk gynaiko-. fr. fr.combining form Gk gyn-. fr. fr. graphein to write 1 : something written cryptograph holograph 2 : instrument for making or transmitting records chronograph phonograph telegraph -grapher n combining form .Gk gyn woman 1 : woman : female pseudogyne 2 : female reproductive organ trichogyne gynec. habros : graceful in generic names in zoology Habronema hadr.L more at 1 : writing on a specified topic : representation of a specified object blastographia stomatographia 2 : writing characterized by a specified psychological abnormality dysgraphia pseudagraphia -graphic or -graphical adj combining form -graphic fr. gn mon-. reproduction. relating to. alter. fr. fr. fr. graphein to write : writing graphology -graphy n combining form L -graphia. ML -gnosticus knowing. Gk hapl-. esp.combining form LL granulum : granule granuliform granulometric : granulation granuloma -graph n combining form . pl -gnoses L. procreation.or gymno. gradi to step. fr. haploos. fr.or granulo.or hapto. -gynus -gynous + -ia : plants having such or so many pistils in Linnaean botanical orders digynia -gynian adj or n combining form -gynious adj combining form -gynous adj combining form NL -gynus.or gramini. fr. Gk -gn sia.combining form F. hals salt. gramen : grass graminivorous graminiferous grani. bulky akin to Gk had n enough : thick hadrome : heavy Hadrosaurus hagi. L. -gnostical fr. LL -graphicus + E -al 1 : written or transmitted in a specified way stenographic telegraphic 2 : of or relating to writing in a specified field or on a specified subject biographical hagiographic grapho. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. Gk gn sis knowledge : knowledge : cognition : recognition barognosis psychognosis -gnostic or -gnostical adj combining form -gnostic fr. Gk. Gk -graphon.or halo. L. LL -graphicus. gravis : heavy gravigrade graviportal gravit. Gk. usu cap L Graeco-. fr. Gk -graphos. gymnos : naked : bare : uncovered gymnanthous gymnobranchiate gyn. gyn woman : . Gk -gynos.combining form NL. writing fr. gn sis knowledge : pharmacognosia -gnosis n combining form. fr.NL. fr. graphikos written -graphical fr. gynaik-. fr. fr. of -graphos written. It granito 1 : granite or a granitic substance granoblastic granolith 2 : granitic granogabbro granul. fr.gynecocracy gynecology gynecoid gyneo. Gk. haplos. ML -gnosticus + E -al : knowing : characterized by or relating to such knowledge geognostic geognostical -gnosy n combining form NL -gnosia. fr. or having such or so many female organs. Gk goneia. esp. fr.combining form L.combining form MF. fr. go : walking digitigrade plantigrade chiefly in zoological terms -gram n combining form . fr.combining form Gk h b youth.or hadro.MF -graphe. fr. fr. ha.or hagio. fr. gn m n interpreter.combining form NL. fr. fr. -plos multiplied by akin to L -plus multiplied by 1 : single : simple haploscope 2 haploid : of or relating to the haploid generation or condition hapt.combining form G. fr.combining form NL gonidium : gonidium gonidiogenous -gony n combining form L -gonia. sea 1 : sea haliplankton 2 : salt : a salt halisteresis hamito. fr. fr.NL -gynia : plant having so many pistils hexagyn gyne. fr. of -gn monia.NL -gonum. fr. -graphos written. fr. fr. or manner of coming into being of a specified thing cosmogony sporogony theogony -grade adj combining form F. fr. -gnathus -gnathous : one having such a jaw in generic names of animals Desmognathus -gnomy n combining form LL -gnomia.combining form NL. fr. art.combining form Gk g nia more at 1 : corner : angle goniometer 2 : gonion gonidi.combining form prob. Gk -gn mia.

L historicus : historical : historical and historicophilosophical historicosocial historio. Gk h pat-.2 : for. L hernia : hernia herniorrhaphy herniotomy herpet. haimo-. fr. usu cap Hibernia 1 : Irish and Hiberno-Celtic 2 : Ireland Hibernology hidr.combining form L. fr. akin to L vallus stake. Gk -edron.prefix ME. Gk. pl -hedrons or -hedra NL. beam of a loom. fr.hemacytometer hemapoiesis haema. fr.combining form L. from. sacred : sacred : holy hierarchy hieroglyph -hieric adj combining form Gk hieron osteon sacrum fr. homos 1 : one and the same : similar : alike homogeneous homonym opposed to heter.combining form Gk helik-. fr. fr. fr. fr. condition. homoios. maggot. fr. supernatural. fr. Gk herp t-.1 : half of esp : a lateral half of hemicentrum hemicerebrum hemicardia 2 : relating to or affecting a half as a lateral half of an organ or part or of the whole body hemiplegia hemiatrophy 3 chem a : half in respect to combining ratio hemibasic b : having one half of the molecular weight of a specified compound or class of compounds c : having one half the number of characteristic groups in a specified compound or class of compounds hemicyanine 4 crystallog : having one half the number of faces hemihedron hendeca.combining form NL. fr. loom. L hered-. h pat-. fr. in paleontology Eohippus hispano. Gk histos mast. fr.or hendec.or homo.or hept.or haem.or helio. helmis intestinal worm.or homalo.combining form. fr. L haem-. fr. fr. h dys : pleasant hedyphane heli.also homoi.or hex.combining form NL. h los perh. fr.combining form MF. fr.combining form F. OE -h d akin to OFris OS -h d. fr.or haemo.combining form by shortening : helicopter heliport helimail helic. Gk. fr.or holo.combining form Gk. histanai to cause to stand : tissue histamine histophysiology histi. fr. state. Gk h mimore at . ON . loom. dim. -hode. LL. fr. haemo-. fr. irreg. fr.or haemat.: .combining form Gk.or hemi. Gk. usu cap Sp hispano. palisade : nail Heloderma Helotium hem.combining form partly fr.or homoeo. or to a different species heteroagglutinin 3 a : containing atoms of different kinds heterocyclic b : isomeric with or closely related to a specified compound heteroxanthine hexa. homo : man : human hominine hominiform hominisection -hood n suffix . haimat-. heteros akin to Gk heis. fr. or equivalents hexoxide hexaacetate hiberno. fr.or homeo. fr. hippos : horse hippogastronomy hippuric acid -hippus n combining form NL. fr.or histo. fr.or hecaton. fr. Gk hippos : horse in generic names esp. haimato-. fr. akin to ON seimr honeycomb.or haemato.combining form L homin-.or herpeto. Gk h dy-. prob. hen one 1 : other than usual : other : different heterogeneous heterodox Heteranthera opposed to hom-. fr. OHG -heit all fr. fr.hematoid hematocrit the forms haemat. a snake . Toch A walyi worms. haima perh. usu cap Gk hell no-. h lios : sun Heliornis : the sun heliocentric helioscope : sunlight : solar energy heliogravure : sun and heliolithic heli. of histos mast.or histio.combining form Gk. fr.combining form MF or LL MF. information. heliko-. L. fr. fr.hecatohebephrenia : downy : hairy : pubescent hebeanthous hecato. fr.or homoe. hendeka. Gk homoi-.ME -hod. Gk eilein to wind. h pato-. h lio-.or hippo. roll 1 : helminth helminthiasis helminthology 2 : shaped like a worm helminthosporium helo. sacred + osteon bone + E -ic : having such a sacrum dolichohieric platyhieric hipp. fr. fr. holo-.combining form ME holo-. heres heir : hereditary : hereditarily heredoataxia heredofamilial 24 -hood hernio.combining form Gk hekato-. fr. rank. hen-. suffix denoting state or condition. hekaton hundred : consisting of a hundred : having a hundred hecatophyllous hect.combining form F.combining form Gk histion web. fr.combining form MF hemo-.combining form. groups. fr.combining form NL. of herpetos creeping. holy. sail.are preferred in taxonomic names Haematozoon Haematogaster hemi. hieros powerful.or homini. web. hendek-. historia inquiry.or hecto. L. homalos akin to Gk homos same 1 : flat : even homalosternal 2 : equal homalographic home. fr.or haema.1 : sail Histiopterus 2 : tissue histiocyte historico. fr. fr. is-.combining form Gk hendeka-. beam of a loom. condition. haemato-.combining form NL. of heis one + deka ten : eleven hendecasyllable hendecane heno. narrative. Gk.combining form L haemat-. cloth. a prehistoric Gmc word represented by OE h d person. Gk. Gk herpeton animal that goes on all fours. fr.or haemato.or helico.or hidro. hepta 1 : seven heptagon 2 chem : containing seven atoms. fr.2 : from the same species : corresponding in type of structure homograft homolysin homal.preferred in taxonomic names in biology Haemastoma hemat.combining form. fr. fr. Gk. Gk haima blood : .combining form L. Gk herpetos creeping 1 : reptile or reptiles herpetofauna herpetology 2 : herpes herpetiform 3 : creeping herpetomonas heter.combining form F. holos 1 a : complete : entire : total holograph holoparasite b : completely : totally : throughout holarthritic holobranchiate holoaxial holocrystalline c : without division : forming one piece holognathous holorhinal 2 a : similar : homogeneous holomorph b : similarly : homogeneously hologamous hom. herp s partly fr. hieron neut. of hieros powerful. orth. fr. fr.or homoiocombining form L Gk L homoeo-. helix spiral : helix : spiral helicine helicograph helleno. fr. hedra seat : geometrical figure or crystal having a specified form or number of surfaces holohedron trapezohedron hedy. snake. herpein to creep partly fr.combining form LL. Gk helos : marsh : bog helobious helophyte helo. neut.combining form NL. L Hispanus : Spanish and Hispano-German : Spanish hispanophile hist. helminth-. fr. OF. hen neut.combining form NL. history : history historiometric historiographer hol. homoio-.combining form NL. fr. a kind of animal. OHG seim virgin honey.or hepato. fr. haima blood more at . Hell n Greek 1 : the Greeks Hellenocentric Hellenophile 2 : Greek and Helleno-Italic helminth. or equivalents heptaacetate heredo. fr.combining form ML. fr. Gk hekaton : hundred hectare hectograph -hedral adj combining form NL -hedron + E -al : having a specified number of surfaces dihedral : having a specified kind of surface euhedral -hedron n combining form. homos same 1 : like : similar homeopathy homoeography homoiothermic 2 : containing homeotic genes or their products homeodomain homin. fr. Gk. rank.combining form NL.are preferred in taxonomic names Haemacanthus Haemogregarina hema. heis : one henotheism hepat. Gk.or hetero. h par 1 : liver hepatectomy hepatology 2 : liver and : hepatic and hepatocolic hepatosplenomegaly hepta. L hol-.or hemo. fr. Gk haim-.or helmintho. W hufen cream : blood hemarthrosis hemagglutination hemocyte the forms haem.or hemato. Gk hidr s sweat : of or by means of perspiration : of the sweat glands hidradenitis hidrocystoma hier.or haemo. groups. fr. parasitic worm akin to Gk eul worm. fr.combining form NL. hex six 1 : six hexatomic 2 : containing six atoms. fr. fr. state. herpes herpes also. L herpet-. fr. web more at .or hiero. LL. helik-. OHG heit person. Gk h lo-. Gk h li-. Gk haimat-.

clear. ending 1 : taxonomic division as class.combining form alter. hystera womb 1 : womb hysterectomy hysteromyoma 2 NL. L. in place of hydrogen in names of chemical compounds or radicals hydroxyalkyl hydroxamic acids hyet. influenced by L hyper. hyalos transparent stone. fr. fr. hysteria a : hysteria hysterogenic b : hysteria and hysteroneurasthenia -ia n suffix NL. L -icus. way akin to OE h dor bright.combining form F hypn-. fr. quality. pl. . OF L OF -ique. hydro. MF -iel. L -icus more at 1 : having the character or form of : being panoramic rhombic Samoyedic : consisting of runic 2 a : of or relating to aldermanic daturic Koranic b : related to.prefix alter. fr. piece of armor. verbs in -ian. ending Gk. Gk. Gk.or hypsi. fr.combining form F or L F hystér-.of 25 -ical ME ypo-. L Gk.or hydrox.or hyp. Gk. Hydra genus of polyps : hydroid hydromedusa hydrorhiza hydroxy. fr. caelum sky. fr. to L caesius bluish gray.hoploheithr honor.combining form LL. fr. hyd r : water Hydatina hydatogenesis hydr. fr. light basic meaning: bright 1 : state : condition : quality : character boyhood girlhood hardihood unlikelihood 2 : an instance of a specified state.or hydro. Gk iatreia art or action of healing. fr. weapon.combining form L Gk L. Skt citra variegated. hyl wood. fr.tool. heaven. quality. Gk. OF L OF -ique. fr. Goth haidus manner. OHG heitar.also hygro. wood.prefix alter. fr. -iazein fr. Hiberus : Iberian : Iberian and Ibero-American -ic adj suffix ME -ik. fr. L neut. LL hypo-. fr. glass. -i. influenced by LL hypo-. Gk. fr. iatros physician 1 : physician : medicine : healing iatrology iatrogenic 2 : physician and iatrochemist : medicine or healing and iatrophysics iatro-astrological -iatry n combining form F -iatrie. NL humerus : humeral and humerodorsal hy. fr.combining form in sense 1. adj.or hylo. fr. nouns in -ia -y + -sis : morbid state or condition : disease having characteristics of something specified elephantiasis satyriasis : disease produced by something specified ancylostomiasis habronemiasis -iatric also -iatrical adj combining form -iatric fr. condition. pl -iases NL.hyperbarbarous hyperemphasis 2 : overmuch : excessively : . hydro-. or containing alcoholic esp. fr. Gk. ydro-.: pathological condition pneumonia hysteria diphtheria 2 : genus of plants or animals Wistaria Osmia -ia n pl suffix NL. fr. the lowest position in a series of compounds hypovanadous hypoxanthine 4 a in ancient Greek music 1 : being the lower octave in a disdiapason hypolydian 2 of an interval : measured downward hypodiapason b in medieval music : being in a plagal mode hypodorian hyps. fr.or hypno. E : hydroxyl : containing hydroxyl esp. fr. hydat-. OF. hygros moist. fr. matter. glass 1 : glass : glassy hyalescent hyalocrystalline 2 : transparent or translucent substance hyalogen hydat.combining form Gk. -iatric + -al : of or relating to medical treatment : of or relating to healing hydriatric psychiatric -iatrist n combining form . hypsi Gk hypsos Gk hypsi akin to Gk hypo under 1 : height hypsography 2 : on high : aloft hypsicephalic hypsodont hyster. fr.combining form Gk. fr. LL hyper-. ketu brightness. LL. hyp. suffix forming feminine abstract nouns 1 .or hydato. fr. Gk. hyd r 1 a : water hydrogel hydroelectricity b : hydraulic hydropress 2 : water-loving organism chiefly in generic names Hydracarina Hydrodictyon 3 a : hydrogen : containing hydrogen hydriodic acid hydroborate b now usu hydro. fr. hyetos akin to Gk hyei it is raining : rain hyetal hyetometer hyetography hygr. L -ialis. fr. hys swine : derived from or related to swine hyodeoxycholic hyper. hypsos in sense 2. ON heithr.combining form ISV. fr. Gk hopl-. hydroxyl. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. Gk.or hystero.combining form NL. fr. pl.combining form ISV. fr. grammaticalis grammatical.combining form. fr. NL -iatria. fr. condition.upsilon .combining form prob. adj. order of plants or animals Cryptogamia Mammalia 2 : things belonging to or derived from or relating to something specified Marylandia tabloidia -ial adj suffix ME. and prob. forest. fr.combining form NL. suffix : one having the character or nature of : one belonging to or associated with : one exhibiting or affected by glyconic : one that produces ecbolic -ical adj suffix ME. Gk. fr. L hydr-. fr. L hyster-. -ic. L. fr. fr. fr. neut. LL -icalis as in clericalis clerical.hypercritical hypersensitive 3 a : excessive in extent or quality hyperesthesia hyperemesis b : located above hyperapophysis 4 in ancient Greek music a : being the upper octave in a disdiapason hyperlydian b of an interval : measured upward hyperdiapason 5 : that is or exists in a space of more than three dimensions hypercube hyperspace 6 : bridging points within an entity as a database or network non-sequentially hyperlink hypertext hypho.-iatry + -ist : physician : healer psychiatrist podiatrist iatro.+ -alis -al : manorial -iasis n suffix. usu cap L Iberus. radicalis radical : cosmical fantastical sometimes differing from -ic in that adjectives formed with -ical have a wider or more transferred semantic .combining form Gk. MF.ME -ik. Gk.or hyeto. fr. Gk hyo. or character brotherhood hoplo. fr. of -ius. hyper 1 : over : above : beyond : . material.MF ydro-. influenced by L hydr-. hoplon : heavily armed : having powerful offensive members used chiefly in zoological taxa Hoplonemertea humero. Gk hyph .: combined with hydrogen esp. hyp-.combining form NL. fr. fr.or hyo. fr. fr.of ME ydr-. iatros physician + -eia -y : medical treatment : healing podiatry gyniatry psychiatry ibero. hyphos web : web : tissue hyphodrome hypn. fr. fr. fr. derived from. hoplo. Gk. -ial. fr. hypo 1 : under : beneath : down hypoblast hypodermic 2 : less than normal or normally hypocalcemia hypochromia hypochlorhydric hyposensitive 3 : in a lower state of oxidation : in a low usu. or character falsehood 3 : individuals sharing a specified state. fr. hypnos sleep 1 : sleep hypnagogic 2 : hypnotism hypnogenesis hypo. suffix of action.combining form NL.of ME iper-. in names of organic compounds hydroquinidine c : combined with water by hydration hydracrylic acid or by hydrolysis hydrocellulose 4 : characterized by an accumulation of fluid in a specified bodily part hydronephrosis 5 a : combined with water in names of minerals hydrohetaerolite b : characterized by addition of water or its constituents in names of varieties of minerals hydromica 6 NL. wet 1 : humidity : moisture : moist hygric hygrostat hygrophobia hygrophyte 2 : moisture and : of or relating to moisture and hygrothermal hyl. OF ydr. fr. NL -iatria -iatry + E -ic -iatrical fr. fr. fr.or hyalo. y. matter 1 : matter : material hylomorphism hylomorphous 2 : wood hylophagous : forest Hylocichla hyo. -ic. fr. bright. fr. fr. fr. -icus adj. hy upsilon 1 : connecting with the hyoid arch hyoglossus 2 : hyoid and hyothyroid hyal. in names of acids and related compounds boric cinammic oleic 3 : in the manner of : like that of : characteristic of Byronic quixotic Puritanic 4 : associated or dealing with Vedic : utilizing electronic atomic 5 : characterized by : exhibiting nostalgic : affected with allergic paraplegic 6 : caused by amoebic 7 : tending to produce analgesic 8 : having the highest valence of a specified element or a valence relatively higher than in compounds or ions named with an adjective ending in -ous ferric iron sulfuric acid compare 2 -ic n suffix .or hypso. NL. Gk. of -ios.

fr. naturally occurring compounds phosphatide peptide saccharide 4 : chemical elements of a series of metallic elements of increasing atomic numbers actinide lanthanide -idea n pl suffix NL neut. L -ica as in rhetorica rhetoric + OF -ien -ian : a specialist or practitioner in a specified field beautician technician icon. fr.or im. L.combining form NL ilium : iliac and iliocostal iliopelvic -illa n suffix. prob. -ine : chemical compound related in origin or structure to another compound: as a usu -idin : aglycon of a glycoside pelargonidin from pelargonin b usu -idine : completely hydrogenated form of a cyclic base pyrrolidine from pyrrole thiazolidine from thiazole c usu -idine : base obtained otherwise than by 26 in- hydrogenation toluidine or tolidine from toluene guanidine from guanine idio. OF. L in-. Gk -idr sis.prob. MF. -ician. . L -id-. or engaged in cashier gondolier -iferous adj combining form ME.or icono. fr.fr.combining form Gk eikosa-. masc. MF. fr. L.prefix ME. fr. fr. Gk -id s in sense 2.ME -ice.combining form NL in-. fr. fr. L -id-. or particle of a specified kind chromatid -ida n pl suffix NL neut. L. relating to. of L -ella : Spongilla immuno. into ME il. . Gk idea : idea ideocrat ideogenetic ideology -idin or -idine n suffix . Gk ichthys : fish in generic names chiefly in ichthyology Dinichthys Nemichthys -ician n suffix . fr. formative element of some nouns. fr. in form . fr. patronymic suffix : animals that are or have the form of in names of higher taxa as orders and classes Scorpionida Acarida Beroida -idan n or adj suffix -idae n pl suffix NL. pl. L ME in. OF. fr. in-. in. tendon.G F G -id. fr. fr.also eikon. Gk 1 : structural element of a lower molar or premolar protoconid 2 : structure. fr. patronymic suffix : members of the family of in patronymic group names Alcmaeonidae Homeridae Seleucidae in names of families of animals substituted for the last syllable of the genitive case of the name of the type genus Aphididae from Aphis Equidae from Equus -ide also -id n suffix . fr.before other sounds in. in ME ir. ignis : fire : burning igniferous ignipuncture -il also -ile n suffix . quartile aspect and sextile.or ir. eikosi-.or ikono. fr. Gk -idion. pl -idiums or -idia also idions NL.also eidolo. L im-. hidroun to sweat fr. in.-ice range than corresponding adjectives in -ic economical : economic prophetical : prophetic -ice n suffix . Gk -idai.combining form F idéo-. L. fr. masc. imbefore b. fr. fr. fr. dim. L -itius masc.or ino. fr. It -ide.or icos. fr. fr. body. Skt -tya : act service : quality justice : condition cowardice ichn. pl. fr. eikosi : twenty icosahedron -id n suffix . L -ifer + ME -ous more at :-iform adj combining form MF L MF -iforme. fr.G -il F -ile. fr.combining form Gk eikon-. patronymic suffix. Gk. in ME im.before other sounds inactive inapt inconclusive in. OF. L -ificare.illucidate imbarn immarble impanel imperil inspirit in both senses usu.in sense 1. L. suffix : small one : lesser one antheridium chromidium idolo. or characteristic of a specified natural group or line of descent pre-Mongolid artifacts -id n suffix . : segment of a specified size in a frequency distribution centile decile ilio. -i. MF.ME im.combining form L. fr. pl -illae or -illas NL. fr. L -ifer fr. alter. patronymic suffix 1 a : one belonging to a specified natural group or line of descent Melanesid Australid b : one belonging to a specified dynastic line Fatimid 2 a : meteor associated with or radiating from a specified constellation or comet Perseid b : variable star of a specified source or type Cepheid 3 also -ide : skin rash caused by something specified bacterid syphilid -id adj suffix : of. fr. eid lon : idol : image idolocracy idolomania idoloclastic -idrosis n combining form. OF -icien.combining form LL Gk LL idolo-. ir. or capable of contractile expansile -ile n suffix .before r. L. n. pl -ies or -eys ME Sc -ie 1 a : little one : dear little one birdie bootie Jeanie b in names of articles of feminine apparel nightie pantie 2 : one belonging to : one having to do with bookie deckie hackie townie 3 : one of such a kind or quality biggie cutie smartie toughie darkey -ier n suffix . -itium neut. in 1 : in : within : inward : into : toward : on implode irradicate 2 : . relating to. OF -ifier. or p. em-.+ -ger -gerous + E -ous : igni.+ -formis -form : -iformes n pl combining form NL. fr. connected with.or il.combining form NL ileum 1 : ileum ileostomy 2 : ileal and ileocecal -ile adj suffix ME. fr. suffix : substance related to something specified benzil ile. adj. hidr s sweat + -sis : a specified form of sweating chromidrosis bromidrosis hyperidrosis -ie also -y or -ey n suffix. fem. fr. Gk -ideus.or ichno. fr. fr. patronymic suffix. L ME in. Gk. fr. MF im-. -itia fem.combining form L. eikono-.combining form ISV.+ -ficare -fy : -igerous adj combining form L -iger fr. fr. pl. in form . -is. suited for. fr.before l. hidr sis act of sweating. -ise. fr. OF. F -ide as in oxide 1 : binary chemical compound or compound regarded as binary added to contracted name of the nonmetallic or more electronegative element iron oxide hydrogen sulfide or radical amide ethoxide 2 a : chemical compound derived from or related to another usu. fr.ISV -ide + -in. -is. F -ile L -ilis -ile. fr. L -id-. of -id s. fem. akin to L vi re to plait : fiber : fibrous tissue initis inogen . fr. -is. fr.also ileo. L. -i. m.+ -fer MF -ifere fr. fr. fr. pl.ides. or p imbalance immoral improvident and irbefore r irreducible and in. fr. fr. n.before b. fem. n. L pl. m. OF. il. fr. fr. fr. .or il.combining form Gk. fr. fr.prob.prefix ME. -i. fr. Gk eid lo-. suffixes forming adjectives and nouns akin to Gk -sios. MF.combining form Gk. eikon-. fr.akin to OE unmore at : not : -. L -ides. -i.before l illogical and im. fr. and in.fr. eik n : image iconism iconomania iconometry icosa. F -ide. eikos-. OF. suffix with quasi-patronymic value : animals that are or have the form of in names of higher taxa Caridea Phoronidea ideo. fr. ichthys : fish ichthyic ichthyology -ichthys n combining form NL. masc. of -ides. in in. fr. ichnos : footprint : track ichnology ichthy. fr. L ME il. pl -idroses NL. immune 1 : physiological immunity immunology 2 : immunologic immunochemistry : immunologically immunocompatible : immunology and immunogenetics in. OF in-. is prob. idios 1 : one s own : personal : separate : distinct idiotype idiosyncrasy 2 : self-produced : arising within idiolysin idioreflex idiopathic idioventricular rhythm -idium also -idion n suffix.fr. -ile as in quartile.or ichthyo. adj. fr.or eikono. suffix : person belonging to. specified compound anhydride glycolide phthalide b : acetal derivative of a sugar in names of glycosides replacing final -e of the name of the sugar arabinoside cerebroside compare 3 : one of a class of organic esp.ME ir.ME -icien. fr.or ir. L -iformis.fr. fr. en-. of -iformis -iform : ones having such a form in taxonomic names of animals Anseriformes -ify vb suffix ME -ifien. fr. patronymic suffix . il. L -arius.fr. usu. MF. fr.fr. in. fr.fr.MF. Gk in sense 3. L -ilis : of.or im.or ikon. masc.also icosi.fr.

-ing. fr. fr. L. -ung. pl -ina NL. ON -ingr. fr. one belonging to. suffix . in later ME becoming also a gerundial suffix . in adjectives formed from adjectives infrahuman b : after : later than infralapsarian 2 : within esp. distinguished from -in 2 : carbon compound containing a basic group in names of amino acids glycine cystine c : mixture of chemical compounds esp. -ing in early ME a suffix forming nouns from verbs. L -ina with long . of -inus with long -ine : one or ones related to. pl. L -inus with long of or belonging to MF -in partly fr. indos of or connected with India. masc. within. fr. in adjectives formed from adjectives infraterritorial 3 : below in a scale or series esp. alter. L indicum 1 : indigo indole indirubin indophenin 2 : resembling indigo as in color indamine indophenol -ine adj suffix ME -ine.in as in sit-in 1 : organized public protest by means of or in favor of : demonstration teach-in love-in 2 : public group activity swim-in -ina n suffix. fr. -ung one of a specified kind.combining form. and 6-membered heterocyclic compounds dioxin usu. in feminine names such as Agrippina . collectives carpeting housing rigging shipping . part. among. influenced by -inge -ing of -inde. fr. or result of an action or process an engraving a painting in nouns formed from verbs often in plural earnings leavings shavings b : something used in an action or process a bed covering the lining of a coat in nouns. MF -in L -inus with long . fr. fr. fr. L -ina with long .ME -ina. of -inus with long of or belonging to 1 : 4 hatchettine 2 : chemical substance: as a : chemical element in names of the halogens astatine chlorine b 1 : basic carbon compound in names of alkaloids quinine or other organic nitrogenous bases aniline guanidine including six-membered ring compounds pyridine and intermediate hydrogenated forms of cyclic compounds pyrroline thiazoline usu. suffix forming nouns from verbs. in names of glycerides acetin stearin . L. or characterized by in taxonomic names in biology Acarina Clathrina Fistulina -ina also -ine n suffix . OE -ing. or used in making a specified thing sacking scaffolding shirting in nouns.akin to OHG untar between. L. and neut. -in. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr.or indo. fr. fr. ON -ing. -ine. consisting of. 2b not used systematically 3 : pharmaceutical product niacin aspirin -in n combining form . or doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel -ini n pl suffix NL. ON ithrar. fr.combining form ISV. underneath 1 a : below : lower in status than esp.-in -in n suffix . fr. India. collectives. L. Skt antar between. esp. fem. in the midst intermediate interpolar interspace 2 : mutual. or doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel hopping planning -ing n suffix . pl. intestines. -ung. MF L MF.F -ine.prefix L infra below. fem. Indos India subcontinent in southern Asia . MF L MF -ine. pl. among.ME enter-.prefix ME inter-. distinguished from -ine b : enzyme emulsi7n myrosin compare c : antibiotic penicillin streptomycin 2 : 2a. -in. suffix forming nouns from nouns 1 : action or process becoming drawing running sleeping washing : instance of an action or process a blessing a meeting my comings and goings in nouns formed from any fully inflected verb and functioning either as gerunds capable of being modified by an adverb and capable of having an object if the base verb is transitive after casually reading the letter twice or as ordinary nouns after two casual readings of the letter 2 : something connected with an action or process: a : product. of or belonging to. Gk -inos more at 1 : of. of -ineus as in gramineus gramineous : plants including those of such a genus Abietineae : plants characterized by such a feature Dinocapsineae in names of botanical suborders infero. OF. entre-. of -inus with long -ine 1 : musical instrument concertina seraphine 2 : musical device aeoline -inae n pl suffix NL. fem. in adjectives formed from adjectives infrared 4 : below or beneath a designated part of the anatomy esp. fr. accompaniment. in commercial names as of mixtures of hydrocarbons gasoline kerosine d : e : hydride arsine 3 : . fr. L. fr. suffix forming nouns from verbs. -ende. fem. situated beneath 1 : on the underside inferobranchiate 2 : below and inferolateral 27 inter- infra.ME -inge.combining form NL incud-. integer : whole : entire integrifolious integripalliate inter. OE -ina in feminine given names . incus : incus : incus and incudectomy incudomalleal ind. eter between.ME -ine. belonging to. fr. -e. -ungr. of -inus -ine : members of the subfamily of in recent classifications substituted for the last syllable of the genitive case of the name of the type genus in all names of zoological subfamilies Felinae Meliponinae incud.or indo. among. OIr etar. esp. change of final ie of the base word to y tying . -in in feminine given names . inter ME entre-. OE -ende.or indi. fr. of -inus with long of or belonging to more at 1 a : neutral chemical compound or compound not distinctly basic or acidic picrotoxin hematoporphyrin esp. L inter. enter. OF. or relating to estuarine 2 : made of : like opaline -ine n suffix . suffix more at used to form the present participle going sailing and sometimes to form an adjective resembling a present participle but not derived from a verb hulking swashbuckling regularly accompanied by omission of final postconsonantal e of the base word hoping loving . fem. of tribes and orders Anacanthini insecti. glycosides amygdalin quercitrin . OE -ung. fr. fr. L -inus with short ĭ made of. formed from verbs 3 : action or process connected with a specified thing blackberrying capitaling in nouns formed from nouns 4 : something connected with. proteins gelatin insulin . of -inus with long of or belonging to : female person chorine dudine -ineae n pl suffix NL. fem.vowel historically belonging to the verb stem + -nde. sing. resembling. reciprocal intermarry intermesh interrelation intertwine 3 : between or among the parts of intercostal interdental 4 : carried on between intercollegiate intercommunication international 5 : occurring between : intervening inter- . Gk enteron intestine. fr. pl. pl. and OE in 1 : between. L -ina with long . fr.combining form L inferus low. pres.prob.ME inter-. in. one descended from. integr-. suffix forming nouns from verbs akin to OHG -unga. -ing.or incudo. Goth -ings one of a specified kind : one of a specified kind sweeting wilding -ing n suffix . fr.combining form L. MF L MF entre-. of -inus -ine : animals that are or have the form of in names of higher taxa esp. change of final ie of the base word to y. fr. fr. Indus river in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent 1 : India or the East Indies Indophile : of or connected with India or the East Indies indaconitine Indo-Briton Indo-African 2 : of or connected with the Indus river Indo-Gangetic 3 : Indo-European Indo-Hittite ind.1a not used systematically 4 : commercial product or material glassine -ine n suffix . L -ina with long . one belonging to.combining form L insectum : insect insectiferous insectifuge integri. fem.ME.. It -ina dim. L inter. usu cap Gk. of or connected with India. formed from nouns 5 : something related to a specified concept offing in nouns formed from parts of speech other than verbs and nouns regularly accompanied by omission of final postconsonantal e of the base word. in adjectives formed from adjectives infracostal -ing vb suffix or adj suffix ME -inge. -inus with short ĭ MF -in partly fr. one descended from akin to OHG -ing one of a specified kind.

part. fr. or marked by in adjectives formed from nouns usu. fr. fr. fr. usu cap Iran : Iranian and Irano-British irid. L Gk L. fr. MF. and partly fr. in adjectives formed from adjectives intracosmical intraglacial intracellular intra-European b : during esp. L -ius final portion of the nom. -is. partly fr. pl -ists ME -iste. fr. of fossils Agavites Malayites -itic adj suffix F -itique. Gk -istikos. assumed OL interus inward. masc. inwardly. adj. pl -itises also -itides sometimes -ites NL. suffix 1 : disease usu. fr. fr. MF -istique L -isticus Gk -istikos + E -al : of. or characteristic of something indicated dilettantist -istic also -istical adj suffix -istic fr. L -ismus. L -isma fr. L -ita. L -ion-. fr. -ites. -io 1 a : act or process acidulation rebellion b : result of an act or process construction 2 a : state or condition subjection b : thing acted upon or conditioned ambition ionto. isos equal 1 : equal : homogeneous : uniform isenergic isacoustic isocephaly isotype 2 usu iso. in adjectives formed from adjectives intracutaneous d : underneath esp. OF L OF. professionally occupied with or interested in fashionist colorist 2 : one that toys with or dabbles in controvertist speculatist 3 : one that professes or adheres to or advocates a specified doctrine or theory or system or policy or code of behavior or procedure deist socialist royalist hedonist purist or that supports the doctrine or theory or system or policy or code of behavior or procedure of a specified individual Calvinist Darwinist Hitlerist esp. -iun. theory.or iso. in nouns corresponding to verbs in -ize criticism hypnotism plagiarism b : manner of action or behavior characteristic of a specified person or thing animalism Micawberism 2 a : state.ME.intermedioglacial intertidal 6 : shared by or derived from two or more interdepartmental interfaith 7 : between the limits of : within intertropical intermedio. on the inside 1 a : within esp. n.10 on page 24a of Webster s Third New International Dictionary -ish adj suffix ME. Gk -iskos.. relating to. Gk -itikos.penultimate vowel in nouns such as religio religion.combining form NL. or having the characteristics or properties of something specified cementitious -itis n suffix.or italo.fr.combining form F iode iodine : iodine iodhydrate iodoform -ion n suffix . -itius.combining form L ischi-. OF -ious. n. It or L It. OE -isc akin to OHG -isc. Gk. Gk -ismos 1 a : act. L -iosus. fr. on the inside 1 : in : into introjection 2 : inward : within introactive introflex introreception opposed to extroiod.or ischio. italo. fr.: for or from different individuals of the same species isoantigen isoantibody ischi. L intra within. L. fr. -iun. fr. -ieux. L iticus. OF L OF -iste. adj. fr. fr. fr. Gk. -ios. pres. Gk. in adjectives formed from adjectives intradural 2 : . Iris : the genus Iris iridin 5 NL iridium : iridium : iridium and iridosmine is. fr. fr. fr. species species. iris : iris of the eye iridectomy iridoparalysis : iris and iridocyclitis 3 iridescent : iridescent iridize iridocyte 4 NL Irid-. alter. malitia malice. fr. fr. in adjectives formed from adjectives intranatal intrafebrile intrapyretic intravital c : between layers of esp.fr. L Italus : Italian : Italian and Italo-Austrian -ite n suffix . or cult Buddhism 28 -itis Calvinism Platonism salvationism vegetarianism b : adherence to a system or a class of principles neutralism realism socialism stoicism 4 : characteristic or peculiar feature or trait colloquialism Latinism poeticism -ist n suffix.prefix LL. fr. relating to. fr. partly fr. appearance. suffix + -ikos -ic : of. NL -atum more at : salt or ester of an acid with a name ending in -ous nitrite sulfite -ites n suffix. L : fossil corallite filicite 4 : mineral erythrite : rock chromitite 5 F. suffix 1 : of or belonging to chiefly in adjectives indicating nationality or ethnic group Finnish Gaulish Turkish 2 a : characteristic or typical of boyish Londonish : having the undersirable qualities of amateurish mulish b : inclined or liable to bookish qualmish mopish c 1 : having a touch or trace of summerish : somewhat purplish latish 2 : having the approximate age of fortyish 3 : being or occurring at the approximate time of esp. adv. adj. Goth -isks -ish. fr. OF -ion. MF L Gk MF -istique. inflammatory of a specified part or organ : inflammation of laryngitis bronchitis appendicitis neuritis 2 pl usu -itises a 1 : malady arising from something specified too-much-moneyitis vacationitis 2 : affliction with something speci- .ME -ioun. i n. verb stems in -izein -ize + -t s suffix forming agent nouns 1 a : one that does : one that performs a specified action cyclist balloonist duellist : one that makes or produces novelist syllogist b : one that plays a specified musical instrument organist violinist c : one that operates a specified mechanical instrument or contrivance telegraphist 2 a : one that practices or studies or specializes in a specified art or science or particular field of knowledge or particular skill geologist mythologist algebraist ventriloquist b 1 : one that is usu. in commercial names dulcite 3 NL -ites. -ist s -ist + -ikos -ic -istical fr. dim. iris 1 : rainbow iridal iridescent 2 NL irid-. suffix 1 a : native : inhabitant : resident Gothamite Brooklynite New Hampshirite : occupant : dweller flatite trailerite b : descendant : offspring Adamite c 1 : adherent : follower : supporter Jacobite : advocate Darwinite : devotee Browningite 2 : member of a specified group or organization or movement Campbellite 2 a 1 : substance produced through some specified process anabolite catabolite 2 : commercially manufactured product ebonite lyddite vulcanite b :esp. fr. partly fr. fr.or irido. of -ate fr. Gk . ischion hip joint 1 : ischium ischialgia ischiopodite 2 : ischial and ischiocaudal 3 : resembling a hip joint ischiocerite -ise vb suffix : see spelling note 2. L Italus Italofr.or iodo. in nouns corresponding to nouns in -ism -ist adj suffix : of. fr. usu cap Ital. pl -ites NL more at -ite : organism or fossil like a specified group or from an indicated place chiefly in generic names usu. intro. L -ista. adjective suffix added to the base of a noun or past participle : of. -i. ending in -ite dendritic and -itis bronchitic and sometimes from other nouns dactylitic -itious adj suffix L -icius. resembling. or characteristic of panoistic often in adjectives corresponding to nouns in -ism or nouns in -ist altruistic ital. form of adjectives such as meritorius that brings in money : edacious irano. relating to. MF. of ienai to go : ion iontoquantimeter iontotherapy -ious adj suffix ME. or property barbarianism polymorphism b : abnormal state or condition resulting from excess of a specified thing alcoholism morphinism c : abnormal state or condition characterized by resemblance to a specified person or thing mongolism 3 a : doctrine. L -ita. fr. practice.combining form. sing. -isk -ish. fr. Gk -it s n.combining form.combining form LL.ME -isme. Gk -ist s. to the inside. -itis n. -ieus. fr. fr.combining form L intermedius : intermediate and intermediolateral intra. or process esp. fr. assumed OL interus inward. fr. in words formed from numerals indicating an hour of the day or night fiveish eightish -ism n suffix . fr. fr. fr.an intramuscular injection intravenation intracerebral 3 : internal intraselection intro.prefix ME. -ion. condition. L -isticus. -ites : segment or constituent part of a body or of a bodily part somite dendrite -ite n suffix . Gk iont-. ON -skr. fr. MF L MF -isme. spatium space + -osus -ose. in nouns corresponding to nouns in -ism 4 : one that is marked by pessimist fatalist esp.F. fr.combining form L irid-.

ME.or lamini. used in onomatopoeic or echoic forms imitating the noise of a falling object kerplop 29 -later kerauno. prep. of Gk chilioi : thousand chiefly in names of units in the metric system kiloampere kilogauss kilojoule kin. suffix. after such words as L medium a 1 : chemical element sodium uranium 2 : chemical radical ammonium b : an ion having a positive charge in names of complex cations as those derived from an organic base imidazolium C H N H + pyridinium nitrosylium NO+ compare 2 pl -iums also -ia NL.: thunder ket. in biological terms onchium pollinium -ive adj suffix ME -if.fr.-itol fied : forced endurance or suffering of televisionitis chiefly in nonce formations b 1 : tendency esp.also ke. pl -kins -kin fr. rarely.alter.or kineto. LL.prefix Gk more at . related to a sugar mannitol inositol -ity n suffix ME -ite. latus 1 : side laterad : sidewise laterigrade 2 : lateral and latero-anterior -later n combining form . fr. adv. fr.combining form Gk kin ma motion : motion : action kinesthesia kinoplasm kineplasty -kin also -kins n suffix. Gk laryng-.also cinet. fr. F LL F. laryngo-. LL -izare. MD -kin.or cino. ketone 1 usu keto. Jew 1 : of or relating to the Jews or Judaism Judeophobia 2 : Jewish and Judeo-Christian Judeo-Persian juxta. lact. fr. suffix. Gk -izein 1 a 1 : to cause to be or become or conform to or be like or resemble something specified systemize americanize liquidize : cause to be formed into unionize diphthongize 2 : to subject to action by or treatment of something specified criticize : subject to a specified action plagiarize 3 : to cause to have or appear to have some specified quality rationalize : act upon in such a way as to produce a specified result in brutalize commercialize 4 : to impregnate or treat or combine with something specified albuminize hydrogenize 5 : to adapt to something specified : modify by means of avianize b : to make a specified thing of : treat like idolize lionize c : to treat in the manner of or according to the method or process of a specified individual bowdlerize mesmerize 2 a : to become or become like something specified crystallize b : to be productive in or of something specified theorize : engage in or carry on a specified activity botanize philosophize attitudinize concertize c : to follow after someone or something specified : to adopt or spread the manner of activity or the outlook or teaching of someone calvinize japano. lalein to chat. fr.or cineto.combining form Gk kin tos moving : movement : motion kinetogenic klept. near.combining form Gk. karyon 1 : nucleus of a cell karyenchyma karyokinesis in cytological terms 2 : nut : kernel caryopsis kata. lag s : hare lagophthalmos lagopous -lalia n combining form . OHG -ch n -kins fr. dim.or lano.combining form NL. perh. fr.also cary..NL. fr. fr. L lallare to sing a lullaby + -ia -y : speech disorder of a specified type esp. -ive. fr. fr. fr.or lamino. fr. fr. lac lacti. Gk kontos pole. MF. larynx 1 : larynx laryngopathy laryngitis 2 a : laryngeal and laryngopharyngeal b : laryngeal : of the larynx laryngovestibulitis later. L -ivus akin to assumed Gk -eiwos whence Gk -eios -ive : that performs or tends toward or serves to accomplish an indicated action esp. Gk.or kinesio. kentein to prick : flagellum of a cell -labe n combining form . -tas -ty : quality : state : degree asininity theatricality -ium n suffix 1 . fr. when excessive to or toward something specified : marked proneness to accidentitis 2 : marked fondness for or obsession with something specified : weakness for : infatuation with adjectivitis jazzitis 3 : excessive concern for or promotion or advocacy of or reliance on something specified educationitis chiefly in nonce formations c : quality or state of being marked to an often excessive degree by certain typical characteristics of something specified big-businessitis chiefly in nonce formations -itol n suffix . MF -latre . -kin + -s. MF L MF -if. fr.or lamelli. stammer. suffix used to form surnames as Jenkins . L lact-. dim.combining form NL. kin sis : movement : motion hyperkinesia parakinesia -kinesis n combining form. origin like G lallen to babble. vain : empty kenotron ker.. fr. fr.or cin. prattling.also judaeo.combining form jejunum 1 : jejunum jejunectomy 2 : jejunal and jejunoduodenal judeo. larva : larva : larval larvicolous larviform larvigerous laryng.combining form NL.combining form NL. fr.combining form Gk more at .NL. karyo. fr. L. connective vowel + -tat-. -kijn akin to OS -k n. fr.ISV -it. lact-. lalein to chat.combining form.a : containing the ketone group ketohexose in names of clases of compounds compare .fr. -ken. fr. kleptein to steal akin to Goth hlifan to steal.or lacto. lana : wool lanolin lanthionine laniferous lanosterol larvi. OF -iser. fr.10 on page 24a of Webster s Third New International Dictionary ME -isen. laryng-. fr.or lacti.or kino.combining form F.1 b : containing a ketone group regarded as formed by replacement of two hydrogen atoms in a methylene group by oxygen in names of specific organic compounds ketopropionic acid compare . -ite + -ol : polyhydroxy alcohol usu. fr.or kat. Gk lalos talkative. fr. -itas. fr.combining form NL laryngLL laryngo-. lampros bright.combining form. fr.or lani.or lateri.combining form Gk. fr. fr.+ o.or keto. shine : bright lamprophyre lan. lani-. ME. L. patronymic suffix as in Roberts : little catkin babykins kinesi.or klepto.or lago. of imit.or keno. fr.combining form L labium lip 1 : the lips labiograph labioplasty 2 : labial and labionasal labiovelar lact. fr. ME. OPruss auklipts concealed : stealing : theft kleptistic kleptomania -kont n combining form .prefix imit.ISV. fr. fr. fr. kernel. nearby : situated near juxta-articular juxtamedullary kary.combining form L later-. fr.combining form lact.walnut. fr. Gk -kin sia. Gk lag -. talk prob. fr. F L F.1 milk lactalbumin lactometer lactigenic 2 a : lactate and lactophosphate b : lactic acid lactamide lactonitrite c : lactose lactitol lactobionic acid lag. prattle. fr. fr. Gk -ion n.thematic or. LGk -labion. later-.combining form Gk kin si-.2 : related to a ketone ketoxime compare -2 kilo.or latero. lac lactofr. lamella : lamella lamellose lamelliferous lamelliform lamin. fr. nut. of Gk -labos fr. OF or L OF -ité. fr. relating to the articulation of speech sounds bradylalia rhinolalia compare .or karyo. regularly or lastingly amusive coordinative -ization also -isation n suffix . usu cap L judaeus Jewish.combining form NL. ML -labium.see spelling note 2. L -itat-.or jejuno.combining form L juxta. talk more at : speech : the speech organs -laly n combining form NL -lalia : lamell.or kine. fr.fr.-ize or -ise + -ation : action or process desulfurization euchromatization conization : state or result dimerization immiserization -ize vb suffix . kenos akin to Arm sin empty. lambanein to take : instrument : implement cosmolabe labio. of ME -latrer. fr.NL. kin sis motion : movement : motion kinesimeter kinesiology -kinesia or -cinesia n combining form . modif. often of diminutive force : small one : mass esp. fr. lampein to give light. fr. -i. L clepere to steal.: ken. fr. pl -kineses NL.combining form ISV.combining form lamina : lamina laminar laminiferous lampro. Gk kin sis 1 : activation chemokinesis photokinesis 2 : division karyokinesis 3 : production of motion telekinesis kinet. Gk lalia chatter.or laryngo.2 lalo. usu cap Japan the country : Japanese Japanologist Japanophile jejun. L.combining form NL.or caryo. fr.combining form L lan-. Gk kary-.

husked.: Lettish and Letto-Lithuanian parentage leuc. Gk lepis.combining form NL. dim. OE -lian akin to OHG -il n. of locus place 1 : from place to place locomotion 2 : place locodescriptive log.NL. fr.combining form L. -ling + -es. fr. as in nedes needs. suffix 1 : small one booklet streamlet 2 : article worn on in names of articles of dress anklet wristlet letto. Lith lenkti to bend more at : in such a direction or manner : to such an extent eastling chiefly in adverbs of state or manner darkling lingu.or ligni. ME.or liguli. fr. Goth laus empty. Gk lexis word. ISV leukocyte : leukocyte leukocytopenia leukocytosis lev.combining form.or lipo.combining form Gk lemma rind. alweyes always akin to OHG -ling n -ling.combining form Gk.or lobo. fr. fr.combining form ME. fr. reason. Gk more at -logy : logico. L loco. fr. fr. lekithofr.NL -lithus F -lithe. fr. usu cap Libya : Libyan and Libyo-Phoenician Libyo-Teutonic lign. of limn marshy lake : lake : water hypolimnion lineo. LL.. OF. pl -limnia NL. prob. Gk. speech : reading of such a kind or with such an impairment bradylexia dyslexia libyo. ON lauss loose. fr. be lacking 1 : lacking : without lipography 2 : leaving : abandoning lipoxenous liss. lipos fat : fatty : fat liparocele liparoid liparous lipo. fr. l as devoid.lati-later fr. l ptos. fr. liparos. fr. fr. OE akin to OHG -ling. fr.or leuko. small. fr.combining form F. akin to OE l m lime : smooth lissencephalous Lissoflagellata -lite also -lyte n combining form F -lite. LL -latria. fr. fr.lipectomy lipocardiac lipocele 2 : lipide lipar. limn akin to Gk limen-. verbal of lambanein to take. Gk.also laev. lipos 1 : fat : fatty tissue : fatty : . Gk.ME -let. Gk lissos. hire : worship of or fanatical devotion to a specified object heliolatry laur. leptos : small : weak : thin : fine Leptandra leptology leptorrhine -less adj suffix ME -les.white. fr. fr. speech. fr.combining form lept-. OE -l strap. gen. OF. fr. fr. fr. fr. Gk. fr.or ligno. lepis.fr. ME -linges. lignum 1 : wood ligniform lignivorous lignography 2 30 -logue ISV. false akin to OS l s loose. verb suffixes indicating repeated action indicating repeated action or movement esp.combining form L lingu-.combining form F. abl. of a trifling or small-scale character prattle wriggle hobble lecith.combining form NL lithium : lithium lithiophilite lithiate -lithic adj combining form lithic 1 : relating to or characteristic of a specified stage in man s use of stone as a cultural tool Neolithic prelithic technolithic 2 bot : stone epilithic lob.or leukocyto.or leucocyto. fr.or lecitho.or lauro. fr.combining form NL.or logo.L. fr.or lepto. NL. latus : wide : broad latirostral -latry n combining form ME -latrie.or litho. fr. fr.or lobi. L laevus left akin to Gk laios left. l psis act of taking hold or receiving. MD los loose.also leucocyt. fr. perish 1 : destitute of : not having : free from witless childless fatherless doubtless 2 : beyond the range of in adjectives formed from nouns of action countless 3 : unable or lacking power to be acted on or to act in a specified way in adjectives formed from verbs resistless dauntless quenchless tireless fadeless ceaseless -let n suffix . fr. MF. leios : smooth leiocephalous leiophyllous leiodermia lemmo. OF . -logue. Gk lekith-. peeled. L.combining form F lévo-. Gk lepos : husk : rind : scale lepocyte lepothrix -lepsy also -lepsia or -lepsis n combining form. lepein to peel : flake : scale Lepidoptera -lepis n combining form NL. -lesse. of -lithe. lispos.combining form NL. alter.or lingui.combining form ISV. fr. fr. account : word : thought : speech : discourse logogram logolatry logomania -logia n combining form . MF -elet. fr. Gk leio-.combining form NL. fr.or limno.or linguo.combining form logical : logical : logical and logicomathematical -logue or -log n combining form . seize + -ia -y -lepsia.combining form NL. Goth -lings. lepein to peel : flake : scale in generic names Bothriolepis Osteolepis lepo.combining form L lign-. fr. lingua 1 : language linguipotence linguist 2 : tongue linguopapillitis 3 a : produced by the tongue and in terms referring to speech sounds linguodental linguanasal linguonasal linguopalatal b : lingual and linguomaxillary 4 : lingually linguodistal lip. lepein to peel lepto. MF -lepsie. fr. fr. OE losian to get lost.also leuk. Gk lithos stone 1 a : stone : structure or implement of stone cyclolith monolith eolith b : artificial stone : cement granolith 2 med : calculus angiolith nephrolith 3 :1a coccolith zoolith lithi. Gk. lithos 1 : stone lithanthrax lithophyte lithograph 2 : calculus lithosis lithology 3 NL lithium : lithium lithic : lithic lithemia -lith n combining form . marshy lake.or liparo. lim n harbor : freshwater lake : pond limnimeter limnology -limnion n combining form. husk + E -o: neurilemma lemmoblastic lemmocyte lepid. fr.or lithio. fr.or lio. fr. Gk.or laevo. lit. of non-IE origin : yolk of an egg lecithin lecithoprotein leio. fr.combining form L linea line cord : line lineograph : linear and lineocircular -ling n suffix . Gk -l psia -lepsis. fr. pool. fr.or lisso. ON -lingr. NL. fr. Gk -l psis. NL. ligni-. lignin : lignin lignoprotein lignosulfonic acid ligul. Gk -l psia. fr.or leuco. fr.combining form lobe : lobe lobectomy lobiform lobigerous lobotomy -lobus n combining form : one having a specified kind of lobe in generic names Chaenolobus Gonolobus loco. Gk limnion small lake. leukos 1 : white : colorless : weakly colored leucaugite leucoplast leukocyte often in names of chemical compounds derived from as by reduction or related to a dye or other colored compound leucaurin leucomethylene blue 2 : leukocyte leukopenia 3 : white matter of the brain leucotomy leukocyt. l psis : taking : seizure epilepsy androlepsia lept. leuko.combining form Gk. OSlav l vŭ : left : on the left side : to the left levoversion -lexia n combining form . NL Laurus 1 : laurel lauric acid 2 : lauric acid lauramide lauromitrile -le vb suffix -led -led -ling -les ME -len.combining form NL. -al n. seizure fr. LL Gk LL.combining form. -el + -et dim. OHG l s.or levo. Gk leuk-. -lette. hire : one who worships or shows fanatical devotion bibliolater lati. usu cap Lett + -o.combining form NL ligula 1 : ligule ligular liguliform : ligulate liguliflorous 2 NL Ligula : the genus Ligula liguloid limn.or lepido. fr. OE -lings fr. fr. LL -latres. fr. fr. fr. pl -lepsies also -lepsias or -lepses -lepsy fr. false. fr. or inferior one duckling gosling princeling -ling or -lings adv suffix -ling fr. Gk latreia service.ME.combining form prob. Gk leptos. fr. lisphos prob. fr.combining form NL. worship akin to Gk latron pay. OE -l as. fr.or limni. lepid-. fr. ending of nouns functioning adverbially. fr. logos word. LL -lepsia.or lingua. sing. OE -ing more at one of a specified kind 1 : one belonging to or associated with a specified group or condition or marked by a specified quality hireling darling nestling 2 : young. lekithos. leipein to leave. fr. Gk lithos stone 1 a : mineral : rock : fossil in stone cryolite rhyolite dendrolite b : 1b albolite 2 : 2 phlebolite lith. Gk -latr s + ME -er akin to Gk latron pay. fr. L.ME -loge. fr.combining form ISV. fr.

or effecting lysis electrolytic hydrolytic lyx.combining form ISV. -li.combining form ISV. manteuesthai to divine. Gk. magnesia NL magnesium 1 : magnesia magnochromite 2 : magnesium magnoferrite magnophorite mal. fr. fr.combining form NL. Gk.Gk lytos that may be untied. L -logia. longus 1 : long longicaudal longipennate longirostrine 2 : longitudinal longisection loph.or mangano. L Gk L. science sociology 3 : discourse. fr. fight + -ia -y : warfare : contest between or by means of logomachy macr.or malaco.combining form ISV. lonch spearhead. makrolong.1 : lacking : rudimentary in Lyomeri 2 : looseness : dispersion lyophilic lys. fr. -lic adj. legein to speak 1 a : discourse. machesthai to battle.fr. infrequent.also mangani. reason. malic in malic acid : malic acid malamide malonitrile malac. badly MF mal bad. fr. fr.combining form ISV mangan. -mauncie.fr. MF mal. fr. Russ molchat to be silent. malakos akin to MIr malcad decay.combining form LL mandibula : mandible : mandibular and mandibulation mandibulopharyngeal mandibuliform mangan. luteous : yellowish : yellowish and luteofuscous luteovirescent -ly adj suffix. lophos : crest : tuft : comb lophophytosis Lophura -loph n combining form . L malus MF mal badly. fight fr. malako-.combining form prob. fr. L.or malario. talk duologue b : performance. L -osus -ous : manganous mann. OE eln ell : oblique loxodograph Loxosoma luci.combining form NL. of material associated with living organisms biolysis autolysis proteolysis 3 a : relief or reduction neurolysis b : detachment as in the surgical operation of freeing from adhesions cardiolysis gastrolysis c : paralysis glossolysis 31 -manship -lyte n combining form . lance : lance Lonchocarpus Lonchma longi. Gk. fr. OF. corpse 1 : like in appearance. OF.combining form ME. -lice. fr. fr. dissolution. fr.or loncho. speech. usu cap malay + -o.or loxo. NL -lysis + ISV -ize or -ise : to produce or undergo lytic disintegration or dissolution electrolyze pyrolyze solvolyze -machy n combining form Gk -machia. -l c. fr. pl -lyses NL. dim. Gk manteia. L. fr. L male. fr. fr. suffix : in a specified manner slowly : in the manner of a soldierly : from a specified standpoint lyc. fr. -lih. lumen light 1 : light luminiferous luminometer 2 : lumen luminal 3 : luminescence luminol luso.or lyso.combining form NL. or nature : having the characteristics of queenly fatherly womanly 2 : expressing regular recurrence in stated units of time : every hourly daily weekly -ly adv suffix.or maculo. mach battle. L luteus yellowish. lysi. OHG -l h. lusitano Portuguese. bad mal. lumbus 1 : loin lumbodynia 2 : lumbar and lumbosacral lumi. fr. fr. sparse.combining form NL. fr. fr.combining form F L. fr.combining form L ludicrus + E -o. Gk malak-. -lic akin to OFris OS -l k -ly. Gk lys-. loxos akin to MIr losc lame. lymphangion lymphatic vessel.or lopho. Gk lyein to loose.also maculi. loose. theory. OF.Gk lophos : crest ectoloph lophi.prefix irreg. relating to.or lumbo. fr..combining form NL luteum in corpus luteum . -li.or lympho. manos : gas : vapor manograph -manship n suffix . usu ME -lich. lumen light : formed by irradiation lumichrome lumisterol lumin. Gk lophion small crest. fr. lyein to loosen.or lumini. L lumin-. lymph. F manganèse : manganese : manganese and manganate manganocolumbite manganiferous manganoso. adv. luteous : corpus luteum luteal luteotrophic luteo.or lyxo. neut.combining form F.combining form NL lympha 1 : lymph lymphogenic 2 : lymphatic tissue lymphenteritis 3 : lymphocytes lymphoprotease lymphotaxis lymphangi. manner.: ludicrous and ludicropathetic ludicroserious ludicrosplenetic lumb. fr. fr.3 : macrodiagonal macrodome 4 : including and more comprehensive than Macro-Khoisan used of a language group macul. fr. mandelic acid : mandelic acid mandelamide mandelonitrile mandibul.combining form ISV. L lumin-.or lophio.or luteo.combining form. fr. lux : light lucimeter ludicro. fr. usu ME -liche. Gk.-logy -logue.sportsmanship : art or practice of maneuvering to gain a tactical advantage gamesmanship .combining form L.combining form NL.: lymphatic vessels lymphangiectasis lymphangiology lymphato. fr. fr. of luteus yellowish. NL magnesium : magnesium magnesiochromite magnet. Gk.or manno.loosening. NL. L lusitanus Lusitanian : Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian lute.combining form. manna 1 : manna mannite mannose 2 : related to mannose mannan mano. OE -l c. Gk lyk-. fr. fr. fr. a Gmc noun represented by OE l c body.combining form malaria : malaria malarioid malariology malariometry malayo. specialist Sinologue -logy n combining form ME -logie. macula 1 : spot : blotch maculation maculiform 2 : spotted and : macular and maculopetechial lesions maculoanesthetic magnesio. fr. fr. fr.. fr. Gk -logos.+ Gk angeion vessel. loosening. logos word. -ly.or magneto. usu cap Pg. treatise insectology lonch. release + NL -o. lykos : wolf Lycopodium lymph. Gk. lymphatic + -o: lymphatic tissue lymphatolysin lymphatolysis lyo.combining form NL.combining form ISV.or lyco. fr. OE -l ce. fr. fr. recital pianologue 2 : student. dissolve + -sis 1 : loosening or dissolution or decomposition lysigenous lysin 2 usu lyso. -ly. fr. fr. fr. fr. prob. fr. makros 1 : long macrobiotic macrodiagonal 2 : large macrergate macromolecule macrogamete macromastia macrognathism macropodia often used to contrast with micr.+ -oso. adj.combining form ME macul-. fr. dissolve.combining form G mangan. OF -mancie. luc-. lysis 1 : decomposition electrolysis hydrolysis pyrolysis 2 : destruction : disintegration : dissolution esp. fr.combining form magnetic 1 : magnetic force magnetometer 2 : magnetism : magnetic magnetoelectric magneton 3 : magnetoelectric magnetotelegraph magno. lysis. L -mantia. soluble.or mandelo. fr.combining form lyxose : related to lyxose lyxoflavin -lyze also -lyse vb combining form . of lophos : small crest or tuft Lophiodon Lophiomys lox. fr.or lumino.or mandibulo. fr. fr. fr. fr. malus bad 1 a : bad : evil malpractice b : badly : evilly malodorous 2 a : irregular : abnormal malformation b : irregularly : abnormally malformed 3 a : poor : inadequate maladjustment b : poorly : inadequately malnourished mal. fr. fr.combining form ISV.combining form L lumb-.or lymphangio.combining form NL.ISV lys in + -o. MD -lijc.combining form ME lumin-. fr. lyko-. blood vessel more at .: Malayan and Malayo-Indonesian -mancy n combining form ME -mancie. irreg.ISV. rave : divination in a specified manner or by means of something specified chiromancy mandel. verbal of lyein to loosen.combining form ISV lymphat. L. fr.or malo.combining form ME.or macro. fr. L molere to grind : soft malacoid malacophyllous malari. fr.or lysi. fr. fr.: lysin lysogen -lysis n combining form. fr. prophesy + -ia -y akin to Gk mainesthai to rage. account + -ia -y 1 : oral or written expression phraseology 2 : doctrine. ON -ligr all fr. fr. Gk makr-. dissolve : a substance capable of undergoing lysis electrolyte hydrolyte -lytic adj suffix Gk lytikos able to loose : of.or mandibuli.combining form L malac-. L -logus. fr.

Gk melan-. meninges : meninges meningococcus meningioma meningitis : meninges and meningomyelitis meningovascular meno. OE -m lum. fr.combining form NL.or melo.combining form ISV.combining form NL. mater : mother matrilineal matroclinous matronymic maxi. melas melano. lake. fr. mastos breast 1 : breast : mammary gland mastitis mastodon 2 : mastoid and mastotympanic mastig. fr. inform.fr. -men. whip. melan-. Gk m chan-.or mecono.: membranous and membranocartilaginous membranonervous mening. fr. Gk. Gk menein to remain : remaining : persisting Menorhyncha -ment n suffix .combining form. musical phrase. melan-. mechanical 1 : mechanical mechanicotherapy 2 : mechanical and mechanicochemical mecon. L.combining form ME mechan-. melas black : black substance : dark substance lepidomelane sideromelane melano. matri-.or matro. MF. fr. fr. NL. MF.combining form NL. fr. fr. fr. usu cap melanian + -o. fr. Gk melos : limb melalgia mel. m lum.combining form ISV.combining form L matr-. fr. the association of the chain with products that are easily available though basic and standardized used to indicate an inexpensive.combining form ME. fr. ending akin to Gk -ma.also melam.combining form membran.or mero. Median : Median and Medo-Persian Medo-Scythian medus. chain of fast-food restaurants fr.or maxilli. past part. mere sea. mens : mind menticide mento. NL medusa : medusa medusiferous medusoid mega. dat.combining form Gk m r-. med : abnormally large megalocardia megalocornea -megaly also -megalia n combining form. or easy but usu. after E minimum : mini. usu cap McDonald s. Gk melo-. Gk m ko-. convenient.combining form ISV. m kos length akin to Gk makros long : length : long Mecodonta mecometer mechan. Gk melos limb : one having a specified abnormality of the limbs anisomelus ectromelus membran.combining form L.or medio.combining form NL. maximum.combining form 1 : poppy meconidium meconopsis 2 NL meconium : opium meconin meconology meconophagy medi.fr. m chan machine : machine mechanology mechanomorphic : mechanical mechanize mechanotherapy : mechanical and mechanochemical mechanico.combining form ISV. megal-. fr. melody. pl -meli NL.or meco.or meningo.melam. L mathematicus mathematical : mathematical and mathematicological mathematicophysical matr. fr.combining form.combining form L ment-.1 : extra long maxicoat maxi-kilt 2 : extra large maxi-sculpture maxi-problems maxill. fr. akin to Gk m nyein to make known. great : large : great : of giant size megaloblast megalops Megalosaurus : grand : grandiose megalomania : capable of or used for enlarging megalograph megaloscope specif. L membrana 1 : membrane membranoid membraniferous Membranipora membranogenic 2 usu membrano. menthol : menthol menthone menthane menti. fr. megas large. fr. mastix a : one having such a whip in generic names in zoology Uromastix b : one having such a flagellum or such or so many flagella in generic names in zoology Chilomastix mathematico.combining form Gk. fr. apples. Russ manit to beckon.or melano. MF or L. great. fr. L mechanicus mechanic.combining form L maxill-. scourge. maxilla 1 : maxilla maxilliped 2 : maxillary and maxillofacial maxillozygomatic mc.or mechano.or mentho.or megalo. pl. strong 1 a : great : large megabacterium megaspore : powerful megascope : of the major order megadiastrophism megamutation : enlarged megatype or abnormally enlarged megaduodenum megaesophagus b : having a specified part of large size megadont megagnathous c : capable of being distinguished or identified without the aid of the microscope megabreccia megafossil megaphenocryst 2 : a million of : multiplied by one 32 mer- million megohm megalumen megampere 3 : greatly surpassing others of its kind megahero megapolluters 4 : to a superlative degree mega-successful megal.combining form F mélo-. L -mentum.combining form NL.or meato.combining form fr. ME.NL. fr. L mentum : chin : chin and mentoanterior mentocondyloid mer.combining form L. pl -megalies also -megalias NL -megalia.or matri. art. LL. OF. Gk mastig-.: Melanian and Melano-Papuan meli.or medusi.ME. fr. fr. lit. Gk melos limb + NL -ia : condition of the limbs anisomelia schistomelia ectromelia mell.. Gk m la cheeks.combining form Gk. melos limb.: attacker of a specified person or thing Latinomastix 2 NL. fr. fr.combining form NL. fr. parchment membranimembrano.combining form NL. low-quality or commercialized version of something specified McBook McDoctor -meal adv combining form ME -mele. fr. fr.or membrano. fr. fr. song : song melologue melomania -melus n combining form. mastix perh.also meningi. pond. OE : sea mermaid merman merwoman mer. membrane. pl. Gk melas black : black meladiorite Melogrammataceae melan. fr. L medicus medical 1 : medical medicopsychology 2 : medical and medicobotanical medicodental medicolegal medo. suffix + -tum akin to -tus. megal.or melli. fr. megas large. fr. m ros : thigh meralgia merocele .combining form L : honey : like honey mellite mellisugent mellisonant melo. m ro-. or agent of a specified action entanglement increment attachment fragment b : concrete means or instrument of a specified action complement nutriment ornament 2 a : action. fr. fr.or mel. fr.combining form NL. fr. NL. Gk. fr. scourge 1 . melas 1 : black : dark melanic melanin melanocomous Melampsora 2 : melanin : marked by the presence of melanin melanogen melanemia melanosarcoma -melane n combining form . mastix whip. M dos Mede.combining form Gk meli : honey melilite -melia n combining form . or act of a specified kind encirclement recruitment statement government development b : place or object of a specified action escarpment cantonment 3 : state or condition amazement embroilment fulfillment involvement menth.or masto. n. object.combining form melan. fr. fr.or mastigo.+ L -ia -y : abnormal enlargement of a specified part acromegaly gastromegaly hepatosplenomegalia mel.combining form ISV. fr. membrana skin.or meg.also melo. fr. fr.or maxillo. fr. fr. usu cap Gk m do-.prefix. mastig-.marimari. of m l appointed time repast : by a specified portion or measure at a time inchmeal piecemeal meat. fr. fr. fr. mare : sea maricolous marigraph mast. Gk. medius middle 1 : medially mediodepressed medioperforate 2 : intermediate medieval mediosilicic 3 : middle or median plane mediad mediodorsal mediopalatal medioventral medico.combining form NL. fr. Gk. suffix more at 1 a : concrete result. fr. process. matr-.or membrani. n. entice : whip : flagellum Mastigophora Mastigamoeba -mastix n combining form Gk mastig-.combining form LL meatus : meatus meatic meatotomy mec.fr. of m lon apple : cheek melitis meloplasty mela. fr.fr.

fr. fr. Gk metallon mine later. Gk. fr. fr. Gk. mikros. m tra 1 : uterus metritis metrofibroma metrotome 2 : pith Metrosideros Metroxylon -metra n combining form .combining form ISV. time. Gk m tra womb : a specified condition of the uterus hematometra hydrometra -metric or -metrical adj combining form -metric fr. thing in the heaven above. meta between. mercaptan : derived from or related to a mercaptan mercaptal mercaptide mercur. metr. mei n 1 a : less Miocene : smaller Miohippus b : slightly miconcave 2 : fewer meiophylly micr. OHG mit. pl -metria NL.or metallo.2 b : regarded as derived from the ortho acid by loss of water as of one molecule of water from each molecule of acid in names of inorganic acids metaphosphoric acid compare .or metro. mercury chem : mercuric chloromercuriphenol ClHgC H OH -mere n combining form .2a c : derived from by removal or loss of some or all of the contained water in names of minerals metaautunite metahalloysite metall. LL or Gk LL. Gk meris part : one having a specified part in generic names Piptomeris -merism n combining form .ISV. mikro-. metallum : metal metalliform metallify meteor. 33 micr- after. F -métrique + E -al 1 : of. fr. fr. employing.combining form MF or Gk MF. or science of measuring something specified chronometry hygrometry hypermetry photometry psychometry mi. Gk meris part : part : partial mericlinous meriquinone meristele -meric adj combining form ISV mer. OS mid. process.+ -ium : part or layer of the uterus endometrium myometrium -metry n combining form ME -metrie. after akin to OE mid. with.6 : of very fine grain : in names of rocks microgranite 7 : of or relating to a small area microclimate microeconomics microhabitat 8 : microphotographed or microfilmed microcopy : employed in or relating to microphotographing or microfilming microreader . fr.combining form L. metron measure + -ia -y : art. fr. type. fr.+ -ic 1 biol : having such parts or segments cytomeric 2 ISV -mer + -ic chem : having a specified association of substances in compounds polymeric tautomeric -meride n combining form . . as used in ta meta ta physika the works after the physics : beyond : transcending metaphysics metapsychosis metageometry metabiological metempirics b : of a higher logical type in nouns formed from names of disciplines and designating new but related disciplines such as can deal critically with the nature. miti with. L -metria. Gk metron measure : instrument or means for measuring barometer calorimeter voltameter meth. involving. meros part : having such or so many parts homomerous pentamerous 6-merous -merus n combining form NL. superl.combining form mesi al + -o. Gk mikr-. fr. fr. fr.combining form Gk mesatos midmost. mercury : mercury mercurophylline mercuri. fr. mith with. in terms used in the metric system microgram and in electricity microfarad microhm 3 : microscopic: as a : dealing with. metal 1 : metal metallurgy metallography 2 : containing a metal atom or ion in the molecule metalloflavoprotein metalli. intensities.b : enlarging : magnifying or amplifying in names of instruments microphone microscope c used for small or minute size. m rykasthai to ruminate : ruminant chiefly in generic names of extinct ruminating mammals leptomeryx mes. structure. to OE sm tan to smear 1 a : small : minute : petty microcyst often used to contrast with macr.or mio.combining form L. fr. Gk m ryx. smikros small. . Gk.+ -ism : possession of such or so many parts -merous adj combining form NL -merus. size. fr. fr. of mesos mid.F -mètre. fr.combining form ISV. fr. fr. Gk. fr. fr. Gk meros part chem : member of a specified class isomer metamer polymer mercapt. quantities. mete ros .ISV -mer + -ism 1 : possession of a specified association of substances in chemical compounds isomerism tautomerism 2 ISV mer. with.: mesial and mesiobuccal mesiolabial mesioocclusal meta. short akin to OE sm al c careful. L. methyl : methyl methacrylic methobromide metr. fr.prefix NL ML.also meio. ON meth with. OHG sm hi small. a ruminating fish. degree mesoderm mesodont mesonephroma mesoplankton mesoprosopic Mesozoa mesocarp b : mesentery or membrane supporting a specified part mesocaecum mesocolon mesarchium c : mesoderm : mesodermal and mesameboid 2 meso. or science of measuring chronometric geometric psychometric -metrium n combining form. employing.+ -y : possession of such or so many parts gonomery metamery -meryx n combining form NL.or mercapto. Gk.or metho. process. Gk mete r. Gk meta after.F -mère. métrique metrical. NL meio-. and perh. fr. fr.astronomical phenomenon.combining form ISV.combining form ISV.: a reduction product of a porphyrin or other pyrrole derivative in which one or more vinyl groups have been hydrogenated to ethyl mesohemin mesobilirubin mesati. midi. fr. fr. irreg. fr. fr.or met. fr. or behavior of the original ones metalanguage metatheory metasystem 4 ISV.or meteoro. fr. Gk. meta : change in : transformation of metamorphosis metaplasia b : produced by metamorphism metadiorite metasediment 3 a ME. metrein to measure fr. mete ro. Gk -mer s. fr. polymeric with. or variations microbarograph microcalorimeter micrograph d : minutely microlevel 2 : one millionth part of a specified unit microsecond esp.or mero. fr. fr. or obtained by such a meter barometric heliometric 2 : of or relating to such an art.combining form L or Gk L metallum. L metricus -metrical fr.3a. fr. fr.ISV -mer + -ide : isomeride polymeride -meris n combining form NL.combining form ISV. fr.or meso. fr. fr. Gk meros part 1 biol : part : segment arthromere cytomere 2 chem isomere meri. fr. F -métrique.combining form ME micro-. ON sm r small. exquisite. fr. Gk m ros thigh : animal or insect having a specified type of thigh in generic names in entomology Tomicomerus Symmerus -mery n combining form ISV mer.high in air fr. fr. or used in microscopy micropaleontology microtome b : revealed by or having its structure discernible only by microscopical examination microfossil c : prepared for microscopical examination microsection 4 : abnormally small microdactylous chiefly in nouns denoting a condition of a specified part of the body micrognathia 5 : of. mete ron 1 : meteor meteoroid 2 : weather and climate meteorobiology -meter n combining form . MF. L. low. or otherwise closely related to metaldehyde in names of chemical compounds compare . fr. Gk. and perh. fr.or mercuro. fr.combining form NL. meta a : one that is isomeric with. fr. in the middle : of medium or intermediate proportion mesio. to OE midd mid 1 a : occurring later : in succession to : after metachronism metabiosis metagenesis metainfective b : situated behind : posterior metapore metanephron c : later or more highly organized or specialized form of Metazoa metaphyte d : with : occurring with metacinnabar 2 a MF L MF.mermer. Gk m tr-. mesos 1 a : in the middle : intermediate as in position. or for very small or minute quantities of material : on a small or minute scale of chemical operation : microchemical : microanalytical microbalance microsublimation compare -.or micro.combining form prob. Goth mith with. between. fr. ML. fr. meros part : part : partial meraspis merohedral merosporangium -mer n combining form . fr.NL.combining form F méri-.

OE partly fr.automobile : vehicle clubmobile bookmobile bloodmobile mogi. Gk. Gk. fr. pl -morphoses L. fr. fem. fr. act of mingling. muscle : creatures having such. omitted in names of specific compounds as being understood monobromoacetone or bromoacetone b : monomolecular monofilm monolayer 3 a : affecting a single part monoplegia b : due to a single cause monobacillary c : monomeric monostyrene monadi. molybdo-.combining form NL.combining form G morpho. pl.prefix partly fr. fr. multus much. pl -morpha NL. fr.combining form.combining form L mucosus mucous : mucous and mucosopurulent mucososaccharine multi. in names of zoological taxa larger than a genus Cynomorpha Hystricomorpha -morphae n pl combining form NL. L musca : fly Muscicapidae muscul. fr. OF. F -morphique.or muco. mogis barely. fr. neut.or morpho. fr. mille : thousandth esp.combining form music 1 : music musicography musicotherapy 2 : musical and musicodramatic musicoliturgical my. MF or L MF.or morpho. single 1 a : consisting of or having only one : single monarch monoplane b : by or from one only monogenic monodrama c : restricted to only one monogamy monologue d : only one at a time monotocous e : alone monophobia 2 a : containing one atom.mis-.combining form NL. pl -mixes NL -mixis. many 1 a : many : multiple : much multicoupler multidimensional multiperforated b : consisting of.or mito.combining form ME. misein to hate misos hatred : hatred misogynic misoneism misosophy mit. fr. radical.combining form museum : museum museology musico. fr. or group of a specified kind monoxide monoether monobromide usu. normal.or molybdo. Gk mn m-.combining form milli. fr. missi. mimos mime : mime : mimic mimotype -mimus n combining form NL. Gk. Gk. of -morphus -morphous. containing. mixis act of mingling or mixing 1 : mixed mixotrophic mixochimaera 2 : mixture of isomers of a specified compound mixooctane compare mnem. amnesia : a specified type or condition of memory cryptomnesia panmnesia -mo n suffix . in terms belonging to the metric system milliampere millibar millimeter millimicro.combining form LL muscul-. fr.akin to OHG missa-. fr. fr.or muci. L.or myo. Gk mys mouse. fr. labor. fr.combining form Gk. containing. fr.NL.combining form NL. fr. mucus nasal mucus 1 : mucus : mucous mucific mucocele mucoid 2 : mucous and mucopurulent mucoso.duodecimo after numerals or their names to indicate the number of leaves made by folding a sheet of paper sixteenmo 16mo eighteenmo 18mo -mobile n combining form .: mim.or mimo. fr. OF mes-. fr. so many.combining form ME.or mnemo. of -morphus -morphous : ones having such a form in names of zoological taxa. fr. monos alone.combining form miniature : smaller or briefer than is usual.combining form L molybd-. NL. ME mes-.: muscular and musculoepithelial musculofibrous museo. mili. fr.+ -aria : - . LL monas : unit : simple organism of a specified kind in generic names Chlamydomonas Cellulomonas Leptomonas mongolo.+ micr.mis-. most most of -mest as in formest foremost : most innermost : most toward headmost moto. esp. fr. fr. Gk molybd-. pl. of -morphus -morphous : ones having such a form in names of fish taxa larger than a genus Halecomorphi -morphic adj combining form prob. morph form : having such a form isomorphous -morphy n combining form ISV -morph + -y : quality or state of having such a form heteromorphy isomorphy -most adj suffix ME -mast.combining form L. fr. my. usu cap Mongol : Mongolian and Mongolo-Manchurian Mongolo-Tatar Mongolo-Turkic 34 -myaria morph. fr. OE missan to miss 1 a : in an incorrect or improper manner : badly : mistakenly : wrongly misadvise misclassify misjudge miscooked miscopied b : unfavorably misdeem c : in a fearful or suspicious manner misdoubt 2 : incorrect : improper : bad : mistaken : wrong misdeed misimpression misreliance 3 a : opposite of misadvantage misthrift b : lack of misadjustment misease 4 : not misconstitutional misconvenient mis. fr. fr. fr. morph : form : shape : structure : type morphic morphodifferentiation morph.combining form monad : monad monadiform monadigerous -monas n combining form NL. molybdos 1 : lead molybdophyllite 2 NL molybdena molybdenum : molybdenum : molybdous molybdophosphate molybdocyanide mon. Gk. fr. with effort akin to Gk mogos exertion.also musco. Gk morph-.combining form L muc-. or having more than two multicuspid multilevel c : consisting of. influenced by mast. fr. fr. Gk mn mo-.or mono. fr. usu cap moldavian : Moldavian and Moldo-Wallachian molybd. or standard mis. L. Gk mn m : memory mnemogenic mnemotechnical -mnesia n combining form . Gk. larger than a genus Psittacomorphae -morphi n pl combining form NL. mis-. fr. F mnémo-.LL -morphus -morphous fr.combining form Gk. fr. fr. fr.or miso. Goth missa. L musculus 1 : muscle muscular musculin musculospiral 2 usu musculo. alter.combining form. fr. Gk -morphos + E -ism more at 1 : quality or state of having such a form heteromorphism isomorphism 2 : conceptualization in such a form physicomorphism -morphosis n combining form. Gk -morph sis. muscus : moss Muscites muscoid muscicolous muscology musci. fr. -most.form.or musculo.combining form F milli-.combining form motion motor : motion : motor motofacient motoneuron muc. mitos 1 : thread mitoplast 2 : mitosis mitoclastic mitodepressive mitogenetic -mixis n combining form. Latvian smags burdensome : with difficulty mogiphonia moldo. ME. Gk -morphos : one or ones having such a form Enteromorpha esp. fr.combining form mnem-.combining form NL.millimilli. fr. OS ON mis-. fr. or so arranged musculature in higher taxa of mollusks Dimya Heteromya -myaria n pl combining form NL. MF L MF.combining form : form and morphofunctional -morph n combining form .ISV. fr. or having more than one multifamily 2 : many times over multimillionaire : in many respects multispecialist 3 : affecting many parts multiglandular musc. L milli-. fem. sing. morph sis 1 : development or change of form of a specified thing cytomorphosis 2 : development or change of form in a specified manner heteromorphosis -morphous adj combining form Gk -morphos. mn m mnemo. mys 1 : mouse myomorpha 2 a : muscle myology : muscle and myoelastic b : myoma and with words ending in -oma myofibroma -mya n pl combining form NL.prob.or musci. fr. fr. mixis : an intermingling in reproduction apomixis endomixis pseudomixis parthenomixis compare mixo.thousand. act of mixing. of birds. -morphous : one having such a form isomorph -morpha n combining form. Gk morph form + F -ique -ic : having such a form dolichomorphic -morphism n combining form . fr. fr. L mimus mime : mimic : imitator in generic names of animals Cetomimus mini. fr. of Gmc origin akin to OE mis. fr. fr. pl.combining form L musc-. morpho-. fr. fr.

fr. of a specified kind. irreg. Gk myk t-. naphtha naphthaline 1 : naphtha naphthene naphthyl 2 a : related to naphthalene : naphthoic acid naphthoquinone naphthamide b : naphthol naphthoxide narc. myringa : myringa myringodermatitis myringoscope myringotomy myrmec. fr. mushroom akin to Gk myxa lampwick. fr.combining form NL. nasal mucus : fungus mycelium mycobiota mycogenetic mycology mycosis specif : mushroom mycophile -myces n combining form NL. Gk nastos closepressed.also nasi.or necto. fr.or mylo. myrm k-. myelos.combining form G. Gk myk s fungus.or naso.: fungus mycetocolous mycetogenetic mycetoma Mycetozoa -mycete n combining form NL -mycetes : fungus micromycete -mycetes n pl combining form NL. fr.combining form NL. fr. fr.combining form ISV.or myxo. nephelo-. Gk myrios 1 : ten thousand myriacoulomb esp. dead person 1 a : those that are dead : the dead : corpses necrophilism b : one that is dead : corpse necropsy 2 : death necrobiosis : conversion to dead tissue : atrophy necrosis 3 : extinct : fossil necrotype nect. fr. fr. or language often joined to the second element with a hyphen Neo-Latin neo-Chippendale Neo-Darwinism Neo-platonism c : of recent forms opposed to pale. fr. Gk n kt s swimmer. fr.combining form NL. ML. fr.NL. fr. mushroom more at . MF narc-.Neocrinoidea Neolithic e : imitation : pseudo f : the New World Nearctic Neotropical g : an immature form neofetus h : a more recently developed part as of a plant or animal neomorph i : an abnormal new formation neoplasm 2 a : the one among several isomeric hydrocarbons that has been recently classified and contains at least one carbon atom connected directly with four other carbon atoms neohexane compare . or resembling such a thread chromonema esp.combining form NL.combining form Gk.or nemato. muscle : marrow myelin myelocyte : as a : bone marrow myelogenous b : spinal cord myelencephalon myelocele -myelia n combining form .combining form Gk. in protozoology Chlamydomyxa Proteomyxa -myza or -myzon n combining form NL.or nema. fr.or narco.or nephelo. L nanus dwarf. myel. fr. Gk nann-.combining form mythical : mythical and mythicohistorical mythicoromantic myx. nenna female relative.or myceto.combining form ISV. Gk nephel-. myzan to suck akin to Gk mydan to be damp : one that sucks or feeds by suction in generic names in zoology Petromyzon Agromyza myzo.combining form LL. ISV myelin : myelin myelinoclasis myelinoclastic myelinogenesis myelinogenetic myi. mys mouse. or resulting from a specified class of stimulus epinasty nyctinasty thermonasty natr.mycmyc. fr. fr.combining form Gk myrm k-. fr. Gk nark-. of n kt s swimmer. nanos more at .: one that swims in a specified way in generic names in zoology Chironectes nem. nannos. fr. nasal slime 1 : mucus : slime myxadenitis myxocyte myxoma Myxomycetes 2 : myxoma myxofibroma myxosarcoma -myxa n combining form. pl -nemata or -nemas NL.or neo.or natro. Gk nanos.and eonecr. fr.combining form NL. akin to Gk nanna.combining form F néphél-. fr.or necro. fr. fr. Gk. fr. fr. n chein to swim more at . n chein to swim more at . Gk. of myk t-. school. F 1 : natron 2 : sodium natrium natrolite natrophilite ne. Gk myk s : fungus Actinomyces Phycomyces mycet.b : a new chemical compound isomeric with or otherwise related to the one to whose name it is prefixed neoarsphenamine 3 : the latest subdivision of a division of geologic time Neopaleozoic distinguished from mes. Gk n ma 1 : thread nemathecium Nemichthys Nemocera 2 : nematode nemacide nemic -nema n combining form.+ -in : substance obtained from a fungus carbomycin erythromycin myel. fr. fr. fr. fr. myrm ko-.combining form ISV.combining form NL. myrm x : ant Myrmecia Myrmecophyte myrmecology myrmecophobic -mys n combining form NL. neos new 1 a : new : recent neologism neophyte b : a new and different period or form of something as a faith. fr. L nanus dwarf more at : one billionth 10− part of nanosecond naphth.or myrio.NL.combining form Gk NL NL nem-.+ -ia : a specified condition of the spinal cord hematomyelia myelino. fr. Gk mys : mouse : mouselike creature in generic names in zoology Cynomys Phascolomys mystico. in terms belonging to the metric system myriagram myrialiter 2 : indefinitely numerous : . Gk n mat-.combining form NL. Gk myzan. fr. fr.combining form NL. Gk n ma thread : one having. n ma thread 1 : thread nematic Nematospora 2 : nematode nematocide -neme n combining form .combining form mystic : mystical and mysticoallegoric mythico.combining form F. pl. fr.or myelo. fr. fr. myk s more at .NL -nema : thread axoneme desmoneme nephel.combining form NL. myl : molar mylohyoid myom.combining form L nasus nose 1 : nose : nasal nasicorn nasitis nasology nasoscope nasosinusitis 2 : nasal and nasethmoid nasopalatine nasolabial -nasty n combining form G -nastie. myia : fly Myiarchus -myia n combining form . Gk.combining form NL myoma : myoma myomectomy myomohysterectomy myomotomy myri. Gk n ktos. natron.or myrmeco.or myomo. myxa lampwick. myrios : indefinitely numerous : countless myriophyllous Myriophyllum myriosporous myria. fr. fr. Gk myzein. Gk nekr-. fr.or nanno. nekros dead body. mill. Gk.also naphtha.: fungi chiefly in names of classes and subclasses Ascomycetes Schizomycetes -mycin n combining form .combining form NL. narkoun to benumb 1 : numbness : stupor narcohypnia 2 : narcosis : narcotic narcoma narcohypnosis narcoanesthesia : narcotic and narcostimulant 3 : deep sleep narcolepsy 4 : electric ray Narcacion Narcobatus 5 : aided by drugs narcodiagnosis narcohypnosis 6 : of or relating to illegal narcotics narcotrafficking nas. fr.combining form F. fr. firm + G -ie -y : nastic movement of a plant part in a specified direction. fr. Gk myk tes.combining form NL. nephel 1 : cloud nephelognosy 2 : cloudiness nephelometer .: dwarf Nannippus nannocephaly 35 nephel- nano. Gk n ktai.or nano. fr. fr. myzein to suck : sucking : sucker myzodendron Myzorhynchus nan. nasal slime : one or ones consisting of or resembling slime in taxonomic names esp. pl. fr. fr. fr. being. myk s fungus. pl -myxa NL. in generic names in botany and zoology Hyalonema Scytonema nemat. nannos prob. fr. fr.or myringo. nemo-. fr. n mat-.or myio.Myriapoda myring.or nemo. fr. Gk myia : fly anthomyia Cephenomyia myl. aunt : dwarf nanocephaly nanoid nanosomia nann. Gk myxa lampwick.or naphtho. molar.or myco.: swimming : for swimming nectocalyx -nectae n pl combining form NL. fr. n chein to swim : ones that swim in a specified way taxonomic names in zoology Cystonectae -nectes n combining form NL.ISV myc. nekro-.combining form ME nark-.neobotanist neobotany neontology d : neozoic opposed to pale.

fr.fr.combining form L non-. MF. spurious.combining form ME nerv-. fr. fr.or nephro.or nucleo. L. fr. Gk nitron 1 : nitrate nitrobacteria nitrogen 2 : containing nitrogen in combined form esp. -nass .combining form NL. fr. when derived from an acid as nitric acid nitramide nitrohydrochloric acid noci. fr.or nervi. Gk noos.or oo. completely.fr. neuron neuro. -ness. nymph 1 : nymph nympholepsy 2 : nymphae nymphotomy nymphitis 3 : nymphaea nymphoides 4 : nympha nymphosis -nyxis n combining form. fr. Gk nephros : kidney pronephros nerv. fr.combining form Gk i-. L. NL. fr. L. n ton back : one having a specified kind of back in generic names of animals Camponotus Pycnonotus nov. pl -nyxes NL. nox nocti. : obtusely obtusirostrate obtusifolious occipit.combining form NL. fr. fr. Gk.fr. nephro-. OHG -nissa. fr. pl -neura NL. fr. nykti-. Gk neuron nerve : one or ones having such nerves or veins in taxonomic names Dasyneura Streptoneura neutro.combining form neur. MD -nisse.fr. fr. fr. L occlusus.combining form F nymph-. toward.or notho. NL. LL noso-.combining form prob. fr. fr. nerve.or noso. L non not. normal : normal normergy normoblast normotension nos. fr. fr. nervus sinew. fr.1 : inward obimbricate 2 : incompletely obrotund obround 3 : in reverse order obdiplostemonous 4 : inverse obovate obconic obcordate obtusi. Gk n so-. Pol Ukrainian : one connected with or characterized by being peacenik neatnik nimbo. fr. -ness. Goth -inassus -n-. fr. oh : one that is or that constitutes or that has the qualities of or that is in some way associated with boyo bucko chiefly in informal or nonstandard speech often in place of the missing element in a shortened word compo combo in writing sometimes attached to its base by a hyphen daddy-o or sometimes attached to the reduplicated final consonant of its base kiddo -o interj suffix prob.+ -o: night : during the night noctambulation noctiflorous noctovision nomo.combining form ISV.-o ic + -ate : salt or ester of a carboxylic acid with a name ending in -oic caproate octanoate ob. OF. nucléo-. in names of terpenes norbornane 2 : compound of normal structure isomeric with the one to the name of which it 36 occlus- is prefixed norleucine 3 : homologue lower by one methylene group esp. nephos : cloud nephology nephr. Gk nephr-. fr. -nuss . -nyss. fr. nykto-. fr.fr. fr. Gk.or nocto. born of unequal parents : bastard : spurious : hybrid Notharctus Nothosaurus -notus n combining form NL.combining form L Gk L nitrum natron.or novo. nykt-. fr.combining form prob.combining form nicotin.perh. nothos bastard. notho-.or nona. Gk noth-. over. nous : mind nooscopic nor. Gk nos-.ISV. in names of steroids and alkaloids norcholane nornicotine norm.or noto. fr. Gk n t-.also nuclei. L occipit-.combining form L noc re to hurt. L nullus : no : none : null nullifidian nulliform nulliparous nyct. fr.combining form. fr. fr.combining form LGk noo-. of stabbing akin to Gk nyssein. Gk. fr. Gk nykt-. sinew. oh in interjections formed from other parts of speech cheerio righto . fr. L neutr-. occiput 1 : occiput occipitad 2 : occipital and occipitonasal occlus. fr.or nocti.being orig. n sos akin to Gk n chein.or normo. NL nucleolus : nucleolus nucleolocentrosome nucleoloid nudi. manage : system of laws governing or sum of knowledge regarding a specified field astronomy agronomy non.combining form NL.combining form LL.prefix ME. nerve 1 : nerve nervate nerviduct 2 : nervous and nervomuscular neso. Gk notos south wind.combining form LL nephr.or nympho. : not isn t needn t can t nucle. L. fr.combining form LL. before. fr.or neuro. fr.prefix ME. L nudus naked : naked : bare Nudibranchia nudiped nulli. of oinos one : not : reverse of : absence of nonacademic nonconformity nonbreakable nonproductive nonintervention non-Arabic non-Mormon nonrush hours non. fr. ion egg : egg oidium oology specif : ovum oogenesis oogonium -o n suffix . assumed NL occlus-. n tos. nicotinic nicotino. Gk n tos. nox nocto. nicotine + -o. usu cap Nicene : Nicene and Niceno-Constantinopolitan nicotin. neuter of neuter gender 1 : neutral neutrophile neutroceptor 2 : neutrophil neutropenia niceno. part of the stem : state : condition : quality : degree goodness greatness sickness neur. pl -nephroi also -nephra NL.1 : nicotine : tobacco nicotinism nicotinophobe 2 nicotin. southwest akin to Gk noteros damp : south : southern Notalian Nototherium -not adv combining form not : not cannot noth. L noct-.ISV nicotin ic + -o. ob to. fr. fr.combining form ML occipitNL occipito-.: nicotinic acid nicotinamide nicotinonitrile -nik n suffix .also nymphi. -nussi -ness. L nare : island Nesogaean -ness n suffix ME -nes. Gk.Yiddish. n ton back : back : back part notochord notalgia not. past part. neut.combining form ISV. nicotine nicotino. nerve. L -nomia. past part. fr. fr. neuron 1 : neural tissue : nerve neuroanatomy neurosarcoma neurotrophy 2 : neural neurectoderm neurocyte neuromalacia Neuroptera 3 : neural and neurocardiac neuropsychic neurovascular -neura n combining form. fr. Gk nyxis act of pricking. to.or nycti. fr. Gk. OF. of occludere to occlude 1 : occlusion occlusal occlusometer 2 : occlusal and occlusogingival .fr.combining form F nuclé-. -nys akin to OS -nissi. L obtusus. on account of more at . nyx night : night Nyctanthes nyctitropic nyctophobia -nycteris n combining form NL. fr. Nycteris : bat in generic names nymph. -nomos distributing.combining form ISV. n chesthai to swim. fr. harm + E -i. against.or nervo.or occipito. -nesse.NL nephro-.combining form NL.combining form L novus new : new Novanglian -n t or -nt adv combining form by contr. sinew. L. fr. noso-.combining form Gk. fr. fr. OE -nes. against. fr.or nitro. arranging + -ia -y akin to Gk nemein to distribute. nucléi-. nephros 1 : kidney nephric nephrology 2 : nephric and nephroabdominal nephrogastric -nephros also -nephron n combining form.: pain nociperception noct. nomos : usage : law nomology -nomy n combining form ME -nomie.or noto.combining form NL. fr. nenot + oinom. n to-.combining form noct. fr. fr.combining form ISV. NL nucleus 1 : nucleus : nuclear nucleofugal nucleon nucleiform nucleogony 2 : nucleic acid nucleoprotein nucleol. fr.or occluso. noct-. noct. fr. fr. esp.combining form NL nimbus : nimbus and nimbostratus nitr.or nucleolo. nosos : disease nosetiology nosogeography not. south. fr. nyttein to prick. fr.nephonepho.fr.or nycto. fr.or nicotino. normal 1 : parent compound from which a specified compound may be regarded as derived as by removal of side chains from a ring system esp. nonus ninth : ninth : nine nonagon nonane noo. imitative words smacko bango -oate n suffix . sting : puncture pyronyxis scleronyxis o. -in. fr.combining form NL. OL noenum.combining form LL. -nesse. fr. fr. io-. fr. fr.

+ -ia : form. suffix : something resembling a specified object or having a specified quality cylindroid globoid hyperboloid -oid adj suffix MF -o de L -o des. Gk oin-. OE -uc. unhappy. fr.combining form F olé-. pl -omas or -omata L -omat-. pl.NL -omat-. okt.dia.or eno.ME -oc. -on in anion. mass akin to Gk enenkein to carry 1 : tumor oncology 2 : bulk : mass onchosphere oncometer -one n suffix .combining form MF omo-. fr. Gk. odyn pain + -ia -y : pain crymodynia neurodynia omodynia -odynic adj combining form -oecia n pl combining form NL. Arm a kat poor. -o des. neut. . fr. L -olus. to Gk liazesthai to bend. alter. of od n tooth : animal or animals having teeth of a specified nature in names of zoological taxa Gymnodontes Priodontes -odontia n combining form. -oma.combining form Gk okta-.or onci.or octo. ion 1 : elementary particle nucleon 2 a : unit : quantum magneton photon b : basic hereditary component cistron operon -on n suffix . mos 1 : shoulder omarthritis 2 : of or relating to the shoulder and omohyoid -oma n suffix. . L -omat-. odous tooth : animal having teeth of a specified kind in generic names in zoology Gyrodus -ody n combining form Gk .or oncho.ISV. fr.or omni.fr. odont. NL. fr. fr. fr.F. of -os nom. od n tooth : animal or animals having teeth of a specified nature in names of zoological taxa Bunodonta Creodonta Heterodonta Labyrinthodonta -odontes n combining form. of -eus -eous -oida. hodos 1 : way : path : road electrode 2 : electrode diode -odea n pl combining form NL. fr. Gk .ma 1 : tumor of a specified kind adenoma melanoma hygroma or consisting predominantly of a specified kind of cell or tissue fibroma myoma myelocytoma or occurring in a specified organ nephroma 2 :ombro. fr. fr. fr. alcohol : chemical compound containing hydroxyl hydrol esp. L oleum oil : hydrocarbon of the benzene series esp. -oc : small one bittock lassock octa. in names of alcohols and phenols glycerol methanol cresol -ol also -ole n combining form . Gk . dim. masc. Gk .combining form Gk. Gk onkos bulk. NL. oct. Gk. fr. Gk m-. kind : resembling : having the form or appearance of asbestoid Caucasoid crystalloid granitoid intellectualoid -oidal adj suffix -oid + -al : asbestoidal -oidea or -oida or -oidei n pl suffix -oidea. fr.combining form L ocul-.+ -eid s.also onch.d s -ode : animal or plant resembling in generic names Goniodes -odon n combining form . fr. fr. Gk.: -oic adj suffix -o. state of pain.ISV. sing. fr.combining form L oen-. Gk odont-.combining form NL. fr. havoc. L -o des + -ei. Gk odont-.-ock -ock n suffix .mat-.ISV.or omento. condition. oculus 1 : eye oculomotor 2 : ocular and oculauditory oculofacial -ode n combining form . fr.or omo. Gk odont-. shape.also olei. -ok.NL. -ola. pl -odonta NL. L -o des -oidei. oeno-.d s. fr. sink 1 : few Oligochaeta oligogene oligomyodian : few things oligophagous 2 med : deficiency : insufficiency oligochromemia oliguria 3 : little : small oligolecithal om.combining form F. Gk ommat-. L -o des -oid 37 -one + -ea. fr.ISV -o. masc.L -o des. pl.+ -in : acyloin acetoin -ol n suffix . oinos : wine oenin oenology oenopoetic -oholic n combining form . -omma.or oculo. Lith liga sickness.or oligo. recoil. okt -.or odonto. od n tooth : having or being teeth of a specified nature heterodont lophodont -odonta n combining form. fr. oikos house + -ia -y : plants of a specified type in names of botanical taxa Monoecia Dioecia oen. or equivalents octaacetate ocul. omnis all : all : universal : universally : without restriction omnimeter omnipresent omnist omphal. and perh. fr. scant. odont-.+ -ic : containing carboxyl or a derivative of it in names of acids and related compounds caproic hexoic naphthoic esp : containing carboxyl in place of methyl hexanoicacid -oid n suffix . cation. fr. Gk onkos barbed hook 1 : barb : hook Oncorhynchus Oncidium onchium Onchocerca 2 : barbed Oncicola onco.combining form ME omni-. fr.also oct. fr.NL.NL. neut. adj. groups.ISV. Gk od n tooth : animal having teeth of a specified kind chiefly in the names of genera in zoology Iguanodon mastodon odont. fr. fr.NL.combining form Gk. oleum 1 : oil oleiferous olein oleograph oleocyst 2 a olein oleo-di-stearin b : oleic acid oleoyl -ole also -ol n combining form . oino-.or oncho. fr. of -one : chemical compound not a ketone or other oxo compound nervon sometimes distinguished from -one -on n suffix . pl. heterocyclic imidazole pyrrole 2 usu -ole : chemical compound not containing hydroxyl esp.fr. od n tooth : animal or animals having teeth of a specified nature in taxonomic names in zoology Anomodontia Aplodontia Dicynodontia -odontia n combining form . or mode of treatment of the teeth macrodontia saprodontia orthodontia compare -odonty n combining form odont. NL. fr.fr. patronymic suffix 1 : ketone or oxo compound not a true ketone in names of . fr. -oma. -o.n fem.+ -y : condition of having a specified type of tooth formation chiefly in terms employed in anthropometry selenodonty -odus n combining form NL. L oleum oil 1 : chemical compound containing a five-membered ring usu. oligos akin to Gk loigos ruin. octo 1 : eight Octacnemus octamerous octoploid octose 2 : containing eight atoms.Gk -odos. the stem of ozein to smell : thing that resembles placode -ode n combining form . Gk odontes.F.or oleo. fr. fr. house.ISV. fr. fr. ombros : rain ombrology -ome n suffix . -odont-. Gk oikia building. suffix : little one veniole -olic adj suffix ISV -ol + -ic 1 : containing a triple bond in names of acids propiolic acid 2 : containing hydroxyl and carboxyl in names of hydroxy acids oleanolicacid olig. -olum. fr. fr. fr. fr. in names of several ethers anisole phenetole -ole n suffix . fr. fr. eidos form. fr. -odus. fr.combining form NL. fr. -oma -oma : abstract entity : group : mass : stem caulome mestome oment.or onco. fr. Gk .combining form omentum : omentum omentitis omentopexy -omma n combining form NL -ommat-. MF. fr. mo-.also en. OIr l ach miserable. of -eus -eous : animals characterized by or of the nature of in names of higher taxa in zoology Echinoidea Hydroida Ganoidei -oin n suffix . fr.d s -ode + -ia -y : process of becoming like : metamorphosis into something specified chiefly in botanical terms sepalody -odynia n combining form . omphalos 1 : umbilicus omphaloid omphaloskepsis 2 : umbilical and omphalomesenteric -on n suffix . od n : tooth odontitis odontocete odontogeny odontology odontorrhagia -odont adj combining form Gk odont-. L. okt L octo-. dwelling.or oeno. Gk -oeid s. ending of many adjectives : inert gas radon onc. oléo-. prob. fr. fr.d s -ode : animals belonging to or resembling in names of higher taxa as orders. Gk.combining form ML. in a commercial mixture containing homologous hydrocarbons xylol not used systematically compare ole. L ole-. fr. pl -odontia NL. pl -odontes NL. Gk .or omphalo. omma eye akin to Gk ps eye : one having such an eye or such or so many eyes in generic names in zoology Loxomma omn. fr. suborders Blattodea Embiodea -odes n combining form NL. fr.

. L -onymum. fr. fr. ophthalmos eye 1 : one having a specified kind of eye in generic names usu.or organo.combining form MF. LL.combining form Gk. face : one having eyes with a specified defect hypermetrope operculi. fr. oneiros. L or-.F.Gk ont-.nymos as in hom nymos + -ia -y 1 : kind of name or word : kind or set of names or words hydronymy 2 : study of a specified kind of names or words anthroponymy -onyx n combining form NL. fr. appetite. opsis appearance. fr.combining form F. fr. Gk onych-. oneiron akin to Arm anur dream : dream oneirology -onic adj suffix ISV. Gk.+ -ia : condition of the nails of the fingers or toes leukonychia -onychium n combining form . fr. ophthalmos eye 1 : eye : eyeball ophthalmotomy ophthalmectomy 2 : of or affecting the eyes ophthalmocarcinoma ophthalmalgia -ophthalma or -ophthalmia n pl combining form -ophthalma. verbal of opsesthai to be going to see 1 : vision optometer 2 : eye optoblast optotype 3 : optic : optic and optokinetic optocoele -or n suffix . oneiro-. onycho-. fr. fr.combining form NL oophoron : ovary : ovarian oophorectomy oophorotomy -ope n combining form . -our.or opsono. NL. fr. neut.combining form LL. claw : one having such nails or claws chiefly in generic names of animals Coleonyx oophor. fr.combining form L onych-.NL. .combining form opsonin : opsonin opsonic opsonotherapy opsonophilic -opsy n combining form Gk -opsia 1 : 2 : examination biopsy optico.ME -or.combining form L oppositus : situated opposite : having the corresponding parts opposite oppositifolious oppositisepalous -ops n combining form Gk . onyx : nail of the finger or toe onychauxis : claw Onychophora -onychia n combining form . fr.nymon. OF -eur. fr. OF -eor. combined with the names of other genera Echinops Dryobalanops -opsia or -opsy n combining form. pl -opsias or -opsies -opsia fr. fr.combining form NL operculum : operculum operculiferous operculiform ophi. -onic in gluconic acid : containing carboxyl esp. oros mountain. Gk onychion little claw : fingernail : toenail : region of the fingernail or toenail eponychium hyponychium -onym n combining form . Gk. onoma : name : word onomatomania ont. when formed by oxidizing the aldehyde group of an aldose sugar aldonicacid hexonicacid lactonic -onium n suffix . of einai to be : cell : organism gamont onych.ISV. ore-. onych. fr. os mouth 1 : mouth orifice 2 : mouth and orifacial -orial adj suffix ME -oriale. Gk. of . fr.combining form L. fr. fr. fr.combining form Gk oneir-. fr. ophis snake 1 : snake : serpent ophiophagous ophiolatrous 2 a : thing suggesting a snake ophicalcite b : being or resembling a snake in respect to a specified structure or quality ophiocephalus -ophis n combining form Gk ophis snake : snake : serpent in generic names esp.pia. fr. fr. fr. Gk. n.combining form ME. Gk . ps eye. opsis appearance. ps eye.nymos. Gk optikos 1 : optical and opticochemical 2 : relating or belonging to the eye : ocular opticopupillary 3 : optic and supraopticohypophyseal opticochiasmatic -opticon n combining form .or onycho. of -orius -ory 1 : place for natatorium 2 : thing used for haustorium -ornis n combining form. fr. vision + -ia -y -opsy fr. fr.ME -or. fr. fr. in herpetology Hydrophis ophthalm. Gk.or oreo. ML. pres. NL.NL. Gk p-. Gk.or opistho. -eur. fr.or oniro. ophthalmos eye + -ia -y : condition of having such eyes microphthalmia -ophthalmus n combining form NL. opithen behind. -atus -ate + -or : one that does a specified thing grantor alternator occlusor elevator -or n suffix . face 1 pl -ops or -opses : organism with a specified kind of eye or face chiefly in generic names megalops Stylops Selenops 2 : organism resembling a specified thing in generic names usu. fr. pres. longing + L -ia -y : desire : appetite cynorexia parorexia organ. neut.or ornitho. fr. in the rear akin to Gk epi on. of adj. LL -op-. fr. n. Gk orexis desire. or connected with gressorial insessorial -orium n suffix.NL. form as in hom nymos having the same name : name : word allonym hyponym -onymy n combining form L -onymia.p-. L -or partly fr. fr.also onir.or oophoro. pl -ornithes NL. fr.combining form Gk. pl. L -ator. adj. fr. of arthropods Megophthalmus 2 : eyes of a specified form or in a specified state megalophthalmus 38 ornith- -opia n combining form NL.combining form L.or onto. partly fr. comb.combining form Gk optos. pl -oriums or -oria L. NL. fr. form -ophthalmos having a specified eye. upon more at 1 : having something specified located dorsally or posteriorly opisthotic opisthandric 2 : dorsal or posterior opisthaptor opisthodome opo. L -orius -ory + ME -ale -al : of. opisthen. in a carbonyl or analogous group as sulfonyl in names of classes of compounds ketone lactone sulfone 3 : oneir. of arthropods Edriophthalma Podophthalmia -ophthalmia n combining form . ornis : bird ornithichnite ornithography . fr. face + -ia -y 1 also -opy pl -opias also -opies NL -opia a : vision : condition of having such vision diplopia amblyopy b : possession of an eye or eyes with a specified defect anopia 2 : one having a specified kind of eye in generic names in zoology Heteropia opio. -our.ps.NL.oneirspecific organic compounds acetone pentanone 5-pyrazolone 2 : chemical compound containing oxygen esp. Gk onych-.combining form Gk. of einai to be 1 : being : existence ontic 2 : individual living thing : living organism ontogeny -ont n combining form . Gk.nymia. fr. p-. neut. Gk ont-. Gk . fr. fr. fr.or ophthalmo. Gk -opsia more at -opsis : vision of a specified kind or condition anopsia hemiopsia -opsis n combining form NL. part. opos : juice : sap opotherapy oppositi. hill : mountain Oreophasis Oreortyx Oreamnos compare -orexia n combining form . fr. L organum 1 a : organ organelle organogenesis organonymy b : organic substance or life organogenic 2 a : organic : organic and organochemical organomineral b : organometallic organotin organoarsenic organophosphorus ori. Gk . fr. NL ammonium : an ion having a positive charge in names of complex cations containing hydrogen or one or more organic radicals coordinated to a central atom oxonium phosphonium sulfonium compare 1b onomato.combining form Gr. Gk ophthalmos + NL -ia : ones having a specified eye used in higher taxa esp. fr. fr. vision 1 a : organism resembling or having a part that resembles a specified thing in generic names Chilopsis Ampelopsis b pl -opses : structure resembling a specified thing caryopsis 2 pl -opses : opson. comb. -eur L -or OF -eor. fr. onomat-. fr. L -or : condition : activity demeanor ore. fr. Gk -opthalmos. ornith-.or oneiro. ps eye.or ophio. fr. belonging to.combining form NL. fr.stereopticon : stereopticon panopticon sciopticon opto. fr. onyx nail of the finger or toe. fr. fr.ME -onyme. part.combining form Gk opion opium : opium opiomania opiophagous opisth. fr. ophthalmos -ophthalmia. fr. onych-. LGk onto-. -ops having such eyes. Gk ornis : bird Heliornis Archaeornithes ornith.

fr. OF. form of adjectives such as fatuus foolish.combining form ISV oste. true.also oryzi.NL.tikos.or orycto.Gk osteon : bone actinost oste. os : bone ossific -ost n combining form .combining form Gk oros mountain : mountain orography orogenesis orophyte : elevation orometer oro.in osseus 1 : bone ossein 2 : osseous and osseocartilaginous ossi. OF -ous.+ -a. L -osus : full of : having : possessing the qualities of cladose -ose n suffix . Gk : rice oryzivorous Oryzomys -ose adj suffix ME. fr.or ox.combining form ME. L -orium. oxygène oxygen 1 a : containing oxygen or additional oxygen oxycellulose oxyhemoglobin b : containing oxygen in the form of an oxide oxychloride 2: not used systematically oxynaphthoic 3 : of oxygen and oxyhydrogen -oyl n combining form .combining form L.tos. MF. fr. partly fr. dug. ous : ear otitis otology otoscope otosteal : ear and otolaryngology -ote n suffix . osm 1 : odor : smell Osmorhiza 2 a : osmium osmic b osmo: osmous osmocyanide -osma n combining form NL.combining form NL.: bone and cartilage osteochondropathy osteochrondrous -osteon n combining form .combining form F. fr. fr. fr. osteon bone + .combining form L or-. fuscus brown 1 : full of : abounding in : having : possessing the qualities of clamorous glamorous cystous lymphous 2 : having a valence lower than in compounds or ions named with an adjective ending in -ic ferrousiron sulfurousacid compare -ously adv suffix out. fr.combining form ISV.as in -oic + -yl : acid radical used in the system of nomenclature adopted by the .t s. -eux.combining form NL. fr. fr.oxamide oxa.also ovar. ovum 1 a : egg ovejector oviform ovomucoid b : ovum ovocyte ovogenesis 2 : ovally ovo-elliptic ovari. of -ostrakos. suffix used to form adjectives derived fr.ISV -o. in the names of various cyclic compounds oxazole ox. fr. L oryza rice.NL -osis : 4 chytridiose -oside n suffix .sis.or ostrei.combining form ISV. fr. fr. or conveying amendatory compulsory 3 : serving for.4b. or excels outdance outfight outrun outbluff outmaneuver ov. fr. Gk . os mouth : mouth oropharynx : mouth and orofacial orth. adv. fr. fr.prefix ME.combining form Gk t-.F.t s : inhabitant : native Capriote -otic adj suffix Gk . ovarium 1 : ovary ovaritis ovariectomy ovariotomy 2 : ovarian and ovario-abdominal ox. Gk oryktos formed by digging. . relating to.or ortho. glucose 1 : carbohydrate amylose esp : sugar fructose pentose 2 : primary hydrolysis product proteose -ose n suffix .2a 4 : derived from igneous rock in the name of a metamorphic rock orthogneiss orthosite compare -ory n suffix ME -orie. ostrakon : shell Ostracoidea Ostracophori -ostraca n pl combining form NL.or osmo. fr.or oxo.medial vowel characteristic of derivatives of certain verbs + -sis 1 a : action : process : condition hypnosis b : abnormal or diseased condition leukosis 2 : increase : formation leukocytosis 3 : arrangement pterylosis 4 NL. or maintaining classificatory equilibratory justificatory oryct. right. orthos akin to Goth gawrisqan to bring fruit. oxys akin to Gk achn chaff 1 : sharp : keen : pointed : acute oxyaster oxycephaly oxydactyl oxyrhynchous 2 : quick oxytocic 3 : acid oxyphytic oxyphile oxy. fr. Gk osm-.NL. .or osteo. ostrea : oyster ostreiform ostreoid ostreophagous ot. fr.combining form NL. fr. or characterized by observatory gustatory 2 : containing. fr. Gk ostrak-. of fishes Coccosteus -ostosis n combining form. to-. osteon : bone osteal osteomyelitis osteochondr. oryssein to dig : fossil : mineral oryctology oryctognosy oryz. neut. fr. fr. : in a manner that goes beyond. high. ostrakon shell : ones having such a shell in names of taxa chiefly of crustaceans Arthrostraca Conchostraca ostre. fr. -oire. vardhate he increases 1 a : straight : upright : vertical orthoceras orthal orthograde orthosymmetric b : exact : parallel orthodiagram ortho-cousin orthodome 2 : correct : corrective orthometry orthodontia 3 : an acid in the highest hydrated or hydroxylated form known either in the free state or in salts or esters orthoarsenic acid orthoformic acid compare . or characterized by a specified action. fr. producing. ox.combining form ox. or characterized by having a disease caused by a specified fungus blastomycotic often used to form adjectives corresponding to nouns in -osis -otic adj combining form Gk tikos of the ear 1 : of or relating to a specified part of the ear epiotic entotic 2 a : of or relating to an area having a specified spatial relationship to the ear parotic periotic b : of or relating to a bone having a specified spatial relationship to the ear prootic sphenotic -ous adj suffix ME. or condition holocoenotic b : having an abnormal or diseased condition of a specified kind aphosphorotic 2 : showing an increase or a formation of something specified leukocytotic 3 : of.combining form osmose : osmosis : osmotic osmometer -osphresia also -osphrasia n combining form . adj.combining form NL. Gk. relating to. involving. . straight. L. fr. ostrako-. fr. fr. acide oxalique oxalic acid : related to oxalic acid oxalamide oxalosuccinic oxido. fr. fr. fr. L. fr. Gk osteon bone : one having such a bone or bones in generic names esp. L : disease caused by a specified fungus chytridiosis osm. in place of the methylene group CH 10H-9-oxaanthracene oxazacycloheptane compare -.combining form by shortening : . fr.combining form NL. fr. fr.or ostraco. suffix : one that relates to or is used for: as a : place of or for reformatory observatory b : something that serves for crematory -ory adj suffix ME -orie. L -us final portion of the nom. Skt rdhva upright. certain verbs . fr. fr. Gk . process. fr.combining form NL.combining form F.or ovo. fr. fr. pl. Gk osteon bone : bone : bone part lophosteon -osteus n combining form NL. Gk -ost sis. ovi-. fr. fr. Gk.+ chondr.: containing oxygen in place of carbon or regarded as in place of carbon usu. L.combining form ME.combining form F.combining form L ov-.combining form L osse. of -orius.L Gk L -otes. fr.or oto. suffix used to form agent nouns derived fr.combining form L ostre-. out. pl -oses or -osises ME. fr.or ovi.: containing oxygen as a doubly coordinated group dioxouranium VI UO ++ oxy. t-.ISV -ose + -ide : glycoside or similar compound ganglioside heteroside compare 2b -osis n suffix. oxide 1 : oxide specif : in names of organic chemical compounds oxidoethane 2 : oxidation oxidoreduction oxo. pl -ostoses or -ostosises NL. masc. -eus. sing. Gk osphr sis sense of smell Gk osphrasia odor akin to Gk ozein to smell : sense of smell anosphresia anosphrasia osse.sis -osis : ossification of a specified part or to a specified degree hyperostosis ectostosis 39 -oyl ostrac.or osseo. oxal. verbal of orychein. -os. oxygène oxygen : containing oxygen esp. relating to.or ovario.or ostreo. L -orius 1 : of. oss-. MF L MF -orie -oire. certain verbs + -ikos -ic 1 a : of.or osteochondro. fr.or oryzo. Gk osm : one having such an odor in generic names of plants Barosma Coprosma osmo. fr. fr.or oxalo. L -osus partly fr.orooro. fr. surpasses. fr. Gk. fr. Gk -ostraka neut.

Latvian bìezs dense. para akin to Gk pro before. pant-. parti. parti political party fr. fr. axis : pathological state characterized by repetition of a specified act palilalia palirrhea pallidi.combining form NL.combining form NL globus pallidus + -o. fr. fr. parti. fr. decision + -isme : tendency toward or active operation of a specified number of political parties in a governmental system multi-partism parv. fr.or papillo. L. fr.or parvi. fr.1 : pallium : sheet palliostratus 2 : pallial and paliocardiac palmat. ozone : ozone ozonize pachy.combining form Gk paid-.or paido. E party.or paleo. paid-. boy : child paedomorphism paedobaptism : offspring paedogenesis -pagus n combining form.combining form obs. MF.combining form ISV. emotion. slight : small parvanimity parvifolious Parvobacteriaceae path. fr.also paid. by. fr.1 : globus pallidus pallidofugal 2 : pallidal and pallidohypothalamic pallio. Gk.or ozono.combining form NL.or pancreato. Gk. pan. fr. maiden. fr.or palaeo. Gk -path s.combining form ISV. L palud-. fr. L papilla nipple 1 : papilla papilliferous papilliform 2 : papillary papilledema papilloma papilloretinitis 3 : papillomatous papillocarcinoma papillosarcoma papulo. fr. back-formation fr. party per pale. fr. of panmore at . adj. parvi-. fr.combining form NL palli um + -o.or parasito.combining form Gk palai-.F -partisme.or partheno.combining form L. palaio-.combining form Gk.: pan. Gk. part-. rock.combining form Gk palin. fr. fr. deep. many : thick Pachydermata pachytene pachymeter paed. fr. or in defense against armed parachutists paraspotter -para n combining form. G.combining form NL. parasite : parasite parasitemia parasitophobia parasiticide pari.. -pathie -pathy in sense 2.combining form L pallidus : pale pallidiflorous pallidipalpate pallido. pathos experience. or affected in a specified way telepathic 2 : affected by disease of a specified part or kind myopathic 3 : relating to therapy based on a specified unitary theory of disease or its treatment homeopathic pathologico. . fr. far off. or disordered condition : abnormal paralexia paranoia paraphrenia b : perversion parabulia paracanthosis c : abortive paracarpium parastyle 5 : derived from an original sediment in the name of a metamorphic rock paragneiss compare para. Gk -patheia. ancient. Skt carama last. pars : part parti-mortgage -partism n combining form . palma palm 1 : palm tree palmicolous palmivorous 2 a : palmat. every akin to Skt śaśvat all. in names of diseases paratyphoid 2 : isomeric with. paido-. ML.or pedo. bear young 1 : woman that has been delivered of a specified number of children nullipara 2 : female that produces a specified kind or number of eggs or gives birth to a specified kind or number of young gynopara multipara parasit. joined to the second element with a hyphen pan-sectarian Pan-Asian Pan-Slavism 2 : whole : general panatrophy pancarditis panhysterectomy panesthesia pancreat.or pano. irregular. alter. Gk pagos something fixed.or palae. parthenos : virgin : without fertilization parthenogenesis parthenote parti. MF parti striped. OF. neut.combining form NL.combining form F papill-. fr. L par : equal : equally paridigitate parieto.or patho. of partir to divide. fr. pas all.combining form parietal : parietal and parietofrontal -parous adj combining form L -parus. pais child. of pas all.or palmati. match. Gk pant-. palaios old. fr.palmilobate palminerved b : with or on the palms palmigrade paludi. past part. ahead 1 a : beside : alongside of paracentral parabiosis parasynapsis b : parallel paraheliotropism c : parasitic parazoon d : associated in a subsidiary or accessory capacity paramilitary e : closely resembling the true form : almost esp.in sense 1.combining form MF panto-. frost : monster with a specified type of fixation craniopagus palato.ozonInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry in names of radicals derived from acids whose names end in -oic decanoyl and also most other organic acids oleoyl phthaloyl compare ozon. fr. pl -pagi NL. palus marsh : marsh paludicole pam.combining form L parv-. ISV.combining form NL. passion. pachys akin to ON bingr heap.also palaio.NL more at :2 hyperpathia lymphopathia -pathic adj combining form ISV -pathy + -ic 1 : feeling. ME party. fr. fr. fr. every more at : . fr.combining form parachute 1 : specially trained or equipped for descent by parachute from airplanes parabomb paramarine paratrooper 2 : of.or ped.combining form Gk. Gk. palai long ago akin to Gk t le far.prefix ME. fr. or otherwise closely related to paraldehyde paracasein paraperiodic acid compare . suffering.combining form LL.also party. fr.also parvo.combining form LL palmatus palmate 1 : palmate palmatic palmatiform 2 : palmately palmatifid palmi. fr. MF. fr. parvus akin to Gk pauros small. fr.combining form L palatum palate 1 : palate : of the palate palatogram palatoplegia 2 : palatal and palatodental pale. polymeric with. beget.also panta. fr. suffering 1 : pathological pathomorphosis 2 : pathological and pathohistological 3 : pathological state : disease pathogen pathergy 4 : emotion pathometer -path n combining form . fr. much.4a 3 : beyond : outside of parenteral 4 a : faulty. fr.or par.pantobase pantagraph pantophobia pantotype papill. pathos 1 : a practitioner of a specified system of medicine that emphasizes some one aspect of disease and its treatment allopath hydropath osteopath 2 : one suffering from a specified kind of ailment psychopath neuropath -pathia n combining form . party. fr. go away : various : variegated parti-striped parti. fr. Gk pankreat-. pl -paras or -parae L.or paedo. parere to bring forth.combining form ISV. pancreatic 1 : pancreatic pancreaticogastrostomy 2 : pancreatic and pancreaticobiliary pancreaticoduodenal pant. back akin to Gk polos pivot. thick. parti-colored.combining form ISV. outermost 1 a : remote in point of time Paleocene b : involving ancient forms or conditions paleoclimate c : of ancient origin : ancestral Paleo-Eskimo d : dealing with ancient or fossil forms paleobotany 2 : early : primitive : archaic paleoanthropic palaeotypography 3 : Old World Paleotropical 4 : of pre-Tertiary origin in names of minerals paleopicrite pali. fr. papyros papyrus 1 : papyrus papyrology 2 : paper papyrograph para. MF.also parasiti. pankreas pancreas 1 : pancreas pancreatalgia : pancreas and pancreatoduodenectomy 2 : pancreatic pancreatism pancreatico.combining form ME.or panto. fr. L.combining form L. pathological : pathological and pathologicoanatomical -pathy n combining form L -pathia. fr. fr. Skt bahu dense. pali again. produce : giving birth to : bearing : producing biparous fetiparous viviparous oviparous parthen. virgin.combining form Gk. fr. fr. śvayati he swells 1 a : all : completely pancyclopedic panophobia pancultural pangenesis pantelegraph b often cap : all of a specified group usu. Av bazah high. every. parere to give birth to. fr. L papula 1 : papula papulopustular 2 : papulous and papulosquamous papulovesicular 40 -pathy papyro. panto-. fr.

pes foot : having such or so many feet scutiped -ped or -pede n combining form . seek + E -al : going toward : seeking acropetal -petalae n pl combining form NL.combining form patr.combining form L penni-. L petere to go toward. -pexia.prefix L. L.or petro. p lo-. patr-. fr.L ped-. fr.or pericardo. patr-. fr.or phako. p los perh.or pent. pater partly fr. as a result of exhaustive substitution for hydrogen or of exhaustive addition in an organic compound or group perchloroethylene perhydronaphthalene C H compare . Gk penia poverty. NL pelvis 1 : pelvis pelvic pelviscope 2 : pelvic and pelvisacral pelvorenal pene. gray : dun-colored phaeoderm Phaeophyceae often in names of compounds related to chlorophyll pheophytin phag.or pedio. L.combining form ISV. p xis solidity. p gnynai to fix.: crystalline lens of the eye phakoma phaeo. penna feather. paucus little : few paucifoliate paucidisperse -pe. fr.combining form ISV. L.combining form L Gk pentedeka-. Gk pentekaideka. fr.+ kai and + deka ten : fifteen pentadecahydrate -pepsia n combining form .or perioste. fr.combining form Gk. fr. thoroughly . putting together fr. fr. pene almost : almost peneplain penacute -penia n combining form . freezing. fr. fr.combining form ME pent-. fr.also penno.combining form piperidine : complete hydrogenation in names of cyclic bases lupetidine pipecoline pectin.or pelvo. completely.L. fr. fr. Gk. lit. peptone : peptone peptide peptogenic pepton.+ -o.or pedo. fr. fr. pepsis digestion : digestion bradypepsia pepsino.prefix L paene-. fr. fr. and to denote completion or perfection or intensifica- 41 -phagia tion . Gk phagein : eater : eaters in taxonomic names in zoology Entomophaga Lithophaga Xylophaga Glossophaga -phage also -phag n combining form . fr. stem of paschein to experience.or patro.or pepto. by in sense 2.or periosteo. earth : soil pedogenesis pedogeography -ped adj combining form L -ped-. by 1 a : throughout perdominant b 1 : containing the largest possible or a relatively large proportion of a specified chemical element esp. used as verbal prefix with the meanings through .or phaco. of Gk penta. thoroughly. five and ten. Gk -p xia solidity. groups. ped-. fr. Gk more at 1 :hemophagia 2 : desire for food hyperphagia .or periphero. MF.combining form. fr.combining form ISV. petalum petal : having such or so many petals apopetalous petr.or peritoneo. petros stone petra rock 1 a : stone : rock petrescent Petricola petrogenesis b : petroleum petroporphyrins 2 : of or relating to the petrous portion of the temporal bone and petrohyoid -pexy n combining form NL.prefix in sense 1.NL.combining form L pelag-.or pelo. fr. pes foot pedo. fr. ped. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr.combining form ISV.penta: quadrillion peta-electron volts -petal adj combining form NL -petus -petal fr. fr. pente 1 : five pentacyclic pentahedron pentalobate pentode 2 : containing five atoms. pene-.combining form periphery 1 : periphery peripherad : peripheral peripheroneural 2 : peripheral and peripherocentral periton.. penta. phagein 1 : one that eats ostreophage xylophage 2 : cell as a phagocyte that destroys cells bacteriophage -phagia n combining form .combining form NL pectin-.or pentadec.or phak. pecten pecten : comb : pecten pectinoid pectiniform Pectinibranchia ped.combining form MF petr-. fasten together + -ia -y : fixation : making fast colloidopexy gastropexy phac. fr.or pen.NL. patr-.also pen.or phago. in the names of geologic strata Permocarboniferous Permopennsylvanian Permotriassic peroneo. Gk p l-. fr. deviating from also. fr. penta-. or equivalents pentahydrate pentamine pentaacetate penthiophene pentadeca. phako-. Permian : Permian and esp. throughout.combining form Gk phaio-. of -petalus -petalous : ones having such or so many petals in names of botanical groups Choripetalae -petalous adj combining form NL -petalus.2a 2 : containing an element in its highest or a high oxidation state perchloric acid 2 : through perradius : by means of perlingual peri. Gk petr-.or pelago. fr.or pectini. pedi. petriL petrNL petro-. wart 1 : lentil : thing shaped like a lentil Phacochoerus phacolith Phacops 2 a : lens phacometer b usu phakor phako. Gk. phaios dusky. phagein to eat 1 : eating : feeding phagedena phagomania 2 : phagocyte phagolysis -phaga n combining form. cap NL.combining form Gk pedon ground. lack : deficiency of erythropenia thrombopenia eosinopenia penni. suffer 1 : feeling : suffering apathy telepathy 2 : disease of a specified part or kind idiopathy myopathy 3 : therapy or system of therapy based on a specified unitary theory of disease or its treatment homeopathy patr.combining form L pedatus : pedate pedatiform : pedately pedatisect pedi. ped-. petro-. per through. phakos lentil.or pericardio. fr. peri akin to Gk peran to pass through 1 : all around : about : round Periarctic pericenter pericyclone periscope 2 : near perihelion 3 a : enclosing or surrounding perineurium periproct perisinuous b : tissue surrounding a specified part in terms in -itis periarthritis pericardi. modif. fr. akin to L pall re to be pale : clay : mud pelite Pelomyxa pelag.or pheo. mole. per through. pat r : father patrikin patrilineal patristic patroclinal patrogenesis patronomatology pauci. pl. fr.combining form L. fr.combining form Gk phak-. peptone : . fr. pater patro-. paene. wing 1 : feather pennoplume penniform 2 : pinnately penninerved penniveined penta.or peritone. fr. pl -phaga NL. L. Gk. detrimentally . fr.fr. object shaped like a lentil. throughout . pepsin : pepsin pepsinogenic -pepsy n combining form L -pepsia : pept. fr.combining form.or petri. Gk pelag-.or pedi. fr. Gk pent-.or patri.partly fr.combining form ped-.combining form ISV. -pes.combining form LL peritoneum 1 : peritoneum peritonealgia peritoneoplasty peritonitis 2 : peritoneal and peritoneomuscular peritoneopericardial permo.fr.combining form ISV. pedion : flat surface : plain Pedioecetes : sole of the foot pedialgia Pediococcus pel. usu cap ISV.combining form Gk.patrpath-. pelago-. fr. fr. fr. perone fibula : pin : fibula Peronospora in the names of taxa peta.combining form NL pericardium 1 : pericardium pericardiectomy pericardiosymphysis pericardotomy 2 : pericardial and pericardiophrenic pericardiopleural periost.combining form NL periosteum 1 : periosteum periosteomyelitis periosteoma periostitis 2 : periosteal and periosteoalveolar peripher. NL. Gk. pes : foot maxilliped maxillipede pedati. patr-.1 : foot : feet pediform pedigerous pedicure 2 : a creature or object specified having feet or footlike projections Pediastrum pedrail 3 : something specified involving the feet pedomotor ped.or pelvi. pelagos : sea pelagial -pellic adj combining form Gk pella wooden bowl + E -ic : having such a pelvis dolichopellic -pelmous adj combining form Gk pelma sole of the foot + E -ous : having such a sole heteropelmous pelv. fr.peptonuria peptonize per.Gk -phagos. fr.or pedo.combining form peroneal : peroneal and peroneocalcaneal perono. ME.fr. pat r patri. fem.

Gk -phagos : eater : one that eats an indicated thing or in an indicated way in generic names of animals Melophagus -phagy n combining form Gk -phagia. pherein to carry : carrier chromophore ctenophore gametophore luminophor semaphore -phoresis n combining form. fr. MIr bil good : loving : having an affinity for dendrophilous lithophilous acidophilous -philus n combining form NL. fr. fem. Gk -ph mia speech. ph n sound. fr. philos beloved. phlyzein to boil over : vein phlebitis phlebogram phlor. relating to the articulation or fluency of speech sounds aphemia brachyphemia compare .LL -phona. sing. quality. neut.or phloro. fr. Gk. philein to love. phainein to show 1 also phaen. fr. -phaneia.F -phile.. Gk -phobos 1 : exhibiting a phobia: having an aversion for Anglophobic calciphobous heliophobous 2 chem : lacking or relating to lack of strong affinity for such a substance opposed to -philic pholid. fr. pl.or pholido. Gk -ph nos -sounding. phaino-. fr. fr.combining form Gk. fr. fr. L. pl. fr. act of carrying. pl -phila NL. Gk pholis scale of a reptile : organism having a specified kind of scale in generic names Conopholis phon.combining form Gk. fr. philos beloved. phasis utterance. fr. OF. phainein to show : substance having a specified form.combining form phase : phase phasogeneous phello. fem. say + -ia -y : speech disorder of a specified type esp. Gk. pharyng-. Gk philos : creature attracted to such a food or habitat in generic names Campephilus Spermophilus -phily n combining form NL -philia 1 : fondness for toxophily 2 : affinity for hydrophily photophily zoophily chiefly in biological and chemical terms phleb. fr. loving prob. phaneros. fr. phanai to say. fr. loving more at : loving : having an affinity for philydraceous philo-Celticism philograph -phil or -phile n combining form . fr. L. innocent.combining form LL. fr. fr. fr. fr. NL. of -phorus : organism bearing a specified structure Cladophora : organisms bearing a specified structure Ctenophora -phorae n pl combining form NL. Gk phainein to show : appearance : manifestation pneumatophany Satanophany pharmaco. fr. pharynx 1 : pharynx pharyngalgia pharyngitis 2 : pharyngeal and pharyngonasal -phasia also -phasy n combining form. Gk philia. Gk. dear. fr. loving. fr. fr. MF. pl. pl -phasias also -phasies -phasia. pl -phoreses NL. flight : one having a specified phobia Anglophobe chromophobe heliophobe photophobe -phobic or -phobous adj combining form -phobic fr. fr. phobos fear.NL. sing. loving : loving : having a fondness or affinity for hemophile Francophil organophile -phila n combining form.phaenogam 2 phene a : related to benzene phenol : containing phenyl phenethyl phenobarbital esp : containing two benzene rings phenazine phenothiazine b : phenol phenoxide phenanthr. fr. F -phobique. fr. -phobos fearing + -ikos -ic phobous fr.combining form ME fleb-. relating to phonation dysphonia baryphony compare .or phobo. akin to Gk phloos bark : cork : bark phelloderm phellogen -phemia n combining form . fr. ph nein to sound. OHG bil-. phleps blood vessel. Gk -phobikos. phainein to show : visible : manifest : open phanerocryst phanerogam -phany n combining form LGk -phania. in biological and medical terms anthropophagy biophagy cytophagy geophagy -phalangia n combining form . fr. ISV phlorizin : related to phlorizin phloretin phloroglucin phob.phen. fr. fr.or phenanthro. LL phleb-.+ -one : aromatic ketone containing a phenyl or substituted phenyl group attached to a specified acyl group acetophenone benzophenone resacetophenone -pher n combining form . bila. and neut. of -phorus : organisms carrying a specified structure Discophorae Physophorae -phore or -phor n combining form . Gk. ph nein to sound + -ia -y 1 : sound acrophony cacophony 2 usu -phonia : speech disorder of a specified type esp. fr.or pharyngo. fr. cork. statement. phellos prob.combining form F.-phora n combining form. fr. Gk. neut. pl -phonies also -phonias ME -phonie. pharmakon : medicine : drug pharmacomania pharmacophobia pharmacotherapy pharyng.Gk -phan s appearing. fr. L. pholid-. -phoros -phorous + -ia -y : bearing : state : tendency euphoria ideaphoria heterophoria . dear. LL -phobus.or pheno. of -ph nos -sounding. fr. fr. Gk -ph nia. phalanx + -ia : condition of the phalanges brachyphalangia -phane n combining form .goodnatured.or phanero. speech.or phaeno. fr. friendly. fr. phagein to eat + -ia -y : eating of a specified type or substance esp.NL -phorus. ph m speech. fr.simple.or phono.or phlebo. Gk.combining form Gk pharmako-.. . fr.combining form NL. speak -phasy fr.or philo. fr. -ph nos -sounding fr. fr. fr. NL -phasia : speech disorder of a specified type esp. ph no-. akin to OE bile. fr. fr. loving : one that loves : lover : one having a fondness or affinity for or a strong attraction to acidophil hemophile bibliophile Anglophile -phil or -phile adj combining form NL -philus. on a specified kind of food anthropophagous creophagous cytophagous saprophagous -phagus n combining form NL. ph nein to sound 1 : sound : voice in names of musical instruments and sound-transmitting devices saxophone earphone radiophone 2 : speaker of a specified language Francophone -phone adj combining form F.or phenanthra. fr. dear. pholis scale of a reptile akin to Gk phloos bark : scale pholidosis pholidolite -pholis n combining form NL. fr. pl. fr. Gk -phoros. fr. fr. voice : of or relating to a population that speaks a specified language Francophone -phony also -phonia n combining form. -ph mos speaking fr.a : showing phenocryst b : . fr. phagein to eat : feeding esp. pl -phora NL. phanai to speak. fr. fr.combining form ME. Gk. fr. fr.-phagous -phagous adj combining form Gk -phagos. fr. Gk ph n-.Gk -phobos -fearing. philos loving more at 1 : tendency toward chromatophilia spasmophilia 2 : abnormal appetite or liking for claustrophilia -philic adj combining form phil. Gk philos beloved. L. vein akin to Gk phlyein. Gk phor sis being carried : transmission electrophoresis iontophoresis -phoria n combining form . fr. fr. LL -phobicus.2 phen. fr.NL.combining form Gk. or appearance cymophane glaucophane hydrophane phaner.+ -ic : having an affinity for : loving : attracted by : adapted to electrophilic heliophilic lyophilic opposed to -phobic -philous adj combining form Gk philos beloved. fr.NL.combining form Gk phain-. Gk -philos.Gk pherein to carry : one that carries chronopher telpher phil. phobos : fear : avoidance phobism phobophobia phobotaxis -phobe n combining form .combining form phenanthr ene : phenanthrene phenanthridine phenanthrofuran phenanthraquinone -phenone n combining form . ph n : sound : voice : speech : tone phonal phonograph phonology -phone n combining form .NL. OF.combining form L. phleb-. fr. fr. fr. of -philus : one or ones attracted to or living or growing by preference in in names of biological taxa Ammophila Anthophila 42 -phoria -philia n combining form . relating to the symbolic use of language dysphasia tachyphasia compare . dear. fem. LGk -ph na. L -phonia.2 phaso. fr. shining. phalang-.

combining form Gk ph s-. fr. relating to. and prob.combining form NL pistillum : pistil pistilline pistilloid pithec. Gk phthora destruction. ph s : light phosacid phosnitric phosph. Gk phyllon leaf 1 : one having such leaves or leaflike parts in generic names of animals Cyathophyllum and esp. pherein to carry : carrying : ascophorous phyllophorous androphorous -phorum n combining form. an IE compound whose first constituent is akin to Gk epi on and whose second constituent is akin to Gk hezesthai to sit more at .or physo.or phylo. phr n diaphragm.combining form ISV. fr.combining form F. fin : feather : fin pinnal Pinnipedia pinnati. pinako. pinak-. fr. physio-. fr.or pilo. fr. fr. phreno-.or phreni. or leaflike parts isophyllous oligophyllous macrophyllous 2 : being in such a position in relation to a leaf epiphyllous -phyllum n combining form NL.combining form NL. mind 1 : mind phrenology 2 a : diaphragm phrenic b : diaphragmatic and phrenocardiac 3 : phrenic nerve phreniclasia -phrenia n combining form . fr. fr.combining form L phren-. fr. fr. phylo-. pl.board. of or relating to natural philosophy.or plagio.F -phylle. picture. fr.picture. ph s 1 : light photeolic photon photography photoperiod 2 : photograph : photographic photofinish photoalbum photofilm 3 : photoelectric photocell photocurrent 4 : photon photomeson 5 : photochemical photochlorination photoproduct -phrasia n combining form .or pitheco. or concerned with the body esp.combining form L. phykos : seaweed : algae phycitol phycochrome -phyceae n pl combining form NL. pinnatus pinnate : pinnately pinnatisect pisci. fr. fr.combining form NL. ML porphyrium : porphyritic rock aphanophyre -phyric adj combining form ISV -phyre + -ic : porphyritic aphyric phys.also pinak. Gk physa bellows 1 a 43 plan- : marked by the presence of gas physocele b : swollen : bladdery Physocephalus Physopsis 2 : air bladder Physostomi physi. pith ko-. fr.or photo. phthisis : phthisis phthisiotherapy -phthora n combining form NL. fr. phyle phylon tribe.fr.combining form NL. Gk physikos 1 : natural : based on the study of nature physicotheology 2 : physical physicooptics : physical and physicomental 3 : combined with physics physicochemistry : relating to physics and physicomathematical phyt.combining form Gk plak-. race both akin to Gk phyein to bring forth 1 : tribe : race phylography 2 : phylum phylogeny phylar phyll. fr. fr.combining form L pilus : hair pilosis pilifer pilocystic pil. fr.combining form L physio-. fr. L phrasis diction + NL -ia : speech disorder of a specified type embolophrasia phren. pith kos : ape : monkey pithecan pithecometric -pithecus n combining form NL. Gk phyllon leaf : leaf microphyll -phyllous adj combining form NL -phyllus. to Skt pin ka staff : tablet pinacoid pinacocyte pinn. fr.combining form Gk. ph to-. mind + NL -ia : disordered condition of mental functions hebephrenia phthal. plako.combining form NL. fr. fr.combining form L pinaco. Gk phyl-. freq. plants Brachyphyllum Podophyllum 2 pl -phylla : leaf mesophyllum 3 : fossil resembling a plant of a specified group in generic names Sapindophyllum -phyre n combining form . pilos hair : felt Pilocarpus pinac. Gk -phoros -phorous : carrier in generic names in zoology Istiophorus phos. Gk. clan. wing. phyllon leaf 1 : having such or so many leaves.combining form L. fr.or phospho.combining form Gk piezein to squeeze.or phyto. Gk physi-. pikros bitter 1 : bitter Picramnia Picrodendron 2 : picric acid picryl picrocarmine 3 : containing magnesium picromerite -picrin n suffix . of phyton : plants in names of taxa Bryophyta Cormophyta -phyte n combining form . fr. fr. of -phoros -phorous : hymenophorum -phorus n combining form NL. phyton akin to Gk phyein to bring forth : plant phytobacteriology phytosis -phyta n pl combining form NL. pl -phora NL. press akin to Skt p ayati to squeeze. death. Gk phyll-. Gk pinak-. fr. fr. Gk phyton plant 1 : plant having a specified characteristic or habitat xerophyte microphyte 2 : pathological growth osteophyte -phytic adj combining form ISV -phyte + -ic : like a plant holophytic pico.or phthalo. fr.or picro. fr.NL.combining form ISV. Gk pikros bitter + -in 1 : bitter substance gentiopicrin 2 : substance related to picric acid chloropicrin picto. phorein to carry along. pinna feather.or plano.combining form ISV.or placo. It piccolo small : one trillionth 10− part of picofarad picogram picr. Gk phren-.or phyllo. of pherein to carry : carrying on : having motion : direction phorozooid phoronomy phorometry -phorous adj combining form Gk -phoros. fr.ISV -picr. fr. fr. phosphorique phosphoric in acide phosphorique phosphoric acid 1 : phosphoric acid : phosphate phosphergot phosphoarginine 2 : phosphorus phosphoferrite phosphor. Gk -phoron.or pinni. physis nature 1 a : nature : natural : belonging to or concerned with the natural order physitheism b : of. fr. tablet. fr.F -phyre. press both fr. plagios : oblique : aslant Plagianthus plagiotropic plan. phyllon 1 : leaf phyllomorphous 2 : part or thing resembling a leaf phyllidium 3 : chlorophyll phyllin -phyll n combining form .or pilo. wandering. fr. perh. NL.combining form L phyl-. fr. phyko. of pingere to paint + E -o. pinax akin to OHG wituf na heap of wood. phyl tribe. fr.or physio. fr. fr.seaweed.combining form NL phosphorus : phosphorus phosphorate : phosphoric acid phosphoramidic acid phosphorothioic acid phot. fr.or phyco. Gk.combining form F. planos akin to Gk planasthai to wander : moving about : motile planuria planogamete .: picture pictograph piezo.: pressure piezometer pigmento.combining form NL. fr.flat surface.combining form Gk pith k-.or phreno. plax : tablet : flat plate placodont placoderm plagi. Russ pen stump. fr. Gk -phyllos. ph t-.combining form ISV. Gk pith kos : ape in generic names Sivapithecus plac. neut. tablet. fr. fr. fr.combining form Gk ph t-.or pili. Gk phyta. fr.NL. fr. fr. Gk phren-. fr. ML. fr. phr n diaphragm. leaflets. piscis : fish piscifauna pisciculture pistill. Gk phyk-. phren-. plak-. fr.combining form Gk. fr. Gk phyllon leaf 1 : coloring matter occurring in plants chrysophyll 2 NL -phyllum. porphyre porphyry.-phoric -phoric adj combining form -phore + -ic : having such a bearing or tendency eccoproticophoric phoro. Gk phykos seaweed : seaweed : algae in names of major groups of algae Chlorophyceae Myxophyceae phyl. fr.combining form L pictus past part.or pinaco. stub.ISV. fr. phtheirein to destroy : destroyer in generic names of fungi Entomophthora phyc. Gk. as distinct from the mind physiogenic 2 : physical physiotherapy : physical and physiopsychic 3 : physiological physiopsychology : physiological and physiopathologic physico. Gk. fr. phyllo-.combining form NL phyllo-.combining form prob. phthalic in phthalic acid : phthalic acid : related to phthalic acid phthalamic acid phthalonitrile phthisio.or phosphoro.combining form L pigmentum : pigment pigmentogenic pil. fr. L physicus natural.

ML pleura : lining : girdle endopleura epipleura -plex n combining form partly fr. the stem of pl ssein to strike + NL -ia : paralysis of a specified nature paraplegia -plegy n combining form NL -plegia : paralysis of a specified nature pleio.combining form NL. stroke fr. fr. pneuma 1 : air : gas pneumoempyema pneumopericardium 2 : lung : pulmonary and pneumogastric pneumectomy 3 : respiration pneumogram 4 : pneumonia : pneumonia and pneumoenteritis pneumobacillus pneumococcus pneumat.combining form NL. plur-.or pneumono. fr. fr. fr. adj. fr.NL. planos wandering + -ia -y more at .or podo. plasma : plasmatoparous -plasmia n combining form . Gk -plastia form. fr.combining form NL platinum : platinum platinichloride platiniferous platy. combining form.NL. fr. -plastos formed.or plumbo. Gk -pneustos having such breath. pno breathing.combining form NL platinum 1 : platinum platinotype platiniridium 2 : platinic acid platinate platini. NL plasma : formative or formed material as of a cell or tissue cytoplasm nucleoplasm karyoplasma metaplasm plasmato. side. fr.or pluvio. fr. Gk plasis molding + NL -ia -y : development : formation dysplasia heteroplasia homoplasy -plasis n combining form. fr.or plio. fr. poikilos : variegated : various Poecilichthys poecilogony poikilitic poikiloblast pogon. Gk. float : wealth plutarchy plutomania pluvi. pl -podia NL. fr.combining form Gk plout-. fr.combining form Gk plektos.: a wandering of a specified substance into a tract not its own menoplania -plasia or -plasy n combining form.combining form L planus : flat : level : plane planiform planigraphy -plania n combining form . having such or so many feet. breath. -pous : having such or so many feet acanthopod -pod also -pode n combining form . Gk.combining form LGk. fr.NL podium foot 1 a : a footlike part pseudopode b : foot nectopod 2 : endopod -poda n pl combining form NL.or pogono.or plesio. fr. fr. fr. pneuma 1 : spirit pneumatophobia pneumatography 2 : air : vapor : gas pneumatolytic pneumatize pneumaturia 3 : respiration pneumatograph pneumatometer 4 : pneumatic pneumatogram pneumon.or plasmodio. mold.or plecto. LL -plastus. Gk -plastos.or platino.or pleo. plassein to mold : molding anaplasis cataplasis paraplasis plasm.combining form LL plat-. complex. pod-. fr. Gk pl g blow.combining form Gk. fr. fr. -pous having such or so many feet + E -ous more at : having such or so many feet : -footed acanthopodous hexapodous poecil. fr.combining form NL plasmodium : plasmodium plasmodiocarp plasmoditrophoblast plasmodic -plast n combining form . platys : flat : broad platycnemic platoid platypoda plect. fr.combining form L. akin to Gk plein to sail. plastos formed. fr. Gk. fr. fr. fr. plekein : twisted plectenchyma plectognath -plegia n combining form . fr. pl -plases NL. fr. fr. assumed Gk pneustos verbal of Gk pnein to breathe : animals having a specified mode of breathing in higher taxa Enteropneusta pod.or poikil. fr. Gk pneum-. pod-.Gk -pod-.or pneumato. fr.NL.or pneumo. plus more : many : having or being more than one : . pous foot : one having such or so many feet chenopod -pod adj combining form Gk -pod-.or plasmodi. fr.or plano.ISV pod.or pluto.also pluvia. fr. Gk. plumbum : lead plumbate plumbojarosite pluri. fr. molded. pneumat-. fr.combining form L planus flat. Gk plat-. molded 1 a : thing made gypsoplast meloplast b : plastic esp. fr.planplan.NL. neut. pluvia : rain pluviameter pluvian pluviography -pnea or -pnoea n combining form . pod. pnein to breathe : breath : breathing hyperpnea polypnoea oligopnea pneum. Gk. pelas near : close : near plesiomorphous plesiosaurus pleur.or poikilo. or -plasty rhinoplastic protoplastic plasto. 1 : a figure having a given power googolplex 2 : a building divided into an often specified number of spaces as apartments or movie theaters fourplex multiplex -ploid adj combining form ISV. Gk pl si-.also plat. Gk -pnoia. pneum n : lung pneumonectomy pneumonocele -pneusta n pl combining form NL. fr.NL. ploutos prob. fr.+ -ia -y : condition of having such feet platypodia -podite n combining form . pleura 1 a : pleura pleurectomy pleuriseptate pleurogenic b : pleura and pleuropericarditis pleuropedal 2 : side : lateral pleurite pleurocentrum 3 : rib pleural -pleura n combining form . molded 1 : formation : development plastochron plastotype 2 : plasticity : plastic plastometer plastomer 3 : cytoplasm plastogamy plastomere 4 : plastid plastogene -plasty n combining form F -plastie. fr. fr. poikilo-. fr. -plast.combining form NL. fr.combining form Gk plasmat-. diploid haploid : having or being a chromosome number that bears such a relationship to or is so many times the basic chromosome number characteristic of a given plant or animal group heteroploid hexaploid heptaploid plumb.NL. level 1 : flat planometer planoccipital 2 : flatly planorotund 3 : flat and plano-concave plani. of -pod-. L podium 1 : one having a specified kind of foot or part resembling a foot in generic names Chenopodium Lycopodium 2 : foot : footlike part pleuropodium -podous adj combining form Gk -pod-. pl. -pous. platy-. -pous having such or so many feet : ones having such or so many feet in taxonomic names in zoology Arthropoda Decapoda Heteropoda compare -podia n combining form . fr. ple n 1 : more Pleiocene pleomorphism pleomastia Pliocene 2 : Pliocene Pliohippus Pliopithecus plesi. fr. Gk plasis molding. in names of groups of plastics phenoplast 2 a : organized particle or granule : cell bioplast leucoplast b : formative cell : odontoplast -plastic adj combining form Gk -plastikos. -pod-. fr. pous 1 : foot podology podoscaph 2 : hoof pododerm 3 : peduncle : stalk Podocarpus Podophthalmia -pod n combining form .G -plasma.combining form ME pluvy-.combining form NL plesi-.or pleuro.combining form NL. act of wandering. fr. fr.combining form F. pnoia. p g no-. plastos formed.MF -plaste.combining form Gk plei n. p g n : beard : something resembling a beard Pogonia pogonotomy . plouto-. -pous. plastos. fr.combining form Gk. fr. fr. pl sio-. pl -plasias or -plasies NL -plasia. fr. fr.pluriaxial plurilocular plut. plasma + -ia : a specified condition of the blood plasm oligoplasmia plasmod.or pleuri. -plastos -plast + -ia -y : plastic surgery dermatoplasty autoplasty cineplasty platin.+ -ite : segment of an appendage of an arthropod basipodite endopodite -poditic adj combining form -podium n combining form. n.or plasmo. Gk.combining form Gk poikil-. verbal of plassein to form + -ikos -ic 1 : developing : forming : growing heteroplastic xyloplastic 2 : of or relating to something designated by a term ending in -plasm. Gk p g n-. L. NL plasma 1 : plasma plasmapheresis plasmodium 2 : cytoplasm plasmolysis plasmogamy 3 : protoplasm plasmoptysis -plasm or -plasma n combining form . pl sios. L -plex as in duplex 44 pogon- duplex partly fr. fr.or poecilo. rib. L pluvi-.combining form L plumb-. fr.

more than two or three units of a specified substance polyatomic polysulfide compare . fr.or potamo. face. fr. pros. Gk. L porus bodily passage. Gk. pro before.person. pollin-. L prae before 1 : past : by preterist 2 : beyond the range of : surpassing preternormal pri.combining form ISV. fr. from. in front of. L.combining form NL. eye 1 : person prosopography 2 : face prosopalgia Prosopothrips prot. pl -praxises also -praxes NL. L politicus political 1 : political and politico-diplomatic politico-military 2 : politics politicomania politicophobia 3 : political politico-pressure : politically politico-nationalist politico-orthodox pollin. fr. Gk praxis doing. pollen : pollen pollinic polliniferous poly.combining form L posterus coming after 1 : posterior and posteroanterior posterolateral 2 : at the back part of posterodorsal potam. ps face. fr. fr. OF. Gk pri n saw : creature with a specified kind of sawlike part in generic names Diprion -privic adj combining form L privus deprived of. LL pseud-. LGk pr t-.or prosopo.combining form ME pseudo-. fr.prefix LL. with verbs to mean before .or presbyo. polys akin to L plenus full 1 a : many : several : diverse : much : -. polis : city megalopolis politico.or pollini.combining form proximal : proximal proximobuccal opposed to distpsamm. potamos akin to Gk piptein to fall 1 : river potamic potamodromous 2 : electric current potamometer -praxia n combining form . later. falsify 1 : false: a : sham : feigned : fake pseudodramatic pseudoserious b : counterfeit : spurious pseudoantique c . Gk. fr. spelled proto.older. pos toward of proti more at 1 : near : toward prosenchyma 2 prob. fr. on behalf of .pon fr. fr. fr. fr.combining form L praeter past. fr. fr. fr.prefix ME. pros po. fr. fr. perh.combining form NL. gray. fr.polytonality polycentric polycotyledon polycross polyarthritis b : excessive : abnormal : polygalactia polychromia polydactylous 2 chem a : containing more than one and esp. prae 1 a 1 : earlier than : prior to : before predeparture prehistoric pre-Slavic pre-Victorian 2 : preparatory or prerequisite to premedical preprofessional 3 : in a formative.and joined to a capitalized second element with a hyphen Proto-Arabic Proto-Indo-European prote. akin to Gk Arcadian Cyprian dial. prob. post adv. for. OF L OF. Gk pri n saw more at : saw : resembling a saw Priacanthus priodont prion. proti near.prefix L also used esp. Gk.combining form NL. pos toward. pore : one or ones having such a passage or pore or such or so many passages or pores chiefly in generic names Heliopora Millepora -pore n combining form .or protero. OE of of. fr.prefix ME. Skt paśca behind. forward . p-. Gk. fr. Gk. by. alter. ahead : before : earlier : former proterozoic proteranthous proximo. fr. fr. pros near. pri n saw. p . fr. fruit : apple pomiform pomivorous -poo suffix origin unknown used as a disparaging diminutive cutesy-poo drinkipoo -pora n combining form NL. pseudo-.combining form LL prosopo-. toward. fr.L porus : opening atriopore blastopore poro.combining form LL pomum. fr. fr. without. proteros akin to Gk pro before. fr. off 1 a : after : subsequent : later postdate postentry postnati b : behind postfix : posterior postabdomen : following after postconsonantal 2 a : subsequent to : later than postadolescence postclassical postoperative postwar b : behind : posterior to postantennal postcardinal postocular postero. psammos : sand psammobiotic psammophile pseud. Gk praxis action + NL -ia : performance of movements echopraxia parapraxia -praxis n combining form. Gk pros p-.combining form ME protho-.combining form NL. ahead 1 a : first in time protohistoric protonymph b : first in status : chief in rank or importance : principal protocerebrum protocone c : beginning : tending toward : giving rise to protofascism protoplanet 2 chem a : first or lowest of a series : member of a series having or supposed to have the smallest relative amount of the element or radical indicated in the name to which it is prefixed protoxide protochloride b : substance held to be the parent of the substance to the name of which it is prefixed protoactinium c : first or primary product of decomposition protoproteose 3 biol a : archetypal protomorph protonephros b : first formed : primary protoderm protoxylem 4 usu cap : belonging to or constituting the recorded or assumed language that is ancestral to a language or to a group of related languages or dialects usu. pseud s. fr.prefix ME. fr. progeny : offspring prolicidal proligerous prop. down . fr. in behalf of. fr. at. presbys old man : old age presbyopia presbyophrenia 45 pseud- preter. Gk pros forward. L.+ .or psammo.akin to Gk Cyprian dial.combining form NL. fr. fr. pros pon. cheat.NL. fr. fr.combining form ISV. Gk. by a specified system or agency chiropraxis radiopraxis pre. fr.also praeter. forth . fr.combining form NL. fr. fr. fr. prep. Gk potam-. toward. on. beyond. fr. fr. Gk p g n. after. pseudein to lie. L prae-.combining form ME. fr. fr. fr. influenced by Gk dial.combining form Gk poros pore : pore porogamy post. potamo-.-pogon -pogon n combining form NL. on account of 1 : taking the place of : substituting for procathedral pro-regent pro-treasurer 2 : siding with : advocating : favoring : supporting : championing pro-British pro-liberalism proli. polios 1 : of or relating to the gray matter of the brain or spinal cord poliomyelitis 2 : gray Polianthes -polis n combining form LL. propionic in propionic acid : related to propionic acid propane propyl pros. Gk presby.or proteo.b : polymerized : polymeric : polymer of a specified monomer polyethylene pomi. fr. protero-.or proto. pos on. priein to saw : saw : having an action or appearance like that of a saw Prionodesmacea prionodont -prion n combining form NL.or polio. L. fr. pl -poieses NL. fr. at + -g n akin to Gk genys jaw more at . F protéine protein : protein proteolysis proteose proter. MF.combining form L proles offspring. fr. Gk proter-. to 1 : in front Prosobranchia 2 : in a forward direction : onward prosoplasia prosop.or pseudo. Gk prion-. influenced in meaning by Gk pro before : in front prosencephalon proso. fr.combining form NL. L. private + E -ic : deficient in a specified thing or element parathyroprivic pro. fr. fr.combining form NL. Gk poi sis : production : formation hematopoiesis leukopoiesis -poietic adj combining form Gk poi tikos : productive : formative hematopoietic poli. pr tos akin to Gk pro before.combining form L potamo-. action : therapeutic treatment usu. . incipient. to. fr. fr. fr. or preliminary stage precartilage b : in advance : beforehand precut prejudge preplan 2 a : in front of : before preaxial premolar b : at the front : anterior : constituting a front part preabdomen presternum 3 a : exceedingly prenoble preadore b petrography : predominating in a ratio greater than 5:3 prealkalic precalcic prechloric presby. fr.or priono. LL proto-. pr to-. fr.combining form Gk.: beard in generic names Calopogon -poiesis n combining form. pro 1 a : earlier than : prior to : before probaptismal b : rudimentary : proanthropus Promammalia proembryo 2 a : situated before : located in front of : anterior to procerebrum b : front : anterior prothorax 3 : projecting prognathous pro.

fr. rachis + -ia : condition of the spine atelorachidia radio. Gk -pod-.3 b : due to or attributed to the action of fire or heat pyrochlore pyrometamorphism also : of fiery color pyrophanite 3 : fever : fever producing pyrotoxin pyrogen pyramido.combining form L.or pygo. fr. L. fr.or pyro. fr. feather : having so many or such wings or winglike parts anisopterous hexapterous trichopterous -pterus n combining form NL.: winged one : finned one in generic names Dipteryx Odontopteryx ptil.combining form NL. Gk -pteros -pterous : one having such wings or winglike structures in generic names Chaetopterus Trachypterus pteryg.combining form L pulmon-. self 1 : soul : spirit psychogram psychopannychism psychotheism 2 a : mind : mental processes and activities psychodynamic psychology psychometric b : psychological methods psychoanalysis psychotherapy c : cerebral psychosurgery psychotropic d : mental and : psychic and psychogalvanic psychophysical psychro.combining form GK pterid-. pulmo : lung pulmonal pulmoniferous : pulmonary and pulmonocardiac pupillo. fr. fr. pteron wing. Gk pyl gate : opening : orifice micropyle apopyle pylor. ptyein to spit : saliva ptyalagogue ptyalorrhea ptych. fr. fr.combining form NL. Gk pyg + NL -ia : creature having such a rump in generic names in zoology Eurypyga Macropygia pykno. L. fr.also pulmoni.combining form Gk. Lith ra as stubble. psilos akin to Gk ps n to rub. fr. pteron : feather : wing pteridium pterodactyl -ptera n combining form NL.or pyreto. saliva.or quinti.Gk ptilon : feather neossoptile teleoptile protoptile ptyal. fr.combining form Gk. fr. pyknos akin to Gk pyka thickly.combining form Gk rhachi-. Gk. pyg : rump : buttocks pygalgia pgyostyle -pyga or -pygia n combining form -pyga fr. fr.psil: quack pseudoanalyst d : fictitious pseudobiography e : unreal : illusory pseudohallucination 2 a : substance deceptively resembling a specified thing pseudomalachite b : temporary or substitute formation similar to a specified thing pseudobranchia pseudopodium 3 : chemical compound resembling. L radius ray 1 a : radial : radially radiosymmetrical radiolitic b : radial and radiobicipital 2 a : radiant energy : radiation radioactive radioder- . Alb puth kiss. fr. fr. pteris : fern in generic names Glossopteris Ornithopteris -pterous adj combining form Gk -pteros -winged. fr. pod-. Gk. Gk pteryg-.combining form F. rhachis lower part of the back. fr.or quinqu. of one molecule of water from two molecules of acid in names of inorganic acids pyrophosphoric acid compare . ptyein to spit : spittle : spit hemoptysis plasmoptysis pulmo. pyr no-. fr.or psycho.combining form Gk. NL.or rhachio. float 1 : pelvis pyelometry pyelic 2 : renal pelvis pyelogram pyelitis pyg. fr. fr. plein to sail. pl -ptyses NL.4b. in names of organic compounds to denote the quadrupling of a radical or molecule quaterphenyl quaterthiazole quinque. pyelos akin to Gk plynein to wash. fr. pyon pus 1 : marked by the presence of pus in or with pyolymph pyemia 2 : due 46 radio- to or associated with a pus-producing infection : suppurative pyonephritis pyophthalmia pycn. Av pus .or pyreno. wipe : mere : bare psilomelane Psilopsida psor. pyrrhos red. fr.also rhachi. fr.: containing or characterized by the presence of both pus and gas pyopneumocyst pyopneumoperitonitis pyr. backbone akin to Gk rhachos thorn hedge.or psilo. fr.combining form Gk ptych-. psych life. fr.or rachio. MIr fracc needle.or ptero. trough.combining form L pulmo 1 : lung pulmometry 2 : pulmonic and pulmogastric pulmon. fr.or pyloro. fr.combining form Gk.combining form L purpura : purple purpuriparous purpuriferous -pus n combining form NL -pod-. pyro-.or pyo. fr. fr. pyr 1 a : fire : heat pyrometer pyrheliometer b : pyrogenous and pyromagnetic 2 a : derivative by the action of heat esp : derived from the corresponding ortho acid by loss usu. quartus : fourth quartic quater. fr.NL. fr. pteryx wing more at . ps ra : itch psorergates psorosperm psych. spirit. pyramis pyramid 1 : pyramidally pyramidoattenuate 2 : pyramidal and pyramidoprismatic pyren. feather 1 : wing : fin pterygoblast pterygobranchiate 2 : pterygoid and pterygomalar -pterygii n pl combining form NL.combining form ISV.or pyrrho. fr.combining form L. L quater four times : esp. fr. MF. isomeric with. fr.combining form Gk. py. pl. vat. Gk pykn-. in zoology Hemiptera Physaloptera pterid.combining form Gk pyrrh-.or quadr. fr.combining form NL. Gk. fin : winged ones : finned ones in taxonomic names Chrondropterygii Neopterygii Pleuropterygii -pteryx n combining form NL. NL.+ pneum. fr. fr.or pyelo. Gk ptilon akin to Gk pteron feather : down : feather Ptilocercus -ptile n combining form . rachid-. fr. fr. fr. ptych .or quadru. fr.or ptyalo. pteris : fern pteridography pteridoid -pteris n combining form NL. fr.combining form NL. quinque five 1 : five quinquecapsular quinquelateral 2 : into five parts quinquesection quint.or pyle. pyr n 1 : stone of a fruit pyrenocarp 2 : nucleolus pyrenematous pyrenin pyret. pyl gate : portal vein pylethrombophlebitis -pyle n combining form .combining form NL. of -pteros -pterous : organism or organisms having such or so many wings or winglike parts in taxonomic names esp. Gk.combining form L pupilla pupil of the eye : pupil pupillodilator purpuri. neut. .or pylo.or pterido. L akin to L quattuor four 1 a : four quadriliteral quadrual b : square quadric c : . fr. fr.combining form : pyl. pteryg-. fr. or related to a specified compound pseudocumene 4 : abnormal : aberrant pseudarthrosis pseudembryo pseudovum psil. psychros.ISV. Gk. LL. fr.or psoro. pyretos burning heat. pykno-. pyr fire : red : tawny pyrrhite pyrrhotite quadri. -pus. pteryx akin to Gk pteron wing. quintus akin to L quinque five 1 : fifth quintillion 2 : quintiped 3 : a specified musical instrument having its pitch a fifth above the normal rachi.or ptycho. pous foot : creature having such a foot or feet monopus Lycopus chiefly in generic names in zoology mastigopus Pygopus compare py. L pyramid-.combining form NL. fr.combining form NL.headband basic meaning: pressed together : close : compact : dense : bulky pycnic pycnidium pycnogonid pyel. psychein to make cold : cold psychrometer pter. Gk. fr.or ptilo. fr. fr.combining form Gk. -pous. Gk. Gk.combining form NL. pyr fire : fever pyretogenesis pyretetiology pyrrh.combining form ME pyro-.quadribasic 2 : fourth quadricentennial 3 : quadric quadricone quart. fr. fr. ptyssein to fold : fold : layer Ptychosperma -ptysis n combining form. spine. MF pyr-. Gk pyg rump -pygia fr. fr. tawny. soul. Gk. fr. Gk pyr n-. Gk. fr.combining form LL pylorus : pylorus pyloralgia pylorocleisis pyopneumo. ptyalon spittle.combining form NL. act of spitting. fr.or pulmono. fr.combining form L.combining form ME.combining form ME. fr. fr. pyrrho-. fever.also pyrro.or pterygo. tine of a fork : spine : spinal : spinal and rachicentesis rachiodont rachiometer -rachidia n combining form .or pycno. fr. fr.combining form Gk. pteryx wing.

fr. fr.or rhipido.or recto. L re-. fr. fr. fr.or rhino.combining form L rota wheel + E -o. MD wriven to rub. beak prob. fr. ch.or rhopalo. fr.combining form Gk rheos anything flowing. rhis nose more at . fr.or retini. bill. pl. fr. Gk rhin-. fr. rhis nose perh.1 : again : anew redo retell usu. nom. OIr srennim I snore : snout chiefly in taxonomic names in zoology -rhynchus n combining form NL.combining form L renes kidneys 1 : kidney renography 2 : renal and renocutaneous renogastric renointestinal renopulmonary rere.ranimatitis b : radioactive radioelement c : radium : X rays radiotherapy d : radioactive isotope esp. red. rhoia. Gk. acc. fr. Gk. pl. fr. fr.combining form L reticulatus reticulated fr. Gk rhachis more at . fr. pl -rhizae or -rhizas or -rrhizae or -rrhizas NL.combining form Gk. Gk rh xis action or process of breaking. fr. fr.or rostri.combining form NL.or retino. rh gnynai to break. -rrhaphie. riere backward.: rotary rotospray roto-planer -rrhachis n combining form NL. or postconsonantal y heads books boys beliefs parades states .prefix ME. fr. rhenkein to snore. fr. rhiza : root rhizanthous Rhizomys rhizophilous -rhiza or -rrhiza n combining form. Gk.combining form fr.combining form ISV. rend : abnormal or excessive discharge or flow enterorrhagia rhinorrhagia -rrhaphy n combining form F -raphie.combining form NL. fr. Gk. fr. retina : retina retinitis retinoscope retro. rhein to flow : flow : discharge logorrhea Melanorrhoea mucorrhea -rrhexis n combining form.combining form NL.or rhyncho.-rrhis. akin to Gk rhonchos.combining form NL. Gk -rrhoia. ending of some masc.combining form L. fr. fr. nouns 1 a used to form the plural of most nouns that do not end in s.combining form L. rhis nose more at . rhynchos snout.ME -ria. fr. rhamphos akin to Gk rhabdos rod : beak : crooked beak Rhamphocharus rhamphoid rheo. or beak of a specified kind in generic names in zoology Calyptorhynchus rib.combining form NL. L. fr.combining form ME. rhis nose : one or ones having such a nose in taxonomic names in zoology Amphirhina Phyllorhina -rhinus n combining form NL. as produced artificially radiocarbon e : radio radiotelegraphy radiophotograph rani. OE -as. fr.: having such a nose mesorrhine monorhine platyrrhine rumeno. fr. re. wheezing. joined to the second element by a hyphen when 1 the word as re-create would otherwise be confused with another word as recreate of different meaning. fr. -s. reticulum + -atus -ate + E -o. retro. remus oar : oar remiform remiped reni. nouns akin to OS -os. burst. Gk.: one having a snout. OHG r ban to grate. fr. fr.: reticulately reticulatocoalescent reticulatogranulate reticulatoramose reticulatovenose retin. fr.prefix ME. back.combining form ISV.or ruthenio.or rostro. rh gnynai to break. bill. reticulum 1 : a reticulum reticulocyte 2 : the reticulum reticulitis 3 : reticulose and reticuloramose reticulovenose reticulato. fr. again + -tro as in intro inwardly more at -. L. OF. behind. L retro more at .combining form. OF. Gk. rhips wickerwork. rhin-. NL ruthenium : ruthenium : ruthenious ruthenammines rutheniopalladium ruthenonitrite -ry n suffix ME -rie. Gk. fr.NL.combining form ribose : related to ribose ribitol riboflavin romano. rhipis fan akin to Gk rhip-. fr. fr. fr. fr.combining form NL. backward. fr.also reticuli. twist..or ribo.or rhampho.combining form.or reticulo.or rutheno. MF rere. LL -rrhoea.or recti.: subsequent : rear rere-banquet resino.sas. rumen : rumen rumenotomy russo. ending of some masc.combining form NL. akin to Skt sara flowing. Gk rhin-. fr. fr.: one having such a nose in generic names in zoology Megarhinus rhipi. fr. rhodon rose : rose : red rhodium rhodoplast rhomb.back. fr. z. fr. fr.combining form L rostr-. acc. fr. usu cap Roman : Roman : Roman and Romano-Etruscan Romano-German romantico. fr.combining form NL rectum 1 : rectum rectocele 2 : rectal and rectoabdominal religio.or rhombo. pl. rhiptein to throw. Gk. fr. nom. fr.1 a : backward : back : retroverse retromingent retro-rocket retroserrate b : back in time : past retrodict retrocognition 2 a : situated behind retrochoir b : situated behind a specified part retroauricular retropubic 3 : contrary to the usual or natural course : retrograde retroinfection rhabd. snort. rend : rupture hysterorrhexis : splitting onychorrhexis -rrhine or -rhine adj combining form ISV. turn. Gk -rrhaphia. rostrum 1 : beak : rostrum rostrad rostriform 2 : rostral and rostrolateral roto.combining form religion : religion religiocentric : religious and religiophilosophical remi.combining form LL.or rhodo. adv. right rectilineal rectangular rect. or 3 the second element begins with a capital letter as re-Christianization 2 : back : backward recall rect. Gk rh tin resin : resin Retinispora retinoid retinalite retin.combining form romantic : romantic and romantico-heroic romantico-literary rostr. stream. nom. fr. fr. rhombos rhomb 1 : rhomb rhombencephalon rhombohedron 2 : rhombic and rhomboquadratic rhombovate rhopal. Gk rhynchos more at .combining form L rectus : straight. sh. fr. burst. Gk rhipid-. rhenchein.combining form L renes kidneys 1 : kidney reniform renipuncture 2 : nephridial and renicardiac renipericardial reno.combining form L rana : frog raniform re. or 2 the word as re-recover has a second element beginning with re-. behind. nouns. rhopalon : club Rhopalocera Rhopalura in taxonomic names in zoology rhynch. rub. rhipid-. Gk oros whey 1 a : nose rhinitis rhinology b : nose and rhinolaryngology rhinopharyngitis 2 a : nasal rhinolith rhinocaul b : nasal and rhinopharyngeal -rhina n combining form NL.: spine hematorrhachis -rrhagia n combining form . rhonkos snoring. usu cap Russia Russian 1 : Russia : Russians Russophobia 2 : Russian and Russo-Japanese ruthen.or rhizo.combining form LGk.also retina. fr.combining form MF. short for -erie -ery : pilotry wizardry pheasantry citizenry musketry ribaldry slovenry prelatry sergeantry banditry peasantry -s n pl suffix ME -es. Gk.combining form NL. fr. .combining form L resina resin 1 : resin resinography resinogenous 2 : resinous and resinoextractive resinovitreous reticul. ending of some masc. pl -rrhexes NL. NL Rhamnus : buckthorn : rhamnose rhamnitol rhamph. fr.or rhabdo. rhipis fan : - 47 -s rhipid. rhabdos rod 1 : rod : stick rhabdonema 2 : rodlike structure rhabdolith rhabdosome rhamn. fr. Gk -rrhin. rhaptein to sew together : suture : sewing cardiorrhaphy nephrorrhaphy -rrhea also -rrhoea n combining form . rhin-. Gk rhiza root 1 : root : part resembling or connected with a root coleorhiza mycorrhiza 2 : plant having such a root in genus names in botany Balsamorrhiza rhod. rhein to flow : flow : current rheotaxis rheostat rhin. L. twist basic meaning: turning : fan chiefly in taxonomic names Rhipidistia Rhipidoglossa rhiz. and prob. to Skt Vedic .

letters. fr. fr. sanguin sanguine. MF L MF. fr. fr.combining form Gk sark-. fr.1 b used to form the plural of proper nouns that end in postconsonantal y Italys Marys c used to form the plural of abbreviations.combining form NL. sh.combining form NL. fr. grub : worm scolecology scolecospore : scolex scolecoid -scolex n combining form NL.Gk sark-. fr. akin to Lith upti to rot 1 : rotten : putrid sapremia saprostomous 2 : dead or decaying organic matter saprodontia saprophyte 3 : saprophytic Saprolegnia 4 : sapropel saprocoll saprodil sarc. sacer 1 : sacred : something sacred sacral 2 : sacred and sacropictorial sacr. nouns. fr.-s compare .or sacro. fr. fr.combining form L scopa broom : brush scopiform -scopic adj combining form Gk scopein + E -ic 1 : looking in a specified direction basiscopic 2 : viewing or observing orthoscopic nooscopic -scopus n combining form NL. or postconsonantal y falls takes plays compare . alter.also scia. sugar 1 : sugar saccharic sacchariferous saccharometer 2 : saccharine and saccharomucilaginous sacr. schizein to split : breaking up of attachments or adhesions : fissure gastroschisis schisto.combining form saline 1 : salt : saline salinize saliniform salinometer 2 : saline and salinosulfureous salping. -saurus + -ia : lizards : animals resembling lizards in names of higher taxa Pterosauria Ankylosauria -saurus n combining form NL. ending of nouns.: scientific and scientificoromantic scientificophilosophic scler. fr. sk l k-. ending of nouns. and symbols used as nouns MCs 4s s and often preceded by an apostrophe B s ps s 2 ME -es.or salini. skio-. Gk saura. fr. ending of some masc.combining form L. ending of some masc. L scutum shield 1 : shield scutal scutella Scutibranchia 2 : scute : scutum scutation scutiped scyph.or sarco. 2d pers. fr. sarko-. skytos skin.combining form F. sing. pres. as in nedes needs. numbers. sacrum 1 : sacrum sacral 2 : sacrum and sacrococcyx : sacral and sacrotuberous sali. OE -es used to form plural nouns with adverbial function denoting usual or repeated action or state always at home Sundays can reach him there mealtimes morningshe stops by the newsstand compare . ch. Gk -ou. sarx : flesh sarcic sarcidium sarcoblast sarcosepsis 48 scyt- -sarc n combining form . -es.combining form NL.combining form NL.1 . usu cap NL. Gk sakcharon. skia : shadow sciogram scioptic scialytic skiascope scientifico. -es. L. fr. Gk skl r-. z.or scelo. fr. Goth -is.combining form NL. L.or sauro.NL -scopium. fr. fr.or scypho. fr. pl. -as. Gk ski-. fr.combining form L scapus shaft of a column. fr. sing. sarx flesh : flesh : fleshy material ectosarc perisarc saur. L scyphus cup. fr. salping-. fr. -es.also scyphi.combining form L scapula 1 : scapula scapulectomy scapulopexy 2 : scapular and scapuloaxillary scel. fr. of plural nouns not ending in s children s . saxum akin to L secare to cut : rock saxicolous -scape n combining form .or scoleco. fr. salpinx 1 : salpinx salpingectomy salpingemphraxis salpingitis 2 : fallopian tube salpingotomy salpingorrhaphy 3 a : fallopian tube and salpingo-oophorectomy salpingo-uterostomy b : eustachian and salpingonasal salpingopalatine salpingopharyngeal sangui. ch. gen. Gk sk l x worm. stalk : scape : stem : shaft scapiform scapigerous scapul.combining form L saccharum.or salicylo. Gk -skopion.or sacco.2 -s n suffix used to form nicknames expressing affection or familiarity Moms Dads or designating a characteristic feature or activity of the person named Fats Freckles Cuddles Smiles or an object characteristically associated with the person named Boots Sparks -s vb suffix ME Northern North Midland dial.combining form NL. OE Northumbrian dial. Gk skopos : one that watches in generic names -scopy n combining form Gk -skopia. fr. sal : salt saliferous salimeter salicyl.combining form NL. sk l ko-.or scapulo. fr. fr.combining form Gk. Gk schisis cleavage. sark-. prob. sauros : lizard in generic names Chamaesaura -sauria n pl combining form NL. fr.combining form NL. fr. and of word groups functioning as nouns the man in the corner s hat or pronouns someone else s -s n pl suffix ME -s. Gk saura. salicyl salicyloyl : related to salicylic acid salicylamide salicyloyl salin.or scuti. examination. of some pronouns anyone s . sanguis : blood sanguimotor sanguini.combining form scaphoid 1 : scaphoid scaphocephaly 2 : scaphoid and scapholunar scapi. OE -es.combining form L. Gk skelos : leg scelalgia Sceloporus -schisis n combining form. observation fluoroscopy microscopy spectroscopy scoto. scyphus : cup : can : scyphus scyphiform Scyphozoa scyphose scyt. L sacc-. or postconsonantal y girls workers voters sacc. fr. sanguine : .combining form NL.or sacci. fr.or saccharo. fr.or salpingo.or sacro.or sacchari.combining form NL. sing. of -es more at used to form the plural possessive of most nouns that do not end in s. -oio. sauros : lizard -saura n combining form NL. ON -s. fr. -es. leather : skin : integument scytitis scytoblastema .combining form scientific + -o. fr. fr. MF : blood sanguinopurulent sapr. skl ro-. sauros : lizard in generic names in zoology Brontosaurus Icthyosaurus saxi. skopein : a means as an instrument for viewing with the eye or observing in any way microscope scopi.landscape : view : pictorial representation of a specified type of view cityscape waterscape scaph. fr. ending of nouns functioning adverbially. ending more at used to form the third person singular present of most verbs that do not end in s. fr. grub : worm in generic names Desmoscolex -scope n combining form . fr. Gk schizo-.combining form ME sacr-.combining form NL. Gk Homeric -oo. -es. scrutiny.or sapro. fr. fr. nouns akin to OHG -es. fr.combining form fr. Gk schistos divided. fr.combining form MF.or sclero. LL Scotus Scot 1 : Scotch Scoto-Celtic 2 : Scotch and Scoto-Irish scroful.or scio.or scyto.or scapho. fr. -as. fr.combining form NL. neut.sanguinicolous sanguino. gen. ML scrofula 1 : scrofula scrofulosis 2 : scrofulous and scrofulotuberculous scut. saccus : sac saccate sacciform Saccomys sacchar. sacr-.or schizo. sapros perh. fr. grit. fr. -s. skopein to view + -ia -y : viewing. fr.or scrofulo.combining form. fr. pl -schises also -schisises NL. z. fr. fr. Skt -asya used to form the possessive of singular nouns boy s . Gk. gen. divisible : cleft : divided Schistocephalus schiz. -s. Pali sakkhar . fr. indic. gen. sh. Gk skyto-. Skt śarkar gravel. neut.or skia.combining form ISV. saccibag.or salino. schizein to split 1 : split : cleft : divided schizaxon 2 : characterized by or involving cleavage schizogenesis : produced by cleavage schizocoel 3 : schizophrenia schizophasia sci.s n suffix or pron suffix ME -s. sing.combining form Gk sk l k-.combining form NL. sk l x worm. alweys always . sing. skl ros hard 1 a : hard : dry sclerite scleroblast b : sclerotic scleroderma c : hardness sclerometer 2 : sclera scleritis scolec.

or embodying a quality or state township fellowship courtship 5 : one entitled to a specified rank.2 a : to some extent : partly : incompletely semi-independent semidry semiplastic semiacid semiquantitatively compare -.combining form L selen-. a prehistoric Gmc word represented by OHG scaf nature.or septo. L.: of. OE -scipe akin to OFris -skip. adj. siph n 1 : siphon : tube : pipe Siphonaptera Siphonophora Siphoniata siphonate 2 : Siphonophora siphonosome siphonozooid -sis n suffix. usu cap serb 1 : Serbian Serbophile 2 : Serbian and Serbo-Bulgarian sericeo. fr. siph no-. fr.combining form silicon : containing or derived from silicon silane compare silic.or sexi.or sinu.combining form NL siliqua : siliqua siliquiferous siliquiform sinico. sensory sensofr. Gk.or secreto.combining form L sex : six sexannulate sexisyllable sexti. OS -skap. L sinistr-. . title. fr. Skt ca. Skt s mi. fr. -scaft.or sidero. half again. fr. Gk sid r-.combining form. Gk -s mos. Goth -h.2 : silicic and silicoalkaline 3 : silicosis and silicotuberculosis siliceo. or toward oneself or itself self-consistent self-concerned self-addressed self-love b : of or in oneself or itself inherently self-evident self-existent c : from or by means of oneself or itself self-fertile self-fruitful semi. fr. lit.combining form. involving.ME -schipe. saeta : bristle setiferous sex. sialon akin to L spuere to spit : saliva sialolith sicilo.combining form L sextus sixth : six sextipara sextipolar -ship n suffix . NL selenium : selenium selenic seleniferous selenobismuthite self. sid ros : iron siderolite siderosis sidero.half. serpens : serpent serpentivorous serrato. sylf.combining form L. and a half. OE self-.combining form MF.or siphono. fr. LL Sinae 1 : Chinese Sinogram 2 : Chinese and Sino-American SinoJapanese compare sino.combining form ME. -skipi -ship.combining form NL. L sol sun : moon : crescent-shaped Selenarctos selenomorphic Selenicereus selen.or sialo.combining form LL sericeus sericeous : sericeous and sericeotomentose 49 -sis serio. septum : septum septal septifragal septocosta serbo.combining form sensori. mark. semis half fr. with. fr.. Gk sel n-.prefix ME.scythoscytho.fr. s meion unit of time. usu cap L siculus siculan : Sicilian and Siculo-Arabian Siculo-Norman sider. or for quantities intermediate in size between micro and macro quantities : on a scale intermediate between microchemical and macrochemical semimicrodetermination semito.combining form. note. fr. fr. exhibiting. usu cap L Sicilia Sicily : Sicilo-Norman Sicilo-Muslim siculo. fr. Gk.or seleno. sel n moon akin to Gk selas light.combining form ML. pl -ses L.combining form NL. fr.or sebo. fr.also seleni.or seleno. fr. fr. divide : cut : divided pinnatisect -sect vb combining form . usu cap sinic + -o.combining form : saw serriferous servo. usu cap servian : sesqui.combining form NL sinus 1 : relating to the sinus and sinorespiratory 2 : relating to the sinus venosus and sinuventricular siphon. fr. serpent-.combining form L seti-.+ -que and enclitic akin to Gk te and.combining form. fr.Gk seismos earthquake : seismic movement tachyseism seismo.combining form silicon or silicium 1 : relating to or containing silicon or its compounds silicone silicofluoride silicochloroform compare .: one and a half times sesquicentennial seti. one and a half. fem. usu cap F. fr. of secare : cut : divide bisect quadrisect -seism n combining form . Gk h mi-. fr. fr. L sensus sense : sensory : sensory and sensoparalysis sensorimotor -sepalous adj combining form sepal + -ous : having sepals gamosepalous tetrasepalous sept.combining form L serum 1 : serum : connection with or relation to serum serodiagnosis 2 : serous and serofibrinous serpenti.also septi.also siphoni. on the left side 1 a : left sinistrad b : better developed in or using preferentially the left sinistrocular 2 : levorotatory sinistrin sino.combining form NL silica 1 : silex : silica siliciferous 2 : siliceous and silicicalcareous siliqui. usu cap L Scytha Scythian + E -o: Scythian and Scytho-Aryan Scytho-Greek sebi.: Chinese and Sinico-Japanese Sinico-Russian sinistr.or seleni. fr. seta.combining form NL. condition. brightness. OHG s mi-.combining form L sider-. quality akin to OE sceppan. Gk siph n-. -shipe. fr. sidus star.combining form semi. -uh more at . semi.combining form L.combining form L. sinister left.combining form secretion : secretion secretin secretomotor -sect adj combining form L sectus. or appellation used with possessive pronouns his Lordship sial. fr. constellation 1 : star sideromancy siderostat 2 : sidereal siderograph sil.or silico.combining form NL. seismos : earthquake : vibration seismometer seismotropism selen.combining form. ON -skapr all fr. sid ro-. seolf-. suffix of action 1 : process .combining form Gk.combining form L siliceus siliceous : siliceous and siliceocalcareous siliceofeldspathic silici. OHG -scaf.combining form serious 1 : serious seriocomedy 2 : serious and serioludicrous sero. grease : fat : grease : sebum sebific seborrhea secret. of secare to cut.also senso.combining form. septem : seven septinsular septifolious septillion sept.combining form Sw. L serratus serrate : serrate and serratocrenate serratodentate serri. self. scyppan to shape 1 : state : condition : quality sonship friendship scholarship 2 : office : dignity : profession clerkship chancellorship lordship authorship 3 : art : skill horsemanship marksmanship seamanship 4 : something showing.combining form. 1 a : oneself or itself self-asserting self-loving b : of oneself or itself self-abandonment self-congratulation c : by oneself or itself : independent : automatic self-rule self-feeder self-action self-propelled 2 a : to.+ micr. -skipi.or sinistro. L sebum tallow.b : having a specified characteristic for half the length or on one side semipinnate semiadherent 3 a : partial : incomplete semipositivism semieducation semiadherent semiAugustinianism semiwig b : having some of the characteristics of a specified class or object semiluxury semicampus semibenzene semiporcelain semicitizen c semigovernmental semijudicial semimonastic semiubiquitous -semic adj combining form LL -semus fr. usu cap Semitic : Semite : Semitic Semito-Hamite Semito-Hamitic sensori. sign + E -ic : having a specified number of units of prosodic time decasemic icosasemic semimicro. pron. past part.L sectus.or septi. -skepi. seolf. past part.1 a : precisely half of: 1 : forming a bisection of semiellipse semichord semicylinder 2 : being a usu. fr. fr.combining form NL. for. saeti-.combining form. sylf-. vertically bisected form of a specified architectural feature semiarch semibay semidome b : half in quantity or value : half of or occurring halfway through a specified period of time semirevolution semiannual semicentenary semiphase compare . -ship. L akin to OE sam. fr.

combining form L spin-. sph no-.or soni.or sperma. spermat-. sperm : having such or so many seeds : seeded perispermal polyspermous angiospermal spermat.combining form MF.combining form Gk s l n-. -spermos -spermous + -ia -y 1 : state of having such or so many seeds gymnospermy 2 : state of exhibiting or resulting from such a multiple fertilization polyspermy sphaer. OHG -sam. fr. one of a group of so many members in such expressions as syxa sum one of a group of six members : group of so many members and esp.combining form Gk.combining form Gk sperm-. fr. sperma seed. : relating or applying specifically to or intended esp. OE -sum akin to OFris -sum -some. spermat-. -soma -soma more at 1 : 2 chromosome trophosome ectosome 2 : chromosome monosome -some adj combining form ISV. one. sphygmos akin to Gk asphyxia stopping of the pulse : pulse sphygmogram spin. som. sonus : sound sonal sonification sonobuoy -sophy n combining form ME -sophie. fr.NL. fr. fr. fr. sperma seed.or soleno.combining form Gk.combining form L spatium 1 : space spatiography 2 : spatial and spatiotemporal speci. state. sitos 1 : grain Sitophilus sitosterol 2 : food sitology skelet. pl. fr.or spino. pl -somi or -somuses NL. Gk. OF. fr. L. -soma.combining form species : species speciogenesis speciation -specific combining form specific. fr. some.or skeleto.combining form NL. fr. fr. sing.combining form NL spectrum 1 : spectral and spectrochemical 2 : of or relating to spectra spectrophotography 3 spectroscope : combined with a spectroscope spectropolarimeter sperm.combining form NL. neut. of -spermus -spermous : one having such a seed or germ in generic names of plants Lepidosperma -spermae or -spermeae n pl combining form NL. Gk s ma more at : having such a body eurysome -somia n combining form . s mat-. Gk -s matos.or spheno. fr. sphairo-. persons foursome twosome -some n combining form . fr. adj. s ma body : ones having such a body in names of zoological taxa larger than a genus Heterosomata -somatous adj combining form LL -somatus. sperma seed. fr. Gk s ma body more at : one having such a body or so many bodies disomus nanosomus son. L socius associate. Gk s mata.combining form NL. sorus : one having sori of a specified kind in generic names of plants Camptosorus spatio. sperma seed. NL -spermum + E -al -spermous fr. ON -samr. LL sperma sperm + L -icus -ic 1 : 2 : being the product of such a number of spermatozoa : resulting from such a multiple fertilization a trispermic egg polyspermicfertilization -spermum n combining form NL. Gk s mat-. sperm : seed : germ : sperm : semen spermophile spermangium spermatheca spermidine spermiduct -sperma n combining form NL. solus : alone : solely soliloquy solifidian -soma n combining form NL -somat-. Gk sphingein to bind fast 1 : deflection : bending sphingometer 2 : sphingomyelin sphingosine sphygmo. Gk sph n-. fr.NL. fr. fr. a certain one.. soni-. fr. -spermus -spermous + -ia : condition of having or producing such sperm azoospermia -spermic adj combining form NL -spermicus.combining form L.or sphero. fr.or specio. of -spermus -spermous : one having such a seed or germ in higher taxa in botany Angiospermae Gymnospermae Rhodospermeae -spermal or -spermous adj combining form -spermal fr. Gk sphair-. fr. fr. a certain one. fr. fr. -sum. fr. somnambulus somnambulist. fr. somnus : sleep somnifacient -somus n combining form. s l no-. sperm : seed : spermatozoan spermatangium spermatophore spermatocyte Spermatophyta -spermatous adj combining form Gk -spermatos.combining form L son-. L sphaera sphere : ball : sphere chiefly in taxonomic names Microsphaera -speak n combining form newspeak used to form esp.combining form LL sphaer-. fr. fr. nonce words denoting a particular kind of jargon architectspeak Californiaspeak sphen. NL -spermus. fr. fr.or spermo.or specie. fr.or spini. Gk -spermos. .or somato. sama same : characterized by a specified thing. OE sum.or sphaero. fr.ME northern dial. fr. fr. skeleton 1 : skeleton skeletal skeletology 2 : skeletal and skeletomuscular socio. pron.NL -somat-.combining form NL sodium 1 : sodium and sodioaluminic sodiohydric 2 : containing sodium in place of hydrogen used in names of organic compounds sodiomalonic ester sodionitromethane solen.combining form F. fr. fr. companion 1 : society sociography : social sociogram 2 : social and socioeducational sociopolitical socioreligious 3 : sociological and sociolegal sociopsychiatric sodio. or action awesome burdensome cuddlesome lonesome -some n suffix . some. spermat-. sphaero-. s ma body akin to L tum re to swell 1 : one having such a body in generic names in zoology Dolichosoma Loxosoma and botany Crossosoma 2 pl -somas or -somata : body antinosoma hydrosoma : region or portion of a body mesosoma prosoma somat. s ma body more at : having such a body macrosomatous -some adj suffix ME -som. sph n 1 : wedge : wedge-shaped sphenogram Sphenodon 2 a : of or relating to the sphenoid sphenotribe b : sphenoidal and sphenomastoid sphenethmoidal sphingo. one. L -sophia. pl.sito: action : analysis peristalsis arsis 2 : diseased state : disease produced by stephanofilariasis sito. fr. fr. fr. ME sum.thorn. of s mat-.or spermi. -spermae. fr. pron. fr. s mat-. LL.combining form NL. of -spermus -spermous : plant having such seeds or such a seed characteristic in generic names Anthospermum -spermy n combining form Gk -spermia. fr. fr. spini. fr. spermo-. sophos skilled. sperm : having such or so many seeds : seeded macrospermatous angiospermatous -spermia n combining form . fr. fr.combining form ISV. fr. soma + -ia : condition of having such a body nanosomia -somic adj combining form ISV -some + -ic : having or being a body of chromosomes of which one or more but not all members exhibit such a degree of ploidy hexasomic monosomic somnambul. clever.or spermato. NL soma body. Gk s mat-.also spher. L somnus sleep + -ambulus as in funambulus funambulist : somnambulism : somnambulist somnambular somni.combining form L. fr. s l n : channel : pipe : tube also : tubular Solenodon solenocyte solenostele soli.combining form NL soredium : soredium sorediferous sorediform soredioid -sorus n combining form NL. fr. wise + -ia -y : knowledge or wisdom concerning something specified : science or study of something specified anthroposophy chirosophy physiosophy 50 spin- soredi.or sono. sphaira 1 : ball : sphere Sphaerophorus calcospherite 2 : spherical : consisting of spherical elements spaeraphides spherometer -sphaera n combining form . s ma body 1 a : body somatology b : somatic somatize : somatic and somatopsychic 2 : soma somatoplasm -somata n pl combining form NL. fem. quality.. Goth -sama -some.NL. spermat-. s mato-. fem. for gender-specific spectro. Gk sophia wisdom.

stoppage 1 : slowing or stoppage of normal flow hemostasis 2 : inhibition of the growth without destruction of bacteriostasis fungistasis 3 : tendency toward maintenance of stability homeostasis 4 : retention : persistence trichostasis stat.or spongio. fr.or sporo. spora spore + -ium 1 pl -sporia also -sporiums : such a coat or layer of a spore wall endosporium 2 : plant having such a spore in generic names Helminthosporium -spory n combining form -sporic + -y : the quality or state of having such or such a number of spores apospory homospory squam. fr.or stephano. stereos solid 1 : solid : solid body stereospondylous stereopticon 2 a : stereoscopic stereocamera b : having or dealing with three .combining form ME. L 51 stere- staphyl-. fr.combining form Gk spondylos spondyl. fr.NL -stata. fr. place on a balance. spine. fr.or squamo. fr. steat-. fr.NL spora 1 : spore having such a characteristic or origin pycnidiospore 2 : spore membrane a dark epispore enclosing a hyaline spore -sporic or -sporous adj combining form NL spora spore + E -ic or -ous : having such or so many spores carposporic homosporous -sporidia n pl combining form NL.ME -ster.combining form NL sporangium : sporangium sporangioid sporangiospore -spore n combining form . of sporidium : creatures bearing such small spores in higher taxa in protozoology Microsporidia Cnidosporidia -sporium n combining form NL. fr.fr. fr. Gk stasis condition of standing. OHG bistiufen to deprive of children or parents : related by virtue of a remarriage as of a parent and not by blood stepaunt stepcousin stepgrandchild stephan.combining form Gk steg . fr. stegos roof.combining form L. fr. fr.combining form LL spir-.combining form MF staphyl-. Gk.combining form L spongia 1 : sponge spongicolous spongiology 2 : spongy spongioblast -spongia n combining form NL. stenos narrow. spore : organism having such a sporal characteristic in generic names Peronospora Isospora sporangi. fr. Gk -stat s one that causes to stand. fr.or spleno. L spongia : sponge in generic names of sponges Astylospongia -spongiae n pl combining form NL. bereave. fr. spl no-. fr. fr. Gk st m n warp.combining form Gk spong-. staphylo-.or sporangio. squama 1 : scale : squama Squamata squamaceous 2 : squamosal and squamomastoid : squamously squamocellular stamin.Gk steg roof + E -ite : segment of a carapace omostegite -stelic adj combining form stele + -ic : having a specified number or kind of steles astelic -stemonous adj combining form fr. spina thorn.combining form L stamin-. stature. bunch of grapes. fr.or stamini. OE st pan. L spondylus vertebra : animal having such vertebrae in generic names Palaeospondylus spongi. ON stj p.or stanno. fr. OE st op. stephanos crown.combining form LL.or spondylo.combining form Gk.or stanni. fr.or spori. spongos spongology spor. spora seed. fr. pl -spongia NL. stamen : stamen staminody staminiferous stann. fixed. fr. verbal of histanai to cause to stand.combining form Gk. L. Gk. fr.combining form NL. spongo-. Gk. fr. -estere.or spiro. whorl 1 : vertebra spondylalgia spondylotomy 2 : whorl Spondylomorum -spondyli n pl combining form NL. the stem of histanai to cause to stand + -ia -y : condition of standing : stoppage : menostasia enhypostasia -stasis n combining form.or steato. uvula. the stem of histanai to cause to stand 1 : apparatus or agent for keeping something specified stable or stationary gyrostat 2 : device for regulating or for maintaining something specified in a constant state cryostat rheostat thermostat 3 : instrument for reflecting something specified constantly in one direction heliostat siderostat 4 : device for studying something specified in a state of rest hydrostat 5 : agent causing inhibition of growth without destruction bacteriostat fungistat -state n combining form . cross : cross stauromedusae stauroscope steat. fr. encircle. uvula akin to Gk stemphylon olive pulp 1 a : bunch of grapes Staphylococcus b : staphyloma staphylotomy 2 a : uvula staphylectomy b : palate staphylion 3 : staphylococcic staphylocoagulase staphylodermatitis stasi. stegein to cover : covering plate or fold gastrostege urostege -stegite n combining form . statos standing fr. LGk.combining form spinose + -o. pl.combining form LL stannum tin : relating to or containing tin stannide stanniferous stannotype : stannic stannane : stannous stannite staphyl. fr.NL.combining form ISV spir. spl n spleen 1 : spleen splenectomy splenoma splenolysis splenorrhagia 2 : spleen and splenocolic splenolymphatic spondyl. splanchnon entrail akin to Gk spl n spleen : viscera splanchnomegaly splanchnoptosis splen. crown : crown : halo Stephanurus stephanome Stephanofilaria -ster n suffix . stegein to cover : covering plate or fold stegodon stegocarpous -stege n combining form .combining form NL spora : seed : spore sporocyst sporangium sporicide -spora n combining form NL. weigh 1 : resting statoblast statospore 2 : balance : equilibrium statoreceptor statoscope stauro. stephein to put round one s head. spinal column 1 a : spinal column : spinal cord spinogram b : of. the stem of histanai to cause to stand : substance produced through a specified process anastate catastate stato.or stereo. or involving the spinal cord and spinothalamic 2 : spine spinate spiniform spinoso. scanty : close : narrow : little stenobathic opposed to eurystep. Gk stauros pale. set. fr. stear : fat : tallow steatolysis steatosis steg. thread : having such or so many stamens diplostemonous isostemonous sten. Gk. st pan to deprive. fr.Gk steg roof. L spongia sponge : network of cells or fibrils neurospongium spongo. L spira 1 : coil : twist Spiranthes spirivalve Spirochaeta 2 : a chemical compound that contains one or more systems of two rings having a single atom in common with a resulting figureeight arrangement of atoms spiropentane spiro. assumed NL -stemonus. Gk spl n-. OE -estre female agent akin to MD -ster 1 : one that does or handles or operates spinster tapster teamster 2 : one that makes or uses songster punster 3 : one that is associated with or participates in gamester gangster stere. fr.Gk statos standing. OHG stiof-. fr. fr.or staphylo.combining form NL.step-.combining form Gk stasis condition of standing.spinosospine. pl -stases NL. stake. fr. fr. fr. fr. L spondylus vertebra : animals having such vertebrae in names of higher taxa Diplospondyli Lepospondyli -spondylus n combining form NL.: spinose and spinosodentate spir. fr. relating to. fr.akin to OFris stiapstep-. Gk statos. fr. close. standing still.or steno. L spirare to breathe + -o: respiration spirometer splanchno. staphyl bunch of grapes swollen uvula.or spiri.combining form ISV.combining form LL. fr. stoppage. L spongiae : sponges in names of orders and other higher groups of sponges Silicispongiae -spongium n combining form.combining form Gk.or stego.combining form electrostatic : electrostatic statampere in names of electrical units -stat n combining form . position 1 : arrest of development : stoppage stasimorphy 2 : erect posture stasiphobia 3 : position stasimetric -stasia n combining form . -stere.

or sulf. strephein to twist. stoma mouth : creatures with such a mouth or stoma in higher taxa in zoology Gnathostoma Plagiostomata stomat. earlier stili-.modif.also stibo. L sulfur sulph-. Gk stomat-. fr.fr.or stylo. pliant. fr. usu cap sudan 1 : Sudanese : Sudanese and Sudano-Guinean 2 : Sudan dye sudanophil sudanophobic sul. fr. sulfanilamide sulpha-.fr. sulph. stylo-.combining form NL stratus : stratus and stratocirrus stratocumulus strato. F.or stropho. pl stomi NL. fr. fr. st tho-. Gk st th-. fr. under.combining form sulfonic : sulfonic sultam sultone sulf. fr.or sulpho. Gk.combining form sulfa-. ML styli.2 : basic in names of salts subacetate subnitrate not used systematically 4 a : almost : nearly subalate subcaulescent subabdominal Subakhmimic b : falling nearly in the category of and often adjoining : bordering upon subadult subarid subarctic c : immediately following : after subapostolic sub-Mycenaean succin. st thos : breast : chest stetharteritis stethometer stib.alter. NL -stomatus. or considered with respect to stereochemistry stereospecific stern. up. stom. sulf. fr. fr. Gk. replacing hydrogen : sulfonic sulfoamino sulfobenzoic d : . fr.combining form F stéth-. stalk. neut. fr. Gk styl-.also sulpha. near. or deal with subordinate parts or relations subclassify sublet subbranch subcontract 3 a : somewhat : slightly : less than completely or perfectly : inadequately : less than normally subacid subdominant subovate subarcuate subclinical subacute subconvulsive b 1 : containing only a relatively small proportion or less than the normal amount of such an element or radical suboxide not used systematically compare . NL -stomia : -stomy n combining form ISV stom. stichos row. OF : sugar sucroacid sudano.combining form Gk. stylos : pillar Stylaster stylolite styl. earlier stil-. Gk stomion mouth : creatures sharing such a condition of the mouth in names of higher taxa in zoology Deuterostomia -stomous adj combining form NL -stomus.combining form stibium : antimony stibine stibiocolumbite stibophen -stich n combining form . Gk stoma mouth : creatures having such a mouth or opening in names of higher taxa in zoology Plagiostomi Aulostomi Selachostomi -stomia n combining form . fr. fr. strephein to turn : turned : twisted strepsitene strept. Gk.sulfocyanate sulfa. permanent opening into such a part enterostomy or between such parts esophagogastrostomy strati.combining form L succin-.combining form styl.or sulph. line. fr. pl -stoma NL. line : having such or so many rows or sides diplostichous monostichous stom. L. fr. relating to. fr. Gk stoma mouth gymnostomous -stomum n combining form. fr.: derived from or otherwise closely related to sulfanilamide: as a sulfadiazine b : containing sulfanilyl sulfacetamide sulfon. stoma : mouth : opening : stoma stomatitis stomatoscope -stomate adj combining form stom. Gk stoma mouth 1 : condition of having such a mouth microstomus 2 : creature with such a mouth in generic names Agonostomus Catostomus Phyllostomus -stomy n combining form ISV. influenced by sulphur of sulfa-.or sterno. fr. Gk stoma 1 : mouth : opening : stoma hypostoma 2 or stomus : creature with such a mouth or stoma in generic names Bdellostoma Gnathostoma -stoma or -stomata n pl combining form NL. sucin-. sternon 1 : breast : sternum : breastbone sternalgia sternad 2 : sternal and sternocleidomastoid steth.stylus. further. fr. fr. pl -stomata also -stomas NL. fr.or stibio. F sucre. sub. Gk -stichos.fr.LL -stylon. stylos pillar : characterized by the presence of so many pillars distyle -stylic adj combining form Gk stylos pillar + E -ic : being or having such a connection of the jaw and skull hyostylic streptostylic -stylous adj combining form style + -ous : having such a style or such or so many styles in descriptive terms in botany dolichostylous monostylous -styly n combining form ISV style + -y : condition of having such or so many styles in botanical terms heterostyly sub.or stomato.or succino. fr. fr. fr. fr. succinum. stétho-.combining form NL.NL. fr.or styli. sulpho. fr.combining form NL. Gk stoma mouth 1 : mouth : opening : stoma prestomum 2 : creature with such a mouth in generic names Amphistomum Oesophagostomum -stomus n combining form. strephein to twist turn : twisting : turning strophosis strophocephaly 52 sulfon- styl.+ -o. fr. Gk. fr. Gk.combining form L stylo-. fr.or sucro.sterndimensions of space stereochemistry c : of. L. stylus styli. fr. fr. prep.1 : style : styloid process stylate styliferous stylographic 2 : of or relating to a styloid process and stylomastoid -stylar adj combining form Gk stylos pillar + E -ar : having such or so many pillars : having such columniation amphistylar heptastylar -style n combining form . L. from below. of -stylos characterized by the presence of so many pillars.combining form sulf-.combining form sulfon. stoma : mouth : stoma stomodaeum stomoisia -stoma n combining form. 1 : under : beneath : below subsoil subcutaneous subpier subdominant subhymenial 2 a : subordinate : secondary : next lower than or inferior to subcenter subfreshman subgenus b : subordinate portion of : subdivision of : derived from subcommittee subculture subdistrict subscience also : with repetition as of a process so as to form. L stilus stylo. fr. sulfo. fr. fr. influenced by sulphur of F sulf-. sulfofr.+ -ia -y : mouth exhibiting such a condition stenostomia -stomia n pl combining form NL.+ -y : surgical operation establishing a usu.combining form NL stratum : stratum stratiform stratigraphy strato. stilus stake. stress.+ -ate : -stomatous adj combining form prob. fr. stichos row. strepsis act or instance of turning. fr.: containing the sulfonic acid group esp. of -stichos having so many rows or lines. fr. sucinum amber 1 : amber succinic acid succinite succiniferous 2 : succinic acid succinamide succinonitrile sucr.combining form. fr.combining form stratosphere : stratosphere strato-chamber strepsi. turn 1 : twisted : twisted chain Streptococcus streptaster Streptomyces 2 : streptococcus streptosepticemia 3 : streptomycin streptamine stroph.or stibi. after.combining form ISV.or sulph. stomat-. sulf. NL -stoma : mouth : opening resembling or functioning as a mouth cytostome -stomi n pl combining form NL. Gk. fr.prefix ME. fr. Gk. styl.fr.also sulphon.ISV.or stomo.2 sulfochlorinate e : .L -stichon.combining form NL.or stylo. streptos twisted. stylos pillar 1 a : structure characterized by the presence of so many pillars polystyle b : structure with pillars cyrtostyle 2 : animal part felt to resemble a pillar blastostyle pygostyle -style adj combining form L -stylos. below. fr.: sulfur sulfhydryl sulfone sulfonium sulfocyanide : as a : sulfide sulfarsenide sulfochloride b : derived from sulfuric acid : sulfuric sulfamide c usu sulfo.or stetho. Gk. fr. fr.or sulfo.combining form NL. stalk. fr. fr. fr. fr. fr. verse : poem or stanza consisting of so many lines decastich heptastich -stichous adj combining form LL -stichus.combining form F.ISV sulfonic . Gk stomat-. stoma mouth : having such a mouth or opening : stomatous cyclostomatous -stome n combining form . neut.

+ versum. fr.1 : with : along with : together syncline syngenesis 2 : at the same time synanthesis 3 : like : associated syntype synchro. consummation.combining form. long.prefix syn. fr.also taxi. telos end : completion teleutospore tellur. fr. L. Gk t l-.combining form F. t le. fr.1 a : over surprint surrevise surfuse b : excessive surcloy surexcitation 2 : above : up surbase sursum. 1 a 1 : over and above : higher in quantity. tannin.fr. fr. LL.sumerosulphon.combining form ISV. craft + F -ie -y : technical specialization hydrotechny metallotechny tecno. panpipe. fr. neut. or complexity superbomber superweapon superstate 2 a : situated or placed above. fr.: tarsus tarsophyma tarsalgia tarsectomy 2 usu tarso: tarsal and tarsoorbital tarsotibial tartr.combining form synchronized synchronous : synchronized : synchronous synchroflash synchromesh syndesm. earlier adv. fr. F.combining form L superus upper : situated above superoanterior superomedial supra.or taeni. fr. fr. fr. fr. teleo-.fr. akin to OIr dain- 53 -tene gen strong. on top.or tauto. fr. taxis : arrangement taxaspidean taxeme taxidermy taxology -taxia n combining form .combining form Gk. sur-.or teleuto. fr. fr. fr. title. upwards. definite article + auto neut. MF : tartar : tartaric acid tartramide taur. sympathia sympathy + -icus -ic : sympathetic sympathicotonia sympatho. Gk taxis taxofr. fr. syring-. Gk tachos speed akin to Gk tachys swift more at .combining form NL.: speed tachogram tachy.combining form NL. fr.or teleo.or tele.prefix ME. fr. L syn-. fr. fr. consummation.or syringo.prefix L supra-.combining form Gk teleut . alter. fr.fr. tauri.prefix L.also telo. fr. t le more at . together with.far. Gk.combining form L talus ankle. -syllabe -syllabic fr. fr. fr. fr. beyond.combining form sympathetic nervous system 1 : sympathetic sympatheticomimetic 2 : sympathetic and sympatheticoadrenal sympathico. further back. super. tauros 1 : bull taurodont tauricide tauromorphic 2 : taurine taurocholic taut.combining form. ME sim-. OSlav d gŭ strength : swift : rapid : accelerated tachycardia tachygenesis tachylyte tachymeter -tactic adj combining form Gk taktikos 1 : having an arrangement or pattern of chaetotactic 2 : showing orientation or movement directed by a specified force or agent geotactic phototactic 3 : having an arrangement or pattern of a specified kind homotactic taen. obs. tellus earth 1 : earth tellurian tellurometer 2 : tellurium telluric telluriferous tellurobismuthite temporo. fr. anklebone : astragalar and talofibular talotibial talpi. syn-. past part. fr. Gk taxis 1 : arrangement : order homotaxis 2 : taxis chemotaxis heliotaxis thermotaxis -taxy n combining form Gk -taxia. Syros Syrian 1 : Syria or Syrians Syrophile 2 : Syrian and Syro-Egyptian Syro-Iraqi 3 : Syriac and Syro-Aramaic tabo. from below. Gk techn art. at the same time as.combining form ISV. L tabes : progressive wasting : tabes tabophobia tacho. tube. fr.combining form Gk. fr. ME sin-. fr. L -syllabus. or position supersovereign supero. Gk. neut. L supermore at .combining form NL sympathicus more at . tachys perh. fr. prep.or taenio.or tantalo. of xyn sym. L sym-.or tanno. of versus.combining form talcum : talc and talcochlorite : talcose and talcomicaceous talo. taktos verbal of tassein to arrange. . syn. size. fr. fr. fr. fr.combining form Gk symbolon : sign : symbol symbololatry sympathetico. sulphone sulfone ISV sulf. teknon : child tecnology tecnogenesis tel. syllab syllable + -ique -ic : having or relating to syllables of a specified kind or number ambisyllabic heptasyllabic imparisyllabic symbolo. tartre tartar.combining form Sw. E sulphonic. usu cap Sumerian 1 : Sumerian Sumerology 2 : Sumerian and Sumero-Assyrian super.combining form taur-. fr.combining form tax.fr. pl -taxes NL. Gk. Gk more at :1 heterotaxia -taxis n combining form. fr. stretched out : stretched out Tanystomata Tanygnathus tars. tarsus 1 usu tarso. F. or at the top of supertower superglacial specif : situated on the dorsal side of b : next above or higher superoctave supertonic 3 : having the specified ingredient present in a large or unusually large proportion superoxide compare . teleos.also tele. far off.combining form NL. Gk. of autos same more at .also tantali.fr. OF. techn 1 : art : craft technography 2 : technical : technological technocracy technoculture 3 : applied technopsychology -techny n combining form F -technie. sursum under.L or Gk L taenia ribbon.combining form LL. fr. fr.or tauro. usu cap L.or telo. subs.combining form NL. above. in addition. OF sour-. supra above. Gk.or taxo.+ -one + E -ic 1 : sulfonic sulfonamide 2 : sulfonyl sulfonamido sulfonmethane sulfonphthalein sumero. . MF. NL tantalum : tantalum tantaliferous tany. adv.combining form L taenia 1 : ribbon : fillet taeniate taeniodonta 2 : tapeworm taeniasis taenicide taenifuge talco.combining form NL. fr. teleios.combining form L susum. fr. to auto the same. on. fr. telos end. fr. completeness : complete : perfect teleodont Teleocephali teleut. fistula.1b 1 4 : having an additional dimension supercube supersurface 5 : constituting a more inclusive category than that specified superfamily superspecies 6 : superior in status. fr. Gk taxis taxi. prep. completeness 1 : end telangiectasia teloblast telemetacarpal 2 : complete : mature Telanthera Telanthropus tele.or tartro. sym-.fr. tanin : tan : tannin : tanning substance tannogen tannase tannometer tantal. quality. or degree : more than superstandard superconscious 2 : in addition : extra supertax 3 : of a secondary character superparasite b 1 : exceeding a norm superalkalinity supersecretion 2 : in excessive degree or intensity superingenious superrefined c : surpassing all or most others of its kind or class as in power. taurus tauro.: sympathetic sympatholytic syn.4a. fr.or telluri. akin to L super over 1 a : above : higher than supraclavicular b : transcending supranational 2 : situated on the dorsal or upper side of supraesophageal supracranial 3 : prior to supralapsarian sur.combining form Gk. fr. fr. fr.NL. band.combining form L talpa : mole talpiform tann. tautos identical. Gk teleio-. fr.combining form NL sympathicus. Gk. order + -ia -y : epitaxy pleiotaxy techno. distant. telo-.combining form Gk syndesmos. firm.or tauri.combining form temporal : temporal and temporomaxillary temporofrontal -tene n combining form .or telluro. Gk -syllabos. Gk.or syndesmo. fr.: same tautomerism tautonym tax. Gk tel-.combining form Gk tekno-. of vertere to turn : upward sursumvergence -sy n suffix -s + -y : small one : one affectionately regarded mopsy popsy -syllabic adj combining form F -syllabique. fr. fr. of sub.combining form F. to. syrinx : tube : fistula syringadenous syro.fr. telos end. fr. syn with.or tarso.1 : distant : at a distance : over a distance telegram telegnosis telekinesis telesthesia television telodynamic 2 a : telegraph teletape teletypewriter b : television telecamera c : telephoto telelens d : telecommunication teleman tel. syndein to bind together : ligament syndesmosis : connection : contact syndesmochorial syring. over.or sym. fr. by means of.var.combining form L tellur-. fr.

fr. God.or thalli. threose : threose threitol -thrix n combining form NL -trich-. Skt k ty action.combining form NL ternatus ternate : ternately ternati-pinnate tessara.combining form theoretical : theoretical and theoreticopractical ther. and perh. breath 1 a : God theism theocentric b : god theomancy 2 a : theological and theoastrological b : theology and theomythology theatro. LL theologicus : theological and theologicophilosophical theologicopolitical theoretico. portent.or thrombo. Gk th rion : beast : animal in generic names of extinct mammalian forms Megatherium Titanotherium therm.: containing sulfur doubly bound to another atom as in the thiocarbonyl group thionothiolic -thionium n combining form . -te.combining form L.or terato. fr. Goth -itha. thallos 1 : a young shoot : thallus Thallophyta thallium thalliform 2 : thallium thallic thamn.the.or tetr. thi. fr. pl -thermias or -thermies NL -thermia.or thallo. fr. fr. -th. fr. OE -tha. fr. fr.combining form Gk. -etha akin to OHG -do. thalassa. fr.or thalasso. thalamus 1 : thalamus thalamencephalon thalamofugal 2 : thalamic and thalamocortical thalass. curd 1 a : blood clot thrombocyst b : associated with the clotting of blood thrombin thrombostasis 2 : marked by or associated with thrombosis thromboangiitis . Gk trich-. neut. theion prob. Gk thall-.combining form NL.or tetano.combining form Gk th ly-. brimstone.combining form Gk th r-. akin to Gk thyein to rage. fr. th rax corslet. thia.combining form thion. fr. acts. fr.combining form NL.combining form F thorac-. Gk teras monster : trillion terabyte terahertz terat. seethe : containing sulfur thiamine esp : containing bivalent sulfur usu. fr. fr. fr.NL. fr. Skt -t 1 : act or process spilth 2 : state or condition breadth greenth width thalam. in names of organic compounds to denote tripling of a radical or molecule terphenyl tera.also tessar.combining form ME theo-. threefold. to L fumus smoke : death thanatoid thanatology the.combining form ISV. tessares four : one fourth tetartohedral tetra. terat-. fr. chest 1 : chest : thorax thoracodynia thoracoplasty 2 : thoracic and thoracispinal thoracolumbar thre. Gk the-.the. Gk. theca : theca theciferous thecitis Thecosomata -theca n combining form. fr. in place of oxygen thiocyanic thioether compare -c thia. karoti he does. fr. fr. thrice.combining form ISV.combining form ISV. fr. fr.akin to L fingere to shape : touch thigmoreceptor thion. fr. thanatos akin to Skt adhvan t it vanished and prob. Gk theion more at : sulfur thionic thion.MF -théisme. form : having such or so many chromosomal filaments polytene pachytene teno. tesseres. comb. thi. dvasas spirit.+ -a.combining form ISV. clot of blood. thallo-. fr.ISV. Gk. to ON skars monster. fr. fr.combining form : . th rako. akin to MHG getw s ghost.combining form Gk. fr. Gk th kion small case. fr. handle + NL -o. th lys : female thelygenic theologico. fr. thamnos akin to Gk thama frequent.: containing sulfur in place of carbon or regarded as in place of carbon usu. fr. therm heat : having such heat homothermous xerothermous thi. Gk -tos. LL. fr. theo.combining form Gk.Gk therm heat. Skt ścarya marvelous : monster teratism teratology -teria n combining form .combining form NL Termit-.combining form ISV. fr. tettares four : four tessaraglot tesseradecade tetan. ten n tendon akin to Gk teinein to stretch : tendon tenoplasty tenotomy ter. F -therme. thalatta : sea thalassemia thalassometer thall. L. -ta. put : bush : shrub thamnophile thanat. L tres three 1 : three times. -th akin to OHG -ida.combining form Gk. thinganein to touch. -ta. fr. fr.or threo. enchantment. fr. in place of the methylene group CH thiacyclohexane thiadiazole thiazole compare -. fr. thé. -ethe. fr. fr. L -ta.combining form NL. of tessares. -otha. Termes : termite termitophagous ternati.or theco. Gk thigma touch fr.or thermo. fr. three tercentenary 2 : -4 esp.combining form NL.or thamno.or thoraco. LGk th rak-. thrix hair 1 : one having such hair or hairlike filaments in generic names of plants and animals Lagothrix Streptothrix 2 pl -triches or -thrixes : pathological condition of having such hair lepothrix monilethrix thromb. tithenai to place. L theca : sheath or covering of a specified type gonotheca myxotheca -thecium n combining form. or groups of a specified kind tetraboric tetracid -th or -eth adj suffix ME -the. Gk theion + ISV -o. tetanos : tetanus tetanogenic tetaniform tetart. -ti.or thoraci. pl. pl -thecia NL.or tessera. th rion : wild animal : beast theriolatry theriomimicry -therium n combining form NL. fr. fr. fr.combining form ME. -thrix. suffix forming abstract nouns. radicals. th r : wild beast Theromorpha therodont -theria n combining form NL.ISV.or thalamo. L -tus. ter three times akin to Gk Skt tris three times.+ -onium : onium compound containing sulfur and usu. fr. Gk theion sulfur thiono. fr.combining form Gk thrombos lump.sulfur. fr.god. Gk tessara. theatron : theater theatromania thec. skyrsi portent.or tetarto. LL. Gk th ria. small chest : small containing structure endothecium -theism n combining form . tessera.combining form Gk th rio-.or thero. theos perh. fr. fr.ME -the.or thi.or theci. thé. thermos hot 1 prob. theio. fr. therm heat 1 : heat thermacoustic thermochemistry 2 : thermoelectric thermopile -therm n combining form . fr.combining form irreg. pl -thecae NL. monster akin to Lith keras enchantment.or thanato. th rak-. th ro-.or thiono.combining form NL.+ -isme 54 thromb- -ism : belief in such a god or such or so many gods pantheism zootheism -theist n combining form . of th rion : beasts : animals in names of higher taxa of mammalian forms Prototheria therio. Gk therm heat a : plant accustomed to a specified type of heat megatherm microtherm xerotherm b : animal having a specified body temperature ectotherm endotherm 2 : thermic line isobathytherm -thermia or -thermy n combining form. fr.-tene Gk tainia : stage of meiotic prophase characterized by such chromosomal filaments diplotene pachytene -tene adj combining form -tene.combining form ISV. fr.combining form L. Skt -tha used in forming ordinal numbers tenth twentieth -th n suffix . Gk thei-. Gk tenont-.combining form Gk. teras marvel. -to -th. fr.MF -théiste. fr. fr. often. tetartos akin to Gk tettares. Gk therm heat + L -ia -y : state of heat : generation of heat diathermy hypothermia -thermous adj combining form Gk -thermos. Gk akin to Gk tettares. OE -thu. Lith dvasia spirit. Gk th rak-. th ri-.cafeteria : place having self-service groceteria termito. tessares four 1 : four : having four : having four parts tetracarpellary tetrapartite tetratomic 2 : containing four atoms. fr. n.or thio.+ -iste -ist : one that believes in such a god or such or so many gods hylotheist monotheist -theistic adj combining form thely.combining form Gk.combining form NL.or theo.corslet. god. ON -th. Gk -t .thiachroman thigmo. Goth -da. ON -di. another element as nitrogen besides carbon in a ring phenazathionium thorac. L.

fr.prefix Gk. fr. so as to change. fr.combining form NL. ME towchepoudre. fr. trauma : wound : trauma traumatism trega.+ -ene : chemical compound containing three double bonds octatriene trigon. Gk. fr.combining form obs. fr.combining form ISV. -tomos cutting + -ia -y more at : incision : section carniotomy laparotomy sclerotomy -tonia n combining form . fr. mind. NL. fr. Gk.combining form NL. L akin to Gk tri-.combining form in sense 1.combining form F.combining form Gk tonos tension. of -trema : creatures having such an opening in names of orders and other higher taxa Derotremata -tresia n combining form .combining form NL. fr.combining form NL.or thysano. fr.or trachelo.+ cycl. -trema.or thymo. fr.combining form L. topos 1 : place : locality topophobia 2 : local topoalgia topectomy -topy n combining form NL -topia. -tomus cutting. trich-. courage + -ia : such a condition of mind and will schizothymia thyr. beyond.combining form ISV. thymos spirit. fr. mind : soul : spirit : emotion thymogenic thymotactic -thymia n combining form .combining form LL. fr. through 1 a : across transpolar transatlantic transoceanic b 1 : beyond transhuman transmundane 2 : beyond a specified chemical element in the periodic table transplutonium transuranic c : through translucent transcutaneous d : completeness of change transshape 2 : transverse transfrontal transprocess 3 : transfer : interchange in names of chemical reactions and enzymes transamination traumat. tonus + -ia -y : condition or degree of tonus hypotonia somatotonia tono. tolu 1 : tolu toluol 2 : toluene toluic tolyl : toluic toluate -toma n combining form . tr ma hole 1 pl -tremas or -tremata : hole : orifice : opening helicotrema 2 : creature having such an opening in generic names Eurytrema -tremata n pl combining form NL.or thymo.or tracheo. temnein to cut 1 : part : section angiotome gonotome 2 : cutting instrument microtome pharyngotome -tomous adj combining form NL -tomus more at 1 : cut : divided orthotomous rhachitomous 2 : cutting xylotomous -tomy n combining form NL -tomia. ML trachea 1 : trachea tracheoscopy 2 : tracheal and tracheolaryngeal trachel. trig nos : triangular Trigonella trigonotype tripl. fr. trans across. Gk tr sis akin to Gk tetrainein to pierce + NL -ia : perforation proctotresia sphenotresia tri. beget : childbirth : offspring tocogenetic tocology -tokous adj combining form Gk -tokos. fr. L thymum 1 : thyme thymol 2 : thymol thymoquinone CH C H C H O thym. fr. fr. fr.or thyro. on or to the other side. fr.NL. thysanos : tassel : fringe Thysanoptera Thysanura tibeto. fr. place.combining form L tonsillae tonsils : tonsil tonsillectomy tonsillotomy -tony n combining form NL -tonia : hypertony top.across. fr. Gk tribein to rub : friction tribofluorescence tribophosphorescent trich. L tibia shinbone 1 : fused tibia and tibiotarsus 2 : tibial and tibiocalcaneal tibiofemoral titan.combining form ME. trig no-.: triple triplopia triploblastic tris. fr. L tria three 1 : three triarch triact : characterized by or having three or three parts tricrotic tricycle tripod 2 : three times or in three ways trifarious trisonant also : into three trisect 3 : trice : every third triweekly triennial 4 : containing three atoms.combining form thyroid 1 : thyroid thyrasthenia 2 : thyroid and thyroarytenoid thyreo. fr.thrix hair : having such hair : haired peritrichous -trichy n combining form NL -trichia : the condition of having such hair lissotrichy tricyclo. fr.or topo. fr. -eg. MF toucher to touch. trach los 1 a : neck trachelology b : cervical and tracheloscapular 2 : necklike anatomical structure : cervix tracheloplasty trachy. pl -tricha NL. segmented.combining form NL titanium : titanium titanate titanocyanide titanofluoride toco. fr. fr. fr. fr. Gk trach l-. Gk. Gk. fem. fr. fr. fr.or tonsillo.prefix L trans-.combining form NL. of -tomus cutting. tone 1 : tone tonology tonoscope 2 : pressure tonometer tonotaxis tonsill. tiktein to bear. or groups of a specified kind tribromide -tribe n combining form . of flowers during cross-fertilization pleurotribe sternotribe 2 : instrument for crushing. harsh in sense 2. tris.or trigono.: one million millions : trillion : 10 tregerg tregadyne -trema n combining form NL -tremat-.or toxi.thymthym.combining form NL.or toxi. soul. fr.combining form Gk tokos. fr. Gk tr mat-. tiktein to bear : producing such or so many offspring deuterotokous -toky n combining form Gk -tokia.combining form ME. fr. trich. radicals.combining form trillion + -ega-. thrix hair : hair : filament trichopathy trichatrophic -tricha n combining form.or tolu.: tricyclic tricycloalkanes -triene n suffix . treis three : thrice : tripled triste- . tra. fr. meg.as in mega-.+ -ia 1 : condition of having such hair oligotrichia hypotrichia 2 : hairiness glossotrichia -trichous adj combining form Gk -trichos.combining form ISV tri. fr. Gk. to the other side.combining form LL.combining form Gk triploos. fr. Gk trig n-.combining form NL thymus : thymus : of the thymus thymoprivic thymectomize thym.or titano. fr.or thymo.Gk tribein to rub 1 : one that rubs against used esp. thymos spirit.or treg. fr. fr. fr. fr. entire : whole : wholly totipalmate touch.NL. trach lo-. cut. fr. way.combining form ISV.or traumato. of insects Triatoma -tome n combining form . Gk -tomos. traumat-.NL -tomus. arrow 1 : bowed : arched Toxodonta 2 : arrow : shaped like an arrow Toxoglossa Toxifera 3 : archery toxophily toxic. fr. fr.combining form L totus whole.or triplo. Gk. fr. Gk thyreoeid s 1 : thyroid thyreotomy 2 : thyroid and thyreocervical thysan.NL. fr.tri.or toko. fr. fr. through. powder used for priming a gun. segmented more at : animal having a specified type of segmentation in generic names esp.: Tibetan and Tibeto-Chinese Tibeto-Himalayan tibio. LL. or rubbing angiotribe osteotribe tribo. topos place + -ia -y : position : location heterotopy toti. trachyte 1 : rough : strong trachyglossate trachychromatic 2 : trachytic trachydolerite trachyandesite trans. fr. usu cap tibet + -o. cut.or toxo. -tokos + -ia -y : parturition : delivery deuterotoky tol. fr. fr.combining form Gk. fr. Gk.or tricho. toxon bow. Gk.combining form NL. trich.three + -ploos as in diploos double more at . touch-powder.NL. pl. fr. Gk -trichos -trichous : one or ones having such ciliation in names of taxa Gastrotricha Oxytricha -trichi n pl combining form NL. compressing. thrix hair : persons having such hair leiotrichi -trichia n combining form . Gk trich-. L toxicum : poison toxicology toxicophobia toxicemia 55 tris- trache. Gk. pitch. L toxicum poison 1 : toxic : poisonous toxidermic toxin 2 : toxin : poison toxoid tox.or toxico. kindle a fire + ME poudre powder : serving for quick ignition touchhole touchwood tox. F. tri. fr.or toxo.NL.combining form. trachys rough. beyond.

fr. dim. changing. fr. Gk. fr. -ula. fr. fr. Gk -tropia turn. in a specified manner or in response to a specified stimulus bacteriotropic enantiotropic geotropic heliotropic isotropic chemotropic 2 : attracted specif.combining form Gk.combining form NL. dim. fem. stem of aroun to plow akin to OE -thor.NL -trocha : ciliated band mesotroch prototroch -trocha n combining form. to such a tissue. -tropos -trope + -ia -y : condition of such a deviation in the line of vision esotropia hypertropia -tropic adj combining form F -tropique. trepein to turn : turning : being reverted anisotrope hemitrope troph. fr. -t ti : quality : condition : degree apriority tyl. dim. past part. tube + E -o. callus.F L F -ule. OF -té.: tubular and tubuloracemose -tude n suffix . trochos wheel. pierce through. suffix : small one cymule veinule -ulent adj suffix L -ulentus. trephein to nourish : nutrition trophopathy trophallaxis trophospore -trophic also -trophous adj combining form NL -trophia -trophy + E -ic or -ous 1 a also -trophous : of or relating to a specified type of nutrition hypertrophic hypertrophous b : having a specified nutritional requirement monotrophic 2 : 1. OE tw gen. fr. -tus. 2 glycotrophic lipotrophic -trophy n combining form NL -trophia. Gk tropos turn. Gk typhlon. fem. -ulum -ule + -aris -ar : of. masc. fr. Gk. fr.combining form. direction. beyond the limits of. OL dui. troph. trypanon auger.or typo. L tuberculum.combining form turbine 1 : coupled directly to a driving turbine turboalternator turboblower turbocompressor turbodynamo turboexciter turbofan turbogenerator turbopump 2 : consisting of or incorporating a turbine turbomachine turbomotor turboventilator turco or turko. Gk tr glo-. ending of agent nouns. fr. L -trum. tyros cheese : cheese tyramine tyrotoxin ber. fr. trypan to bore. fr. -ulus. fr. pl -ulas or -ulae L more at : small one Clangula siphonula placula -ular adj suffix L -ularis. suffix denoting an instrument as Gk arotron plow. of tuber 1 a : tubercle tubercular b : tuberculous tuberculid 2 : tubercle bacillus tuberculin 3 : tuberculosis tuberculotherapy tubi. tv -.or tyro.MF or L MF -tude. fr.or trocho. tropos 1 : turn : turning : change tropometer troposphere 2 : affinity for : tendency to turn toward : tropism tropic tropotaxis trop. fr. t two : two : double : doubly : twice twi-circle twi-faced -ty n suffix ME -te. tr gl hole. fr. fr. turn. fr. OHG ubari : being a superlative example of its kind or class bermayor berthermometer ugro. Gk.NL. usu cap turco.combining form F.also tropa. Gk -tropos. tritos akin to Gk treis three : third : tertiary tritonymph tritovum -trix n suffix. neut. of typhlos blind 1 : blind typhlosole : blindness typhlology 2 : cecum typhlitis typhlotomy -typy n combining form type + -y : condition. suffix.combining form NL. fr. -tas akin to Gk -t t-. ending + -or more at 1 : female that does or is associated with a specified thing aviatrix narratrix inheritrix 2 : straight line in geometry trisectrix directrix tractrix troch. 56 -ulent trypa hole akin to OSlav truplŭ hollow. -ula. OHG zwi-.combining form NL tympanum 1 : tympanum : tympanic membrane tympanitis tympanotomy 2 : tympanic and tympanoeustachian typ. relating to. fr. L -tat-.combining form NL. fr. tyl knob. Gk. or tending to turn or change esp.combining form NL typhus : typhus : typhoid typhosepsis typhl. tw . tube 1 : tubule : tubulus tubuliferous 2 : tubular tubuliflorous tubulo. L -tudin-. sing.combining form L tubulus tubule. -ula.twi-. Lith dvi. fr. pl -trices or -trixes ME. L -ulus. L. Gk. turk 1 : Turkic Turko-Tatar 2 : Turkish Turkoman 3 : Turkish and Turco-Greek twi.also uber. pl -trochas also -trochae NL. -tropos -trope + -ia -y 1 : condition of turning or curving in such a way or of exhibiting such a tropism hemitropy 2 : change in a specified way or in response to a specified stimulus trypan. -tudo : omnitude parvitude tungst. L tubulus tubule. fr. Skt -tra 1 : vacuum tube magnetron 2 : device for the manipulation of subatomic particles cyclotron isotron trop. lump.or trito.combining form ISV. fr. fr. fr. fr. of -tor.prefix.trittrahedron esp. optical instrument that functions by rotating. suffix. or art related to or involving the use of such a type heliotypy tyr. fr. -trope + -ism : tendency to turn toward : affinity for : tropism heliotropism neurotropism -tropous adj combining form Gk -tropos.F. borer.fr.or tungsto. typos : type : image : model typonym typology typh.combining form NL.or typho.or typhlo. Gk. trechein to run : wheel : resembling a wheel : round Trochodendron Trochelminthes trochophora -troch n combining form . trepein to turn : turning or curving in such a way : exhibiting such a tropism anatropous -tropy n combining form F -tropie.combining form. fr. ulcus 1 : ulcer ulcerogenic 2 : ulcerous and ulceroglandular -ule n suffix . in complex chemical expressions tris2-chloroethyl -amine trit. Gk tetrainein to pierce 1 : borer : auger trypanosome 2 : trypanosome trypanocidal tubercul. fr. Gk trochos wheel : creature or larva having such a ciliated band actinotrocha troglo.or tuberculo.ISV. sometimes cap G as in bermensch superman . fr. -t s -ty.+ -ia -y : nutrition : nourishment : nurture : growth eutrophy nosotrophy pedotrophy -tropia n combining form .combining form Gk. fr.prefix ME. Gk di-. suffix denoting an instrument. or system neurotropic viscerotropic 3 :1 ectotropic endotropic -tropism n combining form . trepan. or reflecting rheotrope thaumatrope -trope adj combining form F.combining form Gk. Gk. -tie. L tubus : tube tubivalve Tubipora tubuli. dim.. fr. akin to L ol re to smell : that abounds in a specified thing : that has a specified thing in marked amount or degree nidorulent . MIr -thar.combining form L turbinatus turbinate : conically turbinatoconcave turbinatocylindrical turbinatoglobose turbo. organ. fr. Skt -t t. -tee. fr.or tropho. fr.or trypano. fr.combining form NL.or tylo. ML Turcus Turk turko. L bi. usu cap ugrian : Ugrian and Ugro-Aryan Ugro-Finnic -ula n suffix. fr. fr.or tympano.combining form in sense 1. pad : knob : knobbed tylaster Tylosaurus : pad Tylopoda tympan. blind. typhlos in sense 2. fr.combining form L ulcer-. fr. fr. process. way 1 : turn : change : affinity for chromotrope neurotrope 2 : body characterized by such an inversion hemitrope 3 : instrument and esp. fr.combining form NL. fr. -trope + -ique -ic 1 : turning.Gk.combining form Gk. fr. tungsten 1 : tungsten tungstoboric 2 : tungstic acid tungstate turbinato. of -trochus having such a ciliated band. OE akin to OFris OS twi-. tylos. or tubular valvular ulcero. fr. -olentus prob. tropine 1 : tropine tropate 2 : atropine tropoyl -trope n combining form . -ulum neut.or tropo. fr. fem. reversing.fr.combining form ISV. fr. or resembling crevicular chiefly in words where the base word is derived from a Latin word having a diminutive in -ulus.combining form ISV. cave : cave-dwelling : troglodytic troglobiont -tron n suffix . fr.fr. deviation. ON tv -. ber over. ON -thr. fr. fr.

fr.combining form ISV. fr. fem.combining form NL. L in-.combining form ISV. Gk ouran-.or umbelli.b : release from : free from in verbs formed from nouns unhand c : remove from : extract from : bring out of in verbs formed from nouns unbosom unheaven compare .levulose : ketose sugar esp. fem.or vaso. LL. fr.ultracomplex ultracritical ultraformal ultramodern ultramicro.or vavulo. fr. claw.or ventro. an. involving. ouranos sky.combining form ultra. fr.or veni. fr. fr.combining form L ventus wind + E -i.combining form F.combining form L unguis nail. oura tail akin to Gk orrhos buttocks : tailed xiphurous anourous -urus n combining form NL. fr.combining form fr. and rarely in verbs formed from verbs unbe sometimes in words that have a meaning that merely negates that of the base word and are thereby distinguished from words that prefix in.un-.against more at .prefix ME. matter. or process : caudal urite urohyal urosome 57 vertebr- -ura n combining form. Skt a-. ordinary. region. OE un-.prefix L. Gk -ouros. venter 1 : abdomen : ventral ventric ventrotomy ventricolumna 2 : ventral and ventrodorsal 3 : ventricose : round ventripyramid ventriculo. fr. sing. -ourus. unus : one : single uniaxial unicellular unilateral uns. on-.ME.combining form NL. Gk our-.or unsym. OF. umbrella : umbel : umbellate umbelloid umbelliform un.d : cause to cease to be in verbs formed from nouns unking compare .prefix ME. L -ur in sulfur : 1 carburet biuret -urgy n combining form NL -urgia. fr.combining form L varic-. in adjectives formed from adjectives uncapacious ungratifiable unneighborlike unstrenuous including adjectivally used past and present participles uncamouflaged unchosen undressed unsoothing and adjectives formed by adding -ed to nouns unbearded .combining form vapor : vapor vapocauterization vapography vapori.or vasculo. OF verd.1a in verbs formed from verbs unbend undress unfold b : cause to cease to in verbs formed from verbs unbe 2 a : deprive of : remove a specified thing from : remove in verbs formed from nouns unflesh unfrock unsex compare . of assumed ulter situated beyond 1 : beyond in space : on the other side : . fr. L -ura 1 : act : process : being tubulature exposure composure 2 a : office : function judicature b : body for such an activity legislature -uret n combining form . ouro-. right.or -o: wind ventifact ventr. in names of 2-keto sugars heptulose xylulose -ulous adj suffix L -ulus. prep. or being for quantities of material smaller than micro quantities : on a scale smaller than micro -ulum n suffix. of -urus -urous : one having such a tail Chelura : ones having such a tail Brachyura in taxonomic names in zoology uran. Veratrum : veratrine : veratric acid veratrize veratroyl verd. ergon work + L -ia -y : technique or art of dealing or working with such a product.combining form F. pl -uluses or -uli L more at : a small one phoeniculus umbell.combining form NL ulna : ulnar and ulnocarpal ulnoradial ulo. L umbella parasol.or veno.combining form L utriculus small bag : utricle utriculoplastic utriculoplasty utriculiferous : utricular and utriculosaccular vag. Goth un-. in generic names Brachyurus Dasyurus Saururus utricul. fr.combining form NL. -. and in nouns formed from nouns unrest un. fr.or vertebro. . alter.prefix ME. proper.combining form NL.or urano.combining form NL.un-. L vasculum small vessel : vessel esp : blood vessel vasculomotor vel. fr. MF. abl. fr. fr. oura. prob. fr. L ventr-. unsymmetrical usu ital : unsymmetrical in names of organic compounds uns-dichloro-ethane ur. in nouns formed from nouns unostentation . ON .combining form NL. unus one + decem ten : eleven undecane undecennial undecillion ungui. fr. L vas 1 : duct : channel : vessel vasicentric : as a : blood vessel vasoformative vasoconstriction b : vas deferens vasectomy 2 : vascular and vasovagal 3 : vasomotor vasoinhibitor vascul.3 : completely unloose compare undec. fr. L vermis : worm vermiform vermiparous vertebr.combining form NL vanadium : vanadium vanadyl vanadosilicate vapo.combining form NL.combining form NL. or moderate : excessively : exceedingly : . akin to Gk orrhos buttocks 1 : tail : taillike urosteon Uroglena uropod 2 : posterior segment. Gk a-. varix : varix varicosis varicocele vas. ventricle of the heart 1 : ventricle ventriculotomy 2 : ventricular and ventriculoatrial veratr.or a variant of it as imto the same base word and have a meaning positively opposite to that of the base word unartistic unmoral 2 : opposite of : contrary to in adjectives formed from adjectives unconstitutional ungraceful unpalatable unwarlike including adjectivally used past and present participles unaffected unstinting and adjectives formed by adding -ed to nouns unprincipled .combining form NL. natural. pl. fr. ultra beyond adv.combining form L vena 1 : vein venipuncture venoclysis venisection 2 : of or relating to the vena cava : caval and venoatrial venti. L. L vertebra 1 : vertebra : vertebrae vertebriform vertebrectomy 2 : vertebral and vertebrofemoral . vert green : green-colored verdohemoglobin vermi. fr.or ventri. OE akin to OHG un. velum : velum veliform ven. dim. NL uranosus uranous : uranous uranosopotassic -ure n suffix . Gk oura more at : one having such a tail esp.or uro.or urano. fr.or vario.: of. suffix : being slightly or minutely hirsutulous viscidulous ultra. fr. and neut.combining form NL valvula : small valve : valvule : fold valvulitis valvulotome vanad. fr. fr.or varico. fr.or vanado. fr.ulnoulno. ouron urine 1 : urine uranalysis urobilin 2 : urinary tract urogram 3 : urination urolagnia 4 : urinal and urogenital 5 : urea urethane uracil 6 : uric acid uroxanic ur.or verdo. OE ne not 1 : not : -. fr. pl -ulums or -ula L more at : small one septulum frenulum -ulus n suffix. fr. heaven.combining form L varius : varied : diverse variform variocoupler varic.ultratropical ultramedian 2 : beyond the range or limits of : transcending : ultramicroscopic ultrasonic 3 : beyond what is common. NL uranium : uranium uranothorite uranyl uranoso.NL -uretum.combining form NL.1a . Gk our-. or tool chemurgy micrurgy -urous or -ourous adj combining form NL -urus.or utriculo. pl -ura NL. F -ure. hoof : nail : claw uni. fr.+ micr. fr. roof of the mouth 1 : sky : heaven uranography 2 : palate uranoplasty brachyuranic uran. L ventriculus stomach.or vento. ouro-. fr.or uro. ourano-. fr.combining form L vapor : vapor vaporiform vaporimeter vari. L.combining form L undecim. sing.or veratro.or vasi.1 a : do the opposite of : reverse a specified action : . fr. of and. fr. fr.combining form NL. fr. an-.or vago.combining form NL ula : connection with or relation to the gums ulorrhagia -ulose n suffix . Gk -ourgein to work fr.combining form MF verd-. fr. NL vagus 1 : vagus nerve vagogram vagal vagolysis 2 : vagal and vagoaccessorius vagoglossopharyngeal valvul.

post.combining form NL Verticillium genus : Verticillium verticilliosis vesico. x ros 1 a : dry : arid xeric b : dry place xerophilous 2 : using a dry process in the making of such a product xerography xeroprinting xiph. ways.combining form LL. fr. OE -weardes. x ro-. fr. tends. or goods dealt with chandlery coopery laundry executry 3 : whole body or group soldiery -y n suffix. usu -ier usu -iest ME. fr. -wards. or manner sideways barways -wise adv combining form ME. xiphos 1 : swordlike : sword-shaped xiphophyllous xiphiplastron 2 : xiphoid and xiphocostal xyl. fr.verticillverticill. L -ia. OF.combining form NL. L viscera 1 : visceral : viscera visceralgia visceroptosis viscerogenic 2 : visceral and visceripericardial vitell. ON -igr. fundamental material of benzoic acid. fr. L vesica bladder : of or relating to the urinary bladder and vesicoureteral vesicul.combining form ME. fr. Goth -eigs. verticillus. gen. fr. Gk -ikos. fr. AF. ME. fr. pl -ies ME -ie.or xero. fr. fr. whorl of a spindle. suffix 1 : in a specified spatial or temporal direction upward northward afterward 2 : toward a specified point. vorare to devour : eating : feeding on carnivorous piscivorous -ward also -wards adj suffix -ward fr.or xiphi.-yl + -ene 1 : unsaturated hydrocarbon piperylene compare 2 : bivalent radical phenylene CH .or xipho. xenos 1 : guest : foreigner xenomania 2 a : strange : foreign Xenurus b : intrusive xenolith c : .or xeno. or is directed toward homeward shoreward 2 : that occurs or is situated in the direction of leftward -ward or -wards adv suffix -ward fr. viscum mistletoe.or visceri.combining form MF. in adjectives formed from verbs munchy picnicky c : performing specified action or being in a specified mode of existence : in adjectives formed from verbs twinkly curly 3 a : somewhat : rather : in adjectives formed from adjectives purply suedy woodeny b : having such characteristics to a marked degree Scotchy Dutchy or in an affected or superficial way Frenchy in adjectives formed from adjectives -y n suffix. pl. Gk x r-. fr. course. xenos 1 : substance rarely associated with such a mineral 58 -ylene anthracoxene 2 : intrusive mineral of such a character leucoxene cacoxene -xenous adj combining form Gk -xenos stranger.or vitro. fr.or vesiculo. ville farm. fr. Skt -ika 1 a : characterized by : full of in adjectives formed from nouns blossomy dirty in many words formed from a base word having final postconsonantal mute e and with omission of the e miry mirey spiny spiney accompanied by doubling of the final consonant of the base word immediately after a short stressed vowel leggy muddy in the form -ey regularly after a final y clayey or vowel other than postconsonantal mute e mosquitoey gluey sometimes with a change of y to i skiey or where -y would duplicate another word holey b : having the character of : composed of in adjectives formed from nouns icy watery lacy waxy ranty c : characteristic of. pl -ies ME -ie. OE -ig akin to OHG . fr. weyes. or area trees bent earthward -way adv suffix ME. akin to Lith ulas pillar. L. OE -weard akin to OHG -wart.g -y. -vore -vorous. F. -weard. xanthos perh. ON -verthr. of way. fr. suffix occurring in names of towns. direction.combining form L vitellus 1 : yolk : vitellus vitellin vitellogenesis 2 : vitelline and vitellointestinal viti. L -ium : instance of a specified action expiry entreaty inquiry -yl n combining form . L. -weys.F -xène.prefix ME vis-. course.F. or Greek -algy -andry -cracy -sophy -tomy 2 : activity. OE -weard. faces. wey way : in such a way. ME.or visco. fr.combining form NL vesicula : vesicle Vesicularia : vesicular and vesiculopapular vibro. fr.-ville. Gk -ia. matter first used in G benzoyl.xenogenesis -xene n combining form . Gk -xenos stranger.or xylo.+ Gk hyl : chemical radical: as a : univalent radical ethyl pyridyl hydroxyl b : radical containing oxygen carbonyl chromyl including a few radicals of organic acids acetyl glycyl succinyl compare -ylene n suffix . -igs. L -vorus : one that eats something specified -vorous adj combining form L -vorus. Goth -wairths. of vertic-. fr. fr.combining form NL. -ward. fr. ME. or manner broadway lyraway -ways adv suffix ME -ways. vitis : vine viticulture vitr.combining form L. vivus : alive : living vividialysis viviperfuse vivisection vomero. of -vorus -vorous : ones that eat something specified Insectivora -vore n combining form . village : place or category of a specified nature squaresville viol. neut.combining form LL.or xantho. birdlime 1 : viscous : viscosity viscogen viscoscope 2 : viscous and viscoelastic viscer. fr. MF. L vice. Gk xylon more at : one having such wood in generic names Erythroxylum Zanthoxylum -y also -ey adj suffix. fr. xylon perh. direction. gen. sing. fr. fr. suffix -wards fr. benz. fr. -wert. fr. fr. fr. Gk.or viscero. adv. L. akin to OHG hasan gray 1 : yellow xanthoma xanthelasma xanthoderma 2 : xanthic acid xanthate 3 : yellow or yellowish and ammoniacal in names of salts of cobalt xanthocobaltic chloride xen.wolframic wolframophosphate xanth. L. OE s l 1 a : wood : woody xylophone xyloma b : xylem 2 a : xylene xylic xyloquinone b : xylose xylonic acid xyloketose -xylon n combining form NL.or vitello. fr. of vicis : one that takes the place of vice-consul vice-chairman vice-principal -ville n suffix . vice-.combining form LL. w se manner 1 a : in the manner of crabwise fanwise b : in the position or direction of endwise slantwise clockwise 2 : with regard to : in respect of stylewise wolfram.combining form L vitrum glass : glass : glassy vitrophyre devitrify vivi. fr. adj. Latin. dim. fr. fr. neut. fr. vertex whirl : whorl : verticil verticillary verticilli. place of business. Gk xylon more at .combining form ISV. LL vice-. fr. suffix 1 : that moves. abl.or wolframo. fr. -eia 1 : state : condition : quality chiefly in combining forms derived from French. OE -w san. fr. L vertere to turn -wards fr. Gk. fr. fr. vibrate : vibration vibromassage vice. fr. Gk. fr.combining form NL vomer : vomerine and vomero-palatine -vora n pl combining form NL. way : in such a way. resembling. wayes. Gk.Gk hyl wood. position. fr. fr.combining form NL. OF. lit.combining form NL. or suggesting someone or something indicated : having some of the qualities of : that is like or like that of in adjectives formed from nouns homey wintry folksy garbagy winy often with a disparaging connotation gadgety milquetoasty schoolteachery rabbity Hollywoody bedroomy barny stagy d : devoted to : addicted to : enthusiastic over in adjectives formed from nouns horsy outdoorsy ismy 2 a : tending or inclined to in adjectives formed from verbs clingy sleepy chatty criey b : giving occasion for specified action teary yummy usu. fr.1 : one having such wood in generic names Haematoxylon 2 : one living in such a relation to wood Hypoxylon 3 : wood laurinoxylon -xylum n combining form NL. adj.combining form ISV. fr. L -icus. NL Viola : pansy violaniline visc. fr.combining form ISV wolfram : . fr. fr. fr. of -weard. xenos : host lipoxenous -xeny n combining form Gk -xen os + E -y : such a host relationship lipoxeny xer. fr.combining form L. fr.. L vibrare to shake.

zym 1 : leaven : concerned with fermentation zymolysis zymophosphate 2 : ferment : enzyme zymogenesis zymosthenic -zyme n combining form . fr. z io-.or zoo. of z ion : animals in the names of taxa Bryozoa Echinozoa -zoic adj combining form Gk z ikos of or pertaining to animals.: one sextillionth 10− part of zeptosecond zetta. z os akin to Gk z life : motile zoogonidium -zoa n pl combining form NL.combining form ISV.combining form Gk z i-. alter.: zinc zincolysis zircon. fr.combining form NL.or zygo. last letter of the Latin alphabet : sextillion zettabyte zinco.combining form Gk z n-. fr.and hepta.Gk zym leaven : enzyme histozyme lysozymes . fr. of Gk i ta representing y. of Gk z ta representing Z. zygon 1 a : yoke : connecting in the manner of a yoke : joining zygosphene zygantrum zygoneure b : zygomatic zygion 2 : yoked state or part : pair zygodactyl zygodont 3 : union : fusion : zygosis zygospore zygogenesis zygomatico. fr. fr. fr. Gk z ion animal : living being : animal : zooid anthozoon hematozoon spermatozoon zyg. fr. z no-.-yne -yne n suffix .ISV alter.+ -ikos -ic : animal : having a specified ani- 59 -zyme mal mode of existence : animallike holozoic phanerozoic coprozoic cytozoic -zoic adj combining form Gk z life + E -ic : of or relating to a specified geological era Archeozoic Mesozoic zon.alive. fr. z ion akin to Gk z life 1 : animal : animal kingdom or kind zoology zoophile zooid zoanthropy 2 Gk z -. z i. Gk. next-to-last letter of the Latin alphabet : septillion yottabyte zepto. Gk. alter. zygomaticus zygomatic : zygomatic and zygomaticomaxillary -zygous adj combining form Gk -zygos.combining form ISV.combining form ISV.and octo: one septillionth 10− part of yoctosecond yotta. z o. z n 1 : girdle : belt : band Zonites Zonochlorite 2 : zone : zonal zoniferous zonoplacental -zoon n combining form. fr.combining form ISV. fr. fr.or zono.combining form ISV. prob. pl -zoa NL. NL zirconia : zirconium zirconsyenite zo. fr.zo. blend of yotta.or zymo.combining form NL. Gk z ia. pl.combining form ISV zinc + -o. zygon yoke 1 : yoked : zygomatic cryptozygous 2 : having such a zygotic constitution heterozygous zym. blend of zetta. of -ine : unsaturated straight-chain hydrocarbon characterized by the presence of one triple bond in the system adopted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry to replace the ending -ine in this sense hexyne distinguished from -ane and -ene yocto.combining form NL.

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